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IHE SHfiT11IIli.I\N I.
Q7 Persons wishinir to see us upon
bueiin'ss connected with the Paper or Law,
ean findi us at any hour during the day,
except from four to five in the afternoon,
at our office, just back of Sot.oMoss' New
Store. All husiness connected with the
par;er nost he Iranctte with WILLIAM
LEWIS. JOHN S. RtCITinn-os, jr.. or R. C.
Ig:AN. Mr. R. C. .O;AN, the Foreman
of Banner Oflice, is our only nuthorised
Agent to receive money and give re-eipts
for the gaine, and nay always be found at
the Banner Office. All letters addressed
to the Banner must be pre-paid to insure
'rhe Vigi'ant Society of Sumterville. will
take notice that Riand No. 8, will turn out from
Monday the 10th of April, for the usual ten.
L. V. I.OltNG, ('res't.
J. II. DINGLE, Sec'ty.
April 5th, 1854.
Cu11tnt.s'roN, Arnit. 4.
The sales cn Saturday were confined to
200 bales at roum 8 1-2 to 9 1.2 c.
Corn is selling at 75 and 80 cents per
A Comet may be seen in a North-wes.
tern point at 7 o'clock in the evening. It
is a rapid traveller, whose coming seems
to have beenun expected.
We are indebted to the Ilon. Messrs.
Baooas, for valuable documents. for which
they will please accept our thankr.
Agr'icuiltura I.
On first page will be found and inter
esting comnunication to the Sumter Ag.
ricuiltural Association, on renovating the
soil. by a Green Swamp l'lanter.
'r ise Watcluanas.
We see by th' last issue of the Black
Ricer Wachmar., that Major T. B. FA
SER has withdrawn from the editorial de
partncut and Mr. JON R. lIlANsWoatTru
has been engaged as As-ocinto Editor.
Both of these Gentlemen have our hest
wishes for their future success and pros
Our terchants are just receiving
their Spring and Summer Goods, and
buyers would do well to look over
their advertisemcnts. Sec PEniy Mo
.8ES,.L B. IANts', A. ANDERSON'S, R.
C. \VYnn & Co., and BUTI.ER &*NEW
BERY. Messrs. VHIi'rE & IIAVNSWEiTrt,
at the old stand of itows, LEE & Co..
have also re:cived a New Stock of
Goods, to which they would call atten
Oase of Oitc Peope.
We' have given tihe coummuniCationl
of "One , f the People" a place on our
firNt page-beore doing so, however,
we hove exercised our tight. (a right,
which wec wish distinctly understood,
is always reserved to ourselvcs) to
erase ia few lines of a personal natture,
which added nuothiung to the inerits uof
the article. W e (annout refraiun, t oo,
f'romn exptressing otur regret that, in ant
article written with so mutch taste and
juudgenment, auny all usin si lil he
made to "the late secessiion party."
WVe had hoped that this controtvresy.
which fhr so lung a tinme agitated
our whole State, wvas buried never to
be disinter ed--and we still hope and1(
believe that it will nti Ie nmade one
of' the princiles upon wvhich after
elections are tot turin. "Uy-g~tones e re
by gones"' and iet them ho so, until
there aret ntewt resn to reviv t( Ihem.
MtIllI' Houe.
We visited Charleston latst wecek
and did intend to say soimethiung in
ouri last issue, to the public, about this
splended establishment and 'ts pros
ent pol.1it e, attentive and gentlemanly
host Tiuios. S. Nicicns' s, buat, by a
pres of' other matter, the ar tiele was
utnavoidlably crowded (tit. WVe will
not, however, eveni at this late day,
refrain from sayinig to our' readers antd
friends visitinig Charilestoni, that it'f they
wantt to hatve a hiost as a host ougihit to
be, anud to see tie limest kept and(1 most
mnagtnifket estalishmnit in the Sutth
calupo rTuos. S. NioxEnusoN at the
Mills Houise, corner of Meeting and
Queen streets.
Mri. Blerer's Danciang Sectool.
We have been requeidsted to call atten.
tion to Mr. Banoor~'s advertisement on an
'ther comn. Mr. B. is anxious to get uip
a tchuool in Sunterville and is desirous to
comnmence with it about the first of May.
In a place where Mr. BE.oER has taught
anid where lhe is so well known, wve take it
to be useless to say anty thing in recommen
dation of his qualities as a teacher. 'rThors
who are land of the mlovemeints of the
"light fantastic toe " will do wvell to read
his notice.
Rumnored Duel.
~eports of a duel, between Messrs Cut
ting, of New York, and Breckenridge, of
K(entucky, atnnumerous. They are huow.
ever not reliable. The whole uffhir seems
Cn hiivo heen honeurall arranned.
Coumiercial ConivCItioni.
At a District meeting held in the
Court House on Monday, tho IIon.
LEVI F. ilA.41E, was called to the chair
and Dr. C. 11. RicAienson requested
to act as secretary. Afier the adop
tion ofsuitable resolutions, the follow.
ing delegates wvere appointed to repre.
sent the District at large in the Con.
icrciail Convention to meet in Charles.
tan on the 10th of A pril :
Ilon. L. F. RI.t:, J. J. NELSON,
Blows MANasIo, J. .1. KNOx, J. R.
LOGAN, J. D. Asniaons, J. J. CONYEUIS,
JT. S. IICInAInnsON, jr., M. M. 3ENIIOW,
T. 1. lFIulEnsoN, Rev. II. D. GUEEN,
J. B. WIIrrE, 1)r. R.. S. MII.LETT, 0.
M1. CR.1\NE, J. P'. Ibect~nDsos, jr., G.
W. BUnA DFOitw, J. F. Ii.Issa, WN'. E.
MErJ.L.ETT, Dr. J. M. Pnt-s, Dr. J. C.
IIAYNsWoinruI, Wam. A. Cor.cLorLon,
D~r. W. G. L. Rice:, E. B. DRvms, P.
1. Nei.sos. .1. Muunow, Atcousrus
SAUsEnCs, UI. Mr:cFADis DC-ANT, S.
I. CiANDL.ER, )r. C. II. ien.ARnsoN,
J. 0. ICnocK, C. R. I. 1oyn, J. B.
The Town Comei) of Suniterville
have appointed the ibllowing delegates:
Dr. J. 1. WrITIrERSIooN, Gen. S. 1.
CHAnD.E, J No. lR 1 lAYNSWOnIi, J.
N. Fau-:nSoN, 1. M. AND:.:ssos, WV1u.
NETTLES, A. WiITE, sCn'r., .J1,Es E.
EM IERinT, J o. Ii. MooRE, Jo. U.
LaFa-r's Daguerraeotype
.Ali. LaFan, whose arrival we an
nounced in the Blanner, some time
ago, has been pleasing many persons
in Our community with the finest spne
cinens of daguerrean art. We have
frequently visited his room and exam
ined his specimens, among whic-h, we
found many of our acquaintances and
friends and recognized them instantly.
We have been fhvored with the oppor
tunity of visiting many daguerrean
galleries, and from the wor k we have
seen come from Mr. LAF.tI's hands,
we have no hesitancy in reconmnend
ing him as one of the rery best opera
tors in his line, we have ever seen -
All who have tried him are pleased
with his succes, and we understand he
nevecr allows an inditferent picture to
go out of his room. If not the inven
tor. he is acquainted with and exercises
a new method, which by giving a dif
ferent and better background, enables
the operator to take persons with light
hair and eyes much more successfi ly
than by the old method, the hair be.
ing taken with its natural shade and
the eye having all that sharpness and
liveliness which it has in l ife and which
heretofore was so dificult to be ob
tained in daguerreotypes. Many per
sons8, fromi the Counltry, will be visitingr
our village during court, and we call
attention to Mr. LAFAin's presence
amlong us, that those, who have not
often so) good a eblance to gratif'y their
their families and friends with a fue
sinille picture of thiemselvyes, may avail
themrselves of the presenit one. We
must all one dayv leave our friends, and
the dear ones, we now so) much love,
may onle dlay leaive us, but a p)iture
wi'l exist almost forever and uisy at.
ways be with us to, enliveni miemory,
when thle grave has shut out froer- our
view, the obijects of our love and grati
t.mide. Mr. LAFML may bie touned at
his roiomi, the first door to the right, up
stairs, and next to lhe Banner Of lice.
In looking over* some old papers a few
dassinlce, we ebancwed upon two copies of
lie Southern Whig published in Sumter
ville in thme years above mient ionied. Th'le
earlier numbfer is edited biy MAVNAr.D P.
RmenARmoN, no(w dieCeaked, aid the other
by oiur I (flow towinimn Maj. Wim.r.vi,
IIAYNSWon-rnC. From those oldl diocuments
we can gather sonie idlea of the improve
mnents which have takeni place sinice that
periodl in oiir town. In the advert ising'
coh~i~mns is a noitice of a coipnrtnorhiip for
the practice of law fby FUANiaui J. & M.
MosEs, A. itl. RUFFIN, kept the principal
hotel, aNI EnI & CHANE were carriatge
manufactrris, TI. .J. C~onu.A the black
and white smith, F.. Hov-r the watch and
clock maker, HI. H IAysswon-rit Post Mas
tcr and Mrs. FCAneCEs BoiwEN the Princi.
Iple of the Sumnterv ille F'emale Academy.
Union and! Niulli/ication wero the topics
that enigaged the peni of lie editirs, who
seemi to have had I heir hanids [fill. To
some of our older citizens thoe items will
recalhl assoiautions abnost fogotteni pierhapi~S
and lead themi to mouse for a whdob upon
events ini which they mingled mo~re than
twenty years ago. A glanice at the im.
monso differenco betwen the number of
advertisemienis at that period andI the
present dnay is the hest evidence of our
increasod commercial prosperity and piroof
of a mnore liberal and extonded trade.
Teasaperanice it N. (0.
\Ve see in the W ilmington Wee~kly
Commercial of last week, a notice that
an effort will be made in the next
Legislature of the Old North State to
pass a law prohi biting, as far as possi.
bile, tho sale of intoxicating liquors.
Tho samte paper also Conmtainis an ac
count of a meeting held at WVilming
ton on tihe 246th tilti nt wh:... ..-oi.
tions were passed, committecs appoint
ed and all the necessary steps taken to
nominate and run a temperance ticket.
This all shows a proper state of feeling
in our sister Carolina. "Rip Van
Winkle" is indeed waking up.
For the lBaniner.
Messrs. Editors: Please allow another
citizen to say one word in reply to the old
citizen who signs his ane "' T. J. C."
Ve have bud several intimate aequain.
tenances who sign their names T. J., but
we know but one individual in all this
community who adds the C., and for him
we have the very highest respect as a gen.
tleman, and can not believe the good sense
of the gentleman who signs his name " T.
J. C." would ever presume to say to a
District at large who shall be their Sena
tor and who shall be their Representatives.
As to the names of the gentlemen who
Mr. "T. .. C." uses as proper persons for
our Representatives, we have no doubt but
they are gentlemen and very capable of
discharging all the duties lie presumes to
impose upon them, but we would say to
Mr. " 'I'. J. C." that we have our Senator
and we see no reason why we should
change him. Ile is a faithful Representa
tive, on industrious and honest man, and
pray Mr. " T. J. C." what better person
would we want than this. S:r, I hope you
will put away your childi.h whims and
womanish prejudices and he content with
doing well, and throw away no more of
your riper years in nonsense, taking upon
yourself more thin is necessary, and more
than you can well carry. Don't be as a
nan I heard of once, who traveled thirty
five years trying to find a place where tur
keys wero found baked in the woods with
a knife and fork sticking in their backs.
Sir, be satisfied with doing well and be ad.
vised by your friends to let Senators and
Representatives alone. You have too
much business on hand to attend to and
control nattcrs that belong to the whole
District. Wnr.a-r.
For the Banner.
jllesrs Editors: Iraving been allowed,
through your columns, some time since, to
address a few questions to the candidates
for the Legislature, upon the principle to
pics of interest to us, it is but reasonable
to suppose that we looked to the forthcon
ing of the next issue of your extensively
circulated journal with some interest, ex
pecting a reply to, at least some of our in.
terrogatories; but instead thereoi w:."!
a coimmonhetation from a correspondet,
" Pro Bono l'ubbico," who desires " that
none of the candidates of this (Claremont)
County will answer any questions upon po
litical topics (thereby admitting there are
more questions than one) until the can
vass fully opens in July next ; and with,
as we think, a great deal of presumption,
says to the people of this county, (if not in
words we use, the tame in substance) you I
have but one question to interest you
which is that of giving you your "conist it u
tional andti Abst ract "' right of volting for
Electors of P'resident and Vice President to
the people." What arrogance I s one
individual to decl;are to the people what
shall he the issue upon which a choice
of the catndidlates to represent thetm shall
tturn ? Whyi) Sirs, if the author was as
much a Roman as the signature wh~ih
lhe uses, we wouilid even thenm say
thiat lie was arrogant. Anid gentle.
mien, look to lie reasons which he as.
signs for thme desire to close the mouths of
otur candidates; first as to the titne, isi it not
just anid right whien qutestionfs of importance
are brought before us m lit we shoiuld have
timne to dlisetnss them, to hear them discutss
ed by others andi to maike up our miinds,
moore especialIly when it or they are ini re
ference to ch:mges of existinig customis or
laws ? This certainly nlo onie can denay
Thleni it becotmes time as son as questions
of this kind aire brought into notice, to as.
certain the views of those who are to rep
resent tis in these questions ; and because
lie wishies "' no side issues,"' " tno finesses
for itidividual advantages,'' anad last of all
"the field wll tie tilled with additional as
pi rantts,"' it mtust nieds he put oft'
Now in your correspondets objecttis,
is there one that has aity .stubstance in
it I lli Iirst object ion a's to thle time
has been e!readye set asid e biy the caindi
dates themselves who have becen meetintg
thme pele ait several public places a nd
gaihieriigs, anid are, as we uni ritandl, do0
ing their itory utmaosl each Cf. himiself.
Andt as to his "J inesse.s for indiridual ad
vamtage,'' we thinik his piece clearly shows
that lie himiself was tinesuing for mthat puir.
pose when lie pubh.lihed his desiro as to
the time when the candidates should com.
mente givinig their opinions to the people,
at tile saimie time statinig toi us, what u-e the
people were to have as thme quest ion for
them to answer, else why did the idea of
finessing strike him so enirly, uni:less of tthe
itijury it mi ght do tio some culabates. In re.
ferenice to his 'asido issues" and main qutes
tions, we do not think lhe tmanus that the
people of t his coty sould not bo alloweid
to make what, and as manjy, qutestionas as
they see proper, the teut questions in aii
election ; no. not.' ithistand ing his pro
sumption ; bitt, as onie resemtblinig a fence.
man, (fishtermani, frienad Vulcan would say)
lie wanted time to ascertain the state of
afihirs in behalf of his owna individual, and
if the opinions lie should entertain upon
the topics alluded to in one of yotir foriier
issues, were acceptable to the voers,
if so, possibly lie would not objoe~t to them
being answorod. All pretty good finossing,
btut no go this time Bonn.
As we have done before, wo contond,
that it is our right, as a people, living uin
der the present orgatnized governtment, to
know the opintions of any or all of theo can
dia bare Us upon any q..e..:o. ,t...
interests us ; and that any such question
whatever it may be is as much the issue
with us as the * Constitutional Abstract
Right," which so much interests '- Pro
Bono Publico " in behalf his individual;
and under the influence of these opinions we
again call upon the candidates for their
opinins upon the following questions
(which is but a repetition of our former re
inest.) It. Upon the present military
organization of the militia system in this
State ; is any change necessary, and if so,
in what particular ? 2d. As to popular
education ? And 3rd. As to the electoral
cuestion ? We mould furthermore ask
of the candidates if the opinions they may
give, have always been the dictates of their
judgment, and if not, what circumstances
or reasons induced a change ?
Respectfully, &c.
tor the Banner.
ITOLLOW- Loo, April 1, 1854.
Merssns EoIrons : In these piping times
of peace, when little else seems to occupy
the public mirnI, than the pretentions of
a:wpirants for District honors, and every
mnm must gratify himself by inditing a
"communication, " permit an old soldier to
dip his linger in the pie before it gets too
hot, albeit he is unused to the scrib.
bling mood farther than manufacturing a
pass which by-the-by the " Vigilant Asso.
ciation " have made no easy task. A wri
ter in your paper of the 2'd ult., calls upon
the candidates fur an expression of opinion
npon several leading topics of the day ; so
far so good ; but in your last issue appears
an objection to the number of querries pro
pounded, and this same objection signed
Pro Bono Publico," would narrow down
the discussion to one subject, a piece of
cruelty to the candidates which as a be
nevolent man I cannot sileatly submit to;
surely they ought to be allowed a chance
to spread themselvcs;and with this benevo
lent object in view lin
questions for aswe t stump
gatheBring. Is the " Oreoson " suited
to the soil and climate of Sumter District ?
Hlow would the " striped pig " grow if
tratnsplanted into Sumterville, and would
the egg trade be thereby increased 1 Is
" retail " not wholesale ? and last but not
least, for the agricultural community de
serve a goo share of the benefits to be thus
derived ; which is the best means of get
ting young lambs early ? If this last
should prove a poser I rocommend,
that the candidates open a correspondence
with Sir Charles Napier, who is pledged
to enlighten all engirists upon the subject.
hIumbly submitted by
Pr.ow EUs.
For the Banner.
Bitss;s E-nI)ts : Permit me to say
in reply to "any Voters" in your
paper of the 29th tilt., that since the
withdrawal of Mr. John F. Jime, from
the canivass, I have been a;'plied to by
mn ofl (myl frienlds andl( have consent
edl to become a candidate, ir the ofiree
of Sheriff of Stumt er District. WXhat
ammount of sat isthet ion I may have gi v
en whzen udisebarging the duties of the
otihce as deputy, is kn own to others,
not to myself: But this much 1 can
proisei5 thnt ifekected. I salil discharge
the duties of the ofliee to the best of
whatever abilities I may possess, and
I trust with idelity to those whose in
terests may bie conhided to my care.
A pril 5, 1851.
For the Banner.
Mardh 2-2, 185-4.
Messrs~ Ediorsflof the late num
hers ot your paper contained an allusion
to the immiense size or a Rutabaga Turnip
which was reported as weighing fifteen
potunid. This may be something great for
your section of the count, y, and worthy of
b~ragdamig about, but I can tell you of so:ne.
Ibing which heads that,--having a day or
two since seen one of thme same description
weighing twenty-one pounds. Beat ihiat
if you can.
Ents-ro IsLANo.
For the lianner.
Tihe Ger-man's Moonu.
Whlile being seated a few evenings since
with our German friend, somec of thle youtng
bucks of onr village, for their own amnu-e
.ment, raised a balloon, about the apparent
size of the moon, and as it assended front a
dlistanit part of tile village, our friend dis
covered it ill rapid assent and all astonish.
mont, soddenly oxclaimed " Mine Cot der
moon ho fast rico dis nmght."
Cnoti Kmos Ma !--This is the name
that. shoulId be given to the fashiona
le mnodern hon net, whlichu lightly rest
ing on thme hack of the head, nil1,rd4 no
protection to a pretty fhee--but on the
contra ry, increases ot her ati tations
wvhich, tinder anyi) cirecumstances, Invite
tihe stamp of kindness and affectioin !
How diffeurent, from tihe odious "puke
lotilt," tised live and twenty yoars
ago, whmich fhrmed a projecting line of
circum vallation around bewitching feta
turos--a chei'auxs.defrisc which the most
ardent anld presump:.uouis adimirer of
beauty would hardly attempt to)
pass-when even
To tundertako the pleasing process,
Reqtirud an olophat.t's iroboseis.
DostIon Jougrnz,1.
TuI IIRmILtt/s12 Gurr -rO urtSo.
An infidel Physicin, as his son w~as
ibotit to leave him for college, procure-t
For him a pocket 13ible, frankly stating
:o a frietnd that heo knew of nothing so
ikoly to prieserve him from Lljj seduc.
ive inifluience of Vici(1t1s associateos,
From an Occasional Correspondent.
March, 29, 1854.
The inhabitants of our village and
vicinity, who are remarkab!e for their
quiet and peaceful deportment, (save
when the Federal Government leaps
the bounds of its lawful province) have
beed recently startled by two events
as grave in their nature and consequen
ces as they were malicious, wanton
and cruel in their conception and exe
On the morning of the 21st Feb.
ruary last, onr citizens were aroused
from their slumbers to behold a large
portion of their beautiful village burnt
to the ground. The fi e was discov.
ered about two o'clock in the morn
ing, and in spite of the strenuous ef
forts of our citizens, (particuly the
laboring portion, who are generally
the best stand-by in ,oes of trial,)
some eighteen building were consumed
by the break of day ; many of them
were the largest and finest looking
stores in the place. The loss was heavy
to many, bu' fortunately the havi
est loosers were most able to bear it.
The hand of some vile incendiary, glo
rying in -,must have yielded
to its wanton avariciousness, and well
did it play the game on that occasion,
no doubt made its Jack.
On the 4th March, inst., a most bar
barous murder was cammitted on a
negro slave by her master I C. Iot
tenburry. On the 13th inst., her body
was found in the Edisto river oppo
site this village. A jury was immedi
ately sumnmoned, commenced its ex
amination about the 4th. The said Rot
tenberry was known to beat said black
girl upwards of two hours with sticks.
This was done in his kitchen. Find
ing he had beaten her nearly to death,
he made her go into his dwelling house,
on the w ay she was seen to stagger
and could scarcely drag herself up the
steps by the assistance of the banister
railing. He made her go into one of
the rooms of his dwelling, and there
kept her, until (as it was suipposodl the
next morning when she was missing,
and I., said she had runaway &c.
On 13th she was found as abojve -ia
ted, discmboweled, her ears and nose
cut oiland her body tied up in a blan
ket, her head and fitce bruised and
broken in several places. It was
shown that she died from her wounds
on the night of the 4th, That before
day Rottenberry made one of his ne
gro men assist him ins carrying her to
the river, about one nihe, on a pine
pcole, traces of their tracks and the
blood0( could be seen for- some time
after. She was thr-own into the river,
and R., on his return home, reported
her as runaway. The jury wer-e seve
ral days in the examination. Trhey
closed perfectly satisfied as to the ideni
tity of the girl and the purpetrator of
the murder, and found her master, R.
C. Rottenberry guilty thereof. A
war-ant was issued fur his apprehen
sion, but lhe had taken leg-bail for
security. T he whole proceedings hav-e
been communicated to our Governor,
and no doubt he has or will take pro
pe steps to have this monster of bra
tality returned to justice. Trhat he
should, is due to this community, the
State and especially to this race of be
ings, who look up to and deserve pro
tection from the whites. Every feecl
ing, every sentiment of h-imanity is
enlisted in her favor and her blood
cries to heaven for vengeance.
This tragical occurrence is very
much to be lamented, our citizens
contemplate it with mingled feelings of
horror andlindignat ion. There seemed
to be no palliatinig circumstance at
tending the deed, it, was a cold and
bltxdy murder.
2.j7" We find the following in the
Keowee Courier. Look out for him:
Peter Stein, a Dutchman, came to
Penileton some four or five weeks
ago, and held hi:nself out as a watch
repairer and jeweler. After getting
possession of several gold and silver
watches, and other jewelry, eloped
with them in his possession, and Is
gone to parts unknown, lie is a thick
set, vulgar lookm', man, of ordinary
size; and had iih him a very small
wsoman, wvith exceedingly diminutive
features, whom lhe cnlled his wife, and
who talks English very well, and acts
as his muterpreter.-=hu protending not
to be able tr. understarnd English, atnd
probaiiy does not, lie wore whiskers
uinder his chlin when he leR. is about
40 years ol<d, and 5 feet 10inehos high,
by actual mneasu1rem1ena, Peter Stein
Is a brother to a man by that name,
now in Savannah, and who built the
oleek in St. Mitehel's steeple, Charles
ton, S, C, it is sqpposed lie went in
the direction of Athens, Ga., on foot.
Any infhbrmation of his whereabouts,
lodged wvith ., D, Wright, at Pendle
ton, will be thankfully received.
LrZ- All papers in this State and
Georgia will phlease copy or notice for
the benefit of the public.
Pendleton, S.,, March 14, 1854.
TIhme annual Conferenco nf the Methodist
Episcopal Church~ ytith comrnenced its
aessicn at Stockton, Ca., on tire 22d p1.
rebruary, Bitehel> Soul. nresidinra '
Origi nat octr .
For the Bannner.
'Tis spring, 'tis spring, see, see the flowers,
And hear the balmy zephyrs playing,
Among the green and shady bowers,
Where birds their mellow notes are singing.
The sun sheds firth her genial ray,
Worming up the frozen earth,
Bidding the massy ice give way
To things of richer, rarer worth.
The gentle breeze comes loaded with
Perfumes of many a flower,
Bloomed to beautify the earth,
But wither in an hour.
See the daisy deck the green,
And the leafets putting forth
The lovely rose, acknowledged Queen,
Among the many flowers of earth.
How sweet it is to wander in,
The forest's dark cool shades,
To gain some lofty height, and then,
ro view the distant glades.
And listen to the mellow notes,
Of some sweet nightongale,
As on the breeze it gently flouts
From hill to hill, from dade to dale.
It brings to mind the happy days
Of boyhoods sportive hours,
When we engaged in chidish plays
And roamed 'mid woodland howers.
When with companions fondly loved,
Who with ourselves took part,
As hand in hand we onward moved
With huoynnt, merry heart.
But end reflection brings to mind,
Companions loved and lst,
That once to us were dear and kind,
That numbers now with things that's past.
The tllowing are the particulars of
the homicide of A. M. Robinson, the
Deputy Sheriff of Columbus, Ga.,
which we announced by telegraph.
The account is from the Columbus
Times, of the 1st instant :
" It becomes our painful duty to
announce the death of another eeizen
by violence. Alexander Mark Rob.
inson, was on the 27th inst., ahot down
in the street of Columbus, while in
the discharge of his duty as Deputy
Sheriff of the county of Museogee. On
the night proceeding, David Wright
of this city, and a man named Jack
Boyd, of Macon, had committed a
mmisdetnmeanor, and warrants were is
sued for their arrest. About 8 o'clock
on the evening of the 27th, Mr. Rob
ris, accompanied by Messrs. Cleghorn,
Morrell, and Gamnel, of the city po.
lice, proceede 1 to execute the warrant.
They find Wright and Boyd in front
of the " Pleasant Hour," and Robin
son advanced to theim and declared
them his pristners, whereupon he was
instantly shot down and died in th
course of two hours, in the office of the
Times & Sentinal, where he was re
moved by his friends. The slug pene
trated the right side just below the
lower rib, and lodged in the wall of
the abdtmen. David Wright was
perstned antd arrested ; anid is now ini
jail to await the judmnent oh his pe.ers.
Boyd escaped the most active pursnit
of the officers of thte law, and is still
at large. Ilath Wright and Boyd have
hitherto commititted homricides. They
both fired at Robinison, but it is bo
lieved that WVright's ball only tosiK
ef'ect. Alexander M. Robinson w"as
Deputy Sheriff of the coutnt) of Mus.
cogee. lHe died! in the simple discharge
of his duty. H~e was an amiable mani.
an energetie ofnieer anid good citizen
We can exclaimt int his own touchin.
langnage as hie rolled froma.sidle to side
in t he agony of deniab, " it is tw-o. brad."
Yet while our heart swells with inidig
nation and grief at thtis homnicide, we
forbear to give expression to our feel
ings; and leave his slavers int the
hanids of the law ; and amy the Lord
htave tmerey upon their souls.
Immediately after the death of Mr.
Robinson, a Coroner's Jury was sum
monted by Coroner Hicks, who f'.und
that the deceased eanme to htis death
by a pistol shot wound infficted by
David WVright.
P. S.-A at use odo
the nmornitng of the 28th inst., and ai.
He ool no inthecustody of the
law.-- Crolina'Times.
Suntier Division No. 12 So'ns of Temn
peranee wvill bold a public mretng at their
Hall on TJhursday the 13th inst. at 8 o'clock
p. m. AU tu embers of other Divisions of
the Ordor, the rmembers of the Washing.
tontian Societ y, the members of Calhoun
Lo~lge No. 1 knights tof Jericho, and the
public are respectfully invited. 'rThe Rev.
J. R.1 Pteurr, andI the Rev. F. A. MooD,
and others wil auddress the rieeting. Broth
era of the Order are requested to meet at
their Ihall at 7 o'clock. Pnetual attetn.
dance is pasrticulary requested.
JAMblES BEIl,. )Comittee
J. RI. IIAYNSWORTH.j Arrarigm'Is.
Mfar. 5, 18M4. 23 2
[73 WVatchmnan copy one time.
.A LtL who are liable to taxation within the
incorporate limits of Sumte rville are informed ,
that d unne my absence, they w ill find their
accouitts with W. J. N. HAM MET, m ydeputy,
at R..C. WVE118 & Co.'s store, the first day of
isa t the last day of grace, pay up and save
W. S. IhUDSON, C. C.
A pr, j. 1853- ___ 23 a
SStrayed frnt thy, siubserihers Steam
Mill n Olhsendon, on Saturday laist,
tiyq onwe, onlp ithewn a dark bay,
of medium sirze,. Wylih rarljs of' saddle ont his
hack, te other is a sorrel, tnearly bhntd, any
person taking u~p said burses, will he suitably
C. R, ~IARVf N.
Mar, , 189. 23 4:
HIou80 and Lot for Sale,
In umtrvilcon-ainin 34sef'
terin Cituc, wh all nacesegry
buildings theregn. Ponditions, one-tiprdt
cash, the ballance payable first jIonnary
Aprt ', 18n5nat4. pl~etise e
$25 Reward.
RUNAWAY from the rubscriber
on the 29th u. ni.,y i.egro
boy is about 18 Or- 19 foars old, he
is about G feet 3 or 4 inches high, he hee
lighter thtan the generality of negroes ,7et
he is not a mulatto ; his face is rather
long. l:as a pimply :-nrl rough rp- eiranca,
lie has been seen about Mayesville and
Lyncl:burg, and eaid he was trying to
make is way to North Carolina.
He is certain to change his name as he
is in the habit of doing so when caught by
patrollers.. The above reward will be
given for his apprehensin and lodgment
in nry Jail, in the State, or to me near
EiDarlington Flag will please copy.
3 times, and forward bill to Sumterville to
the subscriber.
Apr. 5, 1853. 23 tf
The subscriber would respectfully call.
attention to his large and well assorsed;
stock of
Challiea and Berege DeInines,
Plain cuo!red Bereges, pr.nted dp.
Printed and plain Jaconet Muslins,
Poplin and Linea Lustres, in dress
patterns, Ginghams,
Black and col'd Silks, Marcela in Silks
Dotted & Plain Swiss Muslins, Mull
M uslins,
Fide Embroidered collars, Cheni.
settes. Infants Waists &c.
Alexander's Kid Gloves, Lisle Thread
Gloves &.c.
At low and uniform prices.
OSNABURGS, P:ain Striped
Blue Dentis, 'Tickings &c.
Bleached and Brown Shirting, 9 1-4,
10 1-4. and 111.4.
Linen Table cloths, Diapers rc.
Long Cloths of a ll qualites.
Fronting Lint ns, Pi*w.case Linens.
by L. B. HANKS.
EATABLES, Figs, Prunes, Raisins,
Preserves, Candies, Nuts &c &c.
Almost anything else to he called for'
For sale by L. B HANKS.
April b, 1854. 23 tf
Just Received,
A Fresh supay of SPRIN AN-SUMMER
GOOS,. e ari anmy thing. and KMEI1t
thig, sereted by the Subscriber. himself,
whose long experience and knowledge of the
Ropes, makes it no presumption in him to say,
that some of them are cheaper goods than have
ever been brought to-this market.
Brown Hlomespuns 25 yards to the dllar.
Centlemen's Hoskin G loves 75 cis. a -pair..
Beautiful colored Muslin at 12 1.2 cs, per.
assortment of Fancy Goods that must andshul'
be sold.
Groeeries,.Crockery, Hardware, HIats, and.
Bonnets,. Ladies, Gent., and Youths shoes and
Gaiters, fine and common. To enumerate
wouid be too tedious, but como and see and I.
will warrant you satisfaction. both in style ani.
prices PEfIIY- MOSS..
March 5th, 1854 23 tf
Country Hlams, and Sbouldera- .
Pickled Beef and Tonnes
Goshen hut ter, Rice,Flurc
Mixed Pickles, in pts, qas. and y-2'gafh.
Olives, Cnpers &c
Candiws,-Raieons &c
liaisons 100 Boxes at a Dollar per Box:
A pr., 5, 1854. 23 tf..
Trhe subscribers are now in receipt of
consist ing~ of every vari, ty of Gents' and
Ladies' dress gioods. Groceries, Hard
wasre &c., which they are prepared to sell
as cheap as this market can afi'ord. Please
call and examine for yourselims.
It. C. WEBB & d'1.
A pr., 5, 1854- 23. tf..
The Ladies of the Mi. E. Church, at Sumnter
rille, propose ihlding a Fair, commencing ont
Tuessdan evening, 11th April.
It will open at Mosras' Long Room, at 6.
o'clock, P'. M1. to remain open three successive
evenings. Ad miuantce 25 eta. Tickets to be
had at the Door.
The last evening the articlee remaining em,
sold wilt he ofyered to the hightest bidder
April 5th, 18BM 23 It.
Remaining in the Post Office in Surmterville,.
So,. Ca. Quarter ending 3lth Mlarch, 184..
A.-X. Y. Anderson,
B.-Aex. B. Drailsford, Mrs. E. D. Ballard..
John Ballard 2,. Mire. Brown, John H. Brown,
R. Bell, Jotam Brown, Mrs. Eleanor ,aet W.
HI. Burgesa,' Mrs. Mary Bitae. MaceyBan'
field, F. B. Browu, John F. Bhilard, -ulgm
Bradford, Bur heim andI Hodge, Lyman and.
Belier, Mrs. IiIliam Belier.
C.-Anthony Coldwelt, W. A. Cunningham;.
J. M. Crosawell, Edward Carter, Mrs. Mr
Attn Clark. Miss Hlarrick E. Cockril, Alburt ~
Carbeck, A. 3, Carson, John Cohin,VMrs. Cail,. -e
lron Blark, Mrs. Tesekey Chritmat,. Mrs. R.
R. Cooper.
D.-E. M. Dority, Judge Dorris, blire Sallia
F.-Robert Francis,T. ,1. Frierson.
G.- John Grooms, W. C. Guerry, Mliss E~lma,
beth Green,Thomas Gelser.
H.-lB. J. Hlodge, A. Houk, Geo~ Hall, Joe,
Hall, Comemers Hlassey, W. . rvin.
J.-U. A. James, Henry D). Jetnings, James A..
Johnson, Mrs. Lydia L. Jones ,Jamnes A. Jh.
son, G. Joseph, I. James.
K.--Daniet Kenny,
L.-Rev. Samuel Lotspiek, Albentti,kon..Dr..
G. HI. Livington, James Lane.
M.--James Maee, James McCarley, W. Nt.
Moore, T. K. Mayrant, Mrs. ElizaC Marchi.
son , Georget McGee, Dr.-K. Moore Hardy Mion.
Mrs;JneMc DavidE Medutcheon, W'
0.-Joseph Oneil.
P.-Natalias Phillips, James E. Philipa,
Joseph arker.
R.-ohh RiadreoJohn N. RevalMg ..
nah Rtachel, Albeat Rodgers,. hs Ma
Rile Miss Harriet C. Ibow.
8.- win J, Shaw, Miss ArgsSo
~Smysir, Mis. 8, R., t es.
Icy Charles H. Small HSabruh
Geo. )I. Stokes & Co., iameb S8u r
Vido Bearborough, Mliss Caroll.inek
T.-.E. B. R.Tomas, Enrrel) C. Varga, M, -
T. M1. Vaughatn Mliss Vermell Vaga.
W..-R C. Wheler, Norman WllhaT. V.
Walsh, B. D. Wilson, Mr. M. A. Wtweler.
Miss Amanada White, Mrs. Charlotto W) nos
April 5, 1851. - 33 1it
Adminintrawr'a &os.
All piratsn. havmg dematdaaistth,
requested) to handl 'hem lin prtpe4atte.
ted ; and .il those mndebted to lh samp-~
will mke 'payifienti to the mubeibe b
the first ut Nuvtnber nest.
\Y. U. GEi

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