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11, 1 t r'
-4,W. J. FRANCIS, Prornu m.ton -
-___-___TERMS-2 iN ADVANCE.
VOL'S V1116MEIIIL,~ ~ ~ 4 ~. O 0
fIE SUAITEiR BANNERI 1; 9~'~' 11. ti . I xxliiiii T :fti,~~'1---____
Every Wedavsday Ioraing
* TE R MS,
TW114o POLI.A IS in udvance, ''wo Dollars
tuid Fifty Crints at the expirdtiot ol ix ionths
or r.ee Dollars at ithe endi of the year.
No paper tiscontitie i ll ail :1l-rearages
are rs in, nlesU at thin option of th41 'ropriotor.
:5"' A tivertientettinse'rted at S E. IN'Y
FIVE Cents per s~qinro, (12 lineH tr less,) for
the first, an i ti thit sun: fur each nitieqtiuent
;V" The number of insertionxsi to be market
onl all Ai verti.%euienta or they vill he ptublishiu
utstil orderei to be disconiiitined, atil charged
t:?"- ONlE DOL.LA R per sqiuare forn a ingle
insertion. Quariterly andii Monthly Atdverti ste
mnto tm will he cluttrg<:td the Pailne iam it single inl.
sertion. aid siai-mionthly the .aine as 1.-w on:,eS
b1,111, YJ2,
ri 11 F 30 1) . j-1
nio1W un1uV years tiIce the irst
atalinof the 17t1h liegi no-n t of t'F,
ionl.r. auulers to eilbark four India
(tit far distanit 1.an1d, % here ski iiany
Or 01uir I)IV Cotuntivlmn lIt t have falIt-i
vicims to the climat'en, andal wn-en,
few have sliept inl what, sldiers call
' the Id of lory'-were aitmbled
in the larrackard of thathalm to be
inspected pretvioull-y tLo thiril pav-sing
(On boarid thlepapotwhehymor
ed in the Doniis.,
It was seaieely dyihwhen ithe
miterry druim an1d fie w . heard ver
all1 parts or the town. In Iho soldiers
wereiC seen Sallg Keth frin llir
uiarters, to joit the, r:iLs, witl tir
Iright irclocks ()n their shuilders, atnd(
their kiapsacks and cniteeis fIastened
to their backs . belts as white ats
to. -
so-m ri' t ndt ~hie ctai~ ttaie- ohb
.t14de grops
ad 1.inttallitin w%;as to reminl
- - . % ..3 . the greater po'tltionl ()I
lie olivision were preset to bid art
volI to their old .comtjilmilnIs ini armtt-.
But :n il' the huhbands and wvo
tilealtit ly as tup their dev tll, [.revall
ed----ft LI. lilts WONre still I h iav.I
--the inz that wvere to deble w
(of thle vlwme shoi ccomlin!n\ thw
JiLSLI Inentiere w Cili i I b t -it li-'
hid Ten. of eachcopay emt
be tten, atnd chaitan ic w : ,- - I:t
Iy arbuorator.1 With-ut noth ingl.- w b-a
paissed else wyr, I cOntdin d Ny at tuen
tion to that-uotj:inpan wh ch'\ wa0Z com1
Iun-ided by miy frieid 4%atin1 I ALdwn.
a brave and exc-nt11 (1ii-er.l who. i
amt sure has to ure hm ys i ' or
gotteni the suci icli to u'lih I refe r.
The omenv had g-athe- aroulnd thei
flag.scrgeanit w\Io held 1th1 i Is in l his
cap-tenl of t he m mlark et upo"
and all tile uoltiulsi ttaini the hatai
vords " to rmiL." I. wva a otilmt.ipl
of d readfl supene, aind iever have I
sden the extreie of aniiety so power
fully deipicted itn th( countnmeS (it
hnuitiatm be0ings as; in tl the featr-.s of each
of the soldiers' wiveti who composei bCd
the groutp. One advaniced. and drew
her ticket ; it, was ag:inst lir. and sh,
rtra~ted sohing. A iotler ; she ste
ceeded ; and giving a but IIizz;a, r.n
ofto the diatii, ranks to1 iembiiirace ivr
hutsbanltd. A\ tird camte fthrwardi~ with
hai~.nfi ng step s ; tear's we*re alreadaiy
chasint g eaceh tither down her lc eek',
and therec was ant unniitaural pa leness
ont her itnterest ing~ and youlthfuiiIlcou i
tenitanc. She put hieri smnall hland ini to
the sergeaint's cap, andit I sawi~ by the
rise and fall o f hier bosomt, elven miore
titan heCr looiks n-ealed. ShIe unroll
ed the paperi lookei d upoun it, andi utiih
at dee~p gr'oani h-li bacitk and fnlintedi.
Soi initense was thle aniety oh' everyI
perlason pretsenit, luit, slhe rined I i ui.l i
nioticedi, unt ite tickets hadli been
drawn, and1 the. greate par ~titof it he wo.
mnen hal left thle siiot 'V Il-hen loked
ro(untd and beheld heri suppor uted- byI
hieri husband who was kneeingtL oni then
ground gatzing Oil heir lhee, andi drying
heor fat. falilingr tears with his cotarse
itit, to hion tmaly cheek.
- Captain Le-dont advanced towards
the '.
amn sorry, THenry J1enkiuns," said
Stha't itle has been - agahiiis you ;
lttltam,.Cpin,"1I. said the soldier, as
he. ooked tup, and pased his rough
hand accrotss his fac'e, " b)1 I 'tis a haid
thing to part fi-otuu a wife, and she soont
to bea moithier."
O., Catptain !" sobbed the young
:vtOnianfl " as y ou arc both a husbanid
uid a fathot'do:t~
least Lil (God has giveii nie anut he
anld repeated in le., rt rCding elicents
"0 take ie with him ?"
Tle galluit ofilicer. was hiitself in
tears-he knewAV tizit it was in ilp lossible
to, grn the pmmrwoun' petition
withou. creat, lig 111nh discontelit. in
his coianyiiI.., and lie gazed upon their
with that eeliig with which ia good
man always regards the sull'ings he
caunnot allevit.
.At this Inlomlenit, aL slina'rt youmg sol
diCr StjIped foriad, a1( -4t1414d bef1Oel
the Captaill with his hali to his
And wiat d vonI wantII. my good
V''ow? -,aidl the dapt~ainl.
" v1 inu1e is .1411111 Ca-tyl pI
i our bireu-, all I belong ito the se
"A 1 w \ hut (m you wailt here t''
" )ily. yer hnr' said Cartv,
Sera0tChins-1 his head, "th1at poor nm
;l.1 his wite arc n14w --oIrow he:itrted
"W.elI, :and whatt then
\\hv yer linor, they sav I'm a
. likely uil. an11d I kuiow l'in it or ser
-di yir-hnr would only
lt that p r ttillowf takei illy phci il'
(aptai~ lIAd' l (1paiy. and hVt wm
lake his Icmw i inuls--why, yer tnh
r* wOulld imake t'xI w p i thing, liappy,
an.1 S i\ the lilt. of, one ol'em I-'m
('aptainl I-edonl consbledred 11mr a fi-w
5is5lii l t ilr ail1 where ]e was ,1).
eI i'sed t0 i1) brt h er 'll c ( 1-ter S.
i I M ad I nsir e 6w:. ier t l te
exchage. 11 f1 slier;, :1, rturned to
lthe phiwe where he,, had letfi (1h0n1.
" \\ell, %.h.b1n ('art V," -aid he. "voul
gc) to I ngAl With Ito'; Iid i I I ll.
il dent ki raI i at hIi e i t viur
- han .t- he ."ai h
n'n i ntt . . sa . fl p
Srei ed itis (ill t rt iLi iio11 is he:-II l.
1h hh.0 V ..y Wc r'.'ih :11 i tiwci.1 wif:
" b en I i i
hi h ' '.- .! h4 ii y i .uIV i A h.
is chii ren4 : !! ' :n ais I i I r n th ii.,
'.li'e SOilielr. lw iing~Ii~ii a ilid:n - i s his
1) :Oi~liI~e ilS t lV.d tik.Il- ga t c
Ir itI . ual M ix~ l V 1;it .I , ve u .4 r 11
y :ti.1 :N t r i n t Ill. 1 .! pr1 111 .! ' a\ l
IaI ..I u a I:at i y .. a, o l . t 1 i
.2 - . uu a ' :d: ! , i : u i- ! I aI
wew i b I i i'at\'. w t o -
I uI. h at t'll i 'u-t in h ( it ! t r -i
i)a 155! i lCltIl t i i' ,, IIl. vd it itbh I t yo11
hi t w \e 1 d r t is h ai Ie
his w ie ;uate liti l We -lo etill
e1totheir t itia I ehlnm, ( hoe, I
w ll wa raity a .ih4ier. uo i
w \i tin ias jrn el i ntiL wit ti ltl
pai-, aid tilihe .s to ed to reI histo
t l w r lar t s l eI thittd'li l ife v ill
doe t sliga .~dehy ui. l
eharge was purchased '/i$gntdl
frields. Cast thy bread upon the
waters, said the wise man, and it, Shall
be0 returned to thee after mnany days.
TuU: AM N'oociUI.o iNCDENT.--The3
Newv Orleatiis Delta qive the Iollow.
ing: An oflicial, 6u.Ai.'zsai-n.t' ])af,
rauyed hiinself it! his best arl,111 andi
at, the lreuiest ofhi4 tiie;called a car
ingo to visit tile cerneteries. The hus.
hMd, be it premisedl I kntew that his 1 he.
loved, C:e he married her, was a ivid
OW. As s0111 as they (ntered the gate of
t said City (f Silence, a .shade of
liricieoy passed over t-lie Idy's
ace, and cliniging to ler ulisbauid's
arn, she went to . tomb, it Whicb
she kielt, and prayed fair tille Iep
(& her "dear. dead huiSbandi's ni
I s flow plentiuIIIilli; but. , e ivine
hub1ni tough. hev feit a little Ilorti
lii I lat the siti llr affectio whii c hI is
wifc showed Ior hi.r. first love, UtW
.h-eino g the ,tnal l , till fur
aev the uthurst, and uiriiriid her fr.II
t he pt. S"(0n. however, she knelt, be.
lre anotiher tinhib, a id againI littered a
touling orisoln for the re pose of tie
1s1ul1 of' her "de'r dadhubt"
whse hoy dust. tihere .Iud a rust
Tlie liushlidal toiiuiht that was a lit.
lie tlire than lie h.ad barpg a uin1 Iire I
bult-hei Said no0thinig. thoughr~ graVe wfl-e
his rlcIt io s, as h If g i I lId his
i k Iron a spio't which in-.akieni tI
sadIl reinmbrances. I Im hd no1 t gone
Irl whenv his, wife a1s:Iinl tind lide
knlth, an1d then~ praye. d as 1.ef'ore IIhe
repi.oe oif her 'tl"dear dead ihsland's
oi!" Tie humsband Could sti:d it
o l -Ingter, aitnd lit tired an Iinxclusable
aid 1 un :h dy oatil, "aid: )
it, Madamue! hmw mnany hu1sbands, inl
the LoIrd's nne iV01oubuie1
Ere the accIIsiIg ir it IInd 'lbwN to
InIt Ii s eblaleery u, Ith lh oth h O
Dormn-.-If~.j. w -a~i- a n ieo
ne t te p .: i 1 . h ow i c
b )~'cd-hip -If ' int' --ing Ihysii~i.m
iiion iofit~ jh'. ' non t i ~ino.i iote.
;: -1 ' ill 1 oif i ti ne S .
and en. f.. to his drkg. iei
un ir ihe 'ehut of:ec en!nie
b i lityt :it i , .:- I :i t
hi i 'iil'iu lt! ) i ie -
-1 li s i he air df p i n is
iidi : i ii d , pcv l i i peib o i
oL.'i ft. i 11 11 ilk inI : tice (f
hicirill'-venh art, u 116 !.,.- has a. -irie'
I t th ri ' fI ' hii t e : ilt sL - li
ilare1s1 hi, patient ; it is 1t! n-,h,
Ih:. 'leo. it i'sbl, ill s n tit:.
:111d h:it the . hi s i il is Inly use fi.
'tr foni i ake-- '~lThen.i rof theitd1I ia
I ortill I itn het liis t I 1h- u hiien
hli seI nll 'hishing ign :- i the
I Iat theI tri I lit e I t y icii a 0 ,r it i i
urpawedin :uI othe Iinessli li h
phyiO/ 1nihas to c tn witht -a hlid\.
b%. :Hit- i! d ril n refvil cni nenced
b -t heth worb,i'l seemitinly frevfir
tore deTCstie tc be an nli in uponha
hia nity. Th'is r-l~ei il ikey
heinstnt hbic uitnayiek ifa.~ ls.
hsnd; anId~dl)pre dr iii' 1ht tetrth.l
clin "h woe fchei te whanjely~ and!
attenion sand tai'Ci iittainforune whilec
ha embr(' wd the rofnio of medi lyo ii
/d/: arrrcrn
Lecfrwns,D,*. Lielber' d Licit t. JA1h ifr J
Sliltllitcd V Oi I' ~L'lU o.I 4Vli;t, l it.
e is. The .gr TI'M~11 lilt'A fl hapy' 111:1llel. it
in. Which all liii puJItatllL SU lilect isiim *
dl d, antd tho. Im-soial 'cFts~~~C -
niin tis ufi older .dIa ini literature
Lc411 r y I hJe.r/t. (i
colilill,n, c, i cth Nc i4'tlI he, A.
ready! butI by lit) tut u c; desir~mtu (WJ
ar i i t i Ii C ~ o i l t h I C t j t 4 u v l
kiiitlNv st'tit Ilie-realy. ,lwea't' (11 it, 0
- y it-) Inlc uts dtiro.It: bti.a lls t Ihat al
C~V iS to lVt i I leit *cl 1 4 '!0, Itr, :1
iithtlo lsl.,-' itlnidit1 tli(3 on, NJs .,
1*(1I it u s f ttil xvii 'l.1 I i ll V. It
ail the MjILc of*: I'MI'll~ ain of eIiilz di
vlcul i v! l a-, h~g 0C."I?. .1t 1'.:i 1. l
illy 110v4 (ii t ag 61, j Vol i., A 4vil
IMianrt and FAMit (it i nKlt't. Il;i Wi
tivt bwgt~., v'e'u cite * Iti' t \ o I h 4' I i
an I die torw IA tl,.tid IM thtli
yeit tut p k.1il ci tw itl't e at.
at ,5 N 5 ~ i tI I 1 v u
pr iiii wh e d : iic'!, a-; c.hig ile& n
die11 lt'~I f it,19 1 itil 'v il 1 i- i
t,'I wag digl 4u noI ntuk
iti i ii 11li tullIt 1?I '. II i I II!!)
and2 (It' i lt-Ii 1itrh
Itip ci \t*k Yol . *t .1 hI.I tl
iklli to : it ~ k al4 tiff :io 1!4 to lI:; a%
It.d I 4 I 'r v,111 iii I 1,11,'it l.
I 11 4 ,'iti 1 I Wtili' '1:111 1 lit
iti Wtt14 i, I 1 t i. 411 i i
bkr Qtil i t-lilltj I' ou i 'i ,I, t 1.1 thi -
* 1~lw - i_ I Iap - 61.' i- i lw i t:. - . . l
I t S itigi I~,(itt' Ivi ik'i'- lit
his On t 1t, lhti ii t1 it I - , .il I
100141 S it'cI yStirI li' i1i)144itjiii i t j~
lil iv'v 't4. A,'. lt,1-4rllih, ~ eI
ma duL iui. cic' I
andthti ro.a(it h lci~I i1'll t v, s i!1 c 7 I
pI le I ut thi iili 1 4 lt 4iI hel *i I4L-l
winy 4aioldb'iu(i ldtt at 011cc.1 4
tltInibu knoked in va i at Imaniy a 1
mlr, but lie discovered A merica ne- t
-theles, and in a crazy w-afit too. We I
'igit to rellihiler the spider of- Bruce r
Id the :t of' Timoor; that Rome v
as not built ill one day, and parlia
vlutary rIefmIII WaS Carried Oil aftiC a
nlre-kd filiureIIs. What inl worldly
smi of eiew l1,141 Christ doie Vhen h'e
:pir-ed oil GolgOha ? Ear:Lt let~s than (l
ahoitulet.. .le ha<1 taught twelve r
.1r1nlkniown Inil, an1d ine evvi of
at nmber turned a traiLor. It is
astrtinetioi an d relapse that are quiek.
I rearing is ;l1ow. It takes celi uries
develop the ilj estic oa'k, but one
bitenl1ing hatters it into fignills iin C
"t seconld. Modern civilizaiton dloev. t
4 fight under the proud lettis S. '. C
1. I butlunder the Ictters '. 1'. 1'.. r
ice P'rudence an tlPrever t
itn u iformiziig ileasures (Iet t ali
>rd pmss) We only carry 4n a pro.
S, which has bleen gomng ('n filr eenia
ries. In to pe4riods, w Ien tibls (
(I districts WerC not vet Inait intilizedt t!
eh1 p:itch of Land, each t1 *wn, (.en e 11
i'r t radcs aid detailed branches t
conechaditheir own laws and](b
nNe l:iiv traces o this dis. g
ietlve .state o things can uie flmd C
this day. in every arithmletic of..g. V
:id ml Xf the liiited States; nd in s
:lnA v%-ln will find diferent vards p)
si!k, wiOh 41, alld cotto g'oods. 1
hy does 1o: mr annua1ml meecting (of
.,:4I)methiig toward U
u lid h .' a l put itselfin co1- a
Ilu 11 1ii \.4ith1 tlhe colr
ve n .1.t Ihli t li re is an I
tive moven -,. hit id to bring i
out, u . : 1 r ,f oi. ':
'' I think it, is inI tIs ' Aspect
.%rture, tranmlated hvy Mrs. Sabine,
t 'e'tr Isays the hises and I
.cIg~ bg.oetleyihave ee wrer
i ld inl . 4ew Yhork that thee
i ind tmicha:mlit, Whitworti V
. tover by the itish Governmnt
thle gre~va vIh biti-on inl that eitv."
,elet i ;ihvorite, idea th 4cs vris u
-0,11.1 ho mai. by tlie p 4ries I
Q1rt eI W e h b1 il. :, i ih: i tn in.. . , .
:inch l 'e,: i . ii . Thi ,
i ni: n:I: i . ()h- p
'il En;glish, :nl d rwc.n (
sublime. I do n t lrite in
0nh .\, Al Ahm li:n mo rno l
nk do".a in the E .. India w ar u
i shci . uerws piriertin to be
hi t S e. :1r0 I'hr Sahi, but1 thv u ill
fio. m d n>on:c cgm le .i On l o I
hat (..im he donev ? Why,- lt og'the i
;t :m . r al an by w i. Whit'- pI
's m rml'lty-al i wou ld -iv thi' . n
I". u l1 I- :1-o a1sal and ':itho h and
r! : vn . I cut S ho:-t mly e tolan at
v i
" t 11 know wh\ \%I I tr I llught to o
Ilro11 your copy 0f the L-Ii t
014r'ha iEver your. . m
mi.-h:OU thero Iot
mahnVery tenlder.li
u .Al. - rith - -tiins which p
V. lle -liet frt tabml Ekil t
idbajouna1l. .
1elC all tothero herea'iiemon t'ts sinitooe
lborigifo thei precVLi',lous ones a
m'ilhebttaatIie biitIterioihe ieaie
it. tol iuni on hefr coh ay! You li
antii ilowes, or~b the sltrs gliter pi
ut finely powdered s.lit oni ti. cjan,;dI,.
ill it rIaches tI Ihichl part of the li wick.
1 this way a inild mtid steady light
nav be had through tho night, by a
inali pieco centdle."
T'reI-e.e ia New Yorkg.
There i.a a great exviteinut inI New
Cork junt at this tirte I'ln the subject
' what is called "street-prenebing," or
ather the analtical dieinucatioi and
ibue of religiis seets, invol ving the
iestion o' ProtestaliSin vs. Iloman
:tholicisin-and in-conscqluence of the
bIutigerous aud threating aspect of
hings in connection with it, 'the ru~y
ir. of the cily, on Fri day evelinig.
hought proper to .isue a pr clamation.
ouilselling the peouple of the city to
Alrain from discussionst in the piblic
hboughfares, y -a.hich the passions
'': the prejudices of' others. might be
roused, anld not to attend, particular
y n Sandays. alNy ase;b;alacs in
ny public place 'or street, the conse
Uences of which may be a breach of
ic peace. Arebbiishop 11u'_hes als6
ddressed the Catholies uf the city
iirough the pruis, exhoartilg them to
ehave themselves quietly, and not to
o near the asserinblies which are gath
red to listen 1v t iren of the stairnp
L)lriainied of, lit if' any att elllpt
iothli he inade oll.their perscns or
roperty as Catholies, to resist it gal
tilt Iv.
'I'ut our readers iniay tavo a rhir
nderst antding of his riiatter, i,: origin
id history, at.(] the cireamstances nl
er, which the mayoi atd Bishop
Ilughes act. 'we nnlnies from the Com
iercial A dvetier, of Saturday even
ig, an avowed Protestant journal, the
The mayor's proclamation, which
0 published yesterday and repuilisri.
I to day With some typographie' er
)rs corriected, was aide expodient, if
nt indeed necessary. Ta' - tate cf vs
re l...- horliri t'l Ovh t efit nent
hn:r'wnu to m::iy .; , :,tglaeral
'.s; *'ind it~ is deh362le Ih t fuler
arLici'lars shuild be ldaced-before the
>lum'nity. W hiavc been it sorne
uins to procre full i and impar-tial in
rimalion (,n tile suliet, att l tet
irselves that we can (-t Sile light
tan it. We shall. at least,ealldidly
ideavor to do so. The thilwit
vts art derived fron high and compe
'at ntuthoritv:
c w b a rea-ty arrived emi
-ait Iro : 2 Londionas was inferred
MiI his lll:lllfet. "cocknyism." OIl
c Se.cinat or* third oeCasioim some of
I), un11r1ly youths wIO infist the cit.v
thirod arou-l wh ilie was ;peak
g. tipped over the plank, aaI!cl a
wtirli, tlt which ie st''o. This
idmess excited strne laugtlcr. but
t pice re2toril orler, au-i rejp!ace(d
I, spea.k-r on the st ad.Sueqet
he tentveIl the thentre (,t his acuer
ins t A bilngdll Square, w herel hc
.l-itiv dellallecd RolmiliSts ill
lusieC ilngg, vrtually asseritiin'
at the iters of (.it C1rity Were the
at un chiste ', wollell, t hat h, 11neries
-rc the brot.hl, and that l a nlish
-ltt.; frIit' I Okited then for lewd pur
>~s. \. M.; iand delnouniced the po
ee (-lie *t whoia wea'ire present to
rserve order) as Jeslits ill the pa:1y of
0 Itoinish priesthd. 1T 'he whole
oveir quieltly, hotwever, bet~i
.. t el 019n'ly b itm'hter, 1ironical
e ao e r i- h specnl:er
nltil.ee 1. I n' ccturi
i the tiliowi
At. tilhy pot tl, 1. - er, ai secret .
cty of yaoa't' Iinen, (''rl i; (I
le-, buLt noat oft a rel2igion ch~ iaractop I
w~taily. titu!: conac otf thet nuft- a
'i. The Iltlin altle...s of ;li ir StIJp
urtig on1e w~hos~eforeign'f )2tth and
hu-ai~tionl werea a)j1 so alable, led 1- a ii
:an;;ga i th persona oft th l-ctur:erL.
hae I odo att gul ~a-;t!c2:tnt a'set asido,
al1 Mr1 . Ilarst'as. wahto 1,. we~ bljieve,
.utI aul naive .Aua.riean, wa py i hi ts
ai.-- tPhis gelntlemani1 hi:is hen chis
.1 u.a eltgrannu:'. untaf thi-.. wea' be
eve', 's not. thle M. Mr. P arsons,.
IOIIghi anl et'm i ate i tizteN is not, by
le G3ospel. II e is a paorte'rwa und r
tanid, ini a mlered mtile I house, lhei nmpae
I the' firm~ ha2vl ling een givent to uis.
'he style of is aiddhresses, w~-r2 In
)rinecd, 13 very) .simtilar to that of the
Eiglishmian abhove mettJilned.a. WVhil e
Ildulgin~g in thetse strong phrases, hel
cas kindly inftr~omd by thq. plolice tha t
C mu)Ist not p~ursue that course, as it
voeuld le-ad probably to a, bre~tach ofte |
muo 10oimd nre'ply,- tha he
lad :a lcicepthsi to) dhis'course in thle
mbIhilree2Its, grtedilc to himt b~y the
a~tO64ayor. On fuirt he* iniqiury, how
iver, he admitted that, it was -only a
l'Te dIangef ofd disturbanlice becoinlg
teriouts, the cap.~tains of the police,
w~hosea waritd4Wie mlortI ingnedC(iately
ilecd by these proceedings: retre
enitevd tihe case to ay or- aster% elt,
Who revo(! whatever license Mr. Par.
soniis possessed. The much talked of
arrest at the foot ofI''hird street was
rather a removal of Mr. Parsons fron
the scee of a threatened disturbnce
lh:m" au: ight ilse. No intention of in
enrceratioin was eitertained. Capt.
,Stiiert hal been apprised that Mr.
I rsons had no license, and was order
id by the Mayor to take the step he
did, because the Ma'yor believed that
the speaher was violating the city' or
dimatices. Tle error was promptly
corrected, and the inconvenience suffer
ed by Alr. Parsons was too insignifi;
cent to be a matter of serious corm.
plaint nader the circumstances. Way
or Westervelt's reply to the crowd'
who surrounded his house was wvoitiy%
of the Chief Musistrate of the city.
"Gentlemen," said he, in substance "If
Mr. Parsons has 'been illegally. ro.
moved, or is illegally held,- the law
will right and release him; but if the
proper tribunal adjudges otherwise,
though you were a inil lion, I will up
hold and enforee the law." Mr. Par.
sons was. discharged, and with subse;
q(uent proceedings our rcaders are fa
President Pierce at
4 Chnrch.
A correspr'"Ocat of the Philaelphid
Presb-terian pv!s ;t description of
Presidenw Picreu it c1urch, it few Sab
baths siice, which v-ill be recognised
as strictly true, not only as to the par
ticular Sabbath referred to, but of ev
ery Sabbath, by a large number oftthe
citizens of Washington. We Copy
the letter, that our readers abroad may
know the personal habits of the chief
magmistrate, and that they imay knom
how to appreciate the late calumnies
Upon his moraf character. The letter
runs as fol lows:- lashington Udiph
Th Rw. Mr. Baird, of South Car
a plain. . earnest din
i0qouailiegnorniilg. In the a
'n I attended at the sne
place. The President of the United
Status, although evidently ilot expee
ted lb.y the congregation, was present
at this second service, lie being asta
ted hearer (leewhiere. There was a
simple imjisty, in my own mind, very
impiressive, in the fiet that the chief
rn:agt:tat e of tiis m igiy nation should
Lhus co;me alone anid unatt ended to tle
house of, GO-lf and sit down among the
bo1um blest oftle people, so tno.tenta
Liously, that it, was inpossible for imie,
Sstranger. to single him ouit. He weC
pointed (ut to me as he retired; and lie
went. as lie caine-and I believe with;
.ut a carri.ge. for I saw none-ming
imm with the thri.ing on the sidewalk
is he wended his way back to the white
"President Pierce is a refined, pol.
sheld looking man; and his countenance
s indicative ohgreat sagacity and decis
in. I Iis drcs was plain, (simple
Ai:ak.) and scrupulously neat,his hair
irranged in the most perfect ord'er.
n persoi he is, I shoild judge, about
Ive feet ten i:ches high. So far as
ersioinal appearance goes, there is no
Smeriemi who would not look upon
he man with pride.
"I am told that lie is a careful ob
terver of tie Sabbath; refuses to receive
visiters, and refuses to look into any
1rCr'espondence or- other buisness on
hat day; is a constant attendent (on1
ablie worship and hi ihuflu;ee her e in
tavor of sound umoahs and religion is
strong( and ke.'ided. The appearance
>ft the. l 're.'idenit yecsterday wvas stri
k ydvuhis attentio a ie
ibael toic the mni id at one patss.
inge, inwihtepreaeher spo. ihe
:eaner in v;hiich G.~.u.sv~'rrules th-e
'i!s:etions an' t *.-o aI E' . .6 wvas
ibrvese tear is. May God eiv
ir~i the garament of praihe fr the sjl'it
>f hear iness!"
ers people are ;not to be ' -r. I n thu
chools or learnihag or thi. y es -of
ar.tiness, w.here .the nation.. charae.
er is cbhteue 'or oblitchinted by trav
I or inst intion, by ifeob ni
stimate i by the asseyhites ogyg
'y the he afgi? h.-~ i 'le lit
ass ofi atioma is ni. he rich'nor gay1
hey whose'Ihggre ' ~itts-+h
acople, are fond fU'!Et~ and
eilhages, ini the shi . d firms; .and
'rinin them: tolleitively considered
inttg the mieasuru of general prosperb
Men scorn toMuiss amongdhemselye~
Anid will scarucfi ialarother~
But women oift want a 1kisa'md bad,
They apmibk aind kiss each -other.
The following4gyne of' the toasts
pgiven on a .recenit.public occasion but
wvest: "Americant youth: May thiair
ambition reach as hiighI as ),hvir stand..
ing collars."
A mani's marriage cocrsnn
else, (except it may be heiself, ) bt
it. is the thiing most meddled withtiby
othemr jueople..

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