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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 30, 1853, Image 4

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- t .1pneited
;c haith di 'at
eibre they art!ex.
- portipit consideiation
'Off "ralithen garden is:
is perhips het
db nC red, that it should
-- uohnion towards the
orter apctL -is,
perhal')s preflerable.
such us the dauli
peh;&0., yield more
WJWtn not exposed - tv the
iof the sun.
V"'cievationi is preferable
lhl oir v'alley, Convieiee
dhouId also be duly consider
h most impot1iant matter,
tD a nlcation, is.as to
Tfh should be a 'rich salidy
11debtht 'of twio or three feut
al$L If this cannot be OlI)taii
A tffelay or gravel sil is
d*"to:it that it is corrected
- e bicus admixture of fine loam
1it6 improved by the add;
e ylaster, ashes, and vegeta
ihwhile a stilfelay soil de
livh 'eget.ible and animal ma
to the separation of its
- Ienceu the necessity of'
I ' ilier animal and vegetable
Line and plaster also oper
vOrably, and charcoal is esteem.
V'as a very fine 1ilizer'.
iepower of absorinI vaiir ius
Ai )ii the atmosphere and readi
dk ionuito growing phiits.
ber that manure of some
n kiitial to the garden; wiih
g er .can do everything;
Iohi.OwNEOF Ti iaISoiL.
gAst be scured; it is the secret.
- dUCCsfll , gardening. The
nfden plants extend them
v t a great depth in the soil in
Otlouirishment. Their delicate
n ien 'traced to the deptIl
f ebt. Downing remarks:
Aceln the roots of strawburries
feet down in rich, deep soil,
e-plantsbore a crop of fruit
s large, and twice as and
ahimood as the common product
ne foot. deep."
loain has other advantages.
~O ely permits the eicape ot wa
..er-a havy-rain, but by its cap
ttiaction absorbs and thcrelbre
hs a upply '6f noisture during
tcte Idrought.. In fhet the on
1itable for the garden in a deep
cold elay soil or a rich loam
ies in debth, resting upon
a Ui, is not worth the
expnse of cultivation.
R.--in the selection for a gar
o mIth'aveeference to va
[email protected] supply ofwater is
Y ecessi.y. - .LCdon reC
rj( thdt "Maif a itchen cirops
Porprdub~ed of very inferior quali
ty of watering. Lettuce and
g ' often stringy; turnips and
(sh6 do not swell; onionis decav
Llwrs die off; and, in dry seasoils
me~ni stinted or covered with insec'ts,
.v i~ iih deep soils. Copious wva
ifgsin the evenings, duinig the dry
iorsould produce that fuillness
seotillricf which we find ini thec
,tnUbls in the Lowv Counitries, in
rhGaidens at Paris, and in
'ilidat the beginning and latter
li~es soasoin."hd
LegrI OFSEE~ms.--A fter youha
ato, the expense and troubile of
out and preparing your garden,
rtiebin the selection of the chi
n e.Many of the seeds anu
1-We~a for sale ar'e worthless; they
&%fthor of ain inf'erior var'iet y or
'e~lost their vitatlity. This is ex
fi6lf vexatious to the gardener,
inve' know no way. of' avoidiing it
'6$bkdioiving from' whioim you pro
uie se't)# Possi bly an entterurizinig
ibgj~r,.or regular seeudsman, iiay
hj osupply you. Ii' not you are
i F SOQ..-We necd sea rcely re
*ind tli' ieader that the gardeiner
Ihklabd wvel- provided with the im
potion a of his airt. Oft these, the
id, th li 'e and the rake are iindis
%)ilo .Others will bie found valn
e'sitns anid ini thiri selection,
-$iih diser imination should be exer'
d Atud 'sce to it that they are
ketinra comspicuous position, and at
tso aine time, bright and clean. IHe
b~ei'o the old standard mnaximn:
S~t(1Caplace for every~thing, and( ev'ery
ik 4tipIaec."-Oh/io' I'Jrme.
FJrom the Farmer and Mechaniic.)
Soapj Suds.
toe value of this iginid as a st imu-n
to fvegetation does not appear to
~en9)ly appireciated by ourt Agri.
urts, mny of whonm i nake ino use
-lj ithougfh, fr'omf their well knmownm
natteirs, we .shouild have been
~kpect better things ini ai state
$ on4itt putridity, soapi suds is ie
1d'ih~ the Uelemnt oif vegetables,
of' actial anid complete sohin
Sy'condition, inideed, in
sisceptible of' absoirption
a un lation by the roots of'planits.
*.~ies ifs valuie as a pow erful stimu
Jatt possese.4, also, very potent~
~:telnihiie proporties, and when used
~tto frrigation of' garden an~d field
9theibest'aa, perhiaps, in which
e applied' o vegetatbles--opei
a. peedy and effctual remedy
a t1t the, ravagesq of bugs, wormsit,
rio t of the alligeroug or' wingred
r yatg, b~y which. vegetables ar'e
n~hjifbsted and destr oyed. It
' 'Iost .yaluable adjutant byi
itinj-ofzcomrpost. F'or this
la ' Aire~tmk .or vat cap)able
~tiree tol thude atu t
"'tirubgit snt
-uild s :ue b~ r
phoil, iid Chipi inuri neu
wood shed;, in hort, evr'y u ritarec
capalte of abor'bib ti rich, f' ertilli
mg id, and-'etainl it. for t lie ben.
elit of the soil and '.plan ts to w hieb it
is to be i)plidy little 's tei
at ie atteitioni to itters or this jiture,
the annu111al prodtict tour agricultua
.mght be:.'lmmnrneasurea bly inereaec;
111141I te prodnetive apaci - tys of -manly
f1armiis, now regarded as athnost wort
less, placed oi a i iting equal, indeed,
if iot, superior to ti'alt. ot mthe 1lost fbra
tile. Nattire has every where supplied
ill iuinficent, abundance, the ncsiil'
(W Iertility, and we have only to appro
priate and apply tieI judiciously, to
suecure the best and most, flattering r'e
silts. Somie agricultural writers have
eshitiited tie valie of a iogshiead of'
suds, in) a state of iieipieit iutridity,
to be very itiarly eqial to that of a
cord (of pljre Iared mannitre. This is
probably an ueer estimate; yet no one
has applied suds to vegetiation, andl
eaiefully observed the tesults, can be
othierwise than coivinced of' its very
great eflicacy ani value. WNhere it is
used* inl composting operations, it imay
lie applied in its crude, befroe. feiien
tatiol has taken place. It will fjr
mi lent in the heap, alnd thius ind net a
powerful Chemical action in the inllgre
dients. wiich will lie in proportionI as
to powe, to their .Inuiber and chia r1e
ter, 111141 the in1allnner, 01 rather1 t lor
ong1Tlowess withi which they are initerP
lixed. With a sillivionev of soap
siuds and uritie, a valuable collpiost
may be im l' of a:ny soil-evei said.
A Whaek at Misers.
Ill aI Chapter ( oI lil e111 araCe', which
1 ppears in lilack wood's Na gazinie for
Julv. til) writer is some what severe
M)on wealhiy men of our day, who a.e
too scrouipilous ill their observance f
11lie IlIaxilms of " or IClihaid." lIe
"lThose who desire to be absoluitely
rich Imlay, if' their lives are spared ionr
einoug, attain that objcet by sordi
ad pptaiillelliinr, 111(1 rigoirois
abstiiece liroiin the enjoylmenits, hos
pitalities, and charities Of existelice.
It is not. dillieut to neCmlalltelt gold if'
a m is coura111 t'.j be III Eliwes; ill.
deed, cases are almost daily cited of
alparenit papers, amoigs whose rags
aid gaililmeitrv inl the corneir of' soine
fetid eellar extraordinary boards are
discovered. No one, howevei, blt, a
mere caitiff would addict himself to
this kind of' metalic accumulation; and
it is noticeable that the practice is
chiefly confined to dried ip bachelors,
who have either no relatives to succeed
them or who ilate their 1rlatives Cor
dially Poor wretches! I, cre they had
giveln i) the ghost. oin theii ill-tended
couch, and beendeposite'in'thW hI
try shells Which tlley have bespoken
from a motive of postilillous econo.
my, they could obtain a vision of the
serenec 01'.lively coiinitenane oif those
wilo shall walk ait their funend21 aind di
vide thieir' gainis; it thley couhli be pr-os
llCetti vely prCeent ait tihe biaiinpiet whieb
is i)to Ilow tileCeremony. and14 witniess
<iaf~t1ld, not !'.ilnr of their imemo
lie inlebrialted hieirIs-it' they e uli I
hearli, lby 1ust icipaLtion, the riniiarks of
the jioenhn-~ gu~lests. Ithe retailted ani(ce
diotes5ol thleir' mieanniess, on111 the comil
meniitar ies on thir erniel setlfisimess'
they ight~i possily~, biethre the spirit
has let the clay, as.k themlselvyes seri
ed to leald the tle ofi muctlkmoiirmsl. anld
insure the eionlitemp t oif thir r' ace.
isht not impossilte that. Ite prli hgate
mayi'~ iuive aI friend, forl he4.re is usual ly
finer ftelings of our n11'ature-biut the
inliser meeLts withI no4 svympathyv. ]Lv.
eIn the nmrse who is hlired to attend
him i his last ii mirs, l(oat hlis thle ghaist
ly occupjat ion!, anid ilngs oi' thle m1o
dle aLth d a m11p is atleatly g a1thering o
is brow the thouiiglits of' the dep ting
sineri are' still iiuoi his gold, ml! at t1-il
mier'e jingle of' a key bie starutles fiilm
is torporii, in a poiroxy~sm of terrori i,
iest a1 surreptitious attemplt is being
biox Deeds therie ar~e manyil ini !th
boix; 1 lmt w here a re t he .deeds thatil
shouhll ha ltve e42hnforted the d ving man111?
Wihalt, Iblesiis ha l~ s lie puinihasedi for
.Thiere aIrt noi prayers of tile orphani or
witdow fibr him, noit a solitary voice
hsever bireath -d his nonelt to heaveii
altl the gold thatL te worltd coniitaIins;
hut, no~tw'ithstan~dinlg Iihat lie waIs :
hlis inftancy ill those aw hi tetI in which
the wornship ofi nunmnonliii is deoiulnet,
has never'l yet, beeni abile to dlivoire
hiiimself from is solitary hive tif Iost.
or' to part, with onIe atom ofi is peult.
Andm so, from a miserabliie lfe, dietesjt
edi and1( despLjised, he' passe's inito a i drear
Cetity; oin1 thile whom~ hI iile ha:s neg
hected or' miiused.'t, makle mierry'3 with
tihe hoards of' the miiisei ."
A SiwoI;un Hiun.'-Th'ere is in the
gai'deni at Regent's Pariik, London iiii, a
pilain-llkiking, somllbre bir id aL nat ive of'
Newv I lolland, cal led the brush~ tu rkey
whlose 1121bits of r'eaing its briiood a 'e
among thd~ most, remarkable in the hiis
tor)!y otaniiml inlstinlote. Tlze ird is
uthorongb iiernfst., atid ednistr'uets forl
aicpes, b) ;'hih It IlatS s ts cggs
,.eps p . r i f'tla
.itiledk ilignid1( tail, isd j)a lc
ish brown ut 0t161 bis, going int> sHi:
ver gray at. the cnds ..~ I skiin f' tii
head -and neck is of a deep pink v.
ing', , 6 and Jhinly spInk Ad-ii
shor t, ding hair.- The Iattlwi is f a
brigh t yellow, shainig. ofl iiito red.
'Ii siio I tis nien 1y9 hae ofita tiirkij;
in gedlal hiit this bird is nothinr
rmriii kable: it is in the reprad netin,
oftle specis that its anolOsil ro
ceCiigs are uiiniife'sted. It is a be
liever in fernwitation and xooponitioin,
fur when ~thc 'breding' sc oo airi ves
a1 nninber oflthe birds.c.iter ilito part-,
norship,. and colleet. a liuge heap of
vegetable natter, which is allowed to.
ferimient till- it fiorinls a hiot-ijed. Suv
ral weeks are patiently cinployeid in
16ormntitg this hiap, but when once
ibiied- it doe.s duty 'or severail-yeirs,
iew miiiatiter being added it. the to)P ls
that bentaithi ro itsaiiay.- In collectilg,
the* biris use oniy the 11bol,. the bill is
not Iised at 11. The surihe of the
grounnl slurriiin - I be hot.bed is thus
cleareid If .very lIvnr andt blade of
irISs. ever sertop of vegetation bei.rg
added to) assis-t inl the fi-rmlentation).-'
When tiis pyr:unidical momrt 'd KCgreen
studll'h sollicielt tiiie to heat. and
whevir-t is jut at the prpOper tenQ. pera.
itare-fiolr hatehing, thle aree are Inl
'sertei, inot side. by Side, b-I t i :,l at.
regu lar interval'.. froin each -a. lir:m
stuck lto the fust V. sunuioking leap ie
l'vetly nylrigit, the hrge eiii dowi.
\1 aId, and at an iirin's Ieigh blow ti.e
smIlnhe. They are then co ivere l p m
and left till hatchei. W hetler the
elickenis live to fight their Way
throngh tle wan -artilicial inohe,
or whether, as Mr. Gonli was iiinr.
ed, tie fi liales remin in thie n1 ilbr..
iorholOld, ill a 11iestiin IIA vet setfld;
there is il> dio t, h wever, that in
either case Nature has provided f.or
the safehty of the yoning, and that al11 its
iistinets are :1a11ted to the ci rcuiin
antces oifits biirth.
Tr.:' Cos-r or A Anov~r~Nr..-Sher
idaii had beun drivingy wit. three! or
four horses inl a hackney cono , when,
seeinug IihairdslI pass, lie hailed hini
and inade him get in. lIe intanit.ly
c.ntrived to introduie a topic upll
which iHichar'denmu (wi was tIhIe
Very soui of idisqutativeless) always
diffeed with hhn; and ait last afl-eting
to lie iwortilled at. 1iehardson.1.'s ar
gunietsaid:- "YOU aire really too
w:I annt. hea.ir to listeii to sneh a
tlin ; I will not, - tay inl the saine
coach with yO u;- a'.d accordiigly -gott
downi :0nd h fL h1:m, RVIRichrSoln hi
Jiinig .t triumphantlyl atier himn,
"iAi vo' r eicat, vuni' re bat-" n ior
\Y.&S it il t. lt t i h a v ti' hta
a liC; e. 11le ar nt. h
was left infh like inte
idan~s th1.iree hours cAuchinI rs
bruther iln "hort, tione siuee, tha t the
w.'eaing1 of w.hi'kers'.' was. npr oIes
"a h uwyei a nn. hle too, baretheid.
Rail Road Notice,
EaNNEli:s U~liecE, \Y'd. & .Maui. IR. It.
OiN andi~ after' this dlate, the Aail and1(
Paissenuger TIrainsc. w'ill run dadyv as follows:
Leave Alars linllT Statiionu~ 21 .M
SLynchhr lo 43'
"' Suiinterville " :.t) '
" Aiilacsier " '.4
A'rrive ait Jounction " 5O
Leave Juinction it .OP U
"' Siniitervi!!e ' 3*)
" .'iiuuveville ~ 4..
FI TunillosvI.)
C lohing an Out-Fttin
on Sthe m A lin Rail MENo'', oe
N'o. 2(,8 I' .f .'l (,\l3CNGI
J~uy (1i m b, t'Ii 'Ie. 35-,S.e
.lul'o U r hi,'r. .vlIf i at 3l - 3:ii -t fia
adClthing~i tiiI i an Outitting
W nt o,s Ch.lesonS..
Wndcop-. stcobf G&n S.
N- ^-E 22T KIN .T.Ru-Entp,
Smoters ri DeY.s i
Rne Jou R f . N sirt dirui' to tL Vi I'u,
it l 'aOADWii'mT.-l~ lTN
Jtn 15,182 34-tC
W. J Jaobi So .,
48 atp 'Is rot
-~~ Pi a- .....
!'RP J)CH h G (i I A ND. AER0C
. -~~ i: IE UA88..WARHq ItUSiI!s
I' 1toMarSoA UN illr i , LA a Pl AND
Sit AtkFit' lirtna & Ilo-r1 BorA it, LeI
4.ARDEN~ 85~s - hinprr GK
tChh1~ DCo
a -. gnt.fr slthei
Apri G6th, 185 2.
ih jtiust received from Iiltiaifre anid New
Y ork, a lairget anu 'il, leleited stock of
BLoltdeloths,4 Catoimeres nm(d
ite fliwat i'ail t -tat i s evur been broibt
to thin market. -
- -so,
Itealy iade Clothig. fOr Gents' nnd1 Y0oniths,
ofeve-fry qua*lity naal deic-riptlion. Jlnvingp.e
lected the Goodqs, ad lid themn nade ni, to or
uer, lie can w'arrant the. 'ork.
Evtiry decuription nid ajlity of Mloves ; Urext
1n1s maudeaual tp i) 'order; (alps, Silk. Cravats,
Silk 'oIet Il andll.-rliieC' aitn]d Neck 'Ties,
Ljinen shmirts, do.-( Colar.4 Melri no UnTgtdirie,
do. 1)rawere, with every article tint\ is worn by
genitletnaesa, which hli ofili.iers oi renanable tenns,
iaid t isolici it ni cill from his old ettoirs, alid
lite citi.-:nis of the Districi generally.
Sn maatervlife, Nov. 15th, 1852 3.- f
Cheap Grocery,
IlE . Subscriber hriving-Ir openeda gro
cery uinderneath ithe Tow lall, digns'1
keeping.:! constlintly oil h1an1d. a supply or
he.-avy articles, aneli ts
Sugar Coffee, 'ea, Flour,
V INP lt A L BlACO N. 1,ARD l, 111.1"181
Cil~ld -S$I', MAt IEli I I,. SAL..', SOAP,
CANDLES, T A TOI0 , &c'. &c.
Inl factt httle o anlist everYthilg! that is
-itod ti Cat: .all-fit 'of hii r. will lit :im sob laow
or cashl, or inl -exchiange' for oitry pro*91
duce. - lie pronise it) atteid to I:1A owi
bmuiines1, aaa laopes b.,y a- tcidin strictly
thieret, to redei. a I heral slare of p:i
trona;..' J. M. C'IIANI)l ER.
alarch 15th, 8~3:
The Corn Exchange,
.0! " 0 N N.0 R
Wtho I p Pp; onivi 111s tantly ii liaid a lot of
DOM!EST'I'CS It tiama lowest rat.. G(t(o
CI RIEI at*Ca~rleton pric(is -11r cash.
1iaerid, Lard, Hiia. I1aitter.and a large sup.
ply qfthe best; CIiA ItS and TOlACCO
wi hl la"e W ill sIIell cheaper -thai wany mer
eUdl t own as IO just ieceived 40. barrels
North earolit aiour.
Jan 11th, 18r)3 12-Jiv.
fa lfv'hnfria his% old fliecids ad the
pail 'e genearhily,' that hi haiteI so
long knwn as the "S-1 TER lOUSE,"
is again openied radin dte, or. he recep-.
in of viitrs.iiI'r aaelots''-l i lr
a thotronagh repair, ithd as little ilelajy ss
po ssible, atal h e-trtu.-s that his liltenltiona to1
teaaconiforit ofahs giarsis i larit a sht are
ofi poahaie lplatonage. Th'Ie subhscibar hias
alia ikeni eh:,rgae of the I [llJJA RI) TA
hLIX amuil miern,a lilt inin tihale re'rn wiith
neoanes, and will fuarni~sh it wiirha all the
niaeessaies andi conavetnieceOs that lovers
ofi thae sporaLt. an ii cajiiire.
F. Av ERs.
M areb 8thi, 1853 19-LI
China, Glass And
Direct IHuportationIs.
J Aj.S jnm-t rc-eived udirect frotij thet man-~i
liaaureras ini linghaiiI ol ' ranceo,
ual ldi by recet 'ie.sels Iannii the Noarthi a
vierya comapi-t e ann varied tassiar;ii ment aft heii
abotva, namedci G(OOD:*-, comauprisiang all thie
tnew'' pattAerias anad shliape)L;a amonlg wivcha
are becst
Chliai litaisha a supajeriaar iarticle ; 1
l'unae anad ot her Coloaredj \Vare, oft new'
lini \Vm'fte~ Goild :;il decriatedl ;
Rieba Chiaa )tiner ;aind Te'ia.setts, andii
beauatifual F-anicy Ariticles in thei hue ;
Cuti, ~aI 'ai ered anad l 'iiilyhed GlIasware,
iil everv kind:l
Dyit's Patenit (Ciinphaene, Store, (O)lice-,
atul l.arliir Laiuja, i aiuperior article;
\Vehb's Il'aten-tt Odl and ut i Ardl itags, a new
tart ie gil tag great haght anal bar~lliancy;
TPea Tray 's, buest TJal Cutleryi anid lI'.-I
ted (aistoirs, Spioaona, Iiorks - &c
I honuSeking ltar attiles, ini gret varieh y
Crates ofl assarit--d \Vaires. ofl desirableaind
nuewi styves. lby \Vhlaesae Ir;
l'akage~s ofi Tonb~alers, latsks, &c.,'ow
byv tila: pitavage'.
I Iavinag compleutei arraneg tatnits fort obtan-t
otia iour Goodus dlirect liom thea tmaaninea
tuarers wi'e cani anill lle rarie . aialaue
men'ats. itheri by \Vheai ior RiIettaiI --
4Oriders attendede tao pratint y.
II. I. NIlOl,
Coalumia , A parl 1 2, 18 e l-.if
Fine Cigars and Garden
I'a'pt cons ttaltlyv oan ad lby
sUMT''FnvlL1gr, s. C.
Oflice next door to .T fl & C. WohWb'
Nowv Yorli yborQ -
Mrci2~ 185.3, j. 1--~tr
-A + N'A! t.'A~ 'NI TOO-fTi t1ir.
Vaetos ormns ANti llla 1Ut3iumefcs
D AND Nurtt-Oji it, I so p,
A Nt) CAiTf*'1R2, &c. &e.
Liver. Oil,
Ih every article
nOst upprmvetl '
a Whatever Colicerms tIhI hedilranei Iltpnles
of a pople is at ill tines of tlt vtttltl Iatla hh!
inportatice. I takW, it for granted that every.
p- rsoit will doal ll intllir poti er,'to stve 1t lii es
of their chileireni, anI that every ,11rso1 w16ill mmen
delavor ti p roointe their own liel th at all siacri
ficl. I 6fe. it to ie aty dtty tiscleiriy naimure
you that W61'asS, accortiig to tri o n ojviiitt of
the ruost celeubrated Pllyieiuns, re thii primary
Caeses o t large tnajority of diseases to whiet
ehilren antil ad tilts ares halel iiy have an
uIIpetite contihtmally elhatngenblu from one kind
1f fodt it atiother,'Iuil Dlreath, inj in tihe Sto
atich, l'ieiig at tite Nmioe, Ilurdntess and Full
netos of the Belly, Dry Congh, Slow Feve,
Plse Irregulr-remebr that all these dete
Woi onl,&A yout shutiebl att onmce tajpply the reined y
An artick. flit led 1 upon xvietific Principles,
conipotniledi with piuely vetjetablle inbstances,
b'ing perfrtly safe wlen, takein, ind enm be
'I.4 t it Ithe tlist tentler Itlitnt with deecieleil
teicil e flci, wieere Drtnrel Complainls and
Diwrrha Itave matde thenm weak an tilelpilitatoed
tite 'Tnic pro(pie rtie t' ny 11Worem yrt p are
Sneh, te iat it stantis n itiln itn eCgnal int the caLa
logite of tietlicines, itt giving t0n1e ant etregth
to the Stoinal, whi 1t 1te:makes it t itnfialuile
remdy fr thoe aillited withl I;slxtjpin, tlt!
tnshngures pe.rform:il by thim -rup n fter
Plysicins have filt. is h ltst. evi<e lee of its
superior efliey over til ollthers.
"I'lis 1- the tost eliflielt. Werm to destrov' f
1:l t1ti e the inmna systene. it groms te;:Itn
ilhmno- wlejmjte lengIhdbe-oxtin..; s' coiled anm
asteniael to time litetines twet l inneht e-etin.
he ieailth so atlly' as to) case St. Vitus Dittev,
its, &cv., thit tihoee anillicted sehimoni if ever
mnije)ct thait it i' Tpct IWorm hastenting then to
tin etrlv gra v. lt orler to tiestrov this Worn, it
Very eergetit tiren-tienet mist fe litursneel, it
w"l"l t herere he poroper to t ke 6 t4 8 of my
Livt-r PilI.o a- si to renlmve all obitrtioieeets, tlit
11w W orni Syrup annay net direct upon itm Wormn
yhitIch ninste taken inl loses ofL' 'Table,,plonm
etl 3 tinits a aiti-, these uirectieis follew,.t
ave cever beenm lim t fail ill enritg the
nost oibtinmiate catse of Tape lh'r.rm.
No part ofit te system ie nore libt.e t, (lisezmse
h1:1an thet LIV ElR, it servitig as a filterer to lpiri.
ry tle blood, or givimg ilte proper seecr.ttionm tem
he hile ; so that amny wromg action o tle Liver
tfleets the other milportsit Irrts (ef lite systenik,
uln results vtrioumsly, in) Liver Contleeainmt,
hitendice, Dyspepia, &e. We sholi theoreforme
6vatch every. symptonm tlat .tiigIltI inielicato a
wronm aeti of ite Liver. . 'lese Pills heini.,
otmnp1oItsed of Hoo-rs aid 'L.rSA frnmisimtl by
latuire to heal the sick: Namiely, tli. Al; Lx.
'F.cT roa.Nr, whe n~e~stesceinfron'
Ite lnminary annens itetnramne, or ptroinotes
lie discharge (if secreted inatter. 2nd, Anm A .
?tNTlr- ivwhich cheangles itt so: inexplica
IC atid uitseesiblemannrer ite certett in morlotd
ictitut of ttim yuta.., ,A TtIC0vt.wlJhich
ves tono itl. tretighlh wi~tueerotistaytC
enewnig health nml vdgor to till part Of
.ody. ithis A CA trteATtC, Which acts- in br
et harmtoly ithl t offier itngredienmts, amd
seriitimg ont thme' 1iels, ' aed jxpellitng thme
tihole tpmlssa oftorrupjt timcl vlttiatet minatter;anmtl
inirifyhig iteilloodi, wichel destroys disease ani
.Yeiu wtill find thle-se Pills an inivalttable medti
tine int inanty comiplaints to whmieb you itre smnh.
eet. Itn obst rietiems either total or partial, thety
ave been foundie ofineoijtitable benefit, resterit
heir lnneftintl arrangettis to Ia htealmimy no
ieen, pnrfying thee heiteti aeel eetheer Iitltit o
rictitally teepuet toe flight aill emminplaits wiht
t.lhe, gidltlietss, dtiines of ,,ight, paint itt thme
tlo. htaek , &ce.
ill o~thetrs beietg bae htotittion.
lIk iu ;-I-. 1(:125 C'T $.
.i07Y Agtets iin n i"e wi *uppijer, aitel Stoere
kelepers tiei-irones ofl ib.'einetit" Agetsi mut adt
Irleil tel I. j Prpietor, .. sN. I IO!DENSACKC,
l-'or tmele Iby n!l D~erugi ,ts atnd 3oechanis itt
or t her Statt-.
Through Fare froh1~ Charles
AND) TO. NEW\-YulU'K .92h.
fills l 0l *l' AlAlbI LQOU'1'l F'itoAI
C2iIAIl-8l'ST N, S. (C,
1 ,iGA \'I NG the \Vir h at titdche fot o1
[,amenes..st . dai ly at 1, p. me. afhter t he
irrival c o hetonthern catrs, via \VIL
\l INGTO( N. iN. C.K, irmin wichl peomet
wt) ehnily traits aere dispatedi at 8 A. Al.;
memnd 2 1' Al.; thc 8 o'clockI on/ze; conntte't ineg at
Wioeblonit t hvt le hIees tei Petersttitg,
lelpia;, amedi\''NXew- rk. Th'le puett is
-espe'ctfltly infs~mero it n e te~'nters' ol
htesre limn, aire int Iirs-t ratOe comhtijon, antd
iire ttivuigatedl by weltrl kntownt tnted ex.
>c~ieed conetnand.etecrs; Ctthe lal Roadsit
tee ini ine ordher, (I the \Vetiitonm
anmd \Vecldont, ats well ar- thmi 8Seaboartd
volt hecavy TI'rtil) thertelby setnring both
*alety .ntut d~espa~itch. liy thetse rtoutes
inlssentLrsr- aivailtig lthemselves oif ithe
1i'' It t'Tj'I TlAIN may~e retschl lIdaitimere itt
I10 hiour~'. l'hilelpt'Il men da7 htour, andh
Newv Yorki ini I,0 -2 hourtts; andt iby thec
4l'iCOND TI) IAIN they arrive- itn l
,imtere int t) houtrst, Piltlelpe~iat itt fj
ttettrs, andtt Newi-Vo'erke e ii 1-. hottrs.
l'Thretghl ticehts cant uhecl habld fmottn
i0. \V'I NSI A)\V, Agent ott the \Vihtintgtmn
ttti Italeight lait llioad Camp m~ttv. at the
et tel thie (Coipany, fotot of Latntmretls
-t reret, ChIarlestont, 8. (3., to wihomt piloe
Aelarteh 21, l1852. 2d--tf
coj~tu ntnu e lime CAl R IH lA E
JHUSINENS at ithe utlovo
Chatirleton--whmere hey will -be pleased toe
exmhit to thmeir ol-f' rridostmr
a Very ex~ni/ tc of Vehicles, com.
pr'amgit--those of t heir own nittitn fagtur(,
ko4'tidir'\vith vtarious othmer styles .usually
r'oundl Iii this madrket. Thetr long'nih iaint
anco wiath tis markeo as mnanufnecturers
ated dealers wvill enablo thmen1 Io off'r great
incltcements to ptircbheorlildtt :iti'ai hk
and pricos. .,.
.A trt h 24, 184, . :: A rs:
L. qa nhmpja
UThen i Pit
utirto Poy,'teol mi l ii. f li t
Aik ndt n , 0u u tp sep r
orance.,- A .'O .-l As - il
~ts latoe l~ liesii Wqmsigtsss isau i 1oo
t duo or'
What would re notbtts give to posseisAn eily- lire
'ahe kowleslge we obtaini if aer)epys'! wlist days
61111 slblgtu ol ala y o avv ts che bmelr spat
1i kikWW&r~s as tiutelir 110" sa . lt i
ro behold tie siiless iand sufferiidd d
wire for oa,sy eats from causes siple slad cristrullab
swity reira'dsed-or'betterastill.-not :ncuried it eer
orosi th s infinfnaittin coiiaiilil its a little -volume,
(iii atile reach of all) i ilci wroutld sqlaze to hioselr
And to hoer iisbiand the constant toil slid antieta or :Miia
ne.ensarilyI levollstp noit him fions stikiess o. tvwirtVrr
vithoutt u1 iir irim use opos)rtullity ofeqirtiiug 1Iat Coin
petence hich hits eiertioos are entitled, snd the ias -
s2-t11 ol which '$would secuge the happiness f li4rnself,
"itetand clhildiLsi.
By becoming its time Possessed of
want or 'inuchj s& caused theasickiess dsil soretty dt
. thousandi. - ,. . 1
l.I view or such consequences no vife'or'mathtr hs
exensable H' sho tueglect to avfait herself of that. ktsoos
'erfee in respect to herself. wlich wo'ld slart hier miucfr'
gtr be the ineants ofthapi'isies sill prosJcrity to her
unl'st#absi1ad cottfer uposi her ciiltirei that bIslng above
alt price-healihty bodies, with hIaltiay mins. That
kuowlcdge is contained ill a little work entitled
private I(M111 Companion,
SlY DR. A., Dit. tRICEAU,
a lorrigsost OF tr sFES Or iroaiy- .
One lSindrilt EdtIon. Cmow., pp.250. Prtce 50 Cents.
[oN is I -as irica, 3rrnA'tasDtxo, 31 00.]
Firt 'iblisli-d inl tali. asd it is not
CoisaltlerI thoat EVE V Cs. F.EMAI,:
inere acquIre a full kisowietige of 11a1
isnttire, ctanracter naSl en "ses of her costs
fltlistas, wItth the Yarlouta Hyitoats, ait
thatit searly
shoutld have been sold. -
It is imracticalde ten cmaivy fully ties VPrions suderts
tr:tcei on as tier ae or a mir t st ietily intended- list
tite rmfnit.l. or those cnnteinlat iig snsriage, bit 11u
feinste de ismu of etderinc health. kui tirnt wraity, en.
seqient nilon health. wisich is so con111luciive to Ier oweTr
hi geters. amt tisit or er laisusid, but either Mas oi a ill
ibtilt it, as hs1 r winl l ery * hI.1tis in oi has tile tor
ami itrectioi of his wvile t-licait, or that of 'lia owni -
cuntary matlrorrmeiit.
Ilare bret SICNT JJY IAIL uittbin tili last few
lti ito snssk unmles "l)r. A. I. Maureta 1
Illbrit streel. N. Y." is on the title page,.ndia the
elry tai the (lerk s Oltleu on tile back of the titlo
i-:rte: utl bit% only or respectablo and honorable
eluriter, or sne by matll, stut addreem to Dr. A. M.
Almttrienu. ns thero nrs toptrtous and surreptitons
lfruiigeietts (if coy-right.
No e4sissam. for Igisornaeco, wIsest Ig-noratice
Is DImery to thos w 1111111 innr ness)
,tes.s. nsiitw ilause to cilispel otar Ignorsice
its wltlitn pur reacli.
'o entiblo - every one to elecime upon th Ile Ine/l.
poatil-- n wmiut?/.o po*nsing a copy, ntstl that no
wit-. or m:iother nied remait iia.rinormned uponl the
tunnsiy cusitici, which.. vooler.or Inter, aro dcestineslits
iuke- ferrin1 ravnsges utaion her henlith, unlessgurlel
n-;liust. and that .no-constilertte and -afrectionate
ktunnhal havO Cs.111-4 to ujtisl himiseLIif with ieglect
of the Welfuarsi ot his wife-n pitmplik sr tAitoy-sx
l1;mg9t, conlttinng fun 'Yle-prge ynd Jiden of-on..
letilni. togethier with 'extrnets frois the bookiwIll: be
stnt fiSq tf drgI isi artr oftte Uistijedt Strae,
by nisltressing, otst-patd, as heteIn
tle o c 1Nsornsit
;PrOtt .t'clLor,oql j , I (or~ htli ElIa
tlr k% st bqrpt 'p. iA P '
1ArnsRtsA U, Box 1224, Ne w Y rk .h bls
lats iffle6, No.129 LIberty Strdety ew!i . C
1'or saleh h ~
lit Nen/Ydrk~ Cit bytttrsS
S-rinlr &-TJo nseiti, drihe, Slie
mans& Co., Decwitt &-l)avenitporl, li its &
Co. -Ollice, 120 Liberty Stre~et, tncar
.May 17th, 1853 t9.-tf
TAK[S tis met~lhld ol
dsiumtervtie ntl vttiiiy thai
hie hast otpeed ina Suntitervitth moppoisite? thet now~i
Prsbtyteriani Chaireb, n. CA ItlNET'1 WmV A
1t(03ES. whtere lie 'viti keep.J fsir tale, chteap, tall
stich futritutre uscmet hi ttisinitiilhits sIepartmlent
sf ir tltIratde, w-hichi he illl wnirrat iof gt!
msateriatl ;tand witl fturnish foir cash't, as- Charte..
tto pirices, aill dlescritttioins iif Friture? maitls.
lltepatirimtrtexcetedii at lie shotrrtst ntie~.
.31inhogantty andts plaint Collints fuirnished wvith
mutt dlaty.
itavinig procuredl the servIsis oif Mr. C. W.
I)Avis, hie is ptreparedt to ftrnshl 31etallie I.atris
entarav edt ill anty style.
All ltih sbsthr 'ansks is a fair t rita, ands
its by puntuai t tsitensltht ition t busiss and!
easyv terms, ltmerit pubtilic pat rotnage.*
i'etbriuary 17, 1853. 7.ly
jS'S~ A\l jflMLJLIC CUIT'IN$ of all
sizes, coinla tnt ly ott lis nd a ti for salt
Opp. Tepernnsrtce Ihail Suntterville.
Juine 15tht, 1853 . 34-tf.
Veterinary Surgeon.
1R011EIL'T W. A NI)ltEWS ntiofies the
mitizenas sir this, nti tht etjiintg D isttrisu,
thait lhe has remosvedl tis Stuls neatr ite l9u.
lust of theu W. & 31. It. Rosadl, whiere lie its rendsy
at all timies t tak is chargu of dtiseatsedl I [rses
foir armoderate cha~rgeo; in all casey whetire tere
ist not enrei. ini pay~ ile expechut. I fe alsou
contttinus ti tsake* Patr-engers to ti fh romt 'the
lDeaot. titti exitsu shorttrly to rece~ive ia New
Ounhlus ftor that pulrpiosie. Gouiods heu wji lha.ti
at Ile oldt rate of( 1t0 cenlts per pa~cksngeu anid
ruthins th. e pal tonages of the pubtliic.
Fe b. 22, 185:3 -17-t f
By0ThomS OtNonnor~
i (fltigrs sands Tobah~ccos, Courils, P'ro
tirve ofi ldeticripliotns, Jllys &c. Aso at
comptthtii atssortmtul' oi Griice~ries, whiilch lie
g.iuaanee sa io ell a s low as they cuts be salt
tainrd friotm C'hairlestmn ihr.
(Near~ thes Depot.)
.Painting, Gilding, and*
Hoshh~ld "urnture dlono~1J up ite Iteat.
est anld best utnanneor. All bie sks is a fair
triaul. 11 ua rnleetlCs to sive entire tt
aiculon.. . C-T/* Al (IIrdeirb irosthcilc t iry.
hiAtp~Y hiC sR ufi
,. are~dl from n ru-s-r
O, thO,J 1fle.iM It
I lii.is lilt! "lQ
tion I1ysp""" , aJsii~ '
Ci g tipioi fl! Jxta-tdiij
livre' own44 prJtvixelhjbZi
Jice i I ill MiteiLo 1z
'u ii of I im da:f11 1 Lm5ti *"' If
Ind igeio timeDp- -(ii~
nhemoftllie by-1m l rl l Zt
Wich Fisd bpe~si j ilm 1 I
JIZ( llw lits .C1'ehuIca~
I Rhti
juOg i-4erilrL);,p~
Dp~)HiW? ii nr1 ~d- lie iA
profi-sporaf r~e~i
GI l , flhfi, 4Uj J4~
wDr~i BC'l J~tie I
firtifi~mx rd nl iii tt *:eWii~j
prfi tiijt un l
'Ne rcitk-S,%WkcAit i
th tirtm ai, iuI tl .-pitup iu~jt
I oi..~o I Ifm~m~htu~
Is i tUmdlia h s a ~ j1t
siuh~i~~tit~nespin. ih1
uutummaJ44 -9%Iju~~~lJc
vwit ,it 13 unA f 11r
tigmnuitdii 1' ~,~ it

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