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In P+long and pleasant conversation
' econtly with a 'distinguished friend
.,Whose inind is rich with the rocollee
'tions of the past, we gathered many
tiients, not the least interesting of
Vhich was the following :
At the session of the South Catrolina
Legislature in 1814, the inembci-svere
perplexed forla suitable mat; to elect
Governor. The d fiiculty-didriot arise
from an'y scarcity of eandidates, 'for
then, a's now, nien were 'ambitiotis, but
frorn a ivant of -t'he 'eight sort ofa: ran.
The matter became 'worse as the time
wbre'6ii, tia the election 'df some ob.
jectionable candidate seemed inevitn
ble. .One day, however, as several of
them were couversing upon the niatter
J'udge O'Neitl, then a young man and
,present by invitation said.
"ontlemen, why not elect General
Daivid Rt. Williams ?"'
'David R. Williams lie's our man
he's the man,' they all exclaimed as
they began to scatter to tell the news.
The day of election came. on, and
Gen. Williams was elected by a large
vote. A messenger was at once -dis.
patched with a carefully prepared let.
ter to inform the general of his el-etion
request, this acceptance, and .hoping hei
would name the day on whichhlie wouW
take the oath or oflice. After a long
hard ride, the messenger stopped at
the generals residence in Marborough
District, we believe and .inquiredlif he
was in. He was told that WMr. Wil
liams was over at his plantalion. The
entleman said lie would ride over as
'he had a note to deliver to him as soon
'as possible. When about half way he
:met a'fine lo'king man dressed in phlain
ihomespun, and driving a teai of
'Am I on the road to the plantation
of Gen. Williams ?' asked the niessen
'Yes, sir; it is a mile further on,' was
tie reply.
'Is the General at hon.'
'No sir.'
'Where is lie '
'I am Gen. Willimins.'
'You Gen. David R. Williams ?'
'I am the man.'
'Don't deceive ine. I have an im
portant letter for Gen. Williams. If
that is your nanie,' said the doubt ing
rneisanger, -here it is,' hand'ng the let
ter 'to him.
MLr. Villiams 'opened the letter,<nd
found to his utter .astonishment. that
without his knowledge or consent, he
had been elected Governor of South
Carolina. Ile took thd ihessenger home
and entertained him for the night, pre
paring a note in the meantime accept
Aig the Appointment and naming a time
on which he would be in Columbia.
Tbe messenger returned.
On the appointed day, a few minutes
before 12 o'clock a man dressed in
homespun, and on horseback, rode in
town; hitching his aniial to a tree he
made his way to the Capitol, where he
tound a brilliant concourse of neeojl,
* 3ut- few knew him personally; tut
there was something commanding
abou e. H took his seat in a va
cant ; and when the clock in front
of the ,ocaker had struck the hour of
twelve tne gendral arose and delivered
the most masterly speech that had ever
been delivered there on any former
occasion. The farmer-statesmani en.
tirely electrified the assembly. i~e
made an excellent Governor.
This thing conveys a beautiful idea:
Here was a farmer elected; lie accept.
ed and from the plough went to the
Governor's office to preside, ini a stormmy
crisis over the destiny of a sovereig'n
state. Long live his memory.
Wit. (N. C.) Don Free Prms.
A SHOr SEatMoN.-Ome no mnan
dagyhing. Keep out of debt. Avoidl
it as you would wvar, pestilance and
famine, Hate it with a per'fect hat re~d
Abhor it with an entire and ab~solute
abhbrrence. Dig po tatoes, breakstonie,
peddle in tinware, do any thing that is
honest or useful, rather than r'un in de bt
As you value comfort, quith, inide
pendence, keep out of debt. As yon
value good. digestion, a healthy ap
petite, a placid temmper, keep out of
debt. Debt is the hardest oifall. It
is a millstone about thme neck. I t
is .ani incubus on the heart. It
spreads a cloud over the whole fir
* nament of' moan's beinig. it eclipses
the sun, it blots out the stars, it
dIms and defacees the beautiful
blue sky. It breaks uip the harmo
tty of nature, and turns to disso
Dance all the voices ofits mielody. It
furrows the forehead with premature
wrinkles; it plucks the eye of its light;
it drags all -nobleness and kindness
out of the port and bearing of' man. It
takes the soul of his laugh, and all
stateliness and freedom fromi his walk.
Come rot under its accursed donmnion.
Ther s nowiiiTniun ieg.~ion of
Western. Virginia, a young lady from
Ketttky, pretty, Educated, aiid who
ithere to protect her rights to a large
tract of land, which descended to her
from her ancestors, to whnm it was
patented for revolutionary services, but
is now elaimed by a land pit ato who
-formerly acted as her agent. To
located a tenant. She always carries
one of Colt's revolvers, and roams over
paths seldom' trod save by the panther
and bear.
ft is -stated that of five hundred and
forty-three young ladies wvho fiunted
last yer, more than one half of them
*fel'~ the arms of gentlemen. On
ly two had the misfortune to fall upon
the floor.
Mis iti sas h reason she was
the man for whom "she'd he williuig to
~y~tremeals of vituals ever day
-f.erh 4." A good reason.
?pe-gaeof a Frenchman once
- -~I ,~ato eope Were fond of giv
4sethey were no
NAMi.-A sodial and Widely-extended
qirele ip 'town has 'had its ear chitrme#
the past suinnier, 'by a 4li6Wr of
sweet tones frdu tin Anterleiai 'night.
igale newly 'alighted :among them.
As :the 'lebtc 'at large is 'ikely to
k'ow iore of tilis iusical straiger,
we beg leme -riow to introduce to its
svInpat'hbyarnd admiration, M-ss ELL.N
HIatNAN, of Columbia, South Carolina.
Ier father is a wealthy merchant of
that place. of Irish descent, her mo
titer Of a highly. respqctaV1e South Car
olina ;fhmily. The daughter was ed
eiated in a Germian fimily, where her
talent for languages end for music was
early develp1ed. Her proclivity for
music, imd lier genius for it, were so
marked and mtinistakeable, -aqe'vident
ly to shape her destiny. She was
early inspired with the Wrish to enter
prolessional life 'and to study in Eu
r6po under great masters. But -her
parints and friends (most 'wisely) op.
posed her risking her own 'little piop
ty ((f %icth she wis poss~ssed) upon
an uncertainty. For this -rdson the
self-willed bird, who could sing, and
'ould sing nnd would'nt be stopped
from singing, consequently proposed
to realize the meams -of' going*abrid
by giving -cofteerts'ih' 'hey natjve South.
fier piaiints A-.1ed Many of
these4 concerts have been given, and
most successfully. All felt. interested
in the enterprise, and syinpathized
with the bird's nitive, migratory in
The tone of Miss BU.NAN's voice is
the pure music, unailoyed: neither
suing (tut, nor, sling thrugh: the down
is still richly upoin the tone.The com
pass is quite extended. The ciultiva
tion of this uncommonly fine organ has
already considerably progressed: much
progress has been made this sum
mer under the tutelage of distingnish.
ed aitists, who from the mere pleas
nre of the thing, have volunteered
their services. Miss BiENAN sails for
Europe the comiig spring. May we
not hope to hear her publicly in New
York before she sailst --Musical ll'orld.
cent Engli.h paper contains a detailed
account of a reimirkable invention,
whih is likely to ell'et a complete rev.
'1oution in the manuificture of flour.
This i In provemlienit consists inl the sub
stitution of conical fih'r flat mill-stones.
It was statVd, by t conmiittee of the
lcouse of Parliaient, thit by this in.
vention 81, 857. 120 quartern loaves,
in iiddition to those which are now
mIde froim the sae quantity of wheat,
would be produced, giving a cleair sav
ing of upwards of,02,000;000 per year.
This "conical" iill is intendedto ob
vinte Ihe defects, of ih flat mill. The
beneficial changes eected may be sac
cinctly enumerated. First, the redue
tien of the weight of the running stone
from 14 'cwt. t-o 1 1-2 vwt., by 'placing
it beneath instead of tupon the fixed one.
second, the reduction of the size of the
stones in the proportion of 3.34 to 1;
and thir'dly, the giving to the Stones a
new form-that.ut the frustoin to a
cone. The average of lessening the
diameter and weight of a mass, ol
which the one is 4 cwt., and the other
4 ewt., will be apparent, whe it is cn
sidered that ist efleet ive velocit y is 1I
revolutions pr meinute. atnd that t his
velocity must be -ustainied against the
ei.nimins f'riction oi f the griinding ser.
fiees. The altered posit ion oif the ram
lung storve admiits of'a nmceh mocre del
ieate adljustment of thle opising sur
faces, antd give's to the mdiller an easy
and1( effietie Ycontlirol over the most im
portanit portio n oft his operatio n. The
ecoiica'l t'erm fihilitates the discharge
of' the flour, and obiviates the elogging
and over-heating of the old pr'acte.
In add iiuion toi thlese ad vata iges, by a
jud~licious nm di fication of' the ord inar'y
luode Of d re'ssin', ir rather by a cotil
b inat ion of' the mnill withi the d ressinio
imachine, ai perfi-et sepanrationi of the
fliur roim the bran is elfecte'd at the
moiulit thet grist escapies lromi the
stoe's. 'The bran still remains in the
mill and falls by its own graevity to a
s'cnid pa ir of' sto nes in aill respects re
senmblinig those aelready descri bedl.
NTiitt'aisR AND lTACT.-.'I don't see
howv it. is,"' lollIs ouat the mierchaniit oif
the slow k indh, "'but I can,t make hot h
ends meet; anid the profitsoni what I
sell are very great--I canniot uiidei'
stand it.
"WelIl, let me tell you, fori yotu have
yourself beutrayed the secret. Large
profits never yet paid in the end.
Conimenee on a new tack, sir, Let your
profits on each article be small,and it
your' custom beni sniflicient to pay ex
penses for the first year', you are very
foirt unate. Bunt conitinue youri sinailI
prof its principle; tiake yourselfkniown
to the public, by ad vertisinig, and 'quick
andl constanit sales'' will jiun your
smnall profits." Put the two together and
you have the secr'et of' success,
A LEALn AnEIOn-r.-T1he follow.
ing ance lote used to he related by the
I loni. hroimia~h Maisont, of New I lam-.
shire, and it is said to hiave tceurredl
aet Portsmouth:
It is a well known custom prev'ail
ing iii Our criln ifial courts'assigning
counsel to such prisotners as have no
one to defend them. On one occasion,
the court finding a man accused of'
theft, and Wyithout counisel, said to a
wag of a linwyer, who was presenit,
"Mr.-, please withdraw with the
prisoner, confer with him, and give
him such counsel as may be best for
his interest." The lawyer and client
withdrew, and in fifteen minutes the
lawyer returned' alone. "Where is
the prisoner?" asked the~ court. "lie
has gone you told me to give him the
best advice I could for his ititerest; and
as he said he was guilty, I thought the
.best counsel I could offer was 'cut and
runlj whibh 103 mtke St (iflt n
Notice to Stabscribers.
As ninny subscdibers will be in -at
tendance'on C6ihrt iiext week, doUbtless
anxious to piy oif 'la 'anes, we 'would
give notice that t'he propri-ior iv'ill
-always be found during business hours
at his printing oflice, opposite Cols.
F. J. & M. MoSES' Law oflice.
Time Mftrkels.
SUMITERVIt LE, Nov. 9.-PrIc'n itelge
from 7 !1-2 to 9 3.4 cents.
CnARLESTON, Nov. 7.-The inquiry
on Siturday was to a fir extent at
full prices, niofe partfieularly so in the
after irt -of t'he day, when holders in
coisluriec of the Africa's more favor
able ndv'iccs rCali'ed prices which they
had been previou.-y refused. The
sile of'the dau. footed fully 1000 bades.
n't the following particulars: IS Ii.es
at 8; 27 at 8 1.4; 40 at 8 3 8; S5 n't
8 1.2; 90 at 8 3-4; 32 at 9; 35 at. 9 14
13 at 9 :3.8; i at 9 1-2; 30 at 9 5 F;
212 at P 3.4; 23 at 9 7.8; 208 at 10.;
15 ht t0 1 8; 3m -t 10 1 41; 10 at 1'0
BALTIoE, Nov. 6, 7 p.m.-Yester
day 1,250 bales of cotton were sold
in New York. The market was steady.
The first exhihition of the Stimier
Agricultural Association takes place to
day and we are pleased to learn, that
much interest hAs been felt by the plan
ters of the District in the effort. Pr'e.
pnvat ins have been making for some
time for the necomni:tilaticn of stock,
in the yard back of A. J. Moms lnild
ings, and in ucht is said about astoniish
ing pigs, rat oenti, filne hors1s, indle
cows, and other useful and important
animals to the hu-bandman, there will
doibtless he a good show of all these
things. GenIl. S. It. CsAN nLER will
deliver the annual address. Those of
our readers who arc debarred the plea
sure of being present shall have a full
account next. week.
Contrt of Conmaanom Pleas.
The Court of Common Pleas and
Sessions convened here on Monday
last, His Honor Judge GLOvER presi
ding. 'The a i4 a larger attendance and
a greater number of persons in town,
than we haive witnessed for sonic
time, brought here no doubt by the
double attraet'on (?) of the Court and
Agricnltural Fair. Among the mem
hers of the bar front abroad, we no.
tie Col. GREGG, and Mi'. i .sstu4
oif C(tmbulia, E:. J. P ns Esqr.
of K inghtree, Col. CAs-ros fmmt Cami
dtun and the l1(on WV. W. lhorcE our*
membehLr elect to Congress, who sienms
in fine health and spirits aulnd ady to
do goo d servieu nt the Capitol, fin
whieh post he leaves on the t~wentieth
of this miontls -
WVe rmgret having omnitted to nnt'ti stnme
time s ince the large Bapttis niusrhiblage
and religious revival atu th'e Blethel Church.
near Sunmterville---ithese mneetinm.s should
coihmiand much of the attenitioni of the lo
cal P'ress. At the oneo above ulhuded to
we are creditably informerd that very near
fifty conve't-ts were banptised and receivedl
ito the Chnrchi this wvith seome others,
whoir professed con versioni, t ha've not yet
been biaptised, is a large nuimber for a
small cnuntry congregation and is nlbst
g'ratifyintg to tiAtill.
Again, we say, mai~y the good work go
Ma Nills Ilouse.
This is the name of a new Ilotel which
was openedu in Charleston ont the 3rd, and
it grand flanet, b y the proprietor, Mr.
N'c ERSoN to the P'ress di the eity and
State and of Augusta and Saivannaly was
given ont Satuirday afternoon laist. Wec
regret, that we cotuld not atccept the polite
invitation to be present on so joybwt andI
happy an occasion, but promis~e ourselves
at no distanut (lay the pleasu re of enjoying
the hospital it ies of the llouse. This h~uid
ing is fitted upj at great expense atnd will
be unrivalled by any similar conducted es
tablishmient out of New York ; it will be
"''Te lintel'' of the 8onth.
A n tamssmmat
Professor EvERLE'T', who conies here
highly reconuniended as a show mrani, is
delighting the fol ks abtstt town, with
his exhibitions of natuiral magic and
slight of hand. Ie will remaint a day
or two longer--go and see him,.
Chati'ieson City Electioma.
The followmng gentlemen were otn Wed
nesday Iast declared eldeted Mayor and
Aldermmerf of Charlestn
MA YQlt.
llin, 'T. L. IIU-remINSOa.
William Loyd, Williami Alston Pri ngle,
E. WV. Ed?gerton, E. M. Beach, V.C. Gate.
wood, W. HI. Gilliland; Wv. M.- Martin,
William Kirkwood, S. J. Wagner, Lewis
Rebb, B. F. Scott, H. HI. Williams, Joe. D.
Aiken, Professor Win. Hume, J M Eason,
E. H5 Rdrna,
Tihe Adenaistr-atiosa.
We very 'ieldom meddle with Fed.
eral politics -trd are 'Aisposed now to
s'hrink 'tom 'the 'tangled task, made
doubly so 'by otr -distance from the
scenes of party warfare and the little
connection we have therewith, but the
recent removal of the New York
collector of Customs from, office
has called forth so much comment
from the Press of the State and -Cun
try at large,'thkt 4e feel com'pelled at
at lonstro give iA expression of our
opinion 'tdlcreon and to vindicate't'hemn
The naministration heretofore of pres
ident Pearce has been so signally and
universally satisfactory, that some
thing more than a mere hasty and un
guarded action of one of his Cabinmei
should be required before withdraw.
ina- our support frouj one, who ha
the confidence of Calhoun 'and \vh is
AWe believe a strongcr frielnd to tir
South than can be Yound ~north dT Ma
Son and Dixon's lite, and wlose cours<
has shown him a warm advocate o
the doctrine of' "StUte's Rights," whici
he is pledged to del'eni4. At eigards
the expediency and propriety of ti<
diismtassal of Collector Bud6xsson fron
office, we have not sufficient anta be
fore us to decide, bnt if he failed t<
carry out the creed of the Democrati<
platform, as laid do vn 'a't the NIalii
more 'convention, he certainly was n1o
carrying eta the ieasures of President
Pearce's administration, acting as a
cloy upon the party, and thwarting
then in their endeavors to fulfil the
duties, for the performance of' whie
they are under contract to the frce
votes of the citi-zens of the United
States, when the'reforti it cin b'e pl'ain.
ly shown that Collector 6ofsos o
New York, was fidithfully Aind truly
perfoVinilg his duties As 'a pnbi 'c ser
vant And folfilliig the tl-ust ingusei
in lim ,b thse t' whom h'e oived his
ilusition, we shall say Secretary
U itS . t eLtila6it1ui Iii and nSut
well; but hot until then. Ne* Ydrk
p6litie~s Are \Wrse thait a tangled veb
'aid it w*6u1ld le til utter ihi'mpssibilit
for any 'one ih Sdnth Carolinta to in
ravel the threiid itd bring to light th16
pullimigs And Slight of hand tricks (4
those who move tie wires. Snfieieni
therefore is It for us to leavd them th
there thtius leaders and 1Dok td thie
openly declred sentimnbtit of Presi
dent Pearce, wheni lie pIcd4es hinisel
that- the "dangerous clen.eait b! iiboli
ttonisn under whatover guise oi- forhi
it may present itself, shall be criisited
out'so far as this administratini is
concerned." When the course of the
present government is not guiided tr
this cnd, we shall he first among thidsp
to raise the flag of opposition aLil
hurl it too,.
Eae~tera Questiosa.
WVe are still left in a vexed uncer
tainty, as to the result, of' the questi t
ot war het weenm Russaa and T1urkey, fi
though the Sul tanl has declared wvar
and given the Russian forces a specifiet
time to evaeuate the Principalities stil
the exertions of' England and France, t
muaintalin the peace otf Europe, muns
satisfy afly (one that war is not vet in
evitable. A letter, dated London
Oct. 1I th, states that, at the recent Calj
inet Cot uncils a unanimouoas decisiot
was arrived at to insist umpont an ent
tirely tnew foran of agreemenet beitnf
drawn atp for acceptance by Russia
which shatll be free from all vaguenes
antd cover the enifre dispuate as it a
presenst stands. 'lxi thhi the Cz.ci
tuakes only a formal obijection andi
is possible, that urged by these twi
great potwers wvho loudly condemn hi
course, he may accept their propuiosah~
and thtus divert for a time the bios
hantginig over Euriope.
Satints of Bltoonierdom, and daughteors r
the .'rontg Mind forgive', it' in our arrr
ganc'e we dursa write that word wvith th
ino tetin of peninimg an art icle thetreen.
it watS (only ani indlistintct idea half ltorme
anid intvoluinmarily atcted upon, and we snea
fromn it like an Uel from at htt skilet,
What ! write and pretdhdl ttb git'b lesson
on athe dieep mysteries of the drt, and pro
tondni k now ledge of Hlousekeepinig; ani
the delicate tact necessary to scold withbtu
scolding, antd to he angered, whtile clothe
in sunnuiest smiles. Forbidl ii, oh ye fat
tening turneys, and turn from thencte i.
hiorror; oh bright shtining sausage stufl'ei
As soon wotuld tre think of wh'rting t0n
epitaphs, climbing thte A lpine -Whew
liked to have burnt our fingers, but detems
US nithbroomnsticks I
There that's a quarter of a column
ntow go --, exit detil.I
The Posiion of the .Editors of th
Rich mondi En quirer.-W 'e htav e satisfiet
ourstilves that the rumors concernii
t he contlictinig vIews ttf these gen tliemel
relative to the support to be ac'cordet
by their influenatial journal to tha
admistration in conanexion with thi
trotuble in New York are tine Land ail
unfunaded. From a source whiel
would have hima particularhysy mpathiz,
wvith Messrs. Bronson, Brady, Cotole,
& Co; and next, that he aand his collemi
gue think and write in per fee't harmon,
Un tha sunhame~ mammv montunmed.
19f- The Annual Conference of 'th
,Methodist Episcopal Church of South
Carolina, (vill ltold its next meeting a
Newberry, commencing on the 20th 6
0- Dr. Samuel Harby, one of the al
Whig edltots of the New Orleans Bee, an
a native of this State, has been nominate,
for the Louisiana Legislatu're.
0' In the last numbor of 'the Newl err
Se'nriuol -over four hundted slaves a're of
fered for sale.
113' Einigration from the upper distrit
of this State to Florida is largely on th
0' The Grand Jury of Charleston Dis
trict found no bill in the indictment fur thi
mNder of Jas. D. Legare by John Dunc
vant, Jr., which aroso front the late duel.
Er Dr. Hines, the eelebrated swindler
has been arrested in New Orleans, charge
with swindling to the amount of four dol
117 We learn from the New York Mu
sical World <g Times, that Miss ELLE
BRENNAN the South Chroliih Mocking har
is in that city, and is ai g-eat fivi-ite.
VCr A Turpentiiie distillery io about bt
i6i e'tahliehed in Columbia", $ .
-This body, after a session of eightee
days. adjouirned sine die oin Wednesda
evening. The Pastoral Addresz vas ea
by the -enidr Dishop, rovnell:, ofConn'ece
tic'ut. it .alltudes 't('t'!Ye apostacV of B3isho
Ives, of Noth Carilina, and gives a lont
and interesting review of tne condition an
prospects of the Episcopal Church in th
United States.
U7 Tie Xetlmdit 5pisc'pal Chnr. li
have approprlited $:30,000 for the Chin
Mission for the next year, which sum :
to cover the cost of a htuse uf vorslig
two school., a ji'HI1ng Press, ail tihe ex
penise of sendimg ont two or three mnor
93' We learn fl'omn the Natchel &tr
ie that a persoial diffieulty has ocurre
between Col. AcCt.UNG and Mir. SINGLE
ToN, rival candidates for Congress in Alis
0T SPOnRTs OF -in FirE.--The Rich
inmnd Whig, of ThurIday lart; savs
We learn that gatiie, larg. and sinal
was never more abundant in Vi'-ginia, t ha
this season. The dry July was peculiarl
favorable to the feath---e'd tribe, and rar
sport may be lad in eveiy portion of th
As like causes produce like oflieet-, w(
t'rast that the spottsttien bf oir own glat
will be equally favored.
Gesa. Cuuslalag's Letten'.
The following letter fmni Attornej
dcn. Uushing to one of the editors o
the Boston Post, is so concise an<
pointed, and shadows forth so cekarly
the line of cunduct sit, forth in the Res
dn i.n.ngrl address, that we tail
nut forbear laying it before our read
ers, it will amply repay for p.'ruisal
and set to nanaght the recent attack
upon the admniustratiotn.
W Asm sNGOrs, Oe-r. 29, 1853.
Dear Sira:--l perceive that itn severa
countties or Massachu~setts, coalit ii
se'nator'ial tickets havte beent formmed o
.associated Democrats and Fr'te-stilers
My judgvument is that the Denmocrat
who have participated in this have dti:
worse that to commtit a fittal tilrur
they have abandloned a principle v.hie
is funadamental. T1u suppurt or vol
for' the Frteesoile'rs of Ahint'husetts i
to give coutntenmance at.d powtier tope
sonis engaged avowedly ini the persist
emit a'gitationt of' the shavery quetstiti
anad theoretiare hosti lt in the extremes
demgr'ee to the deterumined poilicy of th
Admnistrtiun. The Presidett tuntei
tin s immuiovale con victionls iah ihii
poinit, as I haave hiad occaslian to e.
pa ess to youa heretofo~re; and all of' a
'Ahuhl he hats cat~led to the public sea
vice here Imost hecartily and zealousl
sustaina his views ont thae subject, as h
ang the only ones consistent with ott
apersonal honor, the success of th
Demaocratic party, the general wvelf'ar
of the counatry, the inttegrity of the cot
sittutiont, or the permatency of' thi
Uinin. If' tere be ainy pmurpose mnor
tix. d thant antother in the minid of' ih
P'residenat and those with whm he
accustomted to consult, it is that diui
gerous element of ab*litioism, tunde
- ivhittevbr guise or lformi it miay preseti
itself, shall be cartsheel ott su liii ii
- this Aalitlinistattiont is condernecd.
I This the Presidenat declared in his fl
gural; this ht. has deellired e~'et slhet
. at aill tates nnd in all places, when hi
hiad occnsion to speak ton the suabjec1
While lie does taot assume to judge t
the hearts of' tmn who publicly ovot
suuud prinelphds, lie ontly neLeds ovea
acts to shiow where they ares in orde
thatt his settled ptalley in the conadut
of the afflars of the Governmnent shal
be unequivocally man if'ested. Thos
.whao haive apprehuetided halting or hes
r tittlilt(oil thle phirt af the .Iresidenit I
Li'eadiiig any path which truth anid pr
triotisma open to hinm will find ther
selves grecatly nisttaken, ie is up t
this occasion. Ihis pollty was nec
hastily settled; while Ito occupies hi
present pbslloni It will never be t.h
Sparted from, The coristitutlial right
I ef all the States of' this Union are a
dear to him as thie rights of Ne* Ha'n
a shIre. I have perceivred from ithe on1
I set that this great priticiple of' thte cor
stittutional rights of' the Statei is fasl
ened in his thought as thie tborner stont
I of this Untioni. Depend upon it, n
a mtatter what consequences may impen
over him, he will tieter allow it to b
shakeftt by aboliionists or fhlionis.
but will aet his face like -fint as weol
r againsts tight hand back-slidings a
Sagainst letbhant da inwhich mna;
prejudice or em1farras's the onward
progress of the -republic. I reniain,
I very truly, yours.
C. CUSillNG.
L .Ion. R. FaormnonAm, Jr., lostor
r Post, Boston.
Py Telegraph to the Charleston Ai
sociated Press.
Late* from Europe.-Arrival
of ite Africa.
BALTIMORE, Nov. 4-10.10 p. m.
,The Africa arrived in New York-..
Sales of iw week were forty jlvi
thous'and bales. Fair Orleans wa
quoted at. 6 3-4 Middling 0; lair Up
land 6 3.8; middling 5 7-8. The de
- mand was fitir and holders firmi fih
and good flair improved most.-Spee
ulators took eight thousand, and ex
porters five thousand bales.
Trade in Manchester slightly im
Breadstuffs lIargely.ad vAn ced.
H avre cotton market, more aetive
sales of thi week 9000 hales.
Consols fluctuating, and qtoted a
91 12.
United States Stocls have advanced
slightly.-Interest inch:tiged.
Sugar and Cofiee in London de
'Cleed 6d.
'The Turkish allidirs were unchan4ged
The advance in Cotton for tht
week was 1.8 to 1-2,1.
- BALTIMOIts, Nov. 4-5 p.. rn.
The steamer Andes arrived iout oi
Friday, -aid the WUlsle ington at South
a niton on the sane day.
Eastern alfairs are nichaiged. Onar
Pachia's sunuos to the ulissians has
bIeen publiAd. It is temperate and
mniiily. Gortschakoa"s repd4 is short
ind hborIsh%, anl hostilities were ex.
peeted toP cominence "n the 25th. Both
armies eontimie acetive preparations.
A bdel Kaideri6 ofllered aecmmnd by
the TuriK; iit cdwaits tie permissioll
of the French govein ment. The Turk,
are voluntarily poring i inense treas.
tires into the treasTy. he fleets han.
been oi dered into tIe D-ralhmelles
hut not to enter the 114eAk Sa. eXceiI
in isp -of the hostile advaunce o
Tie Silt.n has gi-inted .1.. a1 1lng.
libli Company tlle coltra ct foir i., shil
canal. .from Rassa 'v:a t,. the Black
Sea, tIist sbi-ssdilig the imouths of
tile Dibn c.-.
A bread rot has oeiired at Turii,
anothier eart hquiake in Greece.
The Russiiim Amba-sador in Parik
denies that the Czar threatens the ex.
termination of the Tu rks; on the Cai).
trary, it was reoitel thatt lie, th.
Czar, would sootn isue at peace inani.
The latest ltews by telegraph to
I Liverpool froin C statian'ople, i6
dated the Sth. Th comiii.-d fl'et..
had not entered the D danagelles,
b1t, *Ure 11nomenilturily expected. TheL
ileet in Coistlantinuple harbor. whiei.
hpid gone into winter quarters, had
been ordered to prepare ter sea.
A despatch tromn St. P'etersburg.
says that preparations for war wert
proceediing rap~idly. The Emnperor
returnied I im Berl in on t he 1 3thI.
T1wo hundred ships were lying at
Odessa loading with grailn.
A despatch froam St. Petersbnrg sayv
thait prepJarations ir war wtn*~ ere proceed
ing rapidlly. The Em.nperor retulited
fr-om B~erliun on the 13:th. 200 shipi
were l6 itng at Odessa loadeiing witl
llA~vaE, Oci~t. 19. rTe sale.s of t h
week 8,000 baies oif aolton. Th.
staock is Th,000. New-Oa leans 66
101; M.ilea 70 ai 92, lad Up;lanids '7t
a 00. In Rieti there is little doinig.
SPrices are well su ppo rted. A ireat
rion t has ocred TricaIt .''tin, anti anothI
er earlthqauake in Orieece.
MamLAx ELFCrzN.-lt Marylhm<
a Demiocratic Gaovernior has been elect
ed by 200 iniajaiity. The Main<
Law ticket has 800 mlajority in Bati
rnare. Botih banchles af the Legisla
tire atre Wa'hig by considerablle tia)jor~
ities, seemiting a United States Senatoi
May, Vansant, llamailton aid Shoiwer
* Democrats, and Franklin and S~llet-s
-Whigs, have Ouch ultuttsd.
l Mail Arraamgeasneuats,
e'The following article, which w<
s take frotn thes Wittlsbiaro Register
-gives us somec news, as we have hear<
r nothing of such an arrangement:
t "We tiiderstaind thait the 'lip traini
s is tui 1etve Cii-le-taon at sneh at
- hour before daylight ats will. enablei
.tao arrive att. the jnntion aof the Man
, chester and Wtvimington lRoad by nina
oea)o'lk, a. tn. This distance w~ill re
.quli-e at least silt haours' time; henci
i' travellers coming from tple Quieet
v City will be obliged to suifler the de
t lightful pleasure of~ being ousted fron
r their feathey lairs before they hiav
t had time to dream how, stnugly they
I were ensenneett flowi comafirtabi<
s this will bo in December or February
- iithi perhaps a cold northeaster, blow
1 ing, anid everything drenched with
.three days' rain! Bbut wvhere is th<
-necessity of this total disregard foi
> thie ohtiien~ceU of the putblieI Na,
t where that iWe can sce, its it does no
s despatch buisiness a moment earlie
thrili itiight be done by quaickenin
a speed while tunder waty, and restinq
s gnietly between the haours of nigl
-and morn.
"ThePosmastr Gneral landis
-orders that they be carried forthwiti
a by Railroad to, Columbia, or ite wail
i forward themi by an express horse mail
I reachin~g Columtbia certainly not with
a in five hours; how authoritative!i But
the Charleston raoad In the fialneis o
iits obediencegagrees toexecuto ily~
m order for "feary'perhaps, the PoemiaLe:
'V Gaea a erpto.tgg
rogative, and throw every Stean et.
glne off the tratk, filling their places
with tihe cumbrous lui lbersoineca ch.
es of by'-ganeo day's. it apears to
us t'hat there is Ito hilair.nance to the
ears leavng Ciarleston at atuis', air
rivang a-t Cdlumbia by 12 o'clock, ni.,
,de I-arti-ng ininediately tn he .Char
lotte road, uad reachling iis terrninus
bay early Hipper. That it c:anl be done
there is not the least doubt n'd Ct
we assert without itneih besitan y I 1
the head of the Post, Office Depart
ent clinot tell 'within fifty.mnailes of'3c
the distance between the points of
dermart tare -and iar.ival.
Moreovper, svhy shAonll the Presi-nt
of tihe toad siuhmait to this useI6s ex
atction? Ilie has no competition,and
to speak of a horse ranail is 'as futire A.4
the thonght (of sendiang the bjgtiC'I to
- the necks of cartier pigeons. 'we old
that any sneh ra";d "huld take a firm
stuand againsst gonverntnental interfer
etnce, bnd conisult the convenieneo -of
the sfovkholders and travellers, 'as
paratnount to everything but tihe peenl.
ntry ituterests oIl the c. rporation: If
tarrying tihe nail is a source o' such
ininense 'reven'be as to force a com
pliance on the part 'Zf the road, it
will suppirt an extra express mai
train, which should be etablish-ed be
fare thCehainge alluded ti nbove is
eIleeted. In this particnlar case it
seerns to Is that while ono party holds
tire reins it allows the othe' to drivet*
for whuat alternat ive would 'there be fbi
the Post nster Genenrl it'his proiposals
were rejeeted, but tin vield to the pro.
isikit-ns Vf the rfitd? Surelv none, a
tihe postion tnken by tle CharlOtte
ronI inn tlie spr ing. ad the final eoi
cession oa'l to phArt of l'ostilalster D ub.
Ntrti, iihjstruftd.
\V!LLUt (twi:ovE, Oct. 31, 183,
Mr. Editor :--emctgne since ny namtn
appeaed it .vour coluim:s as a Candidai
to repre'sent Clareinott Cuuntiy in lihe S ti t
Legislature I anm dcep!y sensible of the
kindness and partitiy of tine friends ho
have! thonglt te a fit -ant] proper person tiu
dischnargc tive duties'of much 'a responsibld
ad honorabtlc a trusti but a regard lor my
OWn- priaentere'stiv'mnon , els n.a to die lin
tle profleel botor. With tle highest
respect for, and feelngs of tie ilepriltih-.
.Ihgations to IhsC elf niy fL'Ieow-citize,'rns who,
have kmiidly otiied le their support, i bed
constrained li tvnhdraw my it tniame fromii the*
list %)f !andinlares. Nnothing I ould a;nflrl
mnle imoi-e pleaisure; or a higler rint i'eation
than to serve m. t*ellonW-catidenn ift any poz
it ion athey Chose toin hne m-an iii did cir
etinsni nn'(es sulrroutIuiihng ie perahit.
Very Respectfullf;
Yur OIb'i .irv't,
-_~in'~wnanann F. J. DeFSiltInra.
Com Aigse-lic-Per iinang100411
and Macese hazai l iond.
Tindal atnd Waotsion, 1 Green, J A
FulwA.d, J M t V C Re ,ines; Mil
ier and Baititin, V 8 Husii; W I V
Alstni, 11 Cglihin, J 0 Ieri-ot, 11. ia
N J T Soloinins, and C. A J Mlsens,
F Myers- .1 -J Ingrahatn, W Bogan, V
.J Franels, WV A Dai 'J.II1JOid, J
Nor'tni. WV J Dargan, anid Co. P' Mi,
ses, MI Barr, .J OJ'Cnnir, L B U~mnt.
.1 J Canny ers, IB and Ilodge, Brodanm
Lee, and Cio.
Died, at hais resience ii karra.(in Coumy,
Geonrgmaa Sept. 28, 1853, STiEPmnEN HANKsi
.-.in ahe 67th year inf his age..
Thae dleiensedl, was~ boni'a in North Car
ol inaa, F'eb. 15i, 1I 0 'aind merd to, South I
C~aroltini, Sumnner I)'straici; ivhaen gnite a
chlild-griew up tandi marrie~d and lived hore
tiil aout sixateen v'Cars ago, when he maob'
el1 to lIlnrriss Coimii% Ge'orgina. ihei-e ho
a'iosed Is pi lgrnrmmn~e, andl is <ao n. to his
reward- A FRIEND.
No Fnatity Should Be Withuostt
tf We~ speak of M'Lane's Iliver Pills,. ehleh
have become an indispenmable Family medicine.
'lhe frightil symptoms thnat arise frortt a disa
eased Liver manuifest themnselves, ndore on' iessj
in every finnily; dyspepsta, sick headache, oh
obstruction of thne mensies, ague, and fever, painna:
in the side, with dry, hackinng cough, are all'
thne re.sults of hepa tic <.ernangement-.aand for
thiesen Dr. Mte'Lane's Pills are a soveorefgn reaeea
dy. Thney have never been known to fnail, and
thney shoniid be kept at all times by fatntiilies.
D iaR cTnioNs ---Take two or three going to be
every asecond or third night. If they tdo noi
purge two or three times by nest ninarnhig, take
one or two more. A eligh'/t bredkJhstg should in
t'aribly follow theIr use.
The Liver Pill may eIldo be used Where
purging is samply necessaryn As atri'afni-bill
ious purgative, they tife'd Infoldr ton none, AndJ
in dose of two or three, they give astonishing re
11ef to sick headache; also tin slight derange
rnents of the stomach. ~9
537' Pbrchaasers will please be careful to,
LIVER PILLS and take none else." There are
other Pille, punrporting to be Liver P~ll, now
before tihe public. Dr. M'Lane's Liver Pills,
also his Celebrated Vermiftuge, can pow be hadl
at all respectable Drug Store. in the United
States anal Canada,
Thae abnvo v'aluable Preparv tion f'or salef
by the Agents, P M. COHERN & CO. Inr
poarters atntd Denmers'in DRUGS' AN!)
M EDICINES, No. H0IIayne at. Charles
ton S. C.
AInothmer Sc IcttIflc Wourde 1
isIllTAiT TO fsPsprgs
Dr. J. S. Iloughtmorn's Pepdn, the true D~
geantive Fluid, orn Gastric Juice, preppared from~n
Rlennaet, or the Fonrnh, Sitmie 9f rte Ox, aitet
dir'ecthmn of Baron LiebIy tlie great Phaysiol.;
gemal Chtemisat, by.J..SI~,ughtonAtI.,i'illa
delphia. This Is truly a wwiderfult -remedy
Indigesution, Dyageprdig, Jainnlice,In-er Cani
plaint, Coaiwtipation and Jinliay, cturing afe

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