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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, April 26, 1854, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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r i ) i 1i I t v'.
It.r tie Kinier.
Another bright and annual sun
lins rolled its v:;t and ainpio round
Another spi ing in beauty robed,
Salutes the eve of every soul,
All nature gcrrs acid' blt ons a fresh
Frot North to Soutlh from h:ist to West,
The Iniastcr oak the I ttle pinIk
Exult the samc revKvig sprin. .
.A fairer world of beai:y bri'hit,
Emerges frout the vwinters night
-Adorned with rubes of varied green
And precious goueis of golden tinge.
Ah.gentle spring ; its from thy laps
-The-lowest vale the eragiv Alp)s,
With sweet and bright flowina wreaths
l)o wave amid the verdure breez.
Upon Carpathian's lofty suiiit
Springs forth the meek a ndL &or tle Tulip,
Nurtured by that hand unseen
'Alone amid the rural seence.
Most proud sublime, anil noile view,
Lofty heights and ionta in dew
-Amass thy cheek, () tulip grand
With glories from the ether land.
But not the mountain's rural scene,
Alone, receive the garland tinge
,Fair ineadows v ith each fertile vale
, Announce the near approach of day'.
Yes like the babes of tender years,
The voice of Ma, by dawn. do hear
They hail sweet springs .mielodious voice,
To wit, arise ! bud forth ! rejoice
- Soon every vale from Pole to l'oe,
.And every hill froinm shore to shore
-With beauty crowni'd shall speak thy
Thou sweet and delightful Spring
The LBe:utuif'ul.
We have this e.Jmr io:,iug coumposi.
tion front a voluimte -entitled '' I evela
tions of the Ileanuniit;," by Iw ill II.
B urrinton.-Rur uI Nevw IYorke'r.
Walk with the beautiful and with the
Let nothing on earth -thy feet deer
Sorrow may lead the weeping by t he band,
But give.not all thy boso n thm.ghts toi her;
Walk with the beautiful.
I hear thee say, "The .ieamnt iful! what is it?
0, thou art darkly ignora:i! ! lie sure
'is no long weary ro:d its or: iit,
For thou canst. maik it sale besade thy
door ;
Then love the iea:iful,
Ay, love it, 'tis a sister th:it. .'ill Ness,
And teach thee patience a hicn the heart is
lonely ;
The angels love it, for ther woar its dress
And thou art nmade a lit tle'lower only
Then love the Ucamutiul.
Sigh for it !-clasp it when 'tis in thy way!
Be its idolater, as of miaiide !
Thy parent bent to it, and more than thus
Be thou its worshipers. Another .lmen,
Cones with the .eauiful.
Some host its presence in a Grecian face ;
Some, on a favorite worbler of the shies ;
put be not fond, where thiiae eve niiglt
diking the Beautiful, it will arise:
Thle see!: it every where.
Thy bosouu is its imnint lie wemhinenm are
Thy thoughits, and they musit coi for thee
The Beunfutii exists in every star,
tli.iakWhE.~iLE o ;aiid art thyself dhe
jji-- , ' --1 otherwise thy faith.
Plhou seoth Becauty. in -the violet's enn;
l'lIPtoachuthee-.mirace s I WValki oni th is
Aiid say to the niey /re/d /l-fon r, "i.00k u p
And b)e thioti eauiful .'" It theu ha t inithi
It will obey thy, word.
One thinmg I warn .thee : bow~ tnol imee to
gold ;
:Less innocent it snakes the gui!eless
It turns thme feelings prenmatutrely ol;
.And they whzo keep their be.st atlections
Best love the Bleautifuil!
A Dm-rv'~ Crry.-So great hast be
-comei the nutisanie of dirty and miuddly
streets in New York, a pOrtion ot
Broadway have orgaized a pr oviin
ad goverinnent, withm Gienin at its head.
-,t cleanse thiat, thiorughfire Ii ni the
.filth it contauis, and lie is now activye
ly engaged in dischmaring his selt:im
posed funcetiotis. I umt we thinik, juidg
ing fromt statenmen ts coiitained ini the
New York llerald, that the publie au
.thorities are really iaboriing zealoushly to
retmove the souarce of conmplhainit, as the
-fllowing higures ablundaintly ahow.
.J.romi 8th to the I18th instant the si-av
engers have iemmnoved iio less thani
-dilty-four thousand three hundred and
forty-sevenm cart loads of dirt and tash
es from the twenty-two wards of the
city. If the remioval of that, asunuitii
of gaibage does niot imsurably pie
sent that city " swept, anid garnishzed,"'
.it most be as dirty physically as it is
,Southt Carolinian.
!Qm~CK WVrr.-Onie of the readiest
'replies we have heard httely was iinade
by au Irish laborer.
A gentleant travelling otn horse
.back ," Downt Eatst." eamo tipon an
.d4rishmatn who was fencing in a Imost
barren and desolate piece of laud.
'What are you fentcing that lot for,
Patt 'said lie : ' herd ot cows would
8ttrve to death oii that laud'
'And sure, your honor, wasn'tJ
fencitng. it to keep the pour bastes out
of it -
A LAWYiza's (JVEN.--A Scottisha
noblemanu one (lay visi1ted a lawyeri at
his 'ofiedc,.-in which, at the time, there
wats blazing fire, that, caused the noble
i~ian to exclaim, 'I ear sir your ofiee
in.Ats hot as mut oven.'
-- 8o guleid .be, tmy lord,' replied
the la vr, aos ik is here I mnake iny
deme'ktt's b led chaumiber at St.
elenau~,'i, imsai, is no0w a horse sta
l, and the rootnin which lie died a
Tr 177.
T' ardware, Paints, and
Oils, &C,
(.101 UJ!If.1, "S. c.
"':a: o.rF '1ill5 GOLDEN JA(:K-PLANE,
t IIa : I .1 k u
1'.1I''5, 0 11,., .I N1J 1)) uI
'J k J. B~. I;V :1', :'1.
White Lead! White Lead!!
L,11.111 I,' r J;lc w.
I I'lLA."; I '!'A ..'f1I 11' . 111,
MaI.rt It I... 1' :5l. I y.
CU Xl'E CV I9 IIt Y' A ND IA N(: Y ')f"1 1..:, .
AT t'I' l 'rI'i: 'l' NO 'll ( u;.
i1701 AS. L ..I') RAhIL
jINI th 1:.. 1'i5 I. 20 ~ 1 y.
('IL_ tII1EI kY,3 ' S. C.
Boatwright & Barkuloo,
I'1'r 111,",. .I, ,
/"1, I*~ i .h t :l , 111, C ,r ' ~ .l, ,
M~e dicines,
Lit I'O'' .4 (/''
209 and 211 Kig-sicct coiner of Mar.
hotIT1,\ StAIceuAL4t, iiiSIil
and 1I '. I I *.2- . \.I li' ai l' II
(11 . l' (()11NV l(I":s. In nil thie view i.r 'ir.
I IIEl t\" I (111)8 atud IlEr.T, 1 OI'-8,
iii :11l '.:iri*Itire.
1111 Il'i I x:111 AMRICIIAN FLIO OR. 011.
1-11 I . (' ls. ' ''x ; .,1alx\im
l .'i.'NT.'I'O.N \VO()L0iIT:\ "- IIt .A Y
2 ".4i liii.: \1i:a I 1 \ :. "S 1 i''N .
S.iNRV:\S )1 'Isll t,,\lISO ' ott- t.2
.II kow I:-1'. frui 'i IT I , . E. I)";'x: iN
s i;~,of iii il1i I :I42 auI 2 '. I :, TIN
Rich Dress Goods,
A!it:. ITIS, A I.I'A( A\S nut M1)I RN
I\(: ((OI lS. in '2r.:2 4ar " Iv
3ji I 111t tCS 221t..\Ci'1 (;f 21)8.,fC.~
'1:\"I:I (. I .( uti'S f or itit At. :j.22 2..
U: ' he ton"' price :- cl f :222trgt lv :id.
lit-i-c to, and al (:111( 1,a 4'z;rant1l.
iIlt(J\"i1i\( & L1.I .\N.
tiiztni.sIoii S. C., .14L21* (t. 1 631ii . 11 ti
To The Public:
11 2.2 CC ("I..';.~ i! '2 11'::Il: Crv t andi 'It(.4
2121tr 220 t''21 t4 In2 212V il42UflrC= in hi
I. I I,. 1 -.. 1 i . .
411(1 4'- [i~ IV ii.~1.C.2 i22i t .,2i Uia2 *t4
1t::C1li(,II: ~l,1 -1.p -liSAiJI~L C, D U N N & co o'!
* '; ?' . 4 ;1:1 . . t r -; c? II. 1 .il. !: ('1
Colombia Clothing
Fullings, Bostwick & Co,
('!) I ,t'Al B A, . ('i
.t 1'1 i Isaiut:y on la id the hui4ge, t
Ya.k a)
in tli i. j4' wich v t a re pre'paredi to
sell at ii ice "'t c.r thin~ an}'4 I hr cslaI,.
4', i, n 144 ; 14441' :4iid n^. o) sayIU Ii)t(
.\l )S'1' C('I'I I I N(. o41k'rC4 iin any part
of thea caount!ry. ThIir Inwni.r'ss is ('(l
.lictexI II ;40i Ih l oane price c~uibl pri i. le.
:Ind1 the~ ,''' id1 their conds nmrkedI ini
pilant. li~rires up1401 eachl article by~ wh'iich at
ui!nruitntr price is' olser4'e.1, w.il the
i41'.'4jer:.i',l haive.r is I'll: je~d 144 i!414k4'
11, j:, 44r (_'.,Iiniil'i:i ar' iC ,:' .'tlil,!4 III ;t,:l!
In Equity---Sumter District
R.!' . I\":rters,'CI C
UNii . 11:!!C) !'or
\ 144ii: u:i4 ' 4c ~I :ill 4)1414r irk tlii cas , I
:.i4 I: ,L.414 r 1. '., 44' l n,4) I .! Liuuii 4) rII
4444441'Ik A. M .. 441! t 1'. '1 1144 ti ( (.Uu
it;, '4 11(4'i''44 4'4 4't:i: , to ii 44 4)) .411
.aiit, Io \\4 it 1- hil ,) .\. E~. qua1rter
44t {nW44 ;.4 ~ ,1111)4II lo 1 1 u( It n~r.:
one44 East in) the ! ):.,t io+' t4 . :)4ihi5,
Albam,, 41' 14 4 r ;1) Ali l- It)) 44Us
144,4 n-hi:t, 4'44j+1 4.'., l'411.1iaifl4l' 714, 1t;, 1"'1
( o ) 4i'1".
"'4:41 4444 :i1, I:1 t-:i.si.. 14414l.'414j &1.1 "., C4lldiii
1.4! nofj armII.,
.S \. :uu liVision Nj. :;, of I'rdctiial
s1v4O24144 , inI4J444-' 4 .. ) 1: o 4I2r one
esin the di-ri Lo d14 anids suiri' '%'i!C'
:41 Si. ~tv:4'' t .%l1. cthiutt 100 -(.i
1. W\. .\ i .1, of ti 441 4,n
N .4 1\ t, ii '4' 4 4 4 '1 44! ) 1..' 11.
N )1 '4:+ 1:1 j ~1 4.14 ' 4. \\) Cat, (4 44...4', 04
I:~ .i-.lii.) 44)1 N. W.\ qua)rtr t.:.W
Ii,.' l:4'l' 11I , * .-t V :.
I:- 1 '4 : \i 44~ I 44)
1\'. t a tL l: 1 ! .r 4r 4' . '4' t 14?
' .4 It 11,.!: :1 \ ". 1 1 ., ': 1 !' '4., u :
C~44 -.0.; 4 1i ij'
. \\ . '-Ii . t'' 'ln
$100 Reward,
RI UN A Y, on last Tuoi'duy thle
17th instiant, liy ioy IICIHA . U
- bhite mulatto, about five feet three
or lour icles high, tolerably stout built,
abit twen Iwo years old with straight
light coluied hair, has a very Sulky api
pI7alrance, and answers quick aud short
vheni spuen to sail boy has a :,hurt thick
fotl, his hands ;:bort and thick, chubby
lingers. I ie had the scar o a blister on
his f irehcad int above the eye-brows, lie
ony1 try to hilde it by wearins his cap or
ha:t. d o o'Ier hisi foreheadl. I Lv willI be
ire to pL-$ hinmself for a white nn for
he is very white and has beet taking great
care ot his skin for soine tiie. When he
left 1e luel a tclot I cap, black coat and a
dark colored pair of pants. Ile will be
.ure to ehange his cup anil clothes as sou
as he can: lie also wears his hair in front
.trai gi down to hide the scar of the blis
ter. Ile is a shoemuaker by trade, though
lie inav nt g ;.t II.e business, cxpecting
Ihat he will be so advertised.
'The ab),wo reward of One IIlundred
Do!iar, wil! he paid for lis di-livery in anm
.1:1 in the tIte. lie will be sure to gi e
linis~lf arrilheriti
JAM3ES .(131.
lIra(!!eyv i1e. Surnter lbstrict, S. C. lv 't,15. f - f
' an::len .lon:J :l nd CI:erawv Ga
zette pnhIi i ire titeri.
Notice. t - t t-.
Hi~lcshopiimc Carria.;c and
J 11t1: W\. A 3lus i-: atill cenn hm:.s to
carry fill ;n . ' abtov . h~ 1 1nt" nI all it various
br-in i s. :) t1 alo-s h i '' ate o of returnia
ins tn ks to is frierol- for th!i "r l ib!re"r al pat11ro -
:t!", ,t!1 1 !ho e by 1.1: c o u aret - i t o bu.t., i n,--l"" 1..
atil! met"rit thet salnt . cA lullAGF.S -o 19;.
G:I.' niade. to, orderr ani warranted for Itwelve
Iuollii oto. it llo-v 4l1it.vI :.-il jil th t till* in
po"uit of norian si p rl'(or interial. tin-v u ill be)
r" ip::ird I fr o1 ' char .. 11 . ,li i{ it e' t.
t': ?iry:1 t say anrythirer- inl re.gard to the( n--ait
- !l tl:0 '.'rability ,f hi t S rk. at his tnrk
tril! aho w for ii-,1". t'b'i ): L In :n Hi,l .'
1dl . 1 . e~ t will L'i " t:- . :! no fer :u. " ut- can
c tharl" .ton.
11" al oe~r p,u:;h-v"t .. r to thrl;.r no:ieec.-..
4 Iiri--s!-eing doch,.e ethyvl neu at: depath
12tt.\IzI '- 1i I rt ,i t tr.:tl j un t lrlltir
.i ;ti Ie:u iisiyo Iioc term: :ir ('ew, nlrk
i!l bs to .sir prcuIer -W ith inreit al
I:is hopvn ille, S. C., .la n'y 14th, 1S5 I. 1:!-Gm
tAi-t ti er ) aioNi o:r s. .i J. I.1:n-r
, . & E.'M. . I L I) I' it.T
-ff-cntinue the G.A1:/0.t 1;
/ '/./-eat the ab
: - No. ::j and 'Il -1 '" \ ,jt w rti-. tre t.
l'htark-siton--where tin-v~ will 1 to !!0a':edl to
tb' It t trir" old friendlts eari cuinieri s
a v.r.' e: tensive SI el; (I f \'ch I l.' , ' rot
iir :" d :jii,-" , 11?i towiitto rhi I, iz iiroc
i*i.n 'ret o thir own' 'iaaodi 1thr
t ibrther uiItn vaiu s other s iii on o trinlly
fouin thli" inarkeli. 'Their long aceluit ;
:!teo~r" with this iri'et at: I n:its uit iturers
in tl .alers t. ill .: i ie themn to ller realt
uduie t'i to I I !' l .te.' rs 'heth in 1 e 'l' t
.I ."h It. r.i--> . I'. a I ,y
Cit1 ROo.
In Equity---Sumter District.
.\l-try i1-..tI'uhbourt o
.\,, \\'. \\. I.c lh '
hou: a I ini t'..._. a . :o
'I9iu:),t.,:l r.nd
all Goodsb: Fall Good.s
deI ti:t. ihe d. ape 'et:isw'e''r. lal,
lutiiiiis f: rvi tityput tion of t' LA ice
or an ' orl r p'r i.con s i thenrenl ill ber
;.lh or three att nut' ntion i b ny o the GI.. -u
ze To he blc
Ii F.It N . Il .\r'.\ lii \\'(jo ! t'o t,
i-i a''ot n12.1 . uit tt th Ii - i.:liht . t i on~tm
F)E f.IIM i'S HA ?11 DE, VIE,%" or lamar of
L~ife is, aiea~r: trial of uhardsa of twentyv yearri
if i gre-at ta zlraaty of ciases~, confidenrtly oallared to
lae 1a0a 'lie, .'si.ainaliy to thiose afliateaI wa'ithm thet
iua. aat Iiiirts~i h a apliaiint, as '~t suare nrda .apa:"aI
*alie iafoPr theair differinag,;.
I~l t 1laa. al laa'avisg veni lia':taa. Theaay are
rerat g. iil.:iita't of high atittiaing anda re~sid~ing
nc yoair immiaea eiaiiity. Thiey are' it tY(h
,r It to' of' the limaniiy in ou paii~ J)Oa~it sall t* 'toll
ught hait-t I i rtues' ofati' li, (to use' th lao rd,
if' a g rtei'tl I 1ispa.'tie whoaa V'ioa cured by its
Ise') mla pareticius couitIia.
(.'vi, riI~aa fr",' thea ],Irv. IfurrlI Xjaoin.
rSaraaai;evi a.a~a:,. S. C.. Jani. 13th1. 853.
I )t-ar Sir: - -1.ast Spriat, I iia.od twoaa santa I hot"
ilt 'ofFur : ii of lifa.; nalil e'a.paria'rea
mnuch benefiiat. I tooak it two or threet times~a aii
y, a iueaa'apaunful at it dcewa in it sine glass ul
It tacteda on mny flver, anal imparteid a hecalthy~
loot to all uaiy adigs'stiae orgtan-, rcliwc'wg Inc 01
lic' d!/.t/e/'ji a ilutaoIis.
M1r. ('hYAS. I)EI.,UItMI"
l)7;i-.at 'ifit :-J tiket. e'rect jlaestira' ini recaoi
*:azalaiag '..uir ' t:aa die 'w.'" 'a' huhc I h~ta
,fii~ ti-cal. ant (id 'a'.ry tili decidedlt relief,
1i' nai tsailcriaa.4 iraaa :attack~s o~f I )ysIk'eLite. At.
at~ t -lii I ait toi and cial thartic, I tam sat
:"lit~ .1it hi. ll aroaeu r'tinaaitiy se~rvaieable, to all
a'.l~ I Qilittil tavitla I)iijaa.ia. Itsa geneal~t
ndia' ;aii thiiiul~ltit lhi cuilitry 'a'ilI *bc au
dilitllit etlit.
'1o ILeila o. 'ih a-oiatataaihv 1111 I.:aal. 'a' licm
I wa.ouhld niot \'IitaijO'' for :all thei Aiiti-dysaa'ja
La Ptali ;re al-a l Maha: to'eIcait.
1"a1r "ale:t hy,
11 th.Et r. & huitr iroy, a'nutt' rvhila
31. . . I ~ I)rhitigiau (C. If,
a. aa " a e 1:. Jt. Ifvrd , 'I'iaiiiiloia-vj Ie
Au ivi a. I)raaomits e iaeraillt
It16.\-1 l~i~ll ,a 111 .' U H I ].( it).
\Vjaaalt,:aat ,1gcuats, I *altiaal,ita, S. C.
Nut; -iihar 'J1 if
Busin ess Card.
ISOl( FRONT 'r ~t:fE1', NEI YORK
( )fl!,i? a'.tC/u,'.- r/,)(! ("'cu-ra'il "(?))?is
fl B. M ;LAXLitIN, w.;lLgivo per
~I soal an itolhjLcial atLtflii:)a to the ian
'ere'.ts antd ordher of ha' is frienuds ian this
'a1dtte andl( tl'o uad~jo~iin Counties of' North
f'Itna. , t faao r :;I litor these: Ilonuses
:.'a 1 I tile r la; rai-rc. ( oaisi!lrnczts of
al~ij''i t' I ioiua.e ii No.. VYrk, either
rvt'i' 'a oh ( ilria''aat+n (,co:,-.ton'. , or
.a' aiu ' I1a'' a i. insu~tc,
31,13-a'.i a'5 :1 jsataaa Rfa a'a.t !
M anti fact urer 'andt Dealercl in
Carriages and Harness,
II' e'very isa'ruiatian, Na-a 1". 1, Ii- tintz s-treLet,
ti, :3: Waiit.'alaill 'ira'~ ti i' t tol tho il standa
\'. .1. IR. Ill N'I'iIH. lay) hr~ taaitia at thae
ttheaeata' e.-z .y nfle 11, Ia- a .e.thi Ilija:atla'aal to
aoIreli ' ttl. that all r-h-amra cugtri-t,'a to
ain-tt !f'. ha .tt ii, I'oprulia.';! And 'a'. i:i t
Oct. l.athi ~ ~ I
Negoroes Boughlt .,,a Said7
aLiappiness and ZUompetenee
Willi IS ITT
1 t..e beho~ld t inny f .nale.. scaere' int tie meridiauio
tlrIme its mIn lf.1m tlm aii) irmia wil, " Comiplicaton, O
I e...li~md hlL% Is. depnmmiag ti ernm oflr whet S b.
m'mtm) mmiii ofi tie at aim age it hen phmysical healtht buomyancy
timt., aoil happ~y reteit it ot.~nl armgmg from aeoms
lin.o .It ll. t un d be lrednmaout.
XMtnr iof the rattle, of her emiferimags at first-perhaps
V.*.tr g.. l.-. ieslmmt. durui girlhloiod. or the. first years of
.It it.I-l tmtel letir muiglt aohliglia to penaaatuticgd.
a d.1t t~rnlecte..
Whemi .,. 1.1 it, he tbetftted by oit knmowledlge, we look
im.m':b nuil mmuutmm, amnd Intet thme lull couaequsnces of omut
WI.t nu~mmld we not mllre give to possessn in eatly (ifs
tit, k...oolrlytym. we ntim in alter years! And what lays
.rd 1:101- o ul iuii.m ste (nigt nt hlei been spezed, it
the kniiiotrleli. we,~ timely lioseaurd. It is
'1'., i.hld the sickness idt suffeting endmured by miauy a
amontt rettit. died-at bettert stilt--nut incutred. iravery
1'1..^.," l is t- rnfrmationt contamined in a little volmia..,
(s tiat the wsca 01ra81) ws Iteh would space to hietvf
Anid tim her itbinmi thet conststit toil ltdn anistr of mind..
r.ie. it)~ hrist% mtin;m ltltit Itiem sickniess of th~e w ite,
it il. it,. ge .atotg litl t ale mtlirtotttty of vcagnimimgq that Coln.
uritrc i 's;e .Insi ert~thulls ate enitled. cid the posses.
.n"1 soit noutld ecure the hiapltns or bitmelf,
lIv h~er 'flute in tital.- joss cued oif the knotwledge, ths
n"I "1 hicht lim rinused the sickness aid puvrty of
lIn viw oft sumct rinsquesu co wire oir mother if '
rt: .'aihte ~r i e hiy~lrt toins Rit hemit or tlhut kmiow.
rrit tm..t"i'.t it, hriet.lt. tiirct would slate hter much
n1sm it. r.., It.: .~.t.,i 1It tlrilcmt atd piamupeity toi hme
utl jn i-- ham-itin hunhri, St ith htealthy mitral.. That
k.,%i.t grv i rvritaiiied i..a& litle ,tuouk eumiiticu.
PriVnil MeIdicaI QUoiupanionu
BYV L1;i. A. ;". M,1UL'.C:AtU,
.)ip U:i,.rh.t l a1iiiuri. lcnmo , pp 2ai). Priets 50 Cotta.
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