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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 26, 1853, Image 3

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So. Carolina---Sumter Dist,
-Aly IW. I iu i.c, ..'viuire. Ordinary fjr stil Dis.
Whe-rn., WV. C. (ttery hath applied to mne
for I.citers q*' Adiniti;stral imi o n all nud tsii
-gillnir ti' -ood.i .331 n e hatteIs, rights na3il credits
of W. '. Guery late of the District ufore
Tim e are. thIerefore, to cit(- rln1 ait nonishis aII
11111 Fiigul r, tihe- kintired :tril ereliti or thit
"'ai der en3siil, to bie :uril ajpe:ar lefore m3a lt
oir next Ordl iiary's Cotsr for tlt- kid Diitri et,
t, le holen at Suniter Court lionse onl -riaey
Ilte _8th tiv of Octoelr inst; ti sheow caulse, if
an, Wh' theaitI 1ia3ini-istralini shold not be
Given under my Imnd and FlnI, this 17th1
day of Ocitutoer in the year of our
I I.. s.) Lord1, one iliciiisthous l vight bumiiredl :tril
fifty-thoree nr13l inl the 78th year of
Aiericat ldependence.
WV. LEAWIS 0. 4. 1).
'Oct. 19th, 185:1.
So, Carolina----Sumter Dist,
Al W. Lecis, -aeuire, Ordinariy 'or said )i.
Wheren~s. W. 11 MvEllveen. hath applied ifo
wne for Ai.tters qf Ainistrmn. (31n ill "fill
tmitgular the cult ls- 1 da3til ebuths. rights till
-cretits of itee-ea .31c Ilveen, late of th3e
said DistIriei, elecevared.
Thwe are, therer 1ore, to) cito and adimonihi i utI3
.111d1 singulatr. itt h inlrel -.tril an redihors tif the
mid deceaoil, to be anl appear before .! it
our next Orilinary'. Court. For the saidI District.
to) le holdfen at Smitter ( 'ort loon se tn Frilay
-the 28th (lay of Otiober inst., it siew vaise. if
any, why the said aih3inistration slotutld tot hev
Given ntud1r l), Iand find swal, thi< 1l7th
(lay of Octaober in the year of our Lord,
[ 01. S.] oe thoisaiti eight lundreI and fifty -
three, and it lite 76th year of Ainterit tt
Oct. 1th, 1853.
y I W. 1,E I V1S, -t., Ordinarytfir said
Whereas, W(. Cnsil)ott, hath appli(j to
m)1e for Lei:crs of A dIiiiistrltioan, (tin all
and singtlar the l oods :r(( chat tl, r11lhts
iltd credits of Christophr Collette, late
of tie sZaid lis; tric,, deceased3.
'Thee are, theref!re. to cite and adtt'ni
6ih all and sin:ular, tho kilr---d Aitl credi.
tors fi the said dend3'l, it b ad a1ppfr
before tme at our next Ordinarv's Coullti or
the tmad Distric-t, to) be hohielt. at Smuiijter
Court 1 llose 1n Friday the ':h iLv (I
October ist.. it) shw cano, iif auy, w-y
the said adminlmstration shou;li ll not h)C
Givenl un1der tur h:1,1l and sealtis
17th day of OctlI vr inl the vear to
[L.. S.] our L~ord. 01ne thoUS-Le14 eight hu
dred and IVI v-thre:,, and in till
781h Ve:r of Aniieric:an Lidopei.
WV. I.iWIS. . .
Oct, 10;h. 185:1. 4 1 -2t
ao, Carlin a --- 4-11umtetrot-r Dilst.
By \W. ,LfYI.N. I-ir., Urdinary 1- m
Salill Distric.
Whereas, M1. M1. li-ohow. h1-11h applie" l
to tite for Ij,//rs of . /:mlis/i on n i
andill credits of Nantcy ('hapIlalt, late o
-lth D..-trict. aforesaid, dovecenC::d.
These are, thore.foe, Nt 4ci!-- :nwd :hnon
ish 1 ll and tinu111lir, tIhe n.: m.
tors (iti S~li Id0e1s.d. Ii) het and aippl.or
biefore mne at.mnr nexst Orha:sCourt tilr
i the Said lDi.strict, to) blden at 'nae
Court. flouse on Fridaiy tlie 'hhhiv of
October inst, to .ho e:31-I, it' any, hIt\
the .;iid4 hililliitrati h:dothld nlot b3
rr:iiiI t, d.
G',ven undelir trY hand)i :nid .'31r, thid
17th day of Oic-tioer itt th- vear ofl
[L. s.] our Lord, ne thim-ousd:nl eighit lhiun
dred and fifty.three r.nd in 1t( 7 8thIi
year of A :-rbni iIndpndence.
W. LE W iS, o. s. n.
Oc t. 10;1h. 185'3. -:5!1-2t
theplc ithtli h113le has-1 ll ) ea nk
oft Dog):s in the State. J'ir htin g luna1:3wars, .
Will h33n33 at Si pert day and1 1.' if the ne.1ro1 is
can3gh3t3or half1 thtat aiwi-unIt if 331n i3n. Airess
IL. A. M1.lON,
Merats Iliind- 1'. (O., 5. (1.
Oc~t. 5, 153. 4'J tij
Or PIanitersi an
iThe sub'sc-riber tankfl for thea vi
~~to imtt, beigs le'ave 1to iun:orna ihs 31ri
~ J 1 last six 313 loth lie Ii;.: been:3 relretv
t heir wats int his iue o fttbusm-ds.
1751 do. No. I andu 'J 11!:31-k I
1100) dIo. 1Ilack - dlo.
530 do. 110tys Jlack and,3 1 us:
As tihe albove Shloes were conlttractedl Ii
Stock, putrchasers wtill have-t the benellit of I
Illouse Servants anid Drivers SilOES it
65 to $1.
Ladlies', Miss lbos Yoth ndC id
various Styies and11 Paterns, many333 of thlemi I
.lAdies' English SNOW BOOTS anad
~~ver Shoes, itn any) qjuantities froml thec cele
-(Gents. cio. d1(. do. WteL
Gentts. 1oy3s and31 YothIs litn
Arn invoice of Metn's Congress and Tie
:UulU price.
Unusuacl Ila-ge supply of' CAlPET
The abcove Goods are olTetced ait whiolecle
Oct 19300 King-street, 7 doo
.AEopenled now andi are constantly
El!nglish, F'rech andI German FAN'UV
to wh ch they invite thec attention of the p
tingr thte city, having tmade such arrangemc
sel a New York Prices.
Ot19 -
r TII E subscribers are now re
ceiving their FA STOCK
to whielh pirticular iattention1m is invited. It
consists inl part of tha foiltwj.t, viz
100 bihlml, Crisheil. 1'owdered, Granulated and
(ollIeC S UG(A It s,
20 biids. New Orleas, Muscovalo and
Clarified S4(AlRS.
70 bags Itio, (iha. .aguavra, .1aialea,.in
va and Al-ring (-O * FF1-:E.
-I) bihis. New Orients MOl.ASSES.
20 bals- (uintny anil hilee iA(GING.
5A cis li-i p and MAtuilla 1101E.
30 lbs. iest TNree- Plv TWIN K.
2)Ii sides letilmk l.lI'ATHIlElI.
200 lbs. Shoeat 'I'ilI It-:A 1)
1111)0 pa pers TACKS, asorteed.
'100 dotzen3:t o' Celebratedl Challenge
-0 rwss Preiniun MlATClUIES.
1110 -egs Cut NA I..
70J boxes Cmgate's Famnity, No. I and iIancy
SOA 1'.
10 boxes l'enkrI anitl] Ne I'Is Ultra Fanily
100 boxes Ahimnantiinc. Sperm-. Patent C.AN
'10 bhsPsnse ainlilv F-1.01'I1. cons1!ist
ing of Ilirata <i tiii's First I'rtni
Slimt FIuitir am othr choiim brands.
12 eltt-sts very uperimor llysiu, \'onni f ly
onit, Imperial. tmipowder aitd Ilatk
T .. , i:1 poimd11. half11 pouiti and
titarter pnuinipckus
20 ensks cho4icet inityliA .\S.
10 ae-ks choiie BtCON, Sides and shoul
I Ie r.
10 bis. Choice F. linity I.. It D.,
15 firkins v-rv silierir Goslien l1llTTER.
2 0 bos e clh--if-e 1b-tailine; tnd Pill" Apple
(i hbls. Silked nrol P'ickletd licef Tonguels,
ijlkled Sthn n, and Sin mk-d andm1I
Pickled lit-ef.
11) b-s. Whit- Winwaml Cit.ar VIN .G Al.
6 tievee Riit.
-1 hs and 6i kegs PIC'K I...
20 dozen l'iekles, gallons, 1-2 gillons, firls.
ainil pilits.
20 lozen ('atsup-. Sanri-s ald (' pnrs.
10 doi %.s uioe, half ail iliinirier boxes Sar
5 dozena fresh Lohst- rs aind Saioiin, inl 1
uid 2 l. crans.
5 dozen .unrted Ist rail -<.
.4 dorzen assotrtedl l'reerves -.nd .Jellies,
Ill iases I'r.-rv.d G .jivr.
h0 dozen ;, 'very siperior .Iuinal.
31) doizii lilurke's -iu A ndreiws .i;elermted
Chtniei 'Ini t 'owde rs.
-12 31-poIidm boxes pure Su1p4-r tarbonte S
:a, in I oimi tniers.
10 3ti-1.11und boxes s-tipelit- r ilel -reflineI
'marlash Sabaiitiis. ili I p'm n.l pa
Pe r!..
: 2Iti-p ;IotniboxeS pulvet(r:zvl Creainti Ta liar,
in I poid pajrs.
25 20.1pimani boes pur. 'rimnd I--pper, Gilt
g r. ('liniinm a i Alliii--, ini 1-4
"2'0 -ak 'romi HicIk alt, for dairy anl
I mily is*.
10 hoxes .iaaroii :wt Vermicili.
lit boi'' Soda. - uiuar, litter. I.-inon, Pic
,Nie. ('rv:tn. Ilosion, Californlia Muail
FIwy Craelwrs.
Wi deii Var- I I ln-1llow Ware.
I'inI-co anid :gars.
ius. ('---ar s.M:ieo. C'nyen. l'ep
p r, liiie Ilour. Fre:i-b 3Iustard,
It :,i hstt i-;id i p~sp r-h l AI
uiltis. Nils, ,Ve-.
Al! ithe abo 1 kna Is. t ie:ie r with L Vari-t v
if oiliter artiicles. liaive ie-in areflly h-led
I)\ mw of the tiru. inal are -Illered for :-ale tiL.
il Isust- uirIl pices.
3)I lI1.1 A S.N N.
(- Jil i'hia, S. C. O(-, 1.), 5Iu. 50 It
C BW A I '111 Cil A P IN I
3l 111111 RCI Urc'r an(I Dtller Ii
Carriages and Harness,
i-si-er de-scription. Nis 12;. M-etinz itreet,
o~f (ileru- &k U'ha in hrlst S. C.
iimt i.. ifmilisonii lr--. Iw m ht- .n)Ll
W3H It. IlI NTiA". 1:ay lie on1i at th1
i'm..e It-pmwitotry.:nl! lie tai-l zi thi n-ethod tim
nur-- his frie-nd: that :ill or-ris en te.d 141
himin ill be altetih-d te, proiilyplv U h n it i riei-t
0b-1. 111h. 1".-,13. 51 1 y
W. J. Jacobi & Son.
w. . . N.i T.\Ni .l. JACo tU
Imlpt tst and Do-slota .in
Fosiriaa & !ta-t i:- lu~ rvOOods
I )ih:r enilnters- a ir- en.iitre.l .~Ilrrore
IR.utea andi a i-Irict adhe..rancie to thle (her l'rby
Myv liber al inta'-hn-t'r
:tiltibin~ ;\:r ii c.ater mr -..t f
zirgns, ( I -12 ;mim r.1-n1 61;
Ct liruia.
ir ini .\lair.h last. befo~ire thes great rise ill
(qttltitCisi it uply aL Iarge demi:inli frm
tu-e nslots, Shoes an ml lrgans tof all theo
1I At-,
Ciilo gi, linhbo-r Cloms ntiil 5:. idals anid
brated IIAYW.\lD I Fi-AC(I')IIy.
t'neh'Ties, Phliladlelphiia Mado
str do. doi.
Gaiiihts, to bc soh 50 per Cent belo~w the
lAcGSo&c. &c.E
aOnri, atC
Sboete Merchnits gretl, ch s nn ide
NO & BA R U,
tcitvNr an lar ndcel asoteablock tof
GO US copiiga ra a ito
H AS just received and oflers for aed, at Charleston prices [freight included) SERVAN'S
BLANI-I's, at Sr 51) ealih, giood anl ietavy.
Heavy ' 'willed Ited Flannels, 31 1-4 cents ier yard
Sattine ts, Kerseys, &e.. a full assortnent, siee as low as 11 2-3 cents;
Goorgia herseys andl l'Iains--Schley's inannflicture ;
Mons. tDel-ains, at 12 1-2, 18 31, 25 cents ;
Prints, Donteslies, &e., oif all prices and qualities;
Ctrpeting, at 50, 75, Si 00, $1 12 cents ;
Piklied Beef, Smioked and P'ickil T ingnei, izctlserel, Salnimm, L.4sters, Sardines, &c.,
Sngar, ('ol4e, llacon. Floutr, baini, initer, iiVe, IAIOaS.Se, Salt, & C., &c.
800 Pneks Fire (1nelers,' for the lloys
20,000 Segars-choice brands.
His heavy stock, and goed assortnient are too well known to require entlneration,
A VU L L A N D E N E, R A 1. A S S 0 It 'l' 31 E1 N T.
Assorliem e.ntplete, logethltr with every ilescription of (Goods to soit iIe cloitry trade. which
will be sold ns i t La it li e ini..ti i n tnmy arket F-or ca, or tiapprovmil iirctasers. on lite.
''lretiaisers will fi n it to /ih ir alvaliage is wib n s iineut'. to call oln mebfore puremiig. Myd h
stock is large, eibracing " A yIV thing 11111 1-.very thing.''
3 001 ools wated, for wii the highaest umarket price ,i b paid, eith
(*r int Ca-lh or .Alctrebaniz te.
One Hundred Dozen Eggs Wanted,
For which ever the market priev will he pai.t itn hiarter.
Oc t. 27, 18-5:3. 52t'lj
Qb3 N 2 , iD- re .Chre on .i. C.
We rereciv n). -m- Vs ag upyo anley and14 kitaple Dry
~ood-A mIs, Pla Ei Rl Go'41 iir (verv variit v. citlina (if'
SIt i'r t)' t-'Ill tt.:\\KETS', \l .\(' El\..\ \\ I --I . ; OSNAB'U8; GIORGt.
PlAINS: KEIISES': ST!IRi'S; ilNTS. &e. &(c.
We still :lhenr sti lyli if) thi Oac Price syslelin. Omr roinl r li
lirkied inl plain ai . ari oinrl m enah!e s to sell, E\~ ERY AR' ICL E, at the
S.1\ AIA~ ' ~ Li-ES l'tslIE lO'IT.
N' T/':.'I! CA Nil Olk C'I'Yr A CIP||TA A.YC(.
W. G. 11 \N(lRO''T & CO.
'.(3 :d 255 Knig Street, one do- r blw!-i%% Went\\ wrth.
September 10. 1-13 . 4; 11
- R. W. JAS. 1)ARGAN, & C0.
One Door West of A. J. Moses' New Store.
Ofl'ers 'Or sale on re-asnmiable l ers,a choice
aid well seclcted Stock of
Chemicals, Evan'sI Lluicets, elnev
ye-St ink, Silver I Lancet Cases, Fl:avoriiir ixtracts,
Paint1s and Oils, Scarifical ors, G1 Nltne-vait)
Wilm- Glass,.4 Stomnach Pinnps, I tar is,
Spirit Gas, Breast Do. Fue l soaps,
Best Vinegar Bitslies, (all kinds) PenJis and In1k,
Varishes, Pessaries, T , Toilet combS.,
''lavintg ream, Paper, (varietfy) Leinon Syrup.
Best quality of Mleira and Port Wine aund French Braidy,
For M311edical purp<,ses E.rpre./sl/.
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
Thomsonian and Patent Mdedicines.
T(Ioelber wi h a variety of (It her art W ils, coluiprisinag thei stock(
i one'rs piLtij ny wi nietnelss an de~spatch.
\ TI'C- I tllE!iv\ l V EN to obl '/. E 'l.INFlE?
eninielrs awut li the cornumnail y irieniratt lly T,\~ lt( ULN ti
thal 1-y th' 2ith ins-t., I will haveC i:. store
F.\LL AN!.) WINTER 6001)S t* ;iar' t*,:ti.,:'12ttu
in niy line, consistin..r of Cl tatTil , CAS
11 A T'S . 'Al'S, &c ; FI'tNE I .INI.N li'itltlt..tt-tiaLVtS
SilllT.tI, lI)t. \\EtS. SUSI''ANIlElts,tri/iOt \htACtttrttitI,12.,
11.\Al' iloSE; G LOA.VlES ami Cit.\ \'.\S tldH:
it everyil d--sienp~tion; wtith a cuo:::.!atec a 'oa I II\\ a::(tlii-,c.mtIta
etireful!v, seh-tedi ill thec Bailtzanore and I . , ~
Sept ?0. I -5:l, Fec i lnE bodre
Fall Goods! Fall Goods! 111'L~ 1i10Se~~. t~
Ill- ' 1'.it & N EW Il-'.It Y would re'sp:-et fully, t 5
iforlm their fri'nds ant he bli eij genatll', lxrtl'i tahadt. l Musl ies
FA'Ll ADWINTER 600D;S,$1at ',
embhrtain..tevr spilityl nn-tI style of l.A lit Es' '\....A 'lt&S N
I)lt '5 I t It HlliS ; ieavy ( eouil', 4-i.,* Carour- 2 KtgsL ( n)(ii.larl te.
It's. Ibsets an.I Shoes o.i- i' ery ile'teriioin; lat,-sI
s t' I hats andi ('i:l thirdwiare unit ('rnik-ery;
Iitaly 3;-de' ('lothe, etc. etc'., tOolwhich thi'ya GosNo pn
patrtiielatrly invite t u ena.
hA t of A100.SiG.\20 C Z N Vlca' ('lots.tJt
(b 1 -1 tfia tr2 e~s
FAMILY STORES, 111di.M-tstta' atIlstt6[
Clarke &~ Brother. 18) ta jaliyIacsob oon
wh have jnitli-t receivedl per Iltail lload a I'u~,it1 - ~d
Cuanl'rioinl Pi-:tdes, PreservedaFrni t, Cigars,
Candiies atlal a cicet liii of ( haewinag labacc io, a itts l 1 2(elR
iio which they intit tite t attet'ionua of Ithe citi
zens of this Ilistric'i. - V. ICH .S N
F'ehbruary 22, li53 17-If f a~ t btd ij ~t k ot
Wolfe's Aromatic Eeuo' oie
A ueltv oiDiaremle Ant-Dy3s. o~~~ttt- ll eillt~ t cpy
peptic, Illwigomating Cordial, &..
F-or sale by l it ttiltOItaV i c.iill ials
Citrate of M~agnesia, ~NI1~V
A Preparaition nitw extensively utsedl as an pi (1 32it
agreeable sulbsiitte for Epot Salts. ~ ltrigo tu laec
P~repatred attd sold Iby: malh.
D)ARGAN & CO. ___
Bagging, Rope and Twine,
~ JST RtEC EIVED) and for sale low by Kp osatyoihn t
U BU'I'LER & N1White'God sAN& O
C0E-lEiTII\ 'R
IY ''he subscriber at Timnot's Town,
in this District, on Saturday lust, at
lie Iarade ground or ott his way honIf, a
I.Pather Purso.e with a steel clasp contain.
I ore %oll Tenl Dollars in money, toget her
wilt severil pipers and rece-ipts. amongst
which he rcinemurnrs a due bill given to
A. A. Gilbert by Gorden & Co. f6r Pory
Dtllas, e to V. Fennel for Twenty
Dollors, bolh of which have been paid by
sati; a due bill by A. Miker for -I I or
more; et by T. 1). McQenon for *-13;
no e by B. 'F. Brogdon ifor Five Dol
lirs, tegether with varionst receipts. some
in favor oif Golden & Co.. with others in
lavor of the subserihor. Any perston find
ing the same and delivering it at the ait
ier oflice, or to the subscriber, will be
m dsornely rewarded.
Surinterville, Oct. 11, 1 !3. 50 Jt
51Watclh:nat copy three times.
IZANA A Y froml tme an ti 2ith of S-piem
per, W illiami 1). - if, ) h a awfuilly
boudt ine t by his moitier. Miry tigee, on ili
:-rd lay if letember, 1851. Said boy is 17
ye:rs ol. lark cionpheteett, wit rutan, now-e.
whe hit left he atil on a nt t l k 'aliforniria
Ilat; il has been at work at the slalamic'niiih
'raile for about 8 1n1th111S. I -will pay T'NE
1)1.1 ..\ I8 to, :nv person that will iring hin
olie or lotg hitn i .inail where I can get iin.
It any pr.on or penr.tons. eiphlys or hiarliors
hitn, ihey Inay expeet to be leath with accord
rtu; to law.
J AS. WV. A 31l11O0S .
ikho.i'pville1. Oct. 1853. 50 lilt
. al I 'aiin len Journal ind arlingion
m ill uct publish it-r one ininth, and send
their acconts to ithe subscriber at tiishopville.
hIt111TlER & N Il'URiY hatve reinoived frot
iheir fnoter sittoi tu he 'ine formerly oticepied
by E0. I). I'R1 Ni I.E v C'O., one tto'r North nf
I-. lit) \1''S Jewelry Stor, where they woid
bIe ph-a.ed to .Sc their frieti Aig11 nlstoters.
Oct 5, '8573. . i9 tf
[ II S! H AA MS!! 11A M'S"!"
10,00 lbr I 'antvatset Iam , (sonr (of 'S:tg and,.!
Siay" etiriti.) Air sale otn conriglinertlit -low,
very low for CA.St, by
Ot N' 5) 1 r
Office Wil. & Man, R, R. Co.
141th Svplemn'r, L1i
11111B Slti bothrs of the Wilmington
. I n i Alanchster 16A Rq ll:elCmn
are lerb tnt lied thit Ihie Nmttrloutith
(19) histahnentt fm .1 FI' M )OL,,.\ .".8 pr
Sr;:re is requi ird ti be paid bIyl the Erst of
(tmrlher, 1853: :mlm tIh T'E\I\111Ell 1
('-'0) and! LA.ST INST.\ ,31ENT of [.'I'V.
It )iL .\1"i pi r Shi;re inii the turty-firt
(M1st) hIyV (if DI)eeeinber, 1,.53.
lv ordtr of te lieoard of Directors,
.10HN MleiA E, Jn,.. Tre:is'r.
S'p 21, 1 -5;. 47 lilm
'M-Wabit tc m pye c Ottoe nothi.
Look Out For Bargains!
11 IE subscribers are opening and receiv.
I Ing a fresh and very large am:!urmlntl
of every description of Goods to suit the
country trade. which will he sold as low as
cal .e h: fught in aly -narket for csh;
-reat pains has been ilken in aybiug in the
Stock. Our stock of LIdies' Drvss Goods
is emticte,sembracit'g every article in
their *ilte. Also, Ready Mhuilet Clothingr.
IIats and Caps, Boots and Shoers, &c. &c.
All we ark is for buyers to call aind exain
ine for tlltiasclves. "We especially
tmvle the atonotiont of Phua:ter to 'our NiB
tt lt ) GUt), Ner.eys, Il'iain is, L itnseys,
Woot i:mey s, 1fitnkets, Shoesr, andl lnts.
.\loneyi can be tm'saved. bty cilbtag n uts as~
our N'ITOCK I .4~ R AGL, E and tec are de.
ierminetoa Ne!
.___'__ tiln .-ythets Crteek, tire.et ttihr...
lyinig otn both sides. oft nraid Creek. TIhiere
tine ini l)iDainzrton 1 )i:trict; the' oim er ill
Smrir~ . I deemti it tin h--S i toenter ito ai
bte lhin.(I ownlgt. Aboutt '?.t) tieres of
lardhmdr ; gaoid rantie tor lrna!rs or
'attle. ilid iand will lbe raihl low, andt on
otn the fih.-ti' iy o .lantuary' nixt. Foar fur
theor patienhitit mr., appt~ly tnolc the 'ub crr ion
Sl1)1D1iTON D)UlOSE,~
For Sale.
, higly iimproved Fa.rmn itn lthe viciitvo
tthed arres oft huitt, onlty lfy ofi which, is
cleairedi tih htatnee bteinga well woodiiei.
KSid ann'it hias en it a cimtni ouhits Dwetl.
inr I louseut, niearly' tnew, wvith, Starble.sm and
sota:1 ble' )uii1 ditngs mil ini fitne orider.
A lso a Garrden'i in a high simile of eitivtiont
an td a fitn 1Frut iO rchamrd. Termis liberal.
A pptly at this idlice.
$1,5O ]Yerchiants Hotel, $,150
11 hIAl LL. tot lbe suirpassed by any' T1IU(J
I DOl~L L.I // U1S1Ef itt thm City;-wil
tnot prionn~ise much'I. andt ptrtfrtt less.
I'ropnriet or.
Chairetont, Sept, 29, 18.53. 48 2mt
For Sale.
15 Share~ of """"*n"rt and mafn.
chester Rail Rolloiiompan~y St ock
'or sabe, aniy personm desiritus of purchairsinti
said stowck wil pleaise catl on the sublscri
tier at Is ilice int Snotervile.
A ttorntev.
Mlarch ne, 1853 21. tf
..1T. C. WOR T Hf
Forwarding 1Iorchant
AugD,41 ly
In Equity---IMarion Dist.
J. .1. lHar~leo ai 'd %V Bill for sale of
R1. J. Scarborougl. Land.
Ins pursiance of* decretal order of the
Court of Equiiy inl (iti Ca.e, I will offer
f.r sale at Marion Coirt louse door, be
Iween the usual hors of sale,on Ihe first
Alotday in Detceinber next, the followi:ng
vailuable tracts of lad.
All tlt l'!antatron beloringr to the late
A. L. Sckart-orough, deevasedl, sittuato on
Ca' tish, wilbml a h:flI mlile of the Villace
of M;hrion, bouinided on the utl heI the
Wiling31ton and lanenelter .Rail Road,
containing about sevltentei hundred acres,
of which about seven hitnred are elcarid
and in iligh state of cutivatin. Oni
premoises ,rc two Dvellinig lJoloLes, Um
llouse, Negro Hlouses, and till the out
buildings necessary for large Planting in
About IIiree huidred Acres of I.and ly
ing No0th of the Wibnington and Masn.
cliester l6il Road, aid in the immeodiate
vicinity of fihe Village.
Terms of salo', one7-no4mrt.h Cash, for the
bhalce, a Credit of one, two, arid three
years, it etinal al inslsahlnent, interest
fromn the dv of s:1c payab!e aninually.
iurchasers to g ve Bond with approved
persoial sureties anil a Mortgage of the
pr. nose., and to ply foir pa pers.
C. 1). EVANS,
Coinmissioner's Oilce,
1arioi U. 11.3 Oct. 1, 1853.
Oct 5 4') td
In Equity---Sumter District,
_John Rt. PBrough1tonl,)
Jhitia B. irouighton, &
.larraret L. liritughton,
By their ne-xt fri-nd 1g ~L.
James it. Broch,
P'p.1cy E'. roughtol.
I.N puirsutnvce of 3n oider int the above
I .tted w4, I wiil of'r at public sale, or)
tlle firi t ulily inl Novenier next, at
ISimoter Court llise, that Plantationi or
ITract of Lmnd, ctaimated to :coninitt abot
Six Thou%3and acre-, Ilyinr in Clarend' n
Ct y, 'uiter Di-t rict, at or ie:ir 1-'3h3m
P'ost ( Pice, be&ottring to Ihe hute E'dward
Broutont ,443 jil.4or, deceas.d1, and upon
whicI he res:.h'd at the tine of his death.
Not to be 'old for less than seven t lotusaii,]
svin hunidred and lilty doll.r4.
Up1on the prei:mses is a f3rinI Mill, inl
u,4od Conilition, and a S 1w Mill. Ill,
strearm isos nl hirh these Mills are loeated
is ani ,,ilo 0ne andl is very valale.
Th.e 'atnls :! ti upo the Watertce Swaimlp,
c'gtanii, n64 1 ow ani' high 3 i3nds, id
ahorhngmi n--turpoassed rangei for sto 1k
ofa,! kuul&a-thewe con--tit o1r~i~ onef of
31h4 I st valuta! Il In1tat-ons ever toifered
for sa'e in Siter D.trict.
A idat i' the land wll he in, the hlinds
of the Conasstioner, s!.owin its extent,
Ti:.uts:-Oe ourth patrt of the purebiase
10y1 to be piid inl casih; the balance pay
ale m one, t wo and three years, with in
Ir,-1 fro,? thel..y of sale-thei purchaser
to griVe hoild and pCrsonai securily, and a
ilortgage 03 tie land for the credit portion
of tle said purchiase monty"V.
W.1'3. 11AYINSWORT1l;
Coumnissio'ner in Miuity.
Sept 23, 1853- 49 51d
$100 Reward.
Q RUNAWAY, on last Tuesdny the
3 17th instant, my 'ey RICiHA RD, a
-N -.hite mulatto, about five feet tlirce
or four inchies highrl, tolerail stout bulilt.
abi~ot twen twoyears(old with traIight
- era nce, anid an'ers quick 3and s;h'rt.
when4 3 apo ken to. said boy' has a short lhk
3231t, his htatols short and33 thick, chubdby
tingersuu . l 313 ~thesca of a blister ont
lis forehead13 just abo3 ve thle eye-b' frolws, lhe
t33ny try to) hide it lby wvearing lis cap or
hat ldown 1 '-:er h0 3is'rehea. lie willI ho
sure to pass~ hhnlself for a white mant for
he is v'ery white and lois beeni takinug great,
('are ofi hm3 skin fir some3~ time3. Whenct he
left hie hadn a cllth caip, black coat andt a
da:rk3 co4!iored3 pair of1 pan3ts. li f will be
s3ure to(13 chage hucapi '.331(d bclhs ais snoon
:s lhe catn; he als weai s his hair in3 fronit
st rai. lt doiwn toh hide the' scar of the blis
oer. lie is ti tdhoe inker by trade, though
33e may no4t gol at the buisinaess, c.'pecitg
tha3t lhe will he so aidvert ised.
T Ihe above rew.'ard 01 Onte llun-Ered
Dill trs~ wdil be paul for his delivery' in any33
.hu31li inte Stale. lie w..ill be sure to give
hni.'elf ano ther nialie.
Hra3d leyville, Sumtlter District, S. C.
3t'y 2hitn, I .i5 30t-tf
- ' C utnden~i Journal and Cheraw GJas
zet t.' phs fiveti' time~s.
Do not Defer, but Come if
Mr. Hl EI('I, MAlerchant Tailor, begs
leavet4 to m33iorm3 thec genstleen oft Stner=
viille andl )istrict thiat he has julst returned
with ai spendiid a1'sortmisenit of
Clothsi, Caissime~res, Draip'd ee:
Vestmgirs, &c. &c., and3( iln short ever thing
It hat, is required for' a full snit . IHavintg
made thets choice of Itis goodis hhn sel f, h3
doiubts n ot butt w'.hat lie can sttit the tmost
lastidi(ou3 . Th'lere is no tnse to haive your
chit hasimade in Cha:~rleston or by Y'ankees,
whens youit can hatve thenm made as stylish
and3( as well if no0t better thain antywhere
ehie right nt homec, and~ this Mr ttcHi
promlises to) toin,he3' 3 will add that, if his
work is not tuirnied out1 at least equal to any
doneti ini thIis coutttry lie wd.'l n ot charge
iiythmisg. As for his prices they shall be
tL Net'w York rates. All be asks is, give
him3 ai tril! ! Comie s0oon andt pick out
someil of those beautiftil Pants antd Vest
patternts, it w..ill soon3 be warm and you wil
w..ant thtemi.
Mr. RF~lcH lives neXt dooI' to John F.
Hlaynsworthi almost opposfle Dr. \Vithier
A pril 26th, 1853 26-tf
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thankhfusl for past favours the subscriber wish
es to int'orm the publh'c that he still miannfac.
turos Cottont Gins at his establishmenst in State
burg, on the most improved anid approved plad
which he thiniks that the cottoni ginnedc~ on one
of thlose ginls of the late implro'.emnent is worth
at least a quarter of a cent more than the cot
toll ginnted on the ordinary gin. lHe also man
nifactures them on the most uanmplu, construction,
of the finest finish and of tihe best materials' to
wit, 8te'el 8eans and Steel Plateud Ribs asu~e
ha~rdened whsich he will sell for 62 per Saw.
HeI also repairs old1 gins and puts them in comn
pilste ordtr at the shtorteat notce3 All order's'o
min wvili be promnptly and punctualhrstindj~ed
Stateobirg, Sumter Djist, S. C, Feb 17, *3
New York Advertisements
S. AI. PE'TTIN-iLL , & CJ.
12. Naspau St., New York, and 10 State St.-,
ll'msion, who are the Agents of the licet and most
wilely circulated newspaipers in the United
States and Canadns and are authorized to take
ad vertiternents and subscriptions at the publish
crs lowest rates.
Oct- 112, 1853. 50 tf
BrstaPals Eamonjjsc Wfca
are unfailinag in the cure of Couais, COMs
ANTIAta, linoNarasSonaTitaoAT. Hoa'r
CoBstirlroN, AND IaaNASES OF TilE UX -N
ey hae0 o taite of nedicine, and any chilJ .
i tt .kieni. '1Tntu-ands have been ros
tored to health that had before dnspaired. Tea.
ainnony given in hmami'ea -of catsep. A single
dove relieve. iii TEN MINITES. :- -
Avk for flryan'i. l'ilmlonie Wifers-the orijin.
al and oily genuin is Ptamped "Iryani. '
Spurioins kinds are ofTered for uale. Twenty
five cenits a box. bold bj dealers generaly..
J IIIIYAN -V CO., tochester, N. Y., Propries
t'rs. Wholaile by
Uct. 15, 18-57. 50 31ni
Browning & Leman,
NO. 209 atlnd 211 Kill;. Cou'ae'
VII ufllar to FAIlILIES ad PLANT-.
EItS visitirg (.harlestont this spring the
STA'l.i DRY GOODS that has ever
been oilired for inspwr".tien in this city.
They i ite ai examinlaationi and assure
their iriends and pturchasers generally thiat
their prices will cwmpele farniably with any
M1eirket in the Uneipd S'tates.
Terms Cash or City, acceptance.
Successors to
C. & E. L. KEftrSoN & CO.
May 10, IS53 g29-r_
Increased Stock
Joh1n O'Connor;
Who liis made inow improvements and
conaSadcrably enla rged iis store, and is now
receivin fresh goods by every train of
cars and ol'ers to the public for the unni
mner moinths the following articles low for
Iee Cream and Leionado, (daily) lee;
Oranlge, Letnios, 'me A pples and all the
tropic;.l fruits; also a fine assortment of
Tibac'o and Cigars, withi a choice lot of
Fatily Groceries. nlso a large stock of
Pickled S9altnnon and Preserves, Flour nit
the best brands warranted, also a large lot
of Bacon of which he receives a new sup'
ply weekly. All of which ho gutaranteed
to sell at lie lowest rates for cash.
April 5th, 1853 23-11
Business Card.
Colton. Factoks Utnd Generel C0o2zrn.i
sion Merchintsv
D Ii. McLAURIN. Esq.. will gi per
sonal and special ahtention to thei
terests and ordlersa of haia frienads in thie
S'ate and the adjoining Counties of Nortli
Carolina;.who maay laivor these Houses
w~':th their patronage. Consignments o~f
prouiaum to the I louse in New York; either
byv way of Chaerleston, Geor-getowin, or
.WVinagtont, will be covered by insurance
at notice of the shtipmolait be proniptly gitC
May :3, 13 27-tf -
All personts are hecrehy cauttionied not td
t raide for, or receive in p~aymaent of any
dlebt, eat her oar bioth of two Notes given by
the subhscribaer to R..J. Parice, the one for
two hundalreal awl fiftycdillers, and the oth
or for twa. lhundaredl atnd ten daillatra; as said
Nail fs givena liar t wo separate tracts of land
were to bie paid after good arnd haiwfu' titlee
were maada ta tme lay P'rice, wilach condi
tions were past in wyriting attd are now iri
nay possession; anad whaidh cdntaitns thsd
fuart her unadersatandinig thtat in thd event of
his failinir as lie has done; to make sch
titles lae would forfeit the amnounts &c.
A pril 31, 1e53; 27-tf
lt? Watchcman copy.
New Tin and Sheet-iron
Ware Manufactory.
.J-MES 11. DUE woubal respectfullft
io- m te citizeus of Stumierville and thte
suarrouanding coutlry, that he is now open~
itaL a TIN MA NUF'ACTrORY in Sumtera
ville, andac is nsow prepared to till all orders
it the till line. Merchants will find it td
thteir mnterest to purchlaase their war,- 'ront
maei ats I intetnd to sell low and warr'. t alt
thuat I sell.
WVORK( ea.eauted with promptese anl i
a workmnanlikce manner. Thae enshi wilt
he expaectesd mn every instance ona finishaing
or deflivering of every job. I intenid to self
cheap anid for theecash only.
Feb. 8th, 18563 '15-if
State of South Cai'olina1
SUnnter District.
ads ~ 'CA. S
IniA W. iltowN, who isi thd
of thne Sherill' of Sumter District1 y~~~i
tain Writs of Capitas adl Satisf'acied~~; Y
the suit of Robert Intta havittf lt~
mny office,. together with .a Sc ed13~
oatha, of his listate and ellectri, his
to the Court of Commona Ple'asjpq9
that. he many be adamitted to the eel4
of the Acts of the GeneralAnm bJ ?id
for the relief of insvolvenr .debtq'
orderedl that the said Robert itaa4~W~
others; thec Creditors to wvh pi hta'~
WV. Brown, Is ang wiuanin ~ ~
they are hereby summoit -bt'
tice to appear, bfoW~j .,"'re~
Sumter Court Ifaa oar~ 'J
of Novembcab1io
they catshvdthbre O o'4ttst

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