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T SU TE E l'u 11IIl.
WVEDNB'SDAY, FBB'Y,8 . 1854.
F L"-Persons wishinir to see us. upon
business can find us, at any hour dnt-ing the
day, except from four to live in the afler
noUn at our office, just back of Mout.oatoos'
New Store. All business connected with
the paper must he transacted with the Edi
tor, or with WIL.IAMt LEwrs ; and all let
ters addressed to the iaanner, must be pre
paid to insure attention.
(Cn A n r.Rs-roN, Feb. 6.
The market on Saturday was inanimate,
but with a moderale deniand only-priegs
ranging about the same as for some days
previous. The sales amounted to 120(1
bales, at the following particulars: 250
bales at8 1.4 to S 1-2; 100 bales at J ;
455 at 0 1-2 ; 21(r at 0 1.2; 130 at J 3.4
to 10: and 64 at 101 1-2c.
27" We have the pleasure of an.
nouncing to our readers, ' that an ar
rangelnent has been muade, by which
Mr. JotnN 11. LouAN, the fortnier cdi
tw of the Banner, will assist, to somse
extent. in conduetitig our paper. It
our absence he will take the sole charge
of the paper.
The attention of the villagers, and espe
cially olf parents, is called to the Ordinance
of our town, which prohibits the practice of
shooting within its corporate limits. The
town Council think it best that parents be
regnested to put a stop to their children
violating this wholesome regulation, and
hope that they will save the Cosncil the
necessity of entorcincr the law.
Mall Ageuts.
\Vi..tIa II. Dvsos, of this District, J.
I. N. TENHF.T, of M rion, anid \I\..tM
W. PaC., of Wilmington, N. C., have
been appointed Mail Agents on the Wil.
t-ington and Manchester Railroad.
S%" We publish in this issue, according
to promise, M r. TAtat's celebrated speech.
It has taken up more room thanii we
thought for, and too much to ,.Ilow our
publishing at the same time (as we intond
ad) Mr. PEunY's criticism tnotn it. We
hope, those gentlemen who have written
and spoken to us upon this subject, and
whom we promised to publish both articles
together, will accept this as a suificient
reason for the non-appearance of one of
these articles in this number. We will
have it forth coming in our next, together
with Mr. TABER'S recent letter to Maj.
PERRY, which comprises the whole con
troversy 1? r as it has gone. We have
adopted the plan of pub!lihing this contro
versy between Mr. TanEsa and Maj. Patnny,
in order that the people may have the
chiance of judging for themselves. and1( in
order that they may do so entirely unbiased
-we forbear making arny conmmens.
Suanall P'ox.
The report was going the rounds. a few
days ago, that this dreadful diluease had
made its appearance int our gniet and
healthy little town. The report originated
in the fart that a young man, who hiad
just returned from Charleston, had been
taken~sick with what has since beetn as.
certained to be minsels-a disetase which
we are informued somewhat resembles the
Smnall Pox ini its first stage. Th'le youtng
mnan has been treated for mtensels and is
recovering as fast Its possible.
Thme Eastern WVar.
Th'Je latest aecottnts showv a brilliant
vietory fo thes Turks.
The fighititng contintued for fivo
days and the Russians were nt last
routed with the loss of 4000 killed
and two Genterals wountded. Oni the
last day the Turks attacked the Rus.
sian teserve anmd drove it in conifusion
on Krajova with loss oif its artillerv'.
The sliughter (in both sides iisomenuse.
Tihe Turks afterwards destroyed the
Rtussian fortificationus antd retuaned
to Kaltiht.
Theli Russianis havey it ereased the
fortifications of Sebastopol anid along
the Crizziea, and' put out, all the
The Sultan has essentially rnouified
the note of the Four Powers and ir.
warded it to St.- Petersbutrght. No
answer has yet beeni received frum
the Czar, but it is believed lhe will
recall his Minister from Paris and [~on.
don, arnd formally declare war. E.ng
land is strentheniing har coast de
fences. In the F.rceh ntavy yards the
greatest activity pret ails; every ves
sel is ordered to be fitted out, and
the wvorkmen have no intermtissioni,
even on Sunday.
This all begins to look in earnest
like a genteral war.
if OGenerosity of thme Iuarpers.
The Messerer. IIAui.:ats, whose estab
lishmnent was recently destroyed by lire
hate kindly offered to pay the board of the
girls, who w.ere so stiddenly thrown ont
'if employment, until their busintess is smilli
-ciently advaniced for themn to resumet thteir
1171 Eighit thousand bales of cotton wer-e
.destroyed on the Mississippi River by fire
-o n the 293th alt. This with what lhas been,
destruyed, at oilher timecs, within the last
few weeks, swe ils the amount lost to
* something e, twelve. thand b... e.
Vaccinue iMaIttter.
At this time, twing to the appear
aIe of' a few ctes of' small pox in
Charleston, and some scattered ones
in the country, nearly every lIttdter or
head of liniuily, throughout the iate,
are busy in their inquiries fur, and use
of' vaccine matter, is a preventati ve ol
this loathed and dreaded disease; yet
how few know to whom they areincdebt
ed lbr thk discoveryofthe greatest bonti
ever given to sufi'ring hmanity, and
certainly the most signal triumph of
intelleetual labor and the power of
Previous to the discovery of the
Present system of vaeitation, innoeu
lation with the virus of' the small-pox
was pltietised i Turkey, and from
thence introduced into England. The
disease thus. prod teed artificially, was
found to be of a itilder forn, than
easual disorder andaless fatal, but not
to such an extent its to lead to the
general practice of' innoculation in this
formn, lew persons being found willing
volutntarily to encounter the disease,
even in this mitigated type, and thus
matters stood. until the year 17098.
when EvAnn .: Nn, a physician
of a country towln inl England, and to
whomt tle wotrld is indebted fir the
discovery of the efficacy of vaccine
latter made known the results of' his
experiments and successful introduc
tion of cow-pox into the huntiai sys
tem, anrd its power inl iendering the
small -pox intnoeuous. '11 disease to
which cows are subject and known as
the cow-pox appears first upon the
udder of the antimnal f'rom which the
inf'eetion it frequently taken by milk
ers, who during the ravages of the
small-pox were found to bo entirely
free fio itis attaelk and to the ca-ual
r-enark of dairy wom aen, that site was
not a'raid of this diseise, as she had
taken the cow-pox, was L)r. .i:saNal in
debted for having his attention drawn
in that direction. '
EnwAnn .1t:x::F:,: was nore thait
twenty-five years in bringigti his
experiments to a satisfacttry c n clu
sin and tle present systein of'usin
the vuecin.e matter was unheard olf'ntil
lie hhinselI applied , so late as 1796
upon the arm ofa boy the natter taken
from a poisttle on the hand of a young
womian who had received the inf'etioin
froin a cow. The disea;e thus pro
diced was one of'the mildest firm, md
upon innoculating the same boy six
weeks after with the virus of' the small
psit was f'ound - It ngipe ge
This wasi the firtst of' his triumphs and
led to what is now att alnost mtiiver
Ia [tract ice. TIhie feelings if DI1r . N
Nt.: while putrsing his experitmtents,i
ate thtus irelated Ity hiimself antd ilo as
niich hnori to his heatI. iandi as jutstiy~
etite himt io the love atnd resptect oft
if' mmtztkindu. as the bitn itself', which
his skill anzd lobttr mnale kttowni to the
w~orld. lIhe says: " Winst the v-ae
eie discovery was liltogressing. theI
joy I i-It. at t he d iscoveiry hb-fore mi e,
of beitng the intstru nmint dest ined to
take away f'irti the woritld otto o~fits
greatest eahnitiecs, b letnd ed withl the
fiond hope oh' enjo yitig litiepteitdeicce,
antd dointestic peace and htapipintess, was
often so excessive, that ini putrsuing moy
fovorite subiject among thte mneadows.,
I have somtetimnes fitutid myself' iti a
revetie. It is pleasant to ile to recol
leet that these refleet ions abravs end~ed
in devout ackniowledgimenits to that
13einig ftrom whom this, anid all other
mneicies flow."
Firomt the Alt CL'uifrnian, of D~ec., 30-h,
w'e glean mlianyt inuterestintg pairticuliars of
the popu lati on of Califoirntia. On the fi rst
of Jauatzry 185i3, the numbtiter of inhlabui
l ttis of lie State wvas est imiatedl at 3(t0,
t0t0t ha nuimb er a rriv~edI by se-a si nce
that timle amtuount tio 35u.1I 5, departutres
:30,310, le-aving 4,.fi) as the exmscs of
arval vr departuires. Ti's doe's nt
inclutde the atrrivals over hid tnalul the, to
tl inctreaise is estimttate-d at 18,0nj ii maia
the pliation at thits tiane amtiounit to 32;.
0001. (Of thee it is estimatedl that 215,
000( are A mricants, 25,(000t Gerinlans, 25,
otf Spaish bltrid, 5,(000 miissellhaneou~is
foreigne~rs, '20,(t00 intd~ins, and 2,50(0 Ne
groes. VTe nutmber or womn tare sup.
plose to a miount. to 05,000X, anid childretn
perhaps 30,00)0.. Thist (stimalite showa~s that
tiearly twu-thiird s of the pptubhitioni tire
IAmettricanis and nearly onie-third of loreign
hirt h, one-teirteett Firench, onte-thi rtith
Germaizna, one-thtirteenthi Chinse, nearly
A NorntenIJ3 Kota Allhir,-.-he Vienina
cttrresponidenit of the New York TIribun
brings to p'ubliic not ice the casef of an un iof..
feud ing manlt, tramvehnig untder lie ptrotect ion)
of a Unitued Stae passport, whlo is now
itncatrreraited in atn Autltgri prisoti. II is
tnamei is Si.11N TPAussre, anid he hais a wvife
im New Jersey, where lie hats bjeen sealedl
as a shioeitaker, and w~hero lie had takeni
the nteccessary steps to becomnean a Amter
icani citizen. Ihe returned to Aust ria on
business thte presenit year, anid was oni the
poimt of leaviing the country to retirnit hb
er, when bepwas arrested by te Auistian
police, lisi patsaports taken frotm hihn, anid
hie sotnt to prisoti. Th'le A merican Minis
ier has interfered in his case, but the Aus
triati outhierition rnc'is~em I... 1:ib..ati.
1 Iaspr'ovesicatI s t.
Progress is the watchword of tihe day
its onward march is stayied neither by old
associations or veneirated relics, and tihe big
hnuie of fumiet days must fall and give
place to the moro-substantial and uilitari
in building of modern times ; down, it mtt
jgo With piles of rubbish and dust, warning
the wayfarer, ifhe has any regard for clcan
linen, to stand aloft and ntake his coin
nitents at a respectttble distance.
A subjoct fol the hammer of the age has
the old "Sumter Mouse " heen deem ed,
and its bare and mnuldy frame bears testi
mony to the spirit and industry of those who
had determined on its downfall. Eor forty
years and morn has it stool in bold relief
upon the corner of Main ind Broad Street,
a land mark for the traveller, and an object
of Veneration to the young, who have heard
their grandames speak witti brightened
eyes of coldlon parties and lea-fi hts which
happened 'vithin its walls, when they were
young. Many are the sago mnatrons of the
District, now surrounded by a smiling bevy
of the rising generation, who can date to
somesassemnbly in the old house the first
pang inflictd by Vulcan's boy. Many are
the rosey-cheeked old fogies, who with
mysterious winks talk of ganes at "old
sledge " and " blui " in those same premi
ses, when such were the fashionable past
times; but that was long, long'ago, this is a
tmore mioral age. (!) Sonei too, they are of
the cross.grained order who grumblingly
tell of fearful combats on a long unmer
night, with voracious ch s, oh tern.
ble ! But these inust be numberr d anong
the things that were and ol oracles itust
find some other object on which to found
their ttles of what once was done, for the
' Sumter Ilouse," the pride and boast of
the earlier settlers of Sumtervil le, has been
doomed to give place to the demnauls of
the day and in its place, ere nany months
pass by, thefarmer will Lind a mart at whiichi
he nmay exchange the fruits of his indtistry
Sor the fabrics of the world. With this ven
erab!e pile too is closed the only bar-room
bf the town, and we leave to the cnrious,
the sohntion of the followig query, pro
Imounded l an iinquisitive individual.
" WIhre is the min with the specks to
get lis sw~eetci ones ?''
Ed itor%' Table.
FAtnt-:a ANt P.rS~t.-WVe flmid
Upon our table the J1aunuary nlumtber of
this usetful mid highly interesting pub
licntion. The Frimer and Patiter is
pu bli hed tmn t ly at ['end letou C. I1.,
and fitin the umiblr and elect t.a.
ture of its contents, we hesitate not to
recommend it to every Gartiner in the
Coutitry. We shall take the opportu
nity, at some future day, to make
sinie useful extracts fur our readers.
We uro also in rpr. im.Juary
nuiber of ths Journal. Like the
above it is devoted to a subject of
gmowttng interest to ouir peopl e, and its
table ofeuntenits offerms inaniy tinplting~
id uceumnts to thle Sotuthern fainer i
The Sth I ought to cecourage till
works of this k ind. The tertiis of both
of thlese imlt ictionils aric ( ne dil lar in
ad van ce 1 er siingle cop ij orii t he year.
To Club Is reawnabttle deduictiomns are
XVe metuitin ottr thianiks to iomit Li r-Iind
for ait copyV of Gen. (.W Xtsp Jeach ini thei
(Citon, Ihulwer Treaty. Amid also
for- a copy' otf mtenit Yy i l-Ait n'~S Ad
technic Societies of thme Citadel Ain-ale
moy of Charleston,. S. C. 'fThis addh-ess
isz oun I anid p a tecal artgimrnt
in fav-or of due subhordinattiont in ounr
atcademuies tand colleges, titoI we hope
wvill havte a whtole'somte efet uponit thme
younig gemitlement for whom it was pre.
lBlackwood amnd thte North lBritish
Rev-iew, amre both on our- table, b ut
thief reqiire tmo.-e not ice t hanm out
timnmw anmd space will aillow this we-ek.
We will ttend to thieir claimis ini ouri
mnext issue.
Gra-4tt COuaflagratioa nand Loss~
4)f Life irn Newv Orleasasm.
A tire broke out ont thle Levee imi
New Or)nletins otn tast Sturdm(ay mor-i
inig, whic ih proved awfully destirictive
of life! aid proper)ty.
It, ioriginmale cin m thme sb-mteme Char'es
I elcher~i, timd sprea-:d to the s tatmems
Ntchelez, Ileath Tnna, MIohigunt, SaxNoti
Gi-riii 'Pdutrk, tand other.-..
All thme above niamied stearniers, to
gethlier with ait barge, were biut toI
the wvater's edge.
An imitmetise 'tamiounmt of prode
lyitng ott the whlarves wtas destroyed,
to gethIer- ~with all the lfreight oni boatrd
the boaits burt-nt..
'The enitire loss of' proper-ty .is es
tinmiited at otne miillioni of dollai-s.
Tlhe stetamer Sultauna, with Mad.
Sotng oni botard, took lir-e, btit it was
for-tunattely extiniguished with but lit
tle damage..
The loss of life is the motst lament
able portioni of this sad eniamity.
F-ive white personsi~, amid thirty~-two
ntegroes, hatve cit her- been devoured In
thbe lltamtes or beeni dr-owned.
Onte of thme fire engines, in the gireat
the rivet-. 1Te flatmes arte tnot, extitn.
This following so suiddenily time ea
taistropihe of the Geor-gita, only adds to
the allhietiomn that event occhsiioned.
A new poistollicee hats bneten'establish
ad in Dar'iliigton Distr-ict, at. then. resi
idence of Capjt. J. To wmlNo, to be called
'Ans Bae.
To -tie Weoseai of Cainoliest.
We clip, front the ,Charleston Stlandrd,
the folkqwing stlfritn* ppeal to the woman
if Carolina. Our itt las neglocted, aye,
rfunsecd to move i i'ia noble object, and
by her nibgardly parsindny has brought
upon is the shame ant) derision of all narts
of our country. The Statesman, whom ;>y
nation shoule hae .bein, and perhaps i ouaid
bt proud to honor; but that she tlitiks it
right that, the land and home of his birth
and boyhood---thepeople for whom he es.
pecially' lived and died, should have the
listinguished privilege of paying the first
hornage to hid tgemory-this man, South
Carolina has tre'ted ivith worse than silent
neglect ; and wtareglad and proud to see
that the danghters of Carolina are about
to wipe off thq ltin her sons have left
upon her name. .XVe wish theta success
and hope that tldidies of Sunter will do
their portion:
"There has gently been formed an
association, to Which we would call your
attenion, and bejpeak for it your earn -st
sympathy and lavrty .-upport. A hody of
ladies have organkzed theruselves into a so
acety, for the p se of aiding '''he Cal.
!ioun MIonumg . ltion " in collect
ing a sun so citt to build up a lasting
testimonial to the inemory of our own Cal.
Each daughter of the State, by subscri
bing her name and o00e dollar, is entitled
to the priv-lege of enlisting herself among
his patriotic sisterhood.
Now we earnestlycall upon the daught.
erR of Carolina, zealously to embrace the
:pportunity allorded them of proving their
Imtiotisim ; and.thus wipe oll'the Jid staim
,f ingratitude, with which as a State we
ire - dishonored . and reproached. But it
Iias been, and ruay again be saidl, we built
no iionuinent to Suimter and Marion
why then build one ter Calhoun? In n
svstemii of logic do two wrongs ina;c a
right. Slhali the thief say, I .mtule yes!ter
lay, thretore it is right for tme to st:al
o day l
Shall we onit deeds of clarity this year,
becatuse we were blind to our duty the,
last ? Oh no ! let tle gooid deeds of :h:
ire-icit enneel, in stae ncasure, tie oais
inns of the past.
In the name of patriotisa, in the n:amae
if .lustice aad gratitude, we all upon the
womiien of Carolina to eo:tae forward and
er.nerously aid in this praise-worthy cause.
Never let it he sa d of thorm that, cold ;ri
iugratefuI. their hearts re used to ac.
knowlelge the claii, and tie:r hals to
biestow a little tite upon this just and wor.
hv undertaking.
For our own sakes, let us not sull'er
Catlhoun to siop any lutnger bcneath the
baawly toab that now covers lum, a tomb
;ar firom being .cointenatrate with our
,ratiiade a his worth.
Let us not rfuse to honor hIni, wh., for
o maantiy long yeasl honored us ; who t lit.
img manfully our battles. perished in the
mi.dst of the wears' conflict, with his ai
monr on.
Let net on- lourions " Southern cross"
fade ataut of the sky, and we raise no mieuo
real to tent of thi departed glory, that re
spleundenit in neauty, tracked our tirmia
maent with lu~troti lhtiht.
Let the Wo:nen o; Carolina rally in this
cause, and -tai success, we shall see
raistone of a
Stauth - . uarblit ma.
esty', it \ wilt ycf 'aeimuenitly of a peoe
ple' h tcva; anid.etaiothers ofa Caroha
g'athiermgnat its ha;. . ail proud y poii.
t heir sons~ to the hoaneredl gate ot Caiihoumi,
hall bid. therm learn a less'n otf Truth,
Jumstice nuda Virtue. - . C.
Undher this caiptin dhe C.arolinijn cont
t ains the followving catution to those ini
chi'r.'e of the WVilmaingtoni and Manchies
ter Rail Radt:
"A few weeks since we~ had occasion
to l'ntice a colnplaitt ot saaie piassuigers
whoa travelled over the Waitercetrestle
work b~y the Wilmiiiigi on ad Mani
chester rail road, relative to the rate ofi
spieedm ait wich the trainis c~i ne over that
danaagrous superstuctiure. Agraim are
copa iitst made to us, amial we teel it our
dlumy as;a in te. ut~cr at wairing tao thoase! m
chla rge of liat rotd, aindl to protest aga ist
thcse t rainas being driven at a reack les
slieed aover a trestle ktiowni to be danlger
A commaa un ity will naot hohall t hose con
cerneLd gal amless shol hiany mis fa:-tne
hiappen. Th'ley have baeeni w'arnedi naow
the, aecondl tune, and we do~ t rust th-alt thoase
in antharityv will see thuai i hese wcarinigs
are nott mtade in vain. Better looase a tmiai
than a dozeut or twvo lives."
WXe knoaw not whether this reb~uke is
merited or, whether the reports that
have gone abiroad are exaggera teal accou nts
of the rate of ir avelon tIs road. Th'e (Val
mintgton an td Manuchester rad~a is a tnew ione,
just abotut being compnlleted ad suehI re
pairts would tend to itijure it. Thei Comt
patny have a bright praispect ahenad ot
them anmd it. would be a pity to ip it in the
bud.- Whlile upont this subtject, we wi
state for inifortmationi, that this road is now
uinug an excellent btusintess. A great deal
of travel is done over it; on several ocea
sins of late, there- have been more per*
son.4 to comao thani could be acenlnunodatedl
atnd tey have hail to he left. Wen sail)
pose5 that thle demand fur miore accommno-o
dationt, has been, or will very soon lie pro
vialed for, andl '.hen, t hey miay expiect atmre
travel tha any road Sotthi.
Sixati ..anI Dtseroseins.-A haov namiad
Edw~ad lleese, thirteen years oi, wvas de
tet eal pickinug d poackiet at Piilidelphiia last
Monay~a. lie states that somaie ten air a
dlazeni bolys, rangingrimi twelve to twetit v
yeaars oft age, tara bandedl togethIer foar the
puirpos~e ofa picking lilckets iad piiferinig
wheire ver an oppoartunity occutrs. Th'le
b~anda is regulai'ly organtized, having a hoy
called "Strainey" as a leader, and anoathier,
kntown as "Big Chiuckles,"' who acts as
deputy in ihea absence of the catin~t. Th'le
field of operations extenid fraom washinag
ton to New York, tanda thme pilan of actionm
is varied to sut circumistances. Thle ol.
er boys, and leaders of thie giang, are ostenu
sibily engagod in selling periodicals anod
chea P paublications, ,anda they genierally act
mis lie receivera of the phatiner aibtamed
biy the smaaller boys. Th'le yingsters tie.
long principally to Newv York antd Balti
imore.-Cha' leston Erein tg Nanes.
A dividend of' six per cnt. out of
the priof its of the Iast hltyeta' hast
beetn declacred by the comtnercial Batik
of WVilminngtotn, N. C., besides appijro.
prtillfg twoer' ecltt to t hc. r-oat itrt.
Our readers will find interesting the
subjoied account of the late destruction
of the ball cartridge factory on Longjis
land, which we copy from the New YorA
Totaal Deitreuction of Frenrch'
BHall Cartridge Factory.
About two o'clock yesterday aternoon
the building occupied as a factory for the
miaiiking of ball cartridges at Lower Iav
enswood, Long Island, blew up avitlh an
explosion that shook the houses in the
neighborhood for two miles around, and
breaking the windows of all those build.
ings which were within six hur lred or
eight hundred feet of the place. It was
rented by Mr. French, who, together with
his son, are generally eiigagel In the
hoilding. but being at the nomtrent other
wise occuoie , happily escaped serious iii.
jury, though Mr. F'reiclh, seit. is sufflr
ing severely from contusions.
The number of persons employed is
generally about thirty, being f(-r the moist
part girls of the agers of ten to eighteen;
but some meno and youths also Iind work in
the fac'ory. The exact number of lives
lost is now not known, for, beinr the af
ternoon of Saturday, a greater or less
number than usual iiiglt. have been there,
accordmlig to circumstances.
Our reporter was on the spot half an
hour after it occurred, and the sight of
such a sickening scene lie hopes to he
spired again. The site of the building and
the surrounding lots were covered with
the rebris of the building, 1,um: limbs,
and tragients of machinery. We saw a
nian draw from the mass the head of a lit
tle girl which lie knew was that of his
daughter by a bit of ribbon fastenerl to
her hair; but any other portion of the
body he wouhl never find, or if ho fouid it
he would never be able to say it was the
body of his child.
The precise cause of the explosion no
one remains to explain. It is known, how
ever. that the stove used for wairing the
building was red hot, tie day being very
cold; and Iomn the Inigbily combustible mia
teriaIs which were used ii close proximity
to it it may readily be accoumted for by
uppo. rig ;pure particle ignited on the
flotr, and comun .icai'ig with the articles
in taritu stages of preplaration. causedt
the explosion.
Withii a few fee' of the' buibling is a
fireproof cell, in which is t roil large 'iuan
ii ics ofp pwder; and this be'ing w tliin the
scope of thie sioku and I une of lthe imrn
ing ruiins, no one w.s wlaliig to iaiz;ard ;li
approach to attempt to rescue the siini:r
ers' fron the rumns for some time alter the
exlosion took phace.
The shotk ii c:asione'l by the explosion
was Ire:nendous. and was seisthiv felt at
a distance of six or +'i It miles; and du
ring yesterd.Iy f'ern rum a report was
curreint in Wili mislurg' and II.lik ivi tlhit
an eartiquake had taken pl;ace soi.where
upon1i the isiaid.
'['he scene at lbwvetiwood beggars d'.
scriptiou. 'IThe bmidmg; oerupied Eby Mr.
I"rench for the; in.moulacture of F"renebi's
title ca iridges wis a one story wood bull
ding, twenty by twenty-five feets-luare,
which was b'own into iragments, and not
a single stick could be lound that a child
could not lift.
It is pupposed that there was about
twenty persons in the budding, and bit
three were known to have been taken
out alive.
It is said that the fire nriginated in the
northeast corner of the building, in, the
stove, but. from what cause is unknown.
Thiere were oiver 50l,000 ball cartridges
made11 up in the buildiog, beosideS a conisa.
erablie quantity of' powder. 'Thie' cart ridges
mnearlyv all exlo ~ded. andl (lie ball s were
thirown iln every directiuon; biut providen-.
tially nlo person out of' the building was
seriousl!y mi jured. Onue of the balls~ pas.
setd through a paiie of glass inito thie h bra
ry rooii of M'lr. Ho'dine, a dliance of one1
emglhI of a niuile, 'amid shattered the chiind.
TPhe dwllinig hitoses within a circit of
a muile were monre or less injuredl, hivinn
(lie glass entirely brtokcti out., andi in soy
oral instancmes the~ wialls were dI.iinagedl.
Mr. IFrCeh's hiouse, whIiichi is abut thur.
ty rodsi ftomu the tahetery, wats very imucrh
damiiged; the winido'vrs andt a po'rtiton of thle
futrt re haiving boeen desi rimyed, and id
secondm~ story frotl room was (lie only omne
which the tiamiily coui d occup~y latst iiglut.
At lie timn of the acc'tidenit Mr. F~renchl
wvas engg.i'ed at work in a smiall build.
ig somte fit teent rotds dlistani t, anmd niarirow ly
e.-ctaped with his life. A furniace oear whier~c
lie was staingit was biroket piees
anid his hit ca;rrie'd away and could nlot
be foundt; heL als'o recei vedl several slight
brises aboutit t he face anid bodyl) from ii
si les, whIiichi were hburild ini all directions,
We were informed bcy Mr. Frtenchl that
ono) ol his btoys, a few day~s smeed, in emlpt.
ing out sotme kegs of piiwder, discoveret]
two iim~te:.es, winchl had been packed tif
with it.
Th'le people of the v Ilage cenisure Mr
Frettch severely for not~emaplov log a great.
er dergre 1 ofcauition ill his dan gerouis manit
uf0 actory', andl especialy Ifo r not apit~ingi
a judae icts aind i xper'ienced supjerimitend.
eut 'over is joventde workmein, iimny 41
Iwhomtt were ot tender y'ears. sone of thben
bingo uimiter t welve, and only two oi
liree atduilts auiong thiemi, if we are righti)
imnformied. Severial of the Irishi resients o
thle place ! e'OIt, shorrtly alter thte octcur
rent e, cluiiite rmou )i5Oil thle subLject, ami
oine was heoardl to t hreauti 10 "strmug ulp'
Mr. 1". Perhiaps, in conisejluenIce of thiese
thrieats, that genitlemiaii, with his fami,
13', have be it thle phic e tbporairily)..
'ioio idlea of the t remiendons force o
the exp11lo imay' bie 'oincei veil whlen w<
sayv that every dweilinmg house in the im.
med inte mneighiborhiood was sha~ken abolltosi
to t heir foundations. IRev. Mr. Waite, ai
i'p~iscopali clergy Itani, hiaviing a paustora
cha~urge mi (lie phiire, aindi r'sidm g near the
umanufiactory, was tortced lto reiiove with
his fatniiy to a nteighbor's house, somit
istance oll', tou otini shelter friomi tire ini
eleumenit weat her, every window in his
own I dw~eling biing bloiwn comopleteh~
'rir. All the dwvellinugs iin the viciniuy wert
im the saiie state. Curously enough,
stage hlapeed to be paissimg at. thie' tit
of thle explosion, antd the coincussion was
so greait ithat the ghitsses in the windowvs oi
one sideC were shalttered imto a thuots
We are trold haud (lie magazine, whieh
was sit uatedl a short distance fronm thu
mint building, became ignited, the coinse
'liii'nce would have been still more disas
trotus. Thme magazine contained betweer
two andI three tons of powder.
SAo AccItDENT.--Ve regret to lean tIn
tip Fre ight Tra in of the Greenville iam
Coluimbia railrotid wasii thirownv from th<m
track on Tuesdlav, the :)1st tit., andl Mcr
Allhen, thio Enginmeer, in atteiriting t<
jumpj fromi (lie locomnotive, was inanedte
ly crtushied to death.
From the New Ycork iferauld.
Viuecissation--Is it na Preveasta
tive of Smaat.3 Pox ? -
We publish for the benefit of our
headers, the subjoined article, by 1)r.
E. IU. Di)xox4. .It is upon a iulject of
peculiar interest to, our comiuinity
just at this trone, an id we hope our
readers will profit by the advice it con.
To Tii~nl EDITORO or rs: I I[EALD.-In
anlswer to the repeated requests of a
piiblic exposition of iiny opinions With
regard t' the preventative power of
vaccination, atd how I account, fr the
present extenisive prevalence of th
smail pox, I reply,
1st. That vaccination is unquestion.
ably a very powerful preventative is
shown unaniswerably fiiiiiijthe fiet that
history proves that, the mlortality, hav.
ing firmerly been 9y frightful as to
sweep oil' iire thi . half of all per
soIs exposed, has beei s' far reduced
by vaccination, when even iimiperfectly
or very caurelessly pertormled, as not to
exceed live per cent., and that this
sinall proportion is still further re
duced, even in those who are seeming.
ly noet susceptible to full and satisfact
ory vaccirnation.
2d. Are there any persons to whon
the vaccine vesicle cannot be cominu.
ic:nted? and if so, are those persons lia
ble to small pox? It, has been subposed
that those persons who are inoculated,
i. c. with the virus or. ly mpth of the
small pox, taken in the natural way,
(a process since the discovery of cow
pox, forbidden by law) as well as those
who have once had the disease, were
not liable to a second attack. This
is certainly incorrect. I have, within a
frtniaght past, suec de.d in producing
two very perfect vaccine vesicles ill
two persons much pitted froini a natu
ral and severe attack several years
si:ce. Tly were bloth servants in
the failies of two of my atients; and
what is siniguilar, they were the only
two full and complete vesicles, having;
all the proper characteristics as in thI
ac~ination of the infant, amnlst sev
enteen persons, the tunited number
of the two tuntities. Several of theme
vesieles however, presented such mtark
ed characteristics as to assure inc the
liarties were liable to greater or lesser
degrees ofsmall pox or to varioloid, as
we call it; nid seveial were entirely
unisuscept ible. the vesieles not shii owing
itself; inl these it was supposed the
tormer or infimutinc vacciuatiun had
protected them. This hi'wever, caln
only he-fil"ly proved by aigaini vacciii
ating them, as it is imupiissible to say
but some hidden cause, not ascertainiua.
bleini any other way, might have pre.
vented time virus from showing the dis
tinctive characteristics.
31. IHow do I account for its un
usual prevalence this year?
I answer, there is undoubtedly an
atmospheric predisposition- existing at
this: Al tour eiy e
them one wvitli another, aire as well
protected this year as the last. -Smiall
lio x existed I.st year, and do~es more
or less every year, to an extent sot.
licient, to spread aill over the city. Tfhe
thect is it will in a veur spread as ex
tensively from six cases as from sixtv;
and will imanage to ca tch .1n iml:nense~
inajority of thiose who are not pro
teeted. .Now this season, small pox is
vastly moucre p)reval lit than it has
b eeni within forty years; indeed, it is
so mnuch miore sdo, that we hav e no
lathinal cauise left thian aitmoispheric
piedispiosition for its great, increase.
The ionly safe mnethod in this disease
if to vacciniate the same person several
timaes, ori as Iling as the soie is prod u
eedl, wvith the distinct ive chiaraceter of
the vacc'ine vesiele or cow pax.
Tepotof the geiinuiness (of lhe
vesiele ithis, viz: on the eighth day
froin the inisertio n of the muatter,
(whlichi process shiould never draw a
drip of blood fbr moure would wash it
awa.y,) the sore shiould jleeschti, l.c
following, appearanice: An oval centre
of a browmish colo r, a light einr:le'of
pearly vesicleni, contiinig the lymph,
or speciti inaitter, and a rose colored
blushetenidingc fromui the o~uter circle
of this pearly border all around it,
anlaing imapercepitibly into the sur.
roundinig skin. Unless it presents
more or less of this appearance, it is
only a coin non sore, anid ini now ise
priotective.. J ust in propotion as it
appiroaches the above apearanice it is
lierleet. I consider twi mor thlree trials
Iwith good reliable lymiphi on the quill,
takeni froria the sixth to thle ninih day,
an iseted with ot drawing a full
d 1rop of blood, suflIicicent.-- I f it dio not
take I consider that person sufliciently
prlotected by lie tormtier vaccination.
I would cert ainly, however, revacciniate
every few years. in the eleventh numn
ber of the Seapel thecre is a p)opular
article on this suject, to which we re
fer aill readers dlesirous ofinmvestigatioin
the fewv knowni facts ini the history of'
the disease.
R~espiectfuilly, yourli obedient ser'vant.
Editor of the ScapeI, 42 Fifth avenue.
Tfo Tlax Cor.L.FCrons.--...The Act of the,
i egislature relating to tile Reigistry of
liirths. Deoaths and Marriages. requires
the TLax Collectors to receive returns when
ihe taixes aire paid. WVe aire reqluestedh to
give notieo that the books anid schedules
Iwill tie forwarded to thme Tax Collectors
when i he Artc lare distributed, as the ap.
poimetint ot liegistatirs has just beeni made,
anil it is thecir duty to have iiuch books pre.
pa red. Tlhis will enible tihe Registry to
he conirnenceid on 1st Alarchu.
Editors interested in the Resistry will
please copy this niotice.-Cauroliniamn.
IUiowN ED. -On Prida3o evenjurg bjut,
I Stephcn Ramnwaters andt ;t Mr. W'illiamis
stairted from this place with ii Raft of L~um
ber- for Geocrgeltowvn. omnetimne durmng
that might thfe rait was store. and Raiuiw,
ters drownied, Wdinhus elscapino t.hore
oin a fogr.__. 'i~m. Gi~
R tv
For the Mariner. -
To Dr. J. Iii Witltacrspoo.
REsPETED Stn :-llaving had. the hap
piness of being long and initmately cogni
sant of your great moral worth, and utsob
trusive and gentlenanly demeasn-r as a
private citizen, your friends in Claremont
Ceutnty respe, tfu'ly regnest your consent
to allow thema to annnn-e You as a candi
date for Senator, to represent them during
the ensu:ing term.
Your weil established reputation ren4ers
it superfluous to say aught of your entire
fitness for the station it is our desire yu
should adorn.
f' V.ttchman please copy
MIn. EanTon: You will oblige many
citiz-ns by announcing Col. J. 1). ISLAND.
:No as a candidate fur Representative for
Clarmongt County, at the -next sessionb of
our Legislature.
Feb. 6, 18~>4 , - 15 tf
E'" Vatchman please copy.
Mn. EDITOR : Please announce Col.
M. NCLSOR as a candidate for Senator for
Claremont County, at the ensuing election,
and oblige MANY VOTERS.
February 8th, 1854 15 tf,
0I- Watchawin please copy.
For the, Banner.
Well Done ! Old Sauter I
Our citizens hive been for years the
victims of the vile practices of a set of un
principled Hucksters and Negro Traflick
ers, in the shape of Shop and Store- keepers,
who in defiance of :,II Intw, and moral re
sponsibility. have been dealing cut poison
ous intoxicating liquors to our inoiflensivo
and well-behaved slave population.
Not content with destroying the physi
cal constitution of the pour negro, they
subvert his moral susceptibilities and de
grade Iin to a level witn themselves ;.
goading himt on to plunder the kind :nd in
<!ulgent owner of every species of propertyr
and become the realy receivers of thet:
ill-gotten gouis.
Vritlhing under these un.leserved and
intolerable abusej, our village and country
friends have arsen o masse, lIammer and
longs in hand, determined to make t.ese
gentry " define their position " or, by
rasping the scales from their oblique mnor.
al vission, and hammering their manahl to"
such a degree of fineness as to make the in
capable of receiving that beautiful pusltsh
imparted by the lrnisher of fair dealing
and le gitimale industry., "
Vleo such nen as the V ILDEIS, IIA3t
IiAvNswORTitS, R ICHARDSONS, atnd a ho.-t
of other high-minded citizen s undergo the.
fatigues of seven days and nights arduous
and incessant vigilance, our friends at a
distanc readidy perceive that we have
But fellow cetzensn
in motion, roll on, thre i3s a jgoldi lime
coin. Prse~verancie will tmost certaitnly
accomlishil your honiorabale inteafti:ons.
silave Plotzas Kenuicki'.
We fmnd the followving in otne of
our exchanges:
. We lea rtt from the Louisville Cour'
ier, that Ileniry Cotunty, Ky., has re
eenatly been the scene of erosidgrable
excitemntt arsn from the discov
ery oft a plot, of some shave's to mur
dier a fatm ily 1becatie they thougtht one
of their tnmber had been sold, and
matke their escmape to Canarbs. The
famiily whlich it. was propo~sed to miur'
decr wats nameid I lertndon. One of .
the setvatnts, susipectinig that his mian.
to had taken another off to sell hin4
told his views to several others. and it
was agreed to throwv a stone in at the
winduw and kill a little boy,
.The lady of the house, it was ex
pected, would be talarmned and run
(att, tand then she was to bie murder-,
ed. Tfhis done, the negrcoes were to
ilivide, otne party to flee at once to
Chhada, and the others to remain until'
the retturn of their master, who was
to be killed, and the money w~hich he
wvas supposed to have received for
the servant he had tatketn with him, to
he appropriated to their use. This
scheme wats cart ied out so far ats4.
to throw the stone throtugh the win.
dow, bt tlie boy at whomn it wvas
directed caped~Cc, and the hea' ts of
the conspiratiors failed. CTe neigh
bors coming in andl eutiuirilg abo~ut
the stone, which hatd been thrown,
the negroes talked so as to draw
sutspicion upon themselves, and he- ~
intg stopp)ed confe.ssed the plot, izn
plicating a large ntumby; of negroes
and one0 white man. Several of the --
slaves concerned have been sold.
DENManR.-Sane doubta having been
expressed ats to the conduct the northt
ern courts of Sweden and Denmark may
think proper to adopt in the event of an
extensint of the hsostilities which. have
commenced Ofn the Jpagube and -the
Black Sema. these powers have recently
determined to establish a strict uniott of
thteir policy, and a fortmtal declaratIon rof -
thteir inatenttions bhas jtust been auddressedl
by their tministers, in identical terms, to
all ith encbintets of Europo. Whlatever
may lie the result of the dutlrences which
have ocetnrred betweaen lRussia anid Tur
key, antd wijieh threatens to extend to the
ma rititmo pofwers, Swetden a ndl Deanmark
are dlesirotns of mnalittaining their friehd hy
rehttions with all the States now at tam ity
with thenm, anda,.accordmtg!y, they propose
to obs-ervet ini the contest wvhieba ty nowv
be im: ading over the world a st rot neta.
trali.-, by abstaaumtg tromt every drect or
indbret maeasuare catlculated to fav'o' ('i as
sit either oif the coeanJa~:ng p rts.--Ca- -
LmAIGE lFtLoCK OF labG oys.--The lamret,
flock ot wvl ldaPgeons we ovr r sawv pass, d
over this plaeot on i'nae.d y' moinira lvat.
Weo shonhl Stap''ae there we're tructm 4 to -*
St(dt mn the (hek. goinag am mn N't::keaater y

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