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At the I nst aninal meeting of the
Arilerican lastnituto of instruction,
u% hi0h t "'k p1hM-Ce at NeW I Inven, Cyru1ls
Vo e- q ., .red IIan Isay, which, al-.
thou-lgh obnitted to) be a well written
sonI4 chiborauk eVi petra-e 'a e
cii e I wit h1 very gen eIa I d is'satislihction.
The Pl1.ort, of t he es;say was to imake
out some c oiu'nce/iou bet weein the a I eged
inlcre:se2 of* criliei and tile increase of
edlk1neati(nal intiltiions and fiteiities,
in this and other comitries. Mr. P. en.
(eavol'td to establish by sta. htical I-C.
tiurils 111. crimes had recently beel
ii, Ich iore ablindamt. than irmerly,
n(th in this coitry and some of the
lore civilized of European2l nations.
At tlie sainie tilne there Iias bei a great
iin'rease of education, great advance
lit in ihe systent of common school
iI istructiol and in ile supply of reading
aind other ieans and fheilitics for the
advalceelll'nt of intellectual culture
o11 iong the people at large. Thie es
sa.ist inclined to the belief that there
* s a . 1nection--thIe icoliletion of'
h.et and cause between these two
fhets; and his arglinients were intended
to establish the probability of the in
crease. oferimeic beling owing to the in
lrea.141 Of ed11ulcItional hil i ties and in
stitutions of' variouis kinds.
A similar supposition has been very
streiinously urged by. Sir A. Alison,
the voluininious Essayist and Hlistori
111, aid by the sectarian enemices o'
our' systent of' public schools ill vali
rious tatcs in this beinisphere. These
latter Urge this al ltgid conniiectiOni be
tweei tle increase of education in I
elt, tilles with a purIose very difier
cut f'ro that of l r. riee. They ar
gene that there is such a collnectiin I
the pui pose of'ovcrthrowing, diseredit
ing and destroying ()tur A merican edi.
cation ial and repiblican instittio' ns.
Mr. t). advocates the tleory fo the
Ipiinose of Ir'giog iilproveilent in 0111
schools and semiinaries, by the intro
ductioll of a greaitCi' :nnount of' iora'.Il
instrucetion and14 training.
The theory that criine has increased
most in those coliltries, as Aimiierica,
Scothlnd, E-',glanld, Prussia. and the
States (if Gerially, in which education
has beenl Imn't aLssiduously cheri->hed.
has beenl Cavored bpy 11nan1y, beside! Mr.
''re'. Suich statements as tle foI
lowing have b'ei allegredl ill attesta -
tion of' the coi riectiness of' this theorv.
Tne 1 progress of' criIiIc has beell ru'rc
apid in Setlaid than in any other
c t;t, if Euirope. Ill Giasgo A, ilore
espendi1ly. of late -ye:rs. it has bieen
beynd ll recdet-t athn miinlg, seriou-MS
cr-little having inc.ie e[ I ai2 ly It' t f,old
llor than population. ( Wlnivards of
tihre'e liith osand individuals tried in one
yeLIr, less th1lmon ie-liiurth Nwere tilnedui
Cated, and the re'liainier. oir illoe thanl
three-th0rths, wer. edlicated. In l'.on
don, it has :11, beenl found thlat in onle
I aielarOi' Cear, that Of the 1111111b
Coill Ilii.iod for vm-iiuls o('eilee, HP
wards of two thirds were pe0rsons who
hia. reeived mIor ile or less ediie:lin.
In Fainee, asio, it appears, fromsi11 stat
%t ical rettirnis that crilne is nowhere
so prevah-uit as in those towns and dis
I riets whre stcular eduention and pro.
gn-ss in the Iysical atls amd sCices
ger.i i witiut anyI co .rn-spondin(1 g attei
li"n to r'ligions cuiltureL. Facits have'i
also) beenl burought. flot walnd from the
ernoalI cou'lrts of' ouri own coulntiy,
whieb ic show a1 rapid ii n lcrease of' cime;
numy11 classesi' of wich, as frauds, f'or
geries :tuih diounterfei lig, are lno tIchi
as5 can bie connulilitted~ 1by thle uned ucat
Shl, f'hets, of' which we.t qulestionl
nedither' the correct ness nlor the' aibund
an1 (!e, doi inideed lend a degree of plaus.
i/sility to the thetory to. which they have
been advaniliced to supjport. Ihit still
they do not prov'e that eduI~cationi is thle
causelS of in.crease' of cliimeI. WeC think
it in ighlt, he serli bed, with much /seter'
rea'4son, to) the inicreased p revaillenlce o f'
inlteniper'Omee, to thle incereased love of
terize the pouhiio of1 , Amer'ica anid
(othler civilized coun~tries within the last
fif'ty or sievenity-five years.
WeT think the wide priev'alence (if
initemiper'ance, and11 the highly st imlt-t
ed love of gin wilhi ar1e mar~iked fea
of' the laist qua~ter' o~f a1 cenitury' orore
are muoch more probabily caulsIs of' the
alleged inealse oif crime~s wvithiin that1
per'iod, thanl any1 incea~se (if edu'at ioni
atl inisti tiltions. or fhilIities amnong the4.
people. iI'rgarid to1 onei of these cauises
this llmeLh at lea.2st is certalii, thaot cime
is very miuchI decreased in tihe city of
Por'tlanld anid elsewhiere ini the State oif
Mi~une, sinee t he Cienatm~iat of that
mlost righteous anid bene~iflicent la1w,
whiichl, fori ages to comlle, ill renclder'
fth1at State ihmousLl~. A laiw, simniilar to
the OneC we hlave julst referre'd to iln
Maine, hlas been adop ted anld eniforiced,
buit for a short per'iod, in the State of'
Vermont, and yet, so great has bieen thet
increase5 ofeimie, that ini severa'l counl
ties they haive ad vertised theii'jails to
let. This, we think, as strong evidence
against initemrperance ias the~ sou~ee oif
cr'imel, asI anfythirng thait has been ali
leged ini favor oif the thleory that educa
tion has somieting to do with it.
Then again, tihe love of mioniey, wiich
at alil times has been strong enlough to
lead every now and then to foirgeries,
theflts and mulrder'ers, has been stiiln
lated togireater than usual vivacity or
rapacuiit~y within~ a quiar'ter' of a cenlturyi
ori so, by the much gireater expnie
ness in thle style of living, which has
chiaraicterized this and someoother civil
izid nations wiithlin that period of time.
Without quelstionl, thuis quickening of
the alreadury powerfuil pinciple of' act
ion--aegnistiti venless-has1 led to an in
crease of those crimes~ by whicho pro p.
er ty could in anygvay be got posses
SBut thinugh the causes e have just
i4taN have more d filffi increarp
of cre in tha0t1,1i Cetation ims, still wk
think that educattion both in our home1
adinl our schools and semlina~ries,
-till kinds, would be n'uch itiprtoved
were its moral tone and tendency t
moie promitienLt feature.
A fe w years since, one pleaant dui
im Septemlber, there arrived in Boston
the great metropolis of New England
a ceitain couple from Vermont, whi
eamne to get p-acefully joined in thI
"ho'ly bonds of' matrimony." Sc
soon as the happy couple were thirl)
ensconced, the would be bridegroon:
who Was a rough, but apparently hop
est specimen of the "green mountair
boys," immediately sent for the pro
prietor of the hotel, who quickly an
swerad his summons.
"Say lan'lord," interposed the stran
ger. who pointed to his modest "Judy
love," far in the corner of the parlor
"this is my young woman. Naoi
we've Cin all the way from Varmount.
andl want to be hitehed. Send for the
parson, will yet? want it done up righl
stiight offl"
The landlord smiled and left th(
rooIt. But a short time had elapsed
before a licensed iniiiister iade hi:
a)pearanee, and the obliging host, and
his jamily, were called in to witnes
the scene.
"Naouv, Mr. Tie em together," said
J onatlian, 'do it up brown, and youi
money's ready; and forthwith the lion
ncd ihnetionary commenced by order
that mine host should join hands witli
his intended. Jonathimli stood up ti
his blushing ladv love, like a sick kit
teIt huanillg a hut brick, seized her by
the hand, and was as much pleased a.
a ionkey inight be supposed to abt
witlh two tails.
" You promise Mr. J ," saii
thie mtiiiister to take this woman
" a said J onathan, at, once.
"To be your lawful wedded wife~?'
continued tie parson.
"Yaas, yaas."
"That you will love her and respecl
hier in all things."
"Yaas." I
"'hat you will cling to her, and hei
otly, as flg as vi both sliall live?'
"Yaas indeed, iothii' else !" respotind
ed Jonlathianl. in thie Imost delighted al
enitest Izatlitir; but to the ainiazcineiml
of all 1)reseit, and iiolre especially tu
the annoyance of the intended bride.
"Yanis, I said," added Jonaithan.
"-lte mottient itsi friend," replied
the minister slowly, " t a tloulht oc
citnrred to m1e, that, the law of iassa.
litosetts cainnot. pieritut of these eere.
tioities withiou, tie observaice of 1
"pubtlbIithrtent," for a jIrticu lar lengti
of time."
"Wor'n thunder's the trouble, mis.
ter ! Don't stop, mut'er thir. Noth
in's spilt, ch! Ain't sick, ilister, b
-I say, moy friend, I have cole t
tile coMClisioini tihat yon canniuot be mar
ricd inl Massachusetts."
"iCanti? Wor'n nattir's the, diflikil.
ty ? I like her site likes tie, she said
she did; wot's to hetnder ?
"You havti't been published sir,
-think ?"'
"No! JHaint going to be nuthier'
At's wvot mte eumt 'er for, on the
sly; go otn, go on, old fller."
"'I really si r,--"said the parson.
"lIcal ly! walt go ahecadi, 'faint thir you
see, 'tainit I swaow, yout've married ine,
and htainit teeceber hier. Go on don't
cave ini here! 'At aint jutsf, the cting
na.1w taint..
"Il will consult--"
"No you woni't, no you don't con
sitlt notit' nor nobody, till this 'erc
business is cnclud ed; inaow mind I
tellI ye!'' said J1onathant with resol utiotn,
and in an inst ant he had torned the
key in andI out of tne lock, amid the
laighter of th witntesses, who were
chiockedl with merrim ient.
"Naow say, mister, as we were,"
continued the yankee, grasping his
eremblinig intended by the hand aigains.
"Go ont right straight from where von
ht. oll." Antd here Jontathatn crowded
his haind for into his pocket, anid
drew from it an old pocket-book, (pro
haibly used by his granidfathier,) as an
iiliind cent for the reverend gen.
tiomW antd con tinued. "You can't
come none of this half way hbusiness
wvithi this child], so put'er thru, and yet'
maoney is ready, nauw nto dodginig. It'll
be all right by gohly!".
The parson considecred a moment,
and concluded to risk it, at sight of
the wag crammuied wvallet. oft course.
He c antinmied:
"You promise-"
"Yaas," replied Jonathan.
TIhe Itarson smuied and went on.,
"You promise, muadr.m, to take this
iman to he your husbanid law folly?"
"Yaas, said the yankee again, as
the lady bowed.
"Them's umn," said Jontathan, as
the lady bowed again.
"Anid you will cling to hint sc
long as you both shall live?"
Tihatt's the kind, that's the talk!" ex.
elaimed Jotnathian, and the lady re
sponded wit~h a "yes," again.
"T'heni in the pr esence of' Hlim
on high, and these witnesses, I pro
nounce you man and wife."
"I-Ioorahm!" shouted Jonathan at
the top of his voice leaping neatly to
the coil ng with joy.
And what God has joined togetht
er, let ito man putt asunder."
"Hloorah!" continued Jonathan, "by
golly, wot's tho pri~ce? How mneh1
Spit it cout, don't be afeared. You:
did it jist like a book old feller! 'Ere's
ain X, never mind about the chsatge.
Send for a honihus lan'lord! Give
us your bill! I've got her! She':
mine! Hail Columtinby happy land!'
roared the poor' fellow, entirely unable
to control his joy, and in ten mtinuttes
more he was on his way to the Lowell
depot, with his wife, the happiest man
out of iail."-.Wofhurn JournacdL
You want about two and a half
quarts of water, for one quart of oid,
although strict, aceuracy inl this pfirtleft
lar is not needed.--Use a pitelter or
earthen vessel for measuring the acid
and water. You may now put in the
bones; they would be better to be
crushed or broken up; and -you mnay
put in as many as you. can putinch dovn
into the liquid. As they settle down
you can add more firom time to time.
Let this stand from six to twelve weeks,
stiring it with a stick from time to time.
and You will have a liquid super phos
phate of lite, as good as can he made.
When You wish to apply it to the
land, pour out the liquid, leaving the
undissolved bones still in the barrel,
and mix the liquid with some unleach
ed ashes-say two quarts of ashes to a
gallon of the liquid, and then mix the
whole thoroughly with a large quantity
ofdry manure, or even with any dry
soil, and it is ready to be sown upon
the field broad east, or put the hills
with the seed. If put'in direct contact
with the seed, hoe sure to have it well
mixed with a large quantity of muck
or substance, say two or three gallons
to a eartload. This mixing can be
done with a shovel on the floor or
lmproved snper ~psphate oflimc is
made by adding something that coi
tainis a large quantity of aniailOllil, and
in order to make of yours, as prepared
above, omit adding any ashes, but add
more or less urine, or liquid from1 the
manure heap an(d then dry with muck
as before directed.
After pouring out the liquid super
phosphate from the barrel, you can add
more water, acid and boties, and let
the processgo on niew.-The artiele
is just as good or even better aifter it
has stood one or live years. Should
tie hoops clnmec to burst off pour the
liquid into another vessel, or set it on
the top of another, and let it through
into it by pushing out the bottom,
Jlain Frmer.
The Irish have become a lread eatinig
people at lengir. The consuimptioni of
breadstuffs is now entormotuis, notwith.
standiing the abundallce an(d conpara
tive clieapless of potatoes, excellent inl
quality. L~arge <inantitie, of fobreignl
grail are gi'mund in extensivie mills
near Cork anid ilther towns, and fur
warded to Dublin; and it appears that
the railway company, for want of an
ad.-(quate aujmply of good triucks to ileet
their eSergency, are soinetimes un6able
to take all the produce oflered for
transm ii on.
Irehmd's po-pulation is still deereas
hig. The average rate of inherease Ie
ing moire t han equalled by the host of
emigranits w ho, evenI alt the present,
severe season of the Veair, conm1tiultie to
leave heir homes for othr lanitlds. These
however, are last adding to tie popu.
lationi of' the United States and British
eiolonies, taking with them those habits
and tates, the requili elts of which
mu itst iln tlie end benefit the mannfihe
tures of England.-Eigrtion from
Cork for the tell months ending 31st
ltiio, amouiited to 32,268, against
2.,387 in the same period last year.
T_!O MAKEsS:saeour or L am.:
-Sonie bones, som1e suhuric acid,
and-l soi% wood h.ooped barrels, or h.A:'
hogsheads, are all the~ am tiele needed.
After placing the barrls ini a comn.
venienit, place, aL few cariboys of sulfphu
rie acid maty be obtainied. These
carboys hold from 120 to 180 lbs., Rind
by stimulating to return the ent boys,
youl cani generally obtain the acid for
two or three cents a pound. Pu it into
the barrel a quanitity of waiter, anrd then
Ipour iin somei acid. 'I he acid should
be added by a simall piortionl at a tmie,
and tihe jini;~ ture be4 anl lowed to cool
bef'bre mlore, is afded, ats gret heat is
produced by nmllinmg acid and water.
a negro mfani Tom, the property of Mr.
Robert, E. WXilsonl, wa~s fund dead
this m~orninig at tile FoCrnce Stationi
W\ihninigtoml and Manchester lI ail
r'. 'ad, whre' lie has been emiployed as
pumlp hanid. 'The miarks up~on his peer
sonis renider' it certaini that his death
was occasionied by , iolencee. Maj.
W ingate, thme cor'oner', has guile down
Lo investigate thme malltter; but we shiall
pr'obably not hieari the result in time
for this paper.-.Darlington Flagit.
-IrE DlRUNKAnnR.-T1he difference be
t ween these two we on1ce heard COml
par'ed to the difference between a pig
and a hog. Golugh's defmnition, how
ever' is better and more to thie point.
A moderate drinker is one who cani
stop, but won't. A drunkard is onie
who would stop bult can't. The1 Maine
law mtust hold himi or there is no
hlp for him; go lhe mulst and he
Th~e art of making thie Dcmaiscius bladcs
iB 1.eat.- It said that they were made by
weling tngether altenate steel anld gald
wires, ned twistia thiemt intio thle proc'ess.
'Their elaisticity and keetiness cre ahlnest
fatbulouls- We all remecmber the scenme inl
Scott,s nmoveh, in whuicht Richard devide am
thiek iron bar wits a tblow of his sword, att
saladdlin cutt in two parts a silk scarf float.
-ing in the air with his Damascus blade.
CmustniTAs. --Thle annli versa ry of the
birth of ourSaviour is called Chlristmuas,
because the liomnish Church hats always
cele brated it by the peCR formnance of
Mafls, with special referencee to the oe.
casion. Th~e word is a conitractioni of
Christ Mass, or Christ's Mass. The
Mass piurports to be repietitioni of the
de-athi of' Christ -a repetitioni of' the~
MNrs. Crawford says sheo wrote one
line0 in her '"Kathleen Mav'ourneen"
for the exprecss purpose ofecontfounding
the Cockney warblers, who sang it
thuts-"Tihe 'ornt of thne 'iunter is 'earid
0on tlhe 'ill ;" bult MooreC laid thio same~l
trap ini that 'Woodpecker'--' A 'earl
that is 'umble iiht ono foro it 'oe."
What do you use to make your
self look so delicato ?" said one woman,
witth ai eruption on her ice, to another,
who looked like ono of the deptted.
VWhy," said the lady "so'metfines
I cat slate pencils and chalk, and Ifo
a change drink vinegar and chew green
teas. Whon these fail I lae tighter,
and wear the thinnest shoes I can buy"
The Washingloif Star says that offli
cial notice has been received of Judge
Clayton's resignation of theU. S. Con
suiship at Havana.
Always do the bes -ou can wsith
the expectation of beW blamed by
your most intimate friends for not
doing better. You will thereby pre
serVe d good conscieene and avoid dis
We can learn to read and write, but
we cannot bar raillery; that is a par
ticular gift, of nature; and, to tell the
truth, I esteem him happy who does
not wish to acquire it. The character
of sarcasm is dangerous; although this
quality makes those laugh whom it
does not wound, it, nevertheless, never
produces esteem.
TIE NoICTIIrEin hMAIL.--Tho Marion
Star, speaking of the transfer of the mails to
the Wilmington and Manchester Rail
road, says:
"We are of the impression, from inforna
tion received, that the mail will be carried
over the road as soon as the railroads south
of it will conform to the schedule time
agreed on. rhis we learn will be done.
After to-morrow there will be but three
miles of staging on the Wilmington and
Manclister road, and none, we'should-think,
after the 20th inst., so that thero is no
good reason wly the mail should be kept
from this route longer than that time."
A P'nuisnEi of a newspaper out
west, in the first issue of his journal,
rettIrns thanks to those who have loan
ed hin pecuniary means to commence,
and gratitude to heaven that there is no
law in the State enforcing imprison
ment, for debt.
A FELLOW in Iowa jumped so high
the other day that he says he saw the
dog star wag his tail.
IF all the babiLs in the world were
seated together, and spanked at the
amie time, how maU)ny sugar Plumbs
,would it take to quiet them I
Selma, om. 12.-In furmution W1"en
ted.-If Jaimes K. Stel;lhens, a Printer.
Who left Wetunima, Ala., about the 20th
of July last, and the last heard of was in
Mississippi, will address the Editor of the
Sentinal, Selma, Ait, lie will learn soine
thing to his advantage. I
Will our brethren of the Press pass
around this notice and confer a favor upon
1 typo in luck.
The talent of turning men into ridi
cule, and exposing to laughter those
one converses with is the gratilication,
of little minds and ungenerous teni.
pers. A young man with this east of
miind, cus himself of'!rom all r r
of improvemont.
An Irishman, the other day,
extraordinary price for an alarm kI
and as a reason, lie said. " that as hie
loved to risie Carly, lie had now only to
pull the string and wake himself."
"Enjoy the blessings of this day,'
says Jeremy Taylor, "if God sends
thenm, and the evils bear patiently anid
sweetly. For this day only is oturs:
we are dead to yesterday, and are not
born to morrow."
A universal cry3 after marriage is,
"I wish we laid the money now that
we thi ew away at our wedding !"
Law Notice.
O11ice next door to J. B. & R. C. Webb's
arh. New York Store.
Mrh22, 1853 21-tf
Jewelry ! JewelryI!
lhaving just returned from Charleston,
the subscriber has talready on hand, atid is
now receiving, a neat and well selected
stock of
Watches. Clocks & .Jewelry..
of all desbriptmions, which lie wvill sell at a
vecry moderate profit.
py"P Comae on Ladies and Gentlemen
atnd examnine for yourselves. A call is al
ask. , C. T. MASON.
Nov. 15 1852 3-tf
Icustomers and the community generally
that by the 20th inst., I will have in store
a full stock of
in toy line, consisting of CLOTIIIS, CAS
SIMERES, anid VESTINGS, of every
---A LSo
II A T 5, CAP'S, &ce.; F'INE LINEN
of every description; with a complete as
assorttment of
Ready Made Clqthing,
carefully selected in the Baltimore and
New York markets..
D. . WINN.
Sept. 20,-1853,
Webb Clara's Hotel,
,TIlE subscriber would respect
' ftully inform his patrons and the
public generally, that he is still
prepared to accoimnodato all whlo give
hiimacall. at the old stand, at reasonable
rates. His servants are active anid atten
tive, his table shall be wvell supplied wvith
the best the market will afford, and all the
domestic arrangements of hIs establish
ment. shall be orderly and neat. lie re
pectfully solicits a share of patronage.
Proprietor. M
*March 22. 1853 2i-tr
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt . D. Fniaaspy .as a Candidato. for
Sheriff of Sumter District at the ensuing
Aug. 24, 1853.
Mr. Editor:----You will
oblige a number of the voters of Sumter
District, by announcing in your columns
the name of Major JUeN5 BALLARD, as a
Candidate for Ordinary at the ensting
Aug. 13, 1853. 42 tf
MR. EDITon :-Pleaso announce Mr.
ROBERT W. DURANT, a candidate
for Tax-Collector of Salem County, at the
next election, and oblige
January 14, 1852 13-tf
ss The friends of Capt,
P. M. GIBBONti announce him a candi
dato for the oflice of Tax-Collector for
Salem County, at the ensuing election and
oblige 0 MAY VOTEl'.
October 1151.
O:r The Friends of Dan
IEL MATHIS, Esq., announce him as a
caudidate for Tax Collector for Claremoni
County, at the ensuing election.
Feb. 8th, 1853 15-td
F 0 R O R D I N A R Y.
C-T Mr, Editor:-You will
please announee WILLIAM H. BRUN
SON as a candidate for the Office of Ordi.
nary of Sumter District, -at the ensuing
April 27th, 1852 27-tf
OTr We are authorized to
announce T. J. DINKINS, Esq., a Candidate
for Clerk of the Court, at the ,nsuing election.
April 16th 1851 25 tf
Or Mr. Editor: Please ana
nounce Mr. J. J. McKELLAR, a Candi.
date for Clerk of the Court, for Sumter
District, and oblige MANY VOTEnS.
April 1:3, 1852. 25-tf
of V. J. N. liA5M:-r are desirous of put.
ing him in nomination for -the OUice of
Clerk of the Court of Sumter District, at
the ensning election.
May 24, 1853. 30-tf
VRThe Friends of Mr.
JOHN F. JUNE, anuounce him as candi.
(late for Sheriff of Sumter District at the
next election.
Nov. 12th, 1852 3-td-pd.
V2 We are authorized
to announce A. E. POOL as a candidate
for Iacrf of Suter District at the ensu
in g election.
December 21, 1852 S-tf
Mr. Editor:-Please an
nounce JOHN N. McLEOD a candidate
for Sheriff of Sunter District and ob
June 2U)tl. 1853 35-tf
New and Unrivalled
Railroad Route to
the North, Via the
WVilaningtosa and Maui
chester Railroad.
Throughl in the same .time woith the
Great Northern fail,
TlRAVELLERS are respectfrolly Informed
that One Hundred and Thirty miles ol
the Wilmington and Mancehester Railroa I are
completed and in successful operation, and con
necenons have been formed by first class Foum
Horse Post Coaches uver the unfinished part of
the Rtoad. The following is the schedule:
Leave Augusta at - - - 6 a. m.
" Wilmington at - - - 8 a. m.
Arrive at Weldon at - - - 3 p. m.
" altimore at - - - 6 a. im.
" "PhiladelphIa- - - I p. m.
" " New Yorkat.- . - - 6-30 p. m.
Time from Augusta to Wilnington, 26 hours.
"" Wilmington to New York, 34-20
ggP' At Wilmington the connection Is made
with the 8 o'clock a. m. E.rpress Train.
$$ At.Weldon, psengers can have choice
of Routes, either by Seab~oard- and Roanoke
Ra~ilroad and Bay Lno or Steamers, or by Rtail
Road through Petersburg, Richmond, anid
Washington city, to Baltimore. Through Tick.
ets by either of these lines can he purchased ju
g~jr Throu gh Tickets from Montgomery tot
Chuaries't n will be received on the South Care
hina JRailrcad, between Augusta antd the l-I
min tont and Manchester Rtairoad.
SPassengers desirot's of going North by
th iloute will have their baggagu checked at
Augusta to the Wilmigton and Mantdhes~eu
ta Any other information can b-e obtained
of Dr. J. L. Keen, Agent at, Augusta..
andL. J. IEMING'~
Sup. Wil. adManchester Railroad.
Business Card.
Cotton Fahctors and General Commris
sion Merchants.
Dl B. McLAURIIN, Esq., will give per
Ms sonal and special attention to the in
terests and orders of his friends in thiu
State and the adjoining Counties of Nortl
Carolina, who may faver these Hlousei
wvith their patronage. Consignments o
produce to the House in New York, eithei
by way of Charleaton, Georgetown, o1
Wilmington, will be covered by insurance
if notice of the shipment be promptly giv,
May 3, 1853 27--tf
BUTLER & NEWBlERY have removed front
their former stand to the one formerly occupile
by E. D. PRINGLE & CO., one door North o
1. HOYT'S Jewelry Store where they woubi
be pleased to see their friends and customers.
Oct 5,1'853. 49 tf
TeNegro Shoes,
Tesubscriber has made arrqangem~ents '
the manufacture of froumFour to Five Thousan
pairs of the above article -by theFALL.' Fo
re ference as to quality, he would . espectful:
refer persons who- may be disposed to purehas
of hlim, to those who pattrontled hi lat, yes
As to price, he will guarantee them as low a
can be dofferded
May 22 2 4 )rnUmA .
New York AdVertisements,
122 Nassau St, New York, and 10 State S.,
Boston, who are the Agents of thi bst and most
widely circulated, newspapers In the United
States and Canadas and are authorized to take
advertisements and subscriptions a the publish
ers lowest rates.
Oct. 12, 1853. 50 if
- Bryan's Puinionlic Waters
are unfailing in the cure of Coucu1s, COLDS,
ASTUMA BatoNCuTris, Soax THaoAT, Hoats.
CoNeumrTroNi, AND DresxsE oir Ti LuNos.
They have no taste of medicine,and any 'child
will take them. Thousands have been res
tored to health that had before despaired. Tes
timony given in hundreds of cases. A single
dose relieves in TEN MINUTES. -
Ask for Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers-the origin
al and only enuine is stamped "Bryan. '
Spuriops n are offired for sale. Twenty
five cents at box. Sold by dealers generally.
J BRYAN & CO., Rochester, N. Y., Proprie
tors. Wholesale by
Oct. 15, 1853. 50 3m
Cheap Grocery,
THE Subscriber having opened a gro
cery underneath the Town Hall, designs
keeping constantly on hand, a supply of
heavy articles, such as
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Flour,
In fact little of almost everything that is
good to eat; all of wlii&. will be sold low
for cash, or in exchange for country pro.
duce. He promises to attend to his own
business, and hopes by ayending strictly
thereto, to receive a liberal share of pa
tronago. J. 31. CIIANDLER.
March 15th, 1853 20-tf
S. & E. M, G I LB R T
continue the CARRIAGE
BUSINESS at the above
stand-No. 35 and 40 Wentworth.street,
Charleston-where they will be pleased to
exhibit to tfbir old friends and customers
a very extensive Stocli of Vehicles, com
prisin1g those of their own manufact-ure,
together with various other sty!es usually
found in this market. Their long acquaint
ance with this market as manufacturers
and dealers will enable them to offer great
inducements to purchasers both in styles
and prices.
August 24, 1852. 4'4.tr
THE subscr.her wdfild respect
fully inform his old friends and the
pubiltigenerally, that his Hotel so
long known as the "SUMTER HOUSE,"
is again openeed from date, for the recep
tion of visitors.
The interhal arrangements will undergo
a thorough repair, with as lih d'delay sa
possible, antd he'trusts thlat his attentioi to
the cnmfort of his4enst. wili merit a Ofire
of public patronage. The subscriber has
-also taken chaege of the 1BLLIARD TA
BljE, and inteniAUfitting up the room With
neatness, and will furnih- it. wirh all the
neccEsaries and conveniences that lovers
of the sport can require
March 8th, 1853 19-tf
New Tin and ShetIron
Ware Manufactory.
JAMES H. DUE would respectfully
infor m the citizeus of Sumterville and the
surrounding country, that he is now open
ing a TIN MANUFACTrORY in Sumter
ville, and is now prepared to fill all orders
in the tin line. Merchants will find it to
their interest to purchiase their ware from.
me, as I intenad to sell low and wirrant all
thati sell. -
. ORK executed with promtnnss and in
a workmanlike manner. Th~e cash will
be expected in every instance on finishing
or delivering of every job. I intend to sell
cheap and for the cash only.
Feb.' 8th, 1853 -* 15--tf
Improved Cotton Ginsa
Thankful forpast favours the subscriber wish
es to Inform the public that he still manufac
tures Cotton Gins at hsis establishmnent in Stage
burg, on the most ibnpaived ahail approved plari
which ho thinks that the cotton ginned on one
of those gims of the late improvonment is worth
at Ileast a quartor of a cent more than the cot
ton ginned on the ordinary gina. He~ also map
ufactusrna them on the mnost simple conlstruction,
of the finest finish and of the best materials-; -to
wIt, Steel Saws and Sleet' Plated RIb, Came
hardened which he will sell for P2 per Saw.
He also repairs old gins and puts them in com
plete order at the shiortestnoulce. All-orders for
Gins will be promnptly and punctually attended
State burg, Sumter Dist, S. C. Feb 17, 26-.
For Cash, And that only,
~ he c)espq. %ROCERIES ever sold
inSmtervi11c,'e be had from GORDON
& CO.,-at Di.'Moilest's Old Stand..
Segars of the finest quality and most-ap
proved Brands-in the world, together- with
Preserved Fruits of diff'ereittk14nds, Syruys,
Nuts, &c. A share of the public patrop
age is desired, provided- it Is accompanied~
la the CASH, but not otherwise.
June 14th, 1853 33-4tI
Browning & Lemz,
No 0 and 211 lung'Oer meu
Wil fbr- to FAMILIES and mANT-1
ERS visitirig Cha'lestathid prin( tie
STAPLE DR1Y GO~flS that shas ever
been i'ord ifor inspection irii'hiu citye..
They In,'tte an exaaiaion arid e.seur
their friends andpurbisiem-a herlyhai
their riea will corn Ie' d5 Ihoi
~Markei in the (4ils & 1s . ;~
Terms Cash or City noepr ne.
Successiora to.
.a C.1~ :.L K . nas
SINGLE Apibo3~ eBJ~LES, an
other Shaving A parawq.
-For sale by'
-DAR4Anr: CO.
MA RtiA 1 E,
&1appiness and omp 0
WilY s. I
'iebaelta anavlrte scl~sI im the iJ o
diseas sad t
e eneto tsam g a~ ns~
ow*e are tha daritagrgir
trur.EWei""' 0"** -f -e
IN Aa'R'.MRa dBAni,
When too late to he bestAtted bywte knowhl. gWseeook
isaict ad touia. mad regret th4 fall eVa=qus9agma our
What would wesot ofen give to pose.tj is osdI
and mights us auguisa we, ngm -notby itf bepol
.e knowl i wedh-w tas time) le ets!. t is -
To behold thie sickness and'sffeting edasd by a,
WIDI',5AD 35CflUER ,
ses ly ee: t re
thn Ifrowta.nm rg
(w in" to Jul
And to he band thi coat toil a aa nst a
ncesasariYevol i (hi om sieess w
without i him eopportunity hfacuiris lco
poee whi his exertions are entild and -Ntees
"gra"Qchh wuld-seense the hapykese of hnselfe
Br becoming in time possessed oi the knowladge, the
wait of whach bas caused the s ckness ad potcaty of
thounrssad. . *
eas . of such consequeeicef, no wife ar mter is
excusal ifasie negrlect to avkt hlaiaelf of thaat know.
*Cd neu reaaect to 1erself. which would sparte her auch
st. 1iand1 be die ineass ofiaea e a ian prsmty to her
llsala couals henm ar childless that blessing iaove
all pice-beaaltlhy bodies. with healthy mindt. That
knowledge is coatainaed in a little work entitled -
Private Me(dical Companioln,
ritoar.s.tO or .1sarAszs or waarxN.
One 1lundreth Edition. 19m.,pp. 2:4. Price 50 Cen"
(on Ftm.K PAPIC, EXTIrA 0tnD.me, jt .]
First imtiabliscd in 1817, and it is Rant
Cossoaisterlaa4 that EVEIRT FEMtA M,,
lat're acquire n tll- ktaowlesig" ofta 6
tant ure, tanracter tasse eaeves of hxer denta
tilslsstar, waiti t Vorlota eyiaptom, tsaid
tast stacarly
ihauild lte been saldl.
It is iaremticticil-le to e:nlaerey fully tle va-rious sublects*
treIated tas thitl age 17f a satate strictly -isAieatded for
the ascrraI, or ta'.i ca1aa19eieataiaas usrri.va. but no
frensle le airauss 41, eal -ia:ar lthAlls. moid takt raaaty, col.
e110 t it 1s l:la. w 1 ic is 5.1 coalas. ite l sW r osc
h apaiws. ad ti.-a ot f o wr laantrbsmi. ltont rithr has or will
..b Oaiu it. a. h.. at r ill ri sa lat.la- d %a.a ats ilte litre
msld .atrttio. a' lei1 irte at laeart, or tisit of is own 1'.
CU saatrV aiasta sIneuat.
'tsar laee,, SENT BY SIAIL Withias thae last lew
lluy no book unless "Dr. A. M. Mawrlceau,129
Lliturv Street, N. Y." Is on the titlo page, and the
entry In the Oerk's Oflco on the back of the title
page; naal buy tanly of respectable and honorablo
det-rs. or atid by mnail, and address to Dr. A. M.
laiuriccat, na thqre are sparious and- surreptitious
infrhageients of coiy-right. -
No excess for rgutorance, whets Igatoraotsa
1 AMisery to thse wve .hold sear and
dear. nlt uh'ses to dsepel our Ignaorant
Is %Vt1isi our reach.
To ennble every one to docide upon Lthe inde.
poaedibl- teceseiiy of. poea*,44 a copy, and that, no
wife, or ruothelr nod remn' unlforted upon thu
ntuty caua.eS, which, sooner or later. are dadaud to
snake feurfail ravages upon lr health, unlessg drifl
atninst. nti that no considetrate' and einalo
husai have canse to uptraksi s lnawlf with neglect
.if tIle w Vlhro o' bis wf-iL pan uhltt of thirty-eit
ltmgan, can ino nifdi ?1ilepnget d JNdnb of .Con.
tent!i laoericer willa extracts ftcm the bot, will bo
seitt w o choge i a iy, art o the Unated S1aos,
by u aelra-z ng, post-pati, n' . ereiln '
Wisetaas KasoWledge Is Ha aypieess alcu
jaatile to be Igasorauit.
Onl ra.cilal taOU 4o lisar(fart nw lW
tiiort. wira. Wildaing.) ?TlI( Is A 4RUMPET) 1 AN'S
l'R 4 VAet\ DC 'O ~ lN'nnt- 11r11
Id fri') ta- Ia rf of the Uited R!lea A 1 il.
Iri must lib tit-pault. anl aiddrnssled ots Dr. A. Mi.
iAl fDFA6.A Ir Box -1224. NewsYork. ity.- 1'ublids
tAt a t1Meo, No.129 Idbertzr StreeLKos Yo..
For sale by
fin New York Cit',- by
Stringer & Tow ntn? Adince, Sher
man& Co., Dewitt & Davenport, Barns &
Co. Oflice, -129 Liberty Street, neat
May 17th, 1853 29-tf
TAKIES thdi teethod ot
- 2 informintr the citizens- of
Sumtcrville and vicinitly that
he has opened in Sutervlle, 'pote-the new,
Presbyterian Chaurch, a CAB EN1T WARE
ROOM, whore he will keep for sale ceap, all
such furnaiture as coms undekr-thlR dea tre
of lais traide, which he. willwarsar s, oof
material ; and will fur iali'fo,.ensh, iChrca
ton prices, all descriptions of irgitnr6a made.
e~rmg executed as the shotentice.
hgy idplain Coflins furnlshed wiisk
out delay.
Having procured the services'of Mr. C. W.
DAVIS, he is prepared to furnish Metallie Platen
en rvced in anystyl.
11tesbaraber aska is a fairtria.1, and.z.
hopes by punctual attention to business and
easy termns, to mherit public patronage.
February 17, 1852, 19-3
sizos, constatly . oi han an fr ~alo
Opp. T.emnpormnce IL ni~ pa ville.
June 15tha 1852 4-t
ROBERT -Wi AN! IE~.nt the
citizecs of ils and th9 oonn fslts4
that he has removedt la S lea nar i) De
pot of the W. As )X.U SsigO here inlyp
at all times to ke ch'trga of diete o.
for a modeateq ag;in all eass where theo
is nn. cure nocpywitb eOte. -Iasa
.contnues t#.ta - .Passeen tnag B'.,
De~ aso cia saro to e .t~w
Om a prpseGoode tlzl
at the. ~ rate e f 3) conj go akaeea
.ol sagom.e of the publie
Puroterwll d
a;li ~ ,

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