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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, November 09, 1853, Image 4

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WORK."-We clip 11ro1 an artiele U11on1
emale enploymenit in a Worcester
paper, the 101lowing remarks, which
are well worthy every young laboirinig
Amneriean weatall's at teiti i . It is a
description i-f te t0i ofo n h wa
habove houst-work."
"Seated in a close rmii, amb a
bevy of a dozen, t wenlty or 6oty Io'llr
white slaves just. like her: she stitch
stitch-sticlies away at tle saeo ev.
erlhist.ing task. il tihe saie unn hole.
S01r1e rooml the salme 111t111.psi
tion,11and in the sune tralvoo
tOnOluls rOI1d-wCk aller wee. in h
iifier ronth. aiol yvaralt ci yea 11111 i
wlen health is goine, ma.1 ldebrmiti
con; eyesioit iile. aid spiis hr,
ken;she at length finis hierstil a pool,
withered, hrokeii dOiwn creature. r -
turning to speid ang the r iiel o
her youtlh the iiserable rIenmaniliiit 'of
her Iisalh itd strength. Let u, c"Ilm.
parc the rate of reIuiienitli. T c
sevunt. has earnied, beside her cum
fort oble living, at least a hm-di'(red del.
Jars the year, besidcIs present-: wicb
good girls, are sure to receive, mo!
iimay accept without an y sa.tcrilice of
a proper pride; .un1 whichu hi;a ve Iarly,
it not quite sullieed to chi he her. Ilit
she has earned infiniitely monre than
this: she has prcsercd Iuimpaired a
good constitutiini, a clear eye adll 1
erect lrm; has grown inti r but.
womani lido I a l lillth . lytj h y nt,
aid] ini a fIw years. has 16hli a aii
f4rtable ile fndl to ail a g1oIo'd h>
and, Ior as a provisioni ther '1. L ();
the otIer hand, u MWi Or vst mlakr.
or shi it-maker, has earned by tiOw
exhausting tol1 We have dee:I lt d. hr
forty or fifty ceNt: per diem; her two
dollars a week; nearly every dollar ofl
which she is compeled to spe ld for1
the meagre fire uponw whicb I. kh
feeds; aIi i.occasional illiNess, or sIpior
during the iece-sary abence friut ha
ETAVAGCANCE (W~ ( i: Ni WI: ~ -~
The newspallrs have ratiher :albot Iv
reflerred 01 to lte extravag1o.e eof tih.
ladies in artice- o( dress awl .
ment, but it wouild apear that nt- Ic
ilen are liable to tile S:1liO Ce1nrl!e inl
thie prices paiI Ifmr anity. re of
dress Iw in vo e. The m4st faih.
ionable cravats are sould thr $5. 'I he
fill s.tles o' elvet vets r1inge fr
$10 i to $.'25 each. Most of the de.ira.
le pattilis f tlhe loe quality hve
been already takeni :t prices 111v -20.
In the laiter.of vest, Iuttns thr is
great extravaganCe. We hicar 9saih
of -ingle sets at, upwaris of'n IndIII ao
dollars, anid the jewelers have elerina
prices ranlging from)11 -10 to, 20 a 'but-1
to , or I rouin S0 tto) :$ 24) a t o(1f I i t
'At the latter price a Siuiprb st wi I'
diamond centres can he obtain d.
The finestshirt. on exhiliii in Fall
Cull Hallt, Bo0t.4i cost.8 12 ach, aml a
small thrtone is required ;Ir a .t4-iln.
able '-suit" of, geit lenw's eloIithe's
Bo.ston Transcrip;.
One day a-i .u d(ge Parons wai jog
ing along i horseback over n -late
road, lie eanie upn a Ilg hint- i ty
snokv and iiserale. lie stope144I to
contemplate the too evidenit 'oert Y
of the scene. A poor, hali'.ta .vtI f1
low, with unilci mheiItd hoair; and uini-hav~ed
beard, thrust his headio thnmgh~l a qur
hotle which served. for a wimh~~ow.\ wiib
"I1 say), J uge, I aint so) lpoorI a1s you
think meO to4 be, tir I don't own':i en-Il
T.Io Miss Canui:.i:.-Sn Ol.'1 vI
the last stag.es. stent 115 a -tin I of .
pioetry) addres-ed tto his :' ah414 ( iar.
line. A\s onie v-erse most:- beC as5 much1
as Caroliner can Stand~u at a tinwle on. ('
' ly' publish the cIocluinhig siimza: .
Sweetest of girlsu-hlid me4 Jil;p1.
Bid my4xpiinglve i w
Then withI every sht iruhyil lli ee
- GENDEaI AND (IsEiO AN l.-The
fioingio < c.-irred ini a schlol no i4t a
huntdredlimiles from,1 (hi'ndon:
Tleacher.-Whabt. parit tf speec-h is
thle word egg?
Boy. Noun, sIr.
T. What i; its ge-ndoer?
B. Can't tell, sir.
TI. Is it imasculinie, fitmiinie orI
nelute r?
IB. Cann't sayv. slir, till it s hiatched-t.
T1. WVelI, tn, my ladl, eann youi
tell mue the case?
1B. Oh yes. the shell, sir.
Patrick ho0w you Loz?'
frishani--Goo N041 ~oriiing till .
M~ike; d'ye thinik wve'l get. rain to 'lay?
Dutc himii- Ke no 14; ve) nIever has
miuch rain very dry time.
there, Mdike, and t hini when iver i t gets
in the way o'raii i, thIe dtevilI a biti
o'dhry wither will we git as5 long as5
*the wet spoell howlds..
"Seen the Crystal Palace, Tl'ommry?"
asked a little t'reini of a niewvsboy.
"O3 yes, Il'se been thiar several Ildi tbr.
ent times," replied anot her niewshov.
as they stood ini Nassall str'eet waitin'og
for the Extras to come out.
"WaI I knows a roan that would
give *5000 to see thait are pilace."
"YOU do, Jfim?"
"Yes sir-e."
"And you know it, Jim11?"
-'et a o narter on it thait you dion't.'
"Done;" andI the mioney -was putL ini
11liy MullIigani's hanids.
*"Now, who is lie?"
~ "Wh~y, he's a ind mani."
A sentimetal chap in Rhode Is.
-. Jd intends to petition Contgress, at
n.lext sessIon, for an appropiaitioni to
tt~Tvthe channels of affection so
tth~ Aceforth the "course of true Iove'
Ll7 abn outh'
iatl-eur,' ai ittle Tetddy; 'how
canitie se-a rimt when it'is all tide"?'
'It donl't run ,nv child,' reIplivd the
l at hera', it. 'sets !till.'
'Ilo cmv(:I it vet. when-1 it has lit bot
th .m EIoto <,r a I
h ir il I I l w (i1 dtiis by thlt!
Si 'ti i I va l l iai.le t i Ia llen of
:t! I a la-r Stintes.r
('1r--bi n t. iINy (hihl , why dio
yiu a-k tha 11e tioni!"
'a 'rans I See l bl a! the neCwrTinpe s
call it T'ia
Mdr. Editor: Please announce
(:'alpI. 'I'. ) t.i.a ;. a .a m a Ii . 'air
Sh'I r.a iF taf SlainlI r istrict at the eInac iniI,r
A u .. 2 I. 18:53.
11r. Editor :--- You w.11
hea naahalI. r ,a, liie tr s of, S e' ter
itl'a t'. liv :aal.ai!aiiirr in p inr vgdiainls
thi l :l1 1 Ol M (a JI ' i. .iA iN), aS 11
(ia :iA': tlr ()lhna.irv at Ltit eniarsuiaar
ata i.' \ lit : i a n.. '
lair Taax.( 'alacto iif iaih-n Co.iiy, ait liin
inoxt lection, ainiol
2 - The friends of Capt,
0l1aa for th-- ve f Tr.- I
h'aleaa l'tia :!' il'a'nsino l eh-atian and'
Hb , Mxl i aril*l l~ VoT:i ..
(ktobeair I a1.
I til l .tl I t.-' T1. C- 1',1 ,1'aa:TI it.ara I
Fil a, . li-, 0 . , ) ana In , all.
r Editor:- ou wil
a. .ai aoae \'l i \ 11. But; -
Si.'N a. a anailate fr tv ( aiie oft()arli
it'irY 1f t uaittr !hstriel, at fihe enuing
\LNV V-r::A's.
A;!ri 27!h, P'52 -.-t;
1" 1) A' C />- Ni A.
( We are authorized to
a nwa01 Ce '.. .E. 1at11(t. .. a -. ana itj .
lOr ('lil iiflthe ('ua rial tihe- en ia ... ah-'lion.
April 16ti i 1 2: ,t
0'i--.%ri. Ehitor: Ple a4e nn
Maa ra-a M r. .1. . .\lc i.A;.. \ lA . :a I':aali
(:ia fr ar of th.- ('iiaaa, tar ianadea
.lit'. Ialn. (d.'tr
jalrI :, l '-.i.. 25fr I
4 \V. .J. N. I k I. a n :r ;are ia. <laiairaa Of p ut
I. i n in mirn aftiln for the ( M)di o f
'lerk of the, Ct-urt of Sinner M1ilrict, at
ala l'a' ilairp r l
ly 1.0 i 1 [ :1.1,
?he Friends of M11r. T
1(11.\ I.' .It '\ a, :a aum' a n l as r eama
l' a ifr Shr' ' ii Sunaaade r l..rie-t -a tlai
ne x t e ation .~
VO- We are authoraize d
(a rraraiaiaeo .\ 1 l'<)l,~ rrs a i'iirn asi
orn 'Sherd o Sii " -aar 1)ist rct at Ihe~ ena-':.
I)aaar e ' ber 21. .~ I-1
Mir. Editor:-Please anr
raiaaace .11tIll .\.N .\il I()1) a a':a:.EI:m.rr*
rahrtTo o ar I) lra! :at 'ib.
*MIN F.Ia~I\:
Nev o Shoes
-'he -'aahwrihear ha. aa:arh- arri:uaa -,naa'ant fur
lb.- ma:ia.-a:r* of aia liaur in l' hoi .-arii
r'artr'ance : i ing abaly. her 'konaaId r.-a- 'ii aiv
ri-I, r liarraaai nt ii ana:aa ha d~. aaor'-.I ia piurta a.
A ii prira. he ill gcaa meaaa li-mi ra" t1.> a
Sav y t 2 ..1 .310t1a.\ N. a
roia).Sw hing & enanofan
on a.'or J:i~ hls hr : Ia w a. in:, ins i
A (ri 19 ah Xt::l I St-....np
i''I C iara IaaSTONr r.ra~r l.,
Wlg !i jar 1h I.'.lar I d1.a ;n l j.\ T
'l'i' a h~ (ia-. a ('irailn Iba pta r'.ne h
Iii'lft)'\S~l( &: i-.\N:VANI)
MTal'y 10, V t~ h) ha a5e.
Ne e oticae. nti iv
They ;a nc:!lr art exicrr a l~ ta inaei al n
thaei hr t r .n ure ta i1ers a' gen a'aa t a
.vaark- h aiiari n allt tixal ar.r ai tia lii
er r t Cr a h oiir 'ilyaa i('at plataime.as ;a
NtSuccesx or iinos-ariletl'I ti il
Al ere onsali arlae he ri laitie natto
Ira e r ai or eciveri ini paymnallt ofat an
the subascria'r r alit .l. Pr-'ia'ica~ air the '
Ilwilhuar d ial(' aaliaty deleri, and athei at
iNots ive f t wort pari e hasa. tc, i irats ofa hauu
wtere to~ beauil haterl Iid arnia laifl i lle.
Aril wee:i, inwitn an aeriwi
liher Wauert:ing thtonphy.vni
NAVIld0N i10TEL,
I91fl'tima;'t, CharIb.uItn ., 0.
N43w York Advertisements,
FRtOM Tril
Nk-wsr'At'.:gj ADV.:ttTIStNi AGENCY Oil
S. Al. PE''IN ILL. & CO.
.22 Naiaiit .8t., New York. aind 10 State St..
Liston, who are tle Ageamts of thle etst w1il most,
%nih-ly circulatd newsliap.rs in tle United
les witld Caaliln aal eit autahorizeii tit take
Ill vertiseinents alndti IbscrilatioatIiat tle pIbtllish
rs lowest raites.
Oct. 12, 1853. 50 tf
UI:Ll: N TFEN 311NI[T! 9 s
ire nrobilim.; i, ftie (-are, of cota:na. coi.iis,
\ST . Inota, itoxcug I'is. Solt .: Ti utot-r. Iitaus
: ).I Ihec II .-r linti..grassa,. I xceremIli%-r
O aNSV PtrION. ANt I):si:SS oP -ri11: 1.eN S.
lhiy lase l si i e hei n of .:n any chid
%ill lak l thtiem. 'hloui-:atill, inve In re5
ored o h nIt th 1:11 brlu before d.l-.1 e sp 1in ". -
itnony viven in burnre-la f ea -. .A sin A
losie reIiivie ill TI.N AIl I N I i'-:.
A.k for lirynn's l'ulmonice Wafers-ftm orivini
il zinal only gernijue is statuped "Biryan."
41 Ilu rill o1- kiitil iare ollred luor stale. lhenty
ive caentsi a box. Sol by ad ilers gi-nerallv.
IIlA A N & t'O., Rt-clhest-er, N. V., Proprie
ors. Wholesaio Iby
1. M.Cl -N&CO.
Oct. 15, 1351. 50 :m
P ( , li t, 1hwp ri.nn ntcw-ifl er(' m
L-pat D- r, l he loms
,onl. Nereouils IHe:aldh! , i.t, IA al
1:uimises oar isa frin- hi or n-\I .r! I) er,
hswisv.--s I 'iii
' t~heo Norsth, Vi-- 1t\h.e: )
!!':, in.' uf~n-tor i by (:ll.\ti lI ):
irior. It i i uir v:ll-. I it its IN l 4 -
1t ,itlt direct I ons - arcioi- i ii ny .i1, i Iit -
I!- ln if '. B ltline dv? e s .,Ir. .IAitn
iit~i ~t.lh' I re nI mir i i- Ii t I i l ir
atttrv li s - I.
ra, is il ia r dt '. iue'' : t .
e n IIIn l - ii - n t
y tri l it. w ai'ia -i a it . l i whe I t
li e holl.
Au-I s 'a , 1-ai . , 4i-;~a- ii It I i
Ne and nrivlle
j ira d Howe
:j ~ ~ Ii I, o D zc ' a j
the North, Via the
chdra anqro .ea
In ;ii /.IIrt /11
TIrno . i n itii . tmiei i
SPI~N. 1I~s
los ot irica 1 . i%.-thr n~i h para;o.
I It.V Ii .li m ir ei r e iffrt
h ha oneld li*m :c Ilrt o! o
wli s t Iiita! a ia
itete ila Ian. in ua t I 1.4it . orl -t
.ag-e itiuta, i - - - . ml.
B RNw Y &ork a - -G3 p. In.
T h Vll Ir l Al!il I o 1141111-t'(1'
u tim Irein .\uen-in-. t'l WihTineon i. 11h1urs.
WIIA ia:. oti . bew I'iri -
A Supteir yTaoth. Powder1.04,
lt a I o t Iy iaatan e ceip t:a t-r . by .i
V:a-hr gian 1)u y.t juto . !ao r- hoa ik
3Tu- o w7 Marwheer itbtr .
O-FIElHI for sale. fIir ensh, or nn npproved ern
ialil wi:. s i:La:-ri) zasortneit of -A' T INDIA
Drugs and
''I.Y('i, .|.Y;IIl~I A.YI) AAIl-IRI
Ti'.i'r I-. (A:ii4 . KilNIA ) VAI I>Ni
I'I'EI,;N I - I, ) Y- 1y.. 1-'11'1
" W.\NS WARti-, liiRU:SIIEI.
,'r.-r3NDVN Est~, WINDOW 4
1 i ().1I-S N IN 31t:111eINS , L.A P AN
Su -~:n1' ill:itus & Rl'wrs, EOI.An. I.A
G.uitoc,: smi.-n, ,rmn er G;.%
(e nn i 1 e (o
Toage'ii-r n
Aigoit fOr the
1). 1TA'AIN 'D 1WJ.
April Gthl. 1e!.
Cheap Grocery,
TI'i F S.b1r Ir h o .n c :in ii a gro
eer nnh-neah heTqn 11 4lan, .qGus
1o-viping c4n- lyil onl Iilnd. a supply or
Sugar, Coffen, Tea, Flour.
liii 3 , I '('Eii i iE.\33 T r cIi j(1,: u5.,
VIN E iiA 1,'.\ , \N' 1), iii Pi.l'E1,
C.\A Il , 1 'AT E , . c
hn factl h11:o illnste ev~~et -it is
lan o C-11:111 1.1, wic I %ili he sohl It)%w
hor e-ish, tir tin exchange( tor contory pro
duervi. it on - oat~ lt ~ w
i ri::..4. .1 .\ .(:M . \ N )N , E:{.
\1larvb 15:hi, 1-5:3:0 t
The Corn Exchange,
B 'V
-6 11 1 i.6- 4 14- 0- 11 it It I () 1%i
W bolony. ow .1yonl b un!a lot of
\ic .i C T itC I3: rt RI- t rt . 1 0
Nh 1 11 ui.iri cie-p. r ti y
or~b 'ara a ll or
- THlE sus:hrwon!.Irepc
m!yin r::i h - i l r - . :ldi
:.. --.:e ennou:;:h-. 'hi:tt h:- I i1'0!
I. l 1 1 1 ,14 11r 1. h t
Th:- co rnait : rr omni 1n-d:ts t w in iner'i
a Ihorionh rep:.ir, W 1 UA I ) delar s
n -os' . e : inWi h t i Sts i t h 11. 1 1:11 tlop
hj lie r j.c :t chl re w ii !re.
F. N1YE:%3 1
China, Gahs And
' - n e r Y f h l . i) TA.
1'e : Ni i 0: h iSi
. F.i .\3ERS
.l r h :h 1 3 19--ti 23
(hina, ,la c An
COI lm . s*.*. C.
I. r r r i I n ui a .. i n e
a:-d b ree.ni u C mn: lth ' .mi th I
Iry a .e . , va .- - r:w orih
P: Am C-iar andle;e Grdn.,ae
amii e er !.n g. : i r r a :
W k-- V . . 2 .1:: .in .:
T3 i- TO14 l'.: (''nhr l A nd 11:
):h' .i-:y;~ ci .. by \\h . & . .X lii,
byw :h ins an.d Se Io
W re~ :e arnufnoa fory.t~n
.ii iiiir c-G . u is t ol min h--; :cnidn(ti
pil a r- uiii 3 :i..j it u J ici3'l l il . ir o unee
.. n 1 .: m i .v \\I'h.-e .-ai e or i t t l -
(crdr, i~ e:. 1( 3 tic promp Itw tiil. iral l
ie('xlin3t3h. ii .\prI 1 ic.t: ', 3 3e l iisiu
Er.ol l ..r Ily on-l hir:il h
l r .. . I \I t;\ p
b.~TL !XC.~:3. ATT ;lSOFF
'N, S. C.
dlit. AT TIM r.OWST atAntIZT rItoess, a largo
11AI iR DY:.
NAI. AND T00-r-n. [ltii.
I c. en, 'oat s s ol.nIh:l B e-sIr.s
n il AND Se-:it Ot 011.c, FANCYr SO APs,
S AMP CAarIIlit., &t. &e.
I Li er Oil.
ith every article
A 011,'IT O)t liYeSI(AN.
molitst Rpproveid
1ilL Y . LAE W(lIS.
Through Fare from Charles
TiON Tt) BA\, .Lii. 8IR S15Ow;
T ') PIL A )EI lIlA .9417..~i_;
LEAVI G I T Alt l Iil, ItIU e hit)1M
. ly 'Ia :, . i l. Al ter t he
arr 8, o th om en ai,2.\'l
.\ilGTO 8. N. C'., I I.ch ni
v. 4 hlyI*v tr;s are d~ipatvhed.a t 8 A. AL.;
111.1 et I' I l.: hth 8 it e 60; n' o m n t':
\Vo'dide with th e , I#) o 'tr~b r
Riehine .W
Apini, and N w .Th pubb1c I s
inforueed 0h1 st
Ih..e lni :t' lint - .Ir . irtcnit in, aidr
.1r1 IIttv:.';Ited bv wL.| Io)\ps nigj ex;
prrientced comnm ander. ; thie Raid Iv~is
I in t inei r 4- r, th. 0i W i I 1t.h1it ) 1
.11nd \\e:don1. os welas thII eb-r,
' nSilin k havo:1 recent'v hI0n relaid
wi 'ri tvi:tVV 'lie'ryed' o i l
*~ ~~~~~~ Le i tl~ ii t
-1011hours. Il b ph;:i li I .1-> hour:, :I
Se ar.. li M0 1-' hours; anlby ilw
I T N h-.- rr; B -
li z-r- ::I O hi Ph' h-lhia mll :' I f
bh r, :. 1 N i w-Yor: : n fi 1-: .ith ur,.
i..s dts i - Vitis ::11 ;i hi atie ib ;tttieo
li .t \\'.\I()\, At Ott tit Itthw e.lo..
m3 It a 1 1i;:h '11ti Gi . C 1 o . It E Iir
It-rli. oPt ( i an i :t t x'the haur.
i'iil iritt ISw It. l b- ( - ill
sTe, Cele-ted S. L, to ult ncre
l r -h v3, l 5-A . 2t--ti
g-w h.& E. . wrG \N ,l& CoR.T
ttd.ts Larct&. Corn IvI;I;
na1 l--No 35It :th is i l ih \\'eIl-:it wori. t reet.r
Char; eton--where 11mvw,11 h-- p(!11 -dr
tIn .n e ase f \'re, d o m
Ntriit tholi o h ir wn tf
:n-M ith this m1 rkt1 m tnftrr
Bagngt-, 1R5'e and T -ine
JL'IncreaseIVd tttm oko b
II,\ &N~W3EY
John O'Conor
31 A It . IAG ,
aappines aind Competence
07)II.t , I llf, i t he 0 vili.1Ui of
-0I '1 I T YAIRA
... e, l i.n 0.4p. I , : 11 o he 4, O l.r fur thc
e ~ ~ ~ .. .I. ::I t.! 1-1! -w.N Iw i l I'. -"n nl lie Ih ).4 eiile e y e
i~~~ ~ ese.. h p y -1y I .t d. min1i; huu,1.1 a cs
d . 1:: ' w. J 1o01.. A t) ed 1. 111 ,,..
. 4 y 1f t'h M i:n.. -r 4 A it os t i t-lI irp.
b a hi-i ; i' ed , or ote- in t y t-. . of
wloa ooI-e ., h h it iIo by$ ourt kilon ti-dL(. wte look
1 I tl 1111, a .lsi 1. :m 1U . tix I ll 01 co . o' hor1r
c -. I n . t l to I,:n t' I 'nen. irl e Ily til-e
A.n ! . t Er N E ! %.\I n 1A)-d 1
. sb f.1,l):it h n114 . :h 1$;.! Is-t e beens abis~ed, it
%% ~ oe ... .., umi.. .-l v- d~se . I t im;
3;1 . NCI 11-V A N D ST A ITINO
T . h1 ' ii i n l b% ni nv a
S ' l to .y y so , In (--, - -I ts 11-le :vld coml r,.l llde.
nwdtwel- r h~ter in.- m Iem i e
1'.. ... thef i lfoo. iii:c a ie e : lf. utm
(n is, the illw, -q .,i)n deino li p e " 'fifmv
7. IC sO M IIR *f.,
t-, hI i.. I-o i m Ire- v li-l -i1k.. , - of I naitle
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to a el liJ i t nt kS. m.
p. I I o . -
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tat-V ~ ~ ~ 1. P i1-i. Al Vit I)iili 1..iita 1)
en-re,, : si~iIS~ief!I l ii, i l Iit i t or 11 1
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S '.'.1 xI :op ri i- t I . - . 14. 1 Is I. ,
III I is lUit 1W . ANIts-It. :uftf-t fr
tifrIso-iiTiie fnj' Sta t'lnit'.ln: m )~
-P. -1 -+yi. . . V:1.r--- .1
ro trii t i t ---I r--*: IIi til m is wlo-rd I., -
-r:. i at it , ,- *.I -- n .-- i : I-' . u, l. e
- ., sfri 1 ....., i3 ii e ...i i I li . i ir
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- -' A Y LI S O- N I'SND
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1ti ey f:, t weni' i ei -- 1, rw% a n
Tod e nibi*. m...y o- to. cle W- Ltt mn - ns.?
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Ma 1o b.! em-.t:epriihm init I .Ch
-S'-mehofinws--- Entrelyl Newhr [i
Ii h :i i aN1/ y!!7~ :and. ~i' tn..,i 'i
-lng ti -)M IMNE~ti-. Wilerdn. te
itiuin ti G u itn t e I noiii. r d e- . t.i.i1
IfteLdpt lein to get he Iit~ sy.
n:ih a a::.h -.V 0 i r~ s :. - , ~ut .,.,t
-t)UINIOR & N'.Il.4IE.
Fit.-re neron-fiin to Act nir irngrv'., in te tjer
IS6. 1w.1.. .F. 5mo , 1. Is., 1n 13 [email protected]
Uirc of til. Di-tr I Court for tilt. EuiAIn
fi'trlct (r Ptnilytl bins.
Another Scientific Wonderi
repared from n my. ir tell four It wiluiuch
i!/ the (r, O after direction of Iaroi Liebig. the
great l'hysiological ('Ite.ist, b~y J. S. IoUon
-rON. M1. D., PI'lach-IlphIIinl. Pa.
This is a truly notiterful remedy for Indige
tion Dyspepmia;, .baudice, ive~r ('omphaiint,
coistipationt, atid Iehility, tUriig after Nn
ture's tin nittlid, by Nature's own Agent, ite
Gatri .Inice.
H? r.alf a rtuspotiiul of Pepsin, inlited
in n ater. r ill digest or dissolve, Fire Pound
of' I ast li'f, in alot tuo hours, out of the
Pepin it tiht chief elentnt, or Great Iiget
int Priiiplte of the (inttric Juije-the Solvent
of it Food. thi e Ptirifying. Preservintg, at I
Stititintg Agentt of the Steimach and Intes
tinet. Ii is ext racted from i the Digestive Stum
nehl tIf tlit' OX, 1huS formin a.1n artificial Diges
tiv inid. ptreielv liie tlit itittral Gastric
.hizit inl its iteinie'al powevrs, ind furnislintig a
Comttltie nnt Peiet substitute for it. 11y the
ail iof this irefal ratio, tite pains tand evils at
hili esltil and Dypelwia are retitve t, jttt as
they n onlid he by a eialthy Stoatitlh. It is do
init wonders for )ys >eptics, curing cases of ])e
bibiy, lim11ariation, N'erous ih-clne, an3d Dyll
lCpie(onliumptionl. suipposed: to be uln thet verge
of if r u L ave. The cietitfit Evidence upoit
wihiebi it is batsil, is inl the higietst degree Curi
otis aiti ettarklble.
( j j.A I lIt E IDENCE !
Itaron I iUig ill his celebrated work on Ani
nml Chemisirv, sia :vt A i artireini Diestive
I'ttutd. aialtttits it. the Gatrie .u1ice, niny be
readily prep airdl fromin te inton s mem1;brane oif
Ith e st-onlobl lit the 1-a'tll. in n% hieh vanious arti
eles ut footi', as ile1t tund eggs, % ill be t'oftned,
cfha n;-.edi tiiitsitl, juttt inl the -aime runnnttiter
a1 1%hey 4 nnite inl thlehnu onh.
ftr. Coin . in his valtialte n iitings ont the
tlpi vlogtif o vDigetion.'' i.h-cries that - it
diiiti ti ' tiellttue fiuittity o1 the Gastric
Jice. i itfrotineI id nf II-pe ailing nttise f
Uppesia; an eSlaltes that " a dli:-tinlguidhed
profesor o-f uieicine in, .on.!on. n% ho 'was "e.
ve:ely n11iieted nilh Iblis cooinpillin, fining
tvery linigt It- fliti. hai retouste to the
ri Juire. uuiiud firot tlt o imnauhbs of
l .itzinial , .ub lich pro vid citmipletely bit
P ir tistor D .untin. of Ite Jefrron Ctilb-ge
'ititClIi;I, inl his gri Ot work Ontt lt In Phty
loivty . de2tlC ore tha.1fn ifr pages to alt ex
:niitauitn f this iubject. li experieniteis
w Pi Dr. fieaitint. on th e Gautric Juii e -til.
1frtii lie li% ing fItinian stominach. nitt
ftot aiidmul. :a ri wlil iown. - In..c aes."
in t:i. " lietitiiiiii ocurred as perfectly ini the
ar tzfiif tui itn the :.iltuira (i.stions.''
DIr.John W. )rnfper. Profttr of Chemistry,
inl I hit f1diei Coilb-e tof the Unliversify of
Nll ok. it, it " 'I ext Hiok of Chemnistry,"
:.: i. .: It fua- fhe.'it a questin w he
iher irit ii il digi-stitin coiud he iernirmled-bit
ii iF it ulivertt ly admi itt iflt t t itnmuy be!.* , tt
Ir. ('arpenter's atndari n ork o ilt Physiologyt
n bich is tl to ti library tf every phtyriai. i.d
is u.,ttd is it Text Biok inl all t-huCoffegesis
inli of evident sititar to the above, ro
ipeciutg ithe re'nttarkalet ligestive power of epj
sitn. and thie .falat that it nity he reudily eliaras
tedl frou the titntch of thNe 111if or Ox, and uetd
for experijinths in Artificial. Digetioun, or as a
rimty for diseaets tof' tie Stomach, anud deli
iet ceretion of (.stric Juice.
(fll ott tie Agen.tit uif get it deP.cuijtive
t alar.tin ir. , gil g a argt iutnot of II1 i.
e tlwvidenet-, similar itt tiht :tove, ttgetfier
n ith lciport of littemarhahle Cures, f:c'mt tll
parlts t the l' litei Slatcs.
. A ft. Si a 2 .\I U t I .
IDr. Iloutghitn'.+ Per~tsz fils prouciedu tie
il~tI tsttlupl. It isi fiimpotilu to gtive
th detail of case-us itn tie fiutigttf thtis litter
niment; hubuitutetientedf certifiates havio
ablfe Cures, itt Phuadi~elia, New Yorikt, aiti
fit, tont atftne. 'Tese were ntearly all ifh-tperatte
cises, antuf th~tetures wXete not otnfy rapid and
nondeifrituf, buit piennanlentt.
It i-. a greait .\rvo.., Anitidt, andi particular.
-ly lii tor tendtency)-o iibliouis iionfer, Liier
C .i itpaii, ltee arlt Agueii, itn liten livil eifl-eti
of Iiiei, .4!erettry,:ti thfer drugs uponi the
Dtgetnu e tOrgan, afier a fon~g sickitesti. Alto,
i or Ie.e i taning, tud the' too free' use of ar
den'it -pitilts. ft almottst recottcileii letafth w1ithi
IfThere isi til fotrmt of O~ld Sloomacfh Comnpfafit
n fhteb ii ous nt seent tt reatch antd rentuie as
tutn:ce. iNo ittieir fhow batd tey nt-ay be, it gives
,;utu rrluj A .sintgle dose reuet taLl the
unipleasat .symhiptenus; andui it onlfy nietds to be.
r-peaiitd fur ai te-hirt ttle to mtaku ftie-te rtsd
ttever fpermttllttr. Puirity of Lipood and hliGor
o/ liut flion at oinc. It a itaticutlar excel.
lent ini Vtcas of Nauiitea, Vomtiting, Cratmps,
Soreneiiuss otf thle ptit of the Stnitach, dlitress r~fie,
eatitig, flw, cohit stite of' tfhe llood, lleav'iness
I .twn..~s5 oif Spiiritii, 1)eepondetucy, litnariationt.
Vnfnkte-st, Iteency to itnantity, Suicidfe, &u:
Dr. lloutghton's J'e-jnin, Is sold bty nearfy att
thle fealers itt finet drtug..mi d Ptoputlar M~edficiiei
thurouighiot t btuitd States. ft iti prepared ini
Poif~ter andi in F-luid fttrmt-anid in Presctripiiion
vials for the use of Phfysiemtns.
iivte I-'irculfars fur the utI' of Phtysic-ins,
may be ohtintii of Dr. I lht onft~i or his Agents,
de-triing fhe wholue fproecesst of preparation, and
tigit thei' tufthoritties ulpon which the chiis if
t i Vi i tiltn- iy tire hased. - As it in not a uec-~
re mei nl o liihtjet u ift nn b raised aiguinsCi .~ ~
fie by Phyi)temns itn respectable stanidingnir
regt ula r pirac-tice. Puice, Onte:.~Dollr peru fbottle
-* Ons it'nyt Tuis !-IvAery hoittle of theo
geintie P l-PSf N betars thec written Pignture of
J. 8. Ilcuitio, M. Li.,tle Protprietor, Phait
adfelphia, Pa. Copy-righit anid Trade Nlark sie
LE1'Sold bty till Drutggistn antd Dealers. iti
JFort uatle in Sumxrter'ville 1xv -
Decemtber 16, 1851. 8..ly
Webb Clark's Hotel,
sUMnRBviLLs, s. Lc.
*TIlE subsctriber woubit resipect
fullfy inlrmii i his 'patronta andi th~e
pu~i~4 tli i genornily, thlatL ht is still
preparfl edi to accomlintodato all lu fo give
htim~ at cal I. att thle old1 stnd, ait r'easoitatble
rtes'. I bs~ jerv~tltS tile atttivo ihd~ atLetn.
I ite, his- I itblet iial be'weci ll ul piled with
the~ neii the mntikelt l lrd,stnd nhi the
di I:t~sIt:it arraitgentta nf hit- etaldhtish
Mitchr 22, 1M53 21.-t f
Jewelry .; Jewelry! !
I! ymgrf, jilt-t reid i'ted fron Char.h ni
the tsuitL-crth r 6is tI ohadyi til haiif t ilt 4
tnlw reconQl tg, ai leat an~td well sele t
sinck f it
W. Ichue.,( J! & J(V (!e
v ery moderenntt prs
n--k - y~ 14,)

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