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Tis SOAP PLANT.-4I1he Soap P lnt,
so calIled, grows all rover California, c:i
h bills as Well as il the valleys.
.fihe leaves iaake their appearance
alb(ut the middle of November, or
about six weeks after the rainy season
has fairly ti; the phants never grow
niore tnIlefo ot high, and tl'n leaves
and stalk drop 0ttiiely oil in May,
though the bulbs remain in the ground
all the summer without decaying.' It
is used to wash with in all parts of the
country, and by.those who know its
virtues it is preferred to the- best of
Soap. The niethod of using It is mere.
ly to strip ofl'the husk; dip the clothes
in water and rub the bulb on them: it
makes a thiek lather, and smells not
ilike new brown soap. The botani
cal mie of the plant is "phalangiuni."
Besides this plant, the bark of ~a tree,
chelariza -sihponuria, is also used in
various countries as a substitute for
soap. All of these contain considera
ble quantities of oleaginous and alka
line principles in their composition, on
'which their vidue depends.-ogg's
SAD SuIcwE.-Olinda Doane, a
young woman of Harwich, in this
* State committed suiaide on the 22d
ult., under the most touching and dis
tressing circutmstances. She was a
very respectable woman, and had been
'but a few weeks married. The cir
%cumstances of her death we find rela
kted in an exchange paper as follows:
' For a year or so previous to her
;marriage, she had received visits from
,a respectable young man by the name
-of Hall, to whom she engaged to be
- narried. Her parents -opposed her
-choice, and fivered the suit of a wid
ower of considerable property, named
Doane. Hall soon after married an
other when the parents of the dacensed
iprevailed on her to mrrv Doane.
The friends were invited,. but befoe
the time for the c-eremtoities to tom
menee, the young lady excused herself
.and retirc.L Not returning, her sister
went to her room, saw blood on the
mnirror And on the floor, went to the
bed, and turning dow.;n the lothes,
found her sister witi her throat -cmtt
and her bridal robes saturated with
blood. Assistance was calded, her
wound dressed, and he -recoverd.
- Soon after, she was .auirri'I, since
which tnime she has been -occasionally
deranged. Shte fainted .a elhirrch a few
Eilbbaths since, on seeing Hall and his
vife enter; and last Monday week, at.
2 o'clock, p. m., she stolt from the
i huthors and scene of.hcr ruin, to close
thii tale of snifU.'rintg a-nd wrong.
[Sprinyjild 0 nulii can.
MARRIED.-ln New Orlean, on
the 28th ultimo, Mr.. GEOlGE WM.
LOGAN, Jr., fornierly e0fCharleston,
S. 0., to Mi6s M. TELSIDE, eldest
daughter of Einond Sonuiat,, Esj., o'
MARRIED.-In New-Orleans, on
the 30th ultimino, DUNCAN M.
LANG, Esq,, fornmerly vfSouthCaro
hina, to Miss M. IHONOltlO, el
dest daughter- of the late Dr. Sarnuel
Wi. Logan, of the Par'ishi of St.
Charles, La.'
A nother Se jentiuc WVonder !
. IotTANT TO JysPmrrics.
Br. J. S. Hloughton's Peups, the true Di
gestive Fluid, or G'astric Juice, preppared fr om
Retnnet, or the Fourth Stomach of the Or, after
.direction, of lHaron Liebig, the great [Physiolo
gical Chemist, by J. S. Iloughton, M1. D., Phidna
--delphia. This is truly a wvondlerful remedy fo~r
Indigestion, Diyspepsia, Jaundice, iwer Comn
plaint, Constipation and DJehility, curing after
Nature's Owna Method, by Nature's Own
Agent, the Gast ri's Jut,'e. Pamphtlets, contain.
iag Secientific evidence of its value, furnished
byS agents, gati. See notice among the mediim
advertisem~ats. 8-ly,
.Hoofland's Gernaman Bitters.
Hundreds of our citizens complain of debili
ty and langour af the system, derangemnent of
the liver and stoack~j, want of appetite, &*c.
they are frequently the result of too close apt
*plication, and a thousand otker causes we can
not here name ; but we would say toall aficte;
.ed, do as we have done--get a bottle or- two of
.Dr. Hloofland's Germaa Bitters, prepared by Dr.
s~.iesog, and our word for it you will be curedl.
- 'r~ ec'ommnendl this medicine, knowing from
~experience that it is much superior to thme gene
rality of patent medicines. We would say to
our readers, purchased none uniless preparedl by
Dr. C. MI. Jackson, Philadelphia. July 1
rhoiusands of parents who use Vermoifuge.
cemposed of Castor Oil, Calomnel, &c., are not
aware..that while they appear to b'enefit thbe pa
tihent, they are actually laying thme foundattioni for
~a Eerie. of diseases, such as salivation, loss ot
sight, weakness of limbs,&~c.
In another column will be foundm the adver
eisement of H~ohensack's Medicines, to wichie
eve ask the attention of all directly interested
iin tlheir ownm as well as their Children's health,.
In Liver Couiphainis and all disorders arising
from those of a biliousa type, shionrId make use
of the only genuine mhedicine, ilobensack's
liver Pills.
. 47 " Be not deceived," bitt ask for JHohen
,Aack's Worm Syrup Liver itml Pills, and the
- serve that each has the signatureof the Propric
or, J. N. HIouz~scK, as none else areogenumie
Positive Sa le-Seamer Pee Dee,'.
JM It- & 4. P. CALD~ WELL.
On W EDNESDA Y, the 2dl dlay of June,
w ~ill be sold, at the north side of the Exchange,
Tlhe light udraf't steamer
PJ*M DEE, with all her
. Mak~Furnituro, Tackle, Hloats, &c.,
pasenwlies at teFerry wlrarf, foot
fMaktstreet. TJhe above hoat is capable
pf carryin~g about 800 hales of cotton, and is in
c'omplete ordher.
Tierm24-one-hadf, cash; halane payable in
. n 6 nmnths, with interest and approved
Sheriff V Sales,.
1Y irtiu of nundry Executions to tie
din~eted, wilf be . 1N at Sumtejr Court
ilouse,on Il.> t t ..y and d:,y follow
jg il J' 'y necx*. witli' egial hours
tl sale, to the h, igch - , aosh, the
ollorwing property. Purch rs to pu..
I horse levied on -s the ;.onpnrty of 0.
P. McRoy it th.. slt (if 1'. al. Culica &
Co., vs. McRoy & Jones.
2 Horses, and 1 Wagron and Geers antid
some Tobacro, 1 Quill, I Boleter, I Sheet,
1aII I Blanket &c., levied on as the prop
rty of IR. j. Pi e at the suit of the State.
1 horse levied on as the properly of G.
S. Litubecker at the suit (tf W. Vebb &
1 Neg-- leiied on as the property of
Thoias Garrott at the suit oi Jos. '. Cut
fitings 2 cases.
1 Negro levied on as the properLy o W.
F. Butler at the suits of J. S. & L. Bowie,
E. 1). Puinglo & Co., and J. J. Berry.
I horse and wagon levied on the proper
ty of W. 0. 11. Dougherty at the suit of A.
J. & P. Moses.
Interest iu Stean Mill levied on as the
property of ThumasrJ. Coghlan at the suit
of Enoch Tryon.
J. C. R IJA ME, s. s. u.
June 14, 1853 U3--3L
Engraving, &e.
OWING to the diliculty of collecting
small accounts, the subscriber would 'ir.
form the public. that while he is truly
thankful for tleir patronage h is coupell.
ed to work bereafterforeash only.
June 14, 1853 33 -tf
For Cash, And that only!
The cheapest GROCKRiMES ever nol
in Suniterville, can he had from GORDON
& CX)., at Dr. Mellett's iOld Stand.
---aLSo -----
i**dars of ith finc: , it, lity anl most an.
prov~d ita nd- ;it thle w... , toget her wnh I
Preserved .Kiuits olt:lbreti kinds, Svrups,
Nuts, &c. A sh.,ee of th plilie patrion
pye is desired. provided it. is uecompani 1L
by the CASI, but not o:herw:se.
June 14th, 1853
AT T EP L4" N T01
'TVW Y Nert Quarter comncactc .s the 1t.,
X o .uly, those who wish to continue
--plieec to give me noliee -nud those Who
wish Lo Enter do tie sane. For the liberal
patronage extended to me, I an gr-:e'iul an
sball enntinuc in eollrts to pleae-Nay to do
better.--.\s to ahility to teach, I refer to aiy
-of my scholars.
Sutmterville, June, 14th 1353. 33 Lf
Cotilon Party.
In M.uAatec;vilie on 'eV(d
N ESD.\Y, THlE 15th1 I NGT ANT
ColI. .tASD. MllA N. ;
Cl. W. I. CANVt>N.
Maj. JOIIN F. flAYNN~)hTH.
J. Rt. LO)GA N, Lsq.
T. J. UlNKINS, -:siq.
Maj. 116.R. .CANNON.
Dr. W.\M. JAS. D)AllGAN,
Dr. C. HI. RitixllARSON,
Dr. J. F. JIUTil.
&f" Price of T'ickets, $3 LM.
J une 7th, 133!
Butler & Tamibery
Wionid( A'lost respectftiuliy infiormi thteir
friends that they have just received an ad.
ditiotnal stock of
2Spring Goods, un
GigamHrege La:wnis .im.l M tusl i.,
Embntroidiered Collars and Undi;;sa'eve,
lue Denimes. ( tsn;abwi;"s and Itomesipnnis,
of ci erktyid. Th'e ab.ove namedl articles
we will sell otn accottmnodating terms. GUve
us a call.
Junze 7th, 1853 32---if
Something Entirely New
In the way of Ladier' andi Gentlemioen's
Gaiters, Ladied' Walking soes, C-ome.
thintg tine) Shl swes doi. with a general ats
sortmnent of Genits. fine [Boots and Shines.
if thme Ladies wish to get. tihe latest sty .e
of Gaiters and walking shoes out, just ciii
June0 7th, 1c%53 3:3---:
The Real "Simon Pure."
WVOULD) respctdfully inform his pa..
trans anti friends, anil the pnhl;~ie giee-ally,
that lie has received an additiontal Stock of
WaItches tad Jewelry
fre.sh from L kl;oe 0r nyr descri. lon
of patte:1i'* .. s 'wat aond t-crable as anii
whieb havye ever been I cighit to this mar
ket. Hus prices are low and his artie :.s
All kinds of repairing deo in the neat
est manner, and with. p~rontini!ess.
Hie respectfilly sotde.: thme patronage of
the pitbl;ie, as fhe is ready to sit tthemn in
every respect.
May :31, 185S3 :1---t(
Dry Goods at Cost.
The su scriber having dletermtined to
CIose thi~s branch of his business, rdlers his
large and well selected stock of
Donuiestic andi Fancy Dry
At cost, either ait Wholesale or Retail.
To o) wi*shinig to counoce a businiess,
this ollers a rare opportutnity. To'i an atp
proved purchaser, the lermis will lie very
Camden, May 31, 1853 31--it
PERSONS wvishiing vehickles or any
kind can buy them of E. Dixon, at Sumrter
yule, as cheap as can be bought in Charles.
tont or elsewhere and warranted to stand.
April lih.15 Nr-t.f.
I will pay the above reward to any par
on who wil apprehend and lodge 1 the
3unterville, Charlesto, Col-i or
A'niden Jail, so that I can get y..., my
ita) PHFI.LIP, a Ttilor by tintle, who
7away .rom Columbia : . -iu lothl
iarch hila t. Said P'hillip is i. ti'.;'tl
out five feet nine inchem high, rather
;ight built and has a Large black mole on
its chin. He may clan o his name and
Iueny that lie belongs to rne. lie is be
ieved to be in Charleston, as lie has reain.
ives there, and he may have a pass as lie
at very easily procure one.
May 31, 1853 81-4t
:W" Cainden Journal copy twice, Co
umnbia Banner one lime, and send bills to
his olice.
FROM the subscriber two years
go my negro woman 31lRANDA, con
iderable above tie common size, of dark
-omplexion, somewhat of roman nose with
oss of one thmnb, and quite inrolligent
vben tspoken to; and her son TOM has
ilso been ranaway for abow 1i months,
onmtnon size, very dark, about 10 years
.Id and with high and somewhat receding
orchead, a sinall sear over one of his eyns,
vhite teeth #;nd a small deformity of one
>f his middl. nails. These two are sup.
imoed to be about Charleston Neck as the
iusband lives (here.
lanaway six nontls since :.y negro
,RACL', about 30 years of age. yellnw
:omplexion, above the ordinary size, with
.wo of her nirigers ,iff'from beinr cut in
:otton gin, and a black mole on her fnce.
A liberal reward will be given for their
Ltprehension aid lodginent in anv Jail in
he State Co that I can get th,-).'
.1.L 51 1*1111 1,11 .
Malay 10, 1853
$20J Reward.
\' ; IdUNA W A Y, on last TPue Iy ihe
I1th instant, miy Boy RiCl i%.!. a
white imlatio, ;,bont live teet Aire
)r four inches higl.. AOlortbhy aniut built,
tbout twen two Years old with -:I:irht
ight. Moored ia~r. hris a very siky ap
.)e'arance, and answeis quick and short
wici spoken to ; said boy is a short thick
rue, Iis hands shi:t a:.J thick, e',:hby
inger.. Ile had the: scar o: a bli.-ter It
iis forehead just above the eye-brws, lie
a:av trv to hide! it by wearim-g h s cap or
hat down ov-r ils torehead. I]e will he
sure tpas hima; f for a iw -, .- - ,,r
hie is ve y whi'e old has be n ii .a.. ing p(a.L
rare of his !Jim for soim - e. Wheni le
left he ha1d a cloth eip, black cot and a
!ark colored pjra'ir of plows. Ho will he
sare to change his enp aul -lothies as soon
as le C1; he .so wears his hair in front
straighi down to hid-- the scar ot the blis
Ler. Ile is a uhioemael;r by trad!l, tihoughi
im miay nt go at the' bsiness, expectiig
It.. h will tie so adverte;d.
Tlh above reoward of Twente Dollars
will be aul for lis delivery in u!ly .nal ill
he Siae. lie will be sure to ;ive him.wif
ioinler nmo.
Brailev'ille, Sumer District, S. C.
May 2lte, 1852 30-t f
: " Caniiet .urnal aindl ( ..av Un
rette ptublih- fi times.
O0f D ry Go o d s.
Which fur variety, quality, newnees of s)tyles
mdt chieajen.'s, iierit the a ttention elf every
bodyi doeo which we here enumierate:
Plaein coloeyd Uamtoin C. eA SI.,iwh,, at $&
pe:;u~~1n,.e oan Crape Sh~tawlst wvith extra hieave
Ermris. Rich tlimblreoidered ('ant Crn; u Shrawit,
t'yne andit y state. tDonhle, Four fred andi
L'..tl.ihwtls, of ilhe hieav iesi deicriptio.i. I tea
xy 11n-4 : . ere Woenei Stbawls of the followingx
tyles : Sainiag. .Ienny JLiind, lorene and We s
Wate'r. Erenich Ethrodderedt 'Thbet, ttrete
workedl. .Janiqeuard Iuem wiorkcednd duein
I'heibiit Shiawls ini chicie varie'ty. Embroii en.rd
[ o rup.., lirehe worked andie Parise
'rte ane and $acarfs,.
Plain and F'igure-h fl..icx~ Gno'g, Rr.;svx
Sm i.us. Plain coeloredt gro'd Nap and Ma re''ine
~ik- ; triede ant tPhiideed Wash Xitlk-- t'linr,
tiioredt, Stripedi anle P'elai loius. D).l:r ins in
leu: lratest itvyles ande richters. dyee. Snot- ande
En igtish prtereetd d'ies of the hiandesria'itpa
roic. L'un itriq M1oius D'I.aines in nl va
riety of eolors. UF.Ncui, GEnstIAN amir IEm;
i.rit Mi a i o of the mzes't sueperioriuleetities antl
'otire. F'rench tandt tliigtih Cintzlr patronl
L'aliOe. ilest qnahu~ties. :md makes of Amteri
bui Pits. ('di Organdeies, F'rena Crpje
I inse, B'areges, t'rape l'para~ itluion, iSuk
I'iiue e. for evening andt tlil wear. Also
ein.t receeivedet, 3~2 eel he':,utifultly I'nri,eleredree
"'tms 'li.tn lloth patrein Dre'sses, eachI Cone
2aving a iashion Carn attacede.
titra sup~er V-'a Elsci Nrxzil.s; Cia~tsnrTrEs
if itie richest desecript ions r'id fin.': tquality.-..
Prices from 3I7 1-2 to rjil' a piece.
Rtieth"st andt latest styes F'renceh nmeedle work
b,.aci: ande MtiN~i CQLI.. ins in a ve'ry l'arg~e
Superhi Ncir.i lEiiin~fEntn L. a
unatirmCI IlANiogeniicienses, als, a eutperioraies
erinnnt of' pla ii ditto.
Fan r.i, tIax~os, tNs~EiTiseos, &c. , of Itie betl
iituihics rindline west site's oif iportedl Needle
W ork.
.Suprfitne Wtite, ltiark andl .''e]-, WeORhtSTi.
l1D A NI h .31 1t' WOOl. bauo's inigs, ot the
ceest l'ngtish mianfactuirers.
'ri'N Siu.i Stoeckingcs. ile: t quelt iieees ~ieg.
ishe 3Ionav rAN S'nuexK Nas, lilack and te,
edoored. Extra lime anit ''eav'y qe:.ilitie., im
corted F~rencht ande Enighesh SiLK S'ioegNeil
liack iande Wh'ilte.
Finest quialitiesa F'ari.Nem Iisu.r: Tiunim:no
Dre 'tokedl u oi a :ii Seoc'kinig'. tilaia-, Slia te,
tIe 31ixedt. :elodte tutors arot Superior geli.i
Wheinte: Elishc Stickings of the e.cle bratedt
[-romt Frane'e .mdi Iloya.h hiren, Jlrauds.
Ext ra I1-iee anet brca v qualities oft (Gernde.
:neun's tiNgEn 5mm inTs andt DKawE( E of ja!
Woolt, Saxoniy, Me'rinu arid Siet'ckinet. im-'
ortedt, LAmil 1s lL En is oJ 3Mel.j00 and
,an,:s Lambots W~ool. LAmr1 .R ANi Gr --rS
ucov is, i'Sillk, Me.rinle, kid . L;i "Thltreadit
K(idt seake .'ilk, 8egeivee, Cottuu aiMd oir'r dle'
s'ripa ion.. I~arge andi full a'asortentu of Gys.
rb~t:auENs, l'AsilioeN.AlmE S11 hTs, Col.IAmrs,
i.A NE:C1', Lor.dton hath, Diulliecht's runt
Wh Iitney Ilanklets, FitANNE's, Welch. S~eli,.
miry, Frch 3Merinie aited lngtisht Flannue.ls.
Sulpertine~ ituhoed Cleoth ami Victoria Dja
nasks, T'Aui.11 ANO PIANO (ovs.
liest qualtjiese of trownt andt W :dte TPantx:
l).a..atrsK, tiioyties, NAi'xiNsC, Tlow~;i.s, ANt)
laisn0 LINnNs asNi SnEiETiNe.s, of 011n OWN
Co-~rTot Goonms, TIicking, 3'-I 4.1 aned 12-4
Ilrowan Shietinegs, Hest quialities ec Lcong Cluthse,
Shteeti ngs, Cambiiries, Mllusljie, (eekis, Gineg.
lmms', Sat inetse, Casjsimeree, Vesrtinags, Broad
Clothe", &c, &e.,
it wvi!' he worth your while to call and ex
aimme before puirchaeing elsewhere.
W. J. JACOuI at SON,
221 King-stI., (ller') opp. the Rig Itoot.
Charleston, .Janmi are 1->-if
DR. W. JAS. ]]
One Dooi West of A.
Oflers for sale on reas
and well selected sto
Choiicals, Evan's Lane
Dyc-Stuffs, Silver Lanc
Paints and Oils, Scarifical
Window Glass, Stonhac
Spirit Gas, Breas
Best Vingar, Bru
Varnishes, P
havingr Crcams, P
Best quality of Med ira 1111d P
For Medical pu:
Genuine Co
Thomsonian and:
ioether with a variety o1 oth<
of Drugist c
(31 All orders put up with i
May 24th, 1853.
Browning & Leman,
No. 909;;%ud 211l King Corf-r
Wi ofler to FAMI IE.: :.d 'LANT
El S visinng Char!estotn I.:; zpra.; t,4
STAP.LLE )RY 0O)DS that Ins ever
heen'I otr..ed :'or inspection in this city.
ley iito anl examinatio 1n1d asstire
their j. :.ds tnd puhiasers Trenerady, tluat
their prae.s will conpetefro ably with anly
ar-ket in the United States.
Terms Cash or City acceptance.
cet-nors to
C. & 1. L. K E:isroN & Co.
May 10, N53 .
All persois are aere!' .utin..ed not to
trade foir, aPr receive it ;Amtnutit of anv
lt, oatither or both of twof Niera gVen t~v
t'sa:' e erilo to It. J. Price, tI.')e Ie for
'o kimdrel anti(r fiflty d'a;ler., and the oth
er fo ar two ii dre-d atid te olla r, .; siat
Notes given for two s-piae I.cIts 4: .
were to b1C .d afterc ;tidmi t:1wful t i,
we!re Intb- to ie by 'rice, winch cobti.
tions we r' pa. in writb a.tr .wi are now it,
tmy pose;s on. and wlhich no U ins (i
ha undersandi t. ath : t;" *.tvenIt of
:i s iias he h., iitne to o11 1 e such
title v he v. :d fIo feat tin amoitnint. &c.
A pril , 18953 -2'--t
(U* Watchtiana ccpy.
Special Notice,
All persons indebted to tae eh!ter '')v
Nate or Accout or otherwi-e nre noatalieai
'lhat paymnti M C ST he miade bty the :25th
May int.., as I amt ini want (of 'unids anad
May 3, 1853I 27-if
Executor's Notice,
A LL persons ind'-bted to the l'.tate of
Rev. Jlamtes Newherv, deceased, either byv
Not': or A cco un' wi i tatke immnediate pay
meima. Andl tlho'w hta-:Ing detaandsi ;agaittst
thie sanot wdl rendtaer IJunnaa ia properly at
teited witan legra titme to
A. Mc(.alN N!.WBERlYa
A pril 2t , 1853 2(1-t f
M-r1 I)Dlahui,on Fl"ag please copy
Mr. R. 0. Black,
Begs heave to notify the eatizens~ of S:am
tervatie that hei L.as 'opened a DANCING
SCI lOL a: um1a owna i..l "I for te'acl..
ing thea latest antd mtost fashtioab lr 'hactes.
11as loni e~aperieneca, studly andl :are? war
rant hanui itt saying, that all who giva huan at
trial will receive pierfect ?atisfactjion,
,l'Term~s 810I per Quarter of l5 Lesso:3.
F~or fturtlher litrticulars appilly to the uiider.
'aitneil at hais roomzz in Chainta's I lote!, aor atL
May 17th. 1953 29---tf
Great Exoitement
Wi. A. WEV IIaMAN, woualdI respec'taiI..
ly :anntouncae to :bla Ladlies a:di Gen'atlemett
of Sumterv'iIle antd 'ic.i .. ..t he* hta
opened~a R~omn ue . :afbovaE p are, andl he
wvualdl be happy to wa:t on a1l Vao may
feel <Ihisose to improve !bhis te.-artt ..ty
to u'oint otne of bji. u:;trp~assedl tu-!na
tu res, as a may: be~ the last thtat tian' of
you mtay hive to obtain one ott those in'a I
atable maenttoes. iiiactams :ke :tin a'ea
er cliut v'yeathae: at tate lour price ofiTwoair
A4 gro. l od iaro t of fancy~ cases andh
Segars!! Segars!!!
-1 tUS I' reel vedl fromi~ Blat itm ore
I .4,000 Segar---eho iie Ihtands.
tlUTLfItI & NCW\\'ulgy
May 10th, 185:2 28--i
3. B. N. EIP1Ylym i T,
Odhice next door to J. B. & iR C. \Vobb.
New York Storo.
Mareh '22, 1i53
For Sale.
of Wi"aiitgn atit la
Icstr Rait Road Cio --nny S
ror salte, ainy porr,-:tn dlemaons ... purchasinig
isianl stick will please 'endl atse subser i
ber at in!; o:nico itt Snotervil'.
J. t>. N. 11AMMETp,
March e'2 1A~d5,
J.M as' . tr.
onable terms,a choice
ck of
3IS, 'crfncuy,
et fCases, Flavoring Extracts,
orsAati, (variety)
h Pumps, Hair Oils,
t Do. Fancy Soaps,
;hes, (all kinzds) Pens and Ink,
saris, rn~e~s Toilet combs,
yper, (variety) Lemon syrup.
wt Wine and Frunch Uraidy,
poses E.pr-.vwy.
d Liver Oi,
patent Medicines.
,r articles, comprising the stock
r Physician.
wiatness and despatch.
' v". .T. N. II.u1t C-r are des:ron1 of put
1ig im inl nominatin for Ih Olice of
C.!: of the Court of i.3nmter District, at
the ensig i el on.
K~y '. 1, 150t
Cotton 1actors and Uenrral Conmmis
B. MA1. lti. %vg wll trive p.
sonal an.d A;Wk:1; a to ;h-. :.
teresms arti ord---i c. itis ir-4nd7mit toh;
Carolin., wI.. .1Wy fa% or ihese If.
w ih te.r paLInnage.. C'.n2.ei *:e's at
produce to the H Ion:-. in New York, either
by way of Chri..ston. :.norgetown, or
W~mington. wdl re coverodi by insurance,
noticP of the si'pment be promptly giv.
May 3, 1353 7-tf
Do not Defer, but Come if
Mr. iEICHl, jK rchan Tailor. .begs
:eave to inform the gOn-..n of a.n'er
ville and Dist, it thu, he hap jint returned
withl a pi;)eliid assortiu21nt of
Clothki, Ca;ssirlsl Drap'd ete,
Vun,&c.&vc., and ill Short i.v,-r tidng
that is requiiired for a fal: suit. H aviii'
mfl'de th hoice12C of hi:s goods himself', hie
h.giidiou4. Tfim*. is no use t o have your
clothis mat~de in Chaarl':ton or by Yankees,
whten youl can have them made as stylaii
and a's well if not bet:er thant anywhere
else right at. homne, ar.! this Mr Rttil
ptromnise' to don, ayV, heO will add that, if his
work is not turneod ont a! lu.;i equal to any'
donie in this c hnut.y. lhe will tnt chaI~
anytiiing~. As for his~ pritus they sli~ bc
at New York rates. All he asks is, give
htimi a triot ! ! Cimne soon and picsa ou
som11( of those b.atifuli Pants and Ves
paltfter.*, it wvill ,son be warm and you wI
Iwant themr
.. RI-cen liver, next door to John F.
China, Glass And
Dir'ect. Iuportations.
A.S ju-t rs.ceived diret from the man.
ufactO urer,. i. Fsngiandi and France
!and' i,y reem. vessels fromtu e No-th,
very cotluplete and varied aseortmtent oif the
abloveC ntamed GO)ODS, comnprisinig all thi
nOw. patterns antd shapes; among which
are best
Chima tinishu a superior article;
Piue and other Colored Ware, f neCv
F~rench ' and Engish Chinavnfev: Shapes
plain WVhite uo' I and .'or;ated ;,
Rih Ch;.:a D. ier and Tea.setts, ant
bea'atiai Fancy A r: ic-a in tbe line;
,A'mblered and Poli.shtd Glasware
of everv bind ;
Iantd Prlor L:. .e ., a r ,erior article
Web' Pte' s. t imrn lor amn:. a nce a
-.r'iele giin;; gre- light andi '.illinnev
Tri ras, her Table Cm'lery and Pa
try Cast.re.., &: ('.ni, Fur is'i, &.
IlIe'tsecp., ar'.,.ies, in great variety;
Cs .'norted WarL... of desirable amt
I IWge poi. !nd'rs, Flask%1 &c.,lo
Ilavinog comiplew' irra " rmennt.. .r obtain
imgt otur Go !s direct .romj the manufauc
furers we can and wi'! ofler rar. imjace
0nents, either by W'olsale or flotaii -
Orders attiended to promptly.
I d1. F~ NiCIIOLS.
Coliumhija, Aorrl 12, 185:s 21-tf
Executor's Notice,
All persons having domnuds against tha
istate of tho iato oLe. Jiohn J. Mooro u
Sumleii r [)istrti't, a rg r(Pquetstedl to hani
them~ in prop'i~y attested toI theIbsc!ri
paym Iei. to th nne11.
,l . MOORF. I
Marcha 15th, 185d 20-tf
Fine Ciga.rs and Garden
IKept consitantly on hond by'
nr. M/V. A. 1)ADrGAN & o. r
fou aVa
Suintr District.
rN EQ LIl'Y.
Alscy 11. Rawl .:ey ) Bill for Par
"u- it ion of keail
uhn Adkersonf E .tte bsod
el -a -. - - S- -ats.
IT appearing to my. satisfaction that
Williatm Adk*rson. Sarah AdkersoAlnMar
garet Adkerson, llampion Spears, Jatpjes
8. Spears. Penelope Crabtreo and'
Crabtree, lier-husband, Amelia W*Vlit. and
- ~White her usband. Alniira Sites,
and Slas, beia husband, John Col.
ht> and Ma rthia lntler and. Butler.
tier husband, parties Defendants- in the said
cnse, all reside beyond the limits of the
State. It is ordered that the said parties
do appear ard plead, deinr, or answer to
the ail Bill within three months from the
first publication of this order, and faillng
to do so, the said bill will be t'hain pro
coifeao ogninmt theml.
W. k". B. EiAYNSWORVI'll,
Com-r Eq. S. D.
Commissionors Olicc.,
April 4th 1853 23-3mn
Increased Stock
John O'Conno'.
Who has made new improveinets and
considorably olarged his st6re, andl is itow
receviig tresh jcunds by every tram o
cars and olrs to. th piiblic har the sutm.
mer monthas the fullowing urticles low for
"ar b :
Ice Creim il LemornadL, (daily) loo,
Orangs-i, Ie'rmonos, PIme Apple4 aid all the
tropical fiuits; alsi a fine asrortimet of
Tobacco and Cigar;, with a rhoice, lot of
Family Groceries. also a large stock of
Pickled -l8hiton and I;-e'erve,;, F!our of
the beat brands warr.inted, also a 'arce lot
of Baconl of which lie receives a new sup
ply weekly. All of whhi:-h he --ar.uiitres
to s-! at the lr.vS' ratC ;or cas1.
A~pril .5th, MM.3-1 f
Cheap Grocery,
T110 Sulscriber hw' inop - a gro
cery underner the Timvin Ifali, design.
keepimig conitaitly oii hand, a supply o
heavy articles, such ias
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
GillalSl, '\ .KIR L. SAiLT, SOWl,
.1 lirttle . zibnost c.erything '*at is
--oud l.0 e-it; all of which will be so!d low
1,r cash, or in exchange for conitry pro
dLi en, ie proiisies to attenrd to his own
busimess, arj li)pes ly a'tending strictly
thereto, to receive a liber:! shair of pa
tronnge. J M. CIIANDIL.ER.
alarch 1;5.h, 1853 0-tf
By the Governor.
CIIA RLESTON, Feb. 25, 1853,
The foloving gentlem~m havine been ap
pointed and commissioned Alds-dle f.'ampj to Ihis
ErrellIenicy the Governor and Commander-in
C.hief, with the nink of Lieutenajnt Colonej,
wdll bie obe.yet and respected accordingly.
By order.
3. W. CANTI.Y,
Adlj' and Insp'r General.
March 8th, 1853 19--f
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufactory.
.JA MES 1I. DUIt would respectfully
ino m the citizeus of Sumtter-ville and thre
surroundmgi coutntry, that lie is nowv open.
'ga TIN A NL'FACTORYfl in Semi'cr
v4'ndl is now prepared to1.fi. all order:
in tae tinline. Merchs nis w ill find it to
their inteCrest, to .pntrchase taeir wtare front
ni, as I intend o .sell low anid warrant all
thait I sell.
WVORK exec mred with nromnptness andr in
a wvorkmawnhi'-e manner. T1hre cash will
be explected ra eve-v instance on finishini
or drlivering of every job. I intend to sol
cheap and for th' cash otv.
Pucb. 8th, 1853 ~ 15--tf
Suniater'ville, S. C.
Res-pect fully iniormisc:he paaple of Sram-~,
te.r District ttmt he' hats 'net receive.I anid
now oliers for sale on tho >' selected asnd fi
most choice stock of
lhat cannot hie suirpaused' by anything in this
market. lIe has received manciy ne~w styles
which purc-hasers would do wel-l to e xaamne be
fore buying elsewhere.
A fdI and large snply of hlosier-y, Shirt.,
D~rawers. Glo~ve, Suspenders, Cravats, hland
kerchiefs, &c. &c.,
A larg'e nassortmeint 'f I 1.AD)Y 3MADE CLO.
1 lNwhicht will he ~old low.
eGP (a;tsrrt mnnfactumredh by the subscri
her, and warri :ted to give satisfiction. Or
dcrs. fromt a dhitinot prompotly attended to.
April 12th. 1853 21-tf
Clar'ke & Brother.
Who have .iu't received per Rail Road a
fin. nssosrment 01
Fancy Groceries.
Cornm rising Pickles, Presenrved Frmnit, Cigars
Cai' ties ando a choice lot of (Chowing tobacco
to which they invuie tl.e aittenrtion of 'the citi.
zen- of this Ilistrict.
Fe brua ry 20, 1S'3 17---tf
All petsens having demandls against the
fatalge of thre l. te Rev. Charles I.Elliott
will presenit attested rstatemntas thereof.-ami
thsemidebted, to the suame, will moake. pa
mnct to thne subhscriber. -
Amil MCma taleirton 8.
7. 74
rha., we behold urany fraescee In thie anerfi a -
lire brken ri I ealds wad'ra wi", plis
niseases ad'rmnautsdel-rivius thee1s 0 w
erjoyiner'. oaf lifie at an age hyc de
of alriy and topy seare n mind risit i a
diti.un ryaearila. shud bie paiaut.
Mat the auee of her; ings at
%4Ud of course neglected.T
K. iN RTEAI, *~. -4
When'toph ru'o be blteottit by one kni Ados e4
back awd mnourn, and secret t (pli sng U.4
.st i woul went fe w ie o pses arlf
the knowled e we obtain n .ar jaer i a ndttle
ndIi igts a isia . we maight t fl t haw emseea s1d. .9
the knowledge wasa timely posaseseda It Is
To behold the sbians and afsfenr tol a -sal
wilt rnriyears, rm eanes re ad IIe
eeae - w hits, irette ItlI.-at spenl ag to
Pnesessed the lnformatie o talise in a itl Vti
(at irlair twhe weacli of all aast:c wo f. s h to l Irlee
And to her husbad te constant tmil andl ansiueir
neceisae! dechoinsuienchim nro lekni of atliJrU
sin whli would secure the hase of hms.lsm
wire, and childreI. - .
By becomning in titge pos'essed of the ka oledge. ii,
waitt or whise la-s caused the siekssa I Ises ty @9
In view of suea consequene no wire or oIher t
escuable ir she snegleetso ina Iheuself of daeknow. -
ledje in: res;-ect to herself. whs would'stery fer bnuselt
suserag. hre the use miss oflhaspiilnpaasd. prrtmpttity to her
lu'ssband, anmd Confer spons her cI Idren utAtbtlheeng sakte
all price-ratl.V bdIV es. 'i fraltlry minds. T
kiowledge is contained In a lit e work entitled
Private Medical Coipanion.
a'norEssoa or riis.Ases or wota.r.
One flundreth F4IIon. Nta., pp. 2A. i-leg 56 6c 3
(oN riE rAPr.a, aeTna BINDtNG. 81'00.1
su~trtuzI.,~ tn I~osan ,
First I'uLlished in 15a7. aud it is rct
SURPIl!'41.N ral. WONDER Ilto
CritaldIerisvet that EVFntiy imnAvaie
VlIETIIllt MA RitCII3) OR NOT. colt
lacre acqutire as full ktaowieqlte of live
tintuire, oturacternd ntaen"seOf her cols&
1,1ateti, witia the varlono symptoms, aui
thtat liearly
shonld have been sold.
It ia ignpracticalie to ennrey rlly the rations soljects
treated rf. as ther are of a natire strictly intended for
Ilie nrmni-1, or tho)e constemplastinrg marriages, bt toe
female .Ie'ironsi olersonn ' icais, anid that beauty, cou.
se.u~rnt' ~'t'n nhe all, 4j as sa pnd* her own
liinreru, amil thast ofhr usrbal.t bait rilr ais or will
obtn it. as ha. mar will rvery hubanrwh lss tD e lore
a''It af7c:io. of his wife at hreari, or that of his own .e.
csary arn mnvement.
lare been SENT BY MAIL vitlein the last low
Buy no book unless "Dr. A. M. Maurieea,19
Llbrty Street, N. Y." Is ean the title page, and the
entry in the Clerk's Office on the back of the tile
page; and buy only of respectable and honorable
dealers, or send by mail, and address to Dr. A. M.
A uriceatt, as there ars apurious and surreptitiots
infringeraonts of copy-right.
No exemse for Ignorance, when Ignorancev
Is Mucrry to those we hold near an&
dear, and-whea to dispel our Ignoruance
Is within our reach.
To enable every one to deedde upon the indi,.
pmnable necmesUy of possesing a copy, and that no
wife, or mother need remain uninformed upon the
many causes, which, sooner or later, are destined to
make fearful ravages upon her health, unless guarded
against, and that no oonalderate and affectionate
husbandi hare canse to upbraId himself with neglect -
of the welfare of his wire-a .pamphlet of thirty-elz
pages, containing Lu 1#e-page and IAdem q'f tb.
Srnts, together with oxtractms from the book, will be
sent fre, of charg to any part of the United States,
by nldreasing, pcst-paid, as herein.
Waen Knowledge is 11appInes, 'tie calia
pabie to be Ignorant.
gW7' On recelipt of One Dollar (for the fine EdA.
tlont. etra bindlo "i THE MARRIED WOMAN'B
ad fre) to any part of the United-Stae. A I' .!
ters most be pot-paid, and addressed to'Dr. A.
MAURtICEAU, Box 1234, New York City. Publis
&ng O5ce, No. 129 Ubertytreet, New York.
For saie by '
Hlamtburg, 8. C.
In New Y'ork City, by
String~er & ToXwnshendl Adriantce, She;n
-man& C)., Dewitt & D~avenpiort, Barna' r
Co. Offlre, 129 Liberty Street, nepr
Something New,
Tastlaess.SaltsI or Lermonadle Purg stiy e
an excellent substitute for Epsom- Salta.
l'repared anid sold by .
M'ny 24th1, 1853 3-tf
Tooth Powders.
Prrepared after ilhe valuable recipt of
Dr. K. S. Darglln, Denstt and for sale
May 25th, 19531 2o-.f
Mn. Enrron :-Please anmnounce Mr.
ROBERT W. DUR~ANTl, 'a candidaite
for Ta,:-Collector of ;Saleml County, at the~
nexct election, ;llId oblige.
Jnnuanry 14, 1852 13--t
Ks Tue friends of~a2-j
P~. M. GIJIJONS nnnlounlce him n-c4l~~
tdate' for the offiee of Tiax.Colletor x~
Saleml County, at the~ ensum~tg electinundtL--~n
oibliie MANy VOTERS
October I 41.
0z& The Frienids oft Dan
IEL MATI'S, Esq., announce hinm a a
caudidate, fur Tax Collector for Clatremon;
Counrty, at the ensuing electlion.
Feb. 8th, 1853 15-td1
cWz MYr, Editor-You winl
pllase announce WILLIAM H. BRNU.
FON as candidate fosr the QOlie of Opdi,
nary of Sumlter District, at the ensuing
electinn. -
A pril 27th, 1852
(ec We are authorized to
lannotunce T. 3. lINKlNS, Esq., a Candidate
for Clerk of the Conirt, at the ennsuing eleotion.
A pel 16th 1851 eri
0&Y Mr. Editor: rlease an
nounce Mr. J. J. MciKB(LARV, a Candi1
date for Cl.r rof the Couirts foe Surte4r
D)istrict,;aund Ol-!ige MANY VOTE'R,
A pril 13s, 1852. 25..
P O R SI E R I F' .
s The Friends of Mr.
JIOIIN F..JUNE, annloun(ce himl as5 candi.
dlate for Sheriff'of Sutetr District at the
next election.
Nov. 12thl2 2-.d-pd,_
~ are authorized
&rflnuce A~E IOOL, s5 a candidsto
bhe 0o Saniter flhstrict, at th~ en~ha,

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