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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, June 21, 1853, Image 11

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O.#c.I1 slicG th' tidr
, J OJlmeAclit rol01'
Wvas corn
Silmind o-tkther arti;
1. n . 1 mr utncturu was
tInkl bl(i, -DurIing this
de f hiis be6n so great,
Jti tumc', April 1.5tLh, not
Graian Guano is tN
st hands, in any of the
eities of the United States,
eour agricultural warehou
&i'kideely soilli onet of thjis
f41is of wiil
,lqii! p Lrov,:d Sol) --phiospite. el
;h e as inutroduetid by u
li' Inre tha'. d1 Ours
ti f ele.~ a6' 'ibdr
ieirs cani.. t -- .pl ad
ding theitury in ennh
rit tiqi w tolls or1 sore v.]
i fe1u thei.1i-tatios wh:etl
lItonad witc.,u a he ls fie
jtu ie~ar endiy btuhe up bye
~h6 canu e suppr'ailedsnld,
enino a~r t a sm o .is
yl-phhate of Hoe~ of injr
ut of .xcelletbe iai uud..i
il nAames, S meity ht adl.
.i0 m tihat containted in Oh
l1:~he woth Light additiondl
qtrl l'r , tiqor ftile ahouss; and
b mide by grimdlir 2a por
of-theW bo'us ithi the
rw . nitalaf kth P-usian Chic
ble a rei, fromr
ANVloathorm cte., are now the.n.-i
dItnarket, and in the absence
Gferlizrsare re!adily soh.
iiiiiich frar that, some of these
4inich- infer' sr quality, that
yuil aethe elVeet of injuft1ric
Wru4patation of valuable mianures;
arlygame. -t jck tna
hanuifatures th the Improved
noirqh-Wsphate of mte are rapidly
l asither facilitie.4, and will
e: cnabia to deliver 20 tuzon
r . qpreh~ bn ia;s, w1isye l
meictiIer day. Thihever
l r- far. from an ade
unM nitre..or nitrat c of.soda, is
u ntiid be reflse, and
I Mc,.: cu i, ~-i'. 'sale Ilas beeri
b- h.u oiS rI.
ytv pe. as to roidert it Ynear
iito ihiyssible to buy the
i~ tid sarly than mahe '
eirve tpric foI.lri rhat Wo het,
rhs mot ases of farie' s
l6o eds are sh end. byat.
-~a ne, anotres ia tlior woo
Uti'~Atrouto 'f 'n-ut, waste ro
i. t"nne ee m bo jd~iciutav
I- ~ J~ftYpidsoi wio calte where~ needd~t .,
ak~uch iere d use. li~Cfra
~~ ~~drett agms m-eansie of hrich
r nera;ht*iwuse heman -for theitv
f harsse o~ ausr old sthle
itcdsareca'. 'tegly be byd iito
that su -h'utric't rest wofh
ed%~e n ash ota fertilizr," wi
W4a choa tin .2t his nr twic'i..
ofurithsalad Sof the
hi imporan. 11aureds ofl
apely arecie usiedy he
n4ar maufure~d~s, and twe.
#ihy fas acrincipanrew sinceou
ititroductl, iln oft pnroeda
useri-pspaet f iLh ovee.
- a i ime ws may aonici ptn thae
ny~1lo pesn wilc b disappoanedi
reltao; and byha tiar much om-a
sd bythose wo pare oeleteir
plyagis the usle tof supphy fe
s; buttare who us. thmpoe
-i teaie mereased oprot cndpw,
otrdaoc, nii be rermtal
Ida av Ss dlevrdta
Q U. It If o W C i .
abroadlie m
tWI n-d iin thler
abroad, will .incheaso the uumut of
out- production equal to the valuN of
eur.Calif.vygi g eceipts. The use .,f.
M"any I talntiJs, l ni now'. wasted.
Will tend .t a4lt' uchd tl)cio -our agrical
tlura..we-dth. - Farmors now-knowing
that they can increase the tamourt of
Tliir mnures, are rciazindg their
waste lands, and ,thousands o1
acres will be bought into requisition,
which are now comparatively val.
neless. This s icit of enterrise.S iS
not hnined to the northern states a
lolle, but ;itr brethren f the south
eri states iro cve wih i in
;;o. wite w e'olinas arm !e ivy cue
ne4s if artificial aniires, and
senrcely a '.ssel leaves the docks of
ithe n-ib, without car! ying some of
.hcse new C.rtiliz.mr. to s'uthern
maks- Work~a ing rrtor.
La um . ncevoutrer of
I ! :~ n i ' ~ 't a w a* - i
Wn anwer tm - ho is a be'ir
tI the plaer and gardenr, inteac
o a<strpyer off-getables. Away,
E . % ,e with the erro'eous ideas that
'I ' - i
thyI on gairdenm ves~etatles and~
the~ nady~l pn,teud see~ds of te field
ri It u1*s herI no c eni mt
agaiist tl..s Ittle royl e1 W141aie CLtCt
fri1end1, wihlo is only a set4':r and Sie
vomrer Lf eartl .vormis, awvl bugs, .rid
the larvo ot insects deposied inl the
riCb -rden mo'uld, or the mnitred
drills of the cultivated fields. Igl:u
rance is a g cdter t) rant than Rob
sp~tier et Was, aQnd it is surprising
that the nato al histur. of at loast all
i. .na8re common aflfl a.iuiials, is not, het
ter' linderst. *.ivn amrl1onglt tiw'
u,.ated and in ellig'en. 'I ijuank Goi!
with all the intri ductions fron old
Europe,---sho has i ve r sen'ROt 11s a
professi-mual mole-eatcher -su.ch la.
zy ;Ints, Us those who, with 8'-ins
W itla ares, d) jo-LVs of moleihan ging
fr the gardenoers of old E!10land, at
so iMuch a heal. The- Mole is a
stuly for the lover of' natIM-e. Iis
tn1g nest, eep I the eath, with
walls of oak leaves, and lined widh
the most delicate grasses, shows that
he is a considerable architect. The
long galleries which lead out into
those past-iro grounds aboutling in
his faverite food, a:' ,.iontifically
costructed, and show him to be, I'a
ture's .ngine'er... Ilis indu.:Ary--fly
ing by peculiar loo iaotivn, with great
rapidity, frrn one point to aither
i a 1:ssan to biped sluggards.-. It
is true. that in search cf food, he is
a peact ear!hguoi.' amoi'gst young
.vegetabie's; for he lias no respect for
th-. ir' radieles wlhen he' plunges
-.ur'Jughi tie PoftC mon. I ini quest of
tile insects and their larvto, whilel:
fteed njgon tIli' roots. 'I he chief'
f'.d of' the n, !< uccor'ding to Rach
mais te 'arth-wonn, ( Lambri.-us3
tr.::0,) and Ise sn .:s that they
w'oul cali -Ievour' forty or fifty
wVornatoU saitie cheir ;:or'dinate-aip
peti:es. Iiey invari-tshle reject.
ve~getcales of all kinds, but would
fedon flesh, chrysolides, and, ev'en
ona each other', when r.ot :mpplied
with their I.rc fo~od. Oneo lived
on a dei.': pigeno fir a lea~i tinr.e.
Tiheseo fact p 'v.- their eanuvsrous
itatuire; ad we wutil.'h tt',ZZ;ard i !Ie
in sayi d' a':t ti.u r~oe is ITl
b-:'te *i 'l in :es..'inag th - s i:.'-:
into tb1. gron..I. Vegetables are of
:en cut anid drawn into the ground,
aind the char~'e is laid n ron our sera
!in fuor '' .ites'. Anotheu~r animral,
Si:.: th.(na:at~, one .::eeed';giv ay
mr i. thi's, ris the ';,ei-ief ; L-.
htrum.) te.estro)yer i.mc
comptlained ot'anid is truly very; h:j1
nouls to vegertables. Since thet inn''
eentt cbarav-ter' of the mole is estaib
lishui , upion the authority of the
g'reatest of li vir' natura'ists, we hope
that tht ii: ou its tn:ti varied faanly
anfety. to dIig an'i ae': ' the go'o.t
of' un..., an i ts km un iider' those
inseLcts whtichi breeding ran 'd dwelii g
in the ('arth], c'tano;t he deriyed by
the hti"nl. They are ajoth, wino 'heeks,
which the Creator has placed here,
to ad andi r esrain nature, by dhe
exercise *,f their pe'culiar functions,
.t We Ra nigin, jpotect t1ia mles.
iPLA'r 1 -:As.--.June, for theo ntai
Cat olina, is the prolper montch in
which to plant~ peas. WVith drilled
corn, our practice has been to Chop
ia nicely, four or fivo pe-ns between
the stalks on the drill, anid wvo find
that this quantity of se"d gvena .is
miore v'inc and pod, than if' we phu41.t
ed docuble the numaber. Let all those
whio wish to improve tL-'ir f'armrs,
plant a hill of peas for every lull of
corn they have growin;;: and if' thaey
have the seed to spare, sow downt
their entire breadth of corn land with
peas at the last pionshing. We do
jiot advise.,a farmo~r. to do any thing
sniore. wih shtir pea vines than to let
~he ie~i-tn lnid ,if berhaus not'
~t'r~ ribim.ii. under. The'y.are
a 'f no
I, I Southwra Cutriator'."
need constant .d uncommittin!
attention tiuriug thbe present mionth.
Scrape and MOmdi the lat ,s
socn as pos u; Ukeep the..needa
down, and ho kund in a. stato. uf
filus utilth"1 Corn s1nuld also he
ker.:Iked . e% ol.-,u as possibie -do
not hill it up, hut give the roots a
good uiellow bett its which to extend
0, mstlves,iad lenv the surface lev,
ef. In' iuany enias d-, it will be
ready to "iay 'I 9"e the hitter part of
thc present or early next mIonth.
Peas Punpkins al-. blioul de
eu 'off 1 be favorab!e,. iL is
a y~ 1:' e L inll in Cor, and
.1-7llet S;ur Auidr.-xt otatoe
Slips 8lq,,l-I I. tianspiaiited ioi tn s
soon up io. Dip the roots in
a thick batter, made by stl-ring the
leaf' uwu'ld l'110 VPr.- V(lnt them11
pretty deep anld s;hude t1e gror !a -u
I oundfl them wb a few liansSful of
1111, -h thir y wea''.r.
Wheat Owut a-i early !ili7et ma
- be cut, :id i,tacked iip caral
ly on .1 pla1torn of ail raised
se-:ern1 inlce 've grouid; or,
(which is -dl Letter) pat undcr cov
01r itomlenltely.
TnE K irrrn a Gaf'no.-Little
call b. d. Ai We j svnt moith iii
tle Gardin, wi'. the vxceptiorn vi
nudicq, v, -eding and watering.
We oe !rd t tirs: operation (iden
iny) as of pnonitint imp.oranc in
tids Clint"e, nl.! Ire tife it very ex
tensively in our oi gardi. We
mulch evervtl ig trees, shrubs,
Vinem and fi ve al*s-coveijn. the
St.rface of the e0rth, as v as
.the r:,)ts ex,( lid, ,Ith four ot
five inehos of :e straw or forest
Ies--and find that trees aI*&A
plants ths tr j:d grow much
thser, an a-eive httle or nio
ebevk f r om thse l-ing cmntintie.1
.*orouths ot' nl.t( id uumer. Water
sho i't n~ow - e' 11 14 -o reau lAI
qped a . o-:. rsongve;,t
ves, 'IS c..ted I (-It- May..
havin.; mt, tin ' *v .r xp-osvid 'nu the
surfa~c to the si's bakinig rays.
This is an excellitnt time to attack
thieeds, and you nist show then,
-no quart er. ( ut tihuii dow n and
let twen diei ua the .,sif:fee;' or,
dig themsi up, aind burt tieanit zrcot.
bratnch an~d s . Seed 'f/abbages,
CJauhflowerse, ('eiery, &e., may be
sown under- low arbrri made of
brush and *ne to,.s, in nder to
temper! the fierce i'ys oif the sei.
WfEter often unti tha plants are
well up, whien a little liqrtid -manur-e
nvay be medI alter-n-.tely with the wa
ter, from timie f., time. Pit-, a
ruit cr-op of Okra, without dlelay.
Planst .Peau, r.-d Sweet corn and
Snap~f boens t')r a snIEcF.ofio. Tlrans
plarnt Tomat)cs, LCaaes earlyv
Celer'y, &c. &c., at:d prick outt Cel.
crtf the len.bna,. shoorts af aonur erly'i
Tomnates. ALima BLeans. Aie~.ia an'd
'7wumubers, ifs ;.mu iaant the fruit to
set early, ands give the plants liqi.i
,inn. c if ynr "esire l::r-ge specimenis.
fruit fromn your har'ng -trees arid
budl Peachae8 Plams, Chewrries,
Nc arin'-, Art, &c. .oelks ei
thec Chsichasaw Pluri I!Iee . or four
N t..:. .:e d' r~dvantagh~. and
the tr'ees mn.n: he trainedl iuw andl
branhiniug, in.etadl of tall, r!nmder
and' "'spiri...g.'' M~td':it all young
tiu'os set (out last sprinsg, and give
themi a cop'i""s wv.n r.' .g occasioniat.
-y ' ya y-.r mo! ' shaofts" into
.he )rchard t{ 1.c''r :.. faba fruit.
aLt eco~iur1.-.: ti ams to "root,"' or
:8.1ut' thC tarth hy scauteim to .
handful el' eurn '.> thetn oceaSional
ly, undernev''h theL trees.
') Re1'w'i iia C~uit e'ano
the Son/'.'er, (Cu/ti'eotr, two orm
th:o' :.-e'ks am m' prore. the reip
tirt nos. .5g I i :Il. W"Iine, as5
pre~par~e.. .,y as Iady of .1bis counity, anid
some3 Vf-. hi -h .'e. had the ple'. o.:-a~ of
tas~ting' Isat ::. , andi~ wh'eih hs' beetn
'i.:'it'ed 0*'a liv by a who i hve
wi edl it. ( -. ,'n aw:., however.
ats wc basol mL..: i ';atee. '.. weekLi. 4: V
ever.sh wash: en nghto .enuit
.id i brne' .."-.; 'a g.ood .ssogar and n9
'era 1? andl er.rk . tin. It wii Lbe r y
(6Ga.) J/ie~,'u
tell ni.':. d , VIr - ere... bect w-en at) iint
m 1 dit i'S-,
Whr-: na di"on iibn ie .flir.. and
whleni you .. - i'. siolli t LaJib 'an."
"We'all, dat.L's dliflerent. from.i wihat I
tort it war. I to'r? ib *wait a race
itweencoie thIe d,wt'rian, so'rl and stAar v
atjti, to seei wi ish '.iiu id I ill fs.
a seruinary of instnite imp~jortaince; it,
is imnportant because it is universal,
andl hdause the 'edu cation it bestows,
heWgiovt. in t~with the woof of1
ohi'dhuod giveirfon arand colc to
th tze o'IlQ --.
di's MM: s~i4F~'r, .
* l VI ian in Eoh:.ty~ tlactr F4pirit
Of Ylv.:l je lio - l o Ts i'tltn-, n lo.1111rinag, tiled
olrrE.. wtie oeily arnd'6outry ratuil sud
*wIolosqlaarnadc every.: vjorieclv of woeds In.
0111, 1ne"PRINTS, M.USI.NS, ISA K8,'
cE')'w~, ;A~$MJ,1.LS.1.) R 1 .
600 i.J-Of Ar k1ir-1H-,GL( VE$, 110.
S&0. &C. -We satll bu cotisrulfly
reeving tle titq ald InotiL laulia~e~
~tqe us goa ds - 'd it i , aptr .letom:,Ielnn
HIP, ourgwtrk ill ponnto S1t~yles 1a1iti jso1.
mil ' snhad. b4,,.!iurp'nmt~, itud on. chap.
S1"Rim of poaC0 uniequa by atv y in thet c1 y
in ''or myovu1w it I ;islij'es trowa io;,r 1
ino v o1-k '3 k Il ..1w ( tit, re-4I or uiatI r
U11th"? 0i' ot n st f igi.i .4' '!nd in ill
ZJL1I.f li. a~ aia. ealiit fallil to ,'or-liill
vek-~e tile tdVoltWm t'IO &fliPrgi to pr,-loinrrs.
Our lbushiCS6 w? I bl- 'o01ialAi so, nk. to
enmuro tietr . lid Ce) Will V.0 ,It.
Euo . L111-1 o;,s don cthn v Wt!n .ia tic le
abiil aiid llv u40141 tol Ofl'r extraordinary
'ta i~'n~t~to ho d ie psunw.o, the 1 '.:.nter,
bill:.a , taIS-3 15 41n
AC'U11AC.,4'N Q-. c.WflP
l1'?ceiv(' :ant stI Cuiium, Cv,-fl. M'oltr.
nr lf l * other ztr nkq iiof 1'rui1 olce. -ai 4!k I
pu.tlt i la l ('it n '~ to) tilet ' ie~ ~ lina
en ;or -e u Colton, Mai~y
"oil( ,..r bae.
I AMlRS L. G. NiA1' ww'!trTLr..n .A!.KEHt.
A .. st..24, 18). 4 i-Gin
le 1 C .1 A X T1' 1A 17, 0 R,)
W. I. Jacobi.& lo
!:nporter'san Dlealers i
S; ,Y Outr rllt i~zercr r' entired Ainderatc
I Rotr' ILa ha .etr adliernce to iLe WLe Price
JDn eS, N85 u-' U 1U1 -YE
Chitiiii- fWrehouse,
OFFERS for.jlet .ash1 or anayi'Provbdc
andM 1 WL..8rzL Qr p'a.stment of 'EAST IND
Drugs aud
P R B -. :Z, L A OLIS 1H A VD'IA-)
PE88A15'So -' - "V DYse STn
P"Arlnlt, MlmmotcNIP11 WINDOW
QAxiDxN 8ZKDs, 81sit (
QE nuine C4
.Aget..(or i
April Gth, 1852.
Through rare from Charles
ToI)N - 1* LAlUiMOlE 617.30
T1' l'IIPLADEL PHIA .iif10
LEAVING the WTharf ut the foot a
Lumre.se-a8. daily at 3, p. ti. af'er the
ar.'val of tih Mouthern cars, via WIL
MINGTON, N. C., from which omi
two: arty trin 'lits - re tipatclted ait 8 A. 1.
aind -1 M.;. thed GIo'ock oiliy connecting a
\V w th thi inali to Petersburg
delph ,, and New-Yrk. The puhlic 1
respec'tiwlu 1 i'ael tila! he e atha! o.
thes t a re in firat rait .: dof:dit;n, tn(
ar n. atled by o weitllArtwn nntu 'x
rrind - ettamatderp; hi 10ii Road,
;r. w9 aoac order, (tho Wianiogtoi
andv Weldon, ;% wvell au .the z-ea i-oa:
;11and P.oanlok havmin reciitly bseen reli.a
wa'h heavy Tr.a!) thereby ieciurig boil
.safety and dejaL.<.h. By theso routei
paissengrea. avbism t~hmselves of ihl
FIR 1' iTAIN .ay reach B-tinto-e. it
#0 las r. .'hindelphla in 45 houre., ni
Ne; w Vor. im blI 1.-2 honr-; aid b1-y the
.S)-'ON1 TRIAIN they :rr,c .z A.
!i-n.oret in io houirs-, l'hi!1-ieli-hia .it!
hlui anl Nov-.Yo.rk ma (il 1-).hliour.1....
hIr ougrh ticketsU evil ;ifonie Ile 'had froi
PA. WIN S.OV, Agent of the Wilitingtot
11.l faleigh Rail Ro.ad Conpvny. at ii
atface of h vile' C6iapnly, foot 4;l L'atren
'r'kt, ( .aricstoa. S. C., to -whm.Inl plca
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thaw full fir past favours the subscriber wit-hl
ec to itsliora the public that ho still mannnuf.c
tures Cotton Gans ai, his ctstablishmernt in State
burg, ont the mfoct iaiprovedand approved p9n
ii hieh he dI.inks that the cuttOin ianed on on
of those gills usitlie late inprovement is.inrtd
at least rtquarter of a cenr more than the 'ot
i ginnel (pit the- ordinary-gin. ie alo man
utactares them ona the m1ost Linplat conltruction
of the fitin;,et finish and oihe best mazteriaLb ; t
-wit, 81ed ,8aws and Steel -Plated Ribs Caii
hardenei which ho will sell for 62 per Saw..
I1 also ireptdr. old gins and puta them in -con
pla ordi atili eAlhrtesfnotibe ordr.
Gind willhe prtid ttl t intl nitid
. -... M~ ME SN
'lavg$pinar IhlWC.. Fob17,326{
" I [email protected] 96SOM
- S . & ' . G IB-E .'l
-~ cnnlireehe. CAUfRIAGE
UIYINEiSaat . the ubove
soaend- No. 35 and f Wecntivorth-street
Char 'estoan-whero thbey will -he pleaved ti
exhibit to their oald friends anid dur-tore
a very exten:siv:e Ro'ck of Vehaelee, coma
priaing~ thoe. of t heir own', rnnnf:.ne
tOm~ed inl th-ie 9e:.rket. ThIer l''g acqu.a;mt
anci tveth .an;s mairket a.- mam9a.eturt r:
and1( dena!'rs will entable Lh..m tee adlbr graa
inahteeents to. purchuasers both in Niyk
and prcs.
August 24, 1852. . 44-t f
Painting, Gilding, and
Gilding on Gold and
Silver, and Grainin g
Iltui -1id Furnltiure doe tap ini the n~ont
est aind hest 'anneaar. All he asks is a f.j
trisal. lie go'rateee to give enttire r-tti%
f-ecson. e.-if" AII ivders Ireem thte countr
purootetly aitti r h-tot le.
Janl. 11th, 18->3 11-ly
- TAJms tis methoad a
A.- ~ iruoeranIe I he cittzens r
- Saumterville and vicinity tha
hie laas openeld ill Sutearv-ille, aopjose thae net
Pehytran Chuercha, a CAll IN ET WVA IE
1I00O1, whern lae will keept for sale, cheap, al
such funoa tren cmen under 01IC this epartenl~
or lhi' tretie, whlich hae w'.ill wairratnt of go
ataaia. ; and will fuarnirlh for cm~dh, at. Ch:ec
tna prfices, all djescriputions of Furitulre mael
l11teparm'g aexctemed at the shlortest notice.
31 holgany and9 plainl Collins furnih~hed wiath
ouit delay.
H~aving procured the nervices of Mr. C. W~
Davis, htei is preparedl to furnih Metallic lIate
entgrav-ed In anmy style.
All the subsnbeor asks is a fair trIal, ani
haopes bty puncettual attention to huasinesa and
easye teirmsl, (to anerit ptublic patronage.
10brutary 17, 18152. *1y-l y
For Wright's Bluli M~ur
aateresusediate Landhta sg
*. Urso.z laalster, will leave
Carlesna as above, abou
thae belh of October. For Freigh9t arrtange
mnat' apgi~y to Untp-tin onl Bloard, or to
ITr Watchmnan copy. ByesW a
Sept 2-7, 1852. -.d9
tionof igas ad Toacc, Cr~ilsPre
serves of all descriptions. .Jolly. &c. Also
complete ntaetrtment 01 Groceries, wich ha
Maaranltees to soll ana low as they can be ob
taiined fr' m Chaarleston for.
Fob. 1, 18:3 11i-if
Negro Shioes.
The subscriber bas made- arrangeaments flo
the macucev of fronm-Four to Five 'Uhousanai
airs e~Il abiove. erticle by; th. ,i~. , -iP
.ajreth.esfe4ajyh ~bt~~etu
er i ~*W '
oftUi todi
redt, AT tit owUp??MAxx O A
lvi e d i'.o i e W
,. GEUATiNk.
'(rLana NAta.Ltubd'oTu-B3itnnuas
D WIoeS. Cours, A4o flAIA. iBa~uumn
Ati A1n1 SPERR 011., Fa er Sea
IAt ANn CA:jrmtlax, &c. &C. . I
vith every artilcle
most. approved
4500 0HALIENGE8,
'A hactver concerns thb health and haip'nes
of a people is at all times of the most va=.ible
inportqnae. I take it for granted -that every
p-rnon will do iatIl I their po- er, to save time live
of their childrent- ren4 that evry perfon will an
deavur to promote tilir own heath i at all sacri.
fices. I feel it, c. be my ur..y stosleminly assure
you hUl Womat, aaccording to the opirtionof
the most celebrated PhyAiciatnb, iare the primary
caumi' Vi a irgt rmajiority of diseases to which
niilltv. and ad ult atre huhle - if you have an
appetite cottiinually changentId' fronm onty kind
of siiod to another, Bad Br:,tl; Patin in de Sto
m autch, P'litking ia athe None, are al FUl;
nets of the ielly, Dry (ough, tloiv kevei,
Pulse Irreguuar-remember that all tihese denote
Woaa, &you should tI once apply the remedy
' Fobetam1ck'4 ''Vorar.t...ivrmup.
An artic fouruledl upon St.tti c hinc:pies,
coinpoundhed w it pirely *egetable substances,
being pertrtly safe when -taken, ani can be
given cito moit tender Inhint vithdecied
bntici! e fi'ect, where Bowcl Complaints and
DIJaIrr~u have miale them weak aMid debilitated
t he Tonic properties of any Worn Syria p are
a suchm, that it etands wIaihot an quial in the cata'
logue of r.aedicinena, in gmtiag tone aml strenogth
to the 8omach, which.nakes it. an Infallable
reaedy for ltos ailietetd with Dyspepsia, the
atomshing enres perfiornead by thins yrup after
Phylaiciian havu fuile 'is the best evio nace ofits
superior eflicacy over i others.
'his i tae most diflictitt Worm to-destroy of
ii. imith inifest tie laiasn 4ystern., it grows to all
almost iniefinite leng It becouing so ciled and
fasten.:d to d1.3 It.ttacine anaId Stomach-6tleting
ta ni.ith 1.o saily as to cause St, Vittas Dance,
Fits, &c., that those aflicted' seblem if ever
I .irpcei tht it La Tapt Worm hwetning skein- o
au early grave. . in valer to destroy shku Wors., a
very energetia treatmet. must be: puneld, It
would ltherefoar be proper to take 6 to 8 of mry
Tiver Pill " s to renmove all obstructions,, that
the Winaa Syrup may ndctdirectupmn the-Worn,
whih uitid t. taken in dotw&.se of 2 Tablespoon
t~is 3 tiim.s a day. these utOrectionr, fullowed
have never be.I-nwn to fiail in curing the.
Most obstuntegat case 'of Tape l.'rm.
19 M-A i VIVS+t 1kV.ivr Piliq.
No part r f the fvntem it mire liabith o diszease
tiian The lV fR,'iat servii.g am a filterer o pu'rf.
fy the bloL41, or giving the -proper secrationito
the Ih, ho that any wrong action f t.liver
1'-0- le tther himporztant airts of .the system,
an resuat varioulony, ini LiVer Cotplaint,
Jau -hee, Disiieimia, &d.. We should tla-rofoie
aichevery .lgayntom tim -might' inicate &.
Wrong t'tIn Uoli thti Lveri.. -:ThesnPill~'being,
oinposedl -ofitooris.axd PsLanwrstfrrnishedsby
*tattire to inl t.:sipk: aameg,hsLAa. tyEi
use~ ~ ~r Ptilfl;f-mua
llMe't"raI O dner
giiego .atii trtingtli-toatheinacvuns
renewing itettit b and vigor'tonali par
hbdy.- 4th.'r ka-'rac'vhIch m"ctsidA, 6
fea-t'haitrmnony. i 'time other ingredi
operating. on the' iowpis,. and..expellinig "timi
whole mass of corrupt amid vitiated matiter id
apurifyinathw Ploodh, hidlh destroys dixemise ani
restorenaal~anth. ..- -ra
*Yo~u will find these Pills ain invalualde niedi
chime in man~ty complaints Li, whiphm you arcsub.
Ject. Imi'obstrnet:ians either tota or pairtial, they
have been foutnd ofinestiamhti benefi, retting
thej- funactiotuda arranmments to a healthy ac~
tiomn, putifying the lood and oilher fluida .so
effectually. topmut to h:.ht all c-oipaintawiich
may: arire from female irnegularimies, as head.
ache, giddminess, dimness or sight, pain in thei
side, hack, &e
Nior'e gentne unless eigried J. N. HIonr~tsAest
all others heing basm imitation.
37 Agcnts wishing new sopiditeu, andl Store
Kiel-rs d'.irmud or ba-comiing A geams mius ad.
rem the Proprietor, .1. N. tHOBENiSACKC,
Pi'ladelmphmia, Pa.
For mialm by all Draiggists and Merchants . in
the It. H.
P'. M1. C~.at, Cla-leston,' Wholesale Agent
for thai Ema..
Augus 1:0thli, .1852 42-ly
*The Corn Exehange.
Byll Thomas
0 ' C 0' N N 0 R.
Who -p cot ntly o~nlhanddn iil of
DOM UICS -i~ the lnoes ateia. (jROt
UiR iE.S at, Chark-hstonm pricet .for caslh
Bacon:, lnd, Hetns. But ternada lrargerup
.ply o: the besot CIGA RS rmzal TOBACCO
whmich lie will sl chelmaper that -ayv mer
chiamt in towa', nilo jt'it rteeivead 40a auntielo
SNorth C-.rnliina flour.
1.rs jta received from Baltimore sand New
Yan k, a large atad welh! selected stock of
I~ruadclothsa. Casmlsacres asad
the fint-st anal best that has ever been broight
to this m arket.
I Ready madm Clothimng for Gents' anal Youths,
I ofevery qceit'ty undi daecripaion. lHaving e
laecated time ('amd, anid hind thmem madle up to or
ner, he aenn warnma the work.
Every description and quality of Gloves; Dress
hats tnma iup to order; Caps, Silk Cravats,
Silk Pocket Hlsadkerchifsm and Ncck Ties,
Lmien Shirt,., do. Collars, Merano -Undeirmhirts,
do. D~rawera, wvith every article that is worn by
gondiemuon, which lae otlers oan reasoinabie termsq,
and solihs a call fromt his old custamers~ and
time citia-ta of the. District generally.
Sumterville, N ov, 15th, 852 3-t
F'ItN.S MaETALLIC CO~lFNs ofanll
sizes, consantly on hantd and for salte
by I l1]I'ON &. BROY'lER,
Opp. Tetaaperatnce Hall Sumterv'illo.
Junea 1oth, 1852 34--tf
Veterinary Surgeon.
RlOBSlT WV ANDREWVN notofiea thme
-citizens of tii, ad the adjoining Djistricts,
that lie lasa rennoved; his Stables near the1 Detm
put of the .. R. od, heohi is readl
r at all ii ito ' r of dimenod2 HIorsca
o Sa.'n~~ mer #.a.-aJiuied ;
is t
o, the G
TON, D1. ,,P III
,Ths is a trdly Wo
tion, Dylpkla, utt
Const onip ,'and -'
ture's own m ionla y N
Gastric Juice.
ggr Half a teatspooip
In water, will digestr
of Reast Derf, in. abok
Pepin Is the chiefof 0
Ing Princlpl sof trie'Gaii u
of the Food, the :Pu Pfng5
Stimuiating Aieit of the
tines. ItI Nietrcted frbm,
ich of the Ox, 11huM fqr&W&
tive F1iid. cisel :
Juice in its Chemical
Complete and Perfect ubsal
aid of this preparatli'this'
Indigestion and O 6
they would be bya Mlth)
ing wonders fr bhyspdis 'cF
bilit , Emaciation, er
o sthe grave. 'Te SO inf
Which it is based lsin tb4l s
aus and ltemark be. R
Baron Uoiubig in his y
malChemistry, saysi
readily preparedfsii tsm
the stn of she(Calf
eles of food, as me;t Ur
changed ami dinti
Dr. mbe, inChioh
Physiology of- iags 4
diminution ofahmt. qej
Juice is * promneztxndt I
Dyuppsia;.' anid heae i.
proffeser of medikf* A
Gastnic Juice, bbrajed ~ioa
Philadelphia, ini d a Wor
Slulogy. devotes.more ,
aminiatlot of thiw *iu
with Dr. iieaumont,.on
teinied - franl th'e. livingh~
from aninals, are w
he ys, 'd'esti o oeoirel
artilicsai asi theatnt
iDr.John W.JDI rpr'o
in the Medical -Cola
New- rkn li
page say
Drire p t 1~tit
enili 06 dil
Dr. .l t....on's P .
most marveljus~e~lty
bility, isadmton
th details of cassr jji~ jgt
blhen givenf siodls
able ..nreiur:u n-il'dI~ejh
Boston aiqne.'. e~~
cases, and the -cenres w r
-wonnde-rfulfhbut dssieb
lyusetul foe zedenoyt 1
i omplain, FeversiA d
of 4 inaiuegleouryx'l
Digeur r 9gants, aft~
desnt spitits. -It aluM
There' is no fror~ lf~
which it does not seintqrg
once. . 'No.:natter how -adbe
inshum~t relief! . Age
unpleasani syuiptus, ani l
repeated :for a shorttet oP
ett cta permanent. Pury i
of Bodygfollow at onced ia
!ent in oases ..ofrmssd ~ z
Soioness of ito
eating, lowv,'c lsiarWofteI
Weakness, tendsn~t ai~%
lir. Hloughmn.
the dealers msile'lu~
throtf hout thic Unifed latel$i
o rem rinuid foni;a.
vial f'o theuseo r bieNup
many be obtained of Dr', Hongh
describing the whbo e processo~
iving the authiontie upon
hi, new remedy are based. i
remedy, no obje tion can -"'
use by Physicians inrechJ~
~ nuine PEPSIN bears thbe w
.S. I lota H JTON, A.L D.. oe1
adelphia, Pa. Copy-righ
~'Sold by all D~g~a
For sale in Sincv~
December 18, 15
Webb Cak'
all)1 y mfor hi
prepar~i t bn
hima callat thse~o4.ai
rates.' His perva-s~
tive, his table uifl
the host the mnact
domestic ar raun~"
ment shallbo~o
pe ulyslc

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