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DEPIAlRTED this life at Macon, lississipl.
Ii, on Christmas tiny 1853, in the 28th year of
his nge,( Gottoi WASIIiUNTON llt.ACit.
Iloritand raised in Sumter District, he had
removed froim among its but a few months,
when ,the fell destroyer removed him front the
Bridal chamber to the tomh.
A friend who knew him well and loved him
much for lis many ennobling gnalities, can not
refrain from dropng a tear o er his memory,
and uttering a eigh of sympathy with his be.
reaved relations. Aged mother; he who was
thy stay for many years of trttble, remember
that he is.now free froim all care. Thou wld
wast his wife but forty short days, reentber
that though "the voice of mirth and the voice
of gladness, and the voice of the bridegroont
have etnsed, and the land is desolated unto
thee," that he hath gone to a land where mirth
and gladness never cease. Brother, Sister,
you have the consolation whiclh cannot he
taken away from you, that he died having
Christ for lis Ilder Brother.
Sumterville, S. C., Jan. 13, 1851.
Bishopville Carringe nnd
Ilarles 'ItIa1factory.
JAMES W. AMBROSE still continies to
carry on tihe above .husintess in all its various
branches, antd takes this method of returnin
his thanks for their liberal patrontige, and
lopes by close attention to business to still
merit the samte. CARRIAGES ANO 111G.
GlIES made to order aid warranted for twelve
months. If they shold fiail in that time inl
point of workmanship or material, they will be
repaired free of charge. lie ilemns it unnec.
ersary to say anything in regard to the neat
neps and durability of his work, as hisi work
will show for itself. Call on him at Bishop.
ville aid lie will give its good bargains as cnn
be had in Charleston.
lHe also does plough.work at short notice.
llorste-shoeing done with neatness and dispatch
at $1 5U all round. hlis terms for new work
will he to suit purclsers.-With interest IL.
Bislopville, S. C., Jan'y 18th, 185-1 12-6n
Vokesbury Masonic Feir ale
College Institute,
This school, which has recently come under
the control of the lasonic Fraternity, and the
patronage of the Grand Lodge of the State,
will begin its exercises the 1st day of Februar .
Th'lie new building for tie Institute nre not ra, lv
for the complete for the organizution of th'e
Collegiate Course, anid 1114 yats operatioi.
will be preparatory thereto; but yet every fa
cility common to the Iligh-sbhools of our couni
try ill he afTmrdod, and all the branches ust
ally taught will be taight here. We have the
assurance of the patronnge and -tippoirt of a
largo part of the Fraternity and many others;
anI with the nv'nis at our control, we intend to
estalh I a school 'ciond to none of the kind in
the State. 11 is no coarian Institutio. but is
open to all who desire to participate in tihe rich
rewards of a correct moral and intellectual
training. Our object is to "pit one brick', inl
that Educational Edifice of wisdom, strength
and beauty, which the enl igltenient of the age
is rearing; ani we only ask a share of the public
patronage that we may have a fitir trial. The
rrustees take pleasure in antinotncing to the
public that they have secnred the services of
two very accomplishel and experienced Ladies
to take ('harge of ite school for the present year,
.3liss IiFLEN Titost'sON and her riFter Siss .....
TitosrsoN. All the Ornamental, as well as
Literary branches will be taught at rates usuial
in such institutes. Cokesbury is easy ofaccess,
being on the line of the Greenville and C. Rt.
Road, and is proverbially healthy anti moral.
13oard can be haid in the best finilies at $9 nnil
$10 per month waslhing &c., iieinded. For
further particnirs apply to the Secretary.
J. IC. VANCE. President loard.
F. A. CONNOR,See'ty.
Cokesbiry, Abbeville Dist.
Jan. 18, 1851. - (12 4t)
Lumber and Wood,
"ITE lrtbsariber, superintendant of the
'Steam Saw Mill of Coglan, Dixon & Co., re
'spectfully informs the publie, that they are lire.
'pared to furnish Lumber of any description at
-The shortest notice.
Having good wagons and teams, they can de
liver to purchasers whean desired. They have
-a large quantity of prime Oak and Lightwood
which they canl deliver to customers ont mioder
ate terms.
TaaM.-A reasouiable dedtaction In all cases
for cash, or otherwise, notes will be taken when
orders are filled..
Every exertiont will be used to give satisfac
tion to those who tavouir us with ordets.
Suimte rville, Jan. 18, 1854, 12 t f
Hlarmuony Fcanalc College.
This instittion will begini h's secontl year on
Wedlnesday thme 1st 01 Februtary nexat. New
p iis, are explectedl to make n plicaltitton, rad
al to arrive otn Moniday andl Tuesday; am it is
A esired that their stueies should atammence ont
Jan. 18, 1854. 12 E
Who Want~s Money ?
The subscriber for one, is particnicriy in
want of it, anid be hopes that thmose wh~o have
psatromuzed hitm so liberally, will contiue t heir
frientdsfiil y paving ill, and enabling himi to
muet the. < omandls of others. "Whee Iscanniot
move withgtgrease"'
Jan. 18, 1854, 12 t f
John HI. Richardscn Jr , Attorney at Law
Sumterydlle S C., will pracetica in the Courts
of Sumter, Richland, A'ershawu, IDarlihigton
and Willhamsburg dis tricts. Ollico juist back
-of J. T.' Solomonsq niew store.
Jatn. 18, 1851. 12 tf
Law Notice,'
Johna S. Richardson Jr., Magistrate, -will
attend promptly to all buisines -enitrusated to
him. tl'ico Just back of J. 'T. Solomtans'
new Store.
Jan. 18, 1851 12 tf
Sale of' Negroes.
-.On Wedneslay the 25th inst., will be sold in
Suimterville, a gang of thirty prime ne roes, on
Sa credit ofone, two and three years. h'le pur
chase mooney to be secured bybond, beiaring
51E miterest, payable annually, withi personal secu
rty., and a mortgage of the property 'Titles are
Saspumtablei. Purchasers to pay for ppers.
The negroes are to remain in Sumater d istricl
until t~m IPoads are paid. Until the 25th inst.,
they may be treated for at privatte sale by up,
pllcathon to the Subscribar ini Sumnterville.
* ALSO.-At the same time and place, will
be sold, several likely negroes for cash..
Agent to sell.
Jamn. 18, 1851. 15 2t
So, Carolina--Sumter Dist,
By WV. LE WIS, Esj., Ordinary for sait
WVHERLEAS, A. J. Moses, hathm applici
to me for Letters of Adminimstration,, on al
and singular the goods and chmattle, rights
aii creditors of liC. Moses Jr., late of the
aid Distriot, decoeseed.
These are, therefore, to cite and admon
Ish all and dits ular,-tihe kindred and credi
tore of' the sat deened, to be and appcal
before tme atornqxL Ordinary's Cotnrt Co
-tihe said District, to be holden ait Smte
Court H~otise otn Friday the 3~d day o
?ebrutarv next.,,toshowv cause; if any, wi:
the said adnministration should not be grant
Given dtuier my hand- and seal, thi
17ilh day td ~anm. in lthe yearc
[(.- a ] our L~ord', one thousand eight hun
dlroll and fty.foumr, tind -in thme 78t
year of Anmerieati Independence.
Jun. 1th 185 . LE~WiS, or S. D.
n.47th 18M.42---2
30 Likely and well Seletod
WILL be sold before the Contt Ifouse in
Columbia, on the first Monday in February
next. Among them are House Servants, Ilost
lors and Field Hands, all able to work. The
conditions of sale will be notes, with good en
dorserit, payable at either of twe banksi in Co
lumbia or Charleston, at Go days, with literest
from date.
The subscriber ofhers the above negroes for
sile, intending to change his former business,
and for no'other reason.
Jan. 18, 1854. 12 3t
Wheel-wright Shop.
TFhe subseribers respectfully inform the pull
lic that thty havo coinmencedl the Wheelright
buslinnes, in Sumntervillo. Shop situated next
to T11. J. Coghlan's Blacksmith Shop, near the
W . & M. R-. It. Depot, where they are ready to
execute new, or repair old work at the shortest
Their wood work can be neatly and substan
tially ironed at Mr. Coglinhi's Shop win:. de
sired by persons sending work to .thnen, that
the iron work should he done 'at the same time
and place, otherw ise, they will have the wood
work done only.
In order that we may be able to fulfill onr
engagcnents promptly.unr terms will be reason
able and paym nents mutist be mide in cusih or its
'luivalent, when the joh i. conpleted; or when
tie parties prefenr it, necounts inay run for quar
terly settlenents, eiher in caoh r good paper.
Onir businness; will be conducted under the firm
of Moore & Barclay.
Sunmterville, Jan. 18, 185-1. 12 2
2 " Watchman copy twice.
Agr icultural Association.
A ineeting of the Sumer Agricultural As
sociation will be leld in Ie Court loans.,e
is place onl thle .Ast Wvednesda~y inl this
Tnind mnembers are Particularly requested to
attenldI as businesti, of Lrcat importance will
be leaioretie meetn j r
M Ti j. 1). ULANDING.
Jan1. 1 3, 8A. 12 2t.
.Sea'ted proprsals will be received until the
first of February next, for the uilding of
nuw Chnreh, near tie old CalvItry Churchl n
Clarendon counity, persons twisilng to unnner
take the same, wil please! call oni Capnt. M- If.
CON NOR, who las the ilan of the church for
the inspection of any persons who niay wili to
innmdertake the saie.
L. I-. Rnnt e,
T. If. Covson, Parr of
IIF. .TInA., Committec.
.Ac MI rAc .:
Janu1l 81.t 131 -
So. Carolina----Stimter Dist,
Iiy 1i'. Leis, Eqiteire, Ordinaryl for snaid s)
Wherean, M1. 0. Clarkson,biathn applied to toe
for I.efters of Adminiti.vratwon, oni all atind
singular tin, gols and chattels, rights and
credits of W. E. Clarksni, late of the District
naforesaidi, titecoLeae.
le' are, tner-fore, to cite annd adtonisli all
and singular, the kindred and creditors of the
said deensed, to he and appear bofnnre n.e at
'ir next Ordinary's Court for tine said Distriet,
to he holden at Snunter Court IInuse on Friday
tie 20h day tio January next, to ,hiew cause, if
atny, why the said adnninistration sh1otuld not be
Gien inder my inhand ani seal, iii 11h
day of January, in tie year of otir Lord
f[.. s.] oane t iousand eight hunired and fifty
three, annd in tine 78th1 year of American
W. LEWIS, o. s. ii.
Jan. Hlth, 1851. 1-2t
In Equity---Sumter District
John1n J. Conyers anid
fulia A. is wife,
vs. 13.i foir Arcount
Joiln Bibnke'iy aid .d Relif.
Isabella E. is wife,
Inld others.
IT appariing to iny itistaction that
Thoimas E. lickeyl, oIt. M. t. Withr.
spinon, andn Josephl Motntgnmery, D) eenu
atnt s in thle above stated case, reside ut
of then bis of0 tine Stnte oft Sunth Caroli
tnt, (on tmotionn of Biandinig & DecSautssure,
Compnlainant's Solicitors :
It is ordierend thmat lie dlo appear, aind an
.swer, pleand or dennur to the smud bill, wit hin
three mtointhns after the pnublicatjin of this
rno~ice, or an order pro cninfso theorcon
will be entered aigaitnst imr.
Also, ordered that then abonve orderr hec
piniblishledl for thnree mocnthns ini otne oft Ine
Gazettsm of theu Dist rict.
Commtnisnsiner in E~npiity.
Jan. 11, 185$. 1i :hn
209 and 211 King-sreet corner of Mar
kcet Street,
CARPET1INGS.-Ingrain, 3 Plys, Brus
snels. Tiapestry anndl Vnivets.
CliIRTA1N M~ATERtIALS, in Silk, Satini,
andl Wourstedi.
lar e variety. MSI
il-, tOlDERED LACE and MSI
CURTAINS, all i leis.
G;iLT CORNICL-S, in nil tine new dlesinsu.
TASSE[LS, &c.,
in aill varieties.
STA IR CARPETlINGS, of all styles.
R UGS, in grenb variety,
Rled and Whlite FLA NNELS, SilIlRTINGS,
COTTON OSNABURtGS, of all tine host
Eniglisin and Amnerican COTTON FLAN
Freinchi, Englishn, anid American PRIINTIS.
mnake, for Shneetinigs Shairtin gs, P'iilow Gu' s,
Tablie Damtnska, Dollies, Nai pins, TVowelliing,
Iltickahauks, Fruit Cloths, ii. E. Diapers,
Grass Clotihs, &c.
of best F~reinch Goods.
SERVA NTS CLOTHS, in all tihe shlades 01
SEYVS, of all qtualities andi styles.
Rich Dress Goods.
r NG GOODS, in great variety.
EMBR($DER1S anti LACE GOODS, of ev
EVENNG DESSGoods in Great variety
constantly received.
All tine absove are of otur own
fand offeredi at the LOW EST MAIRKETIPricei
- TERMS.-Cash,orCtAcean.
-02' The one price systemn strictly ad
hored to, and all Gonodti Warranted.
'haresto,n S. CeT .,Jath ,rs 181i ftr
To The Public,
Autioneer's Notice.
JAMaES 1. CLARK heos leave it) noti.
fy the citixeris of Sumtervillo and tile vi.
cinity, that he is now prepared to give his
entire attention to any business in the
auction line. le has had sone expericnce,
and hopes by diligence and attention tu
merit a share of public favor.
Sumterville, lan. I1.0t, 185:1 11-ti.
In Equity---Sumter District,
John It. Broughtio,
Letitia 11. Broughton, &
Margaret L. Broughton,
By their next friend ' BILL.
James R.EBrock,
Epsey E. Broughton.
N pursuance of an oiler in the above
stated case, I will oflir at public sale, on
the first Monday in FEBlRUARYi next, at
Sunter Court louse, that l'fantation or
Tract of Land, estimated to contain about
Six Thousand acres, lying in Clarenslon
County, Sumater District, at. or near Pulton
Post Office, belongiing to tile late Edward
Broughton, jninior, deceased, and upon
which he resided at the time of his death.
Not to be sold fur less than seven thousand,
seven hundred and fifty dollars.
Upon the premies is a G lIST Ail,
in good condition, and, a SAW MILL.,
which is not in running order. The
stream upon which these Mills are located
is an umifailing one and is very valtiable.
The innds lie upon the Wateree Swamp,
:oitaininig both low and Iiigrh lands, aid
niordmig an unsurpassed range for stock
of all kinds--the whole constitut ing one of
the most valuable l'laitations ever oil'ered
fur sale in Snoter District.
A Oat of the land wil. be inl the hands
of the Commissioner, slhowinig its exteint,
boundaries, &c.
Tot-is:--One fourth part of the purchase
money to be paid in cash; the balance pay.
able in one, two and thice years, with in
terest froim the day (if sale--the pirchi!we*r
to give od anid personal seenritry, aiid a
miioritgage o t ie land for the credit portion
of tile said pureliase moiy.
W. F- 11. 11A YNSWORT11,
Conini.issioner inl Ei ity.
Jan. 11, 1.15. 11. :hd
In Equity---Bumter District.
Maria E. Maples,
D~olly M1. Mlaples,
Edward .d ples and
Naomi C. M1aples,
ly their next friend,
Levi F. Ithumei, rIIi for1 .\n't.
.Jackson J. Broughtoii,
Thomas MN1 apiles ani
William A lrock and
Mary his wife. J
It. appcaring to my satisfaction, that
William A. Brock, onme of the e fendants
in the above stared Bill, is absent from the
Siate of South Caroliiia :
It is ordered, oin motion of MA~yrant &
Richardson, Complainants Solicitors, that
-the said William A. Brock do plead, an
swer or demur to the said 3ill within three
ioiths Irom tle date Of the publication of
th is order.
Aho, ordered, that this Order be publish
ed three monis in one of the Gazetts in
this I)istrict.
Con. Eq. S. ).
Jan. 11. 65I. I1 3m
In Equity---Sumter District.
Mary 1). Cox, I
Serena E. James, I Bill to confirin Sale
Ct. al. { of Lund and for
v's. ( execution of ti tle.
Matthewv J. Cox &
Caspar Jones. J
It. appeairiing to mny sati-faction that.t die
above naimed defendant, Caspar Joiies. re.
sides beyonid thie liimits of thme State of
South Caroli na:i
It is oirderedl timt lie do appeiar, and(
answer, pleadl or dlemur to the said fbilh,
wvithin three imonth:s a fier thle puthheaC~tion
of this miotice, or an ordler pro. C~orfcssio
thereon will lie eniteredl against himi.
Also, ordleredh that the a1bove order hc
puiblishedi foir thIiree luolths in one of thie
gXaettsi of the I listrict.
Cmsnmissoner in Equity.
Office of the Wilming ton &
Manchester Rail Road,
Jlanuary 2nid, 1854. (
TVIlE SIX Ti Aiiinal Mceeting of thme Smock
holde~hrs oif the Winington & Manche..te.r Itail
liooal Company, will be, held at Wihinatoni~
N. ( .. un Wednesdii~ay thei 25a:h or Januiary 1854
agreeally to resuhioni paioml at their lass
Anna~il .3eeinig. A fnll attendance eit her ini
personi, or bcy proxy. is very dhesirabtle.
Stockhohlders coing to oir retmiring from
the mneting, will be passed free on the Itail
JN O. M ACRtA E, Jr.
7i,37'~ Watchmnani copy.
-. Notice.
TJhe Snibscribier respectfully iinforms his ens.
lomners aiii the piibtic tit lie caninot. carry iii
his hinsines~s on a credit, oif twelve niiiithls.--.
Prompt eustomers dh'1o may favor him~ ii
their work may expect to ha called on at anim
times for money whlen the artie is wiantei.
lIe routurnsi his thinks for thme liberal patroniage
which lie has received.
ft. FOL~sOM.
Janary 3, 185-1 10 6m.
against the estate of Mrs. iHannal
Davis deceased, are regn iestedi to handl them ii
duatte.,ted; sand all person i ndebltedl t<
TiJltNERt DAVIS, Adm'r.
WVEan Ct.ARK'sIlOTEI. is still in oi
eration-(thanks to the kindness oif goo
friends)-ready to receive ctustomners, ani
entertain t hem, to their enlt ire satisfiactiot
Mr. C. is resolved that his lol shall n<
lie excelled by anty house in lie count r
Everything the market. can furnmish sha
be spread upon his table, well cooked am
cleanly. The beds are all in good orde
and shall be kept so. Give him a tri;
and Mr. Clark pledges sat isfaction.
Jan. 11, 1854. 11 t f
TIhe umnbascibe~r having discontinued thie Dri
Ilusineusi will devote his whole tinme tm thme pra
tice of medicene. T'mhse wsishing~ hIs profescsiol
at survices wvill find hInt at all famnes at his na
dlence in the VjiOllec.
m I~1. S. MELETT, MI. I:
AVING moved to the sland herotfoire
I Ioicpied by D. .1. Winn, (next door
to China's Ilotel,) and it being better adapt
(d to our busineNs, than the one previoudy oc
npled by u.4, we tire not)w%, prepared to slarry it
on more extensively than heretofore, nod are
confident of selling on as reasonable terms as.
any retail Drug Store in the State. Our Stock
is consitantly kept up and carefull - (e loete.d
from ai'ood w1oleale huses ats 'ew!%v York
and Charleston can afleird.
And after returning our 1os2t sine22re thaanks
to our ,:ltntmer-s anti tle Iubli gotterally for
the very liberal iatronage lstowduI on ns the
previoit year, still coitinulte to solicit it por
tion of the ratme.
W. JA S. )ARGAN & Co.
Sumterville, Jan. 1, 1851. 10-ir
Dr, W. as Dargaii & Cot
R ETAIL DMAIlRS in Urn, M ledi
eA ines. Paintil, Oils, Dye Nns o
tent MedIicinve, Wintdow Gla, Perfumery,
F1an"v Ariliis, and a variety of other articles
usualily kept in Drug Stores.
JxO. V. DAnaAN, V. J.% s. 1)AIGAN, 31. 1.
Eji" Next door to China's Hotel.
Ja n. 2, 15.10-t .
,44th Rog\1 Ir. C. Ml.
OLD Fortin Jan'y.nr, 18.4.
A 1MM(1311NTA L Coirt Mariial w'ill con
IeNIC, I22 Th1s. 1). D1Av :i oil Friday the(27tI
inst., for the tritl of tIll delaflters ink tie -1 Ith
legiment, for Militia and Patrol i duty : and tall
ollivers f'lor distibedin1cet iftol md r~s within twvelve
Inths next, preceding said Court. By order
of Co.F. M. al EL. ET..
W.T. W~ itE, AdIjt.
WV:tlchmant plea ]!: v coply.
.an. 3.1, 1651. 10--hd.
South Carolina--Sumter Dist,
Samiu Ti tndidl,
ads. CA.
Fa. r.. linkF. & Co.
Sonn1l Tindal who is in th2e tidiuIv of the
Sherity1of Smnter Distril, by %irltte of22 1writ of
Cupihx ad C. .t.i -it -eoltium, at the luit of Farrar.
Bai.u.4, &. *om1any. ha3ivitg filed! inl ty olice,
rge ther with I . ch2eduile, n2 (0:1211h, of his estate
and e hlets, h 12.ispiion to dh- Cuitrt of Comt.
m""n Piles, prayi-e: thi, i thi he ny hs,! ad.nittedi
to the Ientfit 2f thet Ati. of the Genra AN.
sein bly. tnVuie for Ohe relief of lus2lent het
(irs It is hereby ordered, that the tiil I-'arr.ir,
Mull s, & ( 'oil:l7sy, and all ollir the (reiitors.
t2l whom Ih i 'lit S.1121 I imlal i4 itt n a v
n i-e ind--hted'1, lie, tifil they tire thereby stin
listled,tl d have ti tive to ap e orr, ellr the
staitd ('otrt :at Simator Couirt li2n25, 2222 the
eltventh day of Aopril n.-1t, t) shew enn.w, if
ally they cank, w% i y the pray ' er of the pet it
aftore:2aid, shohil n2t h eran22ted.
W.%' J. Sh.NG2:T'O.', C. C. P. .
Office of I -omm2n22 Ple s of
Stuniter Distriet, IkL-. T., 1:53.
Mr. Editor : The Citizens
cf clarvimien Conniv nro desi -rons ihrit Col. W.
L. ItEYNOM, nereint thim i2 the next
Le!j1iatire. tV aumine2inh2iig him1 a CanididatC
for that ollice., ym222 will ohlie tiemii.
Look Out For Bargains!
fI I I. suibscribevrs are op;enjinr and receiv
Sing a Irosh mnd very lrge aissortment
of every descripthm I Goods to snit. thle
coilt ry tradle, which will be sold ns low ;is
can h1e luiittghot in any tmarktl for cah;
vret p;iin has bett takletIen 2n 1tnyiltt 'n1 ti
. ik Dttr stick of l,.hes' 1)res: Goods
itilplete, embracinr every article in
litc. A!'o, leAdy .\nie Clothitr.
"'had Cap.-, Mwots a1tal She,&J.&c
e ask is tor h uVs to enl1 and exam
in foL32r themtuse lves.' -'\V2 (espec2rIa~l
invte: tIle alttntion o2 l Iiters to our NE -
G Ro 1 'OODS, Krseys. 'ain, Il Insey,
W\oolseys, llhinkels, Shoe:s, an22( 1 lats.
.1 0oney) canu hie siveud byniin o~ n22 t2.
(2nr NTOCK)&1 IN LA 'R(. !an ,ice a2 re' del
T11ID.\L2 & WVAT.(ON.
Carriages and Harness,
(O1 2.ery descriptiont, Nos 1:1I..3ke timt st reet,
ttdi1 33V \\-ttworthi Firi:.. 22wit t2 th bl 221 and222
of G.ilbertii (2 Chpi j ~t'h 1:22riest2 , i. I'.
Wal3. It. IU.NTER1. 2ma3 - he funud at. the
above i Rep.1itory. and beit ta tes thisi 2uw2thod( to)
aissnre hi2. frltj is timt al1l ordIe etuted to
him22 n ill b~e aitten::t!d to protny2tly atwl wni strict
fidel ity
Oct. P9hh, 1M53t. :ii I y
Negroes Boug~ht and Sold.
TI'lE 1.m221rsi.1wd h' open2 d an: tillie2122 at No2.
It' Slate StrietI Chali2,. whlen- he2. ha2 2on
12:nd: a1 numbeltr if I1 IX~. YOl'NG N 1.
l1t)ES for 1h- fromii nhe lohe enn 2(2upptly 2the
watst of anly of 2the ciommuntttil tTIn:N .
gro2es a2reurhdi 322r1;2221aUrllandu, Virgiia,
North am.22 Stht Carolina2. 'I') his212 lot e is
prices pa2id ait all times. for ne::roes22e.
J. 31. 1F. tilIA R PI,
1ti St ate .Street.
Cha:rleton, lec. .2, 1:453. 8 1)y
Sum&Itervi~lle', S. O.
Rtespe2ct fully 22irnrm 21he peopIl of .S'nm
ter District that hei hais ju22t recein.I and~
n222w illersa for alt: thle bes' selecte- atnd
Fall and Winter Goods,
mal:eit. Iii has~ receie many new11) 22 ty12les..
w1 bi2ch pulrchasers wonh11l d1o wem.ll to r Xaine'h~ le
A full and2 lairge supply2) (If I losiery, Shlirts,
Draw~ilers, Gloves, Sulspenderu, Crava1ts, Hand-221
'kerchiefs, &c. 2.c .,
2 _________ AT C0Sn ...
A 12arare assoirtmen22(I t of . READY 31ADE111 CL.O.
Ill N, I bich n1 ill bet 22221l low1.
t:;- G~armienits ma2.lmtutheiredl by thte r.nhIn-ri
her, Andl2 wa2rgan2ted 2to give 2atisfatjion. Or
dlers from22 .2 dlittan2ce promtly at1tened t o 21.211
Oct. 25th, 1853 tf
Fall1 Goods! Fall Goods.
11UTLERI~1 & N FWitERIY wonl respectfully
-informI their friends: 2222d the Putblie genlerally,
'that they have1 julst ryeivedl ai large and2 wetl :e
-Ietedl Stoc2k (of
tiembtracinlg Ive-ry (gnality and22 style of L AD)IES
i es. 1122ts and22 Shoe~cs of every dlescription; latest
style I Iats and2 Clips; Il~lrwatre andll Crockery;
Rcedy 3lrade (loting, etc. etc., to whichl th~ey
A lot o2f CiIOICE. SEG 3AiRS.
g -. -_ __ _
:Fine Cigars and Garden
- Kept conlstalntly on han-l by
Dr. WV. JA$. DAIW AN & CO.
Rf. Rev. T. F. Davis1 1). D., ex-Ollicio
Rev. T. S. Ait-rnut,
" .1.). 31eCor.t.otmn. I roprietors4
"9 Gcon 1r ENroN. Rector, aid in
Ftructor in Muntal 11tnd Christiian Science,
Modern Langitge-i and HIistory.
Mrs. 1lFxwros-, Matron.
' - , inst ructor inl Malthlemiatie,
Natural ScienceF. and Aiein-mt Literatire.
Prof. (. F. DeViNs, (late of Lito Stone
Spring",) iustruteor in thte theory and practice
of ilusic.
Alis C. Al. I:m, nlstructress in Englis.i
'- SosNosxi, ititrtictr's itt D'raw
ing. P'ainting, and Assistant in French.
Miis Sot-ni9A WAtxY, lInstruetrss in En
glish Biranfcher, nind Atssistantt inl Mathemaltlies.
Nijs4 E'LZA 1nA'rr, Asistatt in Minic, und
N. 13. The corps is not yet complete.
0 ' II l itOVC 1114 thtitutiOn, located it Glenn
4. Springs in Spartanbturg District, 8. C.,
'will be opened for the rece pion of pupil, on
lte irt ot Febranry next. In convertiig this
estahli* himentt into it itchlool fir young lailies,
the bilidingsi have been thorighly repaired ad
fitted up ; and in furnis'hing them anew nti
pains have beeri spareid to make it, ill evety
respect, su- a ithorne as parents wotild desire
for their daughters. Particular attention hats
ieen lestowed ulpon thet Musiical Intstrtunents,
and -with i large aid elli-ient corps; of tet-hers,
andit a thorough cottr.- of study. it alords eve
ry ndvantage to be enjoyed in a similar instittu
Applieanns are atnitted, of any ago, over
iev-en years, and pl:eed in such. cass as they
mnay he prepared to join.
The scbolastic year will consist of one sea
ion divided into two terns ofive nonthi each,
begitnning on the lst of February, and July.
Vacation,' December and .1-umary.
Rt.mS.-For Tuition andl Board, inclnding
washiling-, fiel, lights, &c. &c., $125 per termt,
and tere 'oi- lt:- no cxtra charge, except for
Music $30 per term, and for lBooks, Sheet n
sie, Drawm in, aaterials, &c., actually used.
For further information, tee " l'rospt-etts,"'
wihiit may ie hail by applying to the (itctor,
or either of tie l'roprietors.
Dec. 21. 185:1 3m.
[1- Charleston Mercury publish tri-weekly
aidl all the otier papers i t ite Stat. weekly,
for thre. mthtiutis, antd forward bills to otte of
the l'roprietor.e.
tt, John's School.
It. llev. T. F. DAVIS, D. D., Ex-Officio
RItv. J. 1). McCO.lOtJGII, A. l., 14ector,
manl Inuructor in Chris:utin Science aied lielles
W3 H. 1 i*.AltV, A. M.. Vice Rector, nid
iustructor in Anciet-nt Laivimg-s :tzt Iistorv.
). LI. t A, htelstrutlor in i31themtttLics an'd
Natutral ci:e.*
Rev. E. A. N AGN Eii, litriutor in Eltnlish
ia IN Eixercise of this IlustIittution will be
resumed on the 2 daty it FEIIRUA
RY text.
Hly are admitted over the age of seven years
anti prepared flir th Junior tlass inl tolleg4;or
the-v .ay rer.eive a thorigh a-a-lemical tettrCe,
either cltical or Endihh.
There is butt onte sessiont, (divid into two
term.< of live mnt his each.) beginniig m tite 2d
of February and ending November 2o.
'I'taits ti-:a StsustioN.--For Ttutin and
Bloard, inehtding nashing, fuel, lightm, &C.,
6225 payable seti-unnteuilly in uidefinte.
Entrance flee .4'15, tor which books and sta
tionery are furnitlhed the studeut. lo0 nag as ie
tay conttinn itt tlte itnstitution.
Atfvancetl tudeints desiring private rooms
will be allowed then (at lte di.-retiot of the
ltertir) fior atn extra ctharge of .15, to pay for
fuiel, lights, &C.,
For urthfer itiutnation apply for a " Prospect
tt" to tit Hector, at "Spartanburg U. If., S. C.,
Dec. 2.1, 18153 13m1
New Store and New
J.uary INext, a large nd well aIsorteI stock
of 'i-'re .ia lamt ieect rlitaag- iuid
"fec( islea, witia Paiiii, Oils,
saisics, Pher:iaIsery, Pate(eat Met..
dicia:es, &c-. &c. All nf wht:ch are
of the betst quality, antd will be sohi on accomto
dtting terms. A share of the public ptatronagLe
j s tiheitedI.
W. G;. I.. RICE, 31. D.
In Equity--Sumter District,
A~hnt'r. of liLL
'.s. 9. J. & M. Moses
Thie creditors rol tihe lte Dr. JAutes IIA y
to th ab3 u~ovi, tnam-:d 1Defendanttt, exctted on
thIe 2-th tday of Jutly A. l. 18l2.air- hereby nto
tiflied t lmt, by aun order int the tabove titated
causec, thtey are reolpired to estabhsh theoir udo
mndos be-hire :tt-, tCommltissioiner itn Eitit y for
Simnier Diutrict aforesaid, cit ur before the
Iirst dany of 3I1ay next.
I isot give nttici thtat I wvill tutil the
said lir-t itay of Mlay ntext, receivi' proposals for
the .itle oft a patrt of thte real esitte conveyedi by
iihe.~ aid as:-ignitnutit. lyittg partly if not wholly
m th corporatte limits of Smnuterville, bountded
by Ittds oft Dr. J. U. 11.sysswvoat-t, W. L.
lbt:UiNsoN, 'T. J. Cout.A N, tand Mrs. C. lbos.
x~ u , andu by the ttew roadt rtunitng frotm Sumi
ters ill to thei steamtt moil! of TV. J. Coon~a &iLA
t 'o. , su fpro::edl to contltain abtot. one huntdred atnd
mity a-ces.
Cottn'r. in Klu~it y 5. D).
Dec. 27. 1853. 9 t f
Land for Sale,
I'The tstbtscriher otlytrs for sahe his TRfAC'I
OF .A N L), iying ont Lync's Cre-ek, titir tt
WNiihigtn tand Mlanehtester Ril I loadi, abotu
foutr mtiles Nort h of Lynchbuitrg Depot, cotain,
img, 600M Aereas; 200 (t' whitch ate clearedi, tit'
bialantc- well zitubered, w'ith a CO)MFORTA.
til. 11W i.LiNG(, aund othter ntecessanry build
Niuv. 30, 5 St
Executor's Notice,
A' TLL persotns intdebited to the I-state. o
lle-v. Jamtes Newhe-ry, dceasedh, eithnpr bi
Noe r Aeccontut wvill tuke immedtniate pay
mienit. A ndl those htavintg dettandls againis
the samec will rendetlr them itt piroperly tt
tested within legal tittt tot
April 26th, 12-f
Ahighy iprovedl Farm in the viuintihy
umevilhc, containinig nhtout two hut
tired acres of land, onty fifty of whichi
e Iea red t he balance beintf well wood~ed...
Said Firm has n it a cotmmlodiouis D~wel
img lise, neiarly new, with Stables an
sutable Onttbuildings all in fine order.
Also a G~arden in at high stale of cultivattic
atnd a ine Fruit Orchard. Il'erms libera
Appnyia hi sollm
11 \S .ilst received nnad oflers for Palo, aLCIta
BLANK1S', at $ 50 eaelh, gool atil heavy.
I feavy T!willeI Red Flannels. 31 1-- cents
Sattine t. Korsey, &c., a full asitortmnt, s
;eorgiall Krseyi a14 PIlain--SrIhley' man
Monas. Dolains, at 12 1-2, 18 3-4, 25 cents;
Priats, Domesatics. c., of all pricos tnd qu
Carpeting, at 50, 75, $1 0, $1 12 cents ;
Piekled lpie f, Smoked and Pick-led Tongues,
Sugar, Coilce, Mhicion, Flour, Lnrd, Butter, Itice
80) Paks Fire Craekersf for the loyt;
20,000 Segarm-choice bratnda.
His heavy stork, and good titortment art
3 2 a ED (an ail
Asrortient coilmplete, together with every descri
will he sold as low as ean ie otight i tin-ay atri
Purchaisern will find it to theair advanitage is welb
stock is largo, embracitig " Any thing ad Ivet
5000 ponnds wanted, fior whihi the I
er linl Cash or Mterchandize.
One Hundred Doz
ror whihh ocr the market, price will be paid in 1)
Oct. 27, 18.3.
$100 Reward,
R RUNAWAY, on last ITuesday the
1 ith inst.ant, mly Boy RtIt IlA R. a
vwhite mulato, ;bout five feet three
or four inches high, tolerably stont built,
about twent two years ol with straighat
igilt colored hair. has a very stilky ap
pearance, amI t an-wrs gick and short
when spoaken to said boy hats a sahaurt thick
foot, htis hatnds short anid Itick, chnbby
fingers, Ile Iad ahe scar o. a blister on
his foreheiad just athove 1he eye-browe, le
anav try to Itile it ly wearmgt his cap or
iat'do-'Vn over his for.:heial. lie will he
stre to pass hiwmeelf for t white nanl for
le is very white anld hats bceen takdinag great
tare of his skin for siatne titte. W ohena ha-2
left le inad a cloth c'ap), black caIt anl a
lark colored pAir oft pats. Ile will lie
sure to clang ate his epit anda1l clotlhcs as soont
as lie caa; it, also wears his-hair itt froitt
st raight down to lide tle scar of the blis
ter. lie is a tiloenatker lv trade, thoug
lie t1my notit go at the hbsinesS, c xpeennitag
that le . will be so advertised.
The axve reward of One Iltnndred
Do!lars will be ptil fur his delivery in liny
.1.atl itt the Stle. Ile will he sure to give
hijmself aulther name.
.WMEl!-: I.OWRY.
Uradiyvvilie. Sumter istr.ca, S. C.
.ilay 2h ltn, H15:. :0-1f
-:j"t C;aden .tJournal anil Cheraw Ga
zette putbiish live t imts.
lDy.LOR3 lE'S BAUM DE VI E," or ialsam of
I.ife is, after a trial of npijwarls of twenty year;
inl a great variety of eses, cotnfidenttly till;rel alt
the 1ublic, .seallv to those allieted with the
tmst distressing complaint, as a sure awhnd miutly
relief for the-ir sufleritngs.
Read thle' fJolowing certificates. They are,
frmn gentlenieti (if high tattalding atid residinag
ia vooir immediate vicinity. They are but nte
tor t'wo of at ,mannr in cntr po.ento %at ertoit
itat the lealing virites of tlis, (to Us the words
of a grateftil Disleptitc who was etrel tby its
uteo) mtst tpreins compound.
Certileela from tfe une. oIri -'.
Sc~ureat tt~e. S C.Ja'n. 13th 1853.
Mr. C~.Droas
ear Sir: -l.a.st Spring I nted two satll b1t
ties (if yonr Balsam tof Life; au exerictta.!
mntetah ltnerit. I took it two or three aimes dai
ly, a. teaspooniftul at a douie in a wine glass tot
It taeted oan any liver, an I imparted a healthty
tonoe to all may digctive organts, r0iecin,, mae oif
bie dyspept.atnuti . l[.mtonI.
[Xigntedlj 'I. AN
D):.aa St at :-- take great pleasutre in recomtf
tmctnting yeatr "Baante ali \i ia." wichl 1 have
often tused, ttt~ afUawys with decidted relief,
whent sn~i-erintg fromn attacksa ot' IDyap.epsia. At
otnc a atimuat i, tutnir atad enthlirii I ram sat
isfiaed it will prove emaaineantly serviceale to ali
whoi are afliieted wvil Ih yspopsia. Its general
puiblic benefit.
'T' keep a stupply constiantly ona htand, whtieb
I wonhll nat itaeange~ fotr all he Atnti-dyspep-s
tie tnostrttms frainmt lainte to Texcast.
Vottrs respaectfutlly,
Isignted] JOHN WV. EItVIN.
'air nale by Jehin, M. Chamtalir, Satterville,
. 'M. A. ltnggins, tarlingtn C. I1.
" "")r. J. E.. Hyrid, Tlimmtonsiville,
Whlesale Agents, Columblia, S. C.
Noveatber 9 2 tf
DE.'iLtt INP
Paints, Oils, Glass
No.60 1-2 East-flay, oppostite 1'. & M. Batnk,
Hie keepa conutottly faor salt-. a geineral assort
mntt oif Paitt ai Oils of all iinds, \aVindotw
Glass tatnd Sashes, Spirits 'ITtrpetntintt,.C( tama
pahetne, Sp~irit Gas, Tau~llowv, I riandstionies, Cor
tage, ChIaina Pnmttps, t 'uttaon Fooiat Gina Fiitutrena,
G;aio, P'acaintg Yarn, ad lrushues crariusi
(ier. 26, 1853. 5i . om
Forwarding m~erchant,
Anag , .-41 ly
P ine Sogars and Garden
-Kept cotnstantly on handt lay '
~Bagging, Rope and Twine,
by ] UTE R~l & NE?WilERY
Private Boarding House,
Day flotrders acconsuanodlated.
If Nov 9, 1853. 1) tf
SA Superior Tooth Powder.
- lade by the valutabie receipt of Dr. K. S
Dargan, IDentist,
d 1'repared anti stl by
o1 A. Jf. &l .
]ieston prices [freight included) SHIltVAN'rs
r ..a Ir iow its 16 2-3 ceiit;
I fac Lture;
3 1.25 Lt.LW C_3
Mackerel, Salmond, Lalstersi, Sardines,&c
Molasses, Suh, &c., &C..,
too well known to require einmeration.
ption of Goois to suit the citountry trade, which
.-t for c:l, or to approved purchasers, on tisti.
nis initie. to rail oa me before purchatirg. My
y thing.'
ighest market prie will ie parid, eith
en Eggs Wanted,
, ftcr.
52 tlj,
Third )oSr South / the Toan 11ull,
awd nearwly opposite T'imlal <& Wiatton.
T Ilb' ubs.rer woihl re.ipectfully in.
l'ormi ilie citizens of Suierville and
fhe phib!ic reneraliy, Ithat ie has opened lit
the ahive plae i geineral nsortinent (if
Dry Good.-, Iots and Nhoes. liats and
Caps. I birdware, Crlcheryware, &c. &c.
A.so. A Ciice lot of 'iFamily Grtcerics of
every descrjiption, wilt Fruit of various
Linds, such as Ornages, A pples, Lemniis,
&c. &e., which he, will til very low for
Nov. 9, 1833. 9 ly
40,000 POUNDS.
Of Miseovado Sugar at G 1-1 etr.. pr. lb. war
rnitel. Also a l.irga stock of Colli-e. Dry
Goods, of all descript ions. Also Catnlies a nd
Fruits of every variety and kind, jnst received
tf Please call and examiie the Sugar as
lie girantees to ill it chieapier tlh; it cart Ito
boight in Charleston fur nsh only. Al-o I va
riety of Toys, of idi so~rts and sizcs frun the
monkey to tie Eiephant, at lite
Ite. 11, 1853 7 i
Commission Merchant,
PA RTICU LA t attention givel to the SA IE
or 1II11'M ENT of Naval Stores and Cotton,
atd liber CASH ADVANCES mdaj r. Cun
Dee. i. 1S53. 7 ly
Administrator's Notice.
All persons having dtnnds agaimst the
Estate of Mrs. H. Connors, decensed, are
renested to hand tho'in in properly attest
ed; aid those itndebted will pleasu make
irmrmediate payntit to -
T. H1. CONNORS, Admi'r.
-. Nov. 14, 1253. -J t f
Wolfe's Aromatic
A superhitive Tonic, Diiiretv--, Anti-Dyd.
pteptic, nigtrating Cord iAl, &c.
For sale by
Citrate of Magnesia,
A Preparation now extensively used as an
aigreteable stubst itte. for Epsomn Salts.'
Ptrepared and sol'd by
:17 Dey' Street, 2(0 [inyne Street,
- New York. Chazrleston, S. C.
SAMUEl, C. DU,. CEo. 1I. D~onaruts.
July 12th, 18.53 37-i
The luhcribecr oflTrs for salos his Plantatimia
utn:l Millrt in Samter D.isttict, siturateu otn Big
Itauftini Creek, foturteenr miles below Caynden,
andti six, fromt Boykin's Trn Ourt, containing
(1hu7- sixteen hrirmdredlrir and eventy-fou acres,
bietweenilmttr and five hiundrerd acres cleanrd
and urnder feince, the balance itt fine timber.
Ont thre premiees isi a goodl two rtbry dwvelling,
wtithrt idi teeetsary twildings uifa well trettledl
P'lantatin, mos't of whlich, haive been ereted
withitn the last few years. On te niorthern ex
trenmity of tht tract is another tseulemrent it
gotod repair. Ihtoth places are perifetly thlhy.
Also--Ain excellent Grist Mill, wvithi two pauir
of stone's, anid a Saw Mill, capables of cutting
raont tine thousatnd feet of lumbor per day.
WVitht the Plantartion wvill be sold (if desired)tihe
stock of cattle, llogs arid Sheep, together with
the P'rovisionr Critp. It'sold i mmediately, pout.
session will be giver. on the firrst, of January,
The terms anti other particnlars may le oh
tainted fromi the ubsriber otn the piremisca, or
by loiter dlirected to BoykAin's Depot, Camden t
Brachof . . R. R.
llrriliofI - MARION SANDERS.
Sumter Dist. S. C. Ocet. 12, 50 3m
Negroes for Sale.
UOrdinary, the auhweriber will offhr
for sale at th~d Coirt oUmte on Sale day ina Feb.
rtotry netxt, six likely yon negroes, holonin
to the Est. of D. ISnA w. Terma cash g
M. P.- 1AY ES,Adm'r2'
Jan. 3d, 1831.
Wi.tchman' copy till male. - -
To .Rent.
Comodious andi comnfortable. Dwellitn
Ilorno, with a hbasement apartmott
iturd gorod onrt.buriiline. The .Fj~puso is
attiuited on WVashringtm.i Steet cohnvenient
for bursintss, To 'a good 'tenatat if will be
rented low.t' For ternis ippiy at'this Of
For Sale.
TjlHlI SUBSCRIBER offerse for irato on
I vry roasonablo terms, some va.luatble
utnprovrtl anrd utniuProvj ' lots in tie Town of
Sumirterville. 'ror parillara, apply to
Sumt~vilA , 1950 -

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