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4 31Aliti.llD.-On the ith ins[.. hv the
Rev. Dr. 'Thomnas Smnytht, 1)r. it. It. 111q;
, of Su iter I)istrict, andl l is Loi ISA
g: only daughter of Jesse It. Gary of this
city.-C ouri/'r.
MAtlllE),--On the 2.5th April, at Ce
dar Hill, Georgia, by the Rev. Mr. Reese,
Iloe. It. 1. ItiErT, of Sonth Carolina, to
Miss CATaEiIN: Uit:Nr.
UllED.-On T'usday, Aav 9th, ait
her residence near Sunterville. in the
24th year of her age, M rs. Es .r, A -r,
wife of Win. 11. Stith, and dlaughter of
John Mll. and Emiily ,. Dargin. The dt
censed was called dining ier, last illnes to
tindergo long and exi renw ;ntelriug. I ler
disease was L'iihionar I' ininptio, ait
for iune than fonr mion,.Its her friends were
called to watcl beile her expecting eve
ry day to te her list. Though called thus
in the bloom of life to silier and to die, sit.
was not overtaken in the paths of sin.
Early in ie sihe had d "viitd heimelf to the
.service of Cod, and ninl lotn willing to
extend abundant pardon to the penitent
and believing heart. For several years
alo had led an hintoble and consistent
christian life, and when suziniond to piss
throurh the deep waters of afliet ion, sus.
tainet? by that mercy wh ich had already
extcnded pardon site was enabled lirmly
and without fear or mnurnuring, to wade
its deepest chaanels,
Peacefully shte pissed awmay leaving
abundant e idence that she had lpepartd
to the climes were sorrow never finds a
Ste Sias left. a large circle of relatives to
mnourn her untiinely death.
F. A. M.
Ti" The Valcltian and Richitnod Va.,
papers please copy.
50 Country Hams,
.JUST received and fo-r sale by
May 17, 1854 20 tf
IM i.roima. A pril 10, 1 :.
AI.FItD 1'. Al1)dill, WM. A.
-OWENS and J3EA UO'Rl' W. BIALl,
have been appointed Aides-de-Camps in
his Excellency (overnor 31.uxtu, with
the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and will
be obeyed and respected accor(Iiig.
By orpier of
Adjutant and Inspector General.
May 17, 151. 26 it
Land For Sale,
THE Siuberiher oflers for sale a valuiable
tract of Lai rotier ting Sit6 acres, all in onre
body, eltuated two triltes ohevn (calvary r 'arc,
and fourteen inilt+n below Suitgriville, antd
half a mile rroin the road leading from Cam
i4avannahi. Also, a piece of 80 acres ly ing in
SaXnit SVamup, tonvenienlt to aid tret. fur
ttok range. 'this land is well fixel with a
good dtweiling lon-e and all nie'.sar n it hi: -
dIings. AlIso, allI planiatio h toli; tla~'eksmiiiti'
belong ing to the p.lace., ind ming I log, 4ah
sheep andI Goats. Ti lanI:id will bi~eih-ire
to the purchaser ntext Janniat ry.
Tl.31AS WVEl-'.
N. lI..-The land will he ci tbe~r soil separt
or with the stock,* tools, &c., to snlii ithe jiar
Rio ('u!/iO.
ON T URSD.\ Y, the 2:,1 Unst. will be
rsold, in JUnin wharf si oro, at I I o'cloIk,
41(0(1 hags P'rimne G reen R IO COF I .:VE-,
cargo of ihe c lippier shijp GreWy -.agke. Un
ported direct.
Conidit inns-sums untder $300) eih
$300 a $G00, sixiy days: 80001 a $1 0(0(,
ninety days; S 10001 a :8It00l, Iour oniiths;
Over that anmonttt, six i' nthis pu rchiasers
giingr app~roived enorsedl noitgs.
Charleston Maey 17, 1 x~)I. 20--2t
So, Carolina---Sumter Dist,
BI! IV. LId: W I S. Ery, Ordinaryfbr said
Wise~rt'as, 'I'. L.. in rr 's, ha:hI applied
-to me rer letters of A dnaiut'tratiion, on all
and singtular the guod iiil chai i let, ighis
and creil its of thbe late Th'nomiis Bitnrgsa,
of ihe said JDistrict,- deceaised.
These are. themrefore to cite and admnon
ish all anid singnl a r, ih liI indr edt atul cred-.
itors of the said dleceased, loolbe aind ap
puear before me at oiur nlext (Ordinar-y's
Couirt for (lie said )estrict to lbe Iholldentat
Sumnter Court lionse o ni Fridl ay thie 2tih
day of May inst., toi show causer, if anyW,
S why the said adiministrat ion .shonld int lie
granted. hdadsaii f.
Given undier my hn n el hs1t
dlay if May in the year of our ILord
[.s.] one thionisondi eiighlt lhundriled and
fifty.-four, and in t he 74thi year of
Ainerican Tiidepeindenice.
WV. LIW IS, 0. K. D.
May .16, 1%I. 27-2t
Home Indus try.
TilIM Subsc.riber takes tii
menthioid of informninig hits friends
an thme public, thai tie hats recently enilarged.
Ca rriage Shop,
and procuretldie iservices of se veral good work-.
men, and is now ready to blil Vehiicles of aiy
deiscription at the shiortest. notiice. lie pruomisess
to repair with neatness mand despamtth anid sat
ikify all those who may favor lhim with patiroii
age, in chieapiioss &c.
LI'NcunnURG, S. C., Miay 101, 185u1. 28-if
w etirely rebuilt, so as to be capable of
holdlingsoveral thousand tons of lt'E, and it
rliw optenedl for ihni ieaonn. Every faicility will
ie aflorded to, peirsons living at ai distance to
sunply thema regularly. It. will be~ se.nt ofrevery
mtorning, if desirable, by rail roan,* plasenger or
ft-eighlt trnin.; mand the ruilrondt agentse have kind.
I y olered la0 give every fneility oir its tanspor
thtion. We will always have a man at the
ditTerenit ilepott ito retcie'te re irnedu hihinkls,
,Cost oif ie two 'cents pe'r poundl d rayage.
boxes anti paking:17 centis; chitrges on railroinil
'sill be froftn 25 to 50) cents per lilt poumnds.
BIOATfWI(41fP & llAulItK 00,
I 'rupriors.
N. R. lllanikets are a very conventienit molo
of 'ransportirig iEte. Dhbtnkets will be furnihed
sit co-it.
Mm.y 10 184 8 f
Executive Deparmin t.
Cor.l;;ri 'dd alav, 1851
W I IERI 1S inforNmation ha reach-ed
bis Departainent that on i the night. of
the 28th of February last a nmurder was
conti tied in lnrliigton <iitriet, nuponi the
body of a slave named Peter, the properly
of I,. A. Willianon, by at gun-shot would
inflicted by Wn. L. Williamson, who has
lhed front justice.
Now to the intent that the said Wi. L.
Villiatnson may be apprehended and
bronght to trial and condlian putni.1hnent, I
hereby ol'er :1 reward of Two hini:red and
iitidy Dolhre for his deliverv into any of the
jails in t!is tate. 'be 'said Williannson
is about live feet eight. ineiais in height,
wvell tor med, sandy hair, red comiplexion,
en tlentinly in deportnienit, and imposed
I le lhirt y-tour years old.
Given under noy hand ant seal of the
State, at Cohnunbit, this third day of
Jlay A. 1). 18 51.
IbRs. 14t:nuv, Secretary of tate,
Mlay 10, 1H53. ~-' .
Order No. 116.
Ilead Quartetrs .1th lilt Heiminent 8. (1. l.
Olford, \l a}" lst 1 st".
A court Martial is hereby nordered to con
vene at Titrnons ''owi oi Frily the 2'h;tl
of May n'. t at I i o'lot.k A. 1. 'to try all
Ihe. defaulters in the 1 lilt Iegiiet S. C.
(omnmandants of companies will have all
lie defiiters of their resace(tivte Beat.-;
sittninonell in dtie timne to thet (ourt, and
furnish evidence of the fact proiperly Sworn
By order of
Ctrl. fit:r.t..rrr,
W\. T. Wut.rin:t::Adt'.j.
-1 lith liegimenrt S.(.'. 31i)Iia.
iIay 10t, I S51 2- ;t.
WVatchinlan copy.
Fair Notice,
PIR.SONS induted to ine arc warned to
conie firward andi settle tip without
farther not cc a> I ant cormp;lled to have
inioney to carry on iny husiness and to pay
inanids r:gainlst tue. I hope it will not
be necessary for ine to res'trt t, any ihlarsh
measu res to ei nrcie pariltln. ''litse iin.
debted will please tal I.atl inc:, wliilmit
delay, JAS. 1..1. )tjI;.
Alay 10, 1853. "2- 2t
8o, Carolina--Sumter Dist.
ily I1. L / l11.8, -:s;., (rliwtrry /br saidl
J}ir ie!.
Whereas, W. i,. Iloyinalls hath aplied
to nic in lv1 rs 'a .1-/luinistati'ion . 'in all
andl sins nhlir lit g'uu i anti chint~e ri6"last
and credits of ite S: ai:'I. \leek ut the .ad
listrt ri , dteceased.
Thele are. thetrefore, to rite :nni :ula:otn.
ish1 all and sin;-nlalr, the' kindred :ndl cre.lh
tors of the said de::t -l, to b and appar
before ie at our ie.Ut htrimivi'.: (.ounrt io r
the said t)istrict, I hoh iiblet :it Ster
('ourt1l lonse onl Frid::y the lu)th day ot
\May netst., to showt cais.', it any, why It
::ani adonnistrationl shonl not he granted.
Givenet une inv~ h~noi and sieal, th Is
1 0th dayt of 31J y ini thle year of
drt--l atnd liii' ty tour. a i ' bin ,h ' i
year of Artinrian illtld eee.
WV. LL2\ s. . s.
.\hy 101:hI, leal,. s
iest lice tot Cottoni and I.:Ii-t R eg.-- ten
WA.W ,l~~..i & CO).
Ia t'Fi: < t alli-iesti : !1:e - ,
AG i:.'T Join TilF.
i'~tulhI carolina l'apenr Ilanuo :n/ i r
aly 10,15I. p t~
0. T. MASON,
1'8 pre par t to dto all inunniier of work in hi
nr ( t-ii ie in stiil nat hi. ohtin.sno titjni
aliivi t.- Town I Jal.
te uIllt-. ' isNin- u ii~\ i.'l . ji of,
con-.tig of every' varity of (;t~enn*ts'anl
I~adies' tre-s goods. d rttrries, lIattrI-I
wart' &.c.. vwhich ithey ar prei-ipa redi i t ! I
as- cheap as this markent can aibrdt. I' as
call and exan',ine for vontrsi-lvts.
.I1. C. W Milt1 & (O.
Apr. 5, 1i854. 2. t f.
2000 ,88.of ch oile connirv enred
2,000 IIC JN, arnd 5010 lb.~ No.,
IM~Al'' I\llD. forb :t;ow fir cashony
Iby 1111 I R & N1\W li-yR.
T~j il h emt. and tate-st Editions ofl School
B~coks, of all kinds in uenieral use, to be
h-td at ll JTL .Rl &. N FbW Hll iV'si.
.MlarchI 15th, 1 S51 20 tU.
Thet subscribemr laint: eiimpt.letis arn
raingemntsi for maiiniig Sai-h, liiunit n z'an
tnetI tDoormi lugi Iteav to informt his- friendis and
the piubii, that. heis ptrepatredi to fuirni-h at
s-hurt nottict, Nash ofi all '3ie prbnedt'i andi glnazed.
anid l'annueI IDooursi of anuy sizt.iir manki-, a ptor
titin ofpubtlaic pantrotniag is respeeln folly roiie.
Iliis work~ is nlliltiune by hantd atnd ot ofgttia
seasn- nmnterinu.
500t titghts oif 8 :- 10 Jiaish reatlv for dolit ery,
to nit wiindiow of P2, 15, oir 14 ight-i.
Sumteraruille A pril 12.l 1. 21 ii
W~Il,.1, practice in Sumtter anid the ad.
jtoiintg fDitrnielts.
Febriary 15ti,- 185l. 2K t
The Bubscriber
()FFERn- lair sahl- his platitation ini ihe Foirk
of Hte~ik Itit er cioinaminig
Fi'i ce as Dli 114 tai 'eti A craes
oif ~and; two hntdredl andI liiity abreis cle-ared
March 20.h, iA i o . -m
Suuumagerville, S. C.
Respellctfllly informs the people of unm
ter lisirict thtt he hilo jtot reciveC atnid
now ofliers for tale the hies'. selected and
nmust chonice stock of
Spring and Suannacr
Thant cannot be iurpaswnd by nnything in this
mnarket. Ile hag received inany new stylest
which pitrchitsers would do Well to exatine b
fore haying ilse.whore.
V E S '1'I N S.
-A Lso
A full andl large supply of IIosiery, Shirts,
Drawers, Gloves, Suspenders, Cravats, hIand
kerchiefs, &c. &e.,
A .S0
A large assortient of RE-ADY 31A)E CILO
THiNG, which will he sold low.
t'j'G a:triets nannfactured by thea bscri
her, and warranted to give -atistietinn. Or
ders fron a distance promptly atte.dle.l in.
April 5th. 1851 if
.11'li' received ani oprnine a fine stork of
the Iei.: tiishiinable and Latest Styles of
Sprin, and Sinioner Goodis. Consistin. in
par it the fillming articles.
l'dk. A. fan.y (loth.
A (assiniteres.
Spring A- Siltint1tr wet'ds
11k. 1\ hitie 1-ncey Silk Vestings.
"" "' '" 3larsailes "
".inen irills
1l1k. White- & Fatny Silk ( ravats.
Iinei A 'anbrie
Silk A ". llandh'fs,
S..v.e,. Sie 1 & Drawers
I.in- n lII' . Shirts awl ('ollars
Silk .\ 'derinio unler Shirts.
111k. Silk '" IIltas
l'anrunat & litancy Ii ats.
111k. nd t Fancy C'loth 'oats and Sarks.
"" "Alptio-a 4 " "
Silk, Grast and Iien " " "
lI)rapl d1'e"t.! " " "
11k. andi -nuev nssinere Pants,
I rap el'ete ani Tweeds,
Whliite :il Fancy Lin-n
[Ilk. White, anl fantcy Silk Vests
lloihazine Ianl I.inen 4
W 'hat anih 3t ulr aaile s,
All of i hieh wee invite .-ur friends and the
publie Generally to call and es:anite.
We are alsi prepare- l to make- to ordler, any
articles in the 'I'iilnring lin , as tat awil Ihe;tp
nts cant h donie in the Stae on the sanme Ierm..
April 12, 1851. 21 if
$100 Reward,
naway from my Brother IHenry Ilel!.
-- at l'cte-rs1i c Pee e Diver, my Ne
gri Fellow Cyrus. lie is between twet
ty-tive :n dhut ty year.; of are , bright cop
per complexion--high cheek bones, upper
Front. teetlI slightly dec:(yted in frtott. lie
is :bou! :1 Fe'et Ill to: I 1inches~ hli:-b, h.
profe.sses to be a 'inattsno(n Carpester ;anid
was in tile habit of workng uiot Snmter
vile, ana is brobably lurktng ahot here
now. or at ('holmhia. where his inthier
is. I will rire one lmidred dollars reward)
for his deliverv to aie in 'onwaybiro. or
Pift l)oll:ars Ior his continemeittt in an
.iul in the Slate so I eni t get h1im. Ii,
forun-rly beloniged to Air. Me Leo(] of Suttn
ter ihstrict.
i'lCn ay ur.. S. (.
April 2 , It-K, 2I a; :h-1.
XXiEIII1 A&.' U 0 ) Xh 8,
~~04)~ (.:(A-.
. .e ho It. .tI th, att-et iti of or
:-rs.t 'Jtts t'he:. 1 -'n ii!esr.f-i llItn
I .o' ( 't!!arit , * '--ews, I haemt ett>, S 1k
iand i~oce .31ianulas, ands ail insrnishiintg
Aateit-L- apfpert'r i t trird..
N. -Ii.--Ntw I .outds r etle er erv' worek.
au~ .lis ifthet Cotry~v.t nr ii :te copy
t :'loret. laini site u1 w'i-ah fo etn- b.
i'o i itnia~rh:it tt ~i t SI-',\\~ ni. (ItEina I o.
i'D ANGAN0 SE~.E 0 L.
gatn 'tNt -Iiit;E-l : rs-per lane m'rmsti
th et. iros _fordhthtfisihe
Inl 'tholt- rpn oathier s~a fardI ati la at
it. r3,r noti ru~it- ll - i nitat ir -
I--o par ienbea p Itn's .11otel.I
ily t, 15.1 27 .
F(9 IC N.102-49I T I' E4 E'
it ditit ttisii nii~ed at.. '.' ho - rsrt dis -n e ro
'i'e it- Sini-- l-yI :.kNd hi---'-in -'d vIn a)
Iiin'1.- A'.i It y 3s---::.
3,tyi. l . JI ~ ~ - i-.~ iai ti ' iftii
Ia't ry li rsitn theirit g s t. v Fa -flctrer
Asr i .ir r:ti s.' -au- l.is iti iO it ;l.i
'~t . t - ' t (a i I' l hiI1 t| I't I-01 'sPt
of -itifr -tylh ain t fromtnii - t hetr. rut
i.n t I S Ii ~ nC ir t'tina ,-UNIXI -: 1- .8: lsa',ti
Alr S..llN KIN hos lavetJinforIth
pi l *n hio 155litt~ afd -Irl d if t.if
Ali nw' ntore nanitd i-s t'y wthawe-r
anid ht. to hlit .\-rGtn ItEatait E'ityl' I .
of.~ Dueiortft . ityl i-an finishi.i tji os-,
Flower ave' (laiten : toE liatst tw aii ti--, a
I tlensi Dallery, i .Chartitat , Tw -N dn er
(Tio If alin andI aniuine- o osperiarth
'P. .1. SO l-N K- CN).
A pIrih 17.tth, 151 21 ft.
CFurAan nitre Tands, ai
(ta IiheA In? e lE.-if'hes, (op iow
G'uss 2'9he. anda nl he of1 other ile
At Bisliopville.
luirk inc rkrat'a, it large anid comipletec Stock
of (Tho Ids for the Sprintg and Sttrum er t rade,
coin pri' r ini part, untde r the tillow i ii
Inrads, vii,.
StapleI & Fanicy. D)ry rAoods,
A ntti~ wichi. is a tinle :zssart lInent of 31 ius
jir."4, I "tcol tIit ra, ( iloves., M itts, .
B~OOI S &. SIIoe'ia.
In,;dies fj~ailtoalc!L S5lk il anti a tiva 11)n
( "nt lemo~n's t; "Ii inail- II f''':t 'ca
uta, (.cglori, and 1'. 1s. )n.
IflrE"ti'e & Ciutleryv.
Calrrige Ifard ware and14 'l'ri Ilit lV
Ifruo, Nat is. I Ill,w.war', 8iil~dls, B~riudles
Asa fall siipllJj (if
A~ll of w'.l4(1 wvil Is, :;i aIl! l. tir cashl
or to lcit tial (!Istibllli's *,r PalI ue.
''Itanl 1id(r jeast facvor,, iv(: rale
petfit I ly a as:t a~i iitli li1ce of Icittronwrte,
prablliinlii oan our pairt to tISO every e:(er
tinil to satisfy 1411 eii'1ainier ill pries.
New Sto re and New
BR[(I'S :INI) MEIllhI!IN ,
''I 11 iaieriicant l is,a !i wi him-t~k.,c Ilf ill
tisi ll t 11age', lant a now, lt4 ijl' i I it larki a tl
'11I44Ii(ia4s, mvifh Ii ';>i v%.l' Oils,
I)yc-Stul'Ia, Iiiamdoist 4A; as, Vim'
qlici 3(".. &e. &,.'. All of thief, are
,lti i I'r Ii' ,1 ,hari (it* tae ponltic Jiatruaji oc
1Ii . -o t. :t-u:
1 ( rr~v by the, niae.t 'raain, a ceItou'
ltst o ( r,r~crs trcn i ht llire. sue hI
as ( l:,rifaa'i aiial ( .at1'ec Se gars, supearior
itio. and I .lav ('.lfl' c', Not. 1. M aickrrel in
hchi. lo Irotn.
BULE"'lrR & ~VEY
M'dar-11 15th, 1 si I l It
\\IJ\\ & fI1AiKON.
tTllIaT 'E. rattr. ilitat h aav1~ atiay. aIli'atial
ctrl. Isir thea t rueac int of all lniiia iip , 0 lii
lsarmit'rly 4144'iIiact liy ('lark t .i Ira. . war tiley
lout! Lila' jtuiiti L'aliar:till.
I). J.. WINS.
Ma rah 1: 13,;5t. ''1 IF
[lThe sillaserilaer %voidd rspP-t fully c~ilI
:tetttn itoI his Ia I''.! ;iial wcli .aaac,ri..a
( 1aallicat amid IlCre ' I )e:tine:a';,
flta~ e"alaara'al is r, "f5 'a. d,,
110141i 11 aigial :tun11 iu-ir's, ini dress
patterns, ( ; atnai
.'aa' ,iaal r ti l' f . r... .,, L 1 c * 'la a .
Dr. W. JastDargan & Co:
4! .1 ET A I, D E A LE RS in D rugs, M cdi.
eiies. Paints, Oils, Dve Stutff, Pa
tent 31edicin,+s, Window Gla'ss, P'erfumnery,
Fancy Artiiles, and a variety of other articles
usually leplt in Drug Stores.
JO. WV. DA na.an, W1. JAs. DA IGAN,31l. D.
$' Y' Next door to China's hotal.
Jan. 2, 1851. 10-tf.
Epping's Sarsaparilla,
(tIlS1' NOW IN I's1-:.)
And : variety of other populmr 'atent aledi.
'ines, for sale by
)r. W%. JAS. DAIRGAN & CO.
Feb. 29 i' 1. 18 If
A Lot of Paint Boxes,
k Water Colors,) for sale by
1)AltGAN & ,
Feb. 29, 185-1. 18
Garden Seed.
A large supply, kept constantly on hand
Feb. 29, 18 if
Excelsior Family Starch,
in pind paikagms, powdered. Ato the
highly celelbrated Corn-Stareh. for sale by
fet. 29 .1851. 18 if
Genuine Cod Liver Oil,
Prepared by Itshton, Clark & Co. Also,
colt) drawn Castor Oil, (very fine.,) for uale
Feb. 29, 1851. 18 If
Spanish Cigars
AND FIN, l l1ING '1'OACCO, for sale
)AtGAN & ('.
Fe.t 29, 1851. 18 if
Fancy and Toilet Articles.
A bau'tiful assortinent. Call at Iirgan's
anl exan'in' Themi. Aiso a variety of Note Pa.
per andI 1ntvelopes, for sale by
Next door to C'hina's Ilotel.
Fe b. 29, P451. 1:1 t f
.,., NO. 208 AN) 210,
a ' '' COIUMBIA, S. C.
lManufacturer and General
i)EAIitEk IN
r _.M Peli:tinos, Chakirs
At very low prices for ash. IHe 1 constant.
ly reph-nishinr his 1:2,i assortnme-t from his
11:A Ni I' \C'O l:1 in ('mhnnhia, and from
Nmws, York, aili now0 .fy rs a greater variety
than nanal, esp..ially so in ANC'Y AND
.N AME1.l) F'INI'rE1n, Sitting and
R1. ckj, inir hgirs.,% &c. &c..,
Ct:EA'I'lY 131lPI{OV:ID PIANOS, at New
York eash prices. ;' All Piane o:- Frni
tnre .ell by him are warranted for one year
or loeger. All kinds of Fnrniture neatly and
promtily repaired.
A bgrr' lot of 31.AOCANY VENll-:ltS on
ha., ns ,.h other Cabinet Maker's Materials, in
:reat vaeri",tv.
larp'- and rich ns'ortnent.
t .- F'neral": servm.t at short notice with
3fela:le and W1110 llng
I1"- woIl lit sp'et fully invites 'olm friends and
lth pubb ;;enerally It call anid examxine his
)J: rch 1I, 1851. 20 Jy.
IilI' lnvIe m to enall the attention of his
fi.wi a'il thme tpublic' to bi
Large and handsome Stock
01' .lEWI lLltY, &c.
ti :'rldition to. hi' iorrmer "toc k, hie 1.: jnr.t
r mil. a n.- m nd :ixg t m en-l~ r.. . mn iorinenllt ofi
Ct.tin'hlS i fe'cry variity, Silver :mnd P'lated,
\ ar a hrem' eri- ; .I ilatry andi lainey
I-i.. l'meks. andI Tabe 1 lltrery, and a Iarge,
a"im'rien of'i \ N(F 'i(OODS.
li p~ rices wilt I.. foundgi in exarnienmtionl, to
bi.':m' rmmod.'.r-imta at any~ oether estamlbliment
ini thn !'.,uth. lhuil for ptml ifvorsi the sum.
hol mamrenunnancmm' elo them patcroniage~ of his
if'rnmi-r 1fim-rels ainid iustmers.
Just Receivedt
tI s hid-Ti"-. I et V.s alf tSli.. an
Ii'ihr m '. t.ar.h - n.t E- Over Shoges.
AlIso- ine lim ;i-mgoanent of Ilardtware, Tfin
I'm !i,.s' W --i n 'U Stlrmmca Wjorkt -oxm~e's,
i'u '.ws, m'rt -.3jonie... $m'gar-( asies, tramce
Iss. hi r aid TothemiiI lrnbe Di,.,remminig, T1nek,
andm I'l'.ket I ornhlm,, &cg.
Novelst'. Pmiet i'Wrs and Sch iool Hooks,
nitd a lInt-' :isir'armini'~ ofiatii:..ry.
hr rp. 'I"', St are'li, I''i'ktem, .!ardiies,
( .umaer I'remrsms. &%c.
AlIsog a lm!ine in otmi f ('mmoking Utens.ils,
1'mr .ali by .1. 'T. S0OJ0.310NS & CO.
ln Ichtu, 1'.01 21 if
A-~ TI\C (' o 'f T,'ndi beloninig to the
Esuitegl of Dr. Robert Muldrow, de-'
roroed, Oyin on te min roadl lenudiorg
rom arldeun to C arter's Crosinrg, oti
by'I lands ofI ~ 'tephen R1yin~ml i, D'arlin Da
v'is, Dr. E. Gre.g, Jmes Cohrbitt and Ma
ry .\.linun". Tlermts reasionable. APplIy
to. eithemr oft the stubscriber, at Mayesvilfe
I'. C).
RItBT. 1i. M(JLDlRO)W, Executors.
Mrchl 22, 1854 21 2rm.
Copartnership Notice
B, C. WEBB & CO,
T"'4"I ''~ n' "en~lave '"-sociatedl them.
'elves tm''logthnder the above namne
andit .dtyle, fomr ithe transaction of all busi
no(.4 ini11 the mercatilei~ litne and may ho
founid at thei obll stnd of Wmn. WEIIB,
where they w illlibe hai ppy to see and atc
'omoiidaute thiir friends and the publi c.
R1. 0. W EBBi,
Mair. 15, 1851l. 21) tf
(IA ITIERS, &C',, &C.
Il1-:poiu of Ia"in id Quality,
whemre' maly lie fmoundi at cmplhetm assortmnent oef
I aies' Menis' Iloys' MtissesL' andui Childrens'
Iheimms. Slime's, Caiite'ri &c'., of' almost every style.
an-l quahitty. ITihey are fresht goods and are all
n arrainted tog give satisfaction.
Next door to RI. C. Webb, & Co.
M1ar. 22,.15A. 9.1 et
Mn. EDITon: Please announce Col. J.
M. NELsON as a candidate for Senator for
Claremont County, at the er'iuing election,
and oblige MANr VOTRS.
February 8th, 1854 15 tf
lr Watchmian please copy.
Mu. EoITO : You will Qblige .many
citizens by announcing Cil. J. D. BLAND.
ING aH a candidate for Rcpresentative ft r
Clarenont County; at the next session of
(our Iegislhture.
Fe b. G, 18.14 15' f
-f Vathmian please copy.
Mr. Editor : The Citizens
of Clarendon County are desirous that C. W.
L. RtEYNOLDS, represent them in the next
1.reislai ir'. fly announcing him a Candidate
for that olice, yclu will oblige theme.
W We are authorised to
announce 31aj. A. C. SPAIN as a candi
date for Itepresentative from Claremont
County. at the ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1851. 17 tf
Messrs, Editors : You
will oblige many votors of Claremont Elec
lion I)strict by announcing Col. R. LA
ROACIl( IIERI(IT as a candidate for a
seat in the Lower liranitch of the Legisla.
tu'e of the Sato of Suu'h Carulina; at the
ensuing election.
Feb. 22, 1851. 17 tf
We the friends of A. R.
IBRA1lA3l Esgr., take pleasure in an.
nouncing himi as a candidate for She.rifl'
of Sumter District, at the next E!cction.
Mar. 29, 1.1. 22 ti
{ We are authorised to
announce M1r. JAM1ES E. W ITifElt
SPOON, of Salem. a Candidate for Rep
resentative for Claremont County at the
ensuing election.
March 8, 1854. 19 tf
A Number of Voters take
pleasure in announcing Col. WI LLIAM
A. CO(LCLUYIJG I as a candidate tfor Sher
itT'of Sumter District; at the next election.
March 15, 185.1. 20 tf.
Mr. Editor: Please announce
Capt. T. 1). Futiaeso as a Candidate for
SheriltY of Suniter District at the ensuing
Aug. 21, 1853.
Mr. Editor :----You Will
oblige a number of the voters of Sumter
)istrict, by annonnint ig itt your columns
the name of 3ajor JeatN BAI..ARn, as it
Candidate fur Ordinary at the ensuing
Aug. 13, 1853. 42 tf
M1n. Mlout :-'lense announce Mr.
ROBIERT W. DURANTI1, a candidate
for Tar-(Xollector of Sa~emn County, at the
next electi'n, and oblige
January 1.1, 1852 13-if
'M - The friends of Capt,
P'. M. GIB1ONS announce him a candi
date for tle otlico of 'I'nx.illector for
Salem County, at the ensuing election and
o bli e MANY VOTERs.
October 1 u!
WJ MVr, Editor:-Y~ou will
picease ainnounice~ W ILl .1A 31 II 11 lR N
SON as a candidaet for the OJfwie of Ordi
naery of Sumtier D)istrict, at the enIsuing.
e dei'i 10i).
April e2thi, i-952 27-tf
{WT We are authorized to
aiin'nine T1.. J. IiN1KNS. Eiq.,. a C:andidatie
for Clerk of the Court, at the ensuing electi'an.
A pril 1tith 1851 25 tf
nouince' 'lr. .1. 31cKEl LAR\{, a Candi
date for L.rik oif the C'ourt, for Sunmter
lih ictn and oblige MTANs V('TERS.
A pril 11, 1852. 25--tf
of W. J. N. H AaiET are decirotuS, Of put
ting him ini noimimnat ion tor the Ollice of
Clerk~ ci the Court of Sumter District, at
lhe ensniing elecilti.
.iy 2.4, 1853. :20-t f
fu We are authorized
to nnonc A.10POOL as~ a candidate
f~rSheritT of Sumteitr District at the cnsu.
ing~ electzioni.
Diecember 21, 1S55$ -t
Mr. Editor :-Pease an
neuuce JOllN N. McL~EOh) a candiate
t'? Ebleriff' of Sumler District and' oib
$100 REWARD,
WILL! be giveni for t~ie n'pprehtension and de
livery to the Master of either Workhouse in
Charlesion, or anin~ il in the State, of ISA AC,
somietimues called 'John lIrown, whlo, withou~t
any knowa caulie, left the James 11i1l Planta
tion, on thi. 20thi oh' October last. Said fellmv~
is 5 feet 8 inches in'heiighit, musatececomplexion,
smart, intelligent spoken, and is a Carpenter by
tradte ; and when last hearid of wvas in the lower
country, on Met ord's plantation. Fifng udollrsq,
in addition to. .the above reward, willbo paid,
npon proof to conviction of his being. lyb'ored
or employed by a white or colored person.
Apply to J. & J. D. (IRKPATrlCu.
Marchi29th, 1853. ?2 tf.
T.ae Subscriber, wife of INubertCroglhan
of Sumtterv ilie, Shop-keeper, hereby ivese
niotice that at the expiratidn of one month
from first publication of this advertisenment,
it is her intention to trade as. a sole trader.
Feboruiary 28, 18*4 18 tf
Dealer, in Provisions, Fkhu,,~
TEA$, dc.
Plantation Supplies and"
194A, Richardson Street,
March 1't 1R4. on ly
The Far-fatied Mledicine i
'These Pills being compo ed entirely of media..
fiual herbs are of i mnost larnles nature
while the extrtordirtary virtaus theoy possepi
have rewdered ,thaet niverolly paidslar in(
nearly every part of the world. ,'he inm-n58
sucerss they hav,- met with throughout the
State is nsmot ext raordinary. Ouing..it is pro
sunied, to their wonderfiul eflicacy in the euro
of lhliou. ominal jints an.d disorders ofthe Liver.
and Sit;rnaeh. ,l'ersona whiper Pvere in using
them in neaorriume with the dirntptiomunj se!
don lil in bein" restorcd to h'ealth .. .
W 'IAKN lA E A ND Dilfl[:'1.-RfSTOR.
Copes ,f a Letter frnm 1hec Iyt'. Chaerles Snaith,
'lured Norton, St. Philips, near Bat; Somer
setseire, 1/A August, l'%5&.
To 'Ii'5rnS r ss, ot tor.t.oii (,
Sir,-A Mr, Jo's;Pit Puxrp', formerly a res
i'tent of this place, had been in a efelinin state
' health fir upw:qrds of three years, gradually
wasting a way to a shady ly nightly perpira
lions andl want of appesile, which caused great.
uneasiness to his friends, s he h'ad gonstalterf
various medhical men in Blath, without eff'ct.
IeIc at Last utsed your Pills, and uder provi.
denre, wis restoired to health by their means.
.le lately enigrated to New York, and has just
written to say, that he was never better irj
aealth. ind desired me toi aiaaaint you with the
ciretafhstahe.. I oughlt also to ineition; that
sny wife had derived great benefit from the use
of your Pills. , I retain Sir, yours respertfully,
CIIA I I.ES 93JTH, Dss tin -iister
A i'II3-:l A N I:NT CfI l t, A.pI E S SED
L,,i\E, OF MANY YrARS' butrfA ON.
CoPq !/f a Letter front Mr. Gaini1s, Chemist,
Ya'oriI, to Profeassi,r folleway.
Dear Sir,-In this district your Pills coin-,
mand a inore extensive sale this .asy other
Proprietary, ieciicine buefore the public. As ry
proof ofthaeir eflicacy in l.iveraih Bail ious Com
plaints I nsy nentiotn the folio" ing case. A
fay of tnis town wiith whom I am lmrsonally
acquainted, for years .was a severe sulferer
from diseaLse of the Liver and digestive organs;
hern.dical attendant assured her that. he gahild
do nothing to relieve her suff-ri'ngs, and it wag
not ikely shle could survive many morrnths.
This unnounreent naturadv caused great
alare rimong lser friends and relations, and they
imduced her to make a trial of your Pills, whiinl
so improved ker general health that she was
induced to contiuue them anti{ s ie received a
perfect cure. This is twelve months ago, and
she las not experiernced an'y symtoms of re
l:p.e, aid often declares that your Pills have
been the mneans of saving lier. life.
I remain, Pear Sir, yours truly,
.ly53rd; 153. (signed) .l. GAn ss.
nheir ceecbrated Pills are wonderfully eficacous
in the follouing voriuplainis :
A gne, Dropsy, Inflasnmmatien, So're Throats,
Asthma, )ysentery, Jaundice, Stone drld Gfav.
el, Bilious Complaints, Erysipelas, Liter Con
plaint, Secontary Symptoms, filatches on the
Skin, Bower Complaints, Celico, Constipation'
of the hot-els, CXnsutmption, Debility. Female
Irregularitis, Fevers of all kinds, Fi-ts, Gou;,
head-ache, Indigestion, Lunbago. Piles, Rhiwt
matism, Retention of Urirte, Scrofula, or
King's Evil, Tic Douloureur, Tumours Ul
cers, Venereal Alrectioris, Worms of all kinds,
Weakness, fropt whatever cause, &c., &c.
tEssenI lo1.Low Av, 241, STtAsI,(near TEN
rLTE A It.)Loy DoN, and also at his HousE is
NEW Yot.x. Dnes for Meldloie.ea- in the
Stites, addressed ,T. IoL.LOtAy, New Yiaw.
will receive due attention. Sold al.o by a
respectale Drt;ggi.t. and ealer lis'id 'cine
throughou. dihe Unmita. States, ini hdres, at
37 1-2 cenats anid Sl,50i centis ea'ch. To be had
Whoha...nla of the principal i~rtig Houses in'
'a" There~ i a forideraubliC b y
takinig the larger af:-es.
N. 1.-Di'e ttOrs four theu gusidonein of patientsr
ini evrv Jtisrder are. aljiad to eac'h lox.
k or sid-- by
P. M. com:l\ & co,
.Ch a rlesetoat.
.NE AfR ? .'E ('nr.py 110IOUSE:
Drugs, lYledicimes, Cheii
cals, Perfumnery and Fancy
SELECT ED F.Xill..-'.slx~ 10'OR TIls
Ma rch 15, 185l. 21) y.
li Hinsdale,
Dealer in' Grbcertes, Hard
ware and Dry Goods,
252', RJIliAR D'SON S T RE ET,
)d coinr of (Gar'a is' Sireet,
.h~ri COLUMBIA, S. C.
Is now open. The Pitrblic may depend nipn
I aving their wants suppli'eg, at A LLSLA
SONIf t he year, on easonable tetrm's.
1ee ordlered from the. country will be wvell
p:acked anid prosmptly forwarded at altimes.
All orders for~ Ie, muset he add'ressed to WIL-.
SI:GT. TEM CA Shf, wi lo will be atict2
ly a heed o inall cases.
D'eposits m'ay bei ma'do by peridhk oidering
from a distanoe.
Extra charge for piackage, da' 'e, &'e.
1851 23Proprietor.
A pril 5th, 1523 6m.
G, LIT TLE & Od,
Next door toV
Stockj Ia),o sI)~h
A pr. 12, 1854. 24 ly
Coutntri Hams, and Shsouldere,
Pick led Beetf atnd Ton rues--,
Gbshsen Dlutr, Rice, 'or &c.
Mixed Ptickles, in pts, qta. and 1-2 gals.
Olives, Caupers &c
Candies, Rsaisos &c
Raisons 100 Boaxes at a Dollay per Box
Apr, 5 184. PER RY !081SZ.
Sp.,5,184.23 t#

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