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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, April 19, 1854, Image 5

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Tat. realities the actual events of
life are sometime-; r'om:lttie as t'.e
alrcims of fiet ion, and applbeal more
deeply to the fe.elieg and symathies.
wve do not, doblit, Inatn l:ve besides :t
case in point to dem1otnstrate thpe truth
of the tLite idea.
An inluest, was - held yestcrday
upon the b 'dy of M rs. Mairiana Lowe.
a beautiful German lady, aged 10i
years, who had been :narried but a
:hort tiot, and who, up to a f.w days
previous to her deal , had lived in
apparent happiness with her husb:unl.
They resided on ThIalia street, between
Camp and L'rytania, and not long after
their inarriage the exacting love of the
wife bealime alarmed by strange Ie
ports of the coiduiiet of her husband,
which were confined by various cir
CUtnstancesC C'oiniig tulit lie her own
kntwledge-his altered n mtiier to
wards her, his fteqtient absence from
htome, etc. H er* je'alous feat's were
aw'takenedl-she dreaded their c'onirm
atiotn, btt she sotglht aind obtatined the
truth ; and that, t ruthb brought, the eenI
viction with it that she lio lotger en.
joyed her htsband's live ; it carried
despair to her soul. She iearned that
her husband had ftrted an illicit con.
necetioi with i a woman in thcir miite
diate nteighborhood - and last 'Tuesday
evening sle traced hin to the house
and beeame convinced of his guiIt ;
she returned home and penned a b-t
ter addressed to himli, in which she
indulged in no reproaches, but express
ed her allictioni for him and her grief
at his fait.hlessness in the strongest
terms, declaring that inoithitng was left
her in the world vorth living for, and
that. she would forgive his injustice
and die. She then procured an ounce
oflaudanutn frot an nhljotinion drug
licore, Swfltan,,_, a,., nao a ...w ntiostis
was a corpse.
Edgveleld Advrert'i cr.
A Cantn nolsIM FANNY FI:x.-\Ve
find inl the New York Tribune of Moln.
day the following card front Fanny
To the E<A/i(o' of the 'w Yr/.
Sir : A few days since a paragrapth
entitled "The Veteran Printer" was
copied in the Tribune, in which occur.
red the following sentence:
Three of his chiltren, certadtlv.
arc witdely knonvi inl the woldt of'
letters, viz: N. '. Willis. Mrs. Far.
rington, (.Vanny Fern1.) and !t. ti.
So fllr as the freg' i:ig statemenit
refers to me, it is incorrect. \With
due referentce to Mrs. ( runy and I
Pau ry, 1'4., I bg to state that
several years since, by a sudden revere
of f rtune, I was dej~liced of all ty
re!ativ s
.iespectfully, FA".xy Fr;Ns.
MUSKT BEi.u-:rs.--A. new musket
bulet, invented by M. Chiarritn, has
been submitted to the Eigli-sh Gov
ernmtent through the conttder-in
chtief, thie i o reqesin a thi
oppfot tutltity for experit it befbr'e the
iiitary' atuthori ties of' that country.
A I eulgi atni iitary coinmission has
intade a I eport on the~ niew piroje'ctilen.
Of' its muerits the r'epott stat es, that lie
blIlet, require's (only a tut of' the~
k et hallI, will catty fbuttr t imeis thIe
usual distancee, and tat thle eartouchl is
easily contstruicted hv' the soldier hti.
self unider' all the usual circeumistaneies
of an ordintary c'ampiaign.
In the Vice ghancellor's Court. En.
glantd, Sir Johnt Ste wart recently de.
cidled that an inf'ant born11 in New York.
whtose mthert~t was an Amietican, anid
her ther a na'uraluized citizen of' the
United States, bornt in Englatnd, is a
suibjet of' the Crown of Enigland.
.Natutral ization, ab hought it conitferredI
the tight of'an Amtiericani citizen upo
the father, did tnt Ihatolve him frtomi
his dutties, or depfrivye htim of his iihts
as a Brtitishi subject.
Rous.-Thbe r'oads of a coutry are
:nCurlate rad cer~tinIi tes o (f the( dlegrec
.of its civil iza' ion. Thirt cionistrutiion
its one (af the fitrst inidicat ionts of' the
.emerctgencee of a people (loim the savatge
state, antd theit' improveent keepis
.pafce with the audvancee of' a nattionl ini
'mumnbet's, wealtfh, inidistrty afl sciiee,
,'f all whieh it is at once an eleitenit
if' you seek to mauke one rieb,.s-ftudy
not to incerease his stores, but~ to di
1in~iisht his desir'es.'-&neraq.
If' you recgttlate yourt desires a&ccord.
inig to the stanitdardl of natture,'C yolt will
ntever be ptioor, ifatccord Iitg t te standiu
Jird of' opiniotn y'ou u ill neLver' heC rih.
Do our r'e.dera genierailI'lyknow the
reason why the f'ourtht of' Alarch was
c'hiosen as the d.iy of' the~ intaugutrationt
of' the Presidenit of' the Untited St ates ?
It. was selected because thie fhthtI oif
from -the first, itnttugurattin, calnil
comel (on at Slthiy lbr' at least three
hunidrecd years.
' ('bido mtildly the errinig
K indl hianguaige endieatrs
I riet( followuv the siful
.'Add itot to) their tea rs;
Freshol pa ii to beistow ;
iJThe heart u.I li is .'itricken
* Reaeds never a ha
- Jeeartnot at t heIr bli I
- Chide mildly theo errt.'g;
nfttro:it thtem withI ca.-r ;
1'fieir htatures are mnori'
Tlhcy need niot de.,peair;
- Weo all htave ttomre fraiti ,
Wen all nre uniwio'
Amid the igrare that redleems t,'
Alunt coma fromt thn skie'."
ardware, Paints, and
Oils, &c,
J.O J.4I1:, I' 1iC.i'
S1.;N or ''iii: t~>)J)1 .IA(IK-I'J..lNl,
( )1i'r for uI,. ni v~trv lute 7ri4'es. t Iarg.e n
111,1.-.51'. I .:' I) .I11,II.IXS,
I'AI'S, 011,S, AN!) I)YE
March 15, 1,I 3120 Y.
White Lead! White Lead!!;
1,1 titi I'UA' Wiir
M:zr.lai 75, 7'i5. 20 l
11[710/jI 1 l: .111 .1 .I) i!L"'E"7'.1 [I,
i1A1N I " 1 11 [lEi lt O F ''V ) Ot1
1.re It 15.1B5 1. 201.
(C)Vp''C'I'u\- 1 R? 1' .1.\") 1":-\ 1'
IVILL HO11c':.t USiiE.
'l0flI AS . ICK i7:R1 )N
P r opr ie t or,
Forb 29. 11,'51
130 atwright & Barkuloo,
A t'r iii;tt'i.., 14-.IItI'I;, 447, (h'7.,,,/(-(: V,
B1\'\;A[ S 0111U PAG ATEN
Trasattu o." rent indo
JIJ1'ORT'11t.' 01"
FaeuueIs, III'itibII nuud( ( t uu,,:uut
.1)Ut ( UOOI)S.
209 and 211 King-mooet corner of Mnr
keot Street,
C1f.1 ,l:E '1S'u~; . C.
andiu 1V'rst,',.
CUR;TAIAIN CAMH1II.ICan! ails~t'SI.lNq, in~
large. 'ari.Iy.
CtII'I'A INS, iall '.vls'..
( iirIt'ATN (:1111J 'S, I10J.I)1:1tS, 1.0) II'S,
ina all '. :ri4'lit'4.
11110111112- 111 AMEI111' A N FI.( )OR (011.
SI J.Vi It nnd S~I ~' 1'.11II1101)OD and
W~ILTOI.N . : 1'11.1'1:'1', 301~ AX lI INS'E II
I'I.A N'I'.\'I'I) ' OV O) f, : N S--Il 1, A N
It,-! (~ Yl't hit 1'1 N \T 1": L-, S11 'l 1tl iI (:S
SsstheIis11, .
N 11,.
l1,s1\I~a:S..tI. IIl'lA.44\' 4., ~~sia, ls' n
I Iniis'1 l.z s . 'rot' C 'I'stlt. II. l:. I1iap:r.,
tit~ - NI'$" C A 111, 3:411I,'.1:4!'
SL -,. l I 14441'I: I,'.
W 191 A 1r Il .4>(1 .\' I' )t l:X1' o)
Rich Dress Goods,
AIIN' \\11';-.I\S. A(-c
Ill))]1 II\ 1:5,~ A LI'A( 'A-S ail 31(1 R
IN(: ()C ))S, i reat: '.nriwl'..
I.)iII I .( 1)1.118 o13l41I.\('f: (;001 )5, of ev
lilNI t 1I'8 ( 5444ud s resti '.iri'ly,
and15 til;l'. :vatI: I the I5'l 3 tK i'[. ' P'ric,',i
9"1' 'I'li'st Ile priie: :v tensCI~ strictly3 -Ill
I5.'l to, and 'Ill :411 ;4451,t arr:lt 1144.
To The Public,
4y tll'2 (itiZ'11 u ! ) Sn4llst''I'1.4l,3 :ii:l 1144' v44
0li},t a i'i 511Wt iprcr2I t4 o 1\ i
,,titer,, ntteulit to at3sv Initlti.=s it ll ii.
at, I 44+,S4 Ii' sli'"''141. :I1nt1 attt:::ota to'
544cr!i. a si:ar' o.f ; li ;c 4.,"44.
SAuIUE L c, D1NN _ CO.,
:17 Du.t, Street, '10 1 lvuc Streec,
New '.'.ork. ' (:1a~rkcsdon, S. C.
8.'.'.i:~. C. I)1'NN, (:ti. 11. I)44:EM)Ils
.1Tn 12l11, 1 l 7-f
Notice.-----_ ;
'', Sil'.sri1,r rs'-ps,'ittlI'. i1444l.ln is ('334.
Ir 1 1 " : 1 1 t e 11 1 1 ,' I l t It ,"1 1 1 1 . a r o n i l in t'. Iii's ll a lc rs- sr illt 11. ir 1 :1\' I I:L i4t,. "
Columbia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Co,
A\'l constantly on hand the largest
stock of
inl this -e:. ;e, which they are prepared to
sell at pric' , lower than any other estab
Iilihment in Colunmbia.
Their Clothing is nianufiactured by them
selves with particlar reference to this
narket, and they feel warrantei to say it
is inferior to noiwt, and SUl'EIIOlt TO
IOS1' C.l'llING oflbred in any part
of the country. ''heir husiness is con.
dueted nopn the one price cash principle,
anid the prien of their goods marked in
plain figtires upon each article by which a
SIutormity of price is onberved, and the
iaer.xp\1erienced bver is enabled to niake
is pureb;scs at us low it rate, as the more
exlperienceit and htter judg .e. 'ersons
tng Contbia arn: respecitnlly invited
to an examnination of our Mtoc k and price:.
1'' br ua ry 1~>th, 1h ~>-i1. 16- 1y.
In Equity--Sumter District,
It. 1. Ya:te s. et. al, j
r. . 3;1!! or Acet. &c.
IUmn. Sanders, et at. )
IN puoraamice of an order in thi: case, I
vill ol':r at pubib c ::Ia' onl the lir t aloni
dly in Al.ty no.it, hel i.een tihe hoiurs of I I
to Clock A. .\., andi :;, I'. 1., at the Conr.
hion~c in the I)istrect and State aforcsaid,
th' lands partcoirly below described, lv.
ing ni .\aren:o cointIII, inl the State of Ala
banna, to wit : lst half of N. I.< parter
of sect in :i2, in township 1-1 of linge
one I':ast iin the I )i.trict of St. Stepht us,
Ala:iina, con:aining 7:1, (i l-:' 100 acres.
Vest halt of N. It'. (narter of saime
tiwishi p. range & C., cotaiiing 79, G 1-2.
100 ar, (" .
I':a.t hz if o, S. E. uarter of Fractional
section 31, Iln saie town.-lip &C., Coltain
ing (I .t.res.
North :ut quarter of fractional .-ection
:3. in 'tne towship &c., contaiuiui
1.-1,6hi- In acres.
8. WV. sulbdli iion No. :;, of fractional
( 'Htio 1, inltt: ownshipl 13 of lianF (,ne
W est, in the dilritiO of 1:11;,1, sii nej t L sale
:t tit. Stepfhiens :1f:t., conitaing 109,77-.
I(I) acres.
':ist hali of S. W. t:rter of section 9,
in townsh ip 1;3f n Ititi'tiic E t . cotaiii
ii -; 1 .f 1 2--0Il ;cr"e:.
S. \. .sll\ .vision No. :1, of fractional
cion ii, in toinship 1: of range one
V , e ;,int ic.ia- 1 ,17-10t) acres.
N. WV. half i i:ter of' sectioins 12, in
towinship lis 11f range one \Vct, contain
ing Se acre:,
La s half and N. W. uinarter of N. W.
iu~arter oI'se ti .o \o. ti, tuwnhip i, raIge
No,. ,n "m:I:a-t cot~t n~nitg 1:.'1,17-10()
. '. rpa riter of se It in No. :11, town
b'y No. I I, of ringe ont: -ast, cutain
talng hell acres.
I t liif of N. I':. iarter of section
No. I, towinlhip N.'. 1;3, of iinge No. 1,
\\'est, conltainin-zv acre.
\\'ht h f e1l ;. 1:. quarter of see.tion
No. 31, tot ship No. 1-1, of range No. one'
la-t, co~ntano,<; (1:tv s.
WV. haif . W. ,iarter, of section 32,
lIwnship I 1. ra o .\o. One E:i.t, contain
\' t Infij :i-l N. 1. ialrter of N. F-.
fiare 2or .Vetm No,, hto'wnsip No~. 1:I,
fr no. No.Iil Ine 0ist, conft:ing 121 ,4%
\i\'*st halfC ot N. W. (inarter of section
-. . Io 2~ b'i N\o 1:1 o u ra n -.: N o. oe
tLot, e-n'.g ii ,6-lt a ne'. -
N t ,b li itN I o.ti|( i N '.i
Ti:is :ii''>:e :: t v 1 wl b reqnaired
asw :l1.VU expenisv. of the .':iu ion the
hai. thu. 2:;ehier, tinles lre lr 'er to
p:..y2 .ash ti .'e biod wcitfh giood sire'ty
to~ (ihe -iiner, ltyale i: twoi cqonal
312'::*- t.:n:--,i:.. wdhi initerest frint the
whohif- ispl.
Co'r 12q'y S. D).
Sitmiifrv '.: 1eb. 2', 18.M.t
F~eb. -29.10t5, 18O
Lumber and Wood,
TIai is , 1'.! -t1 iber , iinimii.-oian of. the* r
I-l .u i S n 2.0! t f It'o;lm n , ii 2\ . , ('.. re-1
If'r- .it& io - 2.: b rn ~ y usit a a
a rir- i... 2'2.ofpri w i'h :f n I. t n. oiud
t I er :--.
li. r i~ . iir 22h-r.2 e n2 ou.2 ni illi be takn whe
i'. n einu. ti thb.or i ., .t i sa . ...cfioi.4..
ti,.e': . ihu l,-9. nno lt\uin\\ ill tei'.uir
I , flt .iil..\.\ 1:21 fNirii sA ll
/ o wt of i! ,i his14 ti --, 1. l i.. i f 24
ranton - i lonh.,, s-1a i. kiinos ict'of go
!rm~ns .-.re ly t ree -iite enst2o 22' r,-n
I'. C . 2 2. e i i mt~, hoi.,Ilote shal noit
S rAl upont22. is talwl coe n
ele..n y. Te~ beds-are aini godorier
nIlshl bt feat s. ivehu atra
a .\ . lark pla2iet sat22ifat ion
Jan 11, slitt. ~O l litf2
Imp2 foiat Noi. tii ticre.ii
-2" I fN~.t isa an 1. n
nOld - Bssn.-~i and op eriec
'll ~ e'nihic. .waii ha' 1. Chonts perin
ptiihe inotehih n t -in.erby nni'iv o oldlrne
orn ( ! iinl, univr ator hie shiis ear thev
Vi ioti 11423 a m. .'f a p iey rIt I fil
Tbi :-hn 22 iok. 1 hlig
1ind ty 2ha8, least to-inorro
r)ELUMt's IHA I1 DE VIE," or Blalsam of
Life is, aftera trial of tipwnrds of twenty years
in a great variety of cases, confidently itlered to
the publi, .epecial ly to those alffieted with the
most distressing complaint, as a sure and speedy
relief fir their stufferings.
Rtead the following certificates. They are
from gentlemen of high standing and residing
in your immediate vicinity. They are hut uric
or two of the many in our possession all extoll.
ing the healing virtnes of thi+, (to use the words
(of a grateful Dispeptic who was cured by its
use) most precious coim1ond.
Ceri 'rate from the Rev. IIaruwell Spain.
SUtMTEitVIl.lx,. S. C. Jan. 13th 1853.
Mr. Cnast~. 1)f:t.ona ats.
Dear Sir: -Last Spring I nsed two small bot
tIes of your lialum of Life; and experienced
much henelit. I took it two or three timnes dai
ly, a teaspoonful at a dose in a wine glace of
It zated on my liver, and inparted a healthy
tone to all toy dtiesLive organs, reliering' me of
di./rrssinir he/r nlthe, and miany other disagreea
ble duxp,../-i: ," muon g
ISigned] II. SPAIN.
DF.Aa 1 ita:-I take great pleaur' in recon
mending your '.Beas lie ie." which I have
ofen teel, atd re'oj.a w itit decided relief,
when si flering from tttacks Of I)yspeplsia1. At
ante a stint int, tunitui etn thartie, I mun sat
islied it will prove eminently serviceable to all
who are ailleted with yvp'eepia. Ns general
introduction Iltrnghout the country will-be a
puhlie benefit.
To keep a sujjiy constantlv onl hn inl, n hieb
I would ni t eetwhc a leeir all the Anti-dvysp.jp.
tie noestrtts from .\l3ine to Te.as.
Yeour. rpectfully.
I'ignedi JOHN W. IRVtyIN.
lFor sac by,
11tIr.t.Et & l:rr-r s, S r .
)r. W. .. i r . & Co., (Sute ille.
" 31. A. 1 itzins, tlarlington C. 11.
' " " Dr. J. E. ~yrdI, 'iiimoonesville,
And by D~ruggists tnerally.
HIA'Wil;llT & lBARK 'LOO.
. Wholesale Ag ents, Columnhia, S. C.
\ovember J t f
Biusiiness Card.
WilalllNGTON, N. C.
Colton hFrctors (d Gen(ideral Unmis
. M:L.AUUN, lsi.. will give per
Da sonai and .ipccial attention to the in
terests and orders of his friends in this
S'ate andt the :adjoining Counties of North
Carolina, who mtay favor these hlouses
with their pat rcnage. Consitments of
producr to the I lousc inl New York, either
y Way of Charle:nn, Georgn'own, or
\Yhigowill hce eme rud hvy insuitra nce,
if notice of the sIhiptent he promptly giv
May 3, 1S53 t27-tf
lanuiacturer and Dealer in
Carriages and Harness,
OFevery desertption, Nos 111. Sleeting street,
and 33 WtentwoIrtht Btree:, not to the old stamd
of (iberts & h titi, (harleston.s. C.
W'M. It. I1 IN''Elt, may he tuntd at the
above lepository, and tie takes this method to
assure his friettls that all orders entrusted to
himt will he attended to promptly and with strict
Oct. 19th, 1I53. 51 1 y
Negroes Bought and Sold.
TilE iunderirned s hupened an olli, at N.
16 Statte Streti, Charesiton. where he~ hca on
htmnid a numbler of Lilimi.Y YOUN(G NE
G;iLOF.S for ale~ fromtt wthib % cant tupptly the
wnmuit of atny ofl thlie cmnnmmtty. TIhe-se Ne
cries are purchased int 31aryland, Virinitia,
Notrih awtl Soth Ci(arolinia. 'l'o his tot hie is
pricies piaid at alli timiest for ntegres.
t~tr~t ,Di.j, ~~316 Suite Street.
LwNot ice.
Ollice next door to .f. 11. & R. C. Webb's
New York Store.
March 22, 185'32-t
For Cash, And that only.
T1hec cheapest. GROCERIES ever otd
in Stetrville, cani be had l'romn GORDON
& ('., at Dr. Mctlett's Old Statnd.
Segaris of' the lintest quatlity and mnos't ap
prose ci rands itn the world, togethier with
P'reserve-d Frntits of AItTrent kinds, Syrnpis,
Nts, &c. A share of the pubilic patron).
age2 is desired, pirovided it is alccompan~tiied
bty the CASih, but not otherwise.
June 14th, 1 '*53 3-t
Il'i.t l &N I ;'WtilitY' have remttoved from
tie-ir foermier st aci to Itie one fotrmterly oentpiedi
by lE. I). l'h~ i ll & COX., tine dotor North otf
1. IIOY't"S Jewxetry Store, where they wonhd
he~ pe-edt ttt see their friendcs and entstomers.
Paints, Oils, Gl~ass
No. 60 1-2 Ecist-Itay, oppnsite P. & M. latik,
IIe keeps cuostanittty for sale, a general assttrt
me-itt of Panits and Oils of alt kindst, Windoiw
phienut, Sptirit 4 at, 'JTallow, G rindtstonies, Cor
daige, Chini Ptopsc Cotton Foot G in f'ixtutres,
Gltue, Pat~cing Yarni, anti lirishies of vaerionas
Commission Merchant,
W11llINUTON, N. C.
PA IC(U IA 1 attentit'n given to the SA I.
or St IIP31 ENT' of Naval Stores anid Cottoni,
anii liber AS II Al)WA NCES~ mtade ott Con
hignmeno its.
Dhec. 1 1, 1953i~. 7 l y
Administrator's Notice,
All persons havingt~ demianits aigamust the
Estate of Mrs. V. Ctonntors, deceasedi, nre
regnetsted to hande ttithem in propettrly at test.
e'd; tntd t ho.>e indiiebte w(il ple jtCase tiake
imuinidinte paymenfltt to
TI. 1I. CO(NNOllS, Adm'tr.
Novs. 141, 185i3- 3 t '
Forwarding MYEerchant,
- Aug_ . 1 9..
$100 Rewardt
6 RUNAWAY, on last Tuesday the
17th instant, ny Boy RICIHA RD, a
white mulatto, about live feel three
or four inches high, tolerably stout built,
about twen.two years old with straight
light colored hair, has a very sulky ap
pearance, and answers quick and short
when spoken to said boy has at short thick
foot, his hands short and thick, chubby
ringers. Ile had the scar of a blister on
his forehead just above the eye-brows, he
may try to hide it by wearing his cap or
hat down over his forehead. lie will be
sure to pass himself for a white ian for
lie is very white and has been taking great
care of his skin for some timue. When lie
left lie had at cloth cap, black coat and a
dark colored pair of pants. Ire will be
sure to change his cap and clothes as soon
as lie can; lie also wears his hair in front
straight down to hide the scar of the blis
ter. lie is a shoetake r by trade, though
lie may not go at the busittess, expecting
thnt he will be so advertised.
The above reward of One inndred
Dollar- will be paal for his delivery in any
.IatI ira the State. lie will be sure to give
hits-ell another naame.
Bradfleyville. Sinter Ditrict, S. C.
M ay '.htn, 1653 0--tf
a" aunden .loirnal and Cheraw Ga
vcete puiblish five timecs.
Biiaopl ille Ct;riage;t :act!
Ilsta'cN viiit~atufstriary,
J.\311. W. AiItottlh rtell 'ontinues Its
carr n the alcoe busine s in alh its varions
tbrncesiir, nti takes this itttodl of returninai~
his thrans to his friends fur alitir lihera iairona
a'--. att I;.- bay c i l ai antion to uiI.i - i)
still i.-r i tt the s air. C ' . 'Al 1tit lSAit ANa (:; -
It l . u madte to order nri warranted for twelive
tianiths. If they shouti fail in that time inl
paint of workmash.tip or material, theiy will he
repaired free of c barge. ie dseens it tnm-,
resary to say aii thimein in retard to the neat
ness ant drability of' his work, ias his ork
will slow for itself. ('all o him at Iti-dop
vh- aii-l he will giv' as ginot bargaints asca
be haia in ('!harsstow.
l' -i- a do.s*-s pltaugh-work airts irt notite.-.
It rs -tshr ini dune t ilh nettit s rnd si- aia
at tit 50 all round. Ilix terms for nII-w% worki
will h. to suit purr hisiercs.-Vith interest at.
ilishopville, S. C., .ain'y 19th, 1 51 1.-f
AT TiE 01.0 s - r oi: s. - .1. (it.noEr
.g--JS . & l-;. M1. (; 1 1, i; lt ig
y - Z -cnttiue the CA RR 1.1( E
' JRUNI;'xNN at the above
starid-No. 35 anid '-i Wern wor th-street.
C(7tharlston--where lia' v. ill be i!ea.d toi
e.shibit to their old frienids and customers
a very extensive Stuck of Vehicles, com
nrisimr those of tiheir on ituirilactire,
toarethr wii variris oier sives ustaily
feats! in th1 sr:nsrl;tal. Thrieir long't acquaint
ance Wii this market ar manufncturers
and dealers will enable theta to llir great
induancirets to purct-hscrs lotlh in styles
and prices.
Al:rcha 15. 1-.1. 20 I v
In Equity---Sumter District.
*lary K. licrbourg, )
by next friemd
And W. W. Itich.
bourg. and wife. ( Bill for
)' ( JI I ."ti on't- t and
Sam'I. lticbouro lief.
ai J hII. Jt..
ril' appearing to my sat isfatctiorn. thaat thre
a fj aiova mnaiida .hlhn 1. Baxter ri-sides
beyvond tie iahtits of' the States. It. is tat
sleral trat hae do arppeaa ra! arnswer-, lead,
tar derrnur to ther said Ibil, withairn three
onthls frothe ~r prubloatenr of t his notice
or ana tider )pro.an, esti othrnwilb
roeied agrainst hnim.etieca wtIb
. go orere tha. te aove order pub.
h sit-d tfor thriee mnthtls in otte of thle Ga
zits of athe disntrict.
W. 1-. D3. I IA YNSWVOR'Il,
Coma'r. E-ilty. S. D).
F~eb. '2A 195I, 1s 3m
A I., pe-rssi whto are ini my adebtt a feei' ~
9 ill plear-- ae ,, - ten frward, andl pay it ia uri,
ir I amr now hut oft the itarnline- mto-d,
,Aia nd acoultn' a .it lonieir, itiateeda, if I wuttt -
'I'tae Stherifyhars griortme, with harnes-s. t tnuak;
A nit soosn I'mi to trot n -a verry rough irnak,
limy friendsIdoa'tiemne firward and g-ivet
tm- a tlft,
l'il go ti alahe di, sa, all itn a dlrifr,
flot raither tian 'a tio hics earyI, hark''
I i ive a n- lint of a hintiii w aran rark me'!
if youido asi ;aa tap, rt-ii arrnier yousr nor-es,
it itke rall 'yair p'tir-r a-- ndrs giv- item to
Anl thnt. sir, thetn, ymnIi i-vor Citrin
Irn he-l. he'll r a t yo i keit * a herina,
Cha-rndotn, Fe b,., 8, is.U. I5 if
Cabinet Wareroom.,
TI'aktea this methodi oif iianrming athe' cit izenas
~~ ~of 8rmtervite inata u icinity,
'* tha hre lasa juast ope-aneed asr
tthe corneir a botve I larks I us
ttl, hsis Nl-AW CAlIINETl
WA IR 1 tRO03, ~ Its--cre he it keep for r-ate,
clr' ap, alt uc (-arta re an comets unri ri n
despartmenirt oftiC ttjn roile; asi il~l futrnisht fur
irth, at Ctharltnpri ce nt-s, rail deiscriitions of1
Fuirrniat:r. taint. tRepairingi excutedais at the,
atlhogtanty anal pihiin Coillin's fuiriihed wiith
Fall Goods! Fall Goods
HIt '.ER & NElWiIRY woubil ressecifully
info rma thir frindrs andi the Pubtlia genierailty,
that a hey havet juti recei-veda na kirgen atnd wetl rae
leaed blocak of'
tmnbriaig ave-ry aality atnd sitvin oft .A D)1ES'
IR )ltlS GOOiS- ; l icary Goialts, &-c., (Garacer.
eIts indt Stoisof avery td-sacripti; trats
tyr:e. tlants n (a'si; liarraiware andit 'rncry';
It-ady M'iae 'lothainig, e-ta. a-t-., to whrich theny
tpariiictularly ian ite tteniotn.
--.t sri
A lot of a.Iill ICE S l(ARtS.
Negro Shoes.
Thre 'aubsibefnr lhas tiade airrnanaeme'nt4 fair
thea maarfn-iaar of franioaor toa Fiv' 'IThoausmial
pnair., of the albove- art i-c lay altheFA I,1,. F-or
air-er n a tliai-. Ire woutld re-specanftlly
re-aer persaons whor may thc disposedi toa puarase
af htim, toa those whois pfatrionize thim last ye-ar
A s prise, hre wih gttmiratee- tem ais low~ tas
cair nsbe alle-rdeds.
To the Public,
JOhlN ChIlNA raflrs hisa services to thre
a-ttiIzenta of Sumter );Disti and thre pubtl it' git.
a-ralIt tiast ptlabd haitmseltf toi g i ae every altte
tis tthe srie of all propeirties enitrurtedl toi lai
handtus ont cotaiaisin, eithersa at autiota or pri
vitoe sale. Th 'fittailitics lie [email protected], as to Situta
tiati art isi long expleriesncea in ilth uineitt's rare
sr ntciactory ilIenarce of tits abaltit y tar adi janalie
to anry whos tuaay aemplosy haima.
Fedb 22. ItiI r17 t
5iappiness and Competence
That we behotel rnrmn female., searce in ti meridian to
ire br..er isl hea.lth aid rpirats with a cotmplication of
.lram ,id :oilut ,nis. derin ing therri of tIre p wer for tha
le}nivn nl hfe at .Iu age. in-rI )riysicat healthi buoyancy
1 iutd I.Appy .reenity o ind, erising trom aqa'
.hsti.,s n health. should lie prrdorniuanrt.
y of tie causra uof her suffeririga at first-Perhape
Pear, before. {erira -, .durig gribhood, or the firt years of
ours ge-were iit esr origin 00 light as to pass unnoticed,
at.d of course iirtjtcted.
when too lat' t. be benefitted by our knowledge. we look
sck an: inirUin. anid regret thre fulli consequences of! oue
whrat aould we not oiter, give to posses, to early we
ihe knowledle we obtain in after yes ! And what day.
and night; of anguuirs eve might riot have been spared, it
thse knowledge "as timely possessed. It'is
-l'n hehold tire sickness and sufferng endured by :na a
n hs fhr utaorny gears,. from cause. aimnle anrd eoutrolfabie
rsii , ine-dri-ar better still,-lot scarred, ifleery
'mrseuri. the infhrrmatinn contained in a little Volumn
1 n irti the tears) of all) which would staire to hetaelf
YE Alis OF D 21RY,
i r.i .-r in lirbanrl the ronsiant toil and anuietr or nil
ore vorsid l inlupon hrnirorn nickeus o tie wi'e,
s ihrnl y i i i . )en us~e olppurtutait y of acquiriu ilmat cum.
reonce winch hi, esrtions are eastitled, and the p~r,.sss
e.na.d sI re.i uli secure the ihappiness of himself,
c.r a~sd Cliilslniu.
H. Lerotning in time posses-ied of tire k.rrwleite, the
nrirt ,I nhich his caused the sicknesa and poierty of
11 itwu sodacit enseinserices no wife or another is
ar ..e b iiult. mrhe teeglect o a t if hcrself nr thar know.
r w ' I .I. re T o -i te. I sr lf. w iieb w ould spare her tnuelr
rve ., I, e itheC ins .. hai l inen and iosterity ti her
tn .l,{ n . wl cr 11'.r eiisas heer ciire-r that hlesuing abate
all ;tiir-h-althy l.s.,1tr. with heatlty rninds. dThat
aquan.ic f r I. routai.lit aa little work entitled
1'1'ille i((illi1 C~lliilliollit
11 IM. A. M. aMAU'.CEAr1,
r -r . erio t (raser r wsnur,
.)T( limltrr t/i Edirn. Iene . pp. 25r. Price $4 Centel
f), rer. r.ArPa, en Xita fltSuiNo. I1 0i.]
i.r iblihed ri t7. and it is not
SUIth'IllZING Ot WONDflpuLr.,
IolArtering tlint EV1EtY FICItAtir
% (lTIIll"it 1AKItiC"O ()t NOy!', eon
ie rrujrstrue n frall kasowicelge of tiee
intit re., -arurneter nuast caltSe or her csr,
lairlrtr, n Itia thae ivartoin aymaptoms, anti
thn rarnsa-ly
I. ld 1. Se bern .
It i. impirI- ii rile " r onery illy the tsriou! sirjects
.eaed -. n"t1 r s ., I of In ar ri-,1e assiictv int ended Inr
" .1 '" " It . .'r r i n:. : rIo1 ineri " . a t s i
vrn"e- .I. -non, elf . ";w." ni: in.".,ig),, n ",,, - e gallyu . enml
..or ,Il t l),, w , " i.i a r i.r.e luneis- ins hrr owii
s-t':ire., . 1 :ia: If her hraiilnd. but ertir has (r will
'r . " , , n aII! viea, hrihaad oh.. her thre ima.
rtir.,1 .. i,, n tie at heart. or that of lrs rwn pe.
-uir> inrnerr-it.
t-PVAttDS (P' (NPT il N't)itIED TIIOU
S.i N 1) (-O' Pl n
a !..I. T C ' MAIIa within the last lew
h+y ro liok unirst "D, A. .\. Manrmean, 129
i.-r str. e. V." Is on the title page, and the
-rtry Itr the ('hlrk.r Oftlre on thu back of the ilues
wn i rugol hur only of reprtettale and hunorairle
.ln"r,.r. rr aeri by nail, nui addresa to Dr. A. M.
sIrrricentir. ni thiere are *parioue and surreptitious
rfritsg-nents of coley-right.
No es'tsc for Igoicrrmne,. Wtlwn iseffrane
la lrrury to those we holed sear andl
eerr nerdtirwhear toa tilpel our Igatoramicce
Ir witialrs our reach.
Ti ennbls every one to docldo upon tire indis.
/,ds-.l"r. ne.r.ly or pooning a copy, and that no
wife., or mother nue'd remain uninforned uprn thu
mrany ''irs, whleh. sner or later. nrsr destinedi to
make ftrarfal ravanger Moan her heiath. unlesa guarded
:sihrt, art( that no codraiirete aid arffrtInatl
hiirlai hats euie to upbraid hlaimwr with negirel "
" thr we-trlfare of his wihe-a pamphh of thirty-eis
o-i4 r-tiriitiing full TillA.page and Inrf rof turs
e'ncr. ingairther with oxtrata fram the book, will be
-n'rt is' of a'srrU t i aty part of the United States,
by ta-!r.-eintg. pit-pail. a hurin.
'.a Irs ICrowcagu IV linppi ne s a't cal
pahle to be igaornet. f'
,=i"t On receipt or One Dollnr (f.r ,ithe fln. Fall.
rn. irtra h inin r.) " ir i E iltl EI) wot1 A N'3
iIvAEr: NlEIrCAL t 'Ohr tNlON" I aunt (rmerit.
s'C feea) i toiny part iof thre Uiteeu-l Shttes. .ll 1.4.
'eurs tirant tar' pwet~haidi. iarnd nllaareIw to Dr. A'. \it
AhueoR no 2 l'4. Nr.w York Cit. IPubl!h
r ticro. Ni. 129 Uiberty Street. New York.
For sale by
iainburg, 5. C.
Ini i'ew York City, by
Sitringeor & Tlownseiid, Adriance, She~r
C7o. Otiee, 129 Liberty Street, near
May3 17th, -1853 29-if
Improved Cotton Gins.
Thankfurl for past favsonar the subscriber iieh
es to inform the public that he still mianufac
tures Cotton Gins at his establishment in 2tatl
burgr on the most improved- and approved plan
which he thinksr that the cotton ginned on odt
of thosre gina of thme late improvement is w'orth
at Ileast a quarter of a cent more than thb~cot
ton ginniod on thre ordinary gin. lie also na~
ulactures them on the moat uimple cotastrnui*i,
of the fineist finish and of the beat materials --i
wit, Steel Saws antI StetrI Plated Riba Ca.W
hardened which lhe will sell for $2 per Saw.
H~e also rep~airs old gins and puts them in coin
plete order atu the shortest notice. All orders fqr
G.ins will he pr'emptlynand pnctuiahlly attendeed
State burg, Sumnter Dust, 8. C. Feb 17,- 26
Veterinary Surgeon.
ROBJIERT W. ANDRIEWS inotofice the
citizenas of tib, andi the atdjoining Dlitrictsi,
that he has yemovedl hise Stablesa near thre ie.
pot of the Wi. & M. RI. Road, where heis readly
at all tines to tak e charge of diseased Horses
for a moderate charge tin all cases wheye there,
ii no, ('lre no pay will be expected. Hie alarm
cointirnies tat take Passaengers to rend from the
Dtit Itndt expects shortly to receivo, a New
(omnibur for that puirponse. Gioods lie wssill haiim
at tire old rate of 10 cents per package, ani
soicists tire patronage of tire pubilic.
Feb. 22, 1853 17-tfr"
Thcird Door South of theC Town~ ll
and nearly o)posite Tindal & Wlatson
HP~E subscriber would respectfully in
&formu the citizens of Sumterviile anti
the public generally, thant ho has opened at
the above place a getneral assortment of
Dry Gnotds, Boots and Shoes, ls and
Caps. Haurdwvare, Crockerywvare, &c. &c.
A!rinr A Choice lot of Fatmihy GIroceries of
every description, with Fruit of various
kindsr such ns Ornges, A pples, Lemons,
&c. &c., wivhich h~e wiiill sell very low'i for
No ,153. 9 _ly
In Equity---Sumter District.
Admn'r. ofC BILL,
rCLenrd Whlite,
vs. jF. J. & Efos -
rThe credlitors of tihe late Dr. .JAies rfliv
swernhi entaitled to etnrim utider hiaassigpment
to) tihe abtovo named Deoferidant, erecui-edt on
thie 28ithmany oaf.tuly A. D. 184l2,are hraioe-i.ia
tifiedl that, by tit ordher in thre abossciaiel
caunire, they are reiliredl to establish. l11pir day
ailr be foro nme, Commninioner in J. jy for
umtraer isrtrlet aforrentaid, on. ois ha*re thme
first dhay of 3May next.
I als~o give niolice that I will. iatih Ihe
saeidi first day of laty next., receive psoposalsr fosr
the sale of a part of the re:al estateconveyed IbV
tho said assignrmenit, lying~ . tly if riot whoull'y
in thec corporato liits -of Iterrville, bratuneil
by tatudl of Dr. J. C. llAv'tr'wQavn W.'J.
11tnisso, 'P. J. (Goe~nf.AN,~ tnl 3~1rFA 6.. 1Jo:.
na i, fail by lte iiows rirtid runins frin Sumhi
lervihlo. to thre Vtenu1 mhill of 'I\ .lu 4count&va
C.,. irupphosme-d to conttainzl aboti 0ne hunale.d
Ws. tF . i Al.\NXWOl~lj
Com'rt'. in Fs~nuiy 5, D.
Dec. . S

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