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H AS just received from New York, a
gOod assort ment of line E l W i RY,
''ACLS, &c , &c., whiclh he will sell as
cheap for cash a ,-tny other retailinig es
tahiihinent in the State. .
Thankful for past tivors. he respectfutly
solicits a continuance of the patronage of
his old friends and the public generally.
Feb. C2, 1a. 17 t
Executor's Notice,
ALL persons indebtoil to the 16t:.te of
Richard langin, Esiar., deceased, of Samter
District, wil present them properly attest
ed to either of the undersiganed. aid those
who are indebted will naake payment to
the same.
\V. C. DUKES, Charleston. ,
JNO. J. RAGIN, Clarendon, 1l. r .
Susnterville, Feb. 12, !8541. 17---4t
gj7 Watchman copy.
& We are authorised to
announce MNj. A. C. SPAIN as a candi.
date for Representative from Clarenont
County, at the ensuing election.
Febi. 22, 1851. 17 t r
Sheriff's Sales.
]Y virtue of sundry Executions to mne di
- rected, will be sold, at Suanter Court
House, on the I st Mo ndar andt day follow.
lng in Alarch next, within legal hours of
sale, to the highest bidder, lhr cash, the f|
9owng property--prchasers - to pa y for
Djefaglant's interest in one tract of 116
:acres of land, in Clarenlon, aijoiii ng lands
'of G. Frieson, W. J. Cantev, et al, levied
upon as the property of N. Stanier, of the
suit of the' State, two cases.
One lot and buibdl:g thereon in Sutter
villk, adjoining unds of an-l where W.
G. Windham live.-d, levied upon as the
properly of J. 11. N. II inn: an, at the suas
0. Crane, U..il. Leak. Adnr'x, two cases,
T. J. Co,,hlan & (,:0, B3.irk & Mlorgan et
One lot and ho ld;,gs thereon ine S-n.
tervi le, adjoinimg aiuds of arid wh..re
Defendant did Ihv'e, lov'ied upon as the
property ofJ. 13. N. Hl.nnmer, at the soats
-of L. B. hanks, A. & E3. N. i ggmiis, It S.
Webb, I)hvid W1 inn, and J. L.. SLtepLhenson
-et all.
Delendant's interest by his gran". tath.
er's will in ont: tract st 90(1 nts t1 o land
in Lower SNaeii adjoinng Iainds of John
Player, N. Gamble, 11. Green ei :tl., levied
upon as the property of 'T. W. 1Eneh-,hl, at
nthe suits of M;ack & -lones, 13. W. Ciat.
,bers, B. A. Jarnu-s, WV.: .hy, e~t alI.
Defendant's niterest auy lis grind fath.
.er'a will in onei tract of acres of
.land in middle Sale-ii, adljinuiig lainds oi
Locklair, Nesbit and oth.:rs, li-vied upon a.
the property of T. W. Eingsi.l, at the sunits
.01 Black & Jones, R. W. Chnuaeabers, B. A,
"t .Janmes, W. Shy, et a1.
Defendant's inte ..t by ils grand fath.
er's will in one tract of :cres of land
.in Middle. Salem, adijoinau lands of Loc-k.
.lair, Neshit and others, l-vied upon as the
,property of 'T. V. 1F-,g.ish at the s., -:
-, Black & Jones, B. W. C(iannbers. 11. A.
.James, W. Shy and ,:hers.
One Lot of one-ha if acre of land an.1
buildings thereon. in Suntervidh, adjoininag
lands ot L. 3 Ilanks.. Aho one Lot oflone
halt acre of land atnd hulddin<rs thereon, i n
Sumoterville. adjnuning l.en i1tf the I'res
hyteraan Chnicl and Pe'ter IHitver. AlIo,
one lot of one hatlf acre oi land and build
ings thereon, in Sunterville. adjointer
ands of Mrs. J. Hlayanswoarhi a.: J.h1i
O.'Counnor. Alsi. , nie lot ofi one-half ac nre
of land andt buildiangs thaereon;, in Smoater
ville, adjoainiang launds of M11rs. 3. 1 iavn.worthn
and F. Saannaur, levied up~oan as' theC -,ropner
iy of F. K. .yrtant, am:t lie suns of I). ii.
Pool.,. T. ( .',iinouis & Saan, uad I. lloodu.
7 Negranes, 5 illorse.s, I Canrrinae ;and
Bunggy, to he~ sold at thne C mint f louse.
Also, Hlousehlnd nand Kitchen Furan attre,
n ana liantat iota Tooals, la lbe a nil o.1 aTJues.
day, 7a I March, tat. Dot 'is rei'i'enace, lee
ied .on us tine propeorty of F. K. ..yran-,
at the suits oft ). 11 Poole, 'T. G. Sinmons
&. Son, and 13. lHotd.
Onie Negro, levied upoin as theg property
of Charles Bfrunson, at tine suit of I).nvid
I Negro, levied unpona as tine property iii
G. WV. Bliliups, at tine suit of \V. Webb, air
1 Negro. levied uponn as the ptropertv of
.J. 5. Bradley, ant tine suit of Manrthan ltes.
1 Netgro, levied upo~n ais tine propery 01
TV. RL. Jerry, at tine suits of' Thos. t)y'Steena,
.and John Kelrey, anad 1. J. HIarrisoun.
I Hlorse, levied iuon ins thne property of
.A. C. L. D). Balk, alt tile suit af A. Canra
I Negro. levied uplon as thne prm. erty of
.Jon A. Coieloungh. tat tihe su t of \Vam.
Ono tlorse, levied upon as tine ptruanmrty
.cr3. W. Cochran, at the suit of J. W. Kei
'Fotir Negroes, two) Horses, onett Carr,.
age ;ad two M~nules, levied tupont a tine
propnerty of J. II. Dingle jr., t tine sunats aor
C. C. Rengin, John Madiisn, G. WV. Lee. D).
J . \Vimnn, hi. Thlomanns, and the Bamnnk of tine
* ~State nol South Cairoliana.
I will seil as Agenat, three Negroes, lev
iced upon tis tine peroperty of J. Ii. Daingles
jr., to foreelosae a mtngalge given by J. 11
Dianghe, jr., to Wm.~ Weta anad J1. 1H. Din
gle, Sr.
2 Negroes, levied uipon as tine property
of J. H. McKtnighnt, tat the suits of P. E.
Snith, P. 1lmopkians, atnd M. A. Clark.
2 Negros., levied upon0 as the property
of W. Hi. Mcn]mnght, at tine snits of J. S.
Tjianll aind W. C. Dukes. and G. Follian.
.1 Mule and 1 hlorse, levimd upon as tine
property of W.. M. Moonre, at tine suits of
D. J. Wimnn amnd A. J. Moses.
I Horse, levied uponi ats tine property of
C. H1. Richardson, at thne anit of G. Follin,.
1 Negro, leviedl upon as the property ot
Edward Rtichnardson, at tine samt of L. BI.
One Negro, levied upoan aus thne propnerty
oaf M. M. Rtich, ant the suit of J. S. IBowe.
Two Hlorses, onte Wagon and Gear, 1ev
edl ona as tine properny of Jo~hni S. Rtich, t
tine stois of Ha~vilnad, Hiarral & Cio., amid
Rt. S. Pomenroy.
I Ilmrse amid iBuggy, levied on as tile
property of F. M. Stukes, at thne suit of W.
A. Cunninghntan.
2 Horsnes, levied upon as tine property ot
J. C. Strother. at the suit of A. J. Moses.
1 Negro, levied upon as tine property o1
TI. D. Sniater, at the suit of John 1). M~ur
5 Negroes, levied upon as mine property
of Wv.Webbmat the soitS J. S. & L.. Uowu,,
8 eases, and Haseha~ine & Waltoni.
1 Negro, hovied oan as tine promperty of
Robeort Weeks, at thno stit of the State.
Two'a Presses ant~I all tine Materis used
in at Pramtinsg Ollicc, levlid upoan as thne
property of WV. J. Francis, tnt thne suts o1
.Woirkanm & Bioonne, 2 cases, andi D. A.
i~lIN C. IIAIIIE S. S. D).
kFohruarv :0J, 1854.
Two Nights Only!
Co MtMENcIN FmRIAY, MA1.cu i3rd.
Wes IIO""Cocerts have been receiv-d
! tltroiughott the United Staters, for
the past six years with so much applause,
have tihe honor to announce to the Ladies
and G(.entlemen ofSumterville and vicinity,
that they will give two of their popular
Concerts is alove.
'Tle l'rogratre will consist of New
=ongs, ;?uetts. Quartettes, Ope ratio Bur
lesques, and Burlesque Shakers, Dances,
&c. &e.
For particulars see Bills of day.
3T 'Pickets 50 cents. )oors open at 6 1.4
commtnence at 7 p. n.
)r. F. A. JONFS, Agent.
Felb. 22, 1154. 17 2t
So. Carolina---Sumter Dist
Ilrt 11. LE W IS, Esq., Ordinary for said
WVhereas, W. M1. tanders, hath applied
to tie for Letters of Administration, on all
and sinigul.ar the goods and chattels, rights
and credits of it. M. Sanders, late
of the sia D strict, deceased.
'T'hese are, therefore, to cite anl adron
inh all and singular, the kindred and credi
tors of tle saidtl deceasel, to he and appear
ie fore me at our next Ordinary's Court. for
the said District, to be holden at Sumter
Court House ni Fridav the and day of
March next.. to show cause, if any, why
the sail adiinittration should not be
Given under my hand and seal, this
2:thl day of February in the year of
[t.. s.] our L.ord, one thousand eight hun
dred ail ifty-four and in the
713th year of American Inlepen.
W. lEI.iV , o. s. n.
Feb. 22, 1854. 17 it
To the Public,
JOHN C:IliNA ollirs Iis services to the
citizens of Smntrer Distrirt ad the public geni
erally aund pledges himself to give every atten
tion to the sale of all properties entrusted to hi
hands on comumission, either at auirion or pri
var.' sal.. The facilities he enjoys, as to situma.
tion mund his lung experience in the business are
satisfactory evidIence of his ability to do justice
to any who may emiploy him.
Fel 22, 135. 17 c t
jAViNO taken Room's at the Binner
Olive, woul Irespeetfully infosrr the,
citizens of Sumiterville a::d its vicinity,
th:t. :ii-r h:1 ani ex-crience of some
;- . lie bmsie ,. fit is ;iripared In
Turn a r specunen, of
Daguerrean Likenesses,
r. L,. Ia, on hand a speindid imatsort
meint f
iii'!i (Ii ,~ tt ti~r
:?v(alliosM, Briouche , ece.
IlIe i.< prepa red with all ie Iustrmnnents
for srecurrig accurate copir.s of I'rtrai.i,
and lar tiakgrr ildr.n and (Grouiips. HIe
will rein o or a shirt totne.
P Iea .e call and examiine Speci
mnut-1 ii-trucn iven m, i the Aii rt.
Feb..22, 1851. 17 if
TI' IIll liiustrted~c Coier Weeklly, whieb is
pubilished ini Ne's york every Saturday, is iiow
abouti i 'itoiommene the ihiird year of irs pros.
,ierous e x isitence. It has rear'lie~d a larger cir
atiioin than aniy inig of, the kindu ever stirtedu
in America, It is iilled wiih Iiutmis and Carica
iire- likiene*.sse of persoits aiid thingsii an thiese
atlonie are worith the sfubscritioni price, whtich
ls only S1 a year, for which 5:2 nmb~r.s are
imialild to any patrt of the Uunited Xuiates.
Thie new votlume' will cuoi*men with the
"Rentiniseenee 'ifJolmi (. C~alhoun, by his piri
vaie $aeertary,"' andi will lie conutiinued in thme
l'ick iintil fin ihedl, whmich it w ill tiake neaurly a
y eair to accomptljish. Whenmh iltemimiiienicaes
tae coiiipfiel theiy wvill be ptililbed in liomk
fuorm, aiid ia copy wvi~li e tent gratuitously toi
every isbsriber to thre Pick whose name shailt
lie on our .'liait ltauok.
'h' l'ik hars hiecome it favorite piaper in the
lited States. liesidles its weekly desigins by
the first Artist, i t coni~ ts wtirty anid spaicy edi.
torils of a high chairacter, arail n ill catrry eer
fulniess to thei gloomiiest riresidfe. Itis lhigh cha~rr
ncter renders it it firirie in every tiunily. It
conttamrs each week a larga * qoantitil y of Paltes,
Sitories, Anecdotes, Sceneis ahdme witiims gailh
e'red framtlife,. Every article that. appeanrs in its
column-t aro entirely original, anid it hats clius.
tered iiaiun ii, somie of the best writers tni the
Thle tinbscriptiiont prices is SI per year in. ad
vancme. Agents wiho send in subscribmers, or
clUbs 'omp~osedl ofseveral persons, ure a. lowed
to deduct a cmmmission of 25 pe cenit, thns re
during the price to 75 cents, for time witiist
weekly pubillised upum this coni tinent.
Th'ie Pick numubers amtong its stmbsesihiers
many oaf theo leadinig men in tihe ntation, who
give it it cheerfnl eiidorseomtnt, and itot a line or
tdesigni isi allowed to appear ini time Pick thait ie
not unohjectionable, anod i t iiheapness pra'tes
it wtitin the reach of all. Tlheo ne0w lmte
comamences on \Vashingtoun's btirthi dnay, Febu-t
ary 22, 1851 All letters cotarinting remtittan
ces titlst he addrestsedl to
Editor atnd Propalrietore the~n Pick,
No. 26'Annr street,
Newv York.
Feb. 22, 1851. 17 2i
B3ilf Black Rtiver Waitchmani, andl Chiarles-.
orn Mhercuiry copmy ontce.
Min. Eurronr :Pleaise itntnounrce Ciil. 3.
M. NELSON as a cantliilate for Senator for
Claremontt Couty, at die ensin rg electit n
atnd oblige MANY Vorits.
February 8thi, 18541 15 tf
(1J' Watchmian please copy.
MNIf. Earroi: You willi oblige -many
citizens by anntouncing Col. J. I). BrAnh.
tsr; as a canitlidate for lIepresetitative for
Claremttont Couty, at the next sessioni of
our Legislature.
EF Watchman please copy.
INKtVIessri, Eitors: You
will oblige many voters of Claremont Elec
tion Dimstrict by aninouncing Col. R. LA.
RteACilIE lIlCRI 1a'is a candidate foir a
seat ini the Ltewer llranchi of the Legisla.
litre nilihe Staito of Son'ph Cairolina, at the
etnsumtg eletiont.
. Sprepared to do all manner of work in hi
lint, w'tineatnesgs and despatcht. Ili term
are, CJatt. lIe is still at his old stland jm
above *hot Tlowvn Ihall.
Feb. 8, lui4. 1',t
THE subscribers having established them.
selves at the stand opposite A. J. Moses' Store,
repctfully solicits the attention of their friends
and the public to their well selected stock.
Their assortment comprises all articles usually
kept, (e.rcepting liquors) and will be constantly
replenisied, and disposed of on as favorable
terms as are ofi'red any where.
Their stock consists in part as follows
Ladies' Dress Goods and 'Trimmings,
Ladies' Collars, Chemisettes, and Under
Laces, Edgings, and Insertings,
Jaconet and Swiss Muslins,
Ladies' and centlelnen's L. C Hdkf's.
A large lot of "Hosiery and Gloves, Cravats
and Stocks. Also,
A full su >ply of Prints and Domestics.
GI:OC'til ES, Hardware, llooware,
Carpenter's and Blacksmith's Tools,
Cistern Pumps and 'ipes, Carriaee Trim
Crockery and Glassware, Saddlery 'and
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Ready made
Clothing, &e. &. &n.
JAMrS S. ''INDAt..
SAMttIur. WA-rsoN.
II. W. G"ARnnst.
February 22, 1851 17 tf
SU11 'I'E R V IIE, S. C.
WILl. practice in Sumter end the ad.
joining Districts.
Febru;ary 1;5th, 1851. 21 t f
Columbia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Co.
IAVE constantly on h;tnd the largest
stock of
in this place, wlic h they are prepared to
sell at prices lower than anly o her estab
lishmlent in ('ottmhia.
'T'heir Clot hing is namuiactured by them
selves with particuir referenc'e to tios
iarket, and thiv fee-l watrtrtel to say( it
is inrtenor In nonie, and SU(l1 ' It OIi TO
.OST I1,01'l11 N( otllred in ;ny part
of the country. Their butsiness is Con
ducted upon the ote price- cash principle,
and the price of their .roods .mar.cd in
plain fihrures uipon each article by wlh:clt at
uniforminy ot price is obs'ereed, and the
inoxptrie-nced .myor is enmab .ed to take
his purchases at as low a r:;It as the toe in
experienceud and bet:er judger. Persons
vistmtng Cluitbia are respectfully invied
to an e'xaiination of our stock and pries.
Februtry 15th, 154.. I 11 .
The British Quartelies
Blackwood's Magazine.
LI ONAltl SCOTT & CO., New York, con.
tinte to Rte-publish the following British '.
riodicals, viz:
. (..nservative.)
'I EDIN i:lt (il I RtL lEW , (W hig.)
(Free (hurchm.)
ZAIN E, ('lory.)
The pre'sent (eritical state of lFatropeatn affairs
will render these plicnationms ui~nsnmly inter
estinig :ttring. theycar 1851 . 'They wvill oerupy a
mi'ldlm' grontil bttween tihe hatily wrinten
newvs-ii(Ims (rude speenmlationts. andl flyingt ru
moms of the, daily .emmurnal, and ihe lismdermens
Toine (If thme future historian, written after the
living interest ami1, excit:ment of the gre-t t po-t
litical events of the time shall hiave pasisedl away.
It is to thtem~ P'erimodlicals that readier. tlmst look
for the only really ilelligible and reliable his
tory of cu rrent event, a:tlItas seh,. in addeitionI
to t heir wel l-establ ished lhterary, scientifie, andme
thieological character, we urge thIerni uponm tihe
considferationu of the readeingm pubtllic.
Arranmgernents are inl progress feor thme receipt
of early she~ets froemm the* lIritishm Puijshmer., by
which we shall beo aile to pl1aceat ou..r lt.eprints
in tihe hands of subisc'rtibers, ah mlt as seoon as
ther' ennt he fuirni shedI with tihe foreign copies.
A ltlmiongh this will inmvolve a very flar.te omlay1
(on ouir plart, we shall 'onmtinmue. to fuiri.,hi time
l'eriodicals at the same11 low rates as heretofore.,
P'er nnn)1.
IFor nnmy noI&(f tie four lteview1s - - 3t (0;t
For ainy two of thme fotmr It-views . - 5 t03
F-or any three (If the four Iteviea~ s .-. 7 00
For allI 6mur of the lieviews .-- 8 0it
For lilackwood's 3lagazine - - 3 00I
For ilheek wood~ and three lIevie as . . t 0i
Foar lllack wood ande tihe femur iterie ws. - it) t00
Paymntsto e mde n al csesin ad-.
raznc. M3oney enrret inm the State
u-here- issued! euill lbe reccwdl at ar
A diiscountt of twenty-five per centi from thme
ab~ove prices n ill be aillowed ton Clubshi m alh-ri n'
foutr or imore cnopies (If anly (one or(i more of thme
abmoe works. 'i'hms: Felur -opies of iltak
woodm.o(r (If oe lta-vie-w, wviiIli e senit to ((te ad-l
dre-s~s fomr SU); fouir copies of i Ie Iiumr iteviews
anud Bllack woomd foar S:10; andm so on.
In all the prinipai~l C~ities and11 Tos, thmems
wmrks will bem delivered, thmroumgh A ett, Fit1h1E
OF P'O.STAUlE. Whlenm sent by mail, till
Poinstage: to amy peart of time I mnitmed IStates wj.
he but Tl' N'l YN -FOil itt CICNTS a year for
'hlasckwomd,"' and11 buti TlW l VIs C l N l's a
yealr for cam-h of thte lleviews.
Itemilittan rces antcmimmLItien~ tcIionils shioublm al
ways he amddressed, pos-paidi, to time Puim hshers,
511 GOLD SPItE h-Ti, NELW YOlt K.
N. 1I'.. .9. & Co. hmave r-cen.rtly'1111 publhe,
anmd have now fomr sale, time "FA t31Elit's
GIllDlE,"'b lIlenry Stephienms, of Edlinbuirghm,
anmd Prof. Norton, of Yntle Comllege, New I Iaven,
comlete i in 2 vols, rmyal oc tavoI, c~tintmIii.h
1600it pages, I I steel 1and1 6001 wod enigravinmgs.
Price ill muitslinm iding, $6.
WY' f"ITlhis tork ic N OT t'he ol "fRook of
thme I-'arnm," la/ely IlSUSChITA T'ED (an'd
throwna upon lthe make.
Febm. 22, 1854. 17 t
To Rent,
Co(mimodlimus andI comforiabmle [Dwelli ig
1llotise, wtithi a h:,seimenmt ;mart inenmt
andtm goodt ouit.-huilldinte. 'Thie Ilionise is
sittedl on \Vadhingtonm Street con vemenOt
for business. To'm a goed ltenn it wvil beIt
rented low. For ternms apmply ton
J. It. LOGA N.
Stumterville, Jan. 11hmt, 1854. I1---tf.
Mr. Editor : The Citizens
cf Clasretndon Counoty arm: desirons that C. W.
L. lU-EYNOLDS, represent them in the next
Ikgisiaturte. By annotuncing him a Candiat
for that-oflice, you will oblige them.
In Equity---Sumter District,
John I. Broughton,
Letitia B. Broughton, &
Margaret L. Iroughton,
By their next friend ) BILL.
James R. Brock,
vs. |
Epsey E. Broughton. )
IN pursuanco. of an older in the above
stated case, I will ofTer at public sale, on
the first Monday in MARCH next, at
Sumter Court I louser that Plantation or
Tract of Land, estimated to contain about
Six 'T'housand acres, lying in Clarendon
County, Sutnier District, at or near Pulton
Post Oflice, belonging to the late Edward
B3roughton, junior, deceased, and upon
which he resided at the time of his death.
Not to be sold for less than seven thousand,
seven hundred and fifty dollars.
Upon tlte premises is a GRIST MILL
in good condition, and a SAW 1iL,
which is not in running order. The
stream upon which these Mills are located
is an unfailing one and is very valuable.
The lands lie upon the \Vaterce Swamp,
containing both low and high lands, ard
afbordmig an unsurpassed range for stock
of all kinds--the whole constituting one of
the mnost valuable Plantations ever offered
fur sale in Sumter 1)istrict.
A plat of the land will he in the hands
of the Corntnissiuner, showing its extent,
bo ndaries, &c.
Tintis:--One fourth part of the purchase
money to be pal in cash; the balance pay
able in one, two and three years, with in.
eterest frot the day of sale-the putrehaser
to give bond and persona I gecurn;y. andit
mortg;ge of the land for the credit portion
of the said purchase money.
Coumnissioner in Eriity.
Feb. 15, 1851. 16 dtd
New Store and New
'I Ill. sndersigned has established himself in
this village., and has now opened a lrge antd
well ass:orted Stock
of F:'r Ii and NIlect DrIeig :ined
Ep~ye -Sit f,, W'isadow! ..a, V'ar
BR Ilit-',. ! '!3 3t~llcry, tt'i ( , N"-.
<liciiea-. &<-. & . All of which ale
of the. best 1:1uah%, and wrill be qlti (art :on-como.
latig teris. A -hare of the pitiblic liatro~nage
Is Folicitc.
WV. G. I.. 10lC1: 3lT.
Dec. 29 1853. '_f
In Equity-Sumter District,
Samuel T. liri't tn, et af.
VSEliza 1. firitton, et at..
In puirsuance of an, oner in tii ent'. I n ill
ofT:r n. ptuhli -ale, on the lirsa .lI,:ad.lv in
Slarelh next, at Silnt--r t'ourt Ilu.,.- a tra't of
landt in 'ait tistrict, dti ised lv the. third bsI:,.e
at the will sof te bate Ifenry tIritton,and where.
on tit' Ian-' rancii c. Brit i livl, consl: ning
two hundre-! and fiv- :r''s-.: at a price oi nit
less than anet do.llar ant fifty -:nt p.r ae.
I'ermns: do murh canh at wilt tav the rosts
of the hill :nnid thtu proceediin;;s usetre'<m, and thec
balantce on a errtit until the first day of Nu.
veabecr ni-t, nt ith itetrest from the dliy of sale;
the tutrchase'r to give bunt .nreity and a mort
gage of the premsises antI to tpay for ltape-rs.
. - . i-i. ritA .N iWOltI'lf.
Coeinr. 1":q. S. 1).
February 15, 1y51 16 t .
AI1.L tersoitsmr who are in masy dtbt a fee
Will please t o -eu forward. and pay it to me,
For ant now nut of the islui.ing moot.
And cnnl. .t wai longen. ind-se , if. w i -_.
Thei She.rifrh'ims gist tuet, ns iths hatrness onI bas-ck;I
An si on 5( 'm5 1 ito trot 55n ai verty rough tract,
limsy frietidas dona't comoti forwian-i andt give
mea, a li ft,
I'll go to ihe dtevit, 54oon, all iota strift,
Hot rat her ibhan gos to lhim, so early, hark ye!
It l tv a ns e hit oif a hrinit; nosw .isunrk me'!,
lI, yioui doni'i pay up, right undaer your nioses,
I'll take all yor plapers, and, give them to
Ands then', oh, shin, yo'i get yor farin
int hell, he'll roast yon like ai hrin,
.3. 8. 1RICE!. M. D).
('lare.ndton, Febt.,8, 1851.- 15 if
Cabinet Wareroom.
T1akes this lfactinsd of informiing the citizens
ofSmevlle ar111 vicinaity,
W A ItE R OOM, whsere he wilt keep fur tsale,
chap~j, alt such futrni tire ias co~mes undaser thisi
depart met sit his trade-; arid will fornish for
csht, at (tharle,'tout ptricesi. ailt descritisa of
Furn-iiture madeuk. Repair-ing exteds at the
shoristetit ntice.
MXz~aogainy andt plain Coint.s furs-nishedh witha
out sdelay.
Fe b. 8, 1851. 15 tf.
Look Up Street.
XMtttn ltAOS s I IOThIl, is st ill in op.
er-saton-ankiIs to thel kindnessC5. oft gsood
trio n'1.)-r .inly to ar-eceiveo cstomer acs, anal
ttainot lsem. tot theis- enit ireC sastisfaction.
Ar. C. is rslved1 that hais I lotel shall not
liP e.c:scIeib- byanty hosse ta Ih ac sotry -.
lversyin thes~1 t' tiarket cans fournish.l tshalt
/t' sar-s:slalt"'''n his talet" wel c sookas'l andat
celyk. 'tL' h bes arei alt itn od sordes-.
altI ath-al Ise op.~t s. Give hst a trial
andi ~slr. (Clarsk ph :dg'es sat i-lotin.
Who Wants lYloney ?
T1lc he ssribe~r fits site, is partienu-tle-iy ina
wsant isf it, tad lhe hapj.s thait.thoise whts haves
pas-trontizedl haim so libettrally , wilt conitinuie thir~
friensathip lay pay inag up.~ antl entabhln haiat is
met thei dsandass iif olthers. "Wheel.s caannot
moalve it haisst gr-ea.e'
.Jan. 14, 18",-1. P2 if
Dr, W.JasDargan & Co.
R El'l,I tl~lEA121t1 an h)ru im, 21'lt.
ltnt M1edjiine', WVin.ttw Gbmst . Perfoneri~sy.
F'acy A siitelet, sad ai vaint y of oithIer airticles
usalaly kepst int Driug Staores.
L~r NeL tildoor to Chminau's I lite.
Janst. ?2, 1851-.t-tf
For Bale.
F 'l E StiIls( 'Itll t Il'ers for sale on
I. verys' re'nasniae termnt, somea valutablte
iltprolvedIttt anduimproveds lsts itn thle 'Tswna of
Sumaster-ville. Fur par-tienlars, appsily to
ARLCiI'!. AN)EltSt)N.
Siamtuerville, Jan. &s, 1854. to-..f.
Private Boarding House,
Dny Boarderts necosasassiodted.
Nov 9. I853A 9 ,r
Frcuih, Britisi and' erniatn
209 and 211 King-sreet corner of Mar
ket Street,
C ARPETINGS.-Ingrain, 3 Ply.s, Brus.
eels Taipestrv and Velvets.
and Worsted.
large variety.
CURTAINS, all styles.
GILT' CORNICES, in all the new designs.
in all varietios.
STAIR CA RPETINGSof all style.
RUGS, in great variety.
COTTON OSNABURGS, of all the bast
Southern makes. I e
English and American COT'fON FLAN=
French, English, and American PRINTS.
make, for Sleetings, Shirtings, Pillow Cases, y
Table Damasks, Di~ylies, Napkini, Towellings,
Ilrckahacks, Fruit Cloths, B. E. Diapers;
Grass Cloths, &c.
of best French Gosls.
S1.llVA NTS CLOTHS, in all the shadesef
English Goods.
SEYS, of all qualittes and styles.
Rich Dress Goods.
ING GOODS, in great variety. a
E311IRtN tDERS and LACE GOODS, of ev- N
ery deseriyion.
EV ENING DRESS Goods in Great variety,
constantly received.
All the above are of our own
and oie~rel at the LOWEST AMARKET Prices. U
T El 15a.-Caish, or City Acceptance. 11
o:T Thre-i one price systen strictly ad
lr":,d to, :rn:l all Goods 1Warranted. P
Chir ln, S. C., Jan, 6th, 1851. 11 tf
Tird ])oor South of the Towmn Hull
airl iearl y opposit Tiidal : Wabtton
IN, suibserier wol respectfully in.
him th eizes of! Surnterville and ,
tl.' pti :d ier:illy, that le has opened nt I
,he above g.i a egeneril assortment of T
)ry t i'i, 1'gts mal Shons, Ilata and j
':,. II brawme, GrocL:try warc, &c. &c. I3
A . A (~i' lt. (t iF.uiely Groceries of I
;--ry d -pn, ue i'h Fruit of various
~inds, such I Or:nges, Apples, Letnons, J
&"'..&C , whh hr will sell very low for 7
N . 3. U ly
Notice. _t
islaopVille Car-riage anud i
liSatr'se Inta s:actory.
JAME-S W. AMIIROSEsItill continues to H
(cirry on the above bgsiness in all its various t1
hran hie, aund ta kes this metlhod of returning s
lk thanks to his friends for their liberal patron- n
age, anid iope~s by close attention to husmness to
still merit the samte. CAlIRIAGES AN!) BUG. t
G(I ES rout.e to order and warrantrd for t.
mngthg. If they shrourld fail in that time in C
point ggf worrkmanshglip or inaterial, they will he t
repIaired frgee of c harge, lIe denemN. it unne.
isiary to say anything in regard to the neat
glns anid dlurabrilit y of hris work, as his, work
will sho w for itself. Call on him at lishop.
ville arid he wtill give as good bargains as can -
be2 hail in C'harlestonr.
I le alsio does ploughi-work at rdhort notice.
I lor'r-shoieing doiner withI neatntess arnd dispatch 1
at $1 50 all rirtmdg. Ilis terms for new worka
will be to suit purc'haers.--With interest, al. J
1llishipville, S. C., Janr'y 18th, 1851 12-Gm
Fall Goods! Fall Goods i
ltIET & N EWVRERY wouild respectfutlly
inform their friendsg ndn the Publie generally,
that thery have just re-ceived a large and well se- TI
lectedl Stock of
embhracing every qrmlity andr style. or L ADIES' 0
DRI ESS GOOD)S ;Ileavy Goods, &c., t'rocer- tt
ies, IHoots arid Shoe'gs of every description; latest C
style hirns and Caps; lliardware and Crocrkery;
Reildy MShe t'lothinrg, etc. etc., to which they
piarticularly inlvite attention.
A lot of CIIOICE SEG ARS. nt
Important Notice,
FELLOW CITIJZ ENS:--.Ir is a painful task
to dImt-, liut stern necessity arnd your uiegligence
rind fiirgei lniess, demrand that I shiriuld reindr
all those~g indgebredl to in, either by note or ac.
count, to comre to raw with the clink, hridles or
corn at the mill, oni or hefore the frat Mionday
in Mfarch nrext, to save yorurselves of displeas
nrc anid to cheat I.awyers, Shecriflis and petty
Cuonstbles (itt oif cost5, for
At the hiss of a penny
You'il grurmle and groan,
As thtough rhe rhreumratics
Were pilercirng eaich horic.
The., ghost of haid shrillinags -
Frirever yogi will hagunrt,
Arnd you shake, least to-tnorrowv
Shiild bring you to wanrt.
3 jY P~ry up, arid save costs, arid there will
yet bie a crust le.ft you.
- - -ti
To The Public,
Auuctiossecr's Notice.
.lA.\llaS II. CLA RK herps leave to noti
fy ire enirn jofa i Stirrtervi iht anid threvi
eiiy that. lie is riow prep~tredl to g ive ihis
ent ire attention to anyibi~ huiress in tihe
in ttt irt linie. I li :g hatd sioe ecxpericee. v
andii i iho's by. di Iilgece arnd attention to til
meirit :, shatre~ of;rn pubbe fatvor.
Snorelerv ile, h.1I ih, 18%. l--tif k
:17 Dey~ Street, 2) Ilrnyrne Street, tF
Nrew York. Charleston, 8. C. I
Thie Snbhscribegr respectfually informs hris cus
tomne rs rundi thle public that he. cannot carry onr.
his biusiniess ont a criidit ouf t welve monthI s.
P'riimpt cuistomenrs whio may favor him with
their woriik maiiy expect to he enlled on at airya
time for moiuneiy whren thle artiicle Is wvanted .
II.e returns his thanks for the liberal piatroniage
which lie has receiveid.
Januaury 3, 1851 10 6m.
Jiihn S. Richardson Jr., Magistrate, 'wIll c
aittendl promply ta all busines entrusted to
hin fiojust back of J, T1, Solomas'
nev Store.
Jan. 18, 185 1M .t
HI S just received and ofTcr for eie, at thaU
ILANIKETS, at $t 50 each, good amd hEavy.
Heavy Twilled Red Flannels, 31 1-4 cents l
Sattinets. Kerseys, &c., a ful assortment, a
(:, 'rgia Kerseys and Plains- chley's mane
Alous. )eLains, at 12 1.2, 18 3.4, 25 tenth ;
Prints, Domestics, &e., of all prices and qu
Carpeting, at 60, 75, $1 00, $1 12 cents;
Pickled feef. Smoked and Pickled Tongue,
;gar, Coffee; flacon, Flour, Lard, flutter, Rice
800 Packs Fire Crackers? for the Boys;
20,000 Segars--choice brands.
is heavy stock, and good assortmeit are
s'frtment complete, together with every desci
?ill he mold as low as can h bought in any nark
'trchasers will find it to their advantage as weli
ock is large, embracing " Any thing and Ever
OdO potinids wavidfed, for which the I1
er in Cash or.Merchandiie.
One Hundred Do z
er which over the market pricev will be paid in b
Oct. 27, 1853.
n Equity---Sumter District,
Lary l). Cox,)
cretn E. James, - Bill to confirm Sale
et. oil. of Land and for
vs. execution of title.
latthew J. Cox &
uspar Jones.
It appearintr to toy satisfaction that the
ove named defendant, Caspar Jones. re
des beyond the limits of the State of
outh Carolina
It is ordered that he do appear. and
ndwer; plead or demur Iti the said..bill,
ithin three months after the puhtation
I this notice, or an order pjr. Conrfessio
tereon will he entered agains him.
Also;ordered that the above order be
ublishetl for three months in one of the
azetts of the District.
Comnmissioner in Equity.
Jan. 11, 1851. 11 :tn
n Equity---Sumtef District,
laria E. Maples,
olly Al. Aaples,
dwird Maples and
[alni . M 1iaples,
y their next friend,
evi F. Ithatme, Bill for Arc't.
tckeon J. Brouhton,
'homas Maples and
Villiam A Bi-ock and
lary his wife.
It appearing to my satisfaction, that
Villiatn A. Bro-k, one of the Defendants
i the above statel Bill, is absent from the
late of South Carolina
It is ordere I, on motion of Mavrant &
.ichardson, Complainants Solicitors, that
to said \Villiam A. Brock do plead, an
ier or detur to the said Bill within three
totths from the date of the publication of
t is order.
Alko, ordered, that this Order be publish.
rI three monthts in one of thte Gazetta in
is District.
Comn. Eq. S. D.
Jan. 11. i854. 11 3m
n Equity---Sumter District,
ohnit 3. Conyers and '|
ulia A. hi~s wife, I
unBaev ad. Bill for Account
tabella E. his wife, an eif
and others. J
lT appearing to my aatturact ion that
'homasq 14 Dickey. Robt. M. C. Wither.
>tOOn, anid Joseph lotntgomoery, Defetnd
its in the above stted caise, reside out
the hmtits of te State of Sottth Carol i
u, on motion of B'.antding & DeSaubsure,
tittphi ina nt's Solicit ors:
It is ordlered t hat he dio appear, and an.
ver, pleatd or demnir to ihe saitd bill, withinu
rec :nionths~ ifter the publ icat on of this
iice, or an oirder pro confesso thereon
ill be entered against himo.
Also, ordere~d that the above order he
ubb~shed for three months in one of the
azetts of the l bst riet.
Coniunissionmer int Equity.
.an. 11, 183. 113:
Coltunbia, S. O.
Sir. JA NNEY, in connection with Mr D.W.
[ATLRRIS and Dr. T. J. GOODWVYN, having
irchased thamt fine and.commodioums estalilsh
cent heretofore known as the CONGARtEE
[OllSE, it will hereafter be designated as
In annouincing this to the publhic, the propri
tors feel that it is not necessary to presenat ini
etail the indueem-imt and advantages which
te Ilotel ptre~set. Its location, it~s commodli
tetess, anud thme improvements contemplated
y the present mnanagers, will, they feel satis
ed, afi'ord to the travelling comunrity atnd
Lthers, a flntel ini Columbia wvl~ich will In ev
ry way ran.k anmong the hest in the country.
,very comt ort, convenience, and appetndage,
the first caus hotels in heUnited States,
ill be foud at JANN EY'S IIOTIEL, and no
hort ont the part of the proprietors will be
anting to render It wvorthy of the capitol of
te State.
MlR. JA NNEY and AIR. IIARR~IS, so well
nown by the vititors; at the American flotel,
Ill always be founmd at their iosts, and if ut
imittitig attetntion to the duties they htave as
tmied, he any gutarantee of satisfaction, they
ave tno hesitatioti in psromising it to their gutests.
We have also secutred the servises of aMr. Rt.
.L. EW AILR, asbook-keeper.
$2"' Mr. Hlitchicock's splundtiid line of Omni.
uses atnd Hlacks, htaving the namne of the II1'.
I painited ott them, are attached to Janney'g
[otel, anid will be prompt and faithful in thte
aveyance of passengers to and from the w ar1
us depots.
Jan. 25, 1854 13 tf.
Lumber and Wood,
THlE tuhsariher, superintendlant of the
team Saw Mlill of Coghilan, Bixon & Co., re
pectfulliy informs thte public, that thny are pre
ared to furnish Lumtber of any description at
lie shortest notice.
Ilaving good wagons and teams, the can de
ver to purchasers when desired, They have
larg quanthty of prime Oak and Lightwood
th they can deliver to customers on moder
to terms.
Tgaaas.--A reasonable deduti~ton in all case.
ir casht, or otherwise, anoes wll be takten when
rders are fllleed.
Every exertionwll be used to give satisfac
on to those who savour us with nrders.
8nrnmtt)~a. 18, RSM. XI .
OF A. t. & P. MOSES.
,leston prices (freight Included) SERVANT'S
>er yard 1
<ime as low as 16 2-4 cents ;
ifacture ;
Mnekerel, Salmond, Lobsters; Sardirres,&c
Molasses, Salt, &c., &s.,
too well known to require ernumeration;
plion of Goods to suit the country trade, which
et for cash, or to approved purchasers, on tinte.
as mine, to call onr me before purchasing. My
y thing."
ighest market price will bd pnid,citi
en Eggs Wanted,
Rt. Rev. T. F. DAVIS, D. U., ex-Officio
Rev. T. S. ARTItUR,
J. D. McXCoLt.OUGnI. Proprietird
" GEoRGE BCNTON, Rector, and In.
structor in Mental and C~lI1ristian Science,
Modern L.ngutages and Elistory.
Mrs. UEroN, Matron.
-- , Inst rSittor in Mgthgtgat eg
Natorief Sciences, arid Aficient Literature.
Prof. G. F. DeVlar, (late of Lime Stowe
Spring,) Instructor in the theory and practice
of Music.
Miss C. M. Ii::tn, Instructress in English.
. '' 8ossoszr, Instructress in Draw
in. Painting, and Assistant in French.
.Mtiss SorniA WAnt.EY, Instrue'trniss li Fit.
glish Branches, and Assistant in Mathematics.
Aliss ELIZA Pr-ATT, Assistant in Music, and
En lishi:
N. It. The corps is not yet complete.
* IlE above Institution, loccd at G!ent
Springs in Spartanburg Dtstril, S. C.
iyill be opened for the rebepion of pupils on
the first of Feir.tary next. i converting this
estabbrhment into a school for young ladies,
the buildings have been thorughly repaired and
fitted up ; and in furnishing them anew no
pains have been spared to make it, in evety
respect, such a home as parents woul desite
for their daughters. Particular attention has
been hestowed ,,pon the il}nijpg| Instrin's
and with a large and efficient corps of teachers,
and a thorongh course of st udy, it affords eve
ry ad vantge to be enjoyed in a similar institu
Applicants are admitted, of any age, over
seven years, and placed in such class is they
he prepared to jotin.
' he scholastic year will consist of one ses
s.ion divided into two termsof fire months each,
beginning on the 1st of February and July.
Vacation, December and .hintary.
HATE.-For Tuition and Board, including
washig, fuel, lights, &c. &c., $125 per term,
and there will be no extra char e, 'ixcept for
Music $30 per term, and for Boo , Sheet Mu
sic, Drawing Materials, &c., actally utsedI.
For further information, see " Prospectus,"
which may be had by applying to the Rector,
or either of the Proprietors.
Dec. 21. 1853 3m.
lD- Charleston Mercuary pubulish tri-weekly
and all the oilier papers in the state weekly,
for thiree mothts, attd forward illt. to one of
the Proprietors.
b't. John's School,
Rt. Rev. T. F. DA(VIS, D. D., Ex-OlIol
\ isitor.
Rtev. 3. D. McCOLiLUGH[, A. MI., Rector,
an:d Instructor in Christain Science anti Belles
Lett res.
-WM. B. LEA RY, A. MT., Vice Rector, and
In'iructor itt Ancient Langua' s and History
D. D. RIOSA, instructor in athematics anid
Natural Science.
R1ev. E. A. WAGNER, Irlistitetor in English
PHE Exerecises of ihis institution will be
A resumed on the 2d day in FE~BRUA.
RY t'ext.
Boys are admit ted ovet the Age of seven years
and prepared for the Juniior class In Cellege; or
they miay receive a thorough academical course,
either classical or English.
There is but one session, (dividled into two
terms of five mionths eacti.) beginning en the 2dl
of February and ending November 3.
'Trtasis ra Srssion.-For Tottien andl
Board, inciluding washing, fuel, lights, &c.,
$225 payable aemli.annuall in advance.
Enatrance fee $25, for which books and sta
tionery are furtisheud the: situtt so long as he
may cotntinits in thu instittmion,.
Advanced students desirin~ privato rooms
will be allowedl thnem (at the <discetion of the
Rector) for an extra charge of $15, to pay for
fuel, hg hits, &c.
For firtheir informatihn apply for a" Proispec-t
us" to the Rec tor, at "Spartan burg C. HI., 8. G.,
Dec. 21, 1853 3~m
South Carolina--Sumter Dist.
Samtuel Tindatl,
ads. . CA. SA.
Farrar, Banks, & Co.
Saniuel Tindal iwho Is in the custodly of the
Sherity of Sumtter District, by virtuoe fa writ of
Capnaa ad satisfaciemdum, at the suit of Farrar,
Baniks, & Compainy, having filed in any oflico,
toigeilher with a schmeduile, on osith, ofltis estate
and effects, his petition toi the Court of Coin.
mon Pleas, prayitng that lie may be admitted
to the benefit of the Acts of the Genieral As
sembly. niade for the relief of Insolvent, Debt
ors It as hereby (ordered, that the said Fasrrar,
Banks, & Company. antd all other the editors,
to w~honmte said Samuel 'lindal is in any
wise indlebted, he, antI they are htereby sum
monedI. atid have notice'to appear, before the
said Court at Sumter Couirt H~ons, on the
eleveth day of. A pril next, to sthew cause, if
any they can, why te prayer of thea petiti'sn
aforesaidh, shoul not be granted.
W. J. SING LETlON, C. C. P. S.
Oflice of Common Picas of
Sumter Diisitit, D~ec. 29, 1853.
In Equity--- Sumter IDistrict
Wdama Lewis,
Admi'r. of BILL.
Liz:unardi WVhite,
Charles WV. Mtiller. JConpl'ts. Sail's.
The creditors of the- late Dr. .Jaxes HIawn
swontin, emiitled to claim untder hiisassigmnient
to the above tnamecd Defendant, etected n
the 28th day of July A. D. I8842.are hereby no- ~
tified that, by an order in the ahove stated
cause, they are roqnirei to establish theIr d~e
mand~s before me, Comnmissioter in Euity. for
Stinter District aforeiedd, on or bfore' the
first day of May next.
I also ive notice that I will until the
said first day of May neoxt, receIyteIoposals for
thme sale of a part of the real estate conveyedeby
the said assignment, lying partly 1Tnait wholly
[n the corgioate limits of Sumeterville, bounded
by lands of Dr. J. C. Havnswoarn, W. L.
Bunsots, T. J. -COORN.AN, and Mrs. C. BOa
saxn, and by the new road nning froua Sut.
terville to the usteam mill of T1. 3, C'OGItLtA & d
Co., supposed to contain about one hutndred and
sixty aeres.

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