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TI 3se First Cnassauua Sihot.
hark ! over Htrope sounding
The first, the signal gut ;
Te fire has burst, the blow is struch,
A fatal deed is deic
Pr.'in east to wesit afar,
Th'll' insulted iatiots join their heads,
Anid gather to the war.
From restless slumbers waking,
Trhe thunder in her ear,
Unhappy Poland starts to life,
And grasps her broken spear.
Old Ro~ grows young to hoar it
'lnere's mischief inl her glance
And Ilutigrary inounts hier battle steeJ,
And waves her fiery lance.
Not long shall last the combat,
Though Russia laugh to scorn
Tite wrongful cause, if up to-day,
Is down to-morrow morn.
When France unites with England,
Beware defeat and shame,
Ye foes of right who force the fight,
And fan the heedless flatne.
Hark ! over Eroupe sounding,
'he first, the signal gun
But when the loud last caninon peal
Shall tell of victory won.
Be sure, ye proud aggreisors,
Your hour shall not last long;
They may rot, can not, shall not win
Who battle in the wrottg.
A MISSIONARY il South Africa re
lates the following rettarkable occur
"I visited a poor Hottentot, who re
cently experienced ote of the most re
narkable and providential deliverances
that I ever heard of or read of. I fbund
him it great pain from the shockintg
wounds he had received on the occa
sion; and in the course of conversation,
he furnished me1 with the followitig par
ticulirs of his escape from: the jaws of
a lion, which he aseribs wholly to tie
gracious interposition of the Father if
Mercies, and which are. therefore.
worthy of being recorded to his glory.
"A botit three weeks or a mt1otnth ago,
he wtt o nt oti a uitnitiig exeurstotl.
accotn .:ulied by several other natives.
Arriviig on ant extenisive plai: wlere
there was abundance of game, they
discovered a number of lions tilso,
which appeared to be disturbed by their
approach. A prodigiously large iale
innediately seperated himuiself frot
the troop. and began "lo1wly to ad vance
toward.s the party, tle majoritV f
'w11,1111 wvere yotitigr, :l1dn1a, lit41le
to rencointreS If so fArtidable a natu re.
*Whell droves of ti iill uanteliopes. (I
-sprin -hta-s onl, title in. their way,
1'11"V intdt: at k:'. ht):1-i I-'l t ilr to
S bilt (Ile veryV aIPP.R!to ,d ih.
NNt iti. tli Ie t'lil - .
'' il h e Lie ali luti w~t . et at I .. -
talic. thOe all distlntNIoi'( . t(i r
together lby : r btl
a iew of !eoping i r
etfi I, a ii .tihe ' l i, it h . .' t .
the tia. .-ster Jiulle a i renateld.,tt- I'. *!!,d
ort two , and '.atdteally [a' uneda up~ itt
the lhnder lats oif utte of' the:llt, wht it
in its ft hult, phattlged forw~ardls :ulc
knocked do'.wtntQ tt tmtmt nj qtion (t.
who was holdiing the reit4 in his h:mdt'.
UIis comrnrades in:statly took fright:. and
ran offwith all slpeed; and( he of coutrse
rose as quickly as possi1 bl e, itt order to
follow them. But no~ soonier had hea
regainted his feet that: the mnajestic hc'ast.
w ith a seetmintg conscioutsness of hisi
superior ighivt. stretched Ijorth is paw,
and strikinig him i justsbehitnd the teck,
immediately broumght him to the. ground
again, Hie then rolled ont his back,
when the lion set his foot utpon his
breast, and lay down :tupon him. The
poor man becamet abntost breathtless,
partly Protm fear, bttt princ-ipallyv from
the intoleraible ptressutre QI his terr'ifie
load, lie enideavored to move a li ttle
on one side, in order to breath~e; but
feeling this, the creature seized his left
arm close to the elbow; aind after' once
laying hold with his teeth:, he 'ontinuled
to atmuse himself with: theo limbh for
somie time, bitting it in sundry places
down to the htand, the thtiek part of
which seemed to have beet: pietcedl
entirely through.
"All this timo, the lion did no1t ap
peatr angry, hut lie merely caught at
his prey, like a eat sporting with a
tmouse thtat is not quito dead; so that
there was not a sitngle hotne fractured,
as would itn all probability have been:
the case had the creature bewn hungry
or iritatod. While writhing in agony,
gasping for breath, and expecting ev
ery moment to be torn limtb froma limb,
the sufferer oried to his comnpanions for
assistance, but cried in vaitn. Otn rais
ing his head a little, the beast opented
htis dreadful jaws to receiro it; buit
pirovitlontially, theo hat, which I saw in
Its rent state, slipped off so that. the
poinits of tlhe teeth ontly just grazed the
surfatce of tho skull. Th'le lion now set
his,feat tupon the arm, fromr which the
blood was freely flowing; i s fearfu:l
pwwas sont covered therewith, and
he again tand again licked it cleat.
The idea verIly- makes me shudder
while I write, But this was not the
worst, for the animal then fixed his
flaming eyes upon thtose of the rman,
titelt on one side, arnd then: on the oil:
er of his face, and having tastod of' the
llOnd, he appeared to have been itu
olined to devour his helpless victim.
"At this critical moment,' said the
poor man, 'I recollected hatving hoard
thatt there is a God in thie heavens, who
is ahilo to deliver to the veory last ex
tremity, atnd I began to piray that he
would save me, and not allow the lin
to eat tn desh anid drink my blood..
While I wis thus engaged in calling
iupon God, the beast turned himself
completely round. On perceiving this,
the lHotteitot made an effort to get
from tinder him; but no sooner did the
creature observe his movement, than
he laid terrible hold of his right thigh.
This wound was dreadfidly deep. and
evidetitly occtasioniied the sufferier much
ex~uintin Ipain. ie aginiti sent upI
his ery to 6od for help; nor were his
prayers in vain. The huge animal
soon after relinquished quietly his prey,
though lie had not been in the least in
teri:upted. Having deliberately -isen
fioi his seat, heN'alked majestically
ol1: it it aistance of thiry or forty paces
and theni laly down on the grass, as if
for the purpose of watching the man.
The latter, being relieved most happily
from his load, ventured to sit up, which
ciremnstance innediately attracted the
lion's attention; neyertheless it did not
induce another attack, as the poor fel
low niaturally expected, but, its if be
reft of power, and unable to do aiy
thing more, he rose again, took his de.
parture, and was seen no more. The
man, seeing this, took up his guln, and
hastened away to his terrified compain
ions, who had given him up f'or dead.
Being in a state of' extreme exhaustion
fr-0omn loss of' bflood, lie was immediately
se upon his horsgend brought as soon
as possible to the place where I ofound
him. )r-. Gaulter, son of the Rev.
John Gaulter, eing statioied at a mil
it:ry post in the nleighborlhood, and
hearilig of thC case, hastened to his re
lief; and hla',,very humanely rendered
him all iecessary assistance ever since.
"Mr. Gatultor inf'orms me, that, on
his arrival, the appearance of the
woItnds was really alarming, and am.
pttation of tihe arm seemed abiolutely
necessary. To this, however, the pa
tient was not willing to consent. having
a number of youig children whose sup.
sistence depended entirely upon his la
hour. 'As the Almighty had deliver
ed me,' said he, 'from that horrid death,
I thought, surely he is able to save my
arm also;' and, astonishing to relate,
several ofl'the wouids are already heal
ed, and there is now hope of his com
plete recovery."
Pity the Poor.
Whilst the rich and prosplci ous are
prov'id(d witi such comnf'orts as make
wiliter, of' all thu year, thlie season of
ehieerf'ulness and social cnjoiymeits,
there are uit t.ituides to whoi the
stenli icy inarchl con i. es clothed with
trrors. A cliarming thinr it is, whilst
lie sIet t. i patterin:g ag:inst the wili
dw pmha-s. or the feathery flakes
41f inow are filinig fas 't,, wfhen the
strulls are frn''zen. aid the rowls riing
inde.r tw- horses I:unyi1,utuih the widiis
are bolig her ys. 1;br thet, amu
who b1. an hliuane of thi; world's
'fislil,. Io si Itlr' e his h a.zing lilt', inl
hiii *, m r II n I I tidl aid l ltai
%%r s 'tol L.i- Wie a dhil dre31)
P..I an~ Ill 1ie tp nhve.n t
I'L '11 L 44
hni i l i T - w t : i, i i' e
el 1hh~e to, kee. ti 'the t'.d. sumke lhir
('1ert154 dratsh:''' hi pty earb
No blazng liv e~irphid and enrn,
givet. himi: cn his trttrn Iflim the
Iba it oils of is scatily requ'tite~d
toe s'tv, a c'htterless-. iii-furniShedl a
partetnt, an.l a w ret chedlyv ehtad, shiv.
cring htoseho hI, are whfat lie ilist
iueet tin thle tilfe~hilile- oft all iin this
world tt. lie ennt call11 hotmi. lard
wot rk atnd puor ltre have brought ill
hiealthI, too, into that lit tle group,' as the
wan, sallow visage of' his wife-, and
heri pale feeble babe .too plainly
show. That poor mian has under his
rough exterioir a tend~er heart, and
wounld fatin carry haoe a fe'w little
comlforts to thlese sick onles; lint. the
rent, t he clothes, anid the fuel, hav'e
already emtptied his pockets. Lifec is
a hard biattlec to that finilIy. Win.
ter' and poviv~ tigether are almost
too totuch for themt.
Anid yet the poor ate otur brethren
-meitmber's of a common' n humaitty,
childreni of' the same) first parentge.
The least that cold be done for them,
would be, for those who have en ogh:
and to)~ sare, to shaie thiri abutndia-ce
with stnh as hav'e been less b-minti
fully dealt with. A few dollars, which
you would never miss, reader, wvould
shed sunshiifte 'in tmtiy a gloomy
hearthl-stono anid hea rt. in hlping
ihe needy, you wotld bring down biles
sings on your own head. Your
fire wiold buttn the brighter, your home
would 1)e the sweeter, and the stolrmi
would sounid less mou rnfiilly withiouit,
wheii you coul remsemberci that yout
had sent somec of' your comnforts to the
homes of the poor. *
Godh's bllessinig is upon thioso who
giveo to the pooilr. "Ite that hath
i ty on the poor, lendeth tinlto the
Lird; and that which lie hiatth given,
will he'piay again." ''f'f thou d raw out
thy soul to tlte hungry, and untisf'y the
afilicted souh; t hen shiall thy light
irise ini obscuiri ty, aid thyi grik ness be
ias the nooniday.'' '"Sell nll thait itoi
hast, anid distibukte tunto the poo r. and
thou shalt have treasure ini heaven.~"
A ppew of Gold.
B~efore we condeiiii the failingj.s of oth
ers, let us see whether we posss their
Lrt ues and excellenries.
'I t iM one thing to put a sin to sleep. and
another thing to put it to death.
Sin ets the very sinewvs of a heavenly
Sin is to a tender cniemieneo as iiantd
is to at sound 03yo; it will weep and weOep
mand weep, iiimil a weepsi Ottt.
They, wthuo moist reaihly venture into
tempiltationa, are tofi ten most c'aady overctlmei
by it,
Then shall T not be nah-,mnd wheni I
have respect unto all thy conaintndinents,
' A simple and single desire of pleasing
God will preclude many caoes of minut,
The Christian gains no victories with.
out combat.
The pious labours of one day may pro.
duce the happiest results for generation
to come.
There is a Friend who is too wise to err,
too good to lie unkind, too strong to be
resisted. Find where he dwells, ;cquait
yourself with him and be at peace.
Spiritual religion is an alfair between
God and the soul, that is principally trans
acted when no eve sees.
All declensions in piety begin in a neg
lect of closet duties.
A present God in the midst of toils and
and sonowR will sweeten and sanctily
them all, and bring heaven down to earth.
God forbid that I should glory, save in
the cross of our Lord Jesus Chrimt.
,OOD MoRNIso."--Every bodv says
,,good morning" in Now York lill -
ftier <Ziner. 'The higher the circle a
man moves in, the later he dines, and
the longer he says, good morning."
This salutation is a sort of sliding scale
of people's precise position, the lower
it runs the higher he stands. The moan
who says good evening" to you at. ex
aedy one rminute past 12 City lall
time, is down to O-zero. Depend
upon it, he works for a living; hefoots
it down town, mornings, aid carries
his dinner in a small tin pail w th a
yotng tin pail inverted ipon the top
of it. The sun reports himself not
more regularly at the neridian than
that iman's appetite.
There's that bids you "goodVimorning,"
and all bells. little and big, have tolled
stuek and rung two o'clock. lie's
"well to do," and well fed-and dines
at half past-steps gently into the
omnibus-fare six cents--and is set
down .imewhere, to walk genitly a few
steps, and in a chair with arms and
Dushions, meditating ministers to "the
inner mian." There comies at six full
past, who says "good inortiig" still.
/i's up to 212 degrees on the seale.
the very boiling point of respectibility,
And there, oi the curb-stone side of
the walk, steals a poor devil, who for
tie matter of dining is not on the scale
it all. lie never dines; he could say
"good mnorning" all day long, were
there any such thing in his Alinanmac,
or any "iniqtiry', for beggers' wishes.
Fihe therinometer doesi't go tip into
his Circle; tle tule ins't long enough;
water vaporizes Iufoie it gets there, as
it seven P. i., he stands at one uf the
l'ark gates, hat in hand, for a copper,
e d innirmurs as ym scowl at iiiii an
Imm iblle4, depreeaory " good inorning."
N Y. Tribuue.
CI.ERGYME.-- IT me t op' talk a
4reat deal about miiiiisteis, and the
:ost of ketpiimn them, paying their
I Its ns- ret 1 .lble exnewnses , uimd other
temis of salary. Did such pci
ver think s1h t 1 e- t thii:ty five tiil
onis ofd, 1 ar-s t1o pay thie '.-alarics etl
A~neican lawyelq; that iwelve imil
.l * L'dol1.lrs ar; paid tiut annua'iV
o eep or crimimabh, nild ten mnillioln
' doh to kceep the d igs in the
la I i u alive, while (n1ly six iiiil.
:d aei spn amnunally I,t
I :i 3: the m*ai~ hsteti ii th
pubilic frouin il~tig t. ph-e., asc' the
.NTAL AN ConPoRFiAm. Si'Fi.}
Isn.-Thlere is a very prtetty P eriaui
tIpotlogn o thie i fet.rence bietwiieen
kiil-g :md~ his in iiste'r were d isc-ussint
t lie sublject, and ditlfered in oipiii.
lhe :niisiter maintiaineda the first to
be moire~ severe, andI to conviiince his
oereigni of it, lie to ok a hInb, br iske
is leg, shut it upj anid puit fthod bethre
it. ie took another, shut it up withI a
tiger which was bounird with a stroing
lcain, so that the becast could sprin g
tear but not seize lie hunb) and alson
put food before him. lai the muorning
lhe carried the king to see the efreet ol
t he experimnenit. The lamib with the
broken leg had1( eateni all the food Ipla
ced before hii- -the other was ftnnd
dead fromi fright.
It is said that Washington I rvinzg
and "Peter [Parleyv" have m:ile as Ia rgc
fortnecs by auitho rship, its Mr. Mitchell
by his- school books. Profesor An thoni,
for his series of el-asics, has recieved
60,000. .M iss Wazrntr's books haive
;iehled au [email protected] "f fronm *$2,00i0 to
%i15,000. ir. jileadley has mcalizedl
fruomi Lis works m40, 000; ii; Nairvel,"
820,000; Miss L'eslie, $12,000; Dr.
Barnies, m6:0,o00 Fanniy Fern, fi-om
oine small booik. ini six months, $60,000;
Jutdge Kent, $l20,000; Webster, for
his Dietionary, $1 80,000O: and ot hers
at egual rates. So that it cannitot he
said that Am ericamn authorship is not
Ex'TaAomtmNuv Naws Famo~M A Us
TRALIA--A letter in the Bristol (lig)
,Journal, dated Hob iart TIown, Autstrai
liai, Septemnber,8th, states that ant ex
traordinaty discovery' of'gold has beeni
tatde fifty-six miles from Greelonig.
Tlhe gold is foutnd 100 feect from
the sur-face. TIhe writer- sayvs 17,
000 ounees were talken out ini three
days by a fewv personis, arid onte man
gont out a lump weighing 19 pounds.~l5
lhe witer adds that a tmnul t had
occturred among the diggers, antd that
the military had beeni ordered til to
quell the disturbanice.
THiE TOtant OF .IVILTON.-Upont the'
tomb of this great poet, ito othier ep'i
taph is seen but this, ' Th'Ie Anthor of
Paradise loost."~ In the lanugo tif
another this epitaph "is grand in its
simpliciy,"' and we maty add, mote
impressive thnu a labored pienegyii
upo n his gentius, his lemirtninig and his
The woman who was "biuried ini
gief" is now alive- antd dcing well;
itwsa case of nrhnaturn itornwtt
Predictions for the Year
This year will be famous for a thou
sand ivonderful things. From Janu
ary to December, the days will consist
of twenty-four hours each, and there
will be such a number of eclipses, that
Imaniywiso people . will be in the
dark. There will be fogs in Maine,
fires at Constantinople, and a lack
of brains in many a fool's head.
South Anerica,,this yes.r, will not
extend beyond Capt 11orn; and the
North Pole will be exactly in ninety
degre'es of latitude. Those who lose
money will look sad, and those who
are in want of cish when they bor
row, will want It more when thev
come to pay.
W isdun will cry aloud, but few will
regard it.--There will be long speech
es in Congress, but for all that, Lake
Superior will not be upst t.
Quadrupeds, this year, will go upon
four legs, pretty generally; and cow's
horns will be crooked. The fate of
lottery tickets will be dubious; but
whether there be a general European
war, or not, mortal wounds will be
apt to kill, and he that is sick with
old age, will have a disease harder to
cure than the mumps or chin-cough.
The celestial aspects indicate that
political parties will not agree for some
time to come; but whoever is Presi.
dent, water will run down hill and
ducks will waddle as here-ofore.
Cabbages, this year, will be rather
round than three-cornered, and carrots
will be decidedly red. Coals will be
as black as ever; eats will love fish, but
hate to wet their feet, and all on ac
count of Klinkerfue's comet.
The world, this year, will turn up
side down, but not in consequence of
the Governor's inauguration. Tie crop
of hay will depend upon the weath
er, but whether it rains or not, there
will be plenty of sand at Cape Cod.
Whoever sells his house to buy
mnoonshine will hardly get his money's
wor th. Whoever runs to eatch the
rainbow, will get out of breath for his
pains. For all that., eastern lands miay
be had for the buying.
Loconotives and nuctioneer's ton
gIes will run fast. There will be mor
tal war between cats and rats, as well
as between aldermen and roast tur
keys. People will talk about tle
end of the world. but it is ten to one
that the solar systeii will nuot run a
gainst the dog star between now and
next December.
Sea-serpeiits, this year will be
hlard to catch, and non tibt. a conjuror
will be able to get a quart, into a pini
po t. Tho4C who have wooden legs
will sutfer little when they freeze thiir
toes. Wigi are expecteil to be fiAh
iniIa ble among the bald, but. blind
I0dks will have some dilliculty in see
DisrS steilmbi"ats will blowi up
thlis year. Apples will ripe-n about
Uetober, s1oner or later; bit that is
All one, provided we have vider enoigh.
-Foxves will pay particod.ar aittenionil~
to poultry; there will lie verl ftew i:.
birds taen ith ebafl', alidi \ :d ye .
wil not bay tai.. e.
Ihn, in;t oft all. ihere will me ai;
Swichl ihere wit tie nip ene.--h
ii :ea, .!aien geld: t lhe Prrenehftute d' ar.
7ent; ini this count ry, it gioes under va.
jeins a.:-'!iiionis, hut it is lli.st corn
mly known~ byli the l.amle oif empij
/y pUckets. - - The Cotton I~jnt
S'rA!m CA inr~:us.-'libe is oit
steami ~in 'c- ofi liiiore, un cilioinmo
roa: I , ha.' beeiin id priac'ticale, and
n all respj .ei5cetiiconmcal, by) atu al
experi iliint ini Eniglatmil, iaid has ionlyI
belent prevented hiihiertoi by the ioppoi
itiin (as is s;up.ujedc ) of the aginii
tu ral inite*rest. Ain ell'ort is inow biing
miade' i' ihis counlttry, whlere the pred
judJices iof a single interest are less
thlr~iiable oblstaicles tom a pupllie im.
provementl, to' int riodnee steam ear ring
es fori onur rmnl s. Mr. .1. I(. Fishier,
New Yourk, ha~s in vented several valu-i
aLble. i imroveents ini ie co nst ruittion
anmd arraingemenit of' such earziaiges, and
is nowi~ ra..isinm a jint stock compruany,
wvithI a caitanl of $100~,000, for ilie
nnufactimne of his macellhine. A speci.
men, showing the wiirk ing parts ofi
lie steam carriage, is now lii exhibi
hion at the Crystaf Palace. Mr. Fish.
er alleges thai t lie can stop his carriage.
or turn it, ini less timen than a horse
v'ehicle of' equnivalenit wveighit and pow.
er', and that it will also wear' roads
much less.
Csssor -rHE UsItun S-rA-r's.
Accordinig to thme census of' the U.
classed as follows: WVhi te, 1 9,55l,00,s
free colored, 434,495, slaives, 2.204, -
3 12. Of' those who cannot read~ and
write, ther'e are 1,053,420, morst of
whom reside w~here the conmmon school
system does not prievarl.
AL i oan BosnD.--lt is stated biy
t he New Y ork Courier, that oif 7~6S
ditl'erenmt kinds of railroad bonds issued
biy 52 differentscompanies, 13 pay 6
per cent. 55 seven per cent., 7 eight
per cenit., and 1 ten per cen't. The
tot al imunount of these bonds is *120,
Mias. HlowTT AND Miss BatEMERl
AOAIN-.-C Cli]} I/se fbEE0oin fromn
th e Ca rolin ian.-A letter from Maryv
llowitt in reply to Frederika Bremeor,
appears in the fLondon Times, relative
to the translation by Mfrs. H1. of Miss
li..'s "holmes in America," and ex pres
sing great, surprise at "a card" of tho
latter, saying that there are many
wriimg things in the translation. Mr's.
I low itt says: "I was more particular
lyv siirplrised, as 1 received from heri
ver,~ lately a letter expressive of' her
great sat~isfactioni with my versioti of'
hear wnrkr "
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T. D. FxIERsON us a Candidate for
Sheriff of Sumter District at the cnsuing
Aug. 24, 1853.
Mr. Editor:----You will
oblige a number of the voters of Sumter
District, by annonncing in your columns
the name of Major JoUN BALLARD, 0e a
Candidate for Ordinary at the ensuing
Aug. 13, 1853. 42 tf
MR. EDITOR :-Please announce Mr.
ROBERT W.' DURANT, a candidate
for Tax-Collector of Salem County, at the
ncxt.clection, and oblige
Jnnuary 14, 1852 13-tf
V~iz The friends of Capt,
P. M. GIBBONS announce him a candi
date for the office of Tax-Collector for
Salem County, at the ensuing election and
oblige MIAr VOTEBs.
October IS51.
0 The Friends of Dani
IEL MATIIS, Esq., announce him as a
caudidate for Tax Collector for Claremont
County, at the ensuing election.
Feb. 8th, 1853 15-td
(rr Mr, Editor:-Yotu will
please announce WILLIAM If. BRUN
SON na a candidate for the Office of Ordi.
nary of Sumter District, at the ensuing
April 27th, 1852 27-tf
(rF We are authorized to
annoince T. J. DINKINS. Esq., a Candidate
for Clerk of the Court, at tihe e-naning election.
April 16th 1851 25 tf
Kr Mr. Editor: Please an
nounce Mir. J. J. McKELLAlt, a Candi
date for Clerk of the Court, for Sumter
Dbstrict, and oblige MANY VoTEnS.
April 13, 1852. 25-tf
rif W. J. N. IIANIENI:T are desirotis of put.
ling him in nomination for the Ollice of
Clerk of the Court of Sumter District, at
the ensuing !ection.
Mlay 21, 11553. 230-tf
VCsThe Friends of Mr.
1011 N F. JUNE, antiounce himl as cantldi
!ate for Sheriff of Suiter District at the
next election.
Nov. 12th, 1852 .-td.-pd.
& We are authorized
10 iiotuee A. E. 1'0L, tis a candidate
For Sheriff of Sunter District at the enso.
rig cerctioni.
December 21. 18532 8-.-tf
Mr. Editor:-Please an.
Iountice JOlHN N. McLE()1) a candidate
for SNhriff of Sum'ier )istrict and ob.
.hwl "'01 h. 53 *5-t f
$100 Reward,
Ali .\WA V, on 1st ''Ttesd.ay the
white muilatto, ;iboult ive feet three
or 1.3,ar m-his h'igh, toler. bly .stoutt h ilt,
abit Inen~o two yeairs o~d wvi:h straight
whe spoklen to, idi hmov hI's a .ihorrt thicik
toot, hits h:amisi .-ort ani.l thk chi'bhv
finogers. lI I had the~t scar o : a h1ister 1on
his h. rehecad juist n'rie V 1h -eye-bmrows, hm
may~ try tio hiole it by0 warimg his capi or
lhat. downt over his for :hea.!. lie will lie
sure to pass h:miself for ai wh1it e man31 fo
lhe is very while anad his beeni taking greait
car uIIL' his 4in for soimO timeC. WNhin he
left he hail a cliithI cip, black co-it and a
ih~rk coloiredl pair oif pati. Ile will he
sure to eba~ingc his cap amni e'3lies uis.,om n
ais lhe cant; lhe also wears his hair ini front
st raglht idown to hide thle scar oit lie bIlis
ter. Ile is a shoemakemr lby trade, shoutgh
I limay not go at th usin i~esst, expecting
that lie wil he so aidvertiseid.
lThe shoive rewaird of One I lundlred
D. l lars wdtIIl, be paulfor hs3s deClivery in nny
.hutl in the State, lie wiul he sure to give
himnself anothelar namoe.
.A.\! I.OW RY.
Bra3dleyvihle, Snoter 1)hstrict, S. C.
"... C.amdaen .13)::rnal and Cheraw Gai
iette publ'lh live times.~
Paints, Oils, Glass
No. 60 1-2 East- flay, Op~posite P. & 3I. Bank,
Hekeepsconistantly for .-ale, a general assort
montofaito and C)ils of all1 kinds, Window
(lass and Sashes, Spirits Turpentino, Caim
dage, Chiaina Puimp, Cotton Foot Gin Fixtures,
Gltue, P'ackilg Yatrn, arid IlrushesL of various
Ot.2G, 1853. 52 Cm
Commission Merchant,
PA RTICUJLAIR attention given to the SA LE
or SIIIPMENTl of Naval Stores and Cotton,
and liber CASH ADVANCES made on Coni
Dec. 11, 1853. 7 *l
Administrator's Notice,
All persons having demands agaimst the
Estate of AMrs. E'. Conunors, deoceased, tire
requiested to hanid thema in psroperly attest.
ed; anid those indebted will please tmake
inuinediate payvment to
T1. II. CONNORS, Adm'r.
Nov. 14, 1853l. i t f
T.i C. WOnRTh,
Forwarding Merchant,
Augr- 41 1vy
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware % anufactory.
JAMES If. DUE would respectfully
infot in the citizeus or Sumlerville and the
surrounding country, that h1 is now open.
ing a TIN MANUFACTORY in Sumter
ville, and is now prepared to fill all orders
in the tin line. Merchants will find it to
their interest to purchase their ware from
me, as I intend to sell low and warrant all
that I sell.
WORK executed wiaih prompitiess dnd in'
a workmanlike manner. The cash will
be expected n every instance ou finishing
or delivering of every job. I intend to sell
cliep arwi fur the cash only.
Feb. 8th, 185:3 15-tf
Law Notice.
Office next door to J. B. & R. C. Webb's
New York Store.
March 22, 1853 21-tf
For Cash, And that oifly,
The cheapest GROCEIIIES ever atold
in Sunterville, can he had from GORDON
& CO., at Dr. Mellet.'s Old Stand.
Segars of the finest quality and most ap
proved Brands in the worll, together with
Preserved Fruits of dfiTerent kinds, Syrups,
Nuts, &c. A share of the public pairan
[ge is desired. provided it is accompanied
ly the CASH, but not otherwise.
June 14th,. 19453 . :3:-t f
Business Card.
Coton a'(ctors and General Commis.
sion Ikrchants.
D B. McLAURIN. 1sq.. will give per
a sonal und special attention to the in
terests and orders of his frienil in this
State and the adjoining Counties of North
Carolina, who maiy favor these Houses
with their patrotitage. Contkrnments of
produce to the, I fonse in New York, either
by way of Chiarleston, Gorgetown, (r
'Viliinigtona, will ie covered by insuraice,
i lnotice of the shipinent ie promptly giv
May i3, 1813 27-tf
C" 'J'AlmiS this method al
iifirmintr the ritizenis of
Sumiterville and viciniy that
lie hasn oipaied in iStinterville, ipjtoste t id new
Presbverinta Church, a CAllN ET WAtE.
ROOM, where lie will keep for sale, cheap, all
mch firaiiire t comies uniidear this depaartnti
of lis, trade, which lie iill warrant of gooa
material ; and will furishira fr cash, at Charles
til prices, all descripitions of Frii t ire mnade.
tepairiiig execiti at the shoirlest noilica.
Magiay and plain Caifluin firjislied wiith
out delauy.
Having procarel the services of Mr. C. W.
DAvis, le i:s prepared to furnish Mlfli Plates
eingraved inl any .tyle.
All the atberhr asks i-4 a fair trial, and
hIpes by pinetual attention to bisiness iad
cay tertm, to ne-rit public patronage.
February 17, 1652. 17-V
TDrLOit1E'S IIt'lM l)! VIE, l ar Il:ilam of
h.ife' is, a fter a it i-df upjwar i oaf twent v years
in a ar'at vaariety aofe:t'es.cnafide'ntly aafl-red to
te puici, e':ateciallfy to thlose' allictta withi the
lmo-i dfitireeiing a-aompltaitt, as at ure aid i'peedy
relief for theair Mtuitring~t.
Rea:al tha.' follow inig certificates. The~y are
frotn ge-nth-m'ian of ih titanding and retiding
mn youar mundiaaa.te vic-inity. Theliy arc biut one
air two of athe many in aor posen-ssiotn all exltoll.
ing the, hfahntg vi rtues of this, (io use the wiordls
of a grateful Disppties who was cured by its
u-te) imoiit precaiouis c(mutnid.
Ce~rtiic~ate frm the 'lteu. !!.:rtwelI Xpain.
St'.ari-aivi.i.c:.. S. C. Jan. 13th 19t53.
Mr. C(asa. De t:.onc.it :.
Dea~ar Sir: -.at Sping I sed two small hot
tlets af youmr Hal-an oft Life-; atnd expearienced
much heinefig. I took it iwo air thiree tiimes dlai.
Iy, a tea'tponful at a dlose in a wine glass of
It actedl on miy liver, nnd imparted nt healthay
tone to all nmy dij*uijve nrgans, relie-ving me aif
distressing /lnace, tand matny other dli~agreea
le dypejptic; a- amtonsm.
[Signead) IL. SPAIN.
DV.Aa Sia :-l lake greait plenture in re'comn
mending yur "liamne ale Vie."' wichie I have
oftaen usedeu, and, a'tuaya with dlecideda relief,
when suilt~ring fromn atlack, of D~yt'pelpia. At
onee ia stimiu Lint, lomte atal cathar: iac, I am sat
isfledl it will prahva emsiinnly tuervicablle to all
whoit are ahlim-ted with D y-jpepsia. Its genaerail
introdnea-itiua thlrughaout the counlt ry iilibhe a
puilek benefit.
Ton keep a suapply' constantly can hand!, which
I wouldl not exchange fair tall the Anti-dyspep.
tie niostrtans froam Mtane to Tlexa.
Y'ours reaupectf'ully.
For sale by .lchn, M. Chmandletr, Sumnterille,
" " " M. A. IlIng~rits, D.arlinigton C. I1.
" "'a " r. J. E. ~iyrdl, Tlimmnonsville,
Wolesacale Agents, Columaabia, 8. C.
November 9 2 tf'
BI'TLF.R & N EWHF.RY have remroved from
thetir formaer standaa to thei one f'ormerly iccuplied
biy E. D. PRl iNGLE~ & CO., oneo doaor North of
F. IIOY'S Jewelry Siore, whaeret they would
hat pleasedl to stee their friendls and c'uistomera.
Oct 5, '8,3. - 49 af
.Negro Shoes,
The subscriber haa made arangementa fair
the imanutfactuire of from Fuar to Five Thousand
p'airs of that aboive article by thaeF-ALL. Foir
reference as to quality, lie woulnd respectfully
refe r persons whlo may lie adisposuecd to putrch'lare
of hint, to thostec whlo patronaizLed him Iast year
As to price, he will Lauarantee them' as low as
can bhe oflerded -
May '22 2 .J MORG~AN.
sizes, constantly on hand and for sale
Op~p. Temperance IHall Suimterville.
Juno 15th~, 1852 -34--tf
Wolfe's Aromatic,
A superlative Tonie, Diuretic, Anti-Dys
peoptic, Invigoratinig Cordial, &.c.
For sale by -
Fine Cigars and Garden --
Kept con stantfly on htand lay
aappinlss and Competenoe
%via jz'zU'rit
I'latvi VW W. , I I'e..
Shast l<- U'iautaj snal) tfenialesa ~C ja ds. dn "telif
mime -tekma in tIeTemil a iarlts w , 9 cm'.atnon
u ar.msen and ilaaiuits. dep#rit itc timr P fIN e1Mraor the.
enism.asctstm olife I an agt wyaeca sinam~ i pease
t' o;.ri~t er seenty sMa iank cob
slition111 as a. iud lepe mnn. . ..
aasly or' (Re caulsesi of herr sufrering$ at first-per"Af
year! befor1e.Perikaees d uring girlhood. of the first Itqsel
nerr We-nu ere it IIs t origin so ligtas to pass annotated.
*Ad of coursnesleeted.
wirMe tco late to lie ,euretted by or knowledge. wej ook
!a lsk amnd Inituiu. amid 'egret the full consequences of oar,
WIat would wenot often give to PossesO in early life
the kitunmlegte ne oattin IA piter years! And what days
aid nsialhts -it amigsati-l we nirt not have been alpared, if
tit! k.s.n ledige was timely possessed. It is
T ihtmlcl tle sickness and suffering endured by nusny 6
wif timr noumy years. fromu catses siumgle and controllable.
easil y resedied-or better still.-not ntcesred, ifevery
l'nsses.ed tile imrmrmatiou eontalned In a little olume.
I in tisii the reacts of all) whach would spare to Imrself'
And to Ieer hmusband the constant toil &aJ ansietr or mind,
ecersrity devol le ilian him Ifain sickass o the wire..
itout gaine beat tirisj ppertunity ofacquir that coin
petence which aIis eertins are entitled and tie poses.
u lim ot which would secue the happiness of ha.self,
title, amid ctmildieen.
y teconili in time possessed of the knowledge, the,
snt of wh ich has caused the sickness and coverty of'
in view of wchl consequences no wire or mother Is
excUSable W sie tclect to anaii heself of that know
*emtet in rese-ret to I erself. wlhicl would spamr her umuici
siiferimig. hte telsecaas ofhmippjnces amid lirosperity to leer.
hi mimaimil. iel rmsifer uisot her reildre thast blesslig abeve'
oi tire-ya.-thy bodies. with t.eabbtly minds. 'mhat
lasn i It mite is riuitained inl a little work entitled
'It" f M A W [RIP2 [email protected] O O
Privale Mledical .Companion,
rptorm:sia.s or se:As.s or wussrem.
Onte Jimmrmrth Iciltimer. lrn1o,pp 250. erice 5 Censw
(mix ri'so rArrn. SmiTRA 11trtr1. 1 00.]
V'isst mmblishvem s 117. and it is not
<-vmcistertn.4 thaot FVEI(Y sVEMtAr.E,
Wt:ti't-IrlIt lIAlttitlcK> Ot4 NOT. sea
ise- sre-tl-stre s4 fall tatsmsiictlge of lisow
mcct tir-. tinesrer nni earnusecs of her ensts
ctmantmsim, wIttla tit, various myssapjtosss, amist
tanl seeserly
l.\i 11 A lul.LION COPIES
i-ihl hal e teemu soitm.
It 7 inp.meticalIe to :...meev funy tie vsinans subjemits
. em ci. A liC arC F i ima ume strictlv imiemteet t10
:h- murie r, oir tie r ienem latisig inma'ria e a, b t ro
h, :i e le :v imui eis ii: ; heilmth, v-. tihat esutmy. e.n.
- it mi he-slt, "imiric is cm cxme-d icve to tier own
b e e iele or -ier lasha.dt.imt eniier laS i %r sill
bi.i. i '. .c mmcc mrin iltii es caym liushmaml wlts lisa time inr.
*.iieitm.ein-mmim mninite at lcIe.uaor that ol- his own re.
t1'' A., tit t. ti O'E lttfNDIIED ThOU
II Va 1) V013,11 S
..-----. I%&' MAll. nit!ms ilme lout 1e..
m. m hiiqil tinters 1M. A. M. Manneiea,125
irty .trem6-L_. Y." Is on the tite page. anti tle
eamry iii lhw *-rk -s Offce on the .back of the title.
.mr1i: tnly featly cif rerspoetable ani honorable
c1--:.hirs. cir .nm Imy mill, aud admres tin Dr. A. M
I:aimricetats. :as thiere are spurious and surreptitios
hnfrio ititelM cif eny-rigimt.
No etetee ror Ignvorsece. when Tgssoraice
14 M1ai.ery to those we hold seenr eased
ienr. need whent to .espel our igasoramacU
let waithlias our ireatell.
To i-nnblo every one 'to docido upon the indla.
,ipm.tou trmitemy o pnseeeassing a etpy, and that no
wir-. mr nither noot remain uninfortned upon the
rmany malises, which. sooner st ater, are de.tlied to
Itmatc- tensrfial ravnges upon hee health, nnless guarded
neerdmast. aimi that no considerate anI affectionato
mitsbaml have cause ti, iiprald hitoneif with neglect
if thia w.lfiaro of his wifre-a pamplet of thirty 41x
|gimin.c mremincit fdl ?Yite-perge cind 'nmie of Cop.
imn'sr. vogmeier with extrnats Ifron the book. will be
1-01 p, o/ carge t I any trt of thle tnitel States,
.y :ciiilrmuaing, p-pnid, n herein.
Whrsee Kaowleelget 3sallavpine=a, 'ts cll
Iaesole to be liocraste.
is receipt or Ote Dollar (fr tie fin- Fcll
lan. e vi:& hinthit.) " TilE .5ARCD lit~>wOt AN'
'P: IVA'm KIEDCAL OWINIMON'' Is sent (magl.
4 .6cc) ti any part f then Unitel StAtle. All ltt.
er rtnt hIe it-rai antI addaresed li Dr. A. I
61A AtICEAll. Box 12nt. Now York Ciy. rablish
I flce. Nmc. 121 LIborty Street. New York.
For snte tthv
illmhnlrg, 18. C.
Ini New Ytork City, Icy
st rinizre. &S Townmsndm, Adrinintte, Slher
nan&um~ ('m.. Dewitt & I ntvenpjort, Bttnrt &.
o. O)tfive, 129 Liberty Street, near
c~nustomverst and the emnmunsit y g.enerally
h:. by thle 20ih inst.,- I will htav'e in toro
a full slock of.
him flino, 5c onsviistingS, or CLOTHS,18 CAS
91l.lERES, anid VESTINGC, of every
-A .so
11 A TP 8, CAl'S &c;'FINE LINEN
Ril IIi'.T. , RiAW WIRS, SU8INDElRs,
ml every dlescripitioni; wvith a comtplete ats
lisortinet of
Ready Made Clothing,
:arefnilfy stlected in the BIalttmore and
New York matrkets.
Sept. 20, 185:3,
AT Timh Ol.D ST.AND OF~ 8. & J. GI.DERlT
cotinne the CARRIAGE
IUSL.VEmS at the above
stand-No. 35 andI 40 WVentworth-street,
Chtarleston-whtere they wmmili be pleased to~
exhlihit to) theui ihi rriendls and enttcomere
avery extensive Stock of Vehicles, com-.
[prisintg those of their own manufacture,,
ogethter with vmariods1 other styles usually
ronnld int tis tmtrket. Tefcir long ac'quaint
meeC with this mairket as mnanufnctutreres
ind dealors wmmill en~able thlem to og'er grear
inlducemlenlts to putrchtasersbt-isye.
tint prices.oh n tyos
Angtust 2,85.44-tf.
Improved Cottoil Gins.
eThankrful fosr past favoiurs the8 subscriber wish
es to inform the ismblic thtat lhs ill manufac
tures Colttonl Gins at his, esablinkltg~ent in State
bturgc on thei tost improved ahd approvaed plan
whtichs he thinks that, the couto gtned on one
of those ginu of the late improvemtent, is worth
at least a quaarter of a centt more thant the cot
ton gininetd tin the ortdinary gir.. H~e aliso mans
uiac'tresm them son tihe mnostsimplqnonstricstion,
of tihe finest iniash and of the hwat materials.; to
wit, Steel Sawis and Steel P'latedi Ribs Case
hiardlenedl which lie will sell foir 02 per Sqw.
lHe also 9opairm oldi gins anti puts thetm In comn
pinto ardeor at the shonrtumt notice. All ordlers (or
(gns will be prompjtiv and puncettuahly ta-nnd
Stateburg, Sumter Dial, S. C. Fob 17,- 26
Veterinary Surgeon.
ROBERT WV. ANI)REWS notofttou te
citizens of this, nsi the adljoininig iistricts,
that lie htas remsovedi Ia Stabiles ntear the tie.
pot of the WS. & M. R. Rosad, wmhmero lie its ri-atdy
at all thres ts tk chiarge of tdheetied itnrma
fo~r a modterate chargm,; in all eases wltr hr
ira no enre not in will beo expectedl.' lie also
cnsithmeem tmm take It'amngerd tin cud from1 the
Pelssi andu expects tri rly ao receive a New
tUmniif1ms far Ilmat pulrpsoe. (7nmodai he i lhaiti
at tise omld rte of )(1 conta l per pckag~meand
solicit, the lyatronIage of thle putblic.
Eb. 2IJ. 1853 _.

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