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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, March 29, 1854, Image 4

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SE c i r t:t1.)
Line'i by Milo3 in his old A .e,
it'Iely |}iscorred. aid 1-'irsl imbishal in
the Resent Unerl -|liti): u/' thw l%t's
i'm,' ks.
:1n.t.."*u i n.:II .: . 6';" . ." ui II\ lituoi|- .
Y'et I an lust cast down.
I :nt wea k, vet strong.-.
I rtiurrntTr not. that I rio luier see.
Ioor old and helpless, I tlie mre belor,
Fathor Su~preine! to thee !
When "non ar' lar: thest, thin ihon art near;
\Vhen :rtn mis pats: by--niyt wt.;.knes .slin
'Ihy eban i i hear.
''hy gliorious fate
Is leaning towards moe--:ni its holy light
Shines in upon lily lonely dwelImrg place,
A id there is ne more ight.
On miy eml;r'!edh kinee
T recoontize ''hv I.ruose clearly shown
'Aly vision Thoi has dimiairri it I nrrav see
Thy-selt, ''Thyself alone. -
I have ian1 ht. to fear
This darkness is the shad!ow ol Thy wing,
Ileienatht it I atn alniti, s:wr.dl--hrera.
Can toe no evil thung.
Oh ! I sceem to staml
Trenbling wher c foot of mortal ne'er hath
Wrapped in the radiance of thy sinless
Which eve hath never seen.
Visions come andl go
Shapes of resplendant beauty rond ilme
From angel lips I seent to hear the flow
Ot' soll and holy song.
It is nothing no w,
When heaven is opening on mny sightless
When airs fromir Paraise refresh iy brow,
The earth in clarkne s lies.
In a pure clime
My being tills w-ith rapture,-waves of
Roll in upon my spirit-strai:n h!ine
Break over ue unsought.
Give mie now my lyre
I feel the stirrings of a gilt divine,
Within my1n tsotu glows unearthly fire
Lit by no skill of mrine.
Exipericiee witlh W1heat
and Corn.
M ssne. EnIToas: The following is
ny exporioence in cultivating wheat and
,cori :
TVcal.--Whien you take your wheat
-out of -soak, ptt it in a hosx or somie
.other place,-so that it car't lose; then
:throw.iu as:rguch ashes as will stick to
the wheat. II thiank it aa swers the samte
purpose as-lime; it does. not injure the
hands dike lime. In the spi ing of 18
.52 I phzrtal 1ite land in corn and peas
that had beea iln wheat the year previ
pus, I mainued the po orest spots in
%the.ill with -starie manure; the ina
nure was .made by putting leaves in
:the stables . an lots. I drilled my
corn anid phkteid peas it the step at
the secornd pl:wcing. \When I gatlher
ed my cornti ttaurned all ny stock, hor
--e, eattle Ad hogs, in the field to
gather traeireas. Tire whieat was sow
-ed betweenr tire 20thr of Novemrtber arnd
.10th of Deemrber. Onr tire pior spots
-wbere I nanured with stablie manurire,
I sowed oottotn seed rt, tire time of sow
ing my whecat, plowed all in together
with a twister, burying all, botha pea
virnes and trashr.
I made this year fifteen bushels to
one sownr, wiithrout any other prepara.
tioni than hrre stated.
Corn.-I broke uip my lanod as soon as
I courld, withr a bull-tonrgue plow.
WVhenr I planted moy corir I pu tihe
manure in the hill and d ropuped thre
corn on it anrd corveredl with a tu ister
by thrrowinrg two furrows onf it arnd
striking off'with a board ini 8 or 10
days. I also run tire srrb-soil courlter
around the corn at thre first work ing,
and broke ornL tihe middles withr iho
buill tongue plow. I thren plowed thrrcee
times with tire buzzard or swveep. Mlv
cor~n kept grecen to tire groud, not.
withistaningm weha eiihtwek
drought, wile I others in lire settle
ment compilained of rthei rs brinrg rup.
This wvas onr upianrd. i\Iy bottiimr
land~ I brrk e urp as soon as I cour bi, wijt b
a bull-tongue, as ideep as I ciub l.
then lot it alone unrti lju be41 hfore planrt.
ing. I thenr took a onre-horse twister
anrd broke it as deep' as I could.I
iriso had a OCe horse saub-sioil coulter
and run lin tire same furrow ithI thre
twister; plowed one time withr thre baull
f~ongue, theno used thre sweep; altogeth-.
er tiade fine corn.
. Please eu'euse badl( writing arnd mis.
Itakes, -.s ii.rrw~ irot accustoiined to wvrit
itig for agr;iJdiir;)j Jpapers.
Ji. W. L.
7'%Ickety Fork, S. (.
AN ExTRoAORDINArny Doeovrrna.
Thre attenrtion of merr orf scienrea, int
Paris. has been drawnt to air extr-aor
diary discovery made int a neihborinrg
department. A grave d]igger in irbrow
Ing up sonme iarth, came rupon a body
tn af S'tate of perfect prefervtin.
Oniexaminmation it .proved~ to be thratl
fan individual bruried tirty seven
years ago.--He hrad died fi-rm tire
effects of a bite of' a irnad dog. Tire
shroud rand cofluin had thhhen to dirst, lbut
the body remraiined inatact. his is tire
third exhumrrationi mrade withrin tihirty
ayears, of hodies the victimr of hydnro.
phtobia, unde~lr simrihir ci r'emrastances;
and it wultd really s(eirm thiat lhey
iver'e beyond theo reachr ~f' decompjosi
tion.- Thie registry of' ieat h wias cnn
surited, andi~ no mitnitin orfthie enmbahnrr
maent of the body wars fonrtr.-Repulle.
. Cu~nt. von .Drannma.--Variaous ex
lperim-ents detailed in anl exebnanrge, go)
to) prove thtat tis troubilesorine( dlisease
may. ht afetiually cotred biy thae utse of
Bthaberr-y lepves. it thre inost severe
cases, aurd rafter otthetr well tried remre
d: hra~o fluiled a tea of strawberry
lev~o chrekeditlib disease In a fe w
hours, tnd- restored theo pautienit to
honh ii L.or lilt iit.k3. ir:..a- of'
a li-w green Ieaves ol' the stran berry
pant. and cure themillcves.
INSANrY IN CaItl-r UN1.-'he re
po)rt ot' I Ie lh oani o1'Tustees of the ii.
sane A syluai l (Cliilbrniiia, is a-ni etrka
bly inte resting, tulilre so than the
-ngerai~lity t1' -neh doeunnt<.. T1hl-re
chaps11111, a grelater ansmutlt ol'insanit vl
il that State tha:n in anly other in thie
tDion1 ainong:u aleqal proportion ol'the
poplulatio~n. Th'lis is attributabh-, in
a great extent, to the imental excite
m1 e111t ntil hIysica l exceses ine1idt1111. to
the rinisettled contdit ion ill d1 dveIturi:,s
lite to whhic all who emigrate to the
land oif gold are sbtjec't. \e find
thait of' the whole mlllunbr admlitedl
f'iu m May 1 1, 1852, to icei mber 31,
1 53, two hundred and eighty-four
were admitted into the asylum at.
Stockton, tweenty-seveun were caued
by disappoiitiieit, lilie by loss of
property, eight by fear and grief, sev
eln by niental excitcieelt, fort y-two by1
in teimperance, :ild twenty-five by bad
health. The expeies of'tie ilistitLt ion
dillig the yen..- Imohunted to $os1.tt7O
ti?, and the balance inl the hands of'the
l~l tesure at the end ofl that periuod
Wis over * 10O.-JIllrcury.
A gentleiiian l'rom the countrv, who
is in town far the piurpose of purclhas
iig goods, was sadly taken inl a few
inornings since. Walking through
Ilavne-street to lu st 1ay, about
break fast time, an.1 bef'ore the lfuss and
iluiry of the day had coumenlced, le
camte upl to a very bonest looking
countrymian, whio was walking in the
sain)e .1i rect lon. They had searcelv
passed the com plimellts oif tll.Ihiornine,
beoie ia boy filet and passed tiei, anl
as he did oi, stooped to p i k up solme
tlhing. This arrested the attentioin of
the ml1an who had beeii Casually ilet.
lie iiuired of the buy about it, and
the boy, with soile reluctice, con
f'essed it was a pocket book; the casu.
al acquaintalce elaiued it; the boy
deianded two himdred dollars, as ia
reward for finding it; the casual
aclluaintance declared it was too imueb;
ie otfered cne Ii ndlred; they agreed
at 1.ist to spl it the differcnce, when
the Cance gellntieli discover' he
had nothing less tan a five hundred
dollar bill. Our coi nlit try merchant
was appealed to in this diletmmlia, w ho
ha ipelning to have wit bin a few dollars
ol' thei arounlt. lianded it over u1ponl the
pronmise that it should be teflhold
It thel lotel, to whieb he id his
ehance acqluaiinI cc together started.
The accidental geniItlenian had gone
but a short distiinee in the direction of
the Ilotel, however, befole it tecurred
to him that. there was soiiething wrong
about thacit haoy, and b1egged our Coun
try mnerchant to wait a ioniit till he
could go ai see, but unikily, as ie
approaelbed the b iy. the boy started
-he was comyslleii. oi course. to runl
after him, and that is the last our
Siiend has seen of'cither of' then.
The boy was overtaken perhp11s, or
perrps hel waV~s no0t over'takenl',-thiere
is nIo knoiwing: bunt iour frieiid is pow
er11i1ly conceioiis that toi whaiteverI I
rl'Sit t his race0 has Ileml0 them11. it has
carriedl biey.oiid his re..achl his onie tun I
dred and filrty-two dollairs.
( Jhar/etqon paper.
111o7i m.F. Ih:re Lr-:n Els IFSrl A )Iov.--Thie
implleriaIli firces of Chmail rince their re
captu1 re or1 Amo~v. imve bieii committirg
un suirpa~lsed criuIi'ci uponlil tihe 11 nsugent.I.
A letter troln that city Lto the New- ourk
"31ang we re put li on board the Gouvern
ment11 w.ar jiinki Ilf wiebc somell sixts wecre
aneboiIred iln thle sitream70, aund alter' being
b toundil hil and11 foot, were thirown inito
Ihe seaI, and utheILre p~icedl 1' wi ilkes ars
oftLei as they' rII~se to thle siurfaie of till
water'. Ti lndredls w.eie takeln Ilo thje
ties and1. beheadeI~id biy chaniisy excent ie:
much11 tc iI'hery., the were~ WOo n 1 ol iged
to iitrikeC tihrieo or mrore beitore thle headrl
could1 tie seCvere o'inlll its bodv1'.. 31ore
horrible st ill were 01 tir scen'ies ini this aw''.
ful tragedy. Soinie w'ere put1 to ude.,th hv'
Frsl a1 Hi: gie he4 r..i wa e'beii 1)1, theni the
otheir; aifter thett the nrins were 171ken,1in
the0 same1 waty; rthen c':iio thie l(eainr 1)1'
greal t ripis of flI'-h tiromi the boilv. nlot
c'r(oppiing of tie nouse! and1 ealrs-dseinhmvI.'.
this torture, it. is siudth lit no wiril of
comla~inl, nio loo1k (or e'xpressionl of thle
algonyl they w.ere suill1rinig, escasil from~l
ther poo)(r w'.retch'es, a1 traiit ofi ('erae r
whVich't stri 1in1 .ly a0siifates thIesle .tlonls'
w'ith the Am--rric:mi lindi:ms.
T...........ri-: I N!!INr1Aros.--T'wo fel
lows' "er! Ilinaretling!, oneC of' theml be
steppedi i~ u a tuhtl hiimi to telli the
o threr hello tI'''Ihat Ihl hado inegro bilood
i his ve.01.
"'I haeo do li that,"' 0aido Fa:rskill.
"You can' t insinuu/e,(I' I reckon,"' re
iiliedo his I 6imi .
''I no)( herell',"'l iblrossinhg HBlack
hid," sa lnothi'l ain yo oir y/oiur
biloodi. Al i've gotL to sayV, eity/IuqI
ig, doten four /uet 10char yourf granV
bearutilitdiitaphr onl an inifimtiL It
speaks toi11 the1 heat:
lieneathi this stonie, ini sweet repose,
Is taid al1 itheris dearrest pride;
A flower tihat searce had11 waked to
And~i lighlt. anld bieautfv, ere it. diedl.
Godu in) his w'istdomii, thal r*call ed
~The pIrciou~s boonIi his love lod given;
Aiid t~liig tie ('asket wlniders
Thel Gent is sparI.-/ing nowii ini heai'en.
'Have you1 lily limb horn011 bionn ets ?
hlinquired aI very mol(dest, 17 M is of ashop)
'An 11wha'~t '
'Ay i)' nh-born bonnets?'
'A 11y- Oil don't men /eg hoi-n ?.
lire youniilg lady wraq b'otught to by
thle nirojnr relstierane VS.
209 and 2171 King-sreet cot nor of Mar
ket Street,
sell 'I', pst rv and nil ivets.
('IiYI'A IN M1A'i'EIUI.1., in Silkt, Satin,
uandl Worstedl.
CU Ii'l'AIN ('A MIICS and M 151.1 N:, ini
Ilrry. e vrietiv.
'31 ltli)iEREI) LACE' :aad M1USLIN
(UlAT INS. trill iii rIs.
;:L COR (:iN ICES:, in nil the, new 'lettigai.
Cli'l'AIN (;l5I 'S, JIIl.UElis, Loot's,
1)R1AlER (T~ ORUlS nmu IIE!.T. 11'CS,
in ail variteti-'s.
SI LVER t awl (.lUP S'l'A I . 110 uS and
STA IR CA lil'I''INC:. oC nil stykkeR.
WI i.ON, V EI.VE:I', anti AX MIN5I:It
RIG;S, in great vairiety.
ICFITS, PL.AINS. li lSlisEr, C'A 'S.&e.
lied and Whlite FLANEIL'S, SI III'INGS,
L'OTI'ON OSN \ [I tCS, of a'll tihe l6-t
Southlerni tacs
Iiinljli andi Ameian C('I"'ON FLAN.
i'reiitl. Engliash. ad 'uAericain ['IiiN J'S.
1.1 NENS OF, Il~lt II S IaXN S arajiriir
l'a tltht I ):nilasI<i, I i).'. N a phi n't, 'I'owtel I iig.,
Ilciikrl:h Its, Iruit ( butms, 11. E. lUialier+,
of lest !'rac C.,,,Lt
SI":lIVAN'I .1 0LO1 Ii'S in all the shiades of
S \'1'1IUI . I 'VEI iS, .IEANS andl LI.\
REVS. of etll ttitt iii, s tyles.
W'ir A rt'i.l. AFS )it 1"IEN T OF
Rich Dress Goods.
AIiINES. 5Ii!SI.INS, &e.
IlcIt)3IIA'/.IN l5, ALT.IACAS and 1lt.U uN.
iN(C ( it US). in great ':LrictV".
E3llh1i(1ItUl.IiS amd L.ACE (,OOIS,ofcv
t ry ili".erriltiiem.
I:vI:NIN(; DR~ESS oqly in Great v~ariety,
cutiunsaiii y reiveI.
All lhe :diuve are of our owni
anillt .'Tri'l at the I(iVs' .XllI:rPrices.
TIEI{LMS.-('atsha, or C ity A.ie1iiii,*...
UJ licl erne price sstemt strictly ad.
he'red to, and all Gi10l- 1Va t'uml.
(limrleston, S.l, tau, fish, 1,434. 11 if
A T.T. prsons who mre ini toy tit-lot . fe,,
W~ill pleas:oe to ('(fre ftriir .ud ay it ali in",
Fur I ant now stilt of tdie in-liultiiiae i110110
.And riiil I'm: tit trot tillt a 'ry rmoagli irackt:
II nt friit'l don'tt ci oat fortsari mtt!i gi ve
tae1 a lifi,
I'll I'm to tilt- ilevil. smut, all ini a .!rift,
ilt riaher than gn to hint. Ft early. hark to
I'll !give a we hiti of a hii lit; liow mark in.,
It yluil duti i pay upi, right aiiiir your nose..
I'll taike ll youir palteLrs, atndu g ive tlhem to
Awtiaibi, ita iies, youn'll get y'our farin
lit hell, he'll roas~t you lilet:. a eriia.
.1. S. IH . M. 1).
(lareinilon, Fel'., R, 1.51t. 15~ tf
Cabinet Wareroom.
F. 31. A1NDUEW
'!'akes this titetlitit otf iiiforat ,thle citizens
Of1 Siaaiiery ii Ic andl vicinity,
that hla n li., julst litanei tl
tte irner a h,,y C'larks IT,,.
tel. hi. NEW ('AltlNK:'I'
\1'A Il 1(13!, whirr lie sill ken), for talc,.
In Equity---Sumter District.
Maria EI'. Maples,
Dlolly SI. \Alples,
Edanit .laples, and
N\aomi C. Mlaples,
iy their next friend,
Ievi F. lhame-, Ilill for Arc't.
Jackson J. llroughton,
T 2hom'as Maples 2ind(
Williat A Irock and
Mary his wife. ~
It appearintr to my satisfaction, that
William A. Brock, one~ of the I)efendnants
in the above stated lill, is absent from the
Statc of South Carolina :
It is ordere.I, on motion of Mlavrant &
Itiichardson, C'omplatinants Solicitors, that
the said Villi: nn A. Brock do plead, an
swer or demu1ir to the said Bill within three
mi2ontls Irom the date of the publication of
th is order.
Also, ordered, tliat ibis O rder be publish.
ed three tmonths in one of the (azetts in
this listrict.
Comt. 1":g. S. 1).
Jan. I. t851. it 3m1
In Equity---Sumter District.
Johna J. t'ouvers and'
JIulia A. bis wife,
vs. i Pill fitr Accounit
Joo Ilahktely and 'ad eif
1. abella E. h~:s wife, I
and others. J
IT2 appari u1 to nmy satislaction that
T'homas E. I)ickey, 1(oht. M1. C. Witler
Synnn, and .Joseph Alontgomery, Defend.
ants in the above stated rase, reside out
of the limits of the State of South Caroli
nu, on Inotion of Uilaiding & I)eSaussure,
Complainnt's Solicitors
It is ordered that he (it appear, and an.
swer. plead or detur to the sail bil, within
three tontlIs after the puldication of this
notice, or an order pino Cofesso thereon
will he entered against him.
Also, ordered that the above order he
publi1hed for three months in one of the
Gj.zeits of the District.
Commissioner in Equitv.
Jlan. 11, P;.-51. 11 3m11~
in Equity---Sumter District,
Wilhllam L~ewis,
Aihtn'r. of 1 BILL.
Ieonard White,
vs1. F. J. & 'a. Moses
Ch irles W. Mliller. ) Comtpl'ts. Sol's.
The creditors of the late Dr. JA~t'eS HAIyS
Swvo:-12, e11itled to claini under hisassignment
to the: nhove nanted 2 Ifent:nt. erectated mn
2t 2th d:ty of July A. 1). 1812.are hereby no
itil that, by 2n orier in the above stated
cause, they are retlirel to estabbisk their de
3n:uatls letre ine, Commissioner in .quity for
Sumtr I)istrict aforesaid, on or before the
irst day of Mlay next.
I also give notice that I will 2until the
said first day of 3Iy nevx, receive proposals for
the sate of :a part of the real estate conveyed by
tlie said assignment, lying partly if nt wholly
in the corporate limnits 2f Sum2terville, hounded
by Inhids of 1)r. J. C. HIlYNswuontl. W. L.
flitrso T. .. Couii..r, and Mrs. C. Hos
t s. inn, and by the netw road rmnl2ing from Sum
terville to the ttrain till of T. J. (Coeit.AN &
('o.. suppo-ed to conitait alunt one hundred and
sixty arres.
Ctm'r. ill F.11it S. D.
Dec. 27. 183:3. ' tf
South Carolina--Sumter Dist.
adsl~. C. S.
I -'arrar, lanaks, & Co.
SantlI Tindal whoIii is inl tile cu2stodlv of the2(
Sherit'of Sum41ter Il)istrit , lby virtue ofa: writ of1
I -,uies mil satiis/heicmludm, 22 211the suit of Fairrar,
I.n',& Coinpany, havinIg filed in myi oflitce,
togei*ther w.ithi a3 sel(ledue, 212 4oath1, of his estate
n ii ell1ects, is peotitiion ~ii the2 Counrt of Com
24n 4n I 'lenIt, pra yin..: 2 ha 1 'he, maty bei adtted 2(4
to4 thel belldt 442 tihe Acts of the General As
SethIby. made1, for the. relief Elf lns..lvent Debit
irs It ts lweht irde-redi, that 21he said b-'rratr,
ltanks~-, & 2 lmln:any. 22124 allothier th~~e reiiors,
242 whiom the said~ Samue2l Tindal is412 inlay
ni le( indiebtedi. 1he, and24 they are5 hetrehvy sum-~
11m(1n21d, andt ha11ve nic to ap 2 peair, he fore the2
s:ndI ('itrt at2 Suml~ter Coturt 11louse(, 02n the
elevent day of .\pril net, 12to 2l tshew case, it
any th iey cu. whly thei prayer of thie pet11tion
ato0re-hiaii. 22h4na1l not. lhe Crantted.
W. J. 1.1N lAlTON, C. I.. P. S.
Suit~er Ilaistroic, I Ite.29 185$3.
Ili'iop'rille Carr-ia;e and3(
II:urne(i% Man~uufactory.
-1.\ 311:8 Wa. A 3111 RO S i std coantinue0s 2to
carry 44n t abov4e, binessl iln all its valriouts
b'r: 21:he1s :n11l 21akes2 this ineilhal of retuirnm121
algi. am1 hope by2232 lose1,1. .anentionl to hmme111ass 221
istiIIllnierit the~ same1(. CA lIIRIAGlEs ANII 1ltA0.
G lIs made to111 24order andi wvarratnted for twelve
months!il. 22 lhey' sholl42 flail inl that 112212 Ii
lu-int o.f work2i1asip1 tor imatitrial, they' will be(
ri-tpairedl free of chbarge. lit, deem is it unnalee
esl4ary t-.>say anlyinlg inl regalrd toi thle neat2.
ne1221 andidrabiitiy 24f his wiark, as his woirk
ni di sihowi for itsel f. Caull 22 imi at1 ilishonp.
viile and21 bei u ill givie as good bargains as cani
ii.- alo dos ploui2gh-woiirk at shorit notice.
I lortoe-soing donl~ie witht netne1ss and4 dispatch
at 91 nnt aillaund. Jlis terms for new workl
wd~ilihe tio suit pu2rchaers-With interesL at.
hovle . C., .an'y iSih, 135I I2-6mn
AT illc 02.2) STAND OIF S. &L J. Oltt1n'2
_______--_ otinne2 the2 CA R RIAGE.L
HIi~A.EXX at thc a1bove
I hiarlestonl-whIere the lw ill be pleased tr
ex~ii 't 2to their 2214 frietnds and culstomelrl
a verv extentsive Siock of Vehices, comli.
isitose of their own manfactulre
together with Ivariou~s oilier styles nlsually
fouindl in uhis ma~rk~et. TIhlei r lotng nrgninit,
alnCe with tiIhis moarket as manufneli turert
aii delters wvill enab12 lot to 4af1'er greal
jindu12cemen2ts to4 jl prcha1sers both11 in stylec:
Mairch 15, 185 I. 20 1y'
In Equity--Sumter District
by niext friendi
Andi WV. Wv. mih
bouIrg, and1t wife. Blill for
Satm'l. Iticlii,m trg~ | Rebeif.
IT ppangto toy~ satisfaction, that1 iihu
above2name John11 11. Biuter re-side.s
betyond1 th limiiiits of the States. It is oir,
deredi 2hat. lhe do4 aippear an42d answer, plead,
or duir 24o the said1 Bill, wvithmt thtree
mon22thls from2t thle pub~llicttion of th.is niotice
or ant ordler proi. eaiuf'eso ithereon will be
A~sosordered thant lhe ab~ove order pub1
lished~a for lihree mths221 inI 0210 fi the0 Ga
zetts (If 2h d'0iistrit.
I Feb.'28, ~Com'r. Fgijty. 8. D.
Feb.28,1.%1 183m
aitibibates. -
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T. I). Ft EnIsoN as a Candidate for
Sheril' of Sumter District at the ensuing
Aug. 24, 1853.
Mr. Editor:----You will
oblige a number of the voters of Sumter
)istrict, by annonncing in your columns
the name of Major JOHN BAt.I,An), as a
Candidate for Ordnary at the ensuing
elect ion.
Aug. 13, 1853. 42 t f
Alit. EDITOn :-'lease announce ir.
itOIER'I' V. 1)URANT, a candidate
for Tax-Collector of Salem County, at the
next election, and oblige
January 14, 152 13-tf
Y The friends of Capt.
l'. Al. Gi1l1i) S announce him a cani
da0t1 for the ollIce of Tax-Collector fnnr
Sa lem Connt y, ant the etnsning elect inn a nd
uhn'u' IANY \VOTEts.
October I'1.
O-7 Time Fric da4d of Dan
I l'i L .'l i l, Esq., annaunce him as a
caundidate for Tax Collector for Claremont
Cornnunty, ant the ensning election.
Feb'. bth, 18c53 15-td
F 0 R I O .1 D i1NrA 1. Y.
r' Mr, Editor:-You will
please announnce WI A I lh II . IIRIJN
SON as a candidate for the Oflice of Ordi
nary of Snuter District, at the ensuing
April 271h. 1852 27-ti
F O R C.Ii K.
(LT We are authorized to
announce T. J. DIN KINS, Eaq., a 'uwiate
for Clerk of the Court, at the ensning election.
M A NY \'T EiS.
April iGth 1851 25 if
Kr Mr. Editor': Please ana
nounce Nir. J. J. AIcKi.1,LA R, a Candi
date for Clerk of the Court, for Sumter
District, and oblige Nlasy Vo-Tns.
April 13, 1852. 25-tf
of W. J. N. I[uamMx:- are desirous of put.
ting him in nomination for the Otlice of
Clerk oft iLe Court of Sunaier .--; , a.;
the ensnin election.
Many 24, 1853. 30-t f
Fo 1R HIEJ R117 F .
MIPThe Friends of Mr.
.i1OHN F. JUN E, announce him as candi
'ate for Sheriff of Sumter Dlistrict at the
next election.
Nov. 1 2t I, 1852 .-.t.d-pd.
1c We are authorized
to annonne A. E. ')Ol as a candidate
for Sheriff of Sumter District at the ensu.
ing election.
)ecember 21, 152 8--tf
Mr. Editor :-Please an
nouncae JOlHN N. McLEO) a candidate
for Sher:f' of Sumter I)istrict and ob
bgo AI r Fna.Nrns.
Junne 20thn, 1853 W5-tf
In Equity---Sumter District,
Serna . Jams, B ill to confirm Sale
ci. ani. ofLand and for
I vs. J execuntin oif title.
MAnitlnew J. Cox&
It anppeanri nnt to moy sat n..action tat tine
ablove nanmned dlefendnanti, Caspar Jonnes, ne
Isides becyondn tine linmits of tine Stante of
Sunthm :arolinna:
it is ordecred thaut lie do appear, amnd
aniswver, plead or detmunir itn thne sal id hil,
wvithin thnree mointihs anfter tine pnubat ion
of thins notiace, or an onrder pno. ( 'rmfessio
thecreton will bec ennteredl aganinist mbio.
Alson, ordered thiaut tine anbove ordier Ine
pnubl~lshed for thiree mnonth is in one on tine
gazits i.of tine D)istnict.
I (..~onmmaisioner in Eqnuimy.
Jan. 11, 1851 I1 :3mn
$100 Reward,
6 RUNA WA Y, on lanst Tunesday thne
n7inthnmstann, tmy Boty ICIARID, a
wht nnmint, abiot five feet thrnee
oir tfnnr nces. ight, totler.nliy stnntt inuit,
abut t wen tw yeaVn~rs ol withn st ranighn
hghirit coued han~. mans au very sunlky ap-t
petaraiince, and a nnswvers gomekl arnul shourt
wh'len spouken tnn saidm btoy ha~s a shtort ticiek
foot, hist hnands short and ticik, cihubbly
flingers. Hie haid tine scar o: a blister on
his fuoehead just above tine eye-bnronws, ine
nnany try to idei it by weanring h.is cap or
hat down over hist fnrehead. lie n~l he
snure io pass himselif *r a whiite moan for
lhe is very whnite aindi in.. been tankin~r great
care of i skin for somen~ timne. Whlen he
left he hadh a clothi cap, bnlack cuoat anmd a
diark coloredi pair of patnts. Ie wvillibe
sure to chnange his capj andn clothes as soon
as he can; ine also weanrs his hnair in frot
si rmghnt donwn to idel tine scar of tine blis
ter. He is a shnoenmaker by tradec, tihoughn
hec many not go at tine buisiness, escpectimng
thant lhe will be so ad~vertised.
'Tie above rewarnd of Otne IHundred
Dollars will lie paid for hist delivery in ainy
Jadn in thne State. lie will be sure to give
imiself another name.
Blradleyville, Stimter District, S. C.
Alay 21hin, 1832 :10-if
f Camduen Jounrnal and Chneraw Gan
zetite punblish five timesdn.
Negro Shoes.
rThe sunbseriber hasn made arrangementd for
tine manunfacture of from Four to Five Thotuand
pairs of thne above artie by theFA LL. For
retfereince as to quality, lie would ruespectfuilly
refer pnersons whno may bie disposed no punrchnase
of himt, tn those whno pautronizedl himi last year
An ton puric, hie wilt gnurauntee thema as low as
cani ba ofierdedl.
Mlay 22 2 .J AIORGAN.
sizes, constantly oni hand anmd for stile
by IhUDSON & BRO'liIl1,
I Opp.~ TVetnperance ll Sumaterville.
.Jnne nth3 18m u.-.
)IA)IME'S JIAIUM )E VII;." or Halsam of
Life if, alera trial of upwards of tweiy years
lI i great variety of eases., confidently 'fu-red to
the pulie, especially to those af flicted with the
most distressing complaint, as it sure and speedy
relief for their srnlerirags.
Read the following certificates. They nre
from gentlemen of high standing and residing
in vour imnediat vic-inmity. They are but one
or two of the mummy in our poessioni all extull
ing the helihng virtues of this, (t1) use the words
of a grateful Dispetptic who was cured by Its
usc) mst precious cumputt nd.
Ccrtificate froi the Re. Iariwe il Xpain.
SUM;TrRvt. i.E,. S. C. Jun. 3ih 1853.
Mr. Cu.rs. I)r.ot3m.
Dear Sir: -Last Spring I used two small hot
thes of your Htalsami of Life; imid expmrienced
mich hienefit. I took it two or three times dai
ly, Ia teaspooLnful at a do- in a wine glass of
It nted on my liver, an-d imimrted a healthy
timie to all my digestive organs, re/icein/, me of
dlistressmug heimdaeche, and muny other disagreea
ble ell57pyatc sy mit ons.
[SigncmlJ II. SPAIN.
1)F:Aa Si a :-I take great pleatnre in recom
meiding your "llaime de \ ie." which I have
ofnIn used, and alayps with decided relief,
when silering from attacks of I)yspep-ia. At
once a stimm lint, tunic and cathartic, I ami sat
islied it will prove eminently serviceable to all
who are aIllietel with lyspepsia. its general
introduction throughout thin country willbe a
putblic benefit.
o'u keep a supply constantly on hand, whic,
I would not exchange for all the Anti-dyspep.
tie nostrums from Maine toi 'exas.
'mirs respectfully,
For sale lv,
\ mhr.t.Ent & BI:tTToN,
Dr. V. .1. I).A:rst, & Co., Sumt.-rvile
" " " M. A. luggins, Darlington C. II.
" " " Dr. J. E. Byrd, 'l'immnisville,
And by Drnggiits generally.
HOAT1'I'tlGHlT & H3I(l;LOO.
W\'mholeale Agents, Columbia, S. C.
Nmovemiber 'J 2 tf
Business Card.
Cotton l'curs ed (eneral C'omnis
5ion 11eicrchanst sls.
D B. i\el.AURIN. E.iq., will ive per
I sonial and special attenti to the in
terests and orders of his friends in this
S:ate and the adljoining Counties of North
Carolina, who may favor the.e I oumses
with their patronage. (Consiniinients of
produce to the (louse in New York, either
ly wray of (.harleson, Georgtown, or
Whmiiglon, wil I.e covered by insurance,
if notice of time shipment he promiptly giv.
M-iy 3, 1853 27-tf
iIaltliactii'c1' -ilcl ideac' in,
Carriages and Harness,
OF every deseription, Nos 121, Meeting street,
and 33 Wentworth street, next to the old stand
of Gilbert: &l Chapin. Charleston, S. C.
WM It. IIt iNTl. may he found at the
ahove leiitory, and lie takes this method to
assure his friends that all orders entrusted to
hiim will be attended to promptly and with strict
fidelity .
Oct. 19th, 1853. 51 1 y
Negroes Bought and Sold,
TII E ndersigned has opened an oleue at No.
16 State Street, Chuarleston, where lie has mmi
hand aL nurnmher of LIKELY' YOU!NG NE
GRO)ES lfor sale~ frommm which lie can suppmily thei
wanits of anyv of mime commumtnity. These Nc.
rioes arc piurcha~sed in Marylandl, Virginia,
.'ormh amnd South Carolina. '1'o his hot lie is
mcomtinutally reeivinig accesrsionis. Tme highest
prices paid at all timies for negroes.
16 Statei Street.
Charleston, Dec. 21, 1853. 8 ly
Law Notice.
Odi1ce next door to J. hI. & R. C. Webb's
New Ymork Storc.
Mareh 22, 1S53 21-tf
For Cash, And that only.
Th'le chmealest GRO)CER(IES ever sid
mm Stmtervillhe, cani lie hail from GO RD)ON
& (C0., at Dr. Melli'tt's Old Staind.
-A .
Segars of tihe liniest muaty~it anmd most aip
proved Blrandis it lime worl, together worti
Pireserved Fruits tif tdil'erent kindis, Svrupts
N tits, &c. A sha~re mof thme pubilIic l aron.
age is desiaremd, prov idmd it is iaccompjaaniea
bmy thme CASil, but imot otherwise.
.immne 1 4li h,* 195 :3--t
IHUT'L.ER & N EW IIERY hauve remmovedi fromn
their fo'rme~r .standi to the oine foirmierly occumpiei
by [.. I. PRIINGLIE & CO., onei domm'r No~rth m
F. IIOYTl'S Jewelry Sicre, whmero they wouki
tchekpleaiid imo see their friemnds amid customers.
Oct 5, '853. 49 tf
Paints, Oils, Glass
No. 60 1.2 Erat-Iay, opmposite P. & M1. Bank,
Hre keeps conmstanitly fmor sale, a general assort,
maemt. of l'inmts and Oils of mall kmiinds, Waindov
Glass andt Sashme, Spirits Tiurpentinie, Cam
pmhene, Spmirit Gas, Tallow, Grindstones, Cur
dagme, Chtain Pumps, Cotton Foot Gin Fixtures
Gltue, Pancking Yarn, amid 1lruheLs of varioua
Oct. 26, 1853. 52 Cm
Commission merchant,
PATRTICUL A R attention given to time SAI
or ShIPMENT of Naval Stocres andl Cottonl
nd litter CASII A DVANCES matde on Con
.Dec. It, 1853. 7 ly
Administrator's Notice,
All persmons having demands agamust tm
Estate of Mrs. E. Connors, deeasedi, nr
regnecsted to hand theomn IOproperly attest
ed; andim those indoledt will pleiase mak
imminetdiale payment to
'I'. II. CONNORS, Aidm'r.
Nov. 1.1, 1853. ,3 t f
ri. c. wORTH,
Forwarding Merchap1
Anmg, a Ilt
1aappiness and Competence 4
1'hat we behmold many females, scarce In time mrvldian of
tine boken in helih and spirits withm a comaplication of
u.Aeases anid ailuents. depiriving them of the mowerforthe
couny memit of life- at an: age when physical health buoyancy
of spirits. and hiappy sereimty of mind. arisiug arum acon
d:in of hail, should be preduminant.
% I of the causes of her sufferings at first-pserbeps
year : beuose, perteis during girlhood. or the first yearh of
marmse- w ae ins tmeir origin so light as to pass unnoticed,
and of coulae meglected.
when too late to be benefitted by our knowledge. we ook
back amd siutior. and regret the fail consequences of our
What would we not opten giy to possess in early life
the know ledie awe obtain in ifter years! And what days
md niglts o1 anguism we night not have been spared. if
the knowledge was timely possessed. It is
T told the sickness and suffering endared by many a
rile -or sn ears from causes simpte and controllable,
easib ,ruled -ur etter still.-nut incurred. ifevery
i'mmmmced the infrmation contained in a little volumem
(ewithin the react ofall) which would .;,are to herself
And to her ilnmsbauti the constant toil and atxiet r of mind,
necessarily devolving upon him from sickness il the-wife
w ithut gvnimn him the opportunity ofaciuiring that Cos.
etetice which hmis esertus are entitled. and the posses
satle of which would secme the happiess of himself.
waite, nd clhildren.
Dy becomiing it time possessed of the knowledge, the
. 11mt of wich has caused the sickness and poverty of
he view of scam consequences no wife or mother is
etiesble it- ste neglect to avail herself of that know.
rdge ire respect to erself. which wruld spare her mach
e lerasim, be the nicmus of happiness and prosperity to lies
till b.and. ad efer upon her children that bleasiag above
alt ?rice-Im'alsly .bodies, with healthy minds. That
k.,um leige is contained in a little work entitled
?J-1 [email protected] [email protected]
Printe1 Medical Companion.
i norsmsson or t.ssas:s or wosew.
Jmne Iiundrelth Edition. 18mo.. pp. 250. Price 50 Centa
mx rtne PasPx, aSTSA stNDi, $1 00.)
First publisled in 1847, and it is not
rotmi. lseglm.F tiant EVERY FEMALE,
Wll'l'II"it DIAItitIC) OR NOT, cnma
ie-re ncqulre a full kowlesige of time
timt i tre, chanrncter n iil ca uses of her cons.t
plaitatm , withi the various symptoms, asid
Ithat nsearly
. mid isse been soldl.
It m. iinpra.ctmal.lle to e nnvey fully the various subjects
ler.e di..fi. as thres are of a nature strictly intended for
t i inriel, or thome cntempiating marriagen, but no'
1.mn I rte dmimm.i o elln~m jemc inc health. annm -at beauty. coue
mmlsnt 111-1 inl..ith. virich is no conducive to her own
bii Ci.m. imnml tht ofr hr insimmmm. but either has or will
.-iu i-. 1s mi r will every husband who lham the love
e ,ftere imi of Iia wife at heart, or that of his own pee
m ::. in miremrnavernemt.
ti'Wt 1itID) (hO' ONE ihUNDRED THOU-'
N'T ItY M AIla withbin the ls. te..
-- mnle.s a" l)r. A. M. Mnuncei ,128
.. ' is on the title page. nii the
'in-rk s Office min time back of the title
mni buy mnlmy of respectatble and honorable'
. .. ...ivai by mall. uni adlress to tOr. A. M
- .----:. . as. titere ar spnrirmus and surreptitious'
:.: :."urnnt of co~py-right
mmoe fir Igsornmncc.-wtaen ignoremee
S .ims-ery to lisiae we hold senr amit
i(is-ar, need whers to lltmielt our Ig.inre ;
lia wlilt usr retch. r
Ti ensle every mne to dochlo upon Ihw indlit
,.-igslml neasmilty of pm-seining n copy, anal hat nw
vi.,. nr tnother tweed remain umiiffonsnd muponu the
m:many enses. whlch, sooner or later, art, destined tin
,make f.rfuil ravsnges upon her health, utleM ginrelm
i sint. niml that no conshlernte nm nffectionate
mmi.m:mnl have enue to upbraidl himseif will tn-gi.i.i
, lt- w-lfar. of his wile--a pamnpilet of thirty-six - .
w m'imtnmtmmg full Titimr-pageym mindi lit. of tvmme
M im. teih-r within Cxtrne't from time s>ik. will ltt
-,, r--. m or en'rs t any part of time Uiiteit Sitmes.
S:l1.lr.".ing geost-pail, as herein.
lCmrlelge is nlspplaumcs, -. .
Imiaile to be lgmsm:-nt. -
m ti. receipt of One- Dollar (fir ti m
'n --xtra iitim. ) " TiIE \" 'i itii w a i -
l'ni VA TI lEI.1AL CO.\lr \NItON' Ishe m .il
'I fr. i nny pnrt of thi. ilted Sitte. .1 ie
er t-mmtt hni 1sot-ivtd, uniai neletrmemedm 1mm 1r. .t.
- A A fI tICEAI . oxin 12'24. New Y..rkt City. lublie
Mof~ce. Nom. t129 Liberty Streeti. New York.
For .sale by
Hatnburgr, S. C.
in New York City, hiv
Srinmgem & Tontsenrl, Adrinne'e, Slher
manit& Co., Dewitt & D~avenport, Barns &
Co. Offiee, 129 Liherty Street, near
May 17th, 1853 29-tf
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thuankful for favours the subscrciber wish'
es to iniform tlihiulic thatt he still manufac
tusresm Cotton Gins at his estabisment in State
busrg, on the moist improved and approved plan
whmich he thinks that the cotton ginned on one
ofsthose gints ofthe late implrovmlen is worth
at lme'ast a <itarter of a cent more than the cot
tont ginnied on the ordinary gin. lHe aleo-maa
uiactrese them on the most stmpl-s construction,
of the finemmt finish and of the hest mnaterials ; tum
wit, Steel Saws ndt Steel Plated Ribs Case.
hiardieed which hei will sell for 92 per Saw.
Het almso repairs old gins and pusts them in corn
llmte order at the shlortest notice. All orders for'
Gins will be promaptl - and puncstuall y auended4
Statehburg, Sumter Dilst, S. C. Feb 17,--- 2Gm
Veterinary Surgeon.
ROBERT W. ANDREWS notoftes -the
citizens of thmis, andI the adjoining Districts,'
that he haurs removed his Stables nier the De.
pt of thie W. & M. RI. Road, where he is ready
for a mtoderate charge ; an all cases where there
it no cure no pay will be expecteid. He also'
continues toi take Piassengere to rcnd from the'
Depot, and expects tshortly to receive a New
Omnnibuts for that putrpose. Goods lie will haul
at the old rate of 10 centm lier package, and
stubeis the patrnage of tho piubhiC.
Fe b. 22,3 1853 17-if ,..c
Tir ud Door South of the Totm IIall
and nearly opposite 2indal 4: WatoW&
THE subscrIber would respectfully in'.
&Iorms lhso citizens of Sumterville-andl
ihe public ge'nerally, thal- he has, opened-at'.
tho above place a general aistoriment, of
-Dry Goods, Bomots anti Shoes, Haisaand/
Caps. Hardware, Crockeryware, &c. &c.
Also, A Choico lot. of Fatnily Groceries of
every description, with Fruit of various.
kinds, su h na. Oranges, Apples, Lemoslns,'
&c. &c., v. hich he will Eell very low for
Calhi.J. BARRET.
Nov' 9, 1853. 9 1
Sumuterville, S. C.
Respectfldly informs the pemo of $us'n .a
Iter Ditmrict tha't he hum just receive.-and'
;snow oflhera for sale the ba. snleced ,an
most chtoice, stock of
Fall and Winter Goods,
Thmat cannomt ho surpassed by anything in thIs'
msarket. Ie haa received- manj nedtl styles*
which pulrchnrs wouald -do weltoexainn be
(tnre hi'ying elsewhers.
A full anti large siupmly of osbyr~m $)jytte
Drawers, Gloves, Sutspenfderar7 Uravaat, H~ali. 5
kerchiefs, &c. &4l. -
A large assormnenofA fDY 5L.\QE CjW~
THIlNG, whIelh will be snbti i,.
ggP Gannent& a y~e e
besaand artted to ge
i3 dmwrs fress~ I diswtn-e pfiomply auaendtO'
A.A* ~ eN

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