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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, January 04, 1854, Image 5

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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TIhtoi art 1 Fotrgo te .
There's net a Ihlwer to inirk t il- lace
Wliere yon ilt] I once. rove4l ;
T Ii-re's III i-t 1 ic to It ll the :le,
'Thast yim n%#-rw onec.- heClo% 'd.
Yol :are If irc tte ; yi n n%3 o1e, v
l''ell sie-tly (II ino n- a~r ;
WhoIII u44eel t i(t a utl o t te 4song
1 so mneh li)oi i:t) lie:ar.
'I'lire'.- not I a ta si on iy brow,
Or pictire it Itl.- nall,
Tii n tau 41. horie lt ofh'i n we !,ote-],
From li ilt-. ti t ja t rec.all.
The-re's not a path witlin tiw wood,
Thant once wec us--l to tri-arl :
T 'hat u' r rcs'all hine im: nt ,-,
For itnory k ti eal.
I'i e'en forgt how mnlty showers
Ilath 11-11 otoi n111 an ;
Anid how leftiv we'e 1:alwni ,hwlior
t le-i alh that -ob Jt-liiiak tre'..
No' eni thil fri--is nl h 4 ii i 4 I o
flesidet.- , ;w-rll bNazi-,
C bil tIl 11th v that onl ce I I. ..- -
For alw i n tlhr l .iot
In latter yiar, I've ii' 4h l wiih
Theie i l he i :! tt Iw
From iec fond m..liA r
I cobdly turn away.
Couimldia, D)c'-. 2], 1353.
I c ,: s i. .mtsg Ie h-i-I l .us = -it. i" ei
A Skeelh 40C De'spe0rale
('ti nwii. vlin . Ci vidhal s! tlh h114 ovs
willgo ithot li t'm."
Th s vor wer u t raI t l wd
no d orby< hWeel\lin Ii' iis lO
fle ta '1 ti' e I. d rciity li 4t llig il
til'lll'. lf t 1 1*1 itl i lwlt tt
h 1 I llaiil ltW
1,l :1 It~ '4' l- I'i*! i.1 b 14 iillt.
l It II I 1 4. 1 -l t Ii.-, 1 li a til
t't 144 b'4 1' 444 V 1 t I I v ItS
i it- td it-t
Il - 4 - .4nit111'. i l i h 4' ' vit1 :iiit
ine al oui i:o bi 1p l I-, vciveti -
1iu het o a . 1 i' ,I't t
t*ili i.' t it tits 4w44
fin a. iii 's hue. 'list 1ii 44 1 11 y
' it 'llO t h' 4111 1. 414 I t44lifIit- t ril..
) w4s 4 It vitt 1 1 1 . 1' i IIi.i a 't I ' ''t
s .iliitici. s wI "I t r :t1.' :. 11 - i
la.id l Ce .0 t' l I l ' il. t. l 1 v111 (l1' til v
fil' rle vlls - tes il wans l ' sxid l 111'e,
rie 1itw s 11 li- ItI t h il - at ll l 11vs
S i bLil l' t illit I ll th 01 it 7
residn.c hilne ofthe rcha 'ue of1 th
A playmthe Ie i)I1 e Chale nI l b
cried t, hi .11 IVlu o11vr ( ol lie . h r '
lie 0'if% :nild there hadl he tn n lie
reailyth himn either tol beg or steal.
Inteinperanmee did it all, muy chil.
"I .'au reIneinb.r well uN114-1 S iit
Jt i ns'J)Il draill; s i l's illuderat c' v, aild
it 41' Il 11:1o e hall old 1him lie w 1111 (.ver
lave Icoic(it 11 dii:kiard lie would
I:Ve bee very angry. I IV is now iWt.
11n11y a1 <lrn11naird, bit. a thie.C I Wt thIIiS
ie:. t w riilg to yott as loigr :1-; 4-)l
live, Ciharles, ilever I" get, iW the liihit
d 41riiking ardent spirit.s. You will
'alee'd, I will, mther,' answered
(Ih:arlie. ''I dlont see \hat liieut valnl
t.4) gr't oIrlillik for whell it makn es n l
haLd ruenA 0f thenll.'
'Be always l' tht 111111, illy "onl;
:lli'l if y il1 :re e\'t* l rnl4tell t(, tiink
thinik 41' .SlItirek ,1 ohn1son'l," '' i re Urned
his. 1 wi.
It was. as S-iire .olohnon h44d tld
.r .laies--his lWnnily was inilectl des.
'l Icle. 'i'n-ir distr.is had, hilel liwn
I,4 1),31 : Ii ho t - t i IIv ear neighb;-IIirs. I'I)r sex v.
L' raI yev. I r s tIt r4 1 Iither had b ween tIhe
IIl iI (I lti ll.I i ll' lit 11 111i I , :t i l.I
as- It tr a lie t'. :\ l ;Ide t4 :t1 .si t I it-r, Iv
h ie r i . a d a bo It; c I t .e
N4 \w Ow he 'ter, woirniet, wi ,(sr
V(sw itIit 1 10 III I ic' I( I I i I ' C I 1
no~ibl I it her head.
I ': e 1''.l I Ik , 444 1, I11 fi e. li lhe
r I Ili .1 4 iteI 4 114 :lin g , \\ h e ll h c h i I
tI 14il L 'd ':Itt 1 it, 11 i aI''. .w it dv I .
!It I nI p l ' hiis Iill lt hte s -.ii. it h
16 W s(I n V tl! I I e I ..,Il; . %111 l
- ' i: S. 'IIit ' li14 l i) l ', I !I [ {, 4a !
c. :. I t! a- 11 Hit- 'll 1.- 14,1 i
c//.r. It u at' the 1ir 4 -t Iin., I n- i
av Lic.hi. ub h al b'l' 1.1 01o
' ) C :. 4' d i' ' n 4. nu . Ill \ it4 1 i
i v e i
II '' 1:1 I. l'.4, I Io - Ii Il's lii 41444
I I i n. 144 r4. . h m
,4, ; Il lel I. s t '-.
Wc44 t.l 44 '., \N 4,, NI44 '4
t.cl\ { ' 1 I :. iI
"'4'i. . u I IhVhi :. ' .
14 1 *' i 1n c I:: \ it ' I Iihl
i I C lit -4 4 1 '.1* t( C 4 .1 : V c l
w- 4 u . 4' " 1ih 1 ill I .
4141'. 44I I I44'11 . I I - 4I i.v'\'4.' 11,4I1l
w - il t u1 i1 i J1 it , -.,!4. Ii' ilt
1 ic 4 1 , I' 41l :114te') 1144
I. liIt -- 11 :. 1 enr I \I1 ( .1(1I 2211 1, r v . - n ie
Nv -o a it ' IkVIS it \\ . - y i I .
Il1:al 4'l 11. l~l.i1411 (' 1441111o dw ll ill
al'. \lo Sp ir - lrll i % ih
ant+ 0.- wianie-: il tha no
ll ill il t .ilt. il! n 1-f - N i tl . It;- ('11 .110 \ %v il.
111: V l i h i :Iel 11 <h-igh1114 i f-, *
iI' -I'.. -1 i t it 4.4 :iiit ( 441 i' \ 4 n1n
'444' " I4'l4'.4 of.. 144' * "Ohl k14 bu a'It 4. .:
14i i - 1li!.4 l ,e:
4ilit- : il '4 e4.' e l I r>:44 \-' 1 i th
wi.44e en ' l. as Ic '.l4e it,''4 who bv.44 :1 4is
lIll it'. l i1 4.,'' 14tIl 4 'i.-w ic 441e41. j1:4 o4
l 1 4 t .e l i 1 i il1 Its ti 1li 44e 4 4
li In li l lll . l iIa' tI e aI ie e
II 411 it 1,4i i 411 4' r 1i 14' i l ' j, ' - 1
t it . 1l >< I ~ i 411 lc~
eI lli 4r1 44, a .444 re 4el;.:.,4c 141 441
till u lit elie~tn s riali i
.ita e. t4 esthe\ b' lt 144.' s ' 11.41
4 44ll ti li 11 44- I ; 1 , tI , -
44. a 'g':.''4 '1 ".' 41 hi44oun 4-han
44li4' :Ian i t ~ o i g .t
4l ' l ti 4 le h \ ie <i
tils t l i sl4444-. 4 vi l 44 4 a21
IIie leg e~ l Il.-ie ti ili
Th4441 444' r1 .I '1id 4 ro i I 'n :'. th s
4... I . 4'!. u ih he did. 1444 t 44'
Ile,i i t. '.4' 4 n- . 4'.~444.. 'i~
II a la - a ": I 41 J41- 41 Il
1he l ity4 41 1. Ji' 4s'ln. t ha 11 I b een1, ~
Iii t I ti. re 14 1.1 his :4iti , n.11 14.1
u ' r 1 . I t u'ny ('14' a4t4 bI.A h411 in..a n i g andI
be I Ir . . .'e~ 4'la- ' he . rinc11 4414d
t''( -411( \I'I' ih-:, h)44 1:i 4. forl'gine44is
t'.'111 .. I 441.. 1 41j 441 3:. 4h11 ' ihe.11
4.1 4o. . :.4..41'AnISthm
111. !.(' I. I Ii' '144.h-: to th,- 1r re--lt'
(I,-;ilig his I1,1l colividi-iv ly nIl tII.,
strangely oten oin tie inebriaet
titr-lit d mIt' l ile jpretlevltl, alnde it Sevill
41d thiit ever eve ill the cr4wded aud1
tonry Iiat Ilk :..Itarilig visitell. Ill aln ill.
si:Nit II Wa11 sober33. n11d41 relxv 3izing S11:e
of his p i y peenliar' position 1.a1-1.
'4.-Ilx 3ii i I~pl h~i .'. fl i 1i1(.1( 3 411s f it
t lle k Ij 0i I 3131l } iN% L 3iI I 1glii[ ,3v
rested a biorden loo heavyv to bie beinse.
11 walked iniiuedi( telyv to Ili, lit ard
inlh s e; ani l tlill hllding inl his hand:I
heu e\ 11w11hliv m 4ich. thle preaes r -ihad
i venI hinm .hie knlecled a.d fevNt11Y
v4ttw d as liv Y Ilied the li- n ve l "r
xIi al e I 11t3 ilml') t ler, li g r lint
"tuich, Ate, or lm n 1 111ic ti ll cne'd41
n33341 ill t tI li1 l lt t Iti I. xIvil
.llhns di ra e hwia told hdin: I
was "th iel-iir ofi jiserv."
When he rerom is ki h I :is
ihreC was- \%- VIWith tears;-4 ti'- pr 1.h,'
eil I 1); 1 1 '1.d Ili -. tIn A i, :lul3ld 64l
it as if' it had \e v.i h't. 1 It. laid3
where it fell, aind i'a. h,, :1 w% ill
walkel his ai
Ther was 1 kl lrk ait ht-4 ltoo. :,01
thIe N\'. lli:s mA - - . ;id
:1ra e h 1h d. I t .w tilt
qcoin u11pin thir n~ i, - h n
tile .t 6l wt' l2il lt ii'
ill illy xxl i t 33t l \
d l \-. :Il1 . 1t-'n r.j. . t I!-.%
.li .t il vee3l3 -'li. \I.: l
are ~ ~ ~ c it *'h,,e .\ - a n w -;s bill- I
(*-I in .i l h iO I n h tin t
6: . . Itil' a l -I vw it tc il.t I
il I a Iii I- lit . . l I: . .1.
coal I n th !: 'th b ti n e .
pit: ~ ~ 1 v.u |ei b i. anll allt.:
wl. I I..- i . I -ill n 3. r hll - : " -d
hil ' h-n 3 .
r in .n,~ ~ ~~~ ll.,r Iis uwn I l
\:%,? -. 7 3lt- Z) \ : 3
\ 1;.1 .. . .
I 33 .3 '-2:. 3! . , 2 ' 3 '.. 1 ' irl xx i; .
I n lt o , lix . , .- , ', H3t.; N N'r 3n.
ran i I fr : 1-33 It' l3o4 1-5 :3.3 The3
s1.-l- wo I)sCon .
This ik nil 1 . ;1k : '.I t:il,
se3l33 l 333 3 h3 \ iti: i 3:'.3 33
Ir-l'r t and at-or th ' d.: 1t h- c:tr3 v
ae - n - - :-. - : ee ib .h
-311 .Vt: . C i 'I ::'.d I t :'. '. I- I . 3
4133 113 i'. c':tI :- I. 3''h'b 3. - '3:.4.
tIr rI' , :i ii 'h3 3. 3.r ~ e i.
gr) t 3h333 th Ii 3e te:n n n
b.j d/31 li 33 r '. h : n-I nIi :i p .333 ' hjelI 3
3'4 :'un4 - 31 ' nl ilm (-3 -r3 an3 ~ ho
331.r :3. 1131r.33 31in : by b tUn
113-3' h4 Iih -- I cl.e in21 3; . x.n - -I
jal-,hit.~ j)'~ i l ii .3'113u: .33 1.::.3 3,3)
on. the 11 ::h11Ie.! x laj33ii th ' '. .;1 theI l i .333 -d
'3t 3 1i3h o I th 3- I ''. for :Ai- u 'ee', eitt
I~isrh'., i :13t) 1::.3'i -- f1J .-I31'' rt'. . i33 e:).
ii Cnod iiad Whe 3:'yrl' 1.'h' 31t cel 13 f 'kl ,
that b .33, I3omej to ourid~1'3 .:h 3l32 i ... oii, e..
Iprevalnce North, *('ii y: ti'i.II -r3) ha r3 h13.3n
tI'ht i.o.
Mr1.4 1lTl 4'S1-* I I 1V41 4 (oluiilui
it t he Cideg 'IIt ( ~Aj u, in iDeccaber
l;1-1. l)L'IJI0 tile gli.i 4t ing cl.ass of
I. lIis i:%ij icen tilt! sot ject, (f it' 11 h0
IVI111, (11 10 ei Ind' the Ie(1ilIth's tjiisd
loii ll 1 -. .eloS ' %% ild t I le ' I rstocmt :4IndLiI
k 41. IliIilctd Ily these1 dt'illin 'itieoiIs
t 1.1 it -Itie lit ciroiluis Iiiljressi im, fr
TAWAC:1 has ht'Cll cmillL'lIed till williig-r
IV, 41-; I.U stateTI, to jiihilil his -.d(iriess
II i I 1ilI til ho 'kIrlc.on Mci'cury, Irvin
Nvliciicc it hit hli ce e.pici I by l 1 tile
Wet Iimve givenl tile 4114 'llss it vAhiii
a0tt ht ive, :111d tiIlpj iiIldiv'c( peciiszil,
.111d! ;Irv ctlilt-ld tu s41y thitt we ('411
it fililt ill> it (4 Jljtr It silfu S lltil eIl, Which
th. ' ii rav. 'Mri. T.911i:1. whlic hie de
I Ilk- ? N -\ I I Itt'i. ; CUI IysIoIjiSit
Il, t 11W J1iA~ii "*I(IT5 4 Cill Ilki
*:ioui I I'tt~l aitd hii gher ~:idi
W en. thiis . iljd tn. V4 citiC:! ilotict' 4)
tilt :1e1 I cS .114,ioll d ulhiss1511 withl
Mir. l~i I ':ll Iilli I ojlts , mIl'ieIi
tiiOwi.tiali.m eid tile Noith, 1111411
\%oc' lilIil, A I''\v 1.1) lit, f'Ihissc4.1 ,41s (P
ii~ ~~ mc It!is I-,s (It( ~:~iledh
11 elif.e -f Iiho Ne ii I'ie ,;l.s
,j p t jii. t-tj't-I .- 1 if Ilit-IC Ill
iii14.41 1 t01 SVI i VldI"I 111A
il 1. t 4.e il ljll l *ielllrit'-.-4
WA -tilt4 1~ Il I c'i -ll*ti Ill l-11ie 'hi-I"41111
-pl Th ''...' , I.
1! lie II . I i I141 I lk, IA 11t
Ni.It I. t. .i. i IIll a i tilt tit i i 1 'u
I, ,.fi- b I m ly i
W . , *,1 ''tll ', I)\ b t ll I ill-'111 111114~ li11t
1% Ii ti!I ..1 vs. :1ii! liaiv ote~i
A 1, k 1 'lI. t
ul.~ ~. I lit Ii: ti l tile((
II ~i ill lls It 11 1;. h i . ilpit-i
Th . .1i I k ; I' . 441 Si Litt I'Vt 11 i lt4
1 :. V V i. Ix.t i44I Il i I 414
OF A durimi. auempt was inade on :nn
of I)ecen.er to rob) the dwelling of Mr.
WILLuAnM HAU-r Fell. Of St4. MA-r-rnlIw's
i: cn, S. C.
'-i' Ili Flirence, Alabatima,the town
coinicil have raited the license for retaii
ing mlpirit nionis liriuors to o d' thousand dol
lars. at4l oi billiard tables and ten pill al.
leys to five'hnnicired doilars.
U-' Ai ncre is comprise-d within thi dis.
tance of 220 feet lengthamd 10-3 feet
width- A eptare acre is a Fraction less
thai 209 feet each way, Ling !ess than3
one iich too much either side.
UO FcjwAno 11. CoUcrNA, Professor
of 3Matmicnaties il the iUniversity of Vir
ginia, died on the 21st inst., ut tila resi
dcnce of" the Uiversity.
U j Tie tin:tuinfactire of tle Ccinicin.
itN pialos will not he t opped ill conle
<uience ol the death of ir. Ci :icciuNm.
Hlis sns C0ontinue1 tile lsiess.
if-; l The J ic :m so iA of" .i:aleii, .\Iar.
engro counity, Alhna of the-, l'!th inst.,
say: Te plantat11onl be-I~lngingr to thlee
tate of Isaac Curtis, in this comily, aIl
inanaged by Isaac il older, -, iii, ve leani,
inakie the large yield (if nine bales of cot
toil per hatd. Hoeat it win can!
ILj We learn by the Unionvi!le .Journ
last .1.un]i:s A. 1'm1ie], who ho i been co.
ilned In l niont.l t I await h'is0 triilor
the. mnnrder ofl .Jos,. e nes Sr., broke!
Jail and hvis linule hlis scp
In the I.eg icsI: r' Il ( oarg.ia, a
y tein Colof Iit'l li.il criticiioni in II
Niet , nil to appropr:ite f2(it00 or liht.
ednatin f porchildr-en Ili thNe <hill'rcnt.
C-1' lit -Now York, wn Tuv-Fihi, !two hales
of Conaon were di-po.ed of, at a decliiie (o
/-v'e, prieiinip v il . inth lower rlir aliii en.
Cll'ee was very ; firnm. . Fb~ nr s %%ere
firm. 20t0 t-b '. ofl ('en,!e T l ':,jmII:
ebani r li i 4n i at 1. --7 1- por hi .
hii ~-td thae i h iis Ii ior lcto be! Si. ..a,(i
cia 'I'iltit Piiilf wie'ec po ait) o f ;ill'!
roe tl Ilo lre 1:114! ; lal es . :r.:301,33: a I
r.ifl~ila f tro ick .\ile . ~ ,afe-h 'n
w n i dtiv ki ! :d on *y : t
Ic nurb b' r'-ng cath :iete e t' hie
ca s ljiei : 1 ta tb t In t r Cr.
' 'Th - ii i CI .1'io nine Ot.\
iirst:Uis th it. coun itivii. lihty doliar
hi 1, of th 0l k of H S. C.. ar
in ciren!ition in the wedaern part of (icr
. Kni Theyare said to bec extretnely- well
execnted, Iand con.-wtrowintly dillieil. to dII:
ti '. i- i i' at l' uiciici. c l v: ail
,lninfrolp lifeeun,
iL shiot, :t ofIi them lii are
*1't r ann i-ied: n i ~~sii--dco mea Ms.
t It is rleporti ti t there i:- b . 4h
CA i - irS stbb!i at . ranl hur C.
he ii entir com i 'a ' ofth New Or!
- iis i n I..-n t os It i- t i s estii) at
, t a 'ilit. ' cv,000. i11.i 00 i : l t.
rId beein e:<pmuiei, upo:I-ftr.ifrth
.-illtl otin h ii ( d .nlpreiish 'Inl. is bo lor
h.rt -i ihi. S:'b.-t oi hteh' -ri iif i.id m
wil ic 1e brua r i.: tv w i be art re r.
I -i ,ia The A:ia;,r . praonn &a:i'
the ssr'na.ypremd rm h
r( i d,:m .n oN es ict i o no ..ti I 'r-tac .'r, and
Incite foriey ti h aei dliivei ttc pee
1n t. da toprece-itnir the grh-it ire hcIeb
.-' - I ri pri, on thr fc..uni e Iri i i-o
i-re ithS~ Iiaivepool bycl a los of no
whel ieeihinerS af ol laa- invc.1e
I.-\ill tisibior ibFoa, 1.. oi , -mi
isy \ ,: a.:, t-i f .\ a y f l
*~ .\ n ly S c i:h wre-h
h' e tribii Cfii2 - ' 3 e rili ii i . i
innurneof bor.mahoir. Th:nisl tho
th rd establisionent of the krsi ine iabole
-D in- eaYrking thereitle - il
mr- o wages pat year.l~ie~ i)C
.lThe' Waingtth toNa s.'y' Ibtaty oli
(C r..c;Nvi-i : rei aTiMor n i eolutted iwle
Con-. b-h i ati: f l'ii 'y catina.ow
berr Vle'a be eede h h
At ato the w l iretlcL all tti.a huy a
At a ieeting (,I the operatives oni A
the; Wihinington &6 Manichester itail Cil
IRad, hId4ield at China's Ilotel on the ,
i i
:1 Ast of I)eernhe r. T. .D . K NS I&q.,
wi ciled to the Chair, ail Mr. NV. F(
J. N. oini! i was lirq ,ted to act, Ith
as ecrvtzlry, when the folh-i- a
preamlebI :nd resolutions were read:
Wheras in tlie resiinatir. of Mr. o
S. S.Sow.\ossA;ssitlit Egne
tin the West end of the Wiiiningtim
and Nanehester ini! Iconhd; We. S o. n
eatives, fCe, thu We have lot, a kidlI
and coilsidlerate spLeriol, and that we
decin it oiur dly t" express our loss it
in soniei tangile. i, rm: therefore be t
100re: That tie eblairzieiii of this
s1 iii l I~t14.4 j' l33 (-I'33 533:I~
lif the Rusrbrur, uyi
Shall1 be I') proculre soIllesutbl
te.tinionial <!our r:u-d i presenta
J clee/ ndly : That -ono: one le -
seleCt1.1 a1 reuete to41C.OI Ire'n In
ourbehdfsuc tetim nia to.\r. S.
lieu~I .i .1 es. *S *.:.
S.! o.*t st 3with ,I :h I. p e
.ive ofthe Ifeelingi 44f t ti veon t
tile Wert end oid the W. & M. 1Lii.
Jer )r l Ell : ImLt wiwn tihe
ill t ite- 1I;1ve C4iillijicetI'd t liir ar
l3i3 3'titeltl , it sil J ibet lii i l1 y to
t '43 i tI~. ie ti cal. all all ti erit ' 11 It ' 13
t is i llve!!lg (331'' us'3 iallt, \ M iti idllt y [
t will then beto .1 p int a tioi . t3 he
r. .. Sit .i. iel n
W "Aw:' I IhI3 CCUU, M* MEMAN,3t 313.4
1' f u l .L'4.i pj 4.3 N31 nte L'. '1 It ai l i'w e
I f '..I \ : ' . iti ' 4.' . all. ' 3
\ Yi \ oi i . It lilt fa it ce it) . .11
Xu. a1 i . i i e tsti i. 33 itt r. re443 rt.
U l. . :\ itt . I I '., w als~~i l tile
iliatter (til :hyt eh V ic-e iv- il
Tue-i ti- loth ar Jaimvsr (piI*n
1id a4 13 - (33a\ 03f tii ntatiin itin
iingtei it wn 1 t I 11i.i
i3ter 3 l i ' 'i:. lin i4rl'i/
a' ii i
\ r I I tu t . r .111 1 o-l
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thl ide Ie had alio deflaluted
No liusi ins mier Gon. Orrehat.
Th' hiCest :n-comntt f om Sinpe
itc that tile' ink- lost elevei ships,
t ibitevii, of u hich threve were trais.
'rts. Thie Rissian- loest Iwo of tlwir
rlet l.hips, and four weeL totally
si ~ry cd. lThe allirii was not so di.s
-trouis tit the Tuirks.as ai firt rep:>rt,
Another enwigenjent had taken
1,.ce ill the I amIk Sea betwevin tihe
aasw-4d three1 Turllkilh ste-noll
'I wich t f he1114 btter vscaplem .
bie third was blowni lilp by II I
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t-a iini.s left the lIh -nhorus oin the .1
L-riwon of the 2d.
The htt.t v(ntounts fro l';- Paris State
hat the allied ih-ets had been ordered
to l ile lack Siea.
The dilrInatists- were still hnsy
-it h t heir i es. At I,f itrhI it was
hongbkil that, .b.hnlussell 'would bile-a
Pa 1irnerston. I.ansdownm le WAS
wonj st.t fihr.
n of tlhe I.lmndonm ' ~papers intimnate
hal a <!i1a:eeuieit in thie (:alhiet fill
hv! Ea teI 1p1sio cauz-ed ].,,Ird
la lli I , I*-ii ;i I ..i ni 'll.
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tily t l ,11 that ti a 11111 ite 11 'M . G l.
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I'lt olly v y% his ownt c untryrinen, b'.it.
y i. liat- ( . Cat[iieli. who have -
ived any ti l l. i l' ari-:
PJugte(Oet. 21, 185t3 .
\l. flin It (fii e 'i il erse:) in t
Itap~stoo tle that1 it is rily duty- .
Si mfli the \ irrilluing fli-it of which
eC fii ,L ii ii I &--iC 0 I Ii ii ('iut I kl
hi e , .-entl b witnes'. I will
1itc tili. ll .mi( ll til4d w ithout e in.
licntary'. Th I le -utii-2110%y Clear inl
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ivret light. w b lbe . thrown pon
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)e ilat ie ill L.is I l t' ei l t t ell.
v I trions , 'bh-d :it .1
irlihmin th i t ar I m
ielitim wiere njearily ni iiit~
fie to tht Ilimi -a ith.
A Sl irit wI 1 1 . had o - i - p l ..n
Sth st thte ithe toldism name,~ hi
im ountry, ased h thr pa er &itfic.
tlm inll ie t i li .[ i I e i t'titjag II)0 litl
IuIV Ihirl. The ~ti'air. was itighl t me
itli ti lrle, ti silla kili 111 ('Xfltn
l ilt. t-hr ile, w igI tut|| t ; ldi iri Ilig
i-t mnlo hieb if had sn-een. th It it
Li'clmlit'I'Ml tof' dbtit acThe nex
uV a rtiI i n s ll' wasli at erht,
I ll tiolys.l N~Iatrall enoug I he14
eee iofm is Sunday l \S wasi th tpic o
iineralm' diisol use.13 ~ih si.'dwht in
bIl ti ofit ti I i ntt .iii wa Pi i fees on
incedhiofttWe possibl( e d crl)noe in.
Wre ti-t in hall agri-et ctmleiention
1, 1(innoie t assi.,t atrhe epei
astlthit' the. ix lccasilon were tn
rte ent. itef iitally toi med woci
'IItihaS con(tnt to assist hr one 4
y an ake, ut u th 21ake of ts
wh uerlo ab tstiyniny in ii e o
rv i te; hides llht's feweul '~doi myia
tu til)Vlctlom pelte demo to rm mi.
trenir and rted nt inof thos
relet 1.A't thatybeif ra as cofrrect
IC lwas u thl rehee list lrie Lt
1 ril of lirblity, fo i ne an experh
rfutibefor me,1 ~~~ife to aft ~er 1)e1n
iyti r trinist m ic fhirmezns was
e INfore ttht atr, an fsoe-d un
ns, or prmitting teSta

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