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1IB I llvivace, Two- bollars
tat thi expiration of six months,
.War at Ahend of the year.
tqqintlnucdr4nti1 ' all nercarages
S ia'the option of the Pnprietor.
etiments itnserted at SF.vLINTY
WperaWuar, (12 lines or lean,) for
t0.101. ialf that sum fur each suisequenlt
bf insertions to h marked
sertatnents or they will bo piublished
o.be discontinued, and charged
NF 1) OLLAR per square for a single
or 4on -Quarterly and Monthly Advertise
wIll, charged the same as a single in.
on. and emi-monthly the vamte as new ouve
5t1 m ii New York.
rektrict the followintg from the
ead itfSaturday last:
eries of mehmceholv disasters
eurrd in our city yesterday. Abot
n'eVock in the morning lire broke
p in a bakery in the Second aveinue.
1hf the journeymen in the estab
is pentwasburned to death; a fffni
- 1 n'.ithaWiding were compelled to
son6by leaping from a fourth-story
H, d ow, ni the performance of which
tzrdous feat a woman was instantly
lll.d.-4uet as the steamer New
Yoldwas about departing for Alba.
ny; at:stievin o'clock, one of her boiler
fluesm'olapsed, eamsing thu death of
a.ppersins, and <readfully sea;Iding
k oothers. In the afternuoon a hail
to , accompanied by lightning and
lent .wind, passeI over the 11pper
of tie city, during which at new
s rame dwelling, in process
ion Forty-third street,
.?tear the Crystal Palace, was blown
ownburying eight or teln workmen
.V ;iiid the-runs, three of whom1 Were
out lifeless. Seven others were
-iously wounded. To congpde, a
nan lost his life by the fail of another
ilding in Forty-third street, near the
,orth river, a man was struck dead by
l 'flash of lightning, and a child of Mr.
ohn Oberhuber was scalded to death;
naking a total of fourteen persons
'k1led and as many others badly in
(-Ysterday aft ernoon, between 5 and
clock, our ity was visited by one
1_.j0f' the most tremendons hail--trms
thakwo ever cemember to ha,ve SULn.
Th6ewind, that during the early part of
the day had been from the northeast
.ddbilyveered round to the north
Q! anid again changed to the east,
prin with it a heavy thunder
' start.s The most peenliai euome
n was. tho.suddun hurricane, uand tt.v
std.ndotoUf hail, ihr tha w
o Unineaning a tulrni o &l'aribu i'.
-bybut of pieces of ice, which came
Its Ittering down upon the roofs of the
,houseslike ashower of brickbats.
EnAtordi ary as It may appear, this
'11s the;nearest rdsemblance that can be
ai4i to the nqisu that the storm pro
S ud; but,: singular anongh, this phe
nameinon was very local, riot extend
u y tg.for the whole city, for in some
~ f'pans the flall of hail had become mUod
~ified into rain, probably having melted
m~j is passage to the earth.
rI n order that ouir readers may not
supc us of exaggeration, we have
a.'ippended two instances of what. this
' 4'hail-stormn was:
.s J The :shipyard of Mr. Thocs. Collyer,
ptthe dry- dock, was covered with
~ rregularly shaped pieces of ice, or
~l rgwelusters of hailstones. Several
thm-were measured, one of whieb
nywas 1.2 inebes in circumaference, an
*'other 7 inches, and a third me~asured
* 3 ui~ites long and 2 inches thick.
a.The inhabitants of a honse in War
erly place were startted by a solid
body falling in the front yard. and on
~ proceedingr there found a numbter of
piecels of ice, which appeared to have
.been-originally oane piece broken by
~'.V.s~the faill. When together they would
vei n about two pounids. The garden
at the -back of the .house had also a
large num~ber of pieces of ice scattered
6 . over'it, and a skylight at .the .top of
~UKthe house was sumashed by the .hail
'ihe noise of the falling hail on the
Crystal 'Palace was trem endotus-thne
Sdole cti as an .immiense drum.
Duig a storm a most disastrous
(accident occurred up town, by which
threg persons lost their lives, and sev
en othere were severely intjured, some
- of whon it .is expected wijll not recov
e$ r. The scene of the aecident was in
~ Forty-third street, between Fith and
;~~s ixth avenues, at a newly erceted
~*Aframe building opposite Latting's Oh.
Kservatory, wvhiebu belongs to D)r. S. P'.
$.Townsend, and was nrot entirely com-.
(~ leted. It is opposite the Crystal P'al
J .ace. During the stormn this building,
$ ~vhioh wvas two stories bigh and roo fed
nwas Qverttuned instantaneously by
~~Z hehuiricane that blew ablout Iive
Sclock, and. levelled in a mioment to
e gtoned. At the tuime that the aic
aiebsare there were six men
em pipyed on the ground floor in plas
*; ering the walla,.three of them as plas
X4ters, o of whom was the boss,
amed William Mc42rachcen, and who
wskilled with two thesm There
~wre three other labo retrs on this floour.
Onthe upper Inoor there werae other
br~.orkmen emploeyed in fitting the pipes
n- other similar work, the building
being intended, we believe, for a sa
oon, an nadition to these there
Swsa large number of people whlo hado
~ sough~t temporary shelter w hern the
tomcame on. So sudden was thue
~acident that no time was given for
iescape, the whole building beinig pros
tiaed without even the shatdow of
-Presieai T~E it is sta
t-e~ed a in thye joymlent; a.t present, of
~.~gerd }c&tilan aocI ~far from being
Gt o
Zeindj vitl.-k beE tiiten
expeelled~be yoor adovn
have only to step intb -the I Mdse.
euin . Tho Franco-Swiss laly, there
exhitbiting is IS all that; is clai'med for
her. Si is o nioderate size, rather mas
eulinue looking--owing mnh to her
beard -- dressea in good taste, displays
a bust expels all doubt as to her sex,
and wears a fine, glossy black
bartd,'extending from the outer corner
of her eyes down her checks and under
and over her chin. Her back, betweenl
the shoulders, shows an unusual hairi
iness. She has a fair and fresh coin
plesion, and is altogether de'idedly
agreeable; speaking Swiss, French and
Englii fluently. Her husband and
father accompany her. Site has giv
en birth to two children, one of them
deceased, the other, five miontlhs old,
living idand already showing the basis
of a fbrmidable beard. Site has a sis.
ter, now itt Londoui we believe, who
exhibits the sate singularity. Her
fither is rather siootifced than other
wise. The bearded lady is certainly
ia very great (uriosity and a puzzling
question for physiologists. She ias
no objection to visiters taking hold of
her whihkprs to test their qualitv.
She is decidedly one of the hair-y.toe-s
racy.-N Y. Mirror.
A Wmin; Opriios.-Ve learn from
the Rioebester Advertiser, thtat a wkig
appears in the columns of the Newark
E.agle, who says ie wrote ntitch and
slpke more against Franklin Pierce
while a candidate for the Presidenev;
bit Since the ohject of his assiatilts had
bmen installed into the White Ilouse, lie
has visited hilln, and has ch:mged his
opinion entirely. Inl proof of which
the writer says:
"No man win pass an hour with
him, without being impressed with
the conviction that, Frank Piecee is
a Man of imarked traits f eharacter
-sga(cious and discrimnting-quick
to perceive aIn' pi'4rIpt to) let; always
ready to listen to advice-hut, posses
sed of a stronr will and firmin mid.
There is a pefliar expressimin about.
his eyes, indi.a1 yive of' the Character of'
(the mantit as deve!oped since his int
:gutrationt. It is that-so to speak-of
a person who hutuws li iseilf t Ithorongh
ly, and w hAiat is of eqlil iIpor tanev,
kito'~ms thow by w . Iii ll! is sit t't'm til
dd. Ile wbe a ]rt to iveJrrechI Franlk
Pie:ee, ultst bk-e eauiv' inl th .rn
Fonilr TitI A L.-ExCIo SCENE.
-Cinciniati, fJul, Ist.-In Court to
day, dmring the ul: X*l of Kissane amd
v-oli' tI.rry W ra. It. John1
s m e ,> .; . a wi;e-s fu'r the
d- :. i.-.......pn Kissante yes
tedtay an1d o:. lie was abe to
prove his whe-:ab..- -s on the 14th, and
correct the iiisl.ke nade by tie
witnesses flo the prosecution. Pre
viously, he had nit seen Kissane for
some time, but, ott readitig the re.
port in the papers, the idea occurred to
him of rakinig the stand anId proving an
aIbi. Johntsoni was foirimetly of
the firtm of Lot, Pu'tgh & Co., for'
whom Kissatie was conideqlntiadl eerk.
After .Johnisonx had testiliied, the
Prot'secuttinmg Attorney hantded him1 a
fotrged cheek, di awni by Ki-ssane ini De
cemuber la-t, anid also giving~ him
one of' thle f'orged checks. .lohntsont
said lie kit w Ki.-sane's haiidwriting ats
well as hi~s own, lie then compl[ared
the checks, anid as heC dlid so, an
expression of' terror camne uipon
his coiuntenace, antd witht a convu'ilsive
moemntie threw both checks upon
the table, exclaiminrg, "Tha't check
is in Kissante's hanzdwriiting-reait
(God!"' Jlohnson then fell back wiith
a convunlsive expression, and~ waIs
assisted to a chtairt. The effect was
stuntnin g upon41 the j udge, jutrors, law.
yetrs and spectators. 'The casec will
pro~babhly go to~ the jitry to itight.
SrAuMIE oF 'rjiE CAttNi-v.--Th le
Cainet, is on thte eve ofl a stampedeme.
'lThe Seeretary of ,the Ititerior hazs
alreadly left Watshingutoni. Mir. Cuishinii
is to be atL thle Co tmne neen tl
I larv~tard on the ~20th iinst. Colon'iel
Davis is goinig to visit, New Eng
land, also., ini the cour ise ofi a e
days. Mri. Marey', we learn, is co~in
ing heire to attend th iiJopeniting of' the
Ctrystal Palace. a111l perha~ps I ry anid
mtatniphulati the dliscontt-etted. Post
mtastcer General (alit pbell will pro'
bably accoiitpaniy htim. WVe ha~rve
Dobihil itt.s to inahe of1 iuself'
d urig the dlogdla', s. Air. GU thrie is
so busy guard ing the mone'y chest that.
lie will scarcely lbe abde to get away.
The couIJItry is evidently mot itn dan
getr, andm thle Cabidnet, we Itist, will
thereforec have a goo~d t inite ofit-e
York JleraldJ.
111(n as I~o un unent.--'l'he lIet'
ister, lie lIIighm-chturchi E-'.isiopal l.
per' pub lished int Ph'iladelphia, ini me.
'i''rce to the hit e tenn Di iaI ioe'sat
Conven'itiont of' l'ennsylIvania, makes
the Ifoh.inig nieknowhedgemientt:
"lit the late Contveni tin thtere was
the saie dis3ti-et <iiarcaiti4, oif par-lt
the haotingshowe 'that t noner
icail strenigth ofi thatt sectin of'
chiurchmieu knw a~~i~ s 'o-chiurchl' was
coinsidera.bly ini(cased, bo th in the
clerical and lay votes, Lceyonrd tirii
force in ihr'taer Con ventionis The
sttrgtht of numberts was with ihern,
anid they 'ontr(lled thei electis."'
Tv hr.- O . n;.lerstanrd several
thir~ , ; 'd cortn :nI euing it for immrag.e,
arnd planrtinzg a wonutd cr'op. TIhtis we
thinlk an exce-llettt ideat. Cotri planted
so as to get into the roastintg ear be
fore frost, it' cut at the grond anld
stacked w~ill mnaturte wall, and aflord a
largo tim-onntt of foriage. This is pr'ae
tisedl in ~lie Northern Slates every
year,.andtlthere is no reason it hlould
ntt bo hiee.-C~Aera aeiee,
biIlty' oftwarin' Etroe -a'l fi, tt
nations largelin debI cyni ldly -
ford to indulge in:
"War, if it-thke plae, .woud pr o
bably involve Greit Iritain, Russia,
Austria, Turkey and France. In
all these countries taxation has been'
pressed as finr as the people can
bear it. Everywhere the complaint
of over-taxation is so loud and gen
eral that the sovereigns must 'pause
ere they feed public discontent by
increasing the public debts. We
have seen wihut Great 13ritain owes; the
annual interest on this debt amounts to
?2S,000,000, or inore than halIf the
while revenue of the realm. The
other leading States are thus indebted:
Russia C.122,170,000; Austria X183,
'100,000; Turkey 6.6660,700; France
.221,70,000. None of these States,
eveept Great Britain, could obtain
a loaU of any atmnount-certainly not
.a war loan-upon anything like
reasonable terms. Atustria, Russia,
Russia and Turkey have lately failed
in their respective efforts to borrow
money. ,Nor can France have bet
ter success. No moley, no war. Tile
indebte'dness of the great European
States renders theii praetically
'bnund over to keep the peace.'
Brook, editor of the New .York Ex
press, in one of his letters from Geor
gia, mentions the following facts:
"Ii Savannah, in three Baptist
churches and one Methodist, there are
2,990 colored per,8 one-half of'
whom are slaves. The pastor of one
of the Baptist cliirhes is a slave, and
the other two are free colored persons.
These churches contribute liberally for
foreign antd domestic Inissions, f r
home poor, &c. At the Georgia Bap
tist. Association, held in Wari en coui
ty last Selpternber, five slave preachers
were present, aid voted upon all ques
tions presented for comnsideration. Ii
South Caroliin there are more than
f'orty thiusand slaves who are church
nieinbers; and in the entire South the
Baptist anld methodist churches already
have 2-1,000 slave iimeinhers."
FIAuKLus.-G Ieoi'ge Banerofit, in a
lecture hel 're the New York flistoiic
al Society, pays an eloquet tribute
to the philosopheir: -Not half of
Franl~in's mlerit,; have beenl told.
IHe v:a, the true fi'her of the Ameri
enn Uahn. It was he witho went forth
to hLiy thfeimilatioin of' that great de
sign at Allb-iy, and in New York lie
lifted up his voice. J Ie re amtiong us
he app''eaeid as the a postle 1-f the Un
ion. It wazs Franklin whi suggested
the Congris of 1771; aid but for
his wisdomn, and the coifidence that
wislom inspired, it is a matter ordoubt
whether that Congress would have
taken cfeeet. It wias Franklin who
suggested the bond of the. Union wvich
binds these Stites, from. Florida. to
Maine. Franklin was the greatest
diplomatist of the eighteenth century.
lie nevei' spoke a word too soon1; he
never spoke a wvoi'd too inue' ; he nev
er Etiled to speak the tight, word at the
right season.'
ouri readers tee whtt ani ext enit thle ce-e
ieis of So uthernt inst itutuins go ini
their ziadniess. we ventutre to staine our
columnlhts withI thle folIlowing horrid lain
guage, which was itsed lby one of' the
orators at atn Abolitiotn gathiering in
Boistoni recen.it ly. No powe'r of' words
can p'roperly characterize such disgust
mug anid outr'ageous profantity:
.\lt'. lhetury C. WX'right commenced
lby say ing that lie was atheist to any
thiing which'h sancttioneed slavery.
wot~uld putt miy hecel upo n an~y govern.
iment, whiceh satietieed slavery'. It
Goed sainctionied slave ry I wouhl I put
my heel upon huim. (I hisses and ap
plause-"'oidcr" fri' n the ebiair-hiss
es and hm tghteri ftrom1 the gal lery.)
Yes, I would refuse to obey such it
God; I wouLld it such a Ood uiponi
the autct ion block, at. ' sell him like a
beast. (llisses.) i'. \Vright pro'
2eedced to say that lie was ani atheist
to anty G od that. sanctined slavery';
lie wonuhe sp end his meoney antd his Ilif'e
to er~elthriow such a God an~d sucha
goeverinen ctt. 'Thle thty' is past whien
wet shold loock to attr iites or' ti tles.
I Ie had tio respect fir the namen of
God iin lie muouth of a warrior a slave
hoelderl, or' a i'iumsetl let'.
Cotrt t -:s~t~' 'ro A 't Elic.ss-Thec
f'ollowintgAmier'icans hadl the honor
ary' degree D.. C. L. coniferred ulponi
themu at tbe r'eentit itnstallation of' thle
Ear'l of' Derb y as ('hancel lor' of' the
Untiverisity of'( Oxird: T1he Ion. o.
seph 'in gei'sell, 'Minuisteri of thle Ui.
ted States; thle hlou. Alazrtin uiin l i-.
r'en, foi'merly v I'resident of' the Uti
t'd St'j~es: the l iight R.l GeUorge Je.
lie saphiat Mouintaini, Bi shopi of Qitebee;
the liighc t'e.Charles l'et it Mleaine,
JBishop~ of' Ohio; the .H on. MrI~. Jius
tice Illalibur~tn.
ExerIris i:j r Rietmmrou'1ts.--Joehni
I reeniumh a coleeds utat, 'ir the
List six years a residet, of' Indtianiapo
fis, Indianai, was arrested a f'ew
day ao oni t he aflida it of Pl'Ieasat
Elling ton, tel Ketuctlky', as a fugLitive
slv and ~ beloenginig to :himi. The
arrest causiSed imuch 'xci temnt, and
lie trial lhadi not, been co ncluided at
lie last. ae'eeun-ts. it is thoutght a
duel will grow out, of the affair be
tweetn the Hion. Wim. J. Biown, ex
muember' of Conugress, .aitnd one~ of'
the cousel, in conistequec'ie of' soe
r'eimarks of the lattLer. Mir. Brown ap
pe:ared itn court. and asked to make a
personmd explanation, which the
court r'efoed.
ijf- The citizens of New-Orleans
tendered Mi'. SOULs a pu~blic dinner
previous to his departure f'romn that ci
hy ut it was declined on considdra
hons of delicncy and ro-metyn
Tam d letter envelopes whilh
Ia egjgst beepentoit f'o distri butior
ftsong tIle ilading post offices of the
Union, are, as yet, but a single size, of
the:three cent denoimimtion. A bust
of Washington, embossed and encir
eled by a brick:re'd back of ground, oe
Cupies the appropriate corner. Above
and below the lignre are the words
signifying the value of the snamp.
These envelopes are sold at the post
office for three dollars and twenty cents
per hundred, the twenty extra centi
fbr the envelopes. which is less than
plain envelopes of* equal quality conlk
be bought for. The post office does
not sell less than a hundred. Retail
ers outside of the post oflice will proba
bly expect to make a handsome profit
The back of' the eivelopes is gummed
ready fur sealing. There ii also Mr
Nesbitts advertisement on the back
for which (as is pointedly observed bj
the Journal of Commerce) there is mc
charge. With that paper, we doub
the propriety of deforming the nation's
envelopes in ibis.- way, and are stir
prised that the postmaster genera
should permit it. Dr. Brandeth woul<
furnish the envelopes gratis, barring
the stamp, for the privilege of printing
a small advertisement lpoll them.
TUESDAY, JULY 12. 1853.
Charleston, July 11, 1853.
The market during the past week ha:
been dIll, and inatietive, but on Satur
day revived and sales were effecte<
at an advance of a 1-4 of a cent. W
now quote extreme prices at fron
8 to 11 1-2 cents.
7 i ur thanks are due to D. B
I )rnow, Esgr., for-an abstract of th<
"seventh census."
ID a g u e re o t y p e s.
WILL.MAN, who still holds out li
sign, next. door to'this oflicts is deter
mined to give the citizens of Sun.te
one more (haRnce of having their 'Pio
shadowed.- His ai hertisenent say
lie will reinain-one xcek longer.
Stagec Connectima.~
In consequen-e of the change inni
by order of the Postnaster general i
the sehtodule of tipiie on the South Car
olina Rail, Road;the stitges now- rur
Ining between the e-rmini of the. Wil
nngton .rait
nake the on idwith tha mai
trasins ont both entds complete, thu~
doing away with forever, the ar
nioyanfce and delay of the Sea Rlout
between Charleston and WVil ming
ton. This will be good news to
large travellisng commfunlity.
S. C. IRail Road--Chanuge o
It will be seens by ain advertisueei
says the Columsibia 1'anner thtat frot
and after the 10th inist. the passer
getr t rain will leave for Charleston a
4 1 2 A. M., in consetpuence of' an or'
der f'romt the Post-Master General t<
Conneet withs the WVilmtington an.
Manchsester Road. We also learn thla
the hour of statrting from Charlestoni
chantged( to 7 A. MI.
Int consequencee of this ar rangemsen
thte WV. & M. Train of' Csars f'ror
the jutnctions arrives in Siunter-vill
st quarter. past 3 P. M. and leave inI th
Intornting at ten minutes of' 4 o'cloed
WV: take pleasure in calling publi
afttention to the notice inl our pape
this week of a copartnershlip formned b~
Mlessrs. Ross-n & Wanneiss, for dOin
Charleston. Mr.~ Wa~nn:s, ha~s hee
for a number of years Editor and P~r
prietor of t-he Camssden Joiurnasl, an
no0w has aslso the mnalgement of- th
Temp/ljerance A1dezie. It the conites
of these pap~ers lhe hass shown aptituld
for* buineiiss, antd wvill dubtle5ss mak
ai good mierchanst. We wish both1 get
tlemtent success in thteir unsdertaking.
W~e would also c-all attention to .tl
carsid of Messrs. .SA.,L. C. Dc ss & CC
Aunni'rary Add ress.
WVE are Lindebt~ed to the talente,
Aut hocr, C~l A. G. fMEni, for
copy of Ihis address5 dlivere&d befor
the Sout hern Central Agr-icult~u ral St
eiety atX Maons Ga., ins Utbe.r- 1.8M
Col. SLmuMJ is unt ilig ini hiselr
to prod uce .anl improv.J~emnent systers
of Agrioultur-e itn the Soutsheurn State:
towar-ds wich hse hass already don
msuch, and the oration beforeo us, prove
his mind well sto)red with uiseful faceta
all of' which Ite turt-ns to good accouni
S:N.s.-T1he negro girl, Ros<
belonging to Col. B. II. Brown, wat
on Saturday last found guilty of th
mustrder of the child of' Mr. .Jame
Kirkland, was noticced ia our las
number, and is sentenced to be hun
on Friday, 2d September next.
B1arntwell Sentinel.
ren e i1 .
our plantei 1 b aij .orn
for the stiplyor 4 ie qutes.
tion Is aready d6 eussed where can
it be bought cheapest' W- e pre not
prepared just npio answer thiis.query,
but as a remedy against purchising at
all, we would suggest that a meeting
of all interested be called, and a com
binled effort made to put down the ne.
gra-trading, so prevalent in tour midst
and which we confidently believe robs
the planter of as much grain as the
dry weather.
Bliss Brennan.
WE learn from the Chester Stand
ard, that this native mocking bird
sung to a large, and delighted audience
in that place on the evening of the 4th
instant. We know a number of ad
mirers of Miss BEmNAN's music in
Sumter, who would gladly seize apon
an opportunity to hear her, and if she
will pay this town a visit in her ram
bles, we promise on the part of the in
habitants a warin welcome for her, and
a respectable audience.
Clarement Troop.
At atn election held on Saturday the
9th inst. to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Captain Jonx T.
GREEN, elected Major, the follow
ing vote was taken by which it will
be seen, that Licut. R. C. WiVnn is
duly elected Captain.
VOTE. Total.
R. C.. WEUB, 17
F. MyERs, 9-20.
Death of Dr. Ciuwpinan.
most celebrated physicians in the U
S. died at his residence in Philadelphia
last week, at the advanced age of 74
Col. Orr.
This gentlemnan is a great favorite rf
opurs and we like to notice his move.
i ments. The Anderson Gazette speak.
- ing of the Masonic celebration at Ab
r beville C. II., on the 17th iltirio, says
of Col. Onn's speech on that occasion :
s "llon J. L. Orr, arose and delivered,
what we rogarded, the best speech of
his hde. llis audiene. were per fectly
delightd, 11aml we feel well assured,
tha: tLis vtey h ha dono fo ,r Masonry
in Abbevilie, than any thing which has
preceded it.
The Post Ollice a't Proigence n
this Disrtfighas.boeerr. . 'ymedn
Tine Soutucrna Agricaulturlat.
sThe July aumber of this truly v'al
uable journal is before us, and is as we
thought of all the others, better thani
-the last, and beautifully illustrated.
Why don't every planter subscribe to
it ? Terms only one dollar a year ;
SIt. M. SToxe~s at Laurensville, S. C., is
thme Proprietor. 'We have read the
t number before ns with great interest
i and think we have received informna.
-tion, which is worth more than ten
t- times the subscription price.
Tine souttau Carolisian.
Messrs. Joiissox & Cavis the able
t conductors of this paper gamve notice in
thaeir issque of~ Saturday that from and
after yesterday their connection with
the Carolinian would cease. We can
not regret too deeply the withdrawal
of too such gentlemen froum the edito'
riali fraternity and send our b~est wishes
ter their future success. They thus
take leave of their brethren.
Our brethren oif the press have our
e warmest thanks for their oft repeated
mnani icstamtions of friendly and fraternal
r feelings towards us. T1hie press of Car
oliia is condsacd by genatlemecn, warmi
hearted, courteous, and kind; and, on
inivoluntarily retireing from the corps,
we tender to them our most earnest
wishes for their prosperity and hapi
I Whether or not either of us shall be
a connected in the conduct ofanothecr
t jIoural~ in the State we cannot now say;
but wherever our' lot may be east, we
will not soon torget the term of our
e connection with the readers of the Car:
- olinian, or the frequent kinadnesses we
.. have received froma mtany of its friends
and supporters; and in penning these
p~arting words, we embody also the de
-termination to forgt~ andh forgive all
that we nmay haive considered unkind
ness .towards us. Aidieu.
JoinsTroN & C-AVIS.
C&JIAw ANn) D)Ant.iNGON R~Arr.
I ROA.-WeC are gratified to be able to
annonnee that the section of this road,
between D)arlington C. IT., and the
teriu inuson the Wilmington and Man.
chester Road, was on the th inst., let,
out f or grading, ke. TIhe entire con
tract. was let to some three or four of
a our wealthiest and most, energetic citi
s zens, wvho have had great experience in
similar work on the Wilmington and
- Mancehester liail Road, and who, we
'are assured, will speedily accomplish
the job as soon as the crops are laid by.
'So that we mnamy reasonably expect to
Scelebrate the next 4th .July,'by a grand
e experimental trip and barh aene.
s Flag.
The sale of F anny Yern's new book
Shas thus far exceeded that of Uneld
Tomn's Cabin. Tea thousand copies
- wero Mod the firat week .of its inssue
burg, aboutsixteen ini rSer.
ville,W wiuchiv'Idir 'rcJipelyweL
ed thoPassenger Crl, dutdid .4e3inuy
to human lile. Several eows were
sleepPing non the -Track, andthe cars.
ran over them unperceived, wh.b,. of
course, threw them o(Y the Truck, and
resulted as above -tated.-Black Rer
The cars ran unperceived over sev.
eral cows! Of course they ran off the
Track; it was enough to make them.
A Lnmd of Plenty.
WE clip the following paragraphis
from the Ancient City, published at St.:
Augustiie Fla. In these piping
times of drought and scarcity. It
would seem that Florida is the land of
EP WATER MELo.S and Muskmel
ons are in abundance-we have eaten
Watermelons from our gardens live
weeks since. Figs are ripening rapid
ly, in a few days we will have abund
aice of that delicious fridt.
.Beef is sold at out markets at three
cents per. pound, and four cents for
choice peices,-iu is said that it equals
in quality, the beef sold in Charleston
and Savannah for tel and sixteen cents
per po.und.
The heat in Boston, New-York,
Philadelphia, and Baltimore during
last week was so inte:nse-soletillcs
as high as 98*-that many deaths
fi'om coup de soleil daily. occurred.
Among the list of graduates at West
Ioint recently published by our North.
eri exchanges, we find those of Ben
jamin Allston and Alfred E. Latimer,
of this State. The entire number of
graduates was fifty two..
GaEAT IlAMNs.-Oi Mrndnv ist the
long and distressing drought was
brought to an end. A heavy rain, ap
parently of wide extent, iel, and re.
leived the parched - arth and decavina
vegeatiol. This was sueereded bL
another and even mo're greater oli
Po ring of the clouds on Tuesday-ae
comipaied by thunder, lightning and
wimd. Many trees and limbs were
blown down,.
We have roich hope that these rains
will revive the prospects of corn, and
that, with i'derate rains hereafter, a
tolerable crop at least will he made.
Ilho prospect was s. gloomy that with.
in a few days corn ruse here from t5
Cents to $1 25 a bushel. - As there is
a great deal.of last year's corn on hard.
we suppose' the chianged appearanti
will Ubrmg the ice downgain
-Du.DV re.AM,- 4",
'strkby~11 Cing and set on fire; bnu.
w~tlouit *mud" damage. A- telegraph
post and a tree. were also struck.
.Feyesillc Oljseruer.
PAY -rO Po~a~S-h fol.
lowing is fixed upon 'as the commis-.
sionis of P'ostmaxsters after the first of
Aprail last:
On a stum not exceeding $00
Ona sum between $100) and
.*100 - 40 do*
On a sum between $1000 and
$2400 35 do
A bove $2400 - -. - . 1 do
When the mail arrives regularly
between six P. M.- and live A. MI.
60 per centt. is allowed for the
first aunid red dollars. Postmasters
wvhose compensation doies not exceed
$500 a quarter, are allowed one cent
for every lree letter, and two.millis for
every liewspaper not cha rgeable
w-th postage.
GaMXnLNG.-The St.. Louis corres.
poindett of lie Savan nab Georgian
furni lhes the item below, illustrative
of the terrible fascination of gambling:
lie says that "a singular mod of bet
tmng is resorted to on Sundays, on the
western waters, on which days there is
no card playing allowed. "The gamn
hlers sit arouznd a table, each having
before him a lump of loaf sugar; a stake
is put up b~y the players, uand lie upon
whose lump a fly lijhts first, wins the
'pile.' Tlhey also' make side bets
among themselves upon this imapor.
tent event. The excitement often
waxes high, ats the fly hovers over and
around thte sweet morsels un decided
upon which to feast."
TuosE EsvELOss.-In pursuance
oif oflicial orders, received from the
city of WXashington by George F.
Nesbitt, Esq1., a large quantity of' the
United States pre-paid envelopes
were shipped from New York on
Thursday, by Adams & Co's Express,
to the postmasters of the principal ei
ties' in the Southern andl Western
sections of the Uniitedl States.
"KMethodist Female (Uklge-Glori
ous~ News!"
Under this caption thlR ( rolina
Spartan mlenitions that the conmmittee
has located the Female College at
Spartanburg-anid that its junior Edi
tor had' beeni "prescnted last night with
a little responsibility," which lie
pledges to transfer to it.
INUYTO TilE CROi's.--The Dani
ville (Va.) Rlegister of' Saturday rep
resents the crops of' tobacceo and oat-s
in that region as hiav'ing been most
seriously injured by the drought. At.
no time, for rnany years, it says, has(
tile prospect for these crops been
moro gloomy and disc.ui-aging.
NEwsPA PER OniANo5s.--Cao d.~ ey.
mour, ir is said,is now the sode owner
of the New Orleans "Bunlltin,'having.
purchased .AV Ho.Jdge~ half for $22,
00Visli hias pure sxedir
li s qw ertle
epn is$0 e,\uj.
-grd te-yeit r ~ rIO
idol giantatidi' lte the
munarist Europenn -
it.ches/ weigb?35 ----
is under 21yeas i~s
SThe postigin -
a .11nhw beingissued*5q
ed upoN is *3.20 per .u
three cents each for the a~
and twetwyteents per hal id
dollars paer thousand-fii thN
4-:s Ati-Deteed
tluon has been formzed in 1i d
The inenmbers , hledgb -
agaimst eating atiy meat wt
mnote than eight-centsh b'
An ekamiatcn .of
Spring,,recently exicut'e3
der ul'two women at, -
proved that his body ' t
buried at all, oi af te'
tiously removed. The
n'othing but a lug of w n _i
The late amiable consort of I
MrNL-T died at their residencenear
1iule, S. C., on the first da y of. th-iI7&'a"
of Billinus Congestive Fever, ansri54
illness, in the 28th year of her aP
Mrs. IIXLLZTT Was the younge
of the late WLLJAX and MAV -Au
ter District, S. C. Ata men der n hs
her devoted parents placed in thae
North Carolina, whre phe ret
education, which blended with n tmurel
ness of dispositi on and, depor;me,
her in an cmincnt degree aVrner I
society in which she moved.
At an early period of her .liehe
veloped in her an ardent dey
jdct of a living Faith in One coirnow
Soon after her marri e
profescin of her Fait and u
the Bethel Baprit:h
fession which she highly adore
liv'ed, both in her private, and pu li
ment. The po.ition wh Ic she had
an cminence from which he as tfnlg
deseend, to hold furtler intercd
unsu.l'tantial scene ofer-ptypl'ires
light of her example there wa
which was the evident result ofI tu11
fervour of affection, that givesI l
she just, a improving into periect d
That excellency.ofdicpositin for hl
MELI.rrr was distinguished ahohldii I
garded as a trivial attalamenk. 'JVIOM
important rank in the list of acee.i a "
rare thing to find in the geseral teniper o
ligious professors ever the essential
equanimity which slamld 'be a promini, ;7
ture in all The subject of thta nb i I- '
sas in an ermient dete alle
andw quiet ii-ieg w'Iih
had an indiiy of arle
her predominant sense ..f all. tho r is
the christian life. -
The last moutnits of tis distingu~haJ
tin were such as her previon~siisywuA ,
havte induced us to anticipategJust b !a9 . ~
parture she was by he -agio~ 4(Mr ~
husband asked her what he shuld dor hi
which site replied:: nothing ;ant de '~ Y
wihe he felt as happy a l gg~ ~ :ws 4
marked to the writer of this noib pfrt
lady who n d'oubt had the. best p s' .
and Ihope. '
"That she had 'dini' aTriti
There bas iba dustiel a
ralsi. The Lonsi~e
whose lass must btir~aa
sides sir dear litte edrean
pondter when saile Nseil y age dapei.'
enee a loss never, nsa nevet, to be'
earth. But have strong the ce nceitjjeg
loss is her eternal gain.
Besidet all this there Is one othey'
douht fel. as deeply afflicted as 4
stuch a sad calamity ; that onesis an onlP
er and the only one of the family now4 ZY
that once happy household. 'A evoih
ago thai fond s on und brother ws
inexpressib Ie sorrowfully over-the e6k ~ ~ ~
his kind iather, as he thus rtogd and'sadlf
emphasis-the writer was de pl#hf
"My Dear Mother," ~
"Ifow frail the tie that biujd
deared friend on earth, -
flow of ten u'eiered by the hand de~
None but Jesus Chris can eurea.uJ *
Truly may it be said in the ecafj 4e,~
man of God, "Bless ed are the deid ~ebde
the Lord."
.CoMn ?tti'1 '
3j? Watchman please copy."i-~
WV. A. WVELLMAN, i ese t
ly announce to the [Ldies an G;t
of Sumozerville .ntst vticinity tbaL t
opened Rooms at the ahove
ho would be happy to waiton allA
feel disposod to tunprove thig~nifo y~
to obtain one of Ia Uurpuqasdran
ture%ae it many be the last- that inanyr~
you may haive to obtain one of those irf~
ua ble momtehntocs. Pictures taike1s ll
or cloudy woath~er at thodo lut pric, P
A good asseortmeunt of fancy ae~~
lockets on hand. ' 4tI
Copartnershi o~~
rlIE~ tuulernigndihae e
ltUSlNL1:ss, itn rtiity nl CThttresl
dler thme namte of RS
Proutce cmi 4igo~tdte ts l 4
,totmal nttettyms gt n*a nt
Our O -Q utt 1.
he openW'l

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