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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 30, 1853, Image 5

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QCi~fl N"tio Am, i
sO~2houlbe mt)' ii 't.
rquie t be dan iied
e tn the idants
'e~fhre 'they argecg
ei.~nortant ciniderat iot
idit utf a l(itchen gr.iideni is:
perh;pj's bet
l'iegonsi4ed, that it should
rf: Jelinationill towards the
-orthern aspectM is,"
u ~)bsper'haps preferable.
RU les such us the eauili
,spiA6h, &e., yield 11111
hen 'not exposed tv the
ofthe sun.
qratielevation is preferaleI
e hill or valley. Conveniienee
llalild also be duily consider
I:utll Ahil most im por tant matter.,
t 99% 1eoation ' iss to
Thishould be a 'rieh sandy
ea.tdfhl of two or three fiet
bw!:If this cannot be obtain
da sifclay or gravel soil is
Abetoit that it is corrected
auadmixt ure of fine loam
4vSoil. j improved by the add;
diue, plaster, ashes, atid vegeza
while a stiffelay soil de
suhveget ible and imuiial ma
sisiids to the separation or its
Hot ITence the necessity of
lid odll-tlrnimal and vegetable
i':' 'Lirie and plaster also oper
IVOab,) and clircoal is esteem
tuiv as a very fine fertilizer.
thepower of absorbing var.ieIns
iInthe atimosphere and readi
r4d 4ein to growing plants.
: nber that. mnzure10 of Soie
:Ij esential to the garden; with
~gr.ner can do everythaing;
u bthing
.A\ T()EOWNESS OF Till-: Son,.
1 SLt be sCcuCd; it is tihe secret
ideoassfulI gardeninig. The
tvb1fgarden plants extend them
vto great depth inl the soil in
1 nishiment. Their delicate
1 .een traced to tihe depth
U bet. Downinmg remarks:
i. the roots of strawberries
ive feet down in rich, deep soil,
thte plants bore a crop of fruit.
6. largc, and twice as hamd
jand good as the common product
nit deep."
loa has other a(vantagCs.
ionly -permits the escape ut wa
le 1thea.vy rain, but by its cap
ttrIAtion alsorbs and therefinre
i she a supply of'imoisture during
ed dronghit. In fiet the oit
uitablefor the garden in a deep
n A cold lay soil or a rich loam
ifieihes in debth, resting upon
Clfty'l stratum, is not vorth the
'pcpnse of cultivation.
E I the selection fir a gar
s el to have relerence to )va
1 abundh4 supply of. water is
ii ecessag. - Lbtidon rct
hk that "Matiy a kitehen crops'
produced of vary inferior quiali
Sof watering. Lettuce and
o ~~often stringy; turnips amid
Jes -o not swvell; onions decay;
wpra~0 sdie ofl; andl, in dry seasonis
9.stinited or covered with inscts,
on ini rich deep soilIs. Copious wan
Rlg~ingthe evenings, during the dry
eiodsywbuuld produce that fiullniess
dsedetbleng~ which we find ini the
I.ntahs ini the Low Countries, ini
hh~tWO irdens at Paris, anid in
at the beginningr aind latter
- 4he season."
aLE r10o oSEEs.-Aftcr you had
zi~to the expense aiid trouble of
~g out: andl pr'epairmg your garden.m
et'fgujin the selectioni of' the choi
sed.~ MNany of' thme seeds anumm
Oiflecd f'or sale are wortless; they
' emthot of an infer'ior variety or
h~&lod~ their vitalit y. This is ex
~qtilg vexatious to the gaidener',
wekiowv no wvay of avoiding it,
t6 i kowving fromm whonm you pro
~ueseelt Possibly an einteruri:inmg
,ghbor, or regular sceedsman, may
'Qble to supply you. ltf iot vou arc
Jle to be deceived.
*AntE TLooLs.-We need scarely re
i d th'e reader that the gardeiier
'4titml be vll- Provided with the im-~
rnl~emd of his art. 0Of these, the
sRdthelhoc and the rake are iindis
mi'blo. 'Others will -be found valu-ii
Ab:o sst~ints, and ini theciri select ion,
luctdiseimiination should he exer'
c;1o Anld sce to it tha t they are
itf conspicuous position, and at
:eAanretinme, biright and clean. lHe
Meribrth~e old standard imaxim:
~1~caplcifor' everyt/ingi, and ev'ery
ik itiae."- o Far'mer'.
' ~From the Farmer andl Mechan~ic.J
~~" Soap Suds.
* he value of this lignuid as a stiimu.
yegeVItaltionl does not appeau' to
* ~erglly apprmecitedl by ouri Agr'i
l~~jts, many oft whIoum imake no use
f althmouh, from theiru well kntown
itat b.Unti'prise and ecuionmy iln
f~iaftrs, we shouldi have beeni
'xpet b6dete hikngs In a st at e
~i t i jf acthal anid complet e soln
Jn7ga,1g condition, iindeed, ini
dIftis''susceptile of absorpitioni
himilation~ by the roots of lhanits.
e i~Ls alue, as a powerful stimnu.
,jit i possese's, also, vei'y potent
elh~nmitij properties, and whenm used
u'h~ K ~igation of gar'den at~d field
~esbest waty, pea haps', im which
jhe fgpplied 0 vegetables-oper
a .9peedy and elfleetuial remnedy
~iinat the - ravages of' bugs, wormms,
tud ost of the ailligeroug or. winged
~~ by which yegetables amre
Ostn Tteted ad eetroyed. It
- dtp~ost -valuable adjutant i
~phouiof comnpost. .or this'
ard ak. or yvat capamble
bre to fliuir eart;
st f sm
[email protected], ad chipgj'ninfroij t if
.wopdh Iled;in b, eArll.ujt
C ijynle ofi nbcorlbintit rich, feetilli
ing Iignid, :id -cttaiigtt the t e nm
efit of tho Soil adi la4n to .whiei it
is to be apjiid. i little's in
at id atteilon t~cinetters of thi iti6e,
the annnal brduct apfour agricultute
lit r buimasuihb y sicrease;
a141d th productive capacity of many
13trins, now regarded as almost worth
less, placed ot a f11tiln g equal, indeed,
ii not siperior to that ift ihe t]ost fr
tile. Nattre has every where supplied
ill units ficeit .aliundance, the nieani1
of' fertility, and We have only to appr
priate and apply them judiciously, to
secutre the best and most, flattering re.
suits.. So I agriciltural Writers have
esti mated the vaLtio of a hogthead of'
Suds, in a state of incipient puttridity,
to be very ihearly ei.tal to that of a
cord oIf prepared mantiure. This is
probably an. over estimate; yet no one
has applied suds to vegetation, anid
catefeily observed the results, can be
ot herwise than convinced of its very
great ellicacy and value. Where it is
used inl Comipsting operatiols, it miiay
be applied in its Crude, befof-e ferien
tatii has taketi place. It will fer
mtient in the heap, and thus i nducitee a
powerful clemticil action inl tile ingre
dienlts, whichl will be inl proportionl as
to power, tio their number aind cha rne
ter, 1at11 the iatitnner, or rather thor
ughtness witi which they are interi
111iNed. \V ith a susflicieneV (i Soap
su1ds and u-ite, a valutable eripoihsiSt
mtayt be tle boum sil-even sand.
A Wrmck at MHiser%'.
In a chapjt oncc Ii te a ssiurace, whicht
appevar-s ini Ilack wood's Mlagazite Air.
Jnly. the writer is some what severe
on wealthy m11en1 of our day, who arn
too scroutpulous il tltcir observance. -
the itiaxims of .Poor Rielard." lie
"Tlhiose who desire to be ab.zoitel
riebi may, if* their lives ar Spared long
etiottghi, at tain that object, by sordid
and i-ceperptuta pincling, anid rigorcouns
abstieice froin the. enjoymeits, hos.
pitalities, and charities of, existence.
It is not. difhieut to aciitiulate. gold if
a muai lts cour-ag t, be an Elwes; in
deed, eases are ahanost daily cited of
ap rtent paupers, amnongs[ whose rags
and gallitenti-v inl the cotnler of soine
fetid cellar extraordhinay hoards are
discovered. No oine, however, bit a
neure caitiff would addict himself to
this kind of netalic acintulation; and
it is noticeable that the practice is
chiefly confined to dried up lbachelors,
who have either no relatives to succeed
them (r who hate theirt relativeS cor
dially l'oor wretches! If, ere they had
given up the ghost on their ill-tended
Couch, ald beccr dpositd'W'thu idl
try shells which they have hespoken
from a iotive ofI posthittmousls econo.
tmy, they could obtaiti a visionl of the
seren i or.li vely conttenance of those
whlo shall walk at theirt ftttetral and di
vide their gaitis; if they could be prts
pieetti ye1l prsent at the banqutet~ wtihib
is9 to focllo~w the ceremolnv. anid witneoss
the etnortni u ennismoitpti on of lis ilor
quaill, nt in honsor of )1 theirt mcetmo
ries, butt bcy way of' conrarctuhitiocn toc
the intebriaited heirs-if they e itl I
hear, by :ntciciiipationd, the renuri cks of'
thte joednhirtguests. thIe r-etai led anece
dotes of' thieirc meannccss, anid thte coim.
menlitacries ott their certel sel fishiness
they ms ight po ssiblyak, hielbre te spirit
ha~s left the e!av. ask them~tselvyes seti
cusl y tir wh at encd. atid e-it her itt this
edl to lead the life of cmutckmmsi mcs.an
intsure th Ie ccoticmiit, ocf thir rac.
nonce is sc desptinb!e its the tmiser-. It
is ntc imtpossiblde that thle prio fligaute
may have ~ a fi-iei l, fi-or tor is usually
left abcout him somtte tcuichi ofhlumtiani
ty-stme 55ne unbrlioketi chord of te
tftner fe-elingc~s iof ours na~ture-bunt thle
tiiser tmeets withI no i-ymp~athcy. Ev
en the mctrse wh-lo is hitred to at tetml
him i int hiis last Ihouttrs, loth les the gha~st
ly ocecupat ison, antd lstngs fort the tmo
mtit cof her- celeause-for althoughc~l thes
sdeat h damlsp is alrelusly gactheingcc suc
his browc~ thIe thlocughts ecf thle deparsingi
sitner are still upon~it his gold, mctc hat :Imi
mer-ie jinighe of a key hec st:ts ties; fls-cm
his torpos r, in a pa roxyvsm of teotrc.
lost, a surtteptitiouts atts-tccpt is being~
tmade utpon t lie sanretity of htis strc og
bocx 1Deeds thIece ace ccmany icn that
biox; bucit whlete are the (leeds t hat
shoul cmve enibrited the dyincg mnc~c?
What. blhesinigs haus lie purtscascd fort
himicself thrutccgh his lontg useless litim
'[There ar~e nou Iprayess uif the orpha orittet
wyidwc~ fchr hin, ntic. a soclitarcy voice
lhts ever. breath It his nonice tc hecavent
as a beneolhts- scr. On)ie pcor I penntiy, gi v
eni awa~y icc thle spsirit, sit ttrue (baty ,
wonhslI now~ lbe worthi moren tso himi thtan
all thce gobcll that, the wisrbl consta~ins;
bt, noitwithstanducing thaot lie wats at
his iccianey inc thisse awfutl te-xt itt whlich
the woship ccf Inuutimtic iis denounttcedl,
accd the puntkfis'net, of I )ives tcold, Ito
ha-s necver yet, bee abtle0)1 to dIivsoe
himtuself fromci his solitarcy sive osf Icist,
ort to part, with once atom of ftis plf.~
Antd soc, fi-otm a mcisenile life. iels-t-.t
eil actsd despisesd, be pa.ses inito a cIreatr
eternsity; atnd thosec whlsso hec- to ng.
lected oSr miiisuised, make itercry withI
the hcoacds ssf the mcisel ."
A Sc Nom.iAiLI luno.-IIThere is in thte
gar-den at. lcegenct's P'arik, L ondclont, a
pclain-looking, sombr~te bir id a ntat iv ~ofs
New IlollandI, Called the br-ush tuirkey
whose habdits of reat-ing its brood are
amcong thec most renmarkale in the his
tor-y of anuimal Instinote. The bird is
1ithuorough ehernist, and cdiistruets fir
itdelf'a atealt itlcuba toi ,oi cibehtical
pribeiples, by w~hich it, iniche is c-ggs
itwtilite in gsiid tiiil, is a ha
i' h :it I i)rei tt the IsO s, ing into > I.
er gray at the kndl .t(ekin f the
ieend and iieck its of a deep pink veg
iig on red,i tiid Jhiily spi-ink ILed witi
short, dlingy Iir.' The 'iat tho is 'f a
hight yollow, shalding lfl' into red
-in si'ie lt'ks'nuirlfVtini, o'a lag
it genlerail habiits this'bird iS nothini
relnarkable: it is in the reprilil
of'the Species .that its niom aloins pro
ceedtings are nIniifested it is a be
liever in fIrmentation and cooperatiotn
for Ien the i'beeiing saon arriives
a iInnleler of'tlel.birds. enter into part-,
Irslhip,_ tal Colleet a n1ge ealip of'
vegetabie inatter, Which is allowed to
ferinent' till. it flrniw a hot-bed. Sev
eral weeks are p'atiently Cinplotyel inl
fhrming this lieaip, but w-heni once
friniii-ed. it locs duty for several yelrs,
new matter beinig added lit the top as
that beneat h rits :imay. In collectinlg,
the' birds use otily Ilhe ifot,. the bill is
not tised at all. The su rI'eu of'the
ground so-roun:U!rdin t h ho-bed is thus
cleart'd I& j very leaf ainil l lade -.
gIiss. everv se'roI jip of vegctation beir
added to assi!t in the fierimentaltion.
XW hent this py ramidical moiuid green
sttilulni sniliciet ti ?in to liat, alnd
whenvit, is jist; at the proper to:11purai
tre. for hatchillg. tile hug,- .. are inl
sertedl, not side by side, brI piiri:. at,
rleIutilar intervals froi each I it hie, :1id
stLuck 11uto the fus-ty, snin(king,' heapj perl
h'eetly tijrigihi, the1 largeu eiii diwn.
wr, and it an :arin's Iienli iwlow tie
l..ace. They are then covere'd up:iiu
:iad left till aitched. Weiitlher the
chickens have to fight their vav
through the wari, "artificial mother c
or viether, as Mr. Goii w iliiro
ed, the tiiinalus retinit in the iei uh -
herhood, in a1 litestion nit yet settled;
there is ao douhti, Iowvever, that -in
either case Natire Ims provided ihr
tile safeLy (X lie young, :1nd t ihat ali its
insti,iets are :ahapted to tie circui.
6auces of'its bir ih.
'III- 'o.r O1 Anv Atn(UM r N.-- ier.
dall hlad heeni drivilr (1hit. three or
cCur lh orses in it Ilackiey cotno -, when,
seoing Riiaridsoni pass, Ie hiiled iii01
aid nal hii:I get. in. lII ine.taitl
cnlrived to introdcle a to1ie 1.11p
which lUeliardonIl (who was the
veryN. Soul iif disgiutativeniess) always
dileed wvith hizi; ainl alt last. ai-etinug
to be iroritifid :t. liiehardsni's atr
IMunwnts1., SaIid: "YOU ilare really tJO
hac: I0;lnu. b arto listen it) snleh a
thing; I wii tI. ^-tay ill -the sa ie
coI ith ye u;: u ;d iccordingly got
do-j%. I n 1 f h1 m' R.*,ichardsou hl -
loging. wut t*ZIe o phal tly _-1111 n Il hhn
"Ahl, yora bet,. vill're' beat-" niol.
i ui d L ia tL l. u rv, . t--ahe
'X I ri L J te: 1 i ll t Co; I- 1n 6i t Q
wa's left ii11..i ie luiich to ' rSh
id Inl.s three.- hours' cloachIn -. . -r's
AX hiarrister ob:J-C'erved toi a ! arned
briothier ini s-hert tiline since, that .the
wearing ofl' whiskers was lnicrok'es
s1 inl1. "lI ights," repl -ied the ti-ieii.
'a iawyer cannct, lie t'ooft barelid."
Rail Road Notice,
ENiNui's OrueE, \Ydi. & .ani. II. I.
ON andl after this date, the Al aii andl
Passeniger T.rains will run daily as foliews:
Leave Mars Bifl Station t 12:30 .\. 31.
"L Florence I 14
" 3I'iiiyesvi le " 2 315
A'rrive Lit Junctidion " 5.00n "
Leave .IJiletol at 23~.iI
IteAlanchester c'
W, A, K~ll~iET&r C EL
N" Floenc "~ig~ rel 154icro
.A ri re rs ~iii nifS itio a 45 t "iis ul
oinl tei south t'ar iia Rai nioidunt
ABA I) if- L J.1) IL.0.\lNG
W. A. ~i~r. Les. Eng. & c.
Jtu'y Inlh, 1i3' 3 1 35--i~go
.lulyr~th 1 3 . ' 3 -t
W...&, acobi & ITC ELL
FI.J Ae1illONA HI~ I2 ~th
No. 268 Kin-recllcorer of
Wentorths CarDles on.C
lk' raeill nd a~ all etisrdner acl
andl cotpt e i ste iofaern tote e 'r
w.a. nT.Ct31 - . n. a ir - i,
Manufactry 4 -3 Wshingto
Stre N. Y.
May 1- 1 2' 1f
~I~/~)$~at~ C91~tL U Ofz-I'M f 'DIA
F 'f CHI, 1N DIi lI A ND A1JE'RI
'ICSSAIms:c I) y, S1J3
PAE 6 M70tiiV,A R t8V 4
l'nOMsnUian NIeOrinNiSs, LAAir ANI
'SIIA xatn' lifvtttg & 10oo-r 8ba ait, It,
ce n a t 11 e 0ol
- Agent. for tic
April Gth, 18.
Ila juIt recived from Ilaltianore aud New
York,a large and well ielected stock of .
Br~oadclo~tlas, Ca-simeres and
the fiwd aml best that a L4 e ver been brotiist
Lu thi market.
iteady ide Clotlliig for ittts' ami Youthli,
fofevery qimlity anddescrip.tiol. Iaivinlg e.
lected the Goodis, aid hdti Lhin made up to or
tier, lie can Warrant the work.
--A 1.s0,
Evory deseription and inality o r loves ; I)ressi
lls ineuk- ti t) order; .Unpst, Silk Cravats,,
Silk Pocket IIandikerclhief and Neek Tis,
Linen !Shirts, (i. Collars, Merino Umlershirts,
do. DIrawers, with every artiele thIA is worn hy
genitlviiei, whiih ie ollers on roasonahble terils,
anid soliclit a ca'll front hi 111 .l etimlliers, atid
lie Citiz'.-:n of the Diitrict generally.
Si nmtervliMe, NOV. 150h, 18 d 3---t r
Cheap Grocery,
ilE ~ SItuscribter hn~ving~ openiedi a gro
cery inderneath the Towni [fall, destiris
keepini-g coinsttaintly oit ha nd, a supply or
hevavy articles, vuch as.
Sugar Coffee, -4Tea, Flour,
CAND LO, .OT1A TOE-IS, &(,. &c.
In fatt hittei ofltost everVtingit. that is
Liod to e!i; 111d'whir. wl be ,tohl lIv
for cash, or in -excliantt e cout tiory IpO).
dtice. Ile promisel to) attend to i:-I own
busines!iit . an4 hopes by at tendting striclly
thereto. to redee a I al siare of pi
ronl-l i J. M1. CilANID1l-Eli.
March 15th, IH53 '
The Corn Exchange,
~By ThLoa
.0 GU0N N 0 R.
Who' koI . n 9NO1 hand a lit of
1)ONEST IGCS it tIre lowest rates. (R()
CEllES lit' Ch;rleston pric's 'for cashi.
D'idoii, Lard, 1ans. itterand a large -
ply of the bet. CG(A is aMld TOlIACCO
which Ite will. sell cIheaper -thaii any.mer.
chant in towa, ilso juist received 40.barrels
North,Carolhina lur.
Ja.t 183tI 103 1v
T ibstlrE ihc her woill respect
fily info'r'di huis old friends iitd the
pat'lica grenernity,- that his% 11Iitr' so
loing knownvi ais the "SUAITERJj I lOUSE,"'
is again opeiie'ed iriimi date, for. the recep
tion of visitors5.
Thew initerana I rr mgemeints will guilergn
a shoroughI repair, with as little deldj es
po.sibtle, aii btetruists ~t ahs a:ntionjii to
teuicomfort of! his guies-, wI imeLrit ai shl sro
ofi publlic pat ronaiigi. Theii subscrier has
lI.l.:nn tt uneid!s tittini~ tip thme room:i with
nietess, andii wtill furnmishi it wirh all1 t he
necessaries andl -coinveniientces that lovers1
ofI the sporLt cnrtin ~ttire.
Alarch 8ith, 1853 10-tf
China, Glass And
*ff .\S jn- t reCeivted diirect fromthen imtani
andi bys r'ctt-. 5eisls tromi lie .Norib, am
inew. pa1I ~ttrn andti slapes; 2mnontg whl ichi
are best
W'1ilT EL'lANITE or STO)NlEWi.lIE,
Chitna lintish a stuperior aiticle ;
Il itne anid othier Co!ored W~aare, (tf new
plaintt~ W mt Gobi otc d ttcora lte
lich ina Ii nrad e-els n
andl l'airluor latmirp, a . .atr article;
Wa'eIs l'atent Od~ andit lard L :non1. ; inew
artice cgivinmg grea:t lhght anid brillijancy;
I lousekeeptj:ing a ri icles, int great va riet ;
l'aeknaiu ot 'iTnmblers, 1"lasks, &c., low
byv lte package'.
I Iavisig complteu arreang mnts for Cota~i.
Initr s d 2 :1ic ioma te. mnnine
O rdlers attended~t itipIug !y.
Cihiiihiat, AXmi pr 12, 1'853 2--I
Fine Cigars and Garden
'a1ay 2-Ii. h, 1 3,30--t f
Oice next door to J.U & .t3y~ehn'
New York . tory
Marcha R1853...b. A 3--tf
tilAl 'it b s
ND -OILS' IiS 01s,
'J'O'AL To-il-1itt1 i
Wicu0 CotUs ANt IIaIIt linvins
un AND Srtrt-O)LA, . FAsT SOAS$
0I i I
ieeyarticle- * -
illstL iriredl
Whatever coiceri the hle ldraiatl i esu'.
o peiople iat it tll tine of the ilst t van.hibhi
imnportance. .I take. it for graited that every.
p- rson will do Itl in their poe er,'to i-nve the li es
if their children, and that every persons will enl
deavor to proolnte their own'health it at all sacri
fiees. I f'l it to be Idy"ihrty tiiirilnly aIsiure
ot that Vonais, nerordting to the opiliilon of
the m11ost celebrated PIyiCians. are the primary
awses of a large naajority if liseases to which
ihildren and adults are htable ; if foi hiave an
a petite contitnally elimigeILeIC fron one kidi
ii i to an:iother, HId] Breath, 'ai ins the Sto
iach, Picking it the Newe, Ilardnessi4 anIi Full
uness of the lh-lly, lry Congh. Slvod Fevel,
Pulse Irregular-reeiher that all these denote
W ou s, & yon ihlohil at once aipiy ihe reied y
Ulpitanck'N WVorass Siu.
An art iele finnuled uponl Sciemtifie l'riunciples,
Collomit Iitled with plitely Y ve.getnbhe inlbst:itles,
being perfoetly safo vhrn. tnkin, 3un11l ctin be
gtiv ei l tlie aInstt tetih-r ltif:mtit with- decided
he.nefical ellet, Where Ihnarl Complaujits anld
Dirrho have nale thetim weak; and debilitated
the Tonic propert ies of tv Worm S .rop are
stneh, thn:it it statnds withlon'ano eqgnal in thneata
logue of itnelitinies, in giving lone atid tireuigth
to the Stirtomach, whicb mtlales it an lIfallable
remtdy for those aillietel wit I)yigjrpiu, tih
asttiihcig etrus perlorinel by this Syrup- ater
l'hyuieints htavu le ' i4 fhe best cvitentc ofits
rtuperior efficary over aill others.
Ihis is the ntoist uilicilt. Worm to des.trov of
1:1l t hat itt fest the hni svstenti it grims tn:ni
aloost indeihniite leui It bao:itgt sti coilel ati
I-ttentdt) to he llitestiL.4 amldtentutmeh ef-etjun.,
the heal ihi so tsadhly as to ense St. Vitius Dtnhie,
Fits, &c., that thoie a illieted neloin it ever
ectlel that it is Tupt oi'rm haitting them to
no eaurlv grave. InI tirder to destroy tii Wurim, a
very energetic tretaneint titis he p6iriiued, it
wfoihlt tlereor he proper ti take b to6, 8 of any
I.iver P'ills so to retumve all obtrcitions, timt
l- WmSrum Xvnip may net direct tijoin lie Worn,
which must h taken its disex of 2 T1iableioni.
fu 3 in1t-s a i1:1y, thcie nireerious Fbllowed
have never been kinowi to fail il enritig the
mot oi.itinuate ca i of Tape tLru.
1oibellsahekN LivC3- I :i.
No poart tif t lie systet is more liable to dive-ase
th1an1 [t LI VEi, it tt:rving as a filterer to ptri
f lite blood, or giving the proper seeration to
the bile ; so that inly wrong ietion of t ie .iver
effWcts tihe other imporutit parts of thet.sysietnt,
and resvults variously, inI Liver (omplaint;
Jaundice, Dyspepsia, &e. We shminl therefore
watch every. sytiprum that might indicate a
wrotng iction of the Liver. . These Pills bein11
composed of lOOT an1 L.wrs firnishiel by
unture to heal the sick : Natnely, lIt. Ait Ex.
lPc-ront A.T, whlich antgtis tlie secretion froth
the Ptlnonury acus meinbraite, or proitotes
,the discharge of iecreted matter. 2nd, Ani A.
It XN.sr iv, which changes in Hone inexplica
.b1le Iatidh Ji-stdllsiblentiniti te cettnin ito0dd
action of the, y A TONlc,1Which
renewng health anil 'vigor to all parf tih
bodly. :4th; A CAThi;A'rIC, Which adtst.inpur.
feet hirmony wVitlh tho otier inrilients; and
iuperdinug ont the ' lowels, land. Jpxpelhing the
.n hole tpaiss ofeorrupt anid vitIated mnatterunmi
putrifyig the Ilood, wvhich desitroyii disease anti
restores helithti.
.iYou ill~ find these Pills anl invalnable meidi
cilte ill manytl copltitu to wh'ichl yotu are sub-h
.ieetl. Inl iobstrutcti~tins eithe'r toital or partial, thety
have beoun foundti ofitnentimabnhle behefit, resiturini.
t heir funictiontal airrantgelttents tol a hieal thy aei:
tiion, hiurifyingi the blood anti othier hhtnihIs so'
el.ctutally tiiput to flitdht all comtplauints whtiich
tny arige f'ront tettnde irregtthiritiesm, as5 hiead
nehe , gihbbnuess, dittnnss oh sighgt, pait itn theii
side, hack, ke.
N onte geninle uless sliteml 3. N. Ilon !.xsA ex,
all othieru bing balse imitalton.
. XY A gtl~ ts wishingi nle w st uplies, tand Store
Aepjers dein rions ofi bleominilg Agetbntist adt
dress the l'roprietor, J. N. II ltiENSACKC,
t-'or sale. by a:h Druggists andu 3lerchuants ill
the~ .8
for the tate.
Through Fare froh1 Charles
TION Tl'(A hIl.T I.\hl ~ tim:7.50t;
Tiljj. G il'T AI. (.)UTEl FRO{AI
LEAV ING; the Wharf ait tiche oot ci
Laurenslt-st. daily at 3, p. tm. alter the
aurrival oh thle ouitthiern eatrs, viai WI L
AllNGTION. iN. (C., iromti which pomit
twvo daily trinis aire dispuatchued at 8 A. M .;
a til 2 I'. M.; the8~ o'clock on/!; icoieing t
WVeldon with theii huevs to I'etersburitg,
del lia, mittl New.-Vo rk. Theii pubbet is
respeuctflly k itnformedi~ that thle ste:.'meirs' of
thesue hUnes, ate in irst rile cotadtion, andi
ti iCe~t n aite by well kittowni antd CX.
peiecedi conlunnder's; lie lHail Roadsu
atre ini ine order, (tihe WVihniington
antd Weblont, as weili is the Seaboard
woih hteavy TIrail) thterebty ueentring bot h
piassete.rsr avnttdig thuetselvesu of' lie
1"R iT T'I'l'RA IN mayi retell ltim~nore itt
New Yot'k in 50) I - hourtis~; tand by thle
8lECOND T)'RA IN thev arrive- int il
imioiri ini FI hoiurst, IPhiiohiia ini fSil
Tlhrug.h tickets cant alonte he haid froum
I. W\ I N SI OW, Agtl of th iIhntlingitn
mtiIleihigh Rail Road Coumpayi~. at the
oile oh the Companyli, foot1 i of EnnrenIs
',treel, Chairleston, S. C..., to wthiomi please
Alare Ii 3 , I852. 22-tf
AT t ttL D U TtI8'AND) OF. 8. .e J. (G ~Jtt T,
s~ltnd.-No. 35 andlt 41) Wientworth street
Chaurlesjton--whe'ro ithey w i bo pleasedJ 1'
exhibhit to their oh1 4rittluis~-mtd 'ptomorcr
p yery extensweV Shoek of 'iehicles, com.
prising--Those of their ow i naiact,urt
Jooher'withi varionts oilier 't41e usually011
found htithis markeljt. Their lontg acquaint.
atnd donlors wvill enablo themn to oflor greAi
inducments to *prchascts both1 Itn style
,and( prices.
Au:gtist 24, 1852. ,- 4t'n
c*it Hi
.,at I ata 11 InI1t 11~ it 'torf It
aion of tva r inant .
r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ N g-een oiha o rums knut ce
itn orsurse I 4gf ed.'
When too lite to be tlftie y o kiowledeg e took
ackaaanotria, kn ada ipblyconsu cps f our
norAce; g-usl r ,o'u.t
What would we not often ,40to possesi isAly fire
the knowledge we obtaio ina i yarA d wlst days
iiijtitsofsig~it 'Ii rniti if
mle di A . is spare
To'tiold the siehnesi asnr sai'eriic edred 'b atnaaiV 2'
wire for nany yea from causses altnjile and cosatrollabte
.asiiy reisedsedo bre stil,-not sneuedif ai'rry
o'sseeised tiii information containid in a littierobmmme.
(tsitfai time reacl ofall) wthich would sorme to iherveir
AIut to her hisband ile consitut tollslid antiety of thinsi
necessarily devolvij- ittroni him frorr sickoess or t*kb wife,
without wtiisw Nikn eIS opf'or9tiiity of acquiritgi tat coin.
p rtence wic ,h is exertigon are entitled. and tie pomed
sanni, of tiluch woild aechre the happiiness of ltantaself
witie.and children.
By becoming in time possessed of the',kuowtelnc tl.i
wmit of 'which ias caused th'e sidths ansid Isoverty of
int view -of such consequeser' no wife or'ntither is
excusable Hshe steglect to nariif herself or tht knlotif
'ed 'e in respect to iereif. which wirool Pirst ier mnuhr
u 1 erix, be the mseans ofhaitpides aill prospserity to tt
nob asd confer upoit her chiliren that bfesing above
alI prce-aealtiy bodies, with heablty ninds. That
knowedge-is conitainied its a little work entitled
rilvale liedical Coi npanion.
racVrs:ion or - iastsI or wo:nki.
Oe laundrith Edition. Iloo., pp. 50. PrIce 50 Cents.
[ox FINIC PAPICR, EXTA 3t10141, 31 00.)
First pablislitdin 18ir; ail it is ont
Cnssasirlertss: iha .'E iV . iOEM1AIL
here acquire a fall kinsowlecfgo of ilad
nnttire, clitracter nsisl cantes of her cosamt
plintas, With the iasrloss symsin onas ssW
AiL. searly -y o
shotld shave been sold.
It is impvracti-e to. engn'dy frii tid various slircts''
tea'ted of. as trier ere or a imtire strictly ititeusit ist
the mtricsl, or thse constemilatis: snarriatea. bilt nio
leile desisou-S of 'e:i3 * hit sealth, und th.t tsraity, con
sesno-ut nsissi iealih. Itsies is so considhrcive to heer owns
hapiitess, ait tht or ier hshi'tsssid, bsut either has or w ill
Oit-tria: it, i ris or will every husisaad n his ti.a tile lore
adill'st rct isa si s i e at- ar, or tisl:t of hise owns pIb.
cunsiary imierovemenit.
flare twen SENT BY MAIL Aithin lthe ist few
It sits Wilk unlss "Dr. A. M. Maurieati,129
1.ttertv Str-et. N. Y'. is on the titto page. timd the
entry Iti ite (lerk's Ollico on the back or thie ltlo
linse ; nsIl buy -only of respectablo and aenorable.
'iiav ir., or teail by m11ttit, nul addre.' to I)r. A. .L
\llnrieenu, ni tisero -nrt spuriousa and stirmrptiioni
infrrisgseentsr f csy-righti.
No exce140 for Igauorance, wiaesa Igssorasaco
1- Mhcray tit those we:.hici Ikear ss41
tiene, nsl 'vlhc to 411spel otar lgoonsascO
la wilthslat our reach.
To i-atlo overy nn1io to e'IchCdo uPot the bIm/s.
junsud ah niesrtl of pnsoeesmilng a copy. nuti that' no
wite, ir naother nued remami smnforaned upoa the
tl:ny enuseA wh:Ich. eoosteror later, are destined 10K
innk rerrful ravages itron her health, unless guariled
n;ainAst, ntis that notconsislerato and nifoctiosnale
businitl hanvo cnnne to.uplbrattl hitn.wif with- neglect
of the weiroro of hiis wfe-a pain'phletaof titty-six
sages centainit gftU 'Yi1t1iq ad uludeo of (bn..
lens's. ogetlhr- wili s-tractt. rnut the hImmki will - be
sit fesrs of; edoirge t1'anny iitri, loilac UnlisdI Lites,
by nAtsre-sig, l'pols as herein.
h~l ii ad oss'leilge- livssprap ss , 't1c Cle
-tal i iars t W
iers ttst be uast Osioljltd9 rsas~s~ s r.di%
'1 1C1.4 . 1B 024 -Newlark .th fils
tslCUflee, No..12 Lbery Strdtw~kk
6or salethv U
Ini Neiv York'ICity hp
S riniger & Towneii, Adrinlice, Shier
mani& Co., Dcwitt V lDaveniport, Is &
Co.. Oflie, 120 Liberty Street, near
May 17ths, 1853 . 2--tf
T AKESi this inethod ot
~~ ~aitimterville nal v'icinaity that
lit has opened~m ina Sutetrville, appsisyite the~ ntow
farsbytetritan Church, a CA liiNlCT WA.\RE~.
IMLOM, wheLre he will lkefp for rale, ce'atp, all
snehl inriituire is ttdmies simb-sr thfis dep'~artmsenti
of bais trms. whtichm hit nsill wnirrnt of gsoods
tnterial ;and w*5ill furiih fiar cashl, rat. Chailrles
tn twricsss, nll destcrip-itins of 1"'uriture miiade.
lItesa irinig excutiedl n i lis shoartsest stice
..t s.Mazgay unid plain Ctlinhs fuirniused wii-h
hlavinig procures! the services of Mr..C. W.
Ir ts, he ist pirearedl to furrnish Metallie Palatelt
enigraved~t iiniay t't lt.
All the sushetir askcs is a fair trial, andm
hop ets lay faistt Iat u tmit itn toiusness and
e-asyitrmts, 1to meist pubtic patrosnagei.
1e ruaary 17, 1853. I7--ly
jF'8S08 AMETALI C CO~lF'1Nd ofrnli
sizes, constatlly osn biantitinant for ht
by HUDJISON & lROalilEI,
OppJ. TIemptjeranice llall Suniterville.
June 15th, 1852 34-tC
Veterinary Surgeon.
IIOhiIERTl W. A.N l)RFMSVl' notsafies the
c'itizenrs sof this-, ands the adljouining I istrits,
liat he~ hut retovesd his 'tabhles nea r th lt e
psis of the W. & 31. 11. Illoada, where heo is rteady
at atll timies to takc c chiargseit ofhieatsed Ifosrses
foir a rmderate chargo ;its all e'ntes where~ thetr
is tnts enres sit pay wsilIlibe expectedt. I e atlso
atonti tnis ts take Pmui-senigers to .tsl' fromi ' thet
llept, nsis aexpesrtst shortly ito receive a New
(ntihnsi for thfn aiurpotst. G3oushe liwtsill htauil
it thet old ratet oft 1i0 censats per paickage, atnd
sosl iiitste piat rsinage of thme pubalilc.
Fetb. 22, 185s3 17--t
.iAhBy Thomas O'Connor,
.nas received per l1.ail Ihmad, tatcocselec
tia of igars ands 'ITobacco, Cordiasth, Pro
tsrrs's tif sall descsuriptios, .lellys &c. Also a
comttplsttn assssriet~ti sat G~rreriess, wichl lie
gsuante'es to sel-l tas lowv as they cuan b-e ob
tineds fraos Chaurleston'f or.
Feh b. 1953 1-Ii
~SUMTill Ri'1LE, S. U.
Painting, Gilding, and
Silver', and ErIaIiin .
Houitssehslil IFurnuiu doen ptJ in the tneat
est ami hnost inannter. *AlIlibe asks- it at fair
trial15 lIe gutarantees to give enstirn sari
iet htn. Mil"- All of re fromt fhe en~tiy.
promptly attenidtld to -. *
a. 1t,193i -
N I~
re ie O fer ireoIS h*p
TON' M. P., I'MauJ. 1; 1
'1131 in It trilp%%!bi1iderU
(0lqn;DOi550-31.0, %1u * 115j
lstsa s a ilau A inr
Gstric Juice.
in i~.itr. -il. si i srtl
.ufslit, I stisi, Aic. 'iuj f
iie l heO tiltflf.YI~b
jad of I ash! p-rf1yWtkiia~
JIII % III Itt(lebscr
imat o diii" fre.if~lital
Il5e5 l sits is b NIi I kII i
Iai I N~~~iitQk I n 1w I
linros, T tLiobi iii ll~j.-il o
imal I -;--,it ry. voygli kl' ~AIikt X
chan aell nnd sijgkeWSj'iIt
gut I huy woru~ldJ 1 1) te IL
Dr.- (osuthe, bi- IiHNN~i1~~
F I yaelp ilbly or *c r
Juke DR it Mni liii Ad *l
V).l klI'Lt L5ILa
Iii lg Oishg i, i ll
steur tifi nl i * 1j, 1h vii~ia -
Dr. 11; 2 til
%0110 ias illd~ Ii'ib 6uko
I tark i~u lats .1lit l~ fk
tt Ikt~ 55suIqtalplj 'rIs~~ti$~i
.au 4sssnIoIh j'a

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