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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, January 04, 1854, Image 9

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- ve said -it." I should have said
1."' I alradly khow the rauoving pow.
er', and the ot hers wer'e Soon to le.arn it.
The plrimers were fatignaed, dee.
upite tie laughter that tle 0obstinlate
p'Sistanceu ot' ithe performers called
'orth. At length tihe perlriiers, a
wearied, rose; bit befOre he lifted his
hands. wne of then said in ,% Ioai sort
fvyie, "Art th' oul tat evil spiria!" At
nl the table. rose benieati 11te imids
.is one ierson to the height of
ve or six inhes, anid struck otie stroier
Iiw upon the floor.
i It was Inatural L folloiw this III). Ev.
Cry olle restieiel lb's place. "Tell us,"
said the person lst mentioaed, "It-ll
its the Christian minne of the Aile
Uay." At once the table struick three
blows lor C; agaiin eight for If. My
iamie is Charles. and I begged the a
to stop there, reqjuestling M. le Cine to
muiterrogiate the spirit in Latin. "L'o.
11eine atinei" a sked I. Ilertrnal.
No anaswer. "Do y-m speak Litii?''
'lo table struck f(ce. ThCnI aIrain,
-.Quis es tat? Dic nobis nomen f Num.'
No ans ver. Thena iii Frjench, "Who
art tlou? Tell us thy inamaje." The
table struck fmur times fo D. D The
seecond letter?" The table struck live
titnes for. E. I, was easy to guess
The re4, hut they wenat on. Then the
table.-iapea-ed to ie mad. One of
the ope-ratnrs Cried oiL. '-it is inl:d!'' It
made a convulsive inoveneit .an1d
rapped out M. and thet 0, ad 1 lie N.
You can eali l fhney the emotin
faused by this terri I le word Delmn,
I c'annot. grive you aa nt idea of the evreet
prodaieed by ti repetitin of the letters
and the mute awe which 1ibllowed. the
finil N. Faces grew pal%,, aad ..r 11mi
iversal stujpefilet ion tooik passessioan of
all. I rose; anid taking the hiessed
l'cads which I always carry alint tme,
pl.ea.d themn upon the table. Then I
said to the Cire, "loterrogal i now, if'
you please." "Caam yolu still sin-ak!'
he asked. No answer, amid prothund
silence. I left the ebaplet. "Aad
inaw you can speak?" lie :a.kedl. ThIeIc
.tale rap ped me. .1 replaced iany
:heads. "Aire ul lmpl or unalappy"
asked the Cure; "if' hapliv ran onice, if
imbiappy, twice." No :nswer. Again
.I lified my beals anid the <pestion was
repeated, and the table rapped
This trial becamile insupportable faar
m11any present anal we stopped. aill
thae whocle alhir was s' eaclaihsivye thait
M. Bertratd, Cre of' Ilerbhi, niad
mysell, agi:ced immediately to draw
p a mitle report. It wa w ivii
it once, signled by Ilm t hirt een perso as
present, mid seiat to the Lord lishop
of Vom.sai lies, in whose hands it will
There, Mr. -E litor. are tle fals ill
this exact sitaplicity. They will be
jliged by every reader accordhinag to
his italividtal opinaions. Let philaiisa
phers explaii Ilis ituurally if thecy
.can; for us, aapiuite l gaidIes il thlae
Way of truthr .iud lif'. it is ouars to aiive
i fitting opportiity a pafat ical decis
- I speak -as a witness. I I-n-e
tilaaalait, it IIy ty not to lie silent.i
n acnee inauSt ia!atei ine t.,ob
Usl thi,:m setrif aouts ad Vice has d Iciv.de1
Jim. 1t it. shall' prove glod Ih uon sin
glo soul, I shall feel glad tha I have
w.ritten it, gratefil to vota, Mr. dli.
tor, if you will publlsh it. .
Receive,eetl. CDII l~ lLF20A;.\Y.
Of thec Clea~rgy oh Patris, :amda I loaaoraarv
L:aaiatI< Co. 'asatpiat. -a
liat hasz never faitl to enare, wthen irect ionsi
tire fuollowed, is 31'f~quae's Liver P'ill. It hasa
cit iantrodiiced in all asecatiaans ouf athe t'ijna.
hecre- it hmias been uasedt. it hats hm:aa tthe moict
amhantn. oiccesas, anmd has' acitnly dtrivein
ouf use alt otther maedicaies. thas ba.en tried
ler all-the diflaernt paes ot I lep:uais, unid
bieein found equally eeIouimas iii alt.
~Tf Purchiasers wil tleLase lhe enreful to
ER PILLS, aand take none else. There
other Pills, - purpo~rtinag to hin Liver P'ills,
-v before the putblic. D~r. 31'Laun's I.lver
'ills, als~o hais Celebirate~d Ve'rmaifuge, ennu now'~
he hamd ati all resptctablle Druag Stoare' in the
Uniated States arid Camiula.
. The above valuale p'repiration f'or icale
b~y the Aenits, P M. CXhl N & CO. baa
portcrs and Dealers in DRUGS AND
MEDICINES; No. 29l, llaynte st. Chanrles
Eln, S. C.
MA~'RRIED~l.-A t thme reside'unce uaf-I~luuhn Can
nona lag., taf Da)rlinmgton village', oan the 22nd of'
D~ee'r., lby the ltev. .iao. (I. II. l)arc~an, Dr
V. .laus. D)ano.IN, of Siumter, to .liasla JNNu
E T. Corai a .z. of iDarlinagaon.
J1unicipal Notice.
Mrla. Ei~>itorl :-lease annonuai thae
owinvhg T1icket. faor itnicipial ollicers.
JAESs L. DwaroL -
TDoAV s J. Ao v Jns \\adents.
ThOAT . U O IVFg u.
h1le Shhscriber r'esreetlfully Informs haias etaa
.oiiners and the public that lhe caanot carr 5on
his anin'eiss on a credit of twelve mt is.
3'tompitcutomeors whao amay l'avor htima with
thi/W'yrk- may expect to bae malled on at aay
~. af'o -money when the artbIce is wated.
i~ )it hi tal hianit for thec liberal paturonge
I~~igi~ haasreei~ved.
r",'~ 'B. FOLSOM.
Sny 3j'1%54 10 thm.
itlo Ruthae of Mts.I Hanah
alt ' renetl to handI thema an
uIrfi.alParsoopa lntlbted to
Toti?owdo -
,~~lh ceipt o D~r. K
A V IN( muoved to the fia ! herot fore
S o e i t by'I i' I ). J1. \Vin, i . ( ext door
to Chinla's I htel .)'Il ibing better adyapt
ed toonr biness,- )hanith on-em previonsly oe
enipied fly t<, we are nim prep4:arid to carry it
on nio're ext Eedively than h er.tof'. 3re. and tre
coni4det of-lIli:: ton a. r(:) ,a btle tterni a
- iy retail l. mtor, in te Si:tte. (bEir Stoclk1
ks ct'an.Itliy lkt up tl ctareflv Weilcted
frin as goill: wihm e hotuni-s as Not, York
:1nd4l (CI4:hrIc nIlt catn allaird.
Awd i(t'er relturnin-g, tir ioist sincre thilansks
In ouir ll- E mt rm aillot t lii I attic genrlily for
tIle ve-ry liberal l:atron.t bEtwed fon114 Ioh
previoni ye %ar. utill cintine to .'olicit a par
lion of the stile.
W. .AS. l)A .AN & Co.
S e rville, Jia. , I 1- 10-t
Dr. W, Jas, Dargan &c.,
t vinevs. Pla it z, 0Oiis, ])%-f!M n1IT Il', aa
wtnt3dii, Winl-.1n G;ls<, Perfinnery,
.'n y Articles, and a aritl y olwe-r .1-j!i,.
tuially kiept i l Drug Storesz.
3xo. . l)ina~ s, . Ia. D.\ fe:AN, "I. 1).
O.." Next dowr to Chinta's llotel.
Janl. 2,15 .y'-t.
Negroes for Sale,
Y l'ilRMiS8 N of\Vn.I ws ,.
L Orinar , the subsetnhIr 'will ollar
Air sale nt the Cuirt I loise o'. Sale iirv iii Fe-'
rtiary nexE, -ix liloly yl'nne3 nern tledwi
11) the Est. of D. c11. w 'l'ern vis t.
31. 1'. 3AY lYE'.Adm'r.
.lan. 3d, 1,451- li)-tol.
WV.1.1elinan Copy till :al.
Will be Sold,
N I' th Iho.lnar nxt, I will sell
a. Ihe ale rc.ai'ttin ill I) etor .1. 1..
3Ifellvi, e ne, all his 311edivine, .1li-flical
kitkts, Surgical lustr ltat,,I llo::. Cai.,l
I l res~, t three Cott i ns, on' reaonaibie
E'-r is.
FRANC ES It. 31 E l,E'I"r.
Jant. .1. 185. lo if
liy tarder tif the Orliiarv. I will t11 nt the
Fultml l'Llntation, (Pn W'ednetn-av, It )fll
inlst., Ith.! hor-ses, mnh.-1s. caIt e. hofl.s, wa o ,
lad phnt:.t in toolls. helti ti,:-z said p aE ; and
tihe itntchoh firttituire ielm.;Ing to the E .ilmani
Ternms inade- kniown fil day fsa.
M1. R.' SI.\M;i.3TON.
JanE:ry :1, H51 it) It.
For Sale.
impoe rmVi48(hhl mprmt-d Itis in 16- Town f'
1"Elnteri iille'. For p3iliha r,:'jpply to
Sntetttrvill'..Ji. 3E.Is.-) L In..'
I(A 11A fit" T EJ? N,
4 I RegH'. S. C. m.
UE.E) Fonn ,i r'.d::.. 18.: .
A IiE I .1ENTAL. Uourt Mir-i:aI v-ill coI
intence- at Th..i4. 1). ~illo Fridavthe ia
inst.. for li-,- trial of all d..Ii lte rs ill ' l- -1 ith
IwL'it- E , for .lIlai i:t anid patrol duty ; anlo all
Alicer or arein-iumle iti tnelv.
nionta nxt, pIeced'v' ( 1aid 1 'A.rt. By order
0f '. F. .1. .l l .. E IT.
W. T. W ii. dit v o A .
Jalr . d.., 18 I * ' iIa rr.
South Carolina-- umi ter Dist.
Satune'.J TiId I.,
ads. CA. NA.
Farrar, ure.r,
IS.1aEnitel Tinll-:1 who is in 11h 1. v f.o r o the.
he iff of1.E1 nE It:p. 3II i-. by 4 rnNI '.-ti 14f.' w ri f
lI~IEEIr Esal ti.'4ly 11,:1i . I. h ng - .1 i lli t.
- l it h a .h i.-d 1, A in. i .f h i . :.
aini ei 7lie'- is EIE tiin Il to 43 i4. Iut 1f '. .m
Mr.h Ed---it or: .\Tohe' Ctiensr\
w i l'. 1 In 'i for te t r -'-i r143ls l o 411 ,-h 3 -
Ir. UI'XNOhereby or4'ler'l, tha 14 ill i.! 4arr;:r
I'tiki.Ik E a, ! & l '~ p y .:tt l l lI Ithilr :L h.Cr. : -tlIl ,t
sa4 Ii 4, ' jo'r ' a 34 t S il r 1:inrL! i .1 .e, o .
eleve'i th dayt' lf r~il~o 3-- i,. t a t cause,1 ji
Iril'sy in h E ii ar, w11 hynhil a e fIinll .4 4frtt. pEi I.,
W4j'm3 . i SmiE44 Jll 11'ON, I' Il. P.1144 344
hitae 1''4l14i 4trug,43 ll ur. 29 I45 .
-II-ru .i11: IS i:. r IL(..3 .
Ollm i O. leril' l l'S.E'4rllr 3433
iltili erton, dill para-le.ti- florlltnerI itu 3l Ihe
la )er. unde 7 ern m e ft' pi -.I.li n ,
the or1st of un. nesi. arni-, :ln erip -If
O n, e la d'iect, for1 .eiE rl i.Iii.n i elien .
ii l iy prder Iof i tlF.~ .41. 3t- i'lntT Nl'
1134Emel4Ji41 tiii 'oii: l . -lih ~e lie, &. . (31'
W. nL. IsWa. il lA't.i'r
De'.2 8,IIl7 ilt
Mr.l E d~~e~ itore~ :am 4dfT~l f he t ns4
16..t ICN .Se, Crle-sent the Wi th next:4 3
14114 EIlN hE4tlfur ofnk 1. herI flmi :N( pA-Ni
(T t(n for~ ther l03ib ra'iliptro le d'ortu 4tin:4 p414
Nl 4 31.11 w ti es meJhedi- 'Ifl hertIO lihool 14
thfeisEondl sy of'114 January. 1IEiI. 'ie1i41t
Dec. ,!153.. SItit
wJiberesumon th 2ndi~:~ 3 ay inln~y
nex q "t.]WIB)ATTI$QI'I
. W W A .-ON
4e . 1 7 /
RI. Rev. .1. F'. Datvs, D.
liev. T. S. A it-rnlTiu,
" .D. AleCommUGot1c i repr
" G:o~i t: Iit-:NroNs hRector, ind In
trctor in Mntal an! (hristn hn Science
3Moderni L:nguages jnd Histiory.
Mrs. IENrOx, A.mirro:s.
imi ri rinm Mathenatics
Natural Sciences,'unl Atne-ient I. i raturm.
I.rof. G. . i' V i.:, (late of L.iin %;toll(
SirinI igu,) lntrr~tue. iln te theory milpractiet
Miss C. 1. Il-:i, Instructres in Einglishi
- - Sossoiii, Iusirtirtresm in Draw
ilig. a11tingi61g, ind Assistant ill Frenchi.
liss o-u11A WmatAi , Iiirnticirss iIl Ell.
glish liranchei , Uand A ssistant ill AlhInaiics.
Miss 1EL.IZA Pn.vr-r, Assistant ini Almsic, ant
N. 11. The corps is not yet comiplete.
/ i la above Iistiuitionm, loctaie at (Linn
prrigs in Sparianlirg )istrict, S. c.
n be openieil for tie receptio of itipil ; I)
lite first ot Febmroary iex. Ii coivertin..m this
eSitibibeien into a school for younr i:jliei
te hiblpiilS have leen thormighly repaired aii
lite zi up; anid in fiunimishing then anw ii,
paint have beeni spI reit) iimake it, inl eviy
respect, siclt Ia hoie as pareriLs woil uiesire
for their mbinihters. l'arieubir attention has
b--en* be'tielocmi uptionm the Muh1-ical instrumients
.111ni lii ih largiani eliciiert corps of -ctthr.
aid ia thorougih cmlir. of ' uidy, it nilrlmis ev.
ry atiinit to) be enjoyei iin t siiilar imitu
A pplicants tire niiniled, ofr aiv nge, over
keven years, anal placei ini 'ieh chIss its ihev.
mmiii be prepareil to joiii.
'lhee hohiitic yeaiur will consist of Oie seam'
Sim diviied i uu two !ernts of five itimiis each,
b':iniiin l om tie Ist of Fermiarv and July.
\I elnion, lieemher mi ia n .uniiry.
iirm:s.--o'imr 'ition anl 11umi, inicyim
waslai, fuel. light, &c. Ak-c., 1;1', per b-r-n
an Ii wtre/ u-ill he no j te,, ,., . ' 4 '. x i for
31ui-ic $.U3 per tern, ano ii for !H1ook, SIeet. Ilti.
si,. II rawini:m tMerials, Ac., itm-maliv ised.
F'or futiinv-r infeination, en '- Prbs-pecrtus,'
which nt bev hi:l 1) :byiplymiig to lite R(etmr,
or cinmir olthe i lm'roprictors.
I Ite- . 2 1. IN.: ;1 :111,
(i iirlestim 3ereiry publihI tri-wceily
unit all them other pap.-rs inl time Silat weekWI,
for threv; iionths, ad forwaril hlsit to ine'il
Ilwn l'ropriet4,rh.
ot, John's 6chool,
,10t l. T. F. D)A%*Is, 1). D3., E.x-Ogi,-io
-lt.-r. .1. 1). M1cCOLL.OU(Il. A. Ml., Riector,
aw-i iliuructor ii Clristain Science aned lies
W.- It. LEMalW, A. Al., Vice Hvector, aw
Ii-triui ior in Ancieiiit Liangiuat s i lit ory.
it- . lit i \, mistru tor i latheinai es ni.
Nattiral ' e e.
liv. I. .. WAtNEiR, initrrictor ii Einglish
iII.: lix rc i i tis l itution will hIII
rTitne. on imhe .!diy i FE;iRLA
ihlmys ar :mhit tje. im ovr tim- rmun, ofi mmveni v'ur
on i reparti hfir th Jiiior ila. inl 041h-v: mr
ilh -y tityre, h ru: -venc lv us
et i r m i ::liih.
There is iii ne m-stii, (miiiii, i 0 tl%\0
winls - m f im iihs i-iea .) begn in: mn mime :a i
ii-riay anel endinyr Noinher ii.
mt mt i-iii,, 'i i iii i - m.
T~i:n.is ri-:a Si:ssix....-'or T iionii :niii
iardl, inechaling untshinm, lIte, t, &C.
62. pay%iable seilansUli/ in wi an.
Jiinraic f.e ,;,25, ir \hicih ooli :il sia
iimery ar furiuhei thie siiiit -I lmong as Ie
iiaiv coiiitinut inl ithe beitiiniiui.
Ad an It ii in lts deiu -iring primimte rot Ils
nil b abm~lthpern (aL lite discretiot op'fte
11.ltir) fo'r limt extra c arg~e tof ::;5, tm lay for
mmie. hius, &c.,
.l;'o ihrter inorm inpply fosranorsmt
us toith ite ctoir, aiL,-.patntoo ri 11..< S
D ee. ::%, Fi.0:sJ
New Store and iNew
1.i qr r: .l i iiv4I, :It ii c-U lji 1i-11 oi I t u i ti
i ' 11. mlaid\%sin l - t t ihl ilwm- lf ;i A*
Ij I m~m'i Ribf f~nl, anal( wa ill opnonte i -t
.bui rry(* nex. 4. r arge .\Ii mul a"rtil c -
uihequit---Suter istrct. -
Cli i mmm'.*:. mm!1. I.\ i | hch ir
' ime hramimi<; lime ian.i n il. b.- uim~ In :. n.
'lii n i t' irmn m'. A m .i r t im i. bbe atronaeiimm
untr (l - le mimii-ii is:,3 it ..t fu
Ai: ie i .h'r.m' mm | 11.,
Thu-me creditori of mthem rfut m--Itr. mi.i:'cies H.Im'm
swo leri ma nmmh-cl ito elihn utiier hiaigonl miimii
toi tme msabovrem tiinnmil mt -nmir ilan, veniteilimi
mme :iihi iml ofi .im'ly mm.i mii.mlmare hreby no-m
.'ii j-l that mb nemi nh-r iinith abiove im tatedm Um
nousy ble iet.uimior. i ipumjy ors
uIter 7 1ii.c afr~b, no bemelh
.th sai naimie rlin part seif not 'll '
inm theii crormnmi bi o .vinutermmm illemi, boundelljii
by~ fhuthi Ac er. .l.I m C'm imiiim urm mio mri, V.me.
imaieismi. T..i mm '<nc , e nl it.I'.iJF i s
imis. 'and byith new heal uninim'm N.n
P'.lb-ster Kheterlewe . l. Sts-uta &
. St ralt n G ao
I 09 I'm ris arr in'rin g-'.miitym Pci mm
ie CLsui7. mi ii53,I i(
Thesub-cibe imimrs 2o salmme his Tim.'
i i' I ..\ mthi', lyn u ) imty-' ' reekh ciimir time
\\iibnmi.:n mmintum xlanceste heid te:ir, abort
fftin. 00AereS i0 o nhireb e dileelte
Fine Segar.s1 - andhe Geesarydbihn
Ing.pTh lace: . it ha ly.
Nov.I30.N 5'.CO
,Salts and Twine;
10y ] 1is. mrnr &'ise cNtaining' 0
-Office of the Wilm' gton &
Manchester Rai Road,
Wn.stic'r',N. C,
. 'IIESIN~l A nn l ltr (of the Stock-t
lot he Wt i hni t iv-i-ster i ail
Iia nyaM niLT Ih Wihington,
N. c., ori-Wetihiesty tie ,th 9f Janaifiry 1831i
aigre aubly ito resitiolitii pt:e it iitir laist
Antial leeting. A full IitIineei' eit helr iin
prs on, or by%' prov, is verylliinible.
-Stochol Iteftrs 401u1ih1 t1 C' --tutriiig from
IIh#, meeting, will bie I 'o l .- onl th li ail
.3 .N '.I CIt A H1, J r.
Jain. 4th, 1q51. . 10- 3
E Watchialn copy.'
40,000 PO0NUS.
Of Jlti-covadi Stii'ar a 1 11- 1 !f .< I . nr.
ran Iilt 1. AI.,o 11 I:tre . c .- (' o e. i )ry
( oolds. of nil dle.wriptlic' \)sol (%aInies nd1
Fruiti of every variety aid jidol. ji. rtievived
by ilijN 0- O.NN il.
C / I'lase e:ll udetinline the SuStgar as
ie gnI:rrIaiteei to -elI it che&perth in It can be
luinghlt ins Charleston tar enfb ontlv. AlIso a Va
ricty of Toys, of ail iriq ianl :'izes froi thie
mnkeli...y to lie Etepamit, :t tIe
1,111,1 AKER~Y.
wee. I1, 1853 7 ti f
Coimissiou iiuerchant,
SWI.MIN '0N. i. C.
PA RTICULA att-j- .iven to t hr SA.E
or 8111 '1ENT if -, t ,. ircs au-l Comm,
a.ind tiler ( A IS A I I * * iliai! 0m l (In -
vi18n msent-4.
ce . 1-1, 1'5:3. 7 I y
Executor's Notice,
All )CISOIs hainitr ieliis ;ainst the
E~late (if the ];at( Col. .lohn .1. Aloore. of
8inte-r D~istriv4, are ro-povleeito hamld
ithem iI iroperly ntltist&,l Iti l w the Fi s r ri
heis, and all thlose iolehied will inake
pa;yment. to thle ne
.1. H1. .\1(00111",,
.J. 8. Alt X l ., 's cu r.
Mlardh 15):h, 1 ,53..r
0ON Wede va: th0-1 day of .lainary
iext. I Aill sell at th I'lle ate recide
titf !iz-ilheth l eC l;hmi dec'tl, nearlField's
11lit e inl D.11rlingtloll D) trict. the tract oft
landl whoreon OW, docni-nd residled pin
tainiiitg abolu six iridred :and frt v n reS.
l'ronViShmtg1 to vx noine11 Said plaee
wili eeaae ill tipn Mir. T .1. N tthok iuoi
li: pre i'l.s. Thi din- h!o n ..' fill
Tu da l tile 5: day -)I' J:In.li l-, I will
: at bi i in Sumt r i 'irict. ( lie
l;Iae s iiit~of l.-jitI l e i:;r t tih e
liW r.all lenlin fo o i to
Iuneno, Ilumnih-d byi h:lds to t' . lir nn
iI, h'apt.i\V. iu liv :. oth er h
Terms will be liberail an,l nile known
Mn dav of, ndo.
\11111,1,11 l1()(ElR, -'olr.
Ihshopille.l I7th .\ov , 15. .1 G"
$100 R..w ardl
Ri lilIN.\\ Al V, ot lahst ttlirsiathe
i i7th inst-it, II Boy lHIICit1O), a
- f.. liie intetto a ; . -c feeti three
i '- Iwo yv:irs old withi viraighlt
ght c : a ve si up.hiutl
pIIr nc, hini anwers iir an .--hort
wi-l poken to S.le Will 1b b a sihert Iblick
t I 2h : i s Aimt . au- thic-k. b
ie ji had tlhe car of a blister im
his forehead ii bt heNO e-br he
ia tI r o ile it 1-y . irm i s :I I or
Fa llover nd s loreh-d. Ho will be
he airi ery I hitelii anti hi bee iin3 iin~t great
car ofhi -kn ir owel io-. \\ti'jun heC
JIrk. Iolredi' I:.: of pants. l ie will bNe
.tcb Coltnt ide~ upthe :tar Iof'y thris
Iter.'t , Ci ti., . -hoo ia er he trId u, ltiough
hA lay~ notrlii at theI b'A ii., )Y Iep(ctin
lien it raiet riwar ive'stei io (ine
Dlarsc~i . I i w 1l bei pnt fort itt ie--tlerv iir
Oct. 2-yrIle Smt r it- re, .
Ir Canien .tilounii 11l anti Chra li2 i a-Lli
ze~ite ui liv~~cter t~n ime.$,i huncoI
Admiginiraor'Iil tiltiisiiti niii. No tes
All ersor loin eis ai' ns. (h
Estati.of .\lrs. . Con 1r 9 de ta-,j r
Fal]:te tods!l i mi Fa pll aoos.
Id t:ln y i host Uri-hed i L irpleaiit inilSke
litmald8tei loytm t
c'ter liitic e't'rt heiiastjust recie. landE!
nows ltttts ter Stahi the b'ery seri lt; .nd
Tticanint hel .iurae byiniylhii in thi
Theti sua bscriler -l-rs lfor lais Pinataion
an illslIt in Sumtter District, sitated on Blg
eat il Creek,i* firteen inles below Vssnaleal,
id six, fromt tiykin's Turn Out, contaiinig
(1674) -ixteen hinadred stad FeVesvny-fltio ascres,
hseatee four tid five hund-Ired acre.s clearjl
ssneli niuder fenicse, [te alanico in fine limber.
ni ft premises i I. gooi two srtory dwtelling,
vith all the ie-csrry blingsofa wel Iettled
I'l:istat ion. tiost of htihi, have beetn creeted
wit hini tit, last few years. On-the northern e-.
Sremity (of the tract is another tsettlement ist
good repnir. Mti pliea are perfectly heasl thy.
Also-A nt excellenst GrinAt Mill, witl I wo pair
of sitone, and a 8aw Alill, capable of enattinag
aboutst or thiusiaid fi-et of lumber per day.
With the Plantation will be3 sold (if desired) tha
Stock (of cattle, I logs and Shiep, together %%wilt
te IrovisimU .Cruop. If sishl -1timed iatelv, pos
Fesa-ion will bo givel onl the. fitat of a.alaimary,
The. terms2 and oiter pariiehiirty bie ob.
t1an -si fromsslthfe imbscriber (psn the premiseH, or
by liner directed tfo Boiykin's Ihpot, Camien
Biranich of S. C. It. It. '
SmiterDist. S. C. Oct. 12, 50 3m1
Look Out For Bargains!
1iii subscribers are opensing ial receiv.
Sing a gl ;resh an very large, assE'ortlciet
I- every descriptioni of Goods to suit tie
country tradle, which will ie sold as low as
sanl be sought inl any markeut for casly;
great-pains has beea taken ins 1.nyinag in the
Stock. Our stock of Ladies! Dress Goods
is conmplete, embracisng eery article isa
their lite . Also. le.asly Maide Clothing.
Ilats ansd ('ttps, Boots ansd SloesN, &d. &e,
All we ashl- is for huavers to enll and exars
ine for themselves.' {1"\Ve especially
invite flte at 5ention (if 1:A.0ters to oir NE
IM GOODS, Kerseys, I'lains, Idinseys,
Voolsicys, lBlankels, Shoes, and I lats.
iMloie cania ie saved ly t allin g oil us as
ir NT)K IS LAl i-i-; and ie are de
termnused ito Scl.
Se lit.21. 1 53. 47 tf
Aanifincture- hnd De'aler in
Carriages and Harness,
OF every description, Nos 121, 31e.titi street;
til 3:3 UN-two arth treet,nttoteld .stand
of (Gilberts & Chaln, Charleston, S. (*
WI). it. 1ilNTEi.t, mnnv he found at the
da lt)iVtI a y, l lit- aa thea 111M method ti
usure isim friendus that all onslers entrusied to
1 him will be asteanled to promptly and withstrict
(t. Wit, ,-3. 51 ly
White Goods,
W1111i1T CAMlIlC .\LUSLIN, at 1d 3
S pe-ri r pinlity Wit'e Cabtiri a .1 .wo.
t(- Cambric,'at 25,: 11 1.,37 1-2 and
-.13 3-4 ehs,
Sup.rwor I ndia .\lsill Mslin,
Swass ;1n11( Book Alisbita at 12 1-2, 18. 25.
. W 1 1--1 :17 1-2. asail i50 tin ts,
lIe st. <piI:ities of- jlklah p I &a s,
Cro4 Iar'd White Cambrics, at 1-,.12 1.2,
:111 1V 3A4 eis,
Cr .ss har'd Wiite Catosabr.s.,( xra line, at
-, 25,3 1 1-4 tand U7 1.. - ; ,
Ax Iso opa a chice. assortt ot'.' ' j N
E'.\ lnRt I~ti at
W. J. JACOfl[ & SON,
221 Kiner-st., (Bend) opp. le Ilg Boot
French Muslin Embroideries
I land ,so-mu e Em!rod'd .\nslin SLE'VES,
lit :7 anal 50 ets,
ltich Emsbroidered Lice S!eeves, at $1
:sai 81I 25,
aa ~t a:s :ual a6: 510,
.\ rich aa-oritmenucit t- Wo~irked Mu islin Frills
ait 11 inta $1 25,
221 Ning~ st. (hendua) opps. te baig Iliot.
Cheap Goods Now Open.
200 1)0%IN Women'ttcas (Cottons [10SEa
I f os s ar -2.) ('sIas,
.\len' llrownt hiIal II lisse. ast 6 1-4i cents a1
I t liz. Men'is inixed half I lose, atL 6 1-2
setats a psir
Ai complete aissortmsent of Geis. iShirts,
verya~ losw
I8 do iiz. tine glaality la-hes imiada -olosrs
I Iosec, at I12 1.2 ces
lxt r:s spinh ty Doss ~ak 1 onrdered Farent~h
'Towels, it. $:i 75 tsvits. a doazsen
Wite- lainsess foar Jmsinsg, aS 12 1-2 a
1s :1.4 cens
lBrowns aaines, ati 12 1-2 cen~aia.
W. J. JA('OllI & SON,
24l l tng si. (henda) supp the Bag floot.
oE xeuorsNotice.
lt-r. Jameas N ewhecrv, dleceasedl, either lay
it- rAeon will aake innnaaediaste ptay
menat. At5i ndltho-e h-svinsf deandssss ;saanst
lhe Snow~i wdal rende~sr thaems ins puroperaly all
Sestaed w~ihhin lea:l stims so
A\. .\d eCAIN NE I~'lElH aY
MA.\l UEI C. GRAII.\.\,
iA pril Iitlh, 1N'5:$ r-..
C tj- lDarlbogtoni Flaig please copy
W. J. Jacobi & SOna
w. j. JAi sum. NAT5taxfF.I. .JAconfl
(ism.N-ss slroms: a rov L0j As a:-r.s-rREE-r.)
Imuporters and Dealers in
F~orcI;;aa & D)onnewtic Dry' Goods
tir;"' Onr estomaers aro ensutred Mode~vragej
IRu.- andst a strict asihearaatceo the~s One P'rie
Pauints, Oils, Glass
No. 60 1-2 iasts-lay, opposite P'. & Ml. Batnk,
CiI A LIES110N, 8. C.
lIe keepu cos~sutatly for side, asgeneral1 assort
mnat.of P'aians and Oils of all kindls,I Window
Gaiss andi iaases, Spsirits Ti~upntino, Cam-.
ashenei, Sirit Otis,- 'Vsdlow, insdstons, Cor
dlage, Chiam Ptumps, Cottons Foot-Glsn Fixusj,
Glane, Packindtg Yarns, amsPl Brashmes of varos
' .Oc t.2O, 1853. 52 Gm
T1. C. WVOR~T'
Rorwarding? Me g ant,
A ' T7,l, OLD SU NAD OF] A. Tr ( . NOsa.
I A lust received and offers for sale, at Chdi-eston prices ,freight Uiud'ed) SER VANT'S
IlA NNKN I'S, at Stach, good uuald heaavy.
i llray Twilled Ie-d ''laist-el. 311 1.-1 cents pier yard;
Satliite . lKerveys, &c., a full asortment, sionhe am low a IG 2-3 Cents j
(Georgia Kt-rseys anI l'mlin1s-Slel..y'- mnuufar ttre
, vl Mo .tin4s, at 12 1-2, 18 3-4, 25 cetsim ;
Prims, Domesties, &c., of all prices avid qualities;
Carpetiig, at 50, 75, 1 00, $1 12 rents
Pick led ler f, Smoled ait'1 Pickled Tongutes, Macherel, mJnond, .ibstere, S:trdiesa, &c
,sugar, Coffev. Pacont. Flour, Jra.rd, ilter, Itice, Mjolassysv, Sat, &.&.
8M0 I'a-ks Fire Crakers, 'fear the Hoys;
YO,0(0 Segarta-c1o"ice brands.
H1is heavy stot-k, and good assortment are too well knowif'to recliure entirneration.
Asse rnti conmplt-te, together witis every deuepriion of Qkoids to suit the couitry trade, whiit
will sold ns low as can he .hug ht ia any mnket for cnsh, or i approved purchasor, otn time.
Iaurebasera will iind it to thnr iadvatiage as well as tue..to call oh tme before purchasiag. My
stock is large, emcinorviig " Any thing tianl Every iing.''
5000 plointds Wanted, for which the highest, vmarket pried1 will blt' faid, citli
er itn Cash ar Merlchandize.
One Hundred Dozen Eggs Wanted,
or whiih over thie arket priev will he paid in barter.
Oct. 27, 1853, 5,
K LUi (- U Q3ic! a--%. UcED a-, ~ . dirU ( ch-aOf -
13 & 255, Riaug-Sliect, Chlarlestoii, S. C.
We are receiving our Usual large supply of 1-afiDe anmd Shthtle Dr3
rie4nI-Also, la1ind iola Coods of every variety, consisting uf
S'C still adherestrictly to the 01e P'it'e systein. Our goods are -ill
mnrked itm plmin figures, and out ternis enable Us to sell, EVl!RY. ARTICLE, at thd
E''E118 CA81, OIt CITY A CCI'PTANOP. - -
253 and 2-55 King Street, one door below. Wentworth.
September 10, 18953. 46 4m
One Door West of A. J. Foses' New Store.
OfTers foi sale on reasonable terms,a choice
and well selected stock of
CheInicals, Evan's Lancets, Perfuiery,
Silver Lancet Cases, Flavoring Extractag -
Paints and Oils, Scarificators, Gelatin& (variety)
Window Glass, Stomach Pumps, HMair1ils,
Spirit Gas, Breast Do. Fancy Soaps,
Best Vinegal', Brushos, (all kinds) Pens and Ink.
Varnishes, Pessaries, Trises, Toilet combs,
Shaving Creaus, Papcr, (variety). Leinoti Syrup.
Best <luidity of Medcira and Port Wine and Frendh Brandy,
For Medical pmrpo.os Expr'essly.
Genuine Cod Lirer Ol,
'rhomsonian and Patent Medicines,
'Iogctber with a variety of' other articles, comprising' the'stock
61' Drugist or Physician.
({Tz-" All on-ecrs put up wvith neatnecss and despatch.
May 241th, 1853- 30.--tf
CAIN BE CUiRED! ahr orSuho h oi ti4
DULOltMB'S IIAU.M Dl Vil," o r itlbin of a '~lEp~t hdt~Wrsn
I.ife it, actera trial ofuipwa rdst ofaiwenty ye.ars V1~~sbcie vudrsetul n
ini a great vutie-ty oif castes, coisfidetntly sal ered to .frntectztso uytril n
the pubihli-, especially to thatse aftlicted with the tepbi ettly htIeIa pnda
mol-t distressing comiplainst, as v sure and speedy tt bv ld igni ~ineto
re-lit-f for their sufierinxgs.
ilead the folltoning hertificudes. Thtey are ir f~lfoi~ni ~i~,1m
fruum gentlemen of high .atandting antd re.~idingCas IrdreCrcryre&c&.
in yatur imntnedliate vicinity. Thiey are- buit one .~,ACoc d ~Fml-Goeiso
usr twtu oif ili mttiiiy lii tsur posessdion all extotll.
Itug th- heahang virtues of tlhis, (tea use lte words ~r ecijtog~~ ruto aiu
of a grateful 1)lspepthi who wait cured biyitsktdastt s(YacAplLeo,
uase) iumtt precious compatundl. &. cwihleitls~1vr o
Cerifict-e from the Rv. Haerttell Spain. Cuft
Strutsay LL,. s. c. Jan. 13th 1853.
.Mr. Cns.ars. DIm.oas.MS o
lIt'ar Sir: -Last sprinig I usedl two snmil bot- ~3 ) l
fles of youtr Halsama taf Li fe; ad excperiencedt
mnucht Iteniefit. I tootk ii two tar three tiuams dai
ly, a teaspoonl iat a doa,'e ini a wvine glass of 'tBthcbehaigdcolnidheDag
water. itiu5wldeteli he iegtipc
It actedt ont my liver, an-l impilartedl a heanlthy~te~eftsjess lss ihn ~poeuoa
tonte to till toy ige-sn ve. targanis, relitevitne ine of t"aiie wl idhm~al ~wa ssr
distressvng ht'elachee, assi imansy othser ch-sagretnen t te~ilee
[bignaed] Jat..1 183,AIN.I~
s~l t~t uedatil faeual wila ec-il-tIrelrm, the' ciizn o SuIINteillegan
titci sst titttat, oticLuil atlatic at s t he pul'ii eneal;ta a opnedDyt
wh a-, alhct't s.'tl Iyse~ia It gn ry Gors tsa n'd by llei al n
iuar~tlscio tarauglols tlecotttr wltb apeDadar, rockeryAre &. c.
'i'ti keeja ao, A ChoicconsttntlyFtaniily-elGroceries of
I titl tn cv~asn orsil.tleAstid vejryeiln~ vif ri o aiu
tic aostiinkiftdsmMsuch oasan.ranges,0 Apls eos
&c.t&c., whicitecretslllselO veryMlow fo
I S~ttsI)J~N ~ .VI. P J BARI E
I'orsteb JlsM.(lstnder tuvtoj~ Nov.reaato i ow cxesvl usdaya
M. A IlaggianI~alisitta ( I.. smure l devo~itfe. ifwolr tio t pact
ata~iiIr.J.E.Iyrl5Tainattvll, tepaf mein. Tose wishn h rfsin
And by Irstgi~isdence inlIthe villege.Co
&~e. DJan.E10 1853, -
rtliltlii~,~nann.7~ ce- NwYr. ChaAr.esio.01.18
lyim ott -- btakie ofreaidasCrek in'crem- .-C.DN, GOlI een
il'twn hsediandu ahaswith dec o tide relrief, ul Cll CHN3
onori aianttonic Disti ca;thetie r st-l A ueltv oe Buetn D
Shmtr. a1ldietd wit husels It genero8al or saole by'4~~At~
uctll i ftthroughu the couerntytn wilj aMOTAT DYGAN CO.
1)8 keep ow sitpply const O hacres owhic .Iluh~a~p'itJi~b~i
lere mtt; gor tang fol Anogds o esieFtio afeJk~~di~
voturdain rermct fulloi ive irtOn LEMBaOA PUbfth RGAT PiVEo
'orlaler b Jeul, M. aler, k sumtier ott Peajto n w derfvl usedy as a
"""M ADLuggin Dligto d.f.areabl osaupattufor n pbiitymxt-a Safl
"h "prD r. e. 1--v, d TmnvI igPepte' inD~#soliva;ani6
SepO 1A1. 1 RKItO - .gea t-t (ua~iueAR PAN &lt coti.
Nove htmgale Agetus alumbia, 8. efiiSaldUEL 0;,UUNNi& 00
Nifa0entsE, tisSeed ultcea1os t07 ttlc
P Tiat Bardie ng Helkoswitlar)n t
-yn on boh ide of 1ai Cree . ' -er Sa*..C. DUNN GCo)b AEMU -
toto-adsm siutotso h sare-- Juy1th
one i DarlngtonDistiet; he oter E

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