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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, January 04, 1854, Image 3

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( --
V. J. Fi I A N~-NE IS ~ha -t -:i ------tt ---h----- -_ -
is Pt1!;LisiiE ,~r
Every, Wdsesday -tum-tilI
'., at .Y S,
't'W L Ami.!.A in :atIvance, Two itDo'IIinr.
lit) d ''ifev ('ents at the e' pirrIit)I1 4.1 ;ix ti oIths
or 'Ij r.-. 1 ltillar. it theilte ! l' h vlis ear.
No ;p.tper otisc itin el utintil aill :ir ar:tgs
are v.ti. iiles at ti l opion of th- l'ropriottr.
E '- A lvcirt i,-ts jttintlserilat S '.V I-:NTV
F V F. ( 'tnis pr squ:rti . 2 iN s or besp.) for
th- first, anti half Oiti .suit folEeach sub.winnit
; ' TIhe nunber of insertiois to be int:rl;od
tilt till Adlver:i ern nt (or IIhey% will bet pubilisieii
tnoil orolerred to bie discontinn'ed, :ut char, kti
I. N EN , DOr...\R Ier so Itnari fr - ij-Ie
inItertIion. Quarn rly, anu .1 3|mnhiv .\dhertn w
11 nts w ill b b r the t-sun. Itsn t Sin It'l in
'ajl'r ~ ~ it !,!, I~g/- 0f~
- a -11 oill e I I tl Io -Ilil! e.1 V .'it
r o 14 1 v rs ito Ie I II2r1,k r , n. dis:
ri bi' SOll'L D ~li v er MI{ lia
1 4 .t , 114 ill 1.*. 1 rI I, i t cii' I C o i~
Iur b)!:t\C (. tvn n h3vt C1 I ti
i! hav slep in uh it i -s 3 1
in tI bn -ithtn b
Igaet d jr1' ( \ h e aly t I t i . .,b i .
I In t I I l it \ - I c I . u o1
ed ite I hwins.
It wans se l i- (1:1 1 i Il u b n iI .
inerry ro n (.1 rtire v. r v I w n I\ !:Ia
allI l-rts d' th itw n\ . : . I fhe ,h i
brig t lvelckson thevir .sh ioirs. and:,
their1 kulnpIsacks onalalndtstm.
tit their back s Iby bil, as w\.hite I
.l.aiils de wa i acool.ni ne, ,] ], *e
od -rolli1.
t wa" t4irou
wetil t t l i t: 1 co1 li n in arm-.1
I I k441 a I wS , v b:-I:
I v,*i
Iof Iihe w 1 n1 - 1 u it t.
1hind Tn'nhem:yu -.
Iy 1aritraltr. I I W i ' .I I un '
passedii essbewVlvIC. I I n 1
tion:II Ito cmllp. v u I iwa r.
DwI \vi):i'.i1 hal 1.11s 1
m) brav:. i 1. w lb < '-i -r. uI h . i
:un ts o i > noe 1 : II : tI slitI eh'
drtio *! s , 1 51 im-l.1"3 t II 'i~
hLecsl w nnll he ah iw'I n::- I
ty g-pret w11 hobelh l ihi
caj-t I - to f thto I luk.ed I! ' I - w
uII l d allthe t r 1 .1 tlin I Ihe 1 31
toll' the sole din .wn ei wh'.-Iti d
h tickegt ;iil iww:I agini hue r.:d s h,- ~is~
oto h di ltt, ru a o lbrceh
hubn.Atideme1r~ t
blasinn Idteps ; lurswer already I
--. .7 . I s o I I o Irn I tIIII% IPII I N, s e, at
lvwa t till ( 'in- 11 111 11 hi , ;
nirepevated inl erl rn ig eet
The galla it icr was hinsef il
lears- lie hla w thAt it was i eupossible
to grat l he lii' r wi ~illS 's p ttill
,w ithout11 creatt, Pg innIh I sc 'n lit. inl
his canan ,:nd hIt.- d p theill
w ith tIat Ieeliig wit hich a gi -d
l i I lway reuvs Ie-a I I e sulil-j in.'- lie
calnn-t a evvia.'
At i.. mintil : I sta -t yo lt s
ditilr :Itl i t'd w 1 ;I 1 t,41 i lit' . t'-,
lit! ('aptainl \\ith Is bll- to, his
\nI wh: dl yI u wantanyi'
- MI d I t pi .
lwiu e 0., .b h1 ii h n
HW .1.iO
* I li'i oii Ill.. --:I\. Ill :I
II ou- h n~tI ir\\ b e v. I I .
e jI r. Iblyl" i.
\i n t lit d lu \.t it ' III
i y.' y r h lit iM I - ri.
an -%o W i. aj no 'cu.t. * "
-i 'lv
a ikel b! ! . :f) . ew 1r lit '1r 11
1*cc e ud I b' 1 i -h., o u1uh ATIv -
let ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I'l :ht..illlo a e n h -i
(~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~u ': . I-- it I lw' .o ay ' d -m,
I: I' h i n 1 v.- in I u .-- a t\. v' r 1 I " .
Ie weI h!I' n: Ie:i ,, i..: rhi'' . hIL
a a
I 1 Win!& Am I nI
''I I .d i n : b r l . ..
I\'t i . ' i' - c t I Ir
IIlt \';,iL'.h ('rt. " :--aid h. " II.u
1111 i \ i t ti i;ll . t i l
t''''xh i 'I ni til j''m.'wi'. x te
t [ii I i
S - * . "- ' I * .*
[th th'' i -i ii Ile idtej hi :1
b.;t ';ie ibie t gv oh- llucrn
t ilnD ic e a ~t titIr iit', I ad li rer
~Thetl li. si.~i ee:.! jat iits~ uth
itti ti.-i' hiit iiw:."'i'\.' i.i tx tit it ill
Iu: tt h tit I'iiiils I1 hh-rhv. Theil~i
i't . I:0 i' iu Ilire dttilliihe w;ii i-i n> wi
any i proltic liti' w-rc ii te il l-t.'lIi
'' t i' 111 ii'lt eith i al l.tt sltltjh t er.
'andi~ I t tn! t thae: b. tii ('hilb
har~ ge was pur1ch?ased by ni'" giat - I
liner'ls. Cast thy bre upon. thet
wateirs, said the wiS1e 1finL, Mid it !hall
bC rctirnied to thee after 3 mny days.
J an: AND.0:0 :0 Ix l -x-.oh
New ( rcmal. Delta iv'a the follow.
mg3.: A ? 'Ilicial, . n All--Saat.)Day, air
rayed h neil. hhis beq ' arc-, m11141
at tilt reqest ofhis w iie. cale aIc crI
rmget to, visit the cemeInt rie~s. The lmvs.
Iii, Ihe it pre'In333ised kI ew that hi hI.
hee hle inarri--.d her, was a w\i,!
ow. As soon3 as5 they entered tilt e of
tire -;m i City\ td , ile' e a 1 . of
ruelancholy IItssed1 Hvi t- h l y *I
le and clnigto Iw-r hu11sband s;
- ' I dI anid pra.\ d GI'l (ht. U1 IJ:I
"II' Ir "dear deadl hubmds o l."
T :is th-w, i 3 i * v; but. j l i.. HI ,
Im h-1 1 i 3ugh h. I: -t 3 a, lit.! neu.3 i:
at, t he srong :E ., t t u1 i i
Ig L I I Sth 1't rna p, il: 1. r
t I u t burs t an hu h-d lw-r 1--.1
t. ' I 633 3 ' 3 I~ j 3?1 '3t
P1 0I I3 Ih3 t3 li I43 3!' ?13 1:3 ' i 1 Y 1
i . h we r. , !
33 11 1 333 LI I ' I 3;'! NV33 1 I -1
tr I I 1 -r 1tib Ia, . ir I 1u l a' ,
v. I
I, It
soul o her " ear E-l I m A n
I t .v 1 1, 1 -
I33 . It I I t - lit m. 43II) v 3 !;.IIi
uI h holy lit-,t - b v ,: i re .
I~;~1ISI. L ICA 4~ 1 .- .
>.ti i y~
I r I3,* 3
34.-,..n:. s lo :. i l . i
- u Ih I
r . f h:r:.
- ni''The h .h , e~b sI.edi
t e .. i' \i'I3'. h: , (?13 hur' 1441e
!'r t h:: 33333 n ing w ir I3 .I 11.,..31 1 t ,~
.-aven s ch 4ier v3K 33 b3 t e h. -,
I - bu' '. 3 -'''
n3, -: 3h h 3'313i3 3--,
3 -. . h1.3 3 1 ' ''33'
3 . ? 3 1
r4 -3'4
- 3 1 1? 3
133 a
l33~r 1 I \': - I13 -3la.
3:3r-i.. :;t31 1i. 1 33 b33. I4
. ',: 3n b:.'3\ to '.: 4si u33 b
313n, :'u333! 3 3d 3 313rin.: 3333 il, een '
by3ti '4u1th .:n 3 4-n:n' .r
oti 3n i'llce th
..( :1333 3 333 . 33'3ld 41t. . :ir t i33
3:r\ h-' t. b n;t (Ii 3.33 3.4 ; t "ii \ :?3 3 3h '
3311. -u o 'i - n
Lel/cr irna A1r. 1.;ib(wr i? L;cu!. 3/mi,-';
Thu followinlI' ar havi-II ben
sobritt d toonl-Pertigbl, we c .
I t ih i Nw it i ., I., ' i
w i r1pee . . - r m
Irs ThuI graceir! :l., ha.y. Inno ni
ill I I i:l hn oit ait .o I ti4'is4' II'hall
ini d tile of anl oh r n nlb re -
" S u'lin i, .., "n v Ih i'ovember I
<>. 3ydear .1my-la n
I'l.-i 44V b i l , I I I . .:
re I by a I I ..gir ff
aI. .f i ' t'(Iit -rel i 44
anidl seiint f-n: lI-e m. n
-If I \ . i'l ': IIei:
liu b-obell-II i-'Xti Ill<ft m
owy ata th e 4.h-4 i ' tre --- -j - 41
lit i il :111d Ol. thec - 4 n V I I - I;
1.4 I* I
\\ '4 r , "
ahji < :- - .
!wial n!i tea b -la a,..I :h-vI.,-al
h-- i m e n in -
r Ih!. - '
. I
1 n - '*
444 t 1 h \ -:
4 4a
'.4. ..4
- h
4.. 4!- i.h .. ub
h h
r 44\ -4
.44 . . t,-II
nii i444 n i 4r
a.44 i m . 4 t.rj.,I.
4'21! !. . Ill .4tt 4'. l\~U44t. le
- ir44nwh 1bi le t. e to. V4
4l, by the e 4tab i'4hing l ' :a h :
444111'1n 1;:t ~ : t:Il l ( I: all' br:1n4-4 i ali44 4'L'~ i
fI o 'li ii .44: 4 11' Ii 'ie . I Irp e 4\ ' 4. ' hin,
1441 t1 le leler \VI ..d tI' tj' 41414
I. p poseii It h ed . .iets 4 thon 4 t w hat
- I~4 ni'4 co4 4.111e fra ' An'I rb' > ~ iL
4 -l - 4444442." .. .1 ... ,
.h,-r, !o h- dic v red A itnerIien n'er%
rtei 4s. :t1 ini a cn*ZvY (:f t4oo. N '
M I., 1t4 rt'2IeernhI r t i: spider of Hyrt I rne1
Md no I i.l., in )f e 4'., gn4 .1 .
lleenl~lr n% rn wascaried Onial e
hundn-d~il Nbiuro- \\'ill -
alo let, l it-I'N el; v;(
Q 4! 1 141 k10\ . 2. 112g1t 1 '.'.vl
do;it. 14n:nberu turne .. trait .2-. I i
:14' e4.2 ti i l, ~1 ''4' ! 144 I21 4 4i,
det,tructioni arld rebap're al , art, qui
.H rea ri .; s lo . It ta.es4cen14i2
to deeo tei i iea1k bui. ni
4I4i4eing it r it . i i e:n'J :4144t
441 'l lt 1n er the ; ,: j 4 .401':,
9 .I4I *.. . ) i r t h eI 444e44t 4rs I
i44 I u4 ran1 m!, l re (h-. til
4-1 u hw Ia ill 4 ('i.V,. 1n .1
4 lit
t A 1 14. 4h4 p1 r d 1 v .1 u 1he- 4 '\ i .
t )f ctP:;tweh of Lallc ~ w ,ee
di1 1 4nd da 11 .'*led ir - .J
u:-:m.re, ::- h 1 <-: 1 4. ,
11" 11 iay. in I-r :n iornti if
h - 1 1 4 i L .ill"
\ ' -' i ; , i4 4 il l v. i
\V II I r r,44 -4
w t V ..I I l I Ia
it i -- withtti - e rre.
1-V' FS 14 Ilk.
h-1't, -i SN4 t!1. 1n4 -.-; mld
w- : t I
. O \ i V ve 1 .1f . *
I think it iI n ab1. - Aset
- a"e.' t ,n ated byMrs. . 1him
- 1in4terL have. 1-e '421 .C
L -:- - - a :.
~W Y. - t
o aI,,wort.
4 - ''t .4
4V -
AI 1
- I v
S \ . ' - 4
- - 1 1. 1
- - -t , .
.444 444 4 44f4' II I*
.. . b '..44,1
\ 1.b \ hr. 4N
4 o~ 4 p ill ib.I4.s> 12424.
-- -.\IN - - 4 I ~ '4 5 14 1,4
-i I I . II I ' .41 .2 ( | t i 41In i
h 4. - . ! . 24 214 n :422 ser-e:u 2l r-4
.l 4:4le1.24' o::i 1 . ';;r ',jt 2'
44'. 1'4 - I -de '.o44 hl4 the4 son! li4 .
b 'I44'4 22h'' Sw. eet ('144', '.un- 1h.44 -.
hi'2 e.J 2:ay hi.e'.- u wiui' 4)4
er lii b' 11, 142141r '-4..
t I your4'. :" ' ann 4a m I.'444 4
b4em/v 44nd'. i ty.?, 4 II'. se
e up 4 . p ib'124w . 1: e'a. T
ly 4 c. 4M -4 vci' c andJ cohl1, hengith*
4 . ,4. 4 4. 4. '444 -.,t t 41 4 14 ' ).2
aei l: t: :.44or1d4n tegriy o
144e he-.4 . '".ier Io~ fe ~4At . he ih T
er4: :4he b'1 nt4. 44ver '. with' snil.. bend 4
n 4, b4eh rwt rrrhsigt
d'. sI ,.u '4' Iiru 2 petUI24 tha. the 114er
1 hiis way a1 raibl :nt sad. l
runy be had through t : httgd by -,I
stail! pioce tf(andil .
York j ta this tiI. th su eet
of whlat. is- ulliedvi ",re-ra ., or
ra lert h Ii l llatcctiva2 d2 I l i t Ill e Jl
at1-1st' of, retihi les, lty
'ile-tion l ( 'roh :ttu1.ia v
il]us 110 I! I Ii I2 I l '.'pe t 2
lil coi in eeti;'ll \\ iit it, It Iii v
or. if thet! cily, o : ri!.y ev i
thof-..tpri e r to iot ] !I t 1
cll '11~-Il'-is ( fliv Ilt.iui k! I f lhk l .r l iv
tl"dtns'u the Cin-T e of , te citt
ii tdetie-. ::-es uutalo i'itjti Ii
all''lift . I2 bv hick il -
the prejudcs of th.-rs r uht he
tid ed, ijti 2:<>, te ti 11 tiy p 22I
(il l lit . ls ~
any Ipblie a pl orat r th .
qbietyll s of \ hiei J ('1y |- ,aj .d 2
[he e
alddressed( the ('ahi ofithe cityv
. lirti , t u r -. .nip0 ti ; ti 1,
behaveOi 2 0 theil. -e quiettly.~l :led It t t
' lletid I: asc eil--!ies wh-el ;- r t .
wid tlo listen IV an ef the .Amp
()I"dne of, int if' ; *v atteinl~pL
sholihl be nutd.. 4.n tht':r MrANN O
I ropetyO as. Cat- l tor.,liitj2 i i t g-d
hL \'. .
Th t o I : t1 -I-- i l* ay lhave a1 air
u b I ' t tldili 'Ir o*t i - '-t1e -~ ,r
itild I st<'r.V iitti he 1ire ts ;. - i .
d r which th0 .m! u, li-i.
I l -.he ti . we annes fii- the CAnm
!:*reI.. lier i'; 1l eye
it, -I avowed mlt
The mayor's probun-ati-n. which
wepill"ishedl Yesterda.y andreu i .
ed to day with sinei tIN:ograpicial cr
l'iwrS illuedt tawav inyjeif
tot d nee ary. 1y a '
-v i-i 2. I~
I 12, i1 ;i' '; - ".- f, I I
-. 1 \
S 1- . i !
1 ul
-'I t n. i b - bee 1 n 22-'e
n ~(i' ro'' i e i turor.1.2 j12
lirl'! thII.'. h
iw "o,-ul t1l 1 i -1t "' CASA 91 1 ol i Of,121
; t . - ; , iv
vv-,nir I I i c - Io.. u'l I
'.Vuli~~~ &d Ici.Ij' a . it'lI i :11), 011l".2 t 141k
11121)00ic. i ilit rt'ly, lat
211ici - 1 Its d '.1~lc( i t h 0 f It
li) l i- stctS wh-I LIll Itr, 11tl h '.' tIe
Nt o l l Iur. ,t) 1ulc-. . t 111. t1 . k. ho .'.
OVr I. Lc - a ito ht t NS (11-2
* n I Pc"1d Ir Ir ~thi. n ni
- .,tc b Llestu dole-.a d Dooe
r I: thdico ll. ,.h - n:
- \ld ie lin , !:tr
u-td the eea,:' to A!av or- Wastervelt.
w. ho r'evhd -.vhat ever license Mr. Par
444- lrosse''d. Th.le nuch talked of
arrest at the fhot of Third st-eet, was
rather a remioval of r. P arsons faoni
the siceny of a thineatleed distirlaie
li:n :n ht lse. No) inh-ntiot of in
4re(a4Invas enIlterail-il . (':t.
*i4er 1 adL. apprised that Mr.
I'; rs ns h:S Io license, and ws order
' , he : yr to take the step he
did, be.-:mse the .ivor believed "hat
hife sp~eakr was vi-lating the city or
iiaances. 'The erro.r was proiptly
(04 cuitd . :nd thc incIonvelliclicAe sull'
ed by Air. Parsons was too inlsigiifi
eent to 1-e a mtter If seii'us corn
ld' int, t:.der the circtunstfliles. May.
Ior* We\1stervve'-. reply to tle crod
who Surr tinled his holuse was Nworthy
of t he Cief Idawia to of the City.
"Gentlemnen," '.aid he, inl sibtance "If
ir. Iar'son:s has4 he I illegally re.
nOVed, (r is illegally held, the' law
mill n;'ljht and release him; but if' the
propeir tribinald otherwise,
,hough you ve-re a r:iillion, I will iy.
14I14 e1 frce the law(." t Mr. 'at
sons was di'eharged, and with suiboe
'I ct'!I Jrolceeldin'S Or readers are fa
President Pierce at
'- Chiurch.
A 'orre-T!I . f - 1.ih" ..,delphia
P li!: '.I,: - eseription( oft
mths !1 - ,.i. be' reco-.,iIised
as strictl ru, i notonly as to tile par
tici 1r Sabliath referred tol, but of ev
vy .Sabbath. byI a large nuniber o tlie
Vhizens if Washington. We copy
the letter-. dihi. Our readers ar ad 44 y
know the personal habits of the chief
inagist'rate, and that they Pinav know
how-,%- to appreciate the late enlurnines
upon Is*. inioral character. "The letter
rns as to)h ns:- iUrs/ln'nqtfm Union.
' I '.-. Ir. Baird, OfSoutl Car
. in. . arn' est-<!
t~o- i d.(' filng'' ja e Af.
- lueded at thie si
plae.ThePrsidenit of' thle littal
ted b4y the conirion. was present,
at i's secon"d servie, hit being a Ata
- 1 11 ." - he -rr (I b wher ' I . r was a
ini ii naj -v..ty. i44'myi4v own iinind, very
1i1pr11 l' in the AhPL. that., the chief
UI'i'-L 44 l.:. a.d it do)v.n a4 'onlv tile
*4.4ll" i'' p!' l -,' u t nI taI4 \ Z
thovdy. that. Rt was rnpasible fOr no,
a1 str4, g4''r. Ito .'! hir r4.V i. Ili\r..S
Inmtte! "14 to rue ns he rIred: and he
wI nt as hie ealIt--alhi I I'viieve \with
()ut a carize :r I sa1w none-minlr
hin;, \w-;li the 'h .;ng I'n the sidewalk
' he wtnd I Ihis way Lack to tile white
'reidenl't Pier(c is 1 refinci, pol
1-L4 loking inun; and his countenance
is bndict 'lit 'lrvn-t -nga'city and decs
mn Ilie\ asi plainl, (Silinlek
o-) :in>: 4181tuulously neat, his Lair
...r:n i-I in the mo,,st p'er-et order.
K' i, ron he is, I sholnd judge, about
nve lcvt ten i:ehes high. 8o Itr as
n111f4i appearne goes. there is 10
A meirie. wo would not look upon
the Ian with pride.
-I :al tld that lie is a -4refuil ob.
e: ver of the Sabah; retfase to receive
V; ,lt cirs, and rIlefusls to look ilto an44y
corr'e5i-tden4 h or other buisness r4m
thAt day.; is a coinstant attendent (Ii
! ..bLe v. 0n hipn 4. hisi iluencie her.e in
44f 2he 're'ch-ul't ye'sterid.'y wa'4s stIn
el'14 y to the 5lermon1I. an4d :1t oni pa4ss
14e in whih the preacher .'!. ''
W'.4 4(441' : -rm:1 iI' .' - a
intIs 1'eollIc are. 4i4 . ' - 4 i ta
4"choo;!s 1of tein44.g orl t4 " . s-of
el 1rin t4'-. m b4i411 j3i !hilCw . tV .
eC'?h14 :. .- i by the .4.en bli of th24.y
unass5 ill i44:4,.ns is 4 . l n r a
'.h. lo bse fggre' - titte- L1.hoi~
pell'ell, are0 t(ond. . ~stt-sets and
vages inth t'.i nd flms and4(
from11 thm le ctI iveily considered,
mni~'t the'14 u:4:ure of' general pro0spei'
And wil searcelytista-l~brothler;
But womeun oft wiant a kiss so bad,
They~'~ smar1(k and kiss each other.
TIhec follow ing%4 is1one o1 the toastsb
LiVe oni ali4 rieent publi1c( occiClion out
west: "AmneicanI youth: Mazy their
unbiilitionl r'each' as5 high aIs their' stanid
zag clla1rs3.
A man's11 mairriage'~ concerns nione
else, (c ept it may bie herself', ) but41
it is thet thling mowst miedtdled w'.ithu by
oither' jicol..

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