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'The 'V coirresppndent of
hc says
thatir. ndal,4 enow 6stmaster
at Now Or~oes4a; ,9t te, editor of
thjaN~ Odr5 P~icytsne.
TRaunsa GDxinaitEoml-4le Inter'
n1 at pql Copyf;Rjg4ht Treaty, and
thewSwizerhtnd Treaty, have both
,been oned for Senatorial action to
rext sessI oof:Congress.
S1learneo. oung lady, the other
,fiing, astonished a company by ask
*' jng for the "loan 'ofa dititiutivo, ar
genteous, truncated cone, convex on
its summit semi-peiforated with sym.
r4etrical indentations." She wanted a
"Don't.,be surprised, it, after you
'have bied. smoothly eight! or' ten
ruonths on the voyage of maintrimony,
oU are suddenly overtaken byeualls.
A notar 1eleutilie Wonider
19rr 3t I. Houghton's Pepsin, the true Ii
4 gestivi Fluid, or G(aetic Juice, proppared from
Rennet, or the. Fourth Stomach of the Ox, aftet
directions or Baron Liebig, the great Physiolos
gieal Chemist, by J. S. Houghton, M. D., Phila
delphia. This is truly a wonderful remedy for
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver Comr
plailnt,'Constipation nd Debility, curing after
Nature's. Own Method, by Nature's Own
Agent, iie Gastric Jutce. Pamphlets, contain
ing Scientific evidence of its value, furnished
by agents, gratis. See notice among the medica
a lvertise ents. 8-1y.
fforld's iGermntan iflitters.
Hundreds of our citizens complain of debili
ty and langdur of the system, derangement of
the liver and stomach, want of appetite, &c.
they are frequently the result of too close ap
plication, and a thousand other causes we can
hot hero name; but we would say to all afflict,
ad, do as we have done-get a bottle or two o
Dr. Hoofland's German Bitters, prepared by Dr.
Jackson, and oui word for it you will be cured.
we. recommend this medicine, knowing from
experience that it is much supetrios to the gone
rality of patent medicines. We would say to
our readers, purchased none unless prepared by
Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphin. July 1
rhousanis of parents who use Vermoige.
-eomposed of Castor Oil, Calomel, &c., are not
aware, that while they appear to benefit the pa
tient, they are actually laying the foundation for
- -series of diseases, such as salivation, lose of
iight, weakness of limbs, &c.
li another column will be found 'lie advet
tisemerit of lobensack's Medicines, to which
we ask the attention of all directly interested
in their own as well as their Children's health.
In Liver Complaints and all dirordors ariving
from those of a bilious type, should make use
of the only genuine medicine, Hlobensack's
Liver Pills.
ttP "Be not deceived," but ask for H1oben
sack's Worm Syrup Liver und Pills, and the
serve that each has the signature of the Proprie
or, J. N. HioBusACK, as none else are genuine
Agust. 10.
PERSOcnSbu wishing vehickles of any
kidcnbythem of l. Dixon, at suxmter~
vile, as cheap as can be bought in Charles.
ton or elsewhere and warranted to stand.
April 10th, 1853 25-tf
Win, W, M Dantzler
Returns thanks for past fav-ors, and so.
)icits a continuance of thme same, lHe in
forms his fricnds and the public generally
that he will continue to make professinona~l
visit~s through Sumter and WVilliamsburg
Districts, through the spring and summer.
April 191th, 185325 t
Executive Department.
[NO. 5.]
COLUMBIA, S, C. April 11, 1853.
By His Exrcellency, John L. .Aannin,
Governor and Commander- in-chief in
and over the State of Souft Cauroli
IN pursuance of an Act of thme Genorar
'Assembly of this State, passetd 16th of De.
y-~4 cemnber, A. D. 185c2, entitled "An Act to
arrange thme State inito Districts for the
election of Representatives in the Congress
of the United States and for other purpo
ses," the votes for the 33rd Congress have
been counted in the presence of the Gov
ernor by Cormmissionxers appointed for that
purpose, and it appea-rs that John Mf Quxeen
has been duly elected for the 1st Congres.
cional District, composed of Lancaster,
Chesterfield, Marlboro,' Darlington, Mari
on, Williamsburg, Haorry, and George
town; William Aikeon for lthe 2d Congres
stonai District, composed of the District of
Charleston, exclusive of St. Johns, Colle.
ton; Win, F. Coicock for 3rd Congression
al District, composed of B~eauffort, Barn
well, Orangeburg, Colleton, and thme Parish
of St. Johns, Colleton; Preston 8. Blrooks
for the 4th Congressional Dicstrict, comt
posed of Abbeville, Edgefield, Lexington,
Newherry, and Laurens; James L,. Orr
for the 5th Congressional District, compos
ed of Anderson, Pickons, Greenville, Spar.
tanhurg, and Union; and Wim. WV. Boyce
for theo 6thi Congressional District, comn
posed of York, Chester, Fairield. ichlaind,
K(ershatw and Sumter. Now therefore, I,
John L. Manninir, Governor and Command
er-in-chief in anid over thme etaite aforesnid.
do issue this my P'rclamationm, notifyiig
and declaridlg, according to tihe provisions
of the Act aforesaid, that John McQueen,
WVm. Aiken, \Vm. F. Colcocek, Preston 8.
Brooks, Jan. L.. Orr, and Wmn. WV. Boyce
had a majority of thein votes in their respec
tive Congressional Diistricts, anid are there
fore dumly elected Represenitativen in the
'43rd Congress ofithe Ugitedl States.
Given under imy hand and the seal of thec
Stabo, at Columbia, this i ith day ot April,
A. D. l851? nrid in thin Tith year of thme
Sovereignty arnd Indleentdence of the Unmi
ted States of Ammerica.
A pril 10th, 1853 2-s
W' All thme papers in the State u ill
Sunterville, S. C.
Rospectfully informs the people of Sum
ter District that he has ust receivel and I
now offers for sale tho eat selected and
most choice stock of
Spring and Suntmer Goods
That cannot be surpassed iy anytidng in this
market. Ie has received many new styles
which purchasers would do-well.to examine be
fore buying elsewliere,
V E S T I.N G S..
A full awul large supply of Hosiery, Shirts,
Drawers, Gloves, Suspenders, Cravats, hand-.
kerchiefs, &c. &c.,
A large assortment of READY MADE CLO
THING, which will be sold low.
I:I Garments marnnfactUred by the subseri.
ber, and warranted to give satislaction. Or
darm from a distance promptly attended to.
April 12th, 1853 21-tf
$10 Reward,
Broke Goal on the 18th 'March last, a
yellow fellow who called his name JOHN,
and that he belonged to John Shaw of Mis
sissippi, and that te formerly belonged to
Willis Ramsey of this District. I will
give the above- reward for his delivery in
Sumterville Goal.
S. S. D.
April 12th, 1853 24-tf
So-, Carolina---Sumter Dist.
By W. LE WIS, Esq., Ordinary for said
Whereas, Harriet H. Ridgeway bath ap.
plied to me for Letter, o Administration,
on alt and singular the goods and chat.
tels, rights and creditors of William
Ridgeway late of the said District, de
These are, therefore, to cite and admon.
ibi all and singular, the kindred and credi
tors of the said deceased, to be and appear
before me at our next Ordinary's Court, for
the said District, to be holden at Sumter
Court House otn Friday the 22nd day of
April inst., to show ca'use, if any, vly
the said administration should not be
Given under my hand and seal, this
9ith day of April in the year of
[.. s.) our Lord, one thousiantd eight hun.
dred and fifty-three, and in the
76th year of American Indepen
W. LEVIS, a. s. n.
April 12th, 1853 2-t-2t
China, Glass And
Direct Importations.
. AS ju-t received direct from the man
ufacturers in England and France,
and by recent vessels from the North, a
very complete and varied assortment of the
above named GOODS, comprising all the
new patterns and shapes; among which
are best
Chiua finisht a superior article ;
Blue and oter Colored Ware, of new
styles ;
French and Engtlisht Chinta, new shtapes,
plain WVrmte Goldl anid decorated;
Rich China Dinner atnd TPea-setts, attd
beautiful Faitcy Articles itn the line;
Cut, Mouldered antd Polished Glassware,
of every kind ;
Dyott's P'atet. Camphene, Store, Oflice,
and Parlor Lamp, a superior article;
WVebb's Patent Oil anud Lard Lamtnps, a new
nrticle giving great lightt attal bi-illiatncy;
Tea Trays, best Table Cutlery and Pal
ted Castors, Spoons, Forks~ &c.
Ilousekeeping articles, in great variety;
Crates of assorted \Vares. of desirable~ and
new styles, by Whlolesale ;
Packages or TIumublers, Flasks, &c., low
by ithe package.
H~aving complete arrang.'ments for obtain
ing outr Go~ods direct from, thc maitufac
turer we can and will offer rare induce
ments, eithter hy Whlolesale or Retail
Orders attended to promptly.
Colutmbia, A pril 12, 1853 24--tf
South Carolina,
Sumter District.
Alsey H1. Ramtsey B ill for Par
vn. tition of Real
et al- Spears.
IT appearing to may satisfaction that
WVilliamu Adkersont, Sarah Adkerson, .Klar
goret Adkerson, Hampton Spears, Jamews
S. Spears, Penelope Crabtreo and
Crabtree, her htusband, Amelia WVhite~ and
Whlite her hutsbanid, Almtira Sites,
antd -Sites, hter husband, Joh~n Col
hits and Mart ha Butler andl Butler,
hter hmusbanid, parties De fendants ini thte said
case, all reside beyond the limits of the
State. It is oirderedl that thme said parties
do appear and pleatd, demur, or answer to
the saidl Iill wvithmin three mionthts fronm thme
first publication of thtis order, and faillumg
to do so, thte said bill will be takent pro
conifesso against them.
Conm'r Eq S. D).
Commissioners Otlice,
April 4th 1853 23-hm
H IE REAL, antd personal property of
the BRiAD)F'olt SPIllNG;S Fl'
MALE IS IJl'T CO.\lPANY', w'ill
be sold at Sumntervi lie, otn lie first Mon-m
day in May tmext. VTe tract where ont thme
Buildings are Located, abont FIVE HUIIN
D)RED ACRES, with all the Personal
Property ntttached to the INSTILTUTiE,
will be sold totrethter, on a credit of onte,
two, three amld four years; thme rest of theo
Lands consisting of abtout SEVEN HI UN
DRED) ACRES, will be sohld on a credit
of one two and thiree years.
Bly order of the Stockhmohlers,
WIL~LIAM LEWIS, P'resn/et.
March, 28th, 1853. -2-. Jot.
Tn Sumter (GoaI ott the 10th inst., a ne.
gro mano-says his name is PRINCE, attd
that he belongts to Mrs. Cameron of~
Chmarlestont, S. C. lie is abontt sixty years
of age. JOllN C. RIJAME,
Mnrclh 15t, b. 1ton.
-Y'riue of sundry Eecutions to me
directed, will be sold at Sumter Court
House, on the lot. Monday'and day follow.
Ing in May next, within legal hours
of sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, the
following property. Purchasers to pay for
titles .
One tract of 100 acres of land, mote or
leas in Clarendon County, adjoining lands
of and where defendant k'ves, levied on as
the property of H. 11. Timmonsaat the suit
Uf W. Lewis.
One tract of 97 acres of lAnd in Clare.
mont adjointihg lands of and where defend
ant lives levied on as the property of John
D. Jones at the suits of E. e. Higgins, W.
1. Francis and John N. Frierson.
Lot and buildings thereon in Sumterville
adjoining land of-- opposite F. Myer's
Hotel levied upon as the property of A.
Chisolm, (under mortgage) at the suits of
Joel Stevens, Samuel Kikendall and J.
Jas. Chandler. *
Lot and buildings thereon In Sumterville
andjoining lands of and where C. Mason
lifes levied upon as the property- of A.
Chisolm (under mortgago) at the suits of
Samuel Kikendall and J. Jas. Chandler.
Lot and buildings thereon in Sumter
ville adjoining lands of and where defend.
ant lives levied upon as the property of A.
Chisolm (tinder mortgage) at the suits of
Samuel Kikendall and J. Jas. Coandler.
One t-act of 214 acres of land in Clare
mont adjoining lands of E. Pringle and
others levied upon as the property of E. D.
Prin le at the suits of Thos. D, Frierson,
Mt. IT. Nathan, J. G. Raffield and Samuel
E. Plowden.
1 Negro levied on as the property of
Thos. M. Baker, at the suits of 11. Spann
and W- G. Dessaussure.
1 Mule and Horse levied on as the
property q[ l. Barwick at the euita of T.
Lynn and J. S. & L. Bowie
1 negro levied on as the property of
John J. Brown at the suit of Robert S.
Ta y.
1 negro levied on as the property of
John China at the suits of G. Darton and
L. B. Hanks.
2 Negroes levied on as the property of
J1s. 11arvey Dingle at the suits of B.
Thomas and James Chapman.
Printing Press and all the materials
used in a printing establishment levied on
as the property of W. J. Francis at the
suits of E. Ml. Anderson and J. S. G. Rich
1 Negro levied on as the property of
Samuel Lowry at Ihe suit of G. C. Wheel
2 Ilorses levied upon as the property of
Elizabeth McLeod at the suit of IM. Loovis.
2 Negroes and I florso levied on as the
property of W.H. McKnight at the suits of
E. S. Higgins and \V. C. Dukes & Son.
I horse levied on as the property of W.
M. Wilder at suit of Edward Salisbury,
Wmn. Webb, and W. M Webb & Co.,
Interest in I Negro, 2 wagoiis, 7 head
horses levied on as the property of A.
Chisolmn at the suits of J. Jas. Chandler and
Samuel Kikendall.
1 Negro levied on as the property of M.
D. McLeod at the suit of G. North.
I wagon and 2 Horses levied on as the
property of E. D. Pringle at the suits of
Ml. II. Nathan and E. D. Plowden et al.
2 mules and I wagon and harness lev
ied on as the property of 0. P. McRoy at
the suits of P. M. Cohen & Co., and Wiley
Banks & Co., to be sold at the ri-k of thp
former purchaser.
1 gray horse, hituggy and harness levied
on as the property of 0. P. Melov at the
suits of P'. M. Cohen & Co., ai WViley
Blanks & Co.
interest in 1 buggy anid harness and
stock in store Ilevied on as the property
of Elerbo 11. Jones at the suits of Wiley
Baniks & Co., anid L. M. Wiley & Co.
Interest in stotck in store levied on as the
property of 0. P. Rcftoy at the suits of
L. M. WilIcy & Co., and WVilev Banks &
Co., against Mcftoy & Jones, and G. II.
Duncan against 0. P. Mcltoy.
J. C. RHIA M E,s. s. .
A pril 12th, 1853d 2.1--id
Increased Stock
John O'Connor.
Who has made new imnprovemnents aind
conide~lrably enlargedl his store, and is now
receiving fresh goods by every triin of
cars and others to) theit public for the sinn.
iier months the followinig articles low for
Ice Cream and Lemonade, (daily) Ice,
Oranges, Lemonis, P~me Apples and all the
tropical fruits; also a fine assortmencit of
Tobacco arid Cigars, with a choice lot oft
Famiily Groceries, also a large stock of
DR Y G00DS, &c.
Pickled Salmon and Preserves, Flour of
the best brands warranted, also a large lot
of Bacon of which lie receives a new sup
ply3 weekly. All of which lie guarantees
to sell at the lowest rates for cash.
A pril 5th, 1853 2:3-tf
Steam Saw and Griss Mill
Thle subsacribers will otle'r their Steami
Saw and~ Griss Mill for sale at Auction on
the first Monday in May next, if not dis.
hosed of at private sale previouis to that
Persons wishiing to purcha~se can exanm
ine the Mill and Machiine'rv at any tiime.
Terms lhberal and matie known on day
of sale.
Tr. J. COGILAN & Co.
A pril 12th, 185:3 2--.2t
\Vatchman copy twi'e.
To Suit the Beason,
At prices to suit the
'p I Mi E s.
T1hne subscribers havinig recieive'd a large
and WE! EI. .S ElTEI NTOCJ') K,
embhracing every variety and style of' goods
conusIstmlg of a great many articles tuui mn
merous to imention ; but if you will just
honor them with a call, thiey will take
i mch pleas nrc in showing thir goods, anmd
fiitheromore feel conviniced that as regards
" C HIEA P'NES'"N " they Caninot he stur
passed by aniy hiouse in town.
Sumuterville. UMrch 29th, 1853.
For Sale.
15 ""t of "Xirngon and Main
chester Rail RtoadI Company Stock
for sale, any person dlesirotns of ptircha~sina
said stock will please call on the stubscri.
ber at his ohlice in Suimerville.
Attr. y
$25: Reward,
O -RUNAWAY, on ast Saturday.
the 12th' inst., my boy RICIH ,
aiswers to: the name ofiDJOi
white mulatto about fivi feet 3 or 4
incnes high, tolerably stout built, atid about
twenty-five years old, with straight light
colored short hair, has a very sulky ap.
poarance, and answers quick and short
when spoken to. When ie left ho had on
a black over-coat and a pair of common
negro cloth panti, a low crown dove color
ed furd hat. The boy has. a very down
look-1 have had the word " Slave " writ.
ten on his fore-head with india Ink, just
above tie eyb-browe, thotigh I have no
doubt lie wilt try to hide it by tying some
thing around his head or he may put a
plaster over it. He will be cermin to try
and'tIss for a wliie mani,' The above re
ward of Twenty-five Dollars Mllt be paid
for lusi delivery in any Jail in the State.
llradleyvillo P. 0. Sunter Dlistrict.
March 15, 1853 20*-tf
L' The Black River Watchman, Cam
den Journal, Darlington Flag, blarion Star,
Columbia Banner, copy five times, and
Charleston Mercury and the Georgetown
Pee Dee Times publish onpe a week for
five weoks.
Mahinest and. G1nsmith,
Sleam-saw AiPlst put up in a twork
manlike manner dc dc
Mr. JONES give notic lo the citizens
of this and the adjoining Districts that he
will execute any work in the above line at
short notice. le only asks of you a trial,
confident that lie can give satisfaction, he
warrants all hia .work, and respectfully so
licits a share of patrihage. fle may be
always found at T. J. Coghlan's Black
smith shop near the depot of the W. & MI.
R. Road. Cash is expected iji every in
March 29th 1853 22-3t
Bank of Sumterville.
The undersigned, Cominissioners ap
pointed ly the Comptroller': General to
open books of subscription to the Capi
tal Stock of "The Bank of Sumterville,"
will attend for that purpose at the store of
Capt. T. D. Frierson, in Sninterville, be
tween the hours of 9 A. M1. and 4 o. M1.,
from the fourth day of April next until the
1st day of July next, unles the capital stock
shall have been previon -ly-suftscribed.
Capital $300,0ti0. Shares $25 each.
Five dollars in specie, or tile bills of specie
payimg Banks, to be paid on each at the
dime of subscribing
The charter declares it shafl not be law
ful for any person to subsvribe fbr shares
in the hafnet of other persons.
W. F. B. H AYN&fWTOR1 ,
March 18th, 16:3.
The following gentlemen have been ap.
pointed Commissioners to open books of
silbscription to the said Bagk, on the above
stated condition, at the follswing places,
W. U. DUxER,
At .Charleston, EIasui CIRsoN,
-At Columlbin, E.J. -ruTi.n,
W. M. SuAsNoN,
At Camden, W.T. CAS-roN.
(Aic'x. Dusr.Ar,
At Larncaster e u. JOHN WVittAHSs,
J. 11. WVtTlf.EsrooN.
Jou. A MooltE,
At Checraw, G~o. 11. McIvEn,
D). MAl .or.
N. Pnni.r.irs,
At Marion c n. E. 11. WVHEELER,
A t Darlittgtont c t E. Wi~~. CuAVNst'OI,
E. J. I'OnTERi,
At Kingstrec, SAuM'r, MA-rnws,
5A. IsAAC MlcKszon-r.
The saidi Conuntissioners will keep open
the said books within the timeirs above spe
eidied, utnless they shall be notified to close
them by the Commissioners at Sumter
A. J. MlOStS.
M-arch 22, 16> 21-t f
Cheap Grocery,
THE Subs'criber having openied a gro
cery tundernecath the To'wn H-al, desigrns
keepmtg cons'tantly on hand, a supply of
heavy articles, stuch as
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
in facet little of alost everythiing that is
good to eat; all of which will be sold lowv
foIr cash, or int oxchange for country pro
dnice. lihe prom'iies to attnd to his ownt
buin~ itess, antd hopes b~y at teainig st ricti v
thereto, to receive a liberal shitre of a
tronuage. J. M. CllANDL.ER.
March 15th, 1853 -t
Last Notice.
Theo undersigned givo notice to thiose
who are stil indaebtedl to himi by note or
accotunt, at returin dlay, lie will be cotmpell.
ed to place t hem in the hands of aun Attor
ney for collection. Cone forwrd and save
cost. 1). 3. WINN.
March 22, 1853i 21-t f
Webb Clark's Hotel,
STIlE siubscriber would respect
H fully iinfo hiis pat rons antd the
pul iic geineral ly, thait lie is stil
prepared~t to alcconintnodato al n ho give
ho Ii cail. at the old( staniad, at reasoniable
r.,iss. is servats are actinec andl at tetn
Live, h;,s tabile shall bie wel supple :d wvit h
lie best i the mrket wh itlralar, aiii all the
dottest ic arrangemnits of his establish
mentt slohIli e orderly antd neat, lle rc.
paectftully solicits a suhare of puatroniaje.
a irc h 2'J, N53l l-t f
Law Notice.
A 'l NEY~f AT1 LA,
Otlice next door to J. U. & Rt. C. Webb's
New York Sto.
March 211AlVM: 01-,r
Watches; Jewo
RE TFLLY inforim is fri
that be has new on hoand,.p iil co
stantly keep, am extensive alientent of
Gold and Silver' Watches,
Guns, Rites, Sporfsman1. APPdatu,1
Together with all kinds of
Fancy Articles.
liai stock of WATCHEJd CLOCKS,
braces a handsome and fashionable. collac.
tion of such articles It ishis design not
to be surpassed in the taste and elegance
of his selections, and his; prices Will be
foutnd on examination to be as moderate ii.
at any otheo establishment in the South
le solicits a continuance of the cuatom
horetofore so liberally bestowed ott the old
firm. - I . A. YONGUE.
February 22, i853 17-tf
Exccutor's Notice.
All persons having demands against the
Estate of the Into dol. John J. Moore of
Sumter District, are .requested to hand
themn in properly attested, to the subscri.
bers, and all thse indebted Will make
payinent to the Pathe.
J. B. MOtE, xecutor.
J. S. MOORE, 1e o
March 15th, 1853 20-tf
(Near the Depot.)
Paintin, Gilding, and
Gilding on Gold and
Silver, and Graining.
Househnld Furniture done up in tihe neat.
est and hest manner. All he asks is a fair
trial. lie gnvarantees to give entire satis
faction. C-g* All orders from the country
promptly attended to.
Jan. 11th, 1853 I1-ly
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware Mfanufactory.
JAMES H. DUE would respectfully
inform the citizens of Syniterville and the
surrounding country, that he is now open.
terville, and is now prepared to fill'all or
ders in the tin line. Merchants will find
it to their interest to purchase their ware
from me as I intend to sell low and war.
rant all that I sell.
WORK executed with promptness and in
a workmanlike manner. The"casli will
be expected in every inutice o" finishing
or delvering of every .oh 1 intbnd to sell
cheap and for estsh only.
Feb. 8th, 1853 15-ti
By the Governor.
CIIAICLESTON, Feb,. 25, 1953.
The following gentlemen having been ap'
pomtedl and commistoned Aidm-de Camp to hi'
Excellencym the Governor andi Commander-in
ChIief, wiith, the rank of Lie'utenatnt Colonel
will ho obeyed andI respected accordingly.
Ily order.
Adj't and lnsp'r General.
March 8th, 1853I 19--tf
*' ~ TJIE Subscriber would respectfudly
inii~formn is old friends and the public
generally, that his lI Itel so long kinown
as tihe " SU 1' L Et R1H0 USE " is again opened,
from date, for the reception of visitor.
The internal arrangements will undergo a
thorongh repair, with tw little delay as possibile,
and lhe trusts that his attention to thI e comnfort of
his guests, will merit a share of public patron
age. 'The suibscriber has ailso takeni charge of
the BILLIARD TABLE, and intends fi ming
ip the room with neatness, and will furnish it
with all thme necessaries and conveniences that
lovers o~f the spoirt can require.
March 8th, 1852 19-if
Clarke & Brother.
Who have just received per Rail Rtoad a
fine assormenit of
Fancy Groceries.
Comnprisinig Pickles, Preservedl Frnit, Cigars,
Candties amnd a chic lot of Chewing tobacco,
in wIh the iy invite the attention of the citi.
zens of tis IDistricut.
Ve bru ary 22, 14,3 17--tf
In Equity-Sumter Distriet,
P'laciiau Adas
John, W,. Mlayrant, et. ai.
It appeasring to my hatisfactin that Johni
WV. Maliyrnt, oneo of the Defesliants in, the
ab~oie statedl case, is aibsenst from and wvithsout
die limits of the State of Southt Carolinia. On
iiotioin of J. S. G. Rlichardenon, 'oupltiinant's
Solicitor, it is ordered that thse said JoImt WV.
Sma yrant do0 plead, answer or demur, to the
saisd CXoplainanit's Bill oif Conmplaint within
three months from the dato of the pulienction
ofr this order, or an order "'pro conifeeo"' wvill be
entered against hhn.
Febrtary th,,1833 Ccim'r. Eq1. 8. 1D.
Febrary 8th,185318--tf
The pwbilic ato, hereby ce tioned not to trade
for a Noto of handl for $)17 40, payable at six
mnonihs and dlated 2'9th Septembier 1852, ot
Mlessra. WV. W. & E. 1F. R E ENE & CO., as
we will not pay said. Note (iinless compelled by
law. M. L.. BROWN & CO.
Mlarch 8th, 1853 183t
4 1
Plain colored Canton Crae' g haelst
Superfine Cant Crap Shawis writhexr av
fringes. Rich Embrpldered Cant CrapSal,
Superfine 1'ritch ad erl oool
Tyne and-ay State Doubl o I da
Long Shawls, of the heavieest desefiption. Iea
vy 0.4squreW en abawls of the following
yLindFloi'enee ind, W
Water -resh Ebroldered Tldbet.e -eh
worked, Jahhllttatd loorn worked' and lain
' obShawls in h variety. Embrhiered
o ra, B worked and Paris
pinbed l~tIa ad Scarbs
Plain and Figurd BrAcx Gao'o Riryf
-S, Plain oTored gi-o Nap and Marcelpai .
Silks; Striped and Plalded Wash Silk- Plain,
Figured StRiped ana. Paid Mona. D071, id
the latest styles and richera dyes.. 8et0h and
EngShawls ohed daethehandsomt
tr 10-n s.Paa; PWogenMtiD'L'ainea i: fll nl
riety of. colors.i F~anosi, Guasstx-and :Exa.
ltas Mi S.zAosofJth insuperlor naliies and
colors.; French arid Englishi 'lhrit. aBi
Calico, Bes. Ba lstesad makJes ofm ey'
can Printi Cl Utades, renol Cran
Liese, BaiCge, Crape -D'rais ilulionsrs
Tissues, &c., furo evening ndBall-wear,'so
just received; 132 of beautifnlly . Embiroidered
Swiss Muslin Rtobo patron: Dreess each one
having a Fashion Ctirn attached.
Iarfsuer Faic 4gnNI iursra
.-Plha ihs adescripdon an .iea Off. sDRLI ZY
Lrces front '37 1-2 to e10 aplece. -
Richest and latest ityles French needle, work.
Laci and MusiL.tse CddiAas la ta iry a
Superb Nanina EmIstakeriosra I des.
CalsLnac H ANDKaaCIssrs, also a superior.
imrtment of plain ditto,. .
Cambric and Swiss MusLIN EiN.,
Fai.r.s, BA., INSKTrNGs, &c., of the best
qualilies and ne weti styles of imported Needle
Stiperficn White, Black and Cudre WORS'T .
ElD AND LAMBS WOOL Sloekings, ofth
best English manufacturera . .
Extra Colored, White and Black, Enlash
SruN BrILK Stockings. Best qualities Eng
lash NoKAvTAN STOCKINGS, Black arid Slate,
Colored. Extra fine and' heavy ualities InY
ported French atai English SILK STOtINaS,
Rlichk and White. *
Finest qualities Fanixcsm Latsr~. Tia
LAn Cldked and plaLnStockings. Bilack,Slatoe
Be Uixed, Mode ColorS, altd uperior, quaii
ties White English itockings o the celebrated
From France and Royal-Brown Brands.
Extra Fine and heavy qualities. Of Gentee
men's Undea est tylTS and DaAwERsofiNl
Wool, Saxony, Mcrine end StockiAeL. im
porEd, LAis UNDW YOsT of Merillof and
Gnuze, Lambs Wool. LADIES .AND- GuN-re
GLoEa, of Silk, Merino, Kid, Lisle Thread,
Kid make Silk, Segovia, Cotton and othler de
scriptions. Large and full assortment of Gas
-TrK5uKNs, FASurzosnar* Sunsavs, CoLLARS1
CRAVA-rS, AMI :PoogEr HIANDanacarrrrg.
BILANKaTS. London ilathm,. Duflield's and
Whitney Blankets, FI.ANNELs, Welch Saiis
bury, French Merino'and English FlnInels.
Superfine Embossoed Cloth, and Viotowia Da
1has, TAn . A ti Piano~ Covrit.
Best qualities of Brown and Wih.E Tar.LE
DAMAUK, oylies,. NAPKINs, Towls, AND
Ilu15 LIENs AND SulTono io Ouaow
DIRaCT IMPretavrzoN.
COTTON Gos, Tokig, S-4 4- .antr 12-4
Brawn Sheeting, .est qualities of Long Cloths
Sheetings, Cambric, ulina, Checks, .GIng
htams, ,alinets, Cassimneres, Vesting., Broa
Cloths,d&c, &c.,
It will be worth your whrile to all and ex
amIne before prhln LAewhere.
W. . [email protected] SON,
221 King (, eCd) opp. the Big Boot.
Charleston, Jan. 24, 1853 13-tf
Dry Gooks for Cash?
W. G. BANCROFT & 00.
hai'cL ston , S. C.
Ws have in conformity with the spirit
of the titmes adotd, in our beiness the
systemi of law iteriio and Gash Pri'cs, and
offer to tie city and country retail and
wholesale trade every variety of goods in
GOO)S--of all kinds-GLOVES, 0h.
SIERY, &c.&c We shall be constantly
receiving thme latest anid most fashionable
styles or goods, amnd it is our determinationi
that our stock in point of Syiles and Assort
ment shall be unstrpassl, ad in cheaD.
ness of price unegnalled by any in the cit
of Charleston,. W ave madhe this change
in our systein of business tromn our pre.
ference to the small but more certain re
turni of the NIMBLE SIXP'ENCE, ratheri
thami that of thme slow shIllinmg anid in the
belief that the public catnnot fail to per
ceive the adv:intages it offers to ptrchiasers
Our business will be condocted so as tc
ensture their entire conlidence, and we ap.
peal directly to their judgment. Througi
our connheetia in tho various nmarketa ol
Eturope and of this country we possess the
ability aind the wi/I to offer extraordinary
inducements to thme Conettmer, the Planter,
and the Merchant,
February 8th, 1853 1a.-.4m
Veterinary &trgeon.
ROBEtlR .W. A NDHIEWS nototles the
citizens at this, andi the adjuining Districts
that lhe has removed his Stable, near the Deo
pot of theo W. & M1. R. Rtoad, where he is ready
at all times to tak e charige of dIseased Horses
for a muoderate charge ; in all cases where there
ia no enro no pay will be expeceILd. lHe alsa
contjinues to take Pasisengers to cnd tromt the
Depot, and expects shortly to receive a Noew
(Jmmnbus for thint purpo. Goods lie will haul
at the old rate of 10 cents per paitage, amryt
solicits thle patronage of the public.
Fob. 22, 1853 -17-tf
.3. 3. WINN,
Has just receiv ed from Balhimore and Newl
York, a Iarg~i and wvell selected stock of
Broadclotiss, Cassianeres mad
thme finet and best that has ever been hrottght
to this mnarktet.
--A r.so,
Rleady mnadu Clothing for (Gents' and Sotibs,
oftvery gqmlity' and'description. Having se
ltele Goods, and had thaom made up to or
oor, lhe canm warranit time work.
Evory desceription and quality of Gloves; Dress
Htats madel uip to order; Caps, Silk Cravats,
Silk Pocket lHandke-rchiefs and Neck Toes,
t.inen Shirts, do. Collars, Mlerino Unemehitrs,
do. D~rawers, with livery article that is worn by
gentlemen, wvhich lho offers on reasoniable terms,
and solicits a call from his old cus'tomers,, and
thme citires ofthte D~istrict generaily.
Draper & Tailor,
.laving permianiently hocatd himself in
this villtge, on Mimn Street, one door
north of Major .Toohn F. Hlaynsworth's resi
dence, offers his servicea to thme citizents of
this District. lHa has paid mnuch altentltin
to his biusinesa ini the cities, of 1frankfort
and Paris, and if you wvill itgivehimn a
trial, he promises on his ptrt toaiteintire
eat isfaction. -
Feb. 8th. 1853. ' 5-If
. rc
oblie WHO
announceC.A~i~ 3
a candidatgf &tob
Stato Legis latutu
Vebruary 1, 185
1F. tAT LS ,uqj
caudidate fy Ta
Cotnn ti i dl' s 6
Fe1h, ub3
* OT1Yr, Edr... ~ r
please annoinee ILlai '
ZON s a candid t
nary'of 4m ie c. 4t
A pril 27l7,,iS2
87~ We saaio
announce T. J.~DININS
for Clerk of the Cot irt, ale
April 16th 1851
111[r. Edito c
nounce Mr. J hiclU KL.L "I d
date for C&rk,.of the Cosit, r ung
Districtr and oblige AI
Apri 1418. 25..t
ro0z SHEfhi
$ -The- Frienda
date for :heriff of Sumfer Ihsitr, f the
next election.-.. -
Nov. 12th,- 1852 3Id. y
Va: e are autis
to announce- A.-E. POOL asud 4as
for Sheriff ofuSumtneDistricto a the
in election.
~cemnber2 15
sizes, constkdty ;4 s
Opp. Temperance Hail Sumteryile
Jone 15th, 18M5 -
Is- rUtLierkaX Dait-T 68; .Tai- AT
Iti callton extondsthr'angontdaMe ,
am all the Southern Stats m1 Et
? ood opbortimity for me'r.ants to vuie~ -
ts olus ae iled with ahe Latest Niew
foreigna and domesstic,ans fileof Ee pea e
pern are recelved .weekly.. Th b ~*on of.
a large collection of Documnayo a
Imy' to our
wi be commuenced an soon asweo~ arep
The "Bannerb Ofios.e
Cihcummtanoen havin placed as i
the office, we have nid ever earra'au
render it one of the most ceo lseina be
try, for all kinds oif work.. sile additio gj
fine Biook.Poims of thme late A, 5. .1i YtI
anlr othier nieat potwet-preses d~
press, ezntlules us Sodae .
All kinds of woork at shtor Noic
BooRS, CARDS, BLLrfg hj
rANienT~Ms, .CIaouLAUS, ixVmyr~oNxa
Plain and OrnamentI
Frint'n, in Colors
1t.W. GIBBES, Proprietor
TV. F. GarVrktin, Printer.
Feb. 22, 1803 .4
$20 RWAR
WVILL hb paid fat thme dlefivety
in Hunmtervillef Kingstrte om
Georgetorvn .Jail of' my Neg
man "AA RON," who abscon d
froni my plantauions in George'o w D.
trict about four weeks since. -Said felo
is abrout 5 feet 10 inches in height,. rafier
above the usual size, and quite' black, ha.
a sullen appearance, but answer. quickl~t
whzen spokenm to. lHe haa on the top of hms~
left foot (1 thinki the mark of a cire.
ceivcd from an nxe Whierna biby.
The subscriber has sufhicnt aenot
believe that hie is h~arboured bytgeo or,
tho promises of W. W.Drd',Es.
four miles bolow Sumntervilla.
A. A. JIGN 4
Tlhe sulicrfber having dtscornt~ned t.
Busmnes. w.ill devote hia whole tIrne to thee
nice of medieene. Those wiaking his.p~faa
at ,eurvices will find him at all limes at hiresl
dlence lai the Villege. -
jan~oi~, H. S. ME~LETTI1I
By Thomas o'Connor
.Jwet n-.-.ived for Itaij thnel, a chnie. e.
non of Cigars and Tulyacco, Cordials,
sevsof all descriptfons, .f[ys &d2A.o~
guaranzutee, to ztell ais low as they cai~b b
tained fromt Carlesaton fur.
For Wrigh'snhBl y~
the 5th of October. 1rerighdrge.
mnents appl to C-t in 66 Bad to
O'N) J, H LJr & ENIEpy.
* - , Xoyeo'e Wbierf
Sept 2t 18g 9l
All persons insehted to .~. ~~
& CO., are zqtiIded to'z'nth a4igot
tlOl rin m~terville Withurut deh~'$
P. %RO

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