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t14'advac, Two- Dollars
4 Epiration of mix uiouths,
of the year.
Jcdnuedrntul' all n'earages
siwit k iheoptlonof the Proprietor.
ptpisi reat 5I'WENTIY.
lrwttare,.(12 lines or les,) for
r 6if tiat stiu fur ench sutisequnmt
o r to he niurked
rments or they will be published
tO 1eOdisicontinued, and charged
NE 1)OLLAR per square for a single
on guarterly andl Monthly Adivertise
Il ohargedth sam as a single in
n iti monthly the saine as new onse
mO'an ii New York.
6ithct the followilg from the
, xif- aturday last:
oriesof nelaneholy disasters
iAn our city yesterday. About
'6 l 'ekin the morning a fire broke
ta bkery in the Second avenue.
lie"ourneymuten in the estab
as burned to death; a fittni.
ding were comuipelled to
1laping fron a fourth-story
fi the per formance of which
'aous feat a woman was instantly
iste as the steamer New
dras'about departing for Alba.
yAt~il~vien o'elock, one of her boiler
nisi atlapsed, causing the deatli of
I erson., and -dreadfully seading
others. In the afterntoon a hail
tormiccompanied by lightning and
h'i' I ?md, passed over the upper
ill city, during which a new
'Aofy'fraino dwelling, in process
6f aiipletion, in Forty-third street,
caefthe Crystal Palace, was blown
own--burying eight or ten workmnen
"i. tije ruins, three of whoNm were
i" out:lifeless. Seven others were
irenously wounded. To con~pde, a
an lost his life by the fall of another
nldingn Forty-third street, near the
p-th river, a man was struck dead b y
flih of'iightning, and a child of Mr.
aiTObrehuber was scalded to death;
l.9king a total of fourteen personis
killbd and as many others badly in
terday afternoon, between 5 and
.o'clock, our city was visited by tne
o6fthe Most tremendous hail-tiris
ye everemeiaber to have seeCn.
ThelI iidhet during the early part of
theday had been from the nortleast,
- d~iijY,'-Veered round to the north
-an agam chatnged to the east,
1prin jwith it a heavy thunder
,.Sto. it The most pecnliar pieoiime-it
AO9.'as t 4 he.stdden hurric-ane, atid tt.v
drgno, f hail, for) that. woWk 1'
.too unhiehningr a terA ttold.aie i:.
by-but of pieces of ice, which eilne
lettering dovn upon the roofs of the
~honse:lik a-shower of brickbats.
'Btfidiidihry' as It may appear, this
isjie~nearest rdseniblance that can be
~ri to tlio noise that the stormn pro
d but,:.*singular dnough, this phe
oninwas very local, not extend
4 aig er the wvhole city, for in some
S4pam ts the fall of hail had become mod
'ifiedginito rain, probably having melted
m ts passage to the carthI.
SIn or-der that our readers may not
~susiet us of exaggerationi, we hamve
a ~ppended two instances~ of what this
A-hail-storm was:
, Thie'shipyard of Mr. Thos. C'ollyer,
p ~jt the dry doek, was covered with
arregularly shaped pieces of ice, or
SJargweclusters of hailstones. Several
'' of ,hem nyere mneasuared, one of wuieh
~~7was 6 1-2 inches in circumference, tun
ter 7 inchtes, and a thtird me'asured
tiwies long and 2 inches thtick.
The inhabitants of a house in Wav
erl y place were startted by a solid
~~~ody falling in the front yard. and on
prcedig there found a number of
Weisof ice, which appeared to hatve
A ~~beenoriginally one piece broken by
~ he'fall. When together they would
ei about two pounds. The gardeni
~g.~t the -back of-s the,. house hatd also a
J4arge number of pieces of ice scattered
~'-ovei-it, and .a skylight at the .top of
tehouse wvas smashed by the hail
enoise of the falling hail on the
rytlPalace was tremnendouts-thte
do~'rdle acting as an Jimense .drum.
IDuring the storm a most diaastrous
&h~"accident oe'curred up town, by which
Sthreg persons .lost their lives, and sev
~ en other.- were severely injured, sonme
k 6f whoni it :is expeeted will not reoov
~t r. The scene of the accidenut was in
~-:Forty-third street, between FifTh .and
ixavenues, at a newly erected
AiAfraime buildinug opposite Lattintg's Oh.
.%;.servatory, whieh belongs to [Dr. S. P.
T nsnand was not entirely com.
Bel~d, I isoppoitethe Crystal Pal
. -Diuring ithe storm this building,
2higlf gas two stoies high and roofed
w-;J~~~as overturnued intstantaneously hy
e 'xhuraicane thait blew about Jive
L16clonk, and le velled in a imomenrt to
e god.At thme tilme that the ac
dentoeeaurred there wereu six mnern
) ~em ployed on the gr-ound floor in p.las.
z'4 ering the wall, .thuree of themn as plas.
W-terdis,.one of whom was the boss,
~4Kamed William McCrackten, anid whio
weva killed with two others There
~r three othme,r laborers on this floor.
Onthtu upper floor Ihere were~ other
wrmnemployed in fitting the pipes
adother similart work, the building
bng intended, we believe, for a sa
'oon, and in addition to these there
wa a large number of people~ who had'
~-sought ,temporary shelter wn the li
~orm camne on. So sudden was thme
doid'~ent that no time was given for
4tdthe whole building be1ing pros
d' without even thte shadow of
ree e.TYLEJI, it is sta.
- e - etatprsn, of
eg1 aafa~r from being.
SI~d 4 stated, twith in.
ex~eledliny turht lteaomt me
II& on Ito .e1 intb '-he Muse.
eutn. T 16 FrahCo-Swiss ly, Ihere
exhibit ing, is Is all that is. Clai'med ihr
ter. She is vnioderate size, rather mnas
culine lookiiig---owing much to her
beard -- dressea in good tastc, displays
a bust expels all doubt as to her sex,
and wears a fine, glossy black
baerd, 'extending fromi the outer corner
of* her byes down her checks and under
and over her chin. Her back, between
tile shotlders, shows an unusual hlairi
ness. She has a itir and fresh coin.
plesion, and is altogether decidedly
ag'reeable; speaking Swiss, French and
inglibi fluently. "Her husband and
fither aicomlpaly her. She has giv
en birth to two children, one of them
deceasel, the other, live months old,
liviig and already showing the basis
of a fermidable beard. She has a sis
ter, now inl Londoni we believe, who
exhibits the sain sinigularity. 11cr
flather is rather snoothliteed than other
wise. The bearded lady is certainly
a very great. turiosity, and a puzzling
(Ilestion for physiologists. She has
n1o objection to visiters takinig hold of
her whiskors to test their quality.
She is decidedly one of the hair-y.toe-s
racy-N. Y'. Mijrror-.
A Wino Omnsiox.-We learn from
the RZoclester Advertiser, that a wiig
appears in the-cohnins of the Newark
Engle, who says lie wrote much and
sioke more against Franklin Pierce
while a eaididate fbr the Presidenev;
but since the olject of his assaults hlad
b'en installed into the White Ilouse, lie
bas visited him, tad has changed his
Opinion entirely. iln proot of which
the writer says:
"No m:a in pass an hour with
him, withoit being iinpressed with
the cn Iiviction that. Frank Pierce is
a man of muarked traits 6f character
--sagacioi s aind discriminating-quick
to perceive all-I promnpt to act; always
leady to listen to advice-but. Isses
sed of a stroni will atid firm rind.
There is a peiliar expression about
his eyes, indi.-ative of the character of
the 1.ian as de!eoped silce his in
miguration. It is thIat-so t) speak-of,
a lmrsn)!l who laOws liimiself thiorougoh1
lv, .and w hat is of 0(i1:11 inpoi tanice,
li s th e by t h.1-1i li ii saxurri iinj
diel. I 1 .*ij11 a-Pin-s to 4,e-trachcl Flraniik
Fonu:itv Tr AL..-Exemo1IT SCENE.
-Cincinnati, Ju1lV Ist.--In Court to
day, ding ifthe u :.d of Kissanie an(
fio!yr. . John
s ' n:.d i . a wiies fhr the
d- .e:o ii -. qol Kissanie Yes
terdlay 'anid i,41 ..l le was ab!e to
p)ove Ilis- wlireab-- ts on the 14th, and
correct the mis.ke made b)y the
witnesses faor tie prosecntion. Pre
viously, lie had net seen Kissane for
some time. I at, on reading the re
prt in the pA, ,rs, the idea occurred to
him of taking the stand and proving an
alibi. Johnson was foramerly of
thae firm of Lot, ['ugh & Co., for
whom Kissane wias conifidlential clerk.
After J ohns.on had testified, the
Prosectinig Attorney handed lhim a
tforged cheek, dr awn lby Kimsanie in De)
ecember la~t., anxd also ivingr him
one of the foilged cheiek.1 Johniso n
satid he kax w K issane's hand wr'iting as
well as hsis own. lie then comapared
the cheeks, andii as lie did so, an
expression of terror camne upon01
his counitenace, anid wiith a convutlsive
mfovemnat, lie lhrew hothI cheeks upjonl
the table, exclaimasing, "Tlhait check
is in Kissanie's hidwritingi-renat
God!" Jom1)1 ason lien fel1 back "with
a conivulsive expiression, and was
assistedl to a chaair. Thle efet, was
stumaing upon tihe judge, jurors, law.
yers and spectators. TIhe case will
p robab ly go to t he juary to n ight.
S ran- Px:lo 0-rmTE Canis T.-The
Cainet is on the eve of' a stamnpede.
Th'le Seeretary of .the Interior has
already left Washiingtoni. Mr. Cushingi
is to lbe at the Coxnxlneiement at.
Unriivakrd on the ..0thI i nst. Coh.1 iael
Davis is goinag to visit New Eng.
land, also, in the course ofi a fewv
dayi .Mr. Mar'cy, we learn, is co.ii
ing here to attend the ojxeing of -the
Crystal Palace. and phapshi) t ry and
manipiulate: the disconitenatcd. Post
master G*eneral Cainapbell will pro
bably accomnpany himi. WVe hiave
nlot .heaird whsat, disposition1 Mr.
Dobbi L in tendts to iaake of lih usel f
d urintg thbe dlugdac,s. Mr. Gu thirie is
so busy gaiardinig the money chest that
lie will scarcely lbe able to get away.
The couuitry is evidently not in daia
ger, andhi thle Cabi net, we tru~ist, will
therefore haive a giood ti me of it.'-.New
York He~ra/ld.
11iban AsNi L.o'wtnuaanii.--Tlhe 16. -
ister', lie Ili-chuirelah' xsis-copial pul.
per~ publIished iniI't Phbidelphia, ini re
feirence toi thle late inaiiilI Diocesani
Convenltion of PeniisylIvania, makes
the abh~inxg ackanowledgemenct:
"1in fte late Cionvientlion thlerea was
the same . * di -t'aO't diinareta tionii of plar
ties 1kSas i then formerca years, aniii
the baloti ing showed that t Ihe inum aer
icial st.r'engtha of' that section of
eborelunietu known as 'Low-chaurcha' was
con1sider'ably iincreased, bioth in the
clerical ad lay vot es, haeyon d thiar I
force in iihrmer C'oaxventionsm. Thela
sirength of numbieas was waithi them,
and they conatr'hIled thle el ectiins.'"
TI Iri.-- n'nler'stand several
hmS cot i ihite On ltfinig dJownl
their !dl eani In ctin ig it for for'age,
and platinag a "'oniid cirop. Thais' we
thlink: an excellet-at idea. Coin planted
so as to get into the roasting ear be
fore fiost, if cut at the gaound and
stacked wtlI ma'turte well, and aflord a
large uiionlnt of' foirage. his is prac
tIsed in -the Norither n Sfate~s every
year, and there~ is no reason lt should
d t b C h p m o N a e t t e
nations largel. in defbt-Oa4r1ln rlo
ford to indulge in:
"War, if it take pla'oe.vould pro
bably involve Great Iitain, ia,
Anstria, Turkey and Franee. In
all these countries taxation : has been
pressed as fair as the people can
hear it. Everywhere the complaint
of over-taxation is so lond and gen
eral that the sovereigns must -pause
cre they feed public discontent by
imcreasing the pul)lic debts. We
have seen what Great Britain owes; the
annual interest on this debt amounts to
228,000,000, or more thani laf the
whale revenue of the reain. The
other leading States are thus indebted:
Russia C122,170,000; Attstria E183,.
400,000; Turkey E6.660,700; France
12,170,000. None of these States,
eveept Great Britain, could obtain
a loat of' ay anount-certainly not
a war loan-upon anything like
reasvonable terns. Austria, Russia,
Russia and Turkey have lately failed
in their respective eflorts to borrow
money. .Nor can France lve het
ter success. No motley, no war. The
indebtedness of the great European
States renders them practically
'btund over to keep the pace.' "
Brook, editor of the New .York Ex.
press, in one of his le'Atrs from Geor
gia, hnentions the following fiets:
"Ii Savannah, in three Baptist
churches and one Methodist, there are
2,0 colored persons, one-hallf of
whom are slaves. The pastor of o(e
of tie Maptist chnrehes is a slave, and
the other tWO are free colored persons.
These churches contribute liberally for
foreign and domestic nissiAos, 1 r
home poor, &e. At the Georgia Bap.
tist Association, held in Wnr en coat
ty last Sejptember, five slave preachers
were present, and voted upon all ques
tdons presented fhr consideration. In
South ('arolina there are more than
forty thousand slaves who are chui-ch
1roembers; and in the entire South the
Batptist uimd methodist churches alread v
have 26-l.000 Slave members.
FYANkssus.-George aicrort, in a
lecture bjefaire the New York Ilistoric
al .Societ, pays an eloquent triblite
to the philolsopher: -Not half of
Franlinu 'erits have been told.
IIhe w th. true her of the Ameri
eni U.:ni,. It w I he who went forth
to hIy. the t"tibndlationi of that great de
sign at Alb-uy 11aniid iln New , York le
lified upl his voice. leru amtong us
he appeared L.; tle apostle (& the Uu
ion. It was .Fr:n.kin who suggarested
tile Cnreis of 1774; id lut for
his wisdom, and the confilence, that
wisdom inspire'd, it is a matter ordoubt
whether that Congress would have
taken effect. It was Franklin who
suggested the bond of* the Union which
binds these States, from Florida to
Maine. Franklin was the greatest
diplonatist of the eighteenth century.
He nevear spoke a word too soona; he
nevecr spoke a word too mue' ; he niev
er failed to speak the aight word at the
right seasotn.
.AnOLurtroN lb.Asemll:M.-To show
our re.adecrs to what an ex tenit thle ce-e
nies of' Southern institutions go ini
thir~ madnliess. we yventure to stain our
colum ins w ithi the 1 Iilowing horrid Ilan
guauge, w hi ch was used bay one of' the
murators at an A bolition gathering in
lkostoi rcently. No power of' words
can propaely chiaract etize such disgust,
mng aund outtrageous priofimlity':
Mr. Illy C. Wright comminenced
lby saving that, he was atheist to any
ting w hicha s:u:etioned slaver'y.I
woulId paut, myi) hel~' upon any govern
inlent whlichi sancti oned slavery. If
God sanctioned slavery I wouhId [aut
moy heel u~a~lanim. (II isses and up
plause-"oider"' f'rami the ebair--hiss
es and knighteri frioma the gal lery.)
Yes, I would refuse to obey such a
Goal; I wo uld put such a God uiponi
the auction a block, and sell hima like a
beast. (II issecs.) M\r. WVright p~ro
' eededl to say~ that lie was an atheist
to any God that sanctioned slavery;
lie woub Ia sp end his mney anad his lif
to ovyerthiriow such a ( ioad and such a
goe anet. The ahiy is past when
wshkilook toi attr iutes or titles.
lIe land inao resp~ect for the name of
(ai d ina the mothI of' a w~a rrior a slave
holder, orl a irumaase.l ler'.
Coma 'niu~'T' 'ro AM Kica.s.-TheIa
IollowingA Amei'rias hadl the honior.
ary degree D1. C. La. coaif'err'ed uiponl
thiema at, the r'ecenit inistatllattion of' the
Ezarl- of D erbhy as (Chncellor11 of thie
Uniiv'ersity 'aof dd: The lion. Jlo
sepah inger'soall, Minister (f the Unii.
ted States; the Ii omu. Martin Van Ibo.
ren, form'terly ''Iri'sidenat of' the Un i
ted States; the liight liev. George Je.
haasaphiat Muu taini, Bishiop of'Quebee';
die liightu llev. Charles l'etlit Melvaine,
Bishop of Ohio; die lion. Mr. Ju~s
tiee Illalibutrtonl.
ExcI rc.:x2 A t IimaANAIous.-Joahni
irean, a co laorid tm at, fir lie
last six year~s a residenit of lId ianapo.
lis, iadiania, was airrestedl a few
days ago ona the allhdavit of P leasant
El itigtoan, (if K enttucky, as a fuigitivye
slave anid beloinginig to himi. The
ar'rest caused tmuch ('xcitemnent, and
lhe trial hllad not, been cclutc cded at
t he lawt aiccounts. It is thaoight a
dute! will grow out of thte all'air' be
tweenl the Hoin. Wm i. J. Br'own, ex
muember of' Coangress, and one oif
thle coultnselI, in Cacnseene of somec
remnarks of the liltter. Mr'. Braown apl
pcai'ed ini couirt. aind asked toi make a
persoanal explanationm, which the
court a'ef'Ued,
pg" The citizenms of Now-Orleans
tendercaed Mr. SOULE a public dinner
prevaious to his departure f'romn that ci
ty, but it wias dleclined oan considera
ions of delicacy and pr-opriety.
- g eges say1:
0_-staje letter envelopes which
oujst b en sent ont for distr ibution
anong th'e, leading' post oflices of the
Union, are, as yef but a singlesize, of
the three cent denoimntitln. A bust
of Washington, embossed and encir.
cled by a biick-red back of ground, 0d.
Cupies the appropriate corner. Above
and below the lignre are the words
signifying the value of the stamp.
These envelopes are sold at the post
office for three dollars and twenty cents
per hundred, the twenty extra cents
for the envolopea which is less than
plain envelopes of equal quality conid
be bought for. The post office does
not sell less than a hundred. Retail
ers outside of the post oflice will proba
bly expect to ainake a handsome profit.
The back of the envelopes is gummed,
ready for sealing. There is also Mr.
Nesbitts advertiso-ment on the back,
for which (as is pointedly observed by
the Journal of Commerce) there is no
charge. With thati paper, we doubt
the propriety of deforming the nation's
envelopes in this , way, and are sur
prised that the postmaster general
should permit it. Jr. Brandeth would
furnish the en velopes gratis, barring
the stamp, four the privilege of printing
a small advertisement uponi them.
TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1853.
Charleston, July 11, 1853.
Tle market during the past weekl has
been dull, and inactive, ihnt oi Satur
day revived and . sales were eteeted
at an advance of a 1-4 of a cent. We
now qlote extremze prices at from
S to 11 1-2 cents.
67 7' Our- thanks are due to D. B.
I1Enow, Esqr., for-an abstract of the
"seventh (ensiis."
D) a g it e r-e o t y p c .
ELLMAN, who still holds out his
sirn, next door to this offici is deter
mined to give the citizens of Sunter
one more chance of having their 'Phiz'
shadowed. Iis ndvertiseniciit says
he will remain one deek longer.
Stgeh Con1etion.
In eomseqlience ofthe ebarge made.i
by order of the Postmaster guneral in
the schedule of .tineion the Suuth Car
olina Rail Ruad, the Stauges .now run.
.irig between t. lzer411ziini of .the. Wil
make the coweion with , thi mail
trains on both eds complete, thus
doing away with forever, the an.
noyance and delay of the Sea Route
between Charleston and Wilming.
ton. This will be good news to a
large travelling ommuity.
S. C. Itail Road-.-Clianage og
It will lie seen by an ad vertisemienit
says the Columubia Banner' that from
and aifter the 10t.h inst. the passen
ger train will leave for Charleston at,
41 1 2 A. M., in conisequience of anI or
dher from the Post-Master General to
conneet with the Wilmington and
Manchcster lioad. We ailso learn that
the hour of starting from Charleston is
changed to 7 A. M.
lin coseinence of t his arrangement
the W. & M. Train of' Cars fromu
the junction arrives in Suinterville
at quarter past 3 P'. M. and leave in the
morning at ten miniutes of 4 o'clock.
Copiartnmershi p.
WE take pleasure in calling publje
at tent ion to the notice in our paper
this week o~f a copartniershiip formed by
Alessrs. R~ossn & WVARR~EN, for doingr
au general Cornmiissin buIsiness inl
Charleston. Mr'. Wanni1.., has been
for' a number of years Editor' and1 Pro.
prietor of t.be Camde'n Journal, and
now lhas also the mnageiment of- the
Tem'Ifpera~ce' .fd~O0*e. Ini the contest
of thes~e papeors lie has shown aptituide
for business, and will doubt less make
a good merchant. We wisha both gen.
tlemiin success ini thiir untderilAing.
WVe would also call attention to .the
card of Messrs. S5AMt. C. Duss & Co..
Ani 'risary Add ress.
WE aure Uindebt~cd to the talented
Authior, CetI A. G. &uzuan, foir a
copy ojf his a Idress delivered b'efore
the Soth erni Central A gricult.o rut So.
ciety at Mlacon G a., i O~ctobe~r 1852.
Col1. Sunnum is utiring iin his edlhrts
to produce -ani imiprov~em).ent sst.emn
of' Agriculture ini the Southernm Staetes,
towvards whieba he has .already done
muchel, and .the' oratiou befor'e us, provec
his ruind wvell stored with useflul faicts,
all of' which lie turns to good account.
SErscn.-The niegi'o girl, Rose,
belonging to Cot. 13. II. Brown, was
on Satuiiday last found guilty of the
murder of' the child of Mr. James
Kirkland, was noticedl in our last
number, and is sentenced to be hung
on Friday, 2d September next.
[Barntocdl Scnginc?.
n s
our plant vto pft hasce n
for the sup pl o 18 -4 and de qtes.
tion Is already disussed her can
it be bougit cheapesi We W r e not
prepared just npoto answer tna query,
but as a'remedy against purchasing at
all, we would suggest that a neeting
of all interested be called, and a com
bined effort, made to put dowi the ne.
gra-trading, so prevalent in ,our midst
and which we confidently believe robs
the planter of as much grain as the
dry weather.
- -W --0o- -No
Hiss Brennan.
WE learn from the Chester Stand
ari, that this native mocking bird
sung to a large, and delighted audience
in that place on the evening of the 4th
instant. We know a number of ad
mirers of Miss BRENNAN's music in
Sumter, who would gladly, seize upon
an opportunity to. hear her, and if she
will pay this town a visit in her ram
bles, we promise on the part of the in.
habitants a warin welcome for her, amid
a respectable audience.
Clarentomat Troop.
At an election held on Saturday the
9th inst. to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Captain Jonv T.
GitEEN, elected Major, the follow
ing vote was taken by which it will
be seen, that Licut. I. C. WEBB is
duly elected Captain.
VorE. Total.
R. C. WEnBS, 17
F. MYERS, 9-20.
Death of Dr. Chatpmamn.
Dr. NATHANIEL CHAPtAN one of the
most celebrated physicians in the U.
S. died at'his residence in Philadelphia
last week, at the advanced age of 74
Col. Orr.
This gentleman is a great favoiite ('f
ours and we like to notice his move
iments. The Andersop Gazette speak.
ing of the Masonic celebration at Ab.
beville C. II., on the 17th ultimno, says
of Col. Otit's speech on that occasion :
"llon J. L. Orr, arose an] delivered,
what we rngarded, the best speech of
his 11,. His audiene' were perflctly
delighltal, and141 wo feel well uainred,
tha- this speech has done far Masonry
in A bbeville, than aoy thing which has
preceded it.
D)i4(co ntsed.
The Po.t Ollice at Priiene,.in
.thia Distrigchns -
The SVotilerua Agriculturist.
The. July aumnber of' this truly val
unable journal is before us, anid is as we
thought of all thle others, better than
the last, anid beautifully illustrated.
Why don't every planter subscribe to
it ? Terms only one dollar a year;
lt. M. S'TOKEs at Lanrensville, S. C., is
the Proprietor. We have read the
numuber before us with great interest
and in k we have receivred informna
tion, which is worth more thani ten
times the subscription price.
Tine Sioatha Caroluinim.
Messrs. JomnssoN & Cmvs the able
conductors of this paper gave notice in
their issue of Saturday that from and
after yesterday their connection with
the Cairolinian would cease. We can
not regret too deeply the withdrawal
of too) such gentemenu f'ro:m the edito
rial fraternity and send our best wishes
for their future success. They thus
take leave of their brethren.
Our brethren of the press have our
warmest thanks for their oft repeated
mnani lestat ions of friendly and fraternal
feelings towards us. The press of Car
oliuna is conducted by gentlemen, warm
hearted, courteous, anud kind; and ,on
involuntarily retireing fromn time corps,
we tender to them our must earnest
wishes for their prosperity and happi
W hether or not either of us shall be
connect ed in t he conduct of' another
journal in the State we camnnot now say;
hut wherever our hot may be east, we
will not s(oon target the term of our
connectionn with time readers of the Car:
olinian, or the frequent kiundnesses we
have received from many of its friends
and supporters; and1( in penning these
parting words, we embody also the de
termination to forget and forgive all
tatwe mxay have considered unkind
ness .towards us. A dieu.
JIomnsTro & Civis.
C&ERAw AN.D l?.UUtmlNG'oN RAU.
RloAI.-W~e :re gratified to he able to
annonnee that thke section of this road,
between Darlington C. II., and tihe
tern. inns on the W ilmington anid Man.
ehester Rtoad, was -on the 6th inst., let
out f or gradimng, &c. The entire con
tract, was let to some three or four of
ourm wvealthiest and mo.st energetic citi
z.ens, who have had great experience in
similar wvork on the Wilmington and
- Manchester Rail Road, and who, we
aro assured, will speedily accomplish
the job as soon as the crops are laid( by.
So that we may reasonably exp~et to
clebrate the next 4th July, by a grand
experimental trip and barhaene..
The sale of Fanny V'ern'a now book
has thus far exceedeud that of 'Onelo
Tom's' Cabin. Ten t fhousanid cppj9;
wgrauod the frat wqek .ofitas~<
burg, about sixteen iiles frolf)'S .aer
Ville, whichivel&ancopjety w'rek
ed thePassenger C'I but did in'wiry
to human life. Several cows were
sleeping upon the Trackiand the cars
ran over them unpereeivcd, whfeb, of
course, threw them offthe 'Truck, and
resulted as above -tated.-Black Rifer
The cars ran unperceived over sov.
eral cows! Of course they ran oil' the
Track; it wasenough to make them.
A Land of Plenty.
WE clip the following paragraphs
from the Ancient City, published at St.'
Augusthie Fla. In these piping
times of drought and scarcity. It
would seem that Florida is the land of
Z " WATEastE.ONS and Muskmel
ons are in abundance-we have eaten
Watermelons froin our gardens live
weeks since. Figs are ripening rapid
ly, in a few days we will have abund
iunee of that delicious fruit.
.Beef is sold at on, ma:ikets at three
cents per.pound, and four cents. for
choice peieces,--it is said that it equals
in qualiLy, the beef sold in Charleston
and Savannah for ten arid sixteen cents
per poid.
The heat in Boston, New.York,
Philadelphia, and Baltimore during
last week was so inten1se-sometimes
as high as 98*-that many deaths
from coup de soleil daily, occurred.
Among the list of graduates at West
Point recently published by our North.
ern exchanges, we find those of Ben
jamin Allstom and Alfred E. Latimer,
of this State. The entire number of
graduates was fifty two.
GREAT RAINs.-OU Mmndnv last the
long and distressing drought was
brought to an end. tA heavy rainl, ap
parently of wide extent, fejl, aid re.
leived the parched , arth and decaina
vegeat ion. This was sueceede< by
another and even more greater out
pouring of the clouds on Tuesday-ne
compalnied by thunder, lightning and
wnd. Maay trees and limabs were
blown duwn.
We have much hope'that these rains
will revive the prospects of corn, and
that, with mo'.derate rains hercafter, a
tolerable crop at least will he made.
The prospect was s.- gloomy that with
in a few days corn rose here from 75
cents to $1 25 a bushel. As there is
a great deu lof last year's corn on hand.
we suppose the e nged appearantr
w ill ba-ing'th ~hin dovn air..
Duri~ $la~iLj .
str itigiiif and set on fire, bati
wvithout ,.ue damange. A telegraph
post anid a tree-were also struck.
FhydlejilIc O~server.
PAY vo P~osvTwAsEs.-The~ fid.
lowing is fixed upon as the comniis
sionls of P'ostmnasters after the fir-st of
Aparil last.
Ona a sum not exceeding $1I00
50 pe cent..
Onm a summ bet ween $100) and
.*100 - 40 do'
On a sum bmetweena *1000 and
*2400 85 do
Above *2400 - -*.- Ia do
When thme mail arrives regularly
between six P. M.- and live A. M.
60 per cent, is allowed for the
first hunidred dollars. Postmasters
whose comnpensatin does not exceed
*500 a quarter, are allowed one cent
ihr veryfreeletter, and two mils for
w. th postage.
GAumna~msa.--TLhe St. Louis corres.
p'onden t of thle Savannah Geo rgian
turnishes the item below, illustrative
of the terrible fascination of gambling:
.lie says that "a singular mod ofbet
ting is resorted to on Sundays, on thme
western waters, on which days there is
no card p)laying allowed. "The gaim
blers sit around a table, each having
before him a lump of loaf sugar; a stake
is put ump by the players, and hie uponi
whose lump a fly li..hts first, wins the
'pile.' 'They also make side bets
among themaselves upon this imapor.
tant event. Thu excitement often
waxes high, as the fly hovers over and
around the sweet morsels undecided
upon which to feast."
TuosE ExvEI~oPEs.-In pursuance
oif official orders, received from the
city of WVashington by George F.
Neshitt, Esq., a large qnantity of thc
United States pre-paid envelopes
were shipped from New York on
Thursday, by Adams & Co's Express,
to the postmasters of the principal ci
ties in the Southern and We~strnm
sections oIf the Unitedl States.
ouis News!"
Under t his caption thme ( arolina
Sp)artan mentions that, thme coommittee
has located the Female College at
Spartaniburg-and that its junior Edi.
tor had beeni "presenitedl last night wvi th
a little responsibility," which lhe
pledges to transfer to it.
IsJaY -rO -rnE CRmois.-The Dai
ville (Va.) lRegister ofl Saturday rep
resents the crops of tobamceo anmd oats
in that region as having bpeen mo'st
seriously i nured by the goyught. A t
no time, for tmny yeag; at samys, has
the proispect for 9tesoecropis been
more gloomy anddiscoiuraging.
NEwBPAPER CnaANoEs.--Cou1 gey
mour, ir is said, Is now the sole owner
-of the New Orles1niiiaving
piurebasedW IA Nodem's ha ior 822,.
000 . isg hm purch.u4fr
t a u .-4
6 hn -.1140'
ish giant sid' tt- ; .the
'nan in Europefiie
ii.chtes; weiglia ~.wtott
perpenidleulaIIrlyPl fee~
is under 21 yeafs W
Of The.psg:N
are now being-issiud'L l
ed upon iW *3.20 per hund
three cents each for thij-'0t
and twevtty celts'per hinid
dollarsper thousand forwv
" An 4nti-Def E
tion has been formed rin'
The nembers .gleg
against eating any meat
inore than eight centsit
An etatination oj
Spring, recently excecuted
der or two women at Iil
proved that his body Y
buried at all, o aftecward
tiously remnoved. The-cohif
nothing but a lug of wotid"An 1
The late arniable cenoof fcgisy4
M1Z,LETT died at their I
ville, k. C., on the first da y o
of Billions Congestive Fever, aftB d
illness, in the 28th year of her a
AIrs. M&LLXTT was the your.n-.
ofthe late WIL A and iAdvC
ter District, S. C. At a ten der-ay
her devoted parents placed lathe '
North Carolina, where sherecely -it i
education, which blended with.u i
ness of dispositi on and, deportmen jj
her in anl emuinen I degre C erin
society in which she moved
At an early period of her.lif ele
veloped in her an ardent.dev otion
jdc of a living Faith in ri cojjmon'
Soon after her ainfriiie.
profession of her Faith nd
the Bethel BaPjisthchib
fesion which she highly ador e
livd, both in her private andpubi
ment. The position Wh felt she hadt ;e "I-,
an eninence frorm which shewas uI6in
descend, to hold further interedtifhrs "
ansubstantial scene of 'pty plea iref:o
light of her example ther wase"
which was the evident result fW
fervour uf afTection, that gives to l
the jout, a improving into perfect day.
That excellency-of disposhiton fo tjl%-i j i
M4rLLETr was distinguished should pdt il)
garded as a trivial attarlimeat. Ititolds -
inportant rauk in the list *f gcest
rare thing to find in.the essral teniper ofJle..
ligious professors even the-esseinitials i
equanimitywhichl shoild be a prisWkh
ture in- all. The subjec of this no
u in ae eristdgt'lk
anagait LIAbi, wilch
-r;,.t-pci T
At 'm isn'd Adt fe unt
hail Ianinderiity of 6ti' r et
her predominant sense of a
the christIan life. . *"
The last mo'inets of this distiguihij
tin wvere such aS her previous hlsisN w~tl
have induced us to anticipate.Just befp &
parture she wasn by her-auziousliadrdased
husband asked her what he should deoh4~
whtich spee replied : nothing.; anyid
wished he felt as happy as saberdlie.t asais
marked to'the writer of thi iatiei
lady who no <foubt had-the; bespptionltts
knowing all her feelings Io-respsiti ~~h
and Hope. -
"That she had d~i Tuiamg sa
There has seldorn stiel an it li
midst. The Loss is' tvt~
whose lees tust' be irrepaa a.~
sides six dear little cidrn **
pun~ter when lsdeisibie Ia1gd~~~I4.
enee a loss never, no never, to b ueun4en,
earth. IBut have strong, the evideac h
loss is her eterral gain.AL~
Besides all this there is one other wt
dotuht feel, as deeply aflicted as.1
such a sad calamity ; that one is anr ohf9bt ~~
er and the only one of the family-nowe yt*j1~
that once happy household.- fWrelist ( X
ago that fond s on and brother was'scnet~i ~$
inexpressihble sorrowftully over the cold
is kind rauther, as he thuts stood and' al' $
emphsishewrilter was'd
"Hfow frail th toiht
None but .Jests Christ candodeThn
Trttly may it he said in the carA
man of God, "Bless ed are the dea dtot
the Lord." 3t'~
.7? Watchman pleaso copf.'
Season for Preiniu~'
W. A. WEILLMAN, ould rcpe fi
ly announce to the Ladiea and- t
of Sumlerville .and icitly tbi 6
opened loowns nt the ahove pji 6 .~ j '
ho w~ould be happy to wtaton aIl;whmyrit
feel distpoitod to uinprove tisrnyt
to obtint one of his unupBeyii
tures, as it inny be the lat that~itinaiy
yotu tny have to obtain one of lioe
uablet meennos. Pictures trien int.lQi
or cloudy woeather at the o piK 4t
Dollairs. .
A good assuortmnent of fancy %
lockets on hand, ' -~ VV ,
Maty 2th, 13
Copartnershp oi~:~~
iflE underndgned r havi (r~r
parti'e-raipfor'uhe IrIhi (I
FACT IoR.A, 'V N D CO3[iS~$
11U1N ESS,-in tIny city' othnir t r1ii/
der the ninne ofRO iM
trusted to otur~et ~
Otr ollire a i '~i
he op'nI ne r ei*

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