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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, April 05, 1854, Image 4

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(s r : C -r 1: ri.
''lie follotwting Iine . expressive ' ofth
hcregternent of a sinsit.ve and al rtia ite
he-4rt, wdl ho retd by very may in our
city and .State with ount rnfii l i-i e res-t an"i
sympa:thy. T'hey tell of oy de; o~ 1" rI
an. t ope.<ii:r den. w :h1 t j. .i ":.. 1
e:gresmatrn which rihe he 'r td u:+!v ens
fully appree.at . Ve in- ib'i Ow ritniai'V
publishc.d mt the NCew.--'doeitrf t
Scannahl Geut-' ulu.
'Tis tnidnig.ht ! on the nzure sies,
Them 5t:: thi~vr p:+t.+rnt v~.s ep,
In deep rtp-se all nature 1c-,
13u I, al::.s ! I c:m1i t j:'ep !
I itoulrnl for th 'e chl ! r!e.tt:o cal one,
W ho ltu [ty .r I c ieW is iv:':
Nly beatutious wife, who noUw art Bonn
T[' irn e o;:r b.lv born t he,.n .it.
I sel t hee tow :.s on ih. ni':ht
'lTha+t night of unito'J anotnyi
W itici in it, datk yet rapi l tg lilt,
Bore thee and hope away (run ieC.
I ee tlce nowf, thy vh-a'. siee,
Iy hair wtim rt4nns miitertwinet
M1ore lovery mn hr wounclne_ sh~eet
T .1 ug kivc ht t hieb d. lihal left behdit.
I thouc'ht oif nt hen the~t grt!er brow
' o'r-r :li: - - , nt!titt r. er ,
Moveri to bl. viw tt a-the uu.
'I lled oin thi--t, til thi t.c neIt --
Ai nd h . ter tnh:t. Ii ipeak t uiter,
Iin. . hoInn111II, Iny owrn,
' knwclr, h at th - u Ia.!s li isp en thtte !
T1Io say th:- stil, in that br-h rs here
Sereiu!y blest ' Good above,
Ihy gentle :iilt bhll lin dt :ir,
W s i rdi ef was h t a; h is l.
And waiting there unti he ceu at
The mn- her's hear would st i rejice
To teach her babe his father's nane.
hIo never hear Ilthat lather' voice.
The drateIl hoer h com!a-l or-hey h
-\cl look wptm ihorc itan hlitis !
I sa liti th das, d ie it !n u,
I heard them as they mlade it faist!
I stw. then lower tI; ht coein down,
And place thee, deiresi where thm art:
AmI still I lived ! loy hnrt theni onc
A heating but at broken heart !
Antl I have lived ! and I stilt live !
To leri with every troubled breath,
That I hmve tuli-red and survived
A souething worse than huallnt, death
My angel wife ! afar from tht i
I Count the days, the nthients evell !
Thou tert the hoes o!f earth to le,
And hope has lullowed thiee to be:.ven
1Ii.R. J.
It is aid that George the III, mite
viited is tleace' Ir of y tt, who as
celebrated fillr preparing yo in men
ihir ttollege, to aiet ain by walit means
he wa sv c hf abov i all other in
ma1kingi his pupils such good~t scholan-.
iThe ttachr i ade him thi rely:
'Mat it please yor- iesty, the
.whole att of toeingli consists ini two
ordstimp\lit, and repeat,' if I am
SUcefl aboett lithers in preparing
youn me fo h niversit-y, as your
jest-y .is please i to say I au, I at.
t tribute all my success to this riethod
f iparting instructit. I ractieo
tl ther art ttan to make thesibjct
plain and intelligih!e by sim plityingt
them, and to creteat my eax.pis
unttilt I haixed leid eatt pemeti
eoghrdtone Vodt. appied atwetyii~ loads
whlendpedenyi the betsprisia wing, eon ae
san~d piecte of land te r astdiii cae
wher hebfoeobanetaly tn
hay hedothtrne ntel hal (tons.~r
inc thi t, a goo-lyid crop1 htas beenti
therodued oT'the s t oi.ls are't clm
pIse o to pern i ct Ia ~s of sad. TeFS
togter mtatktehat wecal g
enougtsh t holdCuiM- maknua and mli.tte.
apptnlid becae it wismu it most t urble
Ait Edrinb'ugh, jwlafrtel, d titi M.
Caudlishi 1rmerly a iss I ca ti mithli
pteh'st of hea i Dix. aeles of Mmeh
M ln"id wt- amihners tof Mar s'
hi~a eve ceeilt iva.~iiii tk t
tis anir is fne Mi ti.ot Mam's. diine,
Mtisrmit she htaswtitd ami .1is cuyb iithrn w:i
scat. Armou'sth ewe for. me t0-il il ea'.
issiri tilr ae thie~ ieifei~il~ ohe
[lpoet.fiedDrMckzi; is
hiygaecie licer a taiG et nok; jaieitis
to o and Mis Moriaton- ia tall cIt tte-is
Mr. Canlishaio-ely ameinie an.i tal he
nitrg, whose chulree ;.ndt tatbiity
cnir [theilro u a ~iscrIitinat-~in of
theii poeti a t i~t~~~~ a
At modernt it er (Griand)etata at so
Gen. co Wtiasht ,a-~ wito aau midtnot
hie soughit, fr counsetl i al qurtesb
man, tht ever hedsgstag(tio. i
"L ditai-tone eti, a o ddg aid ttof
Johnt Adiuns Itha t he ossejed i ir
h tisa a bnegrt, liadtteven- talents,~
ofeaece huast k~oit-but- no dmntra
Eti toets.e X W ith a itlhs vite heI
wasp tied wit an susiIi Lti n tatgotim
hrse ini rto.o"eme.
" Nintters 'it o'fl3 consien firsti
touhts~~~ are1 bstyi t-arttrsio -rn
"~e This woldl isatothe nt as ithe
%f"Nthin, n pacify na fhte tat afTene
ellaience, UCL That u hi ati.ida
Codurnbia Clothingj
Fullings, Bostwick & Col1
( '(-)11: 111 A, S.C.
:\ 1 4o'r 11 tA t'1ir/"
ini s ! ': le, j \vi tliiil ;l" are plrcpart',i t(1
sell tit prces inot.r tIi III aniy a4)er C t.tll)
I SIt iio't in C 4)31333).
tI'ieh : l ting is l~n.11413 i re,! by ti lcti
iii:rLrt, :tI:l1 tlIy I(, I iC: ratnitl I n toSay it
i l ,lt 4ll '41:111\ i. ;r'I: ' ' ct1 s mI. (tio,
ItiOctll iio te v o! )s''ric, iiS .334(c1ie
i~;i ti it," 1 411 44W' artil I. y w i ch a13
Initlnil oEqu ity- s ober\, D astrIct.
It"xlut'e~el ,:'; iri. Iad I tor (:1 1
b(sI)4': *14*21.1 :t:a {,K a~ rat, at h n u trt
eI I io: c( a I a' ). tr 41IS It:lsc :f'r. is
a!1t ":'t ~ l~a (i a'ro-.l'i n Prrr
F '. iar 1J:1,, 14 ) 1.p ~ . C lti lvii
40i li1011 ri.Li)_N.
N l I:,ir=I II ! t"( 1 I ,1: 1.1 1 4!(' in 1i, I (~; .Ii(
/1 roi1 it t31 ,o ii t ,3,P.11., a (b SUJC II)
Ito s' in LtjIa'Ii ).- t, a I ;t lt i l flr1 (IU ,
Ilt l a I t )V4 145 Ii 1: ~ t\ (4 i I)Z) 114'I iii'1. , C l :a -
\\ Ct 4 i ln . III) j 1)14 1 1, i It!1' :i: II \!:
01( 1:" 1:;t n 1' ):r lc t of1 -:l i l 12 ,ii
:\IOW ii'd 3) fli~ 1. 7!lt 1 -11 III V''t 1(1):u re-i.
t(,\\'1; of'1-) ra g ,.i \c., l tii t- 1i, 1. 1"''-1
101 achtre1,. ic
N 1';st 4W' , a . t >.~ I1' 1tP ' It I') r inn ,
(etion ) t31, . i Els t t~t tl\' I al!IlI & . t 2
\No. I , :s a'nva', i t (,: N rcima swim" N .
431. In o ll ; 31 1\\ 11.0 hli &C.,jdl V t inll Li
S.iai V. 34:4i4. o N):. f1ra to n
I'iil 11it l t lli) 1 3 of Itt (IC
Lumbe andes oo
'i ' t\n ij Into I tt.-. i o :r, Eas3Ijl t.:i cItll ill
i n j )art 1 -:3Ihi - 1 1 I I . t . W l b .v'iii l t N ot : 3, o fr3t'r t'rij l : "'
lierto ,it n ltlltItri 14% 3) ) tl1:3 (.I. ranee: one)
W est, l4-r :ai r 17 - o).(rs
Fi ''t N. 4'ri, W . ii hal ' a.'ute (, lit till1 2,t 'o lin
S t it1 art(',
e l a t h l t 1w l . 3 . ['4 )1 r ( t N W 1 I rt r o s ~ t i o . t o hi ! 1 :3 r a .:
I t 1 a14 ofI 41441 NL. E!. (Ii,3 1 4, . ( I se itiii
Noi. tIi"i, No :,(t 1:~_N I , i
o. 1, t iN 4 lli.b ill \. .1 1 1i4'1 II 14
i:;ist'i 443 i"liiiit l 1ri l l re.. 41t1'it'4
W h al o f Sd~ ~~. W . ii4'tal teIt ~',t 1 . 1 :'I l 41'!,
(Pate n " .:ni No.431i.. tilt rt:-\o. 1:3,
O l), No h . on ,:t'17 1,1 .Il
111POlIAU" 011,
ir st~II(', fu m~'iih auutcl (.'anu:,u
203 and 211 Ki1ng-sicet corner of Mar
ket Stroot,
CI! IUI''A1N ('A MIflUCS aui IJSI.INS, in
limo' '4:irj.'4'4.
(l . I' (' it I NI (: I5,9 inl all the~ new 4Iir.4.
I)It ArIi:R1 CORD1IS ndl IW1.J. ROPE ,
in4 :ill '4atli+.
SI IA' lit nil (:1[:1'' SPIA I I RODS1) and
STAIR ('A It I'E V'I N( 5. f :dIl :.tl'g.
l'l.AN'I'AlI4)N WI O) C) . IN 5-II l.A \
I"'1'. and'IVJItc .A E l .": , ('il R'1'l N 5
? 'O 'I"'' IN OS N A fI* IV8 of .ill the mut.t
.''a4l4it44~i ii4
English i iii Am4erican1 ('('l"l'ON I'I..A N
NI i.-.
1'r" l., r~nt~r . h :til Ann,4 r14r442.n PRiINT. ;.
TaI Damao! t',.:', D:)a hr.. N4p!kin4,'I''44'vliai..,
11.1 ~aline k., Iruit (lIth, II. E. D1iper:-,
4.-Ii t ('oth, t
( I I'i '1-3I:t nn l V:-11G
SIRVAT .*\ I(A.01,11:4,I ini all the4 fI4ZtdC' of'
I ,214'i.h (:.41~1N,
'4. Tht .t C1L t 4 .1 st '442441 OF IV (
Rich Dress Goods,
liI)'I l1A'.I"i:S, A I.I'A'Asl wall MO(U)RN.
lei,: ((44I)l)5. in grt~i4 va4rjrt'.
:\1(: i )lUI-8S (...12441 ini Grt va'4riety.
c41442..1441y r~cc iv',I.
All til4t! above'- a4re. of4 0nor 0'4'
I)DRECT" )! R.11 P0Du1'A ri0- -,
:a! .dl;rv. at thc 1.1'1 ES'1' JiA ItK : CT I'ric.
'I EIOIS.-( -h,2I ~t" ('it\- A c4p:14(-4
Thei 114(2 ,tr2~1'ice sub- mii strictly ad.
I44.4thI It, an:illii ( ;2442[ \'%4rr441t'l.
To The Public,
Iv lb': t ;t::"'n ,if .t44ItorVIl~2' a4n42 iI:'' vI
411431'., I !4 : .. j :no i- ' tee - I t 444 -I '.4
:41''a.'i144,24 14I4zit2S~i ii t he
441'ti24 11:t.'. I (r' h: ii 1 i t244 ('jri'44&'I.
311: A.2;2 by' 'li~geniic at, I a1t:r14io 1t)
:\' v V..rk. S ('!t::" , lt. C.
C..; :. (Gan)N'., (~ ''. 11. Ill'!: FM "s
'4' S44 *44444444 4...q ..4'41441 i44124r4, 1,1" I4'42
i..niir.-ati t!,4' 144144 i ll' 14't It " 4r24.44 carry o'n
1is l442'1it2".- l444 It (4elit lit' 4W.'l'4~t: mon.:l.
ir44i1 1- 4424''. Wt.li' in ivI. fa' him:44with
tim oel r}tanput Notice1'0,t it
In Equity---Sumter District.
.\tar1ia E. lalple ,
Doily J1. 11apl,1 i
Ifwhar~d '.laples atil
Naomi C. 111:ple s,
By their next trienJ,
P/v . Ithaine, }r 11.d for A. c't.
.Jackso n1 J. Ilrou;-hton,
Th''omo .ta ples 'and
WVillhasn A Biruck and
,Mary his wile. J
It appearinny to my satisfaction, that
\Villiat A. I3rosck, one of the De'fendantts
in the above statel iill, is absent from the
State of So'ith Caronai :
It is ordered, on motion of Aiavgrant &
Richardson, (Coimplainanis Solicitors, that
thl! 1id \Viliamo A. llrock do plead, nn
sver or detur to the said 1111l within three
anoinlhs from the dlte of the publication of
th is order.
A lso, ordered, that this Order be publish.
ed three irnonths in one of the (azo:tts in
this 1)a.trict.
Com. hiq. S. D).
.mn. 11. 1c9 1. 11 3t
In Equity---Sumter District:
John J. i'onyers anl
Julia A. hIs w.fe,
IJ. I lh1l for Account
.h-hn liiaklyl arill anid Rltef.
Isab.ella E.i h a wfe,
IT appI'arI:! to tmiv satseactioni that
1Thomet E. 13:ekey, J~. 1. C. \Vither.
pon nit J')ser'ph Monitttttgoimt'ry, Defend.
ants in th' ab,.ve stated case, reside out
of the lInits of the. State of South C:aroli
na, (It otian of Ilianitng & l)cSaussurc,
Comp:l~inanTIt's i olicitors:
It is ordered thit he do appear, and an.
swer, plead or den:nr to the said bill, wi.thin
:hre-e nuunths afte11r the, pubiicationt of this
ntice, or an order pro conlLesso thereon
will be enicred igtinst himn.
Also, ordered tiat the above order he
publihel for tlhre~e mntt:ths in one of the
( Uzl.:tts of the I).st ric t.
\V. I'. 11. IJA' V~ORl~t
C' Equnity.
Jan. 1,. 1"1-1. :3m1
Ei'Ioprville Carria; e :sud
liitt'nensc Miaetatfiretory'.
J \MlES W. A3ut10 std: till continues to.
rarey on tIhe ahove husitt-.s in ill iul varions
branche., nil tak~es. thiti methol of returning
hi< thant:!.: to Ii rir: for their lib.t -! atron
ae., aud hopes by ilIe attention 1to businessH to
,ill merit the saiie. CAltIttAUE AND lttlG
(:I E$ inta. to order and warranted for twelve
inioth . If thisy ,houul!d fail in that tim int
point of worknotshipI or material, they will he
reIpaired free of' charge. Il deeins it uinnee
ie sary to say anythiug in regard to the neat
tois and durability of hisl .ork, as his work
ill shoy for iictif. Call on hinm at Iliotop.
d ih. an.1 h"wil give as good barit :nini n a o.
it' h.t l in (harletion.
ie Ik. l du isiough-work at Alort tic.
I Ilr'-e-ho ing done with neateu tutd dispatch
at Q1 , all roitel. liti terms for new work
will be to suit 1,m1rehasers.-With interest at
i th;l " i l l ' , S . C . , J a r 'y 1 3th , I M 5 1 C-M m
AT T ith t) STAND O l .. .S .. GIt.tl-:tT
S . & J". M. G 11,B E t
en r1 ne d the C.- lR R A(i E
-10 U '. " . N' at ih abo111ve
statil -No. 35 anol ll Ventworth I--treelt,
Char'etet- whi're they wdl be pleised to
Exhii toE ti'hei ll Ir:endis and cuistomeir
:a very extens iv .:' 8ek of Vehti'les, CEllO.
pr:.in those1)1 of their own inanttiattare,
nthyr w:Ith u ins Eother sty!es nanoally
*uoI :n thli narot et. Thwir lonig ancintait-t
tii' den~ars w:I! enablde tin to .uIyhr greait
uincelt:i'ents to piurchasers both in styles
ini)p ii .
In Equi ty--Sumnter District.
.\hr t . liit h nr,
barr an !i w.re. I~hlillc foratt
a n * . )05: ) 11 110 .. 1) I t9ir rEsie~
bos .Ii tn 1.mi11 of the Staites. It is or.
dered that lo- h d . ..,E'-l ant-itW -, ptlalh
mt h.ti Iiro l thi E i 1Jbli) iati f tthi t oice
or1ii. an r je IrI (ionfesoi thereit n 1 i e
Asa~nieed iim the' ibove rb-r pub
\V. I'. 13. ii.\\'.'S\YORT'l.
Ut Noice,
X ti I i I" i"ito i ~ut- lo ai n a it nir o igt nrie ,
.-or ti. m w I Elf the in a rft
\:l clnt w it l onger11. ~ideedl, h Vt'ud
I hiS it ha OlE m::.ttu it hatrks onbac
-9I1 Itoi 'mII 'o .rit ita ver y ouh rtack,
Ii' M." th ei.ANmain atdrif ,
Pat ~ubsthango t him so aly hak e'oi !
I .0de ne a mia ito marki m !ii
11E All n d->n' p) , r ilbt willlep or noles,
ntL i Ilh--it Gohi th e yo 'll itt votifrini o
asbhi, e'llt r~loastyo likeA ail hierill~so
ECab Oine W rrom
I'. M '5. ANDR ifS
Fall Good t!rFall God snty
thE lI~t~ tht h'tt edsjs pnnd
-'~ -ii he aone abrveCar l
t)Rt:x~;Utt)li hias NEWIY &C.,IlllieT
W.\~ tlil-i tl Shl0.\! of ereh willt kreplo Io sale,
cashIt 1la1111rlstariwes and decrptonry
WSlahoMlaIE (lihinc etlis t furih wth-y
lantdealaryiuioi ilt~i
Fe. I' -5 15Lt f.
1.LORMIfE'S IIAUM3 DE VIE," or Balsam of
Life is, aftera trial of upwardi of twenty yeahs
in a great variety of cases, confidently oflered to
the public, especially to those ailicted with the
most distressing complaint, as a sure and speedy
relief for their siuforings.
Read the following certificates. They are
from gentleman of high standing ind residing
in your immediate vicinity. They are but one
or two of the many in our possession all extoll
irg the heating virtues of this, (to use the words
of a grateful Dispeptic who was cured by its
use) tuost precious compound.
Certiicatefron the Rev. Ilartwell Spain.
Sit-rEnvt1t.e;,. S. C. Jan. 13th 1853.
Mir. Cutrs. Orst.onsit:.
Dear Sir: -Last Spring I used two small bot.
ties of your Halsam of Life; and experienced
much benefit. I took It two or three tihnes dai
ly, a teaspoonful at a dot,. in a wino glass of
It acted on my liver, n-l imparted a healthy
tone to all my digestive organs, relieving me of
dislrssing head he, and tniny other disagreca.
ble djsp'ytic s"mtons.
[Signed] II. SPAIN.
DEta SIR :-I take great pIea'ure in recom
mending your "anme de \ ie." which I have
often use:l, al always with decided relief,
when siil tring from attacks of I)yspip.ia. At
once a stimn Lint, tonic tind] cathnrtic, nt sat.
inlied it will prove eminently servicenble to all
who are afflicted with Dyspepsia. Its general
introdnetion throughout the country will tbe a
puilic benefit.
To keep a supply constantly on lianil, whieb
I would not exchange: for all the Anti-dyspep.
tic nost rian. from Maine to Texas.
Your.i respectfull!y,
' Signed JOHN W. ERVIN.
For s-tleb,
\ltI.t.En & Ut:tioY, tuit. rvillr
Dr. \V. .1. It:.AN. & Co., t r
" " " M. A. IIngciem, D:rlington C. If.
" " ''Dr. J. E. Byrd, Timtnonsville,
And by Druggists generall -.
Wholesale .Agentti, (Colutbia, S. C.
November 9 2 if
Buinss Card
Colton IJ'c4ors und Genceal C'omnmis
xion Mel'rchazna.
D ". "I: .E'"Isj. w"ill;"ie per
Ssonal :und spiecial aittention to the in
teresuts nini i -rder4 of his friends in this
S:ate and tie adjoining Counties of North
Carolina, who ii:.y favor these Ihouses
with their putron-ijre. (' etsierniments of
produce to the I ono.n in Now York, either
by w:iy of Charleston, (eiorptowni, or
W/tintington, will be coveredl by insumrance,
it notice of tie shiinnent he promptly giv
May :3, 18:33 27-tf
iManufhcturer and Deialer in
Carriages and Harness,
OF every deseription. Nos 124. Meeting street,
and 33 WentworIt street, next to the old stand
of Gilberts & Chapin. Charleston, S. C.
WM. It. IIUNTEII, may he found at the
above Repository, and e takes this method to
assure his friends that all ottlers entritsted to
hitm will be attended to promptly and with strict
fideliti .
Oct. 19th, 1553. 51 1 y
Negroes Bought and Sold.
'liElt undcrsigned has epened an otlice at No.
16 State Street, Clarleston, where hte has on
hand a ncither of LIKELY YOUNG NE.
GItOES for salu from w hich lie can sutpply the
wants of tiny of thie cornmnunity. Thesue Ne
North aiai Siutht Carolinia. To htis hit Ite ts
ciintintually receiviing acc.eamions. iThe hlihest
prtces p~amil at alil timues for negroes.
J. M. E. SlIAhl'PE,
16I Slate Street.
Chiarlestotn, Dec. 21I, 1853. S iy
Law Notice.
Olie ntit dloor to .1. 13. & 10 C. Webb's
~itti New York Storte.
For Cash, And that on ly.l
Th'e cheaip *t G110('IU t188 ever slid
& CO(), at Dr. .\l 'het;'s Obii stanid.
Sear. of the titest qityt ani iN o, ap.
p jrove Bi r.is itn thle wtorI , ligeh l,.r wah I
I're.-erved 'ri ts of i Ilbrent. kindsl, Syrys
ii-t' is di.sired. privied it ia accompijaniec
byv the CAX~I , but tnot thbern~ si.
HT riR & N EWBlEltY huavi, removed frous.
their tormier standl to the nneC formnerly occupied
by E. D. PilING I.E & CO., one door North of
I.. Ij6OYT'.S Jewelry Store, whcro they wouldi
lie pleased to seec their friemtis and cttstomers.
Ocet 5, '833 49' tf
No. Got 1-2i East-Ilay, opposite P. & M. Dank,
Hec kieepi constatntly for sale, a general assort
tnetnt of Paiints and Oils of all kinds, Window
Glass andi Sashes, Spirits Tutrpenutne, Cam-.
phene, Spirit Gas, Tallow, Grinidstones, Cor
itage, Chtaitn P'imps, Cottott Foott G'in Fixtures
Gn, P'ae.sintg Yarn, amid Brushtes of vatiuus
Oct.26, 1833. 5.3 Gm
Commission M~erchant,
PARTICULAR attention given to thte SALE
or ShIlPMENT of Navnl Stores andt Cottotn,
and libeur CAStE ADVANCES mado on Con-.
1)ec. II, 1953, 7 ly
Administrator's Notice:
All persons htavimg demands agamnst it
l'sttt of Mrs. E. Connors, doccaisid, are
requested to hatnd them in pr operty Ri test.
iimmia t paynmotit to
Nov. 1 d, 1853- 3 t f
Forwarding M Irchant~
' "WildiNOvi' 1,N.
Augm e - ' t
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T. I. FitF.iSO as a Catdidaite for
SherilT of Sumter District at the ensuing
elect ion.
Aug. 21, 1853.
Mr. Editor:----You will
oblige a number of the voters of Sumter
District, by annonnein in your columns
the name of Major Jou BALLR.A ,to, a
Candidate for Ordinary at the ensuing
Aug. 1:3, 1853. .42 tf
Aint. EnITRn :-l'leuse announce Al r.
ROBERT V. DULANT, a candidate
for Tax-Collector of Salem County, at the
next election, and oblige
AlANY Vo-rEns.
January 1.1, 1552 13-tf
*jz Tae friends of Capt,
P. \ 13. G BiONS aniounc him a eindi
date for the ollice of Tax-(ol lector for
Salem County, at the ensuing elect ion and
oblitn AlIAy Vo11ils.
October I
iG-Mr, Editor:-You will
please ainnoiince WILiAM 11. BitUN
SON a, i candidaute for the Ofiee of hm
onry of Simniter District, at the ensuing
A pril 271h, 1852, 27-t i
(LT We are authorized to
announce T. J. DIN KINS, a .i .,aCanmtdidate
for Clerk of the Court, at the trming election.
April 16th J851 2:, if
OIr IMIr. Editor: PlIase ai
nounce Mir. .1. J. McKEIl,ARt, a C;mi
date for Clerk of the Court, for Siniter
District, and oblige MANy VoTEns.
A pril 13, 1852. 25-tf
Of W. J. N. IItai.mir are deiions of put
ting Him in nomination for the Omlice of
Clerk of the Court of Sumter District, at
the ensniog election.
Mlay 21, 1853. 30-tf
We are authorized
to nanounce A. E. 'OOI, ns at caniisil te
for Sherifl'of Sumter Dist riet at the ensti.
aim ! ulmmui,mmm.
Decembmrer 21, 18'2 8-.t f
Mr, Editor :-Please an
nounce JO UN N. Mel,EOI) a ca:mdi:t
fr Sherifl' of Sumter I)i-trict and mb
lie MANY Enm.rens.
Jute 2J11h, 1533 35--i
In Equity---Sumter District.
Mary D. (ox,
Ser< na 1 . James, iill to confirm Sale
et. al. ( of Land and for
vs. f execution of title.
Matthew J. Cox & I
Ca-par Jones J
It appearin to my sati-d imion thnt the
above named lefm'n hmit, C:ispar Jons. re
snides heyondmi the limits of time Staite of
It is ordmIeredl that lie dm n Pjeair* , and
answer, plead or dmuhr ito thre .id t.ill,
wii him. thlremmi onth aifier time pubbleaionmi
mf thIiis notiiice, ur :~im mirder pro. (.nfessi..
thmerem~ wiil hIe enteredlm, muinst hi:m.
Also, ordered I hat the 'abomve ordemr he
p:1lui..bed fir thrmee mioniths in omie of ihe
gazeitsi of the I Dstrict.
Conmmiiissione~r iniFm~m Equi.
$100 Reward.
' faRUNAWAY on ist Tuiesdlay tlzm
S7th' minstan,:imy llomy Rt(IJi.\R1D. am
whiitmei mulat:to, aboumit fivei feeti thirem'
orn fmour inchles hiigh, tolerishly uimot bil t,
abumt twein twom yeairs odi wit.h siraight
hgh.;lt coilmed h-'. r. has .m ivery su iky ap
whmen spoklenm toi sid bmoy ha s am shorti hick
immot, his hm~mmis shmirt anid Ihk eiihhby
liiner. lie hadu mthe scar mm. a blikter min
his1 heirmeead jus.t above :bi eye-bronmws, him
may) itry iii hide11 it by we~artmg lo s camp mor
mat down ovu'r his mfo.ehead. lie wil Ilibe
sure t pas4 himself form a whil e mnm fmor
he is vmery witeii amid Ib is boeen taking great
a are ofl him, sk in for w'mnn ti,mme. Whmn lie
left hm h:mml a ch.:h c ap, lackm' I.oa~t andim a
darmk co!oredl pair mif lcmmmts. liie will lie
sureii to ebanl ige hism enip anmd c lothles ais sooini
as lit can; he also we'ars hiis hir in fronit
straiightl downi tmu hide hie sear of the blis
ter. He is a shmoe~maker byh tradme, ilhoumgh
lie may nt go at the buinessi~im, (meecimg
tha t he~ w ill bie smi admveruteed.
Thle aboivei rmeward oif One linndmredl
D)omlars widil lbe pa:md for his dlelivery in anmy
Jadm ini hme Staie. lie will be sure tom give
himsl art i iother mame.
Ble v ilb'. Snoimter l~strwmi, S. C.
My C .m mnden Jounal and Chrawi Gam
zette. pulishi five times.
South Carolina--Sumter Dist.
Smuelmt Ti ndal ,
adsu. Ct. SAt.
Famrrair, flank, &o.)
SamumelI 'Tindalzl whow is it thme custody omf thu
Shmeriff oif Sumnter District, by virtue ofia writ of
('apias~ mad satifefmnnnu, att iihe snit oflFarrtr,
Ilaniks, & Cmpanumiy, having lfied1 ini myl oflic'e,
together wiithi a sceduilmle, n ath, of his estato
amid eL'Tcti, his peltitioni tou the Iionet of Cm
mion leasmi, praying tht hie may bue admittedci
to time benemifit of t he Acts. of the~ Geeraml As
sembly, nimdo for thme relief of Inisolremit Debt.
mrs it is hieh ordred,. that the samii Fairrar,
lIlanks, & Companmy, amnd till mithier thue credfitors,
toi whm tho salid Samuel '1 indail is in many
wise indebtedm, he, andm they are hereby m-ii
imono.dm. andu havmi notice io appear, bmefoir the
sauid (ouirt at Sumiter Court Ilosei, on the
eluvenith day of Alpril niext, to shoew canism, if
ainy they utan, why the prayer of ihe petitionf
aforesidm, shoimm niot lbe grantedm.
W. .J. SING;LETlON, C. (C. P'. S.
Offico of Conmnmn Pleas of
8m:nnte'r District, lDeu. 29,J 1853.
Negro Shoes.
The~ suheeriber has imadei arr'angemnti foin
time manuifacturem of from Four' to Five Tfhousand
pair, of the above article by thmeFA LL. F'qr
refereince as to quality, he would respectfiully
refe r persons who may be diispoied to purchase
of him, to those who patronisod himt last year
As topricem bu will guarantee themt a'ow as
c'bn ho nifte < ed." ' 4 - I
aappiness at (
WilY I$ 1T !' .' : 4
Ilust we behold many females aea ce the
'te buhea ita tealth and at rta weithe c la 4e
diseasee snd alanents. lefritang bet +n a
e.1ju taaenL of lte at a age 1H yasica~li
of rprirs, aud hapy serenaty o ut d, ar? oA
di ton of healtt. sliuld hr ytbedorniaaat.
Atany of the .aruea of, her:d gateng at fisns-erbaa
er. lefi'r. la s duitng girlhoodl ,r the tiat years .
ce wie o ec rigin so light as to pass uannotced,
aSal of toure taeglectedl.
lCaan too lhte tube beaefitted by our knowledge,ere oo
bark ana anourn, and regret the full o ue des o du
aguaace. --
et.at waa'ald we not often give to posste is esaly aire
thi knowleie w obtain In after years! And wiat day
said nights ot aagush we-:ight not have been spared, it
the knut ledge was timely posse"atd. It is
To t.4hold the sick sea and suffering endured by nat IS
trn3e a , faom causeus aimite and contrullabe
tuilienede -obetter still,-sot aearted. ifevery
rossesed the inaranatinu entatained in a little rolb
(n itia tile teaca of all) wlaacb weuld spare asteditself
Anal to her htsbatd the constant toil and antietr of Wind.
acceAsa.ily tevotait upon him from sickness ol ie ailer
nithout gtas in him t Oopportunity of arrerlieg that to,.
e.etecre wtrlica lais exertions are eatitled, and the posts.
uis otf which would secuie ti laI'puess or hatelf.
wife. sud children.
Ely 1+eoming i:t time posaessed of tbe knowledge, i
,ant >f which has caused the sickness androtetty i.
In iew of aneteh onsequences no wife or motaher is
excusspia if she aneglect to avail httrelf of that know.
r age in to, act to herself. whicha would spare har uancia
snltetria .be thencans of hapluesa ad proajaerity to her
haibanu. a ad ennter atun ter children that beasing aboe,
all )tice-healthy badies. with healthy nainds. That
k.aoatledge s contaisued in a little work entitled
Pliville (dicil Companion0.0
a torran oa r.arassa ors wot:.
JOne iiaandrett EaltIon. Imo , pp. 250. Price S4 Cents.
(lit iex rarea. rtt atutitar. I 00.)
F-iat tabli.taca an 1917. and it is not
t'saatales lata tint EVERY PEDIAtZ,
\VlltC'tlIdit MAttItIIcI) OR NOT, own
ac-e- nsalla a fattl knowleage of -ie.
a a aa un. . a-naarnc-ttcr anal causec of 1per corst.
ailltS, settle tIai varlotte syamptonans, and'
)tat acary
.h.-h. East e heraa Sold.
t" i impat aesi a.te to .:n vey fully th -arioa s aiets
r- ,:.- I, as tlher re of A .:sttre statctly intended for
-br -aairal or alase coaaaeanylatist nartages, bast- so
1. d.t - us I rua'nata ht--th, atid -hat br-aty. coo.
- ... , . - a.h , whiclh is an raedacive to ier own
..'aaea,.,:,, :ha of her husband, tat either has or will
t.- . alr n~ill a er iay ausband who has 'the love
l .m.":... laan wale at heart. or that of aisowe te.
--t ,. - e .e st.
- . t'h It (lNV tIUNDIED TiOU.
- '' IS Y M.It w ithin e last lee
usah as "Dr. A. .\. .\auneenti, 129
Y.' Is tn tho titl page. ntd the
- rtOico nan tha back of the title
+.- ail of roaspt.rtable and honorable
rd.l by maif, ani uiidress to Dr. A. Ul.
a. the it ar. spnrtoui and surreptItlogi
a. if :'apy-right.
-aar Igtsornaace. wsleat Ignorsnee
i.e-y to (isnn we hldhtc near asd
...ana-l it)n aes sie ssar Igetaariaca r
laa siu ur r-ar. A
- eaItha eaa-ry- ono to declmn upt tia a'nai.p
:ee.a..aity ~f j""".elaig a copy..aai :bat t
.r-u".her tnun-1 reinein unitif rin.ed goss 'lhd
-ran. which, soner or later. are dh t,
f- riaat ravnges apn her health. talane gruanrla
a ::1 t-, that no raider: ant, tt ntretle-t:te
. ! t ..s r ma ino uipbruial hilfaai with n.e-.,-ta
- *.Tfa',re of h'a wilt-a pa:aitlat of .thlrty-str t
-at a in- -'u! TIi:t1-u! arua Ilnie rqof Cn.
h-r wihi aey'rats Crm tu lia It aik. will be
-':,.l/d I ' atay p rt 'of tlaCy itiw l ptatui,
peat-paId, as terain.
S.uswI.lgc la Iita.!iaatur, 'sa-'- sl
sta lo to be Ighstr ait.
i r-.criot ft O tn 1ol!ar (fo* i us ti - t
baiaala.Un 'I't Fat 1 (liini Illw'n:. .N.ai
\t D .ll"CAI, (nll' UNION' is wen tinau".
- ) nt any patrt of tie- Ut,-lel tutt-s It t.ile
-r ruaat lia paotlaai.l. attal nalaira-s.-ei to Dr. A. I
-' hIi A (.. Ia'x 12-1. Now York ('1 y, rubhis
.aa.e. Nta. 119 Librt Street. New Yark.
Ftor sale byv
Ni'" Y~ Civ I.tiambuirg, 8. (
8 ringza & laTiownsent, Mdriancle, Shier
manti& Coi.. Decwitt & DatvenpJort,i~urns or,.
Co. Otflree, 129 Liberty Street, near
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thaank ful for past favours the subscriber wish
ts toa iniformi the public that ho still mangraen
turesi Cotton Gina at lisa establishmtent in State- -
burg, on the nmoat imtproved and approved plaa
whichl he thinksn that tihe cotton gined on one
of thosje gins of the late improyemtnr. is wvorth
at l etsal a gnuarer of a cent more au~i the cot
toni ginniead ott theo ordinar y gjiti. ~le alto nati
tu~tatra thtem on theo mos imple construorrny
of thte fittest finish and of the best materials ; tal
wil, Steel Sawts anti Slteet Plated Ribs Case
hrattned wiche he will sell for $2 per S'aW.,
hae also reptairs uldi gins and pluts themn in comn
plate orader ant te shoartest notice. All orders'foir
Gits will lbe prmtyad uculy attended~
State burg, Sumter Dist, S. C. Feb 17,-- 2G
Veterinary 5urgeon..
RlOIRT W. AND)REWVS notoles the
citizensa of thist nndit the adjoining Disatricts
that lhe has removed his Stahlesa near the D~e
pot of the Wt. & M . R. Road, whore lie is ready
at all tuses to take charges of diseased Horses
for a moderate charge ; mn all cases vwherod'tli
is no cure no ptay watIll he expected.L I[ also
conthmites lo lake Pasisengers to and from tho.
l)epot, anal expects shortly to recive a Now'
Oinnibtus for thtat purposeu. Goode heo will hautl
at the old rate of 10 centae per package, and,.
coheila Ithe patronage of thte public.
Febl. 22, 1853 17-.if
Thir(l Door~ South of the Town Ill
and nearly opposite Tindal- AJter
THE. sutbsenber wotidrspeefullg~ng
lho public ge'nerally thmat 110 has opened at
tthe above place a general a-sortiment of
Dry Gonads, Boots and sBhoes, llam ant.
Un ps. Ha~rd ware, Crockerytware,. &Q.;&.
AKs, A CThoico lot of Fatrniy Gooeikof
every description, with Fruit of various
kinldp, such nts Oranges, A pples, t'eziies
&,c. &c., which ho watill sell vey low for
Cailh. -
Nov. 9, 1853. 9) -lys
In Equity---Sumter Uistrict
Williaon Lewis ta,
Adir'r. ofr BILLe:~.
-vs. a- P.J.'& Ifes
Chiraes W.. Miller. .. Consp)'te.8 os.
The creditoars of thte late lDr' aliAes H ynii
sw'on-ruI, etitled to chlimu1$t r hMgti(a
to thei above ttnatd Ueein,
the 28th day of Jully A. p). 1843;r e
tifiedl thtat, by an order in the' aboive'sat~ed
oauns, they aro required to etablak thwllti
nmandst he fore meo, Commissaioner In Pqity ftgr
Saunter District aforestid, on tar bfre the
first dany taf May next.
I also givo notice - tht. I will'erndtts
Mali first day of May nest, ceespapppeas.
the sale of a. part of :ho9 atjt~9eo
tine salal assig moint, lyilsprl .ilL.W
in the enrpoat-limit. ot umlte1h,
blands of lDr. J. C., 1iavstoan, Wit;T'
l usson,T'. J. (AL/. l'4 s. Ct S-~a
c~ o, and h~tonew ritn~ nh - nf l as
?(v e'ttti tnniill ci 'T. rj'T
to. tmllitedto'idnteahant dh~~~~

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