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~v~y, ;C.
~A 1ER
-- 0s.E
TWO DOLLARS in advance, Two Dollars
SfyC ttat the expiration G Ioii trl onths,
"Threar at thle end of the your.
-- N6,dpi4s-ontiriod until all aLmterages
tb) fnlplat the option of the Pkogrietor.
kdvertiqent(AnserutId at 8EVENTY.
V C' rw- uaire, (12 lines or loes, for
Talflat sum for eachs Iubequent
T ivb'er of isertiors to be marked
l-Advertisements or they will le published
Uti.ardered ~to be di-continued, and charged
aca rdingiv.
ONE OI)OLLAR per squftre for a single
tion. .Quarterly and Monthly Advertise
ents will be charged tho same a& aingic iln
,prtlon. anl semi-monthly the same as new o::nc
1iORCuLrutLt.a TASTu.--The Prai
,riTe Taniner has : excellent editonial
au1nthe cultivation of the* taste for hor
titultu, and iL. effiects on the charac
-Ator.ai-t ire home. W *'x:ct a few
The country is a true home of beau
and hortictltire is the tfie school
r taste, in wh.ch all our readers may
S be oe apt pupils if they choose, and
irgridified and useful pro,essors if they
--will it, and help to creat- a., nch
Uty ilk their spare hours as the
ilthv eiti:-en caml purchase, with the
ins of years to decorate his brick
a inmorter place in the nctropoli.4.
There is no mnure ornamient, in the
-house or out of .,. cheap ar-A! so
tasteflul a-, healthy plent s and flowerni
and yor -vill hear ten perstMz's ,f ser.se
admiring your geraiilanis or fuschie,
where one wili notice your rich cur.
tains and tall nirrrs. And out
doors, the eye tht.t would never be at
traeted by glauing paint, cornice or
- column, will bw instattly arrested by
the living arabesymi of a nau .-e creep-.
er, or the umbrigeous outline of an
Aneiican tree.
Do you not admire that simple lit
-tle cottage, with its gracul tree.,
from our native woods? 'ine vu.eS
making beautiful while 'hey conceal
the rot)gh o(utbudi.ng-; the litt!:
front yard,' or mnore ingll lawni, gel.
rued with shiruboery and spai 0iing
with bowers, with neat walkq with a
,' v tinge of velvety turf, or natural ones
'over it, all in kee mig, and all suite,
to the ieans of the ta4eful owner.
If you have been able to lift th-: vei:
that hides the 1A withiut, hart' you
not found real coinfurt true happi
nes ther(e. ail are i. t :n-i inmaesJs
cally deserving of what y enjoy?
Andflow much in tiAmle and money
has ull this cost? Perhaps less than
atithe of what your rich neighbor has
uexpnded to rear that gri.tt pile of
.boards and shinles, or more anmi.
S 4tiusmountain of bri-:k and mortar,
a- connten:miee as blank as an
e rgrowing idn.t;, :dtC r.i baren of
beauty r a .Auibr-yard or a brick
kiln, anti not a 1hhng-ex(ept weeds
in the graot or p-its on th walls
-ither greener or brighter than the
nan'whio can deem this huge abortionu
he ne plusg ultra of a-chitectuiral taste.
Ten to ne, he who built that dwell
ng, if a fairmer, is ourt of those who
'wrusld rat he--Iave :. mull of potatoes
tihan a rosebutsh,' and would sooner
raLke a snarlin~g thanm plait a In-:tiful
A LEGIsLATavE Pierucn.-- A cor
*re siendenmt uf the' New Yotrk 11 awe
iournal. a~t lIndiarnapol.is, g es the fob.
ingt), description of the Indiana As
The hail f..r the A-:sembfly, or low.
er house, is like the Senuate' Chamber,
' :npleteliy -p 'lini by enormous pitlars
r uInmg ntonmtd the semai-circle of seats.
But itis to the appea- ntee of the m
*hors 1 wish to call attention. Of the
the sixty or seventy present, six or
eight looked like well educated, itntel.
lilient, men; about twenty appeared like
honest, hearted titrmners, while tihe rest,
it seemed' to me, wet e designed by na
ture for any thing butt legislaztord. One
rural-looking yountg gent was struttit.g
arouing with his coat out at hoth el
bows; ahother showed a wide streak of
white around his body, where his vest
t~ied to conneet with hi.s pants; sever.
awore hats that somehow strvangely
reminded you of beicks; andi a majority
of them, I am sure, will thmd their wash
bills a small part of their expenses.
They all smou'ke perseveringly ; so I
* rather think it is at rule oif the house.
Wheni not smoking theidr months were
*im med'ately fied w:tL~ t bco so that,
nio time was lost. I wittnessed the
comrmenicensent of the afternoon ses
5'in. A young manttu, untshasven andi
utneobed, sauntered awk wardly tip to.
the Speaker's chnir, with the everlast
ing,, cigar and 'ewsipaper, mand senting
him self very comfortably, with hVis feet
on the table befere him, smoked an'd
e hatted awhile, then, giv'ng two or
three raps, lie took his cigar from his
mouth, and called the house to order.
No one taking any noticen, he talled
ont for members to come withini the
bar, about two thirds ci the mtembers
seated themselves in their plae-s,
while the rest were laughing, chatting,
and smoking in the aisle around th~
great pillars. Pretty son the bootr,
"numnber twelue pegged," began to
make their appearance on the desks,
and heads disappeared behind news.
papers. On counting, I found in sight
forty-seven boots to fortty heads. I do
not know but this is their way of vo
ting. If so, it must be a party vote,
(between heels and hteads,) but at any
rate boots were in a clear majority of
sevenl on joint ballot. After waitiig
three. hours to see them do business,
.and not being able to disoover any, 1
took my leave just about the time the
servant-at-arms started down street
t4ei- members make at quorum.
:gr A: man namned Massino has
rs covbd.85.O00 damages at Nashville,
rntn the Nashvi~Ie and Chattainooge
aTus Mwnvrin's LAMENT.-'Wuy WILL
S Dop--Sun of man! for the light,
of whose presvnce me, spirit yearneth
and bowel- grumribleth, dust thou ask
m- why '? is it '%t writteni that for
tan sm;' ' poii fool:? And fPr the
sake of tlhe;e smiles hath not thy scr
vant been making a fool, yea, an ass
of hirself, i'i vain ? For five years
and tein days ho h:. s sojourned in tLi
plaeo--he ha% dived into the water
--ne has torn anciept racks from their
restiAg places, and removed them afar
of---he has also torn his bw:eches in
parts not to he spoken of ! lis heard
hath grown ong-the skina upon his
hands and face hUlt' -banged its color,
intil he is now likened unto a wild
beast, and his garments are rent a:,d
oiled, so tha' -sackelcoth and atshes'
wvould be a4 fine as lii.en aid jp:pi
to him. Ile would fain feet'( on husks
but there are nont. Yes, he whot in
time past was wont to lare stmptuous.
ly, and to gruImblO over greater d.
eniias th~. a wiere iled before Divts,
now .'tls with ga Ness the .gruanee
of pork and b..ans. and gin:. shus hi a
teeh :patenty at a frying shnjack.
Ile holt, 'ih a raw onionv with una "eak
a ble . idity. Potatoe skins fear hi
pre.uece, bief vaiihes from before
him, aid dogs look in vain 6r the
bone,. Ie signs ior the flesh pots of
Egypt, and morns tver the barrenness
ol :he 'nvd. In his sl-ep, nevertheless,
the good angle (of the past deigns to
visit lhin, and delightful visions are
Oper.ed to his reco!leetmon, of a deli
ei ,u- 'ball of fare' f. ats before the
1aad of the dreamer, and he order
'oyster.; and terrapin fur six,' only to
avken to infirnal slapjacks and 'mo.
A il this hath thy servant endured.
Is he not a fool, an aborninations in the
sight of wisdumi? And dispenseth her
favors? Yet she h .; deserted me. I
approach her, -ml -he fleeth! 'I double
on her trail.' and she turneth away! I
inait her comiiing, a;d she stands st'll?
I secret mnyse.! in ier path and seize
her unawares! But she glideth oftf, a
ti.ongh I h'id caught a ht'g by his
gren:;ed tail! Sictremant, I exchima, <
wi:i5 . s*k eart I revile poverty and
curse ti-rtune.
Lu? are not. the.,* evils, and there
fore, should they be visited on thy
s-rvan6.' Surely he hath not sinned
as other men sinneth. lie hath not
coveted his neighbor'-: ox, :3" r.s,,nr
n.n servant, ."or his r....3 sa vnrt-- -
fir he it unknown -ant.. thee, t-ic ther -
are Ia iaid servants here. Ile hal
abided by tho 'law and the Prophets,'
but the profik have not abided by hirn.
Now, therefore, I renounce these
diggings-l absquatalate these prem
ises-I 'vamose the ranch'-! take off
-I put out-I go-I slope, without
scrip or prov'ndtr, taking io heed for
the morrow, foi the mworiow takes io
care of me. Before five days have
passed, the A-Hrt tail of thy servait
will be waving in the breezes of the
Nevada. A remnant of it will be
nailed upon the top of tho highest
mountain that. he crosser, as and em
blemi of the extremity to) which a man
may be ;educed in this land of Ophir.
Ik. thiak no~t. )ld Eli~hia, that I wuenid
rend :I.y garzsewnt thr- this alone. ' e':
ly, I say unato thee, an evil enious
hath long pe-rsed 'm~. She tlo~wed
sn 'close uponD~ mye thsteps thiat ev*'ry
thre.id and fiba e of nay shirt aire nuitii
iatr :o her eye. Aid if in her ncur::uait
of mec she sho Ul I gaze u :on this reli
in the solitary fiastnesses of the muanr
taina, she will at oncee recognirze it, and
believing me to have be--rn torn and
destroyed by wild beasts will retre-wc
her step, and thus wil! escape her.
I go henee lElisha, uas. . the tonvn of
Sonora where it has beenf propi.rxied
that thy servant will heal t'ee sick, ad
pirosper wi; h amnazung progerity. As
Moses rrared the serpent in the wil
derness, for the children to look upon
iad be cured of their infrirmities, so will
I elevate mny tinl Iamo'.g the Gentiies,
thait th y rnay gaze uponl it and be
madel~ whole. TI~ar toffering of gold
and silvar will be alcceptabb- unto me,
and if they live not afterwards, perad.
venture they mlay find tre.isure in
T1he lload of Tradle of Ilaltimlore
are taking sneh ':,easures for the~ clean
iu and deepenaimg of the ship channel,
as to leadl :' the belie that, by the pe.
riod that the first steamear of the nlew
Liverpool line can be ready for seai,
the channel wilI! be in ian imnproved
e' nd(itin of' at~ordhs.g the inaeased
repith of waiter that mayb' he0 neededt to
insure hl'r departure. The steLam dre -
ing~ maachiine is finaished, and alao. the
ten lightrers which are to r'ceive and
dlischl;.rge the runud and( sald Lken
fronm thz channel. A suitable steaim.
loat, for towingz the dredge and light.
ens to their positionas, hats been pun
c'hased and all the preparatioin .Lre
conaverging to. the tinsal andJ m-sch de
sire'd point o.f actual operati ns.
INFoRM~tATION. -III oenu(~itee of
numierouas inriuires ftmmt leeer..ons re
sidhi int ot1her Sta:tes;, wn repuaish
anl article M Lieh apjpeared in our col
umnts somte w ca-ks since in refenrnce to
long cotton. W e add the following
replies to additional queries in a let
te. froma an Alabamta correspondl~enlt.
TIhe best wild lands sell fromt *8 to
le per acre for hammouiac lanmds unimi~.
paoved. WVe baeiev; :aboumt ten acn .
to the land, besides provioan crop is
usnally cultivated, the nuamber of baler,
to the land will depend oin the quan
tity of land cultivated, puie lands at e
more easily worked than hammoek
hands and nmore aieres can be cultiva
ted, but the product is less. We sup
pose that two to three bales per hand
would be about the run of the product
of Sea Island Cotton planting-the
Long cottona bales usually wveigh about
400) lbs. to the bale, in. good bagging.
All tis description (of cotton is niow
worth forty ooasta per pound'--'' .
Ante'LITIoN B'A6VJilru.-The horrid
lanfflgag which bIllows is extracte'l
fron an aeemtat of the rnceedings of
the recent Ab ..ite. vn covntion ill B..
-tr. lie. ry 'W. Wright con-menced
by saying t!'- was an ataheit to
anything wil'c- sarrt:ened tlve.vvry. I
would' put my .-nel 9n.,1 'fiy g w.
erment, w~ed -j a.icttine-d slaver,.
IIf (od san..ti-ed slavery I momd
put my heel an im. (Uihses Ill.d
applause-"Order" foom the chnir
hisses and laughter from the galLery.)
Ye.s, I -would refise to obey snch
Ia GOd; I would I'it, Much a Gol :?,,-)n
the auct',rn hh k, aid stll himi like
ia beast,. (lli,...s.) Mr. Wright
pr'ceied to say that ie was an
it hit, to - y Go 4 d -that snetioe
Slavery; lie w;n1d elpeted h;c nomne.y aid
his life. to overtlriw teh a God and
s'tch ai govermicenti.. Ti day i
past +en we sheul look to at.
t:ihuts or .-.h-s. iO. hiad no rte
.:e hr thc namC ' .1C 1 i' ':e
cionth f a wm!it rr'-. a :,:.%-evhe'der, or
aL ins.ellter,
TuIC CISuacH Hop --The Third
Anniverea'-y of, this charitable ill
stitution was cetbrate:I on Satur
day, the i1h8t. lit St. Ph:1'i's
Cihurch. Di ;ine ser'ice was re- 3 bv
the Rev. P. G. denirikin. M. ). An
eloquent a.d beautiful discourse was
delivered by the Re. Dr. Davis bish.
op elect of the Diocese. The ancnual
report was road by the Secretary, from
'vhich we learti flint the Institution has
1oW 14 orpha.e girls and 10 adults:
that it hait property worth some. $16,.
00, ard owes a debt of $3,400, and
that it has at thir prospect olecw:iing
a widely useful histitution. The
present, oflieerq a-e:
President-Th. Bishop of the DiO.
Vi-e Presient-The Rev. P. T.
Chaplain and Secreta ry-The Rev.
C. Wallace.
Trustees---The Rev. Messrs I) -ho.':,
THow e and Campbe'll, 1ion. D. E
Ilueer, D*r. 1. MN. Ca-mpbiell, Jodan.2
iFrost, il-n.m. Aikten, Col. E.'.
1 Wite, C. P C:-#, esq.. Wil Zat
ton, esq., and .;.K.Sases.
Collection the doiirs, $
50.- Cas. M'fercury.
B.aIs IN Ccanbu7-.-- 'ihe following
inrident. re!: .-.d i th., A pril vni. mbei
f the lCi.-s TZb-pstr,ry, shows that
L:bies in Mr.: . v n' i :: a -a re.
7arl.-d a- e ;ai) -;. 'here is 'soie.
thing very to-u.eog Is.lt it.
"A brother ju. t retairned f-o~u Cal
ifomia qay S ie was preseit inl the c.n,
grega) on of1 B-ot'r Owen, when i
hae m the arm? i e Its ' other be-gan
to- ry. A thing so unnaual in Califor
niast -tracted iat . litle mteatio~n, m.,
the #'wther ' . to r-tir. 'Don't
leave,' 1i the pre-cher; 'tho somd oI
that bau 'c vut is nole i'kerrestinr
to many in 9-is cerg--egation than i%
own. It is pe:-hdps the swvetet mnus
io many a has he..rd since
long time ag he !'.ot le'ave o1
his di:tar t hom. Thce 'eect wa~e
insta'ntane.ous raid powe rful, and i
l'-ge por'tion of the ongregnthcionmelt
od inito teajre
PalAC-rWe : ~et. .-"It is extrava
Ielse. whc~lie eep- :he laboiring ch.ase
ini thie p'o-. 'a -r t af ::,p tal."' Soi s* the
thiniks him-' as u xal'co, to slav thi
lest s -.'r v other mnanl; *an'i
well Cin Icon: .-n . of~ ~ which mos cc
ecur '.nor pe e waar 'ic reoadelotha and1
:1tC 1.. e - Le 'M'.rIc: h edane. cc
e .min zad *ns, cp in and hon.-st 'mlel
shoul'kd cImbmei to rtromote th<
landiale purpose of lividg e~&cnomba.vl
T111E CA1.tre asN A I l..av EFr.--The. ad
vices fromi (Calif,'rnia toc the '7thi Max
state the tar':nrs there were thcn bu,
ine cutti''g antd curing their grass, tht
crop of whieb is ve:-y abundant. T1he
grain hart st would commrencem
adotit a furtnigl ', and continne foe
niearly three tun :ti- . Wheat, har
ic antd '':.ts "romxise an a-td:.
erop. Ptte's nid advanced to U
cets~ per a. by the quantit y. One
ionls selling at 45~* a )0 cents p~er lb.
by which tiarmners would get. threc
hundred dlollars cash for five ordinary
sized gunnay hargi of OInionse. g'2Z pe
100 lbs. had been offeredl for l,000
Ikeo~ves, toc be~ delivei ed in lots by
January 1st., but the holder asl:ad and
es~pected $3d.
Ojf A geme .nan1 of P rine'e Georger
Ctounty), Md., purchas'ed some mei'al at
13'. diensb~urgs, or Tuesdny, with wihiel
he fedl his thur horsr'. In a short t:.:n
three cf themi di 'd . nm the focurthe war
not exp~eted to live. Atetother genitle,
man in the village also purehaseil somi
ocf the mneal, and~ feed his hoegs ande pool,
try, andi they too) diede sooni arteren
ineg :t. It wats suhcieeuny a'icr'tue.
that in thet i. wnei. e the meial v -r
grt-undI. ar ..ni" wi. <hinly used e>r the
destruction of I atL, .mdco it is suppcjor-.d
tha it accIident...Iy got thrown amoi.ng
Pnou'r--y 0or M 'iuiev W our..
SUder thoe resp.iroeents of the ee-'nst.
tr'ion, Iine~ L.gtre ofl Maryland,
ct. its re .nj.t s .io ., paLud"e. the tal.
lowiung act, 'a 1rectt the properly of
the wtife. f'rom the ebt~s ofl her hus
Sect ion 1. fle it enacted by the' Gen
erail Assembly ofi Maryland, Thht th<
propecrty, real a;. per~Onafl, belonging
to a womtani at tale tiumoeof her mar
riage, and all property whinh she muay
acquire or reemIe after her marriage
by purchase, gift, grant, devise, be
quest, or in a cour'se of distribution,
shall b-e protected from the debts of
'her husband, and not in any -way be
'liable for tho - navmat thereot
Raban Gup itailror d.
Itseemns that- itorthiera cap'talistz
are wide awake its to the. iig "Ortiec
and valu, o this utitei p; ie. A. gen.
tiemn:i of Ablbeville Iistrict, Nvlho
seensto p i exr cathiedra,hainrm
ed the edittdr 'if the Ai .h v:' d-in
nec ilt. a 'N.>rthere jeint qtie.k CA 1.1
pany * h ia aiade a -proposit' . to i
l'lbun Gip a.
take tle cin ire contrant to bu'." their
road, pedging themsel-ves to eni'pete
it In -h-and a '1half'yelrs, trion the
fullowing terms:. Tat subscribe for
oie-fourth of the stock t.o bo paid
fr i'i W.-Prk, for otiv-timr;h they will
a-: ti bnids , ' t le CA 'pal'v,- the
rem'r~iig.'lie-hiall' to he paid i;ir inl
I ca-h as the work piogres sei. Ill this
I .Iopoasiio b01le acceepted, p gIe
tha. grand 1rj. htts beyond the runsi.
bility of dwA:bt.
FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 1853.
Charleston, Jtie 23, 1853.
Thi markeL during the past week has
evin.:ed no decided elange. Price4 range
from 8 1-2 to II1. 4 . 0,
A Delny.
The del.ay in the iiue of our paper this
week is owing to one of thor- unavoidable
marcilnts. to which Oihe best of regulated
famihes " are sometimeir lini'l", and o1
',ourse Newsp.ipera also.
;-f' On our arst and fourth pages thin
week will be uond a varie y of 'iterestin
m6ter, a:id some valuable Agric!tural se
le''tiios to whieb1 we would .hret tho at
tenthan of the~ nltr,
Cotton .. Bloogmg.
I e first cotton blossnins 4,f the sa. -n,
whi:ht we have soni, were broight ints oic
ob- e -n Friday ,u t by Me. 0. P. MIlor,
from his plant.ation nenr town, :n.I on Sat.
urday we received one firons Mr. W. 11
Brctim:, taken frow ls fiel:a near Fr..nd.
A ira't Chnace,.
Mn WELLMAN, th1 l'1g'-8 eo'j-pait
whi has beri-' d.!i:a taking 'r.ino.,s lefe,
given notice. ny eaiver 1 *meit, diat LL.
will renninAia )uL one week longfer.
Deptorable Accidest.
SWe are m *irat:d tint oi Tues-I. iigh
has, a Gmn:i a wenn m atempi-..J to gel %m
the Cla orton FIxprose tra i.f ie Soi.i
Caroli.a Rai road. tie ir Ri.4il'-, whi.:
it was in tio:i.n, and falini -;I. e b ' --I.
had bot 1.f . r3-:n ..y :nu1. I t1ti
-a- wAl be ii-cssa'v. (ihe if
not. e.X.ectd to recover.
The Wenthcr mad Cropi.
Wec a'.noortbrad a rain .'veral timis lur.
ing. the past weaek, bit ..hats not comeii
*it'at ; the grunnd is very dry andI th
nrop3 ,r-- 'iokinrg parch-i, :ad per iing
fro:.a thrt We h'ear :adt ci .;.tua frio
To l-. E~' r J,.y t: s. .'!:~.aan.. -'.: te
est':J ...-iho 'e: nis-r ther W'c ure at coie.,
Liot a - uk'en up. aii~ we- are :n: .rmn
iin 'he 'hn.-ti mcomn..anany, of Suirai:i .1il.'
unea, wh mi ahits nat:inaj c~st umae .arat
EfDatgu of Mlajor Mc~Cl'Utia
Thela Ca:..>u JournaL of thei -' ist.
anirs'tnner. the dnath in, that place of an it'
andl valut"-l ci'';'.ena, Major JhNs Mct.i.e.
LA.t), who died n Sun~day evening laiat
biajar M~cCt~tr.t.Nv lvas ole- eigtI
years of ;age. and hadui served hisi country
as ain oflier under Genera! Ja- tc-.n. lIi
ansd Gen,. Scot, n,: believe, were Captains
at the Nani;0 tinusf.
F.>r a numiber of years, he. han hn :1
leariig membuaer of. the E'piscopti Church
of Camden. and dieu in the faith and com.
min ion of that Cour. hi.
WVork for the Fosarti.
Untier this he:ad :lhe Ciolumibia 'Snutli
(:.'r-ohnurn, of MnI~ldy uirgesa upon the
peopxa of Rticland District the proprity~
of for'niing on the fourih of July next a
Calhoun Moanmint Asociation, for thi
puirpose of aidmga in Lthe er'it~tin of a iu
nment i:i the Umioy of C.ar. ina's grel
ant. We can thaik of ni niobir wayV 0
celebrating the birth-day of American !bb
erzy than, thaia suagsted, and wool-h f r
ticualarly call the ..ttention of the .;itien
of Surinterville to it. Tuiero aim to ce'e
bar.tioiut to bie ini tin District on th~it day
Ithat weo navo heird of, andu the fourilh bc..e1
meint-day will dre w a ntuber of persions ti
Low a, wh, we doubtl, not wall chs'erfulh
fend their aid ini doing honor to Lthe illustr.
ons ueaid. Let -.a stn-er be behiaJ biei
neighbor ing i i;st r.- t..
Nesta. (or !imr .i4:dlrie!).
Col. JAMEs P'. CA~JIaou, haso bee.. e5:ist,
ed State Xin-aor for Ed,'flihl tric' t
suipply thii vancarcy occasuiioed by thic
de~ath o.f lthe lion. N. L. G iaims1 .
Fro:.n Onzliforssia.
Tihef Lstaf'r C:reae.-nt Citv has~ ar rived
I rom Calitornia,, with news one week hateo
froni San Franacisco. She brings .ii24,.
000O in gol.l. Ot her news unhaportanit.
The o-litor of the Columbia Banner wva
revelling inwpeaches flavored with muitmeg
oni Friday last. Hela ahead of ns there.
A Viaseiy.
Dr. WM. JAs. DA OAN& Co., ltive seit
us lis w, e , from !-'6 Now Drug Sto.3, a
-. .rif y of good things to which we would
M atteti-mii. Firsit and mos0t cio9picuouA
aw.rirs a bttle. surkei -St.tAe :ain
S anapps," wiuch being interpr tel tw
tras'. from the sinvll) mane very go
lI.n.nd .Ln, an excellent rnedir''e, but
w are told very bad tcui'to get schnapped
on. Next we havo snome bottles labeled
" Citrate of Magnesia or Lemonade Pur.
qative," which il the best tasting physic
we have -vcr he'ar-i of, and if viv had no'
buewarnied by the dire;t i.ms as o the
dem, migit h-ive imalde lie i-stake a bro.
ther oi lhe "quill " did, and drank tliree
or four bottles of it for tda water, when
h ! thunder- . inst but not leapt
comesi a bhlra duply' of the foi! winig ex
euilent and moirit popular br:,ds of Ciars:
-M 'yfJier" iLe anthropa"J1 \'m
Pe i, .& -.ligencia," " El CenMurs il
Palmac" " La Filantiaol, :, pres~ed." e:nt
I'i.-eltu, press'd." If a smoker can't
he ouited ont of thin choica lot, hie deserves
to be condenioed to Cie roots," and we
will pass the sentence.
BROKE JAIL.-The Edgefield Ad-er
tiser inionLins that onl Monday night
last two prisoners, Williams and Newv
et eeted their escape fiom their new
Jail. The critne of the ftirner was
Burgil:.ry--of the lator, n0gro steal I Ig
A writer in that paper says it wa.
from the "very calpable neglect of thC
jail' r."
The following act has been
1-assed and approved in Ma'saelusotts:
When, af.r the birth of an illegiti
mate child, his parents have internar
ried or "iahi intermarry, and his fath
or hag aoknov'odged, er skall, trt.,
tie iarriiage, aluk!iwledge him as t h.
cild, sitch child snial be onlasidered
a le-gitimatwo to all iteits and pur
tain Gtineral of Cuba, according t,
one of Lhn now.;papor corrspotidents
receIVie th :orumnal moome of a lit
tle oiver fir h':ndred thoisand 4..
birs, of which aaounlt only 0
!'s regulr sa!xry; *20,000 heing hi:
ru -'ite from thae slave iimportme-om.
.2 t,000 fir m paissport 'ees, 2,00(
11'e the appiltmaents of subordinatt
offic.ars allowance ter extra expense
,1d a.'out *40.000 tronm othor sources
ni i G . ('CNStL AT IIAVA-A.--A
letter from Iavana rep->rts th
Judg Sh:trkey, late U. S. '. mnstl <a
that rort .:i flr his ho::.e, ii.
sippi, on the Cheroke, vhich tiled t
the 2d inst. Col. Wn. R1obertsor
would discharge the duties of Con
z.twrcial Agent until tbe arrival (J
Judge. C!:yton, the newly appoint
awir. Si-n esin I,-aper sold at New Yor
on Prdz:y a 81 ,000 Bind of the W:l..,
Con and aam-hater Rtailroadl, at 93 1.
Ost to'edsightly imfpr.,'veJ in thi:
marhet. t,-. Lay. Sale~s 5' $00 banles
~:ie, t th." week . 9,5dt10 b...M
phi!.~~. 10 8 4, Mi'd-ih:t:
'le ! I, Ni dJI ag 4 )ie:tis 1k 1. _~
fut.t.ehoused Sailes of t he wtm
T h wth B~,4 rituh Rticrj for M-,' h
-t !bdi:.ra tionas and th-- pirmreiple.
ot ~ ii reegn Poiicy, tnasien,, II dPl)y,
I's. Enslish lIzr 'meters, Ru'.:5; The
Reigrn of Peaamle Nove;ist<, MlLemo;r-s U
Fron h Pr --estantis'o, ife under an ItaJ.
tan Dernotism, Glimpijses of ol P'oetry , The
Ili e r instrutjin andi its Represmast:ye:
in Scotland, W.elbngton in te Peninsula
Lay ird's Assy:-ui Discoveries.
Thle RSouthe-n Standard.--B. C. Y'aE~s
z.Y, Esq..j has withdiraws, from th3 Edatoria
decparizment of this mnner, whirh lhe Is;,
L u'nductedi wv th aneh s?ill, :hid d:st'ngr. sh.
e-i aiity, :cand is succeededi by Lgo.tne
'.. Sr'!. .r r, ei: s. ho.ni thet msanagesient a
the 8; mndardih.s for nomn.: time dhevolved,
Th'L. Edinbutrg Review..-We have re
reived fromt the pub'lishers.. in this countrj
Messrs. Leona. iScott & Co., Kew Yorki
the .\ri nuomber of thzm i:noaathly, whicJ
p.res'e:ts th folla. i::g table of contents,:
Albw'' Il..,tory' otf Europo since 1b15~
ilarrage witl .i decased Wife's Sist'.r
' to e i.urcneof England in thme Mloan~amue
Recent Nnvels, Anthali's lusband, Mr
D.sraeli, his character and career, Publia
FKluention, Marcelhas, Memoirs of the R:.
utoratisa., The Income Tfax.
T~he South Carolinian.--The paroprieton
oft this poa':.( andl valuable paper offel
one hal; interest in it for sailo. Thoe Carou
liniana hias a ;irge cireution and an exten
Th'le Fainy Frie::d.-S A.'-1omutt lhb
Editor andt~ Pumb:.ah;er of this widely circu.
.0c I paper ad~ertises for a par-::e!. Ili
present dutica be;ng tmore than his heal
will allow him to bear. We should thini
this a good opportuntity for any oneo wishi
ing to eniter the nIewspatper business.
T1he Southerni Patri'rt.-C. 3. ELFRn
Esq., the junio~r Editor has~ withdsrawr
from his connecti~on with this paper, an<
transferred the proprietorship ton his brotheo
Mr. G. IsaaJsoroN EiFoRD. Thse frditori
al~ departient still continueas under thu
tanngeni ont of that abie and a Qompliabh
V A'
writ. IL' F.Pg rEg
Fi the iernt r"iaru er .
SAEIPt une I Ith 183.v
AI. EDI'r01S Ajs it :s now a welij aseer.
taied fact that our able and etlicient Rep.
resenati - Gol. J. D. Asin'moRE, who lies
scrved uc so long and faithfully in the
I ate L. g'platur lans annouticed hip it.ten
Jon to decline a re-election, allow Mna thle
uste of your cou.mns to uigrgest th. mine
of COL. tIenARD Fuai .t Hresos as a fit
and worthy suceassor oT Col. AsuimoR.--.
Col. lUersos's retired habits has beeintho
cause of his not being very extensively
koawn; but ivs high degr.e!* of intelligence
ob-.uca by his wnor exertions, and under
unfavo:iaie circuinstances, his close appli.
Cute-l; In biasmiesm, his aptiwe to learn,
compreheid and appre ate ti". muaportance
ofaniy s'llo.'ei sumhrined to bia decision,
with a rei:arkably cenr judgieent, peIcu.
Far'y fitt him to succeed one who h-a ao
grent y ditinguishied 1imersel undler sinilar
ceuanstL. .es, anid v. hosae -v-.v ' :iergy
and e.Trt .v! he dire.ted to tile goomi of
hil Stiiet, 1.1O interest n: his cons-4tituetiLs
in general, and espeeia;iy to those of the
po.ie ol thi' SALLMS.
DisTRE'skG Ii oM;ciF.-We loe'.rn
tht, a Mr. Geanes, mho resided near
'Bachelor's lietret.i, inl Piekons Dis
trict, was killed by his step.son one
day lr.3t wek. The old man was un
fortnatuy intoxicated, and was en
gaged in abasing his w;fe, when tie
son ot the latter interfered, and dur
i a fracas which ens--ed, Fltran-d his
ster-funher with a knife so seriosAsly
is to eause his death inl two (or tIhree
days. It i. reported that pievioius to
his donth he Iisistod At his step-son
should not be pinished fi the deed.
urging that he himself piovoke-l the
assault and was altogether in fault.
[A nderson Advocate.
Dz~r.t! oMS. I . P. Pas.To-.
The sianpathy of a wide spread coin.
muntaity of tieids will be sincerely
flt with the Iion. Wmn. C. l'reston,
whk" they learn ithe intelbgence of hik
Almmtiig uerat.venr.nt, 'n the los4 of
lis (1" oted wite. Fo- vears the hand
(f dheaise has borne down his once
statelv frame, and the s.,ace r1f his
uflhring has beeun aasuaged 6y the
tntiri. ;I de-votion of her whose death
We oWA kanA!)oe.. SLe is too w-lf
known for ns noaw too (a nmcrt tiem;.
allude t. the n..'.uirfill tact, that tI-o
:omab his cltwat.I ove'r her niral re
nidos-. Laa iH na Jmistant State,
sh.Z fic: n-y week-+ liy upon the
-coach of disease, ain nothing it the
suistaii inmience of al. mi s de
sire L s once more an aiged and
vad.-ab~e pIarent. could have support.
ed the frai- tuaeneent of her strou.
ioind to rea-h hc r 'nme t> i:,.....
With 0h th' :i iheri-taneo of le Sia
viouir's loive, :and the certain~ht bae. .
the Chri tar., she gen sly-d p~eteful
ly passe- 'away to that, etsnal h,..
'whare tie' weary are ' %.4A e -he
died on Saturdayj .-veiing- lasi, at her
Slimmer lime, near'Colungmbta.-(6
lIonbia B:inner.
The C',lum!>-'a Loanner oif esterday
stays that thet .State* Ba test t'on
ventuion will assemble at Green.
*.iile. ': Satrdvnex. Thre Greo:Iviiie
unJ iumbhia lI ailroiad wilI take, we
unrders-t 'nd, pamssengers as far as WVil
Ii mie 'n, eight aen! milehs from Gft0reen-.
1ille where~ there will be an ample
supply of h..ki and staiges expiessly
tehe -1(eonnunidationi of aill who mav
d- iro o .a;''id the C'onventioin. A
C 'flnn ita. we als'. peiceive., has
',110 appoite. who wili attend tat
ir.' v I-3 i.*'r d's IBook St.,are, on
l;ii-streeat. ->ii the evein lg before.*e aind
the ann '~f the. ar-sembdling of
the Conav endonm tao meet thec delegates
ant I vi. iors and provide for the-ir en,
;2-' t'iliter NI&t t..ur tiollair notes
are le ciiinlationt, of the Bank o.f the
ISt: ofl nia' ih Carot!ifna, (111d le.
I h Wia e Joanal says, re.
aI wl not eat the engravers name.s.
The renera;' .:ppaeart aee sad en
graiveg; of the. e..-at erfeits is mu~chi
coiarsier than that of the genuino, but
the abovwe is the must certin test
It is supposed tha~t a goofd nmany of
&hose bills have aecently been put In
Cnc&ra rs Mssnr'r.--The Vicks.
jburg WVhig, of the 7th instant, says:
There beinug an uinusually large nluix.
b-L r u~ j'anters in at tenddamee upon
Curt- ona yesteolay, we took occa.,ion
to ;rsqture as to the proaspect of the
crops, and we waoe gratifled to leam i
that notwith.>anding the latoness of tbe
sprmng, that the cotton crop promrises
remnarkaly well, anid aaso the corn
erop. A few weeks since, tho planters
ini this vicinity were depressed by the
appaa:eeoef thte crops; and the state
ofthe weather.
W.4sisoos~aa IN Lucic,-A let
ter from DownIev'lle, CalifornIa,
which apapears in the WVashington
News, states that Nathan Fales, .John1
WN. Kraut, James EF. Enniis, and .James
l~oyed, of Washington city, have. dlis
coverod nt extremely rich treasury1
fromi wh1ich they took out twelve thou-.
sand dollars ir. five days. "If' the e-!aiam
holads out ats theyV atilticipaten," says' the
writer, "they will go home niext ful
wvitlah out onei hundred thousand dol.
A Woun i? SEAso.-TheC Phia.
d(lpha Inquirer has. the followinig:'
CTe strawberry, which is inow at the
height oh its perteeotion in our mrarkets,
if applied witni a brush to the teeth,
will remove the tartar miore effectual.
Jy than any dentifrice ever invented,
Give it trial . One or two strawbjer
raies, eaten in the mnorning, will elean'-e
the mouth delightfully, anid with their
application to the teeth as recommend.
Iod, give 'a del eioups fr a ragee to' die
We leait that thie f I
agmnSit S h.iitYteSI r o
Britain ainst -South: Cardlid
sttrtid off sograindmosely, lpijs c
very inmie UAd iplCoenat ed4n j
Orders have beein rece:ved throd
'riih Minikter, that further p
ii ihe, case e decntimted, and tildi,
Counsel be pai 'aland discharged I *
.presumed that the British Udpernin
camne convinced.that.. whatqve' ingh
the decisiun of the ciie before the Sp r8ern -
Cvurt, they could only ina
andi the. roater Iss in t .evedt of -
winning tI e suit',--ia W t a.e
uost certaninly h:ave been follow.
the abrtguion of the law of Inatrh
nit. hut by that. of the reeiprocity .treaty, In
which their complaint wast founded,'
Chirlitm I U '
HAIL 8-r .,-Wo understand 'kha 4
a severe Iil storrni Ittended witl'i, t;3
much wi1: 1, pascd (o ve- seyI ralV f t
pltIitatilon below Colurnaba, J
da rW ddy 3rt.,jui
tensiv - coto and corn.- .Oa
onew: poLanttou, that of the estat'
C Singleton, and on one of
dea&oh s, the corn is nearly d
stroyed, a'i d the cotton is in a sorry
plight.-Columia Banner
Railroad Accld'en
Niw YouR, 18, 18M
An acvient occurred on Erie Rail -
roaid to-<iay, by which eleven people 9
not.tly 1rianh, were killed.
Ricn Ma.--George Peabody, eS" i
the Anieriean baiiker in London, is
said to he weirth thout five millions -
of dolhars. Hue was born in Oinvers
Mass., in 1795, and in 1827 went- to
Euirope to resi., previous to which he
carried on the mercantile business inK
Baltirnie. In 1834 he commenced.
his present nusine3s in London"'
foomerly resided at GeorvetownA D.
C., also engag,-d first as a elerk in th
dry goIds business with his unce.
BIonop C.t Pr.ns.-Thc SoUte-n
(Charl*eston) Christian Advocate of
3rd inst. says:
, snor CAP~ns spen4 *ast Sunday
in tit I ci ly, p-ncmichig morni after- -
noon. aled night with a vigourpf inind
a.1 botly httle inferior to t or
twenty years ago. He is alrely o
newing his youth.
Tim- '4 ip Gnda- was t-ally deitrdyed
by bre in Chaneston last week, togetl.er,,;
with about 1700 :. Jef of cotton, and 375'
bbls Roziin, all of whik h was insured.
SThe tri-ennial COnventior O'
the whole Protestanta Episcopal:Curcho
in this coutry will -met in. New Yt-o
in- October nex-t.
J' The Anoient- City, pUbliShe41
at. 6an Aigqustinie,- says that ton 7-.the. -
14th fit Ma, a s)nI of'.Mr..Fitchabile - -
pick'ng whIort' eberries, was struck
by a: large ratLiesmnake--when- he stal 1.n
ed cnrun, -hut thund- thesalde.Jnd it.Z
Jieane toiie pantaloors'leg. .
and! in-tuirnbhAi o- anid.:s~iiigg
louse,.the snntke steuck, him.six or see.
,-n times.- The lhdwas ahout fbitrteea~t
ofiften years of-rage.- PI' survivedi
bu:t, a few. houitrs:..
iecan says that at gentieman .who -a
erapriod: on both the ouitivatiomn ofthe
tree and-the man~ufacture of- teafrn
their leav'es forn. y-ears;. and sorne of ther
tine e~mloyed tavo. bundred- men eat
the work, hasa left that- place, -after am' n
e*xttensive examination of-the soil and
climate of the South, for China anid he
East Inuies, expresbiy to impotI
st'.ck of younig plants;- superior in ev-~
cry respect to those cultivate. by th
late Dr. Juniuis Smiith-ati Gveenville.
South Carahna. .
TniE Crs-rT. PAL r..PTe New
Yora Herald says of the Exhibition -hu is
hide. fair to make a great show." TIG&aI
perin:endents, t'aptain Dupont and Captaui..:.
Davis, are at their work, allotting spaea
anid assigning Iocatona. WVe-noticedyes.
terd iy in the. building Professor Bache, ot
thme Coast Survey, in consultation with'tise
Superitnent, as to the situntion to-'be~
given to the .nsee instrumecntsaond beauti.
ful mtaps of th-it valuatie branch of.
seerv.ce. **~ *
We leara that the Pgnglislb Coinimuion.
era are not a' all chgrined by the delajodf
thme opening, p'articuarvly is a glives Ethern
the finaest month in the year for travelling.
Mr. Wilson im aff weth CoI, Johnson. fur
the agricultural regi(Ins, Mtr. .Wallis. ri -
gemig to the anuhueturing districts,ax -
I ru El lesmnore s about making a tripa to
Canada, so as to enable them all tqa
something of the country Tefore ttey -r
turn here to the opening, on the6 .l5tW! July
Gettysbu.rg (Pa.) t'intihel states th'at laear~
Millerstown, recently, D~r. S. 1E. Hlaillez
tracted from the right ear of Mr. Joseph
Gelbach two nundred live maggqta.b
seems that a fly or bug entered the doim
or is ear,.wh he iummrediately started i
the phiysician; but before he reached hiuin
to insect hand left its tenement. This oc
ourredi t wo dl.-y, previous to the extraction,
in which time the pat.ent suffereri -intense '
pain. It is suipposed by the physician that2
the resect had deposited Its -eggs- diam
ihe aIort tune It was in the ear.
flower garden, says the Californiant 4
is the baucramaento,- Valley. (Walk 1r
anyv place you please outside the city,
and whercever the plougl~share- pf t1i
hushbandmlran has nout hwOpp, ithere *1ll
you fmnd a bed otf beautiful wild flow
ers of every hue and-~ description -
l'ravellers, by the "way side, at thiq
season of the year.;, are Indeed "tread
inig in~ a ptaaise of beauty,
Mfrs, Sopihia Dodge, of TLay ette~
lndina, thus cautions th :pihp
gamtst her f'aithless spqiue s -.
a villain, havinug stolen unear tw'
tdred dolars fruiq 1 the ip h( ~ i '
1a brute, iav ng been, op
proved ut~itlifl lto his wi~
1s t90 lazy tu W~Qrk, too vulgar tob~
decent, too runch -d~ IM ted to stelI
to be hiont't8g Dde. WM Sai $Id
last accounts,.In lihd aapoh~,.
expeted ,soon dpleavetu-1,!Vk
where.he~ ,will attentj
genten solar a.

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