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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, January 04, 1854, Image 8

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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tlev sahd -it." I shtilI have said
ie." I alrveay knew Lhe In(vi pow.
4.er, 2i1 lt oillers wirie soon to le:n it.
Ti I-.r1ibi ers wele v aignt evl, tIev .
silt. tle hingIi t*r tl I the intt!
In-rs;i st - t the jf I I evl.l' eto's eaIllitI
forth. At. L1ln.lth the p erf0orl'h rs, 1
we4irieil, r e : ibu .t h lie Ie liltei his
1n1141s. oe. of' thei s:aid il i 1111d sto t
- \l vi'ie, "2\rt tItn am vil s .irit!' .\ t
Iole the 2 ahe1 Inietil lit 11:111N
hi : un21 I -r.n t th height (f
( v.'' At 4ll2, hlitd -i ll e tie thrller
lo4w1 flpr ( h flo..~I ih.hrI.
I t wI i s (IittiIrll - 1111 I llis4 uI1. Ev.
ery Vone 1res1inei",l ht--, plar'e. \ Til Is,
Said the il 'ers ll 1.14 ' t iue tilnet, "it-]I
u*s tile L'lrSti iw l 11,1111.. (If' tilt - .\ l 2.
Ly. At once llt! the table c t rlk ivtr
blo ws for C; aptiei gh2 t ire 11. NIV
1in1 is Charles. 12 I Ihe e thei
to stopl there, re Msig.\l.le Car e t
Iis ( wlI4I1 .'r4l 124 f li w12:a! 1121 2
Nul elrmiste i c .it i ill Fri; h W i Lo'f
a te 11ills er 'I' hIs 'Ill% njanh ,:ti
lhe I( ter2 t.i i 21tilet-, 'I lt* 121 Iii
table Struck 11.i ii l224.'r I). --Thec
SeCond let tetr!" T hIttI 11;h m . t I k Ii vt
tillies fol '4 . I . w 4:Itl e sv I<o g u.
'te res, htbut they wenIt oil. Th lte
table. 1 a re re yi to be1 1 iad. ( )I Ie I'
tile operators I re111 I4.219121. I t is l il'.' ' 1I
111:1.1c.' a1 rewiiki- p.IIV. :142 1 '11 411
'lI 4'ld1 V i etllyt ti 'v e ii . t \'eiV 24 lit 2111t
raliped tit, . lIlt[iwint I, a d till N.
YOUC.I n aily 1ie the1i1It' er\vin1
caulsei by th116 terrib. Iiwool lanI ) nII12,
eallnot qivebyo anit s i kl t;i l' )[lilt! el'
]}roitted b\V tlit(! roe titi ilII )!,ift lt tr
:iul tile 111 1. il v *'i whill 1-44< Ive14 te
fi4l .I . tNe. ea rew 14l, -alw l I l tl.
iversal stu 2l44e1 lit o k 11 o (essi of2 4
al. : Owe
I rose; an4lilk inth l I I s
I-v'ds whiell I alway varry :t he1 i t lilt-,
c1 od them tipon 22 tli:al. Th I1
,;aid to thle Cur," r
youl laeite." "C'anl youil st ill slmak''
Ill, 4.' -v lie . Ni l.11W 1 124 10 t Il 142 -~I' lld
thi i't4 i io alliswt . al12ill [. till I 2
s i Ii i , timl! ebal e t11-. \ni2 I
f.--lw ( 24 sp.1: h!Io a.2 kl . Th
t:0 e rapped 411- c" il(t l'ejdl11ced 1Il*v
21)( is. "A re yti otp' l ' l titill v1.
etI t j4'ile *4', 'W v ,1it o11 0 ICl , iif'
ill4:142[7, t 2wi .ce, w' I 14vt-ri- Jll ii
7113 3V jl't- -lit. 54 111 .1 \\ IW st11 -1 A , I ')I ll
the whle4 allhir wa l so;i ,on u ieta
I . l '1: t til ' t - .d 12 l ' 1 r. ;t.
144itsi 1I 4 '.ilIe jllilitIil :it .v l;W
ly a toiue n rt. l II'w t w\itt.
Ill one.siniedl bv the Ithirleen.4 . er11s, nsI
:224 1 It 1 144 21) :21 1111 ... h .
-'--i- 'M111
]remaint. i e tt h ~ rl lihg
'eli 212ill. it'til11 lij.4 24 h
Th Mree th I 1 11. II li - t I -I,1Is inI I
this eX 44elt siltplicity . Thill eI I
j 24u.ifgeu by ev i*ery 3, I-1a . :I1-c1rm In i I t
hli,; in lividual op ini sn<. I.'3pil . ,
phers exphinl thli-, Inatr it ' h.v
cing f ll t s 1111 l21'init . 122' in lt
way v l- 1i I .1 ;I.~ rji lit-. i2 k u1 tI - 1 1 i', V
, 1 li 4111por IIl .1 1rw -ti %al l.11-i'
- 41 :'2 ai s a wit neS. I 1 1Ve
LL i ~ n n- t, 1 to beI silenvt.
- 1 i v - ins :ii ted tile t in
h . J - in a::lh-icet hats I :.h-hb
file. It' it 6..lf p re :d t I l -n ;inl
gh- le ou , I is all 111 114 l' 111:h 1 t ('2 .l -
wrOitten5 1441 121h1, it.g ae i to R lon, .\ !. i)
t11r, it. y . ilpu l t
Of. the422Cler.4.v of14 is a - I l onrorigiryl
Guo l licipal :Nti e b.
thaii't as nevrt:iiledt t cure, n442i2ii2 h--n Ire .lion.
1impihan i e11trel and ha nin lly d44121 n
i'rofiuse aill othe4r tu:edie 4421. tt ha r beenji 11i1.
ler all'.4'1 the 23 d L'Xl-ea pha11 Ii o4:f Il pli , ndI143
biee found10f4' eg ly.1i4412. eliain,81 in : a LI. -
.g'4 ur chasrs willk2 plea t he n-fuI l l t og
foruc~ Illt 3121 t( .ANE'S. l '. I.'-t.TM
JEnar P3.L, and1 ulw non e 4e Ten
14beore th pu0 ~ht. l lir 31'.an rs. I2l er4
'il;stalio hi Cl td \'erm44~ifll, I enn n 4w
UniedStae.UaianR a.IAlnr
Th aov vlubl Pepth inwor.l
byth AensP.llIO~cliN &2 o'tr. K. S
84n, ..iiC.
l 't 'f ', 'i .'J U X & (:'l
In hI by I). .li. \ i, ( -st <1t r
lt 'hiiii's 11,1tel.) au I i: bV -i4 h4-rl p -
er i to o r l ime 4. 1han li ' it . - r..1 ion,.ly lot
coWpi--<lby ul . W r, n1 w prrm lo carry i
mira more tu- -n l hati h.r- idr..a . :ir.
cok i.-* . f14 'u - r h : 111) : r..4o1 V h'. -4
oni s ta iointly ww:I u -4 r -- ii u ls'im .- t ll ',;
1)oV..r 411 I-i :Itid a-tb i- . .. -isra lv Cor
Will fil Sold Ill.
r v1,4 \( - ii , till 4 . I I 11 14 t 1 . . li tl p r
WV..I \ . DA\f".N& ('41.
sIlanitervill,.a. jr 1,5r. J, ll,-1
Dr. W. Jas, Dar an &c.,
s I-'T \ 1 44,C1 1) . 1..'2 Ih' l . , ..Ij.
l44. in4' . 1i: 41 4 S n s M
- - W . 1it 4; \ W \ ..4 4. 1 \k I . N. V. 1).
N lowr to 'hi ' i.-.
Z:4 1 . ' , 4 45.1. 4-- tL .
....'...\........N......\Y.... ..-.....i
L Ir i b Irv . l4!sbseI. -r4 uill <-d -
rm Iry iwot. Ii hkely %uine. 4o-. --,. toc1- u..
1, Ie Ill ). Si. w. T r a h.
31. l'.1.'1.\ ::.4.\.im'r
.Ia. t: 1 . ' , 1;5 1.4 1
\'. .4lal4 44.py till 4 4a.
Will be. Sold,
Ntid" Hib of.lin-iry ivtl, I n-i .!
0 at hh) etr .. .
. - a i, I! . i i -, 1..I 6.:11
. STAT, NA. I51 ntr
lloy onder -f thl. Ordlinarv. I nIll "11 at Own
1uli n P '4 -I I.t I I !:t4I4, I \\ luI . I h I.. 4I h
i - , h ore.dn is c t o . hoi, un!io ena:ii,
I i i 11) il- .
, ,- 'v111w I4 4 m a r b . I t t4. h 4 .ih.a
:4, I 4.4.44 M. 4 I'.I' 4~ ;'4 : T N
Ni a I erI
. 1'n .ry . 1 . I '1 1 i4 .
ill-I . 4. .l ;,I- 1 l . . 11I l lw [ i ll
i . I I ' Iv - I: 44!,i m4I\ r .-!.
o u tuv~ r in! n - r-.an \t~ erI
i:.pi e : .11[ .4 . ----! h -C in 'i * a
.\ l14.4i14'1 .1\.\ :0lm N.4
Sai n r i . .11 I . ! .1 0 - d I I . I L
1ur Eitor: Th H T|-i||s
-!II:ri 4414 4111.b 44' R 'I.'4 I 44 . M . .'
141 111 41..a 44. ii .bu . :M.1 4 1 :,:
A4 I"' II. t ill \ i .4 \ 4. j-t 4.1 14i il e ,ll o
in ~I her in-- 4 4ri1 .I:444all 4 l- oI -e n 'h. lb
L' E4mo: 1L1.ies 4' a i I9 int4y : 4n! l
l4il .-r, for ' l.hII ot4 441 ,-I 12ii 7! .i.1 n II:, . -h -1244
ilen Ihr :e~t p:."'*. Vl '. VI'lr. A v " .11 !--.
\). . \I 'l I.I.I
Il 3.1r1-. 'd III I.'4]. ' .1. . r. Ii1. r 4l
1111 :-if i ,li , !4 j4i-ilg 44. '-:si'I1 1 I4 I O
to444 1h- l ;-li:.. 1r 11.1 , 444!V 41o , lrI
l-jt.1lr v. iia.It de ..1 4 II 4*4 1.4 -r IIl
Negro: - es~ ought--. band Sold
g4 nhi i uIh-- n.4: , :s 11;4' 11, 44. .1 ', N .
uri - 8nd: .! . herl , I n l th414 .4 : r. If.n I44 64.
44n- 11n -d.: 111. ) l i t 1;lu! l1 app--as 11 . b1-4.4! No
sri!<'4 ur :41I: - .'-1 -r 'h tI:InvI11I . .. I.,
any 1 11h- 1 IIIe 141. w hy ll4 I i r t.4 r. 44444. .
N lilleJ- EX l 'orig I 'E 1 ;t r l'filS 0. ~I
.it. Ier.tT. . is, D -., .
Ilov. "'. rAtrin
" .l. I . l oN t c r.g o
r. li :. T I ,'ll : ll toI:.
- wi.l rsr iti. . iil int i
'if G I ' .'ti.\ilia:, l . II,, 11. 111*
-' r t i In r.-topr iii the teory alil prae.lic
atJiti. Jhsb~o
. . n rrss ja En.lish.
--No i3:,in trrtes nitr n
In . I' :it I;,, a ml A ssisti- n i t i i i ren Ac.
'1 it\ o ni1 W iti1: , u tu le si -n
glish : tu i t. . n . at
,li -r i..i Pit.r-r. As iatal. in Minsie, :id
. It. The urps is nit y iA rtuplete.
.: aillaore inl-timtion, 1ot.0m.A *t C:.'-un
'-.. lw 8pi e n Sp.Lrt::11burg Ili-trit, S. C.,
n I be iti ol-e l f r ih-.- r c p i ll' of tipil, ; il
i r' r 4-oI I.'vbr tui r - . is i coni v rt' ii- this
Il luii ni t intto i c o r yetni-a latli..s.
h n ave ben hr bly n irll- :fi
lit . ' l i p; :m id inI furnir.1 hi i h' 11n an1ew Ii)
ponns bave Iw'en siparti to Cilm it in ft V
i,.t h n beive :s p re ts nir
iteir !;an-:hte r. Iarlivuil r : I tintion h1:1
*il 'i.- t 4
'u i . i I i I. 1 i - :
ry :1hk.n113 e tb - eniyeI ill r i t r tiii .
VA 1ehl. : I . lave i ill ,li1 1 o 1l . p
11;1 L a hip re Its joiii.
'[hei. l it y . rar will m, S-4.
ln ded iit o i -rn tv'i oft - n'onth
'T -. b . 1 '' lih-lI I
. -e . vir t uno Fa-eri
Plas.ter-,w~;' .liletitls e .,eli lts &gi
-o it i: hi itt i . r1 iti, i, i .. . S i't rorpt ,
II I i I ' t ll- tiSII
n -s b i 1h 1n ber hlid by -rl I i-h n s to h -t.
or er'!d r .' th.-\ rurtiru \
11-i b7re 6 .lre r Fatsh tiwe !l
itilij ; fall te n in-r ptip -r- fit Ith- Sisew- k '
" r " r .- I 11r"h alill firnari bIIA Ill,- o 1 ne "i.of
Fi-l'onet--S.gr ndGre
B t, John's chool
li . B ie . T. -' . l i i, Rit P . , awl i
il A'll'ar.fll 11 -1 v
F.l' iuco in \V (* I'bri viin iones'an-i Eik-0il
t.Na-tur i a for.
lier 10. \. W \(;N i.li, lu- acto i t -.'-is
1. , I' t | ole o th 1sinte il I
lv-r 111:. - h it !I-rfh-: - - . lw v , v .r
1 u.i b vp- -rie. :: on :I i m -.o .
k\ I!: r l ;: : l -'. it-.-h -. 1
te r ;m th e n : .t :eb !off a. - 1-,r
T r~~~iorsip rIv .*13 . - r T u Is n. u
t\ollsaa- l ?'e"A IN-iti:,1
\U.- ei-a s -iu: po seret
uit e. ia h n ite 4 : --:o t -
.Office of the Wilmilgton &
Ianchester Rail Road;
Woatw ,,N. (C,
.1atatnr '.hi, I'.11.
T.%.l\l' S I' l l .\nna:al 3lect iar'o ath a c -
111 1.,of th l I \ I to I bA- I h tr l-fiO iaa
Ilo ,te ( nIn\- il b l-,v a \ih ie u
N. (.. iatn \\'..a'-Ife b a ilihe 'ai b o .ltaliaata i' I *'.. I;
e:a' b--tla, ina re'.lat i n aaa al a t thui Liist
.aial .al atiaa. . afll talttii/ataa'e eill b r ItI
I-r t .,r by prI v isservI fit h
N. lalthabb-ra ac.a n oil l i t -- urin frot
th. linl i , wil l 1 . 1:i.11 - 4 thea L!ai
S l ilA -, Jr.
J:10. -filh, 1. .1 -3
W . \atcin- t c opy
40,000 P01 )S.
( I al iamtnai S1n'arw '' I f.r. Ib. u\ar
ratala . Alai a LIr'n l'tlh'. l)rv
Guitaa s. aofnil alh'- eripa alo '.na a hlal a ntial
l'rait. a f- cryaa t, va riata :id to l, j.:-. r.-a ia~a i
y . it i-l i i i t I :Ilii
ho :-h a in 'hirla fal aor lash 6nh . Al a \.L
riet ofalITay,' . fl 'all 'art..j'aaa! - I.-i th
mitpil. tia la~i'.a--l iT ta . t \l l .
Ilila I ItA KI CIRY.
ta 1. I1. 1.Sa 7
Coillmissi(. ,tchant,
a. t tha 'lI.I
i bto!t 4 1 -
e~~ ~ 14iiel4
I a-a. II ".a13 . 7 J V
Exccutor's Notice,
1--tat of the la w ('a!. .fi: a'.. .\laara- af
tSaaita' 1)tai--,:ar'a r.a -: -. ' ta oa I
a|0 2 ll ;aria f ra.\'~ t la.- . a 19 y j
i.ers, :ial all I ,I.m inalablel w ill mll
p i m-nt too thO --w e
. I. t. .\jA P til I
. . 1 :, S - tr
\4 .r, 1 ::h 1~5 .-.ir d
0 l-.st, I u~ il sell~ a'h l.ta. teide w,
' ~I> . za!a'hi .\l -( t'!! iht' 'il, va:ir' hI '.
|:n i b I)o a' !:-: al j) a t r laa Ir- ian
:alnan :a, ahla it .. h a aare 'aa-a .ilar' ae'.
Ih-t a I i u h . .a to I na .~ I IbIe
Tut I 1:71l, 'h--- .1 h :Pv..IC[a1 I. 1w 1).
1; a1 ro
:I a , l b- Iln : :r.n , a.' .- Ir !. a
n aa-: ,-a !-a,1 i. aa a \l , lad
a, ( ..\'. jh ' .a:! :! -s
Ta. a -a , u a1 he a lh a! ..:.- ian !.: ilaa'nw.' I
\\tii 1.!. i i ~ : 'r
a th . I, 'any il--y lft. ',\laI.
- . , - :: ' -j! . .-a. I -e fo- + c
a ii it. i . i i ala hl '! :;;I \I l
a.:r n . n ! : a .r l : a e1.a' - :- .-ha ri
in r a . I a a. n ~ - a til:l hIe' e
nayat ryla' ab. :al- h '~ a a I I~po
a d -; a r b t a ii! he.
rI a. n la a!aa ralaa-la \\ ir-aa na h
ah- : t h aii- I h .l la i aa:-, a
a- r tt' a ~ Ia w.a, I 1
- .',!a..n . a h'-h!
Tia : -a a'!'I s i i
a' la hn .our' an '--rwl *t
a"n pubI ha I. a aln '' .s. -al
.\:' Iper - i - i 'e -- ,:-'p n-l l
T . a'. a ! a ' t - I l aas. -\ i '.
.1 t .i a 1" a':1 : a a
Il-.aa- a d i- t ai h't tat a'.
aa -t i latal aar.a au- l ( It' t ai a :'. : '
nata fila r., tf 'a ti"l a ck :e '7
inte--t eh1se-or: iNoticei
allI and Wite Gods
anrt l 1i a , c i a: lao a.' I n, u a .,:,
\' i (I iN ( lS. . \aar
\ 1ul n1 1e a p ffo ev hr,
I an.la. ta:l' Iaaala. lin a .naer ta t ' -aai- iii
\larg at' t: -n a1 I ' . \ a) - .\aal \ l -Is 1.
l il I.\i , baa -h uil ba at l ou
Feall u;'-an'd Win~ tite Go''. s,
dlaaro i. '-h aa:.nwe proInpial at~ l ia1 .
(a t aa ~alh, l- '- 'a l~ IU.! aa ,al- Il, a aaaa
aX a.2 'la hl i ' a :.ltie a-r Iini llaa i'rv. l-vaa-.
\\|'ia hun a t e *aaa'. lay1a an.1a'a:a'. iaa"Il- aaarat
lati. 1- \. a a. -a.
a l1alai'oods!llI IY a Falll00ds1
Ill'T 1'it & Nh 1la .\'lt l '.-aalhahlapa-tfu..
infer i th li fro- wha :nlaali'i '' th taaabb tInarall'
that ltaaayia e aina'a al'rceilIa lare :iaal a
Fl-. Jll, IMD~ WIT-ItG0 i
' l IS i lait talia; i :ay Ii''hata i aA . 'lti ah-r
Xiel, liaaaal ate ' hoe' Ira eiV e aIy2 haa'ap-ion;a.11
-iih iala an l I 'ap :ll:ir ui t r : laa i .'ralalry;'
li~ l l i a'o~-I . itia . tl ., aata uabia'haty
titru u lha' t en\a hnl ::'a'i''I.'aa Llia la ~~' '
The s-hteribitr tirel tiirs for m bis t 'hnnt a tioni
and i ll n Sinn.r i. i. 4tric , i-iliiu tl n iiot .
i fttitin Creek, 1t riein wniles beIttlcn ti 1e h-i11,
:mi i, i it IL'ykint's Turn it, cnmlairin
(l167 1) I-i \ te..en 11 h t Ir..d I nd -evventy-fibtis arrs,
hoetw tn -mr ;wiql fi le u r l :ni iire t eiA
nuel wvolr O w in b tce itsf lit linmher.
L o o ke r ' - i F o a rg a l t o r d wei ll e ,
w It I I n1es-1 1rv hIIiIeIin ti of il of . leI
I 'l-ito i n. I ' s % t i 4I-h, 1 tve b1 n 1 14itr1d1
n iti in th rhns I\v t . - e . Oi the n iN t-rnv et
rit y tet tt t it an ther settielnn-n i:
i id rpair. lilt, Ils atre peri-ely hi.dthy.
ls i- A n Itx ellent G ri t 3 l, iltt th i p ir
of stones, andl a Saw. 'Mill, rap11:th1cIe I o e tineg
:u o nii ( tIosni i of orn ber per daty.
W ith Il- ; P lanation will be Sohl (ifdesiredi Oh
.-lck 4.1 v:1tl0, lbngs and She-ep, to -ther nith
flath Pro 1i.ior 1 ro. If ldt i pos
m inWill be0 g-iVen1 Onl the lijt, 41f .LaiMary,
The eriag e s an arn es,
tained froni lht- -mbscribwr ionthe dw r.-unises, or
byv lo-ner dfirveed too l11w11kin'so /Jipot, Catinlenl
im wh of, .. . 11". V. *
W Ahit ION SAN t.
Sumtevr I)i-t. S. C. (b-t. 1-2, 0 rn
Look Out For Bargains!
N 1'. 1 I ' 1I o T- I Il-*T* W N II A .L.
I- I I E l t ue are o i - I g :ni t rec iv
i tnr I XeXh ;1n v( r large i-mr.inent
4. every descripitn of Gods to stiit tht
r:ide, whIh will bt sold as low as
canthe bouhtl ini any nnirlmetir es
p-rlit lia iu s Ims l-en t:iken inl I
tck. )hIr. -tock of ,iohes' Press oIod,
p b every article in
11.1S :1A C-1p's, Mo ts andh Sh1!, & O. &t.
.\ll we. :,!'. Is torl havey rs, to- cAllln els-an
mne flr h nn . .' -;-:.' \\'f- r-:ecvi:dly
in.:I. (Ilw a0N.1 onI 41f Pl'itiers to wur N -
tIt( ) ( h M.S. Kvirsers, I'lainis, binsevs,
W !. y ,Illhlnikels. Ni 1111, and lzs._
. : Iwin d t 1/.
TIND.-\L &o NowTSON.
H e .!. . 21.I. 5:3. -17 i r
0111% !.1111111 !4 E
P, 140NAit no E
Carriages and Harness,
( I: Inrtuription, N is 121. 3t..im! street;
ui tl::3 \io%\'ein rth treet, iin-\t toithew hfil !iin ll
4 1 ;!1 1 is A% ('hapi. (h-rie.,tin. S. (' .
\\')I . I II . I'F .i o I he onwl aII Ithe
or-Iepo'.ibelrio, :tnlel hit Ui::-S thli? linthodfu t0
Ei iith:sall Norders entute w,
-in n\ 0 -ill vi !:t - d to protinpitly :tud l b tr t
White Gloods.
CliE.li'lI THAN.. 'I-W,.
\\W!l.T '. Jacob . tSo .
w1- I a 2 5 :i -. .:yi 1.2. nd
u "' '" I i ""ku .l I h 1 -2, 1 s. --,5.
Is bl am - . l)I--.a1.'>I in -ht' En.
1 C., liahti. r t !i- hop ; 1 ..wn ,
'r w-ind \\ n 3 .1 n brea Io12
' d \\'hite lnti-r -tt w r , ,it
W. .1. . .I' StN
11in -.t (InI) p. t o b oo
rech Muslin Embroideries
lin in:hmi 'red l.\ire411 S EE VE*.at :~,
St :t l I :o. : 50 .
.\ r ich 9 :n-t \o i d.! s i 1-rly
i \ % int rIc i t i ii 1411 rs fr 'l, at ( h ileston prices. IfreigIt inIl . 1 I) I- lVANT'is
ll ~ \ il.S : I eIeh, good :.1 h.-avyE~l ..rvi
I ln % y. 'T'n silf.-I F~a -lannl . 31 - ce ts p~or yard ;
saitin. t. I -rw.- , &c., i bull a wriment,. 1m ILI s )% am Ire - re?4;
.44orgi:4 I-rs.-s:i l I'lains - S h l's maniudiwtIre;
nions. i.-l. ain .:t 12- H-2 1 - 1. 2., cenit ;
l'riuts, Ih .:slie~ .. . 1,' all pri es mind iuili ijt ;
(a rpe i, : :tt v D , I5 w_ tn, .1 12 cents;
LE4 ~ ~ LZol CI 5-0-*4r .
Piel~leI li.- f. amled nd Pie-,ls -d'i'ongues, 3hacloerei, im m ,Iob er, an e,& .
Sitga~r. col ac 10eo. Fl-'iur, r.ard, fluite--r, Itive, Mbohing , Salt, &v.;'Ac.,
NO V.Igl' ire t'riaelor.. 'Tr tht i pliv ;
.O , VIN)uSega rs--chomice boramb..
iei ill-:tvy stt k.,1111 tiiol assoraneit are, too well kneown to requir' elirneration.
A F U 1 I, A N D I E N I- It A I, A N S () I T ll E N T.
'.1D e j Lk &-: to enoLia U:3 .a c:> co a3
As-'nrtein..t toi:npilent-., t-1lier n ith ev.-ry cloItsrip in oif ( ''-Is to vauit the comunutry tade, which
n% ill b'.--:-ol1 as lon. 1 cani h). b tl4ltl''li in y aly in Irlse.t oihr r ash. for too apprv d p urc atrs, 4n4 tim e.
I'ilu sa rs will finl it too t/s ir solv: 'ii., neh a4 iinw.. to call mi li#. Ielbre liruehasing. ly
i. I large, eibilracin "- Ally tling aiol 1.very iny.''
/ 0poinids wailed, 1;,' u bich the hiihst iarket priet will be pail, il4l
One Hundred Dozen Eggs Wanted,
l',r whoich eer Ihe m r t lriv will b' p aid iii barter.
()e-.27, IlS . 52 tlj
113 & . , ug:-strees, charleston, S. c.
Weaereceiing our sularesuipp-ly of V.nancy angd ihyle g)3'
(oqod 44-A l so, PIaItIntI io I ood of' tvery varietv, cosisiti i- ol'
Sup.r )'l-l.'ll, Ill,A\KETS, .ACKINANV DIlTO;-O&SNAU'UltGS; GEUltGIA
l'I,.\ S. NS. K E SI \S: SFI I PP-S; IlI I NTS. .&I. &c.
We still :nIhem stritly to th 011c Price svsten. O1ur1 goods are all
marked in plain litm -.11e4, : mar trm-i en-bl4 us to sell,'EVIARY AtTICLE, at thi
8.\A LL.EST O' lllll(FT
T 11 (A sI Oil CITY A CCE'I'TIA N(E.
53 antd 255 King Street, one(f door below. Wentworth.
8'ptember 10, '1w53. 46 <lm
One Door West of A. J. Moses' New Store.
O'rs for sale on reasonable terms,a choice
anid wcll se h-cied stock of
Chelnlii icals, Evi's L ancts, Perliinery,
I .\ e-"Snis, Silver Lanet Cases, Flavoring Fxtract. i _
Paints a Will 0ils. Scarificators, Gelatine, (variety),
WVilith-Iw G lass, Stoniiach P 11p11s, IHaii)l,
Spirit GIs, Breast Do. Fancy Soaps,
Is.-t Vilegai-, Brushios, (all kinds) Pe-ns and Ink,.
YirislI(s, iNssaries, 1 Trisses, Toilet combs,
Shaving Cr'eams Paper, (variety) Lefinon Syrup.
Best lnlalil y of'Metleira aIId Port Wine and Frencir Brandy,
For Medical purposes E.rpressly.
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
'14 g(i ie' TIhomsonian and Patent M~edicines.
T~aterwith a viriietyV ofl'the ar'ticles, Comiprising thestc
ij All on'eris put up ith~l ne(atness! and despatchi.
jCAI\ B a. , D 1ir'd JDoor 8outih of the Touw' Raull;
I)' :I ( 11-'.'8 It .\l'31 i'. v17.." or tail- no ' '' 14 l ''b'I/ ol'Pos.l t flu~t l ' 1Vulson;
sif - '.::t'rn t r' alit'ap :" 41rd 41f w-uty year- rjillE stubsibe44r wvould respectfllyk 'in
in4 a1 a:r'tt v ari t 4o case,,eonfh 'lul ed to ' 14rm1 the citizensti of Stutrgtrille anmd
the1 pubbeli.ispet'i:tilyv4' iluh0 lis,: e1itedl withj the the pui c en-a yht ilaso nda.
41n-4 t 4-lI~te ing comphdut:411, av 9 .' :itre an speedytt' .I va a .t ki paua
r.:i'forbn the.ir a'uniuarigs. '- thie ab ovi p4:44- a genr-1 aSort toent. of
Iiad the' folloin:: certificanto. Th.-iv ar.' Iry GnI P 41, Boi~ntil idbt; s, Ilat an
friaan getalemen~ 4of huigh strutainj and ;tF re id ing Ca, ia114rdIwaire, Croery'a4re, &c. a&e.
'44in o 1u mediate vicinily. Theyw are' but one1 A.$44, A Chouice lot, hf 1"afndy Grocries of
41r wo of1 the mtiva~ to ouar pols~Iaoanal e'sttll- ' 'ry de ttscrialutin wvIth Fruit ofl vatrious
nait the. heahnau vir444'-s of this, (441 use lhe' n5 ''ni .
ru a air-t4ief'!I I~lpp~ic n5 h41 was eunred'by its n"id6 such :is ( ranhes, Apples, I euanons,
'1.') 41no-4 pireci'a'4iuuo;'ina:1u. &c. I & c., wich Ire wvill mi'l very lowt for
l':rtfiuird Iroml t/4he r. IIarril~I .'%us1in. Culh.
4. wr Sir: -1.ast Sprini4 I u45.4 two smiaull 14444 ' '~'~~ e l y
*il.- of yoiur lIall-am~ 4f I.ii1- atai expin es-d 'i
no -h'I b'ene'ta. I took1 it n '. IOr three 141" t i lai
1 ,ii r.aoulaadoina nea .,Th iubsc-riber hcaving discotntinue~d 1)e rut
I na l on myi li -r. n i 14iroarted a he, hh a I jnt' mess w.~ " il deve te his whol tmo .vthue prnac
coneto al mydi..--s s e re~is, rliein1 .. ' 1Ie of ine l. I'lumie wsishilin jhi rfessuiona
,tis, I,nul /a lco /w,''' as nd' 44miy tr 'U ilh- ag ren al -iur. icei~ sn ill fial huim nit all 114l-s at. hlis 4* i
lei d's/nse ' m ltonl. u Sence in the \ illeg jeJ
1nr C'li.\". 141-'. .01111 (- ___________-__
l)i: 4441 ' I : lite ''re.''t plie1n4ir in 'ciuom- ~e' ro a
n i ll Lyour iiubrine de' \' 4."5 uih Ihavei
n' hiin '.mul--rin' from .1:1, I f ut' I pepIiL' ':t. .\
oncei a si*. tinluin t, tiuii' riu:I catha~rie, I ;um saut- ')IIit'' 1cfi. 1'i~~t.,.~~.i).
ii is will pirose eiinietly selrvic'ale, 41o ailIPli',luuo~ig(r~iI ~
wti', :un-u aflhejted it i sesialiIb 1'i~u. Its g~enaIlu aeb
Iltatroi lutit,ti tluit l,,41ot the 'iiuil:tn'. w.a ihet atD R AN (0
pub l.niut'Iua. o'''~i.Ctaeo ~ans
To eeiaSjpl'cnt[ ntly ORn handV whie.'RU. TIVA
:inond n . exhag foru aul the Anti-dy(s'g.. ic'besb~ttit o EstiSl
Whars i'etitil~gla' ,ulatl' ,"I S M E ~D N O
1-o . a. . ulc h, 3. 'ander. l sum sttee,
" 3.A I ln .;i s . e alieton ( .''S1r&1.
"yti "i4 "i~l l~r .l' aid Cir.I,'kimmnTileSItE.C ~n'~ E.l i&EL
on A nb lirl ugl'44 geerilit h te n ___________.__________________
lie \T(Wljtil . Alt 2illaceoo. ~ .J .Iilgio' esi. h ie1
Iluer t cly of laiaiarvimexl For peric Ciratin 3 .ugbCohli, &'..,Pia
'il l~d~l'I'(N 111 ~( )F. Fotr sa letlul byutio'.Ot
- iu~~~C~ cnic.jitr e of Magneiau'tjle
Ay al'rearatinS n boxtecni l sedca
Privte Bo a in g ouse Fiee Ciarid ndGe
'Nuv J~j'53.1! i hr.~V. AS.DARGAN &. CO.

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