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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 16, 1853, Image 5

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:gTEil CARS.
l' f efssengers,
L the nui&her,
utjust awaken from
4 l0dy, wiho sat facing me,
met my eye,
0vay immediately,
nle-I kinew not why.
bfj i folks, who strangers are,
a face to face,
P d ee~. of a railroate car
rIie and formal pluce
ir ndering eyes will rometimes meet,
some strange fascination,
0y cannot keep their faces straight,
od )ing.witli vexation.
qpetons thero doubtless are,
.4Wboso.1nouths are always stretching.
W te guileless mirti of maidens' eyes
Adiniplo cheeks is catching:
.irshei'la'uglied, and then I laughed
I ouldn't say what at;
IT4ib'looked grave, and I looked grave,
oten she laughled at itat.
Sjeavored to repress her mirth,
nldn't hold it half in,
th fa'ce concealed behind a book,
F h altaost died a laughing.
hO" when she found her lips
iet'irmineld oni a smile,
utowas -very plain the pretty rogue
ag, laugting all the while.
jiappily the moments flew
rii, at least, of course,
lihen she saw me smiling too,
iudc the matter wor.se.
nd 'vion, at last, I left the car,
zcau sit her laughing eye,
AI hai one more good grin befure
trmyself away.
Mine Inn" I sought it sadtlened minoI,
And withi feelings of regret;
'rhosd lilliant eyes, I felt assured,
,YI never could forget.
nd wlen arrived, valise in hand,
.ipaused-I can't tell why
-fore atimirror on a stail,
And gazed with curious eye.
yr'vat was turned half round or mnore,
ni shocked was I to find
hat my liat was badly j:unnmel bfore,
And the rim turned tip behinl!
Then while in haste my room I sought,
I swore along the stairs
That I would not again be caugit
:napping in the ears.
hffolluwing teideor and affection
I ~te-ittle story is frout Antderso)nI'
.,r*dUctions in Agri-ictilture, &c.. ndler
".head of " Tiravelling Memorn
""'"At a village not a hundred miles
IShrowsbury, I overeLIard tile l.
ng iconversation. "I would give
heart," said a w I1 looking young
nuo a beautiful girl who sat beiid
I !Would give my heart., Susan,
0o-&ii kindly kiss oi those bewitching
tmino, were. it not that I have
ieart torgive; it his been gone from
6 r 1a long 'hile." "And Ira," said
Susan,with an arch expressive loik,
vhero- hath that roving heart of' ltin
o8 ng concealed itsell '?" "You little
nehanting rogue." said he, with an
heilatic look which meet her consent.
T sigeye, "and you pretend not to kinow
here- it has been !" T1hena clamspina~
jerin hisa arms, he impr-i nted upon ei-i
e~Ipsawarmn ecstatic kiss expressive of
r,*he sofest rapture. After~ shte lhad a
t-iittle recovered hierself, with aii sweeter
~mblith 'duffusingr her ches k tihan ever'
~Aurora yet displayed-" Well, I bobin,"
' satd she, "I also woutld give mty he-art
have back that kiss agaitt, were it
n miy power t' :-ivye: bitt alais ! it is
g w~ oe, ad I fear will never' mor-elie
~Xls little w~anderer take flight ?" said
"and where hathi it taken up its
ab~d since it left thee ?" "It made its
e, said she, "the miomet that I
kno 'I had got poissession of yoti-;
d fo no Oner did I feel it war-mwit hitn
~ y bre~ast, than it lil led it so enitrel'dv
~tiat I cotuld find ito place fi~r snythinttg
~else; so' ofi' it flew d]irectly, atnd here it
~ok reftige, (putting hertamnd umpon his
reast);feel how the lit t e flul t eretr frisks
bout in its necw abode." "It is a kitnd
ittle hieart,-Robin." said shit, (con'mceal
ghrface upon his b)osomt) "amid will
poeever truem. to youi."-lllessings
-~ucn thee,.my lovely Stusan." said lie,
~'(resmg her tender'lv ini hise trms, and
0ntly deaning his ch'eck upon hier's the
ryap~tugous tears flowinig coipitiusly dlowin
Tor'ndwgyou have made me the hiappiest
f~il~cankind." Blessings uipon y-ou
t said -I; retiring; and blessingrs
1i thee, iMr. Editor', and~ blessings
mankind, M~y he~art i-s full; lior
any pleatsure we feelh e~jiual to
articipating itn the bliss which
rd of' tioene~ antd viirtte ?
TMritr-ry Il~litAN.m
f Mr. WVebster' are' at
-spciatlly tnew~ oneis.
ich we are itndbtedl
rnaster was
J had the
Ii ktnown
r en
tflif36 iordoita dthemn irrad
cble. The eeker aft-r haipiness
or misery is the iore certain to at
tain his object tho earlier ho com
mnenes the acquisition of those hob
its which lead to the goal of his. as
piration, whether that be happiness
or misery. It is not too early for a
hoy wlio intends to be a confirmed
blackguard and pest to society to
commence at twelve years old. Let
him spurn the counsel of those who
love him, and take the opposite
course to which they advise, in
all cases. Ile should stay away from
school in the week time, and
from church and Sabbath school
on Sunday. II.e should run*in the
streets himself, and decoy as many
eters from school as he can 1.ie
shmld procure a pistol, and shoot his
*neiglbors cats and dogs with it; car
ry a pack of eardfs, coax other boys
to leave school and their business, to
hide away and gamble with him
for pemiies, penknives, or whatever
'1'sposable article they may have. le
should take care to aequiro flippant
use of plrfanio language, which will
be all the 1more in.character if seaso
ned with obscure expressions. Ile
slhould take care to answer insolent
ly when his parents reprove him for
any kind of wickedness or mischief,
and embrace all ocasions to cultivate
a morose, churlish and quarrelsome
disposition. Ile should never ftil to
be the originator of any piece of
mischief that is to be done in the
neighuborhood if possible; but if any
one should happen to get ahead of
himl), he sholiubl certainly he the
first to second the motion. Break
ing windows of empty houses; break
ing dlown and marring shade and
fruit treca; drawing obscure pictures
and writini g blackard words on
board fences and Luilblings throwing
fbre crackers under horses' feet to
make them throw their riders; quar
reling and lighting in the streets;
prowling about late at night; slip
ping nito stores and robbing mo
ney drawers; smearing the-fronts of
dwellings with ink or tar; and lying
on all occasions w hena accused of any
of these things; all these are highly
appropiate in tihe formation of the
character of one who hopes to be
come the tenant ot a penitentiary or
the victim of a halter.
It is highly necessary for a young
candidate for these distinctionis to
acquire all-the ornamental habits, as
he progiresses ia the substantial
ones. At ten years old such can
didate should rarely be without a
chew of tobacco in his mouth, and
should learn to squ1ir. out the mi.
ture of juice and saliva in some pe
culiarmly, graceful umanner-. A strong
eigar to smoke in the face of la
dies an~d gentlemen who are ouit pro
mecnading is a miatter of urgent mne
cessity; and a few weeks'.-pr-actice,
and a f'ew turn-s of sicknaesa at
thme stomach, wi-ll enable the younaz
candidate to smoke and chew with
per-fect imopunity.
Strong becer is probal~bly the mocst
appruopriate beverage for a youngs
ter to huginU with, in acquiring that
highest aind most imvort ant accom
plishament of a haunian brute, to
wit: that of a sta gg~erinag, wallowing
drunmkar-d. After- liractising w ith
str-ong beer-, cigars andI tobacco for
a while, the canididarte may v-enture
on whiskey; hut lhe should take
care to become freque-ntly tipsy with
the heer-, befor-e commienein g with
the mfore poitent hoverages5. TIhere
arc alway-s 1plenty of Ilow gr-oggeie s.
where boys of any age may obtain
beet- r- whiskey to pr-actice with. It
may be suo)sed that the liy who
comnmences at ten or twelve will lbe
a tolerabile proficientt in all t he ac
compilishinaen ts of vialgarii ty, 1blIack
guardiism and basc ness, by the time
lie is fifteena or sixteen, and be renady
for the more darinilg atr-ocities lby the
timre he reaches thfe estate of phaysic-al
manhood. TIhen weo be-hold him
arriaigned at the bar of criminal
jurispraudlence for- house-bareakinag, for
pocket-picking, for highway rob
ber-y, for passing couniterfe~,it mao
ney, for forgery, some one or all of
which he muntst have recourse to, b)1
cause lie did not learn any husiniess
in his youth whereby to obtain the
means of living. IIe did not learn
to wield any kind of inidumst rial in
strumnent. IIe cannot think of s'ub
mitting to the degradation of toil, af
ter lear-ning so many accomplish
mernts in the way of v'illanay. lie
goes to the State prison for a ter-m of
two, or thrce, or five years, andh
comes out an older-, more hardened,
and more fully accompilished depire
dlator, andi will rarely stnsoto
the gallows.sop hrtf
It is not absolutely necessary to
nmence so young, in ordler to
tihe r-ace of infamy to the
Very mnany commenee at
f eighteen or twenty, and
great adopts in villiany as
commence earlier. It
the time w~hen i-im and
the helm of their
ro undecr restr-aints
such wholesome
sary to incul
dguard tho
etmenta of
contLittion, in thtease wil not ac
quire a itougnesi ulicient to re
8ist-the effects of powerful. vices, and
early death prevents infamy from be.
ing coupled with the hoary head
of age.
Unfortunately, we have filled up
pur space, and hav'e presented but
one side of the picture. But those
who will take the trouble to reverse
all the points on this lark sile, which
we have imperfectly sketched, . will
not require u,.s to paint the epposite
side. At each of the points, let the
mind picture the opposito of' what it
finds there, and trace 'li paral'el of
consequences. Ile will then have the
bright side of the picture drawn in
ins own inind, by placing contraries
in juxta-position. The' course pursued
by the character which we have pre.
sented leads linerr'ngly and inevita
bly t) inlftny-, tise*ry and death the
most horrible. The opposite fur
nishes a contiiml feast of joy to
the soul, whilst trenling the liath of
life, though it any be rough and
thorny; and when old age comes,
honor will Cme with it, anil the
day of phyvsical dissolution will le
the natal of a beautified spirit,
born into endless life, annl destined
to eternal progression.-Butralo Re
(IT )arleCstaln 'Aubertisgieents.
O f Dr y G o o d s.
Wichl fo)r variiety, cinlity, newnes% of styles
ati chepnes, Inerit tilh ialtlioi of every
body, s2n1e of which we herm emnerate :
S J[A W j .
Plainin colored Canton Crape Shawl, at. ;5.
Siilrime22 (ant Crap-_- Shawls w% ith extra hea v y
friaII, 14ic It - .ibruide red (ant rape S 1aws,
eliwrthw F'retich and lerli Wool, Iencedale,
,Iyne and Bay Slate, otihl,, Four 1teed zai
Lon' Shawlso, ti he heaviest dlescription. len
vy 10--I sIar ooen Shawls of the following
Styles: Santx 1ag. .lehInny Litd, Florence nud !*alvMs
Wa t2er. Frenich Ib :lroiderel TiIiihet. I reit-e
woirket-d. .Janignard lom worked aif p-lain
Ih1ibet s halw I in cei. varity . I' mbroidered
Cnitoii Crape, liocItbe worked and Paris
prinlted Ma tlailurs
Plain n20 l Figured b Gnsm'nt Rr.Fys
Si i.is. Plain, colored gro'd Nap id Marc.oline
Silks ; Strilwvd anld I'laided1 WLAh -Sil-: Plain,
Figtired, Striped "n%:I* l'haiid .1111!. 11--I.is ill
the late..Lt te-y0- a-l riceir% dyes. ScieI and
:ini~sh I printed d'aies of thle ha Il.om-2.t pa
trouls. Plain 'aris Alfs. WIaines ini h V:t
riety elf nolors1. I nL'll , Cin al .ni E. ;.
I 31. t:2n INos ' the iuost auerirgnaities arr]
colors. Frencuh :unll Erwt,16h Chimz I-atron
Calien's. liest piahti.-s a:,d iiakes of Aineri
can Prints. Col'd Organies, i'renich Crapo.
,Li-i.e, lIareges, Crape D'paris lI!h.-ions 8 , 80k
li.sue(, &c., for evenmg n It all wear. Ahlo
jitht recei vedi, 1:12 of bheinitifflly Ei3ibroidert-d
Swiss 31nslinii Robe patronk Drses, elct one
iaviiig a Fashion Carn aittched.
of the riclest descript nlns IandCI Aie1s (Uality.
Prices froim :37 1-2 to $1o a picec.
Richest and latest styles French ncedle work
LAcE and MUSI.IN COLI.ARS in a very large
Supeib Nzciot .32EarnnolnY:nIen L. N -t N
Casinitice llaNuxC~1-u: ?ir, als~o a superior as2
sortrinent of piain ditto.
Ctubihrie and Swgis Mtesiu Eer~ x<-s,
112 r.I.s, lAIOis, JNSUR T1rNos, &c,., of ti - bust
<pmbi it es1 and Lnewetst i.3tle of llmported Needle
HOS/EJ RY. d-c.
Su2perfin2e W\hite, Iilack ai Corl ('dl, WOR ItST
1;l) A.ND 1, A.1Iliks WOl~ih Sltck in~gs, of the
bet' lingIii 212h 2 2 manuf -ers.
tlP.tra (Colored, Whie um 21ilac2k, h-:ngi111
li.1h 311navus VIT.""12J iN\21, lidIXc 212l b."I
J'oored. -r t in-'o and heavy2"' L pialinh 2
pItd1-c nn-.22:I i' nghsh iba r: T8-r 25:1
liie31 \hwd,.312 de Colors. and( Sup;erior .inal.
ts \\ bite I-.ngli:-hi Sltcking of Ih tol ,'e bratzed
1 roini 1-F2 e and. 12 I iial irown2, lir:112h.
Elifra i ne- ar1 hea2vy 2pj21iiis 2of ('gIe.
in's 1 nI n a ni2 211 aiid 1)2 nAWe 2ns of I..12b12
Wool222, "12a ny~, 3'1rino a2222 $ni~in,.L im
polrted, Ians A 2 i21 N222n Vi.s111 of .tArim:, 1121
.22anze I.nh W2212 o.ol. 1.12222:s .sN (;:: --r1
ti.ves. 22f ''Ilk, 3hrenno, lhid, 1.i !. -lrc.nt,
1Kid2 21t2.k 1ilk , l"e.govia. Cuolton znal ollwr 4e.
22 Itl'a~s .tNI l'ori:r A 2222x2:;;(e1: ysi1
III I \ir s. i.'indoni liain, 1)iid,'1l'1 and22
W hi2ney 121an12222, F'1.ANxhs.. ",-h-h, N-ih.
h22ry', I 2r2nch 3I1erin22 m2al Ioi...h ylamii.ls
ilw2rianI Il:mho--.ed < lothi and2: Vicoria Da-1
ma2:--hs,'1Ta:n2.2 Asl Ii 'moi Co 2I:i.:.
D)Ia.uihss, 1)oy lies, NAu- hi ls, Tow~V-ns, AN2
lI:is'u 1.2 x: .x .s -(2 .1 12r22s, or1 m-a2 m-a
('orox Gioon. T12kn21 3.'1 1-I an 122I-I
Nto-eung.s2, 1 a1tubr2 2. M,im2s. (Cheekls, (in
I. 1221.., .. e, r,
It will be2 I north 12222r wiVI-. to eall and2 e'x.
annne22. bellore pm22eh'22'in el--ewher-e.
221 K'iing-..., (Jend) o2pp. the JBi Doot.
Charlton~ih, Jan2. 21, 18531 13---t f
Clothing and Out-Fitting
Puricha~ser.. will 11h22 at1 all timesO a frill
and)2 t'oinplte stock of Gent's.
Mannf~hincttor'y 1 13 Wash~%Iington
M My11)Sto res iv. Y.
M 111.... U .[ A - T~ T -1 . L- 1
June 153, 18532. 3 t-tf
W. J. Jacobi & Son,
WI. J. JACOi. N~l2A~oatf'. JAcoI22
NO. 221 KING-8TIUlwT,
Importers and Dealers in
For'eign c Dom~estic Dr y GoodM
tGi- Our customners are cumured Moderate
RatesV and a strict adhorance to the One Price
Jan. 8. 1852. 11. I-tr
.1 D V
OFrJS for sale, for cashor an approved Cre
and w1 LL SELECTED assurtment of EAST INDIA
Drugs and
81AICIts'IlEttls & Roo-s, SOt.Ant, LAI
G e siU x i n c C o0t
Together w
A 1.1
Agent for the
April 6th, 1852.
i[at; just received from Ialtimore nod New
York,a large and well sulected ttock of
Broazdcgeths. Cis'.istneres aid
the firi-t and best that hu evur been brought
to this market.
-L A IH ,
Ready nade Clothing for Gtnts' and Youths,
ofeveryV 4ip31liity nisIl description. I avingi --
lectel the (.onis, 1l ha tni mlatte up to or
uer, lie can warnat the work,
Evorv description and quliaty of Gloveq; Dress
lIsi.as inuadn np to order; Caj, Silk CravatIs,
Silk Pocket hioudlkerelhi.f and Neck ''lnsa
Liten Shlirts, do. Collar, M.rino Undershirt,
do. Drawers, with every articei. thait is vorn by
geitleineun , which he oflers ol reasoolhte ni.
ul n olicit S a enll friia his old: enstoIiLr, Iaid
Ihe itz.ii of the 1)ietrt e e-rally.
!Sutitterville, Nov. 151h,18.5 3.-tf
Cheap Grocery.
THE Suiise ribier Iivingir opitieed a gYro
cery iulerneath the Towi lall, designs
keepinig colst:mlty oni hatl, a supply of
heavy arlicles. such as..
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
CMssS,3ACKlERi2t. 'SA lT, SOAP',
CA-\ND'Ls, ' OTATCIES', &c. &c. I
li ftet little of al most. everything that is
5rood to cat; all of wi'icr.. will he Sohl low
for cash, or iin exchange for cointry pro
duce. lb! promises to attend to his own
business, and hopes liv attending strictlv
thereto, to receivei a bheral share of pa
tronare. J. M. CIANDLlR.
.M arch 153,1151-:
The Corn Exchange.
By T'[email protected]'j)
Who keeps con.,tiitly on hand a lot of
DOMESTIC8 at the liowest rates. G RO
CiERIES at Charleviton prices for cash
Bicon, Lird, Iluas. iltitter and a large sp
ply of the best CIGAItS and 'TOBACCO
wiicli he will seli cheaper than any mer
chat inttiwn, alo just received .10 barrels
North Carohn flour.
Janl. dh, i?'3a 12-4
~- TIlE sauser her wonl respect
oully eiurm his oldI riends anid te
teU.i-pnhiin generaIlly. lhat his. I otel so
ion kn own ais the "SUt.AlITIGR. I lOUSE,"
is al: in ipeiined fr.n: dat e, for the recep
u itno of visti ins.
The ionterrnal F-rr itngemenuts will unodergo
a thnorouugh repair, with as~ lilttle dlay ss
pwlib~ii, :aod he trusts thtt his :Itenin to
the comfoirt ofh his gnitls, will mieril a shi tre
oif publIic pnaronagerc. hei subcriber has
Illi,~ sini: itiends. lt itnf uap thne rinnn with
neaniecss, awnl wvil lurnish it wvirha all the
inecessa10risinni conventices. that lovers
of the sport c:an rtlnqirec.
.\narch 8ith I853 19 -t
China, Glass And
~ l.\S jo- t rceived.: d'irect fri:no the. itoa
n inta rers ini Entglaid aind! France,
miIli by rcnt iesse.. friom thle N'rt hi, a
viery complen~te iaw! vaured ass'uriaent if the
aboven~ mtiiiwd G(.OOD:', coaajprisini all tiii
arne best
WV ] T1 GR.\NITEIl- or STO( N lWA.R El,
Chinta lish a superi~or article;
Ilne anid otheir Cihuri'd Ware, of' now
Rtich Chinat ):ouner aindl Tea.setts, and
heuotitul lF:neyi Artiicles jin the line
Cutt, \linalhh-riid andi Poilishi G(sae
ol every lind;
hDyottl':ii Pt t:nphnei, i-:rn', (O)ice,
aind P'irier lotinp, ai upnerir nrtie;
Waebb's Pa.n-i il andi I,ar L- :tnnis. ;t neiw
iarnetle *'ivtin~r great hgh t ainid h-liahnincy
1TeI Trayi, bst Tle:hii Cutlery arid I1.u
ited. Caor., Spnoons, l"ork-,'&c.
lIo~nseeei', narticlI:-, iran. nra va:riet ;
Crates iif i--irtedi Waris.'iii desirable ,andl
new1 style's. bly Woliiaile
Packal'geso 'g Tnmbhler.,, F :isks, &~c., low~
by t he: pat kuce.
I Iavting coiinilet arralngemenrts for obhtain
int our G(,is dirnect friimi then mainifac
turirs wec cann and vwill mil'er rar.- inidnee
lwis, eithecr by. i Wholieale or Rectainl -
(Oriders attended Iio jt ntly3.
11. E. NI~hTltIOLS.
Colinnbi)a, Alpril 12, 185 Y. ~-t
Fine Cigars and Garden
kept con~aantly 0n haind byv
Drn. WV. .IAS. D)ARGA N & CO.
nMlay 2 t h, 18531. 30._r
Law N~otice.
Ollico next door to J. B. & R. C. Webb's
New York Store.
March2"p 1853 21+ t(
lit; AT TlIlk LosWEs- T A ICEs e
D AND SranM Ofi.9, FANcy SoArs,
I Liver Oil.
th every article
nost approved
Whatever concerns the health and ha >iness
of i pLople is II all timlles of the nimost valuitable
Jimpomranice. I lake it for granted that every
p-r1on will do all I:, their pot% er, to save thi li% es
of their children, and that every person will en
deavor to promote their ov.n hIealth at Nill sacri
flees. I IeMl it to b m11Y 4iiNty to suoleNalmy assure
yolu that, WontIs, according to tit! olinion of
iie mon clebrated PityJirins, are the primry
en it' a ag majority oN' di eaIfe wh1ilh
Chibren ani adults tire iable if' y-ol have aN
appelie colthallially cianlgeah e frumlt One kimd
of fi'od to another,1Had Brieath1, Pain in hlie Sto
tech, Picking at tile N*oe, liarines and Fuill
nIes of the i elly. )ry Cotigh, Slow FoveN,
Pulse Irregular-recemllber that all tiese deNbote
SobIS, & ynI shiNhe at onceo app1 y the remedy
A Ni article foundied upon Scientifi Principles,
comlpouled wad ilh puirely vegeNable suibstances,
lying eri-tly safe when tkenl, and CaN beo
givn ato tNie .most temler infant with decided
hOpeiheialj eleet, where BuleI Com1pfints and
hrarrhea have made them weak ai debilitaled
the Iunie properties o' my Worm Syrn p are
::nehm, thia Kt plaik wtho itlt enal in till latat
loguv of iedicin1es, in giving ton anl strengti
to the Slomnich, which maite it an Infiallazble
renedly for thoe afflieted with I1ypcpsia, the
iShing cut-e- performtbed 'by this Syrnp tiler.
Physcians have faib N, is I he best evideic ofits
supherior ellit.ay oveCr all others.
1'ins is tile most diflicit Wormt duesutrby of
uil dit irifut tile imnani vsiem, it grows tit anl
iailost inidefiNile letig:h b..- ouNing mo .c;oilel an1d
fastened to tie Il:tine netd Seinh etyeting11
1he lieki saii as ( to c111ue 3. Viut1a D.ie,
Fit., &cv., that thus;e aifilieted iseh i om if irr
Nbpc et that it is Tepc It orm hastening them to
rM earlygrave. li er to destroy tis orm, a
very eiergetie treatnmt nilimst be purened, it
would thereforel he proper to take 6i1 I of m',
Liver Pilkb as to remove tl! ob.truAtjilns, llidt
ih \ Worm iyriap nmuy let tirect pdon the Worm,
wicil mu1I.st be takenl im UOAe4 of 2 IllIble-pblool-N.
fmils 3 tiets ia day, tiblh se dlir. :ctions Fi ,111.
have never been lkiiowNi to fail ill uriIn lite
inest obstinale case of Pope litrm.
. Heb-tinllek'Ls ILiver. Pinl-i.
No part of the syten is more liabhl to <lisene
thami the LIVER. it ervilg its a filterer to puri
1 the bhoi, or givinig the proper seerziioni to
te bile ; ro that .ily wrong nction of the Li ver
'ileets ile Other lmlportait piarts of the svtetm,
imd reiln It, %ariolly, ill Liver Com'pluint,
Jatlire, Dysptepsia, &. We ilonid thereilre
watch every sytuptom that mligit indinlc it
wrung nietion (f1 tile Liver. These, Pills being
corpoedl of Roo-rs urn P'.A NTS furnished by
nmaltIre to h al tle slck: NaNely, 1st. ANit Ex.
PEUiTONLANr, whicil aligulIe.ts te Secretionl from
tie Pninbonary mnens memrane, or promotesm
tIle iiselltrge of iecreted iatter. 2n<d, An Ai,.
ItN.vrv, Which changeein 0ome jnexplica
bie arn ill sensibilemnner Kite certaiin turbhi
action of ;Ite sylstell. 3rd, A Toxic, whicit
gives tone and atreng. t tile nervous system,
renewin~g hea11 th an111 vi;;FOr toll parts1 of th1e
body. 4th, A C.v-ruAh-rta, vhichmerta in r:er
leeK lmney Withm the othber in~gedient K, andi
ijperaig onlil the~ Uilbsl, 13nil exiseliing tile
who012 le m~x ofeorruplt and11 Vitiatejl Intatter, am11
puif~y inl te lli001, whjich dieltroys ii~Sese ar101
restores leailthl.
. bmn will ficl hse Pills an invlua~lie med~ri
eineo 1n mlanly comlintisK, to which voin are sub- h
ect. in olbstrlinns eithier total1 or~1miil -they
I heir funclt ibil~ arranlentts No a hel3 thly m1(
Ki:li prtlilbmg te iblhobI ar11 iller fluidts so,
irll1131aly topu to K lih ll comi I11 0(1putaut wichO
mayt ar~i.fromb hnile i ir regulaNrities., asl heOuf
3che. ghI inla, diimlness of siht, pain i t1Nhe
ide, baick, &co.
till~ other.4 ing bilin 1 it ji . 13. Kbb
ieepters de..irons of Ibebominol A''enti m1( :-t d
Lire's theb P'ronreor .N." llNA
for- e11 by) ll Drug.;ts and e11,r(:bants IN
for the State0.
Alng lt 1101h, 1952 42-iy
Through Fare from Charles
TON( T1 li!.I'[lllE \1250
A__N___ TO EW-".. 0.
L.EIA .*I N(G theI Wh'Iai 1at the0 loot or
Laureni-,t. daily at 1, p. m. after the
M\I NGTO'(N, N. C.., fromIK which1 pu!mt
two chly31VN tran :re dihsp:diche at 8 A. *'\.;
;uni1 2 i. 31 .; -the :f o'Jc!c al hto:metKing at
Wcldmn with Nh li Ilines to) Petc.wburlg,
resp1ietfl ly infuron-d11 131 tha te .4eamers of
1lI3 llIe.5 are iln first4 Nite Lonibhtion, and11
are navIatedl by well known. I KINi ex..
periced't: contl:nalah o; thet Ra.il RoadstI~
are0 in fine order, (Kihe WihingIton~
and NIh o(blnoke ha31nIIr recenltly leen .relaidl
woh heaI2vy TrailI) thereby~ $ieenrhilg both1
saKIety an~d desle.hi. lly theseO routes
passensorsi3W avnin thenduiselves4 of the
FIl t ET TRAI N 1133y reach1 ltim llore iln
d1u)hornrs. Pi1bielia tin d.a honlrl, nud1(
New~ Yoirk in b0 I .2 honrs; and11 by~ tile
SEC~ONi) ' TRA IN thely arrive in) IIl..
imiore. iln f0 hourK, PIhIle! phiN N in 6
hou1rs, a3ndh New-Y\ork3 I in 1 1-) houlr..
ThlrNNLi ickets can13 alione lie hiad fromI
l'. Wi, I NSiLOW, Agent of the Wihn113ingtonI
otieeof th e C ompanily, foot ofi LaurenKs
st reel, Chal~rlestoNl, S. C., to whoml please
Miarchi 23, 19,52. 22-If
AT NTiE (OLD ST.\AN! 01 s. &: J. G3NIUERT.
i8iN. &11. M.G I3 1.1 IA Gl
II!USIAJEXX at 1he above
ChaIrlet~on-whxere lhey' will heo pIleased No
exhiblit to their old friends. nnid custINors
a1 very extensive Stock of Vehsies, com-.
prismNg those of thteir owVn manutfafcture,
togetheor with various other styles usuaNlliy
fotNid in this market. Their long acqainIt..
anICe with this market asR mannIfnctujrCe
anod deinlers will elnale themn to offer grent
mndtcomenuts to purchasefa bothi biatye
and prices.
Au~ItgII 45 2~:~
1 0
at e e d sta ath r ano
of appritdeapys i a ad~ etars Irom fo
d o fino e s scahe si h , thul p tre mi n a n o f
aferage-werheein 'terd s oi ght e ast to ca on of
dstAses i ouree g cte t O wer
We? umcn toff esate to es benfteyiknwdg
dtaun ad atn should e teiuoanseut. e
hel o the ca iee o tir yenias at fndpet hads
ears ntsrove ecl s durin giemilood orth e e ail
marriage wreasli terooigssoss ed.
soud of course neglected.
When too late to be betiefitted by asic knowledgqo We loo~k
back a nd , aud togret the full cosequeueas o' nan
What would we not oten give to tssues in early lire
the kreusvle.we obtain in tter yeats Ins what da s
and ights oh anguisa we might not have beau sellidit
thse knsowI ledgswas ttely possessed, It is -
To behold the sickeso and sufettin endured ty m an.nd
wiea fur iany eolr. fro causes simple and cotoellabie,
lasily remedied -or better stillo-pnso t ucu ed, i th cory
peOeeic the irroreaetiou cosaited i.s a little volue.
swithin t ieach ofall) which would uler to he self,
And to her husband th e constan t toil so anxiety qfnolild
necess.arily devolvini upon him from Malrts OfHM wire.
wveirtsutgtiF~in 1111ie otidtiottssrY ofsrqisinec that corn'
p~eunc wh &hisexermoss sare entitled, andi thle posses.
moll of whie't would secure the happiness of hisener'
wife, aid chljdruls.
By becoming in time possessed of the knowledge. the
waist of whichl has caused the sickness and loverty of
i, view or such consequences no wife or nother Is
excusable H she neglect to avfail herself of that know.
edge ill respect to herself. whicle would spare lier snuch
suitera:, be thle aincmn ofrhastinetss and propeerity to lher
husbat, aid confer ulngn tier children that blessing above
all puice-healthy hodies, with healthy minds. That
knowledge is cuntained in a little work entitled
Private Medicnl Companion,
rnoFrssont or asseAse, or woFts.M.
One flundreth Edition. lSmo., pp. 250. Price 50 Cent.
(ox FEn PAPER, EXTRA NtDING, $1 00.1
First linblished inl 1i7, and it is not
CossetanIerini 111lnt E'VEerCY FIVIALF,
here acquire a fiall krsow ei go of tile
ssaisttre, clainracter nnel ituses of ier' coi38..
Inltstjs, wivltl tilo varlons uysrptoonts, annd
tMhat tearly
should have been sold.
It is irnpractialble to eniver fully the various subjects
trenee'i ef. as th yire or f ismere stricily ieteudeca for
tile narried. or th ose contentlating marsiages. but aao
female dieious of en'oving health. "mil 11het beanity, en
stiticat aeles fee-Ph:. hilt is a sto cnrdeijteea leter owe,
liepie '.iq. nclm tha of felr husbacid, but either has or i ill
oltin t. as he or will esnry luaande who has the. love
acid aletieuno ef his wife at beast, or that of his own ie.
ctm-.ry improrement.
Hlire been SENT lY DILis wit!inii the last few
I'y not ho'r tuilen "IT. A. M. Mnturenn,129
'.ihwrty Ctre. N. Y.* is oin tho titlo page., ttu the
entry fu tile C-'rk-s Office ona thee back of the title
p:zct.; ntcI lb11V onely (ef repecietablo and lioorablo
deae-neri. or ecl by nail, nad allre to Dr. A. l.
.\tnfrheet. i n there ar., slynrious and surrcptitious
inefrigenentsof copy-right.
No ex.Nssow ror Ignoraie, wien Tgntoransce
1s M1lcsry to ti lasse % ielol. vsesar nsti
tense. nsit virlices to tilisiel ousr Igtassraiace
lil fist tills otar reacha.
To enabl every ono to dlecide tipon thr indis.
jp.ymeerle scc'ce.-ity (-f poeing a copy, nnel that no
wille, or motiter nee rseinit uninormed ipon the
Mnany enutites, which. enoner or later, nre destiteil to
macke fearful rnyngeA upon her her.th. unless gnnrded
atininst, tmie that nw consiernito antd' afectiiate
iutl:1iit hatvt e'aee to tihiri himwlr with neglect
o the welfare of hissdife--a panphlt orf thIrty-six
113, eutn0iinfull '11 l-pagieamt Inaellot e of con.
a. ttcgesler with extruas, front thi, boek. will be
et / of ,ue' t i ty part of thu Unitei Ntates
by aellreslng. pot-paid, ns Iterecit. -'
Wlsess Knowtledge la Ins plhess, 'the etal
;-7" On reehp> of One Tiollar (feer flan flin FMell
l'H IV.A1T' M 1ED.CA L COM11'A N ION" Isent (merll.
en .fre) ti nany pnert of thre United Stathes.. All let.i
tsfmuist bjs t-pabsl. ansI ausetreecel to Dr. A. Ael.
.AlAl1IlUOEA L 150x I2'4, New Yor liya-u4ulisht
lsh. i0111cae, Neo. 123 Libi-ty street, New York.
For sale by
IlIlahnburg, S. C.
TIn Ncw Yosrk City, by
S-ringet r.& T~s~own sen!, Atdri:ne, Shter
man& Co., Dewitt &r IDaveniport, Bairns &
Co. Ofice, 129 Liberty Street, near
.May 17th,, 1853 29-tf
TAImiethi mehod oh
CSumtservic atncd viinity that
he. les ocpen:ied iiiin umtrville, aippiosite thle snew
Pire~sbyterinn Chuierche, a C.\ll IN T WARC-~pf
ltMOiI, whetre he~ wsif keepa for sale, cheap, ial!
snieh furnitture' as coutte sinuieer tis die''crtinent
ofi lis tr:iile, wiht hit will waerranit oef gooder
mateari:l ; tand willI furniish foer en-fh, at Chialec
lt le pies, tall dseriptionts oef Fsrniituire tuaedo.
31tnhoccaiy atJd pilains Colflini furii..d wit-l.
ient delahy.
I lavite procsredz the serv'ies of 31r C.W
Dlivis, he~ i l relateds to f'uriihl 3etallie l'lates
enittrand~ c int tany -ile.
All the sub-sreher asks isa fair trial, andet
hoe!s hey fuetlina111 ttle'nnoni to hn-ie and
enct'vI Jtutm, toe thetri t ublic plraetne.
Fi .\ly't LLIC CuI.'INS of alt
sieconsltantly son lat i ands foir stakr
Opp. 'Ttnperacnce llalli Sutmteri!!et.
Junae 15thi, 185Q 3 1-if
Veterinary Burgeon.
11011isRT' W. A N~I)RllWS notoflies lte
citizens of.tis, tatnd the ndeieinineg Distrit,
thatet her hats remosved heis Staea nsen r lihe De~.
l eeCo thte Wi. &~ M1. It. liesadl where hee ics readry
at all tiitres tee take chiarge~ s-f' tdiseased llorscets,
for n modc~erarcte hrg;t its all caseas lhere thIlere
i sa oenre nso pay will be expeteid. lit talso
conctinnteit', le take, Pnas-engers i tti frost the
D~~esit, nndse eip -ets sho~rily tos rieceie a New
()teanehate feet ltatirpeose. Goods lie ijlIlehai
at hishl ratec of' 10) cent peer patckatge, and!
seebers thle pcatrhna~ge of [the peublic.
F~eh IsW', I1'5:! 17-t f
r -ti~itono
tio o Gasican T1obacc.o, eodils, Pre
u'elrvec of jell descriptin, Jellya sic. Alezo a
cometet assoertmcieut as: Groceries, which le
ystarantiees tee ielI nie Iow as they can bie oh.
taede f'roms Chaerl'eston foer.
I'eb. 1, 1853 - 14--If
(Near the De'pot.)
Painting, (dilding, and
G'ilding on Gi~old an'd
I lousehld F~urnituroe done up in the nset
e.91 nttl heaL. mannier. Al be aseks ic- a l'ieir
trisali e g~lif''ritlCs toi give en1 tre antis
faelioui. [- All ordera fromsn the cosuptry
promptly attended.lo.. ~-~, :-I
DR.J.6 i$
repared from RENiErj7ot
of the Ox, afterdirectio
great Physiolog'cal Cht -
-ros, M.~)., P iladelp is P
This is a truly wondeirfttl"r y
tion, Dyspepsia, Jaundiep'
Constipation, and Debillt'?P
turc's own method,by Nat "
Gastric Juice.
. Ha"1Ialf a teaspoopfu e'
in vater, will digest or hli'6666 'i
of R~est Bef,in about'.o 1w uhoui
Pepsin is the chief element' o
ing I'rincipls of the Gastric J61
of the Food, the Purifin
Stim ulating Agent of-t e
tines. It is extracted frotn thi I
ach of the Ox, thus rmng -
live Fluid. precisely like th
Juice in its Chemical powecins$Pf1
Complete and Perfect iath 'tlitil
aid 11f tins preparation, thej
Indigestion and Dyipepsia Uire -
they would ho by a healyth '
ing %% oders fCi Oy-ffiti
bi ity, Emaclifeationl, Nrvoi MI.e
peptic Consumption. suppOid! gn
of the grave. The ScintilfE
which it in based, is in-the IdBiisi i
ous and Remarkable.
Baron Liebig in lis cedbdt tk'A
mal Chemistry, says: " Aiii ci cla a,
Fluid. nalogous to the Gasitrid
re.'dily prepared from the rutoui
the vtomaoh of the Calfdn,whili6
clos of food, as meat and -s will W
changed and digested, just -i-th z p'
Us tihey wold he in the huntitAm t
Dr. Comhe. 111 his valuablt
" Phyiology o Digeion,
dimintiamioni of the dte q uanty
Juice is a prominent and all-praV I
Dyspepsia;" and he states tI
professor of medicine in Lodon, d
verely nfilicted with thisse
every thing else to ii, ad ci
Gastric Juice, uhtained r 'I
living atinials, which piro d
cesflly "
lrofesvor Dnnglibon;.of thaJeffe
Phihdcifhia, in his gread workonIg4
Fiology. devotes inore than It 0 pa' te- vi
aminationi of this subject. is
with Dr. Beaumont, on te' Gast
taind froum the, living.
firom rudinals, are w well knVn
lie sayp, "1 diestion occuri-6d r u 6
artificial as in the natural 4igsti
Dr.Jom W. Draper, Pr Wer
in l ie Iledie'al Colle o tl i
New York in Ilia "1 xt;Boo
mage 386, says,: "It hit ben -a
liter artificial digestion could bj~err&
it is riow titiversally adrittd. tiC
Dr. Carpenter's standard wo P I y
whih is in &h, libra 'or. -i
ts-utsed as.. a Text nhojttt --'C~il
full '6f' evidOnce -Siair t
specuik tle uiaairkable Di e
inand' the foetth inuiayb~.
ted .frouf atomtiel of ihi t -
fdr-axpet ietai.rArtifiei
rdmnedy' for diseases o -i~c
ent secretissf-Ga -i~J
--fr (all ont
wsitha ieports of ltuiekabfnA
p art of cleitidL td:
AS~ AD siE
Dr. lougltonm's Inrsam~isp~lLc
biuity, Emnaciation,Ilervoyas me~ito si
peptic Cottsunmption. 'It is iti a ~ ~
the details of cases CIn the'linh'fiinJ"
tisemenutt but. aulet~itd ria
beenm giveti of mr hn
able Cutres, ii PiladelpfiIa,' i~x~~ s
BOston aslonie. Thesie ere negr'ils~ 4.*
cases, atnd the cures were rito
wonaderf'ul, but permnanent,.d ?
It is a great, Nervous Antidoten ~ri~
ly uiseiful for tendten-oy t o ihilidi
Uomtphuint, Fever and Aguenaind E l j ,
of Quinine, klveury, and othier qi~~a ~
Digestive Organs, alter a long 't]1 ~ Q
for excess itn eating,-'and thO'roo
dent spi'aits. It uhutost recosteile'~ iti
rThere is no formu of Oldton h t
which it does mg t segulito reaci'tangr i ~ T~'
once. No maatt r hiowgbady
instanti relief'! 'X sipgledoif d~o
unpjkamiit symptouw; 'amd.'uii~l~'
repealed for ia short- timaettei~~
elleet-i permanent. Puri~
of Jioudy f'olid~w at once.,?
lent int cases of auca
soreness of' thme pit of th'tod
etinig, icow, cold state of th1B
Luwte.'s of' Spirits, Depodec
WVeakntess, tendency to Insanlti~i~ed
Dr. liouglitoni's A'epsin, is adb'
the dealers iii lmoe drug and Ppu
throughout the United States. -':* t
Powder atnd in F'lulcd form--atid- in',
via~ls for the use of Physicians.'
Pa ivate Circutlars for the'of ts
naty b'e obtained of' Dr.'H-oughtoti
dlescribing the w hole process of p
giving the auth orities upota wbd
this maew remedy are based. As I
remrdy, no objec tion cani le" ral
uise by Physicians in reapetabl,
reguha r piractice. Price, Oie D)1
8'37 Ust:antvi mna !-Everi
getinet P E P'lN bears the iv'rIuea
J. 8. Ilouun TjoN, M. D., sole Prnrlf~;'
adIelphaia, Pa. Copy-righmt and Ta3 ~ e~
cu Sold by all Droggis
F'or sale in Sutd
Webb Clark'it
STIlE subscribb te
Ii fully inform his
prepasred to acomdt
him a call.,a the old stanllg ~~%
rates. . lis servante orgw
tivo, his ta li hll be woni a
the( be(st thme mtarketwl irM .QAp.
domestic arrnnsgcen en;t;
mnt shall bo .qrdri
petf fully solc tisa y~mi
Hlaing jnt 'il -
th' sbcr

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