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bi nd
'nalibly shoi'l par
- r e so- comprehensive,
- ir acy, but decidedly
9iftyso See years. ago to
nle Sam was -born, and
vbntful; seventy.seven years1.
eeW.t Seventy-seven ye'ars
iiddaths vas a remote
tqthey nowv compose the
crmercial nation in the
hte quarters of a ceni
'leyhaves revolutionized the
tj1bup an empire,, licked our
~r d fonced in a continent. In
*uiethan -it took Methuselah to
e tswiddling clothes, we have
mrecanals, tamed .more light
- hd harnessed more steam, and
reter cost in money, than the
'4 llues of' the world could
~ or the day lhe got out of'
In seventy-five years we
~oly changed the politics of
thbut its' wearing aipparel
jit being as much the o1f
'1hdUnited States ns ballot
Atddemocracy. Since the
'uly, 1776, the whole
zt en to school, and what is
hi~learned more common
ams, taught in the previous
u~loisaitd years. Th~le problem of
eriienthasbeen solved, and
seaen imra as Washinr
3eilbov corn. Its adaptation to
-Aints of the most aspiring umn
qa iee~n.made most signally nmani
4~"Under its harmonious working,
Ublielias grown up in an or'din
Iftme that would have taiken
esystem of' govern ment a
ndyears tohave brought about.
p1 ess time than it has taken
moreen house plants to arrive at
we have built a nation that
assrad itself from Maine to Mex
i rbn the Atlantic to the Pacific--a
~n that has caught more whales,
1~tdmoreo Mexicans, planted more
l~ah posts, and owns more steamt
?basthan any nation that has ev
oJivd or ever wvill live. For all this,
dan say, thank God, and praise
1s Jefferson."
* Ars.-The board of' supervising in
qpeosof steamboats held a meeting
aJitsurg, on the 1st inet., and comi
t~~e y adjouirnments up) to the 5th
fitntThey adopted resolutions di
Teutlg :the local inspectors to again
~algthe special attention of owners of
tatners to the importance of having,
erpactieable, a steam pipe f'rom
* o ers to convey steam into the
olfr thomore cffectual extinguish.
n phre;.also, that shoulder-straps
hol e attched to life-preservers,
temneans" used for preventing
* m~iiom getting-into an improper
oston, to the hazard ..0 life; that
rnotices be posted in all state
~~iberths,, infqrming paggengers
ifeL-preser'versmayue tound,'
mannier of using them; that fire
hd eeither constantly connected
wlhthe pvmps or placed in a conveni
tand conspicuous position theref'or;
tbyeplosiv.e articles be conveyed on
y'moure metal lined chets, and that
rjals which-ignite by friction be
,ptat a safe distance from explosives
~therwith other regulations, of a
oehnical desciription, but ex
er~fnyWuseful and requisite.
ta ournial says that a new plan of
brniodating laborers on railroad
piprovements is practised on the Clhi
~ag.and Mississippi railroad. 'The
Qr~ ygfrking force on this road is
~ehundi'ed persons, who live in cars
r *ted~ufor the purpose of boardingr
~ h&~~t;and are .pushed along as the
S "a1s~t aid--thus securing the advaji
~J ~eof having the men always near
4je drkt This locomotive board
n ue o vllaecolmprises f ifteen
r coced ars, with all the nmeces
- f nyeniences for cooking, eatinig,
* ~seping. Tfhey carry the cows
o-they graze alongside, and are
~ henrstalls w~hen the locomotive
J~lg hanges ground.
2 L~siT Paoposro.-A genitlo
~f nIowva pr'oposes to keep cities
S frojnethian'der storms "for so much
~ year.To 'most peole, this oil'er
dJeloke d-npon as preposterous,
ti not. We have no doubt
tever that an outlay of $1,000
- 4keep New York as insulated as
s'table with scaling wvax legs.
gentlemnaa in Iowa proposes to
-~has already been dond for
wers of the South of France.
wvell arranged system o f
a whole district has
inaccessible to those
orms whichl so fre
otrain of thunder
been dono in
where, If we
e, we can
d ijidfbt~d: Wid
hRA I at~3C r s-8
or of eresa as tabrre oitg
y.in San rantisco to Pat PUri
dy1ull.coductr of nin
eial AlvOietin ll nar
ried to ler. It is said-tliat, ay'af
taer, the rvd.g, she pesentfi Pat
rick with a checcfor ' 18 000, nd
Patrick fobbed tie hull Of it. Af
terwardsl on a professional visit to
Sacramento, an editor indulged in'
some ungracious remarks against the
Countess, whereupoii she. challenged
hini.-"Odds; triggers and flints," what
a ferocious pironette she cuts!"
".do not advocate woman's rigits,"
(a seqsible woman is Lola!). ''but at
the same time 1 can right myself by
inflicting, summary justice upon all
jack-an-dpes! !! After such a gross in.
suit, you must don the petticoats. -1
have brought some wit me, which
I can lend you for the occasion--you
mu111st fight with tme. I leave the
choice of two kinds of weapons to
yourself, for I am Imagnanimous. You
may choose between my duelling
pistols, or take your choice of a
pill out of a pill-box. One shall be
poison and the other iiot, and the
chances are even. I request that this
aflifl' may be arranged by your
seconds as soon as possible, as ny
time is quite as valuable as your own.
But the Editor had no idea of
tin ning iloomer, or of taking a dose by
either of the inodes suggested. So the
allaiir was honorably settled by the
interposition of friends.
havo somewhere seen a notice of a
Rotterdam thread merchant who had
accumulated fifty thousand dollars by
his own industry, punctuality and
irtegrity, and it was renmarked-of him
that lie never let a yard of had thread
go out of his hands, and would nev
er take lore than a reasonable prcf
lit. By these means lie acquired
such entire public confidence, that his
customers would as willingly send a
blind man or a child to buy for them
as go themselves.
We refer to the case not to intimate
that we have no such instances a;ong
ourselves, but fr the purpose of sug
gestimg the great value to any business
m.an of such a character, and tihe
exceed ing agreeableness to dealers with
him of the contidenee lie inspires. And
we aflirm nothing ext ravalgant, in say
ing t hat the character for strict iii
tegrity acquired is of as much real
worth to its posessor as the pecu
niary savings of his industry. Let
such a man lose, by any niisfortune,
all his ioney, he is still a man of
capital, of influence, and is the superior,
on mere business calculations, of, a
,ny a man of. a geinpyoycd mcans.
13ut he b ui ty o f th e thing -is - ,i,
that any man however smAll h'A
business and limited- his- capita,7 b
juna. sie gee mjirotunay ~-or winnIng
confidence as the millionaire. In
tegrity in small things is even more
impressive than integrity- in grecat
things. Andi after all thart mna may
saiy in prai of enterprise, skill,
shrewdness and tact of pairticuilar bust
neCss mecn, t here is onie character to
wards which all minds instinictively
render thiir reverence-and that is,
the nimn who would rather be honest
than weahlhy, iand who prefer-s integri
ty to gain.
Pnoser~s~m IN IatEAso.--lle nio.
ticed a fewv days since a prtediction of
the Loiidon Timites, thait "in ftifty years
Irehanid would be Piotestan t to a muan,'
atnd the doubt was expressed oIf its ae
coimtplishment. We not ice, ho(1wever,
thatt there are sonme indicatf ions of' a
change going oni, for the Catholic pr-ess
is spea~kitig of it.
The Dublitn Nation says
"Th'lere can he no loiiger any ques.
tioi n ta the systemiatized prosel y
tism has umet wi thiiimenemse success of
in Conmnauight and Kerrv. It is true
that the i atrs oif the Ca'tholic Churchl
have beeni deserted by thousands b oiin
and baptized in the aniciet Ihith of Irec
land. The WVest of' lrelatnd is deser't
inig the ainecit fold.",
Th'le Duibhlin Tiabilet says:
"We repeat it is not ITuiam, ntr
Cashmel, nor Armagh, that arc the cihief'
seats of suecessfl prosely tismo, but
this vermy city int wihiich we live.''
The P2in Eveniing P'ost says:
"e .r.u frotm unquest inable ant
thorit fthalit thte success of the prosely
tizers in almiost, evetry part of the coun
try, and, as we tare tohld, ini time nme
tropolis, is beyond all tie wor'st, mtis
givings we could have dre amt of."
Thbis te2stimiotny is further corrohbo(ra
ted by the reports of' the Irish Missioin
ary Societies, which ebiaracterize thte
movement above spoken of as the
"'New Reformiationi."
A hmnan skeletotn wvas recetlty found
imbedded in a rock on the line of the
Ciuicintiati, WNihniington and Zanes
Railtoad. A small fissure iti the rock
of about, two inches in width, openied
to the resting place oif these renmains.
which, in all htumatn probabhil ity, maiy
have been deposited there centtuieis
ago. 'Te rock conttained an itndenta.
tion of tile greater- part of' the body, as
perfect as though tmoulded with potter's
diay. Frmn the hip, to the foot, par.1'
ieuilarly, thzis sarcopha~gus was as comn
etc as carving could have madu~e it..
prop~ortionis, cutrvatuies, &c., of
'mnb wvere distinict andl regular,
'catedl that the skeleton had
of' a personm of full size.
of the Zanesville Times
leton and the rockc from
akietn. The bones are
f preservation,
Devonshtire's park
are kept 7000
NON 10lSENi $ T&h
,Zw8 1DAY,;AUGUT ;24. 1353.
Te Crr *scposdesti.'3
We would request all correspond
ents who write- on business to direct
to the Propi-ictor; Coin munications fo
publication should be to the Editor.
Change imi PublicatioN.'
:For many and various reasons, we
have resolved from and 'aftor this date
to issue the Sumter Banner on Wed.
nesday instead of Tuesday morning
as heretofore. This arrangement will
suit better the country mails, and we
hope will be inore acceptable to sub.
Charleston, August 23, 1853.
During-the past week the market
has been depressed, and but few sales
were made and those at perhaps a
slight decli'ne. Prices have ranged
from 8 to ll 1-4 ets.
New Zion P. 0.
We can say to our friends and sub
scribers at New Zion, that their papers
are regularly mailed here. on the day
of publication, after which they are
beyond our control. The present mail
route to New Zion is through Kings
tree. Willialmsburg Distriet, which ae
counts fbr the delay; and if those
residing near the former place, desire
a more direct route, we can on1lY add,
that it is with them to act.
Rev. Artlauir Wigfall.
This getitleman so long and favora.
bly known, as the zealous pastor and
untiring laborer in the cause of Christ,
at St. Mark's, Clarendon, has resigned
his charge at that place and accepted
the ofli-:e of Chaplain to the Female
Institution at Barhamn ville. In tl c
new and enlarged field of usefulness,
to which he. has been called, we wish
him the success his cause and efyorts
Iner it.
Newv District.
We publish in another column the
proceedings of a meeting held at GAL
LowAY's ChIirebh, in this' Distlitt, in
relation to the formation of kfriew
District to be composed 'of' portions
of Si ter, Darlingt nan
ChestefuhY pishIlct -e~ rnot
made acqumted Ath eunr di.
advninantae T JI thV ptidiik
of these -Dst e 6the mnoYd
complain, 'ae bh tW'~ rbe r comment
for the pr esent; but the final Conv.en
tionf to be held ait ailicr's Church in
Kershawv, on the 2nd Monday in Sep
temuber shiallI hav~e ouri at teniition.
Blaumeu De Vic.
This is the name of' a new prepara
tion of our- fellow townismani's, Mr.
CzuInAR1.ES aELe OR !, anil hy reference
to advertisement, it will be seen that
Mr. J1onis M. Clua~uaum, uinder the
Town Hal, is A gent for it in this place.
The BIaumen De Vie, or- Balsaon of Life
has long becen conisidered by~ those,
who have used it, as a vailuabtle famiti ly
Medicine,,and we arec lumppy to see
that Mr. DE:Lona has made arrange
mlents to mnuiac-ture it on a large
scale. Fromn ouri own perisonial knowl
edge and experience we would recom
mend this med icinle ihr wshat it pro.
fesscs to be.
IDoenmnenutary Hlistory.
We have bieen faorei-d by (lie editor
with a copy of the "Documentary His.
tory of the Amer-ican l'levol ution,"
consisting of' letters mial pa:pers relat ing
to the contest for liber-ty, chiefly in
Sooth Car-olin~a in 1781 and 1 78-2, fronm
originals in the possession of t h-' edi
toir and from other- sources, b.y .1. W.
Gumnas, M. I). We look up~on this
workI as a valulable one, and an indlis
pensable requisite to a library, and
one that, will serve t~o elucidate a fit.
tor ie history o thi~Ile State. The pr-in t
ing and general app earanItce of the hook
is neat, and dloes cr-edit to the I imier
Steam-power press of t olumbia.
Price in paiper covers el1 00.
Edinuruglu Reviewv.
We have receiv~ed the J1uly inuber
of this monthly. which is the comn
menicement of vol. 39. It contains the
uisuail variety of able and interesting
articles, the study of which wounld well
repay the subscription pr-ice. Publish
ers in this country, Messrs. LaoNARiD,
SCOTT, & Co., 79 Fulton st. N. Y.
'The Cot tonu lant,
Comes to us this week in a new and
what we consider, an improved formi.
The pr-ice has also been reduced to the
veory low sum of $1 a year, and it will
be published weekly at Washington
City only, by C. G. BAnOa & Co.
The Cotton Plant is devoted to the
interents of the Sontht and South vest
n4tWrthyao tlbe 1 slipport.
t4bt h a l h'of,"e e n , m
tour k startli t' the. follo wJg
QCO~ Qt t~hp ecsiive igat.lii'Noew
York and thenadjoining towns of Wil
liinnurg dnd Brooklyn; tife number
of'ie gn the 13th -inst from sun
strolke and debility caused from th<
exeeskie hthVveathier, 'amounted "to
the astomishig number of one hundied
and tiirty-onle; besidas which -it is esti
mated that'over one hundred horses
did froniuthAine nise.' In Phila
delphiiAt thorinonotor wras ranging
at 94, in Albany and New York at 90,
atul in Boston it had reached 97.
Aid'to New Orleans.
We are glad to learn that the North
ern cities liave 'contributed nobly to
the reli'ef of the destitute of New Or
leans; New York has sent -$20,000,
Philalelphit, $13,000, Boston, $3,000.
Savannah has raised. $1000 for the
sameipurpose, and the City Council of
Charleston have subscribed $2,000,
which is backed by a cont ribution from
the citizens of $1024.
At a meeting held in Washington
city on Saturday about $800 was col
lected. W. W. ConcoRN, Esq., the
banker gave $500.
New Cottoct.
Two bales of new Cotton were re
ceived in Criarleston on Friday last
from tli planation ofMr. GEno Non.
is, Orangeburg, consigned to Messrs.
E. HI. 1Ionoas & Co. Quality Fair.
The Recent Election.
I'lie following is as full and correct
a statement of the. late state elections
as we have seen, it is taken from the
Charleston Courier of the 18th inst.
Deinocrats in Roman, WAiqs in Italics.
, ALAmIFA.-GovEuon.-John
Anthony Wiston.
Cosonssa.-1:Phl1lip Phillips. Jnames
Abercrombie W. I. W. Cobb,
Saipson W. Ema ris. James F.
Dowdell. Wi'. R. 11. Smith.
The Legislature of Alabama will
undoubtedly by Democratie. Two
United States .Senators are to Le
chosen', in plae of W M. R. KmNG and
IIENJAuN F]rIrZATRucK, who holds
the seat by.appointincnt, of the Gov.
K i icoy.,Cosonvss.--Linn Boyd,
J. M.- Elliot, Benjamii.in, B: (iray, Wil
Ilin Prestoi Pesley E wing. J.. C.
BreckenKd ge, James S. Chrnian,
L r C emeit S. l Rll .
AellA. ST aliYiZri&opg.
F. .L. Gardsnhire,'.'Enir Aon .Ekridg,
T'homast BarrU, -- Edwin' K.i Yrger,
*NortlioCarolina; Conrgress, 1U. MI.
Shaw, Johsn J(e'rr, Thlo as. .Rumi,
ichsard? C. P1srye~ar, Will iam .S.
Ashe, Ja'nus W[. Osbone, Sion 11.
Ilgers, Thmomtas L. Clingm'ani.
Te'mxa-, Con gress,- George WV. Smytt.
D). W. R. Seurrv.
Tlhere were eight candidates run
in g foir the othee' of Gov'ernior in Tex
as-six Daniuoerats anid t:woi WVhigs
all C whom received a certain nuiu her
of votes, wh Iicht served tj render the
result so c. m:plicated that nothing but
lhe idlicial can vass canr determine who
is the successful cafndidate.
TIhie Camdmen Journal ini a strictuire
on the matnagement of the South Car
ohinia Ialilroad, gives the following
We ar~e pleased to learn that ar
rangemtetnts are abotut being made to
erect at the J titetiotn (if the Colum ibia
and Camtden lailroads, a snitable de
pot al house of unutertaiinet, for thle
accotnimiodationi of those who are
ibreed to retain frequently, at this
iniserable apology for a depot, whaete
there are no preensions fir accotntno.
dat11ion; and worse t hmn all, a iise.rable
rin-hoile, who'se p estilen tial atmnos
p here is etnoughi to poison t he whole
count ry about, tere. Of all matiserable
laes, thaut Junction is about thie
me'ianest ; atid it will he a humai nne act in
the rail road compjaniy to hook occa.
Sionl/yi toi the coumfot of those who
are for'cedl to remaini through long sum-n
muer days, at one of the most untlovely
spots t hat the sun ever shn ie upon
This ltproposed arranigemnent would suit
well to make the J1unttdion the break
fast house fromt Col umbia uad Cam.
dein, as w~el as the dinniter house
A e hrde vethe Wateree iiv
er atnd trse over thei swampj wvil
soon be comm nenced, conjointly3 by the
WVihniingtont and Sinth 'Carolina Rail
Ilload Comt panics. W e hope ai good1 road
wi'ill he maude this t ime, so that pas1
sengers will not be obhlig~ed to be oni
lie lo'okout- for' at brecak-downi or
smash-up; wvhich have becomei so (com-1
tm4n, that if' iPe a hing was possil,
peopile uitihi have got tenl use to them
by this time.
Thle Edito oii'(f thle Greietille I, S. C.,
Patriot, wasjt shiown the other' day by
metns oif goldd, found ont thle fatrmn of Mr.
A susnson. in the tupper part oif I~Lan
rens District, near the Spar'tanbur'g anid
Gr'eetiville line. T1wo of the par'tioles
wer'e hialf'as large and mutchi thtickei
than a finger nail. -These were founid
in the sand and itashed out by means
of' a tin patn. It is tliought. that the
working will bevery pr~tofitable e'hen
machjnerg a" fled '
n- rt.Ai yy
C htire Sunder PI1t4ton th- Ith
p- .,pret"p t gen"Or'
'Convention. of'deleaea ich i, to
convenerat'illle' nfinhulKi.Khtiit
District, on the second Min'day in
September.ne.tto take into ednsder.
ation te, fitness of establislng a new
JudicialjDitrict Out of' a poribii of
Sumter, Darlingtog Keshfa d
Chesterflild Districts.
On motion, WILLrAM DuNKf \Was
called to the Chair, and AmeANE
MCLEAN, requested to act as Secretary.
The Chair then explained the design of
the meeting,
On -motion of I-Ivan McKENZIE, a
committee of'sevent was appointed by
the Chair to appoint live delegates to
represent Sumter in the Coiiventioni
and also draft resolutions for the, gov
ernment of tie meeting, upon which
the committee retired and briugit in
the following list as delegates: Mull
LEAN; and also, the succeeding Pre.
amble and Resolutions, all of -which,
were unanimously adopted.
Whereas, we, the people of the up.
per section of Sumter District, do la.
bor under disadvantages in the per.
forinance of our public duties, .and
believing as we do, 1hat the existing
state of things night be remedied
without injury or detriment to the re
mainder of Sumter Distrit-be it
Resolved. That we, the citizenis of
Sumter, herc present, do fully concnr
in the boundaries proposed by the
Convention held at Tiller's Church, in
Kershaw District, and will take every
action that lies in our power to bring
about the establishing of the proposed
Resolred, That we will not support
any man in Suiiter District, for any
oflie of prolit, honor, or trust, that
will take action against us inl the pres
ent issue, whetllier we be successful ill
obtaining the District or not.
Resolved. That tihe Snmtoer -ianner,
Darlington Flag, Camden Journal and
Cheraw Gazette, be requested to give
publicity to the transactions of this
The meeting then adjourned sile dic
.....WI LLIAM )UNN, Chm'n..
ALEXANDiVn. McLiAN, kc .
Tqbegirapht~e. thuupunvr.y;..-*
A sarvile brneitehdcu
.ritish -of -Tortola.- Th 101
Coiimipsion lrna (die
Fr. om Cin nmiti we learn tii~
fugit~svegave had arrived at Pi quaIe
w :aring befo Judge M cLeaii
who g the evidence, remanded
him ICo his master, a residenit of' Ken
tucky Judge McLean gave an clabmo.
rate opinion, sustainling the rights of
theL SonthI anud the conistitutionalit vof
the F'ugitiv e Law.
l31rimonr., A ugust 18, 8 40 P. M.
-A private despatehi was received at
Louisville to-damy from N. Orles,
dated, which states, that, being tunahie
to but-y all tihe dead, 125 had been
burnied. The deaths frorm Yellow Fe.
ver~ dur ing the week wecre 1361 .The
mer achanits wecre closinmg the~ir stores.
NEW Omti vs. Aug. 16-0 p. m.
The deaths for t he past Q4 hours were
192, including 174 f'rom the epidemic.
Au accident lhas occnrred on the Eie
ItailIroad, by which fiteeni persons
have beeni inijured-soume, its is fear
ed, uiortaily.
Seventeen. deaths have occurred at
Cum berlan d, Md., f'romi chvlera. Dis
ease abitating.
NEW Yongr, August 20; 1803.
Our cotton market to-day- is uin.
changed, sales amounting to 1,000
bales. T1he sales of the wveck amount to
4.500 bades. Middlingz Uplanids 10 3 4
Middling Mobile and Orleans 11.
A New-Om~isxs ILemE-r.-Amfong
the large class in this city who are
coinpjelled to labor for a mere subsist
ence, theme are instances of suitfirin
forv wouild imagine, -atid inciderits
positive hieroisnm which -many cont
seaicely corceive. A friend of ours,
who li ves on A pollo-street, arose the
other maorning,just before day-break,
and fronmi his balconiy boeld a mani
actively and nimbly puitting Out the
gas light. On the same eveninlg, abloult
8 o'clock, our friend was onl his wvay
home, when he saav a sight that deep
ly affected and interested him.
I1. was, his active lamp-lighter of the
morning, dragging his now wveary body
along, folio wing his wvife, w~ho held( the
lamp in her hand, and on her shouilder
bore the ladder. She was doing the
dutty of heir husbandi, who was suffeuring
from the first, weary sympi1toms) of the
p revailhing disease. W hen th rough
the dlutiles afhet ion prompted her to
perfoirm, she put her huishanud's ainm
w ithin her's, and led him i home. We
haive not heard -of the condlition of' t he
suf'erer since, but sincerely, pray that
he may live to rewvard the decvotioni of
that wife, and support her wvhen~ she
may need( his arm to lean on anrd the
wvord of affection to cheer and encou;'
age her.-N. 0. .Delta, 17th.
Fortpracres ot'aand adjoiir~~ii~
ty. of' Richanond, jjd4 %were r eenth
sold.Cor $P1 000. iot 0 ~ li.hrA
go dtt
S 3.r
died i tthe fopItal th
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51 2Hiniiments t Qk ew -in Te
Orleans un. Thursday, h inth
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.Fridiyf nightatid a harge ~ajuintity of
tar be-ned for the purpose of nrify
lng the aticsphreh.
*T he:New.Yorki Jten in Post, thus
erpins the origin of a new and war
rant called "Virdginia Scrip," which
is rlibOUt being issudd:
."A new'~ job, perpetrated in Con
gress Winter, has just come
to light. Many years ago, the State of'
Vignihe a6pah soep, bielus ,
the benefit .of thie rev~olutionary sol
diers, for which land warrants were
issued. It appears that a large num
ber of these warraints were-never loca
ted, the latids assiged notproving val
uioble. These warrants have .been
sought out and bought up for *i
trifle, but' a nuiiber of speculators,
who contrived last year to ge-t a
bil n passed: through longress, making
thiemi av-aihible for pureliases of. Cain
gress lands aNywheAre, and that (ithout'
the necessity of ptying the $5,50 per
acre vwhich ordinary land warrants are
liable for,:on being regitered. These
Virginia land warrants are now offr
lg for sale in the market."
Noa-ra AeD SouJ-rn-he3 Richmond
Examiner publihes an ifnterestilg 'ta
tistical article, co'ntrastin~g the physical
condition of the free blacks of thn
North anid the slaves oflie South. The
Examiner says:
lIn Maine,' there areI t,855 free
blacks, of whom 94 tre inane--on to
faaiirteenl! In Louisiana, there were
415 insane ont of 19t3, 194 slave-one
in every iur i housand ahr hundred
anJ d. en. I M sachutsetts the ratio of
isaniy among the free negroes was
one to every 43. In V irgnia one
1, 1,2T.. In Missouri ono to 979. In
IllNiois, OnE to 47. The census.
oam 150 shlow.ed that, there ias one
bliid lerso.to every 2,445 hite-, osie
blinid to) every Q,045 slaves- vbi! -*
mong thefree oloreed persls of the
Paradiseof the Abolitihis at- the
Nan therl ispblind to very sight
hundred and seven V. -There' ,Nir
-n 1aid her re r1 f
the fre blac s of thae irjhL-uiehet
care of G erri, Smith, Ghrrieo Ant
H5rriet and Douglas. in th110 rltioKof
one to eve ry three hundred Andeleva
Thae tellowing amiable faitly .pieture
anity be interesting at this time, when
Russia is thrstin herI ursine noe
to the polities -of Europe:
Peter I., the tounder, as he may be.
called, of the- p etinperial fomihy
-was the murderer of the two darugh
ters and theo s( of his- brother Ivan,
alnd the umurderer (it is asse' ted, .
ebrding to mo(re than one of the in
nallists ot his regin.) by his oawn hantd,
oa his son Alexis. lH was hii
self murdered by' Menzikoff,) a name
that hai again rin up in history,) th6
favor-ite aofhis wife Catharine, and who,
w~hien united to Pet-er, was already the
wife of a living huand, and their
c-hild ren declared, after wards, incapable
of reigning, because horn in sin. Annie,
the eldest daughter . of Avan, put
14,000 lsianis to death, aid banished.
ptieedas maniiy. .A revolution disP
plcdteyounmger Ivanto p4 Jut on the
throne Elizabeth, daughter of Peter 1.,
. and her reign was remar-kable for -her
druntike-nness and debauebery. Peter
IlL., hor successor, was n~otioisly -the
Iolfsprinag of ciime, and was dethroned
and strangled by his wi fe,.Catharino II.,
the same infamnous woman who had
assasinated the dehtroned Emperor
Ivant, and1 whose own son, Paul-the 2.u
thter of'the present. Emperor Nicholas
--was str-anglhed by his conrtiers.
TrI S I wLaaIous. Tro.-R. Yecadon,
esq., of. Charleston,, made a speech at,
the Plymoth Celebr-ation, on the 1st
inst., at the close of which lie gave the
following sent iment:
"Cr.AV, WSes-rEa, CAMHOU.-Lot a
group of statuar-y, clhiselled int 'arian"
marble, perpetuate their memoy at
the national capital; :or let . Kentueky,
Massachusetts and South-Carolina, pile
a commion momnument to the illustrious
three, at Ashland, Marshfield, or Fort
Hill, to aw akena the ad miration and kin
dIe the emulation of posterity "till
suns shall set and r-iso no more."-(Ap.
pla use)
Tw~o negr-o boy's undertook to drown
a (log in James River,.Va., a short
time since. Wheni ihey recached the
water one of the twain we-nt into it,
with the aninital, andi~, to (drownt him1
more effectnally, got upon his back.--j
The dog attemnpte-d to aeape from- the
hand of rho bo~y, and while doing so
both dog and-hoy gat into dleper wa
ter and thes do ogescaped, '. aving .1ni
mirrdere r to his fate. ?he other ne(grN
on- the bank,.sgeing ;his.eomI'aa bhoti
to rpiv n,.ph:."-ed .in to.ha "
-aid- vataly rsa ~ d ~i:~
-hrdl -teint
Polly an "M rti
aur leiuit a t~h -
Nto his publie.1'ia
nkedi elh
ulhe of macaulny a~~W
?'Y,. but' nut lus r4r
A Mmr Ig- iqO
very, interast I',
decided M'i Jrelwfld- Ih
declared by 'tbe Vt4i
could- sueceed to'an':
fill ieir.' Theo sttutdV
in her condition Th'" -
ed as imnpot tant'nbt ;6ny
makin vod 61J
iups. The-deo'i i ti nt
British floii~o .6f~or
Tiii Gn'-EAT C'L 1'
proprlotra3ol! thE InwIiWj54
ifuornia, have beeircT's
it Tbc Cohn4,nm~u&
fifty fleet of the bpak, i
be takenofiiit&i
tity (Aftolncco, .1
to shl.it to thot souIsltu
ftire the
befivre hu C"oizld gW-.;V c~4Ii
GJreeni rivei, the eonu4kw
to th 11.,1in6elt
Tie -Virginia,4i
t he M11et hodist - i
lfleifls In' a Chs-1) rj~
Ilishoji. ae r: sNvjI
Cobngo 1141 ~

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