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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, June 21, 1853, Image 9

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l &tth eitlet- by -he 1' P . Jony
W tes <,'l. DLANEY '.A i T Ni (
to Miss NANCY A. KI: oL.. fa of
this DistHet.
AfAiU~fkED:--On the 9th inst., at
Ao nother's (Mr.- BrhAdfrd)
duse, fie 5tatehrg, in thIa.Di.ttipt
by the-itev. A. L. CONVERtHE, Mr.
Mass M 1. R EESE, all vf Suirater
bfEbi dn Wednesday, 8th instant, at lais
-,esldefice, Ii St. John's, Ilarkley, WILLIAM
SINKLFI', E. .. aged 6S years. It is by a
haild, well used to the warmthI an. fervor of
:it greetlig, tat iltis mourn ful retord is mnace;
- nd R 18 a hntrt hich ha:s been Fasienhly af.
ected by a charneter, full of excelleac... endt
nch in virtua, thAt nlow carries this feeble ex.
pressidl t6 his grav! With the :.tt-ilhItsC of
j Manly strehgi; kk ith a fise intetrity; with an
inherent live of t-uth, with an in-,tinet of what
ihodl'able; and with an impulse to pursue it,
6he respect and the confilonce of other men
e a necessry und involuntary oflering;
ut in the iclal relations of a A ell-spent h.,
those spak, Who to the departed spirit,
were as neighbors; as kindred, as ihmily, at
rhIldrsn! There it is, and in S hallowed pilace,
that the blaridness r.nd gentieness of hi, man
her, the purity df his motive, the tenderness of
his every t'clton are written down otn hearts,i
that tuake do bdast of sorrow, hiat cherish tie
iwnionas which affections will rigister!
Wbo that knew hitit will not jtin in thai
tribute? Whd that uta witnessed ithi reverene
for the old, or fel his protective loniners i'or
the young, or nlit him, as catemporary or as
konlirade, will either hetitate or fahier! Who
that appreciates the delioncy and reimtie:-eat of
? gentleman, or vales te constaany tnd fileli
ty of a friend-who that has ..een i., mil. ..d
generous hospitality, or been the oby::-t ..f its
kItnd and odurteods diepenbziti'n. enA rU -.emher
hh wiithout emsotidai And who tha. contemt
plates the softness and sweetneas 44 demeanior,
wh:clt renders the sternnew mf rectitud.. an'!
,f prin'ciple, th truore imprenive aid the t're
p'ming; wvill. ever marvel thaLt L%-we who
knew him best, loved lis srpusti In life, with
'dut fear and wiahout reproach, in death with
lut a murmUtr or a tremor, has a good Inat
passed to the presence of his Go'd!
DIED very Stidenly in Chatraw, S C., on
the lith tist., at the ro.-;i.lence 'of his mother.
Mr. LODWICK ii. Bll 1, ageo aonit 2
years. . Mr. BatLUur wa one of te .iurvivmg
. tembers of the Paimetto lIegiment.
A nothler Sc .mslific WPma4tr
.1.WOltTAN3' A) DYSt'I'Tat:S
r. J.'d.'Hougaitoii's 'Pepoin, -i true Di
gestive Fluid, or Gasltrie Juice, preppared from
ltennt,, or the Fourth Stomea:a ef the Ox, after
of Baron Liebig, the great Physiolo.
icatl Cemist, by J. S. Ilughton.1. P., PhilaL
kielphiti. ~This i's tidy n wonderful reaedy tor
nildigesi'i, Dy!-pepsia, Jl:n-lien, Liver Con
ilaint, Con nipat'on and Debility, curi': after
Nature's Own Methori, by Nature's Ownn
- 4genEI, fte Gu.tric Jutce. Pamrplets, contains
ing Scterltlfic evi dence of Its valhe, :i7lxnied
by agentis gratLi-. Se notice ano-g the men.ita
t v Irtisenentm, 8-1-y.
ulziulredso, our.citizeus complain of dehilj..
:tuf&itU niour. of thIl' system, lerag-umenL of
the live' trnd sttonih, want of-atLi.tite, -.
they ta.-.lhzqItently the - result of -mo close aui
plicationa, and a theaisand-.ouaher ea':se< we can
tiot here name ; but we would say to all affliet;
eti, do as we have dione--get a b'ottle er two or
Dr, Inobflind's G:rman hiitter, pnipared by hir.
.Jacksoti, :nhl our word ir i yon w ill he. ciurl.
WVe teeommetnd this mediceine, knowintg from
experlene? that It is touch superior '.' lio gue
rality. of patent medicines, We mvtald say to
our readers, purchased nnne unlers prepared by
D)r. G.-M. Jackson, Phil'adciphla., -iJ.y I
.rhnusanlit of parents: who u s Vermailbge,
comnposed of Cnstor (lii, Calonmi, do., are not
aware, that while they appear to b'nefit the pa
tient, they are actually laying the fooindation fort
& reiles of dises, auich as aivatio.n, tors of
eight, weakness of imbs, &-c.
In another column will be found thec a'lver
tisemnera of Alohensack's Mlicinsr, to which'
we ask the attention of all directly intersteai
in their own as well a. their.Children's health.
CaIieaoplainta and all disorders airi,:ing
fro thse f . b-liustype, shioub'l make use
of the only genuine medticine, liobennack's
Liver Pills.
37 " Be no* deceied," bu-t ask far Hohe n
sack's Worm S9yinp Livir end' PitlZ, and the
serve that each his the signature of the Ir. prie.
or, J. N. IIOBsmsa clc,U a none eiie are genuine
Agust. !O0 . 42-ly.
Mr. .Editor: Please an
noneChl. R: F.-lIICKSON' as a cani.
datal'io represent Clai'emaont Coauu y i' the -
net3X lwwgislature and olige
~ lhh~4.MA~N Vo-T.:ns.
Sumnterville Male
TPI(lI nori~e of' tto abo'vcetiit :aio,
.t I i e reanituer alu ibJo(nday, thae *chd bin
Tenns -ts laureto-foaro.
Ney to the roll cal),.habe t k. ian ,:Lection for
~Captam of the-Ciarea'at Tlop, wich
inlL he haebt in Symtecrville tan ti. tsecond'
.fnoldayi~n Jo y next.
#3y .dr'der of.
berg't. IH. N. liRAD)FORDj,
--1 0i3'. M 1)UR~ANTI'
|f7' 'oll to (open al 10 o'c!oejt A. M.,
Jiuns 24, 185i3 34--St
notice to contracters.
''hdre'illh h' a Ir.:tirLg at King~stree, on
4JDNE~ShA Y the 39tLk itis., of all- the
U~ ntelirae of tuaj North Estr
taiUr~ond emblraed heltweeni JEaingstret'
Aid e Wilmitgtoin apd Maaqayter M~ail
Prifiles ata d Sporificottias may h teen
at thi )~incer's Ojlice, nea Grnu ,o
- -- .1.j fITGER;
-- C'hief E'nginaeer.
Gara-hanta' Roldl,- - '
no -- - t
hG1 1' 1;G51(It1001,1
Richmndn Count y, N. C.,
REY. 3. JONNE S\MYTH, A. M., Prine'l.
'T'he s aed r n of this I- Iitu *Oi
ill m~iimmee or .\ondav th 11th Jurly,
T'I-' Ha;;bl School lasd ofready taken it,
pomuona aonwg tile very first Classical rnd
Mathematical Schoolv in the country.
Vithout. any reeourso having been had to
-pecial means to bring into notoriety, aid
-with- a I.imaiple dependence upon ite own
in.irnic nurite, it has now grown into a
'Few iataitu.;os :ns the Anid eVanl presem~
stich stroa.g claits lor patronage front an
intelbajent cotnmunity. The ability nud
experien- a of the Irineiv;.; - he large, airy.
aid hanidsomne butlding-'heir peculiuriy
healthy Oand pleasant location; lte entire
exclptona f"Iur every inenvotive to idiencas5B,
or Lemptatio;i to v.ce, :t the hig.;hly nmorni
.n iJ ri!higiouis infli.e.ie of the aurit f:id nig
nrfe~E thhorhiaod, a*.* :'0 nr.hiary~ r.conntnrent.
d :mu to parents aid gtiantdirsf whoa de.
airre a time uid lea.anat houme for tL.eir
chiiren or nv:.rd:,.
Tee Trn es ass4ure the piblic, that no
la:bor or exnenise wili be spared in procir
ing every thitg requiite fr the inqtuectu.
al .,IId pl'Sical i-bin. f f th1 studets.
Map, Geogar-iphical and Asiaonurni.al,
tIObCs. Pliosopitdliela arai oitner a;.paratis,
ulfficient !t.r every purpose oh illustration,
re now '.rered ia.iU uild be at the Ii.Ii
St li0)! iin a Iew weekv.
'i a wii ie Tru. r.es appeal to vhat
they have already done as a proof and
guarantee iof their d-ternination to omit
no'inag in the organizatiot tid w r ing of
it w hol. w)ieinti wo ial prei nt it hum b n, e.
wnaL I- -6 railed, a I b.lh School itl e:, y
sense of lie tea-in,
Ampe ftacommod..tnr are fi nid ly
Ce Pranao m., at. weboh ats ny she nost re
4pe..tu:l je f~anil.e 4 it) tnc v 'am;ty.
.aks, St.xtionevry, M&., are furni.hed aL
toe 1-.etteviihe priacae.
I'l-'.RAiS A.\'! CO(JNEr- OF' STU11I)Y:
The stidentm wil b. dlvded into threes
gr - ',s. Thec 1-r. o, 1.r pi ina..ry depar tm.:t
Minahh waie ti i agh:3 the elementary
brmudc.... of Stp: h, Ro..ding, W,-,tn ,
aaa.i the e~lite ios t Ari'mtic.
T-irm t Or r -' *na of five months, $b 0)
bl'cOND :
Englr Grammar. (1 Iehell's,)
Anithmetic, (Gr. itumaf '.;)
.-hematics, (I'earee or Da- f
vic a.'Vearsa,) KmA;h ona t 0I
Gla.1, II ..tery, :ompositin
aniu ludaictif., Latmi , J
A ory.ploli Enal and Calr'ea
EId uc. , a w it:i Natu ra., Menta l,
and~ :era S.rencat', - - - - 20 Oi
Fc.r er' ace,. German or Spriah, IV JI
Board, Wal-mshmg, &.., (et.-Itulive t,:
iights.'.) - * . .) Ot)
h.nmr t ld T itio., pavab.i, oie. .:
alie' (coatt at ate a - na' l th .''.,e..::i, tiny.1
oler .L iaII!e ,
a'' r n : :' mfor'nati. a ddres
Prainil I;r eIIther Wf the Trr;u1tea .at
Laurmhuargl' '. (0., ieia:, .a t',.mn't.
INor~lh Cmohona,
P .JNUAN %rT.\Ak 't!N.
MI'DOCK lcK!%Nh1fN.
I (C. \eL. RN, Tewte,
D. C. SE\'VA:t-.
O)M. It 11) 1)tN,
i). 5CNael...,iRN
Jur o e.155: :d4.. '
Snerinf's E ales.
iaY v'rau orC a,! n ~*r1 Executionas a,, n
ji dir. -ted, '. a . 'T. .,ii' at A na:r C.,
A luums., a.' the I st .Iltuby ;anda day fujw
aog mr ,iuly aneX!, wiat i. ega hour
ot sUCe, ta ther i oghe-t hid-r 4.1' or ciasha,:e
fol'owilii g ij.l.:tv. Purhsr o; y;.
I h-,rso l-: -aid oan a lte :,rfipaert v of4
P. MUkoy --t the nait aea I' . C.'(.'een &.
Co , vs. Mt. Il.v & J-.ne--.
2 1 ior.<es, :alad I Watgon ianta Gaaers :',.d
someha T1 a ,;arer a, 1 Q i It, I :Hal.:, I $haee,
.and Ii lhoaket &.., aevajd ona as aum : rap.
cray of Rt. J1. Pr. -e at th- :41 n;. the Sa:e.
I hto rse 1ev .ed on aas a he pa..i."rt ' of C
S. Limsbee ker nat thte Muit oh V. \~ehab &
1 Ner.ro le'vied oan aas the .aroy' rty of
Th naa. ( er ..a ait athe .ut or J-.a. T1. a *taa.
aaningd c.a--ea.
I Negroa.vie- uP i. si.e Ii,rrtya, .
F. Butler at 'im' sinias of Ji. S. r !. :33.; (,
E. I). P'rmagle & Co., :mdta J. J. IHerr7.
i ha rae and wag. na levied orn the a..paer
ty of \V. 0. Ii. Do~ugheLrty at th~ siuit or A.
1:atereaj. at Steam .\ .. 'ei s: .in 'ot thre
prop.'rty of Tho'4 als J. C'a.| ara *at tw <uat
June , 1, 18-'5 3 --..
Engraving, &c,
OWVING( to theC darlieaily oft coIhe--lt
small accouta, the su br'coberr wtii d iin.
foerma the puhhble. that whuriia h.:~ is 8 tr
-h ana..I ,or thei'r patroa:ge hae a co:ang..i
ed to woark burea!terfo~r c.lrsa oily
C. WV. ItA VIi.
Janea 1-1, 18.53 is.
For Cash, And that only !
The chl.'apa'st ( 1cOCEI S ever aialdl
mt balpoterva Ce, caa an e mat 'iroen G( )RDO;,
& CSO., at !)r. Meih-t:taa's ()I Ntand.
- -- -- a.sj
prov'ed Brarnds at ale wo rr, og'etheacrwah i
P'reeserved Frua ala da mna~.rt kimdsh, Svenaas,
iV ti,&c. :1 are of al th t pauhhe ,'a r,.
" i s dlas ' 1i, f'.n' :h-d it is acopaiaa('
bay the CAXSH, but jnot 'h--rws..
G;uRiDON & CO.
ATT. ''EN TI 04:
air Jtly, throse whou wiih tol conrtainte
.-pLaat to) grae arr notice-and ihose who
wilh in En~jte.r do theo s:amo. Foir h berah
patroniagei extended io me', I man graaefual anad
aihaill corttinute ary *'jirrts to please- Nav t0 (d4
baeater..--Air to anIiilay to tteach,' I refaer to) alny
of ary acaaolarsa.
Sumirtetrvjlle', .Junre, 1-ah 18Z3. 3J3 if
S3omothing Entirely.New
Sa the wt'ay of be'alcs' aia:I Genrtomaena's
Onitors, Ladies' Walking Snoesfa, (smera
thing fine) Misses do. i:l a genrerai as.
sorttent oaf (Geats. htie ltoots and Shaoea.
I: an) L~aauihs i to ge 1:. latest etyle
oIf (rait~rs aand walking shoes out, juast call
JTune 7tle im. - ~ '-.- .
Gett Excitement
Fov One Week Longer.
W. A. WE LLMAN, would respectfu
ly aniount.e to the Luiies and Gentleine
'f Stuno orvilh id 'einity i.hti he )!.
Opelned oumns at the ahove y ace, wasr
he will remain one week longer, and h
wo-iuld be happy to wait on all who ma
feel disposed to improve this opportunit
to obtain onle of hia unsurpassed minin
turer, as it may be the last that many r
you Inay have to obtain one of those inval
uable nementoe. l'ictures taken in clea
or c~oudy weather at the lor price of Tw
A good assorttncht of fancy cases an
lockets on hand.
May alth, 1853 30-tf
Butler & Newbery
Would M t respocr f,:"y infor en theri
friens that th-ty h ive ju~et received an ad
dir iojiaJ 4sri k 'af
6pring Goods,
conaisting of Tissus, Blerege kLainer
<olored Siiki, and M3ulin4, Moiininj
Ginghiamp, Berege Lawns -ind Muslins
Emitroidered Collars and Under SleeVe
I:te Denihiu, Osnaiburgs and llonesputnl
of therv kind. The above namied article
w" will sell on accoininotlating terms. !J vi
Is a cill.
June 7ti. 1853 32-tf
The 'Real "Simon Pure."
WOULD respectfully intornm his pa
tnnis .nd frind , and the public generall
thait lie has received an additional Stock c
Wallches and Jewelry
frnsh ro.ni Baltinore, of every desc ior
o a;tterns arz eat and dIurabae as an
which have ever been brought !o this inar
ket. 1: prces aro low mnd his article
All kinds or repairing done in the neat
est matiner, ard wth lrtli prop ness.
lie respte'r- fily SOle i:r tIhe patronage 1
the pul.ie, as hI is ready rn sit tIe;ni
eve:y i.'spect.
Ma y :31. 153 31-tf
I vll p-y the al w reward to any pei
Fon who %.11 anireliea' : J! Ldge in ti
Suintervidi, Ciar'cstn, Cohunbia a
CGmdei Jail. .) that I can get him, im
.an P'll.!PH LIP, a Tailor by trade. wi
ranaway -7 , Colitliia ab..ut the lot
Ma rtb at Sa;d 1- I ,- muta'.t
ia ' tive feet nin inichet!. I -., rat hr
s ih 'tt !ni- I-is a Largri .e.noter
hba chin. i- e r:.ty chiange h e an
d . ity l.e ..lnigs 1.: N - b
ieJto) le ii C hrietniii, as he hr. el;
I v !,hre, iwl he may have a pass a ih
Lci r;y "asny prtenrP one.
MhiN S. 1:iIARDSON, Jr.
. L4 Iy - ,1 ~2-4t
' Camnden Journal copy t'vice, C4
ui' I t tuner one tie, and send bilis i
this Ollice.
F.1M ahc ti;,-rolbnr two veai
go niy netrr, wonus MIRANDA, cor
sa'erabh- atbr .. tl~ h-cotini I-ze, e f dar
~ornykXioni, somicwha.t itf rotnali no0e wvit
bo~s or onei th .-r' a nd tl (JIite in-el~ig'i
whlen sli .ken iio; ai ht-r .son TOM).s h:
d~Oino.:5)i te.'vry d:.rk,. about l~ veor
'Id lwih highl a :d soi'newhai~t rece'edii
i-sea' n .iallI scar over -t on~rf his em
.rlha: ieeth ieni a sC..l dildrty3 of 'o.
of u hi addb' niN. Thjeni twto are sn11
posed-i to bei about Chlsarieston Ncel as th
in a wny six~ r"(ti ha einete rh nir 'r
. r\C!, ab~out ski years or :;e,' yen,
ctsnple.eern, ae.o tite 'rdt. wry size, wit
t rii .- . ir ti.,'. -ifii f iam bing enti
ciii'':. gint, anil iblaci mole on her ince.
A tiberal rewautrd wi!i l~e gi eni for the
aLifrebnC on'i.i andl !odgmennt i an iy Juil I
the. a>t e.e soE thait I ca get tem
J. L. MEI.1,TT.
May 10, 1.' 22t
$20i Revard,
6 i AW , 3a tu~layt
wi. hi i ind-ut , ,aout, ih-e feet thre
or fo,.r ins he. high. toleriably sut ha lnil
about twet -> yea''frs (ti with !i rab-''
bghit coalio (ed hair. hais a ve 'y Hiuly ty
im-acand answ--rs qicik :and ithie
when sp;okco io ; said b:.y has a slim u ti
foil, htis hu.tds -hiort iawl ithictk, chobb
liingera. l i . ha, thet. scar 0. :i b:;ter ii
.s '.rehd j-'ist abosve theii eye-btr'wt,, hi
mayn~ try o ide it by i niarmlg hia caip,
hat downi ov'*r hi iorchad. lie will I,
sutre te ;'a-e ibs'1l hr a wi.:'e mantf
hie is ve v white, a n od~ hai en taimggrc:
enre of' .., ~an tii 1 n4 5'innetati. Wheni hi
Jlt I -- badia cli caip, biaa,-h: t'oat and
dlark colo'red! p. r of pia.'.. IL b will hb
ie to chainge his enp and c*loties ats so
as h-- cani: he' also iiewis ha hair in Ir"'
icraighit dosyvi to hlet the scar o: the lib
tar lije i., a il oeiii:ker by trade, thiog
he tiny a tgo at th I s' .s, expecti i
it Ite will be so .niiertisedj.
i'he: above's r'watrd o'j Twetnty D~ollar
vill be paid mor hits dea!Iverv ~n any' Jul
1wheitte. lie wtill be sn re' t give hiimse
hiraid let v'lle. Sur..ter D):.i: r.et, S. C..
Maty :,ihin, lIr'3 ;
zetute puibish lia e ines.
Dry Goods at Cost.
Thle ."u scriber l'nm di'o: te ruine uit
i'lose thit anch ofi'1 haI bw usineis, all'ers Ih
lsarge and well selecteda stoc'k of
Doaatic amid F~a ar'y Drn
.At coot, either at Whrtdesale, or Iletail.
To oine. wihing to cnouience' ia husm--s
this (lit ro a r.-ro oppiortuity. 'To an a1
l'r..'ei purchse;r, ilie terms will be ver
Special Notice,
All ptersonts m debtied to ime eithe linI
Notte or Aeir unor utherwie a0ire ntitii
thtat pilytt.aut M1UN ' le st..de by thle 25
May mait., as 1 am in want of Yundis an;
muast have a
May 3 lar . '47-.,
One Do& Wo.at of A
Offers for sale on rea
and well selected st4
Chemicals, Evan's Lan
Dye-Stuffs, Silver Lan
Paints and Oils, Scarifict
Window Glass, Stoaa
Spirit Gas, Brea
Best Vinegar, Bri
Varnishes, P(
Shaving Creams, 1
Bet quality of Medeira and I
For Medical pu
Genuine C(
Thomsonian and
Together with a variety of otii
of Drugist
(t-J3 All orders put up with
May 24th, 1853.
Browning & Leman,
INo. 209 avid 211 Kinag Coraise
I W1l utler to FAMILIES and-l'LANT.
RItS visiting Charleston this sprng th<:
STAPILE DRY GOOD)S that hasi evel
if beco otl'ered lor inspection in this eity.
I 'hey in.-ito an examaiination and nssure
their friends ,nd purchisers generaily thai
their prices will compelefarrably with an
Market in the United States.
Terms Carh or City acceptance.
Suecessorm to
C. & E. L. KF.nRsoN & Co.
r May 10. 4 1 -- f
o All persons are hereby cautioned not ti
,r tiale far, or receive in payment of an1
Sdlebt, either or both of two Noes given I
d I the subscriber to It. J. Price, the , one fn
two hundred aid fifty dollars, and the oih
er for two hundared and twn dollar,. as sai
e Notes given for two separato tracts of haa
were to be paid after siasad and lawful title:
were n.ile to ine by Price. which condi
tion were put in writing and are now it
il y poss"s-on, an11d which contains thi
a further undersuindng that in the ev'ent b
ls failinLf as lie has done, tor-r:'ke snel
titles ie would firfeit the-artonats &c.
April 3, 18-3 27-tf
A Lj Watchmlatn copy.
South Carolina,
* Sumiter District.
S Alsey 1I. Itainsey ) 13ill for Par
vs. tition of Ret:.
e Wialliamn .tila~ron, Estate Mlasol
-et al. j Spears.
yr appearing to irny satisfaction thi
William Adkerson, Sarah .\dkerso,a Mar:
"g'aret Adt:'.rsn, IJ:i nptona Spaears, Jameit
v S. Spaearrs, Petnelop Crabatree tand -
hi Crab~tre.e, her husband, Amrelia White a:n.
" White her huian,:, Ahnira Site
anid - ites, her htushzandr .Iohni Col
r linis atn'l Mi rtha flit ier and Buthlr
" lher hausranad, parties Defendants in the roah
catse, all1 resrice beyond the Irma of nIa
:,tate. ft is ordered that thre said partie
dto appar :md na I e-d, demu',jr, or an.-wer t
- the said Bill within tharee: mn~i:tt from i
liret rubbhcioation11 of thIis order, arid f'.all.
to do no, the said birP wval be taken par
e cottf' ra- : 1st themi.
Comrr'r Eq. -. 1,.
' geomissionars Ofae
A pr il 4th 1853 23-0m
Increased Stock
John O'Comr.
Who ha- mrade new impjroveme:tsa an,
conasrder ably enalarged his store, and -sno
r rerervmrg treshi goods biy every~ tn a
rs ndoflis o hepublic for theasom
mier mointh ls thte folawmtg arta('h-s low~ to
Oranrges, Lemtra.ms, Pm plsada h
traiceal friants; talso a hine assoartmai~mt c
.V Toaccaeo iiard Ciag.ars, with a che lt a
Ih VF:an ly G;rocere. ralso a lar;:e Ntea
iPick led 5: Tran1 amiu P'reservesa, F!oinr n
S thIe best brandas warrrantaed, iaom a large le
n. of II:n ont at which lie reeivea; a nrewsu
It ply week ly. All of whrich lh gurararrtee
to sell at the lawast rates tor eaa-h.
-Cheap Grocery.
ilE Subsacribecr havin g aainaal :. gr>
-- ceary mraicrtanath th Ir wn *Patr lall, de't .a
keaepmiarC consatly 1'on hianda, a a..iplt- a
haeavy articles, saieh as
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour
. CANI>Lj,J'. l'TA'iT)O'S, &c. &ce.
in t-it hrttle a,, abnonst evearyth ng. that i
gooda tra eat; all oh wh'ie'-.. wdil bae mi~a lov~
tiar cash, oar in exchan rge tonri iutr pra
dluce. il proises to atten' toa has arwi
'huiness,~ -,adi ho~pes lay at teinsg NtricthI
thiereto, to receive ai lbheral share of pa
For Sale.
15 """' ar ' of Vti""tr*"ia and Man
chester RaIl Road Cohnalany Stoc
or~ saln person dlesirois of pm chirsing
said stock will please call Can the siubscri
ber at his office in Saumorvillea.
J. I1. N. H AMMET,
March B, 18001-.tf
ARGAN, & 0
A I S T S,
J. oses'"'New Store.
sonable terms,a choice
)ck of
2ets, Perfumery,
cet Cases. Flavoring Extracts,
.tors, Gelatine, (variety)
ch Pumps, Hair Oils,
st Do. Fancy Soaps,
Ishes, (all kinds) Pens and Ink,
.ssaries, Fullsses, Toilet combs,
'aper, (variety) Lemon Syrup.
' CA.S- it OIL.
"ort Wine and French Brandy,
rposes Expressly.
i Liver Gil,
Patent Medicines.
er artices, comprising the stock
or Physician,
neatness and dospatch.
Of V. I. N...attET are de-irous of tl.
ting him -in ninmiatioi for the Ollice of
Clerk of Ihie cur.t of Suimter District, at
the eoing elactbon.
Ny215 3. 30--:tf
Business Card.
Cotton Factur. and General Commis.
siont Merchants.
D 13. McL.AURIN. Esq. will give per
Iasmisn and special attent-on to the in)
terests anil orders of his friendi in thi:s
S-.ate and1 tihe adjoinIilg Counties of North
Carolina, wfio may favor these fIuses
w:I.ht their ptronage. Coisirmnmmle,**ts of
produce to the ! louse in New York, e;thier
ly way of Charleston, Georgetown, o'r
Wilmington, will be covered by insurance,
r if notice of the shipment be promptly giv.
- May 3, 183 .27-tf
Do not Defer, but Come if
Mr. REICH. Merc'lant Taitir, beg
leave to mform the gentleihen (of Sumter
ville and District that he has just returned
with a apeidid amortment of
Cloth!1, CassimncrQs, nDap'd cte,
Ves.tmngs, &c. &c., and in short ever thing
ti; is require~d for: a fgIl <<uit. llavmng
mnaide the choice of. is goois himiself, he
dotiths not btit. wviat. })i c'in suit the momst
faistiius. TIhiere is nio use to have your
cloths made m ChaelIoston or b~y Yankee..,
whaen-yiu can ha e themt made as stylish
and as weli if niot better than anywhere
else. right nt hioiii, andi this Mir Rb-tn
promises to do, nay, he wdl add tha, if his
wiirk is not turned out at least e'qual to any
Ii one in tis contry he wi'I not charge
-anythmrg. As4 for his picef they shall he
s n' New York rates. All he asks is, give
- , him a trial ! ! Comec sooni and pic. dut
I 50ome of :- se beautiful Piants andi Vest
, ;i tel, itwill .'oon)t be warm and youl'. wi
-wait them..
,Mr. I:teit liven next door mo John F.
IIIaynlawortti almnost o~ppostite Dr. WAzther.
A pril 26th, 193 20-tf
S China, Glass And
Direct Importations.
A S ju~t received dlirect from the nmn.
-fncurers in ngland atnd France,
land by ncent ves&'eLhm (ro:: the Northi, a
w ry coimpletj mid vaired lssortmnent of thte
abohive najnnd t()O00?, comiiprlismg all I he
new' Patti ins amnd shapesu; amin- which
-are be-st'
r Ciuao tinwh~l a se* - rr rtie;
Blue andi other Colored W. ri, of new
F rench andi higlih C7h'na, newv ishapes,
plain Waite, Gold and decoirauted;
i Rih C'in a i).mn'r aml T'ea setts, and
baanit ifui Fancy Art icleas in the hue;
CX.', .\"oaldered anid Pohishjed Glaissware,
f ev :ry kind;
D~y, n's Pa;tetnt Camnj-hene, S:ore, Oflici,
and Parlor Laimp, a supmorii at'icle;
Webib's P'atenit (il aiid Lird Lamips, a newv
articleg giving grieat light and br illit.ncy ;
TaTas, biest ITble Cutlery andii Pa;
ted Caumors, Spoions, f'urks, &.
Il~i.lou eepings art iclers, in great variety;
Crates of assorted Wares, of de,;irablo'and
new istyles, biy Wholesa le;
sI'aiekages of Tumblers, Flaks, &c., low
ling compZet arang iimnts for obtain.
ng ouir Goida direct tremi the minanufac
jtttur'rs wn car. and will eibr rare indnee
,i.f0, oither by Wholesale oir Retail --
,Oriders attended to prohmtly.
Columobia, April 12, i8[23 21-..f
1Executor's Notice,
All persons having dlomandsii agaiflst the
Elstamo of i;e Iato Cjol. John J. Moore of
Sui~mer Distieit, aro reqnosted to hantd
hem im proporly attesated to the stubscri.
hors, aii l i!h loSe indebted will make
p ivyme .t to ie s:uiii.
J1. ii. Moog, xeutrs
Fine Cigars and Gard en
Kept coinstantly on hand by
Dr. WV. JAS. D'ARG'AN & Co.
ALL .Jrdent 'Indebted to ther Estate o
Rev. Janeu Newbory, doceased, either by
Note or Account will rnake immedinit pay
ment. And those having eran.aaLe nains
it mame will render them in properly at.
tmsted within levi limn to
April 26th, 1853 '6-tf
W5f Darlington -Flag please copy
3 months.
Samuuteville, S. C.
Reopectfily informs the people of Sum
ter District thnt he has juat receivri and
now offera for sale the beat. selected andJ1
most choice stock of
Spriang amad Summer Goods
Tliat cannot be surpassed by anything in thui
market. lie hag received many new stylee
which purchasers would do well to examine be
fore buying elsewhere.
V E S T I N S.
A full artd large supply of Hosiery, Shirt.
Drawers, Gtoves, Suspenders, Cravats, Hand
kerchiefit, &c. &P.,
A large assortment of ItEAI)Y MA)E CLO.
TlING, which will be sold low.
&A' Gar:nmns tmannfactured by the subscrl
ber, and warranted to give matisifaction. Or
ders from at distance promptly attended to.
April 12th. 1953 2t-tf
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware A] anufactory.
JAMPldS If. DU!Mwnb respectfiulb
inifo n the citizants ol Stmitorvi'le and the
surromidin! cornmrv. that he is now opeint
ina a TIN MANUFACTORY in Suoter
ville, and is now preparod to fill all order
in the tin liue. Merchants will find it ti
their iiterest to purchase their ware frona
rme, as I intend to seli lov and warrant al
th4t I sell.
VOR' K i-x-cnted with promptness and ii
a w.-manii:.'manner. The enah wii
be expeted in overy insinn-n on frnishin
or desiverinig of overy job. I intend to bel
cheap and :or th, cash only.
Feb. 811h, 185'3 15.-tf
Of Dry Goods
'Which for vari-ty, quality, newncss of styleg
and cIeaLpea., tuerit the attention of every
boly, some of which we here enurnerate
Plain colored Canton Crape Shawle, at $5
Superfine Cant Crapel Shawls with oxtra hear
friniges, Rich E-.mbroidered Cant Crape~Shawil
Superfnae French and Ilkrlin Wool, HIentadale
Tyne ail hay State.-Double, Fuvir faiced and
Long tSlaIs. 1f the heaviest dez'criptliro. I len
vy 10.4 tgaaare Wooien Shawls of the followin
styles : Santag; Jenny Lind, Floreneu and Bay
Water. French IEbroldered Thibet, Brochia
worked, Janiquard Inom worked and pIai
.Thibet Shawls In choice variety. Embroidere
'an on Crape. -liroche worked and Pari
-printel Mantles and Scarfs.
Plain and Figured BLAcK Gno'D RLyI
SILK, Plain colored gro'd Nap and Mlarcelint
Silks ; Striped and Plaided Wath Silks; Plain
Figured,. Striped'ano Plaid Alous. D-Lains ir
the latest style, and richery dlyes. Scotch an'
English prinated d'laines of the handsomest pa
riety oif colors. FrEscar, Gr~aMA N an~ Eso
LItIn MEsR t OCof the nmost cnpesriorgqualities ant
colors. French and Engilih Chtintz patrol
Calico., Best qtahitIes and makes of .Ameri
can Prints. Col'd Orgapdies, Frrench Crasp
Lie-e, IBarege., (rape LD'paris lliinin, Sill
Tiasiuesr, &c., for evening and ;Ball wear. Als
just received, 132 of beautifully Enbroidere,
Swirs Muslin Rtobe paitroni lDrreses, each otn
havmng a Faulhion Caru attached..
~Extra suaper Fasen NEEDr.E. CutEMtsETTEE
of the riehet dlescript ions and fintest quality.
Priaen fromt 37 1-'g to $10 a piece.'
Rlichest anid latest Cty lee Frencht needle worl
LACE and 5JisaaN COL.LARS in a very larg
Superb NEFn.c F~dnaotDacaD L r N E
CAManrIc HANiK.:ncaiitsrs, also a superior as
surimentn of plain ditto.
Cambric and Swiss MuSiN~tr EnGtNes
Fnz i.t.s, flhsa~s,.ssat:Nus, &c., of the Ihe.
auueities and newest styles of Imported Needl
Superline White , lilackl and C'old, WORST'
E) A N!) LAMBlS WODL Stockings, of t~h
Extra Colored, White and Black, Englia:
Sruui Stz.d Stockings. Biest qualities Eng
ljihh .lonA v:.SN S'tocxix<,, Bilack and slate
Coiloredl. Eitrai (ine and heavy gnalities hm
ported French anid'Englishb SiLir STOCEINGS
lilack and Whiit-.
Finest 9nmliie Fr.NCi LtsiJ fTauAt
Open L'luked and1 plaini Stocking.. Black, Slut t(
11i ue 3li.sed, 310de Colors an', Suiperior . qualj
ties W~iite Enaglish Stockiniig of the cele brate,
F romn France tand RlOL Urojwn, limndls.
Eritra l'iue and heavy gnzahities of Gentle
men ia L:NiEnI Sit:arTs and DhawCRg of j~amh
Woaol, .Saxony, .Merinio :a'id Stockinet. Imn
portedl, L..eiii UNDr.R Y Esra of 'leritno ani
Gauze Lambis Wool. L.antrs ANni - aNT:
Gt.ov Er, of Sil'i. Slerino, Ki.', Lisle Thread
Kid niake Silk, 'egov~ia. Coittont and othet do
scripitions. La~rge andl fnll pssortme.nt of UPNs
'rI.EiV.Na, F~esuosAusx -Sinias, Cost,r..as
CRv~,ANti lOClr.T ItANt)N~itcsr
li.AN t:4rs, L~ombaln liath, I biflield's an
hairy, F'reinch 31leno anid Engli'h llaane-a
Snpe rfinte Embolazsed Cliiith rand VaIctogla II;
malLks,T'AnILE ANtI Pt'IAN Covrits.
.Blest ipmilitiea of hiriawn anal White TAntll,
D)Asirxi, DiyltLe, NArKt Nil, liWTowrs, AN,
lanai. LINENE AsN SiirrTNai, or ua oil(
(oTTo.' Goonsa, Ticklinga.,3.4 4.4 and 12.
Trown Shcating<, E-'pt aaies Cito ,rm Clitlin
hamn-, .rat inets, Ctaiimores, Voiatings, hrfoui
It will he woarth your whilo to oall atnd ex
atunane beture puarchasing chr~lehere.
~22l King- .st., (hmald) opp.) the Big Blaoo
Charletont, Jan. 241, 18531 13--.tf
.Clarke & Brother.
-, Who have .inust ras~relvedl per Rail Road
line asssortmnt of
Fancy Groceries.
C'omprieinig PIckle,, P'reserved -Iriti I, Cigara
C~ade, antd a choice lot of Chaewinig tobaece
to whiceh they aivite the attention of th'e cili
zetns of tis District.
F'ebruary WI, 1853 . l7-tf
PERSONS wishai vel~ickhes of an
kind, can bty them of E. Dixon, at. Sumotei
v'ale, ais chtoop as can be bonuliht in Charles
ton or elsewhere and warranted to rstand.
.A Pril .19th, 185'd 25-If
ButrLardlBacon & Cori
PRINIEr untain Butter, (in smili Firkint
do. - do. - JafLard, do.
North Carolina Bacon,
re.......2 ......185..
-, Te followIng gentlemon' haviAM
rinted and comm~ioisioned A~i
106olneY th'GovelMor aind Connasoil~w
chief, Wb the rank of Lieutjant'
will be obeyed and reepeese (
By rder.
Adj't and InseYGne1
March 8th, 1853g
Segars ! easH
iUST received from Bahino
1w5,000 Segrs--dd ehie irands
May 10th, 1852 28
Law Notice. tjc
J B. N. HAMT A.:
Office next door to J. B. & R. C. . DebA
New-% York Store.
March 22, 1853 21-f
Something New,
anl excellent s~ubstitute for E >somn Saltai-s
Pr.-paredl and sold by
D~r W. JA.S. DARGAN & Co.
M ay 24th, 1853 8.,.tf
Tooth Powders.
PrepLred after the valtiable reeipt o
Dr . . Dargan, eutst, and for sale -
May 25t h, 1853 21- if
Dry Goods for Cash.
253 KING sTE ,
CareStPow . C.
PrE hae in conformity wth the spirit
of the times adopted in ouir business the
system of low Tarill and Csvv4 Prices, and
orer to the city anid country retail and
wholb-ale trado every varietyof goo0ds inl
our hine-P1INTS, MUSL ,iSILKS,
GOODS-of all kinde-GLOVES, 110f
SIERY, &c..&c. We shall be constantly -
receiving thle latest and miost furhionable..
styles 01 goods, and It is our determiation
th it our stock in point of Styles and Assort.
ment shall be tins urpassed, and in cen
ness of price unequalled by any in the cl
iof Charleston. We have made thin chang
mi our, system of business fromi our; 're
ferchee to the siall but more. certain re
turn lfi tN'A11 W MLIPNC, raLthe
tha that .-of thel lowdshilling, and n t
beiefI' that the publi callnnoantly per
rceivn the ates itd ost turhinbea.
stsOu bu sins d wi be conrdcteda som a to -
tens. ur tocin n ti onfidee anid we apt.
peat direcll the isrpjudgmudent Threogh
neouricetinsqaldb n in the vaiosmaktyof
Erope Cartn of thisoutr wae posss he
alrtl/ tnd the will t oe etarinary~
tinducmen tte Consumt$XIe, thPanter,
baied at ehat. cno fi t e
-ie h adanaubites.t ucae
eMur tEintire c:--Pese andune rap
podr xCecto tr fuSaeont, The
next celection nth ob i nreb f
FJanuary 14, 1853 13-tf
01. TAe COLEd fCapt.
P. M.T iBON DRNTnnnei a candi
dafor thiieo Jax-Collector ofSfor onta t ~ :
nea le tont, atd oblieug elcina
J'bhtrr .4 F5 MAN Yu oTER8,
07 Te friends of Capt.
,PE M A IIION Esq., annonce him a ea
, c~tate or Thx lbeoaxCollector for aeo
Coun? tyat t thensui ttng election an
Ocoe 1 -U. R -N -Y
ttJ Yr Editor:--You wvill
pleas annmounce W LLIAM 11. BRNUlt
SON as a candidate for the Offiece of Ordi4
nary of Sumter District, at the. ensuing- ~
A pril 27t h, 1852.
cr~ We are authorized to
ninnmmene l'. J, l)INKINS, Esq., a Catndldate
for Clerk of tihe Court, at the snlection.
A pril J~mh 1851 2i if
07r Mr. Edjit": Please~ asa
nlounce Mr. J. J. McKELLAR, a Candi.. i
date for Clerk of the Com-rt, for Sumter
Ilhutrict, and obhige -Many VoTERS.
A pril 13, 1852- 25-tf
&&The Friends of' Mr.
JOllN F. .JUNE, anuotnee him as canidi..
Iate for SherifT of Sumter District at.'tho
next election.
Nov. 12th, 1852 c--t-pa.
t0W We are authorized.
frShaer~fTof Sumter District, at the ensu.' -
inag election.
, December 21, 18526-t
All peirsons having demands ag insg'th
['aate of tite tate Rev. Charles i. Ellott,"
wi present attestmed statemeonte theteor.Iaxt
those imdebted, to the same, will tmake ay
ment to the Suabscriber.
A pril, 26, 1853. 26retotS
The auhebriber'hain diaonued the Drug
.Buramen will-devote hi. whoMivsto thoerc
tis of mnedicene. Those wishla his 'pdfeea
a1 survices will fi-nd him at all esat his
dones in the Village, . 4f '

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