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Philauthropy is a cardinal and ( hris
tian Virtue ian(d philanthropists are a
most amiable and excellent varietv of'
the human race. But their view of
ttincg. Is. at, times, so on.ided, and
their conduct -o iilt ilnsistent, that file
uncharitnble al oml 4 )iio are frv
quently heard, denying them le pos.
SOessiIn Of those good Ipital ities oIn
'hich they most pride theilselves..
They are. in fact. so takten ilp with
their neighbor's aflai rs that. they have
no time to ittentd to tiir ovi. The
re so an xiouts )to IilI the 1)oIte oit of
their brother's eye, that. hey have no
leisure to consider abuitIit the vain tit
is in their own eve. And tlihey so de.
light in doing god. th it they some.
times do nlot. hesilale to toi'lerate or
perpetrate evil. f'or lie sake (it the
grain of good which they hope to ex
tract from it.
There, For instance, is .,ihn ill the
Coryphcens of these people, a- d the
worthy representative of all their vir
ties, and vices. and thibles, :ind eceen
tricities, and infirmities,-whose eve is
ey the watch Imr the wrong.diis
of n eighbors. and whoself i onre is'
ever.tgady to pro4chum iii them to tie
world;-would not a strang~er, unine
quaiited with the histor i-y of .J1 ohn's
career. anil wi 1.essingc his i'llv hI'orror
of sneh backsliders. he abm nost Ial void.
ahly led to suppose that the colnidc t
of John himself m ust he at least as
pure and imm ulate as that ofC a i
eremite ? Would he not be astoniiish
ed at. hearing that Ile verv crimps
which so imuch excited Joh indigna.
tion, antd Which lie denotiiieed so fierce. I
ly, were to aI certain extent habitualbI
connived at ()r pierpet rated by hl'-nl .I
and that tle said .1ohn. inteiad of he.
ing. as he had in his simpliit v sup.
posed, a man "Ioiving righteo'usneiss
and hating iniquitv." was in reality
nothing more Ihai a.ni iml'n''ent pre.
tender,-a Pisliniaiaen li ypocrite ?
While Johlin is sy niat hisin'e wvitlh
the su'erings of' "1inle' Tom." and
declaimniig alat the horrors of' A m
%rican Slavery. anld mlaintainlingf squaml.
rons on thu' Coast if* Afriea. and the
coast. of Cuba. fo; the sippressioin ofr
one species of Slave trade, and oine
species of slavery, anthi r slavier I and
aiother slave trade are being patiron
ited by hinb; the crties and abomi
nations of which fall little short of
those which he afflets to be laloirim
so zealously to exterminate. hulls
notions oF slavery as w-ell as 'f (ist ice
appear indeed to le simwlihat 'e(---e
tric. It is no4t so much slaverv in eve.
rf shape and form, that excites his
aversion, as Arfrican slavery -iand he
deems it. sound eqIiitv to transfer for a
while to anoth~er braneh (if the iimman
family, those fletters and [hose mtiseiries
which the negro race has so long
endured. Ile had been charge!l with
wishing, to Arfricanize Cuba. but it
rather appears from facts that he. is
seeking to Asianize her! Experieince
had taught him that the wanlts .if' the
labormai ket in the West Indies andl
South America, wheire tile great sup.
ports of I lie Slave-I rade. and ithat unless
some nea.ns were devised for file sup
ply of those wants, his elorts to put
down that abominable trieth, iist
completely. h is thoughts revert ed to
the coiiditioin of hadia and WVesterni
Asia-to the density and mliserv (If'
-their popuilation-andl it ccurredl to lim i
that tile wrethed cool ies, as thiey are
termed, nuighit be induced to dlesert
their hoimes ini suflicieint nmniubers to
come froim the distanit East, to parnici
pate in the sufithnsgs and sorrnows of' t he
colored race. Tlhie idea was arpprtoved
and adopted. Shilp~s were enet 'iragedl
to engage ini the new tratlie. F'alsehioodu
and exagvgeratiion were emptloyied t'i
~decoy thimle iiloi- il tro hu Iis kin.
dred and ecountry. E'~4 nomiists rejioi
ced, b. cause the markets of I he \\ 'st
would be ini fiutr e siippl'Iied withi aii
abundance of' cheap hi hor'. Phi laiit broi
pists rejoiced, because they regairdled
this coolie tiransm.igration as the death
blowv to the slavye traile. Allet- rt r1aiii
ed sanguine anticipiat ions in regard tio
it; an all--as very- c'oniioiiiy happ'jens
in cases of' the kind, were. doo mied to
be completely d isappoeinted . The labor
of the A fi-iean is still p'referredl, whe-it
evet it, can lie obt ained, t' 'that, 'f the
Asiatic. The old slave trade has ni
received its decath blow-it is still wide
spread, and1( flou rishiing. The new
after an existence of little mitore thlu-m
three years, has beecone, ii cruela- v
and atrocity, alniost the ival of' th'e I
old. And Johin Bul l's expedciiett foir <
anndhilating the slave trade hazs onl <iI
dddto its extenit, n nrae i
horrors,an icesdit
But the coolies, it seemts, are free
laborers, not~ slanves-thieirs is a votluni.
*tary, though~l it is well kiiowii that it. is I
oftener the effect, of' ftiad oi violen-e,
than sof fret', uinfetterd choice. Buit
what treatmient do thuo. volunmtary
emigraits receive dluring the voy-age'?
SAre they not cr'wiled down'w hejween
Kdecks, where any other than a sitting
p~osture is imipossible ? A re thiey inot
put-off. with insuflicient or in whiolsome
- food'? Is it not their allowaince of'
water so scant as to lbe rather' calcmula
ted to irritate than allav thirst ? A ndl
yet,-John Bull regards the siulferings of'
these poo- creatures with thte coldest
nidifh'eence, while his svrmpathies are I
alaljiye to the wrongs of' t he A fricaun ! a
'1ti:though John's I hilanthropy does I
not shield the vohmntar-y emigr-ant from
suffering during the voyage, perhaps
It holds the iEgis of its pr-otection ove- t
ths free laborer in the countr-y to whic-hr
hi has immuigrated. By no0 means...- I
.Th'mornent the free laborer sets his I
A o n. Cuba, he ceases to be unidei- I
iujrisdict ion, he becomes amen
S tip Tnish laws; he is surrenderecd
"~ ~ er nercies of Spanish ofhi.
-~ ~an~5eole master-s. H is fi-cedom <
6e ~iton,-himself an octen
le recetves, indeed a mis-t
6 epc for his services, but
crid of his apprenticeship
iis master hias.absolute atilhority over
,hm. IIe is at liberty to inflict corpo
-:al punishnnt on him-to dispose of
,imr-to t'eat him Nwith it cruelty, in
1at whiebh 'veln in the case of the nuegr'o
lie law would not permit him to exer
Thei Coolie may be ia voluinry emi
!.Inmt, a1 five labor-er, in Ilhe esti:;Imtionl
W .1 ohin Bili I ; but, if we had to Choose,
Ne would take thle Africin in pl'ie
nelie to his. It is pelfidious-it is in
innous to dec y th hse un fortunate Oi
intals 'i-mi their distant homes, and
nliildonI thei thus inl a stranlge laid
) tihe mlerceies ,of* ty ranlts and mlonister-s.I
Nor a'i .14 li i hull persuade the world
Ii his hon or of Slavery is not stimti
ated, while lie ('ontinulles to patronize
iid 11)11i1l a systili which inflicts on
in iilnocent anI confiding race the very
wor'st evils of servitude.
V. I' Daily Times.
To Pr' inters.
A printeir is the Ilost. cliirious beiglig
ivimga. fle nully have a ballnk andl
uins, and Iot Ili vo;ithi a pe'iny-have
n)ll cps. and have neither wife nor
-hiinl-e. IlOts mayl rn fast. but he
etsa s'1i41i( swifIt e//Saing lIst. 1 Ie mtay
le liakiig inpressions withouit. eli
nenavce, nay use /ge without il'tetidinig
and be telling thie Uth11i, while others
-annot,0 stallid wnIk 1tlwy sit; het canl set
;t anding and even 4o blth at. lie snlle
inmi-use f'urni/lre aind vet have tit,
.wellinig -m11y it ake .11a. put away pi
iid IIIvt' set' a pie, much le.<s eat it
li ing his liii-be a hmiian being id
I rat at the samle timei-mlay press
L itreaL. dakil and1 11t ask gi IavtO-iinay
i;miile a shooting iri, and know noth
fig abjout . a nnuon, gun~l or pi.stol; he
May pull thle /cewr that unm~ was te wori
ntd N et hie a:; 11hr fr-oml ruov)%ing Ohe
!1lee as ai hug with his nose ulidel a
Inle hill-spreads shets withiut be
iig a houit-ewife; ie' iay lay his irm
.1!ol a bed, aid 3 et be obliged to
eep ol the fii lii; he inay lisei the
xVithouit sheddling blod ini from the
.1rth he ia) handle the 44-lhe niy
>e 4f1a ro//iny disisitiol aiil neCVerI
lesie to tiIravel. lie inny hat e a shee'p'
am/, an iot be defornted, never hie I
willhout a1 Case, and kniow no11hthing of:
biw I .hysie; he liways corr/n his
' .rs and growilng worse every diy;
nive en--- S withouilt ever. havinga
lie arms fit a Ilais anmiil him; have
lif forns' ti e llp, ind it the saic
' tie be 1f1e 11 eI jail. watch hoiuc, or
Iny ot'he l. nlie iie t.-- r.
] .\l1e o weS'.\N i.\isPATilv' AND E Nv ()
.I' er:.-We isee iti V ctte ptht ithei
l'nvln.Soite fNew ( 41rlas
me Is Iur lo 11n1114n1ir-d thousanIld
lollrs. le-ft of thet suml conitribuited h1V
he itihizens f thie Uni ihr thle ageli e
L1he poor, 1iti1 deistite, suffering
ader th late seeeinflictini. Ther
I'hereC Ire a lar1ge num11ber rpa chil
]Iren who, We suippose. will be prov-ided
fllr firoli tlis fimtidl. WC poubt it' ally
iation inl tie world. int anly ag , ver
;ave Sul till e.timiple of -Sympathy al'
itll i h- is 11 e a i e r he people 1f the
Uiied States oit this-occasion-.
"A W\'i)Ili trohey WiIiAilie :iciiioin
'ves, ays the Warntio Neiwsl. we
iet ai ttle-iini o:ii l n t l it , t very
tle in lortified, on reading th-ile it
"Scoteh.4'1 Siul'-a very l'ar-gie stock:
ei fail. :nitei i ed e n Il t hi ini
n~atiin is, here ml . and, w't-ar tit iiC o o51~~
rulidi l y. thati L'et l1 Watiliul of begrirn
nt the soft. puig red 11 , of itheW
adi ses wih titurgen san tX hvel de.
lied epn-ss'ly ( r thil~leS urls itfmS il
il ui ti' Io us hi ' vni int iuical stoi u t'
xithe ''e na u le thait dustii , ils pecu
li's his't3j a subj e (t' reirIach'to ~thea
mdoin which hv11 .sholdL beiii a-,ban-d
13111 indule in. '11 he5 h(31 1 w1 l iliis hrdt
hutci iilIhe tnltnga, or lie la ist.
o'th-CaroIlii5 liathth taley priattime
3' dipi ont .~ lhiit wel hpte ihe33
a't'r w) oituibXLISill naae heellrt a d it
:'VurseIl ptiyiears 1the i iy succkd.ig
sh 113)kner uI' W .mlt'i:.--Thek' ideaIS
'tertainc ed ii Piot personsl:il tat al
vter. whelitheiri tundi in~ sthngs ells.i'
irosd. of'r inm eit eiti, orive tsha
re shtrinwt Isht vilertial lidin
i'etures, they wsilr ste astinrsoe
nokles ustall~ to en lwtru ethuind-1
ytoon. Wcnatir ie c (omp1undioftnc
hie xitee f in deues. ine fih in l
oasget npthe pnat oertn cies
>rincipllyh heavits, hchac ithC et
eattr thusrif hou thake atbikeliot
hlbyso the ih. Thivre ith ai-i
curvm. ebnb pt Jon a soak gnan-I
ity honde teiie1cope, will b
Notice to suabscribcem.
As ruany subscribers will be in at
ctiedance on Court next week, doubt less
ixious to pay off old dues, we would
ive notice that the proprietor will
ilways be fbund during business hours
At, his printing oflice, opposite Cols.
F. J. & M. NIosEs' Law office.
A Correction.
In the hurry of going to press last
week, our editorial headed "One of
the Evils," was credited to the South
( arolinian, al the credit to Iie arti
le h1liaded "Mail Arrangements" orit
ed. If this 'lnolld :neet tile evYe of'
our friends of the Caroliniian. we hope
they will take it as an excuse for sad.
Mling them wil our wares.
St-ri:vi a.u.:. Nov. 1.-'rices range
lron: 7 1 2 to ) 1 2 cents.
CiiA ilt sToN, OeT. 3 I --Te denualid
fil Saitutiday w:Is to a i r exteint and
prices f'Idl, with sontewhat of an up
ward tendeney. The sales :h.ountled
to 1500 bales, of w-hich 237 biles at
S 1 .1 a 8 3-4. 500 at finI a 9 3 8,
"200 at 11r-oin 9 1-2 a.9 5 8. 282 at U 3 4.
and 57 at 10 cent-.
With t his issue ii the "Iuliner," the
eight h1 voltinie, puilit.-hed lere, the fir.
, which is bIforc us and present s to
'tir eves a pl!easanlt (.4ontrast with the
last iniumtber, 'lming ts it does, that
ile enterprisin g puli!her hta kepit up
with the aldvantceieit of the timies
Minl faithfully r torned his dity. For
seven years has the "Suitter' lhitiuir'
hititi led init adverse wiids tin4iain
tainid I ti steady courise u1nderi the hatds
t' ill her diffi'erCent. pilot :tud out re
Lrs will surely forgive uis, it' we di-jplay
aj little et.ism~ illomnuguo
r coiiectiit with it, which itis been
i shot . iratii; vet to us of vast
inirtallcee alld intt1ell picastire, tile
ball1 of whlich, if 4)ur1 readerls ha.ve ft~v
wve atre conuteit aid again willing t-1 do
service with renewed elergy. There
will be soon inuich to occupy the atten
tion of t readinig tinid tlihiking peiple,
Congress is about to iteet, the day ap
pointed for convening tle State Legis
lature is near at mi.d aid the proceed
iligs of these liodies, will ifiurnish us
with ami1ple Ibod to'd bl1pply ithie literary
arptites of tall or sulbcribers, tur
rangetits einig now maitde to furniih64
Is witL the tiost iinportait initelligenc
andlE top ics of general interest fr. rni
th ese quartiter., t hi togethier w;th o'thier
hoprllov(emenlts, which areC mi 'onitei-t
toI the iapei and satisfy everyv ''te that
Itlooking o vet' the listor'y 'f.te Dis
ticjt he.t'orc us for se ven years paItst,
w' hatt. ebilatrges hatve takent place, tand
tow' ditlierent nowu are the absorbh~ing
itteie-ts of the dayt to thatt periiod antd
et we findl, iinl~diiuals the stame
t'rtmisitgtll iatir retaders that (ie'
hltlI heat' mir fitlly friom its soon11.
zen againi amionigst its. he eent
'treeze of' Newp ort, mal1 the brtacinig
ialIhience of at No>4rthern eliinuit e, have
'enolvated his he'altha, and lie has r'e
irnedoi homute greatly impronlve'd in
W\\e findl thle f'llo wing po'inted tand
entsible ab'juratioin ini the A ltoni Tele -
riaph of thle (ithI inst., which we comi -
eiid to4 thle titteintive Iperuisal of nitr
endercis, tterchanits and i busintess ineni
eenrally .---So. Chro)Ylin;In.
"Adlvert iis, aidvert is., andii g.ive the
orbilh a signi tiat youi tire inot rust in g.
ystemaiitc tid vertisintg is sled sowit ini
o',d ground, to. the~ buiiness mnt anid
lie tierehanit, fromi which they wtill, in
I ie .seasoin, rea p a richt anid a binidan t
itrvest. F'ew person 's hiave purisued
mehi a course for any leatgth of( tim e
v ithmoiut hav ing laid cause to be thJanik.
'uii fo wha~~it. the V were at first, pi hatips,
nelinted to believe was money throwni
away. Such men haive g rowin rich antd
*hei r btusintess has widely extended,
vhiile ahieir less eniterprisinig neigh hors
tmye dreamted on, iand in thle enid found
htemnselves just aboit, where they coim.
nenced. WVake up, all ye sluggards.
md let the world know who and whttt
le are."
At the late mieetinug of the Cheraw
mtd Dantrlington iail I i ead Comny,*113
tt Datrlington .oiurt iioutse, Mr. Johdn
I. Meviver, of Cheraiw, was elected
secretary and reaisuirer in place of
Ien ry McI ver, Esq., resigned.
The Secretary nud Treasurer was
lirected to proceed forthwith to collect
he remnaituing half of the first instal
Later from Estrope.
BAur.romuR, October 27, 1853.
The cotton maiirkt was nctive on
the day the steamte sailed. Sales of
the week 37,000 hales.
BreadstnifV' uichanged. Active de
mand for lbour. Alancekdster -- Inar
ket active.
Money Iarket unchanged. Consols
closed at 92.
The fIollowing is additionkal Iews by
the N iagara:
Speenihat(irs and141 exporters took 6,.
500 bales. The stoek on hand ill I v
erpo(ml is 75-9,000 bales. The b1 liow.
ilg are the (notiltiolns: Fair OrleI s
61 58; Middling UplnkIs 5 5.8; Fair
Uplands 6 3-8. Ilavre cotton knar
ket steady.
The Sultan has signed the .declar
tion1 of war, gi vikkg I Nussia lifteenl days
1o evnacte! tIhe IPrincfifpalities. It is
lbelieved. howve. r, both ink 1.4 mloni alld
P'ar's, that, afhirs will be. amiea
bily settled.
Neiv York Maaike.
N iAw Y ou, Oct- ber 27, 185:3.
Cotol Is advameed ikn iI mar
let. 1-2 1() 5. elts sine4 SaItiulday
lost. The sales to-day aionukt to) 2,
500 bales .
Thare Dpyi Enater froals V*31arpe
Arrial o theArc4tic.
I IIrNIon40. ( et . :0-8.22 p). Iml.
Th ste1m-hlip rei/c, Capt. I me,.,
arr*Iivetd atNe York t, -dfay, from II
UI-irpl, whlich port !!he lef't (il thle
l9tl inst.
I i yEIrOtk. (Corros .Ia 41Nu kT.--The
5ale-S Of the 1IIC days, p1rior to4 the
sailing fg r he .1;.- Are/ke.; nkt t41 20,000
Ia':; the dIerand w4k good. and Iri
(ee' stiffer. Speenlators have 11kel
8000, and exporters 2000 bales. QUO.
tat inS are1unch .ed.
The! trade- ikn Ahacester has slight
The1' c4nnrkiiakadvies froIn India
Flour advancedil a 411I.
('isn s, 91 1.2001 1.2.
War n thke I )Ilhlbe and C.ap1ian
Sea, ikinevitabile.
klu.Timr4, Ocr. :10.
FInE AN) D.oss or l.w..-1 OF I .:'
el(othing ton'. in Nvw York, w.; Ilupit
i;ast night. Th11t oI is i 140,00.
Tlrcc tirei ell were killed.
BATIMo.i4 O' T. 27.
EIR AT PNOVinEN-I.--The lI iaiad
block, wi:h l:any adjining .....:
':as dest roed by he hlast ik;ght. The
loss is estilmted at h4f a "Ml. and
olIly : pltial1 inuirncc had been i"
f'eted.-- Char. Coiwr.
N ASuvNIiE.--'he (k barb-ston.42 Courier4
says thet te cars v 11 rti from:n4 (1:a
I:424nlooga to Nashvlleen the 1st of D.
(Ceiber, and that--the Atlanta :mi4 L
GrnI'e 'i, ihoa; I 'Io.d wi. bpe oieled t;
\et Point in six wvks. -o that eer
tAir the hKo~muy ecnon
i.14 in ly railroad41, 444 fr.- : that <:N to
Nashville and 14) M. IteIery,'IPI
1,1r (t1ho pint by ste :nbatb to tle
t4 A\Iui l ad New O.rleanls, w.'ill be
I~i4'nt. W\i44 Ii.1T. h-r, of the 1'.
S. Aryily, 111-1 a f day-. anda
\\'t d w o i n4 e \ \'li:n eon1.v.
vice4, :n41iI~ distingu 1hed h4imse.4l I ini t'
AleI4xican4 wr. lie wasi a son o.f' Jndge
Tylkr, ('f 1-'42nnp444r.4 \'iginia.
A( N2 1:1: (ito.\ :-..--;\ ett4 41I.rs 144 4411 a
stranger~44. a1 e4net, IS tikl.ng4 ;L to)2r
through th4e1 heaveI4~n1I. with in Ithe scop4je
of4 ea th41.1 vI'iiI.l It wit:s' 41ii.scovered1
44, lIel4li n the 14' II (4h of Septen14Iher.
and4 44 on44 th 1 41d f i ttber w.'as visible
t44 1the eye 4.Thei' heiad equa4lled'. m2
IN I 'U44:ma.-This5. is the first thiiie
(says the' AIare '1 n Alessenkger) that14
judiges of1 the4 Supierior44 Cour441. have'.
been4 el-eted by: the people'h iln Geor4gia.
Thetir seh-tions~ taI~kn aho.gether,4 are
buetter mo'I le'ss obj'ctionabl4e than44 those5
wichl have1 hereCtobe een4.4 made414 1by
(444 I .tgislature41, and44 the resul t 1ha1s
recon44eih-d 44w to wh.Iat weC on4ce c41n4Id
('red' of1 donh4ltful propriety1-thei elee'(
hion 'f jud(icialI 'liers by thet peopliie.
iIIN-rS F444uI lr'aSUk(lU'Is.-* A fe'w
drops11 4of(: carbona4te (41 anlanon42ia. iln a
sinall1 <p1141mtily 4.1 wart4 rain2 water',
w.'ill prove a. safe( and~ ea'sy. ac1id1,
ke:4. and4. wil Ichange,4' if car'eflly ap-)
and14 ind4eed4 all spots1, whe144ther~l pr44dneed.
by ac(idsl5 or1 alkalies. if one4~ hIa; thke
kkkisfirtunie to hav alI~ 44carp]et. injurk ed byi'
whitewash this will inlkkuediate'ly re.
storke it
TlU 0 GuAN44 lNoo'o.v.-It is sae
that4 a pQwe4rfu oI rgaii/.ed1 e'11(r. is iln
pro4 gre'ss 4at Was~inkgto tok 4 indnee Pres-4~4~
idenit Pierc'e to undekrlake snkeh vigor
ons25 measur'iiies as5 will1 break thke perv.'4'
all g14:a2lo lullopol44(y, 4a14l thlrow. 411011
theQ trad14e to Ameilici(ank enktrprise
sent, C' n411it1 tees to vi'sit. the Pre4siden'lt
for' this purpose; ankd it, is saIid that. thke
pres'idenIt, f'eeilig tihe ilm poirt ance of t 1he
subjlc~t to our1 a4grienuistks, 1ha1 deter
m41ined 1to open1 negotiations1 with Perni
ill reLfence'IC t o it.
Chzarleston .StandardI(.
\WAstilNo'rN N A'l oNA2. MONULMENT.
--he cont.r'ibu4tions1 to the Wanshking.
tonl National IMonumennt flund by visit
[r t tile Crys'tal Palace, froni its open.
ing, havn amaunted1 to $5)20616
From ihe Wilmington Commerieal.
FIRIEND LOWLiNG :-Mani is ever dis
posed to depreciate that which is not
the creation of his own iind, or that
which is beyoiid his owl coprlielenl
siol. This is humn niaituire as met
everywhere, thle exception, if' there be,
only confiris the rule. This iiitr'oduc
tory riiark is suggested by the o.
servatiois that have been frequenftly
Miaie, even by intelligent iien, with
rJspet to the bridge conteiplated on
the Great Pee Dee rive- by the Wil
liingtonl andI Inanchelester'lRaillid
The. Ilocality where thle bridge was
to le iIilt presenited ma0tny difliculties
that would have reidered its heitg
built, by tie inetho is Jong adopted,
very inisecime. It, was determiied to
give a trial toi a novel method that had
i'roved successful inl Erope, ill atlI
sinilar ciscs, toi til Itoicality of tihle one
collteoiplated onl tle Pee Dee.
T~he dilliculities to lie ilet with were
a shifting lbott,(EO. a Ialpid cur relit, and
lrehets Iising twenity feet in a few
The ie 111thoi(d adilpted (f ('col.
si ictilg piers if~or the Sil iport Efi tlt
rail roadl was, 1th:11 of sinlkinlg hlo
iron eyVIinders, inletIll up f sect ionis of
]lle f-et lIog, ,ix fl-et inl diawlier'., ail
Onle inch thick, w ith pro.per internal
tliocllii-s fasteniiedt by scIew.s.
]l pwer too Ie uised anid colitemii
phitoed Ib y the aitelit ill forder to Ahirce
Ihe c liiind dI wn, was th e iless..re
4)f tliw' ('ito phirv Ifilt! the cizlloe head
fir 1 t % elinder. afier I vacutini wa
Iriidilneed it it. bly ioans ( exhaust ting
pilingslui d by a silch ! stnli, tug.
This p'lan doles ve.-y w ell :I, lon;a
ilhe cylider ha.s to, pass shoply tbog
b11-ds tf intrd. elay. rh ili of sand and
gra1ve'l awll the like; but. it* it Inleet
stones, and the like, the edge of the
cylinoler nio t bieig able to tit th li,
like it dEs tie samt, it voic; tEE stiioh
still. t.hiiugh itihs not as yet arrived
to th soild strwanln that has beelo tre
ilyh aiertaidiito I-, t by boriiL,.
an11d on v!ici tile cy Loter is Lutiinl ately
tEO rest.
Suchl (ObStacles, preset-edI themseveviS
inl Ohe way 4f the very fir-t ela
that w.as atttliletdtL t to be brIieed diwn.
It was Ilert';ire Ineessary tio I dow
to th111 b ottor 0 of h lit' i dih.i' ;1nit tO
retnIlilve the obstrctio,:I, (ot what
everI liattire tio-y iN Iight pr'oive to)
be. Too dfo this, it. Was nieC'S :rv to
eilipty the liNde of its e, ntentz if
wateru, mild, Fanld, &c.
h wa sioon -t'ild tiat ttiv (tool1
liot rocee'od iiuio- i r 1h;mi the sll
finve of tiht wvater of telt river oou1tsite.
withoullt being" ininiated1 incid. by v bw
pres l (if wate r oofte river filog
tie water thiiogh te iid of Ih,- riveri
urier, and thei i hto tlie ev lindtr.
In or-der to lie ailte to prl*'t'el 1fiir
thii down il l remioovail I'f the ob.
stecles, it was iidipii-ahiblv iteess~ary
lt oippose thio oihree and tp the lelik.
The pi iye f' thl patit lit, (of
the lai('iilinn ini-,, the grater w.s
Oiw ri- iof waler ito the1 evi liter.
The taletettd :,fi h(gei1E r~g'eer,
of IIIt ( hEit, L... I. Fleing.,50n
-:iw ti:it iiiuless tie eiiilooved.. a t0' weri
dhin etiically fopphosedl ti' the ontea
I E:i'y usedtot, Itomt he, wothdl be0 cini
t'Ely' fiild bii ht' e odientaking. 11to
hii" niowEhinery, andl~ by' fningi :oir in:.o
te tcylinider, equial tt t'wety poon~iils,
Elr tess, to thie squaiire. intch, lie fireod
tilitoed t'o lve , tihe '\ iilltr eI feet.
ly dry-i'nabllilog men't f oI:iiio fil t'
biotomi, atndl r~l~Eove tevery obsEtacl~ ill
lin this indlispoensable' conitiotn tot
afajirs. thie laborjers woithi the eso!iltder
ale att ll.h tite undloer ai presslme tot'
inch1. as ind~icated by' ai nwull1:-v oenager.
-hisii stotie f'prsosur ite o fm
the eyet's cauises someil pain: buti: a
beo'bl oe 00n.- undeltr a pret'suret cof
twebori'01 tillt'een toundios to litm 5luareh
ich; iir, I woeit iinvself,; in thie cy'liii
oderci, undert'l thtese cirien iinstancies, and1(
extperietncedlll n 0 inoveien i h'i'?f r Ite
spiace tof twoli houris t hat Ii'crimaiined
iii it.
liy this tiiiie, tihe third( e' tnder
jier'. htll are fEblir in~orie' eylindet-i'
great, dillicuilty of' istaljihing~ tis
bridgfe woilt ljte oiver: fari thle mere liflling
thie 'ylider's wi thiC~l~ con't e, hy'driaiilie
eiittj, andlt the goiodt'' work tof' thie plt-t
fihrm i, &:1. ke. prtesenit stilt less.
The0. fl00ia is solidtly andb be'auti'fil
hy c'onstruicted, t hou ghi it is veryv evoi
den'it, that in many113 parts, thet BEloard of
i rect ors, ando e'sp LeillyI thle Pridenoh.t, t
tii.iIan Eginleer oif the I ailroad, had1 no1.
cfommtion tastk to poerform, andi no( ('asy'
obistacleos toE surmiioutli. tla thir tun
teid efilbrts atid labor1,1s, we see sttog
ly exeitptilled thte tild adage: that
pi~eeerance ciomljuie all tihigs.
I shold think that the while i Il
roadt andi Brlidtge will he completoid he
hrle next, year; and then, I am sure, the
tiavelling ptiblie wilt speak woell of
the li'idge that woill carry thioem safe
ly over. Your friend,
A Mo Ns''rE Di voaCED.--1they had
a divorce case decided up) at Asihiand
hast week. Rlev. TL. S. Everett, a few
weeks since, apploied to the couirts for
a di voice from his wife, the lute wid-.
or Hoy t, of Buflilo. Tho application
was refused by the County Judge of
IfLoraine. IIe then i'emoved the venue
to Asthiand county, wvhere he was sue
cessfull, and last week was married to
Miss Wriight, a nice of theo rejected
wife,- 'suinnati Enq.
S-r 's--THE PaMr--r AND TIE IJ
Tounr.-Accordig tian aricle Icy )r.
Danie Lee, as publisied inl the Agri
eltural Departaent. of the Patent Re.
pcort iar 1852 and '.a3, u t t hist im i he
average erop tot c(ottn i . ll I liq'.i tq.i
States i. estillilted cit $3,000,000 of
le)IQs. af fiucr hindred p1i4I each.
Ii 1851 the ixprii t was only 1-.,.
000 polllds, m'hile in 18411) it had in
CIencd to 1.0,2,002 000 piilids.
.T hese figures show .1n1 ad valee l mde, e
tha e(it itIdi i.e.d per Veit. ill tWeil v
eight yearis, m1114l tIl Ir),pecLvt is hint,
tie delalndi vill eqial, if it do not ex.
eeed, the sIppVly for ny y ars to
come. 1lence, tie prodition of' this
article is destincd to incrcase Imluch
(aster than the popillation lior as civil
izatioild i lici anlerce e.xtedIi, tile nurin.l
her tat. willll me (e)t tonl f'arics,
:and tle ancnual consumfion of a h
persli by reaco y f his greater ur odue
tive plowe.r, will uxieid ill a ,till gr.at
er ratio. In (the"r wo ds, the sanliwl
cauvecs that inerl aed fore-ign den1:and1.
lifore 111.1m 800 lour cenlt. 11invt enity
eight ycars. wil i cgmen ctii tile luontilt
Iw itupolted tilre hitedlii6'c pc1 r celt.
ill the iNst < 1L11ia te r i :1 ( eutiur'. DV r.
Lee thilks that ve 11.1re tile. I;114d and
elilli e t di'.iable forI the niiuail
gr-wthli ol 9.000 000 of ah:imies. anid tlat
elii ll inh I wblybe e labor Cad
ca1pital nieeded ihr thle econom01ical pn,
dueion f i'such ci*ps. At hlfmc a bialu
per :-eu'. "nly 1,14.000 000 oi' acres
wo!b phuited tI IaLlizet tle crOp
ll~nnedc, cilrleI the lhar --aees cf Geoir
gi, Alahucnnca. Alis .is:.ipi, andu~ Texais
ont i 1 1i tiic's tIat mun1cc bier a I
MINIeS cl (hoice cisa ot lind-,..-J',;/e.
belph i n Ivuircr.
A m:ss('a rr.-The iniulterm of'
ilte Cin a-t (of G Lei.'lns ad
Iciiiian I nlbi a. Lca;c ts S.
i''n ait th is p'lace. ccn ."llcai rc iLs
hr 1111rm Judge' Whiute y,1 i
Ii's Is the fir.t tcour olf ti..! Jidge an
this circui't, sinice h vi e,-ettiln. P .
llmlpt attetila i il bsinles. swee't.
II(-, ill* Iftlper. anicd igrceablenlcslis aot
deprtient gne]raly ci the lch.tIl
tie Jucg is fact gai.ing rh
Inmt- y the I di' e woc:n r- e of
aeit a n tile lar. bi l a pra n -
Inilt in"id Ln.n air - .h S.-c ,
till ~'~'ltc2 IlLS Li ( illcc'ci cr as
poi''ion pnd -ccts i -triki a-c i h. -e
ing~ cont~ct tio th,-' iiilfc tempcr
of clr .Judcges arei. nct ad Undrci il e
diircta i i n c f cc n aI n idt- .1 11.l .. I ,
nnch iacrerapid. de. I 'he bIu-ine. S
(d ti.t crc)Illc ac ru , ac hIw I hi
in11 r1 111 a-ait tco i Sns, jilccs.
witneiu .c and a '. ' I h .ic.e is bill li.
tic bineis cciinp..'m..e pcew.icli t- he
fclre tilt, andlic il it is paio iabl t at
it iit, aijourll1 bcbrev the clco4S of !he
week. A n-a-iictablie min.cI ar uita.
yers from a diAnlciie are here, an I
soille of Ith i i eemc I Iia. tall laild
a (Ilantity (c " busillei-s. The w.nih
er to day. ( a.1) iS quite 1. i r.'. -
blI t owitsad the na
ple havel tined. aut in big. e:own .
We write this pIaracgiraph idl.t tl.e
bc.tle of' h -i cu tcc 0 cn. alnd a Li ec
colitest whith i bcing w aed at h;.w
la-tweenI two freeo ner 1s a lInir
iac't a~'il Son. fc the porc'g ofa.~ diing a
whcliich ofi Ithe twoc shll i iecive' ccm
hlat ictecr. '.1hi-L, Iiowver, is' lnot toc
1l'as, as aI Ill te a her Is. we' bclieve..nLie
bcetween.'c thce "ijde fa.ce."-.Inder.
s'c n (c: //a'.
Thfe h allcig art ciicle( frci the Ncar.
fIk (; Arguis Iiaiikes La reveiion <;nlqIte
A\ L~u': 1. ilo..r.-The occp cctcin
at thi- rcect lcuer ofl .\Ir. (;mb ia. tic
i detlacmek''d wiithi thei iucaic.t vahI..
mcem-aae Land bittelriness'. miai the1 wihole~
voa'>un altric acf h'an shc eit hfcatS is poe
outt ccl is dicaecte heiad. Thie liIeralIda
denonceiiiis lice w-t Las "in ihnccais." Nicw,
t is witin th le knowh-d ' e oiLa. f t his
prilt thatc lihe inniacobtl~ite uaccs 'Cor.
cder P re,cidenti 1'!Filmore, wit i, inl
'i.1 ai't-c'r tic Cal. Gcarn''tt the
erwifcentu// cfliceri, andt icc iapint an-c
'aher in vidIuai desigatighii
is! place, ini orderi ito preservei 11he
"ha~irmnc~y"' fih le WhIiig partyli. 'Tis
fhet i is icc nociiouc is hire a.' anyii oather
ini Ithe hiustory act the phiree'c. icicd will
not ice i'cntrvcerted~c. Whyiii didl noc
thel I ieraiild and( its vchiteer'ail cci.
icatriutr *x re4( iat ihait Iimela hir a
holy'ic horor cit such all enoict1 iv?
WXhere ai' thir vanlicted~ paictricot isil
thcei? Whyii id they not1 have the
Ithuind aerblt lit. t his at ten'iipled e.xejr
cisel of hii.ighshed prerio~la gcative onl thce
pn t of the Whigr Sc.eiretary? No, t hey
remaied as si leint as~ t woi whcit mClia.ci
aoce nte o'a f reproofit-anld liar aught we
knowii, actualcily rcapproved the dee'd. L~et
thlemi not atctemptl jt tic screen thicim
selves oni thei graocind that thle ciilicer
whiomii thle petty ty ranny ofi Mr. Cor.
win solight to inoilavO, wai iia Demoii.
crit. It. does nait alfect the qulestioni.
The principle in volhved is identieai
the same as thait in the case ofl Mr.
Gnithrie. If' it is cnot, we shuld ii like
toc see the dhistinctiao'n sdhwn'. liut
what, was ai virtue in a Whi lg Seer
tary. becomes a crime ccf ihie darkti.t
dlye when practiced by a D emcait ic
Secetiary. Oh, -Consistrcney, thuun
bast indeed become a pair odf je weis o'f'
the first water!
QUES'TcON.-Get ter's from Ciibac lavac
undoubtedly beeni received in Wash-.
ingtdon, f'romi partie who aire snlpposodl
to be welh awar'e cfiall whlich Spacin en~d
he' allies propaise to do w~ith retfno
to the isiand(, frontm' hlh 10'~.
cludton iS daiwn) that a ing3 Enaltc4
riid ii (eh fleet will lii dppifebe 10
lhe (; II' n.-on al . thS statlv ho
Tiireo-Rin.s.sin glest jil will p-r'rittlw A
Lwol latter Potkwers to withidraw fr'tnn
llelice -tfliviein f ii.their Yessel' now i I
the AMeditrtnJi an'. 11v is believtd
i li ical cireshere ilut tIhe Ulim
% paper'1 ha ai I I ev' gremt liFs iar tie
etrlest liess with wivhiel it ik appealing -
It, t(e coitiy to awlake tta i eisializin
' "1n f'ilihe prt-eslt e.-itical eoniiditinI of
te. Cu 'ba q ti .
Q11ee1 \eriCTa::A, on her rcen*;: t vis
I ill IhI Duliin Exhibitwt., the Editor
4'ih ;e Mail/. I Iere states fo Ihe intoi-in
t i 1 IT his lady reader.e, wore a pink
1)(la1net, on 11r lietd. whose shape tie
Editor wi led hot colid iadnee fau,hioi
ll Itnillilner otif the present dny; to
adoapt, instead " f' those asurd things
wIell now.adays hng half way doawi
tlt back: of yotmg ladies, giving a
razen iare fieed expressionl to tit
uin'lt aiiiliiat delienate fi'ttres and
ai apil-arance (of being high bhouider
ed, to the tlow.t gracel'ul figures.
TI I lIow %uRE AND TtIl O
-The New Orleans Dee of fatirday
last savs:
i)uriung tie progr'ess of tile Into ,
episelmie. no less tin 139
or pian hl lildrell, wh 'se parent s ha-I
pe' i.shed If tlit fi-ver, where left. in
eiige o' IIe I ltward Assie atiom.
Thie ebliilater aind co:stittioan of this
Itoble society do mut po'ermit them to
take liese orpliims tinder their per
S'Odi it [proteVt tie n11, but inl view (of the
coeniieis oaf tlie occasion. thev were
aoiioria-il y v proivideod for. Yester.
a.':, all these little crentiires were
dlistribuitd atoog thle variouis As-;
lims fu c'm it -:y-tie sum (of fone hu'n
hed ellhis being cn tributed for the
to1:61ntenanlce and snppilort of rch (if
tlit-iinking a ttdal or :13.900.
SA RUImED.-Ini Si1m1teviville S, C. on
Th rday evening the 27t inst., by
the lIer. D1a111 .McQueen. Mr. Ron
.teT J. DIeK :m111l Miss CunwL(rrs ,
danyl.thorli of' ,.st. .\f. D:Lon.Lr, Eqi.,
a ot' Siiniter District.
31'!L: Inds WosArk Specific.
t_ Tle fiollowing, frotn a custum-r, shiwe
ft'e demand %% hieh [ft' great inmhaine haa ere
ated % ierever it Is bee-ii introdmiced:
Ul.Ms lm G. 'Tioga cao. Ioa. Miarch 30, 1850.
Cintliem-i: c)nvetluvrec of the great cons
stnplins ofyiur "Wora Specifi," in this place -
wrid a e-iiniy, we have emireiy exhausted our
u 'k. Wei shot-i feel obliged by your for
wanaing, via curningz, N. Y. 20 douze'n, witih
yoir hill, on the recep:i(n of which we oll re
it 3011 tle imneiy.
1'roim the woneajderrfI efl;-c: ofani-I "Sercifie'
itiis neighborhoodo, there could Ie ail annu
ally - large quaiility, if t le, had, (hmoles.-eale
rind retail), fr.;n some local nt. If You
woubtl 'omzpe n'lsnte a perrson fer trembl'aiung o
penstof veninag. I iliniak I cuutd make it to
yoiur udvanaige to di sea.
Yours, respert Ifilly, W 1. 11. MA LOILY,
a:ssa:s. J. 11, & Co. Per W. E. Poit-rr.a. i
P Purcha-4re ill plene he careful tit
nsk for iiR. 3'CLANI'S CEI.ElRATED
V1E51: FUG E, nud take none else. All tither
Veriti'ugie, ill coparson, are worthie.-s. Dr.
3'1c'a' genuinte Vrmiifige, also hisi Celebra
tedI 1.1iver Pills, cain now he hiad at all -
reeprctrahi!e Drug Store, in the Uniltedt Statea
aendt Ctanaa..
Thle abovae va;inhil repar:at in for sealo
ety thle Airenats, P .\l. t'OtlliN & COI. Itia
potrte'rs ti Dene'r. m D)RUGr' AND
.i'1DICI NES, No.. '29, llaeyne sI. Chlets
A nother S~ cintific Wo~ntnr I
Iit r iler a sr 'ro livst'IT-:-r.s
Dr. .1. 8. tlonightonr's Pepsin, the0 true Dil
gest ived' tFlu, air (,asricj Juice, pre'pparedi from
Rennuet, air the, Fmurah Sianima cio the Ox, after
dircientin of Itaron~i l.iebtig, ihe great Physiolta.
dhelpjhaia. ITihis is truly a wonerrful raeedy for
I aaaige-tionu, D~yspepsia, Jaunduice, Liver Comn
plainot, Coin'tipaetioonad Debtility, culring after
Natuare's Owni Methodh, by Nature's Own
A gent, the Gcsitric Jocce. Piiaphls, conitain
ing Scientific eviden~ice of iis vaalueo, furitiske i.
hy agenits, gruijit. See' notice tamonlg the~ medicai
adlvertieetts. 8-ly.
Sumter Agricultural Asso
"h- Anniivaeisary aif tile Agricuturali
Asocato wi In held ill Sumiltrviliet
Wednesdnycii~i~, th" 9 th inst.'
An Aadaraess will be delivered by OvnU
X. IR. C(A rn. 'All pi-rsosi ha.. ing atf .
3 iclest to esiia. will pirestb them t't &Ileo
Conianlit iee ot A rrloangeenita ty 10 u'clock
A. M. omn ilti huld'v.
'T hie d filreaet Commtiu lt's waaill also mieet
CThairmain Corn. of A rranlgertlents.
Woulid rehapectzfully inaform bie friendhs and the
JIpbbe genieralty. that hei ii nowreeiin ava
njetya of IlEAVY anti FA NCY OROCE~RIES
which he sell biow for cait at tsnd former
ly .occnpied by E. W.Jtonnaey and, nearly op.
potte where Plhanters Ilotel sood.'
Nov 2 1 - t'5J
No 12Erat-Hlayoppoiite P. &S.Dn
Ilo keept ctan~litly. for sala'.'a stoneral assort.
mntt of P'atiats andl 0 ilas of ail- kInd., Window .
Glhass and1( Sarben't, Spiriita Tnrp)enltine,( Cam,
phiteae, Slairit (mas, Tullow.' GrindstltoneA, Cor-.
Gluae, Pacl.tinig Yrn, and tirushes of varhoua
Oct. 20, 1853. 5. - 6n
Citr te cf 1Magnesla,
APr;htp1 ptan w.'3in- y ntsernwa
r-uyiti fn * -'-1.

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