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ve. ostid --iL" 1.shiuud have snicf
, hd ile thersiwesoon to learn it.
, ptele iatughtort th e1 o.lbstiniate
persistainc ot' the liorforiiers called
rti. At Ienrth" the perr a
awed, rose; it t beti'e lie .lifted his
4Inds, one of them said in a lud Gort,
v~vgi "Arthbon ane.vi. spirit!" At
ne tie tptWejrose beneath tie imiids
.4 0e. 'leprsoft t6 the height of
five or Sig inc'he", and struck 0oe strobtr
blow upnn th floor.
It was'. Iatuirll to- follow thli. Ev.
ery ole resied hits. place. "Tell us,'
said the orson l ast mentioned, "telI
u1 the Christian nalie of the Abbe
Gay." At once the table struck three
blows for C; again eight for If. My
name is Charles. d. I begged them
to stop there, requesting MA.e Cure to
interrogate the Spirit in Latin. ."Lo.
Y1pte>:111e .atine?" askied Ml. Dertamlld.
N answer. ")o 3ou speak Latii'?"
h'e'llo table struck oice. Then again,
Quis es tu? Dic nobis niomen ftuun.
Nd nswer. Then in French, "Who
art thou? Tell us Ihy iime." The
table struck four times for ). "The
second letter?" The (able struck live
tines "or E. It was easy to guess
h'' r et, but they went on. Then the
tab.alaappeaeed to be nmd. One of
the ope'ratkirs cried out. ~"It is-nad!" It
enade a coltVulsive lovclient all
rapped tM. and then 0, and the N.
You can easily fimey the emotioni
Scaused bY this terrible word Demon.
1[:annot give you an idea of the efTeet
produiced by the repetition of the letters
nd the mute awe which followed tle
.flii-il N. . Faces grew palo, aid an nil
iver~sal stup~eracticlm- took possession of
ll. I rose; and' taking the blessed
licads which I always carry abont ie,
placed them upon the table. Then I
baid tthe Cure, "lauterrogat.c now, it
you please." "Caun you still speak?"
he arked.. N6 answer, 'amid profound
silence. I left the chaplet. "And
now you can speak?" he asked. The
table rapped once. 'I replaced my
heaids. "Are you happy or ulIppyv'
asked Cie Cure; "if1 hiappy ran oncev, if
unai ppy, twice." No answer. Again
I lifIed my heads and the question was
re peated und the table rapped
This trial became insnpiportable fmr
many preseit, ad we stopped. Bllut
the wIholo all'tir was so comnclusive that
Lf Bertraid, Cure of Ilerhlaf, And
myself, agreed immediately to draw
*ip a minnut.e report. It was wI iten
itOnce,signed by the thirteen, personus
pr&.ent, and sent to the Lord Bishop
of Vorsailles, in whose hands it will
There, Mr. E litor, are the flcts ill
this exinet siinplicity. They will ,et
jiudged by every reader accordinig to
his individual pihions. Let philoso
phers explain thist iaturally if' thev1
can; for us, appointed- guides ~in the
Nvay of truth and life, it is ours to give
a fitting o(PPOrtuity a practical decis
- 't. I spekeaz sa wittess. I ha ve
thought it n'y hti) not to be silet.
Ti in'O.-ico insiatld rtuie to pub
sh this, and swrious advice has decided
ne. Itit shall prove good for one sin
le soul, I shall fe.l glad thit I have
w ritten it, grateful to you, Mr. Edi
tor, if y ou will publish it..
Receive, eet. CI ARlL ES GAY
Of' the Clergy (of Paris, andi I lonorary
Canon of Limugs and ~Taille.
Liver Coutapissiat.
fly Thle only remedy olreredm to thme puic(
ihat has inever failedl to cenre, when directions
tire followed, -is 1''Line's Liver Pill. It has
en sevmrat years bieforei the pubilic, andlhas
nm introducedd in all secthms of tihe Untion.
Itore it has been used, itchmas hadl the mxost
Imphiant succe.ss, mand has actually driven
.of usei all other medicines. It hats been tried
dyrall-tie diflierent phas~es ol flepatis, and
been foun'd equally elenacous in alt.
'r.Purchaera . witi please be c'arefuilto
ER PILLS,' and take none else. Thmere
other Pis,,- purporting to ba Liver Pills,
-hbefdre the public. Dr. 31'Lane's Liver
ill, also his Cel66ratedi Vermifmuge, can now
$ehad at all respectable Drug Stores in the
United'States aild Canada.
The above valuabie, Preparation for salde
l~y the Agenis, P pl. C9IllEN & C O. Im
orters and Dealers in DIRUGS AND
MED[CIN ES; No. 29, I yne st. Chamrles
iuiS. C.
]A!ARRlflD.6E.t the remidenice of John Can-.
non Esq ,bf barlingtem v'illaget on tihe 22nd of.
ec'r thdR'un-Jno O. . Urgan, Dr
Jas. AdA N, f-Sumtri"t A I4ANAii
''' orosita of Darlinmgton.
M~unicipal Notice.
.8E' 'ditoi':-Please ainnotunce the
.-rhl1Ing klicket for mumicipal ollicer..
t1A'2 i.MANY V6T-rus.
i refdebdtIf o!rms hits etts
*~ulo t he cariot carry or
~1o~l~ of twelve-muonthis
may favor limn wvith
- 1tppect.'o be alled'onat any
e~)igh~'#tic16 idvwanteda
.t ''u~~tr'le ibea ~ irnage
If P 6 ~)
AVING moved to the stand herotforo
tOiloied fl by D. J. Vinni, (ntext door
to China'i Hotel.) 'atil it being better mapt.
Led toour husimess, than te one Iprevihusly oc.
cupied by u-, wo are now prepared to carry it
on mort extensively than heretof ire, and are
confiderit ofrselling on as relasonablo terms as
any retail Drily Storo in ihi State. Onr -Stock
is constantly kept tip and carefully selected
from at good wholcsale houses as Now York
aind Charleston can afllhrd.
And nfter returnineg our most sincere thanliks
to onr custo imilem and the pmblic generally for
the very liberal I atronAge besgowel on u4 the
previutls year, still coltinliue to solicit t por
tion of the saie.
W. JAS. 1)ARGAN & Co.
Stmnterville, Jan. 1, 1851. 10--tf
Dr, W. Jas. Dargan &c.
R ET AIL DE'AII$S in Diius, Mledi
ncine'. lltint-, Oils, )ve 8ti1-, Pa
tent Mediceines, .Winow (I:us, Ierfutnerv
Fangy Articles, ndil a variety of other articl4's
u114s1ilhy kept i Drug Stores..
Jvo. W. DanAaN, W.J DAGA N,,M. D.
E--JY Next door to China's Hlotel.
Jan. 2, 1851. - f
Negroes for Sale.
Y l'EAUMISSION of im.Lnns liq.,
Ordinary, tho subscvihrer will oflir
ftir sale at the Court lotnse o'.I tale day in le.
rmary next, Fix likely youngs nr-grosr, belon-ing
to the Est. of ). SnAw. ternis eash.
Al.- P. 31A YES,'Adhn'r.
Jan. 3dJ, 1851- 10-tdl.
W..Achiman Copy till salie.
Will be Sold,
0 N thi 18th -of January next, I will IZhl1
at the Iate residiiene of Docmtor J. ,.
M'ellett, detee, all him Medicine, Aledical
hooks, $urgical Iustriitieis, flogs, Cattle,
Ilor-ett, and three Cotion Uins, on reasoinable
Jan. $dh. 18. 10-tr.
. By brder of the Ordinary, I will sell at the
Vultoni PlIintation, on Weiliesth, y, the litit
list., th horse, mls, i1 ,cattle. hsogs, wn5,
md planta ion tiOIls, bielonagin it I saMid p1lae1; ai n
hl lititchbul furntitre belonging to the Gilman I
Terins made knaown on day of a-ile.
Jautary 3, 1851 i) It. A
For Sale.
rflJ IIE SUBSC('IIllIlIt oillers for sale on
lvis-r reasinable.termtr, slte vati:ill !
improved arnd iiniproved hris in the Town of
Suniterville, For p:rinii-irs, apply to
Suterville, .an. 3d, 185 1. 10-if.
4t1th Reo'. S. C. M. I
01.t .Foul) Jani'y. 'Ird, 1853.
A IEEGlMl ENTA 1. Coirt Martial v-i c n
nleilon at Tliv. I). I)Avis's. on Friday ilie2h
nst.. for the trial of all delh iitern in the -1Ith v
teginteit, for Milit a nnd l'a rot duty i anid all
ficers fopr distpbediiece todet.<wAilldin telve f
1onth1 next, p'rcedig a id '-trt. liy tirier
& o.F 1 31FL.Il'"T.
V. T.Wrui:n, Ait.
Wn"tehmllan lea copvy.
Jant. .1d, 1851. 1O. .r1.
South Carolina--Sumter Dist,
ids. CA. S.
'arrar, Coanks, & Co.
Saniiel Tin-lal who is ins filhe cai.'tnv of the
shteriII'oif Stunter lii.:tit, biy virtui.' sofz wrht of
'apias rad .-nij./er rindumi, aii ithe snit oif Irrar J
taks, ' 't'tipauny, haviing liiled in. imi 'ilice.',j
(.;elber w~ih a .schiedule, 'in oathi, of h'is einte,
Lunl elleiit-, ii~~is eiin to tie Couirt ofi Com-it
noin Plents, pra~yinig u hat he nmy lbe ahbniind -
n) the bieianftit o the Acts of ther (h-n.ral A.
eitbly. smide fojr the. relief of husolvenai Ih-lit.
rns It ais hreby~ ordhered, thaizit I he 'aid Farra r; 'd
huaks, & Compaii~ ny3. atii;I ailI Iriii b ihe e-r.-rs, el.
o whomnu the s-ain iinniel Tiiiwlail is in anym d
Vise indebited, hei, na id they are herehre smn-t.
nuoinid, atid hauve niotiie to appea'r, bl lre thle
aid Court at .Sin tter Cort rioni se, iin thea
levenith dlay of ApIril ti-xt, to s'hew canire, if
sty thesy cn, why thei~ pirayer of the pretitisn
nforeaidj, shioutldi not hie griined.
W.. J. SlNtl.ET'ONC ( . P.8.
Ofisce tof C 'iimmonii Phins of
Head Quarters,
4-rn lit.:ais' i~-, 8. ('. M.,
Or.u Fotan, Diec . ', 1853.
)RI)E1R NO. 10'..
Ii-iienttinpaules Nti'-. I andsi 3, o~f the l.owert
Lat tamlion, wiill prarols', the irmier suinder tin.e
-oimniiandr of Capt. 31. ii. C0 osos, at Ititchaird
larviin's 31ill out Saiturdany, lie I lil; and thre
atter, under the ctttimntanel ofu t. 11. 1.litri:, j
Lt. Charles Iliarvina's Siearni 31 ill, tin Stilunday,
hei-2 lst ofi JIanua ry next, airmsed and relippl-d ul
in the law d iir~ctsi, bir drill iand intt~Jeiion.
Jty order of 1". 31. 31 El.lA-l-"lT,
W. Tuiostms WVs1.O-:a, Adj't.
beJ. 21 3 t
|F'Wlrbti~n prlease( copy lt wice. 1
Mr. Editor : The Citizens
:f Clarensdon C Ity are destirons that Col. W*.
i~rgislature.- fly annioniseing himi aL Cand~hidte
'or J hat ullice, you wiill oblige thtem.
htE~'' illtNS her tanks tso her fi rii-nsr nd pa
runs for their lberalm puaitonage dlurinig thei pai-t
'ear, iand islicils ia(iii sontiance sif the tsatme.
IIirni3 il. wi resumni Jhle dhuties of hier School otn
h~e semcond~ thiy of Janutiary, 1851.
Dec. Ii, 18.>3. 7 -It
T1i1 E Excercises f te Sitb- cribher's Schonol
will be~ reseasted on the 2tat! Molidy in Jainuary
SOexs -
,W. W. A LS'TON.
Oec. 14, 7 4t
- Notice,
. II7 order,of Wim. Lewis, Eiq., Ordlinary of
ESumter Dltricas,-will be sold at thierreisiee of]
WaIts..Ihester 1ildgewa'~y, near Clairenuditn Tost
Ollicoon FrIday, the 30~th Iistant:, all the per
ishtitiblbprqlerty bolong'igg to) thwEslate of Nit
th Smpith, consisting of TriIR1 E EuRE10E,
tome-llorses, CAuttIl,: one Wagon, Provisions, I
L~nltohol andI Ktichep rtutre,:&'c. Cun
.iticipu made known on dhay of Sale.
Dfec-8 1853. 7t
Negroes Boughft aid Sold,
YIllfuundersigred ihas optfe'nI Iafile at No.
1~8 tate ~f remitChaarleatonxwihrs lie hats on
Ipdt a, number or LlKEL[Y YOUJNG NE-.
IOE8 for saho from which bile can supply thes
wants ~f nyj sof the domrninity. These N6
irh-ren purciased in :tarytansh,.VIrnia,
di1'ut Sotith tarolinfa To~ hisulotii his
tunly-reciv g haecesslisf Tio hilghtmu .
ld'a&'ilil I e taor ?egrdO.V.
-'. . - - J, 3 % i 8fIAltP1,
I Stain Street. ]
. , ston 1l~ $21 1853 .-' 8 ly
Rt. itov. T. F. DAVIS, ,.lc
i sitor. .,- . .
Rev. T. S. ARTIMU,
" . D. MUCo-LtoUoJ/A topri S
GE~iito: IENTON4l Uetor, -In.
structor in Montall antia/hrittian Science,
Modern LaguagesXid History.
Mrs. BENToN, A)htron.
, Aiirttetor In MiJatlherntics,
Natural Science ne'-run Ancient Literature.
Prof. G. F. *ViNo, (Oate of Limo Stone
Sp;ringu,) InatrAt.tor in the theory andi practico
of Music. /
Nliss C. hWRaiti, Instructress in Ernglish.
--- SosNosmt, Iistructress in -Draw
lug. .Paint.aig, and Ampistant in French.
Alits ,so-uIIA WAtLK'v, Instructrss lit En.
glish Branches, and Assisaunt in Matlhemtitic s.
Alis ELIZA PRATT, Assistant in Music, and
En shl.
0. H. Tle corps is not yet- conmplete.
!/ UtHE above Institution, located ait Glenn
11 1Spri ngs Iin Spartanhurg Disitrict, S. C.,
will be opeted for the reception of pupili t
the first of Fehraary next. In conve r ting.this
-stablslment into it sctool, for yoting lates,
lie buihlings have been thornghly repaired and
litted uji; unal in furnishing them1t anew no
mins havo been spared to inake it,- it evety
respect, sich a ioio as parents would desire
lior thir daughters. Particular attentionI has
wel bestowed upon the lu-ical Instruments
Ind with at large and ellicient corps of teachers'
ind a thorough course of stttdy, it nirords eve
.y adlvantage to be enjoyed in q,,similar institu
Applicants are aihnitted, of an ago, over
even years, and placed in uccs its they.
ny he prepared to join.
.Thle aiholistic year wIll consist of one tact
ion divided into two feransof five montiths each'
'egi .iing ont t ile 18t of February and July..
Vu'nia-tin, tDeccmn ber and January.
IATAis.-Ftor Tuition and Board, irtelding
vash.ig1 fuel. lights, &e. &i., C15 per tert,
tld Ithre' til be no rtr! char;e, excetpt for
lusic $:0 per tern, uand for liukt, Sheet lu.
ic, )rawlng Materials, &c., actually used.
For further infrntation, set " Prospectus,"
i4h rua.1toy he had lby applying to the lector,
Pr either of the l'rolrietors.
lec. 21. 1853 m.
OZ-' Churleston Mercury publish tri-weekly
nd all the othiter cpaers in the Stat- weekly,
or threv totths, and forward hills to one 'of
ho l'roprietors.
St. John's School,
Ili. Rev. T. F. DAVIS, D. D., Ex-Officio
-Htev. J. 1). McCOLLOUGI, A. M., iector,
nd itustructor in Christnin Science and Belies
WM. 11. L.2ARY A. l., Vice Rector, and
ititrtottar in Ancient Lanigates and History.
1). 1). JOSA, Instructor in lllathenatics and
'atiral Science.
lev. h. A. W AGNER, istrtctor in English
0' h xercises of this Institutitii will Ih
restined oil the 2d day in FEIRUA.
1'Y Iext.
aloys are adititted over the age of se-ven yenart
nI prepared lhr the Jnior class ini Colieget; or
I-' 't.:tv re-ete a thorouaglt aialeiinial otrse,
itier ehttasical or Eiglish.
There is Imt, ont session, (alividell itt to two
..! ta li-ie iniaitits each,) tegining on tie 2d
I'February and ending November 3u.
Ti'aaas iaFn Sassiox.-For Tution and
laard, ieluding wasithig, futel, ligltts, &c.,
22~ paymble senti-amuually it advance.
Entrance fee R25, for whici houlks tand sia
onery atre furnisthed thev stulent so lotg aos he
tny coninerell inl thle initiutionl.
Advtanced t-ttin-ts desiring p:-ivate rotatos
ill lae a llowed tinitt (af tei discretion of the
eroir) for tti extra Charge oi' $15, to pay for
I.-I, lights, &kc.,
For fiirtither itifurnation apply far a "Prospect:
to th- Jlector, ati'fy retihur' C. IL, S, I
Dee: v , 21-.taam
\ew Store and New
'It iE titndearasi;:tad ithas estatled iaamsel~f in
t hi-a tllaagea,ttad will opieni an the fir-t of
ttna-iry et a lag ndwl a-ssortedi stock
I f1t a a11 Mel ?ttI C . itt s ; si
OiRaeW, Pr Atten S1
lie inles, &<-. &c. :\ll taf whttih are
thet lest t;al~itBy, at-I w.~ill be "tht (it ac'oio
a.! olicit .
Stttnterviilhi; Dec. 23 I853. 9-tf.
n Equity---Sumter District.
AXdm'r. tat IL..
vs. P.J. & "M. Maoses
VThe creditors of the lati~ Dr. Jaites l[AvX
ton-rin, eattitledl to elahnu tunder his tas~iaiet
, the taove no ani I )efe~natt axecutted ott
rae 28th duty of .lutly A. I). 1812. arte herebay nto
rlied i that, lay tar torder itt the ablove ataitd
tawe, they atr reclutired to efstahsh their do
motdti befre e, oniinrinl'iptity lair
mtetr ID'i trit liforea'aid, otn tar .beafoare thte
rat day air 3iay next..
I stlata give ttatice thaitt I will untitil thea
tji drfirsttiay afr31ay next, receivo proplosils for
S ati of a patrt tof thei r'e8d estatte coitveyedt by
tie saitd nesigtttit, lyinag partly it' ntot whlliy
a the c-orport at limait tat Snmatterville, boundedtt~i
y tlatds oif i)r. .A. C. lh.\swontn'i, Wi. L.
itlssoy, TI. J. -Comti.A x, iutai 'Mirs. C. 110s
% ii, ad lay time ntew rao:ti runniing fromu Stam-t
'rvill, to thme stieamt iljl of ... Conni .A &
'at., suptooed to cttainttt abuto hitmtdre.d tand
Ity nteresm.
Caom'r. im Faituity S. ii.
Dec. 27. 1853. U tf
Land for Sale,
alThe ,aubiscriber ollbrs foar sale htis TILACT'
I" L.A N Ii, lyinag ont I .ynchi's C rek , near thea
V ihinigtoni ttai Sanester inail flada, taot
amr ieiis North itof L.ynchthirg l3epto, edtlain
1g 600it Acres; 2001 or whtich tare icaredi, the
attance well titmtbereda witih a ClhF't)l'TA
igs. Thei palacto is hieathiy.
C. II. UlliLA NT.
Nov. 30. s5 'it
Peruvian Guano, Farniers
~laster, Kettlewell Salts &
Salts and Guano;
1O9 'laTon. warruttd genuine Perun
vian Guatno,
01) BbIs. Farmrs Phlaster containing 90
per et utulphtateof ~rI he,
LO bahis Kettlewelrs (heica~l Salts,~:
U0 K(ettlowells Ohnomic:.tl Salts and Gu-,
-anto. -
Fo~r sale. by'
illf~rT & RQ3BSON,
Laove matnutres iall planseB isendi their, or
ers at. once aoo a) provotdidppointt
Fine Segars and Garden
Cepat coatnttly on hand lay.
-DAitWAN &.CO.
BaggingeRobe aind Twine;
Oflice of the Wi tn'
Manchester Ra Road J
V -r -, N. C.
Januart , 1854. n
"JE ~SIXTU'H Antnal Meeti of the Siock
,f thle viliitm(n-to4 itihiester Rail b
Rom ,a, vill ,le )I Wilington *
N. C., A t esdhy theth f Janunry 1854;
agreeably to resolution In'i'Re 'at the ir last
Anual pileeting. A full at y lic eilier in
person, or by pro.y, is very 'irable.
tStOchhohtolr coming to I turning from g
1 tIlmeeting, w'ill be passeJ free on the Rail g
.an. 4th, 1851. ' 10-3t
2 Watelhnsan copy.
40,000 PoV )S.
Of 3Mitcovado Sugar at :i - t.- por. Ib. wnr
ranted. Also a largo, stti of Coiee. Dry tr
Good11s, of nil IcSeripti-." kso Candies 111aid b
Fruits of every variety nuttikid, juist received 11
by Jt . *Jii N C o'cNNOR.
C (' Please cll and ot.jinine the Suigar as
le glrmntees to sell it cIh jpur thin It can he
bought in Charleston for 'jh only. Also ava
rity of Toys, of all sorfoa nill sizes fron the
.muonkey to the El0plmni11t, tbe
1e.1, 1853 .7 if N
A C.
A'TI c
CoiM'mission Merchant, g
PARTICULA R atteinti-.- gi von to thi SALE
or SIPMENT of N;ml Stoires .hudk' o II
amid iher CASH ADVANCES made div Co.
De. 11, 1853. 7 \ ly . i
Executor's Notice,
All persons havrinag denmands arainst th n
Estate of tie late (ol. .lon .1. 'Mooro of r
Sutiter Districa, are reqtuested to himd 01
them iti properly attestChl to th le subscri- Ic
bers, and till those indebted will make
paylentt to the same.
J. 11. MOORE,
J1. S. i$1(010E, Execuntors.
March 15th, 1853 -t
0N Wednesda;, the 4d day of Janary
next. I will sell at the late residentce 0
of Eliz-iit h McCallume dec'd, nearkField's m
liridge ill J).irlin-,ton Diijtrict the tract of of
land whereon the deceased resided coti
taininlg about six hutindred and forty acres.
Persons wisinni to exmnline said place
will please call Ipi Mr. T.. Stokeia upon. r1
thle premii.ses. The day fol~owin-say onl
nesday, the fith day of Jantiary, I will
sell at 1 l'shop ille iii Sumter DisIrict, One
llundred acres of' L-ind belongingr to the
1-:tat~e of* s:lid deee,%in on; the pub-1
lic roal leading from s:Iokes' Bridge to
(a itnd'n, 1101undel by ladils of Mrs. 3ram
lit, Capt. \V. Kelly and others. S
Terms will be liberal and made known
on day of sale.
WillIATM ROGE RS, Es'or. -8
lbshopville, 17th Nov., 1 1. 8t 1 '
$100 Reward.
- RUNA\V AY, on last ttesdav the
1711 instant, my Boy RICIIRI), a
a.---rhte intkto'ahm-tt five feet tire A
or ur inches hi 11 . olerably stot.ltnilt, .
a1bout two two years old with sfraight
Ight colo.id hair. has a very Snky uy
pearance, and answers i1ck and short
whent spoien to s aid boy Is' a short thi c
foot, Is hands Short ainni thick, chn1bhv
fingers. Je had le scar of a blister oil
his forehead just abiove the ('ve-brows, lie
innyl t ry to hidle it by weingt rl~ l. h iap or
sore II to~i pais iself( for a' white 211an for E
he is v'ery white antd ha~s been'l takintg great
carel' oI is skin Iter some1 time'. When lhe A
dark coIloredl lair ofi pIants. l Ie will bec
sutre to chtange ii (all and c'lothe. a soon1
las hie can; lhe also wears hIts hmir inl fronst -
stritghlt dlownl to hide the scatr o ther blis
ter. lieJ is ai shoemIter ytr ., L~llthogh
hed lliy not1 gol at thle butsine'.s, cxpectinsg
tat he n ill he s12 adv ertised.
Tlhe above~' re:war o f On ()Ie linndread .\l
Dl)slars will hec paiid foer Inis defavery inl aisy
Jaul in the State. Hie wiill be stue to give 1.
imlfl$( another nametii. c
Bradleyville. Simunter D)istrica, S. C.
-1M ay, '2ht o, I1Ij2 :10-, C
0-O" Camden .IonrnalI anld Cheraw Ga
zette puiblisht live times. 1
Administrator's Notice, V
All p~ersonms havnr emanet lltds agams2111t te
Estate of Mrs. E. Clonors, deceasell, aire
regnteted~ to litimd thIem iln properly at test -
e'd; andl tholse indblt ed will plleaise miake
immnediate jdimyment to
T'. 11. CO(INNORS, Ain'r.
Rletpct'( lillya informs' the peop le of 'lnm
ter 11.t riet thait hle has just', receive.! and
now uors for Slainlie h bt a'elulctd anid
mois't chioice stock of
Fall and Winter Goods,
TIimtt 2,iannot1 hel sulrplasserj by iany lhinig inl tis
miarket. lI e hias receive~d mliany non, .--hIie
wihih puIrchalsers wonthI do well Co e xnain bu
fore buying esewheltre.
A flIli andi large elupplly olf llolsiery, Slhiris,
Drawvers, Gloves, Suosenders, Cravatsa, lid
kerchiefs, & c. &e.,
A large assortmient af iltE'A1)Y MADE ULO
TIlliNG, whichi\vIll he sold low.
- g CarmesII1 imannifiaciured by thme Manhseri
her,-anid warranlted to g'jve satisufactiont. Or
dltrs fromn a distaneo.plromptly attendedl to.
Oct. 25th,-.1853 if
"Runaways. .
TEsubscriber respectfully informs
the public that lie heas the esgack
-of Dlogs in the Statte, for hnting Rninaways,
.Will hunlat at $5 per day and S25 if thae negro is
ngtor half that amountiit if rutn in. Adldress
Merchants Bhttf, P. 0., S. (. . n
-Oct. 5i,'185 . . . 49 ut -
TFall Goods! Fall Gode
JlUTJ.ERL & N EWl3EEitY. would respectfully
inafornm their friendi and -tho-P ulic generally,
ilhat they have jusatretalvil alargo atn weti ee
lected Stoack of
*FALL ANb VINTE'R Goo8 ' s
e'mbracing every qnnlity andl style of LAbiESb
DRIt88'G00OI) ; hIetavy Gooaids, A Crocar- G
ias, ijoots and Shoes fievery'desgrmiton' late'st
style lMats and Caps; liard war ands Creckery;
Ready Mind Chaihin, e'tc. etc., towiohlt
'4NTA1110N AND -MI.
ho su bscribor -oflrs for lis Plantation
id Alills Ira S6mater Distriot,. itnaatled on Bio
iftiln Creek7 foalrteen jile helow 'Cmn-a
ad six,.from lcoykI ':1i .,Ou coptaining
674) six.tden hundred anu 'evm y-fio acrL,
4tween four %ttid five liindi-ed acres cleared.
id under fence, the balbancin-fine timber.
n tl'preii-ttes id t g ood tWQ etory'dwelling,
ith all the niecesairy buildivg of at waell settleI
lantatioa, Inost of whi'ch etyp been crected.
ithill tie last'fewyer Onirthern cx-.
mitiy oftle tract fistlaisotilement-ir
a repair.B Both laa &r pezstI fjalthy.
Alko-An 'exgellent Gtift Mill. with two pair
'stoneip n'd A*t awhill ', capable of omitting
)out 'dne.'tlgisard'feet o lumbei per day. -
'ith the Plantation will b sold (if Oesired) the
Mck of qatti ogs and Shaiep , togetlit with
e Provii Crop. 1(soldilm iately; pon.
valon WIll, o- given on the ficat of January,
The. ter*isk and other priliculami' ny be o
ined froau:.tla subscriber on the'premises, or
leumer Jireitd to Boykin's Lepot, Camden
ranch o . C. R. it. .
SumterDst. S. C. Oct. 12, 50 ihti
Look Out FoB' ains!
lIfIE subscribers nre opciing anl re.eiv
ing a fresh and very Ia asirtirient
every description of G638 to suit the
iutry trad2, which will be sald as low. as
In he bought in any market for casll;
reat-pains las been taken in inyingr in the
lack. Our stock of Ladiq ,rGppds
complete, eimbracing 9'l.airticle in
eir line. Also, Ready Mtde i'othitrk
aits and Ctips, Boots ad Shoes, &c. &&
11 we ask is for buyers to call and exaim
e for themselves. V' especially
vite the attention of Plahters to our NE
1 GOODS, Kerseys, l'lains, Linseys,
!oolseys, Blankets, Shoes, and Hiats.
oney can be saved hy calling on us as
ar STOCK IS LAIiGE and we are de
rinined to Nell.
Sept. 21. 1853. 47 tr
lanufact urer: ntud Dealer in
Carriages and Harness,
F every description, Nos 121, Meeting streetl
id 33 Wentworlt street, neXL to the old .stand
Gilberts & Chnpin, Charleston, S. C
VM. I. IUNTER, may he found at thd
,ove leposimtory, a takes thi method ti
stre ais friends that all orders entrusmed to
n will be atteiide.d to promptly and with strict
Oc t. 19th, 1I3. 51. .1y
White Goods,
'I1TE CA MBRIC M USLIN, at 18 3-4
aperior quality Whie. Cambric and Jae.o
not Cambric, at 25, 311.4,37 1.2 aid
.13 3-4 cis,
iperior India Mull Muslins,
.viss'and flook Mslina- at 121-2, 18; 25,
311-4, 37 1-2. and 50 otAts,
:st qualities of Bishop Iiawiap
robs bar'd White Cambrics, at 10, 12 1-2,
andi4 l 3.4 cte,
oss har'd White Cambrks, extra fine, at
,i 25,31t-1-4 ariti 37 .-> es, -- -
1o open a mloice assortunt ot' USLIN
Ml ROlI)ERIES, at -
221 King-st., (Bend) opp. ea Big Boot
rench Muslin Embroideries
andsome Embroid'd Muslin SLF:E VES,
-it 37 and 50 ets,
ich EFmidered Lace Sleeves, at $1
;and $1 25,
stram lh'e lEmbroaidered M~uslin Sicctes
rich a'sortamnt of \Vorked Musina Frills
at $1 anid $1 25,
221 King st. (bend) opp. thid big Boot.
Cheap Goods Now Open,
DiiIOZE~N \Vomni's Cotton HIOSE;
W3 pair for 25 cerits,
eii's Browna hld lose, at 6 1-4 cduta a
10 douz. Meni's mixed halt J1o0c. at 6 1-2
mtei a p:ar
compilete assdrtmient of Genats. Shirts,
very loiw
301 doz. fine mspaiy La-lies niodae colors
llose, at 12 1-2 cents
xi ra quality D~aimask Hfordered French
TIowels, at. $3 75 cenits. a dre
/bite Linens .for Jings at 12 1.2 a
18 :.-i cents
rowni Linens, at 12 1.2 cnt~s,
~2I King at. (bcend) oppj the Big Boot.
.Executor's Notice,.
A LL-prsonas indebted to the Estate of.
ev.. ame Newbery, deceased, either by.
ot rAccount will make imepiediate pay
emit.. Amid those heaving derinimda againast
e samie will render themt in properly iat
'sled within legal time to -
~ larhiagoii. Flag palease Copy.
manl lhs.
W. J, Jacobi &'Son,
-J. J~moiln. NATJ(ANfInJ .4COflt
Importers and i)%alers Ia
~Origaa &Dornwe lc Dry Goo~j
t air cusmtomerg ore ensured Moderate
aotts and. a strict adhelarartco to'thi ONE Jricq
yntqm. -
I.FER !f
No. G0 14~ East-Bay OPpiosite i:.i$ . I~k
-CHARLES'9Ol' 8~ C. A
Ne ke ~acinsanua for sale
eut f Pintsande..f nltd. jdow
lhuts and -lu'8 tpe m Cati
h'eto, Spakiiag'
igO,an- 4te
AT '' EQLD S4.ArD OF At. -r.* P. rosEs.
I AS jttst received and ofers for saleat Ctaeih ia prics )&elit 8Ik'luded) SERVANTPS -
LJA NRidT, at S 50 each, good indt lcavy. -
Iheavy Twilled Red Flann'els, 31 1.4 cents er yacl
Sauine ts,: Kerreys, &c., a full assorthimt, stie as ow as 16 2-3 eetitsj
Gtyorgia Kerseys.and Pilaing- -chlelaa- aonnuact~r -
ilonsi. DeLains, at 12 1-2, 18 -4, cents;:
qits, Domeslics, &c., of all prices and qualities;
-Carpeting, at 50, 75, 91 00, 12 cents;
P ckled fleef, Smoked and Pickled Tongu's, Mnckerl5 ond, I lsters sardineu,&c
Sugar Collee, 1Bacon, Flour, bArd, lutter, lice, Molassys,lsa ,&.;&c.
800Prera r the Boys;
.2OiOO ftgara~-La10ee U.
Hi tieary stot k and good a4sorament are too well'knoWglc, require eflumasnrtjo
Assorlment complete, together with every descilpitiat of "ods to suit the countrytrad w t
will he sold as lowt as can he bou'ht in' any inai-ket fir dasfi, of ib approved pbrchasers, tme
I'urchaserswill flinid it- to thriratvantage am welh aainina,. to cnill oi me before purch ing y
stock is large, embracing " Any thing wid Every thinig.
. 2 A 2"aD 8
5000 pounds wanted, for- which the highest market pri% it-II bb paid) citlh
er in Cash or Merchandizo.
One Hulidred Dozen Eggs Wanted,
'or which over the market priae will be paid In barter.
Oct. 27, 1853, 52 tij
L~a L. O a M a Q.cflC - ;C ff
Va &B% SM0 141 . t~%8
253 & 255, ing-Strect,'Cliarleidon, S. C.
We are receiving our asal large sipp1y of . vic y aind Sfijije DI3.
Goods--Mso, Plaiiilioa .* sod'sf every variety,. consiuting .of
We still adhere-strictly to the 01e P4i, syste. Chir goods arb A
marked in plaimi figiut-es, and out terms enable 'to sell, EVkRYARMCLE,' ai thd
253 and 255 King Street, one door below. Wentworth.
Septenber 10, 1853. 46 4
One Door. West of A. J Moses' New Storez
Offers for sale on reasonable terms' ah Yice
and well selected stockof
Chnemicals, ' Evan's Lancets, Perfulney1
Dy --StuI rs, Silver. Lancet.Cases, Flavoring. Extract9
Paints and Oils Scarificators, Gelatin't (vaiiety) 7
Wiridow Glass, Stdniach- Pumps, Htir ils,
Spirit. Gas, -Breast Do. Fancy Soaps,
estYinega -ushe,-(all kinds) Pens-ad Inky
Varnishes, P1?ssaries,-Trussef- --Toiletcombs,
Shaving Creams, Paper,. (variety). Leinohn Syrup.
Best (untifyOf Medeira and Port Wine and Fre' nady
For Medical purposes Expressly.
Genuine Cod LIver Oil
T ~ homsonian and.Patent MYedicines
Tlogdther with a variety odf other articles, comnprisin cflf stock
bP Drugist or Physician. - - -
(tJ All ord ie pyt upiyit [email protected] and despatoh.
-.May 24th, 1853. '
CAN BE CIURED! 'a , sDou Sotdone -Towa'11
DkLU R MWIM BAU M 11E V IE," or ZUalsdtn of * d nearly opposite TindaL%: 'Walsbn
,Lifes Istitora trial ofupwards of twenty 'ars HP~E subscriber' woulid'rhapecfully in.
lnas g.~re&t.Varifty ofcases, cottiadenstl ofard to &formn the citizen~ .of Surnterville and
theo publiai,'especially to thobse afilicte with the the pblicgnt~~ fi~latunda
mnust distressing como>1ainat, as a sur6 and speedy lepui n abov t e' ponefa
relief for heir uinerngs. the.aoe plad6 f( rJiafsd'ftment o
Rteiia the -followin idda~ They ai-. Dry Good, JEobts an'd1 , H-ats and
from gentlenfen of-h statuididg anal resiading Caps. Halrdwvaae;.Crockery +ie -&c. &c.
in your lmmnedlb vic 'nlty. Th'ley are but one A:st),A Choidel6t ioflTiy Gi-oeries or
ar two of rs ii bur ples sial ex every- ls'ri;niniit Fruit of various
t f gra~otidi ~eMptile ivho was cured b~y its kind uch naApe, eos
use) auost'preciousco und. - &c. &c., Which iu w il eel very low' fo
L'ertFr'ate from the ev. Haartwell Spin. --Ca~a h.
u-t'uL? rIIL,.,8. C. Jag~. 13th1 853.
.,M~r. Catais. B t.oauae. - --a3 BU~~
Deasr Sir; =LastSpring I used two small bot. ~~ *~3 .J * - ly
fles of your Balsiam of Life.: sad experiensced- -.
much benefit. I took it twao ur three times dlai -
lateaspoornful at, a doses in a wino glass of 'k1 et bscriber Saig disco u asied the'Drt -
* I acteda on my liver, and imuparaed a iealth~' ieo medcaf.Ttstiub~ h~poesla
tone to all my aigestive airgans, reierin inc o al .srie wilon i a L.
ditareAssng lrada-et id many other dhisagresea- d~iz n ie Vileg
[saged H.SAI- Jan. 10 1853, aa
Dran S:n :-I take great ple'astte iln'iecom- WT lf's rm~
maendhing your "ilabnae dle Vie.3 which I have . W0
often used,. andl ewys wish dleciuded relief, COIEDAiM SCHNA
itheni sniflering from attacks of - a. At -~
*nee a Htimn lant, tonic'tzd e~l ,'tnsat. A-p itvoTni *~ra,~XsDa
'lfled it will prve eminenatly serveeable to all PePtl 1IvigoraiaC6Ydui, ~,
who are afil eted withs Dyspepsia. Its gqea For sa) a
introduction thsroughsoti the counatry '.lI D a1ARGA't
To keep a stip oItIn1o, h
I wotild not exoh -for~ o3ao nti- sp
tic sostinniss from ane to ca.; .. M gnsh\, ~
- Yoursnespect fuu , 0.11 LEMOA1 Dl y ~ 4.
orsebJhn, M. Chandler, Sumtiihtj A Prepafatian of ester ivoy
" D.J. E. yrl Ti'mmonsville Ptopat~ Ctd5)t &.~
-I An b LrrI1i a. I3RKNLOO. - -'4 l~
-holesale Agensa Colmbia, s.C
Mgb and *eknowr * .
61 a Creek, th~o m6e ~ DV e
froni ishopvi bp. 'inn o op'h
lying nbohidsofisaid Creek $i~~.s~ttLr. . Dueii, Ga~
is two hadooiutot ~ uly ith, a-5
puin Da g o t, t dtsoa.
dcscrlptions, ath ithst''A -~oImar ScIie% ~.
he liis own a-IIRU us'
ttl~r.S'aifjlo an D rune
3 47 It ut
aoor~oaipg~~" ~~ssongv~,~ilrotl1 e&a v
iI$OAL01atta~ I~. F'r VeI t~fhf~
tc l x'jaeb~len ~ ~ , ~a

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