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business can find us, at any hour during
day, except from four to five in the after.
noon, at our office, jud' back of Sot.omoss'
1 Store. All btuIiioss comiected with
the paper must be transacted with the Edi
tor, or with VILLAai LFwis; and all let
ters addressed to the Banner, must be pre
paid to insaro attention.
CHARLEsToN, Jan. 90.
The tenor of the recent European
advices has depressed our.Cotton mar
ket. The sales to-day were 1100
bales at extremes ranging from 8 1-4
to 10c. Prices in favor of buyers.
Our First Page.
We call the attention of our readers
to the Original Tale, on our first-page.
It is from the pen ofi a gifted writer,
who we hope will frequent ly flavor us,
and grace our columns with scraps
from his "portfolio."
Sheriff 's Sales.
We publish thp Sheriff's Sales for next
sale-day, in to-day's paper for the accom
tnodation pf om tu bscribers.
General Cass
Will vote ftor th - repeal of the.Missouri
Compromise so far as it interferes with the
Compromi-e of IFO0 and no farther.
Atrocious Villaiy.
We learn from the Greenville
.3fountaineer, that somec onte has been
placing impediments upon the trwv:k of
the Gredhville and Columbia R-ail
Road, with the apparent design of
throwing the cars oif the track. The
impediments used were large rocks,
which were luckily crushed by the
wheels of the engine.
Disturbatnces at Eric.
The disturbances at Eric are still
going on. Instead of being put a stop
to, they are fearfully on the increase.
It is thought that the United States
Troops will be sent on to quell them.
Sanall Pox in Charlestom.
We have been permitted to make
the following extract from a private
letter, received from a gentleman in
"The Small Pox, I am glad to state
is rapidly on the decrease. There are
but few cases in the city, and so far,
it has been very mild, so nimuch
so, indeed, that it does not disligure
the face in the least- I speak know(
ingly. Therefore, if you have any idea,
at all, of coming down, do 'so by all
means ; the recports from all accounts,
are extravagantly exaggerated in the
87The Georgia Legislature, after a
long trial, has at. last succeeded in electig
a Senator. The ion. AI LFRED II. IvEusoN~
has been chosen to fill that honorable and
responsible post. We are told that he is
a gentleman oIf fine abilities and a thorotngh
going States Rights Democrat.
WVe learn from the Chaarle-smon Courier
of the 14th ult., that I1cvar MLvANFV andl
3lzcHtA EL MCGOWAN, were drowned on
Wednesday night, by the boat mr which
they were. being cagpsized. TIhey wvere on
their way to Fort Sumter at the time of
the accident.
Four Eclipses ina thae Year 15..
There are to be four eclipses this year.
Two of the Moon and two of the Sun.
Those of the Moon will be btut partial
eclipses; they take place one on the -ath
of May, and the other on theo 4Ith or No
vemnber. The first will be invisible in thte
United States and the latter only seen in
some of the Northern States. Those of
the Sun occur, oneo May the 26th and the
other Novemnber 20th. The first wvill he
visible mn all pr.rts of the United States arid
the largest eclipse of thte Sunt that has gt..
curred in the United States since 1-80t.
We advise all our readers to be on
the look out for it, as they will not enjoy
such another eight in some timet. Th'le
other eclipse'of thte Sun will be a total one,
but invisible in the United States.
Statue o) Webster.
The Legislature of Massachusetts is
about to erect a public statue, as a lasting
mnemorial of the apptociaution of the peopleo
of that State, of the eminent servicps of
their greaut Statesman..
Thme Chester Stradard.
Mr. C. D. MBL-roN has withdrawn frotn
lie Editorial department of this papeor and
leaves it in the hands of his Junior part ner.
-Mr. S. MELToN, the present editor, is a
promisIng anid talented young gentlemtani.
We wish him success.
(D' The Lancaster Ledger states that
the trial of the negroes accuse o, the
murder of Mr. ALExANDE.R CIIA.a, is go.
inga on -at Lancaster Court IDouse. It is
probable that the trial will occupy a whole
gg"' Judaht Touro, one of the oldest,
wealthiest and mnost bienevolent citi
Egsg'f fNew Orleans died recently at
his residene, i tha ,i.:
aeorgia and theo Auguu
WVe learn from the Edgefield Adrerti
ser, that there is considerable discontent
mnanifestedl in Augusta, about the recent
act of our Legislature, granting the right
to take toll at the A ugusta Bridge, to JoNES
& KENNEDY. Atid it seemis, thati there ik
a genecral disaffection thiron:lhout the State
of Georgia in regrard to the act. TPhe
Georgia Leg;s;atuore has just t-Iken the
matter up an~d either has, or is about to
pass atn act, retailiat ing~ uon~ i our State, viz
to recinza all alcts ol thiirs, grntoi g pivi
leges to our citizens until we repeal our
act granting this right to Joxr-s & Kr.NNE
o'r. WVe alIso fi:nd in t he Charleston pa-.
pers severail articles, upon thle subject,
comiplaiing of th~e act not only) as anl un1.
just and1 highi hand, I! atfhir, 011 the parnt o
our Legislaitulre, but as belinlg in its efects,
det rimen'ital to the SouthI Carnohn ita~liiroadi
andl tile interests of Cha:1rleston. TIhis last
argoinenlt against the act, may~ do very
we'll for thle people of Chlarlestonl, hilt af
ter thle recenlt move onl the0 palrt of Jhe citi.
zens of Augusta and thle threats (If theu
G-:orgia, Legislatuore, we a pprehei andh
hope it will iiot weighl an iota with the lieo.
pie of our S'.ate iln Iimit aning the actiont
of the Legislature. If it is an unjust act,
of course, it must be repealed and repera.
tion mlade, but until t halt is showni, we do
hope1 that Southl Carolinat will sh~ow to our
spicy neighbor thlat we are not to lbe drir
en into measu~tIres by aiiy couorse she many
pursue 0. We have seen ni niig a giit
thle act, wich bears the resemblaJnc1: of
a rgumIlenlt, whilec we hav1 e readl, ini the:
1Edgefilbl Adrriser, a long art ich-' fromi
Col. J. P. C annott., whi ch (if lis statistics
be corrOeJ) atbly indlica.tes thle actiln Of lour
LegishituLre', an~d we rcommIIlend its perulsl
to aill, who mal~y teel an initerest mf the1 qjues.
lion. By whlat right the city oif Auigustal
clalims ithe Suth Carol inia hl f of thle
Bridlge we halve never yet b1een mat~de ac.
Naviig:utioa of the~ Auuu:szom
Ollicia!l prlchonIiationi hlas been made11 fly
lie Consuls of Brazil andl Peru, at New
York, thfat all trade an 111commerlice ill the
waters of thle Amalzon, is strictly prohIhli.
10ed. The Pecrtvtan proclamlatin contains
the following:r
"Wher~.t an incoorporated. compnn~Iy,
entIit led thle ' Amal;zon SteamipJ Comipa.
ny,' is aboult forniing ill tils city for theO
pu1rpseC (If niavigat inig fiat river Iandi its lip.
per waters, withI thle bjctC of tradlino
herein ; und as rtniors are ini circul ation
thast (one I r mnore of 11 th temer101s of said
comipaniy are to use the PeLruv ilag t1IVIhis
colilsulaite hlas heoln instrulcte l to girve
public 110tice that the0 liploiilatic Alnster
lt Peru iin thisCCI cout ry ha~s ot) granltedI,
nlor can hie grant, the use of sai it1y fon
purposllies tend Inlg to itlfrinlg? thO laws ori
regullations of any power withI which Peru
is at peace."
Ronmenv:cy.-A lange .1 eweh'-y Box
contaning lrotn $1,500 to *2,000
wortht of jewelry, bielonginig to Air. W.
HI. Bturns, wbas stoleni fromt hlis room
at the laters' Uotel, otu the 24tl
On e Hundred D~ollars Reward will
bc givern lotr the said Box and conitenlts
or any informlat Ion that will lead~ to1 its
reco verfv. Add,-s. wV II. In
Accidenat4! Accidetis Iw
In looking over our exchanges, we
are forcibly struck with the great nuni
ber of accidents of all kinds, which have
occurred of late, all over the country.
Fire after fire is announced. The Me.
trapolitan Hall is no sooner said to be
down, than we are told that the La
Fa'-ge Iotel is in flamnes, and this un
welcome sound is scarce out of our
ears before we hear of others, not as
great, but yet " Thick as leaves in
Valumbrosia." Not only,' too, does
itseeni that Fire is at open war with
man, but Steam, its natural oiTtprinrg,
together with wind and rain appear to
be leagued in an open rebellion against
him. The loss of tile Son Francisco,
with her three hundred souls, is follow
ed by that of the steamship Tam
Oshanter, the General Ben and the
Georgia and the bark Harriet and
Martha and several others. Rail
hoad accidents are occurring every
day, and as if all this is not enough.
tnan turns nn open eneny against
himself and our papers teim with ac
counts of bloody naurders and horrible
suicides frorin aitiost every part of our
country. We know not whether it is
a common sight for the " Knights of
the Scissors " to behold, but since we
have become one of that honored fia
ternity we have read and heard of a
number quite too large to record, and
we therefore take this inethod of in
forming our readers that .Ahese things
are gii% on.
X'IThe Carolinian of tdi 21th ult.,
contains a synopsis of Mr. BFLLING ER'S
introductory Law Le~cture, which was de
livered in Columbia, on the evening of
Thursday 19th January, and is the first of
a series lie proposes to deliver.
The article in tire Carolinian is too
lengthy for us to insert it- at length in our
colurimns, we therefore iiake the followi:ng
extract for tire benefit of those who iay
be interesied
'T'lhe school is to be known as -'The Pal
muetto Law Institute," Situated at Colui
bin. S. C :
"T ile lecturesi and exercises to be as
follows: A courso of lectures, oral inn
structions. cunlien,! s and instructions on
tire next boo kz prescribei by the J udges,
exammiations and iniiediae prelpration
during the months of January, February,
March and April. The sani for May, June
October and Nuiveibher, so as to stilt the
two annual examinations before the Jpdges
in May and Dcrenber. On every Sa ;tu7r
day during each term, lectures on Law,
lEhuity, and auxilliary braniches, as well for
the pupils, as for rtuidents in the demor
Class in Colledge. In Decenher a regu
lar course o? lectives on the cnlstitutin
Iegirdatvc, and judiciary system of south
Carohna, and :3oeb otheur u1?3t topies;.
Alo thre will bed s is on le!gIl
tluestiotns, writteii a' stracts, legal opinions
and pr:zcs aw-irded for tire best legal essay.
Moit-Courts rejectel as ci orming too
mouch time, as heing devonid ot piran.ticl
rea lityv, aind as. boen suprerbeede d byv the
real courts, to wicha.I the pupd s will have
triuenrt nece'ss
'Thie cha:r ris ir 's for chI pu pil in lasw
or e inity 8100t,00; ii for both $U50,00.
No chiarge for tfu21, stat ionairv or h ght.
I'or t hose, not p p ils, att eriding the full
course ot the N~turday iecturres, $15,00
the :our se', or 8 10 per simgle lecture;
but to thre ~Ntuirday Ilect ures witl be wel
comned as uet:s all oflicr. of t he lorst'
lte, Judiges andi Chanr :cellois, m-uirmbers of
the legal arid mredical taculties, piresidents
and. pressors of Collieges and literary in
stiltutions, Uitve-rnotr and I l etnanit Oo1 v
ernor, ex-Goivernoirs and Ax-.judre's anid
moin iters of thIt ge's-'.l. For Itie I )berm
ber oulrse oft lectiures, on lite con tt i
&.. thre chartrec is $-:0t,00~ ior the course,
or $1.00, pen simule lecture.
Oneic pupdi to bie instructed graoti~ during
e-achi ermi, froin aonir thmose wihose cir
cumostanices may~ ima~ke it accepjtable."
Mr. 11., isi a learnred Lawyver, a goed
speak~er anrd an accomplished gentlemran,
and we doubt not will giv-e entire satisfac.
tion to alil, who may be-omne iris putpilis.
\V wih hoim stucess.
Accidesa~t on3 the SoutIth Cair
An accidentt occuinrred no thre mail trainr
friom Auigirsta yeIte rday fore-nioon a
short idistan rce above Lowry's Tlurntout, by
wich we regret to sany the R~ev. W.
Bhurd, of this c~lty, and one of tihe brake
mtern, were sernously injurdd.
Th'le train wasx proceeding at its acenay
totmed speed, whent sudlderny thne bigga2n
car arid the manIl-car, truom somie urnexplaitn
edl cauise, were thrrowvn olT thre track, atnd
biecommirg dentachled frorr tire tenrder iin
fronrt, anrd tire pmssenger car, in thre
rearr, wvere overturrnerd. Alr. Banirud, whor
was in the madI er, was discoveredh pros
trate on iris face, with tire car resting? on
Iris back; arid ii was ntil until it was raisedi
by jacksesrews, arid in conisidierable prortionr
of eairthr excavantedl betneath imia, t hat Ire
could be extricated, Hie was innrnredi'motr
cotnveyed tnowryi''Turnout, and plaicu-d
under thre care oft D r. L-irte, who , urponr
exarniunation, aiscert ained tht no hbrres
were fractured, trut that there wais reins
on It liprehendc t hat the~ spin~e was inijutred.
-4uareston (Cu- icr.
TI'he E -ening News of thre morI, uit. coni
tins;1i thfoowing.-A.qbourt 7 si'clorck lth:s
mrmngritj, -Air. Robreri \-Vallacet(, a (irkmarn~i
in lire etmployv of Mlessrs. C ner, \l us
lard anid Co.. whlile eringgesl in tixirng the
ba nd oif int: of tire engines was carnghlt in
tire mrachlirery turd carrniel over the .shafut,
frac trin rg boths legs and disiocat inrg Iris
arms anid shoulders mn a most frightfutl rmarr
RIramrn. N. -C(., Janr'y. 15.--AX mrost dii
anbuoical aird atrocious mur der was comitnit
tad near tIris enty last ight. oi r. Naporrleon
lazke, air estirrablc anod ('steemied citizen
of tire county of \Vake, was foully murdnier
ed by two mteri namred Eatoin Keih ani
Larndy TippettI. Tire irurderers ininuedi
atelyfled, liut the H ig.h SheritfmTirhe court
I y, arid somte six oir -ighit ot hers, arne now
in hott persruit of tire porpu'eru rirs, an rd it as
thought their arrest will ibe speedbly etlect.
ed.-Petersnu, y (1"..) . es.
Foote Pa'tuts.
Thus Comments the iercury on Ex
Senator FooT's visit to Sunterville.
The othmr day Gov. l'oote, -of Missis
sippi, hurrying oil' fronteiq State Which
had so signally disu.vned and discirded
lhim, oi tihe road to the last refuge of politi.
cal casaways, Californi, was stopped by
nll accident at Sumierville, in, this State,
where there happened to be somm per
Nions t-redf of time stillness of the timeT, and
willimg to exchange it for any' sort of
soundlmg bras. .whr. invited him to make
a spech-a performnarse for which he is
always a~ ready as 'other gong or
drumi. We didl-nt grtu etlhem time gab
ble!, siuice they had an appetite for such
entertainment, but they probably had no
notion of the use which would be madc of
their prurient curiosity. On his arrival im
Wasintrmonl lhe was able to get up anl
echo, and in the comrse of hi.s speech is
reported to have said:
'Senator Pavis was a dead mman, politi-.
cally. lie .'expired in his (Foote's) late
specech in Sumterville, South Carolina. Th
citizens there approve his sentiments, and
a letter to that eflect, with his reply, would
appear in to-morrow's Sentinel. Ile was
gilad to hear mien of tihe North lift eloquent
voices in tihe house to-day."
So 'tapears that tihe citizens of Suom
tervil have been deciding between Jell'
Dav the true Southern r, and Foote time
re nade,amd that
'They've left tie gui-l fellow and ta'en
tie chuil."
We are sorry for theirmchoice, ammd should
be somethmng more, but that t.ey mumst be
ashamed of it tihemsClves by this timne. The
Darlington Flag comn0mmnts on the afair
as follows
Hox. . . Foorni.-This notorious in
dividul (we (1 not know how, better, to
characterise him) being iarrested in his
precipitate IhiIlmt from M issiissippi, hv
Iigih water in the l'cedee river, was con
strained to lass a night in tIhe State of
Soithi Carolina, wlmse citizens lie has so
often and so wantonly yilhiied and traduced,
aMid whmose (Great Stpdsman, so tetnderly
cherlshied by theil.lie purued to the
grave with a tiendish ralignmmity, which,
quite as much as his personal appearance,
reminded everybody. of the iyena. It was
witi our neighb rs of Summterville that
lie tarried.
dighout envyig them thme grutifieatioi.
we have nu objec ionsi to their haiving lin
dniged a natur. curiosity to hear him
speak, and lma4 ' brought it about, that
(or anm hour and a hal f he entertained them
with his witchinog clotiuence. lBumt we
mtnumst be pertiited to say that it is with
smrpr:se and mortfication we have perused
a letter froui a gentleman wImo aidel in
getting up the show, which commnds . \r.
P- ote's com'ue, and predicts that his opm:
ion of the aministration will soon prevail
in the South, and in the democratic pmrty.
We un.lerstand his posioion is onei of opert,
Md of course virulest aniragonisim 1to time
admiistration, and we regret to har a
South Carohnian prescribing to the Soitim
anm abandoment of a President, who, min
all t.minlgs, has beenm so faitithul to us.
D~r. Tiusabull, Auris~t aiad, Ocu
iiT We advise all those alhlieted with
deafness or los* of sight, by all means t')
call on Dr. TuxnmuLt, at the Mills I IouSi
Charleston. Itead whmat time Mercury s,ts
atbout htim;
Wo passedI a very interesting hualf-hour
yesterday in Dr. Turnbull's roimis at time
Mills louse, witne , ong Iie almost mar
velous resuits of the Domtor's duscoveries
for rhe cure of the deamf a d dmbi, I)I,
Turmbmli is ma Sotchmimin mif high repute,
miot omly int ii ow m n cautmtry, hiat also ini
time chi of cit ies of Englandmi, and~ Learms tes..
ttimonIial12 tront thme first mmmedical imemn of
lie ag'e, whit ih iprov, beyomid a doublt,
his skdii amid thme w omndertuin .,!tc gss whticim
lhas et late years attemnded miis op>..
rationas. Thei cases broumilht before rime
(iot ice of oursdv'.es amid somme teri or tw'elvie
be presenmt ut lihe samea tm mne ves~trdiv,
weore those oif Winin Flimimitiry ; atm his
im eter- 'The oriier is ia yomiig miiamm f 1
whlo, mmp to t he age of six, is repuitedl to im hae
pmssessed, ii a slight degree, the ~eense
ohl hearini .., but sincm~e thaimt lrirod, mias been
total1ly deal amid duurnb, amnd has remiaied
eintirely tueducated limit a foirtmiLht ag'o
hi,' tirst was inm:r'diuced to Dr Tmmrnblumi,
and niow he ah meady' eiijoy th de sfad ~ speech
aii theo piowr ofi heari. Win hearid himi
ianui En;m:tshi wvords anm, diras's qesidles
:mn'atomg anmy im:.swalm mote tht wa5 inumg.
Tio prwae thati it wams side~y thmroinh toti
or-gaii of ham:;mrin1g thmat lie repeatm'.l liese
siounrds, amid niot by mmoticii thie niio1iimea
of' thle itps of thie sipeakr, thle Dioctrr
iitmdamed lis eys amnd hie st ill ciosel y
imtiated every soindm mttereid, Ceen whiem
at thle dlistance of'senveral feet Irutmi iim,
amid whmen spokeni in thme'ordlinary momne of
voice. lle repeats all those wm'rds withI
nut knmowimng their mne.mmimg, though lDr
T1., Ihas alreamdy tamughlt Imimm toi aiswer cor
rectly, a few simplle rjiestziory, such us,
what is your miumiel Whlere do youm live!
Are yui hapy,! amid hikewise tm'give lie
natnmes of somme lew artic les poinited omit to
hmimu. Hts sister is 28 yeatrs old. arid is
aidmitted to have beem born deaf amid duimb.
Sue has receivemd time educatiom usually
given to persons thus affilheted. hier
came hmad been looked upon as a hmopeleuss
onme, but sinice hier introdutction to time 1D)c
tor, wich omnly occumrredl last Motm'lav', a
nmew lfe hi~m dawned uponm hm'r. Shme'al
rnly articulates nmn:- words; distinetly,
amid hier extremue sensitiveau~ seims to
stanid in thme way of her. speedyu adivance
onthm these amre e:stremnely imntere:.timmg cases,
andim Docitor TIurmibiul is 5angu ine in the
beh lef mlhat each will soon lie piossessed of
thme fmull powe~'r of time organus they havye
bien deprivedi of. Th'lis brot her amid sister
re de mit; Mrs. Refdy's East limy street.
A imit ielhigent y'outhi was also present,
whlo hmad been deamfin onme oar for sonie
time. but noew, timanks to Mrs'urnmbu lImias
recovered its use.
WVe unmderstand that Doctor Turnblumll's
treatmeent of thie blinid hams bLeen equamlly
succ'messfm. Hie is an enthusiast ini his pro'.
lessioni, whiich ma otne of pride t.o hunmm,
andmm of hamppinecs to his puatients, fomr hiis
mlhseoveries inm medical science hamve really
made thme deaf to hear, the dumb to specak,
aid time blind to see..
Doictor Tlurmnbull, invi es all whlo are
skeptical, or curiouis to visit hlim at the
Mills llouse, any day at 1.o'clockm, at wvhichm
houtr lie is always uprepared to brinig somme
cases or imtorest before thmem,.
ilEntoS, SAG ES, AND I 'ATm: io's-.To
'ti .lli~scur.--Your Countryj is in Llrn.
ger !-tadl
At thme Womnen's Rights C'onvenition, a
fiesouitionn w~as offered and laid oiver to the
mnext meetinig, thmat ifjustice was riot doino
lime ladhimis, amidsoon, tihey' then woum l sltji
the jomulationm of thie country,. -Ammuels
andi immimster's ol grace defetid us! Them~y'll
imavo ,,s timr
JANUARY, 28th, 1854.
MR. EDITOR: Will you do toe the
favor to publish in the i1anner Maj.
B. F. Perry's reply to criticisms of'the
Press, on his attack upni W. R. Ta
bor's address, together with Prof
Liober's, Reynold's, Judge O'Neal's
and Dr. Thornwell's letters to him at
length, which you will fine in the
Southern Patriot of the 19th instant,
and pblige one of the oldest subscri
bers to your paper.
From tle Wiatchinan.
MESSRS. EDIToRs: in your last issue,
'Many Citizens" have called upion nc to
comply with their wislhes by expressing a
willingness to verve as Senatior for Clire
moot County during the next tarsn.
The very high positioan to which tny
kind friends would call me, and the
strong and coiplimentary terms ia which
that :all is expressed, lead ine to concidde
that the partiality of some of iy friends
has induced them to place too high an
estiiate upon ioy alialificatiolts.
That it may have been miy good fortune
to have done thie State sonie little service
ibrod, and to have taken at home as
active, a part in tho public Improvements
of the diy, as inv hitable abilities would
allow, I may admit; nor will it be consid
cred vain in laying claim to honesty, in
dustry, and a ready willingie."s in the
d:sciargei of duties, both professioial and
private. But to asuitie either the talent,
legislativa experience, or the general
knowledge of State anl Federal politics
necessary to oie who would properly
fill the ulliee of Senator, fromn a County
so large, and a constituency so rcspectablb
as that of 'Claretont, is more than a
just estiimate of tny quatfications will al
]i conclusion, let me return to "Many
Cirizeis" ily sincere thanks for the com
pitnent paid ine; and while not hioldinr
them a ltogether blameless of the inposi.
tion of this article upon the public, woiild
declare ityself a cathdlubate for the ofiCe of
Represetative, and solicit their support.
Very respectfully yours,
Sr.Avtsny AT -IM ChiNCeA ISLANDs.
--A correspindeit of le New York
Timies, writing froin the Chinch's Islamds,
has the following:
The ruano is dog by Chinese coolies
oir laborers, whoare bro 'ught. here by Enn
lish slips fran the free ports of their na
tive etasts. The poor fellows are nade
to helieve th-y are go'ng to do well, by
engaging to serve as laburers fir five
years at : "real" (York shiliig) a day, and
a scanty allowane of rice.
Tttruth is, thi poor Chinamen nre
sold into absolte slavery--sold by Enag'
Ii:1,u into sl're y--the wor.-t and
niost cruel perhaps ill the worid.-llere
are about eigrht hiidred of' the nnfortu
nate creatures at work on those isl.inds at
a tite; as fast as deatih thins heni (fit the
tiunnher i increasedl by new imtinor:taoa.
Thei bchor is severe-muchii ftItore so lhana
th at of the nbegroes on our Southaern plan-33
T he'I IC nes ork alhmos't naked, un
dor at tro pical sunt where it tover ra'its.
Tlhaey are slender fiiures anid do inot look
srt'nt'. Ne';;ro driverst-:he nwst 'ughy
loring i, lack's I eve'r sawu-are', stqationgal
amoung them, u'ida leat: q /tongs, which I
hut e t'en sen im usatz~e
lthe fact that so:ne of ihec ('hi nese al-.
inost e'very weeck ceauititi shilde toeCs,-pe
their fate, shows the true state of thetr
catse. Al ore than si 'ty 1-:ille.d thinisel yes
durinig the year, chll'fy by thtrowving thein
se'lves froma the ce.
Atlnrricains, wthoa hwie tot bear the re
pro(~iace of the lMughlshi for institui tin
enatai'd up thelin, 'and whlich they could11
not a voil, bh e ai right to rL'elv that the
tin-s of !!- rarith isnin~~aaed bei the
flr irish $suLIVcts, whso trn.1ort 'oolie' o the
Ch inc'a Islandls.
in a notte thle ediator of the New York
expr~ess says:
Th'le new enigitnes are conitpletedl, ancj
le been aot:t woik for seve'ral d tays, thiir
ttperationf partovi cootclusiveolv, 'hs h
prae ical ilalicutlties wliuch attended the'
firast a rranig'ieint hitve all hteen o vercomlie.
teine etigines are itiio hi re-ducted in
me.t, wilat3 their piriniplal oat action is the
samte as br-ltore, wit h t his e~.xceptjion onaly,
that conzdensedl atinnspharic air' is emploite eda
itn place of the oi'diie .ry atmtosphere, fir
proiemc g the mohv~e poet~er. 'lThis tiodi i
Cation adhnitsoftt an itncre':,s of poe,'m
ited only by thlaphity of re'tain:ia'
lie presture to the nitac hin. Soine adl
enuli has been experaienced in thIiis respct
and it is thi s whlirb'l has caused some debaly
reecently. he cAttacle as htowev'er, niearly
re'Ctved'C~, anid the pu:tbbe will shor-tly have
a . aportunlity of judgiing byv practical ev:
dence of the merits of the Caktric Shiip.
LA :GEt Cl.Art3i.-Thie proiprietorsi of the
New Orleans IDelta, though their attor
nteys, Chiri-,tiatt ltaseliius andl G. L. Gitold,
have mi~ade the amicabfe detmaitd of theo
munticipal authorities of New Orleanis,
req piired lby laiw parelitninary to' a suit, for
aprui of S1,70- ;90, f'or prinin i from
Ap 6ihi'to October 3t), 18it5:,"at the.
usuoal rites, of' one dol lar per square for thle
insert:ont, and half a didllar ftor each subse
qlulont insertiot1. lTho attorneys intitnate
tha at proc'eedlings at la w wall be ittstittuted
6da onubI the mioney not he fo'rthcoinitg.
iDelheta oarigmaally oflyeredl to do 'the
pr'itotg at twelve 'cents pet' Square, tand
wo sutpfpos their tlajim is based ont somte
al legied btreach of coot ract lay the MIavor
andt Aldermian of New Orleans, wthich enti
tIes themti to claimt comtpensation at the
uistual raltes. Wae agree with the Ittulletin itt
the pirinacipal ont which it bases its remarks,
th at " the caty is just as able to pay fuall
pr ices for its printitig as private imhvltidut
als, anid should bI o maade tuo pay. The.~ coin.
ptt ion was imipohtic that reduced the
rates tdownt to starving prices."
C;arolin ian.
Bot.rzii Exri.osioN-Six \\OatEN IN
m :rF.L.---l~iatoro diani. 2.-Tihe boiler in
thte cutlery and suirgicail intstrumenott itann.ii
fattory itt Ch-tirles C. Reinihar'dt, ex plioded
thits Morning wit ha terriblo criash, shat
teriang thme beidtintg and- 3 hroing te roatf
cortuplet'ly oall' six f'utalus, emplohtyed in
Ito establishtment. were scerehy ;,,jr,,.
(D' A singolar pheioinetion occurred at ni
RoyalstIwn1, Vt-, during a recent snow Ii
storm. While it was snowing fast, and T
the wind high, a white appearance in the as
air resemblimig a flock of wild gecsc was
observed, but it was soon ascertained to
bo balls of snow collected in the air by a of
thousand whirlwin Ia. They increased in Ii
size and number for aboit twenty minutes 1
when they fell to tho ground, covering a
something more than an acre. On examin. m
ing the si. where they fell, the bamls were ti
found from one to twenty inches in diarne. F
ter." y4
M7 The Charleston Evening news, of w
the 23d ult., contains the followingr:
" We learn that a whi'e man was stab- th
bod and killed, it is said, by a negro on
yesterday, at or above the four Mile House- T
We are unable to give the particulars, as t
a jury of iniuest has been empanieled to u:
investigate the matter.
The two principal competitors in the
tremendous struggle, now being waged ly
in China, are young inen scarcely past fo
their boyhood. b
The Canden paper a state that there
has been no new case of small pox in that ei
town. C
The Lancaster Ledger states thivt the w
dwelling house, kitchen and meat hotse to
of Martan Aaron, in Cheste:field District, c
was distroyed by fire, on Saturday thc
20th instant.
There is in advance in Pernvian Guano
from .10, 50 to 50.00 dollars. i,
occurred in Fran*e, by accident on any of
its Railroads for the last two years.
The State of New York has expended b
during the past year, over two million, two t
hundred tbonsand dollars upon its free t
schools. p
There has been a large fresbet in the
Pee Dee.
Tho Patriof contains a long communi.
cation, nominatiig Richard Ycadon, of o
Charleston, for our iext Governor. r
A memorial has been introduced in tho
Georgia Legislature, to repeal all laws
!oclaring poligamy unlawful. The move
was scouted out, and of course lost.
ff" The Rev. WuM. JAY, the great r
English ydivie d ed at Bath, on the 27th n
December last. s
[~r The repnort i.hat Mr. Soule had e
fought another duel with the Duke of o
Alba,; an] been killed, is disbelieved.
a:g 1s,oo sacks of Salt have just ar ir
rived in Charleston. It is thought it will 8.
be down to $I,25iper sack very soon. g
S'IRIT RAPrirrs.-The Paris corres- ti
penlent of the Literary Gaze:te wraits.
- Such is the terrible etlEct that it hits cre
ated, that it has altogether weaned some ti
persmi>s fro-in their ordimary avocations. has w
huwilheredl foolISh wvomenu, and has1 actu- U
ally sent an eminent Paris banker, a de. l
lpartment prefect, andi two or Ithree high aI
.f unct onaries, stark starinig mad." i
-Moe-r Vretsoy.--Thel~ Newv York As..
Irmtbly Ias unanitiosly pnssed a resohtn. te
tin reqluestinag thte Senators andu Repre-.
.senitat ivos 21 Congress, from thitt State, to re
vote for the purchase of lounit Vernon. ir
A Gooo IIssIoissi.--Jnt Mitchielt
commeitnces. TIhe C.itizen,' with oirders for
45 ,tli)copies ont its bo~oks.s
GaH EF.Nv~I.LE.-It gives us much pleasnre
to aninoi:mce tht it Silver and Copper have
been founde mn the apper pa rt of the D).strict,
on lands owned by our friendc aiid fellow b
to~wnsannlt. Col. Goorge Townes. An or
. atnize.d andii eflicient comnpany hav e agreed
to lease the mmte of Silver and Coipper from
Col. Towns anid Wi!! soon) commu meue a thor.
ougih developemnent of tis ntew resource of,
we.ulth to our hitherto nieglected and un. er
aiipreciatetd mountatn sectioin of the State. bc
imes of silver and coipper are, usually,
mo re mexhauslable anad ot inore literota.
nt vaine even thtan those of golid. Col!.
.'nies i. the owner o'i sonic four or live it
t* .iusandi acres o1 Iland w'hire t his valuable tIa
decovery hIns been miadle, anid we heart ily gi
cin-grat u late, him on his giood propect.
Grcemi i e Mlountaeer.
KEN'rcein SLsAro.--Ilon. J. J. Crit.
teiiletn, lias been elected United States of
Setor fromi Kentucky. ci
LIMEtnAI. DosATt~ts.-Undehr this cap. P
titt thec Southern .U~aptist of the 12th uth Is
The Charleston Bible Society, through L
their Agenit the R~ev. E. . lfol's, furnish. a
eii gratuitously, the Alills Hotuse with 159 ar
Bib~es, for tue use of the Parlors amd hi
Ciahibrs oif that tiew ainil splendid hotel. a
'Thley' are. beaut ifully printed, neatly bound ~
.wt nl ede, n lettered "Mll
ing to sce that "best of llooks"miade thus
acconssible to the wayfaring tian, us well
as thiose at homte.0
110.ii1tN CATIIOLcs IN 'rHE UNIT:D
STATES-The Romin Catholhcs have at
piresent 7 archbishops, 32 bishops, 1712
churches, and 11574 priests, included in 41
dioceses, and 2 apostolic vicariates..
At the late Sale'of S. 1.. McConnell's f,
IEstate in York District, :"> noerroes were ii
sold, on an ave ago of $752. There a
wvere 13 men, 12 women, and 10 children. ~
Two'of thin men, and one of the women
Iwere old, and one nian andl one. women
were sol as -'unsound. These prices are at
hard to heat. . p
Cincinnati, Mfonday, .Jan. 16.-The wilre ~
stspension bridge, between Covington and
Newport, gat e way this evening, wvhile two o
nien and eighteen cattle were crossing it.
TIhe nmen escaped, but some Of the cattle
were killed. The keys wvhich held the .
wire cable to the anchors gave why.
On Thuirsday nitti, of laist week, two
wvomen were brotnglit into the St. Louis
police office, beastly drounk, each at whom n
had a yotung baby in her arms. One of them ti
was foundl lying otn the sidewalk, so much
initoxicatedl as to) be unconiscious.
WVashington Jan. -l6.--.Mr. Me.\tullen,
imembner of Conigress. ha~s been arrested' hi
tando boundi over in keep thte peace, ont thin: Y
charge of assaulting the barkee'per of i
- rown's Ilotel. -.i
Death fronm Burning---On Monday
git last a neost taiClancholy occurreice
p pened in this place, caused by the Ic.
dental breaking of a Cainpisine lamp.
'he circumsistances as well as we ebulgI
icertain were these., A daughpr of
ol. Huoni Mn.LER let fall a latp fil'ed
ith burning fluid, which broke and emp.
id its contents upon the floor. The fluid
course blazed up innediately and set.
rig fire to every thfing it touched, ran inI
*e direction of ans afflicted aunt, when the
de girl hasteied towards her with Ill
tenipt to rescue her; but while inl this
agnaniious act her own clothes caught
-0 sind burned every stitch off her body.
roml the severity of the burning she died
wterday about twelve o'clock. -
We have not heard whether the afflicted
oman was injured.-Winnsboro Register.
e following frorm the Stauntm Spectator:
A terrible tragedy is reported to have
curred in Lexington last Munday might.
hie accounts which have reachei un ase
I vague and contradictory that we are
sable togi.e the particubars. This nuch
Pwever, is true: a Cadet nasned Black
rn was stabbed in the neck by a young
an named Chiristain, a neniber of Judge
rockenborough's Law Clas,, and instast.
killed. A lady is unixed up in the un
rtuniate affair ifn soise way. Young Black.
irn was from Jeffer-on couinty. Chris.
in was isinmediately arrested.
lDTWe find the following in one of our
l)NSUL-A letter dated Pasta, Nov. 1,
ys tiet a party of twenty five men,
hose leader had iade himself of'enssive
the Peruvian Government by publishing
-rtain facts in Lima newspapers, sought
a protection of the United States Consul,
J. Oakford, Esq; af Totsiez, which was
ranted. The .National Guard surrounded
e house and tired into it, killing one man
oundsng two others, and endangering the
ves of the conssi and his' faiily, The
fugees were forcibiy carried away, and
a consul threatened with arrest.
MfUIRDER at BMoNTICELLo.-We uuder.
and that one Stewart shot seventeen
ickshot into the abdomen of Mr. John E-,
rooks on Thursday evening last at Mon.
rello, in this county, causing death in a
w hours. We also learn that one of the
irties, [Stewart.) was under the influence
ardeit spirits at the tiie. We have
>t heard the particulars.
A strang. event oct red at Manhatville,
1i the line of the i usdson River Railroad
ns Suniday week. A long strip of the rail
xid actually saink to t,- depth of six
,et, as if an eart. ,.ake had swallowed
p the earth, As area njifhe ground over
'hich the track lay. siciasurimg : yards
ing and 25 yards wide, sank nearly to a
vel with the Ijudsoii river, a large quan
ty of lumber ith it. Ths train of cars
om New York lad passed by not tea
uintutes before with a heavy train of pass
-nger cars. 1l-id the caviig in takei
lace while the cars were upoin the treach
rous soil, there is togue.,sisg the extent
the catast rophee. It was a prov ideisini
sape. The all was anntuced by a loud
sunderiig no.se, which arartled the
habitants for suie distance. Thie
ringe o0curieice !H accou 'ted for by the
roundi being uidermined by the flow of
te Hudsoi river and the constant jar of
ie d;siiy traim.-Abi Tribune..
From the anniual tabular stateient of
e RaiL Road Journad it appears that the
hole number of uiiles of rail road in the
nited States,,in oJliraoicnm, iupma the first
y of the cnrrei.t year,. was 15;511 m111-1s;
inmerease oh 219-. msiles sinice Jan. 1,
The people of New York are beginning
get aslarmued~and nost without reason, at
se any and distructive fires that havs~e
xcently taken place in that city. WVith.
the l;ist sire nothss the loss is
utinmated at nsearly five mnilhsons of dollar..
Two Irishmen were in prison--one for
oealing a cow, the other for stealiinga
"M ike ,' said the cow-stealer, one day,
what o'clock is it '!"
"Och, Pat, I hav'nt my watelihandy-a
ut I think it's about miulking time ''
Pat felt cow'ed.
have you sa Diseased Liver.
?"Y Trhe qusestion though startling, Is sunti
Feanty sugIfgestive, w lhen the feet is.tsaken into
maideratzon that diseases. of she- 1ivr liaeo
s'comelmost alarmingly frnqsnent in she-ITnited
fltes. Indeed there are feiw formidblesh dis
ses that are not in some way traceable to a
ranigesd state of that Important organ-..
'any ouf the co'mplaints usuially classed'under
eheadt of cosumipion, have th,-ir origin ini
.e liver. 'Any remedy that would insure re
dlarity and healthsful atirmn in the Liver,
ould be a blessinsg ;o mi nakind !' has beens
erctamation of thousand,,. That remedy
us heeni found; it is safe and mure. When at
ir tr'sh hsas beenaiffourded it, It has never beers
iown to fail. Reader, hiaves you any disease
thse Liver, or disea,.e whlichs you helieve pro
eds fromt hepatic derangement.'' Iome not a.
omenct, bust purchase a-box of Drs. McLanes''s
tlls, and thsey will restore yosu to health.- It.
thea only remedy yet discovered, in whicha
uplicit confidence may be placed".
ga? Purchasers will ha carniru to ask for
r. M'Lanec's Celebrated Vermuifusge, aund take
me else, All other vermitiuge itn comparison
a worthless. D. M~'Lanea's Vermifusge, also,
,s (elvbrated Liver Pitls, can now be had as
resupectible Drug Stores in the- United~ States.
sd Canadta. 35.
The above vatuable Preparation for sakr
r the Agents, P M. COHJEN & CO. Irn
irters and Denlers in DRUGS AND
[EDiCINES, No. 29, Hayne at. Charles
i, 8. C.6
T'hirteen Negroes
For Sale..
On thse Rst Monday in February next I wi'.3
Teir for sale at Sumter Cousrt House,asifrusturo
in thea children of John 13. Fheming the fioliow.
ug sx nuegroes to wit : Milton, Nelson, Kate
rid her three chhldtree Roeams, Marisa and
barles; and as my own jroj'fy te following
ss:Ldia, H~eayLuI G,(eorge, Lafay
Tsat o SA L.x.-u.-Bondl with good ormsnal
curty, a-eredi of three years wftsh itrest
syable annually.. Porehaerto. pay. for , al
sce~ary papers.. Pei sons wishing to examine
53 above neroes may do so bpycalling at nwy
5de nece ins halads, about ltho mile from thes
wimming Pens.. Arty of the above negroes
aye contrascted for priv-ately before ste day
Feb. 1, 1851 14 i d
Thanfulfor astfavors, respectfWilya
rmncres to the commuity that he hsas daumeon
ntued thse proprieturship of' the "SUMTER
LOUtSE," and nouw keeps, as a private board.
g hones the residenes formwerly occupied by
Ir. Gasyle, and belongIng to Mrs. Hayttworthi
tiers hte will be happy to ontirtain a feuw more
'isy-bioarde'rs. ... =
P. 8.-IIe wpuld especallysay tothse, who
ave been indlebtedl to hitt for lo theSe manty
ears to como forward and settlitsu,as fieheat.
n e ha -easeud to be a vittus, and -imtee M~~'

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