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Wo invite the attnt'on of our
agricultural friends to th 'suhjoined
Agr'iculurnal Oircular'.
Washlington, Julk, 185:!. (
Sit-The 1 collectio Staticsties n
Agriculture being one of tie dutiis of
this office, your aid is respecttu lly so
licited. F1or tile sake of coivenienc.
qluestions itended foir vai-ious in-livid.
Inils inl all pomtiol I it coun1itry :' i
hereunto annexed, which are to 'sei
ratler as inits or siggest-ions, t0h:m11 ti
be literally IbIiionIel in the replies.
As we seek no information that is
'not strictly reliable, it is Ii oped that
your alsWers will be limiLed t hose
matters with whicli you are eenvei
sant, even altIiigli they may relate
to otly a -Ingle subject.. I1, tiheretbre,
youl Can1 comm1lunlicate explicit. and In
doubted infirmation on) any f(I' the
topics under investigation, you will
confer a fhvor bv so doinr. i is not.
cxpected that the reply oZaiy one in
dividual will relate to all the S btil si.,
eibracd inl this Circilar. buat onily%1 tit
those with) whlichl he i.'prteulr
ly fmnlili.1
As ant hr objecvit o 'heamoined 1t\
this 1(filte is the int! ri d uctioll anl dIi -
.semiilltion of new (ir improived Ag
r'ieltural 'roducts, we shall tak'
pleasure inl rec(--iving an l dist iril ting
illy packag or pls5 whieb mialy be
comminrItted to our charge, whiether til-v
conisist of the seeds of cultiv a te'd I
plant!. either of native or riV
;growth, Or thOs of 111' : t atural gia.
ses, fruits, wild flowers, fCret tris, Wr
of the cuttings or sets of' anythiing
which may be deemed worthy of cul
tivat lon.
With oiir eflorts in these respects. it
is hoped that the interest you feel inl
Agricultural subjects will induce yout
to co-operate as far as you may find it
convenient and agreeable. Thie limit
ed amount of funds placed at our dis
posal, appropriated for these olijects,
obliges us to rely mahily (iln grat
ituitous contributions from various
parts of the Ijiion, as well as rot
abroad. Acecurate statistics are desired
as far as it is practicalle to obtaitl
them; but allI that we enn reasonbtily
expect, inl most cases, is ti neat est a114
proach to the truth to which your ex
perience and judgment will leaI you.
The suijoined inliiries are mainl I
intended to direct, your attention t'I
certain points on which 1 infrmataiwn is
desired.-It is hoped, tlierefore, hat
the mention of these will inot exclude
any other matters of general ilterest
that may suggest themselves to the
mind of any one.-Your reply to
those you may feel willing to answer
is solicited at as early a date as prae.
ticable-not later, at all events, than
the first day of December next.
Yours, very truly,
Commissioner of Patents.
'What classes of' animaols can be
raised to the best advantage in your
section? Cost of' rearing and value at
matur'ity? Cost of' transporting each to
the Atlantic markets alive, by carnal,
rail road, or on foot? W~hat breedls aire
the most serviceable for labor, milk,
flesh, or wool? Have you any im.
ported or blood animanls ini youri vicin.
ity? If'so, state the number, br'eeds, his
tory, and pedigree, if known. and
the efl'eets of crossing, if any on youra
common stock.
What is the cost of' pr'oduction
and market value in your vicinity, (If
wool, silk, wax, honey. cochincal, miilk,
butter, cheese, eggs, beef, munt ton,
pork, hams, lard, oil, hides, tallowi,
pelts, &c.? WXhat is the cost of' tran
sportation by c-anal, railroad, or' oIth
erwise to the Atlantic mrarkets?
What mnanur'es are most in use with
you, and which the most valuable ilr
special crops? If Guano, h~one-dtist,
poudrette, super-phosphaLte, lime, gy p
sum, chareoni, ashes, fish, mucik, or
any other valuable fertilizers, are em
ployed in youir vicinity, state the
. modes of applicat'on and their effet s
upon the respective crops to which
they have been applied. The result of
any accurate expecrimlents wouild be
desirabile, especially as connected with
any-'of' our great leading stapl~es, cot
ton, tobacco, hemp, flax, wheat, oats,
rye, barley, ice, potaitos, or' in
dian earn.
What crops can be cultivated to
the best advantage :1n your1 sec(tionl?
The best mnodes of' cuzltivationi? The
maximum and average yield (If each,
and the smallest y-ield that will pay ex
penses? Hiavo you, any establisheid
rotation sf crops? What plants are
cultivated for the purpose of' plough.
ing under as a mianiure? Ihave you
any remedies against the diseases and
insects which infest your crops? What
are your best mnodes of harvestinig,
storing, and preparation for market?
What is the cost of' production and
market value, in your vicinity, of the
various kinds of grains, roots, hay and
fodder,1pptton, hemp, flax, hops, sugar,
tobacco, &c.? What the cost of tran
sporting each product, by canal, rail
roadMr otherwise, to the Atlantic mar
Special interest is felt at the pres.
ent .time in those plants which are ema
ployed in the mnanufacture of cor
dage, .clothing, &c., such as cotton,
hemp .and flax. Are anay of' these
crops prg ably cultivated with you,
and ofdoiave you any improved va
rinety, new mo~des--of cuiltivation, harii
vestin'gr cireaf'ation for market?
~ /au1(UgWINE, ETC.
-What varistlesof' fruits are cultiva
. ted with the best success in your sec
tion? What kitnds are attacked by
blIght, mildew, or insects, particularly
injnrlous to their perfect growth? If'
an1y, -what remedies have you ligitinist
thei.r attacks? llaive yo aiy imnproved
inode or cultivtting fIruit, harivesting
and prel arihig it fl'r market? What is
the Co 1st (.t tranlis.oltilng those kinds
not. pe-'risliable to the Alitiltie 1nar.
kyt. y ea ml, ail oad, or ot her.
wi. \Vl m t is th C.Iiienit. %'alue of
ea1ChI kinld ill yourl vicinity? Is thle
gIaipe ciltivatI-l with voul with the
Objet of ing wine. If sio, can
y)..I C41n11Illilnvte vany iit'onna111 ton re
i e to is (1111 ival i. .i, tlie lll:1llfii..
lir.. viob1, 1111 niiket %alue tit Am
Lots for Winfer Grarhzig.
Very g reat benetfils, are- derived Ai-41m1
\'Vil very 1ail o(tay *v (lIVbIor. hv pro.
viiing n(.'.or viiter anid spIlir iaS.
lur.e. SIall ,L)t, of well coweLneIIdWeb
1r11om1111H haal , owe inl 11. rly orl
lYe, will ield a very lar_-e :ninonuiit fit
bienit. 1h valuime of the forniers
w think .bu liut de kinl. w i anllini
beC tbbbb y appr-iniee l, IS it, will
ba heav gr21AZiIg b li-qulnt cuit
ifg . ail y11(. Ii . larger ilibnut oif
buld to ult wlb. mai.l shih* bv iowe
\ h -- 1:-n - : lb lIt q- a tb
n t 1 w 11. i n02 i n ik to I ,1,i1
ed. l 1n in ow mai u, .w th\ e 116. lmil-et
ti. soY a to :1y i thle fm-rfw.
holni 1r11w I wb tiIrrowsV, title ()It each0
d as ill ti fir Aornu; droli the
baih-y ' inl each 11 th1(.M :,d Corrows5,
l I C i ' \ iit a rake. After it i
1) n,! hi o i ll: ti r, . itih l so ol n
ev il mo a erl d ion te ni'llnre,
bId it will not he b.I:g lbore! it. spremsi
iver a hil anjid ihrnI a <drill tiln (r
miore fI.et wid Ne. If the ht a hmve h-eil
lrevioly-d prepared, as thevy shonlid
0.1ve libeen, bl',1, littlie time will lie re
juired scdingc!:b anld plmill il.
Lucerne,11 ughlt It(\w if, lie swd
Very' deep preparationl shIol he Inade
null the sbil rich, o1b with the-e we
in promise tlie r fjnih "vb' l :I
)()I. We (olotit \hetlier we0 have a
ietter grass hr spring (utin11 s.
W~ith proper, tc re (il good l s it, 11i:1v
le cut threte or. thurI tintes alle t'
rba.l .i- tinl> ol'thb % Ilter, and wIll
stmll thrigh thle Smiunwr. nt nel
nig to Ibb reni wed flbr lee.ra:I ven rs.
lhe first of neixt ineb h! ui ill jrib bl y
1e Si eno(gh 1ihr Clover f 1t .e
' IItlb ihatrs.
Ir. Editor: Please announce
apt.. T. D. n.:s as a Canldidalft for
MherifT of Stuniter District at the ninb
Aug ' 115:3.
Mr. Editor:----You will
ibliire a uber of I lhe votirs of Smer
Distriet, by annonnitri-r inl your cunnslll1
I naim of M hor .1i LN L'tr.A ni, as a
tandidate for Ordimarv at the ensuing
lect in
A ui. 1, 1853. 42 if
We are authorized to an
lbiunceb. 3ijr. Geonm.i: l'. ( nen: . uii at(j Canbateii
For Oriniary f lNuniter [Dist i, at th Ineixt
Aug. -1, 1353. 41 If
R(l )HtT'I W. )UlRA NTI, aI candiidalte
ror 'Tax-C(ol litir of Salit Countyi ii , at the
neCxt ele'ct ion. :iii ( gog
Jain uairy 1 I, 195'2 131-ti
'StW The friends of Capt,
Jaite for thie oieni' iif Tax-('ib-etoIir fbor
'(a~lm Cony at the leno;b'ei il anid
>hitriie 3N i' \ora us.
October lui5.
OO~~ 'WIe Fa'ueaad' oll' g)n n
sauiateii for TIax obillrlbr ibir C.2aremionit
Loiunty, at the ensnling electi in.
l1eh. M ib, 1853 I15-i1
CrolMr, Editor:-You wvill
pleabse annonneeiitb \\'Ill.1,IA\lj i. UlltN il
SON as~ a candlidatlel ibor the (Jice of Ordi-.
ary ofi Simter 1 bsictii, at tiC 2151 nning
April 2711h, 1S52 27...t
(1S We are authorized to
for Clerk bif the~ ( ouri, ati theb ensnbingb electi~in.
M A N Y VO'T'j-:ls.
A pril l~ihi I85J 25if
O-'r MY r. EdIitor': Plicaie an
nounce ar. .1. .J. .\cl(I1.l.Alt, a Camiili
date1 for (./erk ofithe1 'iourt, foir Snotier
ihst rict, andiu iiblige. ,~ Aa Vo-rgsus.
April 13, 1852. 2
of WV. J. N. IIi*:-r area deOsibions ot put
ling him in nommalli~tionl for the~ Ollice ii
Clerk of: lie Conlrt (of Soumter Dii et, at
the enusnting rlection.
M y 2-1, 1853. 30-ti'
1" 0 lS HI.E R? II FP.
iB&iThe Friends of MYr.
J1011N F. .1UIN IA, annlloluce hul im as candi
date for ShierifT of Sumter District at the
Nov. 12th, 1852 3-td-pd.
Yice We are authorized
to aninounce A. E'. l'O~l, as a canididate
for SherilT of Sumiter District at the ensu1.
ingi~ election.
Decemaber 21, 1852 8--tf
Mr, Editor :-Please an
nouncie JOIhN N. McLEOD) a caundidat<
for ShecriT of Sumter D)istric't andl ob.
lige Many 1FnlENDSn.
June1 20th, 1853 ;15-tf
A Superior Tooth Powder.
Made by the valuiable receipt of Dr. K. S
Dargani, Dentist.
Prepared and sold by
rrPrico 37 1.2 per box.
F"""-t"o ;""""ie~t"--""-~f ,cr nt..
F Olt ~ ~ .:, liteL* Imm of L iverCoi
phaint, Dispepsmt, .1:11omdice, In1diges
that, Nervous I lemiache, D)ebihity, anld all1
hSalse arisintg frIm dordered liver,
slitnamch or intestines, thv BAIM- E)
VII, manu(factrd by CIA I tIS DE
LI.OlM E, of, Sitate., rv I III, 'S. C., ha s now si..
perior. It is unrv:ll I m it, excel;,ne -
:1 . . ren IIlI t idy fo l rn ,
Bruises, lls, &ce.
LUj Full directioIs atccoIpn:Iliv ch bot
\Vholsah-Agens, Cohnnbin, 8 C.
UcThom.- de.,irouts it) purchatse canl
alsoi lidt ae de Vooit (iit-;at Mr. .John
-\. Cliinandler's Store, necar lthe Tom. i 11.:11;
S tellt rvili, S. C.
Thev subcrlpr es it nneayto
rermimend hIts me-dicine raiy furthecr th-ui
this-that any on woIt ha- oInee Ih Iorouih
ly tried it, wil eiiver be w ihout it when it
cIII be had.
CH AS. 0D:1.01M!"'.
August 21I, 1'%3, 43i tf
New and Unrivalled
Route t
the North, Via the
%Vrk~ning'fonh and~ MtI~zx -
.T!:runy:,!: in the .sae tinte let' /!<e
Gr:N \ortihern .1lii.
A Ni) A 0 11)(IN ' I S NI(C .Y. S SN.
IA I ...'.IS ares pc oiv nfr e
. hat..ne. dand Thiriy miles of
the Wilm ii oingt and anuchester itailro:i nore
eAnpolveed and ini stive-lui oiperation.atin cton
nevijow- ns utte. been forited by first clws P-our
114mr4! h'im Coaches over thI, unfinoish-,d pItrt o.f
the fload. The fol1low\ing i th l v stei
Iave Aultlista at - - - it. n.
"6 Wihninonl ait - - - S a. ml.
Arrive at WtIin at - - -t.
l illitnore at - -1 . 1i.
" 'hli;lelphlia - - - I p. mi.
New York at - -. -6-30 p. m.
Time frmi A uImista to Wiliiintu'mi. :6 hours.
46" Wialii;lilol to New York, 31-30
hli rs.
27 At Wihlingtons the icontilion is mtade
-wit the 8 o'clock u. m. E-.rpress Train.
A t Weloll. p canlitr havr choice
of (otles, eith r I by St :apeabard n: it l am. lie
Jiilroad and y I I ill e I fI Sit amers, t or by I:til
Hlo r 0ill tIh ever:zbhur , hticrunwmili. andil
Watshingsoni city, Ito IBithnore. Throujh Tick
!is boy eithi of V the ine s i :iv. 2 can he i . lit
WitnIit In.
-; ' 'Thrmigh Tickhets fromi 3Mmnti--onrv to
Claires i %wiii be received cn ihi S:itl I nt I C'Iro
lina Rnilrnd, lten Auensta anoa the Wii
mfingtio and Manchester .l :atd.
Z, aui P ahers desirou of g hint Ntri by
IM 1(.ume w iie l ol.tve th ir t
Ausato the Wilhninglon nmid .Manches-oer
? Any nther iniformation cani beo obitainedl
of Or. J. L. Keen, Agtki at Anu.(ita.
L2. .J. FI M011G.
Su.W u nd 31arnvlheter li.tilrimdl.
Rail Road N otice,
ENG;INExLF.s OFFICE, \\'d. Sz .Aan. It. It.
July 1,
oNr'\ and afer 1this date, th AMail am1
'1':s r ra ins will r T :uily* as. fo.llowt:t
oni Le i r1 z ii lt atI I : ut
Somethncg Eniel"e
l itew i hi i ii (iazei:l
hrive at7 .nion " Ia:2
"Sumgari!! "e as
glic i ' hmunon'vlle "'
Clothng an Out-ittin
X~cnwort, Chtrle .oi0 T. .\C
Mauiufzuctry 11 15 Iihgtu
" 1orece 515-'.
May'coc 181. .\l.
W.*Lacb .& FJ \nG,
NO. ~l1 e[N.TREg'r. &c
Forcing Eunetiely New
otm't Ofr Gento.r line louisrcd Shoer,
Ralc ath Iastwisthornt to .:t he bOte ic
f aew rs n ltm heso t a.<:l
Jan. 76 , 15 l---f
Sear! Sgrs!
.il'T reeiv~l lror lh li ur
OFFElRS for sale, for cash, or ii aproved credi
anid wE-:. u,.rrima ssortuitent of EAwr INDIA
Drugs and ]
C'IGNS~ltli-i. " '-SY'.TII
.SSA 1(1 , JIMA.8'1 F
" (;i.ASS \VARE, I~tSl
P'A-rEN- MI-NDI-:NS, WiNoow Gi
' oI'll1 -sos I.sN '1IFInicINI-:s, LA.MP11 AND V
SuaImnins- i1ii & Itoo-rs, Sor.Alt, LAn
(A i o:N f1:E-:08, SPInIT GAS
4! e it i A& C C 4) d
Toglhier wii
Agent for the n
P.A T.N'TL iAND I'.U11
April Gll, 12.
IIas. jiireceived from 14altiinore amid New
York, t large nd well seleciel s4tock of
Elroiticitt If Ca xjIII e res ;ated
the fit.-t and best that has evur been brought 3
Ito this arket.
-- .10,
Ile:dy inide ('lotiiig for (,ents' anel Yotth.,
et ever gan iad description. I huv ing te
levied ilhe- Gollds.:mill hadl Ilt-in mnade ilp to or
inr, lie (-ill narran Ilie work.
-A 1.10,
F.vary description inl reali; v o f Glove.: Dress
lts ini:a-le iliy to order; Ca Rp. -Silk Cravais,
silk I'ietwt llaii-orehi-fli nd Neck rio-4,
fLinenl Shirri, do. Collars, 11terinot)( 'indershiris,
<it. 1)LrawL cer, w% ili every ;rtiiel.- that i. worn by
ginth-inei. n hih le olibrs fill rasonable termis.
mool s!icits aI call frot his obl einsioniers, anil
ihe citiz--ns l the Iitirict gener.lV.
Simters ille, Nev. 15ith. iS52 3- if t
Cheap Grocery.
I SbIlscriber h:ivinZ ilied ai gro
eey iderneailh th Towno Hall, dosIins
keping oIIt:nt !y (m hnd, a suppliy ot
boasy atieo, nehas
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
C.\NDLE.ES, POTATOS, &t. &c. I
In tact lit!e of liaiost everything that is
a! to ;it: :ll 4f whiii.. will he sqlI low
f-;r a-.h. III inl excivinne for coiuntry pro.
dhce. ItIo prwrni: s it) :tteriI to Il., own)
hans,:11nd hop-; byV al :enIding str Ictly
thierii, to rce.ve ibera.il A re! ot j
trona---. .11. M1. CIlA N IDLEl.
31arclh 151, 1n53 .0-tf
The Corn Exchange,
Q~ Thomas
0'C 0 N NO R.
Who lleps -osants lytiv oni hand a lot (if
D( ).N 'lTI r C:4 -it th.- wesit rates. G( M
11-11l111l1S at Charlestin prices for cash
icmnLa, 1ard, lMatus. I!ntter:i a 1ir.esny-I
il I of Ihe best Pt, C A( RA and TOiA(CCO
whilib lic will sell chiaper than :iiy m ei -
balit il ltn, also just I'ceived 40 barrels
Nor. C , roi'na dour.
.lan. l0 1,14,'3 l2-1v
ia knowvn as theo "S! .\'T Ilt 110U8l,"
11 a Tin openieed iilIromi da.i.e, for the re'cep
Thelint eal : rr mg'eents wi:1 undergo
a thoron.''h r'jp::ir, wvith as Iin;e deay
pihe ndI br- trusts tat his atlteionlh to
the ::nfort i ohs guelst, will mitl ai xhi re
:is takenli~i c':4cre of th lacIl~I.l11 TA
ItI.lE, :mn) imicils tIlting ny) thei roiom wtithi
nc':e,ns, andii will fuirish it wirh all theI
nece ssa ries a nd convenvoien'ces t hat lovers
oif the sxport ecan re-1inire.
F. Mt Y ERS.
Marebc 8;h, I1853 10l-tf
Chinla, Glass And
ircCI tImpor'tattionls.
\:'j-t reicil ilret frim el man'Ii
ofactu'! rers in Ela. nd and i i "rance,
aid hv' recent vesse!.ils fro thei Niorth,. a
aboive, ii.ii'ed G(OOD: )4, co~ijnisingc. all t hii
Wi lIlTlMl GRl.\N'TEl iir STO(IN lWARE,
Ch'Iina liiibh a supeitrioir article;
II ireaind 011her Colored Ware, of new
Frechan Engl I'h ChIia, new shapes,
I lich C.hinia 1haner citil TIea-setts., and
Cuti, AlIoniih-red andi I'obi led Glasswcae,
of e~verv kna
Dymit's l'aientc Ca unphencie, Sthor., O )lice,
ani l'ir'or 1.441up, a4 supeirair airticle ;
Wehh'ls l'atent inIii nrd Iimnlgs. a new
arf eli irggreait hight and brilliancy;
Tea TIray s, lest Tlek Cutlery anda Pal
tedl (C:stors, 8jipons, For1ks, c.
I Imiise.keepmgi~ articcles, inI great va.riety
.Cntcs ofi aissortedi \Va'iri. of desirable and
new~t stylesi, by Wh'Ioles-ale' ;
I Iaving c!ompllte arranem14e1ts for oibtain
olg our Giods direct Ifrom the maufah~ic
turersi we can andi will ol'er ratro induce
mlients, either byv WhIolesae (or Retamil -
Orders attended io promlpt ly.
* U1. 1'. NICilOLS.
Coluombia,- April 12, 185b3 2-1-I f
Fine Cigars and Garden
IKep!)t constan~tly on hand by
M ay 2dtIh, 1853. 30-If
Law Notice.
Otlico next door to J. 13. & R. C. Wobb's
-New York Store.
March 22, 18353 21-tf
N Is. C.
t, AT TnE I.OWEIST *tAitVKET iticas, a largo
YIe dicines,
ASs NArII AND Too'tn-lltttIiEs,
hercm, Co3113S AND lAanI Ilinusnms
1) AN 1) SPr.:tar Ori.s, FANCY SOAPs,
AND CAMrititE, &C. At.
li ver Oil.
h every article
ost approved
Whatever concerns the healh and happiness
C a people is at nil tinmes of the 1uost vaa b41le
ipirtaiince. I tIke it for granteel that. every
.-soin will do all in their it er, to save tle li es
Ci their children, and lat every bwrsin will en
eavor to promtiote their own halit at all sieri
ices. I li-el it to be tny duty K siileinl y a-sirn
'(o that WoI)it, accorling to the opinoin of
lie niost celebratedl Physicians. are the primary
ausys of a largemajorit v of disenses to which
hiliren anli ailts are iable ; it' you have nil
pp tite contitimally chi iigen ble fron oo kinl
i tod to a tint her, Badi ire th, Pain inl the Sto
aiachi, PiCkint lit ite Nose, lliardness antid Full.
)ess of the lelly, Dry Cough, Slow Fevei,
uolse I rriegular--reinenther tatiall these ilengite
Voi~iis, & yon shoubl it onic appiy tle reinetly
eVtek' Worm .17 ruip.
A i artlicl foundel upoi Scieit ific f'rinciples,
onsiouted with purely vegtaible enbstances,
eing perfiietIly saibl wilien taken, aiid xein bto
ivesi to lie iost. tentler Iiant with leciied
enefiianl "iht alwre IAmeel Comipdoints and
)iorrha have in:ile themi wett aknilebilitateel
ihe 'Tonic propiertics of my Wori SyrI p are
luli, that. it stati is% ituitit ai equal in the cata
ogil: if inettictiem, in givingli tne anil strength
o the Sitmaeh, whicli nitkes it ani lIiatlablle
emil'ly for tho,e afilietedi with /Y.yspepsii, the
stinishting curos porlrniedl by this Syrup after
y1111fcians have fitilea. is the best evitlece ofits
nyerior elficacy over all others.
Ilhis Is the most difliclt Wormn to tistry iif
11 that int fest lie tmI il system. it grows it) i
uini4st iiilelinite lengt heiiaiiing So tiilti :I
istened to the laitestiites ai Sitilieh eeititi
het h selt io i42l.y as to Cause St. Vittis 1)anilie,
'its, &e., tha those illicted seblotm if ever
lispect ti nt it is Tjaje WVrm hasteing them to
i early grave. it order to destroy this Wiri, a
try eiergtie ti reatin"nt must be ipursiuiil, it
Vould ther-foieL he projir to take G ito 8 of ty
iver Pilk, so an to remove all olistructions, that
Ie Wirin 5mivrnip may et i ii irect ipoin tle Worm,
%hicli nust he takein inl dose.. fit 2 Tiabslespoon.
ils 3 tiies it lay, these dfirecti:is fillowted
iave never been knowii to fail inl eurinaga the
:tost obstinate case of Tope ll'um.
No part of iie syvsictin is tnre l i:the to disee
.han 3t LI V I, it "ervilig as a filterer to) iri
I le bliml, or ;:ivinig tile proper seer.-tion to
lie ile ; i-o that any wron.. actioi uf ith L[iver
the olier iiitanrt-it imai of the systein.
iid results varimiry, inl L.ier Coniplaiiii,
aninielice, Dyspep.-ia, &c. We :-i liwretore
Vatch every Syipiom that uitght inicatte a
Vrfiction (if the Liver. Theie Pill, bing 1
!omI posetd fif ROOTS aid 1i..% x-rs fu rInished by
tillire it) lial the sick: Naiiely, st. A1 Ex -
-1t-: Ri .NT, which augnie.Ks I lie Plecrttioi frii
e l'eulmonary intieus menitirmulw, or prisoiotes
Ie lischarge of secreted msatter. 2nd, An At.
trNAT , which chau'ne., inl soe incrpia
i-r amidil in sen-ihilein mantier the cerain torhid
eaion of the systein. 3rd, A ToNic, which
;ives tonte attel ,treigth to ite niervous Vet'itrn01.
enewing hetith nolt vigor to all parts 'of i
itily. -ltht, A Cr.rict', wic nelts ini t*-r
e~et hlarmny ithi theo othier ingredti'*nts, asi
peratting oni the flo~wels, andii exjiling the
,vi.;aal m afnerri. aim' vilintei maien r, and
*iuritiinas thme lilooid, wichol detroys dliseatse andi
estiires heial h.
. onu wvill f id thaese Pills ant itivaltiabile neil I
-Iit in inay contliaintzs it which you are subh
wet. IIa obist rictions either totalI or plartiltho
ite biein fonid of intewttiablle bienefit, restovnia
heir 1'uncltiamll arranigeno-nts ti ia hteal Ih2y ne-*
!ano, lpurifyinig thea loodl anil othier tludts so
-flectually tim pitt to flighit all ciompIlaints wi ch
naiy arise froiin feitnale irrtegaities, ats hena I
tiehe. githliness, diness.a ot sight, piatint in thet
PIle, bacttk, &c.
Noite geninle un iless siite J. N. HourtEss.t en,
dli thersi beintg liais Iinitat iiin.
l'IC E-EId ( - 25 C T S.
k erpei'rs idesi rouls of bieciomaitig Agenits noiii.t nil
Fir sale iby a:l IDriggists andi 3Merchiats ini
he ii. S.
P. M1. C'ont:N,Charleston, Wholesale Agent
Ion ti hte tailte.
Through Fare from Charles
TONI t ).'' ' Al IT.lit )t'F 15 0d
TO~VIN h PililAD atkl iA fo7.f.0;
Lautrents-st. daily ait 1, pi. 1t. aftetr thIt
.irrivalI oh thle ionKthern cart, via W'it
MI NG TON, N. C., triiit whichl jtiti
two K daily trains are dispatchecd ait 8 A. Ml.;
atntt 2 1P M.; she8 o'clock only connctin~'lig at
WVelon~ wtith thle he tto. lit ershnorg,
R ionid, Washlii ingtont, Ilatt:niore, Phlihi
dlia t andiu New- York. Theli pubbe t is
respeiiitutlly in forme~td thait thIe tteamer ito f0
theso It iis, are itn hiraat raite ciomhdtiont, andti
aire niaviiatted by well knownt and ex
pe riec'ed comandl ~lers; te Raii lloads
are n inhte order, (thme V Wligton~!it
andu W'Veblon. tis wcllI as thte Soeaboard
andut Rouanoke htavintg. recently been rehiaid
withI heavy Tradl) lierebmy securniig hothI
safety andit despatcht. fly these rontes
piassenge~r8 avatiinig tlhemselv'es of the
IR ET TRAI N miay rechl Baltimtore ini
40( hours. Phdttadelphlia itt 45 houirt, atnd
New York in 50t 1.2 hours; andl by the
SE~COND) TRAIN they arrive int Bal
titmore itn 50 houtra, PhiladfelphlIat in b6
hiours, an New-York itt 61 14:. hours.
Thlrongh tickets can taloite be hiad from
E. WINSLOW, Agent of thle Wilmington
anid Raleigh Rail Road Contpany. at the
ollice of the Comupanty, foot of Laurens
street, Charleston, 8. G., to whoit please
March 23, 1852. 22--If
S. & E. M. G IL BE RT
conntie the C A'"R IA G'E
-BUJSINVESX at the ahove
at and-No. 35 and 40) Wentworth-st reot;
Charleston-whero they will be pleased-to
exhibhit to their old friends and customers
a very extensive Stock of Vehichets, coim
prisintg thtose of their owvn manuifactutre,
together-with various other styles usuially.
fountd in this market. Their long acquaintt
anice wtth this market as manufneturere
anid dlealera will' enable thoem to o(Ibr grkat
indudeoments to purchasers both in styles
and prices.
August 24, 1852. 44--tC
uiappiness and Competence
riat we behold in-nity r-tlies scaree i tht.e rneriliarm of
lite brukeru is ieshalth aid xspiris with a ruikall.:xion of
cowases anol ailiimns. de-priving tian otfi the joun e forlthe
lijoy nen tof lire at ali age. waheu sh1Iyxsical heltlx.buoxyanucy
.r xiits. aixil hapy serenity o siuid. arisiing f!rorn a con
litit if he.Altl. should be predorinaant.
Maxny ofr tie caues ao. her sulfekrigs at fnst-erhaps
yar lieri eV1h41ps dotriulg girlhoodt. or the foiat years txi
nxrriage--vere i ts tir oniriin so light as to pua unoticexj,
anld of course neglected.
When too I-xie to be benefintel by oxir knowledge, we look
t.ck aul iiourn, and iseit the full consequeices ol' our
WIant wouldl we not often give to pocsses in early lire
Lie kieou letiee we obtain in after years! Antd what days
&ad night-% oxf axiagish we oight not have been spared, if
Lie kiowledge nas timely pouseissed. It Is
'ro belixIi tlxe sickness and aulfferixg endurel by many a
worife foi nany years, rxin castses sinitle aad rolitroxllible,
isuily reaiedied-or better stil,-xot intetred, ifevery
ri'xnelsed the inrirmation contlinlel ins a little volume,
( witiln tire reach of all) wlicl wvxnliel a-niC tx helll
Anil to her hnstaxnd the consatant toil an anxiety or mind,
Iseesearily derolviing lviin hills Irom sickness of tile vife,
witloiut gixxs hirn uw oppostitity xof Aitxtiring xlt t'um
peteice wiliich his exertioxins are extiled, adil the o0.1a-.
sion of which would secare the hlppities of hiiniel,
wife, and children.
By becoming in time poixness-ced of the knowledge, the
wyixt ftr which h. caused the sickiess aud pxoverty of
fin view or such consetquences ino u ire or mother is
exc.ixtlle H shLiexlect to avil1 herself of ialt kuoxn.
'ede cin re'ret to herself. which woulid spre her much
mix be the m es ir of hallineln ad prosperity to her
husband.j and couifer otiin her childien xhat bleinig saove
all I ice--healihiy liodies. wii i healthy uixmls. That
knowledge is contained in a little vrik entitled
Priviate Me(dal Companl ion.
rnor-x:ssoxx Or otixrOrts 7or wvrsti:.
One Mlltidreth Ediltion. iimo, pp. 250. Price S0 Cents.
Jinx rnE raErt, EXTRA BtNDINo, $1 60.)
First publilbed in 1817, uiit it is not
t'oxatiering t alint EVE ft F E MA I.E,
WIIETililI DIA lthi'IHD Olt NT., enti
liere ncquxire a full hicxxowlaign of tile
3tim tire, chnrnater nAiii titI- 1 of' exrcomt
plalists, 'lwitll. Mle Varloatts nysnptotnis, asai
thiat tsenrly
should1 have been sotld.
Iti i ixr etalxle to coirey folly the varicans suljecrts
treiAted ti. ai the-. are o f a n.,txre Strictly ixitsiteled for
the unierdil. or tlx.Ie cxntxex-nixlating m-rrixgei. but tin
feinxle desivxmox oi errov ir~g iwalItI. sind that beauty, coix
sm.pisett pxon hilih. wchieb is co xxmudncive to her awn
inie.,1r'I. rixd thit of her lh xxbtxixl. lint either 1121 or will
tintixi it. as hxxx #!r -ix every huixahha:id wital lis the he er
aid at'ectiin of h is wile at heart, or that of his own pe
cueixiy niipioxemient.
fHia' b.een SENT ICY MAIL uithin the last Ie
I'My ni lx - titntesi "iiTr. A. M. Maxuriceni, 129
Uierty .treet. N. Y.' i on the title page. and the
xntxiry hn the Clerk'si Omlee oi the back of tie title
!ihn; ;xil In.by only ir respectlahho and ontorablo
dexalxrs. or send by mull, nd address to Dr. A. M.
.\lmtirieaii, as theme arte spnriOus und surreptitlous
Infrin;:estnenti of copy-rigtit.
Nox oraite for Ignoranice, hilen Tgrnornxce
I. Milsery tol atloe we leici ecir aisat
dleir. ntl witt-xi to tilipel our Igxorasice
is wixthlin oxtr reaci.
Txo etiablo every ote to dilde upotn the inli.
pioxtlt m1x ty of puxeessing a copy, and that no
w-. or rntiter ne. remain uninforimxed upon ithe
i:ny eano.i4. which, sooner or later. nre ilestined to
inuake Ienrful ravitnes tilwin blor henlth. itless gardted
nizaint. tnd that nix conl-erato rind nffeitionintle
huhin,ilxhave entie to upbrnld hltimlf witlh neglect
4f tli welfare of his wire-a arnlthx4 of thilrty-aix
vmpsWrntainlIn:ull 'V"itle'-.ituie and biwler tof Con.
/eni.. t.ctier witi extracts froin Tie 6,.k, w;ll be
in: ftf 'rPge, t x tny 1mxrt of tIlu Unitel StIes,
W!. xi K iwledlge' lia Iinplaiis, 'tl cxii
phaile to be Igetornnit.
. ' ii, r ocipt xo lin Do!!nr (f.r te ' ne ( -l'.,il
titta. en :i bindinz.) "riii. M i lti Ei) Wxl Na
1'l:1 V AI' Mi.DICA v, .\i P uN ION' is sent (rvaxri.
'I f. t n:ty pirt of the Utllitfel States. All et
tery r.1xat hx' jx--.t l. anx.i nutlutrx..xh lii Dr. A. it
-.1.4' KLlhut,. IMxx lli. New Yxxrk 0:0x l'hixd
tt.,exiflIeux, Ni'. I:2 Lbxrly .rect, New Yxrk.
For xxtie byi
IIinhubrg, S. C.
lIt New Yourk City', by
S:rint-er &\ ~ Townend Mxriince, Slier
xxnntu& t .. I )wl If &I lla xenpojrt. irns &
('0. Olit, 1'J9 Libxerty' Streetu, near
.May 17thx, 1853 ' '20-t
e - - iX T lx. t is1 xithodtxt 01
6' ;- 3rx Z iiormtxing~ the citizenls of
9 LSumtxer ille tintd vicintity tht
het hasx oxpieed ini Silxntervill'. xxlpxsuex thei neiw
P're".byterianx (Chuirch, a ('ADIlNi W~jx j E
i1f0031. n h,-r' hex wvill keepj for xsaie, cheat.p, all
snehi ftrtu tre nix conesi~ tiubr itie departmtent
ofi hxis trade', wichji hev wtill wanrranrt tof gi
matxer'iai ;xii atu w 'irx (nrih for catshi, axtI Clesnl~i
lxxii pricesu, tall decripxitin ofC iFnrxitllu mae.'x.
itirxximtt' ewne t l hres oi
ixu eiy.
I uinigt~ pr~cuxre.1 the'~'ll'' er ices 'fir. C. WA.
D lts. hei I ix repatredl to fu:rxxi:,h .Ixetallie Plates
enigratvexdl it any --tyle.
All te sobeibex'lr nixksx is a fair trial, aind
ea.lsy txerinx.l, tmerit pubic pat ~ronauuge.
izi'Ci, cotant~i ly onl hxandt andt for sale
Opp. TPemiperanxce I IIIl Sumuterville.
Junet I15th, 18.'2 :3 -tf
Veterinary Burgeon.
cxiizens of tisi lt nnd t jxoiting Distlits
tat ht hine remoxvedl his Smtbxes nenrr the Dhe
'ptt ofl ht W. & 31. It. Rouad, whexre hec isx read:
at all timesxt to taxke chatrge ofiseased Hlorec
for ax modeiitrate chxarge x; ii l ciaes wheore thier,
ixst o xcre nto pay will be e!xpe.cted. lIxe alm.
conxtinuies tIs take Il'assenigers. to r.ndl from thx
Ihirpot, andu expects shorlly to receive a Newx
Omxnhnsmx for thatt putrpose. Goods~m lie wvill hxau
ait lte oldi rate of 10 'enxtsq per pxackaxge,.ah
soliciits thei patxroxnage of the pnblic. -
F~eb. 22, 853 ' 17-tr
ByThomas O'Connor.
Juslt orecegived por Rail -Road,. chxoico 19a100
tion of Ci a m an Tobacico, , ordlxia, i Pra
serves of ildescriptloina Jellyx &o. Also
compleito assomntnol ot' Gracerien, wivxch ha
guaxratecs to seli atx-liow as they Caln bhe (lb
uainied from Chaxrleton for.
(Near the Depot.)
Painting, Gilding, and
Gilding on Gold an
Silver, and Graining
Hout~sedhold Furnl~iture~ dione'tup inl theonea
oat ai beost hmaniner. All he as~kx isi a fal
trial. He guaurantees to give etir- at~is
fact oft. (W All orders Ilf thec
promnpty attended ito
*Jani. 11 t, 1853
Knttretm .neroritiut 'n Art or I.:nngres, in Ih ntr
lrr,. by .. F. tbot!rlttTN, 31. '-., il 11m, ..;..
O!!1e mf tfte 1)1tr'c Court for tho Eup4-.. -0
cm District of I'ennsytntin.
Another Scientifc Wonder!
reptared from srNT'r, or the fourth Stomach
f!/, the Or, after directions of Baron Llebig, the
great Physdologicil Chemist, by J.18. Houon
-ro0,, M. D., Phlliladelphilia, Pla*t .
This is a truly wonderft rei"dy for Indiges.
I ion, D1yspep-in. Jauidlice, Liver Coriiplamnt;
Constiplation, aind Debility, Curing after Sna
ture's iowi methold,by Naturen's own Agent, thif
Gastrie Jiimee.
. 27 Hinlf a tenaspoonful of Pejwin, intu
im w aler, %%ill digest or dimslve, Fire Poun A
of ua. L'umf, in about two hours, out of thii
St otmnmelh.
Pep il is tihe chieflilent, or Great DIgest.
ing Priniple of the (Gastric Juice--the SoI"en
of time i->:l, tihe irifying, Preserving, at d
StimuIathig Agent of the Stomneh and Intest
tines. 1 is extracies from the Digestive Stonmi
tni of tie Ox, thois PA ing an artificial )igei'.
live Fluid. pr e 1bly flJ die tistural Gastrid
Jouice in its Ch(emicil potters, and furnisin g a
Complete and Perfect Sumbiltute for it. 13y the
aid of this preparation, the pains and evils om
Indigestion and Dyspepsin are rernose I, just ad
flvy would he by a healthf Stotarmh, It is do
min- wonmders for Dyr x-ptics, curing eases of De
bility. Emnemmiationm, iervous Decine, and byP
t tiv ('onmmption. t-iipooied to be on the verge
of tihe grave. 'lhe b':Cetifiezvidence upon
which is based, is in lime Iighit degree Curi
ons and Ieniarkable.
Mnron Liebig in his irlebrated work on Ani
mal Clvtn~stry, says: '' An artificial Digestive'
lind, analogous 10 the Gatric Juice, may Ie.
readily prepared from the tmmuous memprane of
tihe stommm Ia of tie Calf, in whicm Xi~iius arti
cles of food, as nmeat and eggs, will bet slftened,
chnltzed nld diigestcd, just in the same manner
Us they wiotild he in the human stomach.'
Vr. Combe, in his valuable writings on the
" Physiology of Digestioni," oblerves that " a
lilmimion of the dimie stnntity of the Gastric -
Juice if-. n prominent and all-prevailin tiise of
Dyspwepsia;" and ie states that "adismilbished
purotfes-mtr of medicine in London, who was se
vetely nillicted with this complaint, finding
every thit! ,-Ix to fail, had recourse to the
Gastric Juicte, obtained frem the stomachs of
living animals, which proved completely sue
Profe-aor Dunglimn, of tie Jeferson College
Philadelphia, iilis great work ot Human Ply
siology, devotms more than fifty pages to.n x
uttination of this tuhject. -Hls expernments
with Dr. lleaumont, otn tie Gastric Juice oh
tainied from the living hunman itoimach, andi I
from animals, are well known. " In caseN.."
le says, " digestiun occurred as perfectly inl Lie
artificia as in tie natural di gestion"."
Dr..lhtn W. Drmer, Profssmor of Chemistry,
in I le Medical CUollege of the University of
New Ymork. in his 'ext Book of Chemistry,'!
pnge 366. Say.,: " It las been a qiestion whe-'
ther artiIciaml Iigestion cdld be performed-but.
it is mnow unimvermally adinitted that it may be."
Dr. Carpmetmer's standaN work on Pihysimmlogy'
whichm is in time librmry f Vr
ns used as a Text ook. in all m.e Colleges, m
lull of evidence similar to the above,. re
i'pectog thte retmarkable Digestive power of Pep
sio. and the fag tifativnmay be-a'sdily separa
Ted Iroti the stl ch oftthe cal- -t Ox.arid nieed
for experipfts ii-4Arfificial Digestiwn, ur a a
retmesty for 4isinses of the Stomach, and deli
cienit seecretiomn of Gasti-ic Jime.
.il.omt time Agenmt and get ai descripmtive
Cirm-uamr. gratis, givmtng a large anamoomt of Sci
enifliic Es idencee, similiar tom thme abovt~e, logethter
with Iliprts oif llemmarkabie Cures, from all
parts Ut time U'nited States.
Dr. lmtughmtotn's i':rsiy lhas produtedm time
Zim'st immrve'llmms efle'cts, in cunrinig eases of IDe
hility, lImumrmiationm. Nervonm Dielinme, and Dlys
pepnei Conismpmition. It is impottsibie to give
thme udetail. of enses int time iitnits of tis ads er
l'tiewni; butt num hetited certificatess have
beent givenm itt mmore thatn Two Humndired Remark
abie Ctures, in Philamdelphtia, New York, and
tHostotn alonme. Thmesei were nearly all desperate
cases, mad time cures wero tnot only napid amid
womnerfuml, btut pe~rinanment.
it is a great. .Nervous Antidote, and particular
ly useftil ihr tetmnermcy to lBiliouis disorder, Liver
;Cotmlaint, Fever andmm Agume, amnd time Evil eflibets
of Qmininme, hiercury, amnd other druigs upon thme
IDige.stive Orgatns, alter a long sickniess. Also,
for excess int eating, amid tihe toomm free use of ar
denit spitita. It ahuiost reconiciles Health with
Themre is no fonni of Old Stomach Comspilant
whmichm it dioes tmot t-eem to reach atnd remove as
oncme. No nmatter how bid they many be, it gives
inmstanmt relief!i A sinmgle dose removes -uit thme
unpleurant~t symtoIrns; andii it ontly nmeeds to lbe
repetated for a sbort imem to tmuke thmese gomet.
etti-ets ptermanstent. Purity of Blood and Vigor -
of Body follow at onice. It. is particular excel-'
lenit inm cases of Nausea, Vomnitintg, Cramps,
Sorenmess of thme pit mmf tihe Stomachm, dlistresis afte'
eatintg, low, cohil state of thme lilood, lleaviness'
Lowmmemof Sptirits, Despondency, Etuaciation'
Weakmess, tenden~mcy to insanity, Suicide,&c'
D)r. iioumghtomn's Pep'jsin, is sold by tnearly at
time dealers tm fime drmugstandl Popular Meidicitnes ,
thtroughmout time Unitedi States. It is prepa rod in
Powderm~~ andi in Fluid form--adamreseniptionx
viamls for time tuse of Phlysicians.
Private Circulars for the use of Physicians,
may lhe obitainied onf Dr. Hough ~. -iaDesta
describing time whole process of ptparauonmaa ..
givimmg time auth oritiesm upon which the olaimgr~c
. tis ntew remuedy are based. A.. It is not a sewa
remedy, no objec tion camn be raised agaist fi
use by Phmysicians in respectable standing and
regular pracice. Pice, (One DolLar per bottle
rgula Oas:tvr. -rt!-Every bottle of the
genuine PEPSIN bears thme written signature of
J. S. Ho uowro'o, M1. D.- sole Proparietor, Phil
adeiida, Pa. Copy-right amnd TiadeMark so
3~'Sold by all DruggIsts anmd Dealers lb
For sale in Sumnterville -hy
December 16 l851m4 Sely.
Webb CI1 oee,
public~ goneystlythat he -ia ;stil
prepared to accommiodateralI.iiwho give
hint a call, at the .old .stanti, at reaspuqable
rates. H-is servants ate actiyve and a;ben
tive, his Lttibe shall be well.supplied .with
time best thme mnarkot wUl afford, and all the
dotmesic arrangements of his esitablisth
menit shalml be orderly and neat, He re
pectfully solicits a share of patronamge..
- - > Iropsricor.,
March 22, 1853 *21-if
Jewelry!1 Jewelry 114
-the sutbscrtber baa readty .sit hand,.and its
now receiv inge.,dsgnL d, e~ll1 selected.
Wa N, 01II I & e. wk'.
r' pt ionis, .sim'h. hp. willi no illt a
~ '~ert.,.t tl profit.
nt iine ir tnirqelvs', A 1al1l alL

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