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D ElP ART ED this life at Mlacon, M1ississil.
pi, on Christmas any 1853, In the 28th year of
his ago, GxKO t WAsit I U-TON ih.ACit.
Bornsod raised in Stuuter District, ho had
removed front amtiong us but a few months,
when the fell destroyver removed him from the
Bridal chamber to the tomb.
A friend who knew him iwell and loved him
much for his many ennobling qualities, can not
refrain from droping a tear o or Ils memory,
and uttering a sigh of synpathy with his be
reaved relations. Aged iother; he who was
thy stay for many years of trnble, reamember
that he is now free fron all care. The whd
vast his wife but forty short days, remnember
that though "the voice of mirth and the voice
of gladness, and the voice of the bridegroom
have consed, and tho land is desolated unto
thee," that lie iath gone to a land where mirth
and gladness never cense. Brother, Sister,
you havo the consolation which cannot be
taken away fro:n you, that ho died having
Christ for hife Elder Brother.
Sunterville, S. C., Jan. 13, 1851.
BislaopvIle CaUrringe antd
iznrness Maassamuufactory.
JAMES W. A3IHROSE still continues to
carry ott the above-business in all its various
branches, and takes this method of returning
ls thant;ks for their liberal patronagu, and
hopes by close attention to business to ttill
merit the same. CARRIAGES AND 1UG
GIES made to order and warranted for twelve
months. If they slmnimb fail in tat Liltie inl
point of workiansihip or material, they will be
repaired free of charge. lie deems it ttunnce
essary to say anything in regard to the neat
hess and durability of his work, as his work
will show for itself. Call on him at Ilishop.
vtlie and ie will give ts good bargains as can
be had in Ciharleston.
Ie also does plough-work at short notice.
Iorse-shoeitg done with nieatness and dispalch
at .1 50 all round. His terms for new work
will be to suit purchasers.-With interest al.
ilsltopville, S. C., Jan'y 18th, 1851 12-6mu
Cokesbury Masonic Feir ale
College Institute,
This school, which has recently come under
the control of the ilasounic Fraternity, and the
patronage of the Grand Lodge of the State,
will begin its exercises the lst day of February.
The new building for the Institutet are rotjriady
for the coiplete for the organizution of the
Collegiate Course, and 11- ye.ars operation.
will be preparatory thereto; but yet every fit
cility common to the, Iligh-sbhools of our coun
try will be afforded, and all the branches usti
ally taught vill be taught here. We have the
assurance of the patronage and support of a
large part of the Fraternity. and many others;
amt with the ttenns at outr control, we intend to
estalt ish a school -econd to none of the kind it
the State. It is no scaurian Institution, but is
open to all who desire to ptrticilptte in the rich
rewards of a correct moral and intellectual
training. Our object is to "put one brick', in
that Educational Edlifice of wisdom, strength
and beauty, which the enlightetnuit of the age
is rearing; and we only ask a share of the iublic
patronage that we may have a fiair trial. The
Frrustees take pleasure in announcing to the
public that they have secured the services of
two very acconilisted and experiecued Ladies
to take charge ofthe sehool for the iresent year,
.Nlitss 1IFt.FN TnowtPsoN and her ritter 31i6s -
TormrsoN. All thie Ornamental, as well as
Literary branches vill be taught at rates usuial
in such institutes. Cokesbiryis easy ofaccees.,
.being on the line of the Greenville and C. R.
Road, and is proverbially healthy and moral.
B3oardi can be had it the best faittilies at q9 and
Slf ler mt-nh wn-hing &c., included. For
further iarticunairs apply to the Secretary.
J. K. VANCE, President Board.
F. A. CONNOR, See'ty.
Cokesbury, Abbeville Dist.
Jan. 18, 151. (12 .t)
Lumber and Wood,
LTHE "rubscriber, superintendant of the
Steam Saw Mill of Coghlan, Dixon & Co., re
'spectfully informs the piblic, that they are tire.
pared to furnish Luiber of any description at
'the shortest notice.
. a it s d w ,r.a and teams, they cats Ie.
liver to purchasers wtin desired. They have
-a large quantity of prite Oak atd Lightwood
which they canl deliver to customers on moder
ate terms.
Tttasts.--Areasomble deduction In all cascs
for cash, or othierwise, notes will be taken when
orders are fillter.;
.Every exertion wvill be usedl tot give sati.sfac
tion to those who iavoutrus with ondts.
Sttmterville, Jnn. 18, 185-. 12 tf
Har'aanouny Fcanalc College.
,Thtis instittinn will begin its serond year on
Wedntesday the 1st oh February inext. New
pupils, are exls--eted to imake a pplication, and
-all to arrive otn Montday andI Tuaesdasy; as it is
.tesired that their sttueles should eammnence on
Jan. 18, 1851. 12 h
Who Want~s Money?7
The subsacriber for one, is particuilcry int
want of it., arnd lie hopes that thtose who itave
patromzied htmga so libierally, will contiinte their
fnettds'iifby paying tip, atnd enablinag imi to
met the demiandls of others. "WhieelIs cantnot
move withgtut grease"
Jani. 18, 1851. 1.2 if
Jolm H. Richandsen Jr , A ttorney at Law
Siumterville S C., will practies in theo Coutrts
of Suimtr, Rtichland, Eershtaw, lDarlihgton
urid Willtamsbturg districts. Ollice jutst back
-of J. '1', Solomoits' ntow store.
Jant. i8, 1851. 12 tf
Law Notice,
John S. Riechardson Jr., Maogistrate, . will
attend promptly to all bsienes enmtrustedu to
him. Office just back of J. T. Solomians'
ntew Store.
Jan. 18, 1851 .. 12 tf
Sale of Negroes.
-On Wednesiday the 25th inst., will bse sold in
Sumtervilhe, a gang of thirty prime ner'roes, otn
a credit of one, two and three years. '?he pur.
ehase money to be secured by bond, bearing
interest, payable annutally, with personal secu
rity, anad a mortgage of thte property Titles are
mndispiutabtle. P urchtasers to pay for papers.
The negroes are to remain in Sumater district
tmtil time lloads are paid. Until the 25th inst.,
they may be treated for at privtate sale by ap.
plication to the Subscribar ins Sumitorville.
A LSO.-At tlte satme time and place, will
be sold, several likely neg roes for cassh.,
Agent to sell.
.ian. 18, 1851. 15 2t
So, Carolina----Sumter Diet,
Dy I-V. LE WVIS, Es1t., Ordinary for said
. - Districi.
WHERLEA8, A. J. Moses,hbath applied
to me for Letlers of Admninist ration, ont all
arnd singular the goods and chiatles, tighla
auitd creditors of I C. Moses Jr., late of the
'.hese are, therefore, to cite and admon
ish al tnd 6ingular, the kindred and credi
tora fthesi deonod, to be and appear
before mue at our nex( Ordinary's Court for
-a the said District, to be holdotn at Sumnter
Court Hotise en Friday the 3d day of
?Iiormary next., to show cause; if a ny, why
the said.admisteration should not. be grant.
G Ivon inder my hand- and seal, this
17h1day ofrJan. in the year of
[L.- sa oti J.. ord, ene thousand. eight hun-.
drod antd fifty-four, rind Ein thoa 78th
year of Amterican indepetndence.
- . ~i. LE Wlst 0.- . D
Jan 1th 1%. 12-.-2
30 Likely and well Seletoe
WILL be sold bofore the Coutt House it
Columbia, on tie first Monday in Februar!
next. Among thema are House Servants, Host
erg land Field Hands, all ablo to work, Tl
conditions of vale will be notes, with good en
doraeria, payable at either of tIe banks in Co
lumbia or Charleston, at Go days, with lIterom
from date.
The subscriber ofers the above negroes foi
sale, intending to chango his forme r business
and for no'uther reason.
Jan. 18, 185-. 12 3t
Wheel-wright Shop,
rhe subscribers respectfully inform the pub.
lic that they have coninencedl the Wheelright
bnsines, in Sunterville. Shop situated next
to i. J. Coghlian's Blacksmith Shop, near the
W. & M. R. R. Depot, where they are ready tc
execute new, or repair old work at the shortesi
Their wood work can tbe neatly and substan
tialy iruned at Mr. Coglftn's Shop when do.
sired by persons sending work to kthenk, that
the iron work should be done Iat the same tine
and llace, otlhrw ise, they will have the wood
work done only.
in order that we may be able to fulfill our
eiagelentsI promptly. our terms will be reason
eao and paynelnts auast be made in cash or iti
equivalent, when the joh i-4 completed; or when
the parties prefer it, necounts may run for qutiar
terly settlemets9.either ill cilsh or good paper.
Our buNsiness will he conducted under the firm
of Moore & Barclay.
Sumiterville, Jan. 18, 18.5-1. 112
Z-,r Watchman copy twice.
Agr icultural Association.
A meetinig of the Sumter Agricultural As
sociation wilt he held in lite Court I louise,
is place on the .aSt Wednesday in this
Tnd members are Particularly reqested to
riaitd, s blsiless, of rreat importance will
e ead beforethe I"eeting
lan. 13, .853. 22t.
S'ea!ed prop~sals will ho received until the
irst of February itext, for the Buildilng of a
new Church, near the old Calvia ry Ciurehlit,
lareldoll comity, persos visig to uider
ake the snie, wdil please call Oil Capt. M- If.
CON NOR, who has the plan of the church for
te inspection of any persons who may wish to
lndertake the sante.
L. F. Runs.M,
T. If. Cocsot, Parr of
II. F. Ti n)A L, Colti//ce.
8a .1 m NItcK.
Jn i. - . 1 3:45.'.
So, Carolina---Sumter Dist.
By h'. Leiris, Esejquire, Ordinaary for said Lis
Wihereans, 1. 0. Chirkson, bath applied to mic
For Letters o/ Administratton, on all atal
ilgular the *gootIs antd chattels, rights and
.redits of W. E. Clarkson, late of the District
iforesaid, dlecevaed.
Thena are, ther.,fore, to cite anl alimonisl all
lod inltar, the kindred ad credimors of the
anid deceased, to he and appear before n1.33 at
mr next Ordinary's Court for the said District,
to be haolden at Sumter Court House on Friday
the 20th day of January iext, to slew cause, if
iny, why the said administration should not ho
Givent mnder ny hand and seal, this 11uh
lay of January, in the year of our Lord
[L. s.] one thiouati eight hltindred ad fifty
three, and in the 78th year of American
W. LEWIS, o. s. a.
Jan. 11th, 1851. 1 --2m
. SoUi C41ROLINA.1
In Equity---Sumter District,
John J. Conyers and.-]
vs. e, 1 li fr Accoutit
John Blakely and " a.,d Rloh!i.
Isabella l!. Ils wile,
1nd others.
IT appe0: r arg to liy Hatisfalction ta
Th'lomia- 1. icikey, liohat. M. C. \Vither
spuonii, inl Josephl MIointgom aery, D~efeand
anits ini the above stated case, resaide at
of the hmiiit.4 of the State of Soth Carolh
lil, (an mot1 ill of Ultalintg & Delaussure,
Comsipinlaiat's Solic itors:
It IS ordleredl that lie do appear, and anm
ewer, plcad or demur to the said hall, Wit hli
three mionths atfter the publlicat ion of this
no0ice, or an order prO cofeso thereon
wvill be enlteredl against him.
Alaso, ordered that the abaove order lhe
puliheda for thmree monthIs in one0 of thle
Gaz.etts of thae Dist rict.
Connisl asionler ini Equpity,
Jani. 11, 1$31 11 u
Fr Cech, Br itaih andc (,taermuan
209 and 211 King-sr-eet corne5 of Mar.
Icet Street,
(JA RPET1INGS.-Ingrain, 3 PlIys, Brus.
sele s p'satry nnd Valvets.
anal Woarsied.
lar ge varie'ty.
CURTAINS, all sty.les.
G LTL CX)RNICI.S, ini all tenwdsgs
in all varieties.
STA IR CA RPETINGS, of all stylesa.
R UGS. in greab variety.
Red anid White FL ANN ELS, SIRT'1INGS
COTTON OSNAIIURIGS, of all the hoes
Southern matlkes.
Eniglishi and American COTTON FLAN
French, Enlihl, anal American PRIINTS
make, for Sheetings, Shirtinges, P'illoiw ' ae
Table Diamasks, Dollien, Napkins, Towellings
Huctkabacks, Fruit Chothas, Ii. E. D~iaperi
Grass Cloths, &C.
of best French Goodls.
SERVANTrS CLOTHlS, in all the shaideso
English Godds.
SEYS, of all qualities anal styles.
Rich Dress annda
ING GOODS, In great variety.
EMBR( DERtS anal LACE GOODS, of ev
ery descrlption.
EVENING DRESS Goods in Great variet
constantly received.
All thme above are of ouir Own
and offeredl at thae LOW EST MA RK ET P'rice
TERMS.--Cash, or City Acceptance.
B7 The one price system strictly at
herede to, and all Gooids Warranted.
Chareto.n re C..a. 0t, 1851 ,I ftr
To The Publict
Auctiouer's Notice.
JA MES 11. CLARK heigs leave to nto
fy the citizens of Suintervilo and the
cinity, that he is now prepared to give I
entire attention to any btsiness i tI
auction line. Ie has had sonic experieni
and hopes by diligence and attention
merit a share of public favor.
Sumervlle la. II t, 1M.11-ti.
In Equity---Sumter Distric
John t. Broughton,
Letitia 13. Broughton, & .
Margaret L. Broughton,
By their next friend BILL.
Janes 1.[Brock,
Epsoy E. Broughton.
N pursuance of an o er in the abo
stated case, I will oflor at public sale,
the first Monday in FEBRUARY next,
Sumter Court louse, that l'antation
Tract of Land, estimated to contain ahn
Six Thousand acres, lying in Clarcnd
County, Suniter District, at or near Fult
Post Oflice, belonging to the late Edwa
Broughton, junior, deceased, anild up)
which he resided at the time of his deat
Not to be sold fiir less than seven thousar
seven hundred and fifty dollars.
Upon the premises is a GIlh8T Slit
in good condition, and, a SAW AII
which is not in running order. Ti
stream upon which those Mills are locatt
is an unfailing one and is very valuable.
The lands lie upon the Wateree Swain
t:ontaitinig both low, and hi gh linds, ill
lioirdmig an insurpassed range for stot
of all klinds--t he whole constituting one
the most valuable Plantations ever ollbn-C
for sale in Suniter District.
A plat of the land wilj be in the ban
of the Commissioner, slowing its extel
boundaries, &c.
Tnns:-Onie fourth part of the purcha
money to be paid in cash; the balance pa
able in one, two and thice years, with it
terest from the day of sale-the purciris
to give bond and personal seonrity, and
mortgage~ or tie land for the credit purit
of the said pirchiasen Imloin'ey.
Conuntiss.ioner in Equit,
Jail. 11, 3.1 td
In Equity---Sumter Distric
Alari E. Maples,
DOlly l. Aaples,
Ethvard .'shples and
Naomi C. Maples,
fly their next friend,
Levi F. Rhatne, U1ll for rcu'I
.ackson .1. llroughton,
h'lomlias Maplles and
\Villiam A Birock and
Mary Ils wife. J
It appearing to my satisfaction, Illh
William A. Ilrock, one of the Defeidan
in the above starlhd Bill, is absent from ti
Stale of South Carolina :
It is ordered, oi motion of Mayrant
Richardson, Complainants Solicitors, Ih
.the. said WVilliamn A. Brock do plemd, ad
swer or demour to the said Bill within t hir
months from the date of the publication t
th is order.
A.ls, ordered, that this Order be publisl
oil three oiniths ill one of the Gazetts i
this District.
Con. Eq. S. 1).
Jan. 11. 51 . 1 3m
In Equity---Sumter Distric
Mary 1). Cox, I
Serena E. M mes Uill to con1irm1 Sa
et. ail. of Lanrd and for
vs. execuOtionl of tl
Matthew J. C ox &
Ca-par Jones J
It appea rin" to moy satisfact ion t hat t I
above tnmed defenidant, Caspar Jones. r
stides beyonmd then limilts of the State
Sonth Carolina :
It is orderedl that lie dlo appleati, at
answer, plead or demonr toi the sail bi
withitt three nmonith; arteor the puhhleat it
of thmis' not ice, or aim orider pn>'~. (turfcss
thereon will be ente:d ahgainist him,.
Also, ordereid that the above order i
puiblishedi for three mionthls itt onei of t I
gazetts of the I )istrict.
Comissioner in Eqit
Office of the Wilmingt on
ifianchester Rail Road,
WVir.ttxe-rox, N. C., g
January 2nd, 1854. (
TlI SIX'rT Annal Metingm of thme Stoc
holders of the Wihington & .Maniches.te.r It
Itonad Compaizny, will bie behl11 at Wihinzin
N. (C., on Wedniesday the 25thi or Janumary 18
ngreeabl vto reajlhitiuon passed at their I;
Armial .3 eetintg. A full ati tendance either
persoun, or by proxy, is very dlesirabile.
Stockhohilers coinng to or retuirinig fr<
thme mteeting, wvill be pas~sed free on the it;
JNO. MA~IAt'tE, Jr.
Jani. -tlh, 1951. 1)-.3c
i~- Wautchmin copy.
4 Notice.
TheFl Subsacriber resptectfnlly imnorms lisk c
tomers iui the pubilic that hie cannots carry
his hnisines.r on a credit of twelve Inmnhl
P'ronmpt enstomers whio may favor hmimi wi
their wvork ay expect to be cnlled tin at a
time for money whben the article is wanted..
l1e reltunrns his thmankot for thme liberal patron;;
which he bas received.
hi. FOL.SOM,
Jauary 3t, i85i 10 tGmi
dgintte estate of Airs. Ihannt
Davis deceased, are requ ested to hiia ud t hemi
duly attested ; and all persons in ledbted
'T~ltNJIt DAVIS, Admn'r
Jan. ?2, 1854. 1e-3t
WEan CLARK'sjIOTEL is still in<
eration--(thanks to the kitndness of gr
fricnds).-ready to receive customers, a
entertaini lhenm, to their ot ire satisfaictil
Mir. C. is resolved that, his 11ot0l shall
-be excelled by arty house int the couti
-E'verything theo market. can furiiish sI,
be spread upon his table, well cookedr
cleanly. The beds are all in good ordi
and shall be kept so. Give him a ti
iand AMr. Clark pledges sat isfactioni.
Jaun. 11, 1854. II t
S Pts. T hbcriber having discontinimetd the ID
Buitness will devote his whole time to time pl
.tics of medcene. IlThose wishiin lis profess
-al survices will find hIm at till timus at lis r
dence in the Villege.
Jann_ 10 183 R1
Rt. Rev. T. F. DavisSi D. D., e'x-Ollicio
R e v. 'T. S. A n-rn unt,
"v J. D1. . AC-Or.t.01 . Proprietors
" (ontar l:-To, Roctor, antd hi
truclor in Mtnt and (hristinn Science,
Modern .tmtage-4 and Ilistory.
Mr.s. JliN-ro'I, Ntiton.
-inist rmtor in Mlatheinaties,
Natutral Science, and Atciet Literture.
Prof. . 1. I.. Devt, (late of Lime stone
p~rin,) ltustructor inl the theory anal practice
of1 31si c.
Mliss c. if. Itin, hustructress in English.
" -0sNosXt, Iutrtetres in Draw
in Painting, uand Assistiant in French.
S s oriA A WatL.yV, Instruetress in F
glish Ilranchete, nod Asi-tant in 3Itltvmatics.
NbF.i EIt'ZA 'nA-rTr, Ataistant itn Mitsic, und'
N. II. The corps is not yet Complete.
IE ablove Instittutiotn, located at Giel-nn
Springs in Spartumburg District, H. C.,
'will be opened for the reception of pupi ls on
the tit.-t of Felbr'aary next. In convertintg this
estabhahmaett into a. school for young Iladies,
th buiAings have been thornghly repaired and
iLtted tip; tt:i in furnishing them anow no
pains have been spareil to nittake it, ili evely
respieci, sneh a ithome ts parents would desire
for their iaighlters. i'atrticular attetion has
beei iestowed iiopn the Musicd lnstrunents,
mid wit It a large and eflicient corps of teachers,
antd t thorough courseo of study, it aflitrds eve
ry advantage to be enjoyed in a sitnilar institu
Applicants are adinitted, of any ngo over
seveln years, 1and11 placed in such. class am they
ttttay ie prepared to join.
The tcholastic year will Consist of one ses
t-ion divided into two teris offive months each,
beginning ont the 1st of 'ehritary, and July.
Yuvatjttion, December and .hmutary.
IIt'-rps.-For Tuition anti floard, including
watshing, futel, lights, &c. &ic., $125 per tertt,
and tHe-e till be no war charge, except for
.Musi -E0 per termt, tnd for Books, Sheet 31u.
sic, Dhraawit tg Mlaterials, &c., netinally used.
For further information, see - Prospectua,"
which may be had by apply-iing to tie I(-ctor,
or either ot the P'roprietora.
Dec. 21. 18531 3mi.
(.-* Charleston 3lercutry publish tri- weekly
atndt all thite other paper.-i in the Stata weekly,
for thtro. motats, atjtl forward billm to otte of
the Proprieitor:.
St. John's School.
Rtt. lItev. T. F. DAVIS, 1). D., lE-0fficio
Ir.J. 1). McCOL LOUG II, A. 411., Itiector,
atntl itvtructur it Chri-ta Sience oad lielles
Let tres.
W.M. Ii. IEAlY, A. M., Viec Rector, anwl
ltttrttctor in Ancit'nt I.atntguam int l History.
1). . ItSA, istructor tin 31atleiatics a:tl
v. E. A. WAGNEt, Iatrit-tor in EtingliAh
A4il E Exercises of this 6luiuion will be
resumed ont the 2d day in FEliRUA.
RY text.
ltys are :Uhtnit ted over tie age of s-ven years
and prepa red for the Jutior cltss in Colg-;or
thyOV 1t.y re<.cive a thtorag b a-aale er,
eitihe'r cl:vicail or Engih.
There! is btt on- session, (tividl-t iinto two
tertnv of live mont Its each.) beginnitng onl the 2d
of February and endiatg Noventber 30.
'I:ts ri-:a SESSitos.--For Tuttiin aittl
lo.-ard, int-Iiding washintg, fuel, hIgats,
2*5 pLayable senti-annualiy in 'levnrc.
Entrance fad $.25, tor whlticlt books al sta
tiotery tare furnisiAed the stumett so lonaag aisi i
linay conitinnlu inl thet institution.
Ad'vanced students desiring private rooms
will be allowed theat (at tie discretioi of the.
Itettor) for nn extra charge of $15, to pay for
fuel, lights, &C.,
For trtIt. r information apply for a "Prospect
ala' to tlt Rector, at "Sparta nburg U. If., 8. C.,
Dec. '2l, R453 t1m
New Store and New
llUlfC Al 1M IED111XE,.
rj'ill utndetrstignedI hast esttablihd imself in~
j this villhag', uad n ill open ont the first of
Jantt:ary niext, a large atnd wvell assortedl stock
ofI Fre'&!13 ;inzi Nelect Daag- :iaad
"ICEicines, wilia Patiumis, Oils,
DyeSEnff~s, Window Gla15, Va
clicia:esi, &c'. &c. All of whtach are
oft thle bestt qutality, anad iil lbe suhlt Ott accomao
dlatinag termts. A .share of thei public patronaaLe
is ,-olicitedl.~
W. G. I.. ICiE, 31. D.
Satnuervihle. D~ec. 2-i J853. -.f.
In Equity--Sumter District,
A.htn'r. of I HLL,
Cttnries WV. Mailf or. J Cottpi'ts. Sot's.
lThe creditors a th. itate Dr. JAutest liAty
tot the~ tuhao namttted I efetantt, ectnted otn
the U3th tday of Jualy A. I). 1812.are- hereby nto.
tilled thtat, by unt orater ittn the abtove statd
c-autse, thecy are requtiredi to estabhtsh their dto
ttandst hittore tte, t'ttmmiissijonecr int Iattity for
uter isttrict afoaresaid, otn or before the
Sirt daytt of Ma~y naet.
I atlit gtve noatico thtat I will utttit the
staid firnt d'ay tof Slay text, receive paropatsals for
fat'::ate tof a ptart otf the real estte c'onveyedi by
.thtae at atihmmtent, lyittg partly if ntot whtolly
mt the corptorato imits of Saumtterville, bountded
by~ ind ot'i a Dr. J. C. lIi~tyswotrrna, Wa,. L.
lta UNsos, T1. J. Count.A N, tad Mrs. C. Ilos.
x t0t, awtl by thte ntew rotad runntitng frotm Stin
ters illat to thet steamu tmiil of T1. J. C~oun it.AN &
t'it., sttpioeda to cotttaint abaout one hunadred anda
sixty tacres.
Coum'r. it Eqtuity 8. D).
Dec. 27. 1853. U tf
Land- for Sale,
Tth sbriber offors for sate his T~RACTJ
OF[A) , lyitg on t~yncht' Creek, ntear thte
Wjihntington atnd Mancheiester Rtail Ruoad, about
foutr mileasa North of Lyntchbutrg Dlepot, conttain
mag 60t0 Acres; '2001 of wih uae clearedl, thte
btalantce well timbewred, with a COSIF'ORTA
il-E DW EI.t.ING.,andtt other ntecess'ry build.
imnz. TIhe plhace is htealthty.
C. 1[. DURANT1.
Nov-. 30. 5i St
Executor's Notice,
A tLL persotns trideteda to thte Estato. of
11ev..Jlames Newbery, dtec'eased, eithepr by
Note or Accountt will matke itmmediate pay
mttott. Andl ltose hiavitng dtelandst agaIint
theO samte will reinder them it propcriy uat
tested withtin legal tmo to
D-9~lartington Filag pleaso copy
-i tamonlts.
A hightly itmproved Farm in thte vicinaity 9f
11Sumaterv ie, Continting abouott two hun
dtredi acres of hand, onlty fifty of whticht is
cleared the batlance beinug welt wtoouted.
Said hdim htas onl it a commanoditous D~wel.
ing Ilionse, necarty newt, with Stables ad
suitable Outtbuildings atll itn itne order.
Also a GIardent in a htight statto of cultivattion
andt a fine Fruit Orchard. Tlermns liberal,
IAnalvY at t his ntflen
11 AS .iist reiceived nnd offers for ale, aLCha
1L A N TI'S, it $1 50 meh, good anid heavy.
,liavy Twilled Ied Flaniiiiis, 31 1-4 cents I
Sa'otttit. Kureys, &c., a full amormiment, t
Georgiu Kersoys aid Plainus-SileIy' moan
lons. DoLains, nt 12 1-2, 18 3-i, 25 cemts ;
Prints, Domestics, &c., of all prices and uii
i'urpeming, at 50, 75, T.1 00, $1 12 cents ;
Pickledi Beef. Smnoked ind Picked4 Tongumes
Sugar, Ccoffic, Bnacon, Flouir, Limar, Mutter, Itiet.
84) 1aceks Fire (nakerr'ffor tle Boys
20,000 Segar--choice brands.
His ieavy stuck, ind good aisoriment are
Aissortmouent complete, together with every desiri
will be sold as low as can iho btought in riany tmtrk
Purchasers will ftind it to thir advanitage as web
stock is large, embracing "1 Ally t:imng amd Ever
"GEScDollV 2 WG~
.5000 pounds wnmted, fr which time I
er in Cash or Merelmundize.
One Hundred Doz
For which over the market priev will be IrmiI in b)
Oct. 27, 18..
$100 Reward,
R RUNA'W AY, on last Tuesal-y time
17th instiant, ilmy BOy RII. RID. a
whlite muIlatto, abotL live feet threec
or four inches Itigh, tolerably stoit buili,
albout tweni two vears old With straightm
light cmii:ed hair, hallI a very sulky up
pea rance, and111 a ves rluick and short
when SI)k.en to satil bioy hIas a short thick
fooat, iis riaids short and thick, clmbby
Sigers, lie hmad tihe scar o: a blister in
his toreiead just abve Ile eye-brows, lie
inav try to hidie it by wearig his cap or
hamt'ioyn over his for.:head. lie will be
sure to pIls imself for a while mlami for
lie is very whiite arid has becn takinmg great
(are Of Iis skin for somte tiatme. When lie
left lie had it cloth capj, black co-It andh a
dark colored pair of panats. I Ie will ie
sure to chan.rO hits Cap atnd C lies as i on
as8 tie camin; ie aIlso wears his-hair in front
st raiightm dnir to Iide tie scar of tme blis
ter. lie is a shoemaker boy trade, titough
le ttinv not ge at tlie bin~immess, cxpeet ming
tlhat Ihe will Ibe sot advertised.
The alolve rewari it' One0 Illindred
Dollars il b paid for his idelivery in ainy
.lal in tle Stlte. lie will be sure to give
thinmself aimuiier iame.
Blrad evville. Suniter 1)itrci, S. C.
Srav into, 1i52 30-1 F
-" (mtridem .lnrnal anil Cheraw Ga
zelte publish live times.
)D.LOIR3I ['S BAUM DIE VIE," or lHalsani oif
Life is, nftera trial (of upwards of twenty years
inl a greit variety of eises, contidently ofi'-red to
tihe piublic, ep'e1'qlV to those atilietud with the
itrmt distressing complaitnt, as a sure ariwl ipeedy
relief fur their miflerings.
lt-Ita tie following certificates. They nre
froirm genlit-ilem of high standing and resiiing
in vooir irmiediate vicinity. hity are but one
or 'war uf lin emunnrir ourr po-n"toni nIi exttt
ing the healing virities of this, (to use tle worls
of i grateful "ispepti M wo was enred bry its
uoo) most preiuis compoiil.
Ccrtisiaile froma the Rev. iiartpil Spain.
SUMi~v T tx, r. C.ja'n. 130h 1853.
Mr. Cii s. I:r~mtr .
iear Sir: -1.ast Sprin I uel tli wsmal bott
ties if younr iHalsarm of Life; anid expeirieniredi
mneh btenefi't. I tok it twn or three titms daii
iy, a tearspoonmful! at a dhou in a ineii~ giLs of
It micted on my iiver, an 1 imipartedi a henhby~m
tone to ahllmy aigitir oairganrs, r,/uiing ti m f
dlislressng ra, Iiarim he, ail manay other diiiagreen
blie dyspeiicli symittint. 1.SA
[Signmedji1 SAN
Mr. CIIAS. i)1.0i131-:
IDa.i a Sr ta:--i take great pileasur ini recoin
mndinli'g yriur IlaUnmi di Vi."' wvhtich I have
often used, rand uiriys wmithi decidedi reliet,
whenl suih-inm fromt attacks of IDyspepsia. A t
rnce- a inirant), tonic anid emb~iartim'. am nu at
ie it swill pirove e-minetlty serviceable to rll
who amrer aflletedi wyit h yspuepia. iis gienerali
introdutin throumghiout thet counmtry wvilftbe e.
itiblic beinefit.
'Tu keep'i ia nmrpply constantly min harnd, wiibu
I woniih mi motulxhange for all te Anti-diym'pePt
tie itnsrumirs frumi Mrainie to Texias.
Yours respectfuilly,
'o~rr irle by Jelmn, M. Chmarndler, Sumtrvile,
" "a. A. Ilumgginis, l~uriitg tonm C. 11.
" "")r. J. E. Ityrd, T'iummionavillo,
Arnd hiv iDrugistms m'eneradii'
Ilt'ATI'WltliT1 & I AKUOO.
Whokitoiii~i Agents, Columtbia, S. C.
Noiember 9J 2 if
Paints, Oils, Glass
Nut. 60 1-2 K'ast-Haly, opposite P. & M. IBank,
Heo keep-i cointntly forrale. a ge-n-ral assort
mnent tif Paits airm) (ils of aill kimndst, Windmow
Glass andm Saiihesi, Spirits Tn'srpeninom,.C atit
phiente, Sptirit Gasn, 'Talliw, Grinditonem, Cur
mage, Chain Pimumpit, C oitonm Fotr. Gi Fitrer,
Gluii,, Pai{aig Yarin, arid llrnsus cvarious
Oct. 28,1833. 5'2 .o
T1. C. WORT'H,
Forwarding 1Verchant,
Auig , -11ly
Fine Sogars and Garden
Kdpt consantly on hanud by'
Bagging, Roe and T'wine,
Private Bo ar ding House,
. CAMD~EN, S.' C.
Day Ba trdes's acconan's.odsited.
Nov 9, 1853. 1) if
A Superior Tooth Powder.
Made by lime valuable receipt of Dr. K. S
Darganm, Deontist,
Ptrepared and sold by
NL.wrrLv Xv Unm ,4 AT TM ...., .F.
OF A. J. &. MOSES.
-leston prices [freiglt included) SER1VANT'S
ser yard ;
oMe as low as 1G 2-3 ciits
3 1-el LL LEB~ C_ Jr .
. Dackerel, Ralimijnd, Lopbster, Sardlinex,&e-,
, ohratses, Salt, &c., &c.,
too well known to reinire entimeration.
;.tion of Goods to suit the cotintry trule, wlhich
.-L foIr cn'ls, or to upproved purchaserv, oi time.
es mine. to call on me before purciung. Ily
y LIing."
ighest inarket pried will be patid, e'ith
en Eggs Wanted,
'Tird Dowr South of, the Tnen flll,
and ierly upoosite Y'idal I at:;ou.
T HE tubs-icriber wontid respectfuily in.
form the citizensi olf Soterville and
the ju!ic generaliv, that he Ias opented at
the above plhce n general s.sorimet if
Dry (ood., B i!t nn-! 'es, IIis and
Cnp.,:. Ifitrdware, Cro 1; sywatre, &c. &c.
A.so. A Choice lot of Fmiily GrOcerics of
every description, with Fruit of variotius
kitids, such nts Orattges, Apples, Lemots,
&c. &c., which he will hil cry low for
Nov. 9, 18-53. 9 ly
40,000 POUNDS.
Of M3mncovado Sugar at 6 1- 1 et. pr. lb. wnr
ranited. Also a I trge stock if cofl-e. )ry
Goods, of all deseriptions. Also Candies and
Fritts of every variety anI kind, jtstt received
Z i', 1lnase all nod examine the Sugar as
lie guaraitees to sell it cheaper than it Can be0
bought in Charlesioi flur enth only. Also a va
riety of Toys, of till sorts alnd sizes frim tho
imoikey to the Elephatt, at the
. 1., 1853 7 ti
Commission lerchant,
PA R'lICI LA R attention given to the SA IE
or illP.IENT of Naval ~Stores and Cotton,
anl liber CASIL ADVANCES made on Cun
Dec. 14, 1853. 7 ly
Administrator's Notice,
All persons having dennttds against hlie
Estate of Mr.. E. Connors, deceased, ar
requested to hand themlt in properly attest
ed; id tlhowe ititleited will plcato make
itniediate payrient to
1'. 11. CONNORS, Adtm'r.
Nov. 14, 153.- . f -
Wolfe's Aromatic
A stupetrlative To'nic, Dinrett. Anzti-ys
peptie, Ilavigorating Cordinl, &.c.
F'or sale by
Citrate of M~agnesia,
A P'reparationt now extensively used as an
atgteeale stubstiute for Epsomt Salts.'
I'repared and .8old by
17 lIey Street, ( 20 l lnytne Street,
- New Y'ork. i Chiarteston, . (2.
SMUEl. C. DUN..r (mF.O- II. IotE~tt*s.
sT suscriber oibra for stale his Platatiimt
ntml Mtills in Sumter DistrttI, sitnated on Big
Raftitn Creek, fo~urt4en miles below Capiden,
aind six, fromi Boykin's Turn Out, containing
(0ti74) sixteen htund~red andI seveity-fout acres,
bietweeni fotmr and five hundred acres cleared
and wider fence, the balance in line timber.
Ott the premises is a good two stbry dlwe~ling,
wvithi all the necessary butildings ofa well settled
Plantation, miost of which, have been eretedl
wvithiin the last fewv years. Otn the northertn ex
tremtity of the tract is another settlemeunt itn
good reptair. Both places are perfectl izelthty.
Also-A n excellent Grist 14jll, wit ftwo pair
of stones, and a Saw Mill, enpablo of cuttinig
abouat otno thonsand feet of lumber per da.
With the Plantation will be sold (if desired) the
stock of cattle, lIbgs and Sheep, to ther witht
the Provision Crop. If soldl aimedately, pus
session will be given on the first of January,
The terms and other particulars tmay be oh
taitedl front the suibscriber on the Irentises, or
by lotter directed to Iloykin's Dhpot, Camden --.
atuch of S. C. R. Ri. ~ s
Stumter Dist. S. C. Oct. 12, 50 3m
Negroes for Sale,
BY PElRj MISSION of Win. LEWIS lecg.,
UOrd inarf', the subscribor wvill otfer
for sale at tht Court House on Sale day in Feb.
rtutr next. eix likely yon negroes, blonging
to the Est, of D. StA w.'wrma eamh
M. P. M AYES, Adt'r
-Jan. 3d, 1851. I-~~
W:i tchtmani copy till sle.
To Reut1
Comodlious anti comfrortable. Dwolling~
for businosa. To a good tnant it will beo
rented low, For terns (ply af thia Of
Sumterville, Jan. 111h, 1854. 11-t.(
For Sale. fr~
veQr nnal trQ , somo valuabla
Sumntervlle. For pa rs aply o *
IIAVING tuoved to the stand herotforc
ti. ocenloied by D. J. Vinil, (next idooi
. to China' I lotel,) and it being botter alapt
oil to oir business, tlan the one previosly oc
u pied by .1, we nro now prepared to carry it
S on more oxtnsively than leretof're, and are
v. confident of selling onl as rertonable terms st
to any retail Ortig Store in the State. Our Stoek
is conistat ly kept up and carofully seHlewt'
from itm~rood wlolisale IoIes as New York
and Ciarleston catn aflibrL
And after returning our most. sitcere thanks
e to our ciustomers and the public gnerally for
tho very liiral patromige liestowed oin us tie
previous year, still continue to solicit It por
tion of the stme.
W. JAS. DAl!G AN & Co.
Sumterville, Jan. 1, 1851. 10-11
Dr. Wt as, Dargai & Co,
Lit ETAI L DEA LERN in Drugs, Mcdii
)II I , cines lo itusti ., Ols, Di'e tli*', I ..
lt tnt Medicisnsas, Window Ghmit, Perfusmnery,
FanIcy Ariilss, ad it variety of other aricles
rn uiilly kept its Drug Stores.
1 J0o. W. Danaxx, V. Jbs. DAIMGAN, 31. 1).
h. Up" Next door to Chini's Hotel.
44th R1gi t . C. M.
O1.1) Foul) Jan'. 3rd, 18"'4.
P, A RElA1E3NTl Court Martial will com
dm41 sc sat TlhsT11. D. DAviS's, Ont Friday the 170h
, ist., for tle trial f all defautlters inl th - Ith
q. liegimet, for Milit in and Patrol duty 1andI all
olleers for disoielience to o:tiers within twelve
smoiths next, preceding said Court. fly order
of col. F. 311. Al E L L E'P
W T. T . 1nFn, Atjt.
' V:tchnmnlsisi pla.Iic copy.
. :n.3.1, 1851. ' 10-id.
South Carolina--Sumter Dist,
!r I sainluel if 'IdLI
~r tassse. ssii, CA. SA.
IFarrar, tBanks, & Co.
SamlltueI Tindtial who i in ite eu1t-ody fof the
Sherill of Sumiter Distriet, by viritie sf' writ of
Copifis il.ilisltu itindunt, at I lhe isinit of Farrar,
1. I111.s, ('ona:n1hy, hlaving filel inl Isy offise',
togetelt'r with a .chele, ti oal, of his estite
ami eflecti, lis p'tiion t) to the Court of Ciom
mon Pleas, porayin!_ that hit inay b:! admiitted]
t( tli, ieneit c!ihe Act of the eieral As
seibly. ims:ol for the reli-f of Insolvent Debt.
, ors it IislherebIy orderedf, tat tit s:ii Farrar,
lials, & I "11mp:siny, ail all ither the crlitors.,
to whoi theilS siI S.iunsneol 'I ilial is ink isiny
wi-c iiiiltlied, ie, aisnd they atre hereby simi
noned, and ha:ve n40oti1e to uppear, befisro the
said Coirs lit aSm r Cousrt lisie, on the
eilsveith dIay of A psil i.-xt, to .-iew e i.', if
sany they can, wy tie prayer of the ipeliion
i' oretsaid, shonil niot he tr:issedi.
W. J. SlN';L ETON, C. C. P. S.
Olike of Cootin Pleas of (
Stitiutr Distric t, ll.e. .I, 153.
t Mr. Editor : The Citizens
f Clariidon Cointy air' dsirous ilhat Col. W.
L. ItEYNO .DS, rupresvst thi iin the next
I.ei--iature. BIy aimosusnsing him a Canilidae
for that oflic', youii%%ill w1siliige them3s.
Look Out For Bargains!
!lii sibscribe-rrs ro orpenting and receiv.
i itsr a fresh and very large ;issortnit
of every descripthiii of Goods to suit. tle
couitlry trade, which Will be Sold ;s low sIS
can he boglt itn i any marlmet for cash;
.reat p.unss has beent t:kIn ini lasyinsg inl th.'
ik. Otr stoick of Laduies' Drcss Goods
jstpletc, cumbracing every artic ins
line. A!-,o. Reuady Mle~ Clothinr.
nd Cap, lio ts amt Shei , & . &c.
-I - k is for buycr to call an d e as
me tsr lineniweves. H \e especia! y
e insvult the sttmst' in osf 1'iaters t oulrN -
G RO) I OO ))S, Iersey's, I 'lais, Linserve,
'- WVoolseys, lilansih, .Shwse", andis Ilats.
Stlonsey cans hse siavedl byvi calisng (5n us5 ni
our sTU CK&Is I S I.t R(, U~ Nand e caree
C fserminald to &~Lll.
af Sepjt. 'Al. 1l53.. -17 tf
~ 11111 iUCillC'O' ill(d LXeilleu' i11
eCarriages and Harness,
S F o-ery dsescriptionss, Noss 12! .31e'.imti sireeti,
andt 33~ Weinstwoirith stret-i. isut to the sl suurdf
of G ibserts & Chainjs. Chlstons~s, 8. (.
W31.i'2' i lU)NT1'I-, smay -s hiound at she
above iestsory. assd ibe a es: tis miethisd tos
assture hi,. fr-isnds tismt a!ll orfiers entirstesd to
himsi wsill be: attens:!od to psrossnytty andt n ithsstrict
Oct. 19ufb, 1853. 'al 1 y
Negroes Bought and Sold,
TI'l l delsrsi.sneds hsas ssstiiened a hlice at No,.
16 State St retst, Ch:u bstons , wh--re hehas osn
handti a numtess~r if ll El.t' Y'OtIN( N i
1 il )h- fo'r scale frsom ' which lie enn~ suppl~sy the
wutsiis oIf sisy of i the comiiityii. Thei.sc Ne.
i rises a re' imiresed~ss isn Marviland, Virgissi:,
m Norsitsand Sonsih C aruufisna. To' his lot ihe is
s' prices pauid ait alit timsit for nesg ries.
iJ.. 31. E. Ni IA iPE
P3 $tasto~ Street'.
mi (Chsarletin, Dec. 2!, 1r133. 8 1ly
. Siumstervific, S. O,
ls'esp'elily isnfsorsms tishe eope of Sum
tur bih,trict thast het hs ust5 retci isiand
n'sows osfler' fosr salt' she fs its eci ansdjLi
tits t chissce sttick sit
osFall and Winter Goods,
Th'Iat cnnost lhe surps sed by anying ins~ tshis
marlii inet. li hsi rec.etied manuiy newt' s-tyies
wh'sichu puirchsers wanboiil sli we~tll to exainie hes
fore huy~ inug eisewhesiur..
VE S 'I N G S.
Al f'sll andit irge' Nuppsly otf I lisiery, Sigarg
ke.rchsie.fs, &c. kr*.,
A large au'ssrtent of' It A IYs MADEJ1 CLO
To Ill NG., ws' hsich ' wi bei sold lsows.
f:' G armntss mansisuatusresd by the raslshori.
hser, Aund wa.'rganstedl 10 give saiufaction. Or
. dsers fromit .t distancsie psrompj tly attendedicu ti.
Oct. 25th, P453 if
3t Fall Goods! Fall Goods,
m litI'T'fi & N I-'V~iltls wvosuhi resspecfiull!
' infosrm thIeir friend~ls snsd the Public genteraully
ittiat they have jutst rgeived au large anid we'll se
ry. lete Stocutk of
"id embranscing ove'ry qutality asnd style of L A) DiES
or, tRl-SS GOSODS; fleaivy Goiods, &cr., Groer
jal jes, hhiios ai Shoses of e'very deuscsriptiion; las
style I latsaitnd Ciups; liardiware nnd ( rtcke'ry
Iteadly Maildo Clothing, etc. ets'., to wichl lthe'
paurticularly inv'ite ntlention.
A lot of CilO1CE~ SEGAltS.
Fine Cigars and Garden
D.- Ke~pt contilstnly Oil han-l by

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