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WEDNESDAZ, JAN'Y, 18,.1854.
The Delay
In our paper has been occasioned by
the non arrivd of paper from Charles
Clarendon lection,
llAnVt ha10s been elected Tax Collector
of Clarendon County.
Anl Adien.
Thirteen months since 1 assumed by in.
vitation the editorial charge of tihe "Jan
nrr" during that time my reiations with
the 13rdss of the State has been of the moost
aigreablo and harmonious character, and
now in yielding up the trust onlided me,
I iaya notlihig to regret, save the sever
ance from a fraternity, which I have
-nt to regard and respect, and whic:h
m the high toned ionor nad courtesy
which. hiost universally anid mark their
contreversies justly entitled them to lie
respect of tIhIe world. To the patrons of
the un/er Winner," I have only to say
that I have used all the exertions that
circunistances would allow, to render tle
paper, what it should h and i retiring
and conveying to others, the duties and re
zlponusibililities which 1 have attempted failth- i
hilly to fulfill. I have the satisfaction of
knowinr thtmnt I leave lie concern iii a more
pros4perous condition, than I found it, and
in.the hands of those who are able and
willi!g to do everything to promote its ad
vanucenicit anrd the prosperitof the Dis.
Irict, which I have ever coisidered as
ilentilied, with the progress of Ihe lPress
'o tle late Proprietor of the paper
with whom I have held daily converse,
soimething is due. To his willingnes md
amnialc deportment I am indelted for look
ing up1n m1y e 'itorial dities as a leisant
psime insteal of an irotniis ti.k. Toi
tie In!"penldeit and h)(1oinorable comrse
wlc Ieolnhs ebarict-rld thw cidiuinis of
rl. -ek R irer hra/chinon,, I :eel iyelf
r .- : i rtn i ;vf kiv w -vti .
"Ali m ri. a n top US cin
ire .i hle i;,ii., trom the NI:bi and Vest.
In :.,!r ot r aturda' 1hr-e (I tlie
W.ihin1 * trainn'rs wer' d w d oI
this line L j, :idm1,tinvariably the hnw;
then will ot soim e m knowing Irieid ilnOrm
us why the Alais are kpt upon that r(miIe,
when by a chang to tire WViiinrgroni arid
lancicest er Railroad t we enty four ho rs
will be gained ini time and some ccrt:it
sec ured.
We ha"d iped, that tie recent chaniuige
ofslkedule on the Souith Carolina road was
tire prelaratr(iiy ante!r to sucrlh ebLaingre, thit
thre Ca.rolinian informs nrs timit thre old
schreduile i!! Lbe rmed nit in afewdys
Not being awaire exactly of all the facts ini
hre lemCrises we just ventuire to s::y, that
a screw is 1oose.
Tme G:ardiner' Tr'mial.
This vexed anid long lit igated aliir nowv
undergoinrg its second legal inves legatioan
at Wanshington has been broughlt to a st andi
by the unaccountable loss of t wo very ima
portant documents connected with the tri
al--thre indict ment on whr~ih it Gam :n
was arraigned and thre alledged original
mining title, filled before the board of Mes
ican COmmissoners.
..-~ -4as.-a--*-- -
" Man wants biu, little here below,
Nor wants that little tong."
The old cquotation wvhich we make above
may ihe applied to mian, as an inidividhual,
and we have no objections to it, but when
a body corprorate is spoken of in connec
tion with its wvants, tire puzzle is .to know
where to begin, and where to end is a
problem for thre next centurry to solve.
The aniual election for towti eilcers lhas
just been held, and cotildinig ini ueir hion.
est desire of tire newly elected Council to
promote the interests of thre town ; it nmay
not be amiss to throw out a feiw hint as
to wuhat might now arid cani be dlone for the
welfare of Sumrterville and the comrfort of
its inhabitants. WVe do this not as giving
advice, but simply to call attention to somte
facts and induc dIt(iscuission. Th'le towvn is
out of debt ? TIhis we are told upon the
street, heor no public stautenment of its finan
ces have ever met our eye arid mine we
thin k over made. Ifr sneh lie thre catSe, it
sinms liut aniot her reaison wiry we should
conirrience at once discu~ssing tire sublject
of imronvemnents.
Our firt want antd one we have heard
oudly c:dle:1 for, is at gal M tr.-blall, onte
wvith snirf'ccint wisdom to tinderstandl his
dirties, discretion ini its p~erformoance anrd
firmness and i nlogrit~y entongh to carry
otit the laws of the incorporationr;tlo sneh
an officer a good andi liheral sa~lary shnid~
'be piil, thre pitiful sirn of three hndred
dollnars is not sullicient and wo wniltij ve
the amiouint raised to at least ive hurndred.
T1hae next thring that claims or coansidera.
tion is a Market f ouse antI we are aston
isted thart such~ an ;,estabshmnuent has not
long sinen been built. It would if propor.
ly cionstdnected so far fromt bintg ain ox
pense, hicomae a source of' .income to the
town anti an enceouragemtent to garden ini
dnistry, wich is much needed, tire demand
for vegetnbles, at present beinl~r snppliedl
from tihe Char'les/on arke/*. it would
a bso be an inducement for neighboring
farimers to devote more attention to stock
raising, knowing they could find a regulai
sale, and not have their meat carts mta
one day surrounded with vulture looking
faces, and the next find every one rupplied
and lie obliiged to return as he caune. Thc
citizen fares lFkcwise, for tis feast on(
week ltd Fast tle iext.
The sireet, thoinks to good drainage nan
a glit soil, are generally passabl but:
few hundred loads of saw-dust from thc
neignhuring mill applied in wet weathe
would not hurt.
A Town clerk might serve a good pur
posc and a few lights in' the streetS wonhl
not incommode the traveller by aight ; but
we mnnst not be audacious.
The last want which we shall now Io
tice is, by no means the least. It is a
gone nupply of water, and surely the pre
ent council, who aro reg:trded us of the
-Dry'' order, will not deny this boon, which
is endered a very necessary precaution
from the thickly built up and wooden ap.
pearince of our buildings-property hold
ers had better loo!: to this, One bentence
nl:ore, it is a iuery. Cannot a lafr bc
p e and enforced pr.hibiting theon
regatinglo nategroes in lar.e ilnbers
uponi tlie side-walks, whiel in soane locali
ties is entirely appropriated by thcn to tIc
utter exclosion of wIte pedetr rians ? A,
uth m.a wan with the specks" say:
Yees, Yews.
Wea. have recevivil the prospectus o)
this inst- ution for l85 t, and from the list
of teacher, ciinaent and distinguished it
1 heir several departments, the iahlthy and
aiienantt oi tat)ion of tle school and the
r Ichlity of the watera, we have to doubt
but that tlis vi bieoiet Ili importait arim
ad inat tagonis lace o edueat ion. The va
taillt iof tle s'cliool will lie the Imontils oI
Jamtry and huember. The charge fo
hoard, Iinition, & c., -.j No ext ra charge:
except for mutasi.-lIoos!, &c, furni-sheda
Flir firther p:rtcitnhirs we would ie.
Ifr aauar rc:ial'rs to thlie advert1:wm in an
other coltuia.
Iv 1AtIanayai mal we hive late and
en r, n.;i . ra a .\l :x' ou ::n)i four
h ai . om: Vmir. Ira
n -.a\ :h. pun7a \a me~ (ei
- r -. i twel
\\ mi Ir oxr C.li rCa i
ca t r h: .-, b.-en ni a rded
(a.' t ito t.\ it \' .~.r .::gg e
FIo a au .aaip a h74 - nohiig very. inl:
it hiaa h.2aI ua c-: aover taml I1-rd
l'1ah1ersion retain bS ili-,Wihrad
Ito t.-trn a ir.. al is ruwiar aan spaen!
lit in. Thea clun inarbt i; i :11l
.radt~stna;rs iin taave( demat::ad at ad V:a .;
prcs. A gen'a!~~ w:. r is :anitic 1:::ed.
ilroin Chin;r. we~ la::rn that tihe rebeh, ara
Gos. Foote
We ae iin:iebtl tat a raira 01 ec1dt
Ixs t oc. lFoui r., a f aal ~i aipp. Ona ('ri
(day moinig lhe wvas discoavered ta ong
a crowda oif pa:aenper, whoI' tinwilliingli
Spaenat thei day w;ali nr:. AX coatnuntittae o
cat izena7 achit uponaim mnehi~l :appam7~lly
to his sulrpriw- ,.as hei was~ toundl i loa'
WTliiigt t7mda \l:mehi.:.: r iburad
dlepor:.. Gov. l'aon :, gtave2 them7! a acoutr
taoust~ raecepti:.a anda readily caopie I with~
tiieir requeiaY, thiat he unal piublicly ad
dretas thle citir;ns aaf t his pa
the~ Cor i las, a l:arge~ autu i spetiable;
audience the ltadies turn ig aou int nimel-.t
numbi ers. Goavernoir Fhot r (Seemedl ini ex
cellat htealthI anda sptrits atnd for oa
hiour an~d htalf chiainedl the~ delightted tat
tetion of t asemblatge.
Th'Ie atirair was alt of tou IhurrieJ] an
uniexpe~ctd a tinatulre to a 1law of one cet
terinig int') artnt tallmil tno 4laOnahy ini tih
liaiits of1 ant aelitorial the subsatancee ,>f hi
remiarki, which uponll tppheationa he hat it
lipwn.: u 1aiC mo Ianrleih in ta tanih naor
Saif1.:iet he it tha~t toi.::iy that lie cotverei
the eitlire ground of t he Compromni sa
measui Itrest and hias cotnneiction1 theretwithI
S wvell-as those einseunaents oif a kin rdret
origin. hioldlyv exparessed htis opainion:
of the contrse of thec present adtninistrat ion
btut w. s in nto harsh termn denunciatory
andl d1raw inafereces from those as to1 thie
$lsues,,vi.h wotli retappetar solao tone ir
56. 1llawever wihlely wec mtay ditler with
G;ov. F'ao'-ein his4 pl itical se ntimencats wt
areC, aondii1 t say, fior tan opice ounrteaanice
trank anid enigagolg matanters anid foar ex.
pressionts of ptatriotic tent imenct of burn
intg ardlar and fervor we hauve ntever seer
his superior. Goiav. Fowrt is oni his way ta
Ctaiorma::; M ississippi having reoptadiate:
hlim lhe seeks ina tihe h1 Dorado, of th<a
IWest new fields for the exercise oI
his t alents a.
We tl lall eday invitat ion oin JTiesat
ravanig l:isi, a suppera given to I le hloa
1'. .. M osFes, bay thea (l(chanlies~h of Snoter
ville, as tiamarlk of t heir esliteem andl appre
ciation of his servic-es as Sea~a~tor ad hi
elfor-s in defeatintg ta bdi1 heforo the lasi
Legislatutre tao levy a tix upon01 the profits
and inidust ry of the white a aechanic.
There was a very haurgea tt tdancte, whlicl
comtpletely fIlleda the new rad spaciOm
dinuing roomi at Cmtiau's 1lotel.
TJhec good things plrovidedh for that occa
sion, havmng been amply disposed of, AM
W. 3. N. IHmi:-r, acting las Pret i[ent o
the evening addressed thu lon. F. J
MosEs, in a few words oxpressive of 6h
obligations under which the Me.hanlics o
this place felt themselves for his geieron
exertions in their behalf, and tetiderivI
him a cordial and hearty welcome to t1
scene of festivity.
The llan. F. J. Most:s respondied in
happily chosen spee-ch of siomie lengtl
which- was receivud and ifreiuently intie
rupted by cleers and plaudits. We listerl
ed too attentively ourselves to take an
notes and will not do the speaker the ill
I usticc of atteitnpting a syiopsis of his re,
ma rlo from memory.
Messrs. AslmtonE, GREEN and BLAND
iNG, were succe-Ssivealy called upon an
loudly cleered. Several other gentletme
were called for and gave appropriate senti
Tho following artre some of the nian
toasts that were volunteered, for which w;
aroindebted to tha WaTchn i :
"By It. F- Lignl.--lon. Franiklin
Moses, the Seiator from Clarement :l
sent nel ever at his post.
A. A. Gsbrt.-Col. JfImes D. Blandim
The invinc ible soldter, thie profound la'W
yer, the ain .'lished guleltimn, thi
worn-hearteod friend, udd hIl1e hoalLf, uin
31ay he represent u in our next legisla
By Jos. L. 1Iirringon.-Snepi to tlh
M lechl1anies, anld hoir to their frieuild . :
he always pruve one tiln whom they Jma,
BY T. J. 1are:oIS.--TheO Mlechanies <I
Soith Carolina P'llsessing eni:es I
ferior to nonec, witl a w -huns to d il
.u14elcintly encouralgd. Aiv Ihy alvwa
have Clioull vork to) keep them eliploye
and a grood will to do it:
By P. Al, alorgan.,-The Mllhllnes 0
Southi Carolina : The Pillars upon, w.Iine
ests the whlole gI anId schemel of Ilaternli
imipromi.0nt:s. .Ioy they ever 1utai
the ignity (of Oheir'Iositionl, bytemJlperanet
virt no amtl nrl itv
By A .. .Alose.-To Ohe M0Cee-mies
We are tho /plv; all we wanlt is tna
nimitJ) Ifo m1ake. oursfex1es felt.
By C ,l. I). aAmint re.--d hlcation an
Akehanm1 : h two blwti arks of Ite
Iy P'erry Mhols,--The lab orin .
I n.T , ft!:h works of G.,.
By (. 1.gui-31chai~a :Th(
p 1cl pon n hlch th Ulh:o i.nis oi Nat oll
Iy V . \\' ) I s.- h e in -rl
Ill 1. n oi' o
I on i th lt.h r t l it : bl bird. ;ui' I to th
t AlhA- .Iier > th ra r a ;I
i h IIh. I-h: 1 mf an. ;md I
'0bly a!,iL : dI to;.s r and en be. 001!
. Iy T. .31. l. - t Io pri
w.-t ju.: Ir
bi ell r hi ior (, I S theCarolomb )!;I%
I.!~n of (l~u. ;,~lic o Ch ll ifE
prii y te t. i , ht.i:
sI I a t ! ' (III I (I "::: . :t Iz M e1 ait.
1 .: hI e : ,.
Thed1I.V hi:'yaconhrhd geNIVldei, r
Ihe r in n :I. lie ?0olicuIL of Chi :iie -.w
tim f th l'atie of h rlia.I
iy A. . anpbll, J .-F,.!neP irn : L
l.e tre.
ks J* . ! Lnain.-- -I hm F. .4l.m .l:.'If
hmit)s~ of SotCar.:iashsonb
oftlihet ifmid~ li reda .~iI h
n .rt o the mer The .upport oflth
lt oteo'Sliil. etevnntr..
(IyIC W.t Daei.-h :m Pi~ .. bMwt
TrlL- tl he lemb mN of SmI~ tCIJrebln
I.t B. I. .. e li lot t I lntje<
Ible t'of prL'tren o lilintanli p!'.nt
tithts:oThe foun~ationhoflhalpncssca'
etcae a.(mal thpor cias tiore disn:e
ByI'ani Ilokt:II.-Woi : 'cil
eI:eml lofidall tat' pue, *ir.retlImtie :m
I Theldl text rtin of' thel Son a
Udniow, ii! it iLl lt larbw chur
ontsFrida the1 plai.the a0nuary.
sonie. II \\ h ti ~'. a oy altra
tha ityIU'f( f Serio. le J. 1 MIa
denhll, llv.C N. Grham ii alrnat
ay.th Rev.cD. W.I~ hi Cut t inoil Subje
Dthy. ofirethrenl ftoli a ote. tl
ubject. flt Diseion.ti fThie hnp
tanceii of aii: Sabbalt~th eboo~if in overttzi
Hafo ll undo n tet ol of Dr unIe
latlyf1 flle: tured o the "tig ns it of thI
Tim.es."~v .ed t ha~r't, the i Pohi
aitael himd proph11 eid and0 yeh Ia1
woul th be~ : e l the duration(ffMahom o
d~ianiwrbt itddnoiolo h
W ii.ow Guovi.:, Jan. 6th 1853.
]MErss'. Errtons: Perit me tle
use of'vour columins to address i note
to the voters of'Clareiontt Co- .ty.
f I heard, fellow Citizens, from various
respectable sources on Monday- last at
3uterville that, I had incurred heavy
censure from many of my constituency
in failing to oppose certain objectiona
ble matters of' Legislr tion ' ;ring the
late Session, as well i- for not havin"
sustai.ed certaili other ones, that is
thought by many of you as wholesome
and de-irable measures.
On the sixth day of the Fession, I was
taeni extreme'ly ill, and continued so
for a week. I atte rcto resume my
seat and duties on three several days
. and that too, against the advice of my
Sphyician, when I could no longvr dis
guise from imyself that I was sinking
under the ellbrt. I then asked and ob
tained lejtvc of absenee ror the remain
er of' the dession. No measure came
tup before'the .llouse and certtiinly not
the one taxing the Mechanical indus
try of the State, nor even had it been
considered in the coninittee of ways
ind means from whenee it emiiiated,
anid of which I :i known to be a mem
Ier, Vhen I was attacked aId throwi,
as already veh4ed. oi a sick bed. I
Cmmuot therefore be liable tojust cen
sure from ,any some whatever for
whatever omision I may be guilty, for
they were the result of providential
In coucion fellow citizenis, per.
mint me to observe, that. I am sure it
Was ihr more painfill for me to be de
privel of the 1 ower to diseharge ry
s, dulities as one of yv r iprsettie
timi it could pos;siily 1)e to any other
person, and especially so dur-ing the
late Ssesioin as I iiuself had several
im eaisu rC.3 Lefore the 1louse wvhieh I
lemed of importace,,ml whicl I wIs
diprived of mu4,taining either )v my
vOICe ir VOte.
With the highest respect.
You rs obt. Servanit,
.1. 1.. ASHIMOREl.
JiakRer Ile a/cwn
0 .- -..*,
Onr~i next Goverssior.
The EdAitor of tie Southwrn aleriot has
received a commmination annoiin nimnir
IiAhiard Yemlon ESq-,r., as a suitable can
fhdte for Goerir. The Him. Jlns
'tss., tls heonl spokenl or.
Preina~ilsa Habia.
The Andusta rqprs state, that it the
next. GeorgIia Staie Fair, primints will bt
li-red 'ifor the three lineIt babies, as ful
';rs1 premium-RIver lQiirher, S5w,
r theh-nomeit amid finest Jhke hv4'o
* r ob , .
rl Vh~i:-mIllm--.il Ver P 'itche r, ;:25,
rThe h .4n4o'siest. and itie.t liabie on:e
Th4rd prinima dve-.~.ir Gd~.et, 8~t10,
t l,- h unlltimest :Imdl i nest ibe ix
F 4443johI; 43141.
Thi ehIrei to be clotheil inl doiiestic
f:ires. Theo premionms la bit aiwrded
.tilh-r thi drection of the IhXecntive Comn.
. totitte:.
One of oir citenpiraries (a ban r
p-hap's) thirik three yeirs notice
have beei giv:. If wha smach;d
be triue, we lave only to produce a s
men. on hiimd., fr c opettion and the
\ n~ t. 1)ox is
h . th' nIj tion the .SoubL/'rn
The Charne't'an Iliible Society,
thri* ughT thir :. nt 1Rev. E. A. !seolls,
re..entliltunde graituitously', the
AIl !0ouse wit Poe h~J undr-? aind
-'I:|:: 1341.:., for the use of the
I ;.len4 - h otel. T hey4)343 4 i~ e are b a tid
prinn l 1neatly hiniid wi guilt edg
a::d le:t.re 1 "Mi!! I husze,"' on the~ ~o)v.
r. l h .b 4 -aifying to see that
best. 'f* i*.s" um:nle thius necoessibule
IIto ' way friing hian, ais well as those
A\ duel w f'ouriht his t Satuirday, in Pic-l~
en ('u- 4. yv Al:.t.omia, let ween' Dr.. W. In
.and Dr4. F.a t o:hI of: Nax:uib:. c:.u44y,
' TI tha -.:ue, wi ihl resuiltul4 in the death
of the Ia.:r. lie was~ shot. in the body1
at th o* irst iire and44 died ins,.antly3. Ui
(.0. :m 0 iinst was; injuired. Thei two gentle
men' i h~li O.) iee i ria e~44tdidates for the Leg
ist nre, :mdi we no- ,lersta.nid the duel origi
r had ien cieetedl. ibs remaeins wvere
b, brought toi .\Ioiloe and int''irt.d in the' Odd
.1ilowV~ 4 '. uring~ groundi list moinday.
The name4 "laudy" is ana abbreviation of
the ? a a "!eoIhiy,'' whlich s~giifies
"breaud giver."' "'ho miistress of a ma nor,
-;at a timei wheni allinent. families residedd
constanitly at theii r colmi'ry mnansionis, wais
areustomied, once a week or oiftener, to
l. dstribute among~ the pior a4 certain qulanti
. y of bread. Slhe bstowed the tift with
her own hand, and mane lie hearts of the
nheedly, by the soft u ordls and genitle actitons
IwhichI acc-omptaniedl her benevolence. The
widow and the orphan '-rose up tad called
lesLsed," the( destitude and the4 atlicted re
r con)ed heur pra ise-;. all ch~tises of the' poor
citnehnediwt her in theoir all'ectionis as the
e "le',fdayv," the giver oif bircad and44 dispenser
io comor--a sort. of sinristi~ring spirit in
aworin of sorrow. Whio is a hidly now?
. W444od, it is said, mayi) he petrified by
I the followviun proess:-'. Take equal qluan
tities of gum salt. rock ahiuu, white v'in
j gar ca lx and4 pebble powder. Mix all
1 hose inigredlientts togeother and there will
.be an ouhuilition4. When i s subsides,
i throw in the wood or any othier poironis mat
t-~ te,4and let it soak for (44444 or five daiys, at
lie endl of which time thle pe triticat ion wvill
. be compjle: .
'. Most ladies th!ink it is the summit of
'misforTu44no to he ugly. T'his is a mistake
quit, f reojionitly. Tfhe chances are as the
worbd goes, that home4)ly womanm are alto.
get her the beust Tat hear;, head and soul.
SA pretty lace iften presiides over a false
- heir; aind a wveak head, with the smallest
t shadowv of souil.
V Wise meni ingle mirth with their
cares, as5 a help either to forget or over
tcome) then: but. to resort, [t) itoxica
News Scraps & Gatheringi
1r The Charleston Standard denic
the truth of the report of the exitence <
Small Pox,.ps an epidemic in that city.
9U7Sir JOHN FRANKLIN is not yet gil
on over as lost by the British Admirality
parties are still in search of-hid.
07 Thp Eastern war is still a subjei
for speculation aud surmise. The lai
news is of a contradictory character.
Ur The numberof Colleges in the I
S., according to the last census, is 234;1
teachers therein, 1,657: of pupils and ui
dergraduates, 27,159. Nnmber of publ
schools, 80,991, having 3,354,173 scholar
of academies and seminaries 603'.
MT In the Mississippi Legislature,
Democraiic Caucus on Fridy nominat
A. G. Eiown for U. S. Senator by tm
majority. FOOTE departed the same dv
for California by way of New York.
(17' The Democratic Stae Conventic
,f Ohio adopted, on Saturday, the Ball
more platform of 1852, and nominated |
F. Norris for Judge of the Supreme Cou
of the State.
9j The Cincinnati Commercial sa'
that, on a trial hefore the Police Court,
was stated that many hundreds of barre
of blood were annually used in that cil
for naking swcet wine,
r7 The Supreme Court of the UnitE
States la- sustained the validity of the I
llana and Omega grants derived from ti
Span islI government, lying in Louisiai
an1d on the Sabilie.
ar Governor BIEn, of Pennsylv,
in, issued a proclamation on the 6tih insi
authorizing the Military, if necessary,
aid in preventing any further destructic
of the property ofthe Franklin Cannal Cc
at Erie. All was quiet, however, at Er
on Saturday last, the arrest of the tu
KnLrATIcas, Dr. Slinwixit and Jonis I
JACK, livintg had a beneticial eftect.
0r President. Pierce's Messige is con
riented ipon by the Londrn journal
which publish it, in full. It is favorabl
polken of.
Cd-rJ It is reported, though not on ti
bet authority, that a chalenge hor0 bec
sit hy Col. JEFFF.nsoN DAVis, Secretai
of. War, to Mr. Tooamns, U. S. Senator fl
Georgi, aid accepted.
ST On the 1st of November :10 verse
were loadiig with guano, at dh Chinel:
Islands, for the United Sta:es.
. At the election groumnd, on the 91
instanit. at I [lynies box, about foir miht
from Anderstmn, C. Ii.. a fi.:ht, as we leam
imo-i t le Southern ' ights A drocatre, toc
place bet ween olr.wr GRAY- and MHi.Foc
T'A r, . iring which the later received
stab from a ktilte used by the former,
the !eft. brmast. The woind is nolt as si
ver asq was it first thoiught, and thel
seums to he little douhit but that Mr. TA1
will recover. Mr. GAy hiis been come
ted to j.iil to await further development
' " A lady was asked the othcr da
why -he chose to live a single live, a,
gravely replied: "tleciuuise t am not ab
to lipport a husband.
I > " A Thepian Corps is about bei
formed in Charleston,
Ant. J, J. Crittenden has been elect(
United States Senator from Kentucky'.
Mr. Witashbu.rn, VIig, has been ele
ed Governor, and] Pluakett, Lietenai
Governor, of Massachn setts.
A mi:ister at the North was recent
m1a(de to pay q!.7 and costs, for niarrying
boy m hi - een to a little boarding sch
niss under eighteen years of age.
[7 GaoiiGE WARREN wits elec~ted
..he..th it., Shteriffof Colleton Distric
ilT' Tthe Pu~blisher of the Southet
Rights Advocate at Anderson C. II., giv
notice that Ire will shortly issue his pap
(h7 The Court of Appeals of New Yor
has decided that'the trusatees of any Cati
ohic churcht may assigni all their propert
mn perpetnity, to the control of fishe
linghes and his successors in oflice, u
leas there is ai special law against it.
(17T Am.r.xm:. T..nnr, me (If the oble
and most estleemed citizens of Moibile, di
on the .1ith instant, iln thtat city, at the aj
of eightty years.
Mr The i11th anniversary of te birt
day of ThOmAS PAINE is to be celebrat
inl Iostoni on the 30thl instant.
The cliizlns of WVindhamn counaty, Co
nei:ticitt, are al'ont to erect a imm~lume
to ihe memory of the gallant old Genter
Col. 0. HI. Tiinoor died in Macon Gee
tria, ill the 8th inst.. and Mr. E. B. WEEi
one of the oldest mtercharts, of that eit
oni theO 11th inst.
SItoN L~EB[.ANG., Esq., died on the I
inst., in the Parish of Ihberville, L2s., aga
seventy-six years.
The first really hatrd frost of the seas<
in Ne w Orleans, was exp~erienced It
Sun day nightt.
Mr. JIcCtrANAW, our Minister to Etn
land, is engaged itn negotiating the pu
chase of an island in the Merditerranei
se', frotm the Porte, to be used as a.Uni
edi States Naval depot.
Mules ill large quant'ties. are leavii
Missouri for the Soutly.
The Senate of Vergitnia has adopt
a resolution proposing to award a premiln
to thte officers of tihe best conducted ra
roads in the State, with reference to spea
atnd to punctual connectiotns of the tmal
atnd travel,
The lHon. Mr. MUHILENBE tic, a mem1b
of Congress froni Pennsylvantia died
Washington last week. T1his is the s
cond death in that body since the prose
sessionI comamenceid.
Ma. BoyCe stoped further proceeding
on the subject by remarking "ihat the;
difliculties necessarily- followed, from ti
fact that the population of that section
country were compared entirely of fre
main. [Laughter] Gentlemon from tl
South were conservative. If they 'cont
help their western friends ill this 1natt<
they woldl gladly do so; but at prese
they could only offer them their symnpatL
A merchant examining a hogshet
of hardware, on comparing it with ti
invoice fotundl it all right, except a bat
mer less than the invoice. "Oh ! dor
be troubled honeoy," said the Irish pn
ter, "sure tile nagur took it out to op<
the hogsbheld wtha .
Testnimsoal to . . S. o1om1o1s
According to previous notice a int ng'
of tle operatives on the Western eqcI of
the Wilmington nud Manchesge R iiT d
was held in tha Court Luse .Tu 04ay
Evening last. Th )Anmittge appoint.
. ed to procure a suitabi ftestiiqi Inl fopr
sentation to Mr. S. Ssox.oao in iin
t memoration of the esteemi and' regard lii
it which he was held by those who had served
under him, during the termn or his oni-e
1. ai assistant Engineer on the Vilnington
fnd Manchester: road, ofllredtso tlie nicet
ing a massive silver pitcher lhearing the
following inscription:
d On the West end of the W. & M. R. R.
'0 By the operatives in his employ,
Jan. 10. 18-4.
Ex risione sed inemoriat cara.
Atr L. PL.r'JFitsi jr.)n behalif of
. the ophratives made the presentation
rt as follows:
Mr. SoLoMoNs:
.S The object, sir, which has assembled
it us together this eveningr is of a most
Is touching and interestintz character. It
y forms one qf those bright spots in our
existence which occasionally dot's
d momory's checkered page, to which in
,a ifter ve.rs the heart will turn with
10 mingled emotions of pride and plear
We arc not here fillr the purpose of
- hera'ding fuIrth the ccnqueror's tri
uniphs, or to pr1o(ntlice eulogistic en.
0 con'iins upon Statesmeni and Iatriots
" for deeds which excite our wonder and
admirationi; but to witness anl exhibi
tion of those kindlier and moure getter
ous feelings of our nature which ever
nestic nearest the heart. and which it is
highly ionorable to cultivate and
praiseworthy to imitate. I stand;.be
fore you. sir, the representative of
a hody of your fellow citizeus, whose
good esteem )oi -lhould be proud to
0 have won-to permii, in their behalf,
a imost, pleasing duty.
r Thue univn ersal fainily of man, be
ing bound together by ties of a pecu
liarly intcrezting iind endearing na
a r, consti tute a i mass of wisdollm, feel
ing and passion which it is truly
btrange t> corteiplate. Il this social
organzatin, certaiii high and respn
silale dutics are iv*qi red at the hands
k of every tman, wMhich it is justly es
I teemed, highly proper to discharge, cy
a eu with due deference to the opinions
n of others; but when their perforiumanee
- elicits the admiration and esteem df
1man1y and secures the confidence of'
a -this is truly accmpnin g one
of the higihest aud noblest objcts (f
our existeciee.
r' We cannot but recur on this occa
*d sion to some of those circumstances of
e doubt and difficuity which lootmed up
before the nimagitation, in the ir.cipient,
g stages ofoue of the greatest public en
terprises which has ever contributed t,
d advarice the iiterest and proeperity,
not only of Sumnter District, but of
the entire State. The recollection of
those events still linger in our mem
ory; but we. are prouid to know, that
IV wiatelver of mortification might havh
been connected with them-, is all for
. In the glories of tLt triumph
which ha~s so righly crowned the wig
dom, prudenice, and energy of those
" wh plne and proseculted that nio
~* ble schenme of public inmprovement-I
n -may say, to its ultimate comipletioni.
* While we stand in the amidst oIf
er aill the comforts, enjoytments and bles-.
sings-which have been showered down
k uponi us ini such rich profusion, by' an
enterprise,- byer which, you, sir,
Y' fur years past have exorcised a most
importanot conutir). Wec can look
back, with an air of complacenmt pride,
upon the "Paper Pr'ojects" the "maig
st nilficent fiailures" and the "chimerical
ni scheme's" of by-gonie days.
* The spirit- of' the age isornward-civ
ilizatieni is upon thme march-every
in. thing is urging forward- to somec glori.
d ous result, and he is indeed. devoid ol'
wisdom and prudence who would' es
. say fori a single moment; either in his
at individval or social t'apacity to stand
al in the progress of the Chirjf Worker-in
this mmimgniticenit system-Steam.
r- Electrical influenices are -the lighmt
r, ning Agents that convey intelligence
y. from one qniarter of the Gjlobe to thme
.other with the rapidity :of' tlought.
st Tihey furnish abundant food for specui
,d Jative ingenuity anrd excite the most
sluggish mind to an activity of oplera
mtion to which the world for eighteen
st 'centuries past has furnishmed no speies
of' i parallel; but whatever good mudy
resuilt from the emnpjoymnent of thecse
agns-yet steam--is at, last the gre'at
stay' and bulwar~ of human prog:ess,
t. Could we but have a paporamnic
view of the untold tr'easures of wealth,
wvhich un'der it sastonishingpower, are
gnow plougig the bosotins of our wa
ters atnd whirling over the face of our
d country towaurds every finagingble
Spoint of the compass--we~ would
stand lost in wonder and idniriation.
stundor such infinedyfc-As these, ouit
country is already jus~tly: styled .Amer.
ica the Gre'at; but theo'grious dostiny
which. awaits her inaths future hnl nov
iner yet crossed- the'imnagiation of a iy
e- man. Tme power - of tmitd ovea' mat,
nt ter has never yet beemi knowri-nor
will it ever 'oe ascertained- until
all created riater-ial things are subjec
as ted to its control.
iG It must be a pleasing task indeed,1
sir, for yousto contemplat6 thiesehlajg
e- nficcnt results and. feel that'~duu A-e
identified with the schemes wvhich
Id are hastening their- final fnlflnmhflIn
r, connection with those who have plad
at mne hors .o do honor to a faitheful pub
y- lie ofilcer and- a highly eateem~ed' 'and
d respected superior.
W0Xe turn f'rotnu the scene juif; pre
sented to your' vluv, -to 'the 'o in
which. we are now noting,~ Iith feelinga
r-of delighmu' Thme one excites snur ad.
m mration the other 'bnngs mnto i tive
xrcrise the' an mt -.almo -., im
blin gof huian character.
.-nNi ted as you have been with
the forpunce of a 1o4 delicate du.
ty, hive discharged its requisi
tiuonl ith a zeal and lidelify rarely to
beo s , ia'accompishied the desira
bile cc secutiig to yourself the
teenm of .thwse over whowir
ei exerci.sed a business control.
This is a result, truly worthy uf (Ae'
man and the gentleman.
You have been promoted, sir, to art
office of still highor responsibility, aid
6s fo6 'ar'e soon to leave us. for the
purpose of exercisipg your talents and
energy it another- sphe.re, (lie opera
tives n the Vilnmington and Mar.
ehester Rail Road, who have been un
der your immediate supervision have
unanim-usly determined to'express to
you and to ,the'public .thaW high es
term in whi-ch they hldybu ifot only
as a* faithful publie.oflicer; 6it as the
courteous gentleman and sincere
friend.' Oher.praise needs no man.
I need scarcely tell you, sir, that
the deep regret which they feel in par
ting with you' is only soothed by the
knowledge of the faet, that your inter
est, calIs you to another scene of action
11n1d in pursuing that interest you are
foilowing the path to prosperity and 11o
I ain instructed sir, in their behalf,
to tender you this present, having in
serihed upon it the motto ".Ex visione,"
sed menwria cara," as a small but.sub
stantial testimonial of their high ap
preciation of your many exalted pub
lie and social virtues.
My position, sir, warrants me in
speaking not only for hose who I have
the honor specially represet4, but
fbr tile community at large. And it
tiust excite the proudest feelings in
Your bosom to know that your univer
sally courteous bearing and gentlenian
ly conduct has wot the esteem of this
entire community and secured their
unlimited eonfidence. And.believing,
sir, that whatever triumphs are the re
wArd'of talent, industry, are energy
are within your reach. We wish
you God speed, in the pathway of
prosperity, honor and renown.
After receiving the Pitcher Mr.
SoUOtoss replied:
The emotions gentleinen which this
occasion inspire;, renders it impossible
for ie to use lantguage sufliciently ex
pressive of my g-atitude. I feel the
honor too deeply to properly than k
you, and can only hope that you will
give me credit for a just, a thorough ap
preciation) of the general impulse which
prompts this presentation. It needed
ino outward testimonials to assure me
of your esteem. The uniforiji kindness
that has marked your conduct -towards
me-the alacrity and fidelity which
you have always manifested in the dis
harge of'your duties, and the cheerul
ness with with which you have qub.
mitted . to the privations incidentt
your occupations furnish me, .suflicilnt
guarannee that my effuaris to fix anidre
tain your respect and has liot been un
successful.--And here let me add that
much of the credit:attribtuted to my
own management is due t Vour own
prompt and ready discharge of your
dutia, That and bearing hias enlisted
your admiraition and called forth this
gratifying expression of it. is, :a matter
of which am I trulv proud and itwill-ev
or be a source ot gratulation to mae
to know that a mid the varied and of
ten trying -scenes the ar.xieties and
perplexities insoperablo from our haz
ardous life, 31 -find elustered around
rme your sincere wishes for my futuie
welfare and prosperity.
I except your token with mingled'
feel ings of-pride and pleasure, regard
ing it assa trophty more honorable than
fate or wrealthl could bestow as an illmi
tninated page in my history. It will;
servo to remind me that the apparenV
coldness of- this world ist but a" mask
hiding-from- view the fhjwers by which
our piathl throngh-life is hedged.
-To you, sir, I'm nst rettirn myr thanks
for the halidsomne rnanner'in-which yotr
have performed thle dut-y assimned you.
You have inideed aded to th-e 07>higation.
In conclusion, gentlemen, allow me
to assure yon that the regrets you ex
press are reci procatedh tnd-thaet in whlat
ever position 1 many hereafter be placed
I shall niever forget mny friends on tihe
Wilintn and Manch 'ster Railroads.
Whaat do thae Physiclaaus Say ?
Eg? Lisien to thle testimony of an eininent
physicin favor pa M'Lane's Vermifuge,mhzich
Is now unietealyacknowledged to be the besit
iii use; even members of t.he medical facuhty
whio are so ofteni opposed to the -use of patent
inedicines,) cannot wittihold their approval of'
this invalu'able rdmedje'
Laons,. Stark Co. Ohio, Jan 8, 1849.
the uparalleled sieceess with widch 1 -have.
presclbed ita usa, both for children and aduls,,
induc~es mle to say thme mnosrin its favor of any
specific or patent milehcine ever before bregh
to niy notice. ,'The moeds of admidistation.te .
simainess of ie iloss, and the 'certainty of'its
eftilcaciouns eil'ee, give It .itn opinin, ade
cided adxantage over- any- other' medicine of
the kind before the publio.
87j? Pur-chlasers willti carerni to ask for
Dr. M'Leune's Celcoirated Vermidfige, and take
none else, All other termifuges. in compaisorm
a worthless. D). M~'Laue's Vermifue also.
his Celebrated Liver Pills, can now behdat
alt respectible Drug Storsa In the United $tos'
sd Canat~a. 35 -iVfrsl
byr the Athitsi P. Ml COI~ &,co COin
potters anid''DeaVl in 4RUGSr ND
MED[CINES,,No. 29, Haynb at. Carles
ont,.S. (i
Wightnan ir.-We Al4ti* - WS B5t8
dAt'ghter illia Stag-ongr uu
buistr tjLh.h v PCat .Bia
th 5h iti h R.I E i C
shaly lhnmott a

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