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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, September 14, 1853, Image 3

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UTAttt TO..
S~ii. Hoir Q,1nA*4e'
~ Fnid or~ri:
r Pethe iditStoainh eO after
- Otiiis f Iarori Ueigi' (9a e olo.,
' ilnwonlerl-lremedy for
n ap idice, Liver Com
C tillidtj fi1ebility, curing after
alOM 4 a OWU Method by Nature's Own
. . . . . . HJe- ice. Pamphlets, contain.
dence. of its value, furnished
Nep notice among the inedica
4.44, 44 -, olsonting.
parents who use Vermifuge.
sor it, Calomel, &c., are not
MN they appear to benefit the pa
! re actually laying tho foundation for
such as salivation, loss of
nes.flimbs, &c.
her, clumn will be found the adver
Of opensack's Medicines, to which
k t 6Viin of all directly interested
OR as well as their Children's health.
r .Cotmphiints and all disorders arising
f those 0 1 lts type, should make use
1'eoly genuine medicine, Ilobensack's
r Pillq
- 8P "Be not deceived," but ask for IHoben
'A- ack's Yorm Syrup Liver mnd P'ills,.and the
4seTe that.each hu the signature of the Proprie.
r Apo, as none else are genuine
gust0. 42-1y.
MESS. DTons:--The anxiety mani
[oated to brino before the people ninny of
/ .oA citizens of Claremont County to repre.
et 'thenm in the next Legislature, induces
* -Vnany of:the friends of Capt. FRANCIS
DESICHAMPS, to offer his name for the
cofsideration and support of his fellow citi
11is unpresurming, inostentat ious.deport
ent his modest manners, together with
- - stronig good sense and high moral worth,
entfilest him to the support of
Sept. 9, 1853.
customersand the emimnuity generally
't athythe20th inst., I will have in store
a full stock of
nny line, consisting of CLOTHS, CAS
el IERES, and. VESTINGS, of every
A L.S -
of; every (escription; vith a complete as
88srtment of
-. Ready Made ClThin g,
,carafully selected in the Baltimre and
; Ne&v'York markets.
D). J. WINN.
Se pt. 20, 185:3,
Village Lots for Sale.
'ERMSl" made easV and possession given
1st Jaiuaiy ne.'t. Nv is your time
ior agond bargan. Apply at this office.
Sepit. M.,- 1833. 46 t f
Head Quarters.
44tH REGIldENT, S. C. AT,
- - -- F... Old ; Sept. 7,: 153.
brderiNo. 4.
S. C. Militia, wilparade on S-un rday,
Townliarmed and equipped as the latw di
iects, for Drill end Review.
Trho Commissioned and non-Commnis.
cined Mfficers the day previous for Dri
and JIntruictioni.
.The Line to be formed each ~Itty at 11
'chuck, A. Ml.
Punctual attendance is ret nired, as the
Law will be stiictly entor against all
.IBrigadier General S. R. CntAi-.R~t and
Staff are respectfuPl invited to attend on
thie day of review~
4fy oi-der
CuI *4th lleLg't.
80 18531 43 5t
SWatchman copy until parade.
A4ttention! Beat No, 3.
Beat Complany. No. 1, Upper lHat
.. ~ talion, 44tli Regimteit, will p~aradle
at'Plowderfs Mills on Saturday,
the 17th of.Septembecr next, arm.
*.edanid equiipped, as the law directs.
h fonr Drill atnd Iustrutct ion..
* The..LUntto .be -formed at 11 o'clock,
CBy order of Col. F. M. M ..-r-r.
SUMtTElaVtLi.r, Aug.'25, 1'953.
The 5th:1.eginment or C2availry is herehy
*nQred ? araudeat Sumnterville, on Friday,
~!~~ 14th tay sof October next, ait 11 o'clock
,for Dill anid lieview.
T.he Commissiotnetd and non-Commission
edofficers of the Staff and ine,;are arder
- edtomsemble the day previouts for dIril
dnd istruction, at the same hour and
place. .
Theli Llant. Colonel and Mnjor, are
* cllrged ith the extenision of this Ordcr
to thieConipanies comlposing their respect..
SCol. 5t h lleg't. Cavalry.
4JYJ GOOnwyn, .JR. A dj't.
Aug.:30 - 44 . 7t
Etate of L. White, Deo'd,
DERSONS ihddbted to the late Capt.
?Leonfiril Wilite, will take notice, that
the dentande'dito him are lodge~d with us
for collection, T Ilfcy aire requestedl to come
lorward nhd Aettle. ais our instrctionis are
- positive4 No other notice' will be given.
. & M. MOSES.
- Am0. 53 44 3
<Tor Warding Merchant1
___ VAu~j 2:) 4~' 1 ly
~ Fi~~e~ rs dnd Garden
~ ~4(MN&, CO
Ho -90, the. lst Molidayand dgyql .
ing. in'0tober next, withii lega ours
Of sale,- to tlehiglett bidler,fo- cas the
following property. ^Purchasers to paf for
One lot of land in Sumterville; adjoining
land-i of the Academy and L,, D..Jones,
levied upon as the property of John D.
Jones, at the suit of John N. Frierson.
Defendant's interest in one tract of lind'
in Salem, adjoining lands of E! Duia'nt
and Est. of J. McLendon, levled uprn as
the property of Isaiah McCoy, at tlie suit
of 0. P. McRoy. Sold at the risk of the
former purchaser.
Defendants interest in one tract of land
in Salem, adjoining lands or David Green,
Player and others, levied upon as the prop.
erty of T.. W. English, at the suits of
B1rown, Leo & Co., G. C. Wheeler, and
W. E ToRe.
'liot and buildings thereon in Sumter
ville adjoininr land of opposite F.
Myer's flote' levied upon as the property
of A. Chisolm, (under mortgage) at the
suits of Joel Stevens, - Samuel Kikendall
and .. Jas. Chandler.
Lot and buildings thereon in Sumter
ville adjoining lands of and where C. Ma
son lived levied upon as the property of A.
Chisolme (under mortgage) at the suite of
Samuel Kikendall atid J. Jas. Ckandler.
Lot and buildings thereon in Suinterville
adjoining lands of and where defendant
lives levied upon as the property of A.
Chisoln (under mortgage) at the suits of
Samuel IKikendall ar.d J. Jas. Chandler.
One lot and buihiings thereoi ti Sum
terville, adjoining lands of - and where
Miss E. Kenney lives, levied upon as the
property of W. S. Hoyt, at the suit of B.
Salisbury, Pringle, Graham, & Co.
One lot of 2 acres, more or less, and
buildings theron; One lot of 3.4 acres and
biuildinrs thereon: One tract of 1000 acres
of land; Ono lot and buildings thereon in
Sumnterville, and where lel't. lives, levied
on as the property of Thos. J. Coghlan,
at 1he suits of John G." Ralield, Edward
McGrath, Win. Adgor, R. W. Spann, and
Bank of the State of Sonth Carolina.
Iljere.st in 1 negro, 2 wagons, 7 horses
levied on as the prope-rty of A. Chisholin,
at the suits of J. Jas. Chandler and San'l.
I Negro, levied on as the property of G.
W. flulelus, at tie suit of Wi. Webb.
I horse lev.ed on as the property of G.
F. Bradford, at the suit of C. T. Mason.
1 Negro, levied on as the property of
T. R. flerry. at the suits of W. Osteen,
1. T. Cummings and A. J. & P. Mo-es.
1 Negro levied on as dhe property of W.
it. Bently, at the suit of E. ). Pringle &
I Negro and 1 Ilorse. levied on as the
property of Jihn V. Ballard, at the suits
A. C. Spain, F. J. & M. Moses, and WN. E.
1 Negro levied on as the property of J.
J. Belser, at the suit of S. C. & J. C. Chatm
12 Nerroes, levied on as the property of
W. P. Butler. at the somts of EL 1). Prin
(le & Co., W. 1. B. kichardson, J. J.
Berry and J. S. & L. Binwie.
I Horse, levied on as the property of R.
L. Christnaq, at the suits of I. Va'ughan,
and Wn. Wilson.
O:ne tegro :evied upon as the property
of John W. Ervin, at the suits of 1).8.
Sargent and Thos. Cobb.
One Negro, levied on as t.e property of
Joln V. Ervin under a Mortgage givei by
J. W. Ervin to Joseph Monetgomiery; and
sold to satisfy said mnortgage.
1 Negro levied on as the properly of B.
J. Hodige, at the suit of WV, Webbe & Co.
ande WS. WS'ebb, Assignee, and J. WS. Dar.
1 Negro levied otn as the proeperty of C.
WS. L'.sesne, at the suit ot.fR. M. Ridgell,
Adm ir.
I Negro, levied on as the uroperty of
Elinheeth Mleodl, at the suits of A. 3. &
P. Mloses, anid Richard Cain.
1 loersrt levied one as the property of 11.
Ilushanids, at t he suit of 3. 11. Lewis.
1 Negro levied tin as thne property of
Jas. McCauley, at the suit of WS. A. Cune.
ningham i.
1 Mole and 1 I lorse, levied on as the
proplerty oft Wmi. .31. Mootre, at the suit of
2 Negroes levied on as the property of
WS. II, McKntighit, at the suit of WV. C.
Duk les & Min. GA. Fotlin,, anti Ii. Mc.Leish.
I I lorse levied on as the proeperty of TI.
I1. Osteen, aet thle suits of J. E. Cuninii
hamt, and John WS. Kelly.
1 Negro levired ion as the property' of WV.
M. WVilder, at the suits of WV. Webbh, and
ilack & .Jones.
I Negro levied on as the property of R.
J1. WSitherspoon, at the sneits of T. D). Fri.
ersone, O) Reeder; anrd Jlohn China.
I Alare, Colt, Crop of Corte. Cotton in
the ticehl, IFordde~r, II. e7v, Cows anrd Calv es,
lilouse and Kitchien Fitrniture, P'lantat ion
Tools, levied ont as the property~ of L.. D.
Biryant, at the suits of L. Ii. I tanks, inde
H enry Kelly. To' tie sol on Tu'iesday the
-tth daty of October, at JDefejndantse resi
dence in Chearendon.
I Negro le'vieil on as the propeerty of
Edward Rtichnardsoni, at thu suit of L. F.
1 Negro levied on as the property of WV.
Clark, at the suit or 0 P. Mltoy.
-S'ock ire Store, levied on as the property
of TJheos. O'Connior, at the suit ret M. L,.
I Hlorse, 1 Mule, ;i Wagons, 2 Carts
H ouse and Kitchen Furniture, levied on
as the property of Thos. J1. Cogihlant, at
the suit of thle Banktl of the State of Soec nh
Carrolina, RI. WV. Spann, WS. Adger. EdI
ward Mcl GrathI, andI Johne G. Rlliteldl.
J. C. RhIAl AC, s. s. p.
Sept 10, 1853. 46--3t
Mr. Editor, You will please
aunrnune th routgh thet cotbttnns ret yoiur pea
per, the namce of .lOHIN S. RtICHIARD
SON, Jig., asaC Canditate to represent
Clatreimontt Cotunty itt the next electioni for
the State Legislature. andl olige
Sept. 7, 1853. 415 td
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T1. ). Fnf Fi.asoN ats a Catndijdato for
Sher~fl' of Sumiter .District at the eitsuing
elect ion.
A ug. 2-1, 1853.
Mr. Editor :----You will
oblige a number oef the voters of Sumuter
District, bey annoitneitng ire yOttt columns
tie name rof Mairr Jhens IBALL~~nn, as a
Catndidate for Ordinary at, the engueite
A ug. 13, 1853- 42 t f
We are authorized to an
nounoce Mr. GeonoEr P. Cocx s, as n'Candidtate
for Ordbnary of Sumter Dinttcu; at the negt
Aug. 4, 1.353. . . -- 4lltf
L~I J5J.'4 I
243 65, JRng--Stet u5laleden~ S.V .
We are receivilingoti usual-iage; supply of aneyf uad StA ibgIec 'Fy
Goods-Also,Plaantation Goods o' every :'ieti, consistin' -
Ve still adheore strictly to iheOne Price system. Odr goods are all
iarked in-plnin figures, and our terrns'enable-us to sell, EVYER.Y AR'ICLE, at the
253 and 255 King Street, one d4ou below Wet t% orth.
. September.10,, 1853. ..46. '4m-'
As Agent for the D.Kalb Manufacturing As Agent for T. B. Peterson, ,Publisher
Company their Yarns and Osnaburgs any of his publication' nt the saine
at Factory Prices, at Wholesale, i. prce, retail. as he sell. them for ii
WINDOW BLINDS, adapted to windows - Philadelphia-comaprising the best and
of 18 lights, 8 by 10 or 10 by 12, latest publicat ions, by ihe most popu
FLOUR on consignment of the best brands, lar and colebrated writers in lie world.
Family, etc. -WINDOW SASHi, 18 lights, 10 by 12,
PRESERVING KETTLES, of all sizes. French Glass, prined and glazed'at
PATENT Copper-riveted Gin Bands. 15 cents.
Cotton Bagging, Rope and Twine
Qf various Qualities and at the Lowest Plrices.
GLASS JARS with covers, for Preserves SCHOOL BOOKS. Anpxtensive awssrt.
and Jellies. ment of English, French, Greek and
PAINTS, Oil, Glass, Varnish, &c. I atin; Also, W riting and iDrawing
LIME, Plaister Paris and Hydraulic Ce- Paper, Quills. Steel Pens, Inks, etc.
ment. LINNEN LUSTRE. A few pieces at the
ENDLESS CHAINS and Fixtures for low price of 10 cents a yard.
%oona w ona o a
5000 pounds wanted, for which the highest market price will be paid, eith
er in Cash or Merchandize.
Sept 7, 1853. 45 t1j
One Door West of A. J. Moses' New Store.
Offers for sale on reasonable termsa choice
and well selected stock of
Chem icals, Evan's Lancets, Perfiumery
Dye-Stfit, Silver Lancet Cases, Flavoring Extracts,
Paints and Oils, Scarificators, Gehitine, (variety)
Window Glass, Stoniach Pumpp, 1lair Oils,
Spirit Gas, Breast Do. Fancy Soaps,
Best Vinegar, Brushes, (all kinds) Pens and Ink,
Varnishes, Pessaries, Trusses, I"oilet combs,
Siaving Creams, Paper, (variety) Lemon Syrup.
Best quality of Medeira and Port Wine and French brandy,
For Mpdical purposes Expressly.
Genuine Cod Liver Oile
Thomsonian and, Patent Medicines.
TIogethici with a variety of' other articles, coin i~risini the stock
of' Drugist or Physician.
(T All ordelas put up with neatness and decspaftch.
May_24th, 1853. 30-tf
The undersignedl having entered into ;a IEAgR ITN.V'.
Copartner~ship in the city of Charleston, I1JlECMI C~rs.N t1 .
tunder the natme anti Ifirm of CIIAMBERlS,
CIlISOLAI & MOORE, for the purpose cns
of transaceting a general FACTO'(RAGE Spro ttiy CilreadJm
anid CO.M llSSION BUSINESS, respect- te ~ilrc t2,3143 - n
fully tender their services to their friends, 1 d.c~
acquaintances and the public genterally,Sueir1liMllulis
for the selling of Cotton, or the prh sing a~ iqkMalnslti -2 8 5
of Goods of any description. prhsn 114 712 n 0ius
Ayor all or the products or manufac.BetqaiiofJi0,Iwg,
turedl articles of the country will be re- CosbrdWieCttrc;a 0 212
ceived uploni consignments, disposed of ad1 34cs
promptly, and to the best advantage. At Cosbr( VieCilreetafna
such timecs as there may he only a limited 25:11.an374 cx
demand for an article consigned to thiem,a Als ~nacrieasrtej~fMS
nu,;rket will be found where it will corn- E~R)Dll~,
mnand its valu.V.J IClt 0N
The recewving 1 forwarding of Goods 21Kn-t,(ltl p.teBgBo
will also have thetr promtpt attention.
Every exertion will he used to conduct Fec ulnE bodre
all business entrusted to their care in such
a mianner to, make it mutually prolitabhcle .n~ii nri. 1ulnS~~~~
anid agreeable.at:7ti 0e;
Liberal advances upon consignmentsRihEhrrlrd.LcSeeat1
will be made. .ad$ 5
From thteir long experience in atusinness So
and general acquainitance with the wats ihasr~et fWre ulnFil
andl desires of the people. with a pledge to at$an$1..
dlevore thteir entire time and skill to the w 1.~m .SN
businiess, they flatter themselves that they 21Kn i h 11 11.tebgInt
will be enabled to give ent ire satisfaction.
A share of patronage is respectfully so- ----
IIENRLY L. CIl[SOLM, 201OE ~mt'. otg l.E
WV. C.MOOR E, 5et,
July 13, I853 43 tf Me'f.w atl.se t6l. ei~
Clarke & Brothecr. 8 i~~j~isml o.r
Who hiave jus received per Rail Rtoad aEtrqulyJai;sklttlr'lrn-l
fino assortmnent of ''wla 37 et.f .zi
Fancy Groceries. 1 :.cet
Comnprisin~g P'ickles, PreservedI Fruit, Cigar,,Brvniena12.2ct.
Cand ies andl a clinice tot of (hewing tob~acco, v...'cou&oN
to which the~y invite the attenition of the citi- 2' iga.(ed ~pti i ot
zens4 of tisi District.
Wole'sAroati A I'CH EE TN EVER.0N
* SJIE L 1 llSUIWHITE 1 ~ C ~iI 31Ui.N at 18
SupV erio quar te Cabinc, thd Jat.,
A snerl~tiveTotic. iureic, nti-ys nof CJmbri, t5, who1-4.37 t-o atndi
peptc, Ivigratig Crdia, &. -peas t-4 giei,, . .u~ aidtos
For sale I ~ ~ Supero Er ndo Mtll .si. rth bra
Citrte f llagesi, btte.Swiss t aBokihii at et -2, 18,e to.3.
OR LE.1!OADP31P1-4, 37 1.2 . d 5~0Dt s,
A Prparaion ow etensvelyu ~ Craosa batr'd iite uner14t ; atg 1 tf.
agreeablar'duWhiitutembrrcseontraaltne, a
l're~ar~ nd sld5ySMUE . d3 DU-N et 00,
AFrench MuslinoothrPoddere
Made by the "Hunbsomreceiprof'd r.lK.li DL' Stree
EtaFNew Emodred2 Uane Streete
Prepared and old by & CO. SUR and 63 C50; ~ u't .C
A richca srtmenA of oke .Ii Drilus.
1-2pr box Jul pair, for85 cents,
.7 nsBonhl lse t61. et
lir Thie friends ofCgt.
P.AL. GIBBONS'iu lii cdl
dUate for the office'Of T lJP rfO
Salem County, at the enouing electiot nd
obligo. MANYsc o .
October 1 W .
OP The F rienads'o Dan
IE L -AIAT11S. Esq, nnnounei:hirnnas
caudidate for Tax Collector for Clareiniont
Counity, at the ensuirig electoio.
Fob. 8th, 1853 15-a.td -
OT Mr Editor: -You will
please announce WILLIAM 11. BRNU
SON as a'candidate fIr the Oflice of Oidi.
nary of Sumter District, at thi ensuing.
April 27h,- 1852 27-tf
0:T We are authorized to
aunnounce T. J. DINKINS, Esq., a'Candidnie
for Clerk of the Court, at th'e eronsin election.
April 16th 1851. 2 . tf
0- Mr. Edit or: Please an
nounice ir. J. J. 3JeKELLAL, a Caidi
(late for. Clerk of the Court, for Sinter
ihstrict, and oblige AIANY VoiRts.
April 13,485-7 25-tf
of W. J. N. IAmt'ET are desirous of put.
ting him imj nomination for the Office of
Clerk of the Court of St'mter District,. at
the ensning election.
LM;y 24, 1853. 30-tf
WUi"The Friends of Mr.
JOHN F. JUNE, anuounce him as candi
date for Sheriff of Sumter District at the
next election.
Nov. 12th, 1852 3-id-pd.
VCie We are authorized
to announce A. E. POOL nas a candidate
for SherifT of Stunter District at the ensu.
ing election.
December 21, 1852 8-tf
Mr. Editor:-Please an
nounce JOHN N. McLEOD a candidate
for Sherill' of Sumter District and 0h.
June 2h, 1853 35-tf
Mr. Editor: Please an
nounce Col. t. F. lIICKSON as a candi.
,ate to represent Claremont Cunutyiin the
next Legislature inl oblige
June 24. 153 '34-tf
Butler & Iewb ery
Would 1iost 'dspectfully inforntA their
friends tant they -havejut received an ad.
dittinal stoek of.
consisting of Tissues, Blerego DeLaine,,
colored Silks, and "Muslins, Mlourning
Ginghiarim, Berege Lawuis and M uslinsR;
Embinlr(Id(ered Cnllars and Under Sleeves,
lue D)enimn, (Osnahunrgs and Ilomespuns,
of every kind. The above named articles
we will sell on accoihrmodating terms.Gv
us a call. . ~v
June 'Ith, 185'3 32-t f.
Do not Defer, but Come if
Mr. REI CH, Mlerchant 'failor, begsa
leave to mfoirmu thne gentlenmen of Sumter.
ville and Djistrict that he has just returned
with a spendiid assortmnent of
Cl oths, On.sInidges, Drap'd etc;
Vestmngs, &c. &c., and in short ever, thing
that is retiuiredl f6r a full suit. Having
made tihe choice of his goods himself, he
do(ubts nut but whnat Ihe can suit the most
iasitidlitou. ThIere' is no use to have your
clothIs mia~de ti Charleston or by Yankees,
when you can have them made asi stylish
and as well if nt bettr than anywhere
else right. at hnomie, and this Mr' Rten
promnises to do, nay, he will add that, if his
work is not turiied out al least erinal to any
done in this conntry lie will not chnargre
anytivlng. As for Ihis prices they shllI he
att New York rates. All lbe asks is, give
himn a trial ! !. Comne soon and pice out
SOmet of thnose beauitiful Paints and Vest
patterns, it will soon-be warm anid you wil
wiatt thnem.
Mr. Rtmeni lives nexst door to John F.
IIlaynworthiz anmost opposfte D~r. Wither
A pril 26th, 18-23 26-tf
The Real "Birnon Pure."
WOID respectfully inform his pa
trauns and friends, and the public generally,
that hec has received an adlditional Stock of
Watchies naaid iewelr'y
fresh fromt Baltimore, of every description.
of panerns as neat atnd dutrahle as any
whnich lave ever been brought to tinms mar
ket. 11:s prices are lowv and his articles
All kinds or repairing done in the neat
est nmanner, and with promnptnness.
lle respectfully solicits thne patronage of
the' pubic, ins lie is ready to suit them in
every respect.
al y:31, 1853 * Bl-tf
Executor's Notice,
AlT. persons indebntedl to the Estate of
Rev..Ianmes Newhery, dleceaused, either by
Note or 4ecount will matte inr'mediabe pay.
ment. Ad itl hose having denmunds ngainst
tlie' same will render thema in prtnpery tit
tested within leg'al time t.
A pril 26tl-, 18..92Jt
00" Darlington F ag peaso cony
J tuonthn
When epot sidt ^ii
fooi it' "A dthiak: bb
fIingei,@ 6 t n4 *66- blr~i ehb
muy'try id-iiide ithy byei'ig .fis cap 6o
Itatdowni byer this , forehead.- Heavlphe
durea to pia.s.hinielliatwliite nugh for
he is very White-an ha poen .tal'igreat
care of Jun skin foro OtF i e, Ito
left-he had A -cloth cli. q a ck nd'
dark. coloed ppir fpad6, dwilla ne
sure to.hcinge Jis edp tinal .l. lo''sir
4a ie"canT ;he.alsd .carei' ia'ir.in font
drarlitdo~ruti-lu ee'if-tit," blio:
ter. le.is a sho'emaker by trade, though'
he may not go-atilhe busiess, expectilig
that lhe will, he op advertised.
-SThe"Iboverpard -of . 1One Iundred
Dollars will be paid for his delivery in any
Jail Ii' the:State. He will-be sure th;-givi
himself aitothei noame. .
Bradleyville, Sumier District S. C
May -2htn, 1852 - 30-It
Caiden Jourial aid Cheraw da
zette publish five times.
ALrriFUs Unsools vp. *F. Bnowatidd
JFNcy his wife and otheria
It appearing to mny satisfaction that 0.
,Brown and Jency his wife. John 1Bosman
and Catharine his wife and Lenuel B(o.
man, defendants in the above stted came,
reside beyond this State : It is'i tirefote
ordered that they do appear and ohjett t
the Division or Sale of the Real E t-tte of
William Grooms, dceased, dn or. before
the first day of October noxt, or their con
sent to the same will he entered of reco-p.:
W. LEWIS, o..j. *D.
June 28th, 1853 p -:tr
Copartnership Notic.
T HE undereigned have formed a Cof.
partnership for the transaction of the
BUSINESS, in the city of Charleston, un
der the name of ROSSER & WARlREN.
The usual advances will be ntade on all
Prodlce consigned to us, and strict per
sonal attention given to all business en.
trusted to our care.
Our office on CETRAT. WHAitFj will
he opened on or before 15th September
July 12th. 1853 37-4t
Impoved Cotton.Gins
Takful for patst favours the subscriber W151.h1
ex to inform the public that he still manufa
tures Cotton cins at his establishment in state
burg. on the most improv'd and approved placii
which lie thinks that the cotton ginned on on.
of those gins of the late improvement is wrti
at least a quarter of a cent more than the cot
ton ginned on the ordinary gin. He also man
ufactures them on the most simplW construction~
of the flinest finish and-of the best materials_; tu
wit, Steel Saws and Steel Plated Ribs Case
hardened which lie will sell for $2 per Saw.
ie tilso repairs old gins and puts them in com
plate order at the shortest notice. All orders foir
Gins will be promptly and punctually nuended
Stateburg, Sumter DiM, S. C"'Feb 17, 26
Execiitor.s N..i..
A LL persons- having demands dg~ainst
the Estate 'of Mr. IHivey Skinner, dec'd;
.are requested to hiatd therir in properly ati
tested to the subscrnber ;.and all those in
debted will miake immediate p)ayment
toR. . lN dR
July 20th, 1$53 38--3m
For Cash, And that only
rThe cheapest GROCERIES ever sold
in Sumnterville, can be flad from GORDON
& CO., at Dr. Mellett's Old Stand.
Segars of the finest quality and tiiod aj;
proved Brands in thie world; together wiah
Preserted Froits of different kInds; Syrups,
uts, &c. A sh tre of the ptblic patron
-e,, is desired; provided it is accompanied
by the CASH, but nt otherwise..
Jtune 1 -Ith, 183-t
Foir Sale.
15h"are- of lwilninigton aind Nldn
chester Rail Road Company Stock
ror sale, atny person desirous of purcha~siner
said stock will pleaens call -on thie dhscrij
her at his oflice jii Sumtreryille,
Marcht n2, 18.3 21...'tf
All persons havirig demands ngninst the
fE tte of thme late Rev. Charles E'. Elliott,
will presenit attested statements thereof-and
those indebted, to the samie, will -make pay.
inent to the Subscriber,
'PT JM AS (1. F.I.IO'hi'',
Charleston S. C.
A pri 24 , 186:1. 26 2mn
Executor's Notice,
All persons havingr demands against the
Estate of the late C~ol. Johnu J. Moore of
Sumter D~istrict, are requested to hand
them in properly attested to the subscri
hers, and all those indobted will make
payment to theo same.
.l. B. .MOORE,
J. S. MOORE. (Executors.
March I'5th. 1853 20--tf
The Celebrated Lecoultre
other Shaving A paratus.
For saae by
Buter ard Baon& Corn
I'R~lE ounainButer,(insmall Flrkis
do. do. Lkaf Lard, do.
North Carolina Bacon,
do. CORN.
March 25, 1861 '44 i '
Negro Shoes:
The anbscriber has rnade arrangejets fdr
the manufacture of from Four to Five Thousan~d
pars of. the above article by-theFA LI~, Fo'r
teferehece as to quality, lhe woul j ifull1
refer persons who may be die rehabes
of him; to these who -patroitlw ~ ltrat juat
Amto price,- he will untrantee thefx sulw~
. I .fe roc -
' 'A 2ie~~~ .l a
tei h4 d
fansr~id !rqy #n ' d f
Jee in rq
cats and ofi'ers to the publie~a
dier n Wonthe tie foidAing trt
cast,; -
Ice -Cream and Ismona
0ranig, IpinonsIPine Appreea -
truprl fruits;alin'a fine * a
F~iehily Gr1 e s ad Itg
PcdO a ieon' anI Pre u a
thie besit birari GarMnte( lso
of Bacoui bf whick ki%*cev~
ply weekly:. iAll ofWh
to se1l at .ti ot ia oe
April 6th, 185i3 "
R..R.S a n iais;w~jd
.6 U essc
Cdtton Fators and Gaen
sion . 'erih U
B. MbLAURINr $s9.w
Di onal and saie'.0 atte'nUiiT
terests and orders of hi .ia di'OW
State and the adjoining CoinUgge0Q!6
Caiolinn; Who may Favor trie
With thcir. patronage.. COInst
.prddu-ee td te House in Nov. br' i
ly. Way 6f, Clnrleston, GdoM e
Wiluiingtok; Nill he coveid b i
if hotice of th'# htpuirnt he proip
6 i.- -.
May 8 ,.
porifons are hereby caytion
trade fo, ot ieceive. in pagye
debt;.ei iet or bath' 61 twNot
the4 iubiriber io R. J.Price -
two hundred and fiftydbller d
er for twva hundred and ten- dIrai X
Notes,gi en fr iwo sep'ate I
were to be. paid afe goo'di hdI
were niade to iby m Price, Ih
tions:wer6, put Fri writing and gre
my sesor; -nd i ch e'ntai
furtllei idderstaidiigv a rtiii theveuit
hiarfiling i lasd hai d e,.to. rhik'"j
titled hb 'oi*ld fdfeit tl*eatii&
Of' Watchman cop . -
* Sassatecrville, S.'
. lujite1TflIy informs, the p's ii
tesr District that he has duat receive.1 -sv
now ofl'etu fbr sale the bat selIOte au.
most chofdc st'& of"
Spriang ,asa SassaV~~1
That cainoit shrpdased .nythfo'~
market: IU H.laa recefked
*hibh' prfitea 'e ould do weJ1 to eza~
fo're buyisig else iere, -*' .
A tul add .1re sppyoUcy,
Dlrawers, Gloves, Suspender., Cravat.
kerchiefs, &c. &~c.,
- lrr assortment of ltEADY MADE J~
rH IMJ, whi~cli will be sold low,..:,
3w"' Garment, mannfactu-edi by tbeu
b ar, and warranteds to give satlas t~b,
ress from a distance promptly aer~d
April 12th, 1853 A.A
New Tin and Shee-~i
Ware Manufao~oy~
JAMES II. DUE won~esp~?
infor m the citiseus of Sumt~vflle~ V
surrounuding country, that he is noifi
ing a T'IN MA NUI ACTOILY i hn
silad is now prepared tofila
in hd tin Jisitt: Mie Ehanta will tttV
their intdrest rtf purc-hnse thi wir~
me a I idtend td sell lowan
thast I sell. 'n
WORK executed wvith piroi tai~j~f"
a workmanliko manner. Tl e cae ~1P
be epot~d im e'vefj instance on tirii
or deliver'ing of every' job. 'I-intendr~o!
chen andforthe cash only.
State of S6uth Caroi
IRX WV. flaowu, whois in tkb i~~iii
of the. Shernifi of Sumter lDistrict~b~
tam Writs or Capinii ad Shtisraer *~~
the suit of' Rob'rt Latta hiaving
my olilce, thgethecr with be S j~
oathj bf his Estate and effilets, i~m
to the Court of Common e
that he mrw" be adulitted to (he& be~l~~
'of the A'ts of the GendralbA&si~T
for. the relief. of' insolvent debtof
ordered that th9 aid Iobert Luott~A
others, the Creditorii to whom tho'u
WV. Blro(en, is any wise indebted~b)
they are herebf sizrmmuned~ ttd -
tice to appear, before the*k
Sumter Couirt House, i(1
of November next, to aid -
they can, why. thie pra d'6'~
aforesaid, abuopld norbt. l
July 12th, 185~

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