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rth.S hxof 0isO after
p 4C aletbi te'geat Pihysiolo.,
S' lioughton Al. D. Phila.
. trulf a *didrftil remedyfor
tion,. Dyspepsl?,Jaundlcb, Liver Corn
MDConstipation andjDbility; curing after
:s Own. Methiodi ab. Naturo'% OWh
0 t, h (Jditric Juica Pamphlets, oontain.
Sdienile evidence of its value, ihrnished
Sagents gratis. See notice among lhe medica
fdetisemlents. -~-y
~ofland'g Ger'uims fluters.
4 ndreds ot our eitizens complain of debili
tilangour of the systejn, derangement of
bvr and stomach, want of appetite, &c.
ey are fiequently the result of too close ap
kation, and a thousand other causes we can
et here name; but wo womuld say to all afflict;
Ad. do as we have done-get a bottle or two of
rI.oottand's German Bitters, prepared by Dr.
Okiton, and our word for it you will be cured.
. recommend this medicine, knowing from
orierice that It is much superior to tho gene.
ty of patent medicines. We would say to
adei-s, purchased none unless prepared by
M1. Jac-kson, Philadelphin. July 1
htusands of patents who ue Vermifuge.
posed of Castor Oil, Calonel, &c., are not
,that while they appear to benefit the pa
they are actually laying the foundation for
es of diseases, such as salivalion, loss of
lit weakness of limbs, &c.
-Inanother column will he found the adver.
ement of Hlobensack's Medicines, to which
e ask the attehtion of all directly interested
1n their own as well as their Children's health.
Liver Complaints and all d'isorders arising
those of a bilious type, should make use
e only getiinne medicine, Ilobensack's
"Be not deceired," but ask for Ifoben.
Worm .Syrup Liver -d 1ills, and the
-thzit each las the signature of the lroprie
N. IfonxNSAiCK, as non11 ehie are genuine
9RsL 10. 42-1y.
Great Excitement
. WELLMAN would respectful
y announco to the.[iAdies and Gentlemen
of Saingeorvile.and vicinity that he has
oponed Rostons at the abov'e p'ace, where
he ernain until the 2th, and he
voul ne happy to wait on all who may
Teel d- posed to improve this opportunity
to obt'in one of his unsurpassed minia
tnres,4as it may be the lat that many of
you taay have to obtain one of those inval
'Iablementoes. Pictures taken in clear
flindy weather at the low price of Trc1
'A good assortient of fancy cases and
aokets on hand.
May 24th, 185:3 3--tf
.Lar.,- inna or saidt
1hereai yivre J1nniutR hath applied
toii' for 1.-Iers t- tdinistration, otn
Iand singi r :ix"i(r p odsad chattles,
iagts and cred:tors of l~hz:. Jennings
of the rsanr Distrlet ,dre .
S-1hese aire, therefore, to rite andl udnmn
jej all antI singtular, t hc kin' redal rid credi
tre of the said deeaised. to heu ;amiararl r~i
~ifre me at otur next Ordintary's Cour t for
-th n laidDitrict, to he htoldeni a 8amner
~irt . lousec on Friday the 15th day. or
stto show cause, if any why'
~-~6eT1admintaistration shotuld not be grata'
~~Given uder my hand and seal, th a
2J 4 th day of July int the year of
our Lord, one thousantd eight hunt.
Sdred antl fifty, three, and in thme 77th
year of Amterican Independence.
r, Editor :-Please an
ibnee JOHN N. McLEODh a cantdidate
So herifl of Sumter District and oh.
tgo 3LAN Funrmos.
June 20tha, 1853 :25-tf
U [OUSE situatetd on Maini Street
1 umatervilet and adjoining Court I Iruse
are. knownt as C1INA'S HOtTEL1.
- g~ arounds coanecte'd witha therse huibl
jis e- furnisrhedt with comafortable stables,
gnandorse lots for the accoinnoda
hIiEii to retire from buasintess will give
p nstytermns to a good putrchaser. To' onec
6ttd*5standing the tmianagremnt of a 1lIotel,
it 5attereopportuntity thania this wvil nemtver
offer'fdr a profitable inavestmnmt.
Also for Sale,
A farmt consisting of abhout 150 acrcs, all
of vhich is in a high state of cuta tivat aon.
On the farm there is a neat cottage anda
ourt buildings, not more thian ten mainutes
elkW frott bthe Coturt i lo'use. A pply i~r
terams of both premises to
- - J. CIIINA,
Jno e th, 1833 3
Lpersonts indebtedi to thec e~state of
~yiR id mtgway, deceitsed, will pla~se
~ mmediate pament ; thaose havinag
. ot aarinst thme sname wvill please hanttd
duji~i'liy attested ats thme law directs.
~ ~3O~I, 1853 A dminisirtor.
1n:ys Gnooits vs. F. BlnoWN and
,'~~ JEscv his wile anad othaers.
, erfp)arinlg to nmy satisfaction thtat F.
* 6~4nd Jetncy hais wife. John Bosman
1~1arine his wife and Lemnol ios
4i4eendhants in thae ablove stated case,
yoni~~' d this State: It tis thenrefore.
t~) ihat tey do appear antd object te
-th span or Sae of the Reail Estat of
Wi "Vroms, deceasedu, ont or betore
I a y of October unext, or thmeir coni
s~~ae will be entered of record.
- Jirie 1, 1853
ON and after. this date, the 'Mail and
'Passenger Trains will'un daily as follOws:
Leave lars bluff Station at 1.30 A. M.
Plorence 2.1.
" Timmonsville t 3.00.
" Mayesville " 4.15
Sumterville " 4.50
Manchester 5.40
Arrive at Jutiction " 6.00
Leave Junction at " 3.15i. A.
" Manchester 15 3.35
" Suntervi l 4.10 "
" Mayesville 4.35 "
Lynchburg 5.00 "
"Timmonsville A' 5.30 "
Florence " &. 6.00 "
Arrive at Mars BlufT Station 6.30 "
*Or await the arrival of thm Mail train
on the South Carolina Rail Road, until
10 o'clock P. M.
Rest. Eng'r. &c.
June 29th, 1853 35-ot
Executive Department.
Cot~u-mmn, S. C., June 1-5, 1853.
(NO. 8.)
CWIIEREAS information has reached
this Department that on the night
of the 30th May last, a diabolical attempt
was inade upon the lives of many citizens
of this State, by placil.g obstructions nponi
the South Carolina Rail Read, near
BranchvillL : And, whereas, in conse
(rIUen0ce of said act, the lives of several'
useful citizens of this State were lost:
Now to the end that justice may be
done, and the ol'enders brought tojostice,
I hereby offer a reward of Five Hundred
Dollar4 for the apprelension and delivery
of said oftbuder or onInders, in any of the
jails of this State, and upon the conviction
of the sane.
Given under ny hand and seal of the State,
at Columbia, this fifteenth day of June,
Anno Domini one thusOiatdt eight. hiun.
dred and lilfy-three, and in the seventy
sevetath year of the Independence of thie
United Staties.
June 20th, 1853 35-3t
Executive Department.
[KO. 9.]
lHe lis Exce lbueer J.lmh L. Manning, Go
vernor andl ( 'ooannaderin-chief in and
ove'r t he State aforesaid:
W lE t 'lA. in formation has been re
Scexved at this I)epartmie: 1, that an
aissantl and bailtery with intent to commit
Solher act of' violence, was conmmitted on
, dy of .\largaret al. Bell, on the tnight
h~itl January last, by a negro mani
S 'YON, thte property of Sr.muel
i of Ddt arlio Dist rict. and
th t.a nmay be tbrouaght to tr ial for
los resaid, I, Jonsit L. .Aa
NI t am ande.r-ini-chief' in,
a td ga' d ~bad,~e in.=nae thais
ao. prochanmiraton ofi'oring a rewardn of1 Two
lI nnired Dollars for his appa~rehtension atnn
dLia ry into any .Iaih in the Staite.
:t Sd Aen-ie about S feet high, dark
com' pa . anid about 25 years of' age.
.cr tmy hand and the sealI of the
i te. t it ' n.b :t. 2] th Jne, 185.~3.
(S:'i'a' J1!l IN I.. .M.\N NING.
Beon;:. :atr I 'e r ry, Sec ret arv Of S at e.
Jhane tN , * t..'3 :3i-3t
80. '.) LINA--SU'MTER 1)ST.
fly W. p' llWIN, I'syr., O.rdi,,ary for
' uzsid J)istrict.
Wheorea, .11. J. Abboht lambh apjdiced to
tne for Letters of .idmm 7istrati.in ont all
ad singnly'r ihe goods amnd chattels, righats
and tcredito.-s of' R. 11L Ahhott late of the
District ato:esiad, deceisedl.
Teeare thaerfoar,. to ci and' arboan
isht all atah Ing;ular, thet kindlred andl credi
tons of' theosabl o ei*"-t t bea:,l appea
befre e a tita ne:d. (hd~Iaru~' Courat for
lhe said I )tirit. to be. hobb!i n et Sumter
Couitrt lionas'e on Frtid~t iv t C- n h da o
Jutly next. to lhew' eintie, if anya, why
theg saildaministrat io:: "houhll nout lbe
G;iven~I inder mry h~i ulanda .?ai, tis
QcB h day oat Junire, in thae ve:tr ot
[L.. s.] mar I .ord, aone ihtnand~4:a ei'lt lin
dlredI andl tifty-thfree anud in the 77th
yaear of? Amtterian I)J(tandependence.
June 28th, 18~53 3-2
Head Quarters.
M'htr otcoa, 27t h June~ I %3.
T1l iE Aidls-de-Camap of the Governtor
residing int the 1st Divaisin are especially
otdered to at tenda hinm dutring the reviews
under orders of the 31d inst., anid others
whtose comenL'fien~ace wailIlipermtit aire re.
gueitstedaltso toi aftttnd im at such1 pInces
as snit themra.
By order of the Commarnttder-in-chief,
J1. W. CA NTlEY,
Adj. anzd Insap. Gen,'I.
June :30th, 1853 US-.5t
' X Ne xt Qutarter couanengces thae 1st.,
'4 of July, thosea whio wisht to continue
--pease to give ame nioticer -andt thoan who
wia sh to Entear do ate siae. Fair thea liberah
patronaige extenidedt to me, I anm gratefnl anad
shalt conatinue my efluars to please--Nay to do
better.-As to atbiit to tetach, I refe~r to any
of may scholars. .LTh DR.
Samtcrvaille, Jutace 14t' 1853. 33 if
~iJicinnd countyN
The second session of this Intsitutionl
il commence on Monday tia 11th July,
The High School has olready titken its
position among the very first Classical and
Mathematical Schools in the country.
Without any recourse having been had to
special meats to bring into notoriety, and
with a simple - dependence upon its own
intrinsid merits, it has now grown into a
groat and well grounded popularity.
I Few Institutions in the land can -present
such strong claims for-patronage from an
intelligent community. The ability and
experience of the Principal; the large, airy,
and handsome -building-their peculiarly
healthy and pleasant location; the entire
oxniiption from every incentive to idleness,
or temptation to vice, mnd the highly moral
and religious influence of the surrounding
neighborhood, are no ordinary reconmen
dations to parents and guardians who de
sire a safe and pleasant home for their
children or wards.
The Trustees assure the public, that no
labor or expense will be spared in procur
ing every thing requisite for the intelleetni
al and physical well-being of the students.
Maps, Geographical and Astronomical,
Globes, Philosophical and other apparatus,
sufficient for every purpose of illustratiori,
are now ordered and will be at the IIigfh
School in a few weeks.
In it word the Trn. tees appeal to wh'at
they have already done as a proof and
guarattee of their determination to omit
nothiig in the orgauization and working of
the schoul which will provent it frot being
what it is called, a I1igh School in every
sense of tlie term,
A mple accommodat ions are furnislied by
the Principal, as well ams by the most re
spectable families in the vimnity.
Boolks, Statioiery, &e., are furnislied at
the Fayeuteville prices.
The students vill be divided into tihrec
grades. The first, or primary departmeti
mt) which wiel W be atight the clementary
branches of Spelling, Iteading, Writmg,
and the elemients of Arithmetic.
Terms per Session of five months, $8 00
English Grammar. (Mitchell's,) )
Arilhinetic, (Grccnlcaf 's) I
batlhmamtics, (learce or Da
vics' course,) Keith on thme 12 00
Globes, History, Compqoition
and Rudiments of Latin,
TiRD :
A complete English and Classical
Education, with Natural, Mental,
and Moral Science, - - - -20 0o
For French, German or Spanish, 10 010
Board, Washing, &c., (exclusive of
lights.) - - - - 40 00
Board and Tuition, payable, one-half at
the commencement of the Session, the
other at the close.
For further information address the
Principal or either of the Trustees at
Laurinhburgh P. 0., Richmond County.
North Carolina.
D. McN"C1i,
M2r, Editor: Please an
nounce Col. Rt. 1". II il(KSON as a candi
date toc represet t C tareia mI County in thme
inext Legislature nwie obiehe
*AIA N' \mTElIs.
June 2l. 1853 - :- -tf
Attention !
Not to thle roil c'all. bitt to anm tcloctioni lfr
Captain of the ( ire Olut TL 10oup, whlichl
will lbe held int 8:m terva io on the second
Satturdaym in Jue t:.
Lie'nt. I'. ti '\ fllS5,
' Se'rt. II. . ltlt.\D[FOltD,
ill' Pacil to ops c 10 o'clock A. M.,
close aut :t 1'. M.
By order oef'
TIk M 8 M. I.\KIH.
telah lt:g't C:evalry.
Ri. C. WVc::;, il I .ic'nt.
Butler & N'ewbery
Won~c!d 3eltst re pect folcly iinfrmm their
fri.'eds that mle-v llave just re:~.c ive cu ad..
ditiojnal stocak l'I
Sprijng Goods,
coloredSm iths.i I Id .\insl 'i, . turin'
~tinghams, i:re e " its ande .\elnsi
Emide r e..ii I .- ad h lintr icm ,
ofl eurvi .ine. 0 boe namitedl articles
weV wdf ell ii i, o: na.dating te'rltos. G;vec
.')nno ~th i s.d::.-.
The Real "Simion Pure."
WOU' l'fDl re'-'ja ''V iniformc his pa
Itrans andee fr~'ier v- i i hie puble genieralb-,
It atehas receiv.- d ani adedit itonal Stiocko
freh~ f'rtom It i >r. i, if every detscritionl,
of paen as lie a ad dutrable al.; iany
whiich htave eer aietirout to this ma1r
kot. 11Is pis ar-: low ancd hIms articles.
All kicnds of re': inr g done ini the neat.
asmnn rid 1'i th rmtes
I he rLe:,e; famIlt solicits thme patrontage of
the puicii, as he6 is rcedy to suit them ini
every respect.
Execut or's Notice,
A LL. personis in~tei ~td toe the Estate of
Rev. Jamceis Nedbia', deceased, eithera by
Note or Aeomti . makcde icmmediate peay
mint. A udl l I. b. ill demandsali agatinst
thce samec wil rI leh thIem aIntpprly at
tested witinI eat I timc to
Apri 2Oi ~ l'mi26-tf
I)uln~ Flag please copy
3 montthcs.
hit .
orn e. rie, h0xiihol tV"y bWit
aboutwen. va straigt
light ,blbjd . iri'ha jvery ulky ap.
pearance, ,and anas.v; quickaId horI
vhen 9boknto; saai o-y has a liortithick
foot, his baidssho* thick, chubby
fingers. He; had'She scar of a blister on
his forehe ust alove the eye-brows, he
May try toide it Ity wearing his cap or
lat down over his forehead. le wirl be
sure to pass himself for a white mnai for
he is very white and has been taking great
care of his skin for sonie time.. When he
left he had a oloth cap, black coat and a
dark colored pair of patits. Ile will be
sure to change his enp and clothes as soon
as he can; he also wears his hair in front
straight down to hide the sear of the blis
ter. Ile is a shoemaker by trade, though
he may not go at the bnsiness, expecting
that he will be so advertised. -
The above reward of Twenty Dollars
will be paid for his delivery in any Jail in
the State. Ire will be sure to give himself
another name.
Bradleyville, Sumter District, S. C.
May 2htn, 1852 30-tf
J' Camden Journal and Cheraw Ga
zette publish five times.
Sunterville, S. C.
Respectfully inforinthe people of Stm
ter District that hm lu, just receive. and
1now oler for male the be11:1t. selected and
tuao't choie tock of -
SIprinaig anmud SuuaiAmmer Goods
That cannot besurpaseAd by anytlaig in this
market. li la receivedI lainy new tylea
which purchu.;ers woultd do well to examine ho
fore buying elutewhero.
V E S T I N G S.
A full anl largo supply oif Hoiiery, Shirts,
Draers, Gloves, Susitudersa, Cravat.", Iind.
kerchiefis, &e. &c.,
A large assortment of REA DY MADE CLO.
'T111NG, which will he uld low. -
C-7 jY' Garments inim!tanttured by the.iubscri
her, and wnrranted to give satisfaction. Or
ders from at distance prumptly attended to.
April 13ath, 1853 24--tf
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufactory.
JAMiES I1. DUE would respectfully
infoi in the citizeus of Santerville and the
sturroutnading coutiry, li. he is now open.
ing n TIN MANUFACTORtY in Sumter
ville, and is now prepared to fill all orders
in the tin line. ierchants will find it to
their itterest to purclia:, their ware fron
me, as I intend to sell lov: and warrant all
thal I sell.
WCORK executed wm a prompt ness and in
a workarianlike inanner. The cash will
he expected in ever.: instance on lin'- hinr
or delivering of every job. I intetdell
cheap and for the cash tronly.
Feb. 8th, 18Q53 1
For Cash, And that only
Tite ehntapest G;"Z 0r., A
& CU., 4 Dr. M'ilett s Old 'tnd.
-- I-so
Segars of to finec. t qua)it au mt ap-.
provedt Birandtas in thec wvoth!, tuon"'ther with,
Preserve'd Fr'uits of difierenat ktn.:, SyrnpH,
Nuts, &c. A share of the publie patran
age is de'sireda, provided it is accotapzanied
bzy thme C.\S11, but noat othecrwise.
GOR~DON & '20.
June 11th, 1853 31t
Clarke & Urother\
'' I. hav--> 1-. - dv.-d per Itai' Road a
I ea .a a --tmencit Ut
Coma trriuang I'iaies l '::.servedl F'rait, Ciat~ rs,
Canidhr ad ai lhoic'e I. ai I of tewing. tac,'
to whish theuy invite ahe attenationa cf the citi
ze ns~ of thjias Diz'trict.
lFebrua ary 2-2, 1853 17-if
Bomething Entirely New
In the wAay)'0 ot' ~ien ' and Gettnee:'s
ting f'ine) ~' %Alia Jo nth a :zgeneral as
so: t maa'nt of Geti. t6Ii.i its ant.! Shoeas.
If at ILudies wish'd to "at the bitest sttvie
oGai zeL.rs ua an wallung shoes oaut, jmst callI
1''"I. li. & NE W~'ll RY
Segars !! Cegars !!!
. I l'S 1' recteived l'r om Italtinataore
S.'5,400 egaris'---:hoaice linntaais.
J. BT. N'.i & NEYih~lr,
9.I - -9 t.' I 5l-?' tf
NoW Noce
J.~I(: 'B. N.8 I1M-ET,
Something Newa
TI:,uast'hn..":alhw 'r hea'gon;ida l'ar ltive
l 'nared2't iu Ind so ' i- tz T;
Dr. WV. .l.38. li.\la.N & CO).
3a Itth, 1853 3...
Tooth Powders.
l're' treat 'iftLer ti -: 1.da blea! rceipt a1
lDr. h . S. Da); rjganl, D.'nit4, a tal for salk
Dr. W. .IAS. U,.'G AU'N & (C).
All persotis hanvinii It deal ' agaitt the
tihos' imbelhted, to' tui .n... n~ dli tmk' pay
mtenat ta ilae SubOs ti'-r
A 99iistrator.
I t 'b'taan 8. C.
Engraving, &c,
OWVINt ito the <hth- al' cy f collectinc
small ;accounits, thle s'theariber wouIlit in
formn thae puablic. thuat whe tar is triul'
thaniatfuh for their pat rone h ist comapeli
ed to work hereatfter / 'ch oI n/y.
June 14, 1853 3
6ne Door West of A
Offers for sale on ra
and well selected st
Chemicals, Evan's Lanc
Dye-Stuffs Silver Lan<
Paints and Oils, Scarifica
Window Glass, . Stonia<
Spirit Gas, Breah
Best Vinegar, Bru
Varnishes, Pe,
Shaving Creams, P
Best quality of Medoira and P
For Medical pur
Genuine Co
Thomsonian and ]
Togr ie'r with a variety of oth<
of.Drugist o
(t-7 All orders put up with r
May 24th, 1853.
Browning & Leman,
No. 209 and 211 King Coraer
WIl oiler to FAMILIES and PLANT
PARS visiting Charleston this spring the
STAPLE DRY GUODS that has ever
beei otiered for inspection in this city.
They in,'ite an examination and assure
their friends and purchasers generally that
their prices will comapudefaroia/ly with any
Market in the United Slates.
Terns Cash or City acceptance.
Successors to
C. & E. L. KEulRtsoN & Co.
May 10, 1853 2S-f
All persons are hereby cautioned not to
trade for, or receive in payment of any
debt, either or both of two Notes given by
the subscriber to R. J. Price, the one for
two hundred and ffty dullurs, and the oth
or for two hundred and ten dollars, as said
Notes given for two separate tracts (if land
were to be paid after good and lawful titles
were made to ine by Price, which condi.
tions wore put in writing and tre now in
my possess-on, and which contains the
further understanding that in the event of
his failing as he has done, to make such
titles lie would forfeit the amounts &c.
-j. A pril , 1 3 27-tf
South Carolina,
Sumiter Distrid't.
Alscy II. Raimsey IBill for Par
vs * titio1 of Real
Wduliam Adherson, Estmte iMasong
et al. pears.
11T appearing to my entisfaction that
\Vd mli:itn Adkerson, Sarah Adke.rson, Mar
ga ret Adkerson, l lam pt Spears, Jame~s
S. Spears, l'enelope Crabt rem and --
Crambfroe, her hiusband, Auti'ia Whlite. amnd
--- WNhite her hiushandt. A haira Sites,
-.- Sie: her d;-+ olhn C'oh
l ins and Nftha tI.'r and - M'.ZThJl
her husb~aw'l, parties D~efendants ini the a
case, all reside b)eyondim the limits of lhe
State. It is ordered that the said pan .cs
dno appear antd plead. demur, or answer to
the said illI withtin three .tnonths.. from "the
first pubilicationt oif thftis order, and failbing
to do so, thle sai bill will bec taken pri
confesso against themi.
Coim'r Eq. 5. D.
Coitmuissionters Oidice,
April 4thl, 1853 23-m
Increased Stock
.Jolin O)'Connior.
Wh'lo hai~s made new. improvetmients antd
considerably enlarged his store, and is niow
receivmug fresh goods by every train of
cars anid oflibrs to the public for. the sum..
tter tmonithls the following' armtic les low fer
Iee Cream~ ~ vnd Leimionae, (mlily) lee,
O)ratmgi, I .o mouns, l'ine A pelos antd all thme
tropical frumits; al.so a fine ussortmenut of
'Tobacc~o amid Ciganrs, withI a chboice lot of
Fannmly Groceries, also a large stock of
'iek led Sah nien and I 'reserves, Flour of
he best Ibranids wiarrantedl, alIso a hirge lot
of I ci n of whie ih le rece ives a new sp
ply we'fkly. Al Itof which he gunaranitees
to sec at thle lwest rates for cash.
Cheap Grocery,
TI'll li Subscriber hmLintg opened a 'gro
cery ituderneathm thme Town Hanll, designis
keeping~ cnstantly on hand, a supply or
hayarticles, snch as
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
CANDl)ES, l'OTIAT'OES, &c. &c.
In fnet. little of almost everything that is
good to eait; a! of wvhic. wvill lie sold low
for cash. ol in exchange for country prm
dumce. lie piromtises to attend to his own
busine~ss, and hopes byattending strictly
thereto, to receive a liberal share of pa
tronage. .1. M. CilA'NDLER.
Mafrchi 15th, 1853 O0-tf
For Sale.
15Shares of WVihnoingtoni and Matn
hester Ri htft opoan Stock.
for sale, any person< f~rhe purchassing
said stock willth ple ~ b~~tiithuscri.
.her at. his otflen i n.M~F
J.~OssNew 5trend4
;onable termsja chqice
,et Cases, Flavoring Extracts,
tors, . Gelatine,.variety)
1h Pumps Hair Oils
;t Do. . Fancy Soaps,
shes, (all'kinds) Pensand Ink,
ssaries, Trusses, Toilet combs,.
aper, (variety) . Lelnon Syrup.
rirt Wine and F'rench Brandy,
poses Expressly.
d Liver Oil,
Patent IfMedicines.
.r articles, Comprising tihe stock
r Physician.
eatness and despatch.
of W. J. N. IIA.rET arc desirona~ of put
ting him in noiniation for the Otlice (if
Clerk of the Court of Sunter District, at
the ensuing election.
May 24, 1853. 30-tf
Business Card.
Colton Factors and General Commis
siun ikerchunh.
D B3. McLAURIN. Esq.. wvill give per
D sonal and special attention to the in
lerests and orders of his friends in this
State and the adjoining Counties of North
Carolina, who may favor these Rouses
with their patron-wge. Consiginiments of
produce to the Ilouse in New York, ether
by way of Charleston. Georgetown, or
Wilmington, will be covered by insurance,
if notice of the shipment be promptly giv.
May 3, 1353 7-tf
Do not Defer, but Come if
Mr. REICIT, Merchant Tailor, begs
leaye to inform the gentlemen of Sumter
vil:o and District lat ie hias just returned
with 4t p'i'id aasrttiicir of
Ciothis, Cassi. Mry'd ete,
V i &hort ever- thing
that is required I tirt. having
mcade tile choice oods himself, he
doubts not but w ,an sdit the miost
fastidious. The uetmhv u
cloths mnade mn n or by Yankees,
uwhen you1 e~t made- asitylish
and as well if r than any he
else right at * d this Mr. ftin
promises to do vil add that, if his
work is not tu t leasi equal
dlone in ia e
anythmg. As
at? New Yoiri
him a. triai
China, Glass And
Direct Importations.
JAS jmz-t received direct from the nmn
uifacturers in Eng'land and France,
and by recenit vessels ?roml tihe North, a
very complete and varied axssortment of the
a buve namied GOOD.S, comprising all thle
new patterns and apes; among which
a Lre best
Chiu.i tiiih a supjerior article;
IUbie and other Colored WVare, of new
irench anid Engil .shl China, new shapes,
pb ini Wainte God andI dleoratedm ;
Ricb Chiina ID~iner anid Ten-isetts, and
beatifutoIl aiicy Articles in the line;
of every kind;
D)yutt's Pa:t en? Camnphene, Store, Ollice,
anod Pa:r'or L~amp, a superior article;
WVebb'2 [atent Oil anod Lardl LampJ'. a new
article giving greait hlight and brilliancy;
T'ea Tlrays, besut Tauble Cutlerv anid Pal.
te d Casamors, Spaonis, F'ork4, ~&C.
Ilousekeeping articles, ini great. variety;
Crates of assorted WVaresi. of desirable and
neLw styl .s, by Whleal~me ;
Pac1!kages of Tuiicmblers, Flasks, & c., how
by the pach;~ge.
I Iaving co:nmplete arrang'uments for obta in.
oug our Gooeds direct, tromi the nmainufa&
tturers we can: andic will oil'orm rare iniduce
imenits, either hv Whlnasale or Retail -
Orders attenided1to promptly.
Coliumbiai. A pril 1', 165;1 21-tf
Executor's Notice,
All persons having demands against the
Estate of the late Col. JIohn J. Moore of
Sumter District, arc requested to hand
thenm in pro;,erly attested to tihe Pubscri
bers, and all those indebted will make
payment to the ame
-J. B. MOORE,~
J. S. MOORE, (Executors.
March 15th, 1853 20-tf
Fine Ci gars i.nd Gard en
Kept con stantly on haRGA b o
May 24th, 1853.g
P iROB B n.
P. M JaiN
IELo MetL'Wy,~
caudidate foi Ta
County, at then ua~ii~ ~~I
please annouinie --1~L
SON as a candidate r4
nury of Siuter ,DJstd,
April 27th, 1852
6c We are auh
announce T. J. 1INMN iN 4
for Clerk of the Court, at Lhd
April 1Gth1 851 .2LV
Or Mr. Editoi 1'9iN
nounce Mr. J J..
date for Clerk of the Court,'f
District, and oblige
April 13, 1852. -
P OR S '
OZ The
date for Sheriff of Su etij
next election.
Nov. 12th, 1852
VrZ We ar&
to nnnounce A. E. POL
for Sheriff ofSumter Disip F.
ingt election.
Decemb#21 852
Of Dry
Which for Variety, quality,'idy
anti cheapness, merit the at e
body, some of which -.e heie
Plain colurddlC antorai p n
Superfine CanftCriehfai
fringes, Rich Enbroiilzcahap
Supeirine French and i
Tyne and -Biy btat F
Loiig Shawl4, P
vy 10-4 aquare Wooe
styles: Santag, Jonnjjh W 1f
Water. French .Eboidif b
worked, Janiquard1m
Thibet Shawls in choiiaie.
Canton Crape Brocwi *.'
printed Mantles and Scrfa j
DRESS G~qI)~~7K'
Plafa and Fignft' r
Silks; Striped and Plaided;, ThA
Figurel. .triped anti Plaid;
thent- 'tyles and riche - -
Engliet printed d'laines of
LrnMrun Nos of tIe most$ ' rid.p
colors.2 French 'and Engli Cfsintz
Calicois. Best qualities andf makes o
Llee, areesCrape .D4paxds lhin
Tissue , &c. for evening and Ball wii
just s teived, 132 of beautifully' Enr
Sw~es Muli obe patron:-Dre ei,.
mv~Inga Fanshdon Carn attached
K Exira stipor FitENbINE~o - rs
Prie o47 -St
Lar and Mari.xN CoJLan
Superb, Nurntn Eauano 't
*'rtment of plain ditto.
m 'nra i thil. Swass:
FI ii., IlANnbS, IN51ERT1N
iitit's nitid newc.
W ourk.
Super fino Wlihite.
best English mnaoz
Extra Colored, Win
SPUN SiLK .Storikiuge
lisha iona~vraN Svoci
Colored.. Extra fine na
ported Freinch andi Engi IK
Black and' WI.ite. ..
Blueo . liixed, Molde C rsand Sup~eio
ties WVhite English Stocl'inga of thenc~L
F rom Pi~nneu 'und R~oyal Brown, Brans "
Extra'Fine anodlhaavy gqualities of.
meni's U:;nsa Siia-rs and UnaAwais
Woe'l, Saxonay, Mehrino and StockinL
ported, L..muts U!Nonx V1~s-r of 3i1rho
Gauze Lambs Wool. L~tngx' AND
GLoves, tifSilk, Malrino, Kid, List~
Kid make S8!b, Segovia, Cotton andot ' '
scriptions. Large andi full assortynein f
TLi:MENJ, i'AsliiONADIE: bal!RT,,Co
UlAt. uai;4. London Bath, Duffi.d'
bury, 1-rench Mefrino and Englis 1
Suaperfino e'Egnbossed (lotha a'nd Viac
mla:sk,T1AnLE AN) PriaNo Covens i- e
Best qualitica of Brown amd Whut
l)AM1.sxs, Doylios, N~trlrs, towFL
IRisHa LINENS AND) ShREaTINos,' oF as '
DIRScT l3MxoR'.rATIO. ,
ColroN Gooos, Tickings, 3.4 A44 nI \,
Brown Shaeeiig Best qualitiesofl~n I lothi
$lheetings, Camubrics, Mu~sl ins, Ch'eksGg
hams, Satinets,Cassimiervs, Vestina ~o4
Cloths, &c, &c.,
It will b~e worth your while toi~iad a..
amino before putrchasing cluewh~oi ..
22l King-st., (Bend) opp. the BgDo
Charlestojn, Jan. 24, 1853 1 -t
flutter, Lard, Bacon ~
P'RIME MlounItaiin Butter, (In
do. do. Laf Loard,
North Carolina Bncon, ,*
do. CORN.
March 25, 1851 24
PERSONS wishinif vohcl1kt
kind can buy thcrm o(KR Brin, ~
ville, as cheap as canbe bou~tb
ton or elsewhere antl Wy attp
A pril 19th, 1858
I rh flseoh~tt\I
T sI

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