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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, October 26, 1853, Image 4

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so. Carolina---Bumter Dist,
-By W. Iu o.1, Jqauire. Ordinary for said Dis.
Wlierea., W. C. itery hath npilied to me
for Letter.: ol' Administration onl a I atl viln
gitlitr th trooti til chattels. rights tmill crealits
-of W. i'. Giery late of the )istrict afore
Theise ire. there lre, to cite mold atimonish all
'nd Siigulur. the kintdrel anid ereiltors of the
teaitl de, esnedl, o Itemil n npliar iefire e at
our next Ordiiarv's Coiirt for the stidI District,
to bie htohlenl Itt Sumnter Coirt Iliuse ot i-rithiv
the-281th l - of October iist; to ilew caullse, i'f
any, why [le said admihriistr:tion Shonhl not be
Given inder ity iand anil se ni. this 17th
day of Octloier itt the year of our
i i.. s.J L.orl, ote thousatil eight titidreil al
fifty-three antd it the 781.t year of
American ltdeipentdence.
W. LlAWIS o. s. t>.
'Oct. 19th, 1853. 51--t.
'So, Carolina--SumterDit
Ait i. Letris, 'stuireOrdinarit for said )is
Wherens, W. 11 ciEivcen. hatmih applied to
te tor Letters of, A(mint istralin. ott all ati i
sintlar the moi id etitels. rights un
credlits of itetea 3clAveent, late of the
said Distriet, <et-ared.
The are. therefore, to cite and adimnisht all
aid li Itigular. the it inlrel ait er liters iofthe
said deceaiil, to be aid appear bellore .e it
our next Ordinary's Cotrt lir Ilie said DIistriei.
to lie holdeu it Smitter Coirt oionso ott Friday
the 28th day of Oritoher inst.. it) shew (utitse, if
any, why the said tidtminstration shnitid not lie
g rmnted.
Given tnder tmy hand ndilt seal, this 17th
day of Otober inl tie year of our L.ordi,
[L. s.] onte ittsaiil eight ht'uired and fifty.
three, and inl the 7dth year of Atirit at
Oct. 1911h, 1853.5-t
By IV. 12 IS, Vs1., Ordinary for sa id
Whetcreas, WV. Cu Ilett, hath I appulied to
ie for Letters if A diministuratin, fil all
-and( sinv.,rlar thle romds and ebattlel , rwihts
aind credits of Christophelr Coullett ae, ,ae
of the said ,District, dece:isd.
Tiese ar;e, therefore, to cite a nd adioit.
islh all atid singtrular, the kindr..d atil credi
tors of the said deceasnd, it) be and piljpe:.r
before me tat our next Ordinarv's Court for
the said Distriet, tI be holdi at Nmt:ler
Court litose onl Fridav the 2S:it day of
Ottoler inst.. to show 'en.1111ye, if a;y, 'why
the baid athinistration should not be
Given under imIv h:ul and! ze.l, this
171h day of( 'Otier in t lie vear (i
[.. s.) our I.ord. oitne thoitsa:inl igit hunto
dred atd lifty -I bree, and int tih
78t year of American Inlepn.
W. LEW"Is. o. S. 1).
Oct, 19th. . di-2t
So, Carolina----Sumter Dist.
By \V. I4J\V'N, I:.;-. Urdiary f-u
said/ Distric/.
Whiereas, Ml. \l-hw. h1-1h appliedl
to mle for ifetterso/ Auu:mistration oll ah
Idtl singue-lar the iouds atnl cbatleise, righl's
and credits ol N;nvy ( 'hiapn1ieatn, late o
ithe .s:rict aforesaid. dece:aei-td.
Those are, tIi:c-fire, tN iite- a :1l :i!monl
ish all and siniginkr, the kiiidro! ;iu cedi
to-a ot thte sai I dieceused, to be :iw appur
hiifre tme at. onr next ( )rhiary's Coirt or
the said District, it) be hildei at :tnmter
Court Ilonse otn teridy &'Y' h day of
October inst, to .$tAw :n.-', it alny, v.ht
tihe l id mi itIratio, .shoidul t ib
G ven utder t-.- hand anil. eA, lthis
17th day ol Otiober in tie- vear of
[I. s.] our Lord, one thusniid eiglt hiu
dred and lifly-ihree ind ilih 78thi
year of A:ntri-n- lodepedne.
N. LE W IS, 0. s. n.
p;'33the itblic tlat hte las the lbest pm~ik
tof Dii.;s itt the State. fin hutintg Hltmwarvs,
Willitihunt at 6:- per dayit ani $r25 if lthe nt-ero is
can.;ht, or half that ammmit t if rn it. .tiuress
It. A. 3|li-:.TtON,
Oct. 5, 1853. 5) 1 tlj
Or Pianiters as
NO. :0; KIL
The subsicriber thiankf'ul for tihe
to hitm, begs leave lto itirmi hts Ira
SIlast six mothIs hue lhl: he-ent more
-their wants in his lInt oft bunm-ss.
1(1)0 pair Ntt. I Russet Bro
1750( do. No. 1 and -J lilack
1100) doi. Black - tdo.
530 dio. Boys iBlack ati lit,
As thte above Shoes were conttraced I
Stock, pttrchtasers wililihace the bentefit of
Ilouse Servants a'nd Drivers SHOES il
65 toS1.
. TOG E'IilEh
various Styaes atnd Paterns, tmanty of thtemt
Latdies' English SNOW BOOTS atm
.ser Shoes, itt any quatitities fromn the cclh
Gets. litne Pttenit, Calf, Fr
- ets. do. do. do. Wel
(Gents. 1Boys attdl Youthis fin
.Slippers anod fimney Montetres
Gettts Fancity Dantucing Pint
An invoice of Men's Congress antd 'Tie
,usual price.
Unusual lat-ge sttpply of' CAll PET
The above Goods are of1'eted at whuolet.ale
Octl 19 s06 Kitng-street, 7 duo
JAVE opened now and are consiatly
1Eglish, Frentch and Germani F-ANC'
tLwh ch-eWy inviho thteattention of tho
ting the city, hanving tmade suc'h rrangemn
gol liat-New York Prices.
.0 $3
' 'llE mubsacribersare now
eviving their FA ,LL STOCK .ya
or:hlice Ol.OCE0 I 1'S aid PIOVISIONS
to which particlar atn'nitn ill invited. I
consisits in part of iti following. viz:
100 bhls, Crusled, l'owdered, Granulated ani
Collee S17GA It8,
20 lldsc. New ()rleans, Muscovado ani
Clarilied SUGAlS.
70 hag.. lio, Uha, 1,aguavnu, Jamaica, Ja,
Va :1ad l1o-rba COFF1'El.
'40 bhis. New Orleans MI.ASSES.
20 bales (Guamty ani Dimilee BAGGING.
50 coils lemiap and Moluilla 110PE.
:00 lbs. btt Three-PIlv TWI N Ls.
201) sidlei lietmlock .I'ATIElI.
200 lbs. Shoe TI' IIIt EA U.
1001) palper TACKS, aulrted.
200 doztent 3lan3ii's Celebrated Challenge
40 rims Premium AIATCl.S.
Wn( kegs Uni N A I L.q.
7o boxes Cotlate's Family. No. 1 and Fanev
'10 boxes Pearl runt No Plus Ultra Family
100 boxes Adamantine, Sprin, Patent CAN
-10 bhils. ('ens Pamilv F1.01'11. conist
iiig ofi Iliram tinithi' l irs t l'reini
Itilt Filtr adttl lt r cholici lbandsilm,
12 clests, very tuiperitor Hiysi, onng I[v
i4n, hpiiowdal. G powder tad lil;acik
TEAs, inllnd half Ipund andt(
cinarteri pinnnd pac-caws.
20) casks chioicet Famlily lAA..
10 ea:Aks choice BAC'ON, Sides anI shoul
10 bhlN. clice F. tnil y LA RD.
15 firkinm very stptrior ('oshn BUTTEII.
2) boxes choice l-ailing ad Pine Appwe
Ci l F..-S I.
6 bls. Smoauked and Pickled leeflI'ongues
Pikled Salhnntin, and Simiked antd
l'ivele liteef.
10 bh.s. Whilte Wine andl Cidar VIN .GAlt
I; tiereve4 1('..
-l blhs. and i-gs II'CK I.l.S.
20 dozetn l'iekles, galluns, 1-2 galluis, gris
tot points.
20 dozen ('atsupQ. Sances- and C'apers.
10 doitixen n% lat-, lalf a.d puil ritr botxes Sar
5 dozen fresh lIhsters itnid SIahun, in I
and 2 lit. eains.
5 do1zen ts-orted Fst ract-.
8 dioren assillrted Prese'ves Ind .Iellies.
10 cases l're.t-rved Gins!,,r.
IS (n dozeti very superioir .lsa
30 dozenj IN'-kee's mnid Anidrew's verlbrted
Chinlical Venst I'mvders.
-12 3i-pouind blti-ots itre Siiler :aronlate So.
dla. int I pinil papers.
103t-potund boixe-s suiperior double-relinedi
PetarulaSh Sbulratus, ins i ptarni pa
3 26-pnni Itouxes pulverzeil ('reatTl ttar,
inl 11 poun1d Ipprs.
2.- *20-1potoni how pure- .,rfound Pevpper, (.its
gr, Cinnatioin inui Alb~pice, ins 1--4
po mipperg.
20 acks rn ' .-'al, for dairy and
itmily is..
10 Ixeti' 3atnronii mid Vermi-iili.
50 boxes Sda1. -.gir, later. I V.mn, ric
ir. C m-:un. llitnti, California :ntd
Fatwv Craelwr.
Wtmilen War un-l Illlow Ware.
'lib:n-to tand Segars.
Autogs.('inen.31:wee. Cayef P'ep
pir, li ie Flour. Frenchit 3 istrl
u .in.o: hi-H and pt-per thell Al
iuitkels. Nuts, lr.
All the abovt- Loit Is,. .t-Ilie r w ith a vari'tv
fth ,'lnarticles, have lin ..nret'ull ty selewd
I tonie oftlie firm amni ar' ellereil itier u'al a,
CII I3 '.L Il I f.H1U , N.
iI-)1lNAR) cEE.I PEN,
Mai fiacture'r and Dlealer inl
Carriages and Harness,
F.every I-s-ri it iol . N-s 1' 1. 31e.tiu- vtIreet,
amd 7 We-nt worith streetv. t ih-i- -1H suoamli
(if I tlbit (' A pi nIt. 'I;%rle!ttn. . C'.
W .Mi. it. 111 .NT.l. n~ay bie 611und at tilt
ahoreit Rlil itory, .and11 he takes thlis 11wthod14 tit
anne is fritends4 that all isrdh-rs entirusted to
(),t. 19th, I1Z.3. .51 1 y
W. J. Jacobi & 3on.
\V.' i. J\tit. NlA iNILI. J.\Coll
NOC. '21 KING STl1 l',
(slt-:x'l:Nl -I Mtt to r. .l:ii' i: .it a K K tlT-s n W:.:T
Imp orteta s and De:uless .in'
Viy t 'itt.
or al~ ad tat. pubb h:n 1.ar ttt-.,.
.ns, fI. I1, 7-12 andt la13 :
Iran 0', 11. -1 . 'J- l'e and 6.13.
I '.t andl ' I qualityv
nr ini Alarh hIt c-t, befoare t great r-is int
Squtitie us to suly~ a largo dleanad from
R WVI''Il,
rcuns Ikos, Shotes anid Pt- rganls ofal' the
'Itirely ne in athlas marnkt.
:11 A8,
CloIags. Rnilhor Clnors amat $;adals and
bhrated IIA YW AlIt FAC~TORXY.
L'lenh TJies, Ph iladeLl pia .ladte
>ster don. dot.
ICY Bots antd itroganis
os andI Slipprs-.
(AGtcS, T e~~i E.S, pi VA1ISE lAt)i lA1
l' UACGS, &u. &..
aand retail, a t
rs above the Alerchanats lIIntel, sinnea ltie.
N & BAR00t,
T'ON, S. C.
receiving a large nad well assorlo'd stock o
i GAOODlS, comtprisitng a greatL variety of7
mtblic, particularly country :norchaants, visi
mts North and Europe, as to enable them t<
H[As Just received and ofrers for safe, at Charletitoji prices [freiglt Included) SERVANT'S i
BLAN I TS, at $ 50 ltci, good and heavy. L
Heavy Twillet Ited Flannels, 31 1-4 cents per yard ill
Sattine ts, Kerseys, &c.. a full assortment, sone as low as 16 2-3 cents;
Georgiat Keriys and I'lains-Scley's manuflicture ;
bllot. lDelAtins, at 12 1-2, 18 3-1, 25 cents ; W
Prints, Dmliestic, &c., of all prics and qualities; A
Carpeting, at 50, 75, $1 00, $1 12 ceti ;
Pieklled Beef, Smoked and Pickled Tongnes, Mackerel, Salmoai, I.hsters, Sar-lines, &c., I
Sugar, Cofive, Btacon. Flonr, .rd, Ihutter, Itice, Molasses, !Salt, &c., &C.,
800 Packs Fire C-aciers,' for the B3oys ;
20,000 Segars-ehoice bratls.
H ar dwar 1 e.
His heavy stock,and good assortment are too well known to require eniuneration, n
QS @ D (m 3 _ 1 rI 5 c'~ 5) -s o
Assortetnit einplete, togethbir with every desicriptioin or Goods to snit tin conntry Itrade, whilich
wvill be- old as low as can be hon-tht iii alny fma rket for c ash, r to approved pIrchasers. oil ljii. i
l'rch sers will final it to Mhe ir navaltage- us wel , i in. to call on m before puretlamting. My hi
stock is large, embracing "1 A ply thing und l'very thing." I
5000 loullds Vantel, I'r wh ih the highest market price will be Pakid, eith
er inl Cash or. Alerl-lanidize. .
One Hundred Dozen Eggs Wanted,
For which accr the market priev will be pati'l in barter.
Oct. 27, 1853. 52 tlj
15M & 23, King-4treet. Ch&laeston, ,S. C.
We are receiving our usual :1rge sly fl'E : RE". SttpiC dDr'y
GO4dS-Also, 1i lati(0al CoOdsi4 iit' everv varitytv. cnllsisitn, of
Super DU1 "l'Il 1 .A\ N A lMT8, \l.A('KIN A \V IT'l'O; OSNA II'L S; G -ORGIA -
'LA INS: K MI SEYS: ST El'I.s; P'IlNT''S, &c. &c.
Wv still adherlei s trit ly to the OrKaC 1rice 'sy*sterIl. Ou goiod are al1l 2
arkedi in plain Ii..rmte<. ail oir trms enable Its to sell, EV ltY Al1TICLR, at thec
P.\RO,?S .NSiL PO'IT.(!l 'E ATCEathev
W. (;. 1.\NCROFTI' & CO.
253 and 25~ King Streel, one door be!lw \tA worlib.
September I0. 11-13. h0 dm11
IF R U G S Tj' ,
One Door West of A. J. Moses' New Store.
Offer's foI sale on reasonable terms,a choice
aII well selcted stock of
Chemicals, Evanl's Lauicets, Pailiuery,
Dy Is I I I.,Silver Lancet Cases, Flavorinig Ixtracts,
Paint1s and 01s, Seitri ficators, Gtlatinle, (variety)
WN inldow" Glass, Stomach Pumps, flair Oils,
Spirit Gs, Breast .Do. Facy Soaps,
Best Vinearl., lBrulshes, (all kinds) P"euis and 111k,
Vanishesssaies, Trisses, . Toilet combs,
Shiavinig Creamls, Paper, (variety) Le1on Syrup.
3est qualily of Iedeira aind Port WI'ine and French Brandy,
F41'll ed Ieal purposes E.rprcssly.
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
Thomsonian and Patent Medicines.
To1(elbe I 'with a variety Ofo!'oier art icles,contilpriisinlg the stock
0tl'Druitst or' Phici ~ an1.
I All oriders p~it tl up ith nea'tness2 and( dlespatch.
Mtay 1 ' ih, 1853. 30-tf
K OiT I I II El! t'MBY (GIVEN to ob1l IE. 'RTi.I 1 "'.R
i I entineri'l'imd the~ calmumnttity treneralIly Wl 1E(Xhit( l191 t1 1
ih:t by the~ 210th inst., I will have i:, store
F'ALL AND. W~iNTER GOODS etauar, t2,:i1.,:i'1 tl
it myi linto, conusistintr of CIAt)TIl', CAS- ' 33I '
Sl.\l l!MN'~ , andl VESI*NUS, of every'Sp~irIii il~ ohr~
description.ard :) wzts
SI ll lTS, DI t. \ \V E its. stsI'EN I) F''. is, ~ Vit (taiats a 012I.
I l.\L.-' I lOsh': G LOjVES adCli.(1A\'.TS ull ~lt~
'.f every, dlescription; wit a iicon"jiLete as- .I.t~l\ ueCattrtc ~~r le
assort Olelt of ',3 -- ud3 .
Ready Made. Clothing,1 ae:,ue;t~irll~l ifMIT
enoreful!v sehetedcu in the Rdttnolre and ,.... cOB vS N
New York ouarkets.21 IgS.,(Dtl)p.Ile1evE)
1). . WVIN N. I
-Sept 20. 1-5:1, IFec ~ulnE bodre
IFall Goods! F1all Goods!lilEiliicc ~c Sevs t~
IIl ' r.itai l N t-ilFt whi' respectfully aal$ 5
iform thei i nl ad h ubic g:eeually', EtruF t xiu i~~e Mts t le
tImitey ha ve. just re'civedl a large untd well se-'
hectedl Stick of a 3ao ~35)
F'ALL AND~i INjjTR GoJUDS, ati' li 12)
emutbracinag eve ry <inlil t ia tyhe ofI l.A 1)hF s' W . lW 1
h liti-'.SS t ()Olh S; llavy (inoxI..c. t .rocer- 'I Kags.( id op.ta l Iu.
it's. hoots an:l Xiboe.s of' eve ry dlec'ritaion; latest
style ILlats anad ('ape; llladwnlt and ('rockery; - - - -
lti-;aly .'t;'le ( 'l'athina, e. tc., to whichl thaey h a o d o p n
paartielaraly inavite uttentiiona.
A lot of 'Ih0ICE- 81-:G.\ ItS. Ihorar2cat,
Ocit 5 -19 If Mr lo tIil oc t( - et
FAMYILY SIUTRE11StZ Xia' iuxt lafIoca .
Clarke ~S& Brotheri. 1( lz it taiy[aistoeclr
Whou have~i. jut rece'ived per Itail itoad a loat11.cns
fiaai. iasortmlalt of x aqtlI' aI ~at I. rord Fen
Fancey (Groceies. lat'ln-sbrItigat11.a
Comaprisiaag I'iekleus, l'rese'rve t 'reait, Cigars, 1 . ota
Caaiie amai a chotict lot' f heing toimeco, a 1aes tI212cns
to which they invite tihe attaention of thte citi.
zens of ths Iistrict. - V ..AOI&S N
February 22, 185:3 it...trKn tI beu) p heI ot
Wolfe's Aromatic Eeuo' oie
A supeirlative Tonic, Ditreta", Anti-DIys- c' hutsNwar, ecataeaLrI)
peptic, Iivigorating Cordial, &.c.o t'toimtwl Iiieiatnait ty
Four sale bynun. taltas'aiig(eilll gaat
DARGAN ,& Co. tl tite~'l alo tmtiillrttrytt
Citrate of M~agnesia, ll Xh~Y
A P'reparation~ now extensively used as an Api 1 ,iS2-f
agreeable atnbstituite for Epsoma Salts. A'lrigoaFhgplaeCY
Prepared and sold by3moit.
DARGAN & CO.____
Bagging, Rope and Twine,
JUST RECEI VED) and for sale w ~ by Kp oaatyo adb
d nUItEfC& nnbric, Ja RGAN 1-4 C7o-.an
-.5. eie
f The subscriber at Timmon's Town
in this District, on Satturday lust, al
e parade ground or on his way liom. a
rmther Purse with a steel clasp contain.
g some Ten Dollars in montey, togelie
Ith several papers and receipt; aioings:
hich he rememuhers a dhie bill given t
. A. Gilbert by Gorden & Co. for Forty
1llars, one to W. Fennel for Twenty
ollors, holi of which laive beeni paidi by
tie; a due bill by A. Baker for $1I a
tre; ene by T. D. McQutien for 6413;
to by 11. '. Brogdon for ive Dol.
rs, tegether with variost receipts. some
favor tof Gorden & Co., with others ini
vor of the suibscribler. Any person find.
g ite same and deliver;ig it at the Ban.
' oflice, or to the subscriber, will be
insdsometily rewarded.
Stumtervil~e, Oct, 11, W83 50 t
07Watclan copy threo tiics.
ANA VAY from me onl tim 2l1th of Sptem.
r, William. 1). Alagee!, who was lawfully
Mild to tmu by Iis another. Mlary Maagee, onl tilt
A dav of ketmbr, 1851. Stidl boy is 13
a.rS old, dark complected, with roina tioe.
hen ie left le halt on I iew blacik ('ahtiarnin
at; l lasia been at work ti the Itlack-nmii
rade for ahinit 8 months. I will pay TEN.I
01...\ RS to any persot that will bring hin
ine or lodg-: him inl Jail where I cal get hilt
any persont or persois, ernplovi or harlor
in, ihey ismay expect to be deali with accord
gto law.
g tolaw. JAS. W. A3MBROSE,.
tillh pjlilb-. 5th Oct. 1833. 50 ilm
E. 'I'he, CajlPInden Jmtrnail nnd Darlington
sag. nill tact pIublishl tir ine month, and sent
eir accoitntn to the subscriber at 3isiholville
I ITE It & N I-W BRiIltY lave reinoved frnt
vir forimer staml to thin tne foirmerly occu:ipiei
N. L. l'IEIN; t'O., one door North o
. IV'1'"S .Jewelry Store, wlrd they wuli
-phl.-ntcl to .ee their frictis unl customers.
Oct 5, '8-3. 49 if
t00 His (*;tavassead I lams, (sono. of 'Stag li
hays" enrisii) for s.alte ott cormigaanent .low
,ry low for CASH, bly
E-.Rily 3101;FS.
Oi 12 5:1 tr
Iffice Wil. & Man, R, R. Co
Waans-rosN. C.,
14th Septein'r, 1.853. (
Il1r Si4ochiold,,rs of the Wilmingtot
anI :hster ald Riad Compai
re lereby niotiled that ile Nmeartoeti
19) hIstalincnt of Fi' ])OLLA18 po
inmr is re:nir.-d to be paid Iy the first o
lctober, 1853; aml th 'ie TWE \I E11l
20) a nd LAST I NST.\L'.1,l ENT o Fl yVl
I11 Al(S por Siar on the thirtv-firs
3ist) ti of December. 1i.53.
By order of the Iloarll of Directors.
JOHIN MRiAE, .Jn.. Tre:is'r.
S-p 21, 1-:53. 47 lin
p*'Wat chian please copy otte 1mnt:
Look Out For Bargains!
I I, subscrilers are opening anid receiv
l ing a kesh and very larg.e ant3utrtinet
f .every descrlition oit Goods to stit tl
ainlry trade. which willbe sld as low i
it I.e hetighit in any market for Cash
-reat pains has been ta ken inl ayiig in ti
;sock. Our stock of Ladies' Dress Good
; acopletctembraci'g every article i
heir-line. Also. Ready Made ClotLhin?
Liats an is, llaots aid Shoes, &c. &<
ill we ask is for buyers it tall and ex:nm
lie for Itzeseves. W'-ZPWe especiali,
csvle thes a1 sttion of PlIanoters to our N Ii
\'uoneys, lliskets, Shoes, and Ilists.
dontey can Ihe. siated by clliag on us a
ur N TOIYCKs I L ARG E andi tec are sic
ernaned tol Sc!l.
.slae. D)UllOSIE'S lRlLDG l
. daa on Lynchits Creek, thare. tusi lea,
roa tnI B.iipvaill'e onaintiner- 700t acres
yin t oan bath idecls asf -a id Creek. T1her
ta two hand~.,sme sjiitionst onthe slam ie
ia in.I Dar tlintn District; the ctl eri
inttsr.' I deem'ii it ui,,chrs ts eter inuto
a lit' tan it judtge. Abutt 250) sneres <
lared lotnI; gosd r~sange far I Ias <
ittle. Said l~tand will lbe tsoldt low, anal a
atetlanastinag Iers.. l'oNSae.Ssion gave
iac e fist day of .lainuary tnext. Fo..r fi
her parl i iular., ta ppy to die . ubsenrber a
Sep'J 10. 1''53. 47 1lit Ij
For Sale.
4 highly improved Fatrmn in the v'icinitv<
1 Stumt erc ilt, cen ' aitnintg abountt t wo h't
tred tores tar ltad, onily lifiy of whlich I
leareal thle ba.ltace beitt well woodedta.
b:idl F~arm hsasin it a comimod ious DwelI
tag I house, necarly new, with Stables at.
ru ttable Outhuti ldinigs tall itt line otrder.
\lso a Garaden ini a haighi stale oaf cultivatic
tid a Iiae Fruit Orchard. Termis lbera
\ pIply at I ha is tali c.
Set 21l, 1:3. 417 tf
$1,50 Merchants Hotel, $,15
1 Hi Al L. Lnot lae stirpissed bay any TI Wl
D 1OLL.IR IIO USE inm the City;-w
tot paronto.,e iinch, andit perfo rtm less.
Charlstont, Sept, 29, 18.33, 48 2mt
For Sale.
5Shares of WVihnington anal Ma
LU chester Rail Rtad C'omp hany Sto,
tor sale, any person desirous of purchtasit
said stock will pleaseo call on the subisci
oer at his oflice ini Sutettrville.
J. 11. N. HlAMMET,
A ttorney.
Marcha n2, 1853 21....tf
Forwarding DMercha~n
Autg%9 41.ly
In Equity---M arion Dist.
J. J. Harilee and wife ill f sale of
It. J. Scarborough. Land.
In pursuance of' decretal order of th<
Court of, Iquity in this Cse, I will ofle
for sale at Marlon Court I louse door, he
tween ti usual boars of sale, on th firs
Monday in Deceinber next, the followinj
valuabdle tracts of Ianid.
All tiit Pla'tat ron helonginri to the latl
A. L. Scarborough, dece-ased, situate o
Ca:tidh, vithin a half miine of ahe Villag
of Alrioin, bouided on the iouth bIV thi
WihNiiiigttLon and Manenie.ter Rail toal
containiicg about ,-eventeen hundred acre.
of which about .even ltndred are clearfii
and in high state of cultivatian. On i
prenliases are two Dwelling IIolues, Gi
f louse, Negro Houses, auid all the otu
buildings necessary for large Plaiting inl
About three hundred Acres of I.and ly
ing IouthI of the Wihnllrington. and1l In1ir
chester Wibil Riad, and ii the imniediati
viicinity ol the Vill age.
Ternis of sale, oie-f4ourh Cash, for tOv
balance. a credit of olle, two, anid threl
Years, ill epl; Ianui instahniients, ioteres
iom1 Ilie d-iv of sale payab!e ati.nally.
irchasers to g ve Ilond with .piprovel
persoal sureties aid a Mortgage of thi
rinMse, and to pay foir papers.
C. 1. EVANS,
L'ote. inl Etimiiy.
Cominssionler's Ollice,
Marion U. If., Oct. 1, V-53.
Oct 5 49 til
In Equity---Sumter District
John Rt. Browughton,)
[Let itia 1. lUrouighton, & |~
Marg.uaret L. lroughltoin,
By their next Irwnd i Ull.L.
James It. Drork,
EpIsey E. Broughton.
{N puirsuancen of an ouer in the abov
Sated cast, I wil Iull'er at pubilic salt-, o
tlie firt loiday in Novenmer uext, a
i8mt er -Court I louse, that Ilaintitioi o
Tract of Land, esumnied to conlainm abou
Six Thoull'laid acrezv lyinr in Clareidl
C'iunty, v umter Dwtrict, at or n:ear F'u liol
Plost O1ice, belotnriig to tle late EIdwarl
lBroughtoi, jiinor, deceased, and upol
which ihe resded at the time of his deati
Not to 1e sold for less thati seven iiolImiaC
se venI hundred and il ii dol.irs.
Upon the preimmes is a Grint Mill; i;
ood conitioli, and a Sviw Mll. 'Th
strea n uii'on n hih ith-se Mlis are Iicate
Is an u1n1 .failnrg onle ;ntl is very vialble.
The kinids Ie upin tihe Witerre Swamnl
ci'taiin'gr bo11thi low and Iigh lands, ain
ori antll tnsurpassed range for sto
SL kiuiil iihe winde constitutiie one <
lie in st valtiuiie lie ntati3ons ever ofrere
for sale inl Siilter 1)istrict.
A itl of thie hind wdll be in the hand
of the Coimmissioner, s.oving its exten
-houndalries:, &.:
TE:.M:-Onc fourth part of the purchas
mon111y to be p1id inl eash; the balance pay
aiev. ill ole, t wo and three years, with in
terest from the d.,v of sale--th purchasc
to give b pd r.nd personai security, and
loirtgatge oi the land for the credit portio
of the said purchase niony.
W. F' 1. I.AYNSWORTii,
Comraissioner in h'quitl
Sept 23, 1853. 49 5td
$100 Reward.
.5 RUNAWAY, on last Tuesday th
17th instant, my Boy RICIHA RD,
ou-2white mulitto, abont five feet thre
or four inches high, tolerabiy stout buil
about t wen two yeairs old with straigl
lighit coilore.d hair. has a very surlky' ai
lpe rine, andic a nswe'rs quick amnd sitl
whlent spoken to. said bory has a shoirt tic
foot, his hatis short and thick, chubbi
lingers. I le had t he scar o : a blistera
his forehead just above the eye-birows, b
may try to lide it biy wearing lis cap
hat down enver his foreheaud. lie wvill I
sture to iiaas himself for a white man fi
he is very white and has been taking gre;
left lie had a clo thi cap, black coat anrd
dairk co!iireid pair of pants. HeI will 1:
~ sure to cliimge hii~eap and clothes as sot
L is hei cant; lie also wear s his hair in fro
~ straight doewn toi hide the scar ot the blii
"i er. lie is i ?dioemiaker by trade, thoug~
hie imai nrot go at tire biusitness, cxspectii
1that lhe wtill be so adivertised.
TI'he above reward of One llundr<
DlilaLirs w i li e paiud for his del ivery in as
n.huI! in thie Statn, lie wvill be sure to gli
imitself aunotheir name.
I Brad leyville, Smttetr District, S. C.
M ay 2ht n, 185:3 30-t f
E9 Coniidein .Journal and Chrerawv G
zetto pubish liv e time s.
Do not Defer, but Comej
- Mr. REICII, Merchant Tailor, be!
I. loeve to mform the genitletmen of Sumtec
d ville anid Dist rict that hie hats just returne
-- with a sperndid assortmnent of
n Cloths, Casimmaeres, Draped et
*Vestitngs, &c. &c., and in short ever (hi:
that is reqttired for a full suit. I lavi:
made the choice of hris goods himself,
doubts not butt what lie can suit thie mn
fastidliou4. There is nio use to have yo
clih made in Charleston or by Y'anket
iwhlen you can have themn made as styli
adas wvell if riot better thian anywhe
() else right ait homre, anid this Mr RF~t
|I piroises to do, tnay, he will add that, if I
Iwork is not turned out at least equal to al
doiie in this coant:ry lie wvdl not char;
a.nythning. As for huis pirices they shall
at New York rates. All lie asks is, gi
himi a triiil ! ! Come soon arid pic4 e
tdomeI of those beautiful Pants and Ve
patterns, it wvill soon be warm arnd you t
. want themn. .
k Mr. Rmtel lives nexit doof to John
i layiisworth ahnost opposite Dr. WVithi
i. spoon.
April 26th, 1853 26--tI
Im oved Cotton Gimn
l-T i for pant favourn thei subscriber wil
es to Inform the publi'c that his still mniuni
tures Cotton Gins at his establishment in Sta
burg, on the most improved antd approved p1
which he thintks that the cotton ginned on
of those gins of the late improvement is wo
at least a quarter of a tent more than ihee
Ston ginnred on the ordinary gin. He also mi
ulactures them on the most simplue constructl,
of the finest finish and of the best mar ihs -
e ii, 8teel Saws and Steel Platedl hbs C
hardened which lie will sell for 62 per Saw
Hie algo repairs old ginseand p' t them in ct
lete ore tte'hretitc rAld
.ina will b rmt n
S tatebri Sumter Dist 8C)eb '4
New York Advertisements
FaOM 'rHi
S. M. PETlN .-L L, & (_J.
122 Nasrau St., New York, and 10 State St.
listumn, who are the Agents of the iesi and iuost
wihelly circulated newspapers in the United
States amui Canada. and are authorized to take
advertisements and lubsieriptioni at the publish
ers lowest rate,'.
Oct. 12, 1853. .S0 tf
are infitiling in tie cure of Couor, , iso
AHTHNaA, HinoNen:ITru, SoanVTaRoA-r, Ho
I They have no taste tI medicine, and any chil
vI! take .1hen. 'hou-ands have been ros
tprel to health that hadl before despaired. Tea
timnony given in hurnlre(s of case,. A singla
t dose reimeves in TEN MINUTES. t .
Ask fur ilryan's l'ulmonic Wafer4-flie origin
al and only genuine is staiped "fir'an.'
Npurions kintis are fiTered for sale. . Twenty
five ientait box.. Sold by dealers generally.
J tilt VAN & CO., tochester, N. Y., Proprie
- ters. Whule-iatle by
P. i. CoHEN & Co.
Ut. 15, 185. 50 3n
Browning & Leman,.
No. 209 atmid 211 iiang Corn r
Vl oftler to FAMLIES and PLAN'
llS visitinrg Charleston this spring the
STAl'El )RY GOOI)S that h as evo'
been oll'ered for inspontien inl this city.
Thmev ltte III exnmination and assure
their riends aid purchasers generally that
their prices will conpetefu ro ably w ith arin.
Market in the United States.
Terms Cash or City.acceptance.
11 Successors to
t C. & I. L. KEnitisoN & Co.
r May 1l, 1S53 28-tf
Increased Stock
John O'Connoi;
, Who hi-is made new imnprovements and
conaderably enlarged his store, amd is now
, receiving fresh gooda by every train pof
e cars and offers to the public for the suni
mer months thec following articles low fo
. caish:
, ce Creoam nd Lemonade, (daily) Ice,
d Oranges, Lemomis, Pime Apples and all the
k tropical fruits; also a fine assortment oi'
,f Tobacco and Cigar, with a cloice lot of
d Family Groceries. also a large stock of
R1y GOODS, &0.
Pickled Salrmon and Preserves, Flour ot
t the best brands warranted, also a large lot
of Bacon of which lie receives a new sup
ply weekly. All of which Ip gliaranteed
to sell at ie lowest rates for cash.
April 5th, 1S53 23-tf
Business Card.
e Ctoio Factos und Generdl COsivl&
n sion Herchiants.
e flII. McLAURIN, Esq., will give pe?
,*sonal arid special attentin to the in
it terests and orders of hia friends in this
Sa mat and the adjoining Counties of Nortli
rt Carolinma,.who mmmay favor these H~ouses
k wit:h their patmronamge. Consignments ofr
y' produce tim the llous~e ini New Yofk, ether
ni by way of Charleston, Geoi-getown, or
e \Vilnmington, will be covered by insuraniee
ir if notice of the shiipmeiit be proniptly gmv
a Notice..
e All personis are hecreby cautioned not t
" trade for, or receive ini paymenit of an *?
it debt, either or both of two Notes given bh
thme subscgriber- to R. J. Price, the one for
twoi huntdred autd fifty dlollers, and the olha
ger for t wom hundmitred amid temi dollare,' as said
Nomt es giveni for two separate tracts of had
were to be paid after goo~d amid lawftil titled
Swere made to moe by Price, Wvhmcli condi.
tions were put imn (vriting and are now iii
mmy possess on, and whmiah co'ntamii hd
further umndersandinig thmat ini the'evenrt otf
his failinmg as lie has done; to make asicli
titles hie would forfeit the amnotunts &ic:
A pril 3, 1%53 -27-:tf
LI.?Watchmnari copy.
New Tin and Sheet-iron
Ware Manufactory.
. JAMES 11. DUE would respectfully
ion m the citizeus of Sumterville and thd
dj suirrounmdinig country, that lie is now op'ena
inti a TIN MA NUPACTORY in Sumnterir
v'ille, amid is now pirepared to fill all ordeie
in the tin linie. Merchanits will find it td
g their interest to purchase their svare front
ig me; as I intenid to sell low and wartrit all
to thait I selh. -
urt WORK ex''uted with pro'ptnieesin'd,
8, a work manlike manner. .ThGecasinirilI'
shb be expected mi every instance bn-inisliin
re or delivering of every job. I intend to self
n1 cheap and for the,catsh only.
its Feb. Bth, 1853 -15-.tf
se State of South Carolina
Ut Sumter District.
'st JRA Wv. BROWN,
ill ads - ' CA, 8k
rmA W. lEtowN, who is in the'
of thme Sherifi' of Stiuter Diti
lain Writs of Campias ad Satisfaciom A.
the suit of 1tobert L~tta havirr.
mny onlice, together witth a Sc
oath, of his Estate and eflbets5 i
to the Court of Commnon Plaj
di-i that Ite may be admitted to the
te- of the Acts of the Gene'ral Asli
i. fo the relief of insolvenF dghbt -'~I
nn ordereid the' the said Robert Lat
rth others,- the tCreditore to W&9
W. x Brown, is an? ai7, 4
they are hiereb ,aun '
tic te to apea, -eh
oh Sumterut~'~t" ~
of- Nbey tib WG t .'j .-t
theyend Gan O t t
*C afred iishoo
tY 't

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