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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, May 31, 1854, Image 1

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J- - -- --L- -
is Pa:Uf.silEi)
Every Wednesday iorninxg
Lewis & Richardson;
TWO DOLL A HS in advance, Two Dollars
and Fifty ( .nts at. tia' expiration of six nonths
or Three n)o rs at lie end of the year.
No paper srontinnteel until all arrearaes
are PA In, sntinis at. the <option of Lhle I'risprietor.
J'.7 Ati^ertiees insterted at SFV iEN I'
FIVE Cents per suiare, (13 linen or le.) for
the first, and half that sua t'or *ncli susb qiaent
insertion, (O licial adxertisenns Lihtnme
each iime).
S' Tle number a eta ions to be narked
on allt Adlvertiseinent they will be p ublishetd
until ordered to h continued, at. chargel
.r- UN10 IEOLLA t per square for a single
insertion. Quarterly raii Mot ithly Advertise
ments will he chargte'l the sam as a :iIngle in
sertion,. and senmi-tontlily t he samte as ninw o:es
My First Steeple Chase.
By TiL. AUTIIOtt OPF " w1!. Sr'oRTS
O F T II E wV E s T. .
* Yea rs-thee, fpaces !-have passed,
and yet how vivid is the 10th ofOt
Ober 181 -, in my neinwiry. The large
port ii of ray' web of lifWe is spun, a..d
Imile is onie of mlsimisgied yarns. Well,
it matters little now. I can remena her
cainly the sunshine and the shadotdsw,
and the gilom iest ret ro:1 eet has miaty
a lightsome day and many a merry
night associated with its ruollectin .
Mine was indeed a carelessa ca r
fanyt led all throtigh, and prudi
was doubly dis:tatced. Like \
omen, many a wrong cast I made;
" sltabbed with a w liute werclh's hi:
eye !" consorted with " .Ephlteiani of tie
old el arch,'' :ntid listened toe often to
the chimes at midnight. lint, like
old Jack. I leave the blame upon the
vilhianus Company. anl I say with himat,
I was as virtuously given as a gentle
man need be."
It was the first week in .uly, when
having :akent tle honors of a graduate,
alter a five years sojourn within the
classic courts of Ahna as ia .tr, I sI.roll
ed into the lRepository ins Step hten's
green, to bid adieu to the old I s,.
who ti thirty years had lhsrsed ,its t.
r[I5in1i,.y'. It, was sale day,:nuln a ilank
(pne too; thet w5o id w\a, out it towna.--t
'here were fe"w to .ell fewer .'et to
)i \y. A hack not, wirth a ha y-bidTs!
was knck!<ed downa to :I as airing .'e;
d raper, who wanted asmeiljg -sr.iart*,'.
whereupun to dtisi lim.wl ..inaa:l
ly. I 'saw him ~at ::..ni j uage (d
with infinite .sati-ctisa, as ' lie had
once Iuaned ine, evei to lay aaei:t, lor
"a blieggr ly accutt'' of ulv.4A a- a
pocket hadkereiets Althhao b he
did not venture to alvite tine teP i of
the multittide of hi: e-mso'alis, I
had broken his wimdow:, ups tle evta.
iag I psai<.l his hill, that dlid i ot lre.
vent ie I ruin jiiatinag uat, ceatasin
beauties in the gnadruped then he
neath the bananer, which even had
escaped the atuetioa r himanself. In
deed, acscordsoag to I y shouw ing. the
cardinal virtues of ;harse! flesh wre
concettratecd in that matchless ani matl.
Yet human judgaent is fIa!bbaIle, and
the steed didl not realize the qtaalificn
tion ascribed to himt by the puller and
lhunself: for as the J,'veaing eost'
soon after anmounced, JA r. Iawr..se
Lutestring was rtun away with Ituosn
the Rock Il oad, anil the excited cour
ser, not content with dernolishit; sun.
dry ribs of the unfortunate cavalier,
had, from an infiiriity of visionl, comle
in conatact wVith a loaded jasuntitng ear,
and the coaicussion waLs so awful thtta
the coampany were deposited itn a wet
ditch, and the vehaicle rensdered horse
de combat.
I w'as about to leave the yard. when
old Phil, primen insister to tihe reasos
itory, ja gged tme ona the elbo hw. "St'sj
a mtinute-its worth youtr whtile, Sirs.
LTere's at queeri one comsin outt-hle's
the devil, to) he surae. Ochl, if' haid bt
tenber; and~ faere it. is.''" While hie
spoke, a rattling haight-bred das k bay'
horse issed froma the stables. lle
'was in the lowest. conaditiona imnagiaable;
but notwithslandinig hsis pouverly, he
was the ruin of' a noble animiial-hte
was far f'rm heing haandsonse-thse
head was coarse, the shoulders thiek;
but he embodied some good points,
and, thouagh cross made, toa an expeiri.
enced eye, hais " eansamrnple" was excel
lent-Archy, smy best man--as haoniet
a grooma as ever won a liviasg-whis.
pered " if' lhe had not thae go ina him s he
wats the biggest villain tusder' the cano.
py"-and bef'orc the animal had ma~de
the third turn dowvn the run, I had
-cm to at similar coniclusions.
- T he groom stopped when hie had
gained the vatatge grounsd. " There,
gent leamen," said the auctiotneer,
" there's what I call youth anad beatuty.
Theure's thle amakisng of' a fortunec, aand
ao mistake. TIhae lady who~ could re
fuse any thing to a an witht suchl a dai
sy cutter under him, would lbe hm-d~ to
please indeed-runu hims down,, Lant
that's action sand elegatnco-come sir',"
--to a tall raw-boaned yousng grocer
" I hat horse was f'oaled for' you-a gen
tiemstan of your figure wotuld never
.:pross anythaing but blood-this hero
horse is y'otig Selt -he's o.wii Ibroth
er to mi ouseCteher--cousin to A.'r
giana, and tip to f;ouiteen stone with
aniy tbx iounds in tke kingdon"-b t
elirt seemed likely to profit little
rom1 his respectable r'elationship; he
had a free look. a blenisled knee, was
fired behind, and had killed a iian into a
the bargain-fbir' he had run off with it
drunken helper, and broke the rider's
neck against, the stable door--nw, in
a company of sober cits, re(inirini
" steady roadsters," and (( useful fini.
ly horses," Selimi found little lavor;
and the young grocer, even to becoie
a lady-killer would not bid a sixpence.
Gcntlemen, I put himt u p at fitiy,"
said he of' the haiinicr--"No reserve
in this case-none upon honor-owner
gone to the l'en insula, and orders fl'r
sale absolute---Selin is a beautiliil
ehairger-steady with aris"---and here
he addressed a corpilent personage.
wlo', as it appeared, was in yeomanry
le wo uld carry you lpon p'arade,
delighitfully-his courage is only equal
Oed by his training--his late iaster
wIuld ride hilt to a batterv"-a battery
-inay heaven forgive himin !--Selii
had never seen a corporal's guard
relieved in his life--a cracker would
raise himt sky-high, and a squilb send
hint across the roade-t part of Sack
ville Strcet-st , nit a whisper from
the 001omp):.aiiV, and the au nti'nee'r pro
cetced r: --- ienit 'men. we inu ,t sacri
liee htii.--cide prernptory-sa for
y.for the beutiflndoni:'s1 !i'oi'
" tl ejacubated tie( grocer, "and
aiter killing a grome-i -this was
iI ied aL luInne hit-the auctioneci
v ugliel-" hem11, hern, ratller unforita
inate, but meitcm accident afttr al I--say
-thirty. gentleinen -t wenit 1, teini
give ie a lid"-' five." roared a jiii
owner--ten, said A rely-fifteen, snout
el the puller-twenty, Cried I--tlie
hamnier i'I-the brother of Mouse.
catcher was mine.
Now, I verily believe that the whole
history of SeIm a was apocryphal, ex
ecpt tfae soltary t ot hi., h.ving fl
ished a table-boy\. I one tili!ng.
however, A rehy, :md I anan imi ons
ly that to a hi'rriiig eadger lie was
Worthi the iioine', ' providei lie would
carry ilie basket:. WV e brought hi iii
to the cunttitrv --::!gcd, ft d, ihisttud
and Iphvsieked L m11, a c:u'l eim ar/Cm,
t aied him (Aut upon a line sIlt iarsi,
:2nt left hut to tlfil his destiuii.
At this meumuorable period of it'v
lif-, the Noirth of Irclaial was celebri
l for its spit2 tng a-'i''ations. The
l3iiynue, the l)augh. the NEwtwnbeirda
halts. were all ini lill forte: and h'w
'f'th' larger towns wiimtel their own
farticuitr club. Manv private gentle
tici w'ere also iasters of lituidt, :imd
kept their establishments ioby'
Ihen tihe glo'rv of '- The Io aers'" was
in its zenith, their courit rv and mmciiibei1
were alike exteisive; aintl i'geintlemtiiai
attached to liebl spits within thirty
Miles, whose rank and flrtune % t.ild
atuthonrize his admiission, but was In
rl led in this celebrated c'ub. The
nIemilbers niet ann:ally in the ctintrn
towns, attemtted by a p:ack of' f'.'x.
hounds alll a galamt fibm2 h'wing. Theyv
lived like ' ' l l King " -; playedhi
drank deepl, seldm went to bed, I e
Ia-;hing balls, aol set the c'u' v in a
blaze for weeks betiore and iitolh-,
aftlerwoids. Alas! all this is ovur
'lie el1b i- i iaoie : the [:a-k is seit
tiredh; the kennel a ruin:; ' The lIan
ge'rs fill thle iiarrow house-i,"' a-il
where ini beian~d could rank andl wealth,
and inf ltiuee, lbe ciingiega:d now iit!.
Itito " The flaiig rs " I had beeni ite
cintly admiui tted ; lhir ro iiet ina hadl
b'een fixed fori t lie imiddlec of O:-to bei' and
the Ciup. with otheri valiuable pilaltes,
w'ere then to be eontecstesd. Th'en Cup'
had excite~d uniusual initerest , and been
ebal enged by a dozen mninbi ers,'good
mieii and ti'ue, each hav'inig or believed
lie had. an excellent, ebanice of wiinnhiit
it. The race was three iniles over
Hi/>crnice a sporting .inglicr, a break
neck country ; thle weights thirteeni
T1hiere was air dy e'ight, candidates
in full I prepai'ation. Six decpeiided on
theiir own horses, gotd, faist, hionest
weighlt ca rrier's-biit two hadl gonde to,
considerable expeiise, andl had secenred,
"at, a bLrge figure-,'' eelebr'ated racing
hunters "thra the nonce."'
" What wilh not yong ambition do?
In spite of' this iinighity ari'ay, I boldly
added my name to the list. of ebal len
ger-s, I had a slashing f'oui-year-old
miar'e, whose stride aiid action are ex.
ti'aordiiiary. As thiere was noe allow
ance fihr age or sex the weights were
certainly against hetr ; but I was not
the one to despair, and even to namne
her in the matceh was an honti' more
thtan whorthy the entrance money.
August. camie: Miranda was in bean
tiiful condition, anid Arebty exhausted
upon her training all the i'eeinding-sta
ble and the experience of' a life, while
I dreamed of' niothing but cups anid
coniquest. Alas! these youthftul vis
ions were suddenly dispelled, for oneo
morning Miranda was found halter
cast in thte stable. Shte was dead lame
and lame shme cotntinued for many
mtontls afterwards. I beto k miysel:
to grouse shot ing, and A rehy to whii
key ant rteiginl. Pounr A bchy. hi th
hours of business, was an indilferent
1.thli, as the priest declared, bmt
fri-tm the notnlt, a 4iorse was hurt in
t raining, he never "dai l cited a entapel
door." **
Augustpassed, and I would litve
willin.ly contitued absent. ~Lo wit
ness the downIlidI of my tttbit ion was
paiiful, as AIirlatda was intnuly
holne. Other feelin werte arattiuunit
I was deep in love, at aid 21 tit is i
debecate concern. os.a lived near te;
I wou'd have lorgotiten her, but that
was iipiossibile. Sih was ai heiress,
gentle and timid to a degree, and f.ar
flul of hearing site wa-s beloved. Yet.
there were tites whetn my advaflees
were encur;iged, and at, least, Iiy suit
was listened to, and an ill Lcncealed
satislaction told that she was io'. in.
different, to inmy suit.. Iler coldlness
piqued me for the itornlent, and yet I
.eft her persuae.1d that, of all tier sex
she was best worthy of being wooed
antid wo.
I arrived horne for a late dinner,
diseis-ed some old' port, listenecd to a
l tug story, and was riusing';u ver the
iitasttitune if ity Immitie, wheti.Arch
popped in his head to ask " if I t*.ill
take a I.ok into the stable ;" I follow
cc him, and one glanice told Inc that
Miranda -.as not to figutire in the fiehl.
My eyes passied rtap:dty over the stall
:tid rested on a stnu'r in the u.rnei..
shetel with hImy own covers. Arcliv
wit hi a knowitg look, stripped the new
cnter, and the brother ii Mt i nuseeatch.
er was before nie. Atid e tild this stbe
he ?-the raki.,h. taitered, rijecred
man i kiler of the repositor , ehit:ged
into ias tine a ht se as e. er folluwed a
f'-x hound ! The mystery was sitn
so lveil. Arety had visited tit ait.
itarsh, (wind Selimi so alteid as sea rc
ly to he recogniz, took himt, and gut
hiu thrugth physic, aid realy titr
trainin~g. Fo''r this, indleed, the re wa~s
but little time, bitl Areby <i:re "-dirltL
training was best for a h:it brecd." and
A rehy was right.
For tny part, I could searcel' be.
lieve myv es es, and enauninied Selm
ctaull' to a urst iie s il iii his ileti
tiy Evrrcac pl his legs hla,
disaipcadc ; the biet i-It on b;s laie.
,as ha cdly "i.: bILe ; het w 1, now a :.,rt.
i olang hirs .. at.J .\; eht swore
Sue tter tIuti lie l iaked.
I fje t J , and tvey litig itcireased
co'nfidence- in th;:nn in (Af \[.,rg ina.
Ills seed wVas ea ii. a-erLainied. but
l hti Iticinig qjuanlt C6 wt Iknw tti south
mtt. A n) th ingI :t . at, i hi-:, a se we st
eluted w. II, and infl ie.nte leans wtere"
fil-ur 'bvious 1' rasons avi dell d.' I lid
,ceeured', a gentleanitl to r'ide" forl Inet,
Who ml ,tt'eeple enlasi.;g h:ll cos,edt
htiiiselit uth gloiry, and with a rcai..
abhl:, hope ot suice~,., I a'.,aited the
And yet I ieve;r eau zed rI'v comn
it.titors a thoutigli. W1' ith tho loie
lneSS of Mlirandhi. It had plea:seJ Ih, mn
to conclude t::.y raciiig Ihi-;to y. ''hey
htetrd t-cettntally IInit I had piatclaiuc
a hor.se ill town, tui all tIliei knew
abotut himt wa. that he] had iLille 1 .1
W li this il 'traii i Iher resated .::
istied, and decided that my-elf anl
mant kii-ir were e in (tnsdeintiLn:1.
I kept iyS Owni cttnsel, mtid wiiL i;
ut niete--tsy to r" tuvuto th.i.lie .ni
ly of the ratce.grn litii. I in icuired ave
.an Oulei fiarm.t,,,ite, and m,;r ie
iiito waVs at porkt.tas if' we b ad necier
tlf iour .tales.
lnut thier'e wias one tu wher 'n :my pr
ec ditngs wiete nit, itiliieetL mid thtaL
oneC ws my ientl Ic I:,a. \Vitli all a
thised in mliy d~5ispinLtmt; shte kne'w
mty s(,eret, tot miurs were iouitg heart,
atnd what aigitat cid one breaut coulId not1
bt,. interest th to ,ther,
i lhe evin itg belb re t lie event fit! day,
I stoile fuotw ihe einb r*oomt Lo exiIl-ag
thie jairgont of the' field hitr a te te a-te
wvithi myu pretty mi Lress. " hao with
T iseant grapi~e," A irgedl tmy passioins
lRosa Ilistenied. ,Juist theni hei tmid
disturb'Ied us, and brought mec a letter
lint. had b en fo rwvarded by express.
I broke thle seal -dueathI to m y Ihopes!
My rider hadl beeni town ii rm a
coachi-box, antd lay, w ith a b-o uken, armt,
ut a counitry innt some ten miiles dis
Ro~isai remtarked tmy agitationt; "Is
Lher e tany thintg wrontg, Atthnr ?"
" Yes, deniest., I ant indeed a luck
less caval icr, K(-- hats miet withI
an accident, and Selimii is eonisequtenitly
withont a rider."
" An td he w Il niot rutn thlen, ?"
laf ta mtilnite deterintes, frequent.
yas well as Ltecotnsidleration of halfC
ia yeair, and in that brief space I had
formnedh my recsolution.
" lIe will rtitn, Roa ; bunt, wvith me
upon, his back what chanice can he have
wvith Lhe best riders of the kingdom
opposed ?"
" Bit the danger, dlear Arthur."
"It is not greate~r thanm fox-hunters
lictilii tcr iti ~ea'
I iisrla heirr "t ti v "as toto, and
"I,(,, t; v :ar erv.:;i*d i .le her good niight.J
I hi, triflin tg oceti rirhe el icited ri oire
tVt'hat I lvli. lie i*, tilt thle firsit tin.: I
[lre..cti lli~lr tu l11" 1casad er
her iiil'lr lli- : ' ;r 11 s tty
W ehrit, ',1W that llif11 (-S'enr
evenits. ('all forth I ilgttiit Ctenius of'
the indi, (1r tile: :,:k~il:;ri ! :a. I
.:IlifiLcc a \Vt"I* j 't '11,4i tie aidtit.
ofC rlls sp ii~t, I t, but I ente-red
lit. chili iuoii hIstly;ilit andi x
citeLd teehlings. !rite:accikent, to lit),
rider hiadi I iniiio:'d,.iiit (1(111 SI~iii I
b hoi'. not wit hiandina,. that the
hiohni-li.t twill ruin,"' -,id tile ['residlent.
'l aitiu are iuicised
to terns hlt:ii, wrill 1111 ; .11111 (r Wanit
,'' butter hiti~5tc iiaii, ii:; 1ii e wil r ide
.1t will- if hl: ("1i1."' ae:idI:il, trcntn
I weas Citli %. hingiii ei.avy odds1, anod
"11 C iii! ilinie:l, nt:1il t.'-iiV genlt heilani
inch i(I I') hlet thIlrill l iiltelin Iii':Ltil V
saitihie-d-thi! ii Iijg at. III) expenlse
'iabtit21tlti~- alt.Iea: began~ to loo
lucid'i his lri:x:. ni'Zlitfl that tile o ri
hl i(r14.'tl ih i t' b t i.1", 411 thi: 1.111 n
!iil i l l , * i a e I Iin a l
hi lrac',tVr :Ie: ..ttniid iiahu it St1O) , j'iI on'
I [a; Ilg tialani ' Vhok I iar
l(J\1l21 iii itli ii likit )irunt t1he
htliiali. ]e1" 014' (:1)I) visitedh the s1L~
1,1.", :nrh- 1\ti't '1'Iic'I" t"1 rei'st t') be
rrnitinig camie ::11i1 I tit I'Ithe le
1 InegLani Iu 1istt'cr that it is no Jr~
fl~i~til genlitertl it 1411 stcej'il
(iiast$ fun'" 1111: first tline, under tilK
(:titi tattxI 'i1(111 'i'! 80,0110 spetc? a.
iii":. Buit ailiciale' t .restored'( ill).
I:'r. x~ a"; (lc t r1itkn~'t' a seauk'd pack
ct wvas fi:ini1. urn b ;h' T W"-uitr---lit
Sont:aiIncd a . *eautif'al \"t_ I it]
(p /kirt no "1' rt'htt~t :ilrl t P4
1%t~ 1:1: 1;1(1 Ii.aI al:I. e ~hi'ilth
i i::a-i t ri 1 11140) *.I f(/.lilt Ibisz
1 liii. 1. Mil I 0.'., le i, II t ;;11;1'1i;. I
i " .og lt l I 'ii t'.1 't' ' to 1" I2,i : ( 1.1(':
5it1 '; ' it 'll \1'i h 'ii ! l 1''i t" i14'':i t an lie
I;I i i} I1 '4' 1 . I 11lt hi I, ll
:1:~ j 1 l a;llt 'Ii ' : I 1,5' t~ (!! o It' ' I..,-w in
"its t it a cIt'ui 14.1g .: t ii i iwi. :intI:
1 ti~to Sil \::. t't -II; I et lttei
lt~i! it:11 e .L iilt'-l tilt: C;'ie _'tl 1 111:1.a
It I t:.ta : ' iC- li I I jlt e"uI-. .t i. f :l I At(,
flae ,': ;i-hii \\ ;. t lan'erI I fe11. il't,1 a
hihaloihi 0$I t X"1ilijh, 1t 1.ii1i " le wasiii.
(14711eu IL'iie lie it ; t fic hi ha '111'1'1! i nlrl
th ioLtin w4.1; to ilt,! himl 11:11)0 wo
I',1' a II't l; 4 11 '0: ao a; f: ahI i e h11i r
gel' wet11si at'lni was 1,1 1i1'etd ^''([1ile
pAli' 5\t, n 1 lie '.s'i li i :1 LJrht'ss
tit ' he, had. it14,if' he hid 1"i'vei eal
c he a1111 11 11)1 . t *heii I"I l .'i iC h 11,5h4 511
Ic root I r the F Iate i~'O1111 hec oai e
ihig,%t atI I{ 1- II iiy WoyeSoewihI
tI't I ti aio ti ; gl lop''1d a p li'te :1:11 !u
PcI0 I 11n J 'i:' l,t' si yd heiri
yothe-ilv.11i~l _i'e thatL ras iei of, 11103
ny haid'one ,jacket. W heu it mtet.
ier eyes her cheeks were dyed wilh
ilumbes, and left me at nie) loss to con
ectoire whence my fancy favor came.
A gain I he bugle sounded ; Comet
Old F'ir-brand occupied the attention
,f the crowd, while Selim was stripped
i.hiud a large marquee. To assume
ny gay cap and loll'i my coat was the
,usinu:5 (it ae min ute ; mlly competitors'
.ere already mioiunted,-aid I was in.
>atienitly called fIor, when, f-om behind
be tent, a dashing horse and gal lant
iider issuCd ; our appearance elicited a
0 urornir of ap ;itause ; the owners of
:omuet and Firebrand looked blank
!lioiugl, and fiaitli they had good rca
As we drew up in line, I thought
lhe E glish racer appeared not to be
n f.dl force. but. the determined coun
e.ance of lie inimitable jockey, dress
'd in black and bulf' stripes, looked
darmuing. Nor was Firebral without
is friends; and the green Cap was
>l.-re 1 freely against everything but
me't. As to ie. people seemed
if.id to back or bet against ile, and
hose who had laid the odds last night
ret y heavily were hedgings now, as
liut s they (onld meet with customers.
Off we went in a bunch ; the bays.
brown and grey, making the ruming;
I saw at sionce that the pice, though se
yore for them. was nothing to Comet,
1Firebranil, and miy friend the mu)nn.il
ler. After a mile we tailed them off,
and had the race to oursel ves.
n.)eio moiety of tie ground was bro
ken into tilhlat' fields and enclosu"es,
the other was open meadw, allerding
exclle'it ga loping, and iiterpersed
uih stil' ieces. llere, having clear
tie paddoeks, we increased the spec ,
:nd c.ame out at a killing pace.
On en tering the grass lands, I found
ily rivals couId not convenir'ntly gel
faster. and that I was up to it well;
the race was indeed beautiful. For
the ncxtt mile a sheet would cover un;
the fences were taken in line, and none
could tell whether bl +1e, yelIojv, or
ll.df a mile from hone there' was a
fenhe of tremendous size ; it was a
ditch with a drain at either side, and'
the fie ti hat we approached was st',c
taiend?. ithi stumped thorns. It was
in truti " a regulair rasper," and was
:idag:ished by the country people
a; - par e:xcellence"-thie big leap.
A, we neared it my comp:muions gath
ere:d the energies of their horses for
the trial, and Solhoi lookt i as if lie
wvere half i.elineitd to decline it: . fr the
wiirst dine h felt. the steel, an with a
,Ilorio a: ell',rt, eare-d the furmnidable
h irier in a style that drew from the
ultit ile a than :ir of apphtise. Not
so with my rivals; Lirebiraid i id sta
k::d h:msel.! Bhe! Co~met, by his ri
der's hlorsean:ilsip was iiliflerently
irengi!hit aero'!-m, but st g "ering lie carle
dwni oi landing, rind, in th3 mistake,
lost grouu.l ie couil not recover dur
ing : the ril iiola' though he did make
a otniertfuil ;. ru;.gic to pull up ; but it
a ai inl vain, In- ut hen I crossed the
bre':.h -ck ti-:u I had the race hollow.
A-.idIL dela't'iiiii cheers I was ear
ried tro tne sea'es in triumphi ; I was
dieclairea d even i by J uglily .Joyce, a
loit ii prmi. :d my Mun-k'illc,
the bst w eight carrier in the kinrglim.
-a'ry t:alt haus its moral, aid so has
ine:C ; never condemii a hoise untried;
ti r mainiiy aL gooid ot i hats thus been
sr: rit'ed. I saved Sel im l'frm slaverz y
iad a jiile. n imhe wion mec four cup's
and cariedi men (itur 5(iseason as1 1 was
nlevet carried ail terwar ds. Nay, mnore,
I (Iwe imy connub11 dial ha ppiness to miy
"'I~ bonny bay."' losa was an heirtess,
and I a you nger' son ; a rich r'ival was
t'ecouraged by her' gardian, and in a
few dayts he wlas expected to make his
iiddres'ses in formz. I was flushed with
vieto~iy, and she' was flattered to see hier
rry favor "foremost"' in the frield.
A t. the biallI that night my eloquentce
was irre.d-table ; sihe smiled upaon my
suil, and, to end uncertainty, and save
heri guiardiant fuiture trouble, e oped
with tie niext mtoring to Giretna.
Years of' happiness have proved howv
fortuinate our umion was, anid. if some
remiinisccnes of of early indiscretion
will somtimies intruide uiprn rny
memory, ont two er'as I can look back
witht itnalllo)ed deliht--the mo' nling
whieni I rode myt) first steeple chiase, and
the eveniing that I riaude Ihisa mtine.
MiAuias.--The estimated value of'
on ea' amiire int Enigland amounts
tthree hunidred millions of' dolars
wor'th miore thani the enitire foreigvn
commtlerce oif the Kingdom. The to
tail value of a year's crop, including
reported to Par' iamennt some time ago,
ats bem ug abut three thouisanid mi lliotg
tof dollars ; anud that (in 1848) theitur
nips)1 of Englanid, takeni ini the vhole of'
their' utility, were valued ai one half
of' that great sum, viz: fifteen hundr~ed
millions oif dollars.
Blessings on the man who owned
the land, that raised the corn, that fed
the goose, that bore the quill, that
made the pen, that wrote the Declara-,
From the Southern Cultivator.
T eac Sw#eet 'otatoe---its
Culture and Preserva
Aessr: Editor ving it to be
a duty we all our another to re
late our experience in the cultivation.
successfilly, of any oir all plants, and
having been a reader of your paper
now for several years, thereby giving
us much valued instruction, for which
we are truly gratfful, and desiring to
atford our inite in the productiont of a
valuable root which has been very
successful in our hands, and may induce
others to follow the example, to their
benefit ; and not to be tedious, we will
state that our object in this article, is
tho prodruction, cultivation and safe
keeping of Sweet Potatoes of the vam
variety, both yellow and red, heing
Ihe c.erienee of nearly twenty years.
(having at all times an abundance lor
my own tmily and seed to sell;) my
potatoes never rot.
In the first place. as early as Febru
ary as the season will admit, or by the
first of March at furthe-t, spade out a
trench, say four feet wide, 25 feet lung
and twelve inches deep, then fill the
trench with good, sound cotton seed,
which I prefer,'or fresh stable manure.
well forked, so that the long may he
equally distributed with the short, wet
it very freely wit h water, or let it re
main a few days if:there be prospect of
rain ; when the ground becones sulli
ciently dry to be worked, cover the
cotton seed or rnanure with well pul.
verized e.ui to the depth of 5 or 6
inches, rake nothly and evenly, and
hen earef ill ly lay down4your seed ,o
not to touch each other ; when the
bed isu!! (thl l size will bed ten hush
els) cover th ies to the depth of
Inches, ra W oth and cover the
on seed al 3 inches deep. hoe
e earth'all round the bed and pack
he spate, (this keeps in the heat.)
te ,e weather gets warm and set.
tled, remove. he co'.on seed frno- the.
top orthe bed and rala slightly; this
giver { fine;-smooth rsurfa:-e ;or-the
sprouts to come throngh. Your bed
will soon be covered with sprouts
growing very luxuriantly. You ean
hasten and greatly improve the pro
dueLiveness of the bed if'you will keep
it wet with soap-suds., (the refuse of
the washtnb) always purug it on tlm
hed at sundown, (no other time.)
This mrakes the best hot bed for po
tatoes I have ever used.
As early as the ground will admit.
plow the piece you des' f.or potatoes
very close a:l deep, ep it regn
larly plowed, alterna every two
weeks. When your slips in the bed
are well grown, lay ofTthe ground with
a turning plow, ridge over the furrows,
as high as the plow will throw; then
pull your slips from the bed and set
them out on the top of the ridge very
deep, and press on each side of the
plant, always premising that your
ground is broken up very deep
and free from clod and in good tilth
before ridging up to plant., and not
ridging up the ground in dry weather,
but when the earth is moist. I prefer
setting, plants out in the evening late,
when the earth is moist, than after a
rain, and watering a few evenings
a half tea cup of water will be sufl
cient for a plant. Set your plants out
18 inreies apart in the ridge, Always
mrake yotr ridges so that thie'y will
hold tire water, arid trot run off.
Now for rhe cultivation-jo abourt
twvo weeks you must p1(ow down your
rtdges, leaving only a sufliciencv of
dirt to support the plant. Plow d'eep
arnd thorourghly wvith a bull tongue,
then follow im mediately iih your
Carrey ot trurg plowv and throw the
diir. up to the plantt arid fihl your
ridge as a first- -thiis must be d'une
ever week as king as the vines wi.'l
amt--and( very frequettly I broak
tire vinres, in order thr..t a dleep. loose
soil my be ad for tire for miation of
roos. hisis llthe cultivationn
cessary-a hoe is rnot needed.
When tire frost kills the leaves, I
proceedl to dig, usinmg the plow, thie
bull-tongue, breaking down tire ridge
on each sid e, and then, with one deep
furrow, plowttrg out the ro)ots. I gath-.
er in baskets, say a bushel at a time,
rand carry to a open shed--being carej
ful not to bruise or break the ro*
first, tire largest and soundest, en
tire smallest for seed, autly, the
broken ones ; pour do ~on thre tire
ground, under the. si'fd, in separate
piles of aboutp& bushels; whretn your
are dono, epe with straw, each pile
separ'at~gby, and then cover, comnplet e.
lywit1hdry dirt a foot thiek, and all is
Sver. Your potato's will keep as long
ats yout want themr, perfectly souund.
U~se the broken potatoes first, com-.
mnenemig at the top of the pile. By
p)uttmng onrly 30 bushels in a heap you
will be better enabled to consumie
themn before injury cnn take place from
exposure to air arid light. You musti
have a good shed open to the south
and inclined 0to tbe north. This is
mny.nmethod aftpr,20 years experience ;
I always have on pmitmatos.U-at
have to supply seed every yeatr tao nay
neighbors at ote do'llar per h-,ael.
I do not claim any thing fir this pia
exclsinly, for thore may he athe,
oqually as good; :all I ama -.f. id of':
that two little attention is paid to Ith it
proiluction and cultivatiosn and pre'"
votion. The great major itv Of
roots would weigh from A to 5 poisi
The bed before described woulI
out two acres at two settings. (;
your sprouts as soon as possible a
set (liat.
I prefer the red San or Afri in:,
which will produce twice as nuoav as
any other, and will keep longer aas.d
is of much larger growth. I only enil.
tivate the two varieties of vam-ahe
red and yellow. Four hindred lbse-h
els to the cre can be easily rti.-el
I have thought that the red or A'
can yam woul be an excellent r,)!
hogs. Plant about five acres ; hay
pie groumnd as for cotton, then :1
and between the furrows coverinoj
ridge, drop a potatoe and cover
the hoe ; cultivate, and when g
l'ence an acre to itself and let in
hogs ; when they have used u,
acre, t'enco in another, and so on, 1.
they use up the patch.1
Very respectfully -
Your uhda't ser v'
Gi:o. D'. NonY"
.New Market Ala.
A Tale ofa Dinner.
A certain -oun'g nian with a u, p
of valuable icisure tonu', on his ha
who is always enweavoring to a.
time fly," whenever an .ojmpirti.
is presented, overdid thi thing int
since. IIc strolled out into the
try" and a bright th*.nght .track' I
he had not breakfts-ed..an early da.
would save a rn'al and'kill tiue; at..
adding t., his income and spendim
that wh ch he had most of; hig will.
his purpose lae sought a cottage hard
by and called for dinner. The worif.
dame-ikei tiaue fitrn r's'wife. tOlou
our hero that she was tot preparedt.
wait on, travellers,uutif.lg would ' "'i -
till 12, dinner would be reai N.iW
here was a favorite project hairspoitaed;
.but no alternative was left: film-yet,
another bright thought sprat g fro',
ami empty stomach, there s ci d the
clock-the dame vas tone-stealthilv
hI.- crept to it and around went the
hand at. hour and five ninhtes, precise
ly-that unlucky five m nutes, else all
had been well ; the dame had just
reac'.ed her kitehen when the elmok
whose infalibi ity .he had often tested.
ehimned forth the imi -day, in ainaaz'
'ament she returned to the "house."
" You've bin' mtedlin' with th.
clock," said she to our h ro.
No man,ama upon miny honor," naii
Ae laid his hand wherd 'te suppoes:
that article ought to lay.
" You lie! that clock has stonod for
20 years and never gone o t before,
the sun might be fast orA9- , but my
clock never !"
" I pledge you my ho"'.
" Get out, you lying, mdlg insao>1
for nothing, crook'd nose, a,;.
knock kneed, huanp'd shu a .'$t
head, slab sided, ti ed ow l
eyed, lazy. rascal ; edins- e1w to injure
amy clock's reputation," atnd jzig i a
chair' she mnade at him : i
harm',expressed in her emi ten i
''ur hero, like Fafstaff;Aoul diaec
Lion the better part of e lr, ana
exhibited some spdeirrrety 4 wa -
aing, seldotm seen by ou e tizens
these parts. He ywhe tft
thtis occurrence, " if you'w Wtdrta
fur a dinner, don't taoublo thuuoick.
AN Enasuossci MaBT sia-e
who led the psalm tane at a meetieg a
short time sinace fbdintg that the cona
eluding word Jacob, baud riot M inblie
enmough to fill up the music adoqgnatel v,.
ended thus:-.
T hat rerpind a us, say ai.
of ayoung [1ss who-w np.mee c
tiog and came back fuall oft th
revival which thej ~ , atnd whu' die
nothing for tho. lowing week b
4 Shoul dout, we'er gaining arou s
She had the tune so pat. that alJl .
jua was bait a continuntion .of ii.
song, and not uanfrequently the rhyn.
was two long fort the tuane. Old Jotn
slipped' hn and took a bone of he tabhl.
and just as he was makinmg his way ti
the decor, she sung out:..
" If you donu't go' out PIti lii yb
Youi nasty stinkin' flop enuref hruna,
0, glory hallelahab!
Two Irishme'n .worogoi'ngto're of.
a cannao:Jjuast fort fun ; buut. h'eing of ata
econoamacal'turn of .ngin'dtheyc dno
wash to lose'the ball. So oane of them
took an iro'A .kettl In' his hands to
catch ttiip, and'.ttionini himsejf In
front orth'e ldadd pie, he exclitmed
to the othier, who stood behind it hold.
tng atoroh, .".TXouellttf soI y,geng

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