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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 19, 1853, Image 4

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"Our Father." The nother's tuoie
was low, aid tendor, and solemn.
-Our Fatheir." Oit two sweet voi
eCS the words were borine uipward. It
wats 1ie iinoeeue t f Itvei llt, ( ili Id.
hood that gave themi ut t erancaee.
IWlh art inl the heavens,' repeated
the children, one1 witi her eyes bent.
meekly down, an11d tie oither oiokin,
upward( as if she would penietrate thi
h e nt whicla Ier heart inispired.
er I'II tho voices of the little
ornestI in a gentle itirintir they sad
'Iallowed be iv name111."
'Thy% kingdom~in come.'
And the boiden (if the' prayler was
taken nyu by the childen-'Thy king
ie done oil earth as it is
done ini heniven.'
Like tt low sweet ecli) from the hand
of angels, 'Thy will be done (in earth
as it is done inl heaven,' filled the cham
And the mother contitnud-"Give
us this day one daily bread.'
'Our daily bread' lingered a momnt
oin the air, as the mother's voice was
hushed into silence.
'And forgive us our debts, as we also
forgive our debtors.'
The eyes of the childreni had drop
ed for a moment. But they were up.
lifted again as they pratyed-'Aid fir.
give us our debts, as we also forgive
our debtors.'
'And lead is not ito temptation,
but. deliver us frotm evil. For thine is
the kiiigdom, aid the poitwer, and the
glory for ever. Ammen."
K& All thece holy words were said pi.
ously and ferveatly, by the little ines,
as they kielt with' clasped hands be.
side their mother. Then is teiir
thoughts, uplifted onil the wings of
prayer to their heavetnly Father, camtte
back again and rested on their earthly
paients, a warmer love came gushing
fronm their hearts.
-Pjrokisses-tender embraces-the
fond "god night.". WNhat a sweet agi
-tation pervaded all their feelaigs !
Then two dear heads were placed side
by side on the snowy pillow, the soth
er's last kiss given, and the shadowy
ourtains drawn.
What a palseless stillness igals
throughout the ebamber ! Inwardly
the parents' listening ears are bent.
They have given these innocent ones
into the keeping of God's aigels, anl
they can almost hear the rustlina of,
their garments as they gather around
t oir sleeping babes. A sigh, deep aid
t-remulous, breaks on the air. Quickly
the mother tuins to the father of laer
children, wit.h a look of earnest inquiry
on her countenance. And ie answers
thns her silent question:
Far back, through many years. have
my thoughts been wandering. At my
mother's knee thus said I nightly. in
childhood, my evening prayer. It was
the best and the holiest (if all prayers,
"Our Father," that she taught Ine.
Childhood and my mother Iassed
R1wayq- -J went forth s a 11an into te
world, strong, confident, and self-seek
ing. Once I came into a great tenlitl
t'on. Ilad I fihlet in that temptation,
I would have fallen, I sadly fear, never
to risen aguan. The strusggle in amy
mmind wvenmt on fur henrs. I was iahuott
yielding. All the barriers I could op.
pose to the in-rashaing flood seemned
just ready to give way, wheaa, as I stat
it my roJom one evening, thecre ciae
from an adjoining cebambher. niow first
een~cpied for many wei ks, the mnirnr
of a low voice. I listened. At first
nio artieanlate sound was heard, and yet
songhing in the tones stirred my heart
wiath new and strange emnotionis. A t
length there came to my ears, in thae
earniest and loving voice of a wvoman,
the words, "Deliver us frotm evil."
For an instant it seemed to me as if
the voice were that ouf amy mother.
Back, with a sudden bound through till
the intervening years, went my tho'ts:
and, a child in harat again, I was kneel.
ing at my mothaer's knee. Huambilly
and reverently I said over the words
of the holy prayer she land tanght me,
my heart ad eyes uplifted to hecaven.
The hour and the power of darkness
had passed. I was ao hunger staniding
in slippery places, with a flood of wa
ters ready to sweep me to destruction;
buat my feet wer~e on a rock. My moth.
er's pious care had saved her son. lin
the holy words shae tataght, ame in child
hood, wvas a liviang power to resist, evil
through all my after life. Ala! that
unknown mother, as she tamaght haer
chaild to repeat his evening prayer, how
little dreamed she that the honly words
weet each astrangecr's earsan
save hiijn, through miemor'ies ol his own
child~bnd, atnd lain own mnothaer I And
yet itis so. What a poe there is
inod'sword, as it flows into and rests
farmer by. the name of Eliathaan Skin
naer had "a place" near Montpelier,
Vairmount. Hie was aa awful spry
man himself, and expected everybody
to be likewise. Now the old gentle.
man'had a son-an yotath lie was. If
he ii quite so brisk in his muts.
thea'asthold man, he was at least a
ftdiL or' tho ahiead in wit. The old
'-min~as~eath ian rousing every body
about daybreak every maorning; arid
one morning when his heir apparent
was as soggy as a pig of lead, the old
man bawls out, for the tenth time
"Oh-h.h, Sam!"
"Sir.r-r?" says Sam.
"Arecyou, I say,-are you-,,
"Are y~p going to get up?"
"Couldn' t not think of it!" roars the
sonorow vice of Sam.
"Don't: you know, yotu scamp,
do1d.yro ,know how your brother
BhIR'A been' i and ishot a whole mess
of robbln#' Says the old man.
"Y4 jgad." rePR~nds the lipanl,
"I hs1r all 1..at, dad; but 01ntly kN. t
' lit i (ltli'd set if' fools them reibbiins
are to git up afore Bill, and be licked
up jist like salt!"
San turnted (over anl weti to sleep
wrse than111 Qver; nud tihe old titan tod.
dl. d (ff vowing Sim) k.;ow'd a1 lienp
tilo ititch filr i child of Ii. *to.
I1IESSRS. lnteroeis:--Th anety mini
fetel to bring before the people mtany of
ie cit izens of Claremont Coily it) repro
set't them in the nex Legislature, induces
inaiiv of the frieids or Cap;lit. FRANCIS
J. DISCI IA lPS, to ofler his name for the
coinideratioii Mid support of his fellow citi
zen s.
Ilis tinptestimning, unstentatious deport
muent; lis mode-t manners, together with
hi strong good sene and high moral worth,
ent it les hirm td tie support of
Sept. 9. 1853.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
C pt. T. ) FIji cE:sox as a Canihdate for
Sher-IT of Stmter D.strict dt tlth ensuingr
elect ion.
Aug. 24, 1853.
Mr. Editor:--You will
oblige it nuimber of' tle viiters of Sumter
District, by anouncing in your columns
tInime of Ml.ejor Jen.s4 BA.LARD, aS1 11
Candidate for Ordnary at the en suing
elect ion.
Aug. 13, 1853. 42 t f
We are authorized to an
nmtiee Mr. G.Con '. C'ocix. as a Cindidate
likr Ordinary of Sumter Distict, at the next
Aug. 4, 1.53. 41 if
AIn. 1ltrron :-Iensp aninouince Mir.
lt('lER' W. DULRANT, a candidate
for Tak.Collector of Salei Coutiy, at the
next election, and oL%'ig
January 14, 1852 13-if
- ie The friends of Capt.
P. M1. GIBBIONS anoice him a cindi
date for the office of Tax-Collector for
Salem Coutity, at the enutling election and
oblito MANY VoTEUs.
Octobe' I .1.
POR T A X Co:,fr c10t.
Ozr- The Friends of Dan
EI, lM AT111Si Esq., iinounce him Its i
caudidate for Tax Collector for Citremunt
Couiinty, at the ensuing election.
Fel. 8th, 1853 1--td
'ro lr, Editor:-You will
please announce WILLIAM1 [I. BitNU
SON ns a candidate for the Olice of Ordi
nary of Sumter D1istrict, at the ensuing
SApril 271h, lR52 27-tf
F O R C 1, E K.
(Ic We are authorized to
announce 1'. J. DINKINS, Esq., a Candidate
for Clerk of the Court, at the ensuing election.
April 16th 1851 2.1 5f
0Zr Mr. E(itri : Please inl
nounce 3r. J. J. AlcKl IA R, a Ca;ndi.
date f4ir Clerk of the Couri, for Stniter
listrict, and oblige IlANY VorTEcs.
April 11, 185-. 25-if
*f W. .1. N. ll~iu-:-r are desirons ot puit.
Stng him in naeinination foer the Oilce of
Clerk oft ihe Court of So nter Di-trict, at
thle einsinig electieon.
Maiy 21, 1853. 30--tf
GieThe Friends of Mr.
JOI IN F. JUN l, anntounce lhimi as cnndi
edate for Sheriff ocf Sumiter i)cbtric't ait the
next electioni.
Nov. 12t h, 185:23i-a
95i We are authorized
Io announ tce A. iE. I 'OOL )ls ai candlidat e
for Sheriff of Suniter District al the enisu.
inig election.
D~ecemb'er 21, 1852 8--t f
Mr, Editor :--Please an
nlounce J1)11N N. AlcLEOD I a candidatie
for Sheriff of Sumter I)islrict and ob
lige AIANv Futit.:us.
June 29th, 185:15-t
Tiue Souths.
To the friends of our, canse throughout lthe
slaveholdling State we appeal. "T'he Agrictul
tural Asesociation of the Phnting States"' has
for its object th,- defusionu of kn'.wledge, as it
appertains toall bcr.tnches of Agriculture ande
ofour peculiar iosiitituions. We desire a e lose
ejond of telleowshiip, that we may develop our
souroes and be united as one mani in our inter
It line been sid that "teei worldl is against
use." lie it so; the world, we know, is depend
ant on us, and we gloery in onr prwiion. Let
uis he true to oucselves and all willI be wvell.
In the dischearge of our iduty as "E tsecutive
Council'' of the Association,' we have find*
the time of the next meceting of the Asseorintion
to be oin Thtursdlay, the hirst~ day oef D~ecembeler
next, at Coluctnhiia, 8. C., which will lhe during
the first week of the seessioni of the Legislature
of that State. -From every slaveholdlimr State
genttlemont ofdestinction have beeni appljied to
by us to present addlreroes or essays before the
Association on the various subjects of interest
connectedl with it.
Tio the Southern Press we also appeal, andI
we hope that every ntewspa per will not onily
pullih thi s circular, but will give their ablest
efforts to this causee, time and again, in their ed-.
itorial columns.
WVe earnestly desIre that alt who feel the im
portance ofthe work before its, and wish to ad
vnnce and firmly establish this Association,
wtil send fortvard their namnes and initiation
fee, which Is "five tdollars," to Dr. N. B. Clond,
Secretary, Lockiland P. 0., Alabama. The
funds thtus ritisedl are to be applied to the publi
cation ofali addresses and essays for gratuitous
distribution In book or pamphlet form.
E. A. Hot.-r, Ahlaama.
1.8. llttit, Alabama.
G. Hf. Yotuno, Mississippi.
A. G. 8ttrn En, South Carolina.
JAB. M. CutA MEas, Georgia.
Gzo. R. G:L NER, Georgia, President, e.x offcio.
N. B. CL.OUD, Alabamna,,8eeyetary, atr offcso.
Executive Comunittee.
Montgomery. Ala., August 12, 1853.
0JT Every paper in the State friendly to the
cause of Southern interests will obligui the Ex
ecutive Council by giving this a few insertions
until the time of meeting.
MeetinEr-t.a Charleston, C
S(OR the permanent cine of JLver ('nii.
pini, Dispopsia, Jaunidice, Indiges.
tioli. Ner'ous I leadatlhe, )ehility, und all
.seases nrisingr frotm disorderecd liver,
Sl(oirnac.h or itestinei, lite BAUlME DE
VIE, ni-inufcturedl by Ci JARLES DE.
I.Ot01E, of Sittitervillc, 8. C.. hns nosn
perior. It is nirivalled in its exellene,
a, :mn externa remnedy for lurits, Scalds.
Brtgises, Cuts, &c.
I113 Full directiOns accompany each bot
Wholesale Agents, Columbia, S C.
07,r Those desirous to purchlase can
also, find the Batim do Vie at Mr. .lohn
M. Chandler's Store, near the Ton n lHall;
Sumiterville, S. C.
Tie subscriber doems it uniecessary to
recommend his medicine any further thnii
this-I lint any one who has once thorough
ly tried it, will never be without it wien it
can be had.
August 24, 1853, 43 tf
New and Unrivalled
Ratilroad Rou1te to
the North, Via the
Ilriloninagio and M.an
chester Railroad.
Ttrough in the jame time with the
Gcat N orthern Alsil,
T RAVELLERS nre respectfully infurind
that One jinlred aml Thirty miles of
the Wihnlingtoin and Mainchester lHtailroa I are
completedl anad in successful operation.imil ct
nectiton- have heei formned by first cians Four
lorse Post Coacies over tihie uifinlishied pmrt of
the Road. 'The following is the schedule:
Leave Augusta at - - n. m.
" Wilnington at - 8 a. m.
Arrive at Weldon at - 3 p. in.
S " ilntiore at -6 a. i.
S "a Philadelphia - I p. ni.
" " New York at - C-0. p. Iml.
Time froin Augusta to Wilingttin, 213 hours.
Wilmington to New York, 31-30
t' . At Wilmitigton the connection is mnatle
with the 8 o'clock a. m. ]-..rpress Train.
f At ''eblon, passengers can have choice
of itoutes, cither by Senboard and Jimanoke
RLilroad and Bay .ine (if Stenmers, or Iy Rtail
Itnad hrouglih Peerumirg, iiehimond, nnd
Wnshington city,:n I r~h.:r. '1rTron-h Tiek
eaI by either of these lines canl le pirchased in
CV 1irough Tickets from Montenmery to
Charlisto it will be received on the South Caro
Ina Rlailall, between Augusta ana the Wil.
niingtoin and laiiciestter Itailroad.
EX0' Piseiniters tiesirous of going North by
this Itotute will thave their haggage ceicked at
Auutista to the Wilmington and Maiches-et
i' Any other iifdbinatlttin can be obtained
of Dr. J. L. Keen, Agent at Adieiat:1.
L.. J. FlIullENO.
Sup. Wil. and 1Machliester Itailroad.
Rail Road Notice,
E.Xtst:Et.'s OFFICE, Wil. & An11. R. 1.
July 10, 1853.
ON and after this date, the Ainil itd
L.eave Lars Illuff Station at 12.30 A. M.
Flirence 1.15 "
T Tnmonsville 20 "
"~ v Lynhhtr " 241 -'
"' Smtntervi lle " :2.50 "
" Mlunchester " 4.4(1 "
Arrive at Jtunct ion " 5.100
Iluavye Ju nction at2.0I .
"'u Mavesviille 35
1.icllir~ " 4.15 "
" Floence "' 515"
Arrive at Alars BItui Stat iona 5415"
*Or nwait the atrrival of the Mlail traitn
on the South Caroslinia Rail Rtial, utd
10 o'clock P'. M.
liest. Enig'r. &c.
Jtuly 10th, 1$53 35--6t.
Something Entirely New
In thet wayv of L talies' atndlCt G tteens
G titers, Laites' WValkingf Shites, (someit
tinig fine) Misses don. with a genetral as.
sortmtent of Gents. t ine lloutls a nd Shtoes.
If the Ladies wvish to gZet thte latest style
oif Gauiters anti wal(king shoes otut, juist c'all
Juine 7th, 1853 312--tf
Segars!! Segars!!!
.j UST1 receivedCt frut Baltitore
I 5,000.~ egiars5-hitCe Biraunds.
SMay 0th, 1852 28--tf'
PERSONS wishlinmt vehickles of any
kind cant buy them tof E. ilixoit, att Stmter
vill e, as cheap as cant he botught in Chirles
tont or elsew'here andi warreanted to aandh.
A pril 19thI, 1853 25--f
Clothing and Out-Fitting
E S T1 A 1B1L I S II M E N T1,
No. 268 King-street, corner of
W uit worthI, Charlest on, S. C
Puirchtasers will finid at all titnes a full
and complete stock of Cent's.
Wt. A. KENT. 6. it. MIITCtIELL
1Yauuufactory 113~ WVashhmagtenu
store, N. I'.
May 1849 20 tf.
W. J. Jacobi & Son,
W. J7. JACO~i. NATliANiE!,. JACOBi
Xnporters and Dealers in
Forigni & Domestic Dry Goods
gg? our customera are ensured Moderate
Rates and a strict adherance to the Onte Price
OFFERS for sale, ror ash, or an pproved ere,
and WELL sETED sortment of EAST INDIA
Draigs and
P ES8ARl lES, "1 d- 1)y Y. E -4111
" GL.ASSWARlE, l1Uiltls.:
'I'lomtPSONiyAN 3lDicN.:s, .AiP AND
SIIAtK Ens' ilErnRis & oTS, 80S.Ar, LA
Snuinc C04
Together %%
I Agent for the
April 6th, 1852.
Ilas just received fom Ilultimore anl New
York, a large and wel selected stock of
Broa1dcloths. Caselimcrcs and
the fitwt anl best thata lis ever been brought
to this inarket.
- A I.8,
Ready made Clothing fi- Gents' and Youths,
ofevery (iality anid dew-rijtion. Ilnving,.e
lected the Goiis, aid hti them made np to or
ter, ie can warrant the work.
Evory description aend niility of Gloves ; Dress
litts nahed til to oirler; Caps, Silk Cravais,
Silk Pocket Ilindkerchiefs nnd Neck Ties,
Lh.inen Shirtt. J0. Collar, M rino Uilershirts,
Io. )mwt'rs, with every article that is worn by
getnte, which ie tffi, on reasinaile tnn,
aid solicits a call fromi .is old enitomers, und
the citiz-ns of the l)isirict penerally.
Sumiterville, Nov. 1511h, 1 52 3-tf
Cheap Grocery.
THE Subscriber lv.nz ipeited a gro
ey nderthrtli t le Town 1.it 1 4ll, desigis
keeping conistantly timl Ihanld. a suppily o1
leavy articles. such as
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
Cii l'8H. Al A CKI(-IRll. SALI', SOAl',
CAND)LES, l'OTATOES1, &c. &c.
I tfact little of a1lmo111st everythinrg thalt is
Lrooid to 11at; all of whicf. will lie sold l1)w,
for cash, or in exchiange for cititry pro
dnttce. Ie peromises io attenud to hi iswn
busittess, adl hoipes by a'tendingr strictlv
theretii, to receive Ihera sire if pa
trona.e. .1. I. ANI.ElI.
Alarch 10th, 1"i.33:Ot
The Corn Exchange
13 Y
rThiomias O'Connor.
Who keeps const antly on h1aid a lot of
DOM Al STICS nt the! lowest rates. GMRW
ClifRl18 at Clrletonit prices for c..sh
Ibron, Lard. Ilms. itt lel- and a lartre sip
pily of the best CI\ RS and TOBACC0
which lie will sell cheaper than ni mer
cihant in town, also just received 40 barrels
North Carolina flotir,
Jan1. 1,31h, 18,53 12-1v
TlE iihs.- her wotld respect
im1 flly' infoirm his otld friends atid the
k~rk ;phllic geonerally, that his I Ititl soi
long kntown ns the "-SiT.\lTERA llOUSE,."
is aigain openieed from datie, for te recep
tion of~ visitors.
IlThe interial I rr i reneent will tindergro
at thoirouighi repaiir, with as liittc lelelay ss
ponssile, antd bie truitIs thtat ht:s aei o n tt
lthe tonforit iil his guests, will metrit a shi tre
of pubbehe pat riinalg. Thek snbwcribe'r ha3
ilsot taketn c1r.e o f the HIII.1,1 AllD TA
IlL.. andi iils littiug uy the rohomi with
tneatn ess, anid will liunisht it wirbt all thle
niecess.arnies ande cotiveniietnces lint lovers
ofl the spotrt cian requjire.
Aarebi 8tha, 18553 19-ti
China, Glass And
Direct Importations.
-1AS jni-I receivedl direct fromn the'mn
ii lacIturers intH Englantd antd France,
an itby.3 recrent vesse!ls fromti te Northi, a
very cotmplete aind varied atssortmteit oft the
itbove iniinned; GOD)N, comtprisitng all ihie
new''u patteinis andl 1 shpes; atmong w hichi
are hest
Chinia fitnish a superior article;
UtIne and oithier Colored Ware, of ntew
F'rench anid Engtl shi Chiina, newt Pihapes,
plitnIi W ujIte Gold atnd dieoraited;
Rtich Chitin inner anld Tle-settIs, and
bteatiful Fancyi ArtileM in Ihie lite ;
Cut, .ilouleredl anid Il'olishted Glasswatre,
cil every kind;
D~yut's Pattent Camtphiene, Siore, Ollice,
and Pa.rlor Lamptl, a supeiir:e r ar icle;
Webbl's Paltenit Odl anid Litrd Lamiips, at new
art clie givingr great hlgh t attd brilliancry;
Tea Tlrays, biest'LTablle Cutlery antd l'al.
ted Catstors, Spioins, Forks, ~&c.
I Ioutsekeeping~ aticl Ies, inl great variey;
Crates of assortedl Wa;ires. of dlesirable'anid
new istyles, lby Wholesatle;
Packatgnelof 'iTitmblers, Flasks, &c., low
by the piackage.
IlainiVig ~ompijlete a rranog tment for obtain.
img o~ur (iiods idirect iroma hue mtatnufac
turers we can antd will offer rare induce
ment~la, eitter by Whoilesale or Rtail --
Orders attended to preinpl ly.
Columbia, A pril 12, 1853 24-tf
Fine Cigars and Garden
Kept constantly on htand by
Dr. \V. JA S. DA RGAN & Co.
Ainy 2ith, 1853. 30-tf
Lawv Notice.
Office next door to S. B3. & R. C. Webb's
New York Store.
March 2'2 1era 2at f
;N, S. C.
ilt, AT TiIE L.OWEST sARKET ramics, a large rl
ic', CoM11s AND Il'Alta BRnU EB il
it) AND SrERInI 01.s, FANCY SoArS, al
5 A)ND CArtruitiE, &c. &c.
I Liver Oil.
illt every article
most approved
Whatever concerns time health and happiness
or a people is at all times of tihe most valiable
importance. I 'take it for granted that every
p -rson will do all inl thileir p0" er, to save time live's l
of their children, and that every personm will en
deavor to promote their own meaIth at aill sacri-*
fices. I fi-el it to he my dumty to slemnly assure
youI that Wontts. aecorlinmg to time olmitiotm of
the most celebrated Physicians. are tIme primary k
cattses of a large nmajmrity (mf diseases to wiichI
children ani aminits are ilable; if you havet an
npjpetitm' continually changeable from one kind
of foou Io another, ilad iBreath, Painm inl the So
much, Pickimt at the Nose, Hlardness awd Full
mnmess of time Belly, Dry Con;;h, Slow Fever,
Plmse irregular-remember tint a.11 ihese denote
Won. s, & you should mat once apply the remedy
B10obeluamck". Wors rep
Anm article founided upon Scictiifie Principles,
compommed with pmirel) --egetable sub.isttances,
hoing perfectly safe when taken, and cal line
givertni tie hemost tender Immfit with decided C
heneficial eflect, where flowel Complaints and
Iiurrha-a have mime themin wenk and debilitated
the ' p'roic prperties of smy Wormm Syrim p are
such, t lhot if stiais witiomut in eqal in the en a o
logmei of meicines. in giving tone amil strengtm
to till StaImnchm'i, whimh'i maik's it nit Initilhable
remedy for thome ailliuted with D5/Poppsiti. lte
astoming c'ures performedi by tii Syrmup auter
Physemns hav. fiuile I, is lti bIest ev idenUlIce ofits t
superior eflicacy over aill others.
This im the most difiemilt Worm to miestroy in
vil that infest timt i1113.u1an system, it grows tm a
lmost indefimite leng'h hwomvoinlg rn coiled awtml
listenied tf time intestines aid S1mach effecting
time health Som sadl y as to entse St. ViRs Dnmce,
Fits, &c., that Iihose to filieted leiform if ever
nmwpet fimt it ic Tapt. Worn. hastening them to
nu eorly grave. in rmder to mlestroy tihis Worm, a
very energetic treatmielit muilstt be pursutei, it
woalm therefore be proper tm take 6 to 8 of my
Liver Pills so as to remove ill obstruetions, that
tlm Worm Syrp inmay Oct direct uim time Worm,
which mmt ltbe taken in dose of' 2 'i'alespoon
fuls 3 times a da , timese mireelionus fmlowed
mave inever been -nowi to fail in curing hlie
most obstinate case of Tape Wern.
obenuckn' Liver' Pis.
No plart oif tlhe system is more liabl. to disease
than t i,1 V Elt, it mervimng as a filterer to puri
fe time blood, or giving the prop,-r secr,-tii to
1ime bile ; f-0 that aniy wrong io'-tin of the Liver
efitets tlie other importait moarts of time systemm,
ani results variously, ill Liver Complhmint,
Jlamdice, Dyispepsia, &c. We shmonli therefore
Watch every symoplonm that might indticate a I
wrong action of the .iter. These Pills being
composedtii of ItOOTS and PANTS firnished by
mun hre to hle the sick: Nammely1 Ist. Ai Ex
rECToa A NT, which aigne,.ts the secretion from
tmie Pulmoaury muculs membrale, or promotes b
the lischnrge ofsecreted mnifter. 2ni, An A I,
nENATIVn. Which OhIgLen in seime iinerplivra
ble and in sensiblemanner tie ce rtaii rmterliiu
aetimi of tie system. Hrd, A 'I'oic, which t;
gives tone fminal trengtlh to time nervouls Pystem.
rewding .ct.ntts ati ig ,s a -nil prart of ,ile
i i lth. A ;.'ATmiirT'C, Which acts in tier
feet iarmoiiny vith tie .tier ingrelients, nw
(1pe, rating oi tile Ilhivels, and expellinmg time
whle tmss Ofecorrlpt mid titiaktei natter. nd
purifying tle iloom, which destroys disease and
restires henithi.
.Ymlt will fihid thes'e Pills anm invalttible niedii
e'ine in Immany complainmts to whlich youi are Dlh-i.
j.'ct. inm mmbstrutineiter ttal or partiaml,they (
havme beeon foulndi ofietinmmtabe ibeeit, rmestormimg
their funcitionamil arranmgemr-nts 'o a health y tac
i"i., pur iyig time bmlogiiand omh,-m.r 11luis so
edh-mally tom pumt to flighmt ali cuumniaints whiichm
Imaym arise fromn feimtle im?,-gutamroiles, min iheadm {
imm'-me, ghhhnimeN, dimmniess ot sip ,Jnt~littm
side, bacuk, &c.
Nonmegemnuinme tnmess signe.1 N.HIonEssaCc,
all otheNm hmimig lmttse limtai
t'i15 Agentis wishing nlew smujpies, atnd ormie
Kop'jers dhesirmus ofl'mbi-comming Agents rmusmt 1111
uires time Proprietor, .3. N. IiOIIENSACK,
Plmhbmdlphiaii, Pam.
Fonr sale bmy ali Drumggists~ and Merchanmt ini
tiM.mone Chmarlestoin, Whmolesaule Agen
fur thme State.
Through Fare from Charles
TON 'IT) JIAi.T'laOHi $15 O!l;
TO Pmihli,Ai)I'iLi'fllA .817.i'0;
C1IlA RlIESTO(.N, S. C',
JIEAVlNG time Wham~rf at thme footi or
Laturelns-st. daily at ;i, p. tm. tlfte~r thme
arrivaml oh thec Southetmrn cars, via WVi,
M iNGTON. N. C., Irom wichei poimit]
two daiyi' trainsa are disepatceimd at 8 A. M.;
and 2 P M.; f/me S uo'clock only cotnneting at
WVeldon with lime lines to Petrsutrg,
Rticmonmdm, Watshingtonn, Unltimore, Phila-.
deLlpia, andt New-Y.Xork. Thie pubulic is
respmectfumlly infornmed limat time stearmers oh
lihese limies, are in uit r.mte commndtiont, anod
are namvigated by wail ktnown andt ex.
perieniced commnmde'rs; time Rail Roads
are in finte rderr, (thme W ington
andm Weldion, as well ats time Seolboard
andmm Ronokea havsi recenmtly been ,rm.laid
.wimth heavy Tramil) thereby miecurinmg b~oth
saflety andi despiah. By these routes
paossengers avaimnng thmemselves of thea
IRET~' T1RAIN maliy rec'h Baltimore in
4) hmomurs. Phidadliphlai in 45 hours, andi
New York in 50) 1.2 hours; anid by~ time
SIdCONJ) TRAIN they arrive in Bal-.
timnore in 50 htours, P'hdelphia in 50
hiours, and New-York imm lil 1-9. hours.
Thbrough ickets cano alonte lie had from
E. WVIN8ILOW, Agent of the WVilmington
andm Raleighm Raii Road Compamny. at the
office or time Cmpamimmny, foot of Laurens
street, Charleston, 8. C., to whom please
March 23, 1852. 22-if
continue the CAR) RIA GE
BUSINESS at the above
stand-No. 35 and 40 Wentwvorth.street,
Charlesmton-where they wvill be pleased to
exhibit to their old friendls end curtomoe
a very extensive Stock of Vehicles, corn
prisinig those or their own manufactumre,
tongetiher wvith various other styles usuatlly
found in this market. 'I heir long acqiuaint
ance wvith this market as manufnecturer's
andm dealers will enable thmem to off'er great
inducements to purchasers both in styles
and prices.
August 24, 1852. 44-t f
tappimess andompetence
hat we behold tnsar femsten, eatce in the nerielian of
r brokeas is health said spirsts with a c-otailicatios ol
seases and ailinents. deprisioss themn or tihe you er fot ha
joyment or ifea at age wrlsenhysical health. buoyaisey
s'irits, and hsspy serenity q mitd.aisig iruns a con
tion sir litottli. Should be predominant.
anyof the causse or te sufferings at first-perhaps
Ta1bIerperhptsdurin giriholod. or the first year off
Ssr-we st tlitar origin so light as to pass uunoticed.
of course sieglected.
'hen too late to be benelitted by oser knowledge. we look
iek aid mouns. said regret the full cnnsequences of our
Wait would we not often give to possess in early lire
e knowledge we obtain in after )ears ! And whst days
Id nights of aaguish we might not have been spared. i
e bisowledgei was timely possessed. It is
of behold the sickness and soiffrerin endured by many a
iNe for snany years, f(osn causes simile avid constrolinble.
sily reIndie _-or better still.-not incurred, ilenery
nsesesed the information contalined ins a little voinme,.
vitliaiu tile reach of all) whsich nould at .re tto herself
nd to her lnsband fse constant toil and anxietr or mind,
!cessarily OleTolyii siupon him Iron sickness of tse wile,
ithont gving him Use opportunity ofacqniriug Ishat coin.
tence which lIis evertinus are entitleft, aid tihe 1.nlres.
on of which would secure the happiness of himself.
ire, and children.
r becamisn in time possessed of the knowledge. the
nit sir which has caused the sickness ad poeisty of
In view of such consequences no-wife or mother is
cusahe W, she neglect mo avail herself or sant know
of in reoaet to serself. which would spore her inoch {
Iderina, be file ma asia o'hap issiess amid prosperity to her
Asbasld. &fad confer upon her children that blessing above
I pree-henlthy bodies, with healthy minds. That
iwledge is cniiitained in a little work entitled
"rivale Medical Companion.
torrsonot or tioSrasrs or woir..
tie lIfundreth Fdtitlors. 10mo , pp. 2,0. Price 50 Cents.
[ns ruNE PaPER. EIrttA 5tNi1Co. $I 00.)
First iublished in 1217, and it ii tint
onsiniderin thint EVEIIY PEIA.E,
VIIETIIE9 DIA1tIfsco1 On NOT, rno
Iere nequairer a fA lsscafowledge of the
Intsare, chanrarter mtid caues of her costsa
islitsa, wIth the vaarIoua ayanptoas, net
lat isearly
ldi liave been sold.
It is imnracticabl-le sn ienvr hillr the varians subjects
reted o . as ther are of a intiate stoictl, ietlded for
e snarried. or those cnristemp'lating m-rirtrie. but sin
-male desirous of eijoyinag health. sand that beaury. cnn
eqiseist siin heiith, vA bich is at ens desire to her own
ilipinens. artl tlast ofl her hitshtbed. but either lisa or Will
htain it. as has or will every busalaid whi ha; she I..e
ad stection or hif. wife at heart, or that of his own pe.
uniary imperovement.
love been SENT ITY DAIl. aitin the last low
tin no 1mvk inlem "Dr. A. Nt. blaurtlena,129
.talry Stret. N. Y." It on the title page. and the
-sitry in the Clerk's OMice on the back of the title
m t and tuy only or respectable and honorable
ralen-rs, or send by mail, and address to Dr. A. bi
lranriennti, ns there rre spnrious and surreptitious
nfringements or cotpy-right.
go exemse for Ignornnaee. visaen Ipnorvnnee
I Silisery to thaose we hold sier aste
dienr. nmass whes to dispel onar Igasoras ce
It wis&!;; osur reneh.
Toa) ennhle every one to doeffdt upon the indil.
n.,tairal - tesinanity or possesing a copy, and that no
rife, or mother neeI remain nritnorned upon the
rinsy ransea. which. ooner sir later, art deatined to
inke fenrfiul ravages nyian her healtli. unlern guardesl
.nins,. anit that no consiiliernln nn aflrfretionnte
i-sbnntl iave cnnse to upbralst lairnseif with nteglect
r the welfare of lils wiff-a pamplilst of tlirty-six
agen, contnin ngfsd1 7fi-ppe e ant Imige of ('n.
'nt.. to;eher witlh extracts frin the bolik, will boe
ot f , ef chetrg. I nny part of the United StaItes,
y nileiressing, hiht-pni'l. na ltereln.
A iters Kmssrlesog IsRnppinee, 'tie esI
puaoior to toe Igesornift.
-17'' On rerceipt 4)f One Dlliar (for the fine ri
on.esusr:% hntiov.) "r.TilK.\IttlEl) w O.ANs
'IVA T lf Af. COi oN ' i t taritgil
rI fra.a to ary p.r; . ilia inited14al.lites. All It.
-rA must ho t-Ipald. nod nmlireAsIi to Dr. A. %I
IA tl'IICE 4f?..tBox 12*24. Ne-w York Citv. iul'blsh
aC. sItlen, Not. 129 Liberty Street, New Yirk.
For -nsk- hv
littthstrg, 8. C.
Its New Yoark Cit y, hiv
S ringer & Tonenl Adrinniee, Sherr
ann& Co., Decwitt & Davenplort, 1Ihsrns &.
'o. (Oflire, 120 Libuerty Street, na
May 17lth, 18353. 2 -i
T ~ lAilmS tis meth~od osf
informoist the c'itizensl or
Sitmterville amiu vicinity that
e lhas opteed int Sumsterville, sipposate thse nsew
~retbyterian Chusrcht, a (AIN ET1 WVAlRE
LOOM, wsvhere he. will keep for tsale, esap, till
uch'l sainrmure na coms undetsr this deipatrtment
r htir tradet, whtisch lhe will warrasnt sif goodis
materiasl ; anti wvil fsurish fsar cshl, at Chtarlem
un pricers, all dlescritin of Fusrniture miades.
b-paeiring a'ecmnted at, the shlortesl. noitice.
M1 aogauny uand plaitn Cotlis futrntished wit-hs
ntt delaty.
Ilnvinig prnensred the erviceas tif Mar. C. WV.
)Aris. lie is preprsd tss ft:rntisht Meltallic Platss
nsgratved in santy slyle.
All the subaosrabber ake in at fair trial, andI
ope.s by puntctal atltititson to bsusinss anda
ntv termsn, tom merit pnbillic palrobnage.
i'eblruary 17, 185'2. 1i-ly
izes4, conrstantly on handit 11nd1 for sale(
>y lUD8ON & IiIIO'lEit.
Opp. Temnporance llasll Sumnterville.
June 15th, 1852 :14-tf
Veterinary Burgeon.
ROBERT W. AND)REWS ntofieu fts
'itizena of thin, noel thin adjomining Districta,
liat he haos remnoved his Stablles near the Do
sot of thse WV. & M. R. Rtoad, where heo Is ready
it all times to tak e chargea of diseasedi Horses
ror a mfodlerte~ chlarge ; 10 all cases whemro ltere
a no cuareno pay will he exipected. Heo also
:ontimtes ftm take Pasisenger to ret nd from the
)epeot, nnde ox pecats shortly to receive a Neow
3mnibus for lhat purpose. Goodsa he will haul
it then old rate of J0 cenla per package, and
tolicris lise patronage of ste publIc.
Felt. 22,.1853 17-IC
Bt5y Thoma O'onnLo:
orves of all descriptions, .lly. &c. Also a
esmplete sssortmsent, 01 GroCeries, winehC lie
uiaranteca to sell as lowv as theoy can be ob
ained from Charleston for.
Feb. It 1853 . 1-h.f
(Near the Depot.)
Painting, Giling, and
Gilding on Gold and
Silver, and Graining.
leusehold Furniture done up in thle neat
mat and best manner. All he aska is a fair
rial. Hie guatrantleef to give Cintire sattiu'
action. [-ff' All orders trom thenc
iromptly attened to.
Jan4 11th, 1853 11.
btsrrd secorting toot-.or eommntr e ti qt
1651. by J. S. H011lTON' M. It., he thbe 0terk's
00ire of the. DIstrietWConrt for the L:A.t.-ru
Jiloirict of Pennsyhs.rI
Another Scientific Wonder!
epired front nkNNEr. or the fourth Stomack
.f the Or.nfter directions of Ilaron Liebig, tier
reat Physiollogicnl (immnisi, by J. S. Ilouwn.
ron, Al. D., I' iladelphia. I'a.
This is n trly wonderful remedy-for Indi ef
ion, )ype'lwin, Jaundice, Liver' Comple &t,.
Aonstipattion. nd lie)ilily, (1mring after Not
tire's own methmod, by Niatures's own Agment, tie -
asiric Juice.
87 Ilalf a tensponnful #)f Pepsin, intused
nt .%ner, will digett or ilimmolvdi Fire Poundse
if IB/st Berf, in amouif two hours, out of the
i onh.
Penin is the chief element. or Great l'igeit
lg I rinciple cif the Gat.iric Juice-the Soil-rent.
if the Fmood. the Purifying. P'reserving. na d
Atimnulatig Agent of ihe tomneh and Intes
Lines. It is extratiel from the Digestive Stow
ich of tie Ox, thus. forming on artificial Dige
live Fluid. precipimly like the itmiuri Gnstric
uiee in its Chemical pwerrs, and furnishing m
rmmnpleme and Perfect Submtitue for it. By ihe
id of th'is preparation, the pais and evils om
Intligeion amid Dyspepwia mare remomve), jimt nr
they wouli ie by a ienithy 8tomoarli. It is do
ig wonlerm for Lys pitiimcs, curing cares or be
bi Iy. Flmarintion, Nervoms Ielinc, and Dys
p elitic Consumptiom. miimosed to lie on the verge
if the grave. The Nrientific Evidence upow
wlicl it is based, in in the higmst degree Curi
uis andm itemarkable.
Puron Lielig in hi.<t relebr2ted work on Ani
mal Chmistry, iays: 4 Ai trtificial Pigestive
Fhlmul, aminlomgoumms Io th Gastric Juice, may he
readily prnpa red fromn the iteoims memlirne of'
the stiomnil of the Uif. in which vntions arti
eles of fiod, not ment and eggp, v% ill be oteunled,
changed ant di gesied, just iii the samie nianner
a they would bie in lie human t'tomnieh?
Dr. Cmnmbe, in him valuable writingim m tiMe
l'hysiology of Digetimn," obyeri i that " a.
dliminutioni of tie dte tutanmiLy of the Guiric
Jiuice iP a prominent id all-prevailin canygegl
Dymperintmmand lie states that "adistmiguishiet)
pmrfessor of imedicine in Lonmdton, w ito was se
verely nflicted wtlh this conmplainmt, finding
every thiing else to fail, had reemrse to the
Gstric Juice, mbtaimd from the stomnchbs of
living animals, which proved omilelelly sue
cessfiuly "
Profr.sor Dmmglison, of the JefT'rson College
Philadelphia, il iis great work onm Iluman Phy.
siology. devotes more than fif y Pages to) e
aminmationi of this rubject. Ibn experiituents
with Dr. Ieaumniont, ol the Gastric Jul. e ob
t:inel fritim tie litin human stoar h, anti
from animmalm, are wel known. 1n cases.l
ne says, " digestion occurred as p.:rfectly in the
mrtificial as in the inatural digetions."
Dr.John W. Irnper, Professor of Chemistry,
in, the Miedient College of the University of
New York, in his "-Text lok of (immnistry,"
page 386, says,: "1 It h imeen a question whe.
tiher artificial digestion could be pierformed-but r
it is n.ow univerbnly adlumitted that it may be."
Dr. Urimeter's -tundari work onl Physiology'
which is in the libramry of every Ihybian. anid
mi used iams a Text Hiuk in all the Colleges, is
full of evidence simila t: the above, re
spectimag the remarkable Digesitiv- power of Pep
pinl. and the fact that it may be readily separ
ted from the smoinmachof the enf or Ox,and used
for experimienits in Ar*flcial Digsstiou, or as a.
rmmemdy for dieases of the Stomianch, atid defi
lient secretion of Gutric Juice.
t;g Call otn the Agent and get a descriptive
Cirenlar. gratis, givmig IL lurge aitmmnt o1 Sei
entific Evdemmce, imilar in the above, tugether
with Iteports of Remarkable Cures, f[um all
piarts of time United States.
AS A in~sl'l.i'$IA CURER,
Dr. lloumghmton's l'ersta' lin produced- the
numt mamrmetionms elhfects, in cumrinm eases of Die
pet~lte Cmmnmsummnption. it isi impossible to give
tihe demailsm oif cases in time limims 'of this radver
Lisenmeumt; bot authmenieiated ce-rtilientes have
been giten mif niore thman Two ilunidred Iitmrk
able Cures, m Phlmiadelphlia, New York- and
lostoni alonme. '1iTesewere mnearly all desperate
cases, amnd time cures were t'mot uonly rapjid sand
weondterful, but piermmanment.
It is agreat .Nervuus Antidote, and particular.
ly museful for tenmdchey toi Bilious disornler, Liver
Commplainmt, F'ever amid Aguie, amid time Evil eWl'cts
oif (.nminimne, Miercury, amnd tither dirutgs uponm time
hligemtive O)rgnms, alter mm lomng sicknmess. Also,
for excess ini eatinig, amid time too free mise of ar
denit apitim.. IL abmntist reconciles Hiealth with.
Theimmre is no form of Old Stomachm ComplaintlL
wh iichm it does nimt seem to reach and remuove as.
once. No mattler hmmw bad they amay be, it givesm
intanmt reliefj! A sinmgle doec moves aU the:
unplceusunmt aymluonis; anmd it only needs to be
repeated fur au m'hort time to maake thesie md
ettecis piermanent. Purity f! BILOOd unid figor- -
of Blomty follow at mnce. i t is particularexcel-.
lent in cases of Nausea, Vumnitimig, Cranips
Soreness of time pitmmf time Stomach, distress afte,
eatinmg, imow, cold state of time Blood, HleavIness.
Lownmeess of Spirits, Despmoundency, Emaciation,
Weaknmess, tendenmcy to ianty, Suicide, &c.
D)r. Ilouightonm's Pepsin, is sold by nearly al
thme dealer. m tine druganum Populiar Medicines .
thmroughmomt theo Uniedm States. htis prepared in'
P'owder and ini Fli form---and in Prescription
vialsn fomr time use of P'hys'icmans.
Private Circumlars for mime usc of Phyuiciarls.
miay be obtaimied of Dr. Iloughiton or'ims .gets,
describimng the whole process of prep iton, asfd
giving thme auth orities upon whct lis6
thmi. new remedy are bmased. ,As SiI nuot asce
renmedy, no objemc tion can be raised saa.' m
uise by Physicians inm respectable standing aAd
regular practice. Price, One Dolflpi' per botte
gg OasmtnvR 'rui-Emivery..bdttle et~ tihe
gemuine PEP~iN bears the written signature off
J. B. Houan'rott, M. P., u'oleProiprietor, Pil
adelphia, Pa. Copy-right and Trade Mark ..e
E" Sold by all Druggists amid Dealers int
Fo aein Sumterville b~y
Demcmnber 16,1l85l. 8-1y.
Webb Clark's Hotel,
TIlE subscriber womuld respect
infully 'iniform his patrons anid the'
public generally, that hie is stihl
prepared to acconnmnodate all w hmo given
himi a call. at the~ old stand, at reasmonbler
rates. Ihis servanhts nre active anti atten-.
tive, his table shmall be well supplied wit4
theesl the maurket will afford, anti all td
donmesic' harrangements of his establish
tmtshiall be orderly and neat. He re.
pectfuliy solicitsa shiare of patirrnage.
Afarch, 22, 185i3 21--if*
Jewelry I Jewelry I..
IHavinig jnst returned from Citarleisine,
the subscribfer has already tin hamin,.amnd ma
n'A eeinmg, a neait anmd we'll selected
OCle s'& Sewely,
nst, ' i will sell ute
' on Ld is and Gen le mnen,,
fo rnr youraielu'ti A c'alls salb
* ~~ ~ 0 T .. At(N.

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