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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 16, 1853, Image 4

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-jn ~s rmgn thanI thle
r g p ting In va,
A .exAS, Therleg have
'sertiots f niegroes inl
iod and in the Colorado
d e eg e1 ao f w hich go to sus.
th ahc4r 9t(the,experielce of an or
g g of negro thieves, and
lite -Its Vouu Id do well to look out for
jj (iltrie. Several Ilegroes
to Mr. Lot, of Goliad, were
coved away, the thieves after
iad on exainintion
atteies, f'acts wvere brougti
61'1Cft no doulbt of the exist
e oul gang of desperadoes and
iextetis ve depredations. Thei r
quatrters are estalkihed (o the
UiOrande -aid their phin of opera
Ss pp'bars to it to send ouit prowl
partics into the planting sections
z ftte "est, jo decoy the slaves away
1.drtife pretext of trinsportnl ht
n# xio. Onl arriving lat the Rio
ao Ihe slives are carried thence to
II 'n xas, thruigh an obscure
OL ouisiana, Mississippi and ad
S jnin Sttites, andjthere sold."
eT New Orleais papers state that
rat*s is' Coming iI vognme in tiat
bfuiling laige and elegiant ver
1A n ti ont of the second stories of'
iLdi ligs so as to cover the whole
Nr dth of the sidewalk, and prn.te
(Jddft as '711fa 11m the slt and rain,
Ong a COI und coifortable prome
hiade Vd WIncaplaced over stores tlit-y
IO thead trage of saving Ihe Cost
rpos~e nbe eIetivel, thil taeli
ir hiestore rather dan-ker.
e1 Loin tiine sa "I fifty
years elainlI will be Protestant to a
nan. Both the Roman Catholie:; of
Jrelail and the race identifiml witi
hat faith, are all leaving Ireland.
Eie long there will lie none t'ft. A t
the. present rate it' eofligratic11, which
eannot be less. thad 200,000, chiefly
Roan Catholies, inI a year, one1 chil
'reln .Vill see the tin-,., when the Cells
ill be a obolete in frebid as the
Ph ian Corwall."
The Scientific America savs that
- te.eth, iai the hurm of 'pnrilie.l whcite In
lina.r Ubber aive iveel pate-nted il Eng.
&1)d. It adik: the adhsin in r comli
plete; it can ie inioidel vitl per.
facti to suilt every ilerlopo lity *'
4 .ins and teeth, and supplies an 1
ittif41ical [eloistumi as it wen-, tos tihe
t teet whel they becmelt7 1m;itill by
the. yati awayv of the gmai. AI dd
to these is the elt.-ticity or' h. :11.a
eril, w hib ICInplete- (bviatcs the
COl egv ieiees that arise froin ai
noItA"I N w ithatifAiial tettth inlade D'y
tlier litenn
,9tnrlav Atlas puLb-lihes the 1hl'owi ngi:
NWe 1;e t1lQ iha? during the penenl
, t in *it M.aa l 1in. E. D). Mrgan,
natviatioln this eitv, bonglt,an his
w~innCcotl, the enIte st hik sohe
Tioy3 ' anid Sehenee:a h- ral iamud fior
240,000. li le-ss thai tenI dasys aner
het nminde the purchasne, the illIpssed
lad he turned it, into tl~he tock ef' the
consolidaited conIcern ihr da500.000,
thus reailiziing a net, proit, of :200 00
by the operati on.
Anoa~tIer' .WCieiAtafic WI at-te
131 'onvArl Ti) lnrari:i-rmes
Dr. J. S. Houu;lhon'm Peopin., Ihe true t)i~
gestive Fluid, or Gastric ./uie, preppamred froam
Renanet, ojr the Furtha -Slomaeb of thce Ox, after
directions. of Haironi Liebig, the great P'hyiolom.
gucal.Chemit, by~ J. S. ihtonl, .1. 1)., Phila;
delphia. This iso truly a wanoderful re-medty for
-Indigestion, Dysp.lepsia, J~taaico', Livetr (m
plaint,-Contiapaion anid Deb:Iilimy, curing atfter
Nmaturc's Ow Methmod, by Naturc's Own
~gent, the Gastric Jusc~e. Pamcrphle, conta.
i pg ScientII ifi eidenace of its- vale, furnijslied
~ y agents, gratis. See ncoicme aimong lihe uiaa
Vii~rsements. 1-y.
iOOEIaad Ger-nania Bitecrs.
Hlundreds of our cit izenos comiplaina of debhili.
- ty and tangonr of the system, lerangenwn-t of
ive and stoachi, want of appetite, &c.
pligauafreqa.:entaly the. re-sult of Ieoo cloise op.
alcaio ,ad a thlousandl otheLr caumses we en-coa
niolJero name ; but we wulhd sacy to all aihlec.
- . ed, dlo as we have done-get at bomule er two of
D4r. Ioofland's Germnan liters, pre-pared boy Dr.
aktndour word for it youm will lie cured.
e isend this medicince, kncowincg from
alrience that it is much supeurior to the geneu
ialtty of patenit medhics. We wouuldl say to
our readers, puirchassed nonle unaless~ prepacred by
Dr. C.-M. J~dekson, P'hilaidelphaia- July 1
hnusandcos of. parents who use VTermnifulge.
;o iosed ofCastor Oil, Calome-l, &c., are noti
awvar that wile they appear to buieuit the pa..
tient, thely are actually laying the foundat cionc for
ser~Ies of'diseases, such as sativation, huo of
- ght, weakness of limbsh, &c.
In' aanothcercofumn will be famnird thie adv.er
serpenuit o( leunack'sa Mediucineo, to whlaih
h W G $ ia-anction of all dhirectaly interected
-'--~Iatelpwr a W~itili as their Chaihtrren's health.
SivrCorlplaints, amd all disorders arising
from lhopo ofa bilious type, shocuihel make use
.....of the. only genuine medicine, Ilubenasack's
Liver Pills.
"Y le not dc-eh-red," but ask for Iloben
sack'si Wnrm Syruip Liver end P'illa, andt the
*serve that each has the signature of thoe Proprie
or ,J. N. Hos~oa none else are genuine
- ,,Agust.I0. -l'2-ly.
S fald on to 4th in jst., in the First
;i~4A~ayormn Churebl, ELzabethltown, N.
~~ ~ byli fl rv. Dr, Murray, Mr. I,. B.
des, of Saiotorvilh, S. C., to Miss
* MctiFl I T r. of the formerr pla0ce.
~ ~i~r.Editor --You will
* hbyc n~ p tjbor o( the vo arT of 3uimter
9 ~~ii h 1nv~neaf a your columnns
it Iho ensuing
4- ' 4ij 4 4tf
BAKEn, Conmandant of tlie.5th :Regimn
Cayalry, S. C. M., you are hereby n ifib
that an election will be held in Sufn orville
on the last Saturday in August, in tant, t.
till the office of First Lieutenant of thit
Troop, made vacant by the proinotions ol
its former occupant.
Managers of said El ectioni will consist 01
Liunt. F. Myers, 0. J. Chandler, and Serg.
I. I. Bradford. Polln to open at 11 O'clock i
A. M.. and close at 4, P. M.
R. C. WEDa. Capt
H1. N. DnRADFORD, 0. S.
August 12 42 td
Bheriff's Sales.
B Y virtue of sundry Executions to in
directed, will be sold at Sumter Court
Ilouse, on the 1st Mondiiy and day follow
ing in September ijext. within legal hours
of sac, to the highest bidder, for cash, the
following property. Purchasers to pay for
tit les :
Ote lot and buildings thereon in Samter
vi;le, adjoining lands of-, and where
defendaint lives, levied upon as the prop.
erty of Webb Clark, at the suits of Mc~t-.V
& Jones, J. M. Neal, & Co., Samiel I-.
Wilson. E. C. Thirin, Planters and Ale
chanies Bank, and II..setine & Walton.
One tract of 234 acres of land in Salem
adjoining lands of F. J. and T. 11. De
schamps and i.ynche's Creek, levied upon
as the property of G. S. C. Deschaips, at
the suits of Wiley, Banks, & Co., W. J.
Gerald 2 cases.
Defendants interest in one tract of land
inSialeim, adjoining lands of Est. of Jared
l.aw. levied upon as the prorerty of T. W.
English, at the suits of W. N. Vose. G.
C. Wheeler, iad Brown, Lee & Co.
One tract of 7 acres of Land in the
town of Stinterville adjoiniirg lands of \V.
V. Alliston and C. T)el orme levied upon
as the properly of WM. J. Fraiwis at the
-ep'arate suits of 'ierson & Jennigii
Liieinna & lierckimver and E. G. Brown,
One lot of anid in Sinotervil!e, ti n ion
lalids of tle Academy anl L. D. Jime.,
lvied u11)pon as the. property of John ).
JIones, t the suit eef Jolm N. Friwrsoin.
One traet of 200 acres of laild in Salm
Iidjloiinir lindis of --. and where defend
ant lives. levied upin as tlhe proerty if
Joln lath:s at tlie suit (if \Vm0. FJrmer.
Defendant's initerest in one Iract of Iid
in S:i le', adjeining lands (t E. Drant
and141 Est. of .1. McrL'I" .neoln, leved sion as
the property of Isaiai Mr Coy, at the suit
,0' . P1. Meltoy.
One leit of 2 ner7es Of land, moro or less.
In 3tehe adjoiniing la.ei 41f 1. lood.
iiil W . 1-:In11 n. I vie.l ipio as the lro;er
ty o I. Riclarisoi, at, the suit of 1).
I N'e ro le'd on as tlie prperty of
.iJISeph S. Dresard, it tle suit of the St;Iae
for Tulxes.
I Neg-rm, levied nit r s ths hoiprrty' of
C. lruiit , at tile suit OfiJul1ui P. Riclvird.
sonl, Nr.
I Negro. lev:ed on as the property of
Theo. R lBerry, at te suits of Iosepih T1.
CoingII us, A. J. & 1'. .110 vs and1L \V.
I Ne;ro, leviel on as the prope-rly of G.
\V. I110hip , at i.e Atlit of, \m'It. \Ve l.
I Nv ra levie j -I) as I-- proliperly (it W .
I ethy at the suit of E. 1). l' ingle &
I linrse lv.edl on as the irtof G.
F. tira-iird, at Iih% -;III of c. T:;I...
Mire aid Colt, lov ed on a m lie Iropery
of 1. D. lBvyrit, it 1111' so t of L. Iiit. IA.
I Ne'o o andi I Ilor..r. levi9d on ic the
proper'y of lJohn \V. ilia .nh.tp teer vuitf
'If' I..l& M.r ites t nd A-i. C.t S .,;n.
Il Nre, lev ie on as th-- iprortv f
. (: . Ihl , ;at the. $nis of \IV. 11.' i
I2 ebrdon . J.idi I-r ean J. !i . &nii e',
1 :%lore, l-vied ill) as in:- property of R.
II. Chieiim, at the st ot \V. Wtieitsh
I Ni r-irs eved em 's Ilie ~rpry oif
L. I ~iih~, at the suit t W. \ G'.~tie
I hore'g levi'd on :'s th e prdfperty ofJ
N. Mhelu d at the sit Iof \V.i J. .\'rlIJ,
E 1z be'ih .eld at tin- ssof \ . ,lo~ii&
Altiil''ill ori.n \ic e orlttr' e i:
'" as olI) Siei o i lVehb lark at tihl
eS~dnel . \V 3.) C. RI.'j' :, i . l i~i.r
Anuguslt :3nleS5:.u, ;, 17-a:hjg
We loagre~n~ auoriz[e ltta
fard rinth ary o .uiii Ioen1ii i t lit iin'e
Choar tn v e rsn- hp prtert 'V
J.tSI Frani lat t lu;t of . GE.X' Itro.nie
l'i proJ'~ngr of .lohni \V.m'n , l'. h
Ag. Nero, -v on 3.... prpetyo
ForwJaV. rding toJo e chntmr,
Vil.JC'RlA.O , N. C. n
August 13I1->- 7-y
Co Partnership Notice
The sublt criersgie hve neciei a C-m
m the 'ATolt Ai N ) COMMISlSION
IIUSI NES, L.\ Wili -i 1o. Cli rles Itu, andi
udlconuc the i neo undSer &h fiVrmf tIIE.
'l'hN. usu.a l, &~ o., who r Ipeet fully onso.
br~e t patrnarofe. rfins
Ourg ofc 1953 CCTA. I - 'll
T. 10C. WORTH,~
Julyg t, -~b t 4
Copatneshi Noice
37 Dey Street, 20 Hayne Street,
Nw York. . Charleston,2. U.
July 12th, 186 37-tf
MILFORD, 2501 July, 1853.
TlE following clanse of Section thir
teen of the Act of 1841, if not complied
with by the Brigadier Generals or Com
mandants of Brigades, the law will be
strictly enfi rced
I;- sall an itally make and transnit
to the Adjutant and Inspector General of
this State, hy lhe first day of October, a
full and complete report of the strenueth of
his Brigade, of the public arms, equipmnents,
books, ordinance and ntihitary storrs in its
After the extension of this order, resig
nations will not be accepted un ild ihe above
is coinplied wit h.
'h'lie Major Generals are charged wth
the extension of this order.
iy order of the Cominander-in-Chief,
J. W. C , 7 ANT 1IY.
Adj. and insp. Gei'l.
Augusjft 2, 181534-t
Executor's Notice.
A llpersois h;ving' demand iginst
the lIstate of Mr. 11iarvey Skinner, dec'd,
aroret(iuesteld to lawl them in properly at
tested to the subscri ier; and all thos' in
Ldebted will ancake immediate paynent
Jnly 20;h1, 1653 38-3mei
Thomson's Shoe Store
C. M. Thompson & Co.
HAVid RL'.\lv)n
thier Slok to he first.t
s'olire abov i *nde adjin- " E
in1 Court I louse 1.o, Columnbia, .C.
Their stock consists of
Boots, 8 1Shors, Ials, Caps,
Trunks andl Leather, I
which they offer, Wholr's-il anil Retail, at
the lowest possib'e figucre fror ca-Ih.
d niy ll, 18153 18- t
For Cash, And that only
''eo elipest GItOC IES ever sold
in Sim'ierv:lie, c;a br ha ld from G0RDON
& CO., t Dr. MeHletI's Old 6tun1d.
Sp"g1rs of the Ii! (stIana~litly and makst 1a1
proved Brnii.ls in the world, tovother with
l'reserved Fruits of dfi'rent kinds, S;yrps,
Nuts. &c. *A sharp of the piblie pi atron
aeideieprovidedlt incomepacnic
by the. CA\SHI, but not othr'.rwhon.
GiOl[DON & CO).
Jnnc'l iih,15 3t
Neviand Unrivalled
the North, Via the
I', jroup'J in tiw' .uwm~e time' Wili /ic
A1 AD A1 1'OJ.1..IXi .Ni.L SIKE S
T tsA\'t..IIstS are rei'peclly infore,:t
that (thie I tciLun f re nel 'IThirty mriles of
the~ Wilniigon ande Maneche'tre''r It:;ilroa: I-ae
rcmpet~e d 1 ire snce.'l,' ful ''ivration, an.t e'rr
Illoe'' l'ost Coaese' lever thce uutiish..e.il Jiart of
tli Iende. Theill owIt.incg is the secheele:
learrve Auguresta at - a . mr.
" 'iiecningtonr at - - - H .m
Arre t r W'eldone at - - :3 p. me.
" "thatimeat - - 6 n. m.:
" " e rk at -. - r,.:v) p. em.
im reomn Augnce~:t to1 Wihrniiton, *2 thouire.
t "ur- " ' \\i~er''rgen to New York, :tt:3n
I, rit imsonte ntt~' ~r;: pconctio 'i', made
wtt the 'I 'e/teeli. . lt~press Tie:rin.iv 'tll
ee Ie ' A i 'ern tpass:tenret cnt have choice.
leeetro a inral lty Iiee ,et Steratuers, or tby ltaeit
fInad rthrutlereei't 'rsr~lir tr eichm end, meat
\\~ ashiies'tonr Ciiy, re.toikiimore. ThJroulgh TIieck
eqe' by enither ot thee lie.i ennrr be puirchas~, e
y ITeron;:he ickets from Mo~engoeery to
('hanrt' rn n i1l te reie ie in te h e o th (':cree
tcrcm ita itlreoai, be e *enr Augusta~ cii, the \Vit.
rnncgtone c itl ilanceteer ibiro rue.
3 d,' I'ar-nege'rs des'irouse~ of goinig Northr by
thg ris iut tei ae thecir barigage' chekrted ait
A'.rpugustar tilo e the ihigten aunt 31a~nchecs-er
. An'Xiy oth.-'r incfoniralein e:ece he ehiniiirned
of 1Jr. . . I.. i. en, Ageint art Aurcustar.
iJily I'ith, 1'3 36t
lI SO-NS isingr voeickles of airy
kinid carn lbcey then oet i,. Iixoni, aet Snmlcter'
i'as chceap cs cai hie boughit in Chles~k.
tori or eIliwht.ere und wairanted to standii.
For Bale.
chesr-ter Itail 110:iel Cmurpa cr Sierik
ror' salte, any peiron desirrons of pucrciin i
said storck ill, leno~ caii onr thc~euci
ber at hFs ulbice Sncinernvil'.
J. Ii. N. 1il31 M E'T,
A t torii' ..
Marel hin'.. 85r3 -2 I -t'
Improved Cotton Gins,
Thn rrtfrutleeor pasti favoucr' the subcctrtier ish-~l
ese io infiorm ti, herubtic that hie ill mrmmef-ee..
hires Coto Geinee ~rs at his e'icnbltisicciuner ini Seoe.
htrr, oic the most imroede neiprove irttea tplan
whieech lie thinkts iiat the eoc iricn emen ei
oef thorse g~is oft thle late irmptrernenct is woirthc
catletci a quaritier cf a cent ure thane tihe 'or.
reon girnnede eco~ n ecordinarry gin. lie ac lsoe mac
rinturirei rhemen thi ~ e most e'imptl~e constrructiione,
of thee tiesi fiih antirud of thIe tbeset matue'rials ; to,
witr, Steret anini tee rnl l'aI Inl ib etcrarsep
hanrecned wii ech lee wielI sell for 82 per Haw.
e ailso repjairs old ginse arid picut them~n inc comf- r
ple'ta ordter at the alortest notiico. Alt orders for e
Gins well lie promptIl and urnettiall a ettendeed
~teburg, Sumrtert Dist, C. F~b 17, 26
i [OUSE!si untedfMasn treet
n Sumterville pnd .adjoining:CourL HoURs'
Squard known as CIINA' .HOTEL.-.
The grounds connected. with,.thaege btiid.
mgs are furnishdt0with o'fortatble strables,
wagon and horso lots for the accommodn.
1ion of diovers. -The presenlt Prnj)rletor
Wishing to retire from. business will give
easy terms to a good purchaser. To one
understanding the inanaigement of a'Houtel,
a better opportunihy than this will never
olfer lor a profitable investunent.
Also for aleji
A farm consisting of about 150. acres, all
of which is in a hi0h'state ''of cultiviltton.
On the ftrin there is a- neat cottage and
out buildinigs, not more than, ten minuiteis
walk from the Court House. Apply for
termis of both premises to
June 29th;13 :30--f
$100 Reward,
1 RUNAWAY, on last Tuesday the
17th instant, my JBoy RICH.\ RD. a
-white mulatto, about five feet three
or four inches high, tolerably stout built,
about tweit two years o!d with <traight
light coloed ha:iir. lhas A very sulky ap
pearance, and answers quick and short
when spoken to saidboy has ii short thick
foot, his hands short and thick, chubby
fingers. Ile had the scar o; a blister on
his hurehead just abive i lie gye-brows, h3e
may try to hide it by wearing his cap or
hat down over his forehem.. H1d will te
sure to past himself for a while man for
he is very white nid has been tak ilg great
care of his skin for somei.. timie. When e
left he had a cloth cap, black coatl and a
dark ciolored pair of pants. lie will be
sure to change his cap and clot lies as soon
as le can; te- also wears him hair in froit
straight downi to hide the scar of the blis.
ter. Ile is a hoemaher hy trade, though
lie may not g' at the blusiness, cxiccting
that lie will he so advertised.
The alioe reward of One H1undred
Doilars wdl lie paid for his delivery in any
.J:i i w the St. Hn, will be sure to give
himself ar.o:her ime.
iradleyviile. Siumter Ditrict, 8. C.
lay 21tii, 1632 30-1f
" C-ume i Journa! and Cheraw Ga
zette publi.h five tiins.
R ^N\\ VAY fronthost"scriber,
on the 1!st day of June, l11r
qegroi man D.\NIli., aged about 25
Vea r:. a id regro is a bout 5 feet *inches
hih, weighs 10 or 170.. lbs.. is of dark
rompt1elex ion, and is badly. scarred on his
back and arms, caursed by jormer severe
treatient. Ile vaes purchased two or
three years a !o by iii ~trom 13. A. Jame.,
living nr ishopville, .Sumnter Distrier,
Sou'h11 Carolhna:, m3111 may. ntow be lurkingor
in that dart of th Icountrv
I will give 6.0 touiy tme ho will con
line hi0n in any jail III North or South
(Carolinn, so that I get him, or 125 if deliv.
ered to me at roy reitesdce it'-tho'month
)f Liltle Rtiver, in Rttlicmind votuntye N. C.
Address the ,eubscriber ak,.Little's Mills,
Rich111mond C-, N. t . -
July 12th, 1P53 7-tf
Head Quarters.
U)RI' Ii \(
T11 (l Conimiidr-in-Chieuf his learne-h
vi: t' e pmiu reg.ret of t he deathi of cherish
di riembetr of hmis Staet1I 1,hmt. Coloneh
unuel Sp.rk, J. As a sohilier heO was
olly imbsutd ni ih a sense' of* dtey, couirag~e
iud. p-itr;.t;..m; :s a .temhumta.O hot u(; is m
in'', 'taene*oes, and iil tll itt soeml virtaus.
It is Itiierefotriie rdemred, th'at the staff
,va;r Ite iusunl It tlm eeof iii'ii ining~ for. he
pae ofri daean h :e copy otf ti:..
red r be or..I r. tlel, byv thi .\djutant Geni.
ara I, to h's aililetaid p., rents n lht lhave so
nuncl cauese tio miourn the ieuiume'y deathi
it ans iv :'i ti eovedh son.
J1. Wi. CAN TEY,
A~ ij. aind losp. G(a t.~!
JIly 17th, P185 8-3
Rail Road Notice,
ON\ anid ifter theis 'dl:ite, t.'m Mil amid
sngr Trinis ta ill rein rhily as toilows:
Kcave .\Ilars .IutU Station t 1.( .tf
ht irun;ie " .5 .
\trrive ait Jun iction~ " 50.
*~h~eat 12.30 A. .\1 .
' V~oriece1.15 -
rryeat .l i~l~il200 hi " i
ee tunci. atceflrt, l
" i !.ehbrrgrh. aearnigeot
IC Tiuioiimrirofnrm ir14hdle'lous
\r o rie , ti. .\ar il uaran~teions a. lo> a
*nbeo frdaatted ar~ fte .li ri
ns theJ - 2~ CaolnaR iflRG:',nt
0 o'clock I'. .\l
One Door West of A
Offers for sale on reas
and well selected stc
Chemicals, Evan's Laic
Dye-Stufis, Silver Lan
Paints and Oils, Scarifica
W indow .Glass, Stouiat
Spii-it Gas, Breaw
Best Vinegar, Bru
Vartnishies, Pe
* Shavinr Creams. P
Best quality of Medeira and P
For Medical pur
Genuine Co
Thomsonian and
'Togither with a variety of oth<
of Drugist <
(l-2 All orders put up with r
Alay 9.th, 1853.
Browning & Leman,
No. 209 :ud 211 King Corner
Wil olrer to FAMILIES anid PLANT
ERt1. visiting Charleston this spring the
STAPLE D)RY GOODS that has ever
beeni ofired for inspectiou in this city.
They in .ite an examination and asstre
their friends and pirehasers generaily that
their priccs will compete farm ably w ith any
.larket in the United aStates.
Teris Cash or City acceptance.
Succeisors to
C. & E. L. KERRISoN & Co.
May 10, 1 --5tf
Al persons ,re hereby cautioned not to
trade 1or, or receive im .playment of ai
deb!, ith er or both of two Notes given by
the suiscriber to It. J. Price, the one for
two hIndred mid fifty doliers, and the oth
er for two hundred anad ten dollars, as said
Notes g iven for two separate tracts of land
were to be paid after good and lawfit t itles
were mnade Ia me by Price, which condi.
tions were put in writiti-fr and are tow in
my possess on, and winch eontaits the
further understanding that. in the event of
his faiintmr as lie ithas done, to make such
titles lie would forfeit the annnnts,&.
%'A. LL. N-S
Increasd Stc
John O'Conmor.
Whlo bng made new imnprovemenats and
conastlerably' entlarged his -etore, andi is now
receiving fresh goiods by every train of
cars andt, oflirs to the public for the stn
tier muo:aithe the fllowitng articles low for
lee Cream and Letnmande, (daily) Ice,
Oranges, Lemiotis, Potie Apple~s and all the
tropica Ifrutitst alIso a line assortmentt of
Tob~haceo ant d Cigars, withI a choaice hot of
F~attndy Graceries. also at large stock of
P'ickled SalImon anad P'r.serves, Fiontr of
the best brands warranted, also a letrie lot
ol Baonu of which heo receives a new sup
ply weekly). AllI of whiach h' gtn:tratntees
to s-uil at thet lowest rates for cash.
A pril ;5th, 1853 mi-tf
'itY Neot Quarter commnc'nes the lbt.,
U!J tf July, tthose who wish to continue
--please to give mel nlotice -:md thiose who
wvith to iiiuter dto the samei. Fir the liberal
pastroinae exstde~d to ine. [ amt graitefutl ain-I
lhall coinnlite tmy etlitrts to pilea'e--Nay to dla
hg-tcer.--As to ability t-, teiach, I refer to any
ot tmy Si:htotars..
Sumaterville, Junie, itht 1353. 33 tf
Clarke & Br'othier.
wh Io have jitst received per Rail Road a
foine'ortmntt of
Fancy GrOerIies.
'Com1prisinig ickles, Prese rved Fruit, Cigars,
Cawhi es iiand a choice lot ofl Cheliwing tobacco,
to whichl they intvite the attton of the cii
zeasS of this tlstrict.
Something Entirely Now
in thbe way of L-nies' andti Getntletien's
Gitters, I hue' Walkintg Shoes, (sotme
tholg fitne) Miisses ido. wvith, a general as.
stortimettt of Genots. fine Boots lad Shoes.
I Ihle Iladies wish to get thte latest style
of 11.tuers anti wa'lking shoes otut, julst c.tl
.lunto 7th, 18533 3--tf
Segars!! -Segarsf!
.11IUST reci vol Irotto Bait hnore
I 5,004) Segatrs- choice Urands.
IliTilR & N.EWBIIIltY.
Maty 10th, 185228--t
lThe subscr iber having discontintued theo Urtug
iliuriness will devote hais whtio timec to the prac.
lie oif meiiene. T1hose wishting htis profesian.
ah sturv ices willl find him at all tmes at hisa reusi-.
ilece fltil Vhl R.t S. MtELETT, M. D.
Jan. 10 1853, 11-.ly
3. Inse'New Store -h
oonable termsa hbice
ck f
ets, Perfumeryj
et Cases Flavoring Extracts,
tors, Gelatine, (variety)
i Pumps, Hair Oils,
t Do. Fancy Soaps,
shes, (al kinds) Pens and .ink,.
;aries, Trusscsi Toilet combs,
aiper, (variety) Lemon Syrup.
rjrt )Vine'aid French Brandy,
poses Expiressly. -
d Liver Oil
Patent Medicines.
1.r articles, comprising the stock
r Physician.
watness and despatch.
Business Card.
Cotton Factor's and General Cnnmis.
sion Mrchan/s.
D 1. McLAURN. Esq.. will give per
a sonal Mnd special attention to the in.
terests and orders of his friends in) ibis
S-ati? anod the adjoining Counties of North
Carolina, who may favor these Houses
with their patronage. Consignments of
produce to the I louse in New York, either
by way of Clai rleston, Georgetown, or
Wilmington, will tic covered by insurance,
if notice of the shipimenat be promptly giv.
Mal~y 3,183 -7-tf
State of Sou'h Carolina,
Sutnfer District.
ads lA. SA.
InA W. BRmwN, who ill in the custly
of tie -Sheriff of Suniter District, by cer
taiii Writs of Capins nd Satisfacienidum, it
tle suit of R'obert Latta having fied in
My oilice, togtetlher with a Schelite on
oath, of his Estaite and elfects, his petition
to the Co.rt of Common Fleas, praying
that lie may be admitted to the beinefita,g
of the Acts of the General Assembly :made
-for the -relief of insolvent debtorA. It is
,nrde*ee that tfetaid',ub9t lat-i mli
.otfieri, the Creditors to whoi fi&bsaid fra
W. Brown, is any wise indeltedbt', iind
:they~gre hereby mimaned/rand hmave nio
tice to appear, before thme Nii Coifa'tda
Sumter Court. House, on tilie Seventh day
of November next, to shmew cause, if anmy
they can, why the prayer df the petition
atore'said, should niot lie grnanted.
W. J. SINGLETON, c. c. .r.
Jul~y 12tht, 1853 37-3mr
.Sunatervile 114'. O.
Res'pc ttiy liiforms thme people of Stum.
ter tDie.trict thai he hams just receiv.i and
now offers for sate tihe bes..selected andiL
most chlle stock of
, pr'insg nuid Suismer GiOods
Thast cannot tie suirpasised by anythuing in this
omarket. li las received many nlew style.
which piurchasLers would dto well to examinie bei
fore buying elsewhere.
A full amid large sumpply of flosler~y shirts,
Drawers, Gloves, suspeniders, Cravats, Hand
kerchiefs, &c. &ce.,
A large asmortmient oif IIEA DY MADE CLO.
TIllNG, which wilt be sohl low.
[F Garmnents amannfactuired by the sutbacri
hier, anid warranitedt to give satisfaction. Or
ders from tatdistanuce promptly attended to.
April 1eth. 1853 gi--tf
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufactory.
. JAMES II. DUE would respectfully
imifi m rnthe citizeuis of Sminitcin'illo and the
sumrrntu idinr 'otiitry, thait lie is tidtv open.
mm~ alTIN alANUFACTrORY in Sumter
vaile, and isi now prepared to ll all orders
mi time tin line. Merchants will tind it to
their interest to purchase thtiit Ware frotn
ine, as I intenmd to sell iw atnd warrant all
that I sell.
WVORK ekeented with prormptness amnd in
a workmanilikeo manmner. TIhe cash will
he expected in every instance hn finishing
oir delivering of every job. I intertd to selI
cheinp) and for time caidh only'.
All persons having demaunds agiinist tile
Ettato of tihe tate R1ev. Charles P. Elliott,
wVill piresent aitteistedt statements, the'eof--and
t140s, imdbted, t, the samue, Willhh make pay
menti to thme Sublmcriber.
.Charleston 8. C.
Apiri 'ti , 1853. 26 2m
OWVING to the difficulty of collecting
small accomints, the subseriber would tin
form the puhhe,~. that while he is tr
thainkful for therir patronfage he is cutt
ed to work hereafterfor eras/ ond
C. W.
June .14, 1853
AlExccutor'u N
Alpersons having dei
Estate of the lato, Col.>
Stumter Didrict, are,
thom n mroperly a
bt3ers, a~ (L t
w mter
date 'vl the aflig b .I'ox
.alm Couty af, the ..i
ober1 ~ i
r*- The F -
caudidat for Tai Ca
Cont y ei tizeteing
Feb. ib, 1853
.F 0 15, 0 R'J) -
Or kri Editor,
pleaisei ninunce W1LL 'J
SON as a cdndilatb FPr the,
nary of Sumter Disitkt
electidn --
April 27th, 1852
aO .,ai
anlnounice T .DNISE
for Clrk of hu Court, nth -
pril Wtl 1851 1 A2.
npunce M1r. 3. J. McR4E
date for'Clerk of th C
District, ind oblige
Apiril 13, 1852. -
R E l TR :-N 1
MEf L lFD1Ttjg:.4AN' It-it
.f W. J. N. H AZ-F.T aie ddsironiru
timg him in nonination for I he6.6.
Clerk dfl he Court of Sumter D$trz4
thd enstuing election.
May 24,-1833.
Foit .S0RII;
teThe Friends ,o X
JOHN F. JUNE, anuounce liim Iii
date for Sheriff of Sumter Distr l
next elbction.
Nov. 12th, 1832 3-td p
We ate aathoriZ'
to announce A. E. l'QOL na .an&It
for Sheriffof Sumter District at'the i"
ing eectiin.
December 21, 1852
Mr. Editor:- Ia
nounce JOHN N. 'McL EOD a a
for Sherift of 3umter District rnd
gi n BANY jI~
June 29th, 18,3.1
Mr, Editor: Please
noutnco Col. R. F. HICKSONas a ab, l
dlat6 to represeit Clar6nion: C.ouuty tI
next Ilegislatuie hiud oblijge
June 24-1853 -
Butler & ,Newb:
WVould s ot rele' etfuiyloV
friends tiiat thuy llaecjust reenved&4
dlitioeudl stobk ot
Spring Gone,
coneiitiidg of Tissues; - Berege Dei~
colored Silks, and Mushina,:MMjiit
Ginghams, lBerege Lawns and Mir~J~
Em:broidered Collars and Unde'r.S
Blne D)enimet, (Osnaburgs and'!$e
of er ery kind. The above nornell1&V
we will roll on acedmrriodating Wh ai~
us a calL.
June 7th; 1853
Do not Defer, but o i
Mi. RETCII; Merbhant Tailr b
leave to inform the gentoinof
ville and District that he hasa'et n~.
with a spendid assortmenta'o
Vestings, &c. 4.c.; and in shonave
th'at is reqcuiredl for at full stit.'? &~i'j
miado the chioice of his gdluds iI~4
dhoubts not bitt whatj id can soitiWt At
Iastidiou4. Therep is rio 6se ti hbvym*
cloths made In Charleston or byWY~i
when yhu cad hinte thern mado 'a sfe sb
and aa t~ell if not bettei than. ainyw e
else right at homte; ahid this~Mrty 2
promailes to do; nay, he will add'thtt
work ia nbt turned out dt east equisl'ti a M~
done in this cormtry he will nut ifi
anythbiii. As foa his prices thef'hll.
at Newv York rates. All heoska iN -
him a ttial !! Cbme soon andei
some of thxdse bonutiful Pants .and:
patterns; it iihl soon be w'ari nd
want theni.
Mr. RtEicil lives next' dbor to
Hlayneworth almost opposfts Dr~M
Apirii 26th, 18"53 -
'I'he Real "Sinia
WO6ULD) respect
trants and friends,
that he has rece -
W atch
fresh from
of pattern _
whicht h

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