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For the Sumter Ianner.
Tholi smrt Forgottelao
There's nota lower to aurktlie placd - -
Where you anti I oncd roved ;
There's ot a voice to tell the tald;
That you were once belovd.
You are forgotten ; you whose voi'e;
Fell steetly on mine ear;
Who used to Fit and chant the songs
I so rnuch loved to hear.
Tlere's not a trace upon thy brow,
Or picture on the wall,
That canl one thought of how we loved,
From the dimn past recall.'
There's not a path within the wood,
That once we used to tread:
''hat o'eritectills tidne image ndwt
For inein*ry is dead.
'TiR e'os forgot low many sldowers
- lath full on tou and ne ;
And how oft We'vd taken sholter
Beneath that old oak trea. .
Net o'e iho friends who used to sit
Beslide the cheerful blaze,
Could tell the love, that once I held
For thee in other days.
In latter years I've mdingled with
Thd fickle and the gay,
Front each fond inemory of thee;
Icoldly turn away.
. W. A. M.
Columbia, Dec. 21, 1853.
A Skeeh of Desperate
"-Come, come, Charles ! the boys
wvill go without yom." h
These wvords avire ut tered at his bed
oom door'by h(1ailes Merwin's mtioth
ra bight, frosty norning in
mnid iter.
The litilt. I'llow, arousing himself
froin one ll ths morning (meps Which
imake the dreamer dread the .sound (d
the bloe s':kifast h .l l, for a. loment nes
lied cozily in his.wariti coiuch, anid li. t
eedo I the lbleuk wind as it rattled the
caseinent; thei he bethoulight himli Itow
lie had hoa;sted to his cmnii)puii oins ol
thu previolis evening. that nonle ofthemn
should reach the skating gronud lihat
morning earlier than hit. Ile coveted
no longer the sluggard's repose;. but,
*springing from his bed. hastily dress&d
_, !!nielf, and itt it fw moments was
rutiiiing' briskly towards the public
square of the villaego. to meCt a1 few of'
his school-tellows, who had made hp
ointmieits with each other to assem
le at sunrise at a pood in the vicinity.
and have a-"good skate" bfore school
Charles had run half'way from his
father s house to the public square,
whein, on the opposite side of the street,
lie saw a ntiuber of men and boys
standing around a cellar door at the
residence of one of the rich men of the
A playmate espied Charles, andl he
oried to hiw, "Conic over e; there's
Charles curiosit.v was excited, and
for a moineit forgot his skating party,
but lost no. time in answeritg the call.
" What's up?" said he, when he stood
beside his playmate.
"There's a felipw down here," an
swered the boy, pointing, to the -cellar.
"Wliat fellow?" returned Charlie.
"Nobody knows," wits thme reply.
"Mr. Jaines heard somndhody in the cel
lar last night; lhe w as \watching, and lie
-slipped ottand fatstenecd the door.
Hie says it ain' the first time his cel
har's been robbed, and now he's got the
thief safe; that's what, 1 heard a ia
say. Let us stay and see who the fel
low is,.Charlie?"
Charles agreed to this proposition,
willing to gratify his curiosity for a lit
tale gossip at the expense of the "fun"
upon which lie had calculated for~ the
morning with his school fellows at the
Tfhe boys did not wait long Mr.
Janes soon caine ott of his house, anid,
opening the front cellatr door, b.d his
prisoner walk forthi. Ther'e was no.
answer to the call. Again Ito demnad
ed that the prisonier show himself, but
no one appeared. Lights were pro.
curedi, and several men went into the
cellar. 'To the a-stoishatmnt ofall who
had wsaited, like Charlie, to gratify
their curiosity, an elderly inan, who,
even unider these' circumstances, was
regarded with defere:'ee. was brnought
"In the name of Hecaven, Squii e
Johnson, is it you?" cried Mr. Jan'es
vhien~he -m een'gized ( the prnisoner -
"Why did -you go into my cellar to
steal,. when you kinew that wheniever~
- -yon #' a',i I would ft eely' givo: you?
Syv *".'-. ,t there to steal.'
from the ground, buul ~i ii s Yo
ed,'" wuc there to stal; tiy iaunil -
is starving; I would~ ntL beg.
jlfone ~hatkpptin to nestraini himn,
hm in bowe Nonhis chin, he walk
ed thimigh thse cmrowd''tdbent his wiw
tow~aid his muiserable dwelc~hig.
,Squtire Johnsotn lhad bevn a' prionin.
emit run inie villaIge. *' v*enty yearsi.
V il o thi-. icene lie was~ autionm
o1Iune of th ii' uip r co t an
huJ n .' popunu. I~',o
~'fy mi the '~ slanres qfthe Stiatu, and(
~ *br inanyl. - a fIeeni juistice0 of thme
pefce~ i e J" i man respected by
dy, evn in degradation. No
*b~4i~ eve. ru do .or thlough1tl,,, ev
er tino r eried after Sc uoe Johni
,.8n whierfhe efa'ggered in' cfie street.
vd Iyrygmran, womaer'and child in tile
:)i b i6titewllgthat Squire Johinson
h e alith Mr. Jane's cell -.
It was k~oIing swse Charles Me'
j1n ass lily .aiTetediiy it,* and hu\
5told lis mnofhof .fta manner which led
Ier to think that'it was an excellent
~poigmuity to imnpatr a useful lesson.
esaid to him:
Yon~j now,. Charles, we hiave 9flen
told you iat Squire Johns'on was once
very muceh esteemecd,, and might have
been a great man, ifho had not been
~ )flo.pon..o. Wo ad been ,a sober
s 1
ries of, life, aid there had been no ne.
cessity fur him either to beg or steal.
Intemperance did it all, ily child. -
"I can rUmember well when Squire
Johnsbi drank spirits muderately,nnd
if any one had tuld him lie would ever
have become it drunk-'rd he vould
have been veryiangry. le is now inot
pnly a drunkard, but a thief. LCt'this
be a warning to you, lnitg as you
live, Charles, noero t:det li the habit.
of drinking lrdent spiriis . You will
remember this, my soo..
"Indeed, I will, mother answered
Charlie. "I don't see wlit men' want,
to gel drunk for when it makes suech
bad men of them?.
"iHe always of that miid, my son;
and if you are ever tempted to drink,
thilk of Squire Johnson," returined
Mrs. Merwigi.
It was as'Squire Johnson had told
Mr. Jaies-his ihmily was indeed des
titude. Their distress had been knowii
to buit a few near neighbors. For sev
eral years the mother had been the
main support. (60 the family, assisted,
as fir as ho was able to assist her, by
her oldest soi, a lad about fourteen
years of age.
Now tile nother, wornouit with sor.
row and fitigne, lay upon her couch,.
tmiable to lift, her head.
The Squire came lime fromn the
grogshop one evening, when the chil
treti had eater nothing for a whole day,
and one of his.daughters said to hhin,
.we ae very hunigr% piw t vonl
ge-t us something" to eit t'
lie niande her 110 answer, ..'ut went
out ,anl VuS lud. "d up in Mr. n ile's
clilr. 41t-was no6t the first tiile he had
visitel it. .llr.'Janes iived in aplen
did maiiion whieh iiad belonged to
Squire John'. soIln, ani. d-in whitchi his
family (nce dwlt.
. The nuewts of, her husbanld's thelit
c'uld not. Lt k.aept roiio 'Mrs.. J1nsoni.
Ile told her himself, and left his homeli
never ti) retiiii-no trace of liin Was
ever obtained by his fimiily.' Mrs.
Johnson died in a few days after her
huisband's disappearance. T lie children
Were well cared for the cldCst .ioy
went'to live with IM1r Jaines.
Alaniy years passe.d and the boys
whom Charles ierwin was tb-have
met at a, -i4kating paity, hadl grown
to bo, iiieni and were el(raged in busi
ness inl variois parts (d the couitr.
Soin -vere men of iinee--iame
wvere proflessionlal menl-somei mlerehl
ants-some mecianies:.-but all did not
iear lsely in mid 'the lesson which
Squire Johnson's exNposure1 conveVed.
One having seen delight in ga' so
ciety, in spite of what lie believed hon
est intentions, firm resolves, and
determined promises to himself and
friends, had lean-ned to Iove the
wise cup), as he- loves It, 4ho, by its
wild excitement, is lifted above the
plain realities of lifle-who dvells il,
an atmosphere throh i which a rosy,
light is thirowii around hii that stini
uilates tie inagination ,to clothe with
many brilliant hues the quick-coming
faneies of a crowding future-while
first it dispels the ros\ light, leaves in
its stead the twilight of sobernesss, and
then brings on a gloomi-ox1 which, the
irayless gloom of deepest iight. is but a
fhint syiinbol.
Recmoirse anid recpentanice hanig to
Somodm.~restie- sanig not securiel v; and
somfetimeis the victiim, to escape' thieiir
pangs and his own shiainue, foolislym
flies aigain into the f'orgetfulniess of'
an'hour- which the wine-cnp may alflrd
him, to be onuly iiore wreteh'ed and
more despeirate at each return of' that
gloom, f'roim which iaga in lie only es
capes to shar-per conviction and more
stinigi ng reiior-se.
T1his disgiraceful ronnd one of those
boys hiad often taken who saws Squiire
Johniison bow beneath a load of gilt
and shame which lie did not surviven-.
WVhen intoxidauted lie wnsas disposed to
desperaite aind dangerons exploits. Hie
would bei subier, and sorr-owflt on aec
ciouftiofithi- disgrace, for :non ths: thlin
ii inds would miss him i and whieni
find .it would lbe ini tho miid->t of'
deepest disgrace. 1Ho had oftena strange
ando peh)iro freaks inslti t he spell wnas
on hin.
Hie had becen the ebnfid~ential clei-k
inl ani inlfluential miert(iitile lho-se of
the city of Bioston, but hiad been
obliged to. resigii his situOationl.
lieI hadl not becen sober for maiiy
wneeks. It was Sabbanth mornningL~aAd
heo promeltianaded onie. ofL theprfltieipals
streets of' the city, longging for mfeans
to preenire deeper' tiraiights of the
ploisonl that had1 blasteil his~ prospects
in ince, and:rnade him --an object of
piitying dread.
TJ.he "hiurcbh bllsIha d Sollie time
sincee alle-d the peoiple to thecir respee
iive pices of ws-hi p. Th'le y-ouig
mican-gassed a chiiireb. the udoors~ of
wshich re\i- oj4n. TJhie sound~ of the
pramchieir\ voice camne to him, Ijnd
wjitjI one t,fshiis siingular imnpulse~~
gnitcind aitlirvi -ip~~Ile uaisle, aid; ai
iewn oif't~Whole J~~rj~~wl
edi dt-i bemnte-y tellie pulpit, aseen d~
a' si ep-, and, recaching- out his br~il,
mu (iennfi e i it reaebr by demaiindipa
oif li~ nm a loiud voite, "Give
soame igiimey, if yoiu w5oilive a p
ibrg infiater! j inuist.,ha me r
Ti ,seene was oneC of a startling and
exci 1fg character; guehtlemeeu sprang
fai' thiri seats in all p irts of' thie
houseo hr the purpose of taking the,
saileg'ions intruder 'mto. custody; but%
the prgaceri with a significant niotion:
of .his' hand, -r.estrainecd them, anid
taking fromi his pdeket at half dollar,)q.
placed ip in the pauh which had 'been
strasngely extend m$Iii, sayingon
ly, in a low voie .. daa sad tone
"Charles Merwin, you .hav~rf.gottodi
Squire - Johnson and your mpth.
er s-counsels."
Charnles M~erwin gazed Wildly 1ht$
the fade of him wvho thus called up sald
Elenmng reolections~taudihe knlew tha'
eh preachier was Jamys Johinsoi1 wh
iad become the naonemi -.o n
James when his. fther disappctired.
Closing his hmAndonvulsively d
strangely gottenj 1W' the lineA
turned from the preacher, mid itteem
ed that every eye in the crowdcd atidi
tory met his staring vision. In ai. in-.
stant he was stobcr, and realizing sqiise
of his painfully pecnliar position fis
tened upon .him; e did not rush or
walk as One upnQ1 whom I remorse
rested a bui-dei too heavy tobe borne.
Ile 'alked inmmediitelv tohiis board
ing house; nnd still hioling, iin his haia,
the mnoiey Wvhich ihe pirenteiher .hadl
givoni him -lhe .kneecd. attld' 'lm'cntly
vowed as he valued the .menliiory -'of
his departed mother, never agnain to
"touch, taste, or handle th'e acenrsed
thing,' which, in the hour of Squire
Johnson's disgrace, sl hiad told him
was "the elixir of misery."
W ien he rose froini his kness his
face rits wet. with tears; the preacher's
coin burine hisrlnd, and Cell from
it as if it had been red hot.. It laid
where it fell, and Charles M\Ierwin
walked ' his room a weeping penitent.
There %d-a knock at his door. and
the lcie. James J ohnson en teried and
tind gra4ped his. hand. Ile saw the
coin upon the flooi, and said, 'I'limk
the Lord for that st range initerrnptioi
Imn 'y pplpitsto-day! I
Thle yduing inaem kneeled together
aid prayed together; antd .when thy
arose Cliaes M1erwin was so changesl
a man that his frincid having take Op'
the half didolloir and '1l'red it to hiin lie
received it, saving. "A it1olmit :11o it
burned my haiid as if it had been a
coal frmoiim the fires of the bottornless
pitii now I can hold it, and vow that, I
wifl keep it. I will never' lie tempinted
while I have it.'
Chlarles Mlerwin is now a leading ed
itor inl ani lEastern city; ibrwarl in niil
tre reIbrins; exerting a wide new d hap
py infilnee. II N% ill iever' violate the
hot vow is mothilier's emory
TJ,18E 11H IT R SIN E.
';rfDNESDAY, JAN'Y,. 4. 1854.
SL t~wr j4vur i il~ I.3,
Prices contilnl 'to 'nge frim 7 1.2
Cr-ros.-Thlie I i cin to-dav were
limited to soin I -le, at ext'remes
rangimg frqis bt 19- 'to 10 1-2 c. The
market waidprespd and Prices unsets
- A ,sgIuser "*aowi. -
YQ~d n ognahee oit hi
* vill
ed to the.depth '0 h . -r I -
This is an unist- Ia oaeirrence 'at thi
season of* the yeai.
Wilaisgt S114 snd m Ias4 es
ter it. it,
Protaand after this date the cars wili
leave thI:s placee at'7 u'ctock, in thne miorn.
ing amdrntofrnt 4 iin thme eveingtF this za
in eceqnnce of' a chianige on thec Souih
Caerulina road.
'The great Northerni and WVesterin mail
willI not we tinders:uad bie puhicedl iponi
the W ihnuingtoni and Ala;mnreir Rn iilroa&
initil it is 'ompi~leted, which .we mnay look
for shortly, as there is now only~ three
miles of track to be laid.
Manty of our citizens will leairi with re.
gret thant hi~s gentlemian is about. taking
his departuro, having been d'ppoiznted Chief
Engineor on the Cherawv and D.irlington
laiilroad. )l r. Solomnons by -his atteint in
to buisiness and courteons and dibliging
mjanners, whilst acting as assistant'. en
gineer oni the W'ihnington anmd .\Inches.
ter road has imiade for himself miany warm'
f'rie'ids in this conmnmnity. In another -
-(olu:ni will be an acconnt of a roiCLtinilf
the operatives on the-Wi hn ington and' ~ iin
chester llailroaid and some gemplimeniary
resol utions to tle retiring oflicer.
I J~fft of -C~i~srintozz.
We hare frelineritly he~ard'it .siated of
late, that the Smiall Pox was in Charleston
and have been called upon for infiorimation
on. the subject. Ini the report of the Bard
of HeIalth of the city for the 'week eniding
Decuraberei-th, the dis.-wie is tnt mne-.
tioned-ar~ the only reliile notice of it,
that has gome to our sight is in the Mhr.
cury of Sultirhay, whic~h in ant art icle oni its
prevalence North, says; "Thlere have been,
somre cases of varioloid, a tmitigated form
of the disease, in this city duiriing the sum.
mner and auttun, hot ontly one case termn
-wtt thiv shfould nt hiesitaite to visit
C harieston.
Poria~in WAre,
Theli ChlI ilf s near m- Gratiiteviljet
hav~e .heefn fout.d adniirahbly ~adapted
to tire mnnifhetu~re of Porddl~aini and
o~ been-leased- to aaor thri'Conmpa
ny, for term of' years, lot that .ptr
pose epmn' itrtibles ar e How -on
exhibficnr .fharleston, und ae .'ii
tof ~oiar ~ with the .F reimh ma u
factulred ~-~r
We hw Schiool.
m the Suah. Cai'oinian
tDtMr En BarFLIN(iof Barzgvelf.
Ds'c .bittalking up'his edi$nee
in Columb :erd1he'initend~ to~estnb.
hish a a S i..fuc h, at ittioni,
we have lonq diderett a desidpfatutgtto
tho St tade are pleasetd..to see, that
pogio emmnpetentt to the :task hadgtimder..
Itt oto( -% glm cf
list, before tli graduating class
1848, hias~.beed~thp gbec o h
populai clamor an t ior do
tinced arg woula Ue arito'crat ari
tyrant, on acOouiit of 'octrines opposed
to the educatibn of tile" people' which
it Was su'psel theilddress. 6ntain
ed. liduced by Jese denqPstrations
to refute afOrrocous Impression,
'.'AJEa las bcifonpcllCd . 'uni ig
ly, as hi stat'j to publish his adliesp
in full iii the /gles(neAfry; frqm
whence it hai been copied by all the.
City papers
We have givente address a calii,
ittentive; and unprejudicd".petsl,
and are coinPlied'to say that we an
not find in it a sinile sentinent -wlich
is opposed to popular 6ducatioil on
the contra ry;Mr. T Ea, while, he do
preeates the presienup1 hool 5) sta r in
the New Enugland , ddvo'entes fior
the Souti a rriire e ipfete aid in hi
opinion a be(t lid higher Standard
i education.
Were this sitrilly a c itical riotice of
the address we shtould take issud with
Mr. TAiWIau, on 'manyi polints'wherei.
we difler with him, and especially
to the radicalism of.the :North; wfiich
we cannt allkw toMbe 6lssed 'as of
American paronlage; niuch leis as,thie
fruits of tho.New England school sys
tem ; liit this' is foreign to our pur
pose-tie address has been read for
the purpose of discovering-if there be
in it any of that arrogtanceaned.insulent
aristocratic -pirit attributed to it.
Finding 11on SLilh, it would sebin Ihat
M~r.Ta'ha i eni unjunstly dealt with;
an11d surely his a right to Acmimd fron
th - public sonme reparatipa; The style
of thet addr'.s- is &!baste; Lloquent; and
independent, gud did th li.iits oT our
paper lernit,'we wuhld lb. happy to
lay it herbore bur ifaders, proInising
thein an initelleitud treat iin its peril.
'We findilittl,e of geiell'I interest' to
io-tice in the groceedings of C5ongrcss.
A n gaailt uipojirthiWSouth has already,
beein ngd lihireliba~h)ohit10tis and
ii /d Eneuntly r epuied by
the I 1 AN, Ptij a ntive .Of
S.;"lia Carolig0 "' i ,hjn
thek Ilo'urr Abibama. Soon A
terdh or inIOf Ooges ur
imniined'.ii'.u rep ej
Mr. u a resoltio U to
rediei the ,0 aIto 'a revetiue stain.
dard, assh ig at tile ontset thI do.
trine-ol' hif tate ulon this .imporaiit
point. Theyunttcr was laid over and
when tak en iip we shalhl look for strorsg
o9; o 'i tion udghic discussioiC I3iE
United StaI~ed Sdiate hiave re'vived the
redlienlous and1( absurd 'questionis of au
tlhoriz.ing thle President to confe~r the
title of L ieutenanmt Geiieral by Brevet,
iipo n Ma zjor Generial Sco tt. This bill
was first intiroduced a f a soother to the
wounded feeliings of that distingunished
oflieer upon his (Tefeat for the presi.
dency; but 'ho'uld hi~v we think a cn
trary effect. G'enora l Scoft' wants no
empty 19i9l to distinguish hiiamid
whnao h.i~v aity many gain by them will
be lost 19 hihi~ in publie Gpinion,
Th'o inco1ments of pioltica jarti~
indicate agtrongand deturmned op.
.position thgr esdn adiini.rmion and
the prooai.iNg qrinhon seemsl to be thiat
franse mnustaild phie. writer
ini the Clotton Juhnt ookn uipoii Jeffer
son IAvJit asthie b4 Iw~am ka on w hich
the prii'sent c'ibine) rests--aiid the
chancee of his viithidr~ wa li the. sup2
port oft the South i' li ulated uipon as
the .doomi of the CK t not.g It is cer.
lain, that there is a . tpl to be fought'
anid thieresult wiM~ld~ .6d on .Sinith
ern votes. '
B~oth H'ouist% of' Co gress,ih i Prcs.
ident, Cabinet, and 'oreignaf'nig
ters attenided the fn rml of the-H~on.
Blrook lyn Cainpb~oli of 'l'elmesee, on
Wecdnesday, at shjgn. e
sermon was pregehe by the 11v!r.
iMilburni, Ulofe Ch t1ii
The Clarslest ai nda
*e -'hje ent e/prising p ishers of zln' opii
lar paiper Ihave biongt itou Iu kji
an enlarged forrn and i udb
ilrcss. W~d wish tbe ptrpiora
turn for their b. bor dnm 6rts
public fniors
cojrsausr the bsi~ ofithe ulcrilatioon,
ionmg ollars wo ib Of' stoc (in thI Un it
Stta'hir v~ahimo eIb~ tht ofa
the;:nmnufa'ctr r ag estaibi s ynss~h
cottry, and al dexdeoodae capitA
ployed'in corin er-go bo'ktneId agd oa
(a~ho~ do idn4U~. e....4
th-FPrace, and ftt thore h
Cuba withot nowh '
.hdsed Louisa'~ 44~~
.f0J The a~ t ofpo ry
yire inthe ieId .gtt r the
nhof' Novqjbr ox eod
ri'"':# ,poigt Ag
co~pici jiai raledd the license (lor rotai i
9 ~biraituotis- liq~o1i to on~ihonsa0ndeI
"Ira end oulifiad tbks9 enpn
]eye -to ie Iundred dollars. x
tatice or 220 fedt-lengthvim and 108f9t.
.Width*! A sq....-rp .,is '1089io . ls~
*thdw 209,feet -eiwybeng oi iok
one- inch LKJQ niuc6, 1 il , r ie
ax-.fl EDWARD H UOaT !AY -JPro~or
of blathenaic inthec LtIiiverityof'V r
gitl'-ited on -the 21At ifhatil t crsi-'l
denco6 h tneria
U? j The nWanfgictuIo -of' th Cn0icliku
His. sons .contiillt bb liscs
ib he J XNaoMl of LindenMi
en1.ge cdolly, .AIibana, 1lolb n~io '1h mt,1
says: The6 plantation beldiiiing 'to the os
tate ol Is''ut~ nti ony tald,
make "thblrgo uIoeie ae~o 4
ton ,,pr" ignud kl.' jIt i ho catill %
lekst, JAm~s A. IPiacpji,'o1sdb)
finted in Uinioni t.i &iariqt~~
the mnllueprol nflu .% ro
Jitil- and ha~s niatle Lis 6s, S, Iro
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