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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 02, 1853, Image 3

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A %miuaterille(, S. C.
iIeispect fully informs the people of S ccn
ter listrict ihntl he htas jut receive.1 and
now ofilers flir sail the c.sic eleced and;
ijst cloice .tock of
Fall and Winter Goods,
That canitnot ho surpassed ,by anythingr iii this
t.-arket. lie hso received miany ie.- styls
which purchaers would ido well to' xamine i
fore bvying ecewhere.
A t.s -
A full and large supply of Ilosierv, Shirts,
Drawers, Gloves, Suspenders, Cravais, Iaid
kerchiifs, &c. &c.,
A lar e nssortmen of It.:A lY MA DIE CLO
T b GM, which will lie 'ol(I low.
f " Grttnets miacfnnetired by then-tcbscri
ber, and warranted to give matisiletion. Or
ders from a distant ce promptly ueniiilchl to.
Oct. 25th. 1953 if
VA 51 9 A at ga,.1
The sit ueriber oilers for tale his 'latiation
tiuid Mills in Slnimer tlistric siinated on llig
Ilaflin Creek, himrieeir miles b-low Cmiitelv,
tu six, froma Ilncykin'is Turn Ont. cincciig
(1674) uixteen limilred I'l sevent-lio- eris.
between fior anil live hunIred teres I-ared
amnd under fence, the blani.ice in fin.- Iiimir.
On the premise, Is a good two story dwillin ' g.
with all the necessary Iilldins of %% , -I - tie-,1
Plantation, most of wihi, have lieei f-relcted
within the last few years. Oin the Iort hern ex
tremity of the traic-.t is unotthe-r settlemieni iii
good repair. ioth plices ire- perfectly healiiv.
Also-An excellent (Grist M1ill, with Mn piir
of stones, and n s.iw .Mill. c-ptaile of c-i:cing
about one thotisanl fei-t of lumber per da.
With the Pinniiin will be !oldt (ifilesirei)Itlie
stock of i-attle, I logs and Sliceep, together w% ith
the Provision Crop. tifvohl initinedtiat..t4, pas.
Sei'siont will Ie givii ocn the lirst of Jaimary, 1
The terms and htier mrtiehrs loony hv ih
tained from the stb-criber cm ith prenises, or
icy letter directed tee /liiyk'n's /kri, Canalen
Branch of S. C. It. It.
Stumter Dist. S. C. Oct. 1!, 1 11m
Sheiff's Sales,
B Y vi-rtie of s ncdr-y Ixei-utioins to ioc
directed, will l h -il it Stieitr Conr:
flouse, oi tie Ist Mlilav and dy ollow
it in Nentmbi-r nt-. twithti lelfd taluous
cf "Saie, to the hightiest bcdir, fer c-:ash, thme'
loileoing properly. Purebiasurs to p:iy for
itiiles :
Defedaint'.- ite-rest in or.ee r-ir icif ha:I
in Chairntdio, adj:iiting cils of. acid wher
detecnct resides, levicd uponi ; as tie hepr.-p
eriv of W. F. Bltle-, i the snits of . - S
& L. Biwie, J. J. B-rrv and E 1). Pritie
& Co.
Onemi tract of 100 acres oif bid reire or
less in Cliriedi, :dljoinine lads It, anmed
.-here ls. Skintcr nfow liv -. leveid ipot
ns the proi erty if C I, Hcimer, it the
Suit of This. E-'. Flowers.
(One tr;ict of 20;) irs (if hie' * in 0 (tron
dccmn, ndiotig l.el- (if , \V. . Gilbsen. iev.
"nd upon11 nQ tL~e prop.-rt1y of IL, J. Price.,
formerly bel--nged to .\. .\. \\'ile, at thw
Oie tract It 30 acies (if latcl in Lietr
,b-1m, ad(jjining henh. lot J.-In .\le~st
lcvied upoit as thIe pruevierty* of Il. J, lIrtee
.ct tle sit itt .lois. cLict1,erv.
Oce tract o1251i0 -r.-s of h1m11in Lowr
Sa'tletm, ad~jotinintg Ictids ccl AIrsc. 'Thompson~ct,
livied upon ;s ItIe tip Iperty of it. .1. Price,
at thef sulit of' Jos. .1II l i m- I rv.
De-mnanit.'s inri-t m ( e ract of land
in 8:ilem, adjme boi if l. I)ntrii
anld F-si. of .1. .\Itdnbee pion .I.
Il propierty of isci;dh .\iiv, a t tie sutIit
of( ). 1'. MI't-v.I
(n ):ioht ucn:u hii ngsett hc'ercttnim Si-itt
ter-vdte, adlijoiig lacnd,,- c', andt wteti 3.-,
E.~ Kenneytc dcl hiv-. kleitt ite acs ;J..
i'reerty cit \Vc. S. ti-iyt, at th.. suit: of F,.
S.(it itiit imihhnctii thecriecc ini Smoi-ter.
vil le ;.djitningc 1.i oitic, andii whtere d,-'cmt.
n lives, levn'c~c tipoci as lthi propjer:t o 0
Wi-hi Clairk, uit the stit cf .tis. I. \\tth
e-ru-picint \V ideiv It ct nk . & Cc.. I I. I>. 3.1
)-oy, .J it. Neul &S ( 'c., 1E. C. 'Thcurinc,
Pltatnters andci Mec~h ii c' iB;iic. S. I \\'l
son, A-. J1. Mc ires, I,. Il. Iliaiks. \V. & 3
IeCcoy, 1c Roiy 4 l Jone-s.
O)no tract oi 11(100 ac-res iof land in C.tr,
mtitcit-dcjoiingic hadits ic-i levic edtpo as- itheC
Nonth Car chn, \V..\d- t 2 c~e,. \
i'pannit, and l>lw-ard M Gheraith.
Oneit traicti f 19 iiares ccl thuul int i1.twer
Salecm, adtjoingi~ lands! oft I. S. ~\Vort-hcmt,
et acl., I-vied tietupon ast theiproerty iif t-',t.
ccf \Vm. Ducddttn. at the .-i of .\. 31. liudc
dtin; will be soldc biy ocde-r of W. Lc ai.
One traict cit 30(0 acres of landtc int Ch~ir
otndonm, i.dtjomini'j Ithds ii tIl'nbow~, Johnit
R. K~mg, andii \V. H1. Al cighcitt, levic-d up-c
icn its thce pcropcuei vt 3. 11. Ihitgie, Jir., at
.11he suit ot A. &t E. TI. II I:cgina.
One traict of I0 ar u-res iof- lan mccre or
less in Charendton. ;cdj- ing iand of~-u0, le'viedi
upon11 as t he property of 11. It. 'IzTimoins,
ait. Itihe siu it of Wm. I c'w-c.
I .it a.nid butildinigs t hiereit it Scitot erviltie
-adjiintg Iandcs 'if, and whe vlrre W.G . \Vid
-jimc'inow lives; One liot amid buiildi ings on
nad Washincgton treets (utnder mtort
1gage);'32 aceres uf land neoar the~ vii hic-,(cun
.dter tior rnice) levied iupotc as ihe propoiurt y of
.J. 13. N. Hammeicit, at thce sitits oif thle Himk
Sitate of S-outh Ca(iirolina, hU. 1H. I.,ak,
Admi'x, ~2 catsec, 'T. .J. iICoghhmc , & Ci., ..
N. Buck, & Morgan, Thicie. W. Redeliffe,
P'. Moses, M. M. MIcI{;i, Nelsnct andii WVehh,
'W. 3. Frantcis. tfor aicther.
Otne kit in Sutervilhe, levied ont as the;
property oh 'TcoR. O'Ccontnor, at thet suits of
Thcos. Be nniel atnd othecrcu.
Otte negro 'evieed upon ast thte pcroperty
,of A. F. Ailen att the suit of I-. D). Prmtgte
& Co.
1 Negrt, levied ont as the property of
T. Rt. Berry, at the'*suiits of \V. Odeecn,
3. T. Cummtoings andcc Jiohti W. Kelhy.
1 Horse, acid I ncecro ieviid on as ithe
proiperty of Johni flard, (Claren-ion,) at
time suits of T1. i.v tnt, J. D. Jontes anrd W.
L,. Peldier.
1 Negro levied on ats cite property of W.
R. Benii iy, at the stilt. of E. D). Pringlc &
1 Negro, levied-rn its lice properly of 0.
WV. Udhitps, att the sttit of Wmtt. Webht.
I hrsre levei (in asR the piropierly (if J.
F. B-'rdford, att thce suit of C. 'T. Masount.
*2 JHorsesc. 1 Iiarouch and harmness, 1 cart
I watgocn, Caiitile. IHots, Plantatuin 'Toois,
ilotnso itnd Kttcih-n Furniitumre. ieviedi on
cii the property ot WV. F. untlher, at the
r-ts ouf J. S. & L. Bccwie, IE. D). Prinigie
& Co., anitd J. J. Berry. Hoirsus, Bairochi
an I iI-rtese, wil ibe scld it Snucmtervillo,
I ihe ot her things wv dI be solcd at de.fendan~ tt'N
restience in Clairendon on the 8th Novem
3 Negroes, levied on as the property-of
John A. Co ciough, at the suit of Jits. B.
. Rohrds.-on.
1 Negro, Hoiuse and 1(itche't Furniiure,
levied on as die pioperty of Webb Clark.
iat thL- sUit of 0. P. Mc~tw.y J. M. Neal &
Go., Wiley Monks, <- Co., J. E. Withor
spoon, S. k. Wilson, iNtCRoy & Jones, W.
& Id. A cCoy, L. 11 llank-., A. J. Moses,
Mianh, P. (". Tam
I liorse, levied oin the property of J. II.
Di.tiglc. Jr.. at the suit of John ladison.
Oule Horse levied orn as the property of
11. Kava Ina,. at lie suits of C. Tarrh. T.
Corcorenu, and J. lniilrix.
I Negro levied oi as the propertt of C.
W. Lesesnie, at the suit of I. 31. Itidgell,
I Negro, levied oi as the property of
Suniuil Lowry, at the suit of G. C. \Vicl
2 1lorses and I Negro, levied Ol 114 the
proprity i h',zaetih Aldelo I, at the suit
ofItschard-i Cain, and INl. 1,41winis
1 Al ile and I I lorse, levied otn as fhie
prilprly of Wm1. .1. Moore, at the suit of
1). J. \Vino.
2 1l uns, lev i n, as the property oif M.
J. Moore aid P. Ricks, at the suit of Wim.
\V< hb.
1 Negro levied on as thw property of
Ja ins M. 5cKiglt. at the suits f I.
Alcfifeb-b, :int S. ir in
I I 1,rge -ind I Ne o evidl ,n it the
pr< p r y of \Vilclin 11. icKle ight. at the
suits of \V. C. ilkes & Siili, G. Follin.
I I lorse levied on as the prolirty of T.
II. Ostece, at tile sitit of W . .1 Ai Call.
2 Ilors. leviod ll as thw property (if
John S. Reich, at tii-suit of It S. l'inotirov.
2 lI in gy, eIrid on s n tin, pri-prty it!
.1. S. Tsdale, a the su:ts of W. Cli L and
1). WV. P'rice.
I Neg ro leved on ias It- properi v of' WV.
M1. Wi'der, . at lilt suits of k:8ck &' .o es.
al W. Webh.
I Nv-iCo levi'd oi :is tlih prniory oit R.
.1. \\i hOswon at uw th ofts JIim'(hina,
0 RCeeN'r, T. 1) P-r mo,::ind E -S lii.
hury, i'hIrk & Itroiir, and It .1 .\le Cleary
and '.
I Negro I,--ved (in as fth- pr~lory of
lRobertI. W eeks,.t A lO- suit lot lilt- S '.
(i Negiies iev ei m as t Ie oport y 41
W . II. 'rintri, at tht i' sui ill linre niivi r
&h liiey I as-, llarr1al, 11-11v & Co. and
A 'i Car er & A heIi.
ock inl Stiore, I inir-i levi od n as tit
pro-fperly II e llh s. O'('oilno, w 11h4. sualz n:
Th' s Ilneiiia:'ll aid Iti s.
I Nigro aniI hiin:uil K.li'hn Furiii
five, h(- Ied fonl as the pr1,1p1-rt v(1 .l11hn1 W
m iii N th n s l ui i). S. 'Lrwvet, T I
Cohh, .1 1). P'ringh- tn .lisi. \ alw ur, \V.
\'el iiir anthiIr, F.. 'Pr.ser, E-. 1).
I'ri'i2' i- Co.
- n. N -X rio. h 0'ie1 on a I'-e I rolry '
.!"h W .Fsin ' -oreo-Its- :I .\ fllnnage
:veii by . W. Ervin to .oup Nloitlgoi.
1; Neuries, Nv leV "i na Ib priper. oif
A.11. I ! .ir.. at Ti sui "f th. liMit at
1In' S Ia' It' S uil tharo).iia.
Sa tn tr li i t i i as It e eli I etily
J.11. i09ii .h.to -'reeuiu--e atni .iine
BO y, 8 L 0i in JN!). I 1ho.
u l . \\' hw.
8 lids in. I I ir -si'sei, le :vid n Iis the
proptli- y of 1,,\\ s .ldhnson, ait thw su ls oil
A. ('insh"hn I cam>. .h-- .\bqga, Jones
& lloghn and lia . \VW. lV11ngwt.
ness, I 1zo ,t'r , -'m-. lln-e ;ull
Ki ai e n iurvditre, Pliin aIi nit Toklk. It vn-d
(In as t inop-ir:y o C'. I, :ni r, t hiv
.,1ih of Thos):. E. F ;1#1rr ta n11q,!Ior. To,
ndhl at dw:Is !..t,-es. nee in the S-hI d:ti
of Xo-.(--hibr.
' Negroes, I ag'i. t ruii, Ilons'
K.ih and .Kitrin ForWitire b vid on
a: (it prop v ii it . R. N. I . \u h al
S-wf fnit ( t h lt. :1:1% s h Ow iit : Is o.
C.; . 1,' 1 , -a:1. A n . cn -..T -J. Cog h
1:n & C .1. .\I. .\j W z.n \, .1. Pr~owces,
itor an ti lItr. T \ . iI'. - I-v
Ases ..l.H.Itt , Nokol- -1nES. \'VeIb.
.. C. It Il..il E. S s n)
O,'it 15, 1 5:. 51- :1
ofAV)op: nie'tae. flor hunin e ('tminav.
caugihl trhat awl f rn . N\CXr
J~(1s. A. .3R-'N.TCY
.1 Chan Mli , P I'.. s. .
Oc t. 5, 15:S.I-RJ, .j
t o hihtey bvit the atointin ohe Pti
thecity wantsin lao se If aangenc.
YokPcs.-A3 .TEO
O(ctp. rN. in-19 ir
TIE subscribers are now re.
eriving their FA LL STOCK A
.ohliee OILOCi[RIE.8 and PRIOV'ISIONS,
to which particulir attention is invited. FI
consists in part of the Illowving, viz:
100 bihls, Crtusiel. l'owdered, Grminlaed ani
Coffee 50G(ARlS,
20 hlihd. New Orleans, Miuscovado ani
Clarified SIGA RS.
70 bap lIio, Cnba, I.ngnavra, Jamaica, Jan
va and Mocha COFI'i.
40 bhis. New Orleans MOLASSES.
20 imles GOnny and Dmilee HAr;GiNG.
50 coils llemnp inl Manill itOPIE.
200 Ilbs. best.Three-Plv'T'WINE'
200 sides llemtlock I.-fA TUllR. .
'100 lbps. Shot- T[ I It EA 1).
1000 imtp-rs TA CKS, assorteud.
200 dozen Mlason's Celebrated Challenge
4I0 gross Premninan alATCII E-S.
100 legi Cut N A I1.1.
70 boxeis Colgtute's Fanmily, No. I and Fanc'y
80 A 11.
40 boxont Pearl nnd Ne Pius Ultra Fanily
100 boxes Ailaoiantine, Sperm, Patent CAN
40 hbils. (Geiestsei' Fanilv I1,01,1, cil.oit
iog of liranm kithi's First Preni
nula Flour ititl otlir cboie- brans,.
12 ch-sts very sup-rior Ilysomn. \'moig IIy
mo. Imperial. ;unpoiter aiI 1lack
TIAS, inl poundn. half11 ponnnd unti
minarter po(m1d itmekaecs.
21) ess elhoice I-am: ilv l .
10 e-k clihoice 1A'CON, Sides anl shoul
10 his. choice F mily 1.A II).
15 firkina very stpe'rior G.oslien R1iu;I'TTICl.
20 boxus choice Ietailing unti P'ine Apple
6 bIhs. SItmoked au lkld ileef R Toin-ines,
Pichklel Saim1on, atni S:noked u1mI1l
l'ikleil lleef.
10 Ihis. White Wine- and ('idar VINEGAlt.
4 * tierres It R'lE..
-1 bh11s. :1n-1 6 kegs P ICK1.1E.
20 lozen Pickles. gallons, 1-2 galluns, grs.
ti pillits.
20 dozon (':tsutps. Sa nt anid 'ap--.
10 dioni n hleb. hIll u tin 41arltr hoxst Sar
5 thozeti fri. Tmhlte:rs ani Salhte. inl I
uml 2 h. can4.
5 dozen nisorteid F.tr t.
4 dozen assorzet Pr-svies anod Jellies.
10 eas-s Pres-rved :in. .-r.
140 ilozeni ve#'ry t-uperior .lsal
30 : oz)-en ark4t-'s a d Antlrew s celetbrated
t-iical Yvaut l'wihers.
12 G.1-ini b11 io-1i pitre Fuptr t'arbonate So
eli. inl I ponot l p:l er.
10 3G-paint boxis p-eiirior laalnle-reine-d
'a:trlish Saieratus, inl I poinl pa
3 21-juiiii1 boaxes pulser: z->il (rei- Tar itar,
in 2 poom apr.
g, r, ('innamonltfl :11-. Allspire, inl l
iipaal a--s
00 -cks -rell IRock .''it, far dairy ilal
l niyuse.
10 boxes 3I:.roni anal Vericelli.
50 howi-s Soda, Siigir. IBitter. I.0-ttmon, Pic
Ni-, (Creamn. 1ltsiVdn, California and
Facy Crtackers.
Woioh-n n'areria1 IHollow Ware.
I% Ifbao ail Se'tntrt.
Nutiel!s. Cl.1\1-, Mare. Ca1yenle Pell
par. lie Flmir. Frein-h 31istair,
Iain.'- mft --h-ll l p. at-per shell Al
I non-Is. Nuits, Vv.
A ll thea abet- coLia, tatrilte r witi a vari'ty
of stier arlitie'!s. liave- beeanf vunrtfuliy se lecte'l
by one iuaf the fim. aml tre ofleired i.ale at
it in el noi mrket prices.
3'T.T.Ult & S.NN.
Colniilaim, S. C. Oct. 19., 153. 50 IL.
NI-S %.. C1 11111 W !
M11aniufacturer and Dealer in
Carriages and Harness,
OF every description, Nos 1.1. 31eeting street,
a1kid :1i lW'ettwortl streei. next to the 4bl4 stand
4.( 'ilbevrts & hail-ini. (~'hurhi-itoni. S. ( .
V3'M R. it l1NT.. ilnay be fi'itd at the
nrlim Itepi tory. mill htle tivaa this 1nethod t
at re hit. fri-ilnis that it'll or.ler ettrosted to
hih n ill be atiteumb-d It promp:ly and with strict
(O-t. luth. V153. 51 1 y
W. J, Jacobi & Son,
wt. J. J.i tini. N.\TtIA NiF.L J.\COBtI
Imtpoi tceis andl Dealers int
. ?? t hir uletatiers arte mtisttreal 3/leual
I~aa .nn a141. -'1iet adhe14r~atwe tol (t Oac I'ic
.r. lirer ii jirornna.e h4eetre
iliS aniii lih' puhhett th~ ii 1.43 ih..
,anli ihi ini evr m'ii cater lior -C
ane, 611. 712 anl i-1
any .'i at i a-i ice 4 L hc ld iu
q~uait ies. to sulply a large de.3tmndl from1
i'ns Haiot ., Sloe's and4 llroigants ofi all the
'.t i. clibe C L an ad. n
' n ' d l.\V4 \ I F.(T) .
-'10 an Slpe'rs.
( inters, in iLe o~tld 51) per centt bie'ow the
N.G.& . ke.LU
'ON, S. C.
aceivmte a largro and wtell ansrtedI stock of'
GOODS, c'omiprising a great variety of
c., &c., &c.,
iblic, parlitilarly couantry mnoehan1s, vii.
its Nordh antd Europe, as to enable themn to
I US j\ist receivel and ofTer for lile, at Charleston prices (freight included) SERVANTr
BLAN h Isl'S, at . 50 eachl. gool amti heavy.
Heavy Twilled el Flainels..31 1-4 cenits per yard ;
sattin ts. Kerse--y, &c., a full assortmenit, 110n1as low all IG 2-3 cents;
Georgia Kerseys anal Placin-schley's manufacturo
Mons. I)eLiena, at 12 1-2, 18 3-4, 25 cetts ;
Pbrintsh, Doiestics. &c., of all prices and emnalitie";
Carpetineg, at 50, 75, $1 00, $1 12 ceita ;
l'illd ld Ileef, Smokel Dii Pirdled Tonignes, iackrel, Salmmiul, Lolitters, Sardines, &c
Sugar, Colle. incon. Fle r, ird. lBitter, Rice, Moluese-ce, Salt, cV., &c.,
8M0 Packs Fire trackeis- fer the Boys;
20,000 Segars-clhoice brants.
His ieavy sccik. aid god assertiieit are too wvell known to require enumration.
A F I 1. L A N NltAL A S O R T 31 -2 N r.
Ascirticit coihplete, ttoevtlepr with every descripltii of Good4s to stilt thle -cotntry trade. whic
will bt- M-chl na low v eI a hteit bonmght in ainy mc.,rket- feor cach, (or t) approveel prchasers, on tim
oi relvtsec-rs will im l it to th ir cccl teiva .e us Wel as iine-. to call oi e lc- befeore purelmsing. M]
stock is large, emibracin-. " Any tiog ndcel Eery thing."
Wy2on2 W- ~u W o 2
.1,000 Iuimlds want-d, 1i6r u hich tIhe- Iiglest, uairHet price will be paid, eitl
er ini Ci-h orl Meri lizei.
One Hundred Dozen Eggs Wanted,
FVor whicl orer the muarket lriev will b- ini7i-I in burIer.
Oct. 27. 1853. 5-2 ij
t & , llI3r--arrenti, chnr cson, s. C.
W4 are receiving our 1n ely f ancy and Stape Dr
4) 1!x --Als,- Planatai on (oods .1' vvery variketv. ccnsi-th
',AINS: KltISEVS: 8TitlE; PRINTS. &c. &c.
Wk still 1e11kr. itl t 0 te On e U-ice svstem. Oc. etoed< are a
"'areiked-1 in ll i thicmes. m it our tnems enablel is to sARll, INEl TY .(TICLE, at tI
SS.\J.\l,,I f I1cc1i-v. .';!:
W. (,. \.\NCROFIT &L CO.
2.5;: a':d 255 Ningreet (one( door1 bel!ow\ Welmworth1.
N el 10embe;r 10. 143..6 4,11
D)R. W. JAS. I)A RGA1N, & CO.
D It U G 19S T S,
One Door West of A. J. Moses' New Store.
Oilers fi sale on reasoiable tcrms,a choic
an11d vcll selected stock of
Chemuicals, Evall's alnects, Perfumery,
)ye-S tuIIl., S-4ilver Ineilcet. Cases. Flavoring Extract
Paiits and Oil, Scarificat or-, ' Gelatin, (varieN
WilIo (lAsse, Stoiach Pulmps, I lair Oiis,
Spirit Gat"US, Breast Do. Fancy Soaps
Best Vilegar, Bruhes, (al1 kinds) Pens and111 n
VazirnIIishs PIsris Trusses Toilet comb:
Shav-ig Creams, Paper, (variety) Lemozn Syru
Best qualiy of Medvira an1d P'rt Wino and French Brand
For M1Tedical purposes E.r-pressly.
Genuine Co-d Liver Oil,
Thomsonian and Patent M~edicines.
ogeit'e' \\it il a vall'jety ol f ott er- it j-IPs, Ct ii jprisi Iig tIle StO
ol'l)iut o8((r P'hysicianta~ .
(KTj* All or-ders putt uip wvtih neauttness anid despatch.
May 2 ftlh, 18513- 30-t C
()T~llE IS II EltEIV Gi \ EN tic cell /f ~~~Til. 'I'R
-enectomers emd the cccronann~ciy jrem-craullyW l-:C. JtCMULN t
that b th di~c0th inst., I wvjtlehave i;1 stor'
a full stockt f\lteCiicrc eit
FALL .AN) WINTER (U0ODS :l-,a2c.11Iy312
in tmy linte. ec-c-.t bcr cil (13 )TllS, CAS- 83.tc-s
SIM.\-t1i-s. icnd \'ESTINUS, ofi ev r-: i'irLlc 'UMc~e~
u -\ T s,- t'.lcs. &c;: 1-'iI LINEN1 -Iceeci= i l-ay .*~ic
hA1.\ ~l IONl: G IAt)\' S atc l!.\V \ A~- TS H18. -
-fcer ~ riptuion; wi:h a ceomi;diete a- (ic ;::~ \iie i;iccr~cre(i
assoruront of-'ditlcze o 2lLS
Net2w York ccaarkent .21 c Z t ,(lccI)o .ile B
D. J. WINN. --_______________
Sepit 20.) -'ci, - rnh53,li~ boie
Fall Goods! Fall Goods! c8;itt. Sceca
lelElt & N E-W lFIt Y wonit~ rcectr fn!!v cifl25Mi!iSet
thctet they' hc~cve just. received a bicrgc- n t ei t ! s'ic--- ~ ~ ~ $i51
teect Stoeeck ic'
FALL AN) WINTER GtOIUS, j~ .jzce 5
cnremrci, every- <pilityatned ciyle of1 1,.\ I~
1)11 .:S ( (tnills : leii t* C;on i. A&c.. '.r .tIeOB-r-ON
irs. Ilcit,. aie n: t ihes glet er~-n ctde-Icrition: iic n-cc -- K cga.(iid p.teLi le
-tyle liaiu ndece t'ape-; llcard'vari einh troeei r3 _;__
litectly 31a~de- t'lothini, etc. etc., to 0 whichI tht'yv (.n cN nn --n
pate-al n Aite en-on. d)A Vutecs otciI1~
A lot eef elloleyI: ? F:' t.; S
oci 5 -I 9 if , iiner25ccls
FAMVILY BTOR.E8, 11 tc.Mc nxdh fIIi~ ~
IClarke & Brother. '3llc ice ~ci~t als oecl
Whoe hatve. jeesc rere-ived per Itail Roadh a het12.2ccl
fine ass-crnenti of xre(teiY Icecek lcdrrd 1et
Fa nicy Gi-ocei'iecs. Pwtcc$75ctaceen
Compilritimit Pickle's, P'reserv-ed Frucit, Cigars, ~~e Lcclc r1iccgcit1 .
Cde-s aced ci coice ot of (ce wei iobccoe, I~* elt
to whiech thcey icnvite. the actecntin of hci- theo nLt~nc citi. - cns
zens of thiis Itiestrict. ~ AOI&SN
Febireeary 22, 1853 17--tfc s lecd OplieBg ot
Wolfe's Aromatic - ____
S1lEI IMSU H N. I'PSi. ALpesninhtt oheIsne
A supherit ive ITcnic. Di cnet , Antli-Dy-s-Rv JaicNwbrdcadetr
pe-ptic, loivigoraing Cordial, &.c.NoeoAcutwilrne nnehcep
DA RGAN & CO. te troilrcihrtecinpory
A Superior Tooth Powder. A cA 'VfEY
Mitde Icy the va;ltcable receipt of Dr. K. 5 AUE ..RH
Dairgatn, lDenit. ecor
Prepared and sold bcy Arl2t 832
DA RGAN & CO. Y IalgonFgplsec
Fr Price 37 1-'2 per box.3mot.
IBY H. L. BUTTERFIELD.Ketcnatyo hnTy
I Mctiug-n.,C CambrticS V at 2.A3 &.1,3 C.O
Y The subpcribor at Timmon's Town,
in this District, on Saturday iast, at
the parade ground or on his way homne, a
Leather Porse with a steol clasp contain.
ingo some Tin Dollar,; ini moitey, together I
with several papers and receipts; ilmongst
which ie remeibers a duto bil givei to
A. A. Gilbert Ity Gorden & Co. for Forty
Dollars, ote to WV. Fennel for Twent y I
Dollors, bolth of which h ve been paid by I
same; a doe hill by A. Baker for $I I or i
more; o(ir by T. 1). tlcQueen for 843;
011 by B. F. lBrogdon for Five DI.
her., tIoget her with varioist receipts. some
in faivor ('f Gorielon & Co., with others int
AvoIr of ihe siu icriber. Aliy person ftid
ing Ih e same atnil deliverig it at the Htan
ier office, or to the subscriber, will be
hin-dsonely revarded.
J. J. GORlDO\.
Sumterville. Oct. 11, 18 A 50at
(l1 Waltchman copy three lites.
hf Notice.
RANAWAY from me to the 2-i, of Septern
y her, Willhani D. laewho wam law-folly
oluild to lie by his inilier. Mlary Magee, on the
3rd day (If Deetmber, 1851. faiie biy is 17
yn.i rs oId. dark ceonpleeted, %%ith r'.ini nose.
I wien lie left he NO1 on a tew bliek ( 'alhforniia
Itat; lie ltms beet at work at the Ilhicksutith I
'Tradle for iihont H months. I will In)"y 'I'EN
DOLILARS to) any persOnt that will bring hirn
to ine or loiile ii itn Jitil where I ni get hi t.
If any permon or person employs or harbors
liI, . they may expect to be dealt with accord.
iln" to law.
Dispitllellt. 5:h I Oct. 153. 50 1Imt
.rs ?'The Oanie onalnti Imdarlintonn
i ~ .will each pnbplish no-r lone noionh l l
their accoutits to the silscriber at Iiklhopville.
BUTI.ER & NENilltY iave removmel from
their fortmer taid to tih-e fo41iilrmerly iocct upied
by l. 1). PltlNG .lE & CO., one dloor North of
1. IIOV'"S .lewelry Store. where they woild
ie pliiseid to -ec their friends and eistomers.
Oet 5, '8.3. -1') tf
0n00 11b Canivnssed Ilams-4 (somie of '-Stag nd
eShays" enring) for stile (iln consignmieint- low,
v ery low for CASiH, by
Oct 12 50i 1r
Office Wil. & Man, R, R. Co.
Wt jiens-ros.N. C., y
i t h Septemi'r. 1653.
FlE Stickh lidrs of lie Wilmington
aid AilMnIchester itil Rid .Cornipiyt,
,ire hereiv notifleil IIt lie INjInleenih
(19) insia:nient1 of, FI\'E L-OLLAl~S p-r
Slire is required to be pai.1 I)%- lib e firs of
Ocotber, I 3 and tlie T \\-1T I
('1) ; LA.S' I NSTA 11 ENT of FIVE
001.1 A1RS per Share on i the thirty-first
(31:st) day (of December. 1853.
By order (if the Ioaird of Dire:-tnrs,
JOHlN MetIAE, Jn.. Treas'r.
Sep 21, 1-53. 47 lm
"ttchmini please copy one :mothi.
Look Out For BargainsI
rfillE 111subscribers are opening unid receiv.
S1 ing a Ireshl and very largze assortment.
s, of every description of Goods to suit the
contrv trade, which will be mold a-; -low as
b' canl he bu.;it iin any market for cash;
great pins lhas been tike'n iiinaing in dhe
Stock. Our stock of Iidies' 1'ss Goods
Y1 Is complete, embrneingp every article in
their hine. A!sn. Itpadly Mfade Clothing.
Ilats and Caps, iots and Shoes, &c. &c.
AI Vwe Ilik mi lat hayi~ers to caill andi exatm
iie for themel(lves. M# 'We especially
itwteI te atittit i (if P' lntetrs to 'anr NE
\\ Wodst'ys, Bliinkets, Shoes. and Hts.
Mi oney can lie saiveid by catIg bon nit ts
oiur 8'IT')K I.N L:1lRUE and tre aire de
terminal to M.N~
- Sept .21. 153. 47 tI
.. ?... That vatliiable and well known
.i~place. DUH1 OSE'S HitlDGE.
o. MM til Lyntchis Creek, threet mitles~
lii btt ilishtpvillet, contoing 7(00 acres
lyin' 44n btotht sdes of sa id Creek. There
is ltw htanone sIitatilts o tih le same
5, iine int D)arlittgtn Di istrmict; thte oti er ini
Smoit r. I deem~ it tisehes to enter intlo a
dscrtipt iont, nts thle putrchtaser most anld will
.lie his otwnt judge. Abtout 250 acires of
clea redi lhtmi ; goiiod range for I Iogs? or
ait Cattle. S ilitd mdill be siltd low. andu oni
aeoctintlatinl g termts . P ossssiont gi veit
IN Ott Ithe first day of .iiannay nlext. Foir fttr
Ither partienlairs, apply. to the s ubscriber ton
thie preiies.
Se~"p 10. 183. 47 lt lj
1 For Sale.
h iighly imaprived Far m in thec vicinity oif
.1 Sit erv ilIe, conltainling ihott Iwo liun
idretd acres of lanzd, ontly fify of which is
Isclea redl Ihe bailan tce betm'. well wototdid...
Saul F1mm has on it at cimmodious fDwell.
ig liontse, nearly new, with Stabhes and
satiable Out httldingrs all int fine order.-.
Also a CGardeni ill at hig~h state ofi cultivation
antd a ite Frutit Orchiard. Termts liberal.
A pply at t hus oliice.
E, Sept. 21, I13 47 t f
2~ $1,50 MYerchants Hotel, $,150
'(Il Al. LL t lit sturpassied by anty T1 IVO
>r L)OLL-4R 1II.llSE in t' City;-wil
mot ptrtlae munchi. and pierformn less.
cht JA.MES M. 11Ul1ST,
aChtareston, Sept, 29, 1853. 48 2m
For Sale.
15 "re "' il"-ingto" and Math
for sale, any person deilirous of pttrchasing
said stock will please ca~ on the subhscri.
of her at his office in Sumtrerville.
by J. B1. N. H A MMET,
V- Attorney.
ist March a2, 1853 21-tf
at. - - . .
Forwarding MlVerchant,
I Ang9,41)
in Equity-Marion.
J. Harlee and wife
1. J. Scarborough.
Ini pursiance of decretal'orler of the
.ourt of Equity in this easer I will offier
or sale at Marion Court Husse door, be
Weei the usual hours of sale'en thA first
onilllay in December next, the' followint
a i Ontble tracts of land.
All thit l'lantaiton lielongingto the. lan~l
. . carborough, deceased, situate on,
.'atiish, within a half mile of the illage
A Marion, bounded ott the South hv the
Wltington and Mancester Itail Roa,
oniitaitig anut seventeen liindrt d acre",
if wiich about seven hundred are cleared
tnd in high Ptate of cultivatini. Oi the
retiies are two Dwelling louses, Ginl
Ioso , Negro Houses, and all the ,ou
jUluitlgs ntecessary for large 'lantinig in.
Albout titree itidred Acres of Iand ly.
"rg S bith of the i W ihlnlngton and Mnt.
herrer R6t Road andi ii th iinnediate
,ieit iy o thlie Vili nge.
'rmis of salt-, oie. tourth Cash, for tIhe
alaice. a credit of fine(. two, and three
ers, it eluIal antual instaienits, interest
romsi the day of silt! payab e an t nially,.
l'urchasers to g ve 1l)ind with approdve
)erso1al sureties and a Alortgage of -the
,remises, and to pay for papers.
.Com. in Eqity'
.onissioner's Olfice,
M a rion C. 11., Oct. 1, 1%3.
Oct 5 9 td
In Equity---Sumter District,
lol It. Broghlitoni,
k.eitmi 13. ilrotughton, &
hrga ret . irioughitoni,
ly their nerxt friend y BILL.
Jame.- It. Brock,
Napsey E-.. Broughton.J
N pursuance of anl oider in lie above
stated case, I will offr at public sale, on
he first Mcitd;ay in Novenmer next, at
iuter Court louse, that Plantation or
'ract of Land, estimated to contain about
4,ix Thuousand acres, lymntf in Clarendon
Uountv, Suttiter District, at or tear Fulton
Post Ollice, belotiging to the late Edward
Brouirglitoi, jiuior, deceased, and upon
%.iichli he resided at tie time of his death.
Not to be sold for less than seven thousand,
:evc n hundred and fitty dollars.
Upon the premises is a Grist Mill, in
rod condition, and a Sv Mill. The
strenin tipoi which these A1:lls are located
;q in untiailing one and is very valuable.
]'he lands lie upon the Wateree Swamp,
ohtainitig both low and high lands, and
aliiirditig an unsurpassed range for sto-k
61 all kttds-the whole constituting one of
the in st valuable Plantations ever offered
for sFae in Sumter District.
A ulit of the land will be in the hands
of the Coinmissioner, showinr its extent,
b'ituilamrtes, &c.
Totts:-Onie fourth part of the purchase
money to lie paid in cash; lthe balance pay. ,*
able n one, two and thrtee years, with in
terest from the day of sale-the purchaser
to give bond and personai security, and-a
mortgage or t0e land for the credit portion
of tie said purchase money.
Cotninissioner in Equity
Sept 23, 1853- 49 5td
$100 Reward.
RUN %WAY, on last Tueday the
-w iemulatto, about five feet three
or Ifour incites high, tolerably stout huaijr,
about tweni twot years old w~ith straight
light colored hair, has a very sulky tup
pecaranice, and answers quick and abort~
when spoken to said boy has a short thiick~
toot, his htands short and thick, chubby,
fingers. lIe hiad the scar of a blister on
his forehead just above the eye-brows, heo
miay try to hide it b~y wearing his cap or
hat down o.ver his forehead. lie will he
sure to pass -himself for a white man for
lie is very white and has been taking great
care of his skin for some time.' When hie
left lhe lad a cloth cap, black coat andi' "
dark culored pair of pats. IIe will ber
sure to change his cup and clothes as soon-~~
as he can; lhe. also wears his hair in front
st ra ight down to hide te scar of the blis
ter, lIe is a shioemau;ker by trade. though
he miay not go at the business, expectintg
thant lhe will be so advertisedl.
Thle above reward of Onte Hundred
Doilars will lie paid for liais delivery in any
Jol in the State. lie wvill be sutre to give
Iioself another name.
Brad leyville, Stumter Districg, S. C.
May 2hitn,1l%:2 80--tf
W" Caimden Journal and Cheraw Ga
zette publish five timies.
in The undersignted would respect
9 futlly itnformn hais friends, and the
publie generally, thait he has leased
that extnsive antd wvell known establis4h.
minut, the PL 4XTERS' HOTEl,, and
is now ready for the reception of visitor).
tt eligible location, hbeing convenient to .
all the businiess localities, will commend it
to thtose whvlo visit the city on businese, and
no exertions or expense wvill be spared by
1tte P~roprietor to promosute the comfort and
convenience of htis guests, and render hdis
hottse, in every respect, w~orthy of public
patirontage anid support. lie is pleased;to
addh that lie has sectured the serviceesas
Bookeoper, of Mr. 3. W. LA3niNt, so long
anid favorably known to the travelling comn.
mtunity of this atnd the adjacent States.
Sep 28, 1853, 48 4t
;37 Dey Street, 20 Hayne $tro
New York. Charlestop,~ .
SAattUt, C. DUNN, Gro. H.
July 12th, 1853
55 to inform the public that he tlll -~lh
tires Cottoni Gina att hIs estahlfhn
burg, on the most Improvedad
it.bch he thinks that the cotton.
of those gins of the late Improv~
at I oast a quarter of'.a -ent moe
ton girned on the ordinan awI
of the finest finish and .
wit, Steel 8awaiSI
hardened whlete im
t ao pa
plt order, at teh
a Pr'.4

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