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The Eecution of Atthuir Spring.
A slip from the office of the Phila
delphia Ledger, contains a full re
r the events whith transpired
-lddrhng the last hours it' Arthur
1lls manner se!cms to have been
uichanged, and lie maintained kup to
hepeiiod of iis deith, a genera in.
liffi-enee to his fate. IHis coer.
stion in his ;ell with his spiritual
advisers, itceording tn th published
repor t, consist of a seriea of de*u a
tions and ejnenibitions, wvitha Itle co.
hrekncy, aidl nothing to indoec the
Aeli htest conid-ien'e in his sincerity
Sreard! to ay thing he snid.
The oly alterationis re nm tr. a"c
bin, from raving arA iri-verent ?x
jftiniatinuis, iii the name of Jo'us, to
neouth and revoltinrig jsi, respect.
i hns Von:litian awl a 'roachirg
The statement of crvnts fr.m[. nenr
tnigt of Thursday, up t0 tue
hoar of execution are maiuN includ
ed in the following sketcht:
* o1;SOnE M'S CLL, NEAR NAtNtan-'r.
Thursday Night, June 9.- After
rligious serviecs, by the Rev.
Messrs. Stree!t atid Kenqil. Sprina
was asked how he feft? lie answe;
d-I never felt better in ay life.
I never murdered any per-ion, and 1
expect to die a Christian. I beletve
Sthe Lord Jesus Christ-and that
* he alone can forgive my sins and
wash my soul in his blood, and thut
1hO aLvice cal save ne. and I no%-e
dd believe in anything else. I also
believe in the resurrection or .:.e bo
dy, and in judgment to c , ntA
ife, 6varsting after leath; and that
e0very mnan must give an aceount of
every.:action of-his life,vhether it be
y for'the wicked.'
To a question put to him. (with
tho open Gible ;n his hand)-)o you
-ree! that God, fir Christ's siike,
aceepts you and forgives y:>u? lie
answered, 'I trust he doe,, and death
does not trouble mc.' To a qiestion
put to him-Do you, in the Cear of
God, before wlhomn you will apisoan
in.a few hours, fmgive every one
Whio has in alny way or uaauier iair.je
ed vou?' i an4wervd--'1 1 an.1
I trust Ie will forgivt X.: as I For
give them.'
th. boy brouight hoic the mioney, he
never tCol me that 11e mrde:la'red the
women; neither do I 'rhuvo be knew
anything about the turir, ior if he
had he would have told &iie. Nei
ther do I believe h hl1 :my hand in
T. hes are to Ibo con-lere1 as
iy dying words.
Ife -had previousIy gonre iinLO
t long. detail (so often LAd) about his
s0's visit to Mrs. Shaw and Mrs.
Lynch after midnight, and briniging
home tho money. He tirim, iII posi.
tive terms, [email protected] he was in bed
on the night of the murder; and
though the son brought homne the
money and put it in his pocket-*book,
A, et he decclare'd that lie believed. his
-sonr had no handi ini the munrder if the
omhand that he is entirek clear.
*- Ater having' got throu'gh hsis
satement, l:a conenencedi to :ake
*and laugh, abhlnugh rem'ad >1 o: the
necessity cf bemng slcninn. le .ti2,
'I have. got a long journey t~o take in
rha mornialg, but I don't think they
will got mie off unatd i afr dir. r, as
I want to lay ilan good stoad- of pro
iisions. Anid then hie went on toj
relate an anecdote in relbkian to two
.men swimiming? a race. Tniat one of
hem took a week's piansiions oil his
back', and when the other sa this
he gave up the bet.
The prisoner thein laughei hearti
not help it, asie wias so glad to get
off. Ini answer to a remark tilat
every person in the Conmmlunity be
lieved him guilty, and that we, his
spiritual adv'isers, believed it also, lie
said, 'you must think I am a Greek,'
anid thus lie went on until we left
him, about midnight, to take his last
sleep pre vtis to awakening in eterni
After theo departure of the Rev.
NIesses. Street and Kensil, the chap-.
lin'of the prison, the R1ev. Mr. Al
*exrnder, took their place, *and the
prisonler, der' Borne conversation
withi him, slept for. several hours.
jje awoke about 4 o'clock, and join
oil in prayer with'tbe Rev. Mr. Al
epudiier, Th prisonrer then prayed
; Al
fur the welfare of his son, and asked
Mr. Alexanier to join him in a
prayer for his dear Arthur. The
religious services were continued up
to 7 o'clock. with occasional inter
rnissions, durin-g which Spring assev
erated l9i innocence, and his belief'
that his son was also clear of the gnilt
of bloro.
The -ectatY;-ls y hhin the nrisoto
Uiltnbered at least four hundi'ed.
Witi3ut the walis there are about
twol hundried scattered around, in-.
elidiig a large body of police.
Aturney General Reed received
a leu'r frcon G-svernor Bugler this
:nurning:, i- reply to a eAltion as to
winthLi th-re was any hope of a tc
spite. The Governor sta.e it, the
miost empt'lie terms, that the coi
dcmned 'nut !.Ive i!u thaie hope that,
he ha' drrminri not to exercise
ar; elemeniecy t'warts 11n.
The lettor fmrom the GIoven:ior was
'ead to him, , Mi'. eed, 4l* It fail
-I to pr)dfiic, th,-- h-a l-t eeet u (on
him, anl he 'Ll eratd hs own ill
'1he prei arationis fur procecdinog
to the prismn yari were c/mpleted
withil a few minues ot' 11 o'cloe!-.
and the various icial bodioq Ioirnwii
11 line. and awaited the Conting %'
the prisoner in. the zourt-yard, with
in the northern gatu. AL 11 o'cl:,ek
the prisoner entered the vardi, andl
the procession coiuenced iis solew
mi arch.
The condeumned Lmpn wa~s seeni to
trenblo when Le ged upon the
large number assembled, and i,
catching the first glimpse! of the
gnlov.s, a nervous trembling was ap
pare2it, Lut still he walked firmly,
autd ascerded the btep .boldly.
.1-flinreverend gentle.ien, nndI the
Shet;W, and Zdarshal, asuCndt'dI with
him, an.1 the religious E"XQe cises werC
comimenedl :>y si..gi:.g i 1n.
The prisoner Lkep his C.yes closed
most Cof the tim.-.
Upon the conclutsio)n of the hymn,
the ReLIiv. Mr. Srtth add 3eer1
Anh-ir .;.r.ill limve been,
Convicted~ and sentenee-'! I:- death lor1
the mutrder v,'loar Shaw andl
E2.'n Lynch, and the execution of
tant eltenee is now about to kaka
place. Ve nave not)L Censld to warn
you of youir ate and to hiduce )ou,
to iepent ai. suke your 1peace withi
Gt d. I i(iw sk yo , in the thes
ice 0f Alwighty God, before whom
you Wild shwtly stanl, are you getilty
or not gUnLy (A the 1m:Ir Of Lhuse
Prisonjer--N. ;Ir! no sir!
Mr. Str-et --The Grand Jury
have iso by their presentnh.ont,
cla. ged you with the murder of Mr.
Rink. Are you guilty or not guilty
of that cri':?
Priuner---No sie. I ne.-r saw
the main in my life.
tMr. rcet--1 have still anoth-cr
and. las question to ask you. Before
God, is youtr bo'i, Ar'thur Spr'ilng,
enL~tireliy clear of the murider of M s.
~Shawv andl Mrs. Lynch.
P'ris:"ir--I believe hie is. Elu
lhad no0 mio to do witth it than I
IAt this respaonse there was a gn
ern 101.1'ro the spe:'tors, wh Iich
wa, owever, but momfentair'.
Mr. Street thent sa~id, 'Ma.y God
haive mericy upon your soul.'
All upon1 thet sLalfld then knaeeled,
an.d the iL .. Mr. Kensil prayed in
the most fevnt mannier.
A t the~ conlCusion. the J.I.;oner
spoke a few wordls to Mr. Sta eet,
and31 that genuema~ n a about to re
anitosi the prisroner to speak him
He then saidi that lhe went to bed
on theo nigi-t of the murder at 7
o'clock, and lhe never knew anything
of it until told by the oilicers.
The qutestini waIs agamn asked
him, 'Is your son innocent?' and
he replied:
'My son is entirely innocent of
Mr. Alexander here exclaimed:
'Let this go throughout the land!'
Th~e reverend gentlemen then left
the gallows, after shaking hands with
the prisoner.
The excntioner arranged the
knot and drew the cap over his face,
and the sheriff having left him, ther
props were removed from beneath
the platform, and at a quarter after
11 o'cloc~k &he nrop fAll nd1 thi
vtimin of oifonded justice hung bu
tween IHeaven and e(arth.
He flI aboit two feet and a half
anli it was thought dislocated hii
neck, as with the exception of I
slight contraction of the extremities
the body remained perftetiy motion
Thui- has ended this bloody trage
Progr s of Mlaikiid.
Thu immnise trides in progres:
wh:h Ie;vilbzed men have mad,_- withi
the Last LWO ceat.uries, are really inl
eredible, uitil the subject is thought
fully coalidered. Yet we do niot exag,
grate whei we say j.t a jmneyinal
mtehanli,- I thle presctday live:
sulst:n:uialiy better ihan a noblemin
did Poutr (ULties Ag. There stil
survives a housth1:d book, kept bi
onk of the g.eat Dukes of Northumi
berl.md, wich aove s no doubt on thi
subjet. Frolot theat volmnile we leairi
::Uat ha; g'ace Ireakfu..t;ed on ale ai
ierriegs, dined u.sually on li iled beel
and ma'. igtioanit lit, Slipper Of tile lux
ury of tea or- coflhe a hie wasI in hli
hInu..ihvld fIurittire of Car ets, sofas
or inir mattresses.
Ill thle Bo-stonl lk1ettes, written1 aboul
thie middle: m tie ifh cen'tury, w
Il e tilther evid-nee i' the a buot il
crei, t of phia. comfort
wng tihe ipper cla-ses. 'The Duk
of Norfolk ofthalt. d.y, one of the greal
"I (of EIgli It n mllenli, wmas often il
Ied of the s al lest sinns of money
while persons of Iess !.xalttd rank laa
frequently t-> -ubn-it to the greate.
privatelas for wait of' a few shiliaim
The richest men in the lona dress'e,
i aorer, Ne:0 lodged unire rudely, all
aLe coarer t'uod ian th.se tiies, tha
a. y mudusrios tInean.ie of our owr
. I a- 'e vis Qu. en.. Elizabeth'
reign, the royal floors .were covere
with rushes insteak of carpet. W hel
Philip the theSecond, consort of Mar.
Eliza beiut's si-'ter, visited England, li
comlI 111s wrotec back to Spain thal th
people Iv'd lin mts ofnii.ttles and rmu
an-1 slept CI logs for pillows.
Ft. nmch of 'his progres:, the ::
ized worid is inidet t .) the use (
na)chilerV. t.ottolp lclot , wicheb one
had to be m1-1:1' w' re by hiand, all
which coiseqlueinily Cost, a ligh priet
IS now ; adiueed, by achim'l .y, at. Si
Ceits P yard, ad pays kuat. By th
aid of mtiachmllery one. man1.11 can Iot
ieril h. at'"ieq relhui. thirtv; -ia
the tliv.c saved isa so mu1tch elear, gaLir
to be ted L* increasing either th
;Ihys;ical eonilhlrts or the intellecti:
improv -n t:e;t ol tie tce, r ilath.
Twenty years ag iven it void hav
been impo:ible to) save printmed th
edition of' Lth1- Ledger ini the entir
Swenty. oll: hollras ly any 1recss Ihe
hiknowi-; aini the retiit wNaikl have bec
ald iTas tit ( 1t, aot One il a 11i n
.'red ;,!ubI al'ild to take a iaew--papel
And whl t is true of priilng, Ia Id a
tile .a.w !'atire If elatta 1a clh, is trui
-1ao vf Iarly every athie nece-sary (
pres r.t pl'ysical or intellciatual life.
IL IS to ine i!,itse f *.ahinier, oau
'ts improvemlnt that wJ. hk fir th
rlni e!evation of mankiid. Evc
bioiir san J inl this way fonaati unziavoid
be I. I - aeaiteem. ian. so itr ihrtl
Iromi Snvry of li ing 0t. e'ist, al
-waie: hii, to (.lith..te the i er fa
utiue o! h,.s miid and - sil; to rise, i
ai wol. to' the trule digity ot 1un1u
hoot(1. If ini t wao cent urllies the jouirnej
sIa tta nicchalle nas overtkalen the 1101i1
tal.l, grater trimonphis may~i we il
loaokh aar in te c'entIuries Lu cornea. Th
pri.gna atf imiankind, ii..iead, hias oii
ie fijh - g it rest in tie Sareg
to atL thais paoimia is inlr-ing mi'.a Llt
mon Ith . T. a .e t ato the Rive mm'. 11
fte alive waith sutltiot, ori siach nImb!ia.
tzght daly wou~~lld senisiblly redueiiI
ermen1:1 iihr iausII~ whie the ru last.
matte11 r ho(w mantty are Zhl amployed i
lila:bhtin~~l",, aor how~ manyti are take
daily, nto diintionlah ('2, be plreve
Evea IIn h 'tles"'a be'tweenl til and1( thI
a:a.. I imge are re aori id t. le filleI
sahl to :aa greater ILhim ever bella
kn Iown, at.I jla seasn..i The ext raorid
:sary rn' of tile presenit, time lis on(II
expetend to cillt inla ihr somet timie lila
thlree wveekls. Tiheyv emt u
Oinnuen'se schoolsi1, during ua ih t
inumbehcrs t~iak II aret light , as5 comare a
w ithi thet qu anti ty t :: ken diulring a t imi
Iike the prneseant. Noa n~erounlt is he~
oft the numbtra'! eiingged ini lishi ng, or<
the amou~t caughat, al all statemiet
relatj c ivetrto a re mlade I ~Inna c.It
mtes' ob Line Ia fr iIom those whoi. hats
experien~e 1ini. hebusiaess, and proihl
bly approximoate cor'rectness.
'These estimates give the number <
lmen employead no(w ini taking fish i
the Eaeremnento at about 600;, the nun
ber of' fis.h takeni dalily on an avertig
at 2,000; thieir' average weight, 1'7 lb
per day. Two cen6tsper lb., which is
probably more than the average-price
by the quantity, would give a daily in.
come to those emiployed of q080, not
very high pay. Either the innmber of
miien engaged in the bnsiness,, we irnag
tile, must be dver-estimated, or the
number of fish caught under-estimated.
It requires two men to momna boat,
which would give 800 boats for 600
men : 2,000 fish a 7day would give to
each man a fraction over three as his
share. We presurpe few are fishing
who do not catch a good many more
than that number.-. We saw a boat
- load, the prodict ofthe previous; night,
conisting of 66 salmon, weighed yes
te:day imorning. Tlhey averaged a
I raction over 17 lbs., and Ive 33 as
the number caught by each man, in
stead of thrce,as estintated above.
I Say that the 600. fishermen on an
average, 200 boats a night; the r Vee age
- nmber caught by each boat put at 20,
and the sum total would be 4,000 fish,
I iantead (if 2,000 as estimated. Our
Sinpressioi is that the latter comes
near, r the mark thein the forier, as a
- good atany of thelihernen send their
a fish directly to San Francisco; others
take theimi to difieretit points for sail
ing. Large numbers are salted down
t uily, several firms and individuals be
haig extensively enga-ged in this branch
of the trade. T!he fish are put down in
hogsheads, which average when fill:d,
about 800 lbs. Frmi 1,000 t.o 3,000
lbs. :l e put down daily by those en.
a-aged in salting. An acquaintance has
I iled 65(i hhds. this season. The 10(st
i of those nagd in salting, live ort
t Washiington side (if the river, and salt
their 1I*II there. lAdding those en
gaged in salking, cafehing and selling,
probably the fish btisjiiess furuishies
ciaimlovia ent for 1,000:hnen.
- .' salmon fish is flulnd in no other
waters im such vast4inultitudes as are
i met in riversnipty4it'll to the Pacilie.
1 On the Atlantic sidbthe letading fish
feature is ihe run osbfihd ii the spring;
s on the Pacific sidesji6nd oeend omr
river n all seasons, in nunnbers beyond
3 all comnputation. In C'li rnia and
Oregon our rivers are alive with thein;
the great number taken by our fisher
mien are but a drop from the buck-et.
C Above this, on the Coast side, t r'bes of
dians use no other fid. As a table
luxury they are estee;ned by miot
K persons the finest fish caught. Unlike
U rnany filh, they contain but fw bon(es,
V and the orange colored rneati cana be
served in slices to suit enstomers. It
is t haj1lni tically the meat I, the vilI
a liiii. it costs so little-not a quarter
I that of other ieats--t ha: rich aid Ipoor
- lnen can feast upon salmon as often inl
the day as they choose to indulre in
the luxury. Il the course of 'a few
3 ars sallmon fishing will extend itself
I t.1 all the promuinItl rivers in the State.
I Catching and curing s:iImon will then
have become a systeAizedl bulisiniess:
the fish consutption will then have ex
f tended its,1l'generally over-the Stat.,
e a:iil inore than likely bi'e-ece inl the
t ilealtine ini important article of ex
Meargdcerr Detected.
V Ii February last, near Cron.s An
her iin this District, a North Carolina
waggo iner, by tle namiie of I 1aher,
was mnost, brutally ha rdealt.i in his
camp. Up to within a fAw days, the
imost sea:-china investiga'iom were
.i adue tio disemer o the Iienmdishl p.'rpetra
tors ofl t he deed, and justice seemied lik e
l*y to b~e cheptied of hier great dem anads.
WVe gather the fo.llow ing part iculars
e f romt rel iableI souraces. Shmo rtlIy after the
iinanrder was cominitted, suspieion fast.
cued itsselfuzpont a negro amied C harles
the Iprope'c ty oft J. I . A\l ntgomei ry, es. I
Uiarlis w;.'t- 'roellied , but lhe evi
ildeae hieilg inisualicienit '. .s-abish his
- gi ip h~ le was acqjuit I ted I a thea ebarge
ii oti muirder, hutt, senlt 1..n. d to rceceivye
u soam e sax Iunad red stri pes ihr eeltini
*t isdemcueaniors, anad ordered to be re
s mouved fromi the State. SubI seqiien tly,
e andi only a fe'w days ago. a simm of'
a- fiiiuhev, anasweinag tlie dleSeript ion of
lut '.eeii iil laliter. I&ssssi. iii, shaoat
a ly biefi re lie was killed, ai'd. a pocket
al kiiifi., liavinig iIs la inlea ut uon thme
aa hiand Il,.' 1 ~id findera 'uiie of the ao
I. gr asie on .lr. \[oniti'l. eri '
S r mi s ;ail illiule- such i aire i
I stance1s, as coiiie'tedl thtems irectly'
Swithi C arles. Epton beinig informiae'd
a of' thle dhi. coverv of' this acditio nal cvi
(li-dce, ?'lra. Altimtgom iery, actingy ini a
y sirit, of ina omiat, dteci i omn, and high re
t' gard 'ir his duties as citizeni, ininaeij
ii at ely dispatched an ageii, with thle
e amnounit of imoiney for whichi he land
dI short ly bebtie sold Ihe liegio, I e'itud..ed
C to th pu ~archiaser, and( procu red the ar
ii rest,* of Lhe boy, anmd his lodgnsoent in
it L au res jail, where lie is now conftined,
s and where, sincee his arr'est, lie hats
i- mia lo a full confetssin. lin this conl.
e fossioni, a negro, beloaiging to) D r. io
u- bo, is imiplicated, and (charged with
being the actual nrdtrear. le ac
if knowledges that, he took the money,
ni &c., fr'om I Iaflhner's pockets. Although
u- difliculties may sugget.t themselves, as
e, standing in the way ol' a legal convie
t. tion- arisingr fim tlm far mer t ri al avi
:lCquittal-ja8tice must be administered.
It is to be hoped that, there will be no
maItkery of the law, in a second trial
and that the people who have been
sh. eked and outraged, will at once
lake retribution into their own hands.
and inflict the most extreme punish.
mnent upon this denon. They must
be justified in the act, under all the
cireumstances. Should they be driven,
however, to a second prosecution, we
are glad to learn that no defence will
lie :aade lbr him. There is nothing
to prevent the conviction according to
Law, of his confederato in guilt. We
are told that much excitement prevails
im the commntunity, and a stern resolve
to secure the ends of justice. This is
Since the above was written, we
have been corrected in an error into
which we had fhilen. The cases of
both negros are in the same condition,
both having been tried on the same
charge iad aequitted.- Carolina Spar
From Lth Doston Olive Branch.
A Cliapter for Nice Old Far
Can any body tell why country peo
ple so universally and pertinaciously
persist in living in the rear of the
house? ('an any body tell why the
front door and windows are never op.
ened, save on 4th of July and at
Thanksgiving tine? why Zedekiah,and
Ti:ut thy, and Johnatiin, and the
old famer himself, must go round
the house, in order to get into it? why
the whi It family (oblivious of six emp
ty roomrts,) take their "vapor bath,"
and their moeals, simultaneously, in
the vicinity of a red hot cooking range.
inl the dog daysl Why the village ar
tist need paint the roof, aid spolt, and
window frames bright eiinwon, and
the doors the color of a mermaid's
tresAs? Why the detestable sunflow
or (which I can never forgive "Ton
Aloore" for noticing) must always
flaunt in the garden? Why the un.
graceful prim poplar, fit emiblem of
a stitl' old bachelor. is preferred to
the swaying eln, or drooping wil
low, or inajestie horse chlestnult 0
1 should like to pull down the
green paper winidow-eurtaius, and
hang up some of snowv iuilin. I
should like to throw wi de open the
hall door, -aid let the south w ind plav
through. I should like to go out in
Jie woods, and collect, fresh, sweet,
wild] flowers to arrange in a vase, in
place of those defimet, dried grasses,
and old maid "everlastiigs." I should
like to show Zedekiah how to naii to
geher some bits of board, for an
embryo lounge'; I should like to stuffit
with cotton, amnd cover it with a
neat, "piatch." I should like to cush
ion all the chairs after the same
fashion. Then I should like, whcn
the w mhitehaihed old flimier Caime
paiting up the road at twelve o'
clock, whith his scythe lialiging ov
er his arm. to usher him into that
cool, coufortale room; set his bowl
ol' bread and aiilk before him, and
aller le had discussed it, coax him (inl
stead of tilting back on the hhid legs of'
a hard (-h:.ir,) to take a ten minutes
iap on my "model" sofif while I kept
my eye oi the clouds, to see that
no thunder shower played the mischief
w th his hav.
I should like to place a few c-om
mon)i senISe, piractical books on the
tall,' wvithi some of' ouri tinle daily and
we ek ly paperis. You may smiile; but
these inducements, anid thle com
fiertabele anid lea~sant air of' thme apart
mecnt would bring the famnily of
tener- together aifter the dayv's toil; by
dlegrees they would lift thle covers of
the b'ooks, amid turn over the news
p a pers. Co nstaiit inmterchangeo of
lhoughit, feeling and opnin wit
discussien oS(f the imnpor'tant and11
of coursenecessarily ifbhedalow i
Thevilagetauveirn-keel er wvould
probably frowni it; but I will venture to
p redict for the iinates of the fhrm
house a growing love fbr "h'uime." and
ani ad heed ir of in telligen'ce an.1I
refiemit, of which they themselves
iniighit piossibly be uniconisciouis.
. i*aNsv .1mas.
Svxoutan Plmmiho.Msa.-Our reaid
ers aire aware that on Wallnut II ills
excavaztions are bleing nmde, on theo
line of' the newv Short, Line rail road.
Theii worekmien have ill excavat iln'
passedCi through layers of' crystalized
Ii mestonie, anid soap or slatestone al
terniately, in which very littie water
was~ fo'und. A few days since, how
ever, w hen they were about one hlun
died and seventy feet froii the earth,
the flame of a candle or of a burn ina'
match accidently calmle ill contact withl
a liquid suipposied to be puire water,
lhat haid gathlered in one of tihe holes
drilled in the rock.
Aluch to the surprise of all present,
the apparent water instantly took lire,
not~ afte'r the mannner .of inflammable
gas, butt sent up a strong, clear, and
steady tlame, as if it were conmposed
of some kind of' oil, On applying fire
to the liquid which was in the other
drill.holes in the vicinity, it also
burned in the sano manner. Sinct'
thit time lamps tind enndles have been
entirely dispensed witi in tile subter.
ranean apartinent, the stibstatice con.
tinuing to burn steadily, and emit an
excellent light. Many persons whose
curiosity is excited visit the spots dai
ly to witne s the singular phenornena.
The liquid gives no unpleasant odor
while burninig.
DysswcrI.1.-We have bee'n firnish
ed (says an exchinge) with the
following recipe, by a gentlenan
who vouches for its efli':aev in sev.
eral instances in which he hias .known
it tried:
One quart of hickory ashes, one pint
of soot, and one oz of pulverized
rhubarb--on which pour a gallon of
boiling water, and let it stand 12
hours-strain ofi, bottle up, and keep it
well corked. One wine glassful to be
given afiter each meal to a grown per.
.no--to children in proportion.
A JOLLY BAInOss.-In one of his
recent letters from Paris to the N.
0. Picayune, Air. Kendall relates the
following curius incident:
"III my accouint of the grand ball giv.
en by the legislative body to the
cmperer and empress, written last
week. I omitted one interestinn
event which then and there transpired.
Late in the night, and in the midst of
the dancing, a beautiful aid dashine
woman was quietly arrested and
walked ofl to the lock-up, causing not
a little excitement, as may well bc
supposed. It was given out at th<
time that the lady was sufiering un
der a mental alienation, but the
true history of the aflitir has since leak.
ed out, and is not without interest. It
seems that the woman in question
young and exceedingly pretty, haN
been figuring extensively the past sea.
son as a barones, arid tht t
accmiipaiied to'the biail Q by'4 Agen
tlenian of high distinction, and
one well known in fashionabl
circles. For several hours she wam
remarked for her grace and beai
ty, dancing several quadrilles ir
finitless style, but after supper she
entered into the spirit ofa R1edown with
rather more admlon than is recogniz
ed'as seemly or belitting in haute so
cictie. Another quadrille came, wher
her style was even more highfialutir
-it would have been admired at
the Jardin Mobile. Grande Chanmiiere
or or Chauteau Rouge, but there was
a little too much of the cancan about
it for the latitutde of the Tuileries. Hei
conversation, toi, became a littk
boisterous, and many of her expres
siOls, hOwever they would hav<
soulnded in the Quartier Breda o1
Notre Dame de Lorette, seemed
rat her out, ot place in the severe and
classic menridian of the Patbourg St
(ermain. Tle ladies immuiediate
ly near her were shocked, the gen
tlemien stared at her in astonishment
and finally the baroness Iecame s<
hilarious in her speech and so cX
travagaItnt in her action, that it was
deened prudent to rid the ball-roomn o
her presence. To smooth the mat
ter over, it was given ont that she
was sulfering under a mental alienation
and that she was subject to suel
fits, but the real truth was that sh<
had beeni i mb ibi ng altogether te<
ireyof' cinlzpagne at the spleni
ddsul~per, and that, thle wine brough
her' ''lt in her true charaefe'r. lie
ease wa.s duly investigated by th<
lynx-ceyed and inedefatigale police
wheLn it, was ascertained that she was
the wif'e of' a ferrier liv'iig near Paris
and that in order to cenable hec
to cairry out her' aIssonied title o
a bartloness, she has been til for som
time past leading a umost disreputa
ble life."
A Uimour PnosPF:Cr.--l .ient, Mau
ry says, "dapan' is to be~ opened t<
our colnnlercee; China is to lbe chr'is
tianiizedl withI her mail lions ; our' peopb
are to buy, sell, anid get gain ; Aus
tr'alia is to be a miighty nat ion, andl s
gol 'd cuistomner ; and all the Islands o
thie Pueille are to attract our shlips
hlail our flag ats the emblem of'tfreedoim
and court f'rienly~l alliances with us ai
lhe chamupion, by example, of' tin
rights of'man."
nasi's.-Thie G-over'ner' of' New H amp i
shire in his message to the le'gistur
recommtienids that loss of lif'e 'ccaiionl
ed by railro ad accidents, so termled
he indictable ofkenees. and punishabl
by confinelment to hard latbor' for life
or a termi of years, acecording to th
aggravation of' the offence.
A NEAr R EPLY. -A young lad
at school engaged in the studyc
gramnmat: was asked: if 'kis, as
proper or scommron noun, with h~~t
ing beautiful comparisonjisiA?
ture recently delivered Bt
by Thomas F. meagher:
One thir morning, tow
of last summer, I stood Ib
overlooked the Hudson.
with the glowing ripeness oftth
% hich waved around me, ndotd
into aln expression .of delig
seemed to tme the most gloriouib!
seen inl any clime-the most;.
the earth could bring forth
"That seed," said onevho se
"came from Egypt."
It had be ia buried in th torhbli
Kings-had lain with the dead.ffr
thousand years. But though.. e
in the shroud, and locked wih T 0%
pyramids, it died not. kliyedefim
silence-lived in the darkness 4iVe
under the mighty mass of stone;-lt
with death itself-and now th)t
dust of the Kings has been distirbed
that they have been called'and naOv'0
not-that the bandages have beed'i ,4 n
moved and they open not theif
behold the seed gives forth life andi
fields rejoice in its glory.
And thus it is, that the energ i e
instincts, the faith and the vitalties
which have been e ushed elseoh e
have been entombed elsev6e6
these virgin souls revive, and"'tI'
which seems mortal, becomes.:Ampe
ishable. And thus it is, that enN
the seed will multiply, andbr
back to the ancient land M , .
the places that are desolate; e
derness shall be made glad.
Children of the -old:werld,
good cheer. Whilst in thiihome,# -
by the lhine, the Seine, .theDnii$
and the Arno, the Shannor n!:
Suir-In the homes you have- 4lfg
wicked semn to prosper and*dsprto
Senates provide for the offspril
the tyrant, even to the third d
generation ! -Fredom stringh
self i, these lifmds, Andinth
deemed, and evil lords ddthin -
This shall be the glorrotff 4
LA-T'EM WRLGGI.-$ rr hit 5o-1
pher somewhat idvanced Ii
limited knowledge of natre s
ries had been acquired without t
science, and who knew not' hethF
microscope was "something to
a new fangled farming Machin6
onice ill conversation with a y outif
friend fresh froin school,Whoetal
to him of the wonderfd
nients made by that instrmuur.
imen of which he caired'aboii "
While the old man w",*ain
frugal meal in the field thaki
youth produced his micr6scape
explained its operation, which heilf'
trated by ewhibiting its powev u a
several buggs and divers minute to
of inaniimate matter at hand. 06
To his surprise, his aged pupM.,.- V
not manlfest much astonishmen a1 p.
stung by his indii'erence he
to him how many scores ofmivgio r
tures lie devoured at every mouth ul.#h!
and in each drop which quench ha
thirst. At this his hearer tvas
cal ; to prove the fact, the boy su
from his hand a chunk of richce
which he was then devouring J"
placing it under the magniner
mass of wriggling animalceeW
trimmphiantly pinted to.
The old man gazed upon the s
indifferenmtly, and at length with
utmiost nonchalance took an6therl hu
".Don't" exclaimed the boys dft
eat it, Uncle Ben ; dont you eei
See 'em squirm and wriggle 1".
"Let 'em wriggle !" said. .,thou,6~~
philosopher, munching away.. calml~
'they've got the worst on't: iftbii
kin stan' it, I din," anid he deier
finished his meal.-lngon *Cmr~t
Demarara paper tells the folow g3
tales of crime in that locality: '
"Thie records of criminal sesion,
show anl amount of crime unheard %f
in the history of the Colony; .fr~~
save the butcheries under manidhi$
law, it ha~s never been known' ini tis
country that five persons forfeite
their lives in expiation of violatio'o
the law, of a character so heinoddj
to preclude the hope of mercy.It
of the cas~es which have been trie4
the recent sessions, the accon
.circumnstanlcs have been inwestw
a diaibolical malignity wbit
rarely been equalled. Inth
native of the colony, deI
dashetd out time brains o ~
because, f'rom natural inlrii-i w'
backwards in the deiol t~
mind and body. In the
.Coolie, in a fit of jealpuyes tV
wi em prieces wi~~ ~as44
tamus his rigt d
fh nie

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