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0n the st Monday in February next: will
b% s.d in Sumterville,
25 Prime Negroes,'
Prinetpally snall faiulties and single negroes,
Upon a re-lit of one twoand three years. Th
Imtrehnem oney to he secured by Bond, hear
Ing iriterest fron date payable annually, with
perudnal security, and mortgage of the proper.
ty. The negroes to remain in Sunter I)imt.,
Umtil paid for. Titles are good anl purchasers
to pay for papers. Also, at the same tinule anti
place will be sold some likely young negroes
for Cah. Until the day mentioned they may
be treated for at private sale by application at
Suititerville to W. E. RICHAtI)SON,
agent to sell.
S1-. Purcheasers ara required to comoc prep
areil to comply on the day of ai and receive
-hie negroes same day.
Feb. 1, 1854 14 - t.
Sheriff's Bales,
Y virtue of sundry Executions to me
directed, will be sold at Sumcter Court
diouse, on the let Monday and day follow.
ling in February next, within legal hours
z6f sale, to the highezt bidder, for cnst, the
fotlowing property. Purchasers to pay for
titles :
One tract of (00 acres of land, mnoro or
less. in Clarodon, adjoining land, of Ml.
cLang, et. al. levied upon as the property
of J. H. Dingle, Jr., to W. Webb and J.
H. Dingle, Sr.
One tract of land in Claremont,
adjoining lands of Elijah Ch rc et. ;l. levied
Jponi as the property of V. V. Newman,
at the snit of A. Davis.
One lot and buildings in Sutiterville, ed
joining lanlIs ol-- and wheie . G.
Windhan pved. Also, one lot and build.
ings thereon, adjoining lands of anui
where Defendant diil liv.-, levied upon as
the property of J. B. N. Ilainniet, at ie
suits of U. It. Teak, Adhnr'x, two cases,
T. J. Coghlan & Co , M. M. Melta, 1. B.
1lanks, Burke & Morgan. Perry Moses,
W. J. Frencis, for another, T. W. R;udchire
V. F. B. IHaynsworth, A. & E. S. hIig
.gins & Col., R. S. Webb, W. Lewis, Adm'r.
L. Sookinions, V. & A Kennedy, David
Winn, J. L. Stevenson and (. M. Crane.
Defeidant's interest in one tract of
acres of land in Middle Salem, adljomcing
lands of Suplain & Nesbit. Also, Defelni
-dant's interest in one tract of 900 acres of
land in Lower Salevi, at'joining lands of'
John Player, et. al. levied upon as the pro
perty of T. V. English at the suits of W.
Shy, B. V. Chambers, B. A. Jaines, and
Black & Jones.
Defendant's interest in one tract of
acres of land in Clarenont, adjoining lands
of 11. Ahhott et. al. levied upon as the
property of Jos. E. l:Coy, at the suit of
C. M. McCoy.
One lot and buildings thereon in Stim.
terville, adjoining lands of - und where
Mr. Lucas lives, levied on as the propertv
'of F. K. Mayratit at the suis of 11. j.
Haynsworth, Thos. G. Sin:nons & Son,
L. B. Hanks, D. 11. Poole, 11. looti, Ed.
.gerton & Rtichards.
Onze lot and buildings thereon in Si:nter
ville, adjoining lands of - and where
Mr. Holmes lives, levied upon us the
.property of F. K. M-tyrant at. the suits c1t
11. J. 1iaynsworth, Tfos. G. iaois &
Son, L. B. lanks, D. H. Poolo, 1. flood,
and Edgerion & Richards.
I Negro, levied upit os the propery of
H, \V. Adkinson, it the suit s of ingrai &
Webb, and W. D. McDonald & Co., said
Jas. Duinlap.
I Negro, levied upon as the proptriy of
(1. Billups, at the su.t of W. Weib.
1 Negro levied upon as the property of
T. R. Lerry, at tite sucits of Thos. O'Steen,
aMd John Kelly, and 11. J. i arrwton.
I Negro, levied upoec as lie properly of
J. S. Bradley. at the sut of Martha Yates.
2 Negrces. levied upon as tle property
of John A. Cohlugh, it the suit of Will.
2 Negroes, levied upon as the profertv
of J.is. 1. Colcloughi, at thce suct ot W. U.
.Desattsstir 2
4 llorses, 1 Carriage, 3 Negroes, levied
uponi as the ptropeLrty tf J. 11. ingle. Jr.,
at the snit s of G. Wt . Lee, D). J. Wn
B:ik of ite State of South Carolina, John
Same 3 negroes, ltvied uipon as lte piro.
pcerty of J. H1. [Dingle, Jr. to tureciose nieort
gage given by J. 1L. Dingh-. Jr., to WV.
Webb and J. HI. D.ntgle, Sr.
1 Negro levied on as the property of J.
WV. Erwin, at the suit of Thos.5 Cc'bb and
E. D3. Printgle & Co., and L. U. Haniks.
I Horse antd Bougy, levied on as the
'property of L. Bell, at the suit of A. J. &
Perry Mioses.
I Negro, levied uapont as the property of
RL. L,. leriot, .et the stilt of II. Levy.
I Negrro, levied otn as the property o1 Jas.
M1cCuley, at. the suit of WV. A. Ctumnng
2 hlorses and I negro, levied otn its the
1*utperty of ithzatbtehc Me Leud, at the suit
ofl Richord Cattit, anid M. Scorns.
5 Negroes levied tupont as the property
ofr F. K. Mayrant, at the suit of L. II. Hanctks
Edlgerton & Richtnrds, D. HI. 1'cooie, T. U.
Simmicons & Son, acid 13. H ood.
1 Mule and1( 1 lHorse, levied upon as then
property of W. M alonre, at the suit ol)D
J. Winn and A. J. Moses.
2 Negroes, levied tn;.otn as thte procperty
of J. H. McKciighit, at the suits of 1'. C.
Smith, P. Hopkins and M. A. Clark.
2 Neg'roes,. levied upion as the propcerty
of WV. HI. McKnight, at the stctts of J. S.
Tmdcal I atnd WV. C. Dukes'
1 Horse, levied tupont as lice property otf
Thos. O'Steen, att thce suits of Johm P.
-Baum and W. J. McCalI
5 Negroes, levied upoun as the prccperty
ol' WV.h. Pringle, at the suits of McCarter
4 Allen,, antd Harrall, Hfare & Co.
1l Horse antd Buggy, levied utpon as the
properly of Johtn S. Rich, at thce suits of
Gillilard, Hoivell & Co., and Rt. S. Mellet.
1 Negro, levied upocn as the, propierty of
M. Mi. Rich, at thce suit of J. S. Betwie.
1 Hourse, levied uponc as thes proiperty of
C. M. Richardson, at the suit of G. Foldlin.
1 H-orse and( Buggy., levied otn as tite
property of F. M. Stulkes, at the suit of WV.
- A. Cunninghatn.
* 'Negro, levied rupon as theo property of
-~ L. Sngileton, at thce suit of St. A. Mat.
1Negro, levied upoin as the property of
TI. D. Sumtter, at the suit of J. Di. Murray.
2 Hlorsese, levied tupon ats hce propierty of
Jl. Strothier at the suit of A. J. Moses.
1 Buggy, levied upjons as the pcroperly of
T.i L. TIhcames, at thce sunit of J. G. Rhlodlus.
1 Negro, levied (in as the proderty of
kohcert Weeks at the sutit of thce State.
12 Negros levied tipon ast the property fo
of W. Webb, at the suit of Wclev, Bancks,
& Coc., J1. 13. & L. Bowvie, 3 cas-.-s, Hlasel
ltme & Watlton,
Ii Horsei, levied tuponi as the propierly of
A. C. L. D. Bolk, at the suit of A. Cairawaty,
I Negro, levied upon ats tlce property of
Edward Richardson, atl thte suds of L. B,.
i-anks an~d B. J. H~arrisoni.
4 Nearoes, leviefiliuponi as thte property of
-I- . M N.Night, at the suils of Jais, S. 'Tm
dalI, W. C. Dukes, and Macry A. Clar k.
*-. JOHN C. RH-ANE, S.13. 1)
- librinlg Offic, ..m -
44Tn 11Co :YN,T . C. 51,
OLD FoU, Jan. 25, 1351.
Order No. 113.
TilE Upper and Lower Battalions of the 44th
Itegiiieit 8o. Ca. Militia will parade, the Up
per, miler the conitnand of Lient. Col. J. D.
il andoing.at Sunterville on Saturday the 18th.
The Lower under the comnmand of Mlaj. '. D1.
Connors, at Estate of It. U.:ilradford's Millv,'iti
Clarenden on Saturday the 25th of February
next, armed and equipped as the Law directs,
for drill and review.
Tho cottissioned iand iion-cotuminiiioned
officers of each Battalion, the day previous,
arnied for drill and instruction.
Commandants (of' atte aliins are charged with
the prompt extention of this order.
The Iegitmental Sutf are reiluired to ttrn
outon-hotli days at each place and on day of
review i complete insiforn.
By order of
Col. F. DL I. 31flrT,
W. T. W1 .tn Adj't.
Feb. 1, 1851 11 td.
I can take one iuore cl asts in the Ioring ie.
tween 10 tiln twelve. Those laies or Genhtle
mten wvhi ilay visht to1 joil, apply aI[t once. 3ly
lrice will be inl proportion to .e niinherofscho.
ars. On the'-lth orfJuly nevvt a French ('utliwille
will be performed by my French siliolars,
Ilereafter -10insteal of 6 lCnsilS, wTill con
Stiltite t cIurie for the maine rilie as the orig
inal thirty-six lessons. 0. 1.. 'IlOIjuItI.
Fell. 1, 1851 14 3t.
I forn arn Ill persons from entti ig or iaitiin
any wood or timber off of my Lands or from:i
tresptassing in ly way wit ut nIV conssnt or
that of 31r. Willianmn Len's Iny trustee. All
such offenderse will lie suel at lIta.
PlltA 10. V11. iAN
Feb. 1, 1.151 it e
Wtinielan copy t wice.
Coluumubia, S. C.
Mr. JANN EY, in coeiition wiit 31r 1). W.
IIAlti and D)r. T. J. GMODIW N. hvin~1
purchased that finue amid conuodiiis 1stablish
tetit heireloflire knowniv, as tile CON4Ait1E
1101US, it will hereafier be designated as
"JANNIEY'S li; l hTEL."
In anliiicing this to tile public, thie propri
elors feel that it is not necessary to preselnt inl
detail lite indilmenteii: aid adviantages whielh
the H otel presents. Its location, its con iodi
olsiess, and1l the improve1.ents Cintemplated
by the present niagers, will, iley feel salis
lied, allirl to tile iravelling etilailtuilility and
others, a hlotel in Colibila wlihich nill ini tv
cry way rmik ttong tlot livst in tile couitry.
Every comtfort, con ienince, aund nin-t.ndage,,
to tle first claLs, hotlls ill the lTiitui S;tates,
will lie fouiail at JA N NlVS' litr'IEL, andi ito
ehIbrt it tie part *of the proprietors will lie
waitintg to renler it worthy of the cajitu[ of
tihe state.
Allt JA NNIV atid 311. 1IAll i1, so vi.ll
kiown by the vititoirs; at the Aim--siani I Iotel,
will %lways he foind -it their 1 osis, and if un'1
reihimig atteintioln to ilt thities thy have its
stituid, lie any piarante-ts ill satii~heti-,n, they
haUve nil hefSitat ion inl Iroilsiing it to tlheir eneISts.
We have also seured tli strvises oflMr. It.
E. L. 1VA IRT, as boolk-kesvpr.
1 Air. Iiitciork'i splenid linti of Onti
huses Dn:I il:ois, havinag iet 113lne of the i.
to[ painil4 tedto theint, nre' attached if) JaIImeIv'S
lowel. and will be proimpt n'. fiilliftil inl th
conveyance of pas.seigers 'a and froit the sari
01us depots.
Ja. 25, 1854 13 if.
M-iSlo.1( rille Cari;rge and
Mlstr:tet titt tai f;scl o'y.
JA Al lss W. A311 Mi( still loitiueilIts lo
carry oin 'hie abive lusineis in ill its variois
branichtes, niid takes this -thite il ol returin
his thaliks to his friersi., fr th-ir liberal patiron1.
atge, tn hipes by close neinii in, ulsine.s to
still merit the sante. CARltitlAG I,:s %.No t.
G ade Iit:O- to order and wsarraited for twelve
tulollabs. !f ltey shon~id tail in that time~ it.
iiiit of worh 1azIshi: or niaeri% n. ti..v *ll lie
repaireul free of c harge. Ic .h d ii it unnee
essary to say ant viihing int rig--tri i ite Iwat
ill'- and ril iiiit v (fI his work, as I.-; wtork
il! shw for itwilf. Call oi hil t ii .
uill,! anl it wtill give! as goodI harains : . ciii
bli h.i it Charles-ati.
llir-,.sho inig dune withl iintu and diaiitchl
at gl 50) all rounii. Ilis eris for it: n i trk
will lbe to sluit purchaltrs.-With iteresL tIa.
Cokesbury IY~asonic Female
College Institute.
This schlis whicht has recntaly cotie onl.h-r
patonage of thei Grani Lodtge if'thei Stt..
wdil begin its exsercise's thei 1t tday of Febiruary.
liihe new builing ior tie Iitituari Inot r.-atiy
fur ithe: coiitpliete for the organiitiizut of i le
Coillegiate Coursie, and Ihis yer itperat ionts
wil lie prepartory the rti; l'tt ye.t everve fa
ally taumghlt ill beisI tught lere. We havse Ithe
assttraniie ofi the partronag atndi lifpat, if ia
large patrt of Itie Fraterily ian.l initiis iin...s.
and wsith tie nttilsuat ur iotroi, we iintid ii
liii- Siite. hi is no jtiritan luistiituun. hut is
open tii all wvhit ueire to, partictiat in ith rich
retwards of ai icrrect inuol itndt ini-u-etual
that Is] uitionalii Elii otf wt i-uiit mstiug
atil blautny, wichil the eniligh.~tilnito ti inteu,,
is riaruing; and1 wte onluy asks ai .sharo t, lheipubbe
Jtironag that we nutty hiave a thir trial. Thie
irtees ae ph-asutre ii nsiatm-ei ii t6.
pubb hai ~t tht--y flare secuired the servicesitf
two very nertimtiishied and esperieced I.:~i.
to iake. tcharge. uf thei ,chli for thi plresnlt yea
hslis rmi:a Tnousos mud lien sisler .ls'
I'uo0 lisoN. Al Ilu h )riiii i lil, as well as
litesrllar brachies wtill lie Itaught at natlet ui ualt
t i lentstilttes. ( huktsburty tiits uif. ,
biniig oni the line iof the Gresinvilb- inld (It,
Itititi, ando is proiti.lly h--ahbiy iiiil mortI
S11) per intht washin- Ac., iniebl: l-d. 1 -
further pariu:drs, appluy lto thi is cre,.iairy.
J. li. VA Nt'il, itrrIien lard.
1. A. CO)NNOlt, Seelty.
Ctkesbhuiry, A lbb ville 1).t.)
Ja . I 3
Is full y prered~ mui excete Iruin Wourk in. the~
folloiwitg branchies, 't iz: lteepairs itand n.w
work on Steiam l.Intrines. satw aini Crist.3Alills,
Vagtins, ( arrisges, lanittin work anil
Smniths. Wotrk iln general. Gooid Work, andi.
fiair prices. No Moiney re-qui-sd ontly to
Jan. 25, 1851 :ta
A well selected assorliiient suitable for lanht..
ain or oth~er purpostes, for stle tin conisigminent
Jan. 25, 185.1 13 'a
Important Notice.
FCL LOW ChI1'h'/ENS:--It is a painiful tatsk
todlumn, limt stern necessity andi yur inegligein
and foirgetfulneuss, tdemnid ithat I ihltl rein nt
all thitse mdoebiedl to mi, tiithier bty naou air an.
cotunt, to comoi to taw with the einilk, haildes or
cotrn iat the mihl, on tr beforme the~ first Monday
in March next, to savec yursuelves of dhispleau
nrc antd to cheat lawyers, Sheifli au-il pettty
Consttables out of cost, for
At the loss of it pesnny
Youill g ruiimbIslte and groana, -
Asi though thu rhieumaiities
Weire piercinig each hones.
Thea~ ghost oflubad suhil i lings
liorev-er yoii will hantm
And yotu Nihakei, least to-autorroiw
Shoul hbring yon to want.
2-? Pay imp, andt save costs, andu thore, will
yet, ne a crtust hieft youu.
.ant. 25,.95 1 33i 2.
Frenclia, BritIla and G erananm
209 ang 211 King-srect coiner of Mar
ket Stroet,
C ARPETING.-Inrai n, 3 Plys, Brus.
sels Taippstrv aid Velveti. i
CUIRTA1N 31ATEIIALS, in Silk, Satin,
and Worsted.
larget variety.
CURTAINS tll styles.
GLT COIlNICS, in all the now designe.
TAStiELS. &c.,
in nil varieties.
SILVJEi and GIlTP STAI I ODlt ) and
STA I It CA I K'TIN (. of all -tvles.
WIlt 'ON, ViLVET, and AX. 1INSTi-:il
MIIJCS, in great vatiety.
KElTS, PlI.A INS. K iRIs EY, CA ,&c.
Red and0 White FLANNELS, SIlItTINGS,
COTTON OSNAlilHMGS, of all ti hebest
Sontherni iake.,
Einglish and Amneieaan COTTON FLAN
N i1L.S.
Frencl, Eng lish, and Ainerican PRIINTS.
,nm1ke, for Shcetingts, Shirtings, Pillow Case.s,
Tble alliskS, l)oylies, NaIk ins, Towellinlgs
Sl nekahat ks, Fruit Cluths, 11. E. Diapur,
Gruss Clodth, &c.
of best Fretich Gols.
S.ILVANTS CLOTHS, in all the sltales of
Enaglishi GoodsI.
SEYS, of all 9tialities and stylem.
Rich Dress Uoods,
A 1) 1N ES, Mi S1.LNS. 4t.
11031 ilAZIN-:S, A I,'ACAS and 31OU RN
IN( (- IOD-4, in great vuriety.
E131BI(I2DIEitS and LACA GOODS, of ev
ery u<e-scriptiona.
ECVEI;NIN; )LESS Goods in Great variety,
conviantly received.
All the above are of our own
at:l ollereed at the .OW .ST TIA ILKET l'rices.
TF.I31S.-Cash, or City Acceptance.
(17 The on"ie price sy.tem strictly ad
hv-red to, all il Goois Warranted.
Charleston, S. C., Jan. Gti, 1351. 11 ft
In Equity-Sumter District.
John J. Conyers~m :-1
Juhla A. his wife, I
Vill for Acconutt
JIohnt *1Iikcely wtill and ltceicl
ittand ielief.
IT' )pjv:rl itir to m ~y aoisf-t inn that
Thoma ;. l):-er llht. M1. C. Wohfler
spoi.on, :ul . Mphaoonroinerv, Defend
ants in] th! abtove S!:ited~ 'e1Se, ~reSnId. outI
of thI(e liutilk of the tte.;:c of S.mth Carli
1na, on nti1ion of illatnling, & 13:tanssure,
It is ordlered that he do appear, and ;In
swer, piladu ir denur to the a.-:d hll, within
iliree tontih aftter the publia;utn of this
iticet, er ai irder pr) conf.;so thleeron
will bet' entered aga~t inst hinm.
Al-o, ordred t hat then aibov! order he
!inhu ished for lthree tuothitis inl one of tlhe
IIIz(!t Dft ' s; rik ".
W. F. 11. I IA Y N8 W(~l II
Se l prostals w% ill be, received uttil the
firnt oif F-ebiary ne\i, for thw ldiiline oIn
new. C'hiirch. niear thneel Cl ;t -nirt (lirebI in
t lariendon coniiay, ;'ersons wtisinzt to unider
take l ta:w, wall lplea.. call on Capt. 31- 11.
CO N Nt (ll, who lcu IIhe plan of the choralb for
the, instI.ionii ofi any~ per.ons whoe maty wilh to,
itmder take iii: .-anne-.
Jan. I-I, 1I5; 12 31
Lumber' and Wood.
Steamo Sawv Ihill of Coiil:int, Diwa & Cit., re
spuetfully ihnformsn tin- publlic, that ther ore pire
p ared to funish lnibaler of any decriptiont at
the shortest (teitire.
ai lar...iitiniy otf primit- Oakl arnl l.i:;lciio
nhiehthy canu deli er to cutomti~er' on tuiekr
for e:t-sh, cr etherwvi.,, ntL-' n ill tbe takeni whent
er!er- ire till.
lVvr exerni on wilI ha. it el tt givei s.tnIisfac
COtt...A N, IIx0.N, & Cto.
Sit tti r v i!, Jan. IS, 1851I. 12 i f
So. carolina--Bumter Dist,
lto tme for Le!!ers of .l!min istation, on -dt
and stnlar ihe ;.uids attil cehattle., r~i:t.
:nid-irodurs' i 1.C. lui', Jr,lae o in.e
Tihe te ae ithrf, tto C) i it (itd r ;ornm
IFir:"andtr nglr, thelii ki' ired in mliv di-h
or o then,.;tdter.-A lat la nd at,tisu
thei Ii tit, to bei bihn tta-at *nof
[C.o . urt Jion ete I F ia ith~'ile i l d ttitf
Febuar nxt. toshw LIWnI, f any i-i.
0h. :da tttt i art ei th', nt e r a tti-l
Giv t lnder Itr h-antd ain lmil, tis
[t..u t.] or ilaird. t n ~sii ezaiiltttidt huLAN
drEL'1 ()Ied itl itiratd i tht 7th
yeart i oif ,\miterican tlg hl itndeeden-tat.
m form-t hisyfrnds, andeatet a tritte . puti ae fur.
zit ( ea llyti', af hei has it e a d h aetrnIi
retioni oae vits irt. Isc eig ibletkii lo m tialh
aonvirent toV halthe huas lcaltig w- iteil
t tooneljai t tall h.ewh vii m ei
TOnIlmi , a nIereton or lF e-\pune wil btel
spred byn lithea ritr leitefftoni p.r ta the comfot
bonslae, hat ee rtt, :cy wathyi tof pubialh -
i t adrj.cn S. lt-ltata Jr
Jan.tr 23, Jt51 13 1 - t.
To Th ePubfict
Auctioneer's- Notice.
J A MM 11. CLARK bei 1pave In noti
fy the citiz1ns of Sumterille an1d the vi
cinity, that he is now prqparid 1. give his
entire attention to any bU.siness in the
auction line. le li hhnd soine ex0cwperietcle.
and hopes by diligence and attention to
merit a !slaro of pntblic favor.
Sniterville, lan. I1th, 1854. 11--ti.
30 Likely and well Seleted
WILL he Pold before the Coutt House in
Columbia, on the first Monday in February
next. Amnoing them are House Servants, lloxt..
lers and -ield Iands, all able to iwork. The
conditions of sale will be nows, wltb good el
dorsors, payable at either of to- baniks in Co.
lumobia or Charleston, at Go dayelivittiinteresI
fromn dato.
The Fubscriber offers the above negroes for
hale, inteundiig to change his fornier business,
and for no other reasion.
Jan. 18, 1831. 12 3'
In Equity---Sumter District,
Ailary 1). CoxN,
erena E James, Bill to confirm Sale
et. al. Iof Land and for
V.4. exeution (if title.
Matthew J. Cox &
Caspar Joies.
ft appearinr to rmy satisfaction thnt the
aov named defvsolant, Qaspar Jones, re.
sides beyonl the hilmts of the State of
South Carolina :
It is ordered that lie do appear, and
answer, plead or deintr to the said bill,
withiii three months after the publiation
of this notic!, or an order pro. Cmifessio
thereoi will be entered against hiim.
Aso, ordered that the above order be
pubiished for three nonths -in one of the
gaizettS of thel. District.
Commnissioner in Equity.
In Equity--Bumter istrict,
Maria m. laples,
E'd ward ilap'es :l l.
Naoii C. Alaples,
'fIy thir next I riends,
Levi 1-. liarn0, Bill for Ac't.
.lackson J. 3rouigrhton,
'om'as Alaples and
Wi!liant .\ lrock arnd
Al:try his wile.
It aippea-rin1g to miy satisfaction, that
Vih;,r:i A. Blr ck, one' of tie Defendants
irOthe aihore st;e'.h hill, is as!enit fromn the
S:.n:e of South Carolina :
It is ordered, on Msotion of MAvrant. &
ichardiman. Compllainlants Solic I ars , that
th1,3 said Wilhiin A. Brock do plead, an.
8.Ir fi demur to the said 1ill witlhii three
Iaoniths fron the date of the itblication of
tih ,rder.
A iso, irderedl, h:it. this Order be publish
el thlrie n.m:hs ill one of the Gazetts in
this Diistrict.
Coi. Eq. 8. 1).
Jan.11.651 11 3m1
In Equity---Sumter Districti
Jo rhl. Ir.uhton, ')
Alargaret L. irourighton,
Ily their next friend B I LL.
Jaines It. Alruck,
N pursnlanit' of in older in the above
I :,ta ic:.- I wil nlir ait patldic, a,n on,
the4 iir-:t 3liidiy ini "EllRUA1~ iNix, at
Slmliter Coii'rt linSe, that l'huitation or
Six 'Ii.Tosand acres, lying in Clarendoni
Countiy, Soteisr I bstrict, at or inear laulton
l's (.)li'ce, be'loninsg to the late Edward
Bightoni. junsiur, deceased, ad tupon
whlic h lie reidedcu at the time of Is dseath.i
Not to tbe sah fo lr less thain seven Ishousand,
sev in hundred ai.sl tilty dllars.
UJpon the preises is a GilUST MlLL
in goodi coiiditiocn, and a S A WV M 11,1,,
wvhicth is not ins runn re. T'he
strensin tiponl ~ wich t hcee lls a re locatesd
I iiia u~hing oneii andi is very ~v~iaiubbr.
Thse hmdois ir: iipons the WVate!ree twamsip,
cainind |:othi low and high landus, anid
of ail ans--t lie whole coni.st itutinsg oine iii
tit hei 10it v-dliitble I"! iitart ions ever odl'eredl
foir :-a'. in .'hiieter I ..'.rict.
.\ iilit of thei barml wdl be' ini the hatsulh
of1 thl ('uiinnmssionr, show in its exte nt,
lioundas':ris, &.
mo)4ih-y ti be aidi in cash; thre bhn~cio pay-'
ter.st am th i d.3y of ,.alie-thie purc:is-n
to ;.ive h->nd andl persinal se'iiriy, aini a
morgt~m or theIfor the credit porlioii
W.' ii- 1I lA\'NSW''ll,
Comminissioner ini15 ipiity.
\\Eli ('r.Ai:f'S llOTFI I, is still in op.
eration--(thlaihs to rho kin:dnecss of goods
I riends)--.rmdyj, to receive entstomres, anid
inaerlain thenu. to their cot ire a~atis fiction.
Alr. C. is resolved that his Ilotel aball1 tnot
hie excelled by any house in the c:ounrtry.
liverything the iriarket can (nirsish shall
be sprieadl npon his table, well cooked and
cl'Ionl'-. The beds aro all in gsod order,
and sit allI k01pt so. Give him a trial
anad Mir. Clark led'ges sat isfact ion.
.lan. 11, 18V1. 11 tf
Thli., ini.iiti.-in will begin its- si'eun yeair oni
pupis re .ni'eted1 to miske aplinion, andu
sill toaron ve oni Alihnd a IneTusday; as it is
Who MWants lMoney ?
TheIi sluscriber for one, Is partieniteriy in
want of it, and he hopes that thse& who haive'
patronized him so liberally, will coinne 154he ir
frj-ndulshipj by graying up, arid enaablui him to
met' the doemands of others. *-Whul cannrot.
miovel withsout greaso"
Jan. 18, 1851. 1'2 ' if
John S. RichaiIson Jr , Attorney ai ~t La
niuinetrvillo S C.,will practice ii nl (h Couirts
olf 5umtnor, Richlandl, IKorshiaw, I arlinsgto~n
ail Wilhamrnshnrg districts Ol~lico just back
iii J. 'T. Solomnons new store.
Jan. 11, 1851. 12 i
Law Notice,
attendm pronsptly to all bun'siines enrustedmm to
hinm. u Jahco just back of J. T1. 5aloinans
new Store.
Jan. 18, 1851 12 ti'
II18 'ist received pnd ofibra for sale, Pt Chm
ULA NIETA aSa t) ach, good 'aid heavy.
Heavy ''willed lied FlunnIel. 31 1-4 cents
Sattinets. Korseys, &c., t fuh assorninent,
(orgia Ierseys and Plaink-Scehley 's 'ar
Mouis. DleLains, at 12 1-2, 18 3-4, 25 cetis
Prints, Domestics, &e., of all prices and:qi
Carieting, at 50, 75, $1 00, $1 12 cents;
U-5 TT4 M) (M
Pickled teef, Smoked and Pickled Tos ner
Sugar, Cofihio, Bucon, Flour, Lard, flutter, itic
800 Packi Fire Crackerv< for the Boys;
20,000 Segarr--choice brands.
flim heavy pto'k, and good asriment ar
U3 QD 60 IIG5QI tm
Aisortment complete, together with every deser
will be mold a low I iCanl be bQn -tli in any ma rl
Purchaseor will ind it to heir ad vintinge as well
stock is large, cnbracing " Any thing and Eve
5000 pounds wanted, for which the
er in Cash'or Merchandize.
. i One Hundred Do 5
For whichi oe the market pricv will be paid in
Oct. 27, 1853.
Fine SegarsSnd Garden
Kept constantly on hand by
Bagging, Rope and Twine,
by JIU1Lit &. ? iV'ERy
Private Boarding House,
Day Boarders accommodnted.
Nov 9, 1853. 9 if
tA U .nor Tooth Powder.
Made by the valuable receipt of Dr. K. S.
Dargant, l)entist, J
Prepared and sold by
St, John's SchooL
.it. Rev. T. F. DAVIS, 1. D., Ei-Oflicio
.ti-v. J. 1). McCOLL911UG H, A. Ml., Rector,
aid histructor in Christain Science andi Belles
W31. Ii. LEARY, A. 31., Vice lleltor, aind
listrucitor in Aicient 1-orgunges and History.
1). 1). ROSA, Ins:ructor in Mathreimatic-S aid
Natural Sience.
iev. i. A. WAGNElt, Instructor in Englisi
GFn1l F Exvercises of this Instilution will be
A resumed on tie 2d day in FEBRUA
RY next.
Boys are admitted over the age of seven years
and prepared for the! Juniir class in College; or
they n.ay re weive a thorougl ha.adeincral course,
cither classical or English.
'Tliere i4 but one sernion, (divided in to two
ternW of live mo0nth0s each.) beginning on the 2d
of February and ending November 'o.
I'ams ra STrssiu.-Fotr Tuition and
Board, in:inding.- ashing, fuel, lights, &c.,
$-25 payable serm-annually in advance.
. ntrance fed $25, for which books and sta
tion.ry are furnished tihe stuJunt so lung as he
nay continitu in the institution.
A dvaneod itudents desiring private rooms
will be allowed them (at the discretion of the
ltectior) for anr extra charge of $15, to pay for
fuel, lights, & c.,
Foir Iuirilhr iirnfrtionr apply for a" "Prospect
irs" to the- Itector, at "Spartian burg C. 11., $. C.,
In Equity---Sumter District,
Admi'r. of IBILL.
vs. . F. J. &M. Motes
Chbares W. M iller. JCompjl'ts. Sol's.
Tihe t-reditors of the late Dr. JAnes HIavN
swuiaTi, entitled to claim unader his asigmen
to the above niamed 1)efenant, execnted on
the 2r1th day of July A. D). lS&12:are hereby no.
tilied that, by arr order ini the ablove ated
cause, they are requoiredl to eutablt their do
nianda befoire iue, Commiissioiner in Equity for
biuirrer listrict afotre"id, un err before thu
first day of M~Iay neat.
I also give nisce that I will until the
said first day of May nlext, receive proposalsr for
the sale of a part of'tire real estate conveyed by
.the sMid assignment, lying partly if not wholly
inr tio corporate limits of uamterville, bounded
bry lands of Dr. J. C. HIArswoan-r, WV. L.
HaususoN, T. J. CoutA5, andI Mrs. C. los
SAKD, and by thu now road running from Suin
tervillo to the steam mill of 'T. J. CounLAS &
90o., suplposedr to contain about one hpurdred and
sixty acres,.
Com'r. ini lEqity S. D.
Dec. 27. 1853- 0 t f
Executoris Notice,
A Ll, personrs indrebteid to the Estate of
Rev. .btnes Newbery, deceased, e'ithier by
Noeor .\ccount will martke imrmedliate pay.
ittnt. Atnd thira-o hiavinrg dterandrs agatinist
thre samre will rendser themii iii prrperly at
te.sted withIini leena Ithe to
'- Executors.
April'26th,l,3 -t
Efr [)arlinigton Flag pleaso copy
Ahigh)f imroir ved TErin th le vici nity' of
a 1 Snotervill e, conrtarin~jin abhout Iwo hun.
d red arerreri of Iland, only hifly of whiebh is
cleared thre bah~rico bnmit.' well wood~ed.
Said Parmi I ha on it a ceionuodi, irs l~woll.
ing linse, ienriy new, withi Stables arid
sutitatble Outbudldingis aill in'finre order.
Alsto ia Garden in a hrigh sintlo of taitivation
urnd a finn. Fruit Orchard. Termis liberal.
A pply al this orice.
Jan. 11, 1% ,3. 11i 11
ITAVING mnoved) to the stand hreretjfore
.Iocniri hryD. 1. Winn, (next doror
to Chmna's Hlotul.) and -It being hetter adapt
ed to our business, than the one previously oe
cupied by urs, we are now prepiared to cari
onr mre extenrsively than hretofiieu um~.
coinihient of selling on as ressgrble terin~I
airy retail Drag Sto-r in tire Stiete. Our Sok
hr consmrtny kept up and barefully selected
from as good wholoialrr homies asr New York
anti Charlestion can allibrd.
And nitri returning our mnst sincere thanks
to our cus~tomaers and thre pulii genrerailly for
thre very liberal pratronagu bestowedh on as tire
previouis year, still conrtinue to solicit a por
lion of the name.
Butaterv-ilto. Jaa, _ l taf. 1
OF A. J. & P. MOSES.
rleston prices [f6ighlt included) SERVANT'S
per yard --
sOlie am fow ats 16 2-3 cents;
, Mackerel, Saland, L'ati,.rs, gtrdies, ,c.,
3, Molasses, Salt, &c., &c.,
to0 well known to require enurhcratjon
A L 0 " R T 511 EN
an. a
iptioni of Goods to suit the country trade, which
iet for cash, or to approved purclhasern, on thne.
as name, to call on in before purchasing, 'My
ighest market price will be Uiid, eith
,en Eggs Wanted,
r- t jj
'Third Door South of the Town Jl I
andI neaIrly opposite 7'inal I W'a/xot
TPHE, subscriber would respectfully in.
form lhe citize. s of Sumt'rville and
the public goerally, that ie 1', ('pelned nt
the aLove plice a general aisorment. of
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes. lats and
Caps,. Hardware, Crockeryware, &c.&c.
A'so, A Choice lot of Faily Groceries of
every descript.on, wi:li Fruit of various
kind, such as' Oranges, Apples, Lemons,
&c. &c., whtich hea will ifell very low for
Nov. 9, 1853. ly
'37 Dey Street, 20 Hlayne Street4
New York. Ch:irleston, S. C.
SAAIUt C. DuNS, GFo. II. Doniatus.
July 12th, 1853 37-f
Negroes for Sale,
B Y PERMISSION of Vm. Irwts Esq.,
Ordmarv, th subscriber will ,.or
for salu at the Court Ilou'e on Sale day -in Feb
riry next, six likely younm tiegroem, belonging
to the Est. of D. Sj.r . Terms cash.
A. 1. MAYES, Adm'r.
Jan. 3d, 1851. 10--td.
Wrtclhinan copy till sale.
To Rent:
Comodiouis and coinfortable Dwellinc.
jous-e, with a b:isement anartmeat
tid good- out-btildine-5. The House is
situaited on Wasinfgtonit Street convenient
for business. To a ;zod tenant it will he
rented loA For terms apply at - this Of
cuttt.rville. .an. Wit, 1854. 11-tf.
For Sale.
if 1IFE SUBSClRIDER ofi'ers for sale on
I vry reaasonable ltm', some valuable
itmproived and utaniprovedl lots in the Town of
Sumterville. For partienilars, apply to
Sumngerville, Jan. 3d, 1851. 10-tf.
Rt. Re v. T. F. Darts, D). D., ex-Officio
Visit or.
Rev'. Tr. S. An-ruttn, prorets
" .J. D). McXLotofG It. oritu
"GEonna lr.w-ron, Rletor, and In
structor in Meintal and Christinn Scicnce,
Modeornt lInguaiges and hlistory.
Airs. BENroN, Matron,.
-- -, 1rustructor ini Mathernatica
Natural Sciences, an Antcient Literature.
P'rof- G. F. DeCVINa, (late of Lime Stone
Spirme,) lustructor in the theory and practice
of Music,
Miss C. M. REID, Instructress in English.
.Sosrtossx, Instructr.-se in Draw
ing. Painting, andl Aissiant is Frenelh.
Miss5 SotIiA WVAR.EY, instrttss in Fn
glish JBranaches, and A asistant in Mathtematics.
Miss EL.:za PAaT T, Assistant in~ Muswic, and
English. .
N. B. TIhe corps is not yet complete.
lI Eabove i nstiution, located at Glern
Springs in Spartanburg District, S. C.
will be opened for the reception of pupils en
the first of Febr-ary next, In converting this
estahhshment into a schlo'ol for young ladies.
the buailings have been, thoriighly repaired ami
fitted up ; and in furnishing them anew no
panus hatve beeni spared to niake it, in every
respect, such a hiome as parents wn~uld de'irn
for their dlaugters'. Particular attention hast
beena besto'wedl nim the Musical Instrumemns,
und will, a large and eflicient corps of teachers,
anid a thorough, cour-we of study, it affords eve
ry adivantasge to be enrjoyed in a similar institu
Applicants are admitted, of any age, over
seven years, andl placed itn such class as they
mnay be prepared to join,
'1 he scholastic year will consist of orne seas.
sioni dividhed io t wo terms of fiee months each,
beginning oin the 1st of February and Jdily.-.
Vacation, December and .Jantuary.
R A-rxS.---F.or 'ITtition and Board, including
washing, fuel, lights, &c. &c., $125 per iterm
and the~re wcii bie no era'ra charge, except fur
Music, $30 per termn, and fur Books, Sheet Mu.
sic, Drawmng Materials, &c., atiually used.
For further informasti, see " Prospectus,"
which miay be had by applying to the Rt-etor
or either ci the P'ropnietejrs.
Ieo. '21. 1853 .3 m.
- iT Charleston Mercuiry publish fri-weekly
and all the other papers In the State weekly.
for three months, andl forward bills to une of
the P'ropriewrs.
N~ew Store .and New
* oods
T IE undlereigned hes estab~ished hiniul in
,this village, and will open on the Grst of
Jann-try next, a large atul well asaaoted stock
at Freothand ' ielect . D rnires and
'lecdIcI- en, wItia Paint, Oil.,
D)yO-Stu hIis, WVisadoW gins, Varm
samitbea, i'eruanery, Patentg Mbe.
d ICi neq, &c. &.e. A ll lif which are
of the best qnality, and v illihe .obi on accomo
datin terms. A share of the pu)'lio patrog.
IV- (. L. RICE, M. D).
Dee. 28 wut o.
Dr. W. Jas Dargani & Co.
R TA L EAAI A LERS in DrugP,- Modi
cines. '.ti11s, Oih<, Dve Stulls, Pa
tent S1l:licinles, Vindaolaw Gli'ss, Perfumery,
Fancy A ricls, tud a variety of other articles
usually kept inl Drug Stores.
JNo. W. DAItRAN, W. JAs. DARGAN, M. ).
E7rY Next door to China's Hotel. .
Jan. 2, 1351. 10- f.
44th Rog't. S. C. M.
O.) Fon Jan'y. 3rd, 1854.
A REGIIMENTA L, Court Martial will com
tenco at Thos. 1). DAvIS's, on Friday-the 27th
tim., for the trial of alL defauItora in tie 4 it
Ilegiment, fir Mili in and Patrol duty ; and all
oflicers for disoledience toot dvre within twelve
anonths next, preceding vaid Court. By order
of Col. F. M1. MELLrETT.
Watchman1fil please Copy..'
Jan. 3d, 1851. 1O_.tl.
South Carolina--Sumter Dist
Satnuel Tindal, C
~' ads. CA. SA1..
Farrar, Banks, & Co.
Santeil rindal who is in tle custody of the
Sherill' of Sumter District, by virtue ofa writ of
Cupias aJ satisfaciendumi, at the auit of Farrar,
1an, & Company, having filed itj my oflico,
toge or wiith0 a scI hedtile, on oath, of his estate
anti cets, his petition to the Court of Con
mon ppm, praying that he may be adlmitted
to the nefit of the Acts of the General As
semubly, madet for the relief of Inolvent Debt
ors It is hereby ordered, that the saiad Farrar,
Banks, & Company, anti all other the creditors,
to whomn the said Samuel Tindal 'is in any
wise indebted, be, and'they are hereby rmnt.
moned, and have notice to appear, before tite
said Court 4p Sumter Court House, otn tht
eleventh day of April next, to show cause, if
any they an, why the prayer of the petition
aforesaid, should nott be gritanted.
Of1tc of Common leas of
Stumter Uls.trsct, Dec. 2J, 1853.
Mr. Editor: The Citizens
cf Claretndon County aM'desirous that C. W.
L. IltENOLDS, represent thei in the next
Legi."l.tture. IBy anouetintg hitt a Cajdidato
foir t hat ofice, you "ill oblige theml.
Look Out For Bargains!
l I E subscribers are opening and recciv
I imy' a fresh and very large asot-rtiment
of every description o (;oods to suit the
counmtry trade. wiclh wi!! be sold as low as
can lhc bouaglt itt ati marict ti1r ca.ilt;
great pains las eei takeIt in layit in the
Slock. Otr stock of IL:,hes' Diress G(ools
is -coimfplelte, em ,bratin:gw everv .rlile ij
their line. Alsoi. Ready lae Clothinr.
Ua's and11 Caps, Ioats atnl Shtes, &e. &c.
\ll we as'k is for ltyers1 to cal iad exam
inc for themnelves. .\Ve especially
invtai thIem at tton of 11%inters to our NE
MRo GOODS, Ker.-eys, Plamns, Lilmsevts,
WoolaSeys, Ulakts, Shoes, .am1 lats
Money cant le taved by calliiag onl ats as
our NTOCK S LARGE and we te de.
lermincd to Nell.
Se pt. 21, 18I33. 47 I'
01111111G88! Is AR1 'l V,12. 8!1
Manouincturcr and Dealer in
'Carriages and Harness,
OF'every dhscription, N:, Icmi:-g. t,
ant 3:1 Wentworth street. next toa the old stand
of (illherts & t tipit:. Clarle.ston, S. C.
W31. Rt. iUNTPEl,.may be foundaa at the
ablote Rep~losittory, tandl lw~ tak's this mthodaa to
aaamre hais f'rientds thaat tall orders enitrusted -to
haima will be attendeda tat prottptly antd with strict
fide'li tv
Oct. I'9th, 1853. 51 1 y
Negroes Bought and Sold.
Il E utndearsignted has openead ant office at No.
16, State Stre'et, Chaarlesmttn whecre he htas on
htamat a munb~a!er of LIKELY YOtUNG NE-~
G ROES8 foar sale f'roma whaiach he c'ant suapply the
wvants oaf anty taf dte commnity. Thatte Ne.
grates are pnarehIasedl itt aarylamta, Virginia,
Naoraathattd South (nralitta. To'a hits lti te Is
etantinuaall y rece~ivinag ta'a'cessions.. 'The htighet
para'ts paul at all tim-t: s f'or ne.groes.
J. .31. E. SIIAIlIPE,
16 btato Street.
Chlaarleston. Dec ".d, 1353. 8 ly
MitmtV iita~e, %. C.
llegapec't ftlly inaforms' thae paeople of aRum
taer Din rja't lh:&t he hu. jut t receivr j anad
nonaV tller' foar t'de athe Lest. reiueted muli
mtoot a'hmeie staockl of '
Fall and Wirder Goods,
Thlat catntnot bea eurpassed bay anythintg in this
tutmilut. lit' has rue'eiv'ed many tnew styles
wichl puarchta.o., wottll do wvell to e xamtitn be
for.e bhu~ying a.elahre.
A Lt0--.
A ftadl amai large sutpply of Ilosiery, Shtirts.
Dirawers, Glov'e, Stuspendaers, Cravts, Iland-al
kerchiiefsa, &c a&c.,
A bairge nsaortent.of REAI)' M.\DE CLO
TriliiNG, whic wIlt hbesoldl low.
* 'Li Garmnts titanntfactued by the subttiri
her, atnd warrtanted to give .atisfac'tiott. Or
dent frotm a disaatanc'e protingtly attsaml.,d to.
Oct. 25tht. 1853 tI'
Thec Snbtscriber resportully itnforms hais cuat
ttoers tatnd thae pubtlic that It. canot carr ion
hais butsinaess an a creadit of -twe'lie mtaaa l.
P'romptt cttstomters whlo may favor haima with
theair waork tay exper t to beo c~alled ont tat anay
tmte faor imoaney wchen die artic'le is wantmed.
ile returnts his thatns ftar the liheral patrontage
whticha het lasa received, g,
's i. FOLSOM.
Jt:.mary 3, 1351 . 10 Gte.
1a :ataintst thte estateo of' Mvrs. ilannah
Dav'is de'e'aseda, are renn tetod to hiand thema itn
adulv attest--dl anti all perisons indebteid to
ake patyment to
Jatt. 2, 1851. ' 11__Jt.
Fall Goods!. Fall Goods.
infor thettir frji'ndas patd .het Pulll geneorally,
stat t:hey have juist receieta a large and wetdue
Ietedl S'1tte", of
e'mblrac'ing eva'ry quality and utyle of LAIlES'
Ilt ENs UtOl)S ; eavy Goods, &c., ('rooer
ian', lloaots anal Shoeas aif every descrip~tiaon; latest
atyle 1 l::and atap -; hluardwiaro tand Crockery;
i1l'ad y .3ladle Chii ting, etc. etc., to wich they
particutlarly inytte attenttiont.

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