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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 23, 1853, Image 4

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omale road ers:
:'., from. the cherries,
clierries through a
is'esult a-little - cur
:y 'lit' a pint to every
o cherries; put the
t 'ire, stirring into it
4 Y of a pound of white su
poppl of the fruit, and
nI dVbocomes thick jelly;
iojars or moulds, and when
,spread on the top of each
apor dipped in brandy, cov
ay or mould tightly, and
otqol. and dry place until
'JIarmalade or Jan.
4 0 n the samo manner as
pairmalado, using currants a
o dhaadding to every pound of
I and juice,. one pound of
Marmalacle or Jam.
rispberries through a
1 t ,extract their seeds, add
heir weight in fine white su
oil .them and stir them
fire until you can just
.tom of the stew"pan:
s quince marmalade.
idrat and Raspberry Jelly..
a quart of red currants,
#t of. white currants, and a
P 'bf taspberries, put the whole
,t'h ofire, stir them and boil them
Aen minutes, then rub them
qki -sieve, strain the liquor
qxbt through a jelly-bag, add
ofb.'Lu, fine white sugar to ev
pd of the liquor, boil it and
ait it a directed for apple jelly.
tya ple Jl1yi.-Parc and grato
ineapples, and put it into the
ervming pan, with one pound of
white sugar to every pound of
stirit and boil it until it is
ud and thickens sufficiently;
en sfrainit, pour it into the jars,
when it has become cool, cov
-jars tightly, and treat them
p elly.
PrEshviNO ToMATOEs.-Manyii are
~of tomnatoes in their season, :1n1d
tei-beois no difliculty in eeping
mern sweet and fresh tie year round
ll describe a process for preserv
hem that may be new to sone
ouboiling water over clean, sound
ige fruit to loosen the cuticle or
which is then peeled oil', and the
Ktoes placed in a tin or porcelain
ttlfor"te Viig, without water.
Whe- cookodsufliciently for the table,
e put up in tin cans like oys
K Iatihleap is solderdoyer the'
g. Cans used'at-tho North
Oponly 12 1-2 cents each, and hold
SL Ait halfa gallion or less. They
hol d not contain more than can be
me at~two meals in warm weatha
Sthe tomatoes soon spoil after the
~6n re opened. If washed and dried
- soon as emptied, a set of cans will
~' 'ii life time.
n~oprn a dish of tomatoes a
4~or old with one made from recently
okdfruit, no one could distinguisih
one from the other-.
~'~~Al'vssels in whiic-h fruit is pre
edought to be full, and seamled so
~~to exclude the atmospheric air, and1(
~~'ijas cool a place as one can find~
hrnd. Grapes, and figs, anid pear
~easify kept fresh and sound in air
i4can~s and jars for futur-e'use; andu
e4eire to see this branch of house.
cd~onomny mijiversally understood.
1yfruits, _like tomatoes and figs,
~asdyyr aised, and their general
numption would piromote the pub
7Iealth 'and morals.
IK~RoINIA Gizs-Thme 1lihmiond
uqurer of a recent date conitains the
olowing notice of a Virginia gui, or.
v 6n language, a merrmi torionie Ia
.,f otiracquantancee in Hanwover
A6 the'ago of twenty shea was a
iiaty-erosy cheeked lass, lull oflIife
d industry. Seeing a prospect of
pking a disconsolate bachelor as hap
~~as .herself, she acquired a piece of
tb vith the view of having "a local
di l."A house was the next
blme ridisabensable to hier laudable arm
bigop pShe shl dered her axe, went
:t~t)1&OOds, felled trees with her own
'~"iau~ chopped the logs for the build(
e shingles to cover it, inailed
. ,-and finished the house by
~ehir and plastering it herscl. Inm
- tt time thereafter ''she met, shte
opnquered" a deserving antd
ju9 young man residinug in her
od.They were m arried,
~young couple ceommmeneed
~erinarie1 life, in the neat cottage,
tl4fti'f th4'Wifoi's industry and the
f~bhserow ihands. All this oe
reaboutgtie 'year 1835. Titme
'-'s advanced, and she is now the hap~j
nybher of thirteen, -.(thie youngest
og0monthms old,) an~d he the happy anmd
p9prous husband oft' most indu tri
iestimable lad~ Wigjt
u6iip eannot ace upi "hen' .
a.-ho Houston ~T~eraph
aay r. A. Brisbano, and [ons.
VotrConsidorant, of France, havo
ontybeen examining Upper Trinm.
SLt4 Austin, for the purpos& 4f
m~~~g. a largo tract of land, wvith
ato' tideolonmont of a French.
O i pia ortion of 'the State.
uddii~dgthy are much pleas
t ~j th itry~, and it is quito
o"he t ill induco'
~ia~ 0 O~j~'r nok emigrants
--- ------- . ..... .~ . ....
and _Bpdng ,rgume to, rpve
vineii .spi ra n', ie h
Th-o'Biblo must be the invettonethor
ofgood-moi or of angols,"bad inein or
devils, or of God;. It could not be the
invention of good mcii or angels, for
they noither would nor could imiake'a
book, and tell lies 'all the time the'v
were writing itsaying, "thus saith th'e
Lord,' when it was their own-inven
tion. It could 'not be the invention of
bad men, or devils, for they would not
make t book which commands all du
ty, forbids all sin, and condenins them
to punishmient. I therefore draw this
coiclusiion, that the lible mu1st have
been given by divine inspiration."
hw' OnrIEICS.-You have no right
to be supreiely selfish. You are not
given an e.sastene hero to accumulate
fir selfl-to pray fir self; and to (lie
for self The thousands around you,
with wIomi you come in daily contact,
have a right, to expect something from
you. lit a few solicit your chairity
they ask for words, looks and acts
of kindness. God iever made a frown
ing, cross, crabbed man. If this is
your ebaracter, You may rely upon it,
the evil one had something to do vith
your creation or you are now under
his dominion. The world aromid us
calls for pleasant looks, agreeable
words and kind acts. These all can
bestow. By being liberal-sonetimes
with rii'uiney. ald then with sweet word
and looks-y -lu assist materially your
fellow ereitrlres-your brotihers and
sisters-and help tici to bear the
sorrows oflife, a. d to be comparative
ly happy.
A CmE:FU. IIiR.- once heard
a young lady say to an individual,
"Your coulitenalice to me, like the ris
ing sun, for it always gladdens me with
a cheert iil look." A ierrv or cheer
1l countenance was one oI' the things.
which Jeremy Taylor said his eneilies
and persecutors could not take away
from him. There are somlie personis
who spend their labors as if shut up in
a dnligeon. Every thing is made
gloomy antd forbidding.-They go
mourningand comiilaining from day
to day, tlat they have so little. and
are constantly anxious, lest what they
have should esuilc out of their omwnl
liands.-TheI'y always look upon Ie
dark side. and can never enjoy that is
present for lie evil that is to coic.
This is not lReligion-religion makes
the licart elicerl-il, and when its large
and benevolent principles are exer
cised, man will be happy in spite of'
The iindustrious bee does not stop
to comiplain, that there aire .-o many
poisonous flowers ail thoriiy branches
in its road, buzzes on, selecting his hon
ey where he.can find it, and passing
quiotly-by the places whersThis not.
There is enough in this world to con
Ilain about and find ilmit with, if men
have the disposition. We often trav
eh on a hard and uneven road, but with
a checerfbil spirit, and a heart to praise
God t'or his mereies, we may walk
therein wvith comnfort, anid cornie to tile
end of' our journey in peace.-)c'wg.
iINTs 'TO ITUSiANOs.-Do riot jest
with your w ife' uponi a subiject in whiich
here is daniiger of' wom iding heri feel
ings. llemiembelr she t reasures every
word you utter, though you hiy ney
ier thlin k of' it aga:ini.
1Do not speatk of somen virtue in an.
ithier mani's wife, to renmiiid your' owni
'if a finilt.
I o'no t r'ep roach your ife I withl
personal defct' t, fori if shei ha~s s'ensib1oil
ty, you inflict a1 wound diflieulit to heal.
D~o not treat your' wif'e with inat ten
ion iii.'coitman.. It toullcs heri pidoeI
-:-0n1 she will noititreet you mmoire,
'ir love you hect:eir tor it.
iiresenice of' a third t'ersonl. he sense
>fyour disrega~:rd fori her f;eelinmgs w"il
Lprevenit heri from~ alcknoled''ingi' her
'hult. C
Do inot cut ertaini your wife~ with
raisiing thle hemity'anid accompilIishi
lnL'nt of otherd womieni.
D o not too often inivi te vonur friends I
.0 ride andui leave vouri wii'e. aut hi'ome.
She might, suspect. that you esteem, ed
>ters iinure coimpani ona bule thmii lher
Itf yon would havre a pleasant horm.o
md1( cheerful wife, pas your-evenings
ider your' o wo iroo f.
D, iiot he sternii anid sih-iit inl y'our
>wnm houOlse, an d reimiarkable for' your
sociabilIity elsewhiere.
IRemember'z that your' wifi. has as
niueh need of recreation as oref
mid devote a porltion, ait least, (f youri
eisurie hiours, to~ such soicietyV and(
miusemnenits ais she miay joiin. ''ly so
loimg, you will secuire her simiies"!imd
nerease~ heri airhetioin. Do)1 not, h v bei
og too exaict ini pe(cuiariy ma~tteirs,
inake your wi fh feel her dlependenice
ipoii your' bun~ty. It tends to lesson
ier dign ityv of chiaracter', ando does not
nerense hem' esteem'I for y ou. If' she is
1 senisi ble woma~n, she shoul lbe aeC
:1uainited with~ your husiness mind know
your in icom ie- that she may regulate
icr household expenses accord ingly.
13e it rigngmbered t hat leuiarmy mifihiri
2aLM~niire difhiculties in fhuiilies Lhan
.nt2f.tther onie cause,. Your' wif'e has
in eqlual r'ighit with yourself to all 3youi
possss5 im the world-therefore she
shouki be mamde amcquainted as mnm'ly
is possible with 'that which is of' great,
importance to both. Dlo inot withihold
this knowledgd in order' to covei' your
Rwn extravaganece. Womenli have a
kog Perception-bie sure she will dis
Boyeor 'yonr selfisness-al though' 1no
Wvoi Ia spoken, from that mfoiumnt her
rap. is lessened, her. confidence di
rrmmsh ,d lger pridle wiounded, amid a
thomim ~rhaps uInjust, Suspicious
Jlreatu 'Nat moent is yur
I~e$p(u~ o~ o paim wno -,os
rs a a 0 ln~i
s i
dicare li If you are absentine
half hour out of .the usual tirno You
will be missed, and he- in )hose em
ploy you are shall say-"I did not
dream George- was so useful." - Make
yotur employer. your friend, by per
'forming with iniuteness whatever
task he ,sets belbie you; and above
all be not too nice to lend - a hand at
dirty work, no imatter how repuginaint
-your business in after years depends
uponi how you deport yourself now.
If you are really good for anything,
you ire good for a great deal. B
enlergetic; put your manners ilito youri'
business; book as well as aet Nwith
alacrity alpear to feel an interest; make
your master's success your own, if you
have an honest onie. Let your
eye light up at his request, and your
f'eet be nimble, there are some who
look so dull and I avy, and go with
SO slow and heavy a pmee; hat it
is ir ksone to ask them i hat it is
your right to demand of then; be not
like these.
Die the arc'h upon which your em
ployer may rest witIh saiety; let him
feel that he may intrust with you
uneounted go ld.
Ii you do I errand lightly you
begi to lose his ctifideinc; if yoN
forget twice sone iiportalt requ'est,
you caniot be tru.sted. It von ae
custom yourself to loose ail tidv
habits, You vill gain no i' -1.
rather conteipt. .A void thI card
rooms, billiard saloons, as i on would
at pestilenep; ittle fiultis ar1e like so
many loopholes in your character,
through which all that is valuable
sifts out, mind all that is pernicious
sifts in to fill the erupty places.
But you say you walt sorno
pleasure! Alake your work a ileas
ure. There are two ways of sCeimr
suilrise-olne with a dull, complain
ing spirit, that, if it conld, would
blot mit the great Iuninmary with
its washdy lt ol of eternmal cuompijlainits;
the other wit ioyi ii us, lark like pleas
utre, searing out upwa rd, and seCing~
along tile we.teil plath mtes of
gold and palces 't* ivory. Sw then
alre two IyS ofdoing work; one that
depresses the soul by its list less. 1,or
mal, fretfid participation; the other
that makes labor a hoon and a bles
sinlg; pursues is nmt only Ifor gain, but
the higher xailitino the imtal aid
moral bjme.r.-l I imnt's Merchanimts Mag
Se n:: is \ I mn Snmo-.Anl Citer.
pi - ; 'an hl kept, a porter
hiou- '.i e: the fbilowinmg
ciCCC'm1 a mu. . ' lt: ni-asmilt oi
his premip- . person
Who coiiceO..i the c. t. : :hl
"Ife Comied in, ind il III,: Tm o s lI
himl-; some bee iold-hiin h- Jitl more
'a- iv6Ilddo m 1 goot'--lie a Iled Ie
a Dutch liar, and pegin to broko two
ofmy tumplers,-ven, me and Ifa;
Speigler, anid miy vifem and doit 'r Pu't
sy, and all do odder. men miil hieeples
about miy plae, peginls to -pnt him out
-and presently lie coom paeit wid
imore slices like him, and say--I will
fix dis peer co ncern andl preak him n up,
and de shentlemiens as wants to get
trunik mamy go to shounivers else. andl
not, in this miunI) lhchm pisen. I~e himay1
kick I Imms Speigler b ehlu his pac~k.
andulk issedl myijor em' Petsy pelthree'
lfice, exceplt Ie sti uie buitc'her, amid sp ilIt
myi~ vir'e and m ei :md todder parrels of
peer" all over doecellecr. .lLims imm out
decr door' anmd cal led for' vatchi hotuse,
and iiny vil'e called fu ri miuder like do
ti vel, but uef'r uideC vtchi hoi use ciomel ,
der' tam n rod ies prk e us' aill to pieces,
no and myv vi~b id d''rter' Petsv anid
ter toin puttles amid tmai pllers and Idates
amid d i-h-~m all snmi-hdic up togeidder."
"Mohnn :ie," .said a Ciross-tecmpered
Iphysicin to a I int " if' wome in were
amiiitted to pmaadise, their tonigues
wouiildI imke it a lpurgatory'." "Anid
someii Iphysicmianis, if al lowedl to praticei(L
there,"' rejlied Ithe ladyv, ''would soon
make it a desert."
"I-verwheure but ni ino vels,"' says a
rect wr v i t r, '' the mairriage of' conve
ii'iencelihas provedu'u ani excellent inisftitu
iii, whlileI whait are generally cal led
love i ntehes have' been, are, and ever
will pe piolihle of misery'. Th'ey
sping frcm pmmsin, anid terminmate ini
.iarly sat iety'. Thle romtance disauppeLars,
t he seunits t nb~msides, the woumi
Clothing and Out-Fitting
No. 2(;8 KingtreeCt, cornjer' ol
Wo'eutw~orft, CJharlIeston, S. C
Puiiretiimsr will findi ait all tiimes a full
andi corniplete sto ck of G ent 's.
Ml~ianufactor'y 1 13 i lM~aangton
.Storets N. Y.
Mayv 119 :30 t f
B. O. kellnuI(',
Juine 15, 185". : .t-t f
W. J. Jacobi & Son,
(stuNi-.:----K-N.-S~ TETit~.
Imnpor tei a ind Dealeis in
Foregnm & DomeI(sltc Dry Goods
gjY Our cuftiometri aire ensiure-d Moderatec
RatcA anid a strict adherrunce to thie Oneo Price
~yutum. - -
SJsmi.6,1852.- *- nl-tr
OFFbhS for sale for cash, or at approved art
and WELL 'SELrOTXD assortmont of EAST INDIA
Drugs and
8iAKFIa' Iit.inSt R OUTS,' 8or.Ain, L.i
(i en u i a c o
Together v
Agent for the
April 6th, 1852.
11as Just rived from B1altimore and New
York, alarge and well selected stock of
B1'oaIdcloths, Cttimeres aud
the fiiwat and best that has evor been brought
to this tiarket.
Relady inade Clothing for Gents' and Youths,
ofevery onality andi description. .Ifaving o
lected Ihe Goot s, a I hiad themi made np to or
oer, he cln warrant the work.
Evory description antI qtmlity of Gloves ; Dress
IInts mnade up to order; Caps, Silk Cravats,
Silk 1'seket. Ilandkerchifs lnd Neck Ties,
.inen Shirts, do. Collars, Merino Un(Ldershirts,
do. Drawers, with every articlo that is worn by
gentleinen, which lie offers on r.:soZathle terms,
mid t.olicits a enll froin his old cuistorir, and
the citiz--is of the District generally.
Suaterville, Nov. 15th, 1852 3-t f
Cheap Grocery,
THI!'l Subscriber hiaving openeul a gro
cery uiderneath the Town I all, designlsi
keepigir coistantly ont hand, a supply 01
leavy articles. sucl as
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
In fact little of ahnost evorvthing2! that is
grnd ti e:t; all of whicd. will be MhV!ow
for caih, or in cxclange for couitry -ro
dnice. 11L, promisecs to attemil to h;s "Wn'
btmnets, and hopex by a% ndir ttrictly
thereto, to recuive a Iber:al share of pa
trona:ce.J. -M. CHANDLER.
Mirch 13th, 1653 20-tf
The Corn Exchange,
QBy Thoniasl"%
0C 0 N NO R.
Whn keeps constantly on hand a lot of
DOM E8TICS tit the lowest rates. G RO
CERIES at Charleston' prices for cash
Bacon, ITurd, Hans. B1ut ter and a large sup
ply of the best CIGARS and TOBACCO
whieb he"will sell cheaper thain any mer
ebant ina own; aeio just received 40 barrers
Nar lb (2urolina~ ilo.nw: o: m.;.
Jan. -18th,- 1853.q . a.1 -V
TLUE subseer-her would respect.
It folly infom his old friends and the
~!Lpublic genteratlly, that his I lotel so
long known ats tile "SU.\lTER 1IlOU~l,"
is again openeed froma date, for the recep
tin otf viitors.
''Te initernl ;rratng.emenits wVil uItnderro
a torongh repai r, wih as lit tle delay as
po).sil, andt~ hii tusts tha;t his att ea tini to
the conftiort ol his4 guests, will merit a ish ire~
of pi i c pat rotnage. The subsc ribier has
alIso tken chiarge of then ILLI1A RI) TPA
IUILE, and intends~ fittinug lil the roo111 witht
nieatess, and will lurttish it wirhi all the~
necessaries and conlvceneces that lovers
of the tsport can reqinire..
F. .'iIYERS.
March 8th, 185'd 19-ti
China, Glass And
Direct Lupo)rtat ionsM.
WiAS just receivetd direct froiti the mtan
ufaibcturers ini lng la:nl antd France,
a11(1l by recenit vessels tromt thle Northt, a
very compit~lete antd varied atssortmewnt ofI lhe
above naimed G(J01 ).S, comiprisintg al lie
niew patterns atid shapes; amiong whtichi
are1 best
Chtitia Iiniush a supilerior article;
Blue aitd othter Cotlored WVare, of~ new
F rench aind English Chiina, ne~w shapes0,
1)1ain Wn fitot Gol andh docorated;
Itih China It Donhuiter antd Tiea-s. etts, and
1beatifultl Faincy, A\rticles ini the line;
C>ut, .\l ottdeed atid Poulishted GJlassware,
oh every ktitd;
l)yott' s l'alteit Camphoiltne, Store, O)tiice,
anid Paurlor Lampl, a stiperiotr articleI;
Webb'sI Ptentt Oil antd Lar:d Lnutits. a now
art Cice giv ing great light antd brillIiancy;
TIea Trays, best Tlable Cutlery antd Pal
ted Castors, Spooins, IFtrks, & c.
lionttsekeepingi atrticles, ini great variety ;
Cratecs of assortedt~ Wa"res. ol des'irable'tiand
Packa~ges ot 'iTumblers, FIasksi, &c'., low
by thle pine.
ILaviing comphjf!e arrantgmntsi for obltalin
turlers wet eatt anid v~ ill oiffr ratre indultce
ments, either by Whiilesale or Retail -
O.rde rs attendedh to promttIAy.
ii 1. N ICiI()LS.
Fine Cigars and Garden
Kept consltanitly oni handii by
May 31ilh, I 85.3-tf
.Lawv Notice.
Office next doOr to J. IU & R. C. Webb'o
i~aci Now Yrh Stpre,'
Mac 22( 85 I'2.
dit, AT 6I:E 'LQwESI MA I Xi PICE, 0 larg
Y 'e d i o; e
LASs NA!t. AND TOT'rn-BnUSnEs,
S AND CAMPuIn, &c. &c.
1 L yiver Oil.
,ith every article
otIONL approved
Whatever concerns the health and happiness
of a people is at all limes of the Imost valuable
importaice. I take it for grnited that every
p.-rsonI will CIO all inl their poner, to snve the lives
of their children, and that every person will en
deavor to promote their own heal th at all sacri
ficeS. I feel it to lIe y diuty tosolemnnly assure
YOU that WoVtOars, according tO 1t opilinl Of
the most celebrated P'hysicitus. are the primary
CILusUs of a large Inajority of diseases to.whilh
children ald aduils lire hable; if YOU have all
uppetile continlulally changeale from one kind
of ftod to antother, Bad Breath, Pain in the Sto
mach, Picking at the Nose, lIardiness and Full
ntess Of tile 15elly, Dry Cough, Slow Fever,
Piulse irregular-tetemnber that all these denoto
W o IuIs, & yoU shoul at on1ce appi y tile remed y
9ilobemetack'm Wormn Syrup.
An article fitled upon Scientific Prinlciples,
conpounded with purely vegetlble sllbstances,
beinllg perfeetly safe wheni thtlel, 1t111 Can11 be
giveff tol tile most tenier Ilfan1t wilit decided
beneficial eil'et, where Bowel Complaints and
Durrheru have amlle the I weak and debilitated
the Tonic properties of mny Worm Syru p are
auhil, that it stanlds4 wi thonit tin equal in Lite cala
logue of tnedicinkes, ill giviug tone 1and strength
to tile StOrnach, Which mIakut it an ilnfalltble
remedy for those afiliclIv with /Y.pep.<ia, the
:wtomshmlg cbres performed Il tls SyrUp after
'lysiciains have failed, is thu best evidenlc ofits
stlperior eflicacy over all otherm.
T his 1tie 1lnost dietilt Wormt1 to destroy of
ull tha1t. illfest the human svStein, it grotws to anll
abno.t indelianite leigith b~oontiiig ho coiled and
i.ened to tiht llntesjtines tand SteO1nachl efietinug
the leilth so Nlyll S to cause St. Vitus Dance,
Fits, &C., that thO aIfilictedl seldon if ever
nspect that it is Tljc Worm lastening them to
at early grave. In order t destroy this Worm, a
verV elergetie treatnllelt mutl1st be plrsul, it
vouid therefore lie proper too take 6 t) 8 of tny
Liver Pills so as to remove all obsIrtuctiolls, that
the Wori SVrlp ma lna et direct upon tie Worm,
vilill 11ust be takenl ill do".e; of 2 Tablespooln
fills 3 tiies It da, these tirections foll.ow.d
have iever ieen ktowu too fitil ill curing the
Ilost obstinate ease of Tape lI'i-rm.
Flobenstics Liver Pills.
No part of tile systell is lmore liable to I!isease
than tlt- LIVEI, it serving as a filterer to puri
fv the blood, or giving tile proper seerition to
the ilile ; so that lany wrong netiol of tile Liver
efects tile oter iIportant parts of the ysteln,
and resthts variously, ill Liver Complait,
Jautdee, Dyspepsia, &c. We should therefore
Watch every syIpIltoi that might indicate a
wrong action of the Liver. These Pills being
composed of looTS and PLANTS furnished by
unture to heal tile sick: Namely, 1st. An Ex
rECTORANT, vhich autigmea.ts the secretion from
the Pulnonary mucus nemnbrane, dr proniote
the discharge-nf secreted nauer. 2nd, An AL
nturtry:T;i% hltihauges L some illoxllica
bleand in meiniblemalmer a the certain piorbid
ICaio-of.the system. 3rd, A 'ToNic, :whuich
gives tone and strength to the njOrvous system;
retlceitg htealthl and vigo~r to all, parts of the
body. *fth, A CA Tata n-r c, which actsgin per
feet hlarmony with tile othier inlgrediienlts, anil
operaiting 01n the Bowels, andl expellig the
whi~oeiss ofcorrupt anall vitiated matter, and
puorffmg telood, whicih destroys disease and
.You wvill finid these)5 Pills tan invaluabie maedi
eile ml Inluny coml~ainlts to whlich youl are sub-.
ject. In obstrtetio~ns eithler total or partial, they
hav1 e beent found ofinestimlable bieneIfit, restoring
Itheir funcltiounaIl arranlgemnts t) Ia health y nie.
tion1, pltlrifying tihe lblooli 1011ullher flutIs 1o
etiLetuall y to futt to fiight, all colluainhts wihichl
nmy arise .froml femlul~i irregularities, as head
:nehe, gilihnlell, dintnes of sight, lain lIt theC
sie, back, &c.
all othlers becing base ImitaLtionl.
Pl I( 1.;-E.:A ii 25 C'T 8.
27' Aenlts wishitng nle w sui.lies, ati Store
Keepers desironls of becomning Agenuts um~tst mi
diress the, Proptrietor, J. N.' IlIUNSACK,
Phliladelphlia, I'a.
For sale by all Druggists and 3Ierchiaitu ill
the U. S.
-' NI. ('olNsx, Cha'rleston, Wh'loiesale Agent
for thte State.
Through Fare from Charles
TO(N TO IIALTPIMillmE $17.50;
LLMAVING the Wharf at the foot oIt
Laurents-st. daily at 3, p. mi. after the
arriyalI of the Monuthernl cars, via W IL
AMlN(TON, N. C., from whlichI point
two daily trains are dispatchied att 8 A. M.;
and~l 2 P. M.; the8S o'clockr only connecting at
WVeldonu with the lines to Petersblurg,
Richmllond, Waishing~ttotn, Ilhitimuore, P'lhia
dlphl~lia, andl~ New- YorIk. Tihe putblic is
recjt)tfully inftormed that thle $teaInners ol
theseli lhles, are iln first rate ecndition, and
arc nlavigalted by welhl knlown atnd ex
pencled com1n1ndlters; the0 Rail Roads
are iln fine order, (the WVihnintgton
andl~ Weldonm, as well as the Seab~oard
andi Roanloke hlaving recently been rehaid
waih heavy TratilI) thlerebly securing blothI
safhety and tdespaitch. 1By these routes
passenge~Zrs avaitlng themllselves (If theO
FlIR STI' TiAIN may' reachl Biatimuore in
-1(0 hlours. ltuladlpiai I in 45uoturs, antd
New York in 50 1-2 hours; and by tihe
SlECOND) T1RAIN thtev arrive itt Bal
hottrs, andm New-yiork ill Il1.- htours.
Thlrol~ u tickets can aluone he hatd froml
tW IN SLOAW, Agentt of theo Winngtont
and, llt-deighu Rail Rtoad Comipatt. ait the
0:llee of the Comupany, foot. oft Lauirents
street, Chatrleston, S. C., to whomz please
Mlarch 23, 185~2. 2
AT TilE OLDt ST.\NI O1" S, & J. Gitl.tlERT.
stand--No. 35i and 40 Wehtwvorth-street,
Charleston-where they will be pieased to
exhibit to their old frietnds anld custonmers
a very extensive Stock of Vehicles, comn
prismng thtose of their owvn mnanttftacture,
together wvitht variotts other styles usutaily
found in this market. Their long segnarint
ance wyith this market as, mnanufne9drora
and dealera will enable thdt fo'oflbre~rat:
imducenins to puirchiae both is~tyles~
ati prices.
Aagist 41852
was behold Iany f mies 'rt a the o
rsbed . in health ans and ai mns e t o ner of
disaestand sluLs.f depsi xings aIn. *a uorth
entof lire at an age buoyancy
of oa ad hi enau lsyO a con
0~lo M, iteta~l.~ be pgedonofitiersotor i
Ian of tIoteaeohe otlapa.faiaeha
bears r a uing glrlhoo a firstyearst
d r i e Q aolIightaj to pass wantlced,
tad of coaa ngcted
VIVO too late to be benefitted byonr knowledgs.we look
bac and mourn, and-regret the fll consequences or our
What would we not often give to poiset i ui life
the knowledge we obtain in after years! And what da
and ni1 of :nguishi we might not have been spared,
the know edge was timely possessed. It is
To behold the sickness and aufeuin endured by many a
wIifefornany years from causessimle and controllable,
easily remedie-or better still,-not ncurred. if every
Possessed the infonnation contatined in a little volume,
(witihin the reacl of all) wihich %would siae to herself
And to her husband the constant toil and anxiety of mind.
necessarily eolvinit upon lim from sickness o tie wire,
withouthvi.gi ten opportunity ofacquirin a that com.
p.etence whis exertions are entitled. and &he posses.
s of which would secure the happiness of himasef.
wife, and chiidreu.
By becoming in time possessed of the knowledge, the
want of wihl has eaused the sickness and poverty of
Rt view of such consequences no wife or mother Is
excusable W she neglect to avail herself of that knowv.
*edfe in tespect to herself. wicis would spare her mucl,
uf eri ', be the seaus of happiness and 'sperity to her
husbanid and confer upon her children that bensing above
all price-mesalthy bodies, with healthy minds. That
knowledge is contained in a little.work entitled
Private Medical Companion,
raorvtsoa or aisrAsts or. wocagir.
One Ilundreth Sillon. lamo., pp. 250. Price 50 Cents.
[oN riNK PaPER, KXTtA atNtDtNo, $1 00.)
First published in 1017, and it is not
Conatlderingt thaat EVERY FEM&LE,
lacro acquire a fun knowleilge of tine
aanture, claoracter asoo causes of her coast
jIlants, itia the various symiptonas, and
that nearly
should have been sold.
It is imnjracticable to convey fully the various subjects
treated of. as thte are of a nture strictly intended fot
the ntarried, or those coistemtating marriages, but no
fem-le desirous o enajoyiiag health, and that beauty, cou.
sequant iinii hnth, which is so coindscive to lier ow.n
h1ip ie.,, aita that of her huisband. but either has or will
obtanit. a lias or will every hnusbanal who Rhas the love
end atfection of his wife at heart, or that of bis olin pe.
cuniary improvetnent.
flaye been SENT BY AIAIL iwithit the last few
y tna hoaok uttless "Dr. A. NT. Niauricenui,129
IUo-rty 6treet. N. Y.*' Us on the title page, and the.
itry li the Clerk's Offilce on the back of the title.
p o; tai buye ouly of revpectable anti honorable
ealaers, .or aeal lay mull, ud address to Dr. A. 1L
Mnuri-enn, tas there are apridous and evurreptitiono
infringntaeiis of copy-riglat.
No exes'aso for Ignorance, vslesa Ignorance
lid Milery to those we hold sear asted
dear. nt wiescs to ulspel our Igisorasice
I isl iain our reach.
To enublo every one to dteeldo upon ti inells.
p.aaahl-i ieceaity of posessing a copy, and that no
wife, or mother need remain uninforined upon tih
nm11ay causes, which, sooner or later, are destined to
iniako feNrful ravages upoxn her health, unieagunrdeil
neniint, anl that no considerato antd afetlionate
husband hae cnase to upbraid linaself with nejlect
af the weifatru of lils wife-ta parnpllet of thirty-oix
3.tn4, containingfdu 7Yl, -.oTp and Indeni of Cris..
Ie, togetier with extracts fromoto e 66k, will, be
eauht 6W of claairrge to any part of the United Statea
by aldrrsing, post-pntid, as hsgro n
WVetsa Knouwledge is flippn *atle ci
r.9. On itpl'e : of One Dollar' (o tlh' ne-h
t0onaxtn bluit "T[F'iA lDWOM.
S *ted (any par' .or t -i- Initedt .Stia. All -le.
tern tnt bo pMpalL. aend add pasd lorDe' A. .51
N1AIRtI0H A. BoxalV22-, Ne '.YjUCity. PubiD
kac ufilee, No.12J Llborty Strost Nb ork.
For sale by
Hlalebulrg, b. C.
Tin New Yoerk* City, by
H-iringe~r & T1own'isend, Adriattnco, Shier
manef& Cio., Dowitt & Unvtenlport, Barns.&
Co. Oiliec, 120 Liberty Street, near
May 17th, 1853 20-tf
- sin TAKES' tis mnethod oR'
intforiif tihe citizenis of
Sumitervjillo ande vicinity that
hie Rias opened itn Stterville, eappeasite the new
Presrby-triant Chutrchi, a CAl]ET WAlUE
1I00. , whei.re lie will keep fear sale'. chenp., sell
suchel futrituire as comtes tuitler this deparnaient
of his trade, which Rit will wrirrant of gaood
tmnaaerl ; rtad will futrish fur cnah, t Chrles
ton prnices, all dlescritiotns of Ftirniture msatde.
liepairiing erxretted, att sthreilhortest niotice.
31ahiogatiy and plainl Cofluis furtsnihetd with
out delay.
Ilnvjing .prede te services oaf 3Mr. C. W.
D)rvls, Rit is preajmread to i:rniishi Metaillic Pates0
enigratedi in anry style.
.All thme auhasribor atiks ist a fair triaeR, anti
hopes by pnntetual nottention to businessi tand
Vsy~ termns. t. merit public patro~nage.
1 rarsy? (85l~?2. - 7-Iy
sizes, constanitly on hatnd rind for sale
Opp. Tiemprantic~e Ill Sumnterv'ille.
.aine 15th, 1852 3-1-tf
- Veterinary- Burgeon..
ItOlIEliT W. ANI)ItEWS notlofies. thec
citizerns of this, anti thie adjoineing Districts,
thart he hats reimoved hia Stabiles near thie De-~
1101 elf the W. & 311. 1R. lload, where hte in ready
at atll times io taek e chre of disteaedi Ilorsee
foir a moernate chargt mn all casesn where ltere
ii nli enlre no tpay wvill be expsectedl. lie also
conattinues to take Pn.aengers to riind fromt theo
Depoat, andtt etpets shortly to receive a New
Omnatihbu fair ithatirpose. Goodas lie will hanl
at the osld rateo of 10) 'cnti per paeckage, ande
psli it- h etronge of theo putblic.
By Thomas O'Connor,
Just recedived pedr iasil taad, a choice selec
lian of C'giua andl T1obac.co, CordlialaN, lfree
setrvesa of sell dlescriptionsa, .Jelly. &c. Also a
ctihomle assortmnent oaf Groceries, whiichi Ric
gusaraniteres to selil as low tas they can be ob
tained fromi Chatrlestosn feor,
Felb. 1, 1853 -I-f
(Ner the Depot.)
Paintin i Gilding, and
Gilingonl G3old and
Silver, and Grainuing.'
Ilousok~I.Fnhrniture done up) I ile fleat
est and best inlanner~. All het asims is a fnr
trial. Hie gnnrante'es to give ontire sati9.
fac~tin. #" All orders irom lhb cnmrf
nrrnmntlye nitnndcd li K e2
KrY J~1
~ ).~
repareti from RE'qir'r, or i1eJ~ ,,
of the O.s~, afkr d1ree~tIons Qf'~J3 ~
~eat Physiological Chentls*'b ~J ~
~MDPbtlaelp1ula, Po~
'ri1i. is truly iionderful r~ineJi"i~t
tion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, XAYcr~3#
Coiistipa:Ion, and Debility, Cinj~.
turo's own mcthudliy Naiures'~&"
Gastric Juice~
g~ flaif a teaspoonful of-Pep. %~I
in water, will digest or ,lWsil~4>~Y
of Reaut Berf, in ebutpt "'A 'tr~
Pepsin is the cliiefeleawut~6t~G~
ing Principle of the Ga~rrl~di~.~i1i'
of the Food, the
Stimulating Agent of-the .StOm~ia~W
tines. It i~ extraCted from~the'ThgejT
ach of the Ox, thus furmlng i~g~~o
Juice in its Chemical ~owerean43f
Conipicte and Perfect u ~tutC.f6z~iE~!
hid of ibis prepamti6z~tbe pabi~u~
Imidigestl~~i mmd Dy~pep~a~r. *.~?iA'
they would be byaltealihy Ste ~ ~
ing wonders for Dysldi,:IeecurI~ s~i~ ~
bully, Enmaciation, I~'t vou~D~Wd~id
peptic Cunsumpiwnr supposed ?pWoixth
of the grave. The. Scien~4icBy~ PQ
which it is based, is in the blghCe~cJe r
OUms and Remarkable. ~''p~ '
SCNT11Jt~ EV~DED~p~'
Baron Liehig in liii, ce1ebst~d)k~oj4j4'.g~j
the sininauli of the Calf,
clog os feod, as meat and eg~1l~~ ed ~
changed auddigesied just ~
its they wtiild hoin ~
Dr. Coinhe, In his luablo~ivAtt~a
"Physiology of Digestiwi,~Y6~~
mliininuiion of the dub - qupatny. a
Jojee is a l)iottil::e:it and all j~'.iii1
IJyspepsia;" and lie aics tJas'~~
prof~*'ior of ine'li(lne inionddKiwho
vcrvly afflicted '~Ii1i dos nipluii$i,
every ihiug ,.lse to fail,' '~mad tegi
(;n~irie Juice, obtained ~IrO~js~iiiO~"
iiviz,~ ausievxbs, i~lucjt prpvefEr~tizb~~7~J.
1'whi~sbr Dun~l,~on of ttCo'Je '
I'hiluduljd~ia, mfl his great i~ ork
siology. devotes more iban flf''~ 't~ ~tex~
aminaiion- of' this" s1ib3echi~ Hi~o~bl#h~
with Dr. Beaumont, on tfie4~6e~Io 3ok~' <. ~
lamed froisi. thu hi ing huibaza ~
frwii animals, are ii all linoWui~91ra' ~
he says, "digestion occurred ewptI~k
artificial asia ilienatemi digcstieifs.'~ 4~i .~
Dr.John W JlraperPro essor of CClmI ~
in lie: Medical College of lbo~ Puti~
New Turk, in Isis "Tust IJoQk .~ho
digcmmtioa~ouldbe ~r~ile'
Dr. Carjlesiter'a m'tAaY&dard vro~l~liy)lsff
which is ~tbe. libr y~% ~
ziiusesl asaT V ~AU3
'@11 bC ovidence~1zflIar p
specuisi.reiikawli "
Cireuhim.r, ~itii a
enuifie'Ev d~ince, slail artidba 'i~b'~
with Ifeporta of itemnrkabl~A3ur '~
paiLs of.the..Uuitdd States 'i
A~ A DY'sPEPSIA' ~' *-. -
most muarvo I lees viThets, in chrlp~'~i6~idt
bilily, Emaciation, NvousDo~i1in~o~i4. -
peptic Consumption.>' It is izjipossthl6!xo'~ b"
the details of ciises iii thiiliniitWot.tlilj',i y
tisculeut; but autliintIcati~d ceiiiflcaji~1i.a~es
becat given of inure than Two 1I~;ndred ~
able. Cures, in Phiilad~lphi~ Npivi~~~
Boston alone. 'l'hesa.wuro riearl~t~IIiJ
cases, and the cures wer~' a~t'~tf~1~pi
wonderful, but ~
It is a great Nervo~s4rtti
ly useful for tendezxuy.~ollhioias diso e~;'
Conipluint, Fever uiid Agali, ~if4~t1 ~
of Quinine, Merctiry,'iuid'o~
Iflgestive Organs, aftera I~ng 'b ~ stt~
for excess in eating, an~l thq'
dciii sJsitits. It almost nmc~aollq~. ~lih~
hiitemn~mirance. '~~'
There hi no form of oIa:~~it~ ~
which It does not acorn to ma~h ~ti~'~
once. No nmatter lion' bad tlioymay A
instant rdiefi. A'singLe dose
u1iJJIV.!a*ant symptoms; and., I a t
repeated for a short nine to ~mkko~ '
oflect~ peniu&mi(mnt~ 2lidiiIy '? BI6bSh~
~I* .Bo#,, follow at unce..Lti~pu1x~~9
lent in cases ~f -
Soreness of tInt lilt of die
atlng, low, cold suite of t~io ~i )W&
Lest nvss of Spirits, Despondency,. g
W'e.kness, tendency fain, fjv~8~hJ ~
the dealers ma tine drtgs and Pdpu1z~
threughout'the United State.. Itis' '
Powder anti in Fluid forra-~ui#z~~
vials for the ti~ if Pit ici~n.~ ~.'
Private Circular, for th~~
may he obtained cfDr. 2! * bii~r~ii~
describing the whol~precc~i~,f
~iving the authorities tip W~tfoI~
us new remedy are besed AdI~
remedy, no ebjec tion can be rai.~6d
use by Physicians in respectable ~t~qig~M4 ~
regiala r priteticO. Prico, One DoZl*i,~ *@i'l~t1e
~ Onseavr. TillS !-Every 'be~it1e'~ ft 6
"enuine l'EPSIN bears the writieri sf5i4
:i. ~. Ilouonro~, M.-D41so1e.P~opjj.g&
adelplda, Pa. Copy.rlght aniLTnJe~h - -
euretL Sold Droggina~m~iI~
by' nil
For i3fllO in Sumtor~I11e~
December 16, 1851. -' -'U
Webb Clark'8 X~Io
fully imfdrin :Zi1s':~pb ~
pubhis~ genora1Uy~,pt1df~
p~6p'rircd to ,a~omnmd~to~
hun a call, at the old
rates. flie ser~'amiis
live, his.tobbeaha1ih~
Iho best timp
dotmioslic arnirig9rpohl
mont ~hahl W';Pid~I
March 2~,
Jewe1r~'f ~
he '~tih8crtlwr tmasdl ii 4 '~
rmiv rCeotun~, a~,

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