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I AVING taken Ronms at the anner
Office, would respectfully inform the
citizens of Sumnterville and its vicinity,
that, having had anl exorience of s8nme
years in the business, Ite is prepared to
furnish specimens ot'
Daguerrean Likenesses.
Mr. L. has on hand a splendid assort
nent of
Medallions, Broochaes, ccl.
lie is propared w.th all the Instruments
for se urinr accurate c' pi !s of Portrait ,
and for takmn Children and Groups. le
will remein for a short time.
- Please call and examine Speci.
mens.-Instruction gi en in the Art.
Feb. 2'2, 1t351. 17 tf
THIS Illumtratet Coinie Weekly, which is
published in No" york every 8maturty. is now
about to commence the third year of its prs
pe rous existence, it ins reached a larger cir
lation than any thing of the kind ever started
in America. It is fille4 with Cuts and Carica
ture likenesses of persons and things, and these
alone are worthm the subscription price, which
is only $1 a year, for which 52 numbersi are
mailed to any part ni the United States,
The new volume will commence with the
"Retminiscences ofiuhn C. Calhoun, by his pri
vate Secretary," and will be continued in the
Pick until finished, which it will take nearly a
yeah to accomplish. When the lteminiciencies
are completed they will ho published in Book
form, and a copy will be sent grat utitously to
every subscriber to the lick whose name shall
be on our Mail Book.
The Pick has become a favorite paper in the
United States. Besides its weekly designs by
the first Artist, It conatuis witty and spicy edi
torials of a high character, and twill carry choer
fulness to the gloomiest fireside. Its high char
acter ronders it a favorite in every famiily. It
contains each week a larg - quantitity of 'ales,
Stories,. Anecdotes, Scenes and witicism gat h
ered from life. Every artivle that appears in its
columns are entirely original, and it ias clus
tered around it, some of the best writers In the
Umited States.
The subscription prices is $1 per year in ad
vance. Agents -who send in subscribers, or
clubs composed ofseveral persons, arc a.lowed
todeducta cummission of 25 per cent, thus re
ducing the price to 75 cents, fur the wittiest
weekly puhlishtd upan thi continent.
Tie Pick numners among its subscsihers
many of the leading men in the nation, who
give it a cheerfml endorsement, and not a line or
tesign is allowed to appear in the Pick that is
not unobjeesionable, anml its cheapness places
it within the reach of all. The new voluime
commences on Washington's birth dlay, Febru
ary 22, 1854 All letters containing remittan
ces must he addressel to
Editor and Proprietorel the Pick,
No. 26 Anm street,
New York.
Feb. 22, 1854. 17 2t
gjr llack Riter Watchman, and Charles
ox, Mercury copy once.
The British Quartelies
Blackwood's Magazine.
LEONARE SCOTT & CO., New York, con
tine to Ite-publish the following British Pe.
riodicals, viz:
-- 1.
(Free Chmurchm.)
"'HE WVESTMINS-Til REVIEW, (Libmerad.)
ZINE, (Tory.)
The presamnt criticatl state omf Eumropean afitirs
will render these pubtlic'atimmns unusually tter
esting sturing time year 1854. They wvill occumpy at
snimduleI grounod between mime hastily writtenm
ne ws-items, grumde speculaltions, mand flying ru
moms of time daily Joumrnatl, tand tihe ponderoust
TPome of the future historian, written after thme
livinmg interest atund excitementt of the pre-it po
litical even ti of time time mmhall have lv.:-sed away.
It isato these Periodicals that readlers minusi 10mi<
-for time only really immelligibmle an.l rehabmle ii
tory of entrrent evemnts, andi as smuch, in alimditioni
so their weli-estabmlishmed hterary, scientifie, anid
q'heological character, we urge thmem upon tihe
contsideration .mf the readling pmublic.
Arrangements are in progress for the receipt
of early msheets fronm the British Publishers, by
whmichm we shmall be able to ptlace al our Reprimnts
it time hmands of subsermbars, am mtm as smmo:m as
they can lie fmurnished wihm thme foreign copies.
Alt houghm thmis will inivolve a very large ouitlay
.on our part, we shalI continue to fturnish tihe
Periodicais at thme siamne low rates as heretofmore,
Per ann.
For any one-uf the fouar Reviewvs - . 83 00U
For any twvo omf time fmonr Reviews - - 5 01)
For any three of time fomur Rtevica s . - 7 00
For mli four of time Reviews - - - 8 oni
For Blackwoodu's Matgazine - - - 3 00
For Biackwoodland limhreReviews . . 9 00
For iilackwood and time four Review. - 10 01)
Payments to be made in all cases in ad.
vance. Money current in the State
where issued will be receired at par.
A discotnt oftwenty-five per cent from time
-above prices will be allowed to Citubs om lering
four or more copies of any one or more of the
above works. Thusm: Fuour copies of Black
wvood, or of one Review, will be sunt to one ad
dress for $9; fimur copies of time four Revie ws
:and Blackwoodl for 83U; and so on.
In all the principal Cities anmd Towns, thesa
-works will be deliveredi, throughm Agents, FRE E
-OF POSTAOE. Wizen sent bymasil, the
Postage to any part of thme United States wi.1
het btut TWENTY-FOUR C EN'Ts a year for
-llackwood," andi but TWELVE CENTS a
year lor eacht of thme Reviews.
Remtittances antd communications shoaul al
.ways be addressed, post-paid, to time Publmihers,
N. B.-L. 8. & Co. have rcently publishemd,
.and hmave now fomr sale, the "I'AiRMER'S
GUIDE," by Henry Stephmens, of Edinbhurghm,
.anmd.Prof. Norton, of Y'ale College, New Haven,
complete in 2 vomls, royal octave, containing
IfGo0 pages, h-i steel an d 600 wood entgravinmgs.
.Prile im muslitn bindingt, 86.
&&' 'I'Ais work is N T' the old 'm Rook of
the F~arm," lately RESUSCITATED and
thrown upon thme market.
Felb. 'J-, I 154. 17 tf
*Fine Segars and Garden
Kept consiaantly on band by
Wolfe's Aromatic.
A superitmi'e Tonic, Dimrett:, Anti-Dys
pttptic, Inviguirating Cordial, &.c.
For samle bmy
TIIE subscribers having established them.
selves at the stand opposite A. J. Moses' Store,
respectfully solicits the attention of their friends
and the public to their well selected stock.
Their assortment comprises all articles usually
kept, (e.cepting liquors) and will be constantly
replenished, and disposed of on as favorable
terms as are offered any where.
Their stock consists in part as follows :
Ladies' Dress Goois and Trimmings,
Ladies' Collars, Chemisettes, and Under
Laces, Edgings, and Insertings,
Jaconet and Swiss Mluslins,
Ladies.' and gentlemen's L. C lldkf's.
A large lot of Hosiery and Gloves, Cravats
and Stocks. Also,
A full supply of Prints and Domestics.
GItOCERI ES, Iardware, Hlolloware,
Carpenter's and lllacksmith's Tools,
Cistern Pumps and Pipes, Carriaee Trim
Crockery and Glassware, Saddlery and
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Cape, Ready made
Clothing, &c. &. &c.
SAaitrE. WATSoN.
II. W. GAnUNsCa.
February 22, 1831 17 if
Will, pract ce in Sinter and the ad.
join~g District:.
February 13u1, 18I51. 21; tf
Columbia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Co.
H AVE constantly on hand the largest
stock of
in this place, which they are prepared to
sell at prices lower than any o her estab.
hislhntnt in Columbia.
'T'heir Clothing is manufactured by them.
selves with particular reference to this
market, sin I they feel warranted to say it
is infcrtor to none, and SUPERIOl. ''O
MO' CLOi ILNU tiercd in any part
of the country. 'T'heir bsusiness is con
ducted tipon the one price cash principle,
and the price of their goods marked ins
plain figures upon each article hv which a
uniformi:y of price is observedI, and the
is'axpermeaced hty.'r is etuahe I to make
his purchtases at as low n rate, :a the more
expetriciae-d and het:er judge. Persons
visiting Cotlumibia are respectfully invited
to an examintsit of our stock and prices.
February '1511h, 1+351. 16-1y.
F01TY 011 FIF NG11O
Men Wanted.
The South Carolina Railroad Company -ill
hire 40 or 501 negro-men at $15 per month fora
lull lian.. The negroes to work on thai Cam
den lfranclh of the Sith Carolina Itailroiad
above the Wateree Swamp. 'l'tiose wishing to
hire will apply to Mr. Stockton, this Suiperin
tlant of the road, or io P. K. Cuhurn, on the
work absove the Swamp.
February 15, 1851 16 2t.
. IS Prelsared tos do all nmansner of work in hi
line, wtith neatness aund despatch. Ilis term
are Cast. !le is r.tilp a hei old tad s,,
above the Trown Hall.
Fe b. 8, 1851. 15 t f
Sale ! Sale !! Sale !!!
IlE Subtscriber will ofThr fssr sale' at his
residleunce in Salems us liack liver, on 'Tes
slay thec 21st of Feb a~;ry next, his kionseholsd
andi Kitchien fusrnitusre.
The~ attentsions of pairchasers is called to a
superior lot of l'eathesr bseds ands mahrsasses, &-e.
I llandisuum~e an I Superior Saddlle Horse.
I lHsy's Ponsey.
3 iIrasd of Stules,
2 Knevhlenst .idh Cows.
1 New Carriage. onec ol Sggy ansd lHar.
ness. Tu'.rkeys Geese.. (Chikss..
Fsor t'sshi, 50 a lsIard, a hine artiscle.
Cundlitionss * All sims sover live sdsslagy, edigt
wviith goodl enlssrsersi, instil the first uf Novem-.
ther nexit ; undser five cash.
G Et. C. 3ft7DDRtOW.
Feb. 8, 1854. 13 td
So. Carolina----Sumter Dist,
By WV. L E W18I, Es:., Ordinary for said
Whlereas, L. L~. 10dlgew..y haatha appliedl
to mne for Leters of Admnistraionu, ott all
ansd simrgs.lar the gods antd c:sttIles, rights
and credits of late Ilenary Kelly ot the
sauud District, dece~asued.
Thessse are, thseref'ore, to cite anid adon-iso
isha all and simgulaur, thse kcindred ands cseis
tors of the said dlescsasedh, to lie ansd apneatr
befiore ime at our tnext Ordinary's Court for
the said Disirict, to be holdest at Ssminter
C.outrt iluse on Friday the '24thI day o)f
Februiar necxt., to show causo, if any. why
the said admninist rationt shloultd not be grasit
Givenm tinder rmy hand and seal, hi sa
15th day of Feb'y in. the year of
[(.. s.] our Lord, one thoustad eight lut
dred a nd fifty. fmtr, an md ins sthe 78thI
year of Anaerican Insdependence.
Fehb. 15th, I1854. 16-2t
117' Wagchmnan coply.
Mul . Einroit :IPlease anniounce C.ol. J.
M. NELSON Us a candidiate for Senator for
Claremronat County, at the ensnsing elect is n
and oblige MANY VOTERS.
Febiruary 8th, 1854 15 tf
flr Watchman please copy.
Mr.. Enrron: You will oblige iany
ciliz-ins by anonouncinig Col. J. D. LDr.
1NG as a candidate for Representative for
Claremont Counity, at thes next session of
our Legislature.
Feb.. 0, 1854 15 tf
f~:W" Watchman please copy.
John S. Richardson jr., Magistrate, will
attens promptly to all bussines entrusted so
him. Oflice just back of J. *P'. Solomans'
new Store.
_Jan. 18, 1834 12 if
Mr. Editor: The Citizens
ef Charendon County are desirous that C. W.
L. REYNOLDS, represent them in the next
lAgislature. Ely announcing haim a Candidate
for that ofhico, you will oblige thsem.
A Superior Tooth Powder.
Made by the valuable receipt of Dr. K.8S
Darguan, Denitist,
Prepared and sold by
New Store and New
THE undersigned has established himself in
this village, and has now opened a large and
well assorted stock
of Fresta nsd Select Dregs nuud
Yedicines, wills Paunts, Oils,
Dye-Stuatui, Wiuadow Glass, Var.
uusImies, Perfasumery, Patenat :le.
diciaues. &e. &c. All of which are
of the best quality, and will be sol on accomo
datimg terms. A shareof the public patronage
is solicited.
* W. G. L. RICE, M. D).
Dec. 28 1853. 9-tf.
41tn Rxtuss,y S. C. M.
OLD Foxo, Jan. 25, 1854.
Order No. 113.
THE Upper and Lower Battalions of the 44th
Regiment So. Ca. Militia will parade, the lip.
per, tnder the command of L.ieut. Col. J. D.
Itlanding.at Sumtervdmle nt Saturday the 18th.
The Lower under the command of aj. T. M.
Connors, at Estate of R. D.:Balfonrs Mills, in
Clarendon on SaturJay the 25th of February
next, armed and equipped as the Law directs,
for drill and review.
The commissioned and non-commissioned
oflicers of each Battalion, the day previous,
armed for drill and instruction.
Commandants of liattalions are charged with
the prompt extention of this order.
The lIegimental Staff are required to turn
out on both lays at each place and on day of
review in complete uniform.
By order of
Col. F. SI. 51E LLETT,
W. T. WitLua Adj't.
Feb. 1, 1851 14 tdl.
In Equity---Sumter District,
John It. Broughton, )
Letitia 13. Broughton, &
Margaret L. Broughton,
By their next friend BILL.
James t. Brock,
Epsey E. Broughton.
IN pursuance of an older in the above
stated case, I will offer at public sale, on
the first Monday in MAR(l next, at
Surnter Court Ilouse, that Plantation or
Tract of Land, estimatied to contain about
Six Thousand acres, lying, in Clarendon
County, Suoter District, at or near Fulton
Post OdUice, belonging to the late Edward
Brou ghlton, junior, deceased, and upon
which he resided at the time of his death.
Not to be sold for less than sev''rn thous.nd,
seven hundred and lilty dollars.
Upon the premises is a GRIST MlLL,
in !gool condition, and a SA W MI LL,
widch is not in running order. The
streanm uOlt' which theis .ildls are lotcated
is an uni'niling one and is very valuable.
The Iands lie upon the Wateree Swamp,
containing both low and high lands, and
atliurdtg an tnsurpassed range for sto k
of all kimds--the whole constituting one ot
the most vainable 'lantations ever of'ered
for sale in Sumtter District.
A plat of the Iand will be in the hands
of the Cointissioner, sl.owinu its extent,
boundaries, &c.
'I'tius:-One fourth part of the purchase
money to be paid in cash; ili balance pay.
able in one, two and thce years, with in.
terest fromt the day of sale-the purchaser
to give bond and personal security, and a
mortgage of t'te laml for the credit portion
of thie said purchase money.
Comaissioner i, Equity.
Feb. 15, 185 1. 106
In Equity-Sumter District,
Samuel T. in'.ton, et at.
Etiz~a M. IBritton, et at.)
in pursuatnce of art order in this case I will
of11-r at public sale, on the first alonday ini
Mfarch rnexr, ar Siumter Court Ihouse, a tract of
land in ,'nidt distriet, devisedl by the thinst clausie
at the will of the late Ilernry Hrittorn,anid where
oun thre tate Francis G. lriitotn lived, containing
two hundred anid five racreis, at a price of not
less than oine dollar arid fifry centls per acre.
Terme; $o nmucth cash as wiil pay the cosits
Of thre hitt andi thie proceedings thereon, arid the
hi:dancie on a credit unti the first day of No
v'itebe next, with interest from the day oratle;
the purchaser to give biowl suirerty and a mort
gage of the prermises and to pay fur papers.
Comtr. F.q.. S. D).
February 15, 1851 i6 rd.
A I.!. persons whto are ini my debt a fee.,
W ilt please to come iur warnl, and pay it iu me,
F'or I am no1w (lit of the indutlaimn moodsa,
A rnt icouln't wait longe'r. indeedi, if I wiouild.
Thme Shierifflias got me, with harness on back;
And soonm I'm to trot ont a very ronghb track,
If rmy friendis don't come forward anod give
me it lift,
I'tl go to the devit, sian, all in a drift,
Bitt rather than gri to thim, so early, hark ye!
Ill give a we tit of a hinlt; tnow miark rme!
lI, you dun't pay up, right under your nsest,
i'll take all your papers, and give theim to
And thten, oh, thean, you'll get your farin
In hell, he'll roast you liker a he'iri,
Clarendlon, Feb., 8, 18.51. 15 tf
Cabinet Wareroom.
Takes tthis moethod of informing the citizens
of Stinervilte tand vicinity,
that lie har. jiiustienteed on
the curnier abov~e Clarks llo-.
tel, hris NEW CABINET
WVA REI ROO~, where he will keepa for sale,
che5ap), all suchi furniture as cornes tunder thlis
dIeparitmenit oif his trade; and wilt . furnish for
enshl, at Chtarhestont prices, all descriptions oaf
Furnmirtre made. Repairing executed at the
shortest nonice.
Mahogtay anid plain Coffins furnished willh
out delay.
Fe b. 8, 1954. 15 tf.
Look Up Street.
\VFBB CI.ARKt's 1lOT1EI, is still in op.
orationt-(t hanks to the kintdiiess of goodl
friend.s)-ready to receive customters, rand
entertnin thlemr. to their entire satitnct in.
Mr. C. is resrolved that his flotel shall riot
be excelled lby any huose in the ('ount ry.
E~verything the snarket can furnish shall
be .apreadl upon lhis lale, wecll cookedl ard
cleanly. The betds are all in good order,
and shll be kept, so. Give him a trial
and Ma. Clark pledges satirsfaction.
Jan.11, 1854. 11 tf
Who Wants Money ?
The subscriber for one, Is partiectleriy in
want of it, and lie hoiper that thtust who lhave
ptatronlzed hinm so liberally, will continure thecir
friendship by paying up, antd enarbling thim to
met the demandus of others. "Wheels cannot
move without grease"
Jan. 18, 1854. 12 tf
Law Notice,
John S. Richardson Jr , Attorney at Lawv
Sumterville S C., will practics in the Courts
of Sumter, Richtand, Rershlaw, 1)arlington
and Williamsburg districts. Office just back
of J. TI. Solomolns' new store.
Jan. 18, i851. IS ,r
To The Public,,
Auctionerr's Notice.
JAMES II. CLARK hegs leave to noti.
fy the cilizens of Humterville and the vi.
cinity, that he is now preparej to give his
entire attention to any business in the
auction line. lie has had some experience,
and hopes by diligence and attention tt
mer;t a share of public favor.
8nmterville, lnn. I1 th, 1854. 1 1-tif
37 De.y Street, 20 Hyno Street,
New York. Charleston, S. C
SAMIUEL C. Du i, .aiso. II. Donr.tus.
Juia '12th. 18i3 37-f-t
The Snbscriher respectfully Informs is cus
tomers and the public that he cannot carry en
hi" hnsiness 1mn1 a credit of twelve months.
Prompt customers who may favor him with
their work nay expect to be calledon at any
time fur money when the article in wante=.
Ile returns his thanks for the liberal patronage
which he has received.
January 3, 1854 10 6m11.
Fall Goods! Fall Goods
BUTLER & NEWBERY would respectfully
inform their friends and the Public generally,
that they have just received a large and welt so.
lected Stuck of
embracing every quality and style of LADIES'
DltESS GOODS ; Heavy Gooil%, &c., t.rocer
iies, lootsand Shoes of every descripltion; latest
style Hat annd Caps; Hardware and Crockery;
Ready Made CIothing, etc. etc., to which thef
particularly invite attention.
Important Notice.
FELLOW C1IZENS :-.t .isa paiaful task
to dun, but stern necessity and your neglige-nce
and forgetfulness. demand that I should remind
all those indebted to n, either by aote or ac.
count, to come to taw with the chink. hides or
corn at the am ill, on or beefore the I rAt Monday
in March next, to save yourselves of displeas
tare and to cheat Lawyers, Slheriis and petty
Constables Out of crst, for
At the loss of a penny
You'll grnnbl e and groan,
As though the rheanmatics
Were piercing each hone.
The ghost of baul shillings
Fo~rever you will ha'anit,
And you ~hake, least tuo-mir'ow
Should bring yon to want.
47" Pay up, and save cost., and there will
yet be a crust left yo.
Jan. 25, 1831 13 tf.
'Thankful for past favors,. respectfully an.
nonces ic the rcoimaulaity Ihat lie has discon.
tinned the proprietorship of the "SU MTEit
MOUSE.," od now keeps. as a private board.
ing house, the residence formerly occupied by
Mrs. Gayle, and belonging to Mrs. Htayntworth,
where he will be happy to entertain a few more
P. S.-lie would especially say to those, who
have been indebted to him for lo these nany
years to come forward and settle up, as forbear.
ance has ceased to be a virtue, and me ney he
must have.
Feb. 1, 1851 14 4t.
Further to Rintlau the Police ofthu
To~wn of Si nterville.
itlE ltlAS, thce Orditnanace niow ni
for ce iaa the townm of Suterville foa
the regualatoni of thea Police of said Teawu,
have been fojunad by experience intsuaticient
to eI'ec~t thec supprsion of unlawful tracde
aag with slave-:. antd other praictice ahake
mtjacraous tao thle citizenas ofl the TIowcn and
the surrounadmag caouutry : For roeed
therec i,
Ib it ordl~iaed, By the intendant and
\Vardens of lthe Ta'wni of Stnitervtlle, itt
Coatniei asseatabled, and by the aut hortv'ol
the samte, Tlinat all slaves resiading in a le
Toiwan of Stumcterv.lhe shalel be reqjuiredl In
carry ticketsa, c'ert alica.;tes, cards, air ot her
wvritteni ev~ience, auneder thle han ds of thaeira
'waners, or persuins leaving the charge ol
themca, ofl thieir resienca~e in thIe bowna, in
order to etalec thema to pass aon Snnd s
anid after nitula, aci d Ithe callig cout ofl thse
pattrolh cr guiad, bey the rinigmcg ofi the lek
or ihe boatm g of a lu drumi. or ci hesr act'e
of cia In chem iitout, as lihe tCunial sbalI
ortder. Anad th:at, tai iith Ierwase otrder
ed, the bell s'haill be ru g, instead ol thet
drumai, as hieretetfore crdered.
Ande that all scives lounid away frotm
ihe enaclosuresc of their oewners, or the per.
sits hcavinag chaurge of* thaetm, onc Sundtlays,
or at n:ght, before the calling out of thei
tnaird, shall be h ale to be punihed, n,
tby the laws of thce State pirided, unlies
hiavmtg sneh writtecn evidence of theia
Acid he it oradaitiell, by the authlority
aforesaid, That so imutchi cof Ordiniance oa
Ordlian~ces of force ina the said Towin, at
ordainis and enacts that free personcs o:
color shal. be takena up uncd punishedl with
stripes, or uanprcsonmenat only, for being
found without a ticket, or beaug tounid it
p)ossessiont of corn, foddler, race or peas
without a ticket, be, acid the saune is tire.
by repealed.
Aaad be at further ordained, by the nu.
Ithtirity afosaad, T1hat at shall be unlawuvt
lor s~aves or for Ire e personsci oh color Ic
carry on any tritic in thin said .owcn oai
Sundcay, eithaer mc buyiaig or selag; ait
atny artaeho of produice ctterod for sale bi
a shave or free personi of colaor ott thil
day, and every article of caer ~biambase pur.
cheased by a shave or free peoraon of co.oir
on that day, except necessary neiecce oi
faoad, whe1 her wiah or withaitt a ticket
sh:al I be corfeited, acid shall hec liable t
sezure bty the cmarshall, the gnuard eta duly
or any citizen to whom the :samne shall bt
kniown, an.l shaull be disposed of as as direc
tled in th: (lhird SL'ticin of the Ordcmane en,
tailed act Ordiianace to pireventl trading wvath
negroes, pissed the 4thi dacy of Iehrnaary
18c2. Arid it shal1 te held eutlicient evi.
dence oh such trafficicng to authouraze snel)
seezuro anid .'irfeiture, if a share or fret
person oef color shall bo seen comcing oin1
(if a shop, or te preiitosos connected wad
a, shop, kept lair the stile of maerchiand.ze
with any aricle of mnerchani:hze kept lou
sale mi such shaop.
Ratified in Caounccil assemleda, this 28;l
day (of .tanuary, A. D., 1854.
Given tinder the. hanal acid seal of th
Corporation of Sucmtervil ie.
WV. S. Hl onsos, Clerk.
Feb.8~, 1854. 15 tf
Private Boarding House
Day Boarders accomanaodated
Nov 9. 18~53. 0 ir
Fressels, Britists m'nd GeIrsaa
209 and 211 King-tweet corner of Mar
ket Street,
OARPETINGS.-Ingrain, 3 Plys, Brue.
seas Tapeatry nnd Velvets.
and Worsted.
large variety, -
CURTAINS, all styles. a
GILT CORNICE$, in .al now desigs
TASSEL, &e.v- - . -
in all varieties.
STAIR CA RPETINGS,of all styles.
RUGS. in great variety. ,:
COTTON OSNABURGS, of all the best
Southern makes.
English and American COTTON FLAN
French, English, and American PIINTS.
make, for Sheetings,, Shirting s, Pillow Cases,
Table Damnsks. Ioylies, Napkins, Towellings,
Ilnekuba, ks, Fruit Cloths, B. E. Diapers,
Grass (loths, &c.
of best Frenc'h Goods.
SERVANTS CLOTHS, In all .he shades of
English Guo,-.
SEYS, of all qualities and styles.
Rich Dress Goods,
ING GOODS, in great variety.
ery description.
EVENIN(G DRESS Goods In Great variety,
constantly received.
All the above are of our own
an.l nherel at the LOWEST MARKET Prices.
'1' E RMS.-Cash, or City Acceptance.
rrr ''he one price systen strictly ad
hered to, and all Gnoods Varranted.
Charleston, S. C., Jan, 6th, 1834. 11 tf
g3t The, undssersigded would respectfully
inform his friends, and the public gen
e'rally, that he has leased that extensive
anad well known estalishnent the PLAN
TilS' Il'rlOT h, and is now rendy for ite r
ception of visitors,. Its eligible lcation, being
convenient to all the business localities, wvil
commend it to all those who visit the city on
husiness, and noexertions or expense will bm
.pared by-the Proprietor to promote the comfort
and convenience of his gussets, and render his
house, in every respect. worthy ef Puhlic pa.
trnnae and support. lie is pleased to add that
he has secured the services, as Book-keeper,
of Mir. J. W. L.tsruins, so long and favorably
known to the travelling community of this and
the adjacent Statas.
Jan. 25, 1851 13 4t.
Third Door South of the Town Hall
and ueuarli, op>osite Tindal & W atsona
~THE stubscr iher wounld resspeelfully in.
f1Ior.ns the citizens of Sumtnill. n
thso ptilblic genierally, that lie has opened at
iho nhassve placeo a general naoriinent of
Dry Gods, Blsots andi Shsoe. lHaa anid
Cape. Ila rd wgre, Croecrytware, &c. &c.
A so. A Chsoice' lot of Fatnidy Grotceries of
every diesc'riptin, with Fruit of vaioius
kinids, stuch nit Ornreus, Apples, Lemoins,
&c..&c, which he' will Eell very low for
Nov. 9, 1853. 9 ly
B1Ieopville Carra;e anad
Manrsmcqh Mumi mfacory.
JAMIES WV. AM3IROSE still continues to
carry on the above hnasness in all its various
hranches, nnd takes this method of returning
lia thanks ito his friends for their Iihberal patrion
sage, anid hops's by c'li'e nttention to business to
still merit te sahie. CA RRIAGES ANtD htIG
GllES ma'de to order and warranted for twelv'e
months. If they sould fail. in that time is.
pssint oif woirkmaanshsip or nmaterial. they ill he
re'pairesd freec of charge. le deems It unnec
essary to ssay anyvthinmg ini regardl to the neat
ness andI dnrahilit y of his wurk, as lisa work
wvill sho w for itiselfI. Call on him at Bhshop.
ville and he will give as good bargains as can
be lada ins Charleston.
ife also dosea plough-work at short notice.-..
Ilorse.shoeintgdonie with neatness ansdldspatch
at $1 50) all roundl. Ihts termss for new work
wvill be to suit purchasers.-With interest al.
Bishoipv.ille, S. C., Ja'y 18th, 1854 12-6m
HAVING mnoved to the istand hereifoire
occuptied by 1). .I. Winn, (nsext door
to China's Ihotel.) and it being better adapt
ed to our brainess, thian the one previously oc
cupied by usa, we are now prepared to carry it
on mnore extensively thtan hseretof-,r', and are
confident of selling on as reasonable terms as
anty restail Drug Stors in the State. Our Stock
is consitantly kept up andI careftully aelectedl
from as gooda whoslesale houses as New York
andl Charleston can afibrd.
And after returning otur most sincere thanks
to ouir c'ustomensrs anid the public generally for
lie very liberal patronage bestowedi on us the
previous year, still constintue to solicit a por
tion of the same.
Susmterv'ille, Jan. 1, 1851. 10
Dr, W. JasDargan & Co.
RETJAIL DEA .LERS in Drugs, Medi.
cineos, Paints, Oils, Dy.e S'ttul, Pta
tent Mesdicines, Window Olase, Perfumery,
F-anetl Articles, and a variety of other articles
usually kept in Drug Stores.
Jso. W. D)AaoANs, W. JA5.DA RGAN, M.D.
g"' Next door to China's H~otdY.
Jsan. 2, 1351. 10-if.
To' Rent
AComodiotus and eonfortable Dwelling
Indtse, wvith a basemetnt aparimenst
and googl out-buildings. Theo House is
sit ited on WVashington; Street convenient
for buisiness. To a good tenaent it will be
rotnted Isow. For teris apply to
3. Rt. LOGA N.
Sumterville, Jan. 11hi, 1854. 11--tf.
For Sale.
T IIE SUBSCRIBER off'ers for sale nn
very reasonable terms, some valuable
imoprovedl and unimproved lots itn thie Town of
Sumuerville. For partictulars, apply to
Romaatilcj. 3d 18.1 n ,n ,r
H aJst received and ofTety fr sle, at Char
BLANK ET, at $ 50 each , gosnd heavy.
leavy.Twilled Red Flantnels, 81 1.4 cents p
Sattine ts. Kerseys, &c., a full assortmena, s
Georgia Kerseys and Plaina-S8clhley's mans
Muus. De Lains, at 12 1-2., 18 3-4, 25 cents;
Prints, Domnestics, &e., of all''prices and qut
Carpeting, at 50, 75, $i 00, $1 12 cents ;
ickled iteef,.-moked and Pickled Tonagues,
Sugar, Catee, iacon.-Fleur,-Lard, Butter, Rice
800 Parks Fire Crackerr for the Buys ;
20,000 Segars--choice branda.
His heavy stork, and good asst rtment are
Assortment complete, together With every demo ri
will be sold]i as low as can he bouht in any mark
PurchaserN will find it to fMr n, vantage as well
stock Is large, embracing " Any thing and F4ver
5000 pounds wanted, for which the Ia
er in Cash or Merehnndizo.
One Hundred Doz
For which.over the market price will be pai. in b
Oct. 27, 1853.
In Equity---Sumter District,
Mary I). Co(x,
Serena E. Jnnees, j Xli to confirm Sale
et. al. of laid and for
vs. r executioI of title.
Matthew J. Cox &
Caspar Jones. *
It appenrin, to my stisfacton that the
nhanve named defen-hntt Csapar Jones, re
sides beyond the limits of the State of
South Carolina :
It in urudered that he do appear. and
answer, p:sail or demur to I't said bill,
within three maonths after the puhration
of this t notice, or an order pro. Conf;:ssio
thereon will be entered against him.
Also, ordered tha:t the above ordler be
published for three months in one of the
gazetts of the District.
Comnmissioner in Equity.
Jan. 11, 1851. 11 :3m
In Equity---Sumter District,
Maria 1. MAaples,
IDolly Al. Maples,
Edward Maples and
Natins C. Maples,
By their next friend,
Levi F. Rhatne, Bill fur Arc't.
Jackson J. Brnughton,
Thomas Maples and
William A Brock and
Mary his wife. J
It appe-ring to my satisfaction, that
William A. Bnu k, ane of the Defe-idants
in the above tataae. 111, is absent from the
State of South Carolina :
It is oerdere f, on motion of Mayrant &
Richardso,. Complainants Solicitors, that
the saul Willi.n A. Brock do plead, an
swer oar demur to the said Bill within three
mnths Iroma the date of the publication of
th in order.
Aleo, ardered, that tis Order be publish
ed three months int one of the Gazetts i'n
this District.
Comn. Eqj. 8. D.
Jan. 11. 1.-4. ii 3m
In Equity---Sumter District.
Johnt J. t'ontyers and 1
Julia A. las wife,|
J vs.aB!tk1 (aa' Bill for Account
lasabella E. bas awadfei f
anal o:hoers. J
fIL' appje'armng to mny antisf::c-tion thna
Thomaas IE. D):ckey, Raaht. M. C. WVithaer
spoon, ad Joasepah Mlontgomaery, Defenad.
atne in thec above a4tated ease, resie tut
of the~ boai:s of thae Statec of Sothl Caroli
n, cinamotiona of B'andIng & DeSaussure,
Comainanrt's $eolicitors
It as ordered thtat haoeldt appear, ndl an
swer, plead oar demnr to thec said ball, witin
Iharee tndothas after the pulication of this
notice, or an order pro confesso thaceron
will be enttered aegainsit htim.'
Also, ordered that te above order he
published for three maonaths int one of the
Gazetts of the D)et rict.
Commissionaer in Equity.
Jan. 11, 18.54. 11 ia
Colesusabia, 8. C.
Mr. JANNEY, in connection with Mir D. W.
H A RRIS and Dr. T. J. GOODW YN, having
puarchaased that fine and commodious establish
meant hecretofore known as the CO~NGjAREE
HIOtiSE, it will he.reafter be designaed as
In announcing inl to the public, the propri
eatora. feel that it is niot necesaeary to partesent ina
dleteail the indulaceament and adveantages which
thes Hotel preseta. Its location, its commuodi
onasness, and the imparove~mena coantemp jlateed
by the pre'sent mianaagers, will, they feel satis
fleed, allirrd to thes travelling coammunity and
othora., a Hotel ina Columbiha wi.icht will in acv.
ery way rank among the best in thes country.
Every comfort, conaveniaence, andl appendage,
to tihe first clas~s hontea in the United Steates,
will baa funndte at JANNE"Y'S HOTiEL, andl no
efThrt ont the part of theo proprietors will lhe
wantinag to reneder it wvorthy of theu capitol of
the State.
MR. JANNEY and MIR. HAR IS, so well
known by the vititors; at the American Hotel,
will always be foatnd at theihr iosts, anal if un
remitaiag atteantion to the duties the~y haive as
smaned, beay gutaratee of satis~factio~n, they
have nao hesitation itt pronmising it to their gusis.
We have alase secured the servises of Mr. Ri.
E. L EW ART, as book-keeper.
. ft$ Mir. IHitchacock'si aplendijd line of Omni.
btuses anal Hac-ks, having the namnc of the HI.
tel painted oat them, are atuacod to Janney's
HoutelI, anal will be prompt and faithful in te
coneyanice of passengers to and from the s ari
eaus depots.
Jan. 25, 1854 13 I.
Lumber and Wood.
THlE eub.erIber, superintendant of theo
Steam Saw Mill of Coghtlan, Dixon & Co., re.
specftfully inalorms the public, that they are pro -
pami to furnaish Lumtaber of any descriptiont at
the shtortest noatice.
Havinag geaoda wagons and tamars,they can de
liver to putrchasers wheain desired. Theoy haave
a large quantity of prime Oak aned Lighatwood
which they can deliver to pustomers on moder
ate term.
Taass.--A reasontable deduction In all cases
for cash, or otherwise, notes will be taken when
ordens are filled.
Every exertiaon will be used to give satisfac
tion to those who aeur ats with orders.
Sumeaarvittaa i., 1054.u 1 t
OF A. J. & P. MOSX.
leston prices (freight included) SERVANT'$
er yard"
>me as jow as 10 2-" octts )
di tics ;
Muackerel, Salmond,- Lobsters, Sardines, &c,
, oiasses, alt, &c., &c.,
too well known to require enumeration,
-GU 2 qD Cli &M. .
itin of Goods Iq suit- thec .nnfry trade, wftelh
et for cnsh, or to approved par haterp, on time
is niin-. to call on me before purchasing. lily
ighese market price will be paid, eitir
en Eggs Wanted,
52 tlj
Rt. Rev. T. F. yAVIs, D. D., ex-Oficin
Rev. T. S. ARTIUR,
" J. D. MJCUr.LOUGH. I P 0iet rs
" GEnnra ir.NTON, Reiter,-;Ind In.
structor in Mental and Christian Science,
Moderit Languages and history.
Mrs. BE.TroN, Matrrn. 'E..
- - , instrncor in Mathematis
Natural Sciences, and Ancient Literature.
Prof. G. F. DeVzrnx, (late of Lime Ste
rin Instructor in tie theory and practice
isas C. M. Rtro, Instructress in English:
-- Sossosxt, Instructress in Draw
ing. Painting, and Assistant in French.
-di.s HtorntA WARtrKV, Instrucstress in En
glish Branches, and Assistant in Mathematics.
iss ELtZA PRATT, Assistant in Music, and
. 13. The corpis is not yet complete.
iE abovenatiution, located at Glents
Springs in Spartanburg District, S. C,.
will be opened for .ehe rec,-ption of pupils er
the first of Fehr inry next. In converting this
establbehminent into a school for young ldies.,
the buildings have been thorugily repaired met
litted up ; and in furishming them anew nr
pains have been spared to make it, in evety
respect, such a home as parents would desire
for their daughter.. Particular attention has
been beetirtope s n tIhe Musical Instrinenma,
andi wit Ih a large and tfficient corps of teache,'
and a thorough course of study, it aflrds eve
ry advantage to be enjuyeu in a sitnilar institu
Applicants are admitted, of any hge, over
seven years, and placed in such class as they
may be prepared to join.
'T'he scholastic year will consist of one ses
ion divided into two terms uf five months each,.
beginning on the 1st of February and July.
Vaeation, December and January.
IATs.-For Tuition and Board, including
washing, fuel, lights, &c. &c., $125 per term,
and there sill be no extra charge, except fur
Music $30 per terni, and for Books, Sheet )lu
sic, Drawing laterials,&c., acttally uusd.
For further information, see " Proepetus"
which many lie liad by applying to the lbuctor,
or either or the Proprietor.
Dec. 21. 1853 3P1
11-7- Charleston Mercury publish tri- weekly
and all thie uthier papers in the Stats weekly,
for three nmonths, and forward bills to one of
the Propmrieturs- a
St. Joan's Siohool.
it. Rev. T. F. DAVIS, D. D., Ex-Ofio,
Rtev. J. D). McCOLIA UG H, A. M., Rector,
and lnstruc:ur in Christnin Science andl.Ijleu
WM. B. LEARY, A. M., Vice Rector, and
Instructor in Ancient L.anguages and History.
.D. D). ROSA, ntuco inMteican
baua cieince.
Rev. E. A. WAGNER, Instructor in English
'p 1E Exerci~ea of this Institution will be
r.uimed on the 2d day ini FEBRUA
RY rmext.
Boy. are admitted over the age of seven, years
apid prepared for the .Juriur class in College; or
they e~ay recive a thoroug h academtical course5
eiiher classic~aJ or English.
Trhere is but one sesslon, (divided into two
terms of ive neonths each,) beginining oni the 24
of February and ending November 3o.
Taasns rica Sxassex.For Tuntion and
Board, inrcludingr wnalih , fuel, lights, &o.,
$225 payable serar-anniutj in advace.
Entrance 6be 825, for which books and sta
tionery are rurnished the student so long as he-~
may conttiane in the ntitution..
.Advanced studenats desiring private roomi.
wtil be allowed them (at she discretion of the
Rector) for an extra charge of *15, to pay for
fuel, lights, &c.,
Fur further lraf'rrmation apply for a" Prosect
us" to ther ilsctor, at "partan burg C. HI. .C.,
South Carolina--Sumter Dist.
Samuel T1indal,
ads. CA. SA.
Farrar, Datika, & Co.)
i2amnei Tindal who is in the enstody of thet
Sherillf of Siimte~r District, by virtue ofa writ of
Capias ad satisfacienadum, at the snit of larrar,
Batiks, & Comipany, having filed in may ofilee,
together with a schiediule, on oath, or his estate
and elrecLt, his petition to the Court of Coim
mon Plcas, praying that he may be admi~tedi,
to the bentefit oaf the Acts oul the Genural At
sembly, made for the relief of liisohvenat Debt
or. it is hereby ordered, that the said Farrar,
Banks, & Comn pany. and all other the creditors,
to whom the said Samuel 'fi ndal Is in any
wilse 1ndebte~d, he, and they are' herehy m-m
motned. and have notice to apipear, he fore the
said Court at Sumter Court iomtse, tin the -
t'hevenith day of April next, to shew canse, if.
any they cani, why the prayer of the petitiona
afuresaidl, aoln o b atd
W..f SNfhTNC.C P.6.
Olieor Common Pleas of
Sumnter District, Dcc. 2'J, 1853
In Equity--- Sumter DIstrio~
Adm'r. or DIL.
Leonard White,
(Charlesr W. Miller, Comnpi's.Sni'p.
The creditors of the Inte Dr. Jaxtes lEA few
M~woai,enmitled to claim uinder hiis assignnu-nit'
to the above named befendanti, executed o
the 28th day of July A.,D. 1 m. are hiahy no-.
tilled that, by an order in the above .statee
cause, they are required to estaghsh their doe
mands he fore me, Cumnuissiuner In Equity tor
Sumter District aforesaid, on 'or before the -
first day of May next.
I also give notie that 1 will until the
said flrat day of May next, receive proposals i
the sale of a part oflthe real estate conVeyed by -
Jhe aidassgnmntlying partly if not wloIr,
in hecorortelImits or Sumuervihle, lpounild.
by lands of Dr. J. C. Htav on-rs W.t, -
Enusson, T. J. CoonL~Ar, and Mrs. i, M6
ur,*b, and by the new road runtsing from S
terville to the steam mill ofT'1. J. CoonttLAu
"Co., atippused to conitain about one hulathed
sixty acres.,.c
Coma'r. in Faquity 8."D.
Dec. 27. 1853. g tI

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