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piTI#ATib oi O s.-O-i- of
bsi lAs8O thI ti o of
ats whichhab.appeoed, is the Es
IGy -iindson as published
t914lt number of the (Brit
armer's Magazine. As the
e atr rules- of cultivation will ap
.in a great.measure to both coun
ries,we shall perhaps render an ac
Septahl..service to our readers by
I bief outline of the facts sta
at article, so far as they
Sbe6 f general application.
o. Any soil in good condition
vall p-oduco good crops of oats--they
can be profitably grown on soils too
'poorfor other cereals, rye excepted
arid on all interminable stages of
fertility up to rich virgin land. Scme
ri, newly drained peat soils have
ioduce from 80 to 100 bushels of
light grain per acre. With regard
--to climate, oats will flourish under a
very wide range. The heaviest and
best crois are grown on soils the
nost productive of ordinary farm
crops. For all seasons, friable loam
situatcd on broken lime stone, has
-been found best. Heavier or more
-loddy soils are apt to suffer from
drouth, to remedy which sow early
and rather thick. If sown late and
. thi;-a miserable crop will be the re
sult. On marly soil, the grain is
heaviest, being often 45 or 46 lbs. per
bushel--heavier, crops, however, are
obtained on rather looser of more fri
-able soils. The heaviest crops on
rich' and moist drained peat, are rais
ed during seasons, when the crop is
sown early. On gravely soils, un
less in very good tilth, oats suffer
most from drouth.
:.ultivaton-The best prepara
tion for luxuriant crops is freshly
broken up grass. land. The only
objection is the smaller pecuniary re
turn for so valuable a preparation. In
th6 warmer parts of England fine
crops are obtained by a state of tilth
and early sowing-these requisites
doubtless being still more important
in the warmer climates of the United
IStates. Drilling has proved quite
successful, in the few instances where
'this mode of sowing has been adopt
ed, resnlting in ten to 'twenty per
cent. saving in seed, and in addition
al product. Few crops derive more
advantage from rolling. Early sown
crops are invariably the best. If
sown late, the chances are ten to
one against a productive one, as
the young plants are checked by
dry weather, from which they rare.
ly recover. The best timo for cut.
ting, is when a few of the grains re
tain the- slightest' possible trace of
green color on the chaff. Very early
oats may be cut somewhat greener,
as they will ripen afterwards in the
midst of hot weather-a reason why
they may be cut greener in this coun
-try of hot sun, than in the cooler cli
mate of England. Oats are more
liable to heat in the stock than either
wheat or barley, on account of their
copipact layels, and hence should he
eft in the shock till well drlied. In
dry soils and climates, autuum sow
ing is recommended as decided
ly best.
The results of many experiments
are given to show the comparative
value of differ-ent varieties, but that
are here omitted as being not gen
erally applicable to this counti-y.
Ef2cts of Guanio.-A Yankee lad,
whose fhther- was a farmer, went inito
a bar-n to play a short timie ago, anmd
being detained a prIison~er by a thunde r
storm, he fell asleep on a bag ' gu.
ano. Th'le genitlemiani, when the st'.rm
wvas over, wenit int(o the farum yard to
look( after his son, and nwt a giant
comring out of the barnm.
"Ilulo ! who are you'' he cried,
"what are you doing her-e !"
* "Why, fiather," squieaked the Goll
al, "it's me; don't you knowv TPonuniy?
"Y'ou !" tihe astonish-d parent ex
claimned; "'why, why., Tomn, howv on
earth did you get stretched out so
*long-in so short at timte ?"
* Why, father," replied the bov
loking down umpon t he gapinmg olid
mran, "I slept upoun themii bags oflguatno
you put in thec ba,1 i and that and the
lightning togethe qai-us done the busi
ness !
lady of exti-aordinar-y intellectual ea
pabilities, of course, addressed a let
ter to her cousin, living in a neigh
boring village as follows:
*Deer Kussin the weather whar
we is air kold and I suppose whar
you is it air kolder we all is well an
muther has gott te his Terr-icks an
bruther tomn has gott the Iluppin
Koff an Sister Susin has gott a Baby
anIhoap these fu lynes will find
yuin the same condishun rite sune
your apheckshiunate Kussin.
'THE DocTo.'-A doctor in Ohio
writes to his father as follows:
'Dear daddy I concluded I'dle cum
down and git grinded into doctur.
I. hardly dont think I was in inoi-e
than 8 hours, aforo out I cum as
slick a wan as ever you seen.
Hale Columbly, ha~ppy land,
If I atint a D~okture, I'll be hange'dI
.Ipkos, I purges, andi I iwet emll,
Thni ta di, wvi then I lets omn.
Igits plente of cuetum, because
they. says they dizo eezy. W en
you rite,, don't forgit to put docture
:TluoUOrT.-Mr. TPick clips the fol.
lowing beautiful gems from various
portions of 'My Novel,' by Sir. E. L.
Bulwor; they are worthy of being
remembered by all who love tbe pure
and beautiful. It is seldom Mr.
Pick uses his scissors, but in this in
stance he hopes he will be pardoned.
Strength is ever light, and it does
not fall; it leaps down, and rebounds.
Ie who has once done a base
thing is never again wholly reconcil
ed to honor.
Men who make money rarely
saunter; men who save money rarely
The first interest of a country is
the honor of its public tmen.
Dandies, when first rate, are gen,
orally very agreeable men.
Knowledge perverted, is knowl.
edge no longer. Vinegar, which,
exposed to the sun, breeds small ser
pents, or at best slimy eels, not com.
estible, once was wine.
The cunning man never forgives
those who refuse to be duped by
The heart of a girl is like a con
vent-the holier the cloister, the
more charaitable the door.
Never believe the world is basei
if it were so, no society would hold
together for a day.
Alas! in strong natures, if resist
ance to temptation is of granite, sc
the passions that they admit are ol
Ever since there bas been so greal
a demand for type, there has beer
much less lead to spare for cannor,
I know nothing that more moves
us to tears than the hearty kindnes.
of a dog, when something in humar
beings has pained or chillea us.
So vital a necessity to all livin
men is TRUTH, that the vilest traitot
fecls amazed and wronged-feels th(
pillars of the world shaken wher
treason recoils on him.
Tm TuFers.-The morning organ o:
the hard shells of (New York) says tht
Herald is doing its very best tc
get up a little party rebellion. It
calls upon the masses of this city te
Comte togetler ill a mass Imeeting
and show tihe triading politicians wh1a
sort (If principles they want. It re
publishes the Coi O ronise platfloarm
and wants it, and intends to have it
re-enacted at all risks, as the platlorir
of the democratie party. It calls foi
a convention of the people, aiid threat
ens a variety of terrible things wher
they speak. We suppose the neaning
of all this is, that the adininistrat-ior
has been giving too m1any of th<
big loaves and large fishes to the
soft shells, barnburners, and free soil.
erls, in this bailwick, and that consc
quently there is abundant provocation
to the hard shells for rebellion.
WeC very inuch fear, however, that
these saune gard-shtells can do nothing,
necithier to save themselves nor to re.
buke Secretary Adarey. If' they could
only reach that patch uiponl his old leath,
er* brehes, they utnighit b ring htim to.
and hind~ hinm fast. Btut t'ay htav
permited the ocasion to pass by. and)
their ranmk imd file have dwindled a
way to a~ mere coarpoals guard. Si.
lenceed int t he caal hole, exclutded from
Tammiaany Ilall, and voted down in'
thte cabintet, thte htard shells may be
conaisidered as prettyv wel Iusted n '. A
roass conv en tio n in thIese hitsy~ t-nem
simp ~ ly to re-athirm i the lial Ltm're plat.
turia, is inaa go.
Tb~hc only living chanice for the
poor hard shll s is to try it on agiaint
at At banty, in the L egislamture. Fail
inig there, Itey will have nto other al
ternaativye tan to. surrendte r at. d iscre.
tion to the Pretni er, Iiad Prince .J ohn
Vaim B'iren. ort toa go over thei fencie mlid
set upi a new pairty, ini conjuncttio hn witll
the nttio ala whIigs of thle Cast le G1ar.
dlent Unioan Safety ('onninittee. ITe
lesser orgits of that, coiairnittee, which.
for saivinig the Uniion ini W\all streetA. re
ceived as its reward someW eight hun-.
dr'ed sublsribers, for onie year, tan keej
it oin its legs, will, douabtless rejoice ati
the junct(tiotn (ot the harad shiells withi
the Filhot(ore whIigs. W\e pity, the.
hard shla' s. we sy mpjathtise with the.
hard'a shellIs, bt, t hey have played t heir
all. Theiay may grurnbt hle and ithrea.
en; but thme gitie is host. Theya.
are hi gh andia dry', like the chanos oft
Caoanty Islatnd at. low tide. A las! for
the Ipaoor harid shll s! Whaltt eat
they do?~
I iAnt Ei.I:ncrr:~v.-At a seien.i
t ifie mteet ing in t his cityv, week be
lfore last, a dislinui.sheiad clerevmtar
(af Baostaonl st ated t hat aelect ricaIl'ht.
orntenia had becen obsetved ini his finii
Iy, w hiich m iight poassily be, produ!:(c
ori intliencad lby the locality oft the.
Ih'ause where he resides--a remia rka
bjy dry', anid somtewhat elevateda spat.
liy gliding the feet rapidly acro'cas the.
room.tai andh thent intunediately hoaldina
hintger to thte bitrnert, a ~ sarkI from its
extremtit y woul 11Iighat the gas ins, ant.
ly'. On tone ocsasiatn he llw out
lie flamte and tel igh t ed then. gas a see.'
ond titme with his tingert, beftoreL leavini
the chair' ott whicht hie was staniding.
Fair thte anmatsemnet of' friiemas lhe is
friequently int thle haiit of~ perfbrrmingi
this feat. Ehveni his lit tle chiladretn htave
learnted thle trtick~ af at rginig liem .
selves otn thle floor, for' the pu rpoase oh
giving a shock, byv a way of surprjaising~
thotse wholi~ are p rtoper' subjI ects~ ir
spo(rt. Thle apatirta itt which tese
cutrionus acts are alccomp)l ishied, is
carpected in thet ordintarty mattnner, atnd
a piece of' boeking covers the een'I
tre', which is tho't to favor the
speedy accumulation of electricity. If
the nir ik cleur- dr, nd the wat
r coIdah pak i more ei-t ii ahid
Ahk 'of P t.strbngly marked. Small
cork bali ar'e roved about marvel
lously by i Current , from the Rev.
gentleman a6 di igits.-!Bo'ston Medi
cal Journal.
Millister to Mexico.
We are gratified to learn that our
distinguished fellow citizen, Col.
JAmus GADSDEN, has received official
notice of his appointment, by Presi.
dent Pipach, to the office of IMinister
to Mexico. This appointment is
well deserved by him, and will prove
highly acceptable to our community,
where his high intelligence, integrity,
public spirit and general worth are
duly appreciated, and a lively recol
leetion is cherished of his gallant ser
vices in the war of 1812, under the
hero of New-Orleans, and his long,
able and fitithful superintendence of*
the South-Carolina Rail Road, now
contributing so largely to the prosperi
ty of'our city and State. Col. GADS
DEN is yet in the vigor of lifle, intel
lect and usefulness, and will doubtless
discharge the delicate and responsible
duties of his new and dignified station
honorably to himself, and to the good
of his country. In accepting this em
bassy, he vacates a lucrative post, that
of chief superintendent of the building
of our new Custom House.
We learn, too, that the official an
nouncen.ent has also been received
of tie appointimient of J. S. Ciaiwrs,
Esq., of California, forierly of this
city, as Col. I ADSDEN's Secretary of
Legation. Our youig countrynan is
a man of liberal education and high
worth, ne d skilled in buth the languages
and the laws of the country, and t heie
fbre well fitted for the distinguished
oflice conferrcd upon him.- Charleston
A Norel Method of MIeasuring Fo
rensie Tediousness.-A menber of the
bar of one of the Eastern States, was
noted for possessing all the attributes
of a good advocate but one: lie never
knew wheii to stop; indeed, it soime
times seemned as if he lever would
stop. oi (lie occasion lie had coi
pletely exhausted the patience of the
court, the jury, and the other coneel;
still the stream of his eloquence ran
on as glibly as ever. At last, lie made
a splendid perorat ion; every onepre
sent experienced a feeling of r'elief,
and every eye was turned towards
him, expecting to see him take his
seat. But at this imoment, to their
astoinislnent and horrojr, lie s!arted
off afresh on a new track. "Gentle
ien of the jury," said he, "lastrio
iners ttls us that there are soine stars
situated at 1 distaice so remote frei
this earth, that their light, though it
left thel on the mn ornincg of creation,
and has been travelling ever since, has
not vet reached us." "Never iind,
brother T.," interposed the opposing
counsel, "it will be sere to get here be
forc yon have done !"
The autobiography of Slexandre
Dunas. now publishing in a Paris
jourial, reveali a mnongst other "prod
igious" things, te hitherto unknown
fauct that the llevolution of.J ily~, 18O0,
was not ac 'oniplished by lie peo)ple of
Paris, but by Alhexanidre Diiias hiin
self; that lie and aL corntpanion, ani art
ist, capturied, unaided, a powlder iag
azine, and took a1 regiment of art ille
ry prisoners; that lie is inv ul nerable
to grape shiot, inasi nuhel as. ini the R~ev
oluition, half a1 dozeni ca. noiis blazed
away at li ino, ..ne after the ot her, at
onily a few yards, dlistancee, and left
him unhurt; that lie, thou..h in those
dlays ai younig mian, scarcely knlown aut
al. tal11ked g reatdy abojtut wha3t lie
would allow to be done, anud what lie
wold not allow to be dhone, to Ge'ner
to Louis l'hiillippe hitinself', in whose
household lie was en iploy ed in the ea
pacity of elerk.
F uoI -ruat N"or-rn I ,emric-N::w
Goa~n IJhscov''tEn s--G JaTr Exerra-.
.Mu-:sr.--Capt. Cunin ghianti, of' thle ship
I I iro;, f'ron B hostoni, at Sani Franceis
co, repo rt s tit on thle 10lth uitlt., lhe
sp oke the whale ship Al erealry, lDi
mionid. New Bedlobrd, then b() days out
fromu Tlaleahtanio. Capit ].inind ire.
p ortedl that a ve'ssel had arri vedl at
Tahaliuanio f'romi New' Zeuaaid, bring
ing intelli genice of' the d isco~.ve ry of' gold
ini great a baundan~ce, near' A tiek hand.
B~usinuess of every kind1 was susp ended.
Th'le Britishi V ice-Cons~i ul al (aphe
Bolivar, writing to hiei Aajesty's act.
ing Conisul1 General at (Caraccas, says:
'An oi.ld w'iomani1 iiamed Ala:rqujita
O rfda, ha:s d iscoveredh a percfect. reme-t'
dy3 fhr the black vomiit andI yellow f'e
ver, by mt eans of whtichi per'sons have
been (cml 1etelyv curedi aftea c on C)isual
tatio n of doctors had11 declared that. thle
case was~ qllit e Ihopeless, inid thait, the
pai~tienit inumst, die iln aL few hiours. TIhe
remiedy is the jice of the po wdeired
leaves of the verbena, givena in saital
doses three times 31 day, aitd inje(ct ilns
Iof thle saune everl'y two hours until the
b wels aire empt I. Thei v'ierben is
a wild shrnubl, to be found growinag all
maost, every whiere, 31aid pa'rticulharly inm
low mioiist grouind. All ouri do'etors
have adopijt ed its use, anda now few or
noiie die of' thetse late fearful diseas~es.
There are two kindtis of' it, m ale anad f'e
miale; the latte'r is the one that, is miist
'no lrms -ro Put'v.r lur. Ho~Ai
A cenmts.BostnAay 1 3.--Abl
was31 irepo rtedl in the Seinate tio-day pro)
lhiiting passeniger tra ins f'roum pasisinlg
drawbridges at a grea ter' speed than
six mtiles an hou r. The trains aire to
Istop one~ to twoi~ hundnred li'et from the
drauw, minder a penllty to thle conidue.
toi' of Iivye hunwd red dollhars, or thriee
years unpnilsomnlaent ini the peniitenitia-.
ry. Il'erson s to be' st atioined withI sig.
iaals at the ('lds of bridges before o'pen
ing the (dra ws. Corporations fitil ing to
give clear inlstrucitions to their oflicers,
iii accorduace with this law, are liable
to a fine of' five thousanld dollars.
Dry Goods fora Csh.
Charleston, S. C.
WE have in conformity with the spirit
of the times adopted in our business the
system of low TariJ and Cash Prices, and
ol'er to the city and country retail and
wholesale trade every variety of goods in
GOODS-of all kinds-GLOVES, 10
SIERY, &c.&c. We shall be constantly
receiving the latest and most fashionable
styles ol goods, and it is our determination
that our stock in point of Styles and Assort
ment shall be unsurpassed, aud in chean.
ness of price unequalcd by any in the city
of CharlI eston. We have made this change
in our system of business fron our pre
ference to the sinall but more certain re
turn of the NIMBtLES SIXPENCE, rather
than that of the slow shilling, and in the
belief that the public cannot fail to per
ceive the advantages it ofliers to purchasers.
Our business will be conducted so as to
ensure their entire conidence, and we ap
peal directly to their jndgment. Thruugh
our connections in the various markets of
Europe and of this country we possess the
ability and thu u-il to oller extraordinary
inducements to the Consumer, the Plaater,
and the Merchiant.
February 8th, 1853 ' . . 15-41n
Gantt, Wallites. Coi,
Receive and sf.l Cotton, Corn, Flour,
and all other articles of Produce, and give
personal attenijona toe selection of 1aii
ly Suipplies.
Commission for so)ing Cotton, Fifty
Cents per bale.
El)wa .RD MANTT.
Referonce-Col. F.-. loses and R. C.
ltichardson, Esq. "
IAu_-ust 241, 1852. -4 t-6mn
). C. NgssImke,
June 15, 1852. - 34-ti
W. J. Jacobi & Son,
Importers and Dealers in
Foreigas & Doimestic Dry Goods
g'2V Our custoiners ntro ensured Mloderate
Rates antd a strict adhierance to the One Price
Jan. 6, 1852. 11-tr
Clothing W arehouse,
No. 238 King street,
May 21st, 18. 30 tf
Importer of
E ing street, Sign oft the Lyre,
Chta'lestotn, S. C.
WlJ LES& L E (CiL 0 TI/iYG
Fs"amunishai ng-~13 Wa'el ouse,
NO. 2ti I IA YN 1E SiRIE ETl,
Chza rlestonz, S. C.'
Ri(etiEa.-St., Chumalestonm, bi, C
Sepitein her 1(1, I85i 4y-tf
Clothing aind Out-Fitting
No. 268 King.-streeCt, c:ornecr ol
Olltt WOrI i, CGistritstoni, 8. C
Purchaers wdll finid at all tilanes a full
ut('and comlete istock aof Gemt's.
WA. A. iK ENT- Ci .1 alITCHOE.,
(OTl'ch ~ . :t .
Ti'll' suabsc' her would respect
funlly iiaiormi las old trwo ads andl the
,. pubtl!e gener~mally, that los. laute so
long knoiwni as t:he "St.M TER I lOUSE,''
is iaont opeineed fria datec, for the recep
tioni ofi vistors.
Thela internaial arranageimnts will tundaergon
a thotraough repir, wada as little delay ss
piossild, ai I lie t~rusts that his attenttiona to
thle eaaiatki ii hNi gulesis, will mnerit a sht 're
oat pubbea i paradge. Thea subhscribter lhas
alsoi taken chtarge ot te BIL LI \lt I) IA
11I.l;, andu mkati' titi mg up the roiom with
naeatniess, ;arud u dI furaaast it wirha all thme
niecessarits al covien~iiices that lovers
ofi thle spourt cant reqijirc.
March 8th, 18s>3 1--tf
IJewelry ! Jewelry! !
1 laying just returned fromn Charleston,
thne subsenhler haus already on haind, munl is
naow re'ena ingp, a tneat ad wellI sCeectedl
stockl of
Wthesl(', Clocks & JVewelry,
of all deshiript:onas, which lho wd'l sell at a
very mtodlerate proliit.
QMT'' Comeu. ona ladies anal Gentlemen,
anal exiaminei fr youarselvaes. A call is all
ask. , C. TP. ASON.
Nat. 15 IS'2-t
ona saomae aihy tlast weetk a Note drawn by
' Eduin 0 tiat-r oia I rsadford Sparings, datedi abot
the 18thi Jiantatry last. and t ail le intt w~' elve
rnnathls fair S2:af lii atnd in~ faviir oif J. L.. [De.
coin. All persions~ are foirbidi to trade fair the
sarne, antd anay oune finding anad leavinag it at thue
oflice of thais aper wvill conafear a favor auon thu
Fob. 1. 182 14--t
dit, AT 'ri LOWZST MAILr.T rR1CM, it
3LAns NAIL An 'AND ot-Bauanua,
S AND CAMIniR E, &C. &C.
ii Liver Oil.
vith every article
most approved
Whatever concerns tho health and happiness
of a people is at all times of the most valuable
importance. I take it for granted that every
person will do all in their po% er, to save the lives
of their children, and that every person will en
deavor to promote their own health at all sacri
Aces. I feel it to ho my duty to solemnly assure
you that WoaRe, according to the opinion of
the most celebrated Physicians, are the primary
causes of a lar re majority of diseases to which
children and aults are liable - if you have an
appetite continually changeable from one kind
of food to another, Bad Breath, Pain in the Sto
mach, Picking at the Nose, Hardness and Full
ness of the Belly, Dry Cough, Slow Fever,
Pulse Irregular-remember that all these denote
W oaeS, & you should at once apply the retmedy
iaobenisack's Worns Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly safe when taken, and can be
given to the most tender Infant with decided
eneficial effect, where Bowcl Comlaints and
Diarrhera have made them weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of my Wormn Syrup are
such, that it studs withoutan equal in the cata
logue of medicines, in giving tone and strength
to the Stomach, which makes it an Infallable
remedy for those afflicted with Dy pia, the
astonishing cures performed by this Syrup after
Physicians have failed, is the best evi ence ofits
superior ellicacy over all others.
This is the most difficult Worm to destroy of
vll that infest the human system, it grows to an
almost indefinite leigilh becoming so coiled and
fastened to the Intestines and Stomach effecting
the health so sadly an to cause St. Vitus Dance,
Fits, &c., that those a fuicted seldom if ever
Anspect that it is Tpe Worm hastening them to
au early grave. In order to destroy this Worm, a
very energetic treatment must be pursued, it
would therefore be proper to take 6 to 8 of my
Liver Pills so as to remove all obstructions, that
the Worn Syrup may adt direct upon tipe Worm,
which must be taken in doses of 2 Tablespoon
fuhi 3 times a day, these directions followed
have never been known to tail in curing the
most obstinate ease of 7ope IV-rmi.
I1Fobennck's Liver Pills. 0
No part of the system is more liable to disease
than the LIVER, it serving as a filterer to puri
fy the blood, or giving the proper secretion to
the bile ; so that any wrong action of the Liver
efects the other important parts of the system,
and results variously, in Liver Complaint,
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, &c. We should therefore
watch every symptom that might indicate a
wrong action of the Liver.. These Pills being
composed of RoOs and PLANTrs furnished by
uature to heal the sick: Namely, 1st. An Ex
rECTOIANT, which augmeits the secretion from
the Pultonary mucus membrane, or promotes
the discharge of secreted matter. 2nd, An AL
amarATIvB,g.Which changes in some inexplica
ble andqniiible inminer the certain morbid
action cithie system 3rd, A Towstc, which
gives tone cmd strength to'thei-ervossystem/
renewing l1calth and vigor to all parts of the
body. 4th, A CATARTIC, which acts in per
feAt harmony with the other ingredients, and
operating on the Bowels, and expelling the
whole mass of corrupt and vitiated rpatter, and
purifying the Blood, which destroys disease and
restores heal th.
You will find these Pills an invaluable tiedi
cine in many conmplaints to which you are stub
ject. Int obstructions either total or partial, they
have beeni found of inestimnable benefit, restoring
their functional arrangetments to a healthy ac
tion, purifying the h~.d and other fluids so
eff'ectually toputt to flight. all comp~laints which
may arise fromn fenmale irregularities, as head
ache, giddintess, dimness of sight, pain in the
side, back, &:e.
None genuine unless signed J. N. HIoDENsAcK,
all others being base Imitation.
P R I(;'-E A Cl H 26 C TS.
35i A gents wishing ne w supp.lies, and Store
hKeepers desirous of becomting Agents must ad
dress the Proprietor, J. N. 1IIOIENSACKC,
Philadelphia , 'a.
For sale by all Druggists and Merchants in
the U. S.
P. Al. Conras, Charle.-ton, Wholesale Agent
for the Statec.
August l'h, 1852 42-Iy
The Corn Exchange,
'By Thomas
WVho kteteps constantly on hand a lot of
DOMESTICS at the lowest rates. GRO
C:ERIES at Charleston prices for cash
Bacon, Lard, HJams. Bttter and a largestsup
pily of the best CIG ARS and TOBACCO
which he will sell cheaper than anry mer
chant in town, also just received 40 barrels
North Carolina flour.
Jan. 18tha, 1853 12-Iv
Ilas just received from Baltimore and Now
Y ork, a large and wecll selected stock of
Broadcloths, Cassi meres anud
the finest and best tat has ever been brought
to this mnarket.
--A .o,
Ready mads Clothinug for Gents' and Youths,
of every quahit y and description. H-aving se
lected the Goods, and hadt tem made uip tu or
dor, lie can warranit the work.
Every description andI quality of Gloves; Dress
inte nmade tup to order ; Caps, Silk Cravats,
Silk Pocket Handkerchiefs and Neck Ties,
Linen Shirts, do. Collars, Aferino Undershirts,
do. D~rawers, with every article that is worn by
gentlemen, which lie ofTers on reasonable terms,
and solicits a call from his old customers, and
the citiz.tas of the District generally.
Su mterville, Nov. 15th, 852 3-tf
sizes, consinntly on hand and for sale
by IIUDSON &. BilO'lEII,
Opip. Temperance llall Sumnterville.
June 15th, 1852 34--if
Ve~trnay Burgeon.
ROBICT W.ANDREWS~ n ototiesth
citizents of this, and the ndjoining Districts,
that 1he has removed his. Stables near the D~o.
piot or the WV. & M1. RI. Rload, where he is re.ady
at all times to tak e charge of diseased IHorses
for a moderate charge ; im all cases wt here there
is ino cure no pay Will be expeoted. Ile also
continuue~ to take Passen gers to end from the
Depot, and expects shortly to receive n New
Omnibus for thI at purpo~se. Goods he will haul
at the old rate of 10 cents por package-, anid
solicits the nstronage of the~publie.
Pub. 29, iJ ..3
for CGAM.L1
OFFERS for ale, for.cash, or an approvoil en
and wELL SELECT&D assortment of "ASlT INoM
D ru as a' n d
TnoarsoNtAN ltDactNws, LAMP AND
Genuine Co,
Together i
Agent for the
April Gth, 1852.
Through Fare from Charles
LEAVING the Wharf at the foot of
Laurens-st. daily at 3, p. ti. after the
arrival of the Southern cars, via WIL.
MINGTON, N. C., froin which poit
two daily trains are dispatched at 8 A. Al.;
and 2 P. M.; the 1 o'clock only connect ing at
Weldon with the lines to Petersburg,
Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Phila
delphia, and New-York. The public is
respectfully informed that tle steamers of
these lines, are in first rate condition, and
are navigated by well known and ex
perianced commanders; tihe Rail Roads
are in fine order, (lia Wilhington
and Weldon. as well as the Seaboard
and Roanoke havinig recently been relaid
with heavy Trail) thereby securiig both
safety and despatch. By these routes
passengers availing themselves of the
FRT TRAIN may reach Baltimore in
40 hours. I'hilsdelphla in 45 hours, and
New York in 50 1-2 hours; and by the
SECOND TRAIN they arrive in Bal
timore in 60 hours, Philadelphia in 56
hours, and New-York in 1 1-. hours.
Throtugh tickets can alone be had from
1.. WINSLOW, Agent of the Wilmington
aid Raleigh Rail Road Company. at the
ollice of the Cotaipiany, foot of Liirens
street, Clarleston, S. C., to whent please
M1arch 23, 1852. 22-tf
Improved Cotton Gins,
'lankful for past favours the4tbscriber wihi
es to inform the public that. he still manufac
tures Cotton Gins at his establislunent in State
hurg, onl the most improved and approved plan
which lie thinks that the cotton gnmned on one
of those gins of te late improvement is worth
at least a quarter of I cent miore than the cot
ton ginned on the ordipsary gin. lie also ian
ilactures them otn the most simplk construction,
of the linest finish and of the best materials ; to
wit, Steel Saws aid Steel Plated Hibs Case
hardened which ie will sell for S2 per Saw.
Ile also repairs old gins and puts them in com
plete order at tle shortest notice. All orders for
( ins will be protpitly nid punctuall attended
Stateburg, Sumter Dist, S. C. Fb 17, 26
At TS LD AT.lyi or S. d J. Ot-ti.URT.
S . & E. M. G I LB E R T
continue the CARRIAG E
B~-~)USI.VEN~S at the above
stand-No. 35 and 40 WVentwvorth-street,
Charleston-whtere they will be pleased to
exlthit to their obil friends and customers
a very extentsive Stock sif Vehicles, corn
pring thsose of their own manufacture,
together with various other sty~ca usually
foun~d in th is imitrkiet. Th~leir long acquaint.
attce with this market as maufneturers
mdts dealers will entable thsetm to uttler great
imhutement-s to purchsasers buoth in styles
and i prices.
Augtust. 241, 1852. 44-tf
(Near thme D~epot.)
Painting, Gilding, and
Gildingo oni Gol n
Silver, anid Grainin g.
HoIusehtold Ftnrtnitutre done up ini :hse n< t.
est amnd lest nmnner. All lie asks is a fair
triasl. lie gnarantees to give entire sattis
fac(1 on. Mr All orders fromn the counmtry
promptly attended to.
~~ '1TAJKIS this mtethiod ol
infortmitir the citizens of
Siumterville and vicinity that
heo has openedl in ,smtterville, oipposite the ntewv
P'resbytebrinn Chutreb,. a CAlBI NiT WVA~It
ROOM, where lie will keep, for sale, cheap, all
suchtl futrnitutre as comses undler this department
of hsis tradhe, wichsl heo will wvarranit oif giood
material ;andi will furnish for cash, at Charles
tots prices, all dlescriti onts of Furunituro miade.
lIepairinig exceitted at the, shosrtetsttice.
Mlahogansy anid plain Collinis furishled wits
Ilavingi procuiredh ilie services oif Mr. C. WV.
Ihr .i, lie is pirepaltredl to furnishi Metallic P'lates
engiravedl in an style.
All thne susrthei-r asks is a fair trial, andI
hiopes by punctualt attenitions to butsintess and
easy terms, to mterit public patronage.
l-ehruary 17, 18523. 17-ly
For Wright's Bluff; M~ur
.A~A 'Te steamer DmhKA LB,
Ur'son mnaster, will leave
Chtarleston as above, sabout
the 5th of October. Fotr Freight arrange.
mients apply to Captain otn Hoard, sor to
IIT Watchtman copy. ByesWaf
Sept 27, 1852. .-49
.sust civperIal oad, achae slc
serves oif all descriptions, .llys &c. Also a
comphlte assortmnent of Groicerics, whlich lie
gutaranitees to sell as low ats they can he ob
tained froms Chtarlestoni for.
Felb. 1, 18531 1-t f
Negro Shoes,
Th~e suibscribier hsat inadtes arrangements for
dhe imassufacture of from Four to Five T1houtsandl
paiirs of the abtove article by ths~ FALL. For
rerferencee at to quality, Ito wousld respectfolly
refer persons who may bhe diusose d to purchsie
of hii sm, to thsot slwo patronized hism Isit year
As to price, lie wvill guarantee dhemo a lowv am
eenY bseafojd.
;. %y,, 1
Prepared from ENNE e.,r .,
of the Ox, after directions ofa
great PhIoIlo gical' Chei
-ON,A A1 .,Piladelp1 p
This in a truly wonldse
, ,_I_
tion, Dyspops Jaundll1 ce wj
Colnstipation, arkd. Debitly,- Cu '. -r
tutre's own method, by Nfatures'sl own'
Gastric Juice.
ggP' Half a teaipoonful of Pp' n inswed 0
in water, wildigest or dsoipr/otd
of Roast Beef, in about '9": o ca otOf ther
St omach.
Pepsin is the chief element,' or Great. DietI "
ing Principle of the GastricJ10-6Sovn
othe Food, the Purifying P* ori ty
Stimulating Agent of the tmIAnh4d 110s
tines. I t is extracted -from-the Ditv ' Wom
ach of the Ox, thus formiW~ng an ariowlDge
tive Fluid.- precisely like dhe.naitG Watre
Juice in its Chiemical powers,-4iid Ang a
Complete a&-.- Perfect Substitu ite'fo it. B'1th
aid of this preparation,. the 'paInes and avi oi
Indigestion and Dyis peaare removed- Just as
they woul be b aalthy stomaich :It lido
ing wonderik for blI ptics~, uigc"&t ofle
bility, Emaciation, rvons Deelino, anid1Dys
pe puc C onsunyaption, supposed to be onk theveg
oflte gr~ave. The ScientiAe Evidence-poj n:
which it Is based, is in the higlist dige Cad.
ous and Remnarkable.
Baron Liebig In his celebratei wobrk on ni'P
mnal Chemistry, stays : - 4 An artificia'Digestive
Fluid, analogous to the Gastric Jice? pay be
readily prepared from the mur~ows memnbriane di
the stomkaoh, of thle Calf, in which various arti
cles of food, an mieat and eggs, will be softened;.
changed and digested, just ai the iamtq'ananer
as they would he in the human atloni;
Dr. Combe, in his valuable writigi -on ilhe
44 Physiology of Digestion," obsrve. fltas"m
diminution of the duo quantity :t Gastrivg
-Juice is at prominent and allrpe ii
Dpepsia;" and hie statek tiat "aiis
professor of medicine in Lontn ' 96
verely ficted with I
e.very thing else to fail, had h
Gastric Juice, obtained from Ei tlnlke
living allnimals, which proved. Comp-d1ely,#uc
ceplfuily .. -
Professor Dunglison, of the Jefferton hollege
Philadelphia, in n great work on Humanl Pthey
sology, devotes more than fiftypages to nex
- amination of til subject. His expa -ts
with Dr. Beaumont, on the- Gastric u
tained fromn thle living humnan stomaich a"d
from animals, are well known. 1 wn cses. *
Ie says, l digestion occurred as prfectly in thoe
artificial as in the natural di gstion? t
Dr. John W. D ie, Professntor of Clinms,
in t he Medical . e of the Ut iersity
New York, in his " o xt Book of Cho .e
page 3S6, tays,: "f It has been a qusttiontw
tiher artificial digestion could -be erformed-i.
it is Fow universally admitted thatii irtimte
Dr. Carpenter's standard work an Physiolog
which in is the library of every phyiosanan
is used as a Text Book-in all thenson ols,
fuli of evidence si ilnpepi thae Above -.r as
spcting erm orarkable 1 V;6 eponer op De
sinl, angrl&u~ tin
fbr eiy rmahon , ienvu eeio n
rein~ dy''for 4liseax63 'Ai
eient secretion of Gastric,Juc~ ig
ppr Cpltoon the Aetandrgt
Circutar gre.Tih gintlrge amoudnte~io
entiic i Endc, siiar the bget oge Va
ouithn Ierkablof ReakbeCr frma
parof Lthig Uine hstclate ok'oA~P
Fud. anaoghons to th N Gas proded i be
beiy Emciatifon Nevd m chn ,e,nane D f
peptc Co spion. Clf in impossibartoi aie
hdeis of fodasmeat ind ths le liituf t der
chasedt arid diuethedntathe siiae ave
ase gven wof moe In Two Hunde Reomark
able Comb, in Philalphaled Yei oh ed
Bohso lone. oThiest were oeryalesprate
dimiueio and the uoquartity o le rapin
Jice is a ratnevtu Andotpe, aind ar i
Dysepsia foatndency stteos t disrderLibve
Comlit ee ge anfitd wihii otha Evlzeffect
Gosri Quie, obecuaind fothe dru ipofth
Dlsivi rans, whicheraongd cknessy. .As
rfoexessr D eungo, and the toofIrese of-ar.g
Phdepia, It alms reconcoileo Hmat Phyi
sionoempeance oeta it.pgst x
Theretisunofr of ldjet smc Coplainjtt
whihe i froensem t o vn rhu and tom oh, at
fom ni omataer hw bad kheywn.a beasese
uleasantgsmtons ocanrd arit cnly Inds tM
arepeiale o asi ustrie naa itoake. thei 4
Dr. JhntW Drapenr Priyssor Bood anemitr
inth Minicales~e of eVthng Uvramtps,
oene Yok ithi "it o of ChemSoah istr f"r
teartigl ci.o old btt fte Beood ans,
iteisnw enencly attd hant is y e'.
Dr. Caruetr's Pstnr is ond hysiology
wicls r the libar of e r hysicians.n
idasngokInal the Collegroessoprartn, ans
gilliog ehidance oriti upnwhc the laim s.o
thiore wremedat e b a.DA t sno sde
leatmecro ection aln e. raise agans it
3so bPhCan n the etabl tni
rguar. pratice.givriceOnre Dollar p
eni2c iene Os inav ' r t thEery aote - ofethe
paruin Po E PhIN beard ttewitn intueo
Dr . Houghton, 3ss. D., s Proriet hel
adelhia ma.llu Coyiht ind uraes ofr Ie
gdie etal of cal Drinslts ofndi Daer
ablFCrsl in Sumtaervhillew byok .n
c e bban teceawrk's oraidan
woTerul ucreibewudepet
Itusllya ineroums ntidon and th'be
pyueuli gtenyralious thtdisr Lll
prepaiedvto acmdAe a th ibteT
ofhilaicae atteru, ald tnrd, trs'opnable
Dietive, his ale safte ba wl suioed withs
forexesstneaig n the maktwl tood riueo arth
doesptics I arnomet reofis Haltabvlsh.
muenshean e forde n et l e
Taere is no, ofOd8 tmah53pa~
LusOOK Hdicf! LOngl doe NmREs.a !A
rJpet freceve aIr ti'ew tmke ofe IN
leT in cRse O~oNsia.g Voiig a ratmp.
renes ofept oDry Gu Stoweh, stess Citeh.
eatg, lown, Udsat ftheloo, Hepi yhns,
l oe rico, SiritsrespodCeny, Ciokeltp
ryeaknfs Chind e toInc., Sucie,, c
tC deale n fine du, nd.'oula : 8 i

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