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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, January 04, 1854, Image 12

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn86053240/1854-01-04/ed-1/seq-12/

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94) Mo3ake one -n
c ual to Three.
"One bai l toIII (1:1 1 thre-e!'' --ai !
.Alr. llfl t ullef I; allevf'r lituril ofI tillI
af tiiin.;; i def, I don't i eVe it.
c(our Ise, ir. halui d.We
don'ft fit alt wonder:0f f.t fIt. k su-t i-isi
Iliiit 1f '111;
th I :Ir t o In m I a' ra-In1itur ist s IP
Iho stitleo S1:11111'. 'NII, di i I 01 V II pqv .
er h'ar of a buhing tf (ne w t(ry be.
[I, colnIvi-Ited inito thn1-vo,6 fiil I.:ia~ M r.
says that is a tfnfiv differ-ft fr
.tir. No, it ain't. eithfr, M r '.; t
case:t:-. ar :i I pai: allei. Iig
ai lliriffe a t all,, it i i lo t he si of
the' ag Iin u Wi-t. Ih-isidei, it is a
seen-i ~ ~ t 11hknwng..ie an.!
We Will ttell yui.
(llee Mr Shab~ufchiwavedl his
"M ally'i ii 1I at.ff ofi f t5 iI I' Iie
I t~a \ 1 i Ii f i .'' lil . ii.
( . T .1 1 if w n ni I- .. --- t Ih i
rtI ! r I i, l it l nf ; I add r '.tz
Iltii :\ift.. fund fftfifi t't hu .ff tpak
o h im 'ff S t ( 11. ' u t i ' 0t . I
-II( i x ilfin rs he arf. b (d:-ti YlI
t Ie I r f l. tlless Vf tiV f ll fffvIlfIv
ahll' l Iw IIiwor , a-; l - 111 1 t h!t th
tiv .ff 14 I s I li v wii'2 I I t ~ l 1i ca Iff 'l Ii
trI I arev 1 din s iiin . thin tnly ofi
1lif,' gi i tI ilflr aIll ea b l :ni 11f' .if , :%t%
off ii ff ee, aI I i f ti 'f salif ,,t thi
I I Al 11lltt t' i lle ues de i bu rt iv ill
~ll t h ~'111,4J I iii 411111
111,I14 wt i :1 n! witi dI ' e1d1 , stit el i !
l ir li t.. l fl. 1, d1 l . I t I
th Mir fifhds .they will u'o sca Li. in
t I dd crftof , the iact.that t .w '' i
lif :fvel' Il 'i fit ife- s uj l r
thy p. poil it hey h, t -; i'
tl erf wi t":io t e -;o V. b
entlf -d wahf. !f ' th ftin fatwr I i .
fill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ' l a f.j f if '' l.1
t:, 4 l h - I er 1 le ., e 11 u I
-til l l i l, ' 1 1
fTi'~hI w f wat f1011 e.nf 'it th Viri
cfill ie t0s6e
4-i~-1 li:lti y e
11 ;! I i p'il- \I I i f v
tly I,.'~t f
t i l f 'i V -. ; tl\ 1 fr;:.C
kn a v - ..il o ie:: i 11 r IlN l
'cm -c: . hei:Ir tinlit li rc u it
f\ilfif ltlil f.oif o ur I " 11114i
w f i, i i .t b i ir aIce i f'1
fl l 'yfi l i iilt- fv1 t
eM 0111.1 111l i t ai , an-.I i
emI i tit ha . o r
AI.IIIV Of (1-11 IlL ' I I 1ti j~ ~
1 4ig ll ii il btlv it' j tle a I
taf~ffifli, t ol il : it ltif' -i( ffh
diging.'~ iffn.fnche into tl!!fhe ita Va .ii
tid hid.i the ef th; but if il If
w o 'i ai ut.he. i I f i i . i'
eilla e if m u f 1 hii
"W t eff; lite af great. :oh aftf1 i" t
Sie l iitish tifllr in f t h f ( l f f 1f'
filriftie- a l ff ii Iff'I d fh h
I11t- iillt 1Iffeilt f.-. lf ,
tdi alldf' I* tifIff I; j
inent Ta.s her are f
L" d I. alld 'it Y1tb
theirff ow li o N I e t
et10f fffl ' \f fo.f ,
dffel-'il ii f fiff iti 'sh f f
ownff fla t.'~~~t f
etf I SnfI'tf I hn' .
jut f'ftth i ff h ' a fite<
horr i ~ironifiIi ho---u hI b
tilin ffjs'---;,fIi i .fl l'f I f f
ere no.f iw eI f.::bl~ f
fff ~ If I' l e ls i f1. . it I -~l ff
atIta i thel tf. if I.. - -''
torff liffl if all f11 u ffith ., ib h a
aifn1 st li ti fs~, if ,.i~ .. flffkif.
Jting::ni l hfptfts fff i.. er.. lif - ff f
laL brea~thf'5 ,fifnt ifla if ff 'tif.
furnie tO beindlft' ilhe t-ibf'-d'' Ii .f f
nither hli h rentso tifaif-'1f tfoif,1 hi l
iwe'tlif .'be ffud n byLiil f hIif ,- wCr h afli
thus shackelledIf ILC iTff'-ff'I
A fivleryf fg iiftI t~iIfrfIs II f111f f i''l
little deeff r l t h an Nei'i uft~'f- I i f
'Frankflifi recfitt'nemh tha ft veryilf hi
upw rd o ~IAlNf Ienfr KI' .. . 'tIifii I
ffj( eff isludt revft tif o f is reasf'l if.
otil a s 'uj f, anther tfime.'I\\'. 111.
Sle 1 1f ir l bre~i''i th poit is l je ier
-t sfaf d it If a lt fi'ljfeh O) Iiiift.
ierr is l'f on te' f htmost Sconiderablef
of IheOf ( ri esi ftf, andf l'i, co feive ihat
tihis isiflnditi heriliff rivfer. fno.f i-iii
norl well, fnorf 'infg, safvff thaft only 1f
ward'~ s th sea s'ide1 t't're arie om wuel
but th1ey lif ait .fiuch a( d~Nifme fr'Ifm
thef City, tht tihe. inhabflitanIs ('anl ifahei
ff0 use4~ I hferef. .11 1u i ho ,lI'ff I >..
For ei tiu t uiist. Uil tils ki c it, jtere
i.- a t ree whieb is thc only (jnet (T the.
Liind, isa-;lInuch as it hl t(n)e-en
b'nee to th6se inentitonctd bv us in
this re-lationt, lin r to y l itrli l ow
t, " sin Enntp" The leawvs of it :n-e'
long :nml narrow andl continue i a can
1at. %erdu wjnter and sinier: mland
-! I- *nmehel are, VcvenV(Id with e Cloud
whhI is niever- 1;!,peIed but re-solved
nta *. litr cliech wh'ich ta'vits to fall
t it, -ve :'. very -lear walte .rl and
1h: in !u h!i n.-E we t hat t euh ; i verns
u% hieb m a!e- the. fb thf t. ic re
t -r i it el In r enipty, h t tcm .
(.kil enud hit) supply both manil amd
le t ,--- I :7. I t. ki I z. Ii lir.
S :---I ';:a;I ask you . v n t er.
ertr i- iiut , b i;. u.s!e i nk
Ilk h(whI.!
I'o 1ight; but E vry I Ire'Pify n coudA
'tL a Ij at iln) I ). eWt ,11 !i1i 11h:t
hv h:d a " ilte it. Je\ jf
\!-' l .' /r it. "T ey s- i ' ill I c
pm! lyvw/h iti.
~d.-eIt h.-i e d i h i rntie t lo s e: -
jk--:* :I e. ' *, e , r !
11hrt11n:;1k- :ili1 as ,Iur- as any "1w gvtS
inr- oe or n*'rt uha. l he o,
h Ith.- vii!! kuiti s : uglt Y 1.'r-wvs t, c(
tri(. mineh101ow to gi;vec themIl the,
he nI t-ach . ni me e will h it
in one way. and stinetirnes iin :nolth
eri s n -i I l e w:ll do4 it, by shrn
gnig hi, ,limilder;. --hviking, Li., hwa,,
::111., o in: as it' h1. nd0---.
ing whe.tur b::d a t a pe'ron, if'
h. M .l h t.). le h : :1:
tee nI a .Iro , who li] Il
v.wig ey< <!bo, lI eI
b to h vr ichig h! k d l I I v
silento vton p: i y ill :h.iii *vi e t a . 1.
, - 1 -: . \!. 1 N v . 1 1
en 111 te I i m It! !1it:0tzzt i
su ppee I W e ied (; f e6
-An . ;s -a t th 1 -\
I h up t,_1 h t iln t
..i hi ; : . cb
1!tl Viw dr.iev d"'..
i te c et , I ,et. it -
up .e i n u-. .
tr-aveler'. It i, w I.i-h i i I -
rind he canil t tver uihout t1m
li f (:.' .t f....... . -
\\rpl ir . I I- 10:a h v u nd in
a I bl. 11 :110i ph - .&! ,,l.0 , l , vi
t P \ilbi.t:l"11the1 oilt
.li n A
- hair ini th ol -, - ll
all i t'*!eel to thchn. l fa,-t. it
i s Aus Ina y' 1' pinion., that tlirl
..-w..per.w % uld....dit' nat ur ..: . h
w iti ut hin- i iT- - . e cia .
with hiS h i IL:; bIt tie li,,w Ili u
ta i I nd - r n eef ;
\e. !r. --They I i s~ til e li' . i
i:. tit-tiu e t ld ' I ta i s i L,t
ci-t cti itratigl vcin ii- iiye, witti l o
thuik he vi~l lc t~ct-1 e
t -; el b c t L
lia Ii.n c n h
te it it cii-fireiabbI.
I W a riiiig . IS'i --~itir tt
inducr ti e :;.ti~tt - t l, li-F r I.
i'- it tlin'i n.lijpr li Iu t cut' I clai Ii
jcL. ie~i ui - .) r -' hi it Ili
\i u-r an in- i u .a p -r ccs io- u -
ninilcsh e i l:a -, t iiil cln...-ssu- i iti hou
'h:tiry ci rk bii~-r.o --h'rt o
"-I b~eg youir par don- Sir; lnt I
:tway fi-0i hnIli-, Sir, nuId I dI't know
hatL'in goil to do, a.r 411 hete. I
:nl a shvive, Sir, (d some peopIe told
Ine (Iat it was better to star-o than
he : slave, alld I shipped lor .:irseilb-s
ani I ve Corie u) here. a hI1-Ut, :1id I
hi ve nt gli t a cit; :inl I d t. kaw
wrilat, 111i .,lig to do1, S) - jar (:Ii' Nir.
wish yotil gi ve ine a hew -'. ,pers
to gAt a night's Ildging, Si...
"\Well, th tt's a prtty e --ne(o to
give ol'yourself. So you run 'w wy?
Did your rister ever Ieat, voni
No, Sir, h c did'!, never I 'at
"W ell, What are N.(,tl go ld
'-1 ninl a g inlg to gA, down t-- lla.1 -v
the best. w 1 eIa , i'd wNVM ri" iN .
irge b~ank tO te tates. ir;
youl aret bI I ' " t,~ 141 Lraci-ir . I
sho::l think I wans!'
"\ el. 'e etakw th:11, :[fil I)(; tsre
fil wvith li, andl :nnaherkl lina. <-'
uhat "sme peole" tell voh.
"Th IIIk you Sir, liii ve::y .II niorh
21ge4d to you', Si r-, if I ever' rt~ I,
I l -tay imek.-.-Go. i lyv' Sir
And h e hiu lrried filit' 4 I lith Iig.
w: rwg.0ing or' the SpWn M; pn'!- i..
rWnm~ds inra Yank"! vivwebr :ww...i
at1 his side in on of tin- <:r (.t' % l.1t
t rain, i 1'4:: 11d. Thw. cen;.j ...!
was rung ;N ih6 Wiin i ad a Uta h 4L
lstgge-tv.i t, tin- Yanlk4*0 ;ml 4-i-1nor11.
tilyol' " i ng d wn hi cnliitan,
\. h::t's I i d-. ' .
It're l te \ I' I' i ln Il '
i l-ng I i T y
I :y a n.J b
lfi 1i . ! i W
i n
heh~ i. .Vvud ,fi, -
4ill y h ti inv . ei
S 141 Nk-V llI I 1 ii
-l.l\\ ti --." pI b..! t'iin.
wIt n et i.t . ;, k ' h i. :n I
%4I l lil l v v. -,1 1:1,1
t it I % N! - *
S l l - 1 t i .
rJ 10: ii
wl t r,- Ii / /', * , it ,- I r
fill 0 . lit I:
".!!. h . t .
lows int: th v at him
V 0: 1 a clt - %r
s I Ii. i're hin iki a - -
S IiIaw i'ally.1. but it 4 2 .1
lt thi1, ,'.J II w .;
-n b It'y...'~ :- 2 .o 4' on ..'.
hii r:I li e. brol5le n~4i l.t 'lh~ '
srn- ~~.-;. 1yinA i li. . Si'1 a
horscte. lO ur l'l.. . b.
b'efore i- vI 2: r: te bo..
of .orn sopowefnitha ..-V;l\
i 1 -!t), :: 'i :
S:1:rn tg o t h c&
1:11 1 1 ;t'rt --
a rlri r tNdw V r 6 14- -
AlICh 2I, .llR3 1
Ur. Editor.IPlease announce
h rl ' it2 ric t t eCn: thuing
MTr. Editoi :----You will
s11 Ici, by ;i, i iginr In y lr IInItiiiin s
h. 31 -N '2') L A' I'- ,0
( ; for ' trt2U2C;J ' nr.
I Wi .I '..\ '' . 1 c'I() Ma.
W ( 1 2' \ I'! .\ N'l. a t:un 1bi a je
r'I'.-('' l'' :V ('IIWSht;Cun7 ,Ut. h
. i n -- 1 1, I~ /1 I .1 1
M '-Thaled of apt,
.A.\l. ; 2I12'i. :enI enw\ hh a i
S If,;- il I oh '' x ' l I-.r
hI, b I .V Vu-r, .
<>loe l -i
': ' ('i , tT ll.
'-e Fr-n'e' In
,I .i 'vs 0.(n e h na
*nh a r' ;2n~ '22 C :u2r n
: :'.' . 1. :, ' I , 1 .
!-'- - - . 1r:.:l15 n-ka
1' i 2' >~ Ii> ? / ' II F .
.-' ! || l 1, If.' .
Wd ar authorizedato
).. : . w . iia n c d
cl xr eas rri .n
- > \ | ' || | -'2:
Wer a.11 e
dr les an
V.G a l* '2 22 ' . 2 n -
b 2 - 22n - 2I2 2 2
t- 2 r h -a '. - -r i .
b ur ,c; a h po c.. . .
I I :. . 'h - '. e i -n \:: 21 '21 un& ti- \ i
i\ t.i : l.f. 22' ii ;i i l.2 di ii.e
-... 21 '. .\ 2 Ict at .n n tal. i I -
lii ti ... .l 1 ' 1 . . \l2 N ,2
'-..:i \\ i. : ! Fi a l --Ter odim si
\\. i22' \i- '. iLi .U ' i !
- AL\ I N " - -.-- i : ep r
22' d ' i2 s~ca 'enan thi .
Nw York Advertussements,
11-4.r oi.i :
- . 2.N Pn' A .,r.22t2 T '.u N A, 2 fN41'r OF~
t'raw IlieL
(f. II f;', I 5) ,t ,L I J . I
t n Li : la . 1 ri authori-d tI : ! te
v ri nmnt ,,i beriptu i at tle publish
ers o etnts
NI"' Iiti 11. l'lse2 ic 2 \ i.t '2rs
1 ' 2P . OT N. . D22I)7 1:1i"C1 121 E 2.Ni
fire nitailin, i' ill 11 4 e u 214t 4i4"Co -,.t ; '1: o .iw,
A I 3 I. ii li - i , 2 I- ; rI CU I.
nill 1;1L.- thwinl. TIlinllautuls haive b0 . .If -
10:41 lit'O ll e hhah t hind betlore !. Tqaiol l
tun i-n inl ha sr~:of e -. A i-Ld
. e --in TEN . TIN I T -
AXt2 for I~r-:' : ln'' P uI:.h- W tf-r--h ( n i4 in
a1-1 ti l 41' . in : ial:l a11ni-d ' rvan. -
p rin 1,inels a Ir-- , I -r d Ilhe h-. T w t.
fia v ent vv : n m NoI v denho rralI!y. ---
.1I I \ N A N \ l' t. Ilocte4Ir, N. Y., 'ropri- -
1'. M. (01lFN & C:.
i -.15, 1S.53. u :h
Cheap Grocery,
Tl' h I --..ier
(-(ry- undenruath1 thle T-.%in 11,.;!|, dgo
Suga r, Cofee, Tea, Flour,
\'IN 2i A I\CI A i4., IN. . R I), I "i"FI; ,
2,'21 l124t, M .\(K E ' . '.\''22 (\1
('.CI 1."N'..TA (E &* c ri. s .\
I t 1n1; all ft wh.'i. w d i. he -"b, h
!',-r caish. (:r fin 11eh1n,'r c11-y r -
d 22I 12 . , h- 'ro ,m to at ! . h IIw
t ---r' N . 2, .0 r c . 10 :t 4 I 4- r '.. Ii-t 241.'
2e2na.. J.2 .\i. , .:2'. .'ll.
. R I - -- -
rr iI: o o : s . .. . .:: -
1 i. . . . \. G !I :E l
-t I :
' :'I: m d . \\ ' - i w -
-q :' ,,' j t 2'2
-h ! iv, :. . l en-txn r
h I ::. i - < :Im 1
-1 1 it ! T I -I.
T - h -~.-2 w.m'. -i .
:1 i
. i ! i N - ,
w nn and 6-eet li
Th -22 rr .:on n'4 r
t 122\
j IN \ T i
\ t - t
:22t. .5 .. 22
124n4'un ' - 4 rdi:
n 1.. 2!- l . u ,: 2 44 -d4 N 0l 44 'I 4
h2.6 - n!I'jr.2,2b .',,it! 4-! t :12 . 22-:- a...!
F or Cash, And thlat only.
T22 ' in g. (;cI . ':9.ev r ''
-----\ 2.'o--..
proved. IBr:0 ! in2 2 2the sar42 2, ''4421her ti.bI
re2 erved2 Iri s 11'. (4( ii. on ' i ., i221, SV2rups,
-2"'. a~' .\ . 1h2. 44 o 2 t pubbet tr2 i 24
I is4 des ir, prothh-d; 4.is11c
J2u2'. lIt' h, 1 l 5:1
Erowning & Lemnan,
-ie 2(?0 ;stui .2I1 M'isgz V(~u
\\ 22l r .\ I"A311F.T NT i I I T, '
8'. 1I 1)1r to;(.\t),[].s 1124 122y
ST Ae 1222..12221 (;1222l)N*. tla h:22( ever'h~
t ciu upr ( wi .2 cmp 1W CEin2;242
. C- ,V 1'.. L . I : ntsoj' & (Co.
The Celebrated Lecoultre
othier Shin.., 2gr' ~ Apratusi.
iFor a::l bCIy
D)ARU!AN M&. m')
...- .- v i tile . '! - i-.-ti f
- - . '. n' . h . .-ik h . oy cy .o
. .o!n l, nliw ; tust J cou
b.-t.u.-s . ! a d ilit i.. t.
u1.. .t. , , .-. *. . i.ii,, , k awtd ( , -p Irhp
>. ,'.n.r.p.o.;- h i it uni111l or iitiletin1Ct uar oe
- :e - -a 4 a . ob.')ii i t Its to pa s u iintecd.
11. A fT;t XEARS,
wh; or kowl I e look
(I ;,e ,.tt t!w,. laiI co. ueit ces oI uur
%I I I. -. , . o. t A i %vto .s4, 1 in e ly ie
:1 !. . Igh t e- I.,en i I ne 1..41- uaI-i : And m b -t dn s
..:. .: , ,:: t ntI i ..,, i.t b tr spa ed, it
t k Ljh - Is i I1 1 - . I U Tt is
L-L 41 l'n sh! - Al mfiesi: vnduteal by, ninny a
411111.1. '
- il as.. :d't ..IV'
W1 4." A ND ) 10T IF.R
!'+-2!t;. r-I-f;.o~iou c.-maineet inl a li~re volumei.
(n 1'. , L~ "'h t .. It) sA bach %q ...) W uIe it, hevm-n'
. .t 1 Its OP I {
v - I.,; .- I ; In: .il ,.s( t o rn th a n
it .:.. .. l V- l.ti- h 1.4.4 i I te . -
I. i.s 0. iit
...h.... ul1 c s 1he Ol;tiw ol' ge h e ,
S .. .: r . . .
- ' itht i l;e i
: i..s. :. ' . ; y ,
h o t ,: a i :
A 1: :l . k : EiA . C i
i i. A . .1.- . i!! I ;\U
Ow. Wimdv.:n I. lI.mt . i .. 7 r 'n Prie 5 Cenu.
1::a ra:rat.set n. it % I-j* . .tl (CW ]
e f 1,:7 it. - . l I ,
e .IX -l- . .v v. :1
- It - .- !. . . A . ..1
1 ( 1 !! N vI
- i' .113-T '. U ii I
' I- id I I . i.t - I
- . .4 .. 1 .1 ' Cgnra( i
- - it 3 -- 1 ) Itsr . 1.1 4
,: I . , r '
A W 11, 1. N (it I I I i
i ee c e i or 2. yrne. u-ie ons-u
hul t. 4J . U n 11 4 it4'44'4i i1-28 N3ttti
Ittri m if. 4'm r li--n It -7J4eiLwe. marti, itgnacam reiiz
Sit II iiA a t 14) 4 t.,
.31 .: !'-: :1 '..ia ! j!li no
- d'i r'--ir. orb b:. .r <.-n e t
VJ k :I- .I &.- A...T MnE rL
Ing'- a . OuFin ig
-- -. rli, - v . I t h -. 1 nr Ittl
- . 1 { I .!II - fi -l r .1; o.
It, o: : S . C
I~urc~l:4~c'r,4 44 I!- r11 -t 1.11, '~h a11
lILA ?4-MA hE ('I, pjiy
i .1 (
I . .\ F r W. r
-r JI f 1 k L . tZ .111o1 NL Y m-- 8
.\. 1 Al -st1 I
of.(~a r w i sn (im r o.
F. &iN. ANVfiMWi
Ct.-'rd tivortline Ili A, t nr Unme- o t , o
ail-t, 4-j . *nl.;c o Arr ,M. V., is. i. .- :
Qfrci of tw. listr.ict Court for ibs, I.'atrdl
li, ttet of iiinnstynisi.
Another Scientific Wonder!
rep artd fretaa (:'Ir. or tiet foirta Siomuch
l the Ox. after directionsw of Barton I.iebig, the
-r.-at 'hitoltogical Chei.It, by J. S. 111OU11
ro'. 31. D., 'hiladlphia, ia.
Thi, is a truily wonderful remedy for Indiges
i I )yspiepsia, Janticeii, Livnir Conppltiift;
ipatiin, aidl Ilhhility, 'nring after Na
lire', on~ a inet hod ,iby Naturec's own Agenat, t he
. ialf a teaspoonful of Pepsin, inifilnsd
in n cte r. n ilt Iigest or dissidve, Fit c Pun da
!' |.it flj', in absiul tico hours, ui. of this
hi .1 :ti- .
P'in I thei chief eleient, or Great Digest,
ine Prinl ile' (if the (Gm-tric Jiche-ito Stolvet'i
ct th' Foi, 1 ite Purify inig. Preserring,- ait
S'iidating Aycint (if' the Soinch and ites
Ith's. It is exaocted from the iDigettves'Stom:
,a:I if the Ox, thns formiig an artificial Diges
live Filid. prir-tely like the natura Gastric
Juise inl ii- tChemical powers, anid furnishng a
Coinph-te and Perfect Suttrbstitute for it. 1By the
-atild ot this preptiatioi, the pains and evils oi,
Illigest'tion': and I- I-epsi'a are remove 1, just aE
the) hi h by a heialtiy Slonalmeb. It is do.
itw i: -, ftr DyseIptics, cnring eanses of De
hi!ity. E, ciatn, Nervius Dealie, andit 1)y1
ii 6 i1 .'nan ptivcn. iilnjpp-ed to be,! on the verge
o Oh t 1r:. The! tc ienaiatfie Evideice tapon
nih it is based, ini it) the higheNt dtgree Curi
( I I t Et' E'IDENCE
Eron i i: ina ta, rc!.-bcr:edt work mn Ai
1 I::d b ilary, .-ays : ' Aai artificial c.:reune
Flu si : ah ''ni ls fill h fa:tric Juice. umy he
r 'e ed tnit- atlaIcns ane-: 1 of
th.-' 10ich of thle t';atf, inin hifeb earfa'ici e c-'
nh- ho. nIent and14 euut, will hw " .-d!
eb:.n:.cc 'd :i'itd juctf inL' sttt fac. ''e
ill- wac b' be in t hV1an11a te ac'. a
I r. < ao l i s i s wrialngs (in lh.
I iy i-he y ;f oliigre ," o lerves Ilha t"
I 41f th due canaity off the Gastric
3::1 a s ay e t-:I: nn i-r ailinig canme ot
I c.. '. I jc: r IA t- :t t.at adisinll i lishel
l r iofiedwiine ill I-olol, whlto 'wie '
's--ri 'la4ien'd vith thisc 'ounaint, finding
a thciln:: .-hce to f:l, ti a recoiin e to tie
h .4-:r I i,. ,btccain. d froml thle stuiaciirhs of
a iil! :niu:litv high psc'va ed canpteety icae
Pot'cr ':.liso, of' the l Jefi-rnton College
h l-p 0i i gret wotrk oat Ilutnan hlty
EI cc:s). . : 1ore 1thn:: fiftv ping.-.s to nil .x
in ue- n ! Ii 1t i tiu ject. lis expeirianente
nicb Dr. Ic irinout, vin the Gu;astria Jitae oh.
I-'w-d ci i t he living huuin stieoa, aad
fr-ci' :ia: , are well hinioi. "In cases.
b.i's - it:"'cion occurred s rprfectly in the
arti;eeidI :a i: the natiiral diges"tin.a''
Dr. JIhn W. Draier. 'rolt.enr of Chemistry,
in Ihe .1hdirat Clettt'l oif thle Univverity, of
. -t ik, i h ' il i- et Hook of Chenistry
pagec' :, .:y's s,: " It ta: heen it qtion whu
tccwr arailic is! dig( ii'estia coldh t! leerfimned-hnt
it i tq.n' uivier-ally .:tt 1hnaa 4.it i aci it may be.
Dr. Cutrpietir'-s :'andi:it:trJ work ona Ih l ogy'
nhi tufh is irI tie librar f very phy icii and
i u.-d as .1 Tm .Ith'o ito nil a.a colleget , is
fcll 'f !nd t t .
t II, Ii't rentark:hle i si p i'r of Pep
,j. . t Owith litet thlat it apniy he juinbly svi
d r i h' inelih i i - Irhe i 'a el x ,1011di ued
fcr e'.perh ilih ill Artilitae ithgetiun, ol s ac
ri edy I r Oh-cic : S- tith' l l:amtach .a nd' - dt. i
11111er t n oft 'naar4&it . it~
.' 1. 1a i 011.r A'Vent ctnd ge't :1 desIcripre:'sd
('itadti ;ir, g r ai Is. ga vtcg it arre a :1eat eof 1
e'ntili t-.1. -- i , -aniitr to tt- itos e, togthIer
v. ait rIt"1,tof' Ittiearkable Cures, frun ull
artS 4 t thc iti-'nted t ted.
A\N A 18 NI'l-:l' \ CUJREU.
'- 1' "fc c.e'ni t' l has". t piciroduocrd tthe
.nic"i iIt ' Iu ~ llus etli-e . ts i nr'itig i'tc o h' b I De
h;.I uicitioniii~. .'eurviniii-c-lline, anad Dyai.
it .ac oit.atin.~i Ii isi iaaptossibl~e to: gi
Ihih'a! o" i e.ss'r tia the~ liiaics oft tis advter
en-en a act tof' n Ir thn I'' Tsailundred Iitimark'
:al UnrA .. or Phiiadelpthia, News. Y'ork, and
Ii .., fn .ilth ne. i'ci Th st ere ta. ty nIt descperate
rmc ..:nii! c theerces wssere- i nl ty rrjaphtiand
's's leful ot ci unane~r.'a
It i agt at .\ersuns.\nAitIiit Intaed pa'rticauba'r
ly aset!'ii c for teey ts 'itihaus iliitdiar,.rdta
I 'orc ph:.:.. Ii se'r :ud Agn~ie, ad the E'vil efl'ec
ati Qi.:a t', .Mere':iry, ant itther denaige uponi
140 ; n'- O rgans:i~, afi:er ai toig ..iekeess,. A
:it t'.ri'en. in ' inie, and tihe too free use of
dc'ct lii Ii.It abiniot re'onteiles Ilealth: ns
IThe're is nao for~cn of' Old Stoach~t Compta
ncsIi'. thi itdoe's not see'ia te re'acha tad reintio
us n',rejiI !A mel dIc' (cw Acige5~
uincjd:a.ocunit "'j/cleacscc.; airt it oiity iteeid t
ri':i acd tcr u shirt aiine to indas thea2se
ellUcir peiriisineat. A'iuiit! / i lr.'od Untd
i/ flady Ircllow's at rnces. It is fpatuar !.e
lenti ini cacis iof Nnn sea, Vomitijod Cranjui
i'corenenp. otit I!t cli atie Stinneha't, diisress after
eain::, lo, 'otld siyt~ado' the tioodt, lfeavi'aes,
S''s o''.c "'iui'ns, I tclilaondency, Emar.ic'iationa
V. oaknew-' iendleaney ti Insanity, laaicidec
hir Itiilouhtna'.1'Pc~,i. is c-oid by anearty altl
the. deak-rc Ii tauei <tru~saindt Poputar Miedfiues
tfirta roughtt tthe I 'nited [Statesc. 111cs prepared i
I'sce dir 'and ie -luid foram-.---an~d in Presscription
1.4!- for ithe' tae of Phtar'i' iiansc.
l'ritate i renhlnrc lir the use1 of-Phtyuiceian
ay~t fcet hiunc'd of Dr. Ilougtoniaor his Agentas.
det.: a hm~g the: ns' Ithlcrocecss of preparattin, ai c.
"innieii the aihforiit~ upon t whiichtiaf the claims a.
ihi i- ne' wi a::m i!y aire bcasedt. As iisj n~o u secret
ticl,, no tishiye.i t~arn einn be r'iased aigainst ii S
Icsc biy h tbysaiiani iaa respectable standing~ and
rei'ia4i fr' patice. Pric~e, One 1)olar per bouh.a
)i7 Os'inv's -tits!-Every bottle of- than
gemeIt'1PtlNha.rs, th iSwritte~n signastuf o~
adelhia Pa Coy-rghtandTrade Mlark so
i fitd iy altl ruggiscts anid Dealers 'in
Ir sol" ini ~ Szinaterv-ille by -
Decembe~lr l6, Im-l 8-li.
Webb Clark's Hote1>&
SU'T.E~R7VLLE, S. C* '
preha:read to latcoltit"otule Jold~~.s\g
tinaii -nIL. at thea old' ttad t t reastto
uttea. llis servaua uremacti-.e end'1'e w
livse, lo I' tabi:hl'tl be well supplitt ilh
tehtC thelii ua rlset.Will aflitrdrinal allttb.
ccionle airt'atigeetishts of-le og a246i~
lunt shal:I bre ut dery and letat a
pecthfully soic(hsia sharei paaIhro~
MAla22,18&53 n
Jewelry - Je
ng jusit rotarae t
lhe sabscIforha nt dqrl'
l~i\ fchtbin LJ~, at ftt
>f .aj 'reihrapt tul
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